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Recession Leads To Significant Decline In Children’s Economic Well-Being

August 22, 2011 by  

Recession Leads To Significant Decline In Children’s Economic Well-Being

According to a new report, the child poverty rate in America increased by 18 percent between 2000 and 2009, which is essentially a return to the same level as the 1990s. This shows a significant decline in economic well-being for low-income children and families.

Released by the Annie E. Casey Foundation in its annual KIDS COUNT Data Book, the report tracked 10 measures of child well-being, and found evidence of the recession’s impact on children — 11 percent of children had at least one unemployed parent, and 4 percent have been affected by foreclosure since 2007.

According to a press release, three areas of child well-being have worsened: the percentage of babies born with low birth-weight, the child poverty rate and the percentage of children living in single-parent families.

“In 2009, 42 percent of our nation’s children, or 31 million, lived in families with incomes below twice the federal poverty line or $43,512/year for a family of four, a minimum needed for most families to make ends meet,” said Laura Speer, associate director for Policy Reform and Data at the Foundation.

“The recent recession has wiped out many of the economic gains for children that occurred in the late 1990s. Nearly 8 million children lived with at least one parent who was actively seeking employment but was unemployed in 2010. This is double the number in 2007, just three years earlier. The news about the number of children who were affected by foreclosure in the United States is also very troubling because these economic challenges greatly hinder the well-being of families and the nation.”

However, according to the report, some areas have improved: the infant mortality rate, child death rate, teen death rate, teen birth rate and the percentage of teens not in school and not high school graduates.

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  • sean murrey ILLInio

    We are in a depression not a recession.

    • Warrior

      That’s it! Maybe we should have a program to pay children to attend scrool. Well, who will pay for this? The greedy jet owners of course!

      • bob wire

        I own a chevy and I pay school taxes, a lot of them, especially when I don’t get the money in on time and pay penalty and interest.

  • peter

    Child poverty and any other poverty is of absolutely no concern to the potus or his cohorts. Survival is all that matters to them and they are licking their lips at the thought of extending their mad agenda to all parts of the world. Perhaps the next war they start will be their last and they will be on the losing end this time. The time has come to be very careful about who you pick a a fight with.
    I wish no evil on this madman and his cohorts which is more then I can say about their thoughts regarding the rest of humanity. They sold out to the devil long ago and the time is fast approaching for satan to exact his revenge. If I were Obama, I would be very worried now. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, especially one that has been ill gotten.

    • eddie47d

      You know very well it’s the Republicans who defund nutritional programs for pregnant women and school lunch programs. If the money isn’t there Obama can’t do much about it now can he. I’m glad Marcy brought up the 1990′s which was Clinton’s Presidency. He didn’t drop the ball on this issue and cared about giving folks a hand up in life. Now everyone is so broke(including the government) that no one cares about the other person.I guess it is coming down to the survival of the fittest or for those who are prepared. I do like David’s answer below which is another side of the truth.

      • Voice of Reason

        LMAO…. yeah Clinton single handedly was responsible for our prosperity in the 1990′s. HA HA HA HA…. It had nothing to do with any Republican setting the stage for the prosperity beforehand.

        It doesn’t freaking matter who sits in office right now, whether it’s a psuedo fake RINO conservative or a whack job liberal, they do the same things leading people to believe this back and forth of Rep. and Dem. presidents makes any difference.

        This is the reason why Ron Paul is blacklisted from his running for president by the media. He doesn’t fit into what they want.

      • Song

        Maybe you could at least be honest about why Republicans question these programs Eddie?

        • eddie47d

          Tax money would be involved and they don’t want to look weak on raising taxes. God forbid!

        • bob wire

          honesty? okay, children don’t vote.

      • s c

        Whoa! Somebody get the New York Times on the phone. It’s official. Hell has frozen over, and e is BAD-MOUTHING the prez! Welcome to the club, chum.
        Did someone in the W H goof? ‘Now everyone is so broke’ is quite a comment coming from a hardcore, ultraliberal progressive. So do you have any answers as to how to get America unbroke? God forbid that we ask you who got us here (grit your teeth, and DO NOT say or imply imply GB).
        How about that? We got us a progressive who’s admitting that America is in deep stuff! Can we look forward to hearing how a certain prez isn’t “left” enough, and that’s how we went broke? Yee haw, cowboy.

