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Red, White And Ugly

July 10, 2012 by  

Red, White And Ugly
One participant tweeted that more than 650 people formed a "maroon wall" to shield mourners from Westboro Baptist Church congregants.

Last week, the abominable Fred Phelps and his miserable band of Westboro Baptist Church minions made noises about bringing their caravan of crazy to College Station, Texas, in order to let their freak flags fly near the funeral of fallen Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale. As word leaked out, some enterprising Texas A&M students took to social networking sites to organize a gathering to counter the Westboro lunatics’ planned desecration of the solemn event.

The students’ plan worked with flying colors. Hundreds of Aggies lined the road to shield mourners from whatever verbal manure Phelps and his cretins might try to spew. A “maroon wall” of Aggies of all shapes and sizes showed up. One participant tweeted that there were more than 650 people in attendance. The Texas A&M response was so successful that Phelps pulled the plug on his planned sideshow and skipped the Tisdale funeral entirely.

As I discussed Phelps and his creepy congregants with acquaintances, it occurred to me that I don’t know a single person, even among the most redoubtably liberal, who hold Phelps in higher regard than they do something truly vile — like a puddle of vomit or Al Sharpton. One pal offered: “Just kill this psycho and be done with it. (President Barack) Obama and (Attorney General Eric) Holder (are allegedly accomplices of the narcoterrorists who) killed a border agent; you think they’d have any trouble offing these nutjobs?”

I’m willing to admit, his idea has merit. After all, it’s hard to imagine anyone pining away for Phelps after he’s gone; and the human species won’t suffer from the pinching off of Freddie’s badly diluted bloodline. In fact, my own thoughts tend toward sealing the Westboro building with plastic wrap and then locking Phelps and his shrieking, lawyer-harpy daughter along with the rest of his twisted followers inside the building with a year’s supply of chili, deviled eggs and Mountain Dew™ and a television that shows only “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Planning the demise of someone like Phelps is pure folly. He’s interesting — in the way a five-car pileup on the interstate is “interesting.” But in a Nation that takes political advice from Oprah Winfrey, Phelps is strictly Branson, Mo., in a Hollywood world. Phelps possesses enough charisma to convince some truly pathetic souls to follow him down the road to perdition. Put Freddie onstage at the next Netroots Nation hate-speech gathering, and he’d fade like Tom Cruise’s hopes for Suri to be named the second coming of L. Ron Hubbard. Consider it: Phelps is almost universally despised. Meanwhile, Sharpton has a television show, Nancy Pelosi is a 13-term Congresswoman and Michael Moore (the Leni Riefenstahl of liberalism) is an Oscar-winning multimillionaire. Louis Farrakhan has an army of devoted followers. George Soros’ tentacles reach into a wide array of Democratic-adjunct hate groups who serve as rhetorical bludgeons for what used to be the fringe left and is now the power of the Democratic Party. Dan Savage is hailed as an anti-bullying expert. Holder thinks he’s above the law. Obama thinks he’s above us all.

Since we can’t simply bump off people we collectively recognize would benefit the world by not being on it, how do we deal with the truly loathsome among us? Specifically, how do we respond to the bottom-feeders who are just as repugnant as Phelps but more charismatic? As I mentioned before, killing is ruled out. In addition to the fact that even Phelps (not to mention the others) has the Constitutional right to act like an absolute jackass, murder (even the murder of supremely annoying and/or repulsive people) is illegal — unless you’re the Attorney General. Instead, we can and should all take a lesson from the Aggies. We should acknowledge the scum that floats on the American pond, wall it off and wave as it fades from view. Call it “Skimming the Pool of Patriotism” (or whatever). We’ll start this November.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Jeremy Leochner

    It is very sad what Mr. Phelps says and does. It is insulting to the brave soldiers who died and an insult to their grieving loved ones.
    If I could please make but a small request to Mr. Crystal. Let us please keep politics out of this as best we can.Let us please keep issues with Obama or Holder out. Our focus is on Mr Phelps and the terrible things he says and has done. It is great that the people here stood up to him and showed him that he will be opposed when he tries to disrupt funerals and dishonor the memory of fallen warriors.

    • Robert Smith

      Ain’t Fred Phelps just ever so christian? After all, he says so just like so many around here.

      Who is one to believe what the “right” christanity is?

      I think I’ll check with Bishop Spong to see what his opinion is. But oops, there are those around here who say HE isn’t christian. .


      • Hammer

        By the way you talk, you seem to be taking one lone pathetic human being, relating him to a Baptist church and sumizing that he is, in respect to Christianity, an example of the same.
        I belonged to a Baptist church for nearly 26 years and have yet to hear such hateful rhetoric as this psycho so called religious leader pumps out. He is NOT a Baptist Christian by any means and everyone I know in the Christian world can’t stand this so called pastor.
        He is more of satan than he is of Christ, by a long shot.
        I would love to see this idiot silenced once and for all but it is NOT my place to silence him. I would wind up in prison for the rest of my life and he is NOT worth my freedom.
        Do NOT mistake this man for anyone of faith as he is NOT representative of Christians in any way.
        I am a vet of the Vietnam war, am a Baptist by faith and have strong convitions. I do NOT believe that anyone on this planet should be so disrespectful of our fallen troops, regardless of reason. They fought and sacrificed their lives for our country, regardless whether our guys should be fighting someone else’s battles or not, they are under orders and they obey those orders.
        Someone like phelps should understand this regardless of what he thinks. He keeps a blind eye to the truth which means that the truth is NOT in him at all.
        Do you understand this or is there a problem with your understanding of the reasons for associations or dis-associations? Do NOT use this man to compare anything in the Christian world. He is NOT a Christian by any definition.

