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Rangel To Face Trial For Ethics Violations

July 29, 2010 by  

Rangel To Face Trial For Ethics ViolationsFollowing a near two-year investigation, a House subcommittee announced last week that it will publicly try Representative Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) for multiple ethics violations.

Several media outlets are reporting that the ethics committee decided to move forward with the trial after negotiations to settle the case privately had fallen apart. A source close to Rangel told The Washington Post that the embattled congressman could have avoided the trial had he accepted the charges and publicly apologized for any wrongdoings.

While the committee said it would not detail the specific charges against Rangel until today, many believe they will revolve around his alleged failure to pay taxes on undisclosed personal assets and his attempts to raise money for a private building named in his honor using congressional stationary.

Furthermore, Rangel was stripped of his chairmanship of the Ways and Means Committee in March after the ethics committee ruled that he knowingly accepted two trips to the Caribbean that were paid for by private interests.

With the GOP calling for his resignation, Rangel held firm, stating the he welcomes the trial and the opportunity to clear his name, CBS News reports.

"This couldn’t have happened at a better time for me, whatever it is, because it gives me an opportunity to respond to my friends and constituents that have been supporting me for close to 40 years," he said.

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  • Claire

    Rangel is going to face trial at last. Wonder if he will get off with just a slap on the wrist. With all that he has done, he should be fined and sent to jail, You can bet the average American would have to cough up and probably go to jail. Double standard. It is disgusting. He should resign, and get out permanently. I am sick of paying the salaries for these so-called government “employees.” I am sick of the corruption, the lying, the cheating and the total lack of ethics. Shame on him, he is certainly old enough to know better. And he has been in office for 40 years. Why is it these politicians think they can walk on water and never get caught? Where is their brains? In their behinds?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I guess better WAY LATER than never!!!

  • JeffH

    Just another honorable politico in DC that’s in the lie, cheat and steal society.

  • s c

    Believe it when you see it, people. Then, don’t hold your breath waiting for a conviction. Do you really think Queen Nancy will let a fellow mammy jammer name names or tell America the truth?
    The cream of the legal talent in America is lining up now to go to Rangel’s defense. Serious money is going to change hands, and legal retainers will soar to new heights.
    My crystal ball says Rangel is already ‘innocent.’ Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen. Five will get you ten that any trial of New York’s gift to politics will be a yawner, and much like a soap opera with a foregone verdict.
    The best government that money can buy can’t afford to let the wheels of justice turn and make a bad boo boo.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      s c…. I really hope you are wrong, but most likely you will be right. A slap on the wrist and he will be free to fleece the American public again. What is wrong with the voters in his district? He must have them convinced that he is the best thing since sliced bread.
      The double standard Washington has is disgusting.

      • s c

        Robin, most likely the riches Rangel has accumulated help to keep the New York wheels of power and support ‘greased’ so he can keep his “invisibility” in place. What needs to be asked and re-asked until people understand how we get stuck with people like Rangel is 1) do those scummy, slimy bastards go to Washington TO GET RICH or 2) do they go to Washington to SERVE the people?
        I refuse to believe that more than 1% go to Washington to serve the people. Washington means money, power, privilege and PROTECTION. Why do you think organized crime is always shopping around for another politician in their back pocket?

        • http://yahoo RobertG

          I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now, that is cutting to the chase. Politicians, in my eyes, are nothing but double talking snakes in the grass, just waiting for another chance to line their own corrupt pockets.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t know, if they let him off with what he’s accused of, it’ll still be the end of his political career!!! Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person, unless it was Nancy herself!!!