    • Smitty

      it was SICKENING today to hear obama go on and on about Libya..he’ll use anything to try to get elected. he’s pandering to the entire muslim world. I blame him for all the muslim unrest…we are fighting on 5 warfronts!

      I also blame him for all these black on white “flash mobs” going on up north..haven’t heard of any in the South yet and i hope our boys and girls have better upbringing than that.

      And the question i have is Rick perry also a closet muslim?

      Yesterday a friend of mine sent me a pic of a US dollar with a red rubber stamp over ” in God we trust” and they had stamp…” the only God is Allah”.

      Frankly i’m sick of obama and his thugs…he and napolitano just issued a new public service

      Please write your congress reps and also your state legislature reps…that you do not want ILLEGAL ALIENS here..and that you want immigration greatily reduced or halted until unemployment gets back to 5%

      • bob wire

        Well? ~ we’ve got this high dollar military w/toys the like the world has never known and we should bench them?

        What happened the red , white and blue , mom and apple pie?

  • David in MA

    And the amazing thing about all of this is,
    the parents) of these children are still
    able to buy their butts, booze and
    go out partying…. THAT ~~
    makes it NOT MY~~~~YOUR

    • Hope For American

      Let’s not forget the designer cloths, cell phones, several t.v.’s and new cars. The problem with this country is the government has gotten too involved in people’s lives. This is a country of diversity which means there are the poor, middle class, and wealthy. A socialist country is when every family, below the elites, are living in the same order. I grew up in a family of nine who lived on less than $200 a month for food and shelter. We bought used clothing, had no car, t.v., nor phone because those were luxuries. ..As for the wars in the middle east and eliminating the rulers, in an earlier article, why hasn’t America eliminated the Queen Bee of England and her pathetic husband, Phillip? Haven’t they been ruling their country for 600 years? What’s the difference between their ruling and Quadaffi’s ruling a country for 40 years? The difference is the Queen Bee is a NWO socialist elite and Quadaffi isn’t. They are the ring leaders in what’s wrong with this world because they will stop at nothing to force their socialist agenda on the world. New World Order means one regime – their’s – controlling all the peon’s – us. They, like the American tyrants, can kiss my royal, but poverty stricken, hinny – a$$.

      • Kinetic1

        The difference is that Gaddafi has run Libya as an autocrat. He set up what looks to be a reasonable government on the surface, but then placed himself as the leader of the Revolutionary Council that oversees and directs the “Basic People’s Congress”, the “General People’s Congress” and the “General Secretary”. The Queen of England on the other hand is limited to non-partisan functions such as bestowing honors on her subjects. Yes, she appoints the Prime Minister, but even that is more show than reality. If you don’t like the direction Great Britain is heading, blame Parliament.

        • exbobbie

          Her Majesty does not appoint the Prime Minister. The head of which ever party wins the election becomes the Prime Minister, then he/she presents themselves to Her Majesty and the new government is formed. Contrary to general belief here in the U.S, the Royal Family are still very popular with the majority of the people, are there some who would like to see them gone, yes of course, the people who want to destroy England for what ever reason, choose one. Her Majesty still has tremendous power she can use if she chooses to. She can dissolve Parliament (sack them all) and start again. England cannot go to war without her permission (she is the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces and Police Forces). Laws put forward by Parliament ( white papers) do not become law until she signs them, and there are so many more things she does that most here in the U.S don’t know about. The Queen receives a stipend from Parliament to conduct her Royal duties, she DOES pay taxes to the government and she generates more revenue for the government than she receives. She is not a figure head as most people would like to believe and the removal of the Royal family would leave a vacuum that would be devastating to England.

          • libertytrain

            forgive him. He regularly mocks people for their lack of knowledge and just demonstrated his.

