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Red, White, Blue And Gold

August 9, 2012 by  

Red, White, Blue And Gold
Gabby Douglas is an exceptionally devout girl.

I know it’s cornier than a Norman Rockwell painting, but I love it when an American wins an event — any event — at the Olympics.

I love the flag-raising ceremony; I even sing along to our National anthem. I especially love the look on the athletes’ faces as the reality of reaching the pinnacle of their sport sets in.

I’ll even admit I prefer it when an American wins one of those only-at-the-Olympics events. It’s not that I don’t enjoy watching a group of NBA all-stars drop the gym on the ballers from East Shortwhiteistan; but I know they’re headed back to prime-time television, multi-million dollar contracts and endorsement deals for shoes which pay more than most of us will make in the next few years. However, watching an American competitor in a sport which usually shows up on ESPN14—THE CATORCE!—between the late night bowling highlights and the early morning curling results standing on a podium in front of the whole world for that one shining moment — well — USA, baby!

So I waved my own internal Stars’n’Stripes upon the gold medal-winning performance of Gabby Douglas in the gymnastics competition. Granted, gymnastics gets a lot more attention than badminton (oops, spoke too soon!); but how many of us can honestly remember the last time they tuned in for the pommel horse at the Unitard Summer Invitational (or whatever non-Olympic competition makes up the rest of the gymnastics calendar)?

Douglas is a typically tiny little sprite who, like most gymnasts, makes up for a lack of height with a fearless attitude, the athletic skill and grace of a Bolshoi ballerina and more energy than Aaron Sorkin on his 2nd eight-ball of the weekend. And Douglas adds something else to the mix: an unshakeable and unmitigated belief in God. Following her victory, she took to Twitter: “Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.” Gabby shared the breathless joy that can only exist in triumphant youth. And then, all hell broke loose.

Evidently, quite a few liberals amongst us are just as patriotic as the rest of us; unless our athletic avatars tarnish their medals with the stain of faith. According to Salon sourpuss Mary Elizabeth Williams:

“I’ve often wondered what it is about Christians like Douglas that unnerves me so… Douglas and her ilk seem to espouse a faith based on what is commonly referred to as ‘The God of Parking Spaces.’”

“Commonly?” By whom? Gabby Douglas is an exceptionally devout girl with an exceptionally bright future in front of her. Which part of that can Williams possibly find so offensive?

I understand the reasons for watching the Olympics extend well beyond the usual jingoistic expressions of sports fandom. Anyone who has seen Usain Bolt rocket through the 100 meters like a gazelle on amphetamines knows what I mean. Just as art can be appreciated for its own sake, so can athletic accomplishment. As an aside, those skimpy outfits the women’s beach volleyball players wear fall into both categories.

So, who are these miserable curmudgeons like Williams? They’re the people who sneer at us for chanting “U-S-A,” but don’t bat an eyelid when the Europeans bellow their way through most of Wagner’s Ring Cycle while watching a 1-0 soccer match. They’re the people who refer to soccer as “football” and football as “American football;” even though they’ve never been east of the Hamptons. They’re the people who just can’t bring themselves to be patriotic; even for a moment. We know who they are; we also know how they vote. To paraphrase Ms. Williams: they’re “commonly referred to as ‘liberals.’”

I would caution Gabby Douglas to ignore spoilsports like Williams and her leftist friends. But I doubt she needs the boost. She’s wrapped in Red, White, Blue… and gold.

- Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • DaveH

    Yep, the PTBs love it that we can be so easily distracted while they rob us blind.
    USA! USA! USA!

    • Robert Smith

      Hey, Phelps smokes pot and got a bunch of metal. Is that as valid a connection as being christian may be?


      • Nadzieja Batki

        So what Gabby says bothers you. Why is that?

      • JC


      • sam1966

        First of all, it is spelled medals. Second, why does it bother you that she gives thanks to God? After all, he is the one that gave her the abilities she possesses. If you hate Christianity and God so much, I guess you also hate the 4th verse of the Star Spangled Banner.

        Oh thus be it ever when free men shall stand
        between their loved homes and he war’s desolation.
        Blessed with victory and peace may the Heaven rescued land
        Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
        Then conquer we must if our cause it is just
        and this be our motto, “IN GOD IS OUR TRUST.”
        Then the Star Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave
        over the land of the free and the home of the brave.


        You need both love of country and fear of God to be patriot.

    • Flashy

      So…all the rancor about her being unAmerican was by the Liberal/Moderates/ really? ummm…when did Fox McNews become Liberal? because that’s the only place I heard gabby be ripped. Let’s see…. no flag on the uniform nor did she wrap herself up in one. Purple color outfit, her hair, no mention of being proud to represent her country in the immediate triumphal moment she knew she won… they slammed her.

      So i guess y’all now know….Fox McNews is a liberal media outlet…as so labelled by Dave H and the author of today’s article…

      • DaveH

        Flashman, do you ever quit lying?
        Where did I label Fox News as Liberal?
        You have no credibility on this board, Flashman.

      • txbadonetoo

        The Fox News discussion was regardingg the lack of traditional red, white and blue colors as seen in previous olypics. Gabby’s pink outfit was one example – which even I noticed before the Fox News discussion. I went back and re-watched the Fox News section and didn’t see any insults toward Gabby but rather discussion about the Olympics. Personaally, I hope red, white and blue (and no more Ralph Lauren BS) is seen in 2016.

      • Art

        Flashy why don’t you just disappear nobody want’s to hear your claptrap

      • JC

        Flashy is kind of like that poor soul sitting in his own mess on the corner babbling incoherently about something…only “he” understands. Poor guy.

