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Rand Paul Wants FDA Disarmed

May 25, 2012 by  

Rand Paul Wants FDA Disarmed
Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says it is time for the Federal government to stop arming bureaucrats.

When most Americans think of employees of the Food and Drug Administration, images of researchers, scientists and inspectors working to ensure that mass-produced food and medicines are fit for human consumption may come to mind. But for hundreds of American farmers who have been — often frighteningly literally — targeted by the FDA, the reality is very different: They see images of bureaucrats armed to the teeth violently invading their farms.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) says it is time for the Federal government to stop arming these bureaucrats and allowing them to torment small American farmers.

“We have nearly 40 federal agencies that are armed. I’m not against having police, I’m not against the army, the military, the FBI, but I think bureaucrats don’t need to be carrying weapons and I think what we ought to do, is if there is a need for an armed policeman to be there, the FBI who are trained to do this should do it. But I don’t think it’s a good idea to be arming bureaucrats to go on the farm to, with arms, to stop people from selling milk from a cow,” Paul said Wednesday calling for an end to the FDA’s police powers.

Paul offered an amendment to the Prescription Drug User Fee Act that would quell FDA abuses and disarm bureaucratic Health and Human Services Agencies.

Among the other things the Senator wished to accomplish with the amendment are no longer restricting people who sell natural health products from advertising their benefits and ending the criminalization of mistakes.

He said the amendment would have required the FDA to prove mens rea, or criminal intent, when charging people with a crime.

Paul said:

This amendment would fix this problem by strengthening the mens rea component of each of the prohibited acts and the FDA acts by including the words “knowing” and “willful” before we address and accuse someone of a crime.

This I think would give protection to folks who are guilty of inadvertently guilty of breaking a regulation and would keep from overflowing our jails. We’ve got plenty of violent criminals without putting people in for honest breaches of regulations. If Congress is going to criminalize conduct at the federal level as it does with the FDA act, the least it can do have is have an adequate mens rea requirement. My amendment will attempt to do this.

It’s not that we won’t have rules at the federal level, but the rules ought to be reasonable. We ought to allow people to market vitamins. There’s no earthly reason why somebody who markets prune juice can’t advertise it helps with constipation.

Unfortunately for people who have endured armed FDA raids and will in the future, Paul’s initiative was voted down on the Senate floor Thursday by 78 Senators. Only 15 Senators, all Republicans, supported Paul’s amendment.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • sean murry

    The FDA needs to go.

    • http://Bud12 Ed

      All federal agencies harass those companies that are not politically connected, usually small companies that will not hire FDA agents when they retire. The agencies should be disarmed and the FDA should concen itself with policing foods that come from asia and south america rather than US companies that make vitamins and supplements. Senator Paul is right

      • Erik Osbun

        I agree.

      • BunRoe

        Corruption always rears it’s ugly ass at some point when there’s human intervention and FDA is no exception, currently wanting to put such restrictions on vitamins and minerals that are cheap and available to everyone on every budget then there’s the food industry where they allow a certain amount of roach feces and other bug by-products.. Within the last couple decades we’ve seen, heard about and experienced MORE than trace amounts of duff in our food and water supply.. To totally eliminate the FDA would only (eventually) create more corruption from other sources but a complete clean-up (including changes of the guards) would be more beneficial at least to our fears.. The FDA can work, can protect America’s interests but it needs sweeping more often and dedicated advocates who’s values are for moral and not personal profit. The worst Americans are those who are willing to sell out the country for self-gain. If we eliminate the FDA altogether, then who will we get to replace them in our interests?

    • Firefly

      If Americans knew the truth about the FDA there would be a revolution at the polls and every senator who supported them would be sent home. We have slipped dozens of places in the longevity scale in the past few decades. In other words we used to be in the top ten in the world in longevity (how long people lived) and in the last few decades we have slipped so far we are not even in the top thirty! Things that will help cure cancer and other diseases are disallowed and the rich and powerful and well connected must go overseas or sometimes to Mexico for treatment if they want to be cured.