          • libertytrain

            exbobbie – I was talking about kinetics’s ego. I greatly enjoy your posts.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To David:
    It’s true people have to take responsibility in life. Also, it’s
    correct that these parents do use money to support substance abuse.
    However, government is responsible for interferring in the lives of these people. If gov. would stay out, allow more jobs to come in and
    better the educational system then these problems wouldn’t exists. I have to tell you all something. We, as a nation, can’t avoid nor overlook this dilemma. If we do, then our society will go up in smoke.
    The youth are the future, let’s make it bright for them. Thanks!!

    • 45caliber


      The best way the government could help the educational system would be to get out of it. We don’t need manditory classes on homosexuality, enviornmentalism, foreign languages, etc. in schools. These subjects take away from the study of basics such as reading and writing, math, science, and history. If the students have a good basic education, they can learn the rest of the stuff in college or after they graduation from high school. But without the basics, no matter what else they may have learned, they will be handicapped in trying to get a good job.

      Like the art majors who graduate from college, most can only say, “Do you want fries with that?”

  • Song

    For Eddie47d and Tony: when was the last time you got up out of your chair, left your comfortable home and volunteered your services at a school or interacted with those living in poverty? And Ed, again you earn your title as patently dishonest. Can’t stop just throwing out words like they are fact can you? If you are going to make an incendiary statement like this one: “You know very well it’s the Republicans who defund nutritional programs for pregnant women and school lunch programs.” You better have something credible to back it up with.

    • Kinetic1

      Headlines from the last couple of years.
      “GA Republicans Vote to Defund Child Protection Services.”
      “Republicans Vote Against School Lunch Program and Nutrition Standards.”
      “Food Aid Cuts For Women, Children Passed By House Republicans.”
      “Health Bill Earns One Republican Vote.” (This bill was to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program.)
      It would be easy to continue as any Google search pulls up dozens of hits.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        I say we stop funding all of these non constitutional items: E.P.A., D.O.ENERGY, D.E.A., H.H.S., H.U.D., F.I.C.A., D.O.EDUCATION, FEDERAL RESERVE, COMMERCE, MEDICARE and anything else except Defense. Why shouldn’t Americans be able to pay for their own expenses? I have never received any of the benefit from the programs that you mentioned, although I have had to pay for them.

        • Song

          Agreed Capitalist. We have bred such an entitlement society that I don’t see any way out of it. As I have already posted I work with the families described in this article on a personal basis and can tell you from personal experience that the ONLY thing that all of these government programs do is create an attitude of entitlement and keep people oppressed. Why try to make something better out of your life when you have everything given to you? Especially when it comes to single, unwed mothers. I just have to laugh. I know that sounds cold to clueless people like Eddie & Tony who don’t actually work among the welfare class. But when you see, first hand, the waste and abuse of taxpayer money and resources on a daily basis it is difficult to feel good about how we treat the welfare class in this country. In addition, there is a reason why many, if not ALL of the so called poverty stricken families in this country can afford big screen TV’s, cell phones, electronics and new cars is because they know that there are plenty of well intentioned people like Eddie & Tony & Kinetic1 who will pay for all of their basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and medical care. Why should they waste their money on providing for their families when they can get it all for free, right?

          • Song

            Instead of “treat the welfare class” it would be more accurate to say “cater to the welfare class”

          • 45caliber

            I agree. Each Christmas the city sponsors a Christmas tree pagent. After it is over, the Christmas trees, with all decorations, are given to families who can’t afford one. Last Christmas one of the recipients showed up with a brand new $40,000 pickup to get a tree because the family “couldn’t afford a tree for their children.”

            And too many of the single welfare mothers are on welfare because they can “live in an apartment by myself and have all the boys over that I want” as one girl told my wife.

        • Smitty

          just wait until the federal government is bankrupt! The entitlements will cease overnight! Then there will be civil war and it will be other countries calling for OBAMA to be ousted.

          Don’t tell me he wouldn’t have the police and our military fire on us but he can’t bring himself to follow our immigration laws!

          I cannot think of even one reason why any WHITE US Citizen should vote for obama.

        • Kinetic1

          So you’re saying that you never went to a public school, never received medical care from a hospital built with government aid, you don’t use tap water or breath air and you’ve never saved any money on gas driving a modern vehicle? If that’s the case then I suppose you don’t benefit from any of these federal offices.

        • bob wire

          “I have never received any of the benefit from the programs that you mentioned, although I have had to pay for them.”