          • s c

            Joe H, what matters is the idea that Rip-off Rangel is out in the open, and is no longer seen as an innocent old fart who stays in the background. He’s as innocent as a bank robber who got caught in the act. If people like Pelosi had any integrity, she would have roasted Rangel’s ass BEFORE the media had a reason to cast doubts on his presence in Washington. People need to connect the dots, and realize that Queen Nancy also needs to be put under the public’s microscope.
            The next move is to go after Dodd and Fwank, and hound them fo the rest of their miserable lives. Some people still don’t understand that politicians protect each other. That lets them undermine the whole concept of public service, and tends to prove that WE work for the pathetic bastards and bastardettes we send to Washington. They DO NOT work for us.
            Do to politicians what they’ve been doing to us for well over 100 years. Make them choose NOT to become career politicians. Career politicians must be treated like young people who are barely entitled to mimimum wage. They have NO skills, they have very little between their ears, and yet they expect to live like kings and queens and be immune from the laws of the land. What happened to common sense? Stop the insanity!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I agree 100%!!! That’s why SanFarnNan hasn’t drained the “swamp” like she promised as if she did she would go down the drain as well!!!

    • Harold Olsen

      You are absolutely right. One thing is a proven fact. If a scandal hits a Democrat, he is innocent until proven guilty. And when he is proven guilty he is still considered innocent. If a scandal hits a Republican, he is guilty until proven innocent. And when he is proven innocent he is still considered guilty. Rangal will get out of this and the Nazis on the left will brag about justice being served.

      • Mary

        Pitiful how corropt our Gov. is…If that was the hard working American, they would spend time in jail/prison…I am so sick of this double standard way of life…Wonder if/or when, they will make Ob. show his Birth Certificate, plus his College records??If everything was like it should have been, why did He pay over a Million bucks to have them locked down?? Some of them are liars..God only knows what else..Never did trust a liar…All need to be investigated [OB/Libs]
        plus the czars, and fired…or jailed

  • Dave

    two words……………..TERM LIMITS

    • tg7357

      Couldn’t agree more. Rangle and his ilk are walking poster children for the reason no one should be allowed more than 2 terms before getting out. That includes federal judges and Supreme Court Jesters, too. Stay on the bench or in politics until you’re dead or terminally ill my a##!!!

    • s c

      Dave, please explain how you think ‘term limits’ would solve anything? Do you really think America’s self-serving retards in Congress have any plans for letting go of their grip on how long they can stay there?
      If Rangel and all of the other soon-to-be defendants were shackled by NOT being allowed to have consecutive terms, do you think Rip-off Rangel would be so rich or so slick or have fellow criminals line up to protect his sorry rump?
      Dave, if it was possible for us to have functional term limits, it should have happened generations ago. We will see term limits when people like Mr. Obama have to tell the truth, honor the Constitution and act like Americans. Dave, America will NEVER have term limits.

      • Harold Olsen

        The negative about term limits is that politicians will know that their time in office is limited and so they will just work that much harder for THEMSELVES and say to hell us. If they get a second term, they’ll be lame ducks and will have nothing to lose. So, the American people get screwed either way.

    • Al Sieber

      Dave, the only term they should serve is in prison.

  • Dave

    Time to GO Charlie, a dirt nap awaits you>

  • Dave

    Charlie to you get CABLE in your SUBSIDIZED HOUSING!!! You thief Bastard, please go to trial so all of America can see DEMS for what they are Lying sacks of Sh-T. The MOST ETHICAL CONGRESS EVAH!!!

  • Ed McKenzie

    Charlie looks forward to clearing his name because he doesn’t feel he did anything wrong. He was just engaging in what (he things) all politicians do. They go to congress and get rich accepting favors for doing favors. For liberals, this is business as normal. Chicago thug politics is how they operate. The smoother ones make it a bit more subtle. What he is accused of is the most mild and innocuous of crimes or indescretions. The theft and graft he is really guilty of will never see the light of day. Term limits is the only solution.

  • RayOne

    Good luck putting him on the record answering questions. He is a deal maker, as slippery as a crocodile.

  • tg7357

    You can bet your last unemployment dollar SanFranNan isn’t going to let Charlie Rangel and his legal problems muddy the waters for the upcoming November elections. I’m sure a loophole will be found to exonerate Chirpy Charlie and this will all just go away. If they want to try someone for ethics violations, they should start with Nancy Pelosi and work their way through the entire House, then start on the Senate. THERE ARE NO CLEAN HANDS IN WASHINGTON, be they Republican, Democrat, Liberal or Independent.