      Dr. Joseph Mercola of Chicago warned for years that Vioxx was dangerous and killing people but it made billions before a total of 26,000 were killed world wide, AND THEN IT WAS TAKEN OFF THE MARKET HERE, and there are dozens of other things allowed that shouldn’t be because of the harm they cause. Additional things are prohibited that are wonderful curatives but not money maker’s for those who control the FDA. The FDA is very much like congress. A handful of decent people trying to make a difference but a majority that are controlled by Monsanto and the big pharmaceutical companies.

      If Americans had even a clue of all that is being done to them and kept from them they would be astounded, or more likely they would go back to their sports and their pornography (seeing we are two of the largest producers on earth of both). The polls in November will show if Americans are still asleep as their country is being destroyed from within. Even Abraham Lincoln said it would never be destroyed from without, but if it were ever destroyed it would be from within.

      • restorefreedom

        Obviously the FDA are thugs for big corp. Don’t you just love lobbyist and unethical politicians. It’s treason!

      • Pat is a great source of info on drugs, the best one is a newsletter called “Worst Pills, Best Pills”. They also have an excellent website where you can get unbiased information on drugs since most doctors now rely on the information on drugs brought in by the drug reps. Doctors don’t have the time, with patients and paperwork, to do their own research. Sad but true….You have to be pro-active on drugs for yourself and your loved ones, the doctors don’t know and the drug makers won’t tell you until they are pushed up against the wall.

    • FreedomFighter

      Need to vote out the senate demonrats this time around. The FDA does not need to be an armed force we have them in spades now.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Randy

      FDA in its origial form is OK, but it has gotten ‘way out of hand. The STATES need to stop FDA at the border. If someone, for example, is selling Raw Milk in interstate commerce, FDA might have a claim. If they sell it to the folks down the road or in the next county, it’s NONE of the BUSINESS of United States, INC., and FDA needs to take a hike. FDA needs to take care of such things as the PRESERVATIVES in VACCINES, which seem to be recognizable to every one BUT FDA and Big Pharma as a contributing factor in Autism. (If I break a themometer with mercury in it, I’m supposed to call HAZMAT to clean it up, but they can pump it directly into the body of a baby, and that’s OK.)

    • Marc

      the government is and has been doing everything it can to rob ‘we the people’, for close to 100 years. 1st we need to determine what we need, then take action to determine what we get. The powers that be want us to be their little robot money-makers…not me

    • Marc

      see what happens when you don’t put GOD first? no order…no discipline…no guidance…NO HOPE

      How’s it working for us, USA? what’s it take to wake you up??? we’re in war and you’re sleeping…

    • profhambone

      Obviously you have not read Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” which is the book that Theodore Roosevelt read as President which resulted in an investigation that confirmed the incidents from the book in the meat packing industry of Armour (who used his fortune to state that meatpacking was “noble in all its motives” and “turned out products free from every blemish”) and the creation of the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906.

      The FDA itself is now a government agency that responds to the direction of the party in power (and now the parties respond to Wall Street). They care less for people and more for the established corporations. Drugs take forever to get approval if they come from outside the USA corporations (RU-486; artificial skin as examples) and quick as possible if from US corporations even if now safe (Vioxx). FDA having guns is just trying to stay up with the other bureaucratic institutions such as the DEA, ATF, FBI, Dept. of Forestry, and many other alphabet soup combinations.

      Big Corporations and Big Government are Big Buddies when it comes to US……….

  • Richard

    Ok I get concerned when I hear that agencies LIKE the FDA have a SWAT team (which I can’t remember if the FDA does or not but they did enter an order for several million rounds of .40 S&W handgun ammo). These kinds of things give me concern, we have enough police in the country to handle the population, unless the government want to take TOTAL control.

    • wildbronco26

      The FDA like many of the Federal Agencies are armed, and some of those armed are trained SWAT members of the “Enforcement” Arm of those Agencies. People I served in the US Army for 40+ years, and I have seen the gradual milltarirzation of many Federal Agencies, and unfortunately many of the men I trained after Military service ended up going into those self same Agencies. This has to come to an end, Senator Rand Paul is right. WE THE PEOPLE need to start a petition to support such a move within the House to either disarm them or cut off all funding for these Militarized personnel.