          Well Cap, it may seem that way ~ but it’s just not true.

          I could see how someone might think they received no benefits from many things that is so far “up stream” that they don’t even know of their existence yet they enjoy the benefits.

          You accept the water as it come to you as a “normal” occurrence.

      • Smitty

        exactly AND in washington DC where housing values have NOT fallen and where jobs are plentiful..they have voted themselves TWO free school meals daily. WHY? The house prices in DC reflect the high incomes there…so who is needing 2 free school meals?

        It’s time for another WELFARE and FOOD STAMP REFORM! If you can afford to get your hair extensions, acrylic nails, ipods, bluetooth, drugs then you shouldn’t be getting any gov assistance.

        Also obama’s healthcare has sneakily funneled taxpayer funds to ILLEGALS via community clinics just for them! This has to be stopped! This robbing of US citizens to support citizens of other nations.

        Check your local bank and ask them if they are accepting Matricula Consular cards that Mexico issues to illegals in the USA. ALIPAC has a list of banks who do biz with and support ILLEGALS, which BTW is against FEDERAL LAW!. Stand up and speak up about it.

        I’m waiting for a reply from my bank and i intend to move my accounts if they accept these c ards.

        • Kinetic1

          “The house prices in DC reflect the high incomes there,”.
          Really, so that’s how it works?
          The average grade school teacher in Marin County, CA makes about $60,000 a year and the median household income is $89,000. The average price of a house in Marin is $640,000. At 10% down the payments (w/tax and insurance) is about $40,000 a year.
          In D.C. a teacher will make about $53,000 while the median household income is $59,000 and a home costs about $300,000. That’s about $22,000 a year in payments.
          In Fauquier county Virginia a teacher is paid about $67,000, median household income is $88,000 and the average home costs about $242,000.

          These are three counties I am familiar with, but we could look at just about any others and come up with the same truths, housing prices are based on demand, not local wages. Just look at Marin and Fauquier. They both have about the same household income, but Marin is just across the bridge from San Francisco. The result is an average home value more than twice what they pay in Virginia. In fact a 3 bedroom home in the cheapest part of Marin rents for more than the payment’s on the median home in Fauquier ($2,300 vs $1,600) Do you want to get into how many families in Marin are struggling to get by on a minimum wage job? Or a single school teacher with one child paying almost half their salary for rent? And how about all those jobs in D.C.? How many of those are minimum wage?

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      Dear Song:
      I do alot to volunteer to help homeless people. Also, my church has
      a mission to help disadvantage children. We do this through raising funds to help these children get new clothes, books for school, provide transportation for them, and most importantly, provide nutritious meals. In addition, at work i donate the equivalence of $
      100.00 a month from my pay check to the Red cross. Now, let me ask you, what do you do to help the needy? Probably nothing, like Tea partiers in general, who embarrass real conservatives that care. Alright, enough of my rant but increase your awareness.

      • Song

        Then you presume way too much Tony. I work in the “trenches” of welfare on a DAILY basis directly involved with the families described in this article on a PERSONAL basis. With that said, you should know, or maybe not, that there is an ABUNDANCE of food in this country and more than enough non-governmental agencies to distribute that food and get it where it needs to go WITHOUT government intervention. There are also food stamps and if the food stamps aren’t enough there are the free “feeding sites” that are pretty much a dismal failure, or laughable, at least in this area of the country and there is a plethora of churches and charitable organizations all ready and willing to feed those people that need it. In fact, to the excess. There are multiple impoverished families that I work with on a personal and daily basis that not only have a stock pile of food but throw a lot of donated food away! Not only that Tony, walk into a school lunchroom during lunchtime and see how much food is thrown away. It’s easy to sit back and have a “bleeding heart” and think you are doing so much GOOD until you actually work in the “trenches” and see first hand all the waste that is involved. And btw, most if not all of the families I work with have big screen TV’s, cell phones and gidgets and gadgets of all kinds but can’t afford to pay their utilities or for food and the only reason is because they know that there are people like you Tony that will pay all of that for them. They are truly getting the last laugh and that is from first hand experience every single day!