      • Jay

        Robert: I think I’ll check with Bishop Spong to see what his opinion is.

        Just make sure he uses clean rubber gloves and a good amount of KY-jelly, Robert. And remember what your mamma always told you; be sure to always wear clean underwear!

      • Wil

        Smith here is well-versed in the way of the progressive troll.Take whatever disagrees with their agenda,pick out the worst,most pathetic example thay can find,and do everything they can to equate and stereotype the whole with that example.Now if a few of them could only develop the intelligence to comprehend that they are only making themselves look completely ignorant,as well as being very childishly annoying.

      • Jay

        Mr. Smith can’t help himself. He is what he he is; a racist-bigot!

    • Robert Smith

      Question asked: “Specifically, how do we respond to the bottom-feeders who are just as repugnant as Phelps but more charismatic? ”

      Hmmmmm, did I just hear someone ask that about Ben Crystal? These old ears aren’t as reliable as they sued to be (too many guns mororcycles and airplanes) but it sure sounded like it.


      • Jim

        Your ears may not be as good as they used to be
        how could they be when they have so much empty
        space between them. Moron.

      • Donald R. Megerle

        R. Smith – You are a fool!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Great points Robert Smith.

      • Steve E

        “Specifically, how do we respond to the bottom-feeders who are just as repugnant as Phelps but more charismatic? ”. Get enough people to Aggietize them also.

      • Oneguess

        Rob, why don’t you and Doc Sarvis hook up? You seem made for each other…

      • Mike

        Of course Ben Crystal in repugnant to some.
        He has suggested they don’t deserve to live off someone elses’ hard work.
        He dared to mention the US congress and the president ought to follow the constitution.
        Those thoughts are definitely repugnant to SOME people. You must ASSociate with them or you wouldn’t hear such vitriol.

      • Jay

        Robert: Specifically, how do we respond to the bottom-feeders who are just as repugnant as Phelps but more charismatic?

        Careful there, Robert. Your attempt to disparage Christians and Christianity may not sit too well with the current Potus.

        President Obama is “a Christian by choice,” a conscious decision he made after growing up in a family that didn’t practice its religion, the president told a group of Albuquerque, N.M. residents Tuesday during a backyard discussion.

        Asked about his spiritual beliefs by a local woman during a question and answer session with the crowd, the president said the church came “later in life.”

        “My mother was one of the most spiritual people I knew but she didn’t raise me in the Church. So I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life I would want to lead,” he said, adding that Jesus taught the world humility.

        “Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings — that we’re sinful and we’re flawed and we make mistakes and that we achieve salvation through the grace of God. But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people and do our best to help them find their own grace. And so that’s what I strive to do. That’s what I pray to do every day. I think my public service is part of that effort to
        express my Christian faith,” the president said.

        Well well, Robert, what are we to make of this? Your beloved potus believes in a brutal, three-headed, hate-filled, revenge and retribution-seeking-monster. He believes that Jesus died for your sins and mine. Ohhhhhhhh, my word, how can this be, Robert, how can this be? We have a CHRISTIAN PRESIDENT, whom is considered by some, a bottom feeder, and others, Charismatic, and both, wrapped in the Cross. Ohhhh, my word, has this world gone completely MAD, Robert?

      • Wil

        So how do you respond when you look in a mirror?

      • Deerinwater

        “Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the “humility” (from humble; meaning”Not proud”) we all have to have as human beings ( no we don’t have to be humble, you certainly are not) — that we’re sinful and we’re flawed ( no we are not, we are humans) and we make mistakes ( well? Jay does) and that we achieve salvation through the grace of God.” ( so what constitutes this salvation, is it a door prize? )

        So, ~ even late in life , you are buying into that children’s story ~~ “Your Sins?” ~ That you need saving? That was the standard first level of Christian indoctrination at 4 years of age. ” Yes Jesus love me, my bible tells me so”

        Quit sinning Jay, and you could avoid all of this hocus spokus . You do it at the “thought” level.

        Early Jewish Clergy demonized Jesus in the same way you demonize your opposition today Jay.

        Jesus died because of worrisome concerns for his rising popularity among the “faithful” while high ranking clergy looked upon him as a serious threat to their position and status not to mention the Jewish faith. They labeled him a Charlatan and a false prophet. He was trying to change things! They were “Conservatives ” they didn’t approve of change.