    • Steve E

      One day perhaps, the armed FDA bureaucrats will show up at a farm and not come home again.

      • RivahMitch

        We can hope!!

  • Michael Hallczuk

    Ron Paul is and stupid like his dad.He does not care for the little people.

    • Caroline

      Michael, stupid is as stupid does.

    • RivahMitch

      “Little people”. Does that include the poor farmers who see their homes and property invaded by your expanded Amerikan Gestapo (including ATF, FDA, FWS, EPA, etc.)? This ‘Nam vet observes that we citizens have met the enemy and it is our own government.

      • OneGuess

        Amen, my brother. (active duty 1968-1972)

      • Marc

        the enemy is us…democrats, republicans, libertarians, liberals, conservatives, Catholic, Mormon, Protestant…all made into smaller groups…divide and conquer

    • KuWull

      If that isn’t the pot calling the kettle big, black, cast iron and retarded, I’ve never seen it!

    • Steve E

      Michael, and your facts are?……….Just as I thought.

    • Firefight

      He’s way ahead of anything we have in the White House right now……….BUBBA!

    • Tinkerbell Spots

      Hello, and wake up. The government is so overloaded with self-important bureaucrats/stoodges whom know that no matter what they do they cannot be fired for incompetance. For starters the FDA & EPA are agencies runnng amok stiffling job growth. While I may not agree with Paul on all topics at least he has the sense to bring these issues to the front. The federal governmnet coninues to hire liberal/progressives? who impose their beliefs on the majority of Americans.
      DO some research!

      • profhambone

        Whether liberal or conservative, people in power will do what is necessary to remain in power and enrich themselves at the expense of all others. We are no longer a Republic but an oligarchy. Rand Paul is an example as is Romney, the Kennedys, the Clintons, and many members of congress who are voted in by a semi-literate public who is obssessed with sports, sex, money, and intoxicants. That is the US public that votes. The ones that do not vote are even worse as they have quit being members of a free society and are compliant enough to do what is necessary to remain unknown. We have passed the great days of the US Empire (and have long lost the non-empire status we once had at the turn of the 20th century) and are in the slow decline of the cancer of bureaucrats and liars and endless wars much like what happened to the Roman Empire…..So sit back and enjoy ther view. It won’t be around much longer……

    • Ted Crawford

      Michael, you should be more careful with your use of self-descriptive adjectives!

    • dufas magnet

      You don’t even know the man (either of them) probably never met them yet you all for blaspheming them for what some obscure forum spewed or what you’ve determined in your own mind. You believe the Dems are evil, Obama is the Antichrist and Ronnie Raygun was J.C. incarnate when in reality they were and are human with human failings.. You think Romney is the answer to your prayers, that he will change the Nation for the better.. He too is human with the same failings.. Only we as a united people can change our destiny but so long as we’re divided, so long as you and others decide a person’s demeanor from rumors and innuendo, we’ll be looking for that one person who isn’t around, to carry our responsibilities on his/her shoulders.

    • Pat

      You are even stupider if you think that Obama and his corrupt administration really care about you…

    • Marc

      check both pauls’ voting records…where do you get your (not)facts…public tv?

  • Fox

    Good thing congress eliminated lunatic from their vocabulary. Otherwise you’d be labeled one.

    • OneGuess

      Are you looking in a mirror? (Are you sure?)

  • Frank G

    Rand: You are right, I am with you and I am not even a farmer. Those government agencies should have no weapons.

  • CaptTurbo

    Why is it that only a small handful of Senators supported his amendment? Because Congress is corrupt. Like a vile, festering toilet, it must be flushed! Kick all but that precious “handful” out of our government in November!

    • Firefly

      It is because the Senate is controlled my Progressives (sounds better than Maxist socialists doesn’t it)? If America doesn’t replace most of the senate in a little over 5 months than few reading this can even imagine what the rest of this decade is going to be like. Why do you think 200,000 a year left the country during the Bush administration but the number leaving for the last few years is around 3,000,000 a year? I find this quite sad personally.

