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Rand Paul Slams Romney Foreign Policy

October 11, 2012 by  

Rand Paul Slams Romney Foreign Policy

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) criticized Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney on foreign policy in a column Wednesday published by CNN.

Romney, who got the Senator’s endorsement to the dismay of Ron Paul supporters earlier in the campaign, has been heavily critical of President Barack Obama’s foreign policy in recent weeks and has called for increased defense spending and more Mideast intervention. But the younger Paul says he cannot support Romney in certain areas of foreign policy.

Here’s an excerpt from the column:

Romney chose to criticize President Obama for seeking to cut a bloated Defense Department and for not being bellicose enough in the Middle East, two assertions with which I cannot agree.

Defense and war spending has grown 137% since 2001. That kind of growth is not sustainable.

Adm. Michael Mullen stated earlier this year that the biggest threat to our national security is our debt.

If debt is our gravest threat, adding to the debt by expanding military spending further threatens our national security.

While I would always stand up for America and preserve our ability to defend ourselves, a less aggressive foreign policy along with an audit of the Pentagon could save tens of billions of dollars each year without sacrificing our defense. To dismiss either idea is to miss the very compromise that will enable us to balance our budget. That compromise would be for conservatives to admit that not every dollar spent on the military is sacred or well-spent and for liberals to admit that not every dollar spent on domestic entitlements and welfare is necessary.

In North Africa and the Middle East, our problem has not been a lack of intervention. In the past 10 years we have fought two full wars there, and bombed or sent troops into several others.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Ted Crawford

    I have been looking at young Paul with much hope, although I prefer Gary Johnson. That might well be simply because Mr. Johnson has a larger track record! Now, I’m forced to take a second look ! It’s not that I disagree with him, in fact I find his position mostly sound. It’s the timing of this declaration!
    He well knows that, at least we hope, no actions in these areas will be taken up in the Lame Duck. He stated that he expected the envirionment of the 113 Congress would be much better to achieve any movement in the right direction with the election of Romney and a changed (WE HOPE) Congressional make-up!
    To make this statement, at this time, is PURE Grandstanding, and not helpful to achieving his stated goals, for this election! To stand firm and resolute on these positions, in the 113 Congress would be laudable, to do so now, is very questionable!

    • Zana

      Same exact thought came to mind while reading this. What was the purpose of this all NOW?! If he wants to address the debt… like 16 + trillion dollars, with no way of paying it off by an unemployed nation, he is more than welcome. But to speculate on how much WOULD be spent in case we luck out and Romney wins, 26 days prior to election, makes no sense.

    • Rayma

      I heard Gary Johnson talk on a Ron Paul gathering and he said if he were elected he would have Ron Paul as vice president…I am doing a write in and praying for Gary HOWEVER, I believe Obama is the Anti-Christ,..I believe he will call off elections after doing a FALSE FLAG
      that is the only way Obama can get back in..he knows his time is limited doing it legally…even the blacks are turning on him,the smart ones anyway…

      • Caroline

        Gary Johnson has already selected a running mate and it is not Ron Paul. “On April 30, 2012 Johnson formally endorsed retired California Superior Court judge Jim Gray as his choice for running mate on the LP ticket in anticipation of receiving the nomination at the 2012 Libertarian National Convention in May 2012.”,_2012

        If Ron Paul were his running mate, I would vote for him. However I don’t believe Gary Johnson himself has a chance in this election.

        I had planned to vote for Gary Johnson just to make a statement for the Libertarian Party, however this election is not the proper time to do that. This election is about getting rid of the current Obama administration and replace it with someone who is better able to turn this economy around (among other things). A vote for Gary Johnson is just another vote for Obama as it splits the No-Bama vote. We need a strong turn-out for the one person who has a chance to beat Obama — and that is Mitt Romney.

  • Dancer

    Hey Rand, you’re old man lost. Get over it. Slamming Romney is like voting for the incumbent.

    • eddie47d

      Rand Paul is spot on! What part of that 137% increase don’t you understand? What part of our interventionist policies don’t you understand? Republicans are fiscal Conservatives ? Not a chance for they will outspend Democrats at every opportunity. Rand Paul has has advocated on this for a few years now and true Conservatives still are not paying attention.

      • Ted Crawford

        HELLO EDDIE ! Get in the game! No one has questioned, in fact I stated that I, largely agreed with, Pauls position! What we are questioning is that the timing. As you stated, this isn’t any major policy shift from Paul, ” Rand Paul has advocated this for a few years now”. for him to make such a statement, at such a time, is simply Self-Aggrandization, and counterproductive!