        • Song

          I should add Tony, kudos for your individual help and that is the point. Help should come from churches and people like you, not forced out of the hands of those working for a living and away from their families to be distributed by an over-bloated, in-efficient government.

        • 45caliber


          I fully agree with you. Our church has a “Feed the Lambs” program to feed children who can’t get free school lunchs during the summer.

          It’s not that their parents can’t afford to feed them – it’s that they want the extra money for their own uses. The children don’t go hungry regardless of whether the parents get the food or the church feeds them – every child given the food is certainly not starved. And, like you said, they all have their big screen TV’s, cell phones, etc.

          Some children do go hungry – and I’m one of the first to help when needed. But in too many cases we are enablers – we enable the parents to have more money for drugs or gadgets.

          • Song

            45: That is the saddest part of the job that I do is to realize that despite the good intentions that I had for “helping” people truly improve their lives, the entire system is working against us because it only ENABLES people that exist off the system because there is NOTHING required from them. I work in lockstep with multiple charitable organizations and churches and am continually impressed with the effort and charity by most Americans who do a far better job than any government agency that I also continually work with and agree when there is a true need I do everything possible to meet that need, but the generational abuse and waste of welfare recipients and government waste and inefficiency really wears you down.

          • 45caliber

            Exactly. It is these generational people that really annoy me. Further, since they can’t draw welfare if they get a job, too many of them turn to crime to get more money. They recently arrested a welfare family in my area – the grandmother, children and grandchildren were all dealing drugs. The police got involved because the grandchildren were taking the drugs to school to sell. But crime is the only way they can raise additional money without it being reported to the government. They will work harder to get a few dollars this way than they would if they got a good job paying more than welfare – but then they’d lose their welfare!

            Some years ago I listened to an interview with a family on welfare on the TV. The parent stated, “Why should I want the school taxes raised? My kids don’t need an education! As soon as they start having kids of their own, they can get on welfare and they don’t need an education for that. The only reason I send my kids to school at all is to get them out of the house so they won’t bother me.”

          • bob wire

            It take a consorted effort, both public and private to address the “need”

            Getting the children ready for school this year was a big a job as my memory recalls ~ the “need” being greater then in years past.

            A reflection of the times. I was impressed with everyone’s efforts.

            The little buggers are launched ~ one more time.

      • exbobbie

        Tony I commend you for your work and contributions, however I would suggest you take a good look at the amount of you $100 you send to the Red Cross that actually goes to help people. I have been told that because of exorbitant salaries of those at the top of the organization, and the running costs, only less than 10cents in the dollar actually goes to helping people. I am sure that if you google this you will find that this is true. I have changed my donations to the Salvation Army. Thought you might like to know, and thank you again.

    • eddie47d

      Song; Why is the truth incendiary? More cheap shots from you. I babysit my grandson everyday so can’t do outside volunteering right now. I still find time to work at my church. (15 hours last week but none this week until Friday) You have a nice day too.

  • 45caliber

    This is both true and it isn’t.

    A child needs a home (not necessarily one his parents own), food, clothing, loving parents to support him/her, and a good education.

    That doesn’t NOT mean that he can’t get it in a bad economic situation … unless things are REALLY bad as they can be in other countries. He can’t always get it in a good economic time – the loving parents and good education are sometimes hard to find.

    The real problem with the bad economic time we have now is that the politicians and media stress that the child will be harmed.

    The problem is our priorities. Does a child need a good meal or an iPod? Does the child need new clothing – or will clean used clothing do? Does the child need parents who love him/her and are concerned about them or can parents who are far more concerned with the latest gadgets and extra cash give the child what he/she really needs? Can a school with all the latest equipment and highly paid teachers who don’t care about the education quality give the child a better education than a poor school with lower paid teachers who care?

    We don’t need to throw money at a school system to get a better education system. In fact, doing so simply makes those involved more greedy. If I am hired to teach children, I agree to do it for a set sum of money to the best of my ability. Pay raises are very nice since it keeps me afloat as the inflation rises. If I decide I need more money, then I can request it and, if it is not forethcoming, I can then find another position somewhere else. I have that freedom here. But if I demand a pay raise before I’ll do a better job of teaching those children, then I am cheating my employers by not doing the best job I can for the money I agreed to charge for my services.