    • Richard Pawley

      There is only thing that will make a difference, as far gone as our nation now is, in debt more than any other nation in history, with the highest corporate taxes in the world, with the squandering of all the money they can borrow and create out of thin air (a sure fire means of creating big inflation which is what the FED and the government want) and with a failing healthcare system that the government has determined to make worse, by copying the worse they can find, and with the installation of amateurs with no experience in dozens of departments of government, and saddest of all, with a falling morality no better than most others on earth, we are at a precipice. For the first time in the history of our nation we have allowed a foreign nation direct access to our US Treasury. No longer must China deal with Wall Street. We owe them so much money they now have direct access, something no nation has ever had in all our history.

      We are at the brink, There is no avoiding the consequences of what we have done (there never has been but we have pretended for so long that there was we have come to believe we are not responsible for anything). Like ancient Israel who cried out to God and He listened and saved them though he often had to chastise them first, so not until the whole of the country does likewise, will anything really significant change for the better. Some believers are praying and that will have value (I have seen it) but it will take the majority of the nation praying to God, even those who hate Him and oppose Him (to numerous to mention here). Will a bigger war bring them to their knees? Probably not! How about earthquakes, riots, floods and famines? Hard to say (they will just call it global warming and blame those who make our electricity or say that it is mother nature). It took 80 years of slavery in Babylon to wake up the ancient Israeli’s and I can only guess what it might take to wake up those who spit in God’s eye and think they are self-made men.

      Until the people of the United States call out to God on a daily basis to save us from ourselves, and most especially from those who wish to lord it over us, not until then do I believe a great change for the better is even possible, much less likely. May God bless the United States. No else is going to do so!

      • Jeff Barker

        So true… But the stiff-necked American people will reject Him.

      • Richard Pawley

        Jeff, as you might guess I am a follower of Jesus, and the scriptures say to “test the spirits to see if they be of God”. This presumes that the followers of Jesus will be in touch with at least the Holy Spirit which was given to the first Christians at Pentecost (See Acts 2) and to millions since. Well, six months ago on November 19th of last I was praying about something I read on line (on a political web site of all places) and it listed nine reasons why God was going to have to chastise the United States and the world (greed, avarice, 56,000,000 abortions, gay marriage, the porno capital of the world, and more). I was wondering about this when I heard the Spirit of the Lord in a voice unlike any I had ever heard before. It was a voice of incredible depth and power. I thought if steel could have a voice that this was a voice like steel. What I heard in my spirit was this: MY HAND OF JUDGEMENT WILL STRETCH FORTH AND ALL WILL FEEL IT, SOME MUCH MORE THAN OTHERS. FEAR NOT!

        I recalled that when Jesus said FEAR NOT it was not because there was nothing to fear, but because He was reminding us that God is still in charge. Hard times are coming. In both my books I called it “The Greater Depression” but I now believe it will be much more than that. Believers need to pray daily for our nation and for it’s leaders (and leader’s to be). They need to pray for themselves and their families as well. Many are learning to stockpile emergency food for when the inflation the government is trying to create finally arrives (food prices will be triple what they are today and there may be shortages) and I expect much more. If you are considering leaving a big city for a smaller town I would seriously consider that and pray about it. I am personally convinced the the Great Earthquake in LACALIF will happen in a little over two years (our scientists say it is long overdue), but the most important thing you can do is pray so you will be guided and protected. By the time this is all over, even atheists will know that it was all justice and God’s doing, trying to get our attention and get us back on track. God loves us all but He cannot stand by and let us destroy ourselves without at least doing what He has done before when He took drastic action to get his ancient chosen people back on track. Non-believers can read about that in the Old Testament. May God help us. Soon, no one else is going to be able to do so. Dum Spiro Spero!

  • Jim Vigue

    Yesterday only 15 Republicans supported an amendment that would limit the FDA’s intrusion into our lives. Remember, drug companies do not want people to get well. They want customers for life.Also keep in mind that our federal government does not want us to live long,healthy lives as it would put too much pressure on our already overburdened social security and medicare systems which have tens of trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilities.
    Our personal liberties and right to choose how we take care of ourselves is being threatened by an out of control government. God help us as it is apparent that Congress won’t.