    • http://none Charlie

      DaveH,,, how do you manage to be first comment writer on this site so often ?
      How much tax money is Gabby the Great going to pay on her Gold metal ? and is it pure gold ? I ask you because I know you know it all and are first in line…

      • DaveH

        The articles usually post about 12:15 eastern time. That’s about 10:15 PM my time.
        The Olympians get taxed on their medal and the cash prizes that go with winning the medals.
        The Gold medal (92% silver gilded with 6 grams of gold) is only worth about $675. But the Gold Medal winner also gets a cash prize of $25,000.
        Read here for more:

      • JC

        It’s about 9 grand…this from a grateful government? A benevolent government? Hardly. it comes from the psychopathic collection wing of the Fraudulent Reserve.

        • txbadonetoo

          I won’t even try to educate JC on the differences between the FED and the IRS..

    • txbadonetoo

      I wonder if we’d see a similar article from the liberals if an American of Muslim religion were to win Olympic gold and prefess his/her religion? I doubt it. It seems as if it’s only in Vogue to speak out poorly toward Christians and Jews and personally I’m sick and tired of these self proclaimed ‘Tolerant’ liberals bashing my religion!

  • Karolyn

    Once again, using the quote of a “journalist”(?) to paint all liberals with the same brush. Why this constant insistence on perpetuating the divide?

    • Soundbiteme

      because its true!

      • Chester

        Son, you must not KNOW any true liberals, or you would be singing a different song.

      • http://none Charlie

        Soundbite ,,, give us a soundbite on how to become a “True Christian” according to King Jesus and His Men ,,,try Acts 2:38 , in one verse it gives Salvation and The Gift of The Holy Spirit , no other single verse gives all that , bingo! you have found The Soundbite of Salvation…

      • DaveH

        No, they aren’t all alike. They each have different agendas for spending other peoples’ money.

    • eddie47d

      Uncalled for Ben. I know it is your job to be the Label Master and to put spin on every issue out there yet you had to turn a positive story of Olympic greatness and hard work into a Liberal bashing contest. Nice of you to scour the news reports to find that tiny tidbit to stoke your already inflamed ego. Maybe Williams is your alter ego but just because she is a jerk doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. I’ve been watching the Olympics for at least 50 years and can’t wait until the next ones in Rio de Janeiro. Would it have been so hard for you to write about all the greatness that occurs and leave it at that.

      • Anastasia Beaverhouser

        “salon”, CAN SAY WHAT SHE SAYS, BUT IT’S WRONG FOR A CONSERVATIVE OR CHRISTIAN to say thier views are….hmmm, so “salon” what else do you want to control?

      • firefight

        Eddie47 says – “Maybe Williams is your alter ego but just because she is a jerk doesn’t mean you have to follow suit.”

        For once, I agree with you and Karolyn on this. I know you are both Liberal minded just as I am Conservative mined but to take something like this Mary Elizabeth Williams article, give it any attention what-so-ever, is only following suit with the “liberal extremists.” Fanning the flames over the already huge casm between the two of us, does nobody any good. Judging by Karolyn’s words, “Once again, using the quote of a “journalist”(?) to paint all liberals with the same brush. Why this constant insistence on perpetuating the divide?,” I have to surmise that she does not agree with what Williams said just as I don’t. Gabby’s accomplishments speak for themselves and her acknowledgement to her creator speaks volumes about her spiritual foundation and how she was reared. I openly applaude her for both and frown profoundly upon anyone who would attempt to tarnish either of those fronts.

        I can only see what many are seeing now and that is that there are those on both sides of the political fence that make their living by keeping things stirred up between us. Perhaps we should take a stronger look at just who our real enemies are. Can you spell, “I-R-R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-L-E—-J-O-U-R-N-A-L-I-S-T-S ?

      • Vigilant

        eddie47d says, “Would it have been so hard for you to write about all the greatness that occurs and leave it at that.”

        Ask that misdirected question to Mary Elizabeth Williams.

      • http://none Charlie

        Egos? who me? No, Ben is just giving Me a chance to smash some Judeo-christian egos ,,,many Judeo-christians “Think” they are True Christians but cannot point out Scripture that they MUST accomplish to become True Christians according to King Jesus and His Men… So what does ignorance of critical subject matter mean ? well dummies give me an answer ,,,it means one is NOT as well educated on any particular subject matter as one should be to communicate “Truth” on “Truth”… Anyway …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and healing… Acts 2:38, IS , Salvation …

      • Testa Sterone

        Sorry, eddie47d, but this whole event started when a “liberal bashed a Christian” after Gaby expressed her gratitude to the Lord, on Twitter, for her success which is her right as a Christian and as a human being. The rights of liberals, any liberals, do not supersede the rights of anybody else but it seems that the old double standard of “do as I say, don’t do as I do” gets applied all too often by the leftist wing nuts out there seeking to make a “seemingly” prophetic statement out of mindless trash. Liberals would do well to “think” before they open their mouths and remove all doubt that they are fools. Turnabout is fair play! Gaby is totally justified to thank the Lord our God for her success and I fully support her. Go Gaby and don’t ever lose your faith! It’s worth talking about!

      • eddie47d

        You are a double fool Testa so go back and read my comment. I don’t approve of what Williams or Ben said or is that too hard for you to understand. You seem to be the one digging for trash talk and I admire all of our Olympic athletes including Gabby so why the snippy remark implying anything different. Now go jerk someone elses chain.

    • Rocky Night

      I think Liberals hate Christians more than Muslims do. Hmmm correlation?

      • Chester

        Rocky, LIBERALS hate liars more than about anything, which should give you a good idea as to their feelings about such as you.

      • firefight

        I don’t think you got Rocky’s drift here and I’m not stepping in to defend him but you must admit that since Obama got in office, a liberal President, there have been more assaults upon the Christian faith and more tollerance with the Muslim faith than during any other Presidency in history. This is not theory. It is a fact and it is not merely isolated to this country. In many countries, Christians are being encarcerated, murdered, tortured and denied the most meager tidbits of existance. I know many Liberals who are very much Christians and will defend their faith just as I do, but still, I will not ignore those who attack my faith and in today’s world, that would definitely be the Muslims and many Liberals in the political arena. Perhaps our President is more Muslim than he readily admits……but then, isn’t deceipt one of the Muslims ways to achieve their ends?

