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Rangel: I Agreed To Deal, GOP Pushed For Public Trial

August 13, 2010 by  

Rangel: I agreed to deal, GOP pushed for public trial Representative Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) allegedly told a group of Harlem district leaders last weekend that he previously agreed to sign a plea deal and settle with House investigators on several ethics charges. However, the 20-term Democrat indicated that Republicans refused to approve the deal and instead pushed for a public trial.

Last month Rangel was officially charged with 13 separate ethics violations for allegedly failing to disclose income and other financial assets, as well as soliciting donations for a private building using his congressional authority. Various media outlets suggested at that time that Rangel refused to make a deal with House investigators and encouraged an ethics committee trial.

However, the New York Daily News reported that Rangel told a group of local leaders on Saturday that he welcomed the possibility of making a deal and avoiding a public circus.

"He said he had signed an agreement. He was ready to go but I guess politics came into play," said State Assemblyman Keith Wright (D-Manhattan).

Neither the House Ethics Committee nor Rangel confirmed or denied the report, citing legal restrictions that bar them from commenting.

The New York Democrat acknowledged on Monday that he still hoping to make a deal but is "not very optimistic" that it will happen, according to The Associated Press (AP).

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  • Claire

    Income tax evasion? Heck yes, he should go to trial. Who does he think he is? Good grief, he is as guilty as sin. Let him pay the piper just like any other citizen would have to do. Why should he be granted any favors? I don’t care how old he is, he committed a crime and as far as I am concerned he should be brought to accountability. I have no patience or sympathy for people that abuse their position in government. Throw him out.

    • JeffH

      Claire, you’re absolutley right!

      • http://naver Samurai

        I second that motion!

        • Greg

          I third the motion…

    • Jeep

      Claire, this is just the House Ethics Committee, not a criminal investigative body. At worst he stands to be KO’ed, but most likely (since he is such a longstanding member) ‘ole Charlie will get a note telling him he was a “bad boy”. But, he is not currently facing criminal charges. I wonder if there is even a criminal investigation pending.

      • Claire

        Jeep–I know it is just the House Ethics Committee, but in view of the matter, Rangel should be brought to trial–including Waters. Throw the book at them. I am tired of it. I am not tooting my own horn, but my gosh, I have tried to live a decent and good life. I have never been in trouble with the law in any way. And I cannot understand why anyone wants to live a life of crime. As far as I am concerned Rangel and Waters have commited a crime. I am not being naive but I would be horrified if I had ever gotten into trouble. A person has only one life to live, why throw it all away? Money? Greed? I want to keep my dignity, my reputation, I want to live my life as a good person, not a creep.

        • Beepster

          Claire, you want to punish Rangel for tax evasion while the Secretary of the Treasury got to say, “Oooppsss”? Don’t get me wrong, they both (and all the other evaders in congress) need to be tried. IRS just let it go. I think I read someplace the Rangel is also having a criminal investigation, but you can bet it won’t amount to a hill of beans. I very seriously doubt there’s 20 somewhat honest people in both houses of congress. Know there isn’t one in the WH!!!!!

          • s c

            Beepster, the adventures Rangel and Waters are indicative of what is so wrong in Washington. Mr. Obama can say what he wants, but it’s the PREZ who puts the arm on the IRS types. The idea that anyone can get close to getting away with something and somehow the IRS can ‘look the other way’ proves that selective enforcement of the statutes is the name of the farkin’ game in Washington.
            If you will recall, another Chicago ‘pillar,’ ["Rev." Jesse] has been down the IRS trail and survived without a scratch. We owe it to ourslves to scream, shout and DEMAND action when a Washington weasel turns his back on doing the right thing.
            It’s more than enough for people to get Washington’s attention by demanding that WE get special treatment, too. Otherwise, the game is rigged, and the idea that we owe taxes is pure, unadulterated bull@#^*. Equal treatment, or Uncle Scam can shove it.