        Jesus was “setup” with trumped up charges by Clergy with inside help which comes to us as one Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. As the story goes, this was foretold while the details were never actually mentioned but only inferred. Of course having parts of the Bible written after the fact has some advantage for a Sage, a fore-teller, an Oracle that can’t be ignored ( will I suppose they can)

        Now what anyone’s “Sins” might have had to do with Jesus’s demise is all spin in some effort to humanize God for the simple mind to grasp, hoping that maybe something of significant in the teachings of Christ might actually get though the thickest of heads. ~ and just maybe be employ to enrich ones life. Jesus own teaching employed humanizing God so it stands to reason educators and teachers would follow his lead, ~ with no regard to the quality of the student might have improved after 3000 years of teaching Christianity. ~ Blood of the Lamb ~ Oh gee. ~ Have you been indoctrinated so ~ you can’t see?

        I do not accept the notion that human or animal sacrifice (Killing) pleases the Divine in any way what so every ~ That is pure Pagan bull crap that crops up many places through out the old and new testament as does it in Pagan writing. Pagan worship was still practiced during the days of Christ. , rooted deep into the culture. It stands to reason Pagan worship would reflect in the writings of the period.

        Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hope that just maybe mankind could actually grow beyond Pagan ideas of killing to please a deity, for some need for atonement and a punishment due? ~ Jay you ideas about Christianity is maybe two bars above a Muslims.

        A lot of us don’t live in such a bazaar world Jay , left to pander, contend and patronize your understanding of the Divine finding ourselves left to accept what you can absorb.

        Humility (adjectival form: humble) is the quality of being modest and respectful. Humility, in various interpretations, is widely seen as a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions, being connected with notions of egolessness.

        Humility is without question one of the most misunderstood words in the English Language.

  • Rasta

    My condolences to the family of LT. Col. Tisdale. Hooray for the TAM students! BOO on Ben Crystal for trying to turn it into some really strange attack on the President and Holder.

    • Steve E

      I admire you for understanding Ben’s point, however, I believe Ben’s point and conclusion was right on about Obama and Holder.

      • Hammer

        I fully agree with you, Steve. Obama and holder need to be removed from office immediately as Anti-Americans!!!!!

  • Kevin Beck

    I remember when that butt-hole Phelps came near my town a few years ago. Word of his arrival got out, and some well-intentioned townspeople decided they had had enough of that blowhard, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

    When Freddy and his legion of lugnuts went to perform their protest, their bus was attacked and the tires were promptly slashed. Even the spare tire received the slash treatment. The goons returned to an immobilized bus, and had to walk a mile to buy replacement tires.

    • Karen

      I wouldn’t have let them buy tires, or I would have inflated the price to $1,000 per tire, and donated the proceeds to the soldier’s family.

  • Bobby

    This story is so filled with garbage, hate, and filth, that I can’t even tell what the issues are. This is the worst kind of “journalism”, nothing but name calling and flag waving. Wow. How about next time you write a story, try telling what the other side was attempting to do besides “vomit, spew, desecrate” or whatever other verb you can throw out to give the impression that your side it the only right side.

    • Richard Walker

      Bobby, the other side consists of followers of satan. Fair and balanced has a limit…

      • Robert Smith

        In christanity maybe. But in America many religions are real.

        I find it so sad that gays would be discriminated on because of christanity. This is particularluy bad when some christians, like Bishop Spong, have no problem with gays and celebrate the love and families they create.


    • Kay

      I agree I don’t know who or why Fred Phelps were going there. The story didn’t say

      • Buster the Anatolian

        Reading and Comprehension Kay reading and comprehension. The first sentence of the first paragraph clearly states why Phelps and his minions were going there.

        “Last week, the abominable Fred Phelps and his miserable band of Westboro Baptist Church minions made noises about bringing their caravan of crazy to College Station, Texas, in order to let their freak flags fly near the funeral of fallen Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale.”

      • carrobin

        The Phelps mob generally goes after soldiers who were known or rumored to be gay.

    • Mike

      The Phelps are ALL about hate and desecration. You can’t talk about them without bringing it up.

  • grumpy old man

    Obviously we can not respond in like kind or we would be just as low as those we find intolerable. There are many who put labels behind their name and then do not emulate the belief system attached. There is nothing in Christianity that dictates in your face rudeness or violence, Christ simply said if rejected shake the dust from your feet and move on.
    That being said, Mr Crystal I sense the anger in your words however I believe you should be more straight forward in you comments. In other words just say what you mean, sic.
    This old man is armed and dangerous when it comes to rude and pushy idiots that think they have the right to nullify the rights of others.

    • Robert Smith

      I’d like to see Ben explain why he agrees with Phelps that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.


  • David M. Devenport

    Gig ‘em, Aggies!

  • Bill

    Dear Mr. Crystal:
    While your premise may or may not be accurate, the name-calling, and the vicious venom that you have displayed puts you in the same classless category as those you have just ripped (IMHO).

    • Doc Sarvis

      Name calling seems to be the standard on this site.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sharon Taylor

        If this site is so repugnant, why is it that you regularly show up?

      • Doc Sarvis

        To lend some Truth to the discussions.

      • Oneguess

        You wouldn’t know “truth” if it bit you on the …nose.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Wow OneGuess. I predicted I would get that EXACT response (except for the last word) to my statement.