      • Vigilant

        Excellent observation, firefight.

      • Vigilant

        Chester says, “Rocky, LIBERALS hate liars more than about anything…”

        Yes, self-loathing is part of the leftist mental illness.

      • Randy131

        “I’ve often wondered what it is about Christians like Douglas that unnerves me so…”, that’s easy to answer, they have a relationship with their GOD, and you don’t, and if they are correct, then you’re living a lie and are in deep trouble when your judgement day comes. That would scare the Hell out of anyone with half a brain and a little common sense, except those who are Hell bent and heading in that direction. Elizabeth Williams has a lot to fear, and she shows it by her comment, for she has no assigned space by “The God of Parking Spaces”.

      • Flashy

        Firefight….my view is the American Taliban creates this false sense. Recall every year Fox McNews has a staring role for the “war on XMas’ theme.

        in my view, there hasn’t been any appeasement to any faith, nor has there been an ‘attack’ on any faith by the state or by the Moderates. There has been increasing virulent attack on any faith by christians on non-christian faiths.

        I’ve found that christians like to whine and moan about being persecuted…all the while pushing their religious beliefs on everyone and insisting their way be the way of all. When they get slammed for imposing, they cry about being attacked and persecuted.

        I mean, ya ever hear of any evangelical Muslims, Bhuddists, Sikhs, Hindus, Taoists, Wiccans, etc?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Chester, have you considered what lies are coming out of you.
        Maybe there is a reason God said there were none rightous.

      • Flashy

        Actually Nad..the christians stole that from the ancient philosophies…you have, perhaps, heard of Diogenes and his search?

    • carrobin

      If that’s an example of “all hell breaking loose,” I wonder what a sneeze sounds like to this guy.

    • DaveH

      Okay, Karolyn, first my definition of a Liberal — Anybody who thinks Big Government is the Solution to our problems.
      Since the majority of Big Government is paid by unwilling taxpayers, it amounts to redistribution of wealth, or in my book — Theft. You Liberals can whine all you want, but no matter how you try to rationalize it, when you take somebody else’s money for services they don’t want, You are Stealing their money. It’s as simple as that. Most of Big Government is based on Theft.
      So when you vote for Big Government (Liberals), you are a thief. If you are willing to help yourself to other peoples’ money, why would we believe that you would hold other moral values (such as not lying) close to your heart?
      Government is spending over 40% of our GDP. In 1900 they spent 3%. Does anybody really think that we now need 13 times bigger Government than they did in 1900?
      And how many of you would willingly pay 40% of each years salary to get what you get from Big Government? Not I.

      • http://none Charlie

        DaveH,,,Man!? and I thought you knew it all!!!,,, don’t you know that BIG gubmint is the solution to all human kind problems ??? That IS The BIGGEST GOVERNMENT as called out at Isaiah 9:6-7 … The King of this BIGGEST government , IS, King Jesus , He told His People to bring His government into place by Faith in The Words that King Jesus told us to “””Pray”” at Matthew 6:9—13 ,,, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.”” … All you need is faith , no bigger than a Mustard seed ,,, “oh ye of little faith”…
        What is “Faith”? it’s ACTION !!! upon belief ,,,do something !!! such as Acts 2:38…
        Don’t tell me DaveH that you are a heathen ego maniac …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…

    • Mike V

      Liberals that speak out are always over the top. Unless you have some other point of view to counter the ridiculous statements constantly pouring out od liberal media and their mouth pieces you will be grouped in with them. So…you have a different liberal viewpoint? We are listening.

  • Supertad108

    “They” have you to believe it’s about Christianity. So what’s up? Christianity as with most other beliefs, is the belief in A god. The difference between Christianity’s God and why so offense to all others are these words…

    I am the way, the Truth, and the Life, NO ONE comes to the Father EXCEPT by Me.

    It’s Jesus that’s offense NOT a god.

    Everyone is given a choice.. Heaven or Hell. Doesn’t sit well with most.

    That my friends is what is offense. The Person and Name of Jesus and what He represents.

    Most cannot make the ultimate choice. Deny yourself. The flesh is WAY to powerful. Ask a liberal. ;-) Okay, not restricted to liberals.

    • Chester

      Thank you for that last sentence, as would have called you if you had left so many of the right leaning souls out of it. Will say that just because you tend to turn right instead of straight ahead or left does not make you correct in your beliefs.

    • Kay

      Yes, it’s true that Jesus Christ and the cross are an offense. Paul said, “For we are to God the aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing. To the one we are the smell of death; to the other, the fragrance of life.” II Corinthians 2:15-16a.

      It looks as though you probably heard the correct version of the Gospel, because the Gospel IS an offense.

      Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it.” Luke 9:23-24 (NIV)

      Jesus also said, “But unless you repent, you too will all perish.” (Luke 13:3)

      Why? Because we have all broken the Moral Law of God. Who of us hasn’t lied or stolen from others (value of the item is irrelevant). How many of us haven’t dishonored our parents, or looked at another person with lust (which God sees as adultery)?

      One reason I mention these things is that so many professing Christians want to sugarcoat the Gospel and take the offense out of it, to the point that I doubt it could be considered the true Gospel at all.

      Yes, you are right that the Gospel is an offense, and perhaps you see the clear choice: repent and believe the Gospel or continue in your own lifestyle of sin. It’s true, for many it is too much for them to give up the sin they love.

      For me, it’s a no-brainer: choose life or choose death. That is, enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season (a very short season compared to forever) and spend an eternity in Hell, or repent, believe the Gospel, and spend eternity in Heaven.

      I’m glad you see this choice the way it really is, because Jesus said that we should count the cost of following Him.