  • http://baker jerry b

    I totally agree with CaptTurbo; “We the People” must take back our government! This bunch in Washington DC have made themselves Kings and Princes/Princesses and we must throw them out of Congress! Even the few that voted with Rand Paul have voted for more government control with the NDAA, H.R. 347 and by the fact that they have sat by and let King Obama abuse executive orders to further his agenda without saying a word to curb him! We need to have 2-6 year terms max in the U.S. Senate and no more than 4-2 year terms for the U.S. House and make it necessary for every “pork barrel project” to be looked at with it’s merits instead of letting these guys attach them to other necessary legislation, to sneak them through or to hold hostage legitimate bills for their own gain!

  • Allen

    Where do we get the list of senators that voted against the Rand amendment. I would like to post it far and wide with the recommendation to NOT vote for them.

    • Wildey

      Work for his father to. Both of them has America’s interest in mind.

  • Diane H.

    Right now Sen. Durbin is trying to sneak another rider through Congress that gives the FDA power over supplements (even though there was already a law passed in 1993). He’s been trying to do this for quit awhile. He thinks no one will notice and pass the intended bill. I can’t help but wonder why he’s trying so hard? Some one needs to check this out and put a stop to it once and for all! I take supplements for my health because I have so many allergies to pharmaceutical drugs and have suffered some serious side effects. I’d be screwed if the law passed and so would a lot of other people. What’s next and where does it end? Are they going to say all produce has to be canned because of the threat of e coli? Actually that would make more sense because e coli kills, not supplements. No one should tell the FDA or that would be next! People eat crap all the time that’s not good for them so why are they so anti supplements? I think we all know the answer to that one. Is anyone listening in Congress?

    • Richard Pawley

      I agree with you about Senator Durbin of Illinois. Every year he comes up with a new law trying to destroy supplements in the United States. Now he and Sen. Blumenthal of Connecticut are trying to sneak another one over on Americans and if it passes they will destroy tens of thousands of jobs with it and many lives as well. This reminds me of another senator years ago, from Illinois or a nearby state, who voted for a 10% luxury tax on yachts (Democrats never met a tax they didn’t like) and he cost his state 700 jobs when a factory that made refrigerators for boats and RV’s had to close. I heard him later say, “I had no idea.” Many of these senators have no idea of the havoc they are creating when they propose legislation. Sadly the Democratic answer to everything is always a new law (or a new tax). Although God thought ten commandments was adequate the Democrats have passed nearly a million laws since they have been a political party. We have the United Nations and income tax and the Federal Reserve Bank, all because of Democrats, and it was Democrats who opposed giving women the vote and who supported slavery and the Republicans who opposed slavery and who supported giving women the vote but Americans are not taught history as they once were.

      Sen. Durbin has consistently opposed the selling of those things that keep Americans healthy and out of the clutches of the medical-pharmaceutical cartels. He has been trying to destroy the supplement industry for years and if he ever gets voted out of office the pharmaceutical industry will simply find another who will do their bidding. This new law will throw 18 years of legislation out the door, ruin the lives of thosands as they close their doors, and I believe that thousands will likely die if the supplement industry is turned over to the FDA and the Pharmaceutical companies. Many supplements will cease to be made and those that are allowed will only be sold by the pharmaceutical companies for ten times or more than the prices today. The FDA already has control over the supplement industry now but the Durbin Amendment, Number 2127 to the Senate Bill 3187, will cost lives, possibly yours and mine, if it is allowed to pass. Like you I avoid medicines, doctors, and hospitals, (100,000 Americans a year get sick just visiting friends in American hospitals but that’s another story).

      Write your senator a nice letter and tell him or her to vote against Amendment 2127 to the SB 3187 or we will all live (or maybe not) to regret it. The FDA is one of the most corrupt (or controlled by industry) departments of government. Truth and science are almost illegal there. The FDA will not allow tart cherry farmers to advertise that tart cherries are anti-inflamatory or that they will relieve a headache safer than many drugs. I don’t know how I discovered this but I keep dried tart cherries and tart cherry capsules on hand and there are few headaches I get that tart cherries or tart cherry capsules won’t cure. Of course the United Nations has long favored, a restriction on things that prevent disease or help cure them and I mentioned an attempt they almost got past the people of Canada, Code 51 I believed they called it, in my last book.

