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Rand Paul—Libertarian Whacko!

June 7, 2010 by  

Rand Paul—Libertarian Whacko!

Rand Paul is a kook. He’s a whacko. He’s a racist. He’s so far right he’s gone to the left.

Those are just a few of the pejoratives thrown at Paul, the Republican nominee for Senator in Kentucky. Expect more to come.

Paul took his liberty-loving message to the voters in Kentucky and beat back the Republican establishment. Mitch McConnell, Dick Cheney; say hello to Rand and the face of the new conservatism and the Tea Party. Say goodbye to party hacks and insiders like Trey Grayson.

That’s Paul’s message. “I have a message from the Tea Party,” he said on election night. “We’ve come to take our country back.”

And for that he’s greeted with some of the same slurs directed at Tea Party members: whacky, kooky, racist. The establishment elites have little else in their arsenal.

On Fox News’ Special Report, contributor and National Public Radio correspondent Mara Liason could scarcely hide her disdain for Paul the day after his primary victory.

He’s “too far to the right. Too whacky. He’s so far to the right that Mitch McConnell couldn’t,” Liason said, before the neocon Tucker Carlson interrupted with a “Come on…”

But Liason wasn’t finished. “He’s against the patriot act, against the war in Iraq and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve. He’s so far right he’s coming around to the left. Okay, he’s a Libertarian whacko, not a right wing whacko.” she continued.

Heaven forfend. Oppose the USA PATRIOT Act? Oppose the war in Iraq? Want to end the Federal Reserve? Whacky!

The media also tried to smear him with the tried and true “he’s a racist” charge, both before and after the election. It started with a Kentucky newspaper’s editorial board hitting him with what it thought was a “gotcha” question about the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“Do you support the Civil Rights Act?” the board asked. Certainly they asked the same question of the other candidates, since civil rights is such a hot topic these days.

Paul gave a very reasoned response, especially considering the act was passed when Paul was still learning to walk and, as far as I can remember, has not been under threat of repeal in the 46 years since.

He’s against institutional racism, he said. He’s against the Federal government discriminating on the basis of race—or for any other reason—and he’s against entities that are public (take Federal funds) discriminating. He wouldn’t belong to a club or organization that discriminated. He wouldn’t patronize a business that discriminated. But he did not think the Federal government should tell a private business how to operate. That’s an option best left to the individual running the business… or to local or state government to deal with.

Kooky! So the paper branded him a racist.

On MSNBC Rachel Maddow continued to hammer Paul on the racism charge. Again, in a reasoned and calm voice he said that he opposed institutional racism but didn’t believe the Federal government should intrude on private business. So, there was one provision out of the 10 in the Act that he would have liked to have had a discussion on—if he was capable of having a discussion on the act in 1964… when he was 1 year old.


Of course, it’s all a red herring, as Paul told Maddow during her interview.

Maddow couldn’t care one whit whether Paul supported the Civil Rights Act, and if he had done back flips in saying he was for it before he was against it, Maddow wouldn’t have cared. That’s because she thought she had her hooks in Paul and that she could land him and gut him like a fish.

Because that’s what the establishment elites want to do with anyone who threatens the status quo. That’s Rand Paul, his father Ron and all of you who consider yourself Tea Party members. If you rock the boat they’re going to try and gut you. That’s why, Tea Party members and Paul—Rand and Ron—supporters, they’re going to do everything they can to demean and dispirit you and try to make you feel like you’re a nut for cherishing liberty.

And the more you rock the more determined they are to get out the gutting knife. And the attacks don’t just come from the left. Michael Steele, the clown running the Republican’s dysfunctional circus, said he’s “not comfortable” with Paul’s position which is “misplaced in these times.”

Steele cautioned that Paul would have to “temper his views” to be accepted by the party. Several establishment Republicans—fascists all—echoed Steele’s remarks. I doubt Paul cares whether the party establishment invites him to their social events or even “accepts” him. Obviously his father doesn’t.

Of course it was Steele’s underlings who were caught spending Republican Party money—that is donated money from party supporters—on strip joints and fetish clubs. And it was Steele and his ilk that got behind losers like Grayson, Utah Senator Robert Bennett (knocked off in a primary) and Florida Governor Charlie Crist (left Republican Party after trailing Tea Party favorite Marco Rubio). And it was Steele who has been slammed for his lavish spending practices since being elected chairman of the Republican National Committee.

And it’s the majority of that same party that helped pass the USA PATRIOT Act and economy-wrecking “stimulus bills” and has only reluctantly—under pressure from Tea Party activists—offered even nominal support to Representative Ron Paul’s (R-Texas) bill to audit the Fed.

So, oppose the USA PATRIOT Act—which effectively voids the 4th Amendment and gives Federal agents and police officers the authority to write their own search warrants and snoop on private conversations, which makes almost any crime an act of terrorism and restricts or denies Americans due process—and you’re a kook.

Oppose an undeclared war against a country that had not attacked United States interests and that was contained under United Nations sanctions and you’re whacky.

Oppose the Federal Reserve, a private entity owned by an unaccountable secret cabal that steals the wealth of Americans, creates fiat money willy-nilly, leads the nation into depression and makes wars on foreign soil possible—well that’s really whacky.

Believe the Federal government is intrusive when it sticks its nose into the operation of a private business, thereby denying freedom of association, and you’re racist.

Oppose government bailouts of private corporations and try to reign in an out-of-control Congress—well, there are just no words to describe the kooky, whacky, racism in that idea.

That’s rocking the boat and spoiling the party of the fascists in power. That’s why, Tea Party members and liberty lovers, you and Rand Paul are the establishment elite’s public enemy No. 1.

After all, to the establishment, loving freedom and the republic established by our wise Founding Fathers and outlined in the Constitution is just plain whacky!

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://aol Mark E Ashwill

    I really hope Rand Paul does not weaken and cave to the GOP establishment. Ronald Reagan stood up for his principles and he only compromised when there was no way out. When a man stands up for what he believes in, he cannot go wrong. Its that simple. We have a terrible crisis brewing within this country and if BO and the liberals are not stopped, we’re doomed to destruction. This American Empire will shrink down to the size of Great Britain and in less years than it took Britain if we don’t get a handle on things!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      But Ronald Reagan was strong, and strong militarily. He put the scare into other countries, as they knew he would kick their butt if needed. Ron Paul and Rand Paul do not appear to be strong that way, as they seem to take the pacifist trail, that war cannot be. Well, sometimes you got to be a man and fight for whats right. When I know they are willing to do that, then I can back them, but not until then. If they think they can talk to these guys like Obama thinks, they better just keep on thinking, because its not going to work.

      • Bon, from the Land of Babble

        What exactly does that mean ‘kick their butts if needed?’ There is no moral justification for attacking countries that are 9,000 nautical miles from the US homeland are no threat to us.

        Love of country does not mean loyalty to the government.

        Using ‘fighting them there so we don’t have to fight them here’ is a lame, weak excuse. Fighting ‘them there’ creates MORE terrorists, MORE hatred of the US, MORE foreign entanglements, MORE hemorrhaging of US treasure to ‘fight’ these endless stupid wars with no end in sight.

        Is Iraq a better place now? Is it safer? Did democracy prevail? Or was a vicious, long-simmering Civil War unleashed upon the demise of Saddam?

        And, more importantly, why is it the job of the American people to ‘spread democracy’ or police the world. If it is our job to police Europe, what is the European’s job? Why are US troops still in Korea? Why isn’t S. Korea defending its own border? Did US interference make the situation better or worse in Kosovo?

        It is far a different matter to travel 9,000 miles to battle Fourth World hell holes that pose no threat to American citizens than it is to defend US soil.

        If America were attacked, I myself would be the first one out with my guns to protect myself, my children and loved ones and everything I’ve worked for. And I am a late middle-aged, small female with arthritis–but I can handle a rifle, handgun or shotgun as needed.

        Why can’t the US mind its own damn business and avoid overseas foreign wars? How about putting the military on our Southern Border to protect the American people from illegal colonists?

        The Birdman, a true Libertarian, was not wrong when he wrote:

        “…I do not believe in attacking countries which have not attacked us, no matter how odious their governments may be. If their people can’t organize themselves and fight for their own freedom, why should anyone expect us to do it for them?

        * I do not believe that Americans should be required to fight under a United Nations flag. American servicemen are pledged to uphold the Constitution, not to obey the whims of a bunch of foreigners, most of whom are either socialists, totalitarians, or have just recently emerged from the primordial slime.

        * I believe that if a politician favors war, that he should be in the first assault wave, and that if he votes for war, he should remain in the front lines until the war is over.

        * While I do not believe in the draft because I do not believe in involuntary servitude, I believe that any adult citizen who publicly advocates war should be immediately subject to the draft, no matter what his age.

        This is what Libertarians believe.

        The Warmongers in the government believe something entirely different.

        Bon of Babble

        • Harry Cauley

          Whoe Bon of Babble!!! distance on this planet meant something back before air travel and rockets, but not anymore. How long do you think it will take a bullistic missle to arrive from North Korea or Iran or Russia. We worried about Missles from russia for years during the cold war. North Korea and Iran are trying to hold us hostage with their nuke and rocket program and doing a very good job of it. Distance HA! Not a problem for those who want us distroyed.


          • American Conservative

            Ah, but why do they want us destroyed? Is it because we bombed them, sanctioned them, did many other things to try to destroy them first, or is it *just* because they hate what we stand for? I’m not saying that national defense is not important, but getting involved in foreign wars and meddling in all world politics is not what the founders’ intended in their version of “fighting for what’s right”. America has a much better chance of influencing the world without using military pressure.

          • MTcajun

            Harry,if we stay out of there business they might not hate us, but people like the Builderberg Group can’t make money with prvately owned Federal Reserve Bank which promote and financally support both sides. They don,t want peace their want be money to be made, please remove the blind fold…

          • http://?? Joe H.

            American Citizen,
            I don’t know about other countries, but not yes but HELL YES, Iran wants to destroy us! All of the Muslim finatics want to destroy what they term as the great satan!! FACT!

          • ChuckM1A

            If you want to attack someone attack Saudi Arabia. The terrorists on 9/11 were mostly Saudis. Saudi Arabia funds more terrorist organizations than anyone else. And as far as ballistic (not bullistic) missiles from Korea are concerned they don’t have a delivery system capable of reaching the US, nor does Iran. Even if they did I find it highly unlikely that they would commit suicide on the scale that would occur if they pickled a nuke at any nuclear capable country.
            To Mara Liason who champions the most unpatriotic law ever foisted upon us, the Patriot Act that strips us of freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. Are you so naive and afraid that you need big brother to scare all the monsters hiding under our bed at night so you can sleep. As for support of the war in Iraq see the above paragraph. Iraq didn’t attack us. The wars we are currently embroiled in are unconstitutional and unjust. And the Fed should be abolished. Read the constitution, congress should be in charge of monetary policy not a private banking concern.

          • JC

            Right on Chuck!

          • Hugh Jordan

            I just returned from a trip to Malaysia and it was very enlightening. Although Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country it is also 35% Chinese (Buddhists, Christians, and Taoists), 15% Indian (Hindu), and about 8% Westerners. Because Malaysia has so much ethnic diversity the people have learned to get along and respect each other’s cultures.

            The Muslim people of Malaysia were especially friendly to Americans and were constantly saying that they have nothing to do with Arab, Afghan, and Iranian extremists whom they felt were corrupting the religion in the way fanatical Christians did during the Spanish Inquisition. Perhaps it it the bountiful environment they live in, years of being a British colony, or just that they practice a different, less oppressive form of Islam but I never got any sense of fanaticism or even the unfriendly vibes I got when working in the Middle East.

            I had come to suspect that we were involved with a global religious war masked behind other political issues, but after this visit to Malaysia I have changed my mind. I now suspect that there are deeper cultural issues in the Middle East that predate Islam that are a driving force of ingrained hatred. There are interesting records of Alexander The Great’s campaigns in Afghanistan that suggest many of the issues the Taliban espouse existed 4000 years ago and have not changed.

            It was a source of hope to realize that all Muslims are not the same, just as not all Christians are the same. We have our extremist fundamentalists who are as intolerant as the Taliban and we have those who see the real lessons in Christ’s teachings of kindness, forgiveness, and generosity to the poor.

          • Denniso

            We and much of the western world has meddled in the middle east…overthrown gov’ts,occupied countries,divided territory,sold weapons and more,usually w/ oil as the reason behind our interventions. Is it a surprise they hate us? These things don’t happen in a vacuum and we need to admit our failings and change policy.

        • bcorp

          Why did we attack, fight wars, with people that did not attack us? How soon we forget or did not pay attention. Americans and American establishments have and are being attacked constantly, even if we are just there minding our own business, or even on our own soil. We get attacked when on peaceful mission to help others in countries where the poor need assistance. So to say we need to mind our own business and just stay home is like sticking one’s head in the sand, someone is going to come along and chop it off and you will not know it until it’s to late. The USA the land of opportunity and the envy of others. The only way for them to feel better is to drag down the USA or damage it. Example of this is MSNBC, do they build up anyone at all or is their complete focus to demean and put down? It’s the latter and in their twisted way this makes them feel better because they have put down, or damage, someone that is better then themselves.

          • JC

            Perhaps if we didn’t have a history of propping up dictators, (The Shah, Noriega et al:)and we actually did mind our own business, we might not be earning the animosity of the people that are oppressed by those same dictators…”friendly to US interests”.
            Come on bcorp…we need to put some morality back into DC at the very least. We’ve lost the moral high ground and it’s going to take some work to get it back.

          • DaveH

            I’ve always had a hard time wrapping my brain around the logic that we must attack them before they attack us. Stretch that logic a bit and not many of us would be left.
            I prefer to arm myself to the teeth and wait until somebody actually attacks me first.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            How many of your family would be acceptable to die before we attack? That’s exactly what could happen if we wait till they attack us here. We were never attacked by Russia because they had the good sense to know we would destroy them and they would destroy us. The difference is the Russians didn’t believe they would go to heaven and be given a slew of virgins if they were killed attacking us. They don’t care if they kill women, kids, grandparents, or pets for that matter! It’s a whole different enemy now!

          • Claire

            Joe H– I agree– a different kind of enemy this time.

          • DaveH

            Joe H,
            So if I suspect somebody would like to kill me, it’s okay if I kill them first? Don’t tell me it’s any different because it involves countries, not individuals.
            Which came first – the chicken or the egg?

          • Denniso

            So called ‘pre emptive’ war is unconstitutional,illegal and immoral,and should be considered totally unAmerican…it sounds like street gang behaviour. What will the world,not to mention our own society, look like if that is an international standard? Any person or country who ‘thinks’ they may be attacked has the right to attack or invade? Utterly absurd!

            And Rand Paul,I guess named after that paragon of wisdom and virtue,Ayn Rand, is either too dumb to be a politician or an actual extremist kook…he says he would have supported the civil rights act
            on constitutional grounds? The law that finally helped bring to and end the systematic oppression and discrimination against an entire segment of our population, he would not support? He’s a fool and extremist.

          • Denniso

            Of course,I meant to type,’Rand Paul WOULDN’T have supported the civil rights act’.

        • MTcajun

          well said Bon, people arround the world want peace just as we do, but the elites such as the Builderberg Group is controlling our goverment and most other countries. They don’t want peace on earth they just want to control it.

        • Jackie Barnes

          I agree with you to a degree but most battles today must be fought somewhere else because we must prevent other countries from aquiring
          the ability to annilate us from a distance so we cannot wait to be attacked, these foreign countries would build up their strength ( be it atomack bombs or other new tech and then blow us up

          • DaveH

            I guess then that we proved to Japan that they were right in attacking Pearl Harbor.
            The logic of pre-emtive strikes falls flat. It just proves to the world that we are the aggressors that need to be dealt with.

          • Mike

            Have you ever stopped to consider why anyone would want to “blow us up?” Did they maybe wake up one day and think it was a good idea or did they get tired of being pushed around from afar?

        • DaveH

          I am with you. Good Comment.

          • uSNpops

            Has anybody here been alive for the past few years? Did you all just get born yesterday?

            What about the Marine Barracks bombing, Bombing of the USS Cole, Blackhawk Down, Bombing of the Twin Towers Basement, and the Mother of all Attacks, The total loss of the Twin Towers, damage to the Pentagon, and if not for some brave souls, the White House.

            These were all Attacks on the USA. We lost numerous people in those attacks, and if the terrorists are not supressed on Foreign soil, “we aint seen nuttin yet”

            Saddam Hussein was a major contributor to every terrorist organization that wanted to wipe us out. He perpetrated Genocide on his own people if they did not agree with every thing he said and did. I’ve talked to guys that were over there, and they found mass graves with hundreds if not thousands of people in them, murdered and covered like we would do to a Garbage Dump.

            Talk to some of our guys coming back from Iraq, they have done and are doing a heck of a good job. Iraq is on it’s way to becoming a place where it’s citizens can live a more or less normal life. And his WMD’s existed, but were moved to Syria and Iran before we invaded. The Israli’s proved that the Nuke complex they wiped out came out of Iraq. And we know a lot of other WMD’s went to Iran, if not some Nuke manufacturing stuff.

            If we don’t fight the battle over there and try to get the Middle East more stable, you better start learning Farsi real soon. And dig into the Quoran, because you’ll be needing a knowledge of Sharia Law.

          • Ron

            uSNpops nailed it. People need to get away from right or left and use common sense.

          • DaveH

            So we’re born yesterday, Pops, because we don’t necessarily agree with you? Pretty tidy little world you live in.
            Yes, if we are attacked, we should retaliate. I think for every one of us, we should take out 3 of them until they learn to not mess with us. But then, after we take 3 for 1, we should get out of their countries. We usually wouldn’t even have to risk our ground troops to accomplish that. Their own people would reign in the fanatics if they knew the price they would have to pay for the action of those fanatics. You can say what you want, but there are few people that so fanatically embrace their religion that they are willing to die for it.
            As Sean Connery said in Untouchables, “He pulls a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue”.

          • RealEye

            Dave, I agree that when we are attacked that we should retaliate. However, I believe the appropriate response needs to be given. As to those attacks such as 9/11; we should have sent perhaps 1000 of our best troops to seek out and capture those responsible for those attacks; and we could have paid them a millions dollars each and it would have been much cheaper than what we’ve spent (and still spending) on this so-called “War on Terror”. Give an appropriate punishment to those found guilty. Such as, if they believe pigs are unclean; then sentence them to 30 days in a pig sty, with real live pigs. They won’t get their virgins then; would they?

        • Anthony

          Berberoni -

          Bon is perfectly correct. There is NO justification for the United States to be involving itself in IMPERIALISM. None whatsoever.

          If the U.S. were to sit back and await any involvement, then maybe those People would learn a thing or two, themselves, with what it means to be a Patriot and a Fighter for real Freedom. Mexico is a perfect example of this. Their Patrician Class is so corrupt and has been that was since the inception of them as a Country. Their upper class is certainly involved in the very drug trade that threatens them as a Country right now.

          People all over need to learn to fight for their freedom and to learn how to not put up with anything else. I’d rather be dead than live in a Police State…

          How about you?

          • Allan

            Our involvement in Iraq is not imperialism. We didn’t take territory, we don’t run the government, and we haven’t made money on the deal. Quite the opposite, right? So ask yourself again why we’re there.

            Maybe it has to do with bullying. Maybe we are the one country on earth that will stand up to bullies. Remember high school bullying? When you saw it in the hallways or the schoolyard, what did you do? Did you you walk wide around it? Did you take a longer route so you wouldn’t have to hear or see it, or be seen by the bully? Did you in any way try to help the victim? Or were you silent? Do you have regrets now?

            Turns out a certain percentage of people WILL help, while others will pretend it doesn’t exist. That’s how Hitler assumed complete control of Germany.

            I submit that while all humans are known to pursue self-interest, there has historically been a special quality about Americans that first appeared in the Revolutionary war, when the commoner threw off the bonds of an oppressive government. I submit that this concept is deep in the psyche of Americans.

            The liberal obsession with imperialism is off-base.

        • http://None Patriotchristian

          Sounds like you are an Isolationist which prior to WWII the USA was tending to become until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and the USA entered the war. The world has become, since then, a much more international partnership in many areas. We have been a free international country until recently when Obama was foolishly elected president. No president before has EVER bowed down to any leader of any nation. If we don’t do something about Obama and his program to Socialization in the USA we are doomed. I think that is the primary priority of Americans right now if we don’t want to lose our freedoms and Obamarizing the Constitution to his persanal satisfaction.

          Let’s concentrate on the present dangers to America and stop the petty bickering and minor things we can control and fix right now. God bless America. The land of the free and the brave.

        • Bob

          Do you seriously believe that countries like Iran, North Korea and other midle eastern countries would hesitate to use WMD’s if they had them. Do you think that Iraq would not use WMD’s after Saddam bragged that he had them and after he had already killed thousands with gas attacks? It’s OK to be against any type of war, but we can be drawn into another world war that will probably begin in the middle east. No one has asked our soldiers to fight, they volunteered. The military is not a campus political organization and it is certainly not a democracy. People who enlist know the risks, yet they still enlist. A mother once asked me why soldiers were treated so mean at boot camp. The only reply I could give her was that they were trying to wean her son away from his mother. Whether he lived or died would depend on the soldier next to him in the fox hole, not his mother and they were trying to train her son to rely on his fellow soldiers. I don’t think anyone enjoys going to war, but you could not be in America enjoying its bounty had America not gone to war. The hard part to justify is going to war and not trying to win which is a ridiculous waste of American lives.

        • http://Guardian Reedneck Les

          I don’t know American history, but the French were instrumental in helping us defeat the British for our own Liberty!!!

        • Alan

          Why did it escape you that THEY attacked US. And if you think we wont ‘finish’ it–you are sadly mistaken. As are they. Our economy will be diverted from ‘oil’ but please understand, we must and will establish ‘control’ of the oil producers—which do you think is next?
          My hopes include the swift demise of the United Arab Emirate, but Pakistan and Iran first. We are NOT, nor have we ever been, a pacifist nation. So, you just keep on crying while my son keeps you free, as I did for you.

        • Alan

          Die choking

      • Michael Nenzoski

        If you would read the founders writings you would know where Ron Paul gets his thoughts on the subject of war and such. We should have no entangling alliances we should be friends with all who wish to be friends. If a country doesn’t wish to deal with us as a nation then don’t deal with them. But our government tries to impose their will on other countries all over the world, then we are hated because of it.

        • kate8

          Had our country been truly sovereign over the past century, and had our own leaders made decisions on our nation’s behalf, I believe our involvement in wars would have been quite different. In fact, I believe the progression of world history would have been quite different. Instead, we have been steered and manipulated by a group of global elite, powerful enough to control our money, our elected leaders and our destiny. The USA has been used to wield power over the world, toward the setting up of a global agenda, and now it is complete and our uselfulness to them has run out. The target is now on us for destruction.

          I really think that, but for the influence of those desiring power, peoples, if left alone, would want only peaceful co-existence for the most part. We have all been deceived in order to control our thinking, so that we will willingly do their bidding (as in fight in wars and support their agendas.

          Rand Paul, like his father, has the voice of a true patriot. A voice of reason in an insane world. One can never be sure in our world of complete deception, though. I have read a few times that Ron Paul (don’t know about Rand) is a Freemason, which, if true, gives one pause. But if Rand is who he claims to be, then we need more like him.

          • Doug Brown

            So what is wrong with Ron Paul being a Freemason? I personally would have more faith in him knowing he is an upright man and Mason.

          • kate8

            Where have you been? The world elites are all Freemasons, among other things. Freemasonry is the basis for the Illuminati. The higher degrees are a very tight club, considering themselves above simple humankind. They are worshippers of Lucifer.

            The members at the bottom have been kept unaware of this, unless and until they reach the higher degrees. Do some research and find out for yourself. This has become pretty common knowledge among those who are aware.

          • RealEye

            kate8, I’m not so sure that Freemasonry today is the same that is was when this country was founded. Perhaps these higher degrees were added since then by those who wanted to take over the organization, but yes, those in the higher degrees do worship Lucifer. I read where George Washington addressed the Freemasons and had the apron among other articles; but it is unclear whether he was an active member or an honorary member.

      • Brian

        Ronald Reagan was strong, but he did not to my recollection engage in undeclared wars, although we were (and are) at war in the sense of a cold war.

        being strong does not mean being a bully, like North Korea or Iran.
        Being strong means having the courage of your convictions and standing on principle. This is something I feel that is lacking in public life in America today.

        What is most worrying is the character assassination that takes place the minute someone with character pokes his head up and says something that challenges the establishment. They reveal their lack of substance by attacking the man and not the idea.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Kris Madson

        I think people jump to the wrong conclusion that Rand and Ron Paul are Pacifist. They believe in a storng Military, the best in the World. Here is the difference. They will refuse to use our Military for other countries meddelings and as some kind of international Police Squad. We need to get out of this police action in Iraq and the middle East. A strong national defense is necessary but it should be used to protect our Nation and land not the Way they are using and wasting our sons and daughters over there now. I was very happy for Rand Paul when he won the Primary. I Pray that he carries the election this fall. Listen to what he says beause that is what he will do. The Truth will take care of all the Wacko Maddows and msnbc’s in this world.

      • Bob Wire

        is that why we pulled the marines of Beirut, after losing 350 sleeping Marines and then pounced on Grenada? Or sent Omar Kadafi a love letter and blow-up his tent and some of his family? ~ Reagan was a bad ass, arms of hostages? Public perception is everything I suppose. He was a little salty, it’s not to be denied but so was Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Peppermint and they documented their strips on a bloody battlefield, offer one breath short a full measure.

        As far as Rand Paul, we’ll see, and regards the Maddow interview, Rand did open the door, with his comments on decriminalization. While he did did avoid her leading questions to explore his position not with greatest of skill, but never the less, refused to be pinned, stating, he’d voted in favor of the law. ( but it leaves one to wonder why) Politics is so tricky!

        I understand his point, ~ the laws enacted created reverse discrimination in an attempt to address discrimination. It’s been a sore spot for many of us for a long time and feeling still run high when it’s debated.

        Maddow wasn’t off base with him, she was doing her job, much like a conservative host might, she was attempting to bring forward something she might find useful. I do wish he’d offered a stronger argument for his position besides personal property and personal rights, highlighting the downside of nondiscrimination laws and quota’s systems being truly discriminatory in nature.

        He’s bright, I look forward to good things from him. Now that said, can he compete, be his own man and stay clear of the influences of lobbyist, pac money and Cooperate America. I hope so.

        It for us to see such things as possible.

      • Mappy

        Reagan would not have invaded Afganistan or Iraq, when we should of Nuked Saudia Arabia. Paul, Like Reagan, sees nation building for the complete injustice and waste of American lives for what it is. You think we couldn’t kill Osama Bin Laden if we wanted? You kill the threat. The USA is playing games with American lives. The status quo needs to end and we need to strengthen our military and secure our borders. That’s what a real man does!

    • refuse2lose

      The “Establishment”sees in Rand Paul the anger and vitriol that is present in the American public.They know he stands for fiscal restraint,following the Constitution and limited government.The STATUS QUO has been followed for decades and the big dogs in DC can feel their shackles being loosened by their constituents.They will attack Rand with everything they have,knowing that if he joins them in the Beltway the way they do business might have to change.



        • Jackie Barnes


        • Anthony

          NO, Shirley. I doubt that’s the real reason.
          Whether many here believe it, or not…. More and More and More of our fellow Countrymen are reading not only these comments… but they are googling across the Internet to research what they need to know, so they can fight for the right things and not be fooled by sophistry and the falsely pretended General Welfare Clause.

          You take out of the Constitution – The General Welfare Clause – and many of the damaging actions committed by Hamilton and Marshall would have been impossible to enact.

          There needs to be a higher passion for the intentions of Thomas Jefferson.
          This is where the American People have lost their way.

          Try reading “Hamilton’s Curse” ….. then, you’d know what I mean.

    • DR. D

      The problem I see Mark is, the GOP has given up on it’s Ronald Reagan
      conservatism! They did it to them selfs and they don’t seem to want to change their ways! I am not a Libertarian but I am a Conservative. The GOP has lost their ways and it’s really sad!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • James

      Is this the same Ronald Reagan who secretly traded arms (with Iran) for hostages? the same Ronald Reagan who supported tax hikes? who actually grew the size of the federal government?

      • Conservative at Birth

        Not True. We traded arms through Iran to the Contras in Central America.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Ronald Reagan is famous for tax cuts to stimulate the economy. He inherited an economy from Jimmy Carter that was the worst sense the Great Depression also. Reagan’s deficit spending in his first two years was about two billion dollars. In less than two years Obama is almost up to two trillion dollars. Obama has only government jobs saved and created to show for it. Reagan reduced government regulation that allowed businesses to make a come back in addition to his tax cuts.

        • Bob Wire

          Not true, Sir ~ It was inflation ! And Jimmy inherited it from Nixon.

          and Nixon got it for honoring his Campaign Promise, to get us out of Nam. As the nation shifted out of the warring mode.

          The excess of the 60′s brought about economic side effects. Simple cause and effect. Over simplifying it really, not having the time to go there. ( look it up)

          When the soldiers start coming home from these present wars, you can rest assure it’s going to affect the economy again. Where it be inflation or depression, I’m not sure ~ but difficult times lay ahead.

          So don’t race out and buy more then you can handle.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I guess you are not old enough to remember that time period or you would not make a statement like that. Jimmy Carter is know as one of the worst Presidents in history. Good Presidents do not get thrown out of office after one term. Even Carter’s peanut farm was going into bankrupcy from poor management. When he left the White House he was broke and needed the money he would have made as president to survive. When you cannot do it yourself you teach it. He finally made money by selling books to people who new less than him. Although he was considered book smart he never was able to apply the knowledge he had to make things better. Look it up.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            Carter did not follow Nixon as President. He followed Ford so I know you do not understand that time period. It has become popular on the left to explain the failure of leftest policies by blame. Excuses are always followed by failure. The left has no shortage of excuses. When you are president for four years you either leave things better or worst. Ronald has been credited for revitalizing America. Carter is known as a one term failed presidency.

      • Jackie Barnes

        This country was served better by Reagin than any President in the last 60 years

        • Bob Wire

          well people are endearing of him, it’s true. If you go back 70 years, my money would be on Truman.

      • DaveH

        His own party in Congress was dragging him down. One man can only do so much.
        And maybe, James, if he was such a Big Government Growther, you can explain to me why the Democrats were crying in anguish that he was “cutting the budget to the bone!”?

        • Bob Wire

          >>”And maybe, James, if he was such a Big Government Growther, you can explain to me why the Democrats were crying in anguish that he was “cutting the budget to the bone!”?”<<

          because he was guilty of both! Must like many of the things Reagan did and said. Give it to you with one hand and take it away with the other. And rarely the same people. ~ Some got well over it and some got sick. The one that got well, sing his praises and still do. Wealthy,upper and some middle management type folks, people that have by hook or crook, stuff a little money back, roll-over Ira's , mutual funds etc. Day Trader, with solid pensions and the likes. These people loved Reagan.

          Working folks got the joy of working two jobs for the price of one and we've never regained the loss to this day. Now we have a class of "working poor" that grows larger each year.

          A great day for the snake is a bad day for the frog. While the snake can't imagine why the frog is so unhappy. ~ They just need to hop faster! ~ lazy ole frogs! Get what they deserve.

          • DaveH

            The two-worker family was created by the Big Government growth under Jimmy Carter. Don’t put that on Reagan. And don’t forget Congress. The President can only veto the Bills and hope that Congress doesn’t override that veto. If you don’t like working twice as hard to support a family decently, then vote for people who promise to shrink the size of our Leviathan Government.

          • DaveH

            Ronald Reagan issued more vetoes (78) than any president in my lifetime (60 years). 12% of them were overridden by Congress.

    • old white guy

      ditto. man. the truth is hard to find these days and words and more words do not mean the words are truth.

    • Curt Boles

      I am so in agreement with Rand Paul on auditing the Fed, but I was pretty shocked at his position on the Civil Rights Act. Not very sensitive,and not really very smart….and anyone who believes that the Iraq war was unjustified, just simply hasn’t delved into it long and deep enough to know the facts. He and his father are both way off base on this one. I like his thinking on many issues, but these things concern me greatly as to his ability to see the whole picture. I love the Tea Party, but this guy scares me more than a little

  • Bruce Eden

    What Rand Paul should state is that he supports the 1964 Civil Rights Act, so long as everyone else supports the 1866 and 1871 Civil Rights Acts which say that judges, politicians, and any other public official can be sued civilly for civil rights violations, without resorting to judge-made doctrine of judicial immunities or without resorting to having to use tort claim acts.

    • Anthony

      THIS is actually a fairly good premise to act upon.

      What say ye, Rand Paul….?

      Bob – What say you go ask him and report back…..

  • Pathfinder

    Obviously, I must be insane!! After all, I actually expect the federal government to remain within the limits set for it in the constitution. Yeah! I must really be a kook.

    • DaveH

      And wacko too. lol.

  • Reggie Brian

    The facts as you have stated are true.

    We saw a very similar thing happen out here in Massachusetts with Sen. Brown. The moment that the Coakley campaign turned ugly like this was palpable, tangible, and spelled the end of her campaign. It was also the moment that THEY knew it was true.

    Did you know that when a rattlesnake is dying, it will bite anything in sight, even its own body?

    • Norm

      Reggie Brian
      To compare Scott Brown to Rand Paul is one enormous stretch.
      We need more like Brown and less like Paul.

      • spoonerist

        You certainly got it backwards. Scott Brown is like John McCain, correct maybe 50% of the time. Rand Paul will vote corretly about 100% of the time. Rand Paul is not racist; Scott Brown might be. The real racists are the Democrat and Republican Establishment elitists. Read the Census form; it is racist. Listen to their drivel about “affirmative action”; it is racist. Obama, Kerry, Frank, Franken, Pelosi, Schumer, Clinton, etc. are all racists, because they believe that government should do things based on race (see Census form, “affirmative action” legislation, etc). Individual racism is bad. Institutional racism is even worse. Governmental racism is the worst of all.

        • Roylyn08

          We answered those questions on the census exactly what they need to know. That is that there were two adults living at this address. All the other 9 questions were N/A. In other words, none of the government’s business. Then they sent someone to the door to personally ask us to fill the form out again. He was sent packing.

          • DaveH

            Good for you, Roylyn08.

          • kate8

            Roylyn08, same here. The census guys have been here three times now, wanting me to finish the form. I refused. The last time the guy said, “So are you refusing to answer these questions?” I just turned and walked into my house. I don’t want to say the wrong thing.

            I must say that I feel some trepidation over what they might do. No doubt we will be on a dissident’s list. But I felt the need to draw the line in the sand. As long as we keep giving in, in order to be left alone, they will keep coming back with yet more intrusions into our lives. They will continue to prove that our distrust of this government is well founded.

            BTW, an elderly woman in the next town greeted her returning census worker with a rifle. He sent the sheriff, who was likewise greeted. The cops gunned her down in her own doorway.

          • JC

            Refuse to be “trained”.

          • Claire

            The only problem is that we are all on the Internet. For a few bucks anyone can get information about you—criminal records, where you live, phone number, everything.

          • libertytrain

            kate8 – I’m not necessarily defending the poor woman – I don’t know what really happened. BUT why the heck are census workers bugging people at their homes after 9 pm anyway – I might have answered with a gun myself -

          • kate8

            Libertytrain, I only know the details that were reported. She was no doubt angry and fed up with government intrusion, like many of us, and tried to emphasize a point. Bad move, of course, but it is a sad day in America when one does not have the right to refuse entry onto one’s property.

            There is much angst concerning the census. I just heard that census information is being linked with one’s finances, IRS, bank account and medical records. Not to hard to get those implications. This is exactly what Hitler did in order to catagorize people.

            While I would not have done what she did, there is something seriously wrong about being gunned down by law enforcement while standing in one’s own home. She had committed no crime, and was simply trying to protect her personal sovereignty. We can see where this is leading.

          • libertytrain

            kate8 – oh I’m with you. I had more follow-up calls because of my scantily filled out census forms and now because emergency services/911 assigned addresses to all buildings on a property (including barns with electricity, I’ve gotten a visit and phone calls about two abandoned cabins on my property – I had not received a form for each of them because they get no mail – however, a census man showed up with forms for each – I said they were abandoned and he called yesterday wanting still more info on abandoned buildings! Ugh!

          • JeffH

            Libertytrain, it is not any of their business about your “abandoned” buildings and I would have told them that much along with turn around, leave and don’t bother me anymore. I gave minimal info on my census also and won’t even answer the door if they knock.

          • DaveH

            I guess the moral of that story is don’t be pointing guns at people unless you intend to use them.

          • libertytrain

            JeffH – I know it wasn’t their business and told them as much in a nice way. He was an old codger and I reminded him till these ridiculous addresses were assigned, like during the last census – no one cared. So I was confused why they were important this time.

          • meteorlady

            We also answered two adults and checked “Other” and put American. all they need to know.

          • kate8

            I’ve heard stories of the census info being used for all sorts of things, like building code violations, that have nothing to do with the census. This is a huge overstep by this administration, and a scary one. Their stating that this info won’t be used for any other purpose is a bald-faced lie, since they’ve already been using it for anything they choose.

            I don’t think most people realize how serious this is.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You forgot Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the two biggest racists to ever walk the face of the earth.

          • Dr Mabuse

            I get your drift, but you’re a little off the mark. Following your line of reasoning, one would have to posit that Louis Farrakhan and Yahwen Ben Yahweh were of a greater magnitude than Sharpton and Jackson. But for my money, I would say Margaret Sanger and David Rockerfeller.

          • meteorlady

            If they weren’t racist, they wouldn’t be making any money and they’d have to go and find a real job.

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          Well put Spoonerist! I never really looked at it that way. I believe you are right.

        • JeffH

          spoonerist, well said.

          • Bill H

            Yes Spoonerist,

            I also believe you are correct. In fact Mr. Brown stabbed his constituants in the back on his very first vote. Something McCain would do in a heartbeat and has done repeatedly. Both are whichever way the wind blows type.

      • Harold Olsen

        If you want a bunch of RINOs elected, then yeah, we need more Scott Browns.

      • DaveH

        Your first sentence was correct. Your last couldn’t be more wrong.

      • Anthony

        Spoonerist is right. I’m already seeing reports on Free Radio America about Scott Brown actually being a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You know a great way to tell? How much screaming have you heard from nis Camp on not being seated as quickly as possible? We’re in the midwest, and I hear practically nothing, especially once the Health care Bill was dealt with. Nary a whisper.

    • Jerry Clark


      I’m almost getting sick at my stomach. The Tea Party movement is supposed to be one who supports Liberty, but the progressives are not stupid, if they can be elected on the Republican or Democrat side they win, and now they are attatching themselves to the Tea Party Movement. Scott Brown is a Progressive the very Cancer the Tea Party Movement was supposed to eliminate, John McCain is another Progressive but he is supported by Sarah Palin who has supported a number of Progressives for office. So Please Tea Party activist don’t bring up how we are shaping america and helping the Constitution when we elect the same types of people the movement is trying to remove, and Please what has scott Brown done but vote for Barack Obama’s programs, such as not auditing the Fed, and his so called Jobs Bill, John McCain talks the Talk of whatever is Popular, but once elected Supports the same things as Obama. It’s a Joke. Wake up America your being played as the Fool.

      • Angel

        Jerry, I so agree with you. Most of the Republicans if not all are just as bad as the left. Scot Brown is pro-abortion as well as many others. If they are not that then they are for something else that we don’t believe in. We need term limits, to do away with the Fed Reserve, and get the fed gov completely out of our lives and business. Freedom to run our private business as we see fit and to raise our children according to our morals and Gods, not the governments.

        All is a ploy to still take us over and I am not falling for that. Even Palin, at first I supported her but when she started advocating people whose time is up, or doesn’t listen to the people, then she turned my head the other way. McCain is for Cap & Trade. (I live in Az) he is also on record for amnesty. We need SMALLER government and it has to be with politicians who are capable of performing to the will of the people, not just any old thing THEY want as they work for us, not the other way around. Take back America…it is past time. The giant has awakened!

        • LimestoneFreedom

          Amen, Jerry and Angel!!

        • Vicki

          We HAVE term limits. It’s called the vote. Vote out ANYONE who fails to support and defend the Constitution. Look at their record. Then vote.

          • Anthony

            Why is no one discussing RECALL ?

        • DaveH

          And now, Angel, the NRA has endorsed McCain. Unbelievable. We need to boycott that organization.

          • Claire

            DaveH– I think I told you my husband and son were grousing about the NRA. I asked them why and they told me it was because the NRA is supporting McCain.

          • JC

            Seriously? Holy Crap. I guess I won’t be renewing…

          • Meteorman

            Is there anyone or anything you people like?

          • DaveH

            Yes, I like people that respect my right to control my own body and my own property.
            I don’t like people that ask dumb questions.

    • JC

      Good analogy Reggie. The socialist movement in America is in its death throes, and it’s biting at everything in sight.

      • DaveH

        I hope and dream that you are right, JC, but I think we’re in for a very long battle for our freedom.

        • JC

          I believe it has already started DaveH. Keep the pressure on, we can not rest until this is seen through.

          • Bob Wire

            it’s never stopped since 1776

    • Jackie Barnes

      You got it bro!

    • pat

      you hit the nail on the head–Rand Paul is being attacked the only way an honest man can be-personally–call him a crazy whacko-they have no real ammunition–what a stretch to call him a racist KLU KLUX KLANNER–and he is right about that part of the civil rights act-and you are right-he fell into a trap–and had he worded his response the way you said and then shut up–these socialists and facists on both sides of the aisle would just have egg on their faces.

      • pat

        i want to add that i do not agree with everything Rand or Ron Paul promote–BUT having met and spoken with Ron-and having worked in the same hospitals with him as a child–i don’t believe either are racists–i just think that the majority of mankind cannot be relied upon to do the right thing on their own most of the time–maybe close to half can now–we need a DNA upgrade before his ideas about man helping man instead of government helping man–can work in reality–even back in san antonio at the charity hospital–the big doctor thought how wonderful the nuns care for the poor–NOT–the big doctor did not ever hear about the nuns telling me to take the bleeding knife wounded guy or the old lady with no insurance to the bus stop instead of treating them–but that is another issue.

        • DaveH

          Please. Government is composed of men (and women) also. And they have the added disincentive of not having to worry about losing their jobs. There is no reward for innovative thinking so why would they stick their necks out to be more efficient? If Government fails in their efficiency they just raise taxes (unfettered usually). If a private charity fails in efficiency it loses the voluntary donors that support it. Which people do you think are going to work harder at their charitable jobs?

          • Anthony

            DaveH -

            I say we abolish the 17th Amendment. Once State Legislatures once again have the right to “appoint” the Senators that go to Washington, the more reliable they will return to being when it comes to supporting their State’s Needs over the corruption that has ALWAYS EXISTED inside any and all Governments.

          • DaveH

            Maybe Anthony, but I think there is no substitute for an informed electorate. Probably the most important thing we can do is get the Government out of the education process. They are dumbing down our children.

        • Bill H

          I’m sorry but that is completely insane. The government doesn’t help anyone. Just look at the problems welfare has created. The welfare state wasn’t needed, the churches were handling things just fine. Everything the government does under the guise of helping only creates dependency. They are the slave masters of modern times. The folks on welfare and other entitlement programs just haven’t realized it. The government isn’t your friend until it gets out of your life, your pockets and your business.

          • kate8

            Well said, Bill H.

  • American Liberal

    I agree with Rand Paul on the Patriot act and the Iraq war….but his views on business and Wallatreet are to just leave them alone and trust them to do honest Business…and that pretty much what Bush and Reagan did and now we see the disaster our economys in due to DeRegulation…. Same with Big oil..he’d just leave them to ” Do as they please”….I’m all for personal responsibility but I also feel we need some government oversight on business because big business have proven over and over they can’t be trusted….I’m not sure if Rands a racist or not but his policy leaves business the opportunity to be racist and that’s unconstitutional ….I can’t see Paul ever running as a republican.. Won’t happen…Maybe a Tea party candidate …he won’t win wheather it with the baggers or Republicans….his views are very outdated with the American public…American will never elect anyone from the tea people… Far to radical and racist…

    • Thom Milnor

      I’m not a radical and I’m not a racist. Wake up and knock off your silly dumbocrat’s talking points.

    • PragmaticSort

      Nah, he’s just your worst fear. Progressives like you just hate it when someone comes along with diametrically opposing views to your own. Blame Reagan, blame Bush! I don’t see you blaming Clinton for his part in the banking/investment deregulation bill that STILL may push our country over the brink. If you want a reality check on your precious progressives, look at how well Europe and the Euro are doing! That is the direction we are heading with your ilk in power.

      • JeffH

        well said PS.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      The thing is, that you seem to miss concerning so called big business, is that it should be left alone by the government, and here is why Am. Lib. If you dont like their product, dont buy it. Its that simple. If their product sucks, or is priced too high or unfair, hey, dont buy it. They will go under. If they sell junk, they will go under. Unless the government gets involved like you want, and takes our money and writes a check for billions of dollars to GM and Chrysler. Sorry. They cant run a business correctly, let them sink, and let someone else rise up. That is the beauty of capitalism. But when the government gets involved as you are suggesting, this crap happens and it is total baloney.

      • Kinetic1

        So Bebroni, if we had left BP alone they never would have had this blow out, is that what you are saying? We don’t require a relief well be drilled like Canada, or that they use a backup safety valve like some South American countries. We have industry friendly appointees who were placed in positions of oversight partying with reps of the very oil industry they are supposed to regulate, and you suggest that it’s our meddling that caused this? That’s almost as good as the claim that the Obama administration bombed the rig!
        Do any of you really feel that we were well served by the repeal and/or weakening of regulations during the Reagan/Clinton/Bush years? Do you think that American auto companies will really improve gas milage without a push? Even with CAFE standards we lost ground from the 30mpg Studebakers of the 40s and 50s (yes, I know this was before CAFE, but the point is the technology existed.) We also lost ground on air quality, water quality, and safety. You can stop buying a product or service if you disagree with the companies actions, but how much will they get away with before our actions stop them? Do you really believe, like G.W.Bush once said that companies will act responsibly because it’s in their own interest? Do you think that Ford and Firestone were doing the right thing when they let their Explorers flip? Yes, the public found out and responded, but how many people had to die first? Was that responsible? The governments job is to defend and protect the citizens, and sometimes we need protection from the profit motivated decisions of large companies.

        • JeffH

          Kinetic1 says “and you suggest that it’s our meddling that caused this?” Good spin to come up with that one.
          We need to stop government from being the major player in all of the corruptness. Protect this country and it’s citizens from totally destroying the “American dream”. Rand Paul seems to have some integrity, something that does not exist in mainstream politics, the White House, past and present administrations and the house on the hill yet you, Kinetic1, trust them to do the right thing? Get whith it or be left behind.

          • Kinetic1

            If our representatives fail us, we can vote them out. I want the administration and my representatives to clean house of the government employees who failed to enforce our laws, and I’ll vote against them if they don’t. I don’t have the same option with BP. We have to trust someone (at least to some degree) to watch out for the best interests of our country. Are you ready to leave that job up to Consumer Reports? Will you give them the power to shut down an oil rig that fails to meet safety standards?

            Do you really believe that our trust should be placed with a corporation who, by law must place their shareholders above all else? Sure, some are run by very honest and thoughtful people, but can we afford the damage caused by those who are not? BP may go under as a result of this (though I doubt it.) or they wriggle there way out of paying for what they have done, but it’s too late to punish them by not buying their gas. They are responsible for the destruction of our lands, carriers and wild life and we could have stopped them with just a little better oversight.

            I’m not saying that we necessarily need more regulations, but that we need to enforce those that we have and respond accordingly if they are not enough. BP could have spent a little more money to safeguard our nation, but they chose not too. Our government could have held them to tighter safety regulations, but allowed them to lobby their way around it. Rand Paul and other like him seem to feel that the market will keep corporations honest, but clearly that does not work.

          • JeffH

            What I am saying is our government has lost the trust we’ve depended on them for…corporations too have lost the trust of the people, you can’t trust two entities that continually sleep together can you?
            Corruption, greed and power! Does that sound familiar because that is what big government and big corporations do. Zero integrity and until we find and vote in some politicians that do have some integrity, not much else will change.

          • DaveH

            Kenetic says “Rand Paul and other like him seem to feel that the market will keep corporations honest, but clearly that does not work”.

            It doesn’t? Funny, I don’t recall Free Markets in my lifetime. What is “clear” is that the heavy involvement of Government in our Markets has not stopped those same calamities you worry about. Do you honestly believe that the meddling of some disinterested bureaucrat with a job for life is going to create a bigger disincentive to a company than that of potentially being sued for billions, losing their customer base, and their stock value?

            You fear the evil men working in Corporations, but somehow turn a blind eye to the evil men working in Government. And Government is Force. All a private company can do is hope to please their customers or lose them.

          • Bill H

            In response to Kinetic1, are you as stupid as you are narrow minded. All this happened under the oversite of your precious government regulation and inspectors. How did that work out for you and the rest of us. When will people like you realize that this type of thing is actually a result of all the government intervention and regulation. Layer upon layer upon layer of regulations. It’s nearly impossible to sort through. The better question is, Why was BP (a foreign corp.) drilling at all. Do they have our best interests at heart… I doubt it. BP is one of the best at circumventing the rules, look what they did in Prudue Bay. They knew there underwater pipes were failing. Did they shut them down and repair them, NO! They ran them until they had a massive failure. Again, this all happened under the ever watchful eye of your unerring government.
            Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • DaveH

            And all the money they spend on jumping through paperwork hoops would be much better spent developing the technology to prevent future mistakes.

          • Anthony

            Kenetic1 need to watch the Movie: FOOD, INC. (on youtube)

            THEN, he wuold better understand government regulation and intervention.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Just for kicks, tell me where BP would have been drilling had the government not pushed them into deep water? How many wells in shallow water do we have in the gulf? 2000? and not one major incident! The enviros and the government pushes them into deep water and what happens? So to answer your question, yes a little less regulation on where they can drill might have averted this!

          • JC

            It’ll work fine if laws of justice are enforced in courts of “Justice” instead of the revolving door kangaroo courts we now have.

        • DaveH

          Gag me Kinetic. BP is a Big Government sycophant. We’ve all seen their numerous ads on TV touting their “Greenness”. And BP donated heavily to the Obama campaign. Government is bigger than ever before in our history and still the spill happened.
          Isn’t hindsight grand?
          Big Government was here before the economic bust and it still happened. Many people (myself included) were warning that the real-estate bubble was going to burst years before it did. Where was that wonderful Government in all that time?
          It must be nice to be a Hoping and Dreaming Liberal. The rest of us must face the harshness of reality.

          And how much does all that “Insurance” (Big Government) cost us? We pay them $2 to save us $1.

          • Anthony

            DaveH — I think all of us have to admit – the oil spill is a false flag operation and simply be done with all the other distraction rhetoric.

            The deepest Oil Rig in the World, is in the Gulf of Mexico
            And, it has just as great a chance to have something happen.
            Go research BP’s rig: THUNDERHORSE

          • kate8

            DaveH, your point about government being in bed with BP and others is an important one. That is also the reason that so many other, cheaper, cleaner and more abundant (some free) sources of energy have been supressed. Those who have invented them have been known to disappear after a visit from suits.

            Anyone who trusts government to have our backs on anything is delusional. They are all about money and power – their own.

        • Allan

          I find it hard to believe that you expect government to protect you while you expect “big business” to hurt you. Guess what — they’re composed of the same humans.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Actually it was Clinton who deregulated banking in 1998. Through Barney Frank and Cris Dodd in and you have the basis of the economic disaster.

      • DaveH

        How many times must I post this?

        Government is Bigger than ever before in our history and people think there has been deregulation? Then what the flock are they spending our money on?

        • Claire

          DaveH–The war we have been in for almost 10 years has cost America dearly. That is a fact. I don’t see how we are paying for it now.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            We are not paying for the war. The Fed went to the printing press to print up money because they could not pay. If they didn’t they would have to declare bankrupcy. But the war is just one part of the problem. Obama’s projected spending has us 20 trillion in debt if the make up of the Congress does not change in November elections.

          • Claire

            Bruce D—Whoops, I forgot they printed money!!! But still, they will have to keep printing it then. There is no end in sight.

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          I stand by my comment that Clinton deregulated banking in 1998 that led to the loose money policies of Barney Frank and Criss Dodd. That led to the packaging of morgatages into AAA Bonds that failed and brought the system down.

          • DaveH

            What many call “deregulation” is just another set of rules.
            Study the electricity fiasco in California after their supposed “deregulation” of Electric Utilities and you will see what I mean. True deregulation occurs when the Government get completely out of their business. That’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

    • tsaray

      Dear American Liberal: There is something you have to understand, something that most all Americans just don’t get. As long as the Federal Income Tax System exists the Banksters and their cohorts will mulct the public funds and government funds for their own benefit. There are over 30,000 tax lobbyists in D.C. and they have a stranglehold on congress and the bureaucrats who enable them. There are about 80 somewhat honest congress persons;the rest are partially or totally in the pockets of the Oligarchy. Until we eliminate that evil system, which the Founders expressly forbade, nothing will change for the good. You can vote them all out and the newbies will fall into the same trap. Go to:, study and share with your 500 best friends. It is the first step to correct the error in our ways. It is the armor piercing bullet that will break the chains that bind.

      • George E

        I’m inclined to agree. Control the money, and you control the politicians, and “hogs at the public trough.”

        • JeffH

          …that’s right on the money…

        • JC

          “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws” ~ Meyer Rothschild
          Guess what! They have that control.

      • http://yahoo barry

        It is not the income tax its the federal reserve,which controls everything ,because they answer to know one .They have to be eliminated,good luck with that one!!!!

      • DaveH

        You should read this, Tsaray:

        • DaveH

          There is no substitute for downsizing our oversized Government. Where they get the taxes from is just a distraction.

          • Anthony

            In reality, only 20 States actually ratified the 16th Amendment, Dave!

          • DaveH

            My point is, Anthony, that it doesn’t matter how they pay for the Government Spending. The real problem is the spending.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Businesses need to be held accountable and not rip people off. The problem with government is that they over regulate (which is fascism)as an excuse for not enforcing the law when it is broken. “The more numerous the laws the more corrupt the government.” Tacitus 100 AD Too many laws give government too much power.

      • DaveH

        As Government Grows, Corruption Flows. All we have to do is look at our neighbor Mexico to see that.

    • Rob Alexander

      I find it funny how liberals make really stupid statements distorting the libertarian / conservative viewpoint, claiming we want to let business “do whatever it wants” or “just trust them to be honest”.

      That’s a complete distortion. We would have them prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if they commit fraud or use force to compel people to buy their products or services (like the government does).

      As long as they aren’t doing either of those, what exactly can anyone claim they are doing wrong?

      • DaveH

        Keeping potential Bureaucrats from making a living?

    • TIME

      How is it you think Rand Paul is a raciest, he is no more a raciest than you are, so are you a raciest?

      • DaveH

        No, Am Lib is just ignorant.

        • Bill H

          Actually, would say Am.Lib is stupid. You see the definition of ignorant is; to not know or lacking in knowledge. Stupid is; an inability to learn.

          • DaveH

            My theory is that he gets money from the government, either as an employee or as a subsidy.

          • Anthony

            Actuallly, AmLib is just a bait artist….

            Ignore him…. completely.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            AMEN Brother!!!!

          • DaveH

            He may be a conservative, assigned to this board to make Liberals look Ignorant. If so, he is doing an excellent job.

          • libertytrain

            DaveH – my theory is they are all government employees working in that WH basement office.

    • Conservative at Birth

      The current economic problems are due to the revocation of the Glass-Steagal Act(enacted in 1933) signed by Bill Clinton, which made it legal to sell unsupported securities, and the dusting off and strengining of the Community Reinvestment Act. I tried to explain this to many people that were brainwashed like you that the so called “Great Economy” was false and that the bubble would burst in 10 years or so. You need to read what F.D.R.’s Secretary of the Treasury Robert Morgantheau wrote about everything they did making the unemployment and economy worse. The recession of 1920 was worse than in 1929, and the Government did nothing, which is why it lasted less that one year. The tax increase enacted by Herbert Hoover deepened the recession. Every time the governemt tries to interfere in the market place, it makes things worse. I for one will never by another G.M. product. Ford, Honda, Toyota, Huynai, etc. Yes, because they are private companies, not government owned and operated. You have no real ideas. You simply regurgitate the talking points from P.B.S. and MSNBC. Why do you waste our time with your ignorant diatribes.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Conservative at Birth,
        The reason that I won’t buy another Chrysler product is they took tax money, yes, but another is that they havent really improved their product over the years. In 1995, I bought a pontiac transport van that got 29 miles to the gallon, was super comfortable,was a pleasure to drive. Well in 2005 my wife bought a Chrysler town and country. It gets all of 24 miles to the gallon, is not comfortable at all, and I hate to drive it! Given the choice, I would love to have my old van back! We also have a little Hyundai Accent and it runs like a top, gets about 38 miles to the gallon, and is fun to drive!! Now I would not buy a GM or Chrysler product on a bet as they took the tax money when they couldn’t improve enough to compete! Let their union bosses buy them!

    • Bob Wire

      >>”American will never elect anyone from the tea people… Far to radical and racist…”<<

      I wouldn't say never, but it appears to me, as it stand today, the movement has attracted it's share of "disenfranchised" radicals. It's really hurts their "stated" cause as far as I'm concerned.

      That's something they will accept or ignore, but we shouldn't judge all by the acts of a few.

      Every party have got their share of baggage, while the numbers maybe nice, the burden of carrying them very heavy.

      The DNC, has carried the Fairy's and the Rainbows for years and years, in General elections hurting us more then helping. I've always felt they ran off more votes then they represented. It just something we've accepted ~ It's not just about "winning" with the DNC, we are an inclusive party, open to all, representing "all" Americans and not a chosen few ~ if we lose an election because of it ~ so be it.

      There is an explosive element deep within the Tea Party Movement I'm uneasy with at the moment. Whatever it is today, it'll be a little different tomorrow, maybe something better or worst?

  • William

    who gives a rats ass whar rachel maddow thinks? Reggie Brian. lets hope the rattle snake keeps biting its self. hopefully in two more elections we can put it out of our misory,

    • tsaray

      William: The problem is that large numbers of people listen to and believe what these commentators say. Rachel and Keith are disturbed persons on the left; Rush and Bill on the right. These people are serving the same master, the master of BS, confusion and lies. People follow what they say and are led down the primrose path to oblivion.
      The Republicats and the Democins are players on a stage with the same director doing the part they are told to do. Their end game is the same!

      • Conservative at Birth

        Bill Who? You cannot cosider Bill Oreily a conservative. As with all Catholics, they want to force government charity upon all. He is slightly left of center.

        • DaveH

          I agree.

        • libertytrain

          Whoa sister – I take exception to the lumping of all Catholics together in your theory. It just isn’t correct.

        • American Citizen

          You’re wrong on your depiction of Catholics. They want the government out of our lives, too.

        • Jim H.

          All Catholics? Careful now.

        • Bob Wire

          there was a time Wild Bill was riding high in the GOP saddle, but he hasn’t been the same since Keith took is candy and made him cry.


      • WarriorH

        Beck Rocks!

        • DaveH

          Stossel too (on Fox Business News).

          • Claire

            DaveH–Stossel is better than Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, Levin, etc.

          • JeffH

            Personally, I think they all rock, and I like Stossal for his Libertarian perspective and beliefs, although I don’t agree with all of them 100% of the time, I like what they all bring to the table. They bring the “thought” process to the table because you gotta process, filter, think and sort the information they deliver and then come to a conclusion. Unlike the liberals who refuse to do the same while listening to their choise of MSM.
            The shock value of the orator’s delivery is what stimulates the thought process and I learned that quickly while listening to Rush years ago.

        • JeffH

          …thumbs up on both counts.

        • Anthony

          Glenn Beck is two-faced and you’d better watch yer backs….

          • kate8

            I get the same feeling, Anthony. As good as most of his message is, he covers for the government on some of the more diabolical issues. Maybe he is forced to discount certain things, but that still makes him complicit…Some things just don’t sit right.

          • Claire

            Anthony- and Kate8—I was never too comfortable with Beck either. It was just a niggling feeling I had about him.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I could not disagree with you more. Glen Beck is a great American hero. He has contributed much. On the other hand what have you contributed?

          • WarriorH

            Do tell. And what is your basis for this claim?

        • Bob Wire

          Beck is the only person I know that had two mother that both committed suicide. Now what that might have to do with Little Glenny, I’m not completely sure. But one thing is clear, mom wasn’t all too eager to stick around and watch Glenn grow.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            That is just your usual gibberish.

          • kate8

            BobWire, that was disgusting.

            I don’t know. Maybe Beck’s intentions are good. He says a lot of really good things. But he is being controlled. He has the ability to be believable, for sure, and I’d like to think that he is sincere. But he can also divert attention from things the elites don’t want us to see, and can lead us off course.

            In today’s world of mass deception, we really can’t afford to trust anyone in media. They want to keep their careers.

    • Harold Olsen

      Her problem is that she in incapable of thinking. Like most people on the left, she only spouts off what she is told to say. Independent though is verboten on the left.

      • WarriorH

        Excerpts from Paul interview with Rachel Maddow:

        Rachel: So Rand, how long have you been a racist?

        Paul: I didn’t say that I am.

        Rachel: How can you lie like this? If you don’t support giving all your money to the government how will the less fortunate ever attain the same status that you enjoy?

        Paul: What?

        Rachel: Ok, so we both agree your a racist. Now, don’t you consider this right wing racist ideology of the Tea Party, which I may add you appear to be one of the ringleaders, to be anti-american and in fact helping to foster racial divide in this country?

        Paul: Uh?

        Rachel: Mr. Paul, wouldn’t you say that the Tea Party stands for oppression, discrimination and possibly could be the Third Reich reincarnated?

        Paul: What I said was………………

        Rachel: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have just heard from Rand Paul himself and by gosh we better keep an eye on him.

        • American Citizen

          She’s an idiot.

          • Bob Wire

            Yea, a Rhodes Scholar, fairy one with two Doctorates

        • JC

          And they actually reported that crap as a piece of journalism?

        • Right Wing

          I don’t know if you have seen another interview but I could not find any such transcript. If you can direct us to the transcript then great but if this is false and you have presented it as a factual transcript then you should be clear on your sarcasm.

  • LM

    Liked the Rattlesnake comment. I agree that Michael Steele is a joke, and the GOP just doesn’t seem to have the capacity to learn from it’s mistakes. I don’t think a third party would suffice right now, but I am sorely disppointed in the RNC!

    • DaveH

      The Libertarian Party is our only hope of getting this country turned back to what our Founders intended.

      • DaveH
      • Bill H

        I disagree DaveH. There are others growing all around us. If you have not heard of them you may want to check out the Constitution Party.

        • DaveH

          Bill, the Constitution Party has a decidedly religious bent. And they still want to meddle in peoples’ choices for their own bodies and property. I don’t think they are much better than the Republicans. I have nothing against Religious people, but I don’t want them making my life choices.

          • kate8

            DaveH, just curious. What life choices do Constitutionalists want to force on you? The Constitution guarantees freedom of religious expression, not the right to force one’s views on others, since everyone has the same right.

          • DaveH

            Here is a comparison between several of the Political Parties
            (Scroll down to the Comparison Table):

            Note that of the subjects listed they differ from the Republicans only on the issue of Iraq.

          • DaveH

            To answer your question “What life choices do Constitutionalists want to force on you?”, I would have to say probably not many, because I live a more rigid life than most religious people do.
            But they do want to force their views on many other people. Look up their stances on Drug Control and other Vice Crimes. It is none of the Government’s business to protect people from themselves. Above all, it doesn’t work. Look at the futile drug wars. They have accomplished nothing but to enrich the drug lords and allow the government an excuse to trample our Constitutional rights.

          • kate8

            I agree that no one should be able to tell another how to live, as long as what they do harms no one else. But since you mentioned the war on drugs, it doesn’t work because it really doesn’t exist. It’s just another smokescreen put up by greedy elites to make us think they are interested in our well-being, when the illegal drug trade is a huge source of covert profit for them. THEY ACTUALLY PROMOTE IT.

            It’s another reason for allowing the uncontrolled influx of illegal aliens, many of whom deal in drugs. The politicians are paid off to look the other way, and the people suffer.

  • hflashman

    Two things 9I’ll leave aside any other comments I may have as they’ll get the post deleted from tis thread despite what the disclaimer states)

    I watched the entire maddow Interview. it wasn’t a set up. Paul knew exactly what he was being interviewed for. She gave him plenty of time to respond without challenging him as he responded. It was a fair interview and paul was not trapped nor cut short nor were his comments taken ut of context. What came out is what type of person he is …weird.

    Secondly, Paul will be judged not by the national media. A media which is dominated by Right Wing comments and platforms. He will be judged locally by the voters.

    • PragmaticSort

      Interesting point you make about the media- you forgot to mention that most network and print media is leftwing dominated. Too bad no one watches or listens to them- most can spot bullshirt a mile away.

  • Norm

    Rand Paul has a bad case of foot in mouth disease.
    I respect that he has an opinion and that he doesn’t flip flop to please the crowd. Unfortunatly his views of reality are radical and so far from main stream America that he will never be elected. Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, and the right wing nut media are very entertaining but only splinter the Republican party and strengthen the Democrats.

    • Linda

      I would think that anyone who would endorse a party with the likes of Obama, Biden, Holder, Pelosi, and Reid would not talk about nuts in the same breath.

    • Linda

      I would think that anyone who would endorse a party with the likes of Obama, Biden, Holder, Napoliatano, Pelosi, and Reid would not talk about nuts in the same breath. They were all standing behind the door when God passed out common sense!

    • JeffH

      Norm, your infatuation with Palin is astounding. I’d almost think you would be the guy that’s been “stalking” her and moved in next door.

      • Norm

        I prefer neighbors without mental disorders. With Sarah next door I would have to start packing a hand gun.

        • JeffH

          Norm, just as I stated above, youe infatuation with Palin is, uh, …well known now…

        • Right Wing

          Norom is a moron. I do think he has a thing for Palin too Jeff.

    • DaveH

      You could tell me that Obama is a wacko, and I would still have to do a lot of thinking before I would listen to your opinion.

      • Norm

        Thanks for the compliment.

        • DaveH

          It wasn’t a compliment. I can’t say that you are wrong all of the time. But I will say that you are wrong most of the time.

          • Norm


            Opinions are like a-sholes, everybody has one. Most, like yours, stink.

    • Bill H

      Norm, It is obvious that you are a left-wing nut job. These peoples views are not radical except to the left-wing socio-fascist elitest currently driving our country over the cliff. What I don’t understand is what do you really think you are going to get out of it? I can tell what it will be, nothing except a butt load of taxes and pitiful wages. You will be told what you can drive, if you can drive, where you will live and how much you can eat. Every aspect of your life will be monitored. You won’t be able to leave your tiny apartment without the government knowing. You will even be told when to die. Kind of reminds of a movie… Logans Run….. Ohh that sounds like fun.

      • Norm

        Bill H

        I have a large home(paid for long ago), not a small apartment. I choose my doctors and come and go as I please. I own weapons but don’t carry or use them. I can easily afford my relativly modest lifestyle despite living in a highly taxed southern New England state, and I am quite happy with my situation and retirement. I have 2 successful college educated kids. My wife and I worked our asses off to get here by the way.

        We will see if Sarah and Rand ever get elected to office. I really doubt it. The average American isn’t that dumb. At least Rand is intelligent, unlike Sarah. He just lives in the 1700′s when everybody farmed for and shot their food. People had short lives and doctors were basically non existant.

        I hate taxes like anybody else, but if you want to live in an aggressive “super power” and rule the world, then you’d better get used bellying up to the bar and paying the tab.

    • Bob Wire

      Norm! shhhhhhhhhhh! ~ they might hear you!

      • Right Wing

        Bobby…back with more extensive rhetoric I see. You must have something in common with Norom. Maybe he will invite you to his Cape Cod where you can discuss your big hopes for a progressive socialist government. You both could brainstorm new comments against Bush, Palin, and your new favorite Rand! Looking forward to your predictable dramatic slurs and generalizations.

  • Kathy

    Rands views aren’t the least bit whacky. They only appear so because his critics have not studied history and/or the overton window. We have moved so far to the left that Jeffersonian principles seem far right to the point of beyond reasonable. Our Founders had the same inclinations as Paul: The Articles of Confederation gave the federal government so little power that they were untenable in keeping a nation together. That is the point at which we always should start because no one (other than George Washington) ever gives up power willingly.

    • DaveH

      The leaders give their spin and the followers go baa, baa, baa.

      It truly amazes me that the Liberals will demonize Big Business which doesn’t have any power over us, but turn around and idolize Big Government which does have the power of force. Are they really that ignorant? Or do they envision their place at the trough?

      • kate8

        DaveH, liberals are indoctrinated from childhood. They aren’t able to think and reason rationally, as they have a disconnect with reality. And it is nearly impossible to retrieve them. Most of the time, it is a permanent mental disability.

      • Norm

        Bp has no power over us? Once again, this recession was caused by unbridled big bussiness and if it wasn’t for government intervention, as vile as it is to me, it would have been a complete melt down.

        • DaveH

          Do you ever read anything except MSM propaganda?
          How can you be so ignorant? The government was complicit in the bust. The Federal Reserve created the easy money conditions, and the Federal Government encouraged lending to unqualified borrowers. Some Liberal organizations even went so far as to blackmail bankers if they didn’t lend money to unqualified borrowers.
          And if you’re implying that we are out of the woods, guess again. The Government hasn’t prevented anything. They are just spending more of our money (mostly on themselves and their crony-capitalists) and setting the stage for more economic problems in the future.
          If you want to remain ignorant, I can’t help you. But if you want to start learning some facts, there are many good Libertarian websites to get solid information on government mismanagement. Try,, and for starters.

          • Right Wing

            Dave, Norom works for MSN!

    • Anthony

      On one side, you have Karl Marx (who was a Jew, btw) who wrote the Communist Manifesto.
      On the other side, Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University was writing the antithesis which would form the basis for Freidrich Wilhelm Nietzsche’s, “Nietzscheanism.” This Nietzecheanism was later developed into Fascism and then into Nazism and was used to forment the first and second world wars.

      In the middle – you have the JEFFERSONIAN CONCCEPT, which states that Governments get their power “from the People” …

      It is not a right-leaning concept. It is simply a Righteous Concept.

      If I can go out of my way to read up on this stuff… why can’t all of you?

      • kate8

        It does beg the question, doesn’t it, Anthony. Thank goodness there are intelligent people like you who do.

        There are several on this blog who have a really good take on things.

  • http://google pete popichak

    I don’t think the people of Kentucky are as stupid as the dems and republicans think they are. What has happened to our country when individual thinkers don’t espouse “politically correct” dogma?

    • Grey Wolf

      Your right! I live Cincinnati, & there is a lot of support for Rand Paul not only across the river in Northern Kentucky but throughout most of the Blue Grass State.

  • A.W.

    Mary – Mary quite contrary !!! Who is in government since the 1950s ??? Except for one term republican congress and a few (sorry only one Conservative President – make that 1.5 -counting Kennedy’s views), it has-been the left in charge. Check Europe and you see what you’ll get. Sorry to say, that the education you got left out teaching critical thought. Angry followers like you, who believe in Kool-Aid for all, are the reason we are in this mess. The quiet majority is at fault as well, since they did let the ignorant roam free for too long.
    My advise: “grow up, shut up and let the adults – not the Intellectuals (who are the most useless crowd – never ever has one of them conquered the “west” – if you understand what I mean ?!) try their hand in getting the only bastion of freedom back an track as the founders envisioned and why so many people want to live here !!!

    • spoonerist

      Are you implying that John Kennedy was somewhat of a “conservative”? Not a chance in Hell!! Don’t buy into the Kennedy myths. He did not “save” us from the Russians. He did not lower taxes. He did not reduce the size of government. He did not get us out of a phony war. He did not stand up to the United Nations. He was a pragmatic, amoral, elitist politician with organized crime connections who was a disgrace to his religion and his country. He (or more correctly his ghost writers) was a plagarist. “His” most famous quotation was stolen from Kahlil Gibran. He was not a WWII “hero”. He was a manufactured myth who did much damage to freedom. And every member of his “clan” who has gone into politics has promoted big government and a reduction of individual freedom. Don’t let the mainstream media sell you on the myths about John Kennedy. And when his usefulness to the Establishment was waning, he was assassinated so that the myth could be further promoted.

      • JeffH

        spoonerist, OK, you’ve made it clear you hate JFK! Although somewhat inaccurate.

      • Conservative at Birth

        Right you are.

      • JLC

        Spoonerist — Wrong, on at least one count. John Kennedy was awarded both the Navy and Marine Corps Medal, and the Purple heart in WWII. Some would consider this to be somewhat heroic.

      • Anthony

        I’m almost pi$$ed I defended spoonerist elsewhere in this blogging.

        You obviously haven’t done your homework on JFK.

        Look at it this way – I “used to be” a fan of Alexander Hamilton.
        Then, I finally sat myself down and began to actually read the book related to our Founding Fathers’ fight against Britain and more importantly “fight against the actualy mechanics of economics” that had been allowed to destroy Great Britain.

        We live in a money paradigm and spooerist should read Exec Order 11110.


        You want to be mad at someone in the Dem Party, circa 1961/62…
        Go look at Robert McNamara. Go review the Supreme Court Judges we had then.

        • spoonerist

          John Kennedy was no war hero. His incompetence lost the PT boat that he was assigned to. His father essentially bought his medals. Kennedy rasied taxes, like the 15% interest equalization tax that the mainstream media so conveniently forget to mention. He and his Attorney General brother abused their power and had General Walker illegally detained. He and Robert McNamara were co-conspirators. His judicial appointments were as bad as those of Slick Willy Clinton and Juan Peron Obama. He was a prescription drug addict. He had an extremely disrespectful attitude towards women. He promoted continued financial support to the Communist nations. He and McNamara wanted to surrender US military authority to the United Nations. He supported the UN genocide in Katanga. And on and on and on and on. John Kennedy was no patriot. He was as bad as Wilson, Roosevelt, Johnson and the clowns after him. It’s too bad that Martha Roundtree (originator of Meet the Press, and romantic rejector of Kennedy) is no longer alive. She could tell you some very interesting stories about John Kennedy and his parents.

        • Right Wing

          Anthony, a bit harsh on spoonerist. BTW what book are you referring too? I am still a fan of Hamilton and am always open to further understanding.

  • s c

    The racism ploy was predictable. When you’re dealing with highly-paid progressives and their ‘cheerleaders,’ you know that when racists are hard to find, they can always be ‘invented’ by scumbags who have a license to see them behind every tree [a Chicago 'race sniffer' comes to mind].
    I’ll give Paul a chance. Grand Inquisitors can jam their ‘worthy’ credentials and their pc-based, race-baiting techniques where the sun never shines.
    [as I recall, MLK didn't use the race card. now it's completely different because 'down for the struggle' went to Washington and was sold on the auction block to the highest bidder].

    • Bill H

      s c, I’m sure you know this but you seem to put it somewhat as a question. The Left-wingers us the race card because they have nothing else. Calling someone a racist is the easist thing to say and the hardest thing to wash off. The acuisation is enough to doubt in many peoples minds. The thing is, the more they use it, the less impact it has. People slowly begin to realize… everyone isn’t a racist. The acuisation has already begun to ware thin.

  • Tommy Lamberth

    The most important service rendered by the press is that of educating people to approach printed matter with distrust. The vice of the people is the voice of the press.

  • n2trophies

    Seems this man has the same objectives as oboma. Not for America.

  • leocorion

    [With ambiguous placement, a modifier is confusing to a reader because it can refer to two or more words in a sentence.] ~(c) 1999 Prentice-Hall, Inc.

    “The Electors…one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves…
    . But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote; a quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two-thirds of the states and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice.” ~Amendment XII.

  • leocorion

    The Electoral College was intended by our Founding Fathers to preserve
    The ancient Precedent established by the Israelites on the Plain of Encampment,when Levi was in the Midst: also when the thirteen Chieftains of the lost tribes who had settled in Scandinavia held a TING to elect their King; likewise when the Pope is chosen: and this is the reason that when George Washington was likewise elected he was given the title of Mr. Precedent.

    The Supreme Court judges, ignorant of its historical setting, will be unable to interpret the Constitution and the original intent of its provisions, opined Madison. Re: The Federalist Papers, en essentia.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      The Electorial College was in keeping with States Rights and apportioning votes in accordance to population. Also having two senators protected the power of the small states and the House of Representatives apportioned by population protected the larger states who had a greater population to represent.

    • Anthony

      I have no faith whatsoever in the Supreme Court, as long as it avails itself with autonomous lifetime powers and is insistent on subverting the many different clauses in the Consitution for nothing more than power usurpation against the people.

      And, no… this is not just high sounding words. They are specific.

      I don’t care who it is that appoints them.
      They should NEVER hold the bench for life.
      The people (i.e. States) should have the right to not abide by their decisions.

      It actually used to be the norm in our great Country Think about that.

      Chief Justice John Marshall did a great deal of damage to States Rights and to the rights of all free people under false premise and subversive actions in how the Constitution was to be interpreted… all at the teachings and urgings of Alexander Hamilton.

      There is not one anti-Hamilton Judge on the bench right now.
      If there are any, at all? They are very adept at keeping that fact secret.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Clarence Thomas is a great patriot and his intention is to interpret the constitution with original intent. His wife is also a great patriot and is starting to speak out.

        • JeffH

          Bruce D…his wife, Ginnie Thomas, seems to understand the “politics as usual” in Dc quite well and educating the public through the organization Liberty Central.

          I urge all concerned citizens to check out this website and sign the pledge…

          NOW is the time for action. Liberty Central is ‘America’s Public Square’ for concerned citizens of all backgrounds, affiliations and circumstances to stand-up and take action. Throughout history, everyday citizens have joined the front lines to defend our great nation. It’s your turn to make a difference. Americans must elect to be self-governed, as enabled by our U.S. Constitution, or we can choose to be ruled by a big government elite in Washington.

          Action versus complacency – the decision is yours. Take the Pledge to Activism today.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    The Fed needs to be done away with, and has for a long time. On the Patriot act, I could care less if they tape my phone calls, as if it means catching terrorists communicating and stop them in their tracks, I will gladly let them listen to my phone calls. But then again, Ive got nothing to hide. Only those doing illegal things should worry about this. I could care less if the Republicans listened in on the Democrats, or vice versa. Maybe it will keep them on the straight and narrow, and keep them from doing illegal stuff. As for the war in Iraq, I fully believe that if we did not take the fight to them, it would have been Hitler all over again, as this guy did have designs on taking over the whole Middle East, and we could have waited like we did Hitler, where he laid waste to allmost every country he could before we acted. Or we could have done the Bill Clinton, and let them keep punching us in the nose. I myself, would have saved American lives, and turned either Iraq or Iran into a sheet of glass, then asked the other terrorists countries over there if they had any questions, but thats just me, I love peace, and Im willing to fight for it, because your not going to get it by appeasement, as that is just not going to happen. But I like Paul’s message, but him and his father need to get over this pacifist thing, because if you not willing to fight, these other countries that want to do us in, are going to fight, and fight until they die, and thats just the way it is. Diplomacy will get you no where with them. Sitting on your butt and doing nothing ala Bill Clinton will get you nowhere, but bombed bigtime like as in 9-11. If your not willing to take the fight to those that are fighting us, then I cannot support you.

    • Roylyn08

      I agree — “A Right Wing Extremist Potential Terrorist Threat.” and a Retired Air Force Christian Veteran. This title is not of my choosing, but it was given to me by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

      • JC

        You took oath to uphold the Constitution, and that’s what they’re afraid of.

    • Rob Alexander

      “You have nothing to fear if you’re not doing anything wrong”…

      Hmmmm, where have we heard THIS before? (scratches head)

      • Vicki

        Without principles, how will you know what is wrong? What if your principles don’t match those who are in power? Worst of all what if those in power have no principles?

        As was said by John Adams, our way of government is for a moral people. It is not suitable for any other.

        • Bill H

          That would be the problem then wouldn’t it.
          These people in power and many of them on the left and far left have no morals, no principals and no character. Look at the moral decline that has spread out of Washington and Hollywood and the decadence that has grown in San Francisco and spread across the nation all the way to Florida and the Northeast.

          We need a new bread in Washington, people that truely want to clean it up and not stay for lenghty careers.

          • kate8

            Those in charge now are products of the socialist indoctrination in our education system. It was planned that way.

          • kate8

            I remember reading where Bill Ayers, meeting with Obama some years before he entered public office, saying that there would be millions who were immune to indoctrination and couldn’t be “re-educated”. They would have to be eliminated.

    • DaveH

      You are exhibiting what I call the “Movie Syndrome”. In a movie they almost always make it very clear who the bad guy is, so it is easy to desire the maximum punishment for the creep. But in real life, things are not so clear.
      If all the Patriot Act could ever be used for is capturing people that are would-be mass-murderers, I would be with you. But don’t kid yourself. In the future, if we ignore it and let it go on, the Patriot Act will be used for all sorts of Big Government oppression. Count on it.

      • JeffH

        …got to agree with you on that DaveH.

      • Anthony

        Totally agree, here.

        Here’s another thought – -

        The only reason to have Gun Registration, is so they can take them away!

  • gary

    yes that Rachel MadCow is quite the heffer. Rave on you mad fool.

  • Hofmanndawg

    To Bob Livingston, congratulations, your article is excellent.

    I too saw Rand Paul’s interview by Rachel Maddow. Yes, it was a gotcha question, but so are Hannity’s & O’Reilly’s in their interviews, but unlike Hannity & O’Reilly she didn’t hound Rand about his cautious, thoughtful and well reasoned answer.

    Here’s hoping JD Hayworth can beat the establishment RINO Mitt Romney/Scott Brown/Lindsey Graham/Charlie Crist endorsed Juan McCain in the Arizona primary.

    • DaveH

      I’m with you on that, Hof. I am Hoping and Dreaming that enough Republicans will wake up to oust that RINO Liberal John McCain.

  • Mardell Sutherland

    So sad…..a nation of sheep….DO BE an independent thinker…
    DO DELVE into the words and actions….Bow to ?? the Media….omg

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul….America (we) need MORE like them!!
    Spend some quality time reviewing what they say…and why!!

  • mike geremia

    Hooray for Ron Paul. Men like him will win our country back. The Rep. Party must rid itself of the moderates, Liberals and RINOS. They are no different than than the democrat/communists. Who watches MSNBC anyway? They are on their way out. Only dedicated liberal/communists watch it.

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    Good job Bob Livingston on telling it like it is. I like when you said “if you rock the boat they are going to try to gut you”. It takes guts standing up to the establishment. We all have to remember the establishment got us into the decayed society we have now because we were afraid to tell it like it is. None of us want to be “gut like a fish”. Now we are beginning to see that if we do not speak our mind society and America are lost. It has to be now because later may be too late. The establishment already determines the peramiter of the conversation as witnesed by Rand Paul. How dare you say what we do not want to hear.

  • J. B. Williams

    Old Jack Webb the founder of Dragnet and the one who began paramedic service in America used to say, “Just the facts, ma’m, just the facts.” I other words, tell it like it happened and let the public formulate it’s own opinions. Americans are smart enough to see through phoniness and b.s. If Rand can stay focussed on his mission and leave the smut and ridicule to God he will be fine. Remember the old nursery rime, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never harm me.” It still applies.

    • American Citizen

      I’m beginning to wonder about a lot of the American people after reading posts on here by the liberals and progressives. Why didn’t they see through Obama’s b.s. and snake oil promises?

      • Conservative at Birth

        Because the choose ignorance over knowledge. I have read 12 books in the last year and have offered them to many for their education. They chose to remain ignorant.

        • American Citizen

          I agree, present them with truth and facts and they accuse you of lying because it doesn’t jibe with their opinions.

        • Norm

          Conservative at Birth
          It’s not the quantity, it’s the quality.
          Reading books by Hannity, Palin, Beck, and the like, along with Alice in Wonderland, a well rounded scholar do not make.

          • JeffH

            …neither does the reading of Alinsky’s writings, although that probably make a little more sense to you Normy.

      • DaveH

        Because they don’t want to see through his snake oil. There gaze is firmly fixed on the trough. The real irony is that if socialism, and maybe even communism, were to take root, many of those useless Liberals would be the first ones stepped on by the all-powerful leaders.

        • American Citizen

          That’s why those in power call them “useful Idiots”.

        • Norm

          Socialism and communism are not where Obama is. If you haven’t noticed (obviously you haven’t) the left wing nuts are as unhappy as the right wing nuts.

          • JeffH

            Just where is Obama at Normy? Jetting off somwhere to give another speach, taking Michelle shopping at Saks 5th Ave, smoking a butt, taking calls from his handlers or doing nothing or all of the above.

          • DaveH

            Obama has succeeded in a virtual takeover of GM, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other companies, not to mention our healthcare system. Just how far do we have to let him go, before you admit he is a Socialist at best (probably a Marxist)?

  • bedbug


  • Brian

    It is instructive to be aware of the uninformed labelers who are attacking Rand Paul.
    Rand needs to focus on his prospective constituents in Kentucky and ignore the MesSNBC,CNN and other legacy outlets who are in fear for their PC careers.
    If the normalcy which Rand ascribes succeeds, the grip the progressive crowd in LA and Manhattan is loosened.

  • Ronald D Johnston

    If Rand Paul is a far right wing whacko, we need 99 more just like him in the Senate and 435 in the legislature. We just might survive the looneys on the fascist marxist left.

  • Liz C.

    You know we can respond to the media and tell them what we think of them. That most likely big government has their hand in their pockets putting money in to make them say what they wanted, or taking money when they go against them. But if enough people would write the media telling what we think of them, it might change them. Who knows. I honestly think that is the only way we can start getting the media to start doing it’s job the right way. The media keeps the race card going all the time, why?

    • Angel

      Why indeed? Because the elites control the media just as they do the Federal Reserve the Democrats, the Republicans, the pharmaceutical industry, the music industry, movies and shall I go ON? This is why we have to do away with the Federal Reserve, to cut the hold the elites have on our Republic!

  • grousefeather

    We need more people like Ron Paul to take over government so we can be free exploit, free to pollute, free to swindle, and free to rig the economy in our favor. Long live freedom, and Ron Paul.

    • DaveH

      Sounds like a pretty good description of the Government to me.

  • Linda

    Rand Paul should stand firm on his principles and not be intimidated by the lame-stream media, the hateful left, or the GOP establishment. Michael Steele should keep his big mouth shut if he wants Tea Party support. I would discourage giving money to the large party establishments in favor of giving to the individual candidates of your choice.


    Obama Zombies You All Must Bite The Bullet Rand Paul Is A True American That Puts The Manchurian Pres Obama Out Of Office, Yikees, The Truth Hurts Just Keep Tabs In The Nov Elections Buckwheat, The Jig Is Up.

  • Trevor

    I agree with Paul that private businesses should be free to choose who they do business with unless they operate from a facility that’s open to the public and fronts taxpayer maintained streets and sidewalks in commercial zoned areas.

    • DaveH

      Yeah, you’re real funny. The truth is that if society as a whole dislikes discrimination (and I think they do), then bigotted businesses are not going to survive in a Free Market against those that don’t discriminate. The fact is that the businesses lose money if they are bigotted, and as Liberals love to point out, they love making money. The Free Market takes care of social anomalies much better than Government does. Government’s answer to Bigottry is to use their considerable force to push reverse discrimination. As a result, people on the other side are angered. That’s a solution?

      • Norm

        The free market is great at self regulation. Just ask the folks in Southern Louisiana.

        • DaveH

          Are you talking about the people that built there homes in a hole and then wanted to be bailed out by smarter people after the hole filled with water?

          • Norm

            No I’m talking about the people who occupied their own land and made an honest living fishing, shrimping, and harvesting shell fish. I’m talking about people who were destroyed by crude oil deposited by one of the worlds largest companies. I’m also a about a company that saved money by ignoring safety procedures and proper backup considerations. BP did what the private sector does best – make profits. If it wasn’t for the FAA (government) I’d hate to fly in an aircraft.

  • marvin

    their are some on here that still want to refer the tea party to the sick act of homosexual tea bagging, they know who they are, god made a woman for a man, or man for a woman it was adam and eve not adam and steve, so stop posting sexual slers, you disagree that one thing, but because of your liberal bias you think that sick name calling will help win your debate, like theleft wing liberal you are, i am a christan by grace a tea party member and republican by chose do i agree with rand paul on ever thing no do i agree with the republican all the time no, do i agree with the tea party all the time no,do i agree with a liberal democrat any of the time hell no, you are known by the company you keep, i would much reather hang around with tea party members, then be the receiver of the tea bagging, like a few of the liberals on here are so proud of

  • barb

    i think the civil rights act was needed at the time it was passed, but that time is over. now, you’re discriminated against if you are white. my blonde haired, blue eyed sons have had to fight for every bit of scholarship money they’ve received. look at the scholarship book at the library – women, blacks, hispanics get everything.

    • s c

      Barb, by brown-nosing the whims of minorities and protected status losers for decades, Obummer and his progressive lemmings have opened the door for the time when Americans will be glad to have a job (and jobs will be rarer than an honest politician).
      I hope your sons fare well in this job market. In a way, it will be amusing for Obummer’s robots to cry foul when jobs become even more scarce, and those who were handed an education via ‘affirmative action’ and other criminal methods won’t have enough degrees or exprience to work at a McDonald’s. Turnabout is going to be a royal #^$&*.

    • American Citizen

      I have to disagree somewhat. If you’re poor, you get all the help you need to get into college as long as you’ve got the grades. Middle class people are out of luck for the most part. Our youngest daughter had to drop out of college because she couldn’t get a dime of help. But with the help we could give, not much, she was able to go to a technical college and learn to be a Medical Assistant. She’s now married with three children and works for a doctor.

  • JeffH

    Bob Livingston has nailed it again and written a very well informed message for all to read and I thank him. Buck the status quo and the wolves come out in droves to protect their pack…time for a real change…time to go to a tea party.

  • Antoinette L. Knowles

    Doctor Paul proved that he is not a professional politician, good for him. I believe he will be able to put the good of the Country first and we all know that is what we need.

  • James A Graham

    It has started here

    You may not believe it or care but as liberal as we the people are. it’s here

    Subject: Muslim Women

    Joys of Muslim Women

    This was written by a woman born in Egypt as a Muslim.
    This is not heresy, and it will scare the life out of you.
    Make sure you read the paragraph (in red) towards the end.

    Joys of Muslim Women
    by Nonie Darwish

    In the Muslim faith a Muslim man can marry a child as young as 1 year old
    and have sexual intimacy with this child. Consummating the marriage by 9.
    The dowry is given to the family in exchange for the woman (who becomes his
    slave) and for the purchase of the private parts of the woman, to use her as
    a toy.

    Even though a woman is abused she can not obtain a divorce.
    To prove rape, the woman must have (4) male witnesses.
    Often after a woman has been raped, she is returned to her family and the
    family must return the dowry. The family has the right to execute her (an
    honor killing) to restore the honor of the family. Husbands can beat their
    wives ‘at will’ and he does not have to say why he has beaten her.

    The husband is permitted to have (4 wives) and a temporary wife for an hour
    (prostitute) at his discretion.

    The Shariah Muslim law controls the private as well as the public life of
    the woman.

    In the West World ( America ) Muslim men are starting to demand Shariah Law
    so the wife can not obtain a divorce and he can have full and complete
    control of her. It is amazing and alarming how many of our sisters and
    daughters attending American Universities are now marrying Muslim men and
    submitting themselves and their children unsuspectingly to the Shariah law.

    By passing this on, enlightened American women may avoid becoming a slave
    under Shariah Law.
    Ripping the West in Two.
    Author and lecturer Nonie Darwish says the goal of radical Islamists is to
    impose Shariah law on the world, ripping Western law and liberty in two.

    She recently authored the book, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying
    Global Implications of Islamic Law.

    Darwish was born in Cairo and spent her childhood in Egypt and Gaza before
    immigrating to America in 1978, when she was eight years old. Her father
    died while leading covert attacks on Israel . He was a high-ranking
    Egyptian military officer stationed with his family in Gaza .

    When he died, he was considered a “shahid,” a martyr for jihad. His
    posthumous status earned Nonie and her family an elevated position in Muslim

    But Darwish developed a skeptical eye at an early age. She questioned her
    own Muslim culture and upbringing. She converted to Christianity after
    hearing a Christian preacher on television.

    In her latest book, Darwish warns about creeping sharia law – what it is,
    what it means, and how it is manifested in Islamic countries.

    For the West, she says radical Islamists are working to impose sharia on the
    world. If that happens, Western civilization will be destroyed. Westerners
    generally assume all religions encourage a respect for the dignity of each
    individual. Islamic law (Sharia) teaches that non-Muslims should be
    subjugated or killed in this world.

    Peace and prosperity for one’s children is not as important as assuring that
    Islamic law rules everywhere in the Middle East and eventually in the world.

    While Westerners tend to think that all religions encourage some form of the
    golden rule, Sharia teaches two systems of ethics – one for Muslims and
    another for non-Muslims. Building on tribal practices of the seventh
    century, Sharia encourages the side of humanity that wants to take from and
    subjugate others.

    While Westerners tend to think in terms of religious people developing a
    personal understanding of and relationship with God, Sharia advocates
    executing people who ask difficult questions that could be interpreted as

    It’s hard to imagine, that in this day and age, Islamic scholars agree that
    those who criticize Islam or choose to stop being Muslim should be executed.
    Sadly, while talk of an Islamic reformation is common and even assumed by
    many in the West, such murmurings in the Middle East are silenced through

    While Westerners are accustomed to an increase in religious tolerance over
    time, Darwish explains how petro dollars are being used to grow an extremely
    intolerant form of political Islam in her native Egypt and elsewhere.

    (In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to elect
    the President by themselves! Rest assured they will do so… You can look at
    how they have taken over several towns in the USA .. Dearborn Mich. is
    one… and there are others…)

    I think everyone in the U.S. should be required to read this, but with the
    ACLU, there is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us
    sends it on!

    It is too bad that so many are disillusioned with life and Christianity to
    accept Muslims as peaceful.. some may be but they have an army that is
    willing to shed blood in the name of Islam.. the peaceful support the
    warriors with their finances and own kind of patriotism to their religion.
    While America is getting rid of Christianity from all public sites and
    erasing God from the lives of children the Muslims are planning a great
    jihad on America ..

    This is your chance to make a difference…! Pass it on to your email list
    or at least those you think will listen..

    • Angel

      There is a man here in America right now that is under the threat of deportation by DHS. His name is Mosab (Joseph) Yousef and wroth the book Son of Hamas. His father was the founder of Hams and he, for 10 years, went undercover and saved the lives of many Americans and Israelis…he became a Christian and he indeed verified all this. That America doesn’t even realize what they are facing with the Muslims and their plans of implementation of Shariah Law.

      • Rob Alexander

        Let ‘em do it in their country and don’t let ‘em do it in ours… Leave ‘em alone in there’s and kick the you-know-what out of ‘em (only) if they try to bring it here. Seems there’s a simple solution that doesn’t involve going to war, eh?

  • James A Graham

    Presidential Social Security Number real or fake?

    Thanks Joanne,
    I personally can’t verify this but feel that it warrants scrutiny!

    I am very familiar with how SSNs are issued (from my years as a
    personal and commercial lending officer for banks) and the fact that
    the numbers actually indicate the state that the SSN was issued in.
    Draw your own conclusions as to whether this is something..I know my
    SSN was issued in CT and the first 3 #s of my SSN match a CT issued #.

    Investigators: Obama uses Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number

    3 experts insist White House answer new questions about documentation

    Posted: May 11, 2010
    9:57 pm Eastern

    By Jerome R. Corsi

    NEW YORK – Two private investigators working independently are asking
    why President Obama is using a Social _Security_ number set aside for
    applicants in _Connecticut_ while there is no record he ever had a
    mailing address in the state.

    In addition, the records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and
    1979, yet Obama’s earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a
    Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii.

    Copies of affidavits filed separately in a presidential eligibility
    lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia by Ohio
    licensed _private investigator_ Susan Daniels and Colorado private
    investigator John N. Sampson.
    The investigators believe Obama needs to explain why he is using a
    Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants that was
    issued at a date later than he is known to have held employment.

    The Social Security website
    confirms the first
    three numbers in his ID are reserved for applicants with Connecticut
    addresses, 040-049.

    “Since 1973, Social Security numbers have been issued by our central
    office,” the Social Security website explains. “The first three (3)
    digits of a person’s social security number are determined by the ZIP
    code of the mailing address shown on the application for a social
    security number.”

    The question is being raised amid speculation about the president’s
    history fueled by an extraordinary lack of public documentation
    . Along with
    his original birth certificate, Obama also has not released educational
    records, scholarly articles, passport documents, medical records, papers
    from his service in the Illinois state Senate, Illinois State Bar
    Association records, any baptism records and adoption papers.

    Robert Siciliano, president and CEO of
    and a nationally recognized expert on
    _identity theft_, agrees the Social Security number should be questioned.

    “I know Social Security numbers have been issued to people in states
    where they don’t live, but there’s usually a good reason the person
    applied for a Social Security number in a different state,” Siciliano
    told WND.

    Siciliano was asked whether he thought the question was one the White
    House should answer.
    “Yes,” he replied. “In the case of President Obama, I really don’t know
    what the good reason would be that he has a Social Security number
    issued in Connecticut when we know he was a resident of Hawaii.”

    Siciliano is a frequent expert guest on identify theft on cable
    television networks, including CNN, CNBC and the Fox News Channel.

    Daniels and Sampson each used a different database showing Obama is
    using a Social Security number beginning with 042.

    Further confirmed that the Social Security number in question links to
    Obama in the online records maintained by the Selective Service System
    . Inserting the Social
    Security number, his birth date and his last name produces a valid
    Selective Service number.

    To verify the number was issued by the Social Security Administration
    for applicants in Connecticut, Daniels used a Social Security number
    verification database. She found that the numbers immediately before and
    immediately after Obama’s were issued to Connecticut applicants between
    the years 1977 and 1979.

    “There is obviously a case of fraud going on here,” Daniels maintained.
    “In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve
    never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing
    a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii.
    There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”

    Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security

    “Never,” Daniels said. “It’s against the law for a person to have a
    re-issued or second Social Security number issued.”
    Daniels said she is “staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama’s
    use of this Social Security number is fraudulent.”
    There is no indication in the limited background documentation released
    by the Obama 2008 presidential campaign or by the White House to
    establish that Obama ever lived in Connecticut.

    Nor is there any suggestion in Obama’s autobiography, “Dreams from My
    Father,” that he ever had a Connecticut address.
    Also, nothing can be found in the public record that indicates Obama
    visited Connecticut during his high-school years.

    Sampson’s affidavit specifies that as a result of his formal training as
    an immigration officer and his 27-year career in professional law
    enforcement, “it is my knowledge and belief that Social Security numbers
    can only be applied for in the state in which the applicant habitually
    resides and has their official residence.”

    Daniels said that she believes Obama had a different Social Security
    number when he worked as a teenager in Hawaii prior to 1977.
    “I doubt this is President Obama’s originally issued Social Security
    number,” she told WND. “Obama has a work history in Hawaii before he
    left the islands to attend college at Occidental College in California,
    so he must have originally been issued a Social Security number in Hawaii.”

    The published record available about Obama indicates his first job as a
    teenager in Hawaii was at a Baskin-Robbins in the Makiki neighborhood on
    Oahu. USA Today reported

    the ice-cream shop
    still was in operation one year after Obama’s inauguration., a website typically supportive of Obama, claims he
    worked at the Baskin-Robbins in 1975 or 1976
    prior to the issuance of the number in question.

    “It is a crime to use more than one Social Security number, and Barack
    Obama had to have a previous Social Security number to have worked at
    Baskin-Robbins,” she insisted. “Under current law, a person is not
    permitted to use more than one Social Security number in a lifetime.”

    Another anomaly in the law enforcement databases searched by Daniels and
    Sampson is that the date 1890 shows up in the field indicating the birth
    of the number holder, along with Obama’s birth date of 08/04/1961. A
    third date listed is 04/08/1961, which appears to be a transposition of
    Obama’s birth date in an international format, with the day before the

    Daniels disclosed the name of the database she searched and produced a
    computer screen copy of the page that listed 1890 as a date associated
    with the 042 Social Security number.

    Daniels said she can’t be sure if the 1890 figure has any significance.
    But she said it appears the number Obama is using was previously issued
    by the Social Security Administration.

    After an extensive check of the proprietary databases she uses as a
    licensed private investigator, Daniels determined that the first
    occurrence of Obama’s association with the number was in 1986 in Chicago.
    Daniels assumes, but cannot prove, that Obama took on a previously
    issued Social Security number that had gone dormant due to the death of
    the original holder.

    Daniels has been a licensed private investigator in Ohio since 1995.
    Sampson formed his private investigations firm, CSI Consulting and
    Investigations, in 2008. He previously worked as a deportations law
    enforcement officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
    The Daniels and Sampson affidavits were originally recorded by attorney
    Orly Taitz in an eligibility case against Obama last year

    • Vicki

      IF it were one of us or a republican we would be facing serious jail time. Just another reason why we KNOW that the elite have gone over the edge.

  • orison Hungerford

    I have never read such gobble de goop. Yo can’t fix a problem until you go to the root cause. The globalist control the world because they own all the printing presses. We are just puppets in the grasps of the global bankers who are using their wars to cull out our young kids and control the masses as they set up their global empire. This war crap is just a gobble-de-goop distraction from the real threat “gobal Empire” in the hands of the most ruthless-godless heathens ever born of mankind. These sub-humans underwrite all the mass killings, political perverts and global control freaks that are moving our planet into their global empire of a limted population of sheeplings serving their elie masters of the One World Order. A true American would restore our gold backed dollar, stop fighting undeclared wars for culling our young kids, and build a real peace effort with controlling populations and feeding our world through peace and prosperity under the teachings of our Creator God Almighty as taught by Jesus.

    • Vicki

      “The globalist control the world because they own all the printing presses.”

      No they do not. The fact you are reading this is sufficient proof thereof.

      One of the big reasons the Internet is very unpopular in a lot of governments around the world is that it makes publishing your ideas and finding like minded people SO much easier then the early days of the “printing press”

      • JeffH

        Vicki, the globalists are trying very hard and do control “most”, but because we are still a free nation they need Obama to finish America off. Well, the good news is they don’t control as much as they’d like to like the free thinking American patriots, the internet, websites just like this and free speech as exercised on FOX, Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, Rand Paul and all of the people like us that can make a difference.

      • Anthony

        Vicki -

        The man meant “printing presses” equals … printing of money

        • Vicki

          Touche’ :)

  • Harold Olsen

    I can understand why people like Mitch McConnell don’t like Rand Paul. Compared to McConnell he is way far right. It’s because, unlike McConnell and his ilk Rand Paul is a conservative. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, our current crop of Republicans in Washington, DC are, at best, left-leaning moderates. We, who support the TEA Party movement, want TRUE conservative and not idiots like McCain who are conservative ONLY when they are up for re-election. It’s time to throw the bums out. It’s time to take back our country!!

  • James

    This is a thoughtful article and, for the most part, good discussion. But I do think it’s more than a little over the edge for a serious politician for a major public office in 2010 to say that private discrimination is okay, no matter how old he was when the Civil Rights Act was passed. This is more than a little bit like ex-governor Palin claiming she was ambushed by being asked what what she reads.

    • JeffH

      James, who was it that said “private” discrimination or any discrimination is OK? Rand Paul did not say that no matter how you would like to present it. Sounds a lot like Rachael Madcow speaking there.

      • Kinetic1

        No, what Rand Paul said was that everyone should have the right to be racist, and I agree. The problem is that we as a nation have decided that racism is not a good thing. We, as a nation have decided that anyone who receives a business license can not reject customers based on color, gender etc. This does not mean that you have to allow a black man into your home if you don’t want to. And should a gay couple start making out in your family restaurant you have just as much right to ask them to stop or leave as you would with any heterosexual couple. As long as you are consistent and fair, no problem.

        So why is this an issue? Didn’t he say that he would not frequent any establishment that was racist? I’m not saying that Rand Paul is racist, just wrong. If you allow “private” businesses to choose their customers and employees based on race, sex etc. you open the flood gates. It won’t be just one shop, but many. It may seem like nothing that a small town does not want gays around and openly turns them away from restaurants and gas stations, but it’s that sort of atmosphere that leads people to justify violence against those they don’t approve of. Of course we have laws against such violence, but why would we want to foster it in the first place? What if the local law enforcement grew up in the town and turns a blind eye? There are reasons for social laws and, while we need to think long and hard before we regulate our freedoms (anyone for a “Patriot Act?), some things are just right.

        • DaveH

          Oh sure. The greedy businesses (Liberal speak, not mine) are going to discriminate and lose customers. It’s so easy to just say anything you want. Where is your proof? If discrimination was a systemic thing, then the blacks would still be slaves. They could not have been freed without the help of non-bigotted Whites. And what is stopping any minority from starting his/her own business? Nothing but Government meddling. Quit peddling fear, Kinetic, and start using reason.

      • JeffH

        Mr. Paul’s statement wasn’t racist in the slightest, either. It was individualist.

        Now, maybe it sounds “mean” to allow people to make their own choices and face their own consequences. But how it “sounds” and the reality of the situation are polar opposites. It is the only nice thing you can do. And, if you want to step in and personally, individually, save people from the consequences of some of their own actions, when possible, go right ahead. Just don’t use the illegitimate, coercive force of government to impose upon other people to grant your wishes at their own expense.

        Was the federal government right to force private businesses to integrate back during the civil rights movement? No. It was a violation of personal property rights and the right of association. People have the right to be wrong, and discrimination based on trivial matters is a prime example of being wrong by exercising a right. If an individual or business discriminates against non-violent, honest people, you and I have a right, maybe even an ethical responsibility, to exercise our own right of association and shun those people and businesses. After all, if it can happen to “them” it could happen to “us”.

      • Vicki

        Let us examine the First amendment. There is a little part where it says freedom of association. That kinda means freedom to NOT associate as well.

        • DaveH

          Imagine if we took the Liberal code of ethics to its logical conclusion. There could be no Ebony, or United Negro College Fund, or National Urban League, or NAACP, or …….
          Can you imagine if we had a National Association for the Advancement of White People? There is an Unbelievable amount of hypocrisy in this country that is exibited by the Left.
          We need Government to be truly color-blind and butt the hell out of our choices for associates.

    • TIME

      Get a grip. Rand Paul is not a raciest, nor did he imply that race should play any part of political issues.

      What he clearly said was, that Government has no business in your business. Now explain where the raciest issue is.

      Don’t read in points that are not there, also don’t let some dim witted bimbo slant your views due to her being an inept mindless twinkie.

  • Annie Ladysmith

    Listen, I wouldn’t go on about the “founding fathers”, they brought witchcraft and Masonry over on the Mayflower. Every president from Washington has been a Mason. Do your research before making this idiotic, susposedly patriotic, overused gargon, “founding fathers”.
    We are not for the “founding father”, we are for our liberty and a form of government that originates at local and state lever, so the people have control. Perhaps you are a Mason yourself?

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I am for the ‘founding fathers’. You do not even know who they are. The Puritans and Pilgrams who are not the ‘founding fathers’ were strickly opposed to witchcraft. Later they had one or more servants brought in from Hatti who practiced whichcraft and it was considered a high crime. The problem in America is the lack of education of their heritage.

    • JC

      Annie, read the Constitution, understand it, know who wrote it…
      the Founder’s gave a ton of wisdom and a very simple map to follow.

      • DaveH

        They had the experience that we have yet to learn. It’s too bad that history has to repeat itself.

        • Vicki

          A smart person learns from his/her mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others. In both cases history is essential.

  • joe

    You’d think the ignorant jackass war mongers would have learned something from the gigantic fiasco that was Vietnam
    The parasitic cowards always want to fight with soembody else’s money and somebody else’s blood.
    the useless wars would end tomorrow if the pro-war boneheads had to use their own blood and money without forcing those of us with brains to pay for their nonsense.
    tell me ..How did America benefit from Vietnam.????
    iraq and Afghanistan are just two more Vietnams.

    • JeffH

      joe, bad try…Rand Paul? Not war!

      • Claire

        JeffH–I wonder how America has been paying for the Iraq/Afghanistan war for almost 10 years? Where is this money coming from? China? Ypou have to admit this war has cost billions.

        • Claire


          • DaveH

            And our Children.

          • Claire

            And grandchildren and great-grandchildren and on and on.

    • American Citizen

      How much farther would you have let them go before we fought back? We had this war declared on us. Not only that, we have cells of terrorists living among us.

      • DaveH

        There is nothing wrong with dealing harsh punishment on our attackers, and that is where it should have stopped. No occupation, no Nation Building. Save our money to arm for the next attack. Impoverishing our country is going to serve no useful purpose.

      • Vicki

        The real tragedy of 9/11 is 2 fold. 1 the killers committed suicide thus taking themselves beyond our justice. Let God deal with them as he may. The 2nd is that 9/11 could NOT have happened in a free country where little things like the 2nd Amendment were honored.
        Just imagine 5 hijackers pulling out guns and yelling at everyone. Then 25-50 passengers pull out their guns and neutralize the threat. That is what should have happened that fateful day in September, 2001

        • Norm

          Wow just like the OK Corall. We don’t need laws, cops, or courts. Just arm everybody, and may the best shot win. Hee Haw.

          • DaveH

            There always have been, and probably always will be, predators in our society. The choice is whether you want to be a helpless victim, or be somebody who fights back. The Government cannot protect us. They can only arrest (possibly) the perpetrators. That doesn’t do the victims much good.
            Norm, you remind me of an article on a bulletin board in the County Court House. It was proclaiming the fact that 2 different ex-husbands had shot their ex-wives “even though they had restraining orders on them”. Imagine that. The husbands had the audacity to ignore the restraining orders when they had murder on their minds!
            Government lovers are just clueless.

          • Vicki

            WoW Norm. You must get your history from Hollywood. Most historians are well aware that an armed society is a polite society. Even science fiction writers know this.

        • DaveH

          I agree completely Vicki.
          First they make us helpless sheep, then they pretend to come to our rescue with even more intrusion on our Liberty.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      You can certainly make that case for Iraq. For Afganistan we had to go in. We cannot let massive amount of Americans get murdered and not take action. Even then Afganistan made the chose for war by not giving up Bin Larden. Also while Vietnam was a complete failure South Korea was one of the better success stories ever. If we do not want war we would need to cut all ties with the Middle East. We would need to stop any political ties with Israel and not give any aide to Israel. Even then it is not a guarantee.

    • Alan

      They arent involving us to garner military trophys. It is a Global power play that we can ill-afford—-but necessary

  • http://gmail i41

    Islam is not a religion, it is a ideology. Allah is a moon god figurine, Mohmad destroyed the other 359 figurines. Since Allah is a moon god, on muslim country’s flag you see a waning moon and a star. The koran or as it is looks like queran, it is devided in two parts, the first part is all sweet and reads like poetry, which Mohamd tried to use as a way to start a following in Mecca, this is what he tried for about 15 years, and only got at most 50 followers. The local surronding people had a wooden building in Mecca that had 360 figurines they worshiped, for all types of problems. When Mohamd got to Medina, which was like a San Franisco. a large population and pretty liberal, he got quite a following, when peacefu means of converting people didn’t work, he changed to threats, his groups could go in a little town tell the goat herders convert, or we will kill the non convertables. Every one converted, and towns fell under Islam. A muslim is not a muslim unless they have abergated, which means they have agreed to not beleive the first part of the queran, Mohamd made revelations out of the blue, like his revelations of blowing your snot box first thing in the morning. Mohamd was a peophile and that is where the consumation of a marriage by age 9, when he got his last wife at a young age. When he was first wandering the desert a a goat humper is when he decided to form a group of followers. Our dumb [offensive word removed] women libs favorite saying is that they are so interesting and different. Yes, muslim males are different, they consider women as sluts and whores and are a great punching bags. But as the beleif that Eve tried to be the boss and listened to the snake, and Adam stood around, when Eve listened to the snake and he didn’t tell the snake to shut up and get lost. It still happens in our world. I notice we don’t hear a damn thing from women libers on muslim womens’ plight, or tell any woman if they think about marring a muslim, how do they like being a slave. Another progressive socialist democrat group of dumb [offensive word removed] womens’ group the NOW organization!

    • Alan

      Thank you. Most ppl dont want to understand the perverted personal convictions of ‘the poor oppressed sickos’–but u did a fine job of starting their education. Muslims ARE our enemy. All of them. I and a very large group of Americans will NOT ever forget this—WE ARE AT WAR. We will persevere, in spite of our ill chosen leadership.

  • rggirt

    Rand Paul is a fine candidate, not under the control of the international communist party, also known as Democrats in America. Anyone who doesn’t hate white Christians, support corrupt communist led unions, beleive in black/hispanic affirmative action, etc. is an enemy of our American communist party, popularly known as the Democratic party.

  • owldog

    Wow Bob, you tea-baggers sure like the shiny metal analogies, the shooting gun, the fillet knife. Maybe too much mercury in your diet.

    • TIME

      It seems to me that your the one with an issue, colorful writting is known as an “art” form bubba.

      Thus I am now bestowing on you the Darwin award.
      Wear it with pride as you clearly display the lacking gray matter factor.

      • JeffH

        TIME, I’ll second that.

        • JLC

          Motion Carried!

      • libertytrain

        Time as Mick Jagger once inferred- I’m so glad that “Time is on our side”

        • JeffH

          …yes it is…

    • Alan

      Ive got some mercury for ya….
      What branch of the US Armed Services allowed you to continue breathing?


  • owldog

    Pretty good folklore i41. You should write childrens’ religious books.

    • JeffH

      owldog, based on all the facts you’re laying out and your elongated verbage, I’ve deduced that you never were the sharpest tack in the box. If you want to critisize somebody, don’t leave your door wide open.

  • http://gmail i41

    joe, you sound just like most jack assed democrats, if we just talk and give everyone the feely meely crap, there will not be any need for a war. Some dumb anal idoits need a good thumping to get their eyes focused. If the dimwitted LBJ hadn’t tried to micro manage and was making money off the Veit. war, it would have went better, the BS rules of engagement in any of our wars, have tied our hands. Democrats have f–king up the Iraq and Afgahan wars, with their meddling, go blow the muslim bastards away and let mohamd figure the peices out later. The crap of not hitting innocents, is bull, when you are with pukes you get rid of all the surrounding pukes. The s–t brained muslims sure proved that on 9/11 that thinking towards the USA. Still want to fight the bastards with words ,you simple minded socialist dip stick? Since Russia sees no problem using a nuke to end the oil leak, I’ll bet Omoron might just try it since he is so damn dumb with no real life thinking skills.

    • American Citizen

      It started with Korea and look at what is happening now.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        South Korea is one of our best success stories ever if you look at the difference between North Korea and the South Korea now. We as a nation would have to come to the census that freedom in the rest of the world does not matter in order to stay out of conflicts. I would sincerely be interested in your response. I would like to see America stop all aide to other countries until we have paid off our debt at least. On the other hand I would feel shame as an American if we allowed North Korea to invade South Korea knowning the kind of mass murder that went on in South Vietnam after the Democrats cut off aide to South Vietnam.

        • Alan

          Its only a success story if ya believe in fairytails….we didnt hold our end up and N Korea and China have pretty much had their way—would you vote yes to go and ‘Kick their Ass’—or just continue whinning?

  • http://gmail i41

    owl dung, don’t beleive me ask a peophile muslim if it isn’t a fact, or maybe you are a goat humper too. I know you democrats love muslims and could see crap if you had a hand full up to your nose. Seven muslims that have convert to Chriastanity were giving talks about the muslim ideaology, go check out the facts before you over load your [offensive term removed], on trying to refute facts!

    • Alan

      HEY, ive been a Democrat, and ive changed to republican when i thought that was the best choice. DONT you EVER lump ANYONE into a single ‘voter-based-group’ and expect to survive.
      You just do NOT have the facts to back up your silly-assed complaint and are trying to find a victim—-NONE HERE, little boy. [Offensive term removed]

  • Stephen

    Both parties have been in cahoots for decades. Our government has been taken hostage and the wealth of our nation has been stolen by the federal reserve. When both parties have been bought and paid for, Americans get no choice. It’s all smoke and mirrors to keep both parties in power. We need term limits in congress. Americans must vote out ALL incumbents, regardless of party. It’s the only way to clean out that viper’s den known as the US Congress! Remember in November. THROW THE BUMS OUT!

  • owldog

    Private business is y’all do in the white-people-only bathroom – with the latest issue of Hustler magazine.

    Personal business has nothing to do with Carl Jr’s (or Ron Jr’s) prerogative to serve coffee to white people first – that’s in the public domain.

    – unless, of course, your endeavor is to maintain a legacy of hatred and bitterness.

  • owldog

    yea, i41, dems da facts.

  • David J. Sanchez

    Come together all —stay the course—quit the name calling and sniping each other and realize that facts and logic are on our side and we don’t need to get down to the emotional level of the Progressives who are bent on bankrupting and socializing this nation. Make sure we vote for the right candidates and if they waver in working for the best interests of this country vote them out of office if they can’t see the stupidity of their ways. We will win in the end but stay focused. Dave Sanchez.

  • BonnieMW

    Rand Paul sound right on at least on these three issues. The three things I would like to see go. War in Iraq, Federal Reverse and Patriot Act. There is nothing Patriotic about the Patriot act, just more government control. The Federal Reserve has been stealing from America since it was established and they obviously didn’t do their job. The war in Iraq I am sure we would all be happy without our sons dieing. I am not a war specialist so I am not sure of the positive significants of the war but I would like to see it end.

    • Anthony

      I would add: Eradication of the following…

      1. The 17th Amendment
      2. The 16th Amendment

      Not necessarly in that order, either!

      Also – there used to be a standard (Law?) in this Country, where a Corporation would not be allowed unless it could prove it’s product would benefit the people…

      John D Rockefeller broke past that Rule in Delaware…..
      This is a protocol that should be returned to America.

      • DaveH

        We need Less Government, not More.

        • Alan

          thank you.

  • owldog

    Tea-baggers are vulnerable because they are talking in broad revolutionary terms instead of sensible specific improvement, like indexing the capital gains tax.

    The rest of us have to live in the real world.

    • DaveH

      There is nothing real about the Liberal World. It is based on Hopes and Dreams, not reality.
      The only real solution to poverty is to have Free Markets where the consumer is king, and anybody can succeed with hard work, good education, and calculated risks. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows. If you can’t figure that out, then at least learn from those countries that aren’t doing it right:

      • Norm

        The Heritage Foundation. Sean and Rush will be proud of you.

        • DaveH

          You just keep your blinders on, Norm. Heaven forbid that you should learn anything.

        • JeffH

          …as they should be…

      • Alan

        What countries arent doing it right?

        • Alan

          If you dont have ‘MONEY’ you cant do it right

  • Robert

    Ayn Rand said the masses are sheep waiting to be slaughtered and we have been taught to be sheep by our liberal education in public schools. I was fortunate that I read and had a logical mind. If you would read Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead with an open mind you will see what should be reality and the truth of our present life in America. Our founding fathers had great minds and gave us a democratic republic and thought that we would be wise enough to follow our truths. But benjamin Franklin feared we would not be wise enough to keep it. He was right. Lincoln saw a chance for power when the south seeded from the union as it had the right to. by pressing and forceing a war he became a temporary dictator. he violated the constitution and started the demise of america. we ended up with a democracy. our founding fathers wanted a democratic republic not a democracy. a democracy is rule of the masses at the violation of the minority. just think about the healthcare bill. the great mass did not want it but the majority in congress bribed a lot of congressmen to abandon their constituents. so here you go we are dictated to now. our system is broken and will not be fixed ever. you let leftists take over and bully you. now you will suffer. sorry i had to tell you the truth but i did.

    • Kinetic1

      Poll after poll showed the the majority WANTED health care reform. Many of those who reported that the majority was unhappy neglected to mention that, among those unhappy masses were people that felt the bill was not going far enough! Health care reform was well received up until the point where the Obama administration had spent so much time and effort weakening it to appease the Republicans that it was no longer real reform. The delay also provided an opportunity for conservative talk to turn everything on it’s ear. Despite the spin of Rush et all, polls show that people hated the way it was handled, not the idea.

      • JeffH

        “Reform” being the key word and the majority did not support the House and Senate health care legislation. Over 1 trillion and rising? Polls showed that Americans did not support the HCL that was forced through, that is a pure fact, and Pelosi & Co. laughed at us and ignored the will of the majority from day one. Don’t put any blame on Rush or FOX…the blame lies within the Obama administration, the Marxist/socialist/communist POTUS agenda and his puppeteers agenda.

      • TIME

        Your dead wrong, the congress and senate got over 25 million emails, phone calls and Fax’s telling them that the American Public did not want the Government in the health Care Biz, and to vote NO.

        Did it stop them, NO.

        And your info is spun junk mail where do you get your facts from.

        Every congress & senate person I spoke with told me they had stacks and stacks of emails – letters – fax’s, phone calls – all saying “do not vote for this health care bill.” They didn’t want it at all.

        Some obviously didn’t follow the orders of the people they work for and are now asking why they are having problems with re-elections.
        Real Rocket Scientist.

        Seems to me that the politicians that did vote yes – should be looking for a new job in about 120 days from now.
        They work for the American Public. not the other way around.

        • kate8

          TIME, they USED to work for the American public. Now they work for the global elites. We’ve been factored out of the equation.

          It remains to be seen whether there is enough integrity left in our system to be able to change it from the voting booth. The PTB know that vast numbers are on to them, and they are desperate to implement their plans of world domination. I think we are close to hitting critical mass.

          I heard that the PTB are planning an attack on Iran in the next year. That could be a game-changer.

          If only enough good people would come to their senses and refuse to take up arms in war. With no one to man the weapons, there would be no war. The ones in command don’t get their hands dirty, and there are only a few of them. Unfortuntely, that probably won’t happen until most of us are gone.

      • American Citizen

        The reforms that are needed should best be left to the states. None of them are in Obamacare. It will destroy our great health care system.

      • DaveH
        • Vicki

          Even if the liberal was correct that most people want reform the liberal is still wrong because it is clear that most people did NOT WANT the reform that Congress passed.

          That is how easy it is to spin with statistics.

          • DaveH

            We need reform, but not just in the Healthcare markets. We need to get Government out of all of our Marketplaces before they regulate us into a third-world economy.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I would have to agree with you. Abe has to be the worst President ever not to be able to keep Americans from killing Americans. Public sentiment was going against slavery at that time and slavery would have ended some time in the future. Abe was willing to kill massive amounts of Americans in order to retain Federal power over the States. Now look what we have. The Feds dominating the States and the people.

    • Alan

      If you will just get out of your silly-assed books and look around you–you wil find plenty to do—if you have any of the courage possesed by your storybook heroes.—-And [offensive term removed] is this blog crap producing–get up and go to work….
      or just [offensive term removed]


  • Norman

    Rand Paul on his worst day is still better than the ones we have on their best day. Think about it.

  • jopa

    Joe We had to stop the commies in Nam or fight them here.

    • JC

      That worked out pretty well didn’t it? We lost 50+ thousand people, did not win the war and now we have Commies in the White House.
      Next time we go to fight commies, let’s start in DC.

      • owldog

        Define “commie” and “socialist”

        don’t forget Stalin starved 10 million Ukranians because they didn’t like him (not unlike our Gaza policy)

        Don’t forget the third Reich called itself “socialist”

        don’t forget to mother of the “disappeared” children who didn’t like Pinoche, the “anti-communist”

        Don’t forget the Swedish. The most advandced country in the world for the improvement of humanity and fighting the modern plague of ubiquitous toxic chmemical contamination and chronic degenerative diseases.

        The Swedes are Socialists.

        • owldog

          Correction: Starved “to death” 10 million Ukranians

          (and many were permanently disabled from malnutrition)

        • DaveH

          You Liberals use those terms to suit your purposes, don’t you? The Swedes have backed away from Socialism because it wasn’t working for them:

          And the “dictator” Pinochet voluntarily stepped down to allow free elections in Chile. How many “dictators” can you name that would do that?

          To better understand the Chilean issue, you need to read about Salvador Allende (Marxist), as well as Augusto Pinochet. Also, read about the fact that the economy of Chile is now one of the best in South America. Freedom works.

      • JeffH

        JC, oldawg is just playing the Alinsky game…ignore him, he ain’t worth the energy.

        • JC

          Funny, I was thinking exactly that as I scrolled to your message. ;)

    • Anthony

      FACT – The Vietnam Conflict should have NEVER happened.
      FACT – The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a False Flag Operation

      FACT – THE REAL REASON for going into Vietnam was HEROIN (poppy plants)

      FACT – John F Kennedy “was” working to bring all our boys home before the ’64 Elections
      FACT – JFK “was” working to rid us of THE FEDERAL RESERVE, with $20 Silver Certificates
      FACT – A False Flag Operation to rid CUBA OF Fidel Catro was thwarted by JFK (McNamara was pi$$ed)

      FACT – LBJ is who murderd almost 50,00 of the 58,000 dead from Vietnam. Not JFK.

      FACT – the real reason for us going into Afghanistan (twice) –> HEROIN

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        JFK is reponsible for stepping up the war in Vietnam. Johnson is responsible for it getting out of control. He stated it as his reason for not running a second term along with his family history of men dying at 65 which he ended up doing. It is rediculous to say the war in Afganistan was about drugs. Afganistan had the chose of giving up Bin Larden or going to war. Afganistan chose war.

  • owldog

    Killing 2 million VietNamese civilians to look tough on Communism/Socialism was an exercise in futility, and did nothing to stop Communism. With the draft (mostly low income boys) it killed over 55,000 American boy and men. We left the soil and groundwater polluted with Chromosone disrupting chemicals that still are causing birth defects there.

    The West won the cold war because of economic domestic reasons within Russia and the Chernobyl disaster (not unlike our crash and Gulf disaster) and had little or nothing to do directly or indirect with the War in Southeast Asia.

    The Communist Chinese (suspected patrons of Viet Nam at the time) are now our greatest trading partner for American Capitalism, although China is still as Communist as ever, and has been greatly empowered by our evolving “free market” fundamentalist form of capitalism, cultivated by the Neoconservative Right Republican Party (and blue dog “moderates”) for the last 30 years, since Reagan.

    • JeffH

      owldog, you’re on the wrong site to spew your jibberish…Rand Paul remember?

    • American Citizen

      Congress would not let our military fight the Korean war or Vietnam war as it should have been fought. We were not allowed to take it to the enemy’s territory.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        In both cases the concern was China. The left brough America into the Vietnam War. The left brought great shame on America for cutting off funding that led to the slaughter of South Vietnam civilians. South Vietnam could not pay for the gas needed to keep their military going. Gas was inflating at that time. We brought our boys home which is okay. But it was a disgrace for the left to cut off funding that led to mass murder. It also ended up with the slaughter of Cambodians by the Vietnamese and later by a communist Cambodian regime. Every intelligent person in Cambodia was slaughtered to force the acceptance of dictatorship.

  • Tanarus

    We have drifted so far away from a Republic…Nobody knows what it looks like anymore. knowledge is power! Arm your self!!

    • Anthony

      Good Training Video — seriously.

      As Ben Franklin put it – We were given a Republic

      NOW – we are in the midst of an Oligarchy – ruled by the few….

      Can you say BILDERBERG; CFR; Trilateral Commission; Federal Reserve
      (all of the above are but a handful of humans with all the power)

  • cella


    • JeffH

      cella, you make about as much sense as the cents in your pocket.

    • kate8

      Wouldn’t want people to have to start being responsible for themselves. And planning ahead? That’s just unAmerican!

      cella, cella, cella.

    • DaveH

      I, for one, am so happy that the Government has taken $180000 from me during my working years for my own good. Without their loving care, I would have had to figure out what to do with the other $200,000 that I could have made on simple CD interest (even more with wise investment). Thank you Government for saving me from that headache. And furthermore, I would have had to figure out what to do with the $400,000 that they have relieved me from with Income Taxes.
      It’s so good to have those wonderful Government money managers to save me from a life of greed.

      • kate8

        DaveH, that just made me feel so warm and fuzzy. It’s so comforting, not to have to think for oneself.

        Thank you for pointing all that out.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I admire your poetic demeanor. Keep it up.

  • http://personallibertydigest robert williams

    robert williams sayes Rand Paul Is tottaly Right and so is Tanarus this is a republic not a Democracey Repeate the Pledge of Alegence it Sayes. I pledge alegence to the Flag of the Uninted States of America and to the(REPUBLIC) for witch it Stands( Not Democracy) one Nation Under (GOD )with liberty Indavisable (and Justice for all)It dosent say( Under Obama and His Cronies) nor dose it say Indavisable And (UNJUSTICE For All) This Dosent Give the Dictator Obama Any Right to DEstroy The Bill Of Rights they are the God Given Rights Of the People to Not Be Infringed Upon By Any Person Or Lew to Infringe Not Evan the Federal Government.Or Especaly The Damd Brady BillOur the ClintonObama And U.N.IllegelTreaty that threatins the @nd Admendment the Right of the People to Have and Bear Arms So all you Iteates Can Ither Get Out of the U S A Our You Will Be Throun Out.If Need Be By Force By We the People.We Are the Government.

  • DizziNY

    Rand Paul is a good man and the progressives are trying to vilify him. I am sick and tired of these leftists attacking patriots. I pray to God Rand wins.

  • FreedomFighter

    When Americans finally realize they are at war with a global cabal of rich powerfull Communist/Socialist – Progressive liberals hell bent on making America a part of the “New World Order”. and making the worlds population, including Americans, subjects, tools or a means to end or just human freight they enemy will not be hard to spot.

    We are at war, and we are losing it at the moment, the enemy is within the gates and is one is even president. If America falls, the world falls with us.


    • http://personallibertydigest Phastfred

      FF, so right, it is a war of survival of our culture. Sadly, those socialist/communists liberals think they will be excluded from the
      islamic purge.

  • Joyce


  • John Moyer

    When the usual establishment feels threatened out comes the lies and the usual mud slinging.Stay the course Rand

  • chuck b

    you would think the republican pary would find candidates that did not have a political label. i have nothing against rand paul, he has the libertarian label and thats all the media needs. probably another seat the liberals will win.

    • JeffH

      chuck b, right on…labels are just that, labels…I could care less about the labels and more about the integrity of the man or woman and what they stand for. If a Libertarian is that person then he/she’s got my vote.

      • American Citizen

        I’m with you here. That’s why I became an Independent.

    • Anthony

      Only the stupid would ever buy into Labels….

      Real patriots know to judge a candidate by his Life Values….


    Rand will do just fine and all of you who support him are just going to have to stick to your guns and convince others that by not voting for him they have a lot to lose. If you want another lib or another RINO in that office then you deserve what you get but I don’t want what you want.

  • http://yahoo barry

    The more the enemy talks crazy about are side the more we know we have the wright person. Go Rand GO

  • http://personallibertydigest Phastfred

    While the following may sound a bit like glassyeyed, saliva dripping fanatisism, however,having read all of this mornings comments, I want to give an opinion. I’m a seasoned (71 yr’s), citizen who has lived through most of the topics here today. I can say that our “public” schools do not teach The history of the U.S. and the world the same way today. I also stopped reading “newspapers”, or TV news programs when they became profit and opinion oriented. (most people can understand “news” without some talking head “interpreting” it. I still study world and U.S. history in print (books of all kinds, and this wonderful Internet media. (I’ve found that if you wander around enough, that after a short while it’s easy to filter out most of the B.S. from either side of our political beliefs). This has made me ask questions about many things. starting with newer bits like, why are there about 18 lawsuits being blocked in various courts by bo’s lawyers hired at about 900,000.00 to keep his accurate birth records and his education records sealed. ( the only one to have been breached so far is in California forcing Occidental College to show that “Barry Soetero” entered on a forgein student grant claiming to be Indoneisian). Seeing that he has been elected to the only political office that requires a natural born citizen. Odd, that the supreme court and both houses and the senate stay quiet….. Then thee’s the little known fact that during Bush 1′s term when he by executive order mandated that our shale oil and the Bakkan oil fields be developed and put into production, that ever since that developement has been blocked by the democrats and most republicans in congress? ( the combined total reserves can provide all our current needs for 200 years forcing middle east and south american oil cos. to lower their prices). Could it be that their relection funding has been coming from George Soros and the Saudi Arabians? ( yeah, I know outside the U.S, money can’t influence U.S American politics. I have learned to watch political chest thumping and hand wringing closely, to see what all polititions want us to focus our arrention on instead of what we need to be watching. one example, While the media and that foreigner focus on the terrible oil spill, Hillary has been signing international treaties binding us to the “gun” laws of foreign of foreign nations. Thereby bypassing the 2nd. amendment and the right of congress to vote on any changes in our laws. For those of you who haven’t read Thomas Jefferson, The 2nd. amendment was put in place to protect us from our own government. Ok, enough longwindedness for today. Vote them all out! we may lose a few good ones, and not get all the bad ones, but, We’ll scare the hell out of the survivors and remind them who they’re working for.

    • Anthony

      While the media and that foreigner focus on the terrible oil spill, Hillary has been signing international treaties binding us to the “gun” laws of foreign of foreign nations. Thereby bypassing the 2nd. amendment and the right of congress to vote on any changes in our laws. For those of you who haven’t read Thomas Jefferson, The 2nd. amendment was put in place to protect us from our own government.

      So much for either side working to maintain Liberty “for the people”…
      And, many right here keep saying that Hillary would have been the better choice.

      Folks, this is all part of how they will tear away what Ben Franklin & Co gave us.

      Now I know, Thomas Jefferson is rolling over in his grave!
      Alexander Hamilton, however, is roaring with laughter…. AT YOU!

  • RobertK

    Looks like the beginning of the revolution is entering into congress. Time to kick some butt and kick it right out of DC-land. Since all they have is name calling, that pretty much says it all to anyone who has a clue about anything. They’re running scared and calling names. It’s going to take some time to clean up but nobody said this stuff was easy.

  • trp 878

    Must be GREAT guy and the one for the job as he was elected by the people & despised by the bureaucrats and lovers. Keep strong and “We the People” keep up the good work there are a lot more left out there to replace.
    “Fortitudine vincimus”



  • BobbyB

    Is this country in trouble or what? People need to wake up and fast. Most of the posters here are doing EXACTLY what the powers that be want you to do. Call each other names and bash any ones point of view that doesn’t exactly match yours. Divide and conquer is a pretty effective strategy and from the looks of these comments. it’s working well. There is an enemy but it’s not the right, the left, or liberal or conservative. There is a force that wants to take America down and the most effective way to do that is exactly what they’re doing and most of you are playing along with. BO is not the enemy. He’s just the puppet of the moment, just like Bush was. The funny thing is, it took the election of a half black man to make most of you realize your rights were going out the window. That started way before BO became POTUS. I see all these champions of state rights, but where was your voice when SCOTUS trampled Floridas “State Rights” and installed GWB as POTUS?
    Get it straight folks, our government is owned lock, stock, and barrel by big oil, big $$, big pharma, etc.
    Since this is about Rand Paul, I agree with him on many points. Where I disagree is his view of business. Every time a big business has been de regulated, WE pay the price. Not everyone can own an airline, oil company, or drug manufacturing company. That takes big bucks. Also, not everyone can be trusted to be honest. Look at what happened to our financial system. Yes, Glass Stegal was repealed by Clinton, but it was stuck in there in the middle of the night by Phil Graham. Understand what a president does. He’s signs bills in to law. At least that was the design until GWB became the unitary executive. Unfortunatly, Obama is following in his footsteps.

    Look around you and believe only what you see with your own eyes. It’s not pretty but it is fixable if all start conducting ourselves as countrymen and forget all the partisan bull shit that is thrust on us daily.

    • Anthony

      Alexander Hamilton is who instituted “mercantilism” on the new United States – what we call today: “Corporate Welfare” aka Bailouts/too big to fail.

      You would do yourself a HUGE favor by reading more on exactly what that is. Regulations, Trade Embargos, etc., all come into play when we are talking about mercantil-ism. Mercantilism is exactly what the Founding Fathers were running away from. Entities like the East India Tea Company were who busted their backsides to assure that English Corporations obtained a stranglehold on the New World, as quickly as possible.

      I HIGHLY RECOMMEND – you go back to the Library and read the reality of exactly HOW corporate welfare works. You have no choice but to teach yourself at least the basics of Ecomonics. Once you do – the rest about FREE MARKETS and Letting The Consumer Be The Boss will finally fall into line.

      You should take Rand Paul’s insights about Business from a different stance. Because I can tell you this – protectionism is what gave BIG CORPORATIONS the edge over the Consumer at the outset when this Country was being born. AND, no… they do not teach this in Public High Schools..ever! They cannot afford to have young minds grasp this fact in any way, shape or form, whatsoever.

      Can you tell us why?

    • uSNpops

      I’ve never been hired by a poor person, and neither has anyone else. Socialism and it’s idea of Redistribution of wealth will not work. Capitalism works. The Work Ethic works. The more the government takes over control of business, the less business there will be. Less business, and soon the government will run out of other peoples money.

      When the government has control of all business, and that is the goal of the progeressive socialist movement, it will soon be like it was in Russia before it collapsed.

      Only the Elite will have a decent life, and the rest can do without. So you sir will most likely be one of those that cannot afford a loaf of bread, or find it available because you are not one of the Elite.

      What’s bring Russia back Now??? Letting the Capitalistic work generating companies do their job without the government interfering. In fact their Privately Owned oil company is going to be drilling between Key West Florida and Cuba within the next year.

      • American Citizen

        When the President of Russian warns us not to go the way the did, you know we’re headed in the wrong direction.

    • Bon, from the Land of Babble


      You are exactly right. Our country has been hijacked by hostile elites who wish to impose an authoritarian, police-state government on the peoples of the US. They plan genocide for us–the type that is going on currently in SA and Zim and happened in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution.

      Obama is indeed an unintelligent puppet doing his masters’ bidding.

      I believe the two institutions that have caused the most damage to American Culture are the biased media and uber-PC K-12 academia–re-writing history (for example, calling the US a ‘proposition nation founded by immigrants’ and ‘The Purpose of the Statue of Liberty is to Welcome the Poor Huddled Masses of The World’) and promoting the idea that ‘Diversity is our Strength!’ as the media tell us that flooding America with Third World welfare parasites and waging war in Third World hell-holes is good for us and in our best interests.

      If the obama regime should be elected to another term, it will be the end as we know it as he will appoint more judges to SCOTUS such as sotomeyer (pro-AA policies) and kagan (pro Hate Speech laws) and step up enforcement of such via the DOJ.

      Big Brother will have indeed won: “From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:



      Dissent will not be tolerated and one will face harsh punishments (as in severe prison time and bankrupting fines) via new Hate Speech laws for voicing any disagreement with the regime.

      If you don’t believe me look at what is going on in Canada and England, two countries that don’t have anything akin to the American First Amendment. Is it any wonder that the USG is hell-bent on destroying the First Amendment (and the Second as well) and regulating the Internet?

      It’s going to take force and a A LOT of it, particularly government force to set this country back to the way the Founding Fathers intended and release us from the shackles of those who wish to command and control every aspect of our lives.

      Some say it is far too late for us and as I live in Taxifornia, I have no argument with that premise.

      As for me, I will be busy cleaning my guns, purchasing and cacheing gold and silver, dumping the increasingly worthless fiat dollars for precious metals, fortifying my home and stockpiling provisions for the coming riots, and re-reading the words of those who greatly influenced me: Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, James Madison, Harry Browne, Richard Maybury, Kevin MacDonald and grassroots hero, and curmudgeon extrodinaire, Howard Jarvis–that is before their words are deemed as subversive Hate Speech and burned at 451 degrees Fahrenheit.

      As always, in the words of my fellow compatriot, John PM: God Help Us All!

      Bon of Babble

  • Anthony

    But Liason wasn’t finished. “He’s against the patriot act, against the war in Iraq and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve. He’s so far right he’s coming around to the left. Okay, he’s a Libertarian whacko, not a right wing whacko.” she continued.
    Mara Liason – with this little tirade – has out-ed her entire Political Party. Especially if the Media Establishment and the CFR keep their mouths shut, which I doubt would ever happen. Seriously, they can ill afford to have both Parties preaching exactly the SAME message – specifically the Bush Trap that Mara was so big at chastising while GW was in Office.

    Mara Liason has just defended exactly what the whole Democrat Party was raving against all thru the 1st Decade of this New Century.

    Paul Rand says he is for fighting against the CENTRAL BANK, for erradicating the (both) Patriot Act(s), and certainly against IMPERIALISM – which is exactly what the IRAQ War was all about (from the CFR) to begin with.

    My hope, like yours, is that Rand Paul KEEPS HIS WORD, NO MATTER WHAT.
    In doing so, all the Money’d Elite have left, is to “threaten” his Family. And, I hope his Family understands what the Head of the Family (like Mel Gibson’s The Patriot movie?) is really fighting for.

    Because, with the daily research i’ve been doing… it really is coming to that.

    People are going off the grid, in increments, but they are doing it. People have stopped voting altogether – which is certainly the wrong tactic to play at this stage of the game. People should never give up the one real right they have left. I understand, and partially agree, that the Voting Booth as a Computer-ized entity has most likely already been hacked into – I’ve read the article about the convoluted programming code. I work in computers – I know what they’re discussing.

    Still – not voting is “giving up” … it’s Quitting!
    What’s next, you just go find your own Hussein Spider-Hole?
    That’s as UN-american as it gets.

    The bottom line is this – the People who actually are the controlling entity of all Central Banks throughout the World, and the real power behind the IMF/World bank, might cave for a little while pending the efforts and the planning scripted to occur in 2012 (a specific year definitively related to the year 2001 – more than you realize) – if what they are hoping to make happen, fails… then they WILL wait for us to let our guard down.

    Right now, about half of this Country is so indoctrinated in Fascism, they don’t even realize it’s a “daily practice” in their own lives. That’s how for down the wrong road this Nation has been taken. It’s a TRUTH all of us must get used to, and learn to do something about. They are the ones who will vote to “keep the status quo” and it will be out of fear (as the reason).

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul – if they stand their ground will become the re-birth of our Founding Fathers in the Thomas Jefferson tradition — NOT the Alexander Hamilton tradition/which is what got us in this mess in the first place.

    Did you know – that Supreme Court Justices were never supposed to have been appointed for Life?

  • FlooseMan Dave

    The single fact that the Lamestream Media is attacking Rand Paul is all the evidence anyone with half a brain needs to conclude that he is very dangerous to the Progressive/Liberal movement. That explains all the attacks. All the more reason why he needs our support.

  • Anthony

    Another good President – Ronald Reagan – may not have been a part of the CFR (like both GW Bush, and his cousin, John Kerry, were) – but the CFR surrounded Ronald Reagan with all the inside henchmen they could accumulate …. this is yet another tactic that the Pual’s will have to face, pending they gain a foothold on reversing the process in place now.

    I hope they’ve taken this action item into account.

  • Anthony


    I hope you aren’t caught flat-footed with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    In each of these Primaries that are happening as we get closer to the next Election… are you ready to march on your own Capitals to “demand” that any (your?) Representative that you helped into Office, and is fuond to be a TURNCOAT…. “be recalled”…???

    Are you prepared to take that next step… no matter what?
    What about it, Tea Parties?

    These are only some of the issues that MUST be discussed at every get-together.

    • JeffH

      Anthony, just an FYI, there are several organizations that use “tea party” in their titles, but there is only one original “grassroots” Tea Party movement. So, yes, beware of the imitators that that have attached themselves to the other “tea parties”, they’re the fakes just like candidates that all of a sudden place the “conservative” label upon themselves. As you said, there are a lot of wolves parading around in sheeps clothing and only real background research can seperate the gold plated fakes and from the 24 karat originals.

    • George King

      Jeffh I think hits on a number of very good points. I think the Tea party and we in the Tea party better keep track of the candidates especially after they are elected. Some or a lot of these canidates are going to turn out to be just another polital hack saying anything to get elected. We need to watch them like a Hawk and get rid of them when they turn to thier true selves. I hope the Tea partys become the wistleblowers of washington!

  • Jim H.

    You can always tell who the left fears most by who they smear the hardest. Since they can’t refute the stand on the issues they make accusations. It really is getting tiresome that they keep coming up with race. No imagination.

    • Claire

      Jim H — I agree.

    • TIME

      Jim, Claire,

      Thats the very reason BarryO is where is at now. The Great divider.

  • D Right One

    I dunno about Rand’s statement. As usual the Libertarian’s statements are not rooted in the real world. Their like taking a business class on business. Of course, the professor is going into detail about textbook facts. The real world is totally different. The federal govt shouldn’t have to regulate private business on who they let in the door. Business should take the almighty dollar no matter who it comes from. Sadly, some businesses will say that anyone non-white, non-Christian, non-American, or some other non-something is reason to keep people out. I guess as long as you’re a pure white, Christian American, you have nothing to worry about.

    • American Citizen

      Are you saying that only whites own businesses? Take a trip around the country. You’d be surprised.

    • TIME

      Just what is your post about, based on whats written it sounds like your a yet one more of the mommies basement type’s.

  • picomanning

    The left is on the defensive and I’m so happy!
    Keep up the good work all of you patriotic history loving Americans. All the left can do is throw out negative comments. Now a good argument I’d listen to. You’d think they’d grasp that and wonder just what’s going on? Don’t waste your time trying to figure ‘em out. Keep up the good fight.

  • John Gaver

    I have to admit that Rand Paul impresses me, with most of his talk and his positions. However, I have to temper my feelings about him, since he is the son of the infamous “Blame America First” Libertarian (definitely NOT Republican) Ron Paul. Because of that connection, I feel that we should know more about him. I thought that I knew his father and even donated to his campaigns, in the past. But, when Ron Paul stooped so low, as to blame the USA for 9-11, just to make news, I realized that I had wasted my money and my faith in him, as a conservative, for all those years. In that one statement, in just a few seconds, he undermined all the good that he had previously done, since people tend to equate the message, with the messenger. They incorrectly think that if the messenger is a kook, then the message must be kooky, as well.

    My general feeling is that Rand has not adopted all of his father’s crazier ideas, like “Blame America First.” When Ron Paul joined the “Blame America First” crowd, he went from the top of my political list, to the very absolute bottom – even below the “Blame America First” Democrats. After all, you expect such idiotic and treacherous remarks from the Rats. But, when a Republican does that (even one as obviously Libertarian as Ron Paul), it allows the liberal media to say, “See, even the Republicans blame America”, when that is most definitely NOT true.

    Before I could vote for or support Rand Paul, I would have to hear him address his father’s position on blaming 9-11 on the USA and his answer would have to be unequivocal. While Rand Paul definitely has the potential to be a great senator, he also has the potential to cross the line and follow in the disgraced footsteps of his treacherous father. I sincerely hope that it is the former and not the latter. I don’t believe that a person inherits the sins of the father. But at the same time, I know that a person’s character or lack thereof, is often strongly influenced by the father. Let’s hope that Rand Paul has kept the good parts (Constitutionalism, self-defense, privacy, etc.) of his father’s agenda and was smart enough to leave all that kooky Libertarian stuff (“Blame America First”, zero taxes, a crippled national defense, etc.) behind.

    • Anthony

      Before I could vote for or support Rand Paul, I would have to hear him address his father’s position on blaming 9-11 on the USA and his answer would have to be unequivocal.

      Have you even tried to research the evidence available?
      Have you even tried… to watch… “LOOSE CHANGE”

      That man Certified Engineers in this Country, right here, can’t all be crazy… over 4300 trained top-of-the-line Skyscraper-building Engineers?

      Sweetheart, there’s so much evidence out there… it’s practically irrefutable.

    • JC

      There is a LOT you seem to be unaware of.

    • Bob Wire

      >>>”Ron Paul stooped so low, as to blame the USA for 9-11,”<<<

      Hmm? all of us? or someone in particular? I think the condition of the forest helps forest fire to burn, or the Match, but in truth, it's the user of the match that lites the fire.

      Same with 9-11, since 1956 America and the whole world has been sending money to the middle east, it is from this money that 9-11 came. Between those two times a lot happened.

    • Freedom4America

      “I have to admit that Rand Paul impresses me, with most of his talk and his positions. However, I have to temper my feelings about him, since he is the son of the infamous “Blame America First” Libertarian (definitely NOT Republican) Ron Paul.”

      Seems you have not read reports from the CIA that says that our years of interfering with the Middle East was the reason we were attacked. Or even Osama Bin Laden that said we were attacked because we were occupying Saudia Arabia.

      Also, Dr. Ron Paul NEVER blamed America but the American Government. Why do people not realize that the America Government is NOT America but rather We The People are America? The American Government is the corporation called United States of America. We The People are not part of the corporation but rather live in the united States of America.

      Great article, Bob, keep writing them and we will keep reading them.

      As for all these posts we read that said Rand is racist because he does not like the part of the CRA that forced private businesses to not discriminate we also believe the same thing and this is the reason.

      1) Federal Government has no right to force any private establishment to do anything that they do not want to do.

      2) CRA and Affirmative Action has created more closet racists than it has stopped. Now a business owner can wait on everybody during working hours but after hours can put on their white robes and go to a KKK meeting. If the racist business owner was allowed to wear their racism on their sleeves they would be out of business in no time.

      Ron, Rand and other libertarians do not see people in groups but as Individuals and therefore can not be racists. The real racists are the ones that see people as groups and that yell racists the loudest.

      Dr. Ron Paul/Dr. Rand Paul 2012

      “ONLY Doctors WILL HEAL America”

    • Freedom4America

      “I have to admit that Rand Paul impresses me, with most of his talk and his positions. However, I have to temper my feelings about him, since he is the son of the infamous “Blame America First” Libertarian (definitely NOT Republican) Ron Paul. ”

      Not Republican? Ron Paul is True Republican and NOT a Neocon like is currently heading the RNC.

      Ron Paul is the MOST CONSERVATIVE most conservative of all 3,320 members of Congress from 1937 to 2002. This was determined by the American Journal of Political Science as stated on the site below.

      If you are going to spout the Propaganda Stream Media (PSM) talking points might we suggest instead you do some research instead?

  • Right Wing

    If whacky, kooky, racist are new adjectives for liberty-loving, constitutional-reform-minded Americans, then I am all three. Rand has the steadiness that his dad has and I don’t see him losing his nerve over any of this. You just have to believe that conscious Americans will see the truth and all the mud slinging will only result in a huge land slide. The left generally disagrees with the Constitution and thinks government should take responsibility for wiping their butts. The corrupt, corporatist right wing is using the Constitution as a smoke screen to further their own interests. Both groups have evolved from parasitic to symbiotic so it is no wonder that plain speaking Rand Paul has drawn their focused ire. His message is like salt to a leech.

    Someone posted a simple tactic here that I am more inclined to believe is the equivalent of peaceful coup. Vote out ALL the incumbents. It would send a two-pronged message without violating any laws; one to the established party mongers and one to the remainder of Americans that We the People have spoken.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Claire

    Heard Rush Limbaugh got married. I believe this is his 4th time. I though the third time was a charm?

    • Bob Wire

      It won’t last long!

      • Claire

        Bob Wire– I doubt it it lasts either. Old Rush better watch his money.

    • Bon, from the Land of Babble

      Champagne and OxyContin for everyone!

  • blue

    we are the policman for the world, as no one else will do the job. Unfortunately, we are nto doing the job very well, and soon will not be able to do it at all, then, learn Chinese, you will need to understand the orders being given to you

  • 14Freedomfighter88

    “He’s against the patriot act, against the war in Iraq and wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve.”

    What’s the big deal? ME TOO. With one more add: Abolish the Department of Education as well.
    Right on Rand!

  • Aaron

    Why is it that any time a politician has common sense, and wants to follow the American constiution they are labled as “KOOKS” or “Wack Jobs”???? Are the American people that dumb still?

    • TIME

      No the American population is not stupid, they just get a lot of bad intel from the media.

      As the press / media wants you to think so.
      Then toss in all the disinformation and Misinformation from politicians – and you have the perfect storm to make anyone who dare object to their rhetoric a monster.

      Please read the works of at least Edward Bernays to grasp whats going on with the press and the political machine in DC thats run by the Progressive movment. If you really want to open your eyes read Walter Lipman’s works if that fails to wake anyone up – nothing else will.

  • http://Personal Andrea Taggart

    Agree with everything Rand Paul stands for. Good old American
    standards. Need to perform a witch hunt in sewer city Washington DC.
    Obama was suppose to bring home America’s troops and renegotiate
    NAFTA. No honor here. Or is it blackmail?

  • Antonio

    Hey, Im in Texas. How can i vote and/or support Mr. Rand Paul in his fight against The Federal Reserve??? The FED has to be abolished!! If we have any hope at saving America the FED has to go!!

  • Bob Wire

    you know Rand Paul grew up in Lake Jackson don’t you, yea man, a south Texas bayou boy where the Spanish moss graces the mighty oaks, where we can crab in bar ditches, KKK meeting are once a week and church twice, a time capsule of the old south.

    Sounds like you might be from Klut or somewhere around Houston Bay yourself.

  • Gordon Logan

    I was the agent who triggered the KGB coup that brought down the Soviet Union in 1991. I object to shills on this website who claim that Arabs were responsible for 9/11. I also object to fools who demand an official investigation of 9/11. The US government is incapable of carrying out such an investigation. There is now a huge amount of research and documentation on the internet which makes it abundantly clear that the Israelis were responsible for 9/11. The volume of internet evidence is vastly greater and of better quality than anything an official body would be able to produce. A genuine official investigation would require a military coup in Washington followed by the interrogation and execution of those responsible. I hope that the US military will do what is necessary to save their country.

    On the downfall of the Soviet Union, read my ‘Understanding the Moscow Coup’ on

  • http://None Frank Posey

    A, Mr Paul hang in there. Fifteen years I would have been leading a group to tar and feather your Dad and run him out of Texas. After growing pains, I know that he loves country and not for many things that have been thrown at us. I hope you continue to use the Talents that you have been taught and hold dear and practice. We the silent majority supports you and wish the best for you and in turn it will be the best for our Country. Please keep up the good work. fp

  • http://None Frank Posey

    Rand Paul is appearing as a world leader and has performed as a true American not a member of the establishment.

  • Bob Wire

    well that won’t happen! not in this lifetime anyway.

    but if there’s truth to it, maybe it should. Smoking guns are easily planted to shift perception.

    This “proxy agent” approach and the shift of perception is getting all to common. The sinking of the “Maine” much the same thing I fear.

    Much too complicated when you don’t even know who all the players are or how many. Maybe you’re in the position to know such things but I’m not, and why would I trust a unknown agent? Perhaps even you have been tricked by a double agent.

    The one thing that is clear to me, our feet are following the “Yellow Brick Road” straight to the “Emerald City” where the real Emperor hides behind a curtain as he’s a pulling on levers and speaking in an amplified voice.

    Such thoughts makes me think of early Russia, and all the human suffering and political upheaval they endured as each “ideology” rose up and fought to survive, thinking each “just” and a better way to administer government while the people were left to be taxed to death, just “paying” innocent passengers on a run-away train to hell.

    I wouldn’t want that for America,not at all, but what horrid conditions must exits for a statesman to stand up and speak these words in public forum, ” Is life so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chain of slavery? I know not what others may say but as for me , give me liberty or give me death.” Was this Sir Patrick Henry’s true honest perception of current events or was he acting as a political agent of changes and embellishing the status Quo?

    To some degree, I think freedom and liberty an illusion for as a society we are bound to each other. As even a young American woman “wild child” observed and offered, “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose”. So how many of us today have nothing left to lose? We are imprisoned by our ideologies, our hopes and our dreams.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      If you feeled imprisoned by your own dreams it is your own fault. The same with your own ideology, especially if it encompasses a lack of hope. A lack of hope and belief in who you are and what you are trying to accomplish is what imprisons you.
      Jails and governments can imprison us but bodies already do that. A lack of inspiration and ideas are what imprison us. A rut in thinking or lack of creativity.

      • Bob Wire

        very good Bruce, it all boils down to perception, and more importantly “who’s perception, it not being a “one size fits all’ situation. Some Hobbits feel safe in the Shire, comfort in knowing their place.

        So what was do you think Sir Patrica was perceiving as such a serious threat. The long arm of the Crown? Taxation without representation? And was it really as serious as to suggest armed conflict against the mother country?

        They lived through their times and now we must live through ours. We need all good men and women with both good far-sight and near-sight to step forward on this day, to lead, follow or just get out of the way.

        There is a ray of hope in this movement, but let us understand, it’s a thin line we walk while holding true to the believe “all men are created equal unto the eyes of law”, each having inalienable rights. For your rights end where my nose begins.

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          The Revolutionary War was not fought over taxation. The British marched to Lexiton and Concord to confiscate guns and amunition. Maybe taxation isn’t enough to start a war but certainly the confiscation of weapons by government is a reason for any freedom loving person to go to war.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Bob Wire you are stating you are not certain of anything and little can be known. Why are you always trying to come off as an authority then? You seem to want to linq knowledge and truth with confusion. That is the sign of a despicable person. A merchant of chaos so to speak.

      • Bob Wire

        maybe so Bruce,maybe so, I play the devil advocate, for there are many “good ideas” but the devil lives in the details. People that knows everything scares the bjesus out of me. All cats are Grey in the dark.

        we’ve been sold noble packages before that fail most and rewarded a few. I don’t wish to see that happen again, so I offer quandary.

        like a good captain, we attempt to steer from point A to point B with all cargo and crew accounted for. I fear many would prefer to throw much of cargo and crew overboard for the sake of expedience and comfort.

        Lincoln tenure was probably the most complex Captain job, this country has ever witnessed and I hope to never see repeated.

        Somebody needs to say, “Hey! wait just a minute!”

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          You’re unbelievable. What do you do for a living to come up with that kind of nebulous talk. The art of ‘nothing can be known or trusted’. You certainly are a master of B.S if nothing else.

          • JeffH

            Bruce D…BW has this little mental game he plays with himself. Try to excuse it as well as ignore it because it will always be the same delivery, so much oration require a long winded orator.

          • Bob Wire

            Hmm? ~ don’t you just hate feeling some need to thinking things through “twice”!

            Yea, like I said , ~ I’m playing the devils advocate, but let’s face it, if there be only “one” truth. ~ what corner of the universe holds the key to unlock it? mine or yours?

            >>”The reason why the Muslim world hates us: ISRAEL !”<< yep,your right I fear, begging the question, how much should we care? Someone else's Old dirty laundry that we've inherited for our handy work and the creation of a new world order post wwII. I feel much like Ms Thomas on such matters, but I wasn't consulted.

          • Right Wing

            Bob, your approach to finding the truth can be likened to an amateur searching for a black hole. You probe the limitless dark at random and approach your conclusion through process of elimination. Bad news, the process of repeating the same thing over an over while expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Playing Devil’s advocate is a bit like being a nervous pessimist. Kind of like a plutonium lining to every cloud? What advantage do you see to playing the fence between good and evil anyway? Maybe you should reconsider your Faustian “logic”.

        • Bob Wire

          >>”Playing Devil’s advocate is a bit like being a nervous pessimist. Kind of like a plutonium lining to every cloud? What advantage do you see to playing the fence between good and evil anyway? Maybe you should reconsider your Faustian “logic”<<<

          I can see how you might feel that way with my approach to kicking down your sand castle. I'm an unwelcome voice. It's just the process of separating the wheat from the chaff. or a form of boot camp if you will, ~ the honing of ideas and skills and culling out the weak and far fetched ideas.

  • Norm

    June 2, 2010, 10:15AM
    The new Rasmussen poll of Kentucky finds Republican nominee Rand Paul continuing to lead Democrat Jack Conway in the state’s big Senate race — but also suggests that the controversy surrounding Paul’s statements against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 could potentially hurt him.
    The numbers: Paul 49%, Conway 41%. The survey of likely voters has a ±4.5%. In a poll taken the day after the May 18 primary, which Paul won in a landslide, He had a much bigger lead over Conway of 59%-34%. The poll also says that 73% of voters have followed the news about Paul’s comments somewhat closely or very closely. Forty-five percent say Paul’s comments will be somewhat or very important to how they vote, with 47% saying it will be not very important or not all important to how they vote.

  • Dr. Doom

    We should get the hell out of Afghanistan and Iraq and not lose another American serviceman fighting for who knows what! We should institute universal military service for all able-bodied males, regardless of race, creed, or religion starting @ age 18. They should receive 6 months active duty to be trained in basic combat and spend 1 1/2 years as reservists while they are in school or actively employed. We need not be the the world’s police force. Females could serve on a volunteer basis.
    We need less government intrusion into our private lives as citizens and illegal search and siezures @ airports…does it make any sense at all to search my 80 year old mother as a terrorist?
    We need to secure our borders or annex Mexico and Central America to the Canal and make them citizens and all legal then. That would alleviate the problem of their corrupt governments and give US the labor force to build infrastructure we need to make this country great through manufacturing and exporting goods to others.
    I know all this will never happen, and some of this is far-fetched, but “Real Change” is coming, soon! I hope you are ready!!!

    • Bob Wire

      >>”We need to secure our borders or annex Mexico and Central America to the Canal and make them citizens and all legal then. That would alleviate the problem of their corrupt governments and give US the labor force to build infrastructure we need to make this country great through manufacturing and exporting goods to others.”<<

      Finally! someone that see it! Someone that gets it! I doubt if it would end corruption, but at least we'd be sitting at the table.

      Mexico is a wealthy nation, ~ I'm sure we could come to "some" terms acceptable to all and lock down the Western Hemisphere. ~ We are already doing their laundry and taking out the trash, why not own the place.

      America is so quick to 'whip it out" 5000 miles away yet act like a church mouse at home, makes little sense.

      We think too small, a little too progressive for everyone I suppose.

  • mcmgrant

    The reason why the Muslim world hates us: ISRAEL ! We always coddle Israel, even if those people commit MURDER! We turn a blind eye to Israel’s atrocities. The war will end only if we don’t take sides.

    • JeffH

      mcmgrant, you might want to ask your IMAM about that?

    • Right Wing

      If America took your advice mcmgrant then Israel would only be the first Nation to be eradicated in the name of Mohomoed. The USA would soon follow. Islam is outright aimed at murdering anyone that does not believe as islam teaches; believe or die. No thanks.

  • Paul W. Brock

    I believe in the principles that Rand Paul supports, but he can stay “mainstream” less government, less taxes, etc, while toning down the things that bother the other side of the party. The first thing a person has to do is get elected. He doesn’t have to lie, he just has to keep the other views from dominating the real problems of this country. As far as the Patriot Act, Paul needs to keep his opposition in context. For instance, Abraham Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the Civil War. It was unconstitutional? Yes, but needed at that time. Roosevelt detained not only Japanese Americans, but also Italian and Germans, in violation of their rights. The War on terror is a threat like nothing we have ever faced before. I have concerns with the Patriot Act, especially with the present administration. Democrats are the most likely to misuse it against their political “enemies”. Remembmer what the Clintons did with the IRS and the FBI files and believe me we will never know what they did with that information, especially during the impreachment trial. But, with the threat of a possible weapon of mass destruction used by terrorist, I have to take a risk that the Patriot Act will be used for the original purpose. As fare as wars are concerned. Rand and his Dad have short memory. Remember Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler. A resolute England might have stopped Hitler before the war and millions would be alive today if England and the United States had stood together against him. He would have probably been overthrown by his own military. Isolationism is not practical in this day of missles etc. Finally, if we do not do more to protect our culture, everything we are discussing will be mute.

    • meteorlady

      I have one question – do you actually feel safer because of the Patriot Act? This is old tactics, scare the population and initiate laws to take control. I don’t feel at all safer, I feel less so in fact. I think our southern borders are sieves and that terrorists are walking across with the illegals from South America and Mexico. I know there is an estimate that 17,500 illegals from known terrorist countries have entered this country by crossing the southern borders in 2009. Meanwhile the government can wire tap me, dig into my bank account, enter my home without due process, and generally take away any rights I am afforded by the Constitution. Meanwhile the terrorists just keep crossing the border and I have to take my shoes off at the airport.

      No, I cannot support the Patriot Act. I cannot fathom why we should. I cannot believe it makes me safer because it does really nothing. How may terrorist cells have we found since the inception of the Act?

      • Allan

        I felt ok about it when Bush was President with a less lopsided Congress. I felt he truly wanted tools to fight the terrorist problem. I don’t feel it hurt me, but I don’t (and most of us don’t) have the facts on how it protected us. So it’s hard to resolve. It is a double edges sword for opportunists, which we have a lot of in government right now.

      • Bob Wire

        I’m with you on some points meteorlady. Not at all comfortable with the patriot act much less Home Land Security. ~ Home Land Security basically told the FBI and CIA, we’ve lost confidence in you and now, ~ meet our new dawg! & he’ll be eating out of the same food dish you two do and I expect you to give him time and room to eat.

        as for the Patriot Act, I don’t even like the name of it! ~ It sound so 3rd Reich SS. It’s much like a church having a Christian Act. ~ Who’s going to do all this judging of what’s patriot enough ?

        As far as “getting all the democratic excited with Rand Paul”, not so much. Don’t confuse interest with something else.

        Rand Paul is bright, that’s a welcome change, he demonstrates many core values Democratic’s support. He meters his words, that too is refreshing. I fail to see large conflict so far with Rand Paul, but the day is young and the fight long.

        >>”In November I hope to see more right thinking patriots, such as Rand Paul, going to Congress. We need new ideas.”<<<

        Me too! ~ That's one! find us another one worthy of consideration!

        • Right Wing

          Bob it seems as though your nebula has taken a slightly reform-minded orientation? While it lasts I will say I agree with what you said although I do not draw party lines for anyone that wants Constitutional reform. No major party can claim dibs on a reform movement or claim they have a better plan than the other. The best we could hope for in either scenario is a very watered down pacification of Americans that are activated for real change. That said, I believe Americans of any party will be looking for common sense and plain speaking messages even if just to raise the bar for leaders within their own party. A message needs to be sent. A voice needs to be heard. It is our voice. We the People.

  • meteorlady

    I LOVE that Rand is stirring up the left so much. That means they are really afraid of him and want him out of the picture. Anytime we get interviews, comments and articles with this type of controversy, it means to me that the person might be a really really good.

    You go Rand – we need a few more strong voices to expose the idiots in Washington DC. I’m sending money to his campaign even though I live in Texas.

    • Bob Wire

      >>”I LOVE that Rand is stirring up the left so much. That means they are really afraid of him and want him out of the picture. “<<

      you mistake interest with fear. What's to fear from brighter candidates? That they might hold office and sway over issues? Oh Dear! we are not suppose to want that?

      Go ahead and attempt to demonize the DNC along with the rest of your Tea Party friends. But at some point the reason and justification for it needs to be addressed. Something other then wild commentary void of factual truth.

      You folks are a spin-off of a failed party, and no longer wish to associate yourselves with the GOP and a dismal track record, wishing to forget it. Yet wishing to bring forward everything the democrats ever done. While Offering us an image of your "clean hands" and noble values.

      That must be nice, the tiger attempts to change his strips.

      I don't think it's going to work as well a you might hope. While I am sympathetic with members of the GOP for I too see great need to clean house and rid yourselves