      But you are mistaken about this: Jesus IS God and there is no other. Jesus said, “Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.” (John 14:9–NIV)

      Worship of any other god is idolatry. Even if people make up a god in their own minds to suit themselves, which many do. God is the way He is, and He doesn’t change to suit anyone. And that means that many people will not like Him, and even hate Him.

      • Flashy

        Bhuddism… the characteristics of what would be expected in a cosmic religion for the future: It transcends a personal God, avoids dogmas and theology; it covers both the natural and the spiritual, and it is based on a religious sense aspiring from the experience of all things, natural and spiritual, as a meaningful unity.

        Know who said that? Know who rejected the christian dogma?


        So now argue you’re wiser and more knowledgeable than he.

      • http://none Charlie

        Kay,,,lots of good Scripture but did not see Acts 2:38 ,,, Acts 2:38 , IS , Salvation ,,,spoken by Peter and verified as Salvation at 1 Peter 3:21 …
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

      • Mike V

        Einstein could not tie his own shoes or make small change in a monetary transaction. The man was brilliant in his own areas but nor a worthy comparison in the context you use here.

    • Kay


      One more thing, I appreciate your honesty. Many people will not admit that they really don’t want to give up sin/fleshly pleasures. They often come up with other excuses to use as a smokescreen because they don’t want to admit the real reason they won’t repent and trust in Christ.

      • http://none Charlie

        Kay,, The three basic “Sins” as called out at 1 John 2:16 are to be controlled by “The Law” and brought “””under””” The Law,,,so,,, sex as called out by God’s Law is AOK,,,
        wine , whiskey ,food as used under The Law is AOK ,,,but,,,IF,,,one should get caught in some sin there is “”Repentance” ,,,repent is the first word in Acts 2:38… Repent means to quickly change and control your Mind and beg forgiveness of King Jesus Christ . Some may need to say The King’s Prayer as called out at Matthew 6:9–13, every hour and should be prayed everyday at least anyway to be prayed up for whatever… so…
        Praise King Jesus for salvation and Healing…

  • USMCWarrior

    They insist on dividing because they hate the ‘Union’. Liberals express themselves fully only when they denegrade the accomplishments of Americans that lift a sense of nationalism. They then seek to destroy the only other thing they have almost to a person chosen to ignore; our singular, Omnipotent God. For someone as successful as Gabby to ‘dare’ give God the glory while wearing the colors of this Nation, they must retaliate by minimalizing her faith, her joy and finally her accomplishment. Go Gabby! Don’t pay any attention to these very unhappy people!

    • RivahMitch

      Semper Fi! … and don’t forget that “Salon” is a product of the liberal scum machine.

    • Chester

      USMCWarriior, people like you make me GLAD my service time is far behind me. For all the people that were snatched into service against their will, no one was that nasty tempered toward the rest of our country. I respect you for your service, assuming your name tells the truth, but that does NOT make me respect you as a person. Liberals are the ones who make sure the service people get paid a bit nearer what they are worth than the conservatives would. The true conservative would have a full scale draft going, with mandatory four to six years on active duty, and just as little pay as they could get by with. Might go back and see who has gotten most of the pay raises for the military before blowing off on the liberals.

      • Ranger

        Liberals ie: Obama are the ones gutting our military and trying to make America believe we do not need a force of strength–that we can sit down at a table with our enemies and work things out. That is why so many of the retired military are buying up weapons and ammo so we can prepare for the future. Come on down to Louisiana with your liberal ideas and see how far it gety you.

      • Larry

        I know exactly who got us the most pay raises.It has been for years that liberals controlled the money that the military got much smaller pay raises as they got larger.Republicans are who fights the most for the military.Why do u think 75% of the military are republicans and conservatives.That is precisely why the liberals are trying to suppress the military vote.

      • firefight

        Chester says – ” Liberals are the ones who make sure the service people get paid a bit nearer what they are worth than the conservatives would. The true conservative would have a full scale draft going, with mandatory four to six years on active duty, and just as little pay as they could get by with. Might go back and see who has gotten most of the pay raises for the military before blowing off on the liberals.”

        WHOA there fella. I do believe you’ve got your head on a bit backwards. I do believe that under this “LIBERAL” administration our troops have been critisized as ” making too much money for the little that they do” and Obama even tried to get them to pay for their own health care. How many of our military have seen a pay raise during the past three years as opposed to politicians who have seen pay increases. Where were you when all this was going on? As for the draft, I say, “BRING IT BACK.” We have way too many kids roaming the streets with absolutely nothing to do but get in trouble and wreak havoc on the neighborhoods. The draft would at least give them a job with an income… most, it might instill some sense of pride in our country and give them a sense of responsibility. Tell me just how that would hurt anything or anybody? I was drafted in 1966 and like many, I didn’t want to go but I did……and now, I’m glad I did. What I learned about myself and the REAL meaning of what Freedom Costs, will never leave me. I survived where many did not and for those who did not, I will always defend the honor of their sacrafice.

      • Vigilant

        “The true conservative would have a full scale draft going, with mandatory four to six years on active duty, and just as little pay as they could get by with.”

        Chester not only has his head on backwards, it’s firmly ensconced in his backside.

        Last person I heard talk about imposing the draft was Charlie Rangel. He’s about as conservative as Nikolai Lenin.

      • Vigilant

        And let’s not forget it is the Obama administration suing the state of Ohio to infringe on military voter rights.

      • Flashy

        ig…the statement about infringement on veteran’s rights is not accurate…and you know it. Such is beneath you. The lawsuit is not against Veteran’s…it is asking for equal treatment of every voter and eligible voter. in essence, it is asking the courts to recognize if you allow one segment of the voting population favorable treatment, it has to be offered to every segment of the population.

        That is protecting the voting privileges of the military servicemen and women. it is saying that everyone will be treated the same, and those that serve in the military won’t be cast aside and given additional burdens.

