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Rangel Charged With 13 Ethics Violations

August 4, 2010 by  

Rangel Charged With 13 Ethics ViolationsAfter refusing to admit to any wrongdoings and failing to make a deal with Congressional investigators, Representative Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) was officially charged by a House committee last week with 13 separate ethics violations.

The majority of the charges brought against the 20-term Democrat involve allegations that he solicited donations for a private building named in his honor using his Congressional authority. The committee also accused Rangel of failing to disclose income, rent on property and other financial assets.

Committee officials said in a statement that Rangel’s "pattern of indifference or disregard for the laws, rules and regulations of the United States" violates Congress’ code of ethics and reflects poorly on the House.

After announcing the allegations, the top Republican on the ethics committee suggested that Rangel’s refusal to take responsibility for the allegations indicates that a public trial is imminent.

He was "given the opportunity to negotiate a settlement during the investigation phase," said Representative Michael McCaul (R-Texas). "We are now in the trial phase."

Rangel, who was not required to attend the committee’s first meeting, said later that he may have been "overzealous" in his attempts to serve the state of New York, but noted that he is innocent of any "corruption" or "self-dealings," according to CNN.

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  • http://?? Joe H.

    Innocent?!?!?!? that’s the best joke I’ve heard in a long time!!! how can one man(?) spread so much bull$hit??? Man must be a pro!!!

    • annajoe

      He’s a black dinosaur that Obama respects even after this…..I wish Obama’s administration would just go away, like the oil.

      • s c

        Annajoe, Herr Obummer kinda sorta ‘respects’ anyone who surrenders and sacrifices his brain and integrity to follow him and promote NWO progressivism, no matter how many innocent people get hurt in the process.
        Curiously, odds are that Jesse Jackson (another vote-schtupping, Chicago ‘icon’) accidentally pegged Herr Obummer right when he accused him of not being ‘black enough’ [not black enough, or not enough of a progressive?]. What Jesse will never understand is that progressives have traded one plantation for another, and they refuse to see that by accusing “some” people of not being black enough that makes him just another shuckin’ and jivin’ Uncle Tom. MLK, in his righteous wrath, would rightfully disown ALL of them as prostituted hacks and utter disgraces.

        • Daniel

          Darn! And all this time I thought Obama and Hillery were the worst.

  • s c

    Most likely, old Rip-off won’t get convicted on all 13 charges. Even progressives have to cater to public opinion occasionally (kinda). In the interim, we can sit back and watch Maxine Waters and her merry version of Pass the Pepto. Queen Nancy must be losing sleep, knowing that their in-pocket media hacks can no longer protect America’s “elites.”
    What I’m looking forward to is the master list of progressives who are in line to be sacrificed for the ‘good of the country.’ Some of the more colorful progressives missed this boat, as they had a prior engagement with death. Raise the curtain! Let the entertainment begin!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    If the ethics committee was really doing their job, not many would be left in Washington. I am just waiting for Rangel to play the race card! It seems to be the thing to do these days!

    • s c

      Robin, that effin’ race card has already been played – AGAIN. According to the wizards of the Black Caucus, anyone who dares to imply that ‘certain’ people could be guilty of ANY wrongdoing [ref. Rangel and Waters] is guilty of pure racism.
      It’s almost laughable, because the Black Caucus is proving to America that few groups can outdo the Black Caucus when it comes to REAL racism.
      The ‘Dems’ may be forced to throw the Black Caucus under the nearest bus – OR on a high-speed train track – OR in the path of an oncoming 18 wheeler – OR – (you get the picture).

      • Al Sieber

        SC, you hit the “friggin” nail on the head with a sledge hammer. they’ll play the race to the end, but,people are figuring it out.

  • Jim H.

    A 20 term Rep? He’s been living in that environment so long, to him that corruption is “just another day”. He’s been doing it so long he is probably wondering why everybody is so upset now. The problem is it’s his buddies that are just as corrupt that are going to judge him.

  • annajoe

    This man is a criminal…..what the heck are we doing?

    He and Waters need to be fired first off…..charged with the crimes they have committed, their assets taken from the taxpayers and given back in some way, the national debt, and imprisoned for the rest of their lives or even a firing squad for treason towards the American people.

    Obama, wants Rangel to retire out of this with dignity….what in the heck kind of person is this – to look at a criminal and suggest dignity for him?

    If Rangel was white, Obama would lynch him…..

  • Arkie

    Would Obama be so gracious if he was white?

  • bobinpa.

    Yes Rangel is a criminal and needs to face charges. But don’t forget the other one, Maxine Waters. She too is a Race Baiting, Lying, criminal and needs to be tryed for her criminal activities also. Of course the Incompetent, unqualified, Lyingf, Marxist, Kenyan, Muslim needs to be Impeached and deported. That POS isn’t even an American to start with.

  • Deborah

    You know, these are offenses that are MINOR to the treason committed by every single democrat in the government! Republicans TOO! Either they’ve kept their mouths shut and eyes closed OR they’ve signed bills that has destroyed the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Maybe that don’t mean much to people that were not born here, or bleeding hearts of equality, but that means a great deal to those of us that are American!
    Barbara Strizand (how ever you spell her gross ass name), and people like her, wanted something very special for Americans. See Roger Moore’s movie/book,”Communism, a Love Story”.
    Russia has declared to their people that Americans are terrorists. That came from a quote from Obama that got through.
    Russia is standing with the administration. Read that myself.
    Until Americans clean the government up…it’s going to stay dirty!
    Rangel and that other one from New York will get off. Slap on the risk, money paid to the coffer as repentance.
    How many times do we go through this and not expect the same outcome?