      • phideaux

        Doc in all the posts by you in all the different articles you have replied to I have yet to see a post by you that shows you have any understanding of what the truth is. If you are not posting one liners that include attempted insults you are posting talking points of the extreem left.

      • Jay

        Doc Sarvis: Name calling seems to be the standard on this site.

        Hmm, you have a very keen mind, and you are absolutely correct about the name calling. I call you Doc, you call me Jay. Let’s see, there are other names we call others; uhmm…oh ya, Robert, Jeff, John, Bob, Bill….

  • Dwight Mann

    There is a thin line between rights and respect. They are interlocked and need to be addressed in the court of public opinion.
    Phelps is the instigator, the students are the answer, and Crystal, well I still think you do a good job of reporting. . .

    • Robert Smith

      The question is: Does he agree with Phelps?



    .first, My condolences to the family of LT. Col. Tisdale…. I, in someways agree with you about keeping politics out of it all, on the other hand, I would not put it past Obama and his underlings standing with the Phleps group. They have shown time and time again how they feel about AMERICA. We have a person in the White House that will not even put his hand over his heart when the Flag passes by. I suggest we go ahead and let the baptist group show up at one of their planned locations, then walk in and surround then in a circle close enough that they are totally surrounded and the voices of the many drown out the voices of the few. Let’s circle with wagons with the dispicable in the center of the circle. Let them feel the pressure of the pain that they are inflicting on other. And as they move we move, never breaking the law by stopping them from access to their vehicles, but guiding them gently like you would a herd of dum animals that they are.

  • Tom Cook

    Ben, I am one of your most stalwart admirers. Your intelligent literary understated style is most appealing. I have to put you right up there with other of my heroes like Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams. Our anathema is pretty consistent.

  • Warrior

    Once again Ben, your comparisons of identifying the fools lead fools is spot on!

  • Ted Crawford

    These poor, sad, people are yet another example of what happens when we reject accountability and personal responsibility ! Rather than spent the requisit time and effort to read, study and comprehend a founding document, they simple follow one who they, wrongly in this case, believe has done the work !
    Had they bothered to read the Bible they would realize that there is no passage, not even in the Old Testament, that encourages anything like this behavior! They seem to view us, me of course not being a Christian, as their emenies and enemies of their god. That being the case the Bible mandates that they should be praying for us, instead of acting like mindless fools !

  • Deerinwater

    Hmm? ~ being blocking all news the last few months, ~ this event was news to me.

    My interest falls with LT. Col. Tisdale demise. ~ How sad!~ I will find out more.

    As far as this Church group of “Do Gooders” ~ typical stupid thinking brought to action by convictions of faith and a brain fart. Looking on the sunny side, at least they are baptist and no snakes were involved.

    Dishonoring the dead is one of the three lowest forms of human behavior. I’ve been tempted before but thought wiser of it.

    There was just too much jargon in Ben’s write to appreciate what had occurred but it did spur my interest.

    • Robert Smith

      “Looking on the sunny side, at least they are baptist and no snakes were involved. ”

      They don’t appear to be involved with clinic bombings either.


      • phideaux

        Just because they call themselves baptist doesn’t mean they are. To the best of my knowledge they are NOT affileated with any Baptist organization they just decided to use the name.

        “…and no snakes were involved. ”

        Not only do you hate Christians you hate snakes as well.

      • Jay

        Robert: They don’t appear to be involved with clinic bombings either.

        Now that, is a shame, which means abortion providers are now free to breed like cock-roaches, and the building of abortion clinics will increase, placing further burden on the tax-payers. Solution? Slaughter all abortion providers, and bomb all clinics. Just kidding…ha ha.

      • Deerinwater

        hmm? Well ~ it’s true I don’t have a favorite snake if that is what you mean. I am an equal opportunity dislike’er of snakes.

        My mother claims to be a Christian and I like her ~ alot! In as for myself ~ as long as you are paying your own freight, I’ don’t give a 4hit what you believe, you are okay by me.

        Is that too complicated ?

      • Deerinwater

        jay says, “Solution? Slaughter all abortion providers, and bomb all clinics. Just kidding…ha ha.”

        ha ha ! ☻

        From a person such as yourself Jay, ~ there is no “ha ha”. you have gone to far to start kidding now.

      • Jay

        deer: From a person such as yourself Jay, ~ there is no “ha ha”. you have gone to far to start kidding now.

        Yes deer, perhaps you’re right. I don’t know what came over me. I don’t know…gee, perhaps i should’t allow the fact that 4000 babies are being mercilessly slaughtered every day, get the best of me. Perhaps i should just turn a blind-eye to the hideous crime. Sugar-coated, perhaps, and call the atrocity, Healthcare? Refer to the murdering-henchmen as, Health-Care providers? Perhaps, i should just agree with all the secular/leftist/socialist/progressives that only religious folk are capable of whole-sale slaughter of those who are the most defenceless, and innocent? I don’t think i can do that, deer. You see, deer, unlike you, and the rest of your tribe, i haven’t figured out, yet, how to sear my conscience to the point that it no longer functions.