      • Wil

        So,flash,I take it you would have no problem with white supremacists at the polls intimidating minority voters then? If the NBKKK gets by with it,we should give equal treatment to all,right?

  • blackswansblog

    Good for Gabby Douglas & good for God! Well done Gabby for having the guts to compete & excel over all others in the World in her field. And good for her for remembering who really made it possible – God!

    • Chester

      Thank you>

  • Dwight Mann

    And G-d Bless Gabby. . .

  • faithfulbeardo

    When one realizes they have achieved a zenith in any pursuit of merit and praises their Creator for the ability to have done it, an undeniable AMEN can be heard the world over. That goes beyond red/white/blue or whatever banners we wear…it acclaims the truth that the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof! Gabby is part of that unquenchable and glorious exclamation which no one has the right or authority to squelch. Those who do show they are of this corrupt world, like Scripture warns; they are of a place as dark and twisted as the one who rules their minds, lives and actions. They are not praiseworthy, nor trusted, nor even relevant. A true Athiest would have the good sense to let her statement be by freedom of expression; most Atheists I know don’t go apoplectic over God praises. Those who do – well – they are showing the world their intolerance and bigotry en masse. The only thing they can possibly love is hate – the lowest form of inhumanity. God bless you Gabby, keep speaking up!

  • http://Newsmax George


  • Kimono

    Oh Let It Go Already with this media-contrived infatuation with Douglas. Next thing you know the cancerous MainStream Media will be telling us she’s a shoo-in for the 2024 presidential election. Enough.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Liberalism needs a mascot so they will woo Gabby for a time and then will take her apart and be gleeful when she falls.

      • Flashy

        Yeah…just ask Paula Jones…

    • http://none Charlie

      Well I think she would be better than Obama . ha ha ha you are funny…

  • T. Jefferson

    Atheist and anti-American rhetoric from the liberal left stains the Christian roots of America, Stand tall for your faith.

  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    She wastn’t the only one praising God for her abilities. There even were atheletes from other countries that praised God for their abilities. One even stopped his interview to listen to the Star Spangled Banner for another competitor, which shocked the interviewer.

  • http://n/a AmFer

    And here’s another reason to love Gabby! When asked by a reporter, “Do you realize you’re the first black gymnast to win a gold medal?” She replied, “Oh, I forgot about that”. What she is saying is ‘what does race have to do with anything?’…..that is something no publication nor reporter has seized upon! But I do – Gabby has the right outlook on life and really, ‘what does race have to do with any thing?’ We should learn from Gabby! Love that girl!

  • Anastasia Beaverhouser

    It’s refreshing to see that there are still Christians that are proud to let people know it, “salon”ms.williams–is typical liberlaism at it’s finest.

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    Liberals are the cancer destroying the

  • Slider

    Gabby is wrapped in God! That’s fantastic that she is not ashamed of her maker. I’m more proud of her spiritual stamina than her athletic grace. God bless you Gabby. Chick fil a should get her to do a commercial to solidify MOST American beliefs. Through Christ all things are possible.

  • CD

    IF all of the USA’s Christians would STAND UP to the attacks on the Christian faith by the Liberals, the issue would go away and so would most of the problems that the US is facing today. Unfortunately, the pol’s divide us with their class warfare (and this is their game plan) to keep us from being united. What most do NOT understand: Once we lose freedoms/liberty, not only will the Conservatives lose it, EVERYONE WILL LOSE IT!!! WAKE UP AMERICA before it’s too late!!!!!!

  • BDouglas

    Your web page is more offensive by the day. Who says “I” Want the Romney clown show in the white house? As far as I am concerned Romney and Obama were separated at birth. If YOU haven’t done the homework, perhaps you should consider it. This “join the party line” BS is EXACTLY WHY WE ARE WHERE WE ARE. The ONLY real candidate in the race is Ron Paul, You want your country back(?) read something worth reading, listen to something listening to, report something worth reporting and the only STUFF worth reporting is what RON PAUL is saying, has been saying all along and most likely will continue to say in the future. OR NOT! You can’t fix stupid…. obviously.

  • ToryBrit

    Advice to liberals: try reading and understanding the Holy Bible to comprehend Christian values.
    Gabby has a driving force of doing good for her Country and her fellow man via The King of kings and The Lord of lords. God has Blessed her and the United States of America !

  • JimH

    Congratulations to Gabby Douglas on her achivments
    I doubt anyone who has as strong a faith as she does is going to let a small minded, so called journalist ruin the moment.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Why would you give Mary Williams the time of the day? Why not just ignore the ignorance?
    Why wouldn’t you write an article celebrating more of the good stuff: like the other Olympian Lola Jones & her faith?
    These issue shouldnt be a pissing contest: “well he said she said”. Yes, we know there are people out there who suck, but why give them attention?

  • Fedup!


  • duif100

    It was nice to see that our olympic athletes and medal winners showd more respect of our flag and nation than our “president” with his groin grabber salute!

  • http://yahoo marc lizotte

    Why don`t you people that have something to say about Gabby`s beliefs ,take it up with her personally with her mom standing there beside her. I DARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://yahoo marc lizotte

      I really meant ,if you have something NEGATIVE to say about Gabby`s beliefs,sry.

  • The Resolute Voice

    We need to remember that liberals aren’t really liberal at all in the true sense of that word. (look the word up) In fact most liberals today are prejudiced, narrow-minded idiots who discriminate regularly against anyone who deigns to disagree with their pontifications.

  • Pingback: Red, White, Blue And Gold : Personal Liberty Alerts « igatherum

  • 4204life

    The very fact that our society has been brainwashed to call a sport known to the rest of the world as football and in the U.S. we call it soccer, and instead create a barbaric game resembling kill the carrier to perputuate the warmongering Military Industrial Complex. Only when one steps away from the culture of death can you really see the absurdities and then it is blatantly obvious that football should be played with your feet, not your hands.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Noone is stopping “You” from playing ball with your feet.