          • Claire

            Beepster–They should ALL be thrown out if they have committed income tax evasion. You mentioned the Secretary of the Treasury–he should be thrown out too. I sincerely wish we could/would throw everyone out and start anew.

    • EddieW

      He might tell the folks at Harlem that, but he lies like Obama!!!
      He refused the House’s request for a deal, so he wouldn’t “embarass” the Dems…He Refused…now…just like Obama…blame it on the Republicans!!! FUNNYYYYY!!!!

  • s c

    If we use the old progressive principle known as “appearance=automatic guilt,” then we might as well throw the old #^&* on the nearest train track. This time around, we have a progressive who wants to cut a ‘deal.’
    Probably, if we could have a legal headhunter put Mr. Rangel through the grinder, maybe a deal could be had. Odds are that Mr. Rangel probably has enough dirt on most long-term denizens in the House to make them grind their teeth at night.
    Whatever happens, this spectacle needs to be done in public view. If he’s guilty, make an example of him. Then, we can move on to Maxine and her unique brand of arrogance.

    • JeffH

      Amen to that!

    • TIME

      SC, Claire and Jeff,

      I think your all on target with your post. As well I am sure if you keep your eyes open you will see many more who are no longer in office be killed off, be it a plane crash, a heart attack, being hit by a falling star etc.
      As the progressive’s don’t want to leave anyone who can point a finger at the back room dealers the real masters.

  • Vick

    Republicans won’t deal? Last time I checked the Democrats were the majority in the house. Where are they on this? Obviously, the Democrats want a trial, too; or they would stop it. They’re in the majority.

    • Jeep

      The House Ethics Committee (or it’s official title “The Committee on Standards of Official Conduct”) consists of an equal number of Dem and Rep members. In Rangel’s case there are 3 Dems and 3 Reps assigned to investigate in an “impartial manner”. Charlie is just feeling sour grapes that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

      • Jeep

        That should be FOUR Reps and FOUR Dems…but, either way it is to be impartial…

    • EddieW

      No…the Democrats did not want a trial!!! He wouldn’t give a deal with the House…Dem controlled, and demanded a trial…now just like Obama…blame it on the Republicans!!! Hope they hang the B*s*a*d

  • Hubert

    Making a deal in Rangle’s situation means admitting guilt. Why should politicians be allowed to make deals instead of facing the consequences of their actions? We would not be offered a deal in similar circumstances. What is good for you and me is good for Charly.
    Since in the case of politicians the public’s trust is affected, nothing should be hidden and deals should be illegal. The only right answer is a trial even if Charly wanted to make twenty deals.
    If he is so pure and innocent it will show and the world will know.
    The same goes for Maxine.

    • Jana

      I agree, why should they ever get a “deal”? This is rediculous. He has been in office long enough to know right from wrong, but he has been in office long enough to know how to STRETCH the rules. He knew what he was doing. If he didn’t it really is time for him to go home, and if he did, its time for him to pay up, either make reparations or community service without pay.

    • alpha-lemming

      Deals, trials,… whatever the vehicle, there will be no CONSEQUENCES!

      Based on his district and the mentality of his voting block, no crime, mis-deed, or transgression will EVER be bad enough for him to lose his seat. We’ve got dacades of evidence illustrating ill-behaved progressives and the “consequences” they’ve paid. To the contrary…. the scummier the behavior, the bigger the rock-star status to their accolytes!! Three of the biggest “rock-star” progressives in recent history (I won’t mention names…. you KNOW who they are)…. One’s a rapist, one’s a murderer, one’s and uber-racist. None were driven from office, always comfortably re-elected by the amoral masses, and the MSM is their personal call-girl. THIS is the legacy of the “price they paid”. And nothing will change until what’s Constitutional, right, and good trumps “gimme” and “gitem”.