    • Harold Olsen

      I noticed that you did not say “conservative.” I assume you left them out because, these days, there is no such animal in Washington, DC.

  • Lizzie

    Will truth and transparency win out here? Ooooh, I forgot, these are the days of the backroom deals, the dark closet days, when the Dems expect the wool to be pulled over the eyes of the public. Don’t forget, folks, Rangel is having a building erected in his name to honor him for all his good works. Some of the folks in Harlem are actually upset that Rangel got four apartments (FOUR) under rent control (not stabilization…rent control!) in a city where there are hundreds of thousands on waiting lists for such apartments. Some of these good folks are miffed at his stinginess and theft…about time I’d say. He will be yet another multi-millionaire retiring from office in service to the “people” (read that as “suckers”!)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      The worst part is those apartments were used for office space while they were on those lists!!!

  • Al Sieber

    He’ll get away with it, or a slap on the wrist, and, it’ll be soon forgotten.

  • Wingco

    Just be patient. The “trial” will not begin until after the 2010 election cycle is over. After all, those in power will never allow the electorate to find out what goes on in the halls of congress before going to the polls. Disgraceful! Term limits MUST be imposed. The corruption is intolerable.

  • http://personallibertydigest john fletcher

    3 WORD’S…..
    “TERM LIMIT’S NOW”!!!!!!

  • sambo77

    When you have a senority system in Congress and you have all of these black politicians from so called “Safe Districts” that will be voted in forever the outcome is inevitable. Eventually the whole congress is run by these guys. If they were not self centered meglomaniacs and hell bent on using race as their crutch to subvert the government then this might work. Ask yourself what the experience proves with these people. Why do you need a “Black Caucus”? Try organizing a white coalition in congress and you will hear Ku Klux Klan shouted from the rooftops by the main stream press. It is a no win situation until we do away with seniority in congress. Have the leadership in congress decided by democratic means. (Small d)

  • Dan

    The real problem is all of the politicians in D.C. are politicians.

    It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle they are on, their biggest concern is getting elected and before they are even seated, they are working on getting re-elected.

    we need a better system, maybe a lottery type, in which our lawmakers are chosen at random and serve one term in the House and the best and brightest one hundred then move to the Senate for one term.

    They would all be required to read and understand The Constitution and stay within the the boundries set by The Constitution.

    All professional lobbying would be illegal.

    There would be no special interest groups exempted from any legislation, because all laws would apply, equally, to everyone, including law makers.

  • Harold Olsen

    Another waste of taxpayer money. NOTHING will happen to Rangel. This “trial” will be nothing but a show put on by the left to try to make themselves look honest. Why should they punish Rangel for anything? They let Geitner and other Democrats get away with cheating on their taxes. They won’t do a damn thing to Rangel. Besides, if they did, blacks would claim it was racist and the Dums would be worried about losing the black vote.

    • Al Sieber

      That was pretty easy to call, 99% thats what will happen.

  • Robert

    Hello everyone, this is my first time to this site. I myself am neither Democrat or Republican. Period. They ALL lie. Maybe 1 or 2 might be ok. But only after I sat back and lost the paradigm of LEFT VS RIGHT was I able to see what’s really going on. Ever notice most of the BIG legislation benefits mostly special interests??…hhmmm…just a thought. Also we need to abolish the Federal Reserve….yes that might sound crazy but the Fed makes ALL decisions and laws regarding credit, credit cards, interest, inflation etc….I have been researching this for over 4 years and have concluded that the REAL crimes are ALSO in that area. For instance when the Fed was asked where did over 2 Trillion dollars go they said we can’t tell you….true….when council for the Fed was asked where 500 billion went they said we don’t know….research this and see what you conclude to….Have a great day…..

  • TIME

    Folks, Old Charlie is whats called dead wood, they are trimming away any dead wood now, so the progressives look like they are ethical.