    • http://yahoo gator

      lol, i’d put AMERICA’S worst football team, against the world’s best ‘football/soccer’ team; oh i forgot, they’re from the USA also!


    Notice how many Olympians that are interviewed give thanks and reference to God? I heard lots of them speak of God and others that looked upward quietly giving Thanks to God

    • mark

      And do the Olympians who don’t win medals (of course they are never interviewed) blame their defeats on the Devil or the fact that God doesn’t love them enough or has not given them sufficient skill, speed, dexteriety, or steroids?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Maybe they don’t praise God because it was their own strength that they relied on.
        You sound every bit envious that someone may believe in a God that you want no part of.

      • cpa

        Haven’t the athletes (or anyone who has accomplished something great in any area) earned the right to give praise to whomever or whatever they want?

        Some may praise God, some themselves, some a parent, some a coach, some the weather, some what they ate for breakfast, some what shoes they wore….. What do you care? It’s their moment. They can give the honor and glory to anything they want to.

        And assuming that you have not achieved the greatness of a Gabby or any others winning an Olympic medal, shouldn’t you be interested in what they feel made them great or victorious for their situation, or at the very least allow that they have earned the right to say whatever they want in their moment of victory, rather than arm chair quarterbacking from your couch with your sack of potato chips?

        Do we really want to “regulate” what a successful person has said contributed to their success? Most look up to someone successful and want to know how they can achieve success in their own lives. The best way to do that is to listen to those who have achieved it instead of those who just talk about it (or diminish those who have).

  • Michael Gordon

    In the recent movie “The Avengers”, Loki kills Nick Fury’s right hand man, but the latter takes his time dying. As he is, he explains to Loki that he (Loki) will eventually fail because he lacks “conviction”.

    In the movie, “Broken Arrow” a similar test of conviction is offered at the end, “would you take a bullet to save your country?”

    THAT is the strength of a true believer in anything; whether it be the Christian God or some devil or Alduin the evil dragon.

    Liberals tend not to be true believers in much if anything. It is part of the leftwing license to be untruthful, and that means nothing can be trusted to be what it seems to be. What a horrible thing to try to contemplate.

    Cogito Ergo Sum. One thing can always be relied upon, and from that, other things can become relied upon.

    • mark

      Great intellectual souces for your argument: the movies The Avengers and Broken Arrow. Wow. Obviously you are a deep and well-read thinker like most on this site.

      • 45caliber


        He was trying to make a point that I think most of us recognized – perhaps because we already knew the point. You seemed to have missed it completely. But that isn’t surprising when I see your comments anyway. Youi always seem to miss the points.

  • Tom from Hungary

    For seven and a half miserable years (from early 1949 to late 1956) if we wanted to sing our national anthem in Hungary we had to go to our churches (mostly Roman Catholic) and chance the paid and snooping infromers and other government stooges reporting us to the authorities. That was the time when we had a painful lesson about the forbidden patriotism (we were allowed to glorify the Soviet Union and Stalin) and persecution for being believers. Those who missed the history classes Hungary was under Soviet occupation from 1945 till 1991.
    This is my message distilled from my 78 years of life experience: you only recognize the the value of life’s gifts when they are taken away from you…

    • txbadonetoo

      Tom.. your story about knowing what it is like to not have freedom until you lose it is so true. I hope the USA realizes some of the risks we are facing before it’s too late.

      Bless you Tom

  • Paul

    May God continue to richly bless Gabby Douglas.

  • mark

    Hey President Obama called to congratulate Gabby who joyously accepted his affirmation. So she must be a Muslim, a Kenyan, a non-U.S. citizen with a fake birth certificate, an agent of the UN, Plan 21, the NWO, Fema Camps, Death Panels for Seniors, the International Small Arms Treaty, the Illuminati, the Rothchilds, the Trilateral Commission, you guys can fill in the rest… You know the drill. She’s a traitor!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Maybe O is an opportunist who knows how to ride a wave.

  • EdK

    The ultimate goal of the socialist is Full communism = a Utopian Society = Heaven on earth (man-made) = ATHEISM Now you know why liberals, lefties, socialists always attack Christianity. Because Christians believe only God can create a Heaven – on earth or elsewhere. The two can never coexist – never.

    • Jeremy Leochner

      Technically socialists desire socialism. That’s why they are called socialist.

      I am a liberal and I do not attack Christianity so there is at least one liberal or leftist who does not.

      God is not the only one who can create a heaven on earth. When I am surrounded by people I love I see it as pretty heavenly. God did not make that happen. They made it happen.

  • Jeremy Leochner

    Very sad. I am an agnostic and I do not believe in god. However there is nothing wrong with someone being humble and attributing their success to god. I personally believe it was them, but if they believe it was god it is their choice. It is very sad for someone to make a scandal out of something so simple. I assure everyone liberalism has nothing to do with it. I am a liberal and am just as upset that someone would make something of a simple act of humility by a successful athlete in her moment of triumph.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      All God’s people must rejoice because a god Jeremy Leochner is so magnanimous to allow us to believe in a god who is himself.

      • Jeremy Leochner

        I am no god, that is for sure. But people do have a right to believe what they wish. I am not being magnanimous. I am treating others the way I want to be treated. If I want people to respect me I need to respect other people. And whether I agree with someone or not they have a right to their beliefs. That’s the first amendment.

  • lsdkfj

    liberals are brain washed main stream media lovers who can’t do simple research. The news is only there to feed you globalist propaganda! Don’t believe me, LOOK IT UP! Liberals, we’ve been taken over by foreign banks and corporations! It’s real!!! Get your non gmo food, get your gold and silver, get your non fluoridated water, get your solar generators, but most of all, get your guns and ammo!!!!!! They will come and try to take your guns. They will! Then they are going to take you and I to a camp to re-educate us or else. They are predicting an a planed economic collapse in December of this year! Please get ready!!