      The government was telling Canadians how great this bill was and was actually saying that the bill did not say what it said. Thank God for intelligent Canadian citizens and the Internet (another reason why McCain and the Democrats want the government to have control of the Internet like the Chinese Communist government does). Fortunately for the Canadians the citizens heard about it and let their representatives know in no uncertain terms that they rejected it. We had no such opportunity in our country when the Democratic congress passed Obamacare without reading it, and I personally believe hundreds of thousands of elderly will die if Obamacare is allowed to stand. The elderly are already being denied necessary treatments they used to get in some states if they are over 75 now. The point is we must learn to take care of ourselves and demand the government let us buy those proven things that will keep us well, and not just the $1,500 shots that one of my relatives got from the pharmaceutical industry when she was sick (probably much today as that was years ago).

      I have studied what keeps one healthy for years and do my best to stay that way but doctors are forbidden by law, in the United States, to tell you of anything but prescription drugs sold at obscene profits to treat (but seldom to cure) diseases. They cannot tell you and probably don’t even know about most of the natural (and cheap things) that can keep a person well or cure them if they become sick, and Congress is trying to make some of these illegal as well. In California big industry is spending millions to keep Californians from having the right to know the genetically modified organisms that are in the food they and everyone else in the nation eats daily with no idea what it is doing to them, but since the FDA says these untested things are safe gullible Americans eat them and constantly grow bigger and unhealthier.

      Sen. Durbin wants to make it so difficult for supplement manufacturers with unnecessary regulations that are duplications of already existing laws that they will have to close up shop. The extreme of this supports the UN idea that even Vitamin C should be a prescription item. This will benefit only the multi-billionaire pharmaceutical companies and the senators who do their dirty work for them but it will greatly hurt citizens who take care of their own health like you and I.

      Please consider contacting your senators and tell them to stop this bill (again). We have less than 30 days. My wife says they will never pass it but all it takes is to sneak it through one time and the damage will be done. This is how we got Obamacare and a lawyer friend of mine tells me that already life giving treatments are being denied to those over 75 under the new Obamacare medicare in the state in which she lives. When will they lower it to 65, and then, like in the UK, where I have read it is difficult to obtain expensive treatments, if you are over 55? To deny us the supplements that keep us away from all this evil is in itself evil. If you are a believer, pray to God that this is stopped, and the one they come out with next year is stopped too, but also contact your representatives and let them know you have had it with all they lawyering (ever notice how all Democrats are lawyers while Republicans, Independents, Libertarians and Tea Party citizens are just regular people from all walks of life?) We have about 30 days to stop this “amendment” and we don’t need more useless legislation and job loss. May God bless all who read this.

      Remember, if you are a believer, that if something bothers you, it bothers God as well. Pray to Him to intervene and to work His will in whatever it it. If you do this in all sincerity on a daily basis you will begin to be amazed at all that happens. Be patient, and like Winston Churchill once said, “Never, never, NEVER, never, give up!”

      • Richard Pawley

        Diane, I just checked the Alliance for Natural Health web-site in Bethesda, Md. and the senate has received 90,000 emails and telegrams in the last 24 hours, including mine, and the amendment was defeated. I don’t know what is in the rest of the law but you can always tell if a law is bad because it is vague and very long. God gave us the ten commandments, very brief. Jesus made it even shorter. Love God and your fellow man and you will fulfill the requirements of the law. Even the Constitution is relatively brief, but all these laws that are over 100 pages long contain something that is going to hurt someone somewhere and long the law the more it will hurt. ObamaCare with its 2,700 pages of law will send people to their death as it appearsto be already doing. All I can say is Praise the Lord and thank God for the American people.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Thank GOD for Rand and Ron Paul speaking out for Americans and against Government. Ron Paul should be our Choice for President not BIG BUSINESS BIG GOVERNMENT rOMNEY THE FLIM FLAM MAN, MR. FLIP FLOPPER. He has already Flip Flopped on Amnesty and he is looking at Rubio the Cuban who wants Amnesty and the Dream Act for 40 Million Illegals. Thats right 40 Million, if you haven’t noticed Politicians have quoted 12 Million Illegal’s since 9/11 and it hasen’t risen in 11 years, do you believe that not one more Illegal has crossed our OPEN Border in 11 Years????? Immigration said that 1 million a year has crossed since Obamination took office thats 3 1/2 million so far, check 2000 census said 22-24 million were in Country then add it up. Stop being the Fool and the nanny for these Illegal’s, they have your jobs and income and you have the taxes.