    In that case, I should be fired since I am not fullfilling my part of the contract. And any employer who hires me in the future should be aware that I will not fullfill my part and should be wary of hiring me.

    Further, children do NOT need TV, lots of electronic gadgets, tons of toys, movies, etc. Those can go in poor economic times without harming the child despite what the child might believe. So Tom and Jane down the street do have them – it doesn’t harm other children to not have them.

    One of the real problems is that most of us believe that the child is harmed – and we want to government to step in to make sure they are not harmed. Instead, we should focus on caring for the child and doing what is necessary to provide the things they really do need.

    • Song

      Excellent points 45caliber which is why the liberal talking points are always patently dishonest because that is the only way they can continue to sell big government by constantly regurgitating the LIE that the “child” is or will be harmed. Thus people like Eddie can feel secure in their self-righteous sentiments that it is those evil, cold-hearted Republicans that want to do away with these government programs without addressing the real reasons why, which is THEY DO NOT WORK! Pure and simple and are taking from a hard working family to give to one who most often simply will not work. Again, why improve your life when everything is given to you for free?

  • 45caliber

    “… found evidence of the recession’s impact on children — 11 percent of children had at least one unemployed parent, and 4 percent have been affected by foreclosure since 2007.

    According to a press release, three areas of child well-being have worsened: the percentage of babies born with low birth-weight, the child poverty rate and the percentage of children living in single-parent families.”
    Having an unemployed parent is NOT a bad sign for children. My wife was fortunate enough to stay home to take care of our children. We didn’t always have the income we needed to buy them things, we even sometimes had trouble paying the bills, but we are both positive that it was better for the children to have a parent at home at all times.

    Foreclosure is a problem for the children ONLY because it is a problem for the parents. The parents stress about providing a home for their children and the children pick this up from them. Changing schools or towns does no more damage to such children than if the parents simply moved due to jobs or other reasons.

    The low weight of babies is primarily due to the fact that the mothers do not care much about the babies either before or after birth. The mothers (and dads) have their own priorities such as drugs, parties, etc. Many do not bother to see a doctor prior to birth, won’t take the necessary vitamins, etc. That is NOT due to poverty in most cases – it is due to other priorities.

    Good healthy children can be raised by people in the poverty bracket. Many will insist that they cannot – and demand more money to give to the poor raising those children.

    And how do they want to insist on two parent families? Take the children away from the single parents? By and large, I’m convinced the government does NOT want a loving two-parent family for most kids – such parents want their children to have a better live than they have themselves which requires more money for the family – and that primarily depends upon less money for the government. That is why I believe the welfare system rewards single parents by allowing them on welfare and won’t allow couples to draw it except in rare situations. And that is why I believe the government rewards single mothers for having more children by giving them more money instead of insisting they stop having children until they get off of it again.

    • Song

      Again, thank you for your astute analysis of the article 45. I work with several unwed, single mothers and more often than not, that is exactly why there are so many low birth weight babies. And is not the exception that after the baby is born the burden of responsibility is almost always shifted to the grandparents and the government for raising that child while the young parent is given permission to “play” while earning their welfare benefits. Again, what good is the government doing in these situations? NOTHING, in my opinion.

      • 45caliber

        You are right. In most cases the responsibililty for those kids goes to the grandparents while the child plays. One local boy was talking to me about it. He had two sistsers – both of which had at least one child out of wedlock. His parents were upset at him for not doing his duty – they wanted him to get some of the girls he was dating pregnant so they could have more grandchildren. When he protested that he wasn’t interested in marriage yet and that he couldn’t afford to pay to raise the kids, his parents told him that he didn’t need to worry about that – the mothers could go on welfare.

