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Reagan Honored In New Year’s Parade

December 31, 2010 by  

Reagan honored in New Year's paradeFor the first time in its 122-year history, the annual Rose Parade will include a presidential-themed float.

According to media reports, former President Ronald Reagan will be honored in the 2011 Rose Parade in Pasadena, Calif. The float, which is 55 feet long and 26 feet high, commemorates the centennial of Regan's birth — he would have been 100 years old on Feb. 6, 2011.

CNN recently reported that the float boasts 11 photos that represent iconic moments in Reagan's life, a statue of the former film star and a sculpture of a bald eagle. In addition, the display will include 65,000 red roses. The 122nd edition of the New Year's Day parade follows the theme "Building Dreams, Friendships and Memories."

Reagan, who is considered by many conservatives to be one of the greatest presidents in United States history, has even garnered a great deal of attention from the current commander-in-chief. USA Today recently reported that President Barack Obama is reading The Role of a Lifetime, Lou Cannon's account of Reagan's presidency. Like Obama, Reagan inherited a bad economy and signed controversial legislation during his presidency.

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  • eddie47d

    Reagan today Roosevelt next year. The precedence has been set so whether it was a good decision is irrelevant.



    (Peggy Noonan pay attention)

    1.First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation in Peacetime
    2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years
    3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of gdp over eight years
    4. First to double the deficit in just eight years
    5. First to “almost”: triple the national DEBT in just eight years
    6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%–over 8 years.
    7. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.
    8. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.
    9. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.
    10.First to over value the dollar to the yen at rate of 262 yen to 1 dollar.
    11.First to have served as Governor and increase STATE SPENDING by 112%
    12.First to have HOME LOAN INTEREST RATES as high as 16%
    13. First to CUT TAXES by 60% for his rich pals
    14. First to allow the SAVINGS AND LOAN INDUSTRY to be raided after signing a deregulatory bill and proclaiming “I think we have hit the jackpot”. Come and get it the vaults are unguarded.
    15. First to deal with TERRORISTS
    16. First to send an AUTOGRAPHED BIBLE to a man he called “The Satan of Terrorists”.
    17. First to have an ADMIRAL plead the Fifth Amendment.
    18. First to have a stealing, lying, gutless wife abusing MARINE LT. COLONEL plead the Fifth Amendment.
    19. First to have a “sitting” CABINET MEMBER INDICTED
    23. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than CUMULATIVE TOTAL OF ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS in the twentieth century
    24. First to set a record for the LARGEST ONE DAY PERCENTAGE DECLINE in the DOW in history. 10-19-87
    25. First to have over $10,000,000 INCREASE IN WEALTH from serving for 8 years as president.
    26. First to testify ”under oath” 130 times that ”I DON’T REMEMBER” .
    27. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory testify 128 times “ I DON’T REMEMBER”.
    28. First to undergo BRAIN SURGERY a few months after leaving office. No pain no gain.
    29. First to, repeatedly, FALSIFY HIS WIFE’S AGE. As tho anyone cared.
    30. First to promote his religious faith and never have an ACTIVE CHURCH MEMBERSHIP.
    31. First to rarely use the term JESUS CHRIST in speeches.
    32. First to seek GUIDANCE FROM THE STARS not from God
    33. First to have had a SHOTGUN WEDDING.
    34. First to have worked as a lead-on in Las Vegas.
    35. First to call a Stealing, Lying, Psychotic, wife abusing Marine a “LIAR.
    36. First to have been OPENLY ALIENATED from his children.
    37. First to have served with ALZHEIMERS
    38. First to have UNEMPLOYMENT AT 10.8% since great depression.
    39. First to attack a small unprotected nation with 88,000 inhabitants and 10,000 bb guns then PROCLAIM -“America stands tall again”— “we have whipped the Vietnam Syndrome”-we have defeated communism”. Gosh! What if we had whipped Cyprus?.
    41. #1-In BANK FAILURES
    43. #1-In Percent increase in PERSONAL BANKRUPTCIES
    44. #1-In recorded MISSTATEMENTS
    45. #1-In never having a single press conference in which he did not make at least one or more INCORRECT STATEMENTS.
    46. #1-In needing a staff person standby during press conferences to tell the press “WHAT HE REALLY MEANT”.
    47. #1-In having SERVICEMEN KILLED during peacetime.
    48. #1-In largest DROP IN POPULARITY in one week.
    49. #1-In being first to HONOR NAZI STORM TROOPERS by calling them” Innocent Victims”
    50. #1-In being first to be labeled “BRAIN DEAD AFFABLE DUNCE’ by this writer.
    51. First to lie-over and over-to reporters “I DO NOT DYE MY HAIR my barber uses a special shampoo”
    52. First to have a wife who ”forced” him to WEAR THREE SUITS in one day
    53. First to boast “Not bad for a DUMB GUY who worked only 20 hours per week”.
    54. First to have his wife sit nearby and WHISPER ANSWERS to questions
    55. First to FALL ASLEEP while the Pope spoke
    56. First to invite the Pope to visit the White House and “BRING THE WIFE AND KIDS”
    57. First to have his press secretary remove him from the microphone because he could not answer questions. Then, as the reporter
    yelled out “answer my question” he replied “MY HANDLERS WON’T LET ME SPEAK”. Quick get the white coat.
    58. First 20th Century president to have historians RATE HIM BELOW every president of the 20th except for Richard Nixon. 1994 Poll.
    59. First to give us a First Lady with a past reputation for giving the BEST BJ in Hollywood.
    60. First to suggest his eldest son undergo PSYCHIATRIC examination
    61. First to have been voted in British polls (twice) as the ”MOST FEARED LEADER IN THE WORLD” sic em Rambo.