      • eddie47d

        I wasn’t directing my question at you Ted but at Dancer. Well maybe alittle to everyone! What game were you talking about? Showing blind allegiance to Romney or even Obama? Rand has a right to expose the hypocrisies right up to the election and beyond.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Dancer, so NOW we’re not even allowed to “slam” romney without being accused of being for obumass?!? What happened to freedom of speech?!? Do YOU get to decide what WE can say?!? It is the ignorant FOOLS like YOU have sat back while theyve whittled away at OUR rights!!! And freedom of speech is NEXT!!! Don’t EVER tell someone what they can say and what they can’t!!! We DON’T want to live in THAT kind of country!!! I will SLAM romney, every opportunity I get!!! And I am NOT for obumass!!!

      • ChristyK

        Exactly Nancy. It’s not free speech if the only speech I allow is speech I agree with. If we truly care about free speech, we protect even speech we abhor. Of course, that doesn’t mean I have to listen to the abhorrent speech. It just means that I won’t silence it by force of law.

  • Ried

    Even though the timing is a bit unusual, the facts need to be clearly stated. Just as the US cannot afford to give unlimited “entitlements”, likewise the US cannot afford a bottomless defense budget and endless wars. Washington DC needs to learn how to reduce spending.

    • Ted Crawford

      AGREED ! But we have far too many people in Congress already who spend so much time tooting their own horn, they have little time left to effect substantive change! They spend far too much political capital promoting themselves!

  • Betterlatethannever!!!

    I Agree Ted!!But also think at this time Rand should button his lip!!!Its not good for Romney!!!He should use some common sense!!!!!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Are you suggesting that Rand Paul should only say things that are good for romney?!? That’s funny, because I think he should speak out, loud and clear, about things that are good for this COUNTRY!!! We have surely lost our way in American politics!!!

    • ChristyK

      I don’t see how Rand’s comments about overspending on the military hurts/help Romney or Obama. Obama spent too much. Romney promises to spend too much on the military. Obama got involved in too many interventions (Can’t be wars since Congress didn’t declare war) and Romney promises to do the same, only worse. Rand was not pointing out that Obama was better than Romney. He was pointing out that this was an area in which both are wrong. I don’t see his comments making any effect on who votes for which candidate unless his comment makes one of the candidates change their stance which I find incredibly unlikely. Hopefully Rand’s comments will wake up some more people so that the people will put pressure on both candidates and Congress to change our current policy to one that is more sustainable and that is more defense and less offense.

  • Joan Hudson Brown

    Shame on you Rand Paul. I had confidence in you and was hoping that Mitt would
    appoint you to a Cabinet position. You have really lowered our opinion of you.
    I realize that your father was defeated, but don’t use sour grapes to destroy our
    party. Mitt Romney is a great man, from a great father and married to a wonderful
    woman Ann Romney who I consider the greatest woman in America today. I am
    truly looking forward to having her as First Lady. She won’t spend our money
    running all over the World taking vacations taking about 200 people with her.
    Ann has already been all over the World and has the knowledge of other countries
    that will be beneficial to our government, especially in entertaining their representatives
    when they visit our Country.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      To hell with the country, preserve the party?!? You have very LOW expectations!!! I expect MORE!!!

    • NoteToSelf

      We are talking policy here, not that other stuff with which I have no disagreement, even though Mitt is a little bit of a weather vain in terms of being a political opportunist. Maybe Rand can influence him in an important way. This is an important policy issue to the country that the establishment neocon consultants and Mitt need to come around on.

  • Glen

    This is the one flaw with the Conservative Party – they believe in international engagement, i.e. fighting the world’s wars. True conservativism avoids foreign entanglements including fighting anytime we are not directly attacked. Most of our wars have been and remain of the type where we have not been attacked. Some would call these unnecessary. I am of that vent.

    • Dale left coast

      Liberals . . . got the US into WWi, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Croatia . . .
      Conservatives retaliate for 3,000 dead in NY and “they believe in international entanglements”? That is just NUTS ! ! !

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    I agree with you Glen,Fighting when a war is shoved in our face,not like some of the mess we’re in now;we should have not been in the middle-east for as long as we have!!its turning out like another viet-Nam!!!By now,you would think that our leaders in D.C. would learn,(but i guess not!!)…….Joan I agree”Shame on you Rand Paul!!!!!!”

    • NoteToSelf

      It’s spending that’s not paid for, just borrowed for. It’s a national security threat. If you always had a war tax to pay for the war spending I’d support it. You could also bet that the duration of spending would be shorter as most people might start thinking they don’t want to pay the war tax for a long time. It’s still better than giving the debt to our grand children. Furthermore whose policy are we beholden to when we borrow, the central bankers from whom we borrow might start thinking they have a say. We might be fighting their wars for all we know.

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    P.S.-Vote-Romney 2012!!!!!

  • Patriot

    Well said Rand, well said.

  • Benjamin Fox

    So Rand Paul would vote for Obozo? A real idiot, just like his dad. I get his emails or should say I use too.