  • chuckb

    thank lyndon johnson for a lot of the problem. he initiated the great society, he made welfare a lucrative thing for the ghetto mothers. if my memory serves a welfare birth was worth several hundred dollars a month, so of these women ended up with fifteen children and in turn these children when grown practiced the same life style. california at one time sterilized these mothers to prevent more child bearing, thank you aclu they forced a stop to it.

    it’s only a matter of a few years and our society will change to a third world status and caucasians will be a distinct minority, thank you mr. liberal. fortunately, these liberals will be the first to suffer.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Song and 45caliber:
    I agree that our nation needs to get rid of welfare. Welfare, afdc,
    food stamps, along with other g.a. programs have been wasteful plus detrimental. As it says in Thesolonians 3:13 “If a person doesn’t work,than he or she shall not eat.” Furthermore, if a person is an adult sound of mind, limb, and can get from point a to point b. Then, definitely, they need to work/earn their own keep. The point i’m getting across is that Government has created this system of dependency. We need, as a society, help people to help themselves. If we continue the approach that these people are totally defective then
    they never will be reached which will lead to our society’s downfall.
    P.S. chuckb, will you give it a rest. You sound idiotically silly. The problem is not with “ghetto mothers, barrio individuals, or trailer park denizens”. The problem is with overbloated goverment and greedy corporations. The corps., by the way, are the real welfare recipients. Next, our society is not becoming “third world”. The demographics are changing, which i think is good, but not to some banana republic. Thus, be in touch with reality.

    • Jubilee in PA

      Tony, I agree that the “welfare Class” (of all races) needs to be reached. I know many conservative Black people who are against Obama and socialism, but they are afraid to come out of the closet in their communities for fear of liberals and on the other hand, they’re turned off by the nonstop racist vitriol from the very Whites with whom they agree. What are they to do? Blacks would become more conservative overall if they would enter the middle class and if they had the same business opportunities that Whites have. Democrats have won the message war to Blacks and unfortunately, Whites for the most part have continued to spew the hateful vitriol that keeps Blacks voting for Dems. Can we finally end racism so that more Blacks will switch sides? We need them to help save the country and we’ve seen that hatred and division doesn’t work.

      • 45caliber


        I have gotten a laugh about racism over the years. The South is supposed to be racist, right? I knew a black woman in PA who worked for the same company I did. She was sent to visit a plant in Montana and one here in Texas. She told me she was amazed at both places – along with a couple of others she had visited in the South. None had the racist whites that PA and other NE states did.

        Actually the most racist people here are the blacks with the Mexicans a close second. The whites pretty well aren’t although there are still a few around who are. And the blacks here, like you said, get upset if some of them are conservative rather than welfare liberal. Still, it is coming since many of the blacks here work for a living and are accepted by the communities as workers rather than drones.

  • Smitty

    There are plenty of JOBS it’s just that they are being handed to ILLEGALS and even legal immigrants!

    Think on it some more…we have 11 to 40 million illegals in the country.

    obama adm is issuing 125,000 new work visa each month to legal immigrants! We are not even creating that many jobs so why does OUR government keep allowing even the legal immigrants to continue to come on in?

    Right now across my street there’s about 10 illegals roofing a house…that type of job USED to be done by US Citizens…now all i ever see on roof tops are mexicans all speaking only spanish…it is depressing b/c until the flow of illegals and legals too during this recession..i see not much hope to get US Citizens OFF of unemployment.

    • Another Voice

      The hard part is to find enough Americans who are willing to work for so little money.

  • chuckb

    tony, you must be living in a dream world or you haven’t visited some of our larger cities lately. try detroit for example.
    you bolshevik types are always ready to blame the corportions, the corporations are owned by stockholders, check’em out, that means pers, unions and individuals, they also employ people. your problem is you, you are trying to blame the very people that make this country work. you might blame the unions instead, maybe read up on what caused gm to sink. what caused our education system to crash.
    and yes we are becoming a banana republic, maybe you should take off your rose colored glass’s, you don’t help people that won’t help themselves that’s the first indicator.
    and yes the ghetto mothers exist and and we do have the barrio’s, the people you liberals have allowed into the country are just changing their demographics to our country and so far very successful at doing so. maybe you don’t realize the difference.

  • s c

    In effect, the best way to look at this ['recession leads to significant decline in children's economic well-being'] is via the idea that this Congress and this prez and this vice prez are to blame for a new form of child abuse.
    First, get your kids out of public school, and homeschool them. Second, demand that Congress reclaim its right to tell the prez to act like a president and stop bypassing Congress and third, stop buying things made in foreign countries (food, clothes, light bulbs and as many other items that you can). China is #1 on that list.