        And yet, you people scream bloody murder, and injustice, when when one of your so-called, Health-care providers, meets with his/her justice, or karma, as some of you have stated on many occasions. So forgive me, if i don’t shed a tear when one of your own receives his/her just reward, as i couldn’t care less, at least not while i’m celebrating!

      • Deerinwater

        Jay says; ” I don’t think i can do that, deer. You see, deer, unlike you, and the rest of your tribe, i haven’t figured out, yet, how to sear my conscience to the point that it no longer functions.”

        And what “tribe” might that be Jay? A tribe that does not go about calling eggs , chickens and chicken, eggs?

        I can’t be held responsible for your conscience what makes you think you should be responsible for mine?

        This is an issue for God and family to address while you would want government involvement while at the same time you clamor for smaller government and greater freedom and personal liberties. It is not that I don’t agree with you Jay or blind to your motives.

        Your “means” conflicts with your message which makes this issue a wonderful “Wedge Issue” to manipulate and divide voters.

        You are attempting to turn stupid into a weapon. Unfortunately it works! and exactly why it’s being used. I can’t tell if you are being sincere, disingenuous or just plan stupid.

  • texastwin827

    As a Texan (and Longhorn fan) I have to say, I am extremely proud of the Aggies (both past & present) who showed up (Westboro church opted not to) to honor this soldier by prevent Phelps and his band of idiots (most are all family, not outside citizens) from disrupting his funeral.

    gig ‘em Aggies!

  • Patriotic Proud Dad

    westboro baptist phelps worshippers are the worst kind of Filth. They desecrate the soil they walk on.
    There many many Veterans and military families out there, as well as first responders and many real Christians. We should follow the example of the Texas Aggies and organise respect watchs or salutes for the military in your area. That would overshadow those westboro Haters with LOVE and respect for Veterans funerals. Use their tactics to beat them and send them back to westboro haters cult central compound.
    To all the 650 Texas A&M people- Much respect & Love.
    To all our Military – Past, present and future, and all First Responders, especially Border Patrol – Love, Respect and our Prayers. Go with God!

  • Dr J

    Evidently the Westboro people are a group that does not read the Bible because the Bible does not teach the type of activities that they are engaged. Regardless of Mr Tisdale’s spiritual situation, he died an honorable man, making the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. The Bible teaches that God loves everyone and that is why we have the common good. Demonstrating at a funeral is absolutely wicked, evidence of satanic influence. Rejoicing at a funeral if the man was a Christian, weeping if he was not because he never accepted Christ.
    Dr J

  • Diane

    The devil walks amoung us. Leave it to proud Texans to get in his way. Gig um.

    • Deerinwater

      What to Flock does that mean Diane? Speak or be silent.

  • chester

    Perhaps more of us SHOULD start acting like the AGGIES, or the Freedom Riders, give ALL military funerals a decent and respectful escort and block such as the Phelps family of hate from all access to those funerals. Of course, Phelps is not above suing those who keep him from completing his missions of hate, but do not believe he has won a case yet. He has on occasion won the right to demonstrate outside a cemetery, but has yet to win the right to not have counter demonstrations directly between his group and the cemetery fences.

    • Rick

      Get a group together ands next time that Phelps and group all get into their little whole in the wall build a huge 20 foot wall around the building without any door or gate and let them all rot there. We are not touching them just walling them i9n away from goodf people let them disrespect eachother til the end of time.

  • Hammer

    You folks who would like to show more appreciation for our troops, especially our wounded who are coming home, find a QOV, (Quilts of Valor) organization and chip in. My wife and I belong to a QOV group and believe me, when our troops see us coming, they light up like Christmas Trees with all their smiles!!
    We attended a QOV ceremony at one of our military bases where 540 troops just returned from their tour of duty. They were in low moral delima as they took many hits along with casualties. One of their favorite sergeants took a sniper bullet to the neck and died during one of thier operations which really effected a lot of them.
    We produced quilts for each one of them, let them pick out which quilt they liked and watched them smile from ear to ear as they hugged their quilts.
    The fact that the QOV showed them we cared made all the difference in the world to them. We were represented by 17 different states and the troops made many comments that they never were welcomed back like this before and they were extremely happy to learn that there are many of us who still care about them.
    So, find a QOV and chip in, it is a very commendable act to perform and the satisfaction you will gain when you see the smiles on the troops faces will be all the reward anyone could ever ask for. They deserve it and much more. They need to know that we, as a nation, are behind them and support them in every way we possibly can.
    Make it Happen!!! Their lives are on the line while we are sitting back safely and comfortably in our homes.

  • Dennis Patrick

    I find it strange and quite hypocritical for a “christian” to call for the death of someone else. Mr. Crystal – you should really pray that Mr. Phelps soul is healed and not engage in the “folly” of his physical demise. Shame on you!

  • Ev

    Where can I find a QOV group in this area?

  • Jim

    Way to go Texas A&M !!!!
    Thanks from a USAF Vet and a Arkansas Hog fan!