    62. First to serve as Governor on a ”conservative” platform and INCREASE SPENDING BY 112%.
    63. First Governor TO INCREASE personal income taxes by 60%, tax increase on cigarettes by 200%, state tax collections by 152%.
    64. First Californian Governor to INCREASE TAXES BY ONE BILLION in one year.1967.
    65. First to have a Special Assistant say on national TV “sometimes you had to HIT HIM ON THE HEAD with a 2 x 4 to get his attention”
    66. First to have his official biographer state on national TV ‘After he was shot in 1981he GOT SLOWER AND SLOWER EACH YEAR. His speech got slower. He deliberated more and he hesitated more when he spoke. He lost his physical quickness and would not make decisions on the spot. It was a very, very slow and steady mental and physical decline”.
    67. First to have a POPULARITY RATING OF ONLY 35% after his first two years in office.
    68. First president to have been DIVORCED
    69. First president to have the Geriatrics Department of a major
    university study his behavior and conclude that AFTER THREE YEARS IN OFFICE HE HAD ALZHEIMERS.
    70. First president to have been known to, before presidency, SHACK UP with the love of his life while his wife was in the hospital giving birth to their first child.
    71. First president to have applied for PERMANENT DEFERMENT from the Draft.
    72. First to increase CORPORATE TAX RATE from 46% to 51% in 1986.
    73. First to replace strict regulator volcker with non regulator greenspan and create recessions in 1991-1992-1992-2007-2008-2009 plus big market crash 10-19-07
    74. First to Tax Social Security Benefits-50% of income in 1984—big tax hater???
    75. First to whup Soviet single handed—read debunking of myth in book-“Way out there in the Blue: “Reagan, Star Wars, and the end of the Cold War” by Frances Fitzgerald 2000
    76. First to talk tough and one of first acts in office was to lift Carter sanctions on the evil empire which was still in Afghanistan.. Sic em Rambotongue.

    ———————————— THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE———————-

    I ask only prove me wrong-I will correct

    • ValDM

      Mr. Swinney:
      Mostly I don’t like your posts because it takes you too long to make your point or you don’t make a point at all. However, with this post, you hit it dead on. I never understood why everyone thought Reagan was ALL THAT. I remember him running for his 2nd term with the slogan that goes something like: Are you better off now than 4 years before?
      Well, in fact I wasn’t. But I could not make anyone around me see that. Thank you for exposing to others what I saw when he was president.

    • BobbyB

      I don’t think anyone can prove you wrong. He was the beginning of the end for the USA/ If anyone took the time to think about it, Deregulation started under Ronnie and in every industry that has been deregulated, the consumer is the one that gets screwed. His firing of the air traffic controllers set the stage for stagnant wages. Great utilizer of smoke and mirrors though

    • Effin Reed Tard

      Clarence Swinney….

      Excuse me, mister prosecutor ! Can I make a suggestion for future posting ? How about instead of copying someone elses list – why don’t you be a little more creative and tell us how you feel …

      I think JFK was the first divorced president …..

      Also, Congress (elected by the American People) is to be blamed for alot on that list.

      Oh, I almost forgot ! Reagan won World War 3 (ie Cold War) against the Communist Internationale (ie Soviets, Marxist) . A war the USA was losing before his Presidency. That’s why “Russian” is not the official language of the USA right now …

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The guy above is real forgetful on certain things! The good ole’ Clintoons were the first political couple to fall asleep at a former presidents funeral!!! Anybody else remember that?? I can only hope when their time comes everybody, their kid included falls asleep at THEIR funeral!

    • Ted Crawford

      According to Artical 1, Section 7 of the Constitution all revenue bills MUST originate in the house. Reagan had to deal with a democraric house throughout his entire administration. Everything you would like to hang on Reagan belongs to the Speaker of the house. Which makes Reagans hugh acomplishments even more admirable!

    • Palin12

      Clarence Swinney,
      There you go again! I prospered under the Reagan years. Sorry if you didn’t.