    • ChristyK

      You are making an awfully big assumption. Rand never said he would vote for Obama. He never said he supports Obama. He only said that this was one area in which he disagrees with Romney. How many politicians do you agree 100% with? It’s much wiser to talk about policy disagreements than to ignore them and go the wrong way.

  • NoteToSelf

    It’s the spending!

  • Liberterian

    I agree fully with Rand Paul on this instance. It is time we guit listening to people like Romney that is using defense budget increase as a political ploy. We do not need more defense spending, we do not need another foreign war interevention, when will anybody learn. It is major debt and major debt caused by borrowing to fight two wars, from China is not good. Rand Paul and more articulately spoken from Ron Paul we must quit trying to be the policemen of the world and mind our own business, rebuild our economy and destroy anyone that come to our shore instead of killing our youth and wasting our economy to make the military industrial complex richer by creating new political wars. There is no nation in this world that can militarily defeat our nation.

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    Tea Anyone?????

  • http://none Claire

    America must and should keep military might. I am totally against cutting back on money for military. And I am not a warmonger. America must be kept strong and ready. With this day and age anything can happen and we have to be prepared. Some of the foreign countries could try to exert their warring power over us.

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    I watched the VP Debate Tonight,It was very interesting to see the two canidates,mixing it up.although i didn”t care too much how “joe”was conducting himself(smiling,and some times laughing.(I myself,couldn’t see what was so dam funny,when i think about all the people out there who are out of a job,and hurting)when he was talking about how obama was trying to help the middle-class,I remember JOE ,in a speech he gave some weeks ago,saying”The middle-class over the last four years were being buried”although Joe appeared more knowledgable -Ryan presented himself very good,and held his ground very well against a more experianced bull-sh@ter like biden !!!I would call the debate about a tie!!!(which i don’t think helped oDUDa at all!!!But if I had to choose a winner,I would choose Ryan,in the fact that obamas last 4 years have been almost a total flop.and however ,Biden came across(like being more knowledgable)he still can’t change the fact,that we’ve had four years of failures!!!!~

    • Karolyn

      So nobody should laugh because people are out of work? Ryan looked creepy with that stupid smirk on his face.

  • Hopingforbetter

    I also watched VP debate. I thought that Ryan conducted himself very presidential. U people r forgetting that Biden has run for pres too. I do not want someone to be commander-in-chief of America who has a split personality and appears quite frankly goofy. Biden repeatedly lied about Bengahzi. Who is in charge in this white house? The moderator last night was terrible and it was revealed today that she is a friend of Biden and has been in Biden’s home. She would not allow Ryan to finish a point and would always give any break to Biden. She allowed Biden to interrupt Romney 82 times. Sad very one sided. Ryan was forced to debate Biden and the moderator. Also Paul Rand showed very poor judgment and little leadership in coming out 20 something days before an election of this magnitude to vet his disagreement with Romney. He should be continuing with his public support to help put BHO out of the white house and road back to Kenya or where ever. We have to stick together and vote for Romney/Ryan on Nov 6.


    As I read it, Mitt Romney is already declaring war expenditure to be going up….he is the war monger we dont need. He was too quick to want to retaliate in Syria without waiting and critising your military and Obama for waiting until the picture was clearer despite the unfortunate death of your ambassador. I’d rather Obama in who is at least being cautious and trying to wind down America engagement in Wars in the Muslim world.

    Sometimes I think I would rather have the Chinese control the Muslim world and ban religion which throughout history has been the main reason we have conflict and continuos wars. If you look at recent Chinese history…there are no internal wars except in Tibet where the monks are committing suicide…again religious belief causing grief.

    China is basically doing what Dr Ron Paul has been recommending….to trade with other nations…not have wars. They are successful at spending money on expanding business opportunities and creating work for more and more of their citizens and NOT WASTING their money on endless wars.

    Unfortunately Mitt Romney and many of his promoters are letting their EGO take over their reasoning and forgetting the greater good of YOUR citizens and YOUR countrys’ out of control spending habits which increasing expenditure and lowering taxes will make worse. The best way to justify tax decreases is to decrease spending on the big budget items….WARS… mind you i believe some of these countries you are at war with make more money from the USA when your in war in their country than when your out of their countries, despite them always claiming they dont want you there.

    Just food for the brain…I’m a Dr Ron Paul supporter..

    • onedumbamigo

      Wars are created and sustained by the Federal Reserve – located in europe and america… The Federal Reserve is the culprit and it’s all about money. Screw you Rothschild’s!!! Screw you hard!!!

  • michael

    excellent article, Rand is one of only a handful in Washington trying to inject some common sense into the issues.

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    Karolyn-Not in a Presidental Rac when there are milions of hurting people out of a job,and have lost their homes(do you think thats funny?-I fail to see any humor in That!!!)And more so for Biden, Who is part of the problem!!!!

  • Strighttothepoint 2012

    ”Presidential Race”


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