  • UnPCdMOM

    We the People need open and transparent ethics trials, followed by criminal trials for all found guilty of ‘ethics violation’. We USED to be a nation of laws but now our law makers are all scum who think they are above the law and the people. They were supposed to represent US!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      UnPCdMOM… Yeah! Where is the transparency in government that we were promised? I guess that only would apply to a Republican who needed to go before the ethics committee. I am sick to death of all the double standards. And, it’s because they are all so corrupt that one wouldn’t blow the whistle on another for fear that their own dirty laundry would be hung out. Term limits. We need them in our government because those who run our government do not remember why they are there!

      • William

        Robin they remember why they are there. for self inrichment. nothing else. now of course none of them were honest enough when they were seeking the office to come out and say look the other person has stole enough. now it’s my turn and I want to see how much I can steal,

    • William

      AMEN to that UnPCdMOM

  • dnld

    How do you make a “DEAL” to make 13 ethics counts go away and never see the light of day? As head of the tax committee, tax evasion should be vigorously prosecuted. The sooner these congresspeople (Waters) start obeying some of the laws they pass, the better off this country will be. He made one deal to pay off past tax evasion – no penalty, no interest. Would you or I get that offer? I think not. He deserves everything he gets and more! So does Waters.

  • http://gmail i41

    Since Rangle and the Black Causus have always played their race car now the best thing those clowns can do is claim it is a genetic problem and a marxist democrat ingrained beleif. Waters, Rangel, and other memvers of the black causus that are under invstagation, will just fade away. We know Kenyan crossbred Holder will drop it, as he did with the thug Black Panters case, they aren’t Panthers. Deal making is one of the crap institutionalized beltway habits is what liberal love to do. Take away their retirements from all of them, That have committed a felony rate crime over and over, and citizen of the USA would get jail time, fines, and bre classified as felons.

    • William

      i41. they should all lose any and all benifits they have voted for themselves, how many companys do you know of would reward their employees for the shoddy crooked work or lack there of??

  • patrick

    First, I predict the racial thing will come out soon, as normal for African’s, Second, do you remember Billy Clinton? ” I didn’t have sex with Monica, it was just a blow job”. or yes, he said, I drank beer but i didn’t swallow, or yes, I smoked pot but I didn’t inhale”. So look for those 2 defensive tactics from the liberal democrats and Rangel. I sure hope those in power bring the full charges to the people and they prosecute Rangel to the fullest degree so as to set an example for all the new politicans that will be coming into office very shortly. We must inform the rookiesw that, We the People, will not stand for any idea of past Obammy failures and favoritism and poor mgmt.

    • William

      patrick I second that motion,

  • http://charter howe

    Charlie Rangel is another good example of a corrupt govt which seems to lean toward overlooking criminal behavior because the Congress has placed itself above the law. Slick Charlie leaked a compromise to the news about the Republicans didn’t want to make a deal, well guess what, good old Charlie forgot to mention that what the Republicans did not want to do was to let him off the hook on some of the charges since they could be felony based. Charlie wanted to make it sound like the Republican obstructionist were discriminating against him when in fact he was looking for a sweetheart deal that an ordinary criminal could not get on his best day. Charlie Rangel is getting lots of support from the democrats in the black caucus and Schumer in particular. The crowd of elites including the most radical activist in the world Al Sharpton, helped Rangel celebrate his 80th birthday. I don’t know what all that has to do with the way criminals flout their misdeeds and the elected officials just turn a blind eye. Maybe people like Sharpton, Waters, Rangel and others want to have a double standard for our society so that it doesn’t inconvenience Congress or the Whitehouse. In any case Rangel is enjoying his last stand without a care for anyone except himself. At 80 years of age how would you punish the village idiot without improving his situation in life. Charlie Rangel exemplifies the belief that Reponsibility and accountability are becoming a rare breed in Washington and many other places and that is what’s wrong with our Republic, not the mindless acts of criminality and repressive legislation that is taking us into a socialistic or communistic state. I have been trying to figure out if Charlie is trying to divert attention away from Obama and his pathetic low popularity ratings or from a possibility of a major event that Obama has in store for us or is he just another nutjob who ran out of cover for his pathetic existance in our society.