  • Mike

    What the AGGIES did is absolutely brilliant and they deserve to be praised for that. They are living proof there IS hope for the US of tomorrow. Decency and respect shall reign.

    If you are NOT an Aggie but would like to contribute to decency and respect as they did in this event, I would invite you to join a local group of Patriot Guard Riders. They have been doing something similar for years. You don’t have to ride a motorcycle, and you don’t have to be associated with any military group, even though many are. Just come because you care.

    If invited by family, the PGR show up at funerals with big American flags and form a shielding line against any protesters. Their presence lends respect to the entire event and shows moral support for the grieving families. I have only been to eight such events and I bet close to 300 family members have taken the time to thank every PGR person who showed up. When they walk by with tears in their eyes and a painful smile on their face you KNOW they appreciate your support. It gives me goosebumps and makes me feel as though I have done something meaningful for others.

    Patriot Guard Riders, shielding families and showing respect for our troops.

    P.S. They also get to take part in welcome home events. Those are the best.

  • Rocketman

    They showed up here years ago to protest the funeral of a hometown soldier that had been killed in Iraq and who was greatly beloved by many of us. More than a few people at the service wanted to kill them but there were so many state police present as well as the governor, one of our senators and so on that it wouldn’t have been possible. My personal belief is that they are only interested in gaining publicity at any cost and trying to inflame people to attack them in order to sue them and make money. They are lower than whale droppings.

  • john

    …this guy is a total nut-job, it has nothing to do with belief, relegion or god!! it is a cult, similar to “jim jones”. who should have been arrested for ALIVE AND STUPID!!

  • Jeremy Leochner

    It seems everyone on this site, Liberal and Conservative have finally found something we can agree on.

    • Robert Smith

      Fred Phelps is evil.

      I can agree on that.

      Is he christian? He says he is.

      Can you help me understand why he is different from the other christians around here who are willing to deny gays equal rights?


      • Jeremy Leochner

        I think that people who are put off by homosexuality are different from Mr. Phelps and his followers at the very least in that Mr Phelps and his cult..Im sorry “Church” followers hate everything and everyone while those who deny gay rights appear to hate only gay people. And not to mention those who are prejudice towards gay people dont picket the funerals of fallen soldiers or funerals in general for that matter. I admit the hate and bigotry is essentially the same in that it is wrong and biased. But the level of hatred and the manner of expressing it and more then likely the sanity of the individuals is vastly different. I say sanity because I worry that Mr Phelps has created a perpetual wheel of self reinforcing virtues and gathered a group of people surrounding him who constantly validate his views and his actions to the point that no countering light is allowed in. Based on what I have seen of the Westboro Baptist Church it appears that they are so hateful towards those they dislike that they are not willing to associate with them in any way. And that any evidence contrary to even their most specific views is disregarded as meaningless. That again is a difference. I strongly disagree with those who I see as prejudiced towards gay people or prejudice in general. But there is a difference between individuals and I do not wish to do the same thing that I criticize others for. I do not wish to generalize.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    Whenever westboro comes to Omaha, citizens come out and do the same thing the Aggies did. Two years ago they came to Bellevue, a suburb of Omaha (where Offut Air Force base is located). The police ticketed them or not having a permit and they ticketed Shirley for allowing her son to desecrate the flag. She sued the city of Bellevue and they settled for $17,000. This is how they support themselves.

    • Mike

      Maybe a grieving family could sue Phelps for inflicting emotional pain and suffering. That would set a precedent and bring the whole thing to a screeching halt.

      Maybe one day when they are on their way to spread their hatred, their van will blow a tire and send the whole bunch careening off a steep cliff.

      We can hope………………….

  • dragonlady

    The Aggies simply replied WE ARE AMERICANS. as Americans we believe in liberty for the deceased and even those living. Liberty is OUR FREEDOM to stand and do right even when the crowd is wrong. STAND UP, BE AN AMERICAN let FREEDOM RING…IT IS OUR BELL SOUND IT!

  • SicOfObama

    Name calling is the ONLY language that the libs, obama, holder, can understand. Being nice to them only gives them more fodder. They don’t respect “nice”. It’s a sad day when it gets to this stage. Libs don’t understand nice, they only understand cruelty, hate, slander, and bigotry. They accuse the nice of all the bad things because they judge everyone else by their own standards. Calling names is bad, but these liberal politicians have made this their passion. Look up evil in the dictionary and every demonrat politian and obama’s picture will be beside the word. They always set the tone for every election, and they have out done themselves in this election. The only way to fight fire is with fire, because mainstream media won’t report the truth, and they portray obama and his demonrats as the first perfect president and administration in our history, and they do no wrong. So, having said that, the people are too lazy and too stupid to read for themselves and to actually “see” what is happening before their eyes. They see mainstream media as the absolute authority in the news and any other source as a scheme to tarnish his majestic name. Obama spends more time accusing others for his damage, and slandering than ten of his paid thugs. And, he spends more time taking credit for the SEALS work and lying and doctoring up the real reports to make himself look good, and running up the deficit by his excessive campainging on Air Force One, and pork spending than working at his acatual job. He’s got enough problems inside our country to keep him busy 24 hours a day, but he lives like a king and lets the problems go. We pay him an exorbant salary for him doing nothing for our country. He’s too interested in muslim this and muslim that, as he stabs us in the backs and sends our tax dollars to muslim countries that use that money to stock pile arms and high powered guns and ammo to kill US with. He knows exactly what he is doing, and he does it with the firm fact that we allow him. I totally agree with Ben Crystal, because he knows exactly what he’s talking about, and so many don’t know what is going on. If you knew half of what Ben knows, you’d be angry, or angrier, than Ben is. I suggest you who don’t agree with Ben, to educate yourselves, because if you don’t, you will soon wake up to an America that you don’t recognize.