    • http://yahoo marc lizotte

      ISDKFJ who are these that you claim said there would be a planned economic collapse in December? Lets seeeeeee uhhh chicken little and ????????

  • Renée

    All of this wasted energy and hurtful words for a little girl that loves God AND WON a gold medal. She worked really hard to get where she is, can anyone out that that is whining do what she can do. I think not. Leave the poor girl alone and let her have her relationship with God. She didn’t force anyone to watch the Olympics so if you heard something you didn’t like, TOO BAD!!! Get over it. All this hooplah is a waste of everyone’s time. Especially all the name calling, WHY?

    • 45caliber


      I agree. But to these people, she doesn’t reflect what they consider values if she doesn’t repudiate God, insist it was all her own doing, and join them. After all, they want all the special people to agree with them since – in their own opinions – they are special too. And they don’t want any special people to be on the other side since it might make people realize that they really aren’t that special after all.

      • Kinetic1

        It amazes me how people on this site chastise Liberals for trusting the MSM, but then turn around and take writers like Mr. Crystal at face value. Had you taken the time to actually read Ms. William’s article, you would know that she was not asking Gabby to “repudiate God”. She is simply raising a question posed by many Christians who are of a different mind concerning the workings of the God/Human relationship. Do we give God credit for every win, thus suggesting that our prayer was better than their prayer, or do we credit God for our talents while accepting credit for the win as evidence that we took those talents as far as we could? No one, other than Mr. Crystal is suggesting that God did not play a role.

        • txbadonetoo

          II simply wonder why all can’t just practice their religion the way they see fit – as long as it does not harm or infringe on someone else. it amazes me to see Christian’s trying to outdo each-other on here arguing who has the right view. Gabby expressed her view and didn’t harm ANYONE. So why did anyone in the media have to even begin to comment on her tweet??????

      • Kinetic1

        The article was not about chastising Gabby for her tweet, but simply questioning the different views among Christians. This same question could have been brought up in the Christian Science Monitor, America (the national Catholic Weekly magazine) or any other religious magazine or paper. The subject just happened to come up now, which makes perfect sense with the olympics and all the opportunities for winners to thank God, and it just happened to come with a writer for Salon.

        I suggest you read the article. It’s no more a reason to get your religious back up than the ridiculous “patriotic” fit FOX is having over the uniforms and absence of “USA” chanting at the games. You know, at one time it was considered very wrong to wear clothing that looked as if it were made from the flag, but these days it seems you’re not an American patriot until you wrap yourself in it.

        “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” — Samuel Johnson, 1775

      • txbadonetoo

        Kinetic – you totally missed my point so I’ll say it again.. Gabby posted a tweet to her fans in which she thanked God in her own way and manner. I don’t care about arguing that goes on in church periodicals or other publications.. Gabby was expressing her joy for attaining an astounding accomplishment and she didn’t deserve ANY comment from anyone.. As I said above – let each practice their religion the way they see fit and respect it as long as it doesn’t harm or infringe on anyone else.

      • Kinetic1

        Muslims wanted to build a mosque in New York, which would not have any negative affect on the people in the neighborhood, but plenty of people had to have their say. In fact, where Gabby’s tweet simply sparked a discussion, Christian resistance to the Mosque nearly caused riots. I would understand your indignation if someone were trying to silence her, but no one is trying to deny Gabby’s right to celebrate in her own way.

  • 45caliber

    I got a laugh. A lot of black women are arguing about Gabby’s hair. To them, hair style is more special than winning the Olympics. When her mother mentioned that to Gabby, she laughed and said, “So what? I’ve got two gold medals and they don’t!”

    That to me is the right attitude. Why worry about looks? Particularly why worry about trying to look like a lot of non-athletic people who sit on a couch all day stuffing their faces? Why is a hair style so important? Can it be that hair style is the ONLY thing these people have to brag about – so they want some star to mimic it to give them some sort of national – or international – status?

    Whatever. Hurray for Gabby!



    AFTER HER VICTORY AT THE Olympics, Gabby Douglas SAID, “Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.”


    THANK YOU, Ms. Douglas, FOR PROVING MY POINT TO Personal Libertarians.

    • http://none Charlie

      A heart of Love for King Jesus and His Law Book puts one in good standing with The King no matter what race one is../.
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 for salvation…

    • Kinetic1

      Based on your assertion, shouldn’t you be thanking the Lord for directing Gabby to prove your point?

  • Ted G

    Hey I’m by no means religious, yet still have no problem with what Gabby said at all.
    I even have no problem saying “God Bless you Gabby” and Good luck in your future! May it continue to be as bright as your smile!

  • lj;ldj

    You know what I think? I think that little girl is gorgeous, and adorable.

    I also think the August First turnout at Chick Fil A showed not only that the majority of this country, gay and straight, will not stand for their First Amendment right being crapped on, and that includes the right to thank WHOMEVER they find their strength in.

    As for mary elizabeth williams….
    Her life must be such an abominable bore… her opinion certainly is. But, it is her right to put someone down, regardless that they have just won such a tangible and hard fought for victory… although I will say it was not at all an intelligent move on Ms. Williams part. She’s revealed her inner self to the world…. dark, envious, and out to destroy.
    I would imagine she must surround herself with those who are slaves to fashion, and all the rest of the phoney trappings she most likely equates with success.
    I would also imagine she doesn’t have a true friend in the world, but lots and lots of acquaintances…. the “kiss kiss hug hug” type, who then go home and get on the phone with someone else, and take the greatest joy in stabbing Ms. Williams in the back, while she undoubtedly does the same to them.
    My money goes to the bet that she disgusts her own family, as she is most likely a self centered, ego centrical, demanding, dominating witch, and not a small emotional vampire.
    Those who are forced, by whatever circumstance, to spend any time with her have my abject and heart felt sympathy, as she must be a complete drag to be around.