  • Pat Angeles

    Pat A: I agree, FDA needs to go and all people in both houses who voted to keep the FDA need to go too.

    • Wildey

      That’s just he beginning. The FDA, HEW, DEA, Dept of Agriculture, Homeland Security, CIA and many others have to go. They bring nothing but an unncessary expense to America. We grew without them and we’re dying with them.

  • orples

    The FDA needs to be disarmed in more ways than one. If you look at some of their leaders, many can be traced back to employment days under such companies as Monsanto. Hmmm, makes you wonder where their allegiance lies to begin with. The guns belong in the hands of the people, not the FDA. It sounds to me like we need to replace quite a few Senators, too. For all of those that claimed Ron Paul never accomplished anything through his un-passed bills, he too, is outnumbered by, bought off, Government goons. The effort was there and evidently is there through Rand Paul as well. Pay attention, people, to how your Representatives vote. We need to clean house on the Hill.

  • FEDUP!

    I have said this before & I will say it again. As gross and appalling as it is, everyone needs to look at what is in there food. Look it up. The organic label was the only truely safe label and now the corruption is creeping in on organic as well so we are close to not having a choice for truely healthy food thanks to the FDA not doing there job correctly. Money is in the driver seat. Same thing goes for pet foods. The only reason they are going after these farmers is because they are in bed with Monsanto which is the company that makes GMO’s genetically modified organisms and they are not safe to eat and they don’t give f$%&. Other countries like China ban or limit the use of GMO’s for a good reason but in the U.S. we can’t even get them to require labeling so we know whether it’s a gmo or not. Really think they care about our well being? Don’t be fooled. If enough people do something maybe we can fight this. Pepsi uses ABORTED FETAL CELLS for flavor reasons. Wake up people. This stuff is right in front of you!

  • Pat Yates

    The FDA has been overstepping its bounds for many years. They need to be defunded and dissolved. It needs to be started over with people who really care about what they are there to do, legally. Perhaps the farmers should meet them with guns which should be legal since they (the FDA) are coming onto their property with guns. Speaking of defunding, lets do that to the UN as well and throw them all out of our country. Let them get their own financing without the USA taxpayer’s dollars. Hillary can go with them.

  • Wildey

    When you have a situation where the people fear their government and the goverment fears the people, I would think both sides would be carrying guns. Where the people have a right in the 2nd Amendment to defend themselves from a criminal government, criminal government has no more right to be armed than anyother criminal. When government is arming itself against the very people it is suppose serve, for a certainty it is a criminal government.

  • T. Jefferson

    The biggest need is to dismantle the entire federal alphabet soup. 98% of these jobs are an affront to the Constitution. The last two are dedicated to overseas responsibilities. Any other consideration should be left to each individual state.

  • rick

    Awaken!!! Spread the word!! Tell your family. Tell you friends!! Be the change you want
    to see!! Have faith in your ability to create change. The light of truth will always dispel the
    darkness of corruption! PEACE BE WITH YOU.

  • Humpty Dumpty

    Thank you for this article. What really needs to be done, I feel, is dismantle the U.S. FDA; give food to U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; then create two new agencies: one handling drug research without Big Pharma’s input, and the other agency, pharmaceutical approval ONLY with no Big Pharma input. Maybe we’d have better healthcare!

  • Sondra Clark

    Over 1 million brave men & women , 6,500 in the last 10 years, have paid the ultimate price for our Constitution, our freedom & our liberty. Another 40,000 wounded-many suffering horrors very few of us could comprehend. What better way to honor them by standing together & demanding the “hired help” in all our capitols, state & federal, abide by the oath they take to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign & domestic—so help me God. If they can not or will not we must demand they step down.
    traitor=’a person who betrays another, a couse or any trust. 2.a person who betrays his country by violating his allegiance.
    Ron Paul said “God, gold & guns” Lets all help him help us.