    Now and then they just have to toss a lamb to the wolfs, but they will be “very gentle” the wolfs, as they were told to be.

    So old Charlie will step down and keep in pay coming in, plus all his perks but now, heyt he will not have to show up for work now how great is that?

    Just be sure to keep a keen eye out for who they want to replace him thats where the real “sticky wicket” is.

    Now is that clear how this works.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Truer words were never spoken!!!

  • chuck b

    anybody wanta bet! rangel walks. i hope not .but it sure looks to me like he will. pelosi and company want to bury this as quick as possible.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Diane Walsh

    I bet they’ll finally try him (after 2 years of more of charges) in order to keep the Republicans from trying him after the election. He’ll probably get a slap on the wrist. I remember what they did to Tom Delay who had phony charges filed against him in Texas. He’s gone because they kept the public pressure on him. There’s no way Pelosi is going to put Rangel out of the house.

  • Raggs

    I hope this rope has more than one noose.

    HEHEHE… go get-um ralph and bring your friends…..

  • Mary

    All of you are on the right track here..Why do we have to support that many people, Congress/Senate plus the stupid acting czars, is beyond me…Then keep supporting them after they get out of office?
    Theres not any of Obumas/libs that act like they give a rip about the American Citizens… Just take our money, spend..spend on what THEY want. No matter Americans’ are having a very hard time. No jobs,no cost of living for Seniors, they worked many years paying in Social Security…The COLA [Govt] stated cost of living did not go up. Guess they really believe Americans are ignorant…Got news for them tho.
    Americans are smarter than whats’ in our WH..Plus Americans have what is called ‘Common Sense’ which is totally lacking in our WH..



  • don l.

    the trial is already rigged. he won’t serve time because he’s in obamas pocket. the democrates will say he can’t get a fair trial and the jurors and the judge will all be liberals.

  • http://whoknows mariann horn

    old, arrogant, overpaid, useless, a blight on every day people who are just getting by. time to take a flying leap.

  • Angie

    Ethics in politics! Isn’t that an oxymoron? Oh yeah, but watch him retire with a nice pension and all his health insurance paid for life instead of a prison sentence even if he is convicted, which he probably will not be.

  • Paul Watt, Sr.

    Who cares whether they are ethics violation in congress?
    What are they going to do when even osme of the conservative pundits really don’t want him injured in the process. Do we not otice that when a conservative comes under attack everyone want to lynch him? When found guilty, they may censure (NAUGHTY – NAUGHTY) – COULD BOOT HIM OUT? Doubtful?
    Those actions on the part of congress are meaningless. So the boot him – so what he is 80 – will it hurt him/ Only his feelings – if he has any! HE WILL STILL BE LIVING OFF THE BACKS OF OTHERS! Like anyone who has directly violated the law (felons), he should be tried in court of law and if found guilty sentences to prison (LIKE YOU (YES YOU THAT ELECTED HIM AND WANT TO SHOW SYMPATHY) OR ME)-regardless of age. I am sure they will find some reason to get him out of the jam and elevate his crimes as just a misunderstanding!!!!!!!!!! Gee, if I am not mistaken – didn’t he have something to do with federal money? HMMMMM!!! If they really nailed him the rest would run for cover afraid their corruption will be exposed!!! I am sure that he has a little black (not refering to race) book on everyone one of his colleagues!!
    LET US JUST INVESTIGATE EVERYONE ON THESE POWER BROKERS AND SEND THEM ALL TO JAIL-starting with Dodd,Schumer & Franks! They were instrumental in getting us into this financial debunkle!!! REMEMBER THAY CAN BE REMOVED FOR HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS!! We can always dream???

  • Steve

    In the era of reverse discrimination a black liberal democratic can get away with murder, well almost.

  • http://com i41

    Remember that if you are a minority or a Congress person you can get by with all kinds of illegal crap. Also if you are a minority democrat Congressional person, anything short of blatant murder is just OK. It is your heratige and phony victumology rage is going to be passed off as a judical approval.


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