      • jerry mcdonald

        the brain dead ron reagan,hincley should have used a bigger calibre gun.Elected by americans,made china the biggest economy on earth.Bankrupted japan,america,europe.When i get to hades,he’ll think the devil is jesus christ.

  • Tim Singleton

    Reagan was my last president.

    Even if everything above were true, Reagan was still a better president than the last four.

  • http://Yahoo Jimjoebar

    President Reagan – the 1st Pres to call the USSR on the carpet for the sake of freedom … as opposed to Pres BO who is a Socialist and wants to go down the failed path of the United Soviet Socialist Republic.
    Swinney … you seriously need help. Go seek phychiatric help and you’ll feel much better … Liberalism/Progressivism and associated maladies are proven mental diseases. Your contrived list is a bunch of BS that deserves no attention what so ever. :^)

    Live Free … or exist “Unhappy” as a Socialist Sympathizer.

    • eddie47d

      Stop burying the truth from the “other side”. It makes you look foolish.

  • Dale on the left coast

    Wasn’t it Regan that sent the cruise missile into Kadafe’s palace, kept Kadafe out of sight for over 20 years. Didn’t Regan sink the Iranian navy back in the day. Contrast that to the response from the occupant of the WH today, he sends flowers to N Korea and Iran and thinks the despots will want to be friends.
    So Klarence . . . what do you think of the current regeme?

  • Joe Lambert

    With a World View from Canada, and in my 92nd year and in memory of a dear wife,born on Christmas day in Oakland CA., I salute the Regan float,and truly believe this man was one of America’s great Presidents. JL

  • http://?? Joe H.

    Let me be the first to wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR. As I said about Christmas eve, May your worst day of 2011 be better than your best day of 2010!!! Most importantly, May God, in his infinite wisdom, bless this great country once again!!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      P.S. That goes for you as well Mr. Livingston!!!

    • Dan az

      Hey Joe You to buddy and to all the rest of you to.

  • jopa

    All crack cocaine users consider him to have been the best except for those that died or are trying to kick the habit.I am talking about the Iran Contra affair that made Reagan one of the biggest drug traffickers of all time.Military planes loaded with coke and weed were flying into the US during the arms deal but Reagan used alzheimers as a defense.Nancy should have told him to just say NO.It’s a sad day in America when these cowboys get elected.

  • jopa

    PS: Communism’s failure took down the Berlin wall nothing else.

    • libertytrain

      well it didn’t do much for the people that were forced to live under its ugly rule. In Berlin alone how many people died just trying to get through the wall, many to their families on the other side that were split when that stupid wall went up. Go there sometime, see what’s left of the remnants in Berlin. Talk to the older people on both sides of the wall, see what you can really see if you only open you eyes to see and hear.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    Ronald Reagan and Theodore Roosevelt were the greatest presidents of the 20th Century.

  • chuckb


    your ridiculous list contains nothing but democratic propaganda. almost every item can be explained blaming the democratic congress throughout his administration, he wasn’t perfect, however, put any democrat president in comparison and you lose.

    71. First president to have applied for PERMANENT DEFERMENT from the Draft.
    Ronald Wilson Reagan enrolled in a series of home-study Army Extension Courses on 18 March 1935. After completing 14 of the courses, he enlisted in the Army Enlisted Reserve on 29 April 1937, as a Private assigned to Troop B, 322nd Cavalry at Des Moines, Iowa. He was appointed Second Lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps of the Cavalry on 25 May 1937. On June 18 of that year Reagan, who had just moved to Los Angeles to begin his film career, accepted his Officer’s Commission and was assigned to the 323rd Cavalry.

    Lieutenant Reagan was ordered to active duty on 19 April 1942. Due to eyesight difficulties, he was classified for limited service only, which excluded him from serving overseas. His first assignment was at the San Francisco Port of Embarkation at Fort Mason, California, as liaison officer of the Port and Transportation Office. Upon the request of the Army Air Forces (AAF), he applied for a transfer from the Cavalry to the AAF on 15 May 1942; the transfer was approved on 9 June 1942. He was assigned to AAF Public Relations and subsequently to the 1st Motion Picture Unit in Culver City, California. Reagan was promoted to First Lieutenant on 14 January 1943 and was sent to the Provisional Task Force Show Unit of This Is The Army at Burbank, California. Following this duty, he returned to the 1st Motion Picture Unit, and on 22 July 1943 was promoted to Captain.
    it will probably be possible to take each individual item and prove it b/s on your part.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    President Reagan was a leader, something we haven’t had since his terms. GW had the opportunity to be a leader after 9/11 but the left-wing media destroyed him and he was not a good communicator. All the rest of our pres. since Reagan have been merely managers, except for BO who is a destroyer of freedom.

  • jopa

    libertytrain:I have been there and talked to the people and you are one hundred per cent correct on the topic of the Berlin Wall.

    • libertytrain

      as have I.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Linda

    we need a woman president


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