    • Robert Smith

      As George Bush took credit for, “Mission Accomplished.”

      How sad that we are stil fighting the Bush legacy.


    • Robert Smith

      “Libs don’t understand nice, they only understand cruelty, hate, slander, and bigotry.

      Brings to mind the right wing tactic of “Swift Boating.”


  • AlsoSickOfObama

    I am sick of obama, too, and sick of the democrats. They are the bullies of this world. All they know how to do is slander, attack, demoralize, and ruin with lies. You are so right, SicOfObama, they don’t understand nice. They are the typical school yard bullies. The nicer you are to them the more they bully. They go to the gutter to lie and dig up and emblish with more lies to slander them. If you don’t take up for yourself, the harder they hit you, and the more they abuse you. They make it look like you are the one who is in the wroing. They are especially hateful to the Christian and nice politicians who are moral, ethical, and run their office with integrity. These they attack even more. Anyone who stands for our American way is literally “in their way”. obama said he would fundamentally change America, and he is doing that. And, you are right, SicOfObama, he will change our country to where we will not recognize it. How can you improve pure freedom that we have enjoyed? How can you improve owning your own home, the American Dream? All other countries do not have what we have: The only way to improve us is to get rid of the people who want to change our great country. The dems have morphed into a communist party. They divide us by causing us to hate our brothers and our sisters. They divide us by pitting us against each other to choose the demonrat or the republican over our friends and family, and by racism. obama has played the race card since before he took office and those who cannot see it have fallen into his scheme. They chose the perfect man to divide us, because everyone is afraid of being called a racist. But, if you are a demonrat you won’t be called a racist, so this is how they divide even more. Don’t fall into their scheme to destroy our country and make it a communist muslim nation. If you fall into this scheme and turn against our American way, you will be a part in the destruction of our great nation.

    • carrobin

      Hey, that’s exactly the way I feel about Republicans.

    • Robert Smith

      Of course, the 1% will agree with you completely.


  • Benjamin Fox

    The church is not christian in any way, a cult yes, stupid and lacking Gods knowledge yes, they read what they want and try to establish their own righteousness. God said, If you won’t forgive, He will not forgive you, they are wrong and blind, don’t judge true believers with this Godless cult, they defy God and what he stands for and are wrong in all their ways, would debate any of them, anywhere and pay my own way, at anytime but, they are gutless trolls who don’t know scriptures and make others hate the scriptures, the Word of God, come on little cult, got the guts, got what it takes. I’m just a un-educated follower of God and His Word, should really make me look bad. LOL, satan’s followers.

  • Steve 2

    This Westboro crowd servesw a useful purpose. What would day be without night, good without bad? The A&M folks were perfect, great job.
    In the old days the triditional response would have involved tar and feathers. Can’t do that today. Still, you gotta love triditions.

    • Mike

      I shouldn’t try to drink while reading comments in this board. Yours made water squirt out my nose.

      I have often expressed the wish to drag congress out on the grass and apply generous coating of tar and feathers.

      Gotta love the mental picture.

      • Mike


  • boyscout

    Ben, you have been pathetically politically correct for the most part, but offered true disservice to Riefenstahl. Tsk, Tsk. Oh, I believe that your articles are getting better and better. Ha.

  • http://Yahoo Steven Jones

    I am so proud of people like the A&M students, more people should stand up against people like this phelps( Im not going to call him a reverand). Its one thing to have a degraded belief like he does but to force his opinion on the rest of the world is totally wrong, he can get any attention without spueing hatred an bigotry. We should all pray for his soul, isnt that what God wants us to do?

    • Robert Smith

      Are you ready to call Bishop Soong “Bishop?”


  • Steven(garrick)Archibald-McGreggor

    Way to go Ben!,..You and Jodi(miller-newsbusted)should do a tag-team stand-up show.It would be fun.Maybe, Lewis Black ,Tim Wilson & don’t you call me ‘tater salad Ron White plus the Stiletto chicks coul join you,..Pssst,don’t bother the “copper top”(kathy Griffin),’cause she is to busy with the freaks.