  • Vern Nay

    He should be hung for treason just like all the career politicians in wash. from both party’s. They’ve all sold us down the river and let people like the clintons and barak hussien rape our constitution, strip us of our rights and turn America into a marxist state. They sit up there and pass laws they won’t have to follow, give themselves raises and sell their votes to the highest bidder. Our representitives are the biggest threat to the constitution and should all be hung for high treason. Nov. 2nd is “take out the trash day.” Lets restore the republic. No amnesty for illegals, let immigrants learn english, the pledge of allegence to OUR flag and pass a test on the constitution. Death to the imam and no mosque at ground zero.

  • hundabuxt

    Our own federal government is at the root of most if not all of our problems either by virtue of malfeasance or outright corruption.
    They live in a powerful environment, which controls immense power, and the leaches otherwise known as lobbists, often who are previously members of the legislative branch or members of staff, lurk in the halls of our house seeking advantage at a price. There are many Abramoff’s and few are caught. Years ago the a branch of law enforcement set up a sting called “Abscam”, where congressmen were enticed to a room to make a deal with what were ostensibly wealthy Arab’s seeking advantage regarding oil deals. They had no problem attracting willing participants, who got busted and screamed “intrapment”. Our system encourages dishonesty and greed is the driving force on both sides of the equation.

    • Oh Please…

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I am not surprised that they’d scream “entrapment” either. What they failed to realize however is that it was not the situation that ‘trapped’ them….it was their own greed & lack of values/ethics. They trapped themselves with the CHOICE that THEY made.

      I have to add that I am so sick of hearing about ‘deals’ or ‘resigning with dignity’ as resolution for the crimes or unethical actions committed by government officials. I know it’s long been this way, but truly it has only gotten worse with each successive year. With the positions these officials hold and level of public interests that are entrusted to them (not to mention the wage they make off of us), they MUST be held to a higher standard than even the average American. Average Americans are expected to follow the laws or suffer the consequences (which they should & should feel proud to do if they have any personal dignity)….as government officials these individuals are not only ‘public servants’, but also representatives of the laws. If, when taking on their positions in government, they are incapable of being a role model for ethical behavior or respecting/following the laws then they don’t deserve their position OR any special treatment/deal following the loss of their job. Lord knows the government would have no sympathy or deals for me if I avoided my taxes! In fact, I believe because they ARE role models and public servants, that their consequences should be even harsher than the average American. I really don’t care either if he’s a really nice guy or has done a lot of good either….it doesn’t erase the conscience unethical choices he has made (and I feel the same way about all past/present officials/politicians who have abused their roles).

  • Korean War Vet

    As far as I know there have always been crooked politicians. But never before have they descended to the lowest pits of depravity like our current crop. We have a president that proposed to make wounded veterans pay for their own hospital expenses. He never served a single day in the military himself. We have a band of thieves surrounding the president in the white house and congress. I don’t know what the answer is but we can get started cleaning house and draining the putrid Washington swamp in November.

    • hundabuxt

      Brother, I hear you and we need to educate the current generation. They truly don’t get it. The “answer” as I understand it involves the guillotine in my opinion. The French have done some thing’s right historically and they did back us during the revolutionary war with the Brits, support without which would have left the outcome in doubt.

  • http://gmail i41

    Rangal needs to stand trial on charges, not this cutting a special deal crap. Use the citizens of the USA in a Federal Court not in the State Rangel is from and use citizens from a random drawing from all states, and that goes for all Congresional perps, not the good old boys and girls club dorks. Use only verifiable USA citizens that understand and speak English not gibberish, also hard copy verifiable paper work, not foreign born, English speaking criminals like Omoron, sitting on as jurists.

  • hundabuxt

    Rangel might have lots of dirt on his colleagues that if set loose might take them down with him and thus has some leverage justifying a deal. The good ol’ boy club. Honor among thieves.