      • Ted G

        O.K. maybe this is a bit off topic, but no black person/african american I know uses the term negroe anymore.

    • Kinetic1

      “As for mary elizabeth williams….
      Her life must be such an abominable bore… her opinion certainly is.”
      Did you bother to read her article, or are you basing your comments on the one, out of context sentence that Mr. Crystal chose to share?

  • http://none Claire

    Did anyone watch “the Five” at 4:00 p.m. today on Fox? Jennine Perrino or whatever her name is. They were busy bashing the Olympic athletes. According to my neighbor these people on Fox were hateful. Interesting.

    • txbadonetoo

      Claire – your neighbor must be an Al Gore fan.. The Five on Fox News has aired daily ‘Tributes to past and present’ USA olympic athletes all week. If you yourself don’t watch The Five wouldn’t it help if your neighbor gave you some specifics to quote in a public room before you bash a national show?

      • http://none Claire

        txbadonetoo– I will believe my neighbor–I do not rely on Fox news for anything, especially since the msm leaves a lot to be desired. Fair and balanced? Forget it, Fox is “right wing” and MSNBC is “left wing.” Need I say more??

  • Alan

    What a joke that is Flashy! Just because Einstein was intelligent didn’t necessarily make him “wise”. Nor did his being extremely knowledgeable make him “omniscient”. There’s always room for argument where the fallible nature of humans is concerned.

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    Gabby brought some love back to all of us who care about the USA, she also showed respect and love to her Creator by giving Him thanks for her achievements. Her and all of the others who won medals while representing our country gave us some of our pride back to be American’s since our morale was knocked down constantly by our curent commander and chief and all of his cronies.
    To hear our National Anthem everytime we win a gold medal still gives me goose bumps and an occasional tear of happiness.
    God bless the USA and God bless Gabby and all of our Olympians that showed the world that even though our own president is a disgrace to everything America stands for, we still have young people that sacrifice a big part of their life to bring America the gold.

  • boyscout

    What I get from many of these postings is that brow beating goes quite well with breast beating. I thought that one of the main premises of Christianity was to emulate Christ. I see that Gabby Douglas managed to communicate her faith without flamboyance or the denigration of others.

  • George Vieto

    Gabby Douglas is the female Rocky Balboa of women’s gymnastics. Because I never thought in my wildest dreams she would win the All Around Gymnastics Title and be humble and thankful for her God given talents. The female champion of underdogs of any race.

  • Kinetic1

    Mr. Crystal,
    I agree that Mary Elizabeth Williams did not do herself any favors with he choice of words, but as is so often the case, context is everything (not that you would ever let that get in the way of one of your articles.) Note what she said about Gabby just 2 paragraphs earlier;
    “She’s a 16-year-old with both deep faith and profound gratitude, a girl who yesterday tweeted from the Psalms to her followers, “Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me” and Friday sent out a retweet from the Faith in God feed. And that clearly authentic image of a hardworking girl with strong values makes her a natural icon to her fellow Christians, just as it makes the somewhat less faithful uncomfortable.”

    Ms. Williams clearly recognizes and respects Gabby’s faith, but like many Christians (myself included) she does not quite get the idea that God is responsible for every good thing that comes your way. Many people in the Eastern block are devote Christians. There is a very good chance that Gabby’s competition was asking the Lord for strength and guidance as well. If that is the case (and you know it is in many sporting events) are you suggesting that God played favorites? Are you trying to tell us that Gabby did a better job of asking for the Gold?

    I am, like Ms. Williams a member of a Christian church. I have read scripture and lead the congregation in song. I have been a youth leader and regularly ask for guidance. What I don’t do is ask God for guidance to find the perfect shady spot to park. I thank the Lord for the talents I was born with, but I accept responsibility and credit for the hard work that goes into developing those skills. I give God the credit for giving me the foundation, but I accept recognition for the success I achieved. To do otherwise is to suggest that God picks and chooses who will win, and that just doesn’t seem very God like. As Ms. Williams put it;
    ” I believe in a grace that gives me the strength to muscle through the sufferings, and the gratitude to appreciate the blessings.” Is that such an unChristian belief?

    I almost forgot: What does any of this have to do with patriotism?

    • Melody

      Perhaps God does pick and choose who reaches their goal…. because He knows who will praise HIM regardless if they win or loose, and He knows who will glorify Him in a way that is for HIS plan. I notice in your reply that you like using the word “I” which leaves very little room for God. You might want to rethink your walk with God and put Him first.

      • Kinetic1

        When explaining ones views, I is a very common choice. As for my “walk with God”, you have made my point. Your understanding of God and his ways are different from mine. That is not a problem, nor a reason for me to think less of you, though from your words it sounds as if your view might not be as forgiving.

  • Nrgreenfield

    Also had to love Jamaican Husain Bolt putting his hand over his heart and sing the US arnthm in middle of an interview

  • Chaplain Peter

    Aha! The smoking hairstyle. I was glad to hear that this young lady won the gold. Then came all the critizism about her hair ?? What’s that all about? Now we know, It is The Lord Jesus they hate. They come after Gabby because she praises her Lord and Savior. As the Lord said,”if they hated me they will hate you, if they persecuted me they will persecute you”. This is not about liberals but God haters. Wake up church!

  • Katerina Gasset

    I am so proud of Gabby and her giving credit to whom all credit is due- God. I am also proud of all the other athletes no matter which country they come from that when they win they honor God openly and publicly. I also love it how the journalists are asking the athlete how they feel, then the athlete starts praising God and the journalist starts to cringe because this is live on TV. :) Love it!!! Y

  • tom

    Gabby Douglas, from me to you, CONGRATULATIONS !!! May JESUS CHRIST bless you so dearly a relationship with Him . Oh, way to go USA, USA, USA !


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