  • Tom

    Fight stupidity with stupidity. Every time this Fred Phelps and his miserable band of Westboro Baptist Church garbage tries to target someone or some place for further stupidity, a massive army of decent people should identify, surround and similarly protest the family, businesses owned and operated by and the church leadership for this so called church and under the exact same rights and methods which this group and their leader and his daughter hide behind to make others miserable, do the same to them to the point of extreme distress and do so repeatedly until these scum figure out that they are into something that they really do not want. Let them be austrocised by society and by their families, employees, employers and whatever friends they might have for being so a$$#nine and maybe they will finally go away. When they get enough and object in court and by police complaints, let them face the exact same treatment that they have been dishing out to others and be relentless. Idiots only continue their stupidity when there are no consequences or when the reprecussions of their actions garner enough attention or so little negative consequences or is supported by idiots with enough power so as to make their actions enviting. Provide enough negative consequences backed by the same stupidity in law that these people have been using and hiding behind and especially, ignore their leader, no press or indication of relevance at all and their stupidity will cease.

  • Jay

    Fred Phelps: AKA Frederick Waldron Phelps, Sr.

    Born: 13-Nov-1929
    Birthplace: Meridian, MS

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Baptist
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Activist, Religion
    Party Affiliation: Democratic

    Phelps is a Democrat, frequently participating in Democratic primaries for Governor of Kansas.

    In the 1980s, prior to Phelps protesting at funerals, the Phelps family were supporters of then-senator Al Gore’s Presidential aspirations. The basement of Fred Phelps Jr.’s law office supposedly acted as Gore’s Kansas campaign office, and the Phelpses hosted a fundraiser. Numerous photos exist on the Internet of Fred Phelps Jr. and his second wife, Betty Phelps-Schurle, posing with Al and Tipper Gore.

    Phelps Jr. also served as a Gore delegate on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta in 1988. Ivers, Kevin. “Gore Political Ties to God Hates Fags Revealed.” Log Cabin Republicans, Washington branch. 25 October 2000.

    During Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, Fred Phelps Jr. and members of Westboro campaigned for Gore, though simultaneously attacking Hillary Clinton. In January 1993, Fred Phelps Jr. and Betty Phelps-Schurle were invited to the inaugural ball in Washington, D.C.Timeline of the life of Fred Phelps, Sr. Compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    In the ensuing years leading up to Clinton’s second presidential campaign, Gore and Clinton took stances increasingly in favor of gay rights. Consequently, Westboro turned against Gore, who nevertheless invited Fred Phelps, Marge, Fred Jr., and Betty back for the 1997 inauguration; they responded by bringing the entire Westboro congregation to the White House and picketing on the front lawn during the ball, Friedman, et. al. “This Way Out Newswrap, 25 January 1997.” with signs proclaiming that Gore, Clinton, and both men’s families were going to Hell, not necessarily for their stances on homosexuality, but because they had “betrayed” Westboro. Westboro Baptist Church Flier, distributed 18 November. 2002.

    In 1998, Westboro picketed the funeral of Gore’s father, screaming vulgarities at Gore and telling him “your dad’s in Hell.”

    Westboro signs with political messages have read:

    AL GORE FAMILY VALUES (with a cartoon of two men having anal sex)
    GO HOME (with a cartoon of Bill Clinton)
    BABY KILLER (with a cartoon of Hillary Clinton)
    BABY KILLER (with a cartoon of Bill Clinton)
    Phelps has failed in numerous Democratic primary elections for governor of the overwhelmingly Republican state of Kansas, in 1990, 1994, and the last time in 1998, when he came in second with 15,000 votes out of a total of over 103,000 votes cast, or 15%.1998 Kansas Primary Results. Compiled by Congressional Quarterly.

  • RightGunner

    Somehow I don’t see these Phelps guys as anti-gay. Instead Phelp’s mission appears to be to disparage anyone who is really anti-gay by pretending that anyone who is anti-gay is as bad as someone who would stoop so low as to desecrate a fallen soldiers funeral.

    After all the military has never been and is not now pro-gay. All the gayness in the military is there by being shoved up their posture by Obama. If the Phelpsees were really anti-gay and wanted to picket a home for homosexuals, they probably should be picketing Congress, including some recently retired.

  • Rick

    Sad part is this fool actually reproduced. all these losers should have been sterilized at birth. Personally I don’t care about what they have to say or why. But disrepectng the funerals of fallen soldiers i not a freedom of speech 9ssue it is a morally bankruopt issue. And these drips are morally bankrupt just like our useless and chicken S**T Supreme court. Just li8ke you can not yell Fire in a crowded building you should not be allowed to protest or disrespect a funeral.What is wrong is wrong.

  • Franklyn Molina

    Normally, I would disagree and say that Fred Phelps SHOULD be murdered; people like him are too dangerous to be left alive, to quote Mace Windu. But what would that say about me, if I condoned something like that? We must counter these madmen and women to the fullest extent of the law. We cannot allow ourselves to sink to their level. I have made many negatory comments toward the Westboro Baptist Church that I’m surprised I haven’t been taken to court. I often stated, albeit not here, that he’s supported Islamic terror cells because he stated that he was often glad that our boys were getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I couldn’t wait for his daughter-lawyer to ask me “Do you know what the penalty is for slander, Mister Molina?” “And what is the penalty for treason, Miss Phelps?”

  • MontieR

    Mr Phelps is is on the same team as Pelosi and Reid the retard team. Sadly they have Many many fans.


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