  • mark

    Right On! Praise the lord and take down our goverment as it is and start over.

  • barbara

    I’m so glad I can say Rand Paul is my senator. The rest of you need to get going &elect guys like him. Its the only way we”ll turn this country around. Join the Tea Party!

  • Doug Rodrigues

    “…Nearly 40 Federal Armed Agencies.” Our Federal Government…no…the politician’s Federal Government is turning our society into a police state. Why the Voters keep the long term “Professional” politicians in office who created these problems is baffling?

  • napennella

    I think the FDA should stay out of the farming business. They should do a better job of regulating drugs, which is their real purpose. And they are not doing a very good job of that. Every day I see adds for law suits against drugs that have harmed people.

    • Wildey

      I’m in the gun business. This industry regulates itself through a group called SAAMI, the Small Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute. The latest technology is reported to it and if manufacturers don’t adhere to they leave themselves open to lawsuits etc. Insurance companies receive data from SAAMI to decide who to insure and how much. Guns produced in America are the safest in the world.

      Why can’t other industries like the drug industry do the same? Keep government out of where don’t belong or are needed.

    • Meteorlady

      So ask yourself this….. if these drugs are safe, then why are there all the warnings when they are advertised or on the labels? The fact is that drug manufacturers buy the approval, then price the drug to make enough to cover future lawsuits and still make a profit before they are taken off the market.

      Do you actually believe that a drug that has “side affects” of liver damage, stroke risks and even death is a drug that should have been approved in the first place?

  • boyscout

    Right On Ron Paul ! The FDA hasn’t grown at all, but the cancerous tumors it acquired have bloated it to its present corrupt existence which now regulates accurate information and promotes propaganda according to the highest bidder.

    • boyscout

      HaHaHa – that’s Rand Paul without the typo

  • Joyce

    Congress should see to it that no FDA employee, past or present, is allowed to be employed by pharmaceutical companies – ever.

    • Wildey

      There’s one problem, Obama is using “signing statements” to get around whatever does or says. Only presidents that have goals other than the best interest of the US use them, like the Bush’s, Clinton and Obama. Bush was and is a mentor of Obama. One definition of a tyrant is a leader that makes all give way to his own will and appetite. Think we’ve got a tyrant for a president?

  • Meteorlady

    I periodically go into the Tahoma Clinic in Kent, WA. I see Dr. Jonathon Wright. A few years back Dr. Wright’s clinic was raided by the FDA and ATF agents in flak jackets and cocked automatic weapons. They confiscated all his records, computers, and essentially shut his clinic down for a time.

    At the time of the raid there were a lot of elderly people in his waiting room. These people were held at gun point and escorted out of the facility. there was a Grand Jury investigation and no charges were ever filed. Approximately a year later Dr. Wright was given back his confiscated records, computers and what ever else they had taken. There was no apology, nothing in the Seattle Times or PI except for a small blip in Section C.

    Makes me sick that a person that is know internationally for his revolutionary treatments can be bullied by our government without any real evidence that there we wrong doing.

  • Javamann

    What, if any, was the reason given for voting the amendment down, and who were these creeps?

  • Dee

    Today the FDA is raiding the farms of people who believe access to fresh milk rather than pasteurized milk is a personal choice.

    What did we do 100 years ago with out the FDA, it was in 1906 when they began regulating our food?

    Will they be showing up with guns at homes where we have chickens and sell our farm fresh eggs?

    Our freedom to chose what we eat and how it is produced has been taken away from us.

    Next it will be beef producers who sell to buyers like me who have made the choice to eat beef, not produced in mass by the feedlot method.

    Our government, the big food corporations and the drug companies are bedfellows,Don’t ever think the FDA is out to protect the consumer.

    They protect the big food producers. The drug companies and prepared food producers would be out of business when we wise up and realize most of our disease issues are created by what and how we eat.

  • Nellie Pennella

    How can we find out who the Senators are who voted this down?


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