  • Another Voice

    Hey, when people don’t have jobs their kids go hungry. That’s the way it’s always been. You can’t blame the Obama administration for this. He has been trying to put people back to work since he first came into office, but the congress will not let him. Republicans keep saying that the private sector can create jobs better than the government, but if this is so then WHY ISN’T THE PRIVATE SECTOR DOING IT????

    Saying that there are ‘too many regulations’ on the private sector is nothing but a lie and a cop-out. I don’t think that the country would be better off if all companies were allowed to pollute a s much as they wanted in order to make a profit.

    Why can’t Republicans just say publicly what they say to each other in private – that workers in Third World countries are willing to work for much lower wages, and so it is perfectly all right to hire them instead of Americans? This is what the Republican ‘free market’ system is all about. And now, American people do not have enough money to buy the goods and services of these companies that shipped the jobs overseas.

    You people on this forum keep harping about the government’s inability to create jobs, but then you turn around and blame the government for the lack of jobs!!! What’s it going to be? Is the private sector going to step up and right the wrongs it has done? I wonder!

    • bob wire

      That’s a Tea party “Thang” this flip flopping about.

      They can’t say what they really want to say, for even they know that it’s not right.

      They not yet learned that the quality of life has a lot to do with how you react to it Or that you only have one life and you should live it well.

      And if you don’t, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.

      You can spend you life watch and talking about other people and fretting or go get a life of your own.

      It’s about personal choices, they don’t approve of yours. Your “difference” annoys them and cost them money. ~ Like they are the only ones paying city, state, school, county and Federal taxes. As if what “others” paid don’t count and don’t matter. It’s all about “their money, their ideas and their country. ~ disciples of Ann Rand. All perceptions of the universe starts from “I”. Without “I” there would be no universe.

      Here is a good article; based on several years of data gathering and research that offers a broad overview. I find it generously “kind” to all and the summation left for the reader to decide.

  • chuckb

    another voice, school must be out again. “congress won’t let him” for your information your president had a majority senate and congress for two years so why didn’t they create more jobs, or do you realize congress or the president doesn’t make jobs the private sector does. your idiot president was too busy shoving socialized medicine down our throats and trying to raise tax instead of lowering the rate to allow the private sector to create work.

    i suggest you enter home schooling.

    • bob wire

      Chuck, the man without a country !

      no president, no country. another ~ Francis Scott Key,

      “All alone am I”

      Your heart not right Chucky.

    • Another Voice

      chuckb, it takes 60 votes to get anything passed through the senate. Obama never had the 60 votes, even though the Democrats had a majority.

      Don’t you learn anything in your home school?

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    Dear bob wire:
    Sir, chuckb needs serious conselling, wouldn’t you agree?

  • chuckb

    tony, i have had serious counseling, the counselor was from the school of life and he agrees with me, there are many that follow the road of liberalism only to find a toll gate where the fee of their reckless travel is the loss of their freedom.
    bob wire has already passed the gate and now ponders how he can now again get back on track, one day he travels down the middle, next day he falls back into the same old rut. he visions the glorious leader barry beckoning him with all the free goodies and for some reason the vision disappears as he reaches out and the rut deepens.

    • bob wire

      Wide is the path and narrow the way Chucky,

      Things are just fine as frog hair and the course steady, one quarter speed ahead as we steer this huge vessel USS America back out of the shallow water Commander Bush sailed her into and back out to blue waters. She is a blue water vessel with a deep draw, wide beam and slow to come about. She takes a lot of sea to move about.

      How about helping out below and man a bilge pump? A good ship is a wet ship that demands constant attention. There’s no reason for everyone to not be busy.

      There is but one Captain and be mindful of that fact.

      Where were we when Captain “O” came aboard? Ran a ground in swallow back waters and taking on sea water. The fight is not over, we could still sink her.

  • chuckb

    bobw, barry was the capitan when the ship ss america was steered upon the reef, he didn’t understand the use of radar and couldn’t read the map. on the horizon comes a rescue ship steered by capitan palin, a qualified mariner and well versed on the use of a constitutional map and able to save our ship the ss america.


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