  • Deborah

    ummm…didn’t Obama say that if you are a black in America, I assumed slave ancestors, they are Mongoloids.
    Is that the politically correct word for Black now?
    F’in insulting to our American brothers and sisters!
    Funny, O is from the part of Africa that sold the slaves in the first place. Funny too, is how it’s come full circle.

  • http://gmail i41

    Or would the marxist democrats have “a squirrel in their Fruit of the Looms” if it was a white conservative Republican. The National Coon Arzsed Asine Pinheads group and Black Circus in Congress would be roiting and burning their shacks down. Nobody hears a word from any all white groups, so who is the racist, still not hearing any thing from the anti “cracker” hate groups on these two black crimminals. Maxine Waters is always spewing racist crap but not a peep from the media or “journalists” on her comments. Daschle, Geithner, and Dudd all should be serving time in the Crowbar Hotel, like William Jefferson got for cold cash hideouts. But we know democrats, blacks, and Congressional crimminals have a different type of rules or no rulesor consequenses. I don’t see either one of these crooks getting a slap down to reality.

  • jopa

    Like I said before lock him up in Gitmo with John Ensign,whoremonger Vitter,Sanford,war criminals Dick Cheyney And Tator Bush, and I was going to say Larry Craig but I am not sure if his actions are immoral or illegal.Also that republican dude trying to molest pages on the hill.

    • chuck b

      like i said lock him up with bill and hillary clinton, barry soetoro, and the list goes on and on, seven democrats under house investigation at this moment.
      barry wants rangel to retire with diginity, that has to be the most rediculous statement of the year “retire with dignity”. you have to comprehend the person to appreciate the lack of intelligence.
      when you get right down to it, you could probably throw the whole democratic house in jail. the only dignity they deserve is a stripped suit.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    As we know, Rangel’s district is about as leftwing as Washington DC. Thus he’ll probably never lose an election there…..I’m sure if Rangel were a republican/conservative, the democraps would want to throw the book at him, and even expel him from Congress. But when their fellow democraps do something wrong, anything goes!! We can only hope voters will wise up in the 2010 and 2012 elections, and throw the Democraps out!! Then we can crack down on the Rangel types and end this double standard!!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I’m sure if Rangel were a republican/conservative, the democraps would want to throw the book at him, and even expel him from Congress. But when their fellow democraps do something wrong, anything goes!! We can only hope voters will wise up in the 2010 and 2012 elections, and throw the Democraps out!! Then we can crack down on the Rangel types and end this double standard!!

  • 45caliber

    I’m not sure. I know he agreed to plead guilty to one or two charges if the rest were dismissed – and I thought they were. Is this a resurection of the charges due to him changing his mind or is this story just late? I do know he said he wanted to concentrate on running for reelection now and that he expected his constituents to vote him in again.

  • http://gmail i41

    jopa, you forgot Blarney Flanks and his running a faggot whorehouse out of his basement which had several pages working on special Washington Beltway organisms. Also where is your pappy, Whorehound Clinton who raped and abused White House interns and any female his hands on and could assualt. All democrats are tribal idoits, need to have councils and group hugs to do anythings. Just look at the muslim tribes, they need a leader, who needs a groups of goat humpers, to get a feast going, followed by more cross bred cousin love fest, to give the group a go ahead to move. Same goes for any inbred minorities, they all love the socialist leaning leadership plan.

    • WarriorH

      i41 – hilarious comments!

    • Al Sieber

      i41, thanks for bringing up the faggot whore houses, not many people know about that.

  • http://gmail i41

    Between Rangel, Waters, Jefferson, and their marxist muslim leader Omoron look at the left leaning black mentality, of give me freebies cause I’m black and deserve it, and we don’t have to follow no rules cause we is democrats.

  • jopa

    i41;You are a true retardican, Your comment about Monica totally wrong.She was a cconsenting adult of age when she fell in love(offensive words removed).

    • Bullet

      If you truly believe that Monica was a mature, responsible adult, you must have daughters that need a similar excuse.

  • http://gmail i41

    jppa, you must be a free love hippy with no mind from too much LSD and horse. Hope you don’t have any daughters, a President tat old as Whorehound was screwing a young woman as young as his daughter almost. You almost act like a fricking pedophile muslim. If the girl is a baby that is a year old marry her and abuse the little child. All you socialist democrats are getting weirder and embracing those perverted goat rumpers, is it because the marxist muslim is your idoil?

  • eddie47d

    Maybe Rangel is guilty on all charges and maybe only a couple.If guilty he should keep his pension and pay restitution from that pension. That amount could be quiet large and. put a damper on his bad habits. There is another case in Alaska involving Rep. Don Young who is also a 20 term politician. He had a hand in a business which was bribing State lawmakers.He is also involved in Alaska’s corruption. His charges were dropped yesterday because of his years of “service”. Sounds like Rangel but he is a Republican and little is said about this in the news media. Double standard or politics as usual?

  • James Corbin

    Chuckie needs to step down for good!!!

  • mavis

    Why,Charlie doesn’t believed that he has done anything
    wrong, doesn’t everyone in Washington take care of business
    this way? Isn’t their philosophy I’ve got mine ,now you get yours. This is a sad time in the history of the United States, the congress is so corrupt that when it’s members are caught red handed with their paws in the teal
    they don’t even have enough shame to blush. It’s time we the people who vote for these scandrels demand their
    firing and prosecute them and give them prison time, if they were out in the real world they would get no less.
    Down with this thinking that they are above the law. The
    law will be dealt out with no respect of persons. Bye Charlie too bad you could’t have used your power to help America instead of trying to steal it blind.mehpensacola


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