  • http://gmail i41

    Blago, knew a lot of worms to go fidhing with but was silenced. I don’t think Rangel or Waters will get anything, but a sort of hand slap. Onumnutts statement Rangel should leave with dignaganty said volumes. First and most important is they are black, and it is their feeling of they are entitaled any thing they can steal. Just look at Omoron and his Big Mama, and their put it on plastic non stop vacations and spending, taxpayers owe us a free ride where ever we want to go and do.

  • hundabuxt

    The black or race card is getting very thin having been played too often. Most blacks have this entitlement mentality, including the BS about reperations for slavery and demanding “their check” for last I heard $85,000. If they get it I suppose General Motors will sell alot of Caddys and the drug dealers will be healthy for as long as it lasts. I know black people who are productive intellegent people, who’ve worked to get where they are and they do not belong in this catagory. Bill Cosby gets it and chides the ghetto negros about women dominated single parent households, ghetto language, gangs, drugs and all the other stereo typical images we associate with blacks. Blacks are their own worst enemies. They hold themselves down without whitey’s help. The race card is getting old and people like the so called reverend Jackson and others of like ilk make lots of money keeping the anger and hatred alive. I heard Rush make the statement recently: what can we do to make these people happy? What will make the anger go away finally? Short of handing them lots of money for nothing for the rest of their lives for doing nothing, there isn’t anything we can do. If you have no pride you’re automatically a failure looking for someone to blame for it.

  • http://gmail i41

    Yes and the Jackson and Sharpton phony liars that they are Rev., Al Sharpton and Brawley bs trial of whites speading feces on her, proved to be a lark. Look at all the putrid black smucks that followed Dr. King and came to media attention, and what sorry bastards they are and where they show up. Sharpton was spouting racial crap at Rangel’s campaign/birthday party. As for being Rev. they sure crank out as lot of little bastards, of course look at what party they are part of. It is a badge of honor and helps them gain height in the party heiarcky.

  • Jerry

    I don’t believe Rangels statement that the Republicans wouldn’t deal. He’s been in too long and thinks he’s above the law. He needs to go. This is one more reason for every patriotic American citizen to voice their displeasure with the current group of Progressives in Congress and vote them out this November.

  • chuck b

    we should all appreciate the democratic party for all this scandal going on. they presented barry soetoro for the presidential nomination, one of the most inelgible persons to occupy the position of president. he lied about his religion and no one can come up with his education record and his birth place is in question. thank you democratic party and all the non-thinkers that voted for him.
    you could probably jail 85% of the democrats in congress for ethic charges and 50% criminal. throw in republicans while we are at it. this is nothing more than pure greed and abuse of power.
    for the most part our electorate only listen to the communist media and have little knowledge of what the candidates stand for, the blacks don’t care just so the candidate is black. does anyone remember adam clayton powell prior to rangel, look up all the crooked deals this guy was mixed up with, now his son is trying to replace rangel and unfortunately harlem would probably vote rangel back into congress and the same with waters. our nation is being run by crooks and we kep voting these same thieves back. so we deserve the troubles that are coming our way. god help us

  • fergie

    This may be a very simplistic statement however, we have the option to charge the common people in the private sector with crimes such as embezzlement, perjury, theft, etc. What makes these same type elected crooks exempt even when charges are made? Oh, forgive me for being so naive…we are appealing to the crooks at the “top” …now I get it!

  • hundabuxt

    Chuck B

    Don’t forget the mayor of Washington DC who was busted for drugs in a sting and screamed “entrapment”. The blacks didn’t care, probably because most of them were equally guilty and they reelected him mayor. But then Chicago continuiously reelects the Daily clan and we all know about them. Where else would spawn someone like Obama. And they say we whites are prdjudice. I didn’t used to be. I usually take people one at a time and have known and do know some fine intellegent, productive black people that I’d take a bullet for. I hate everyone equally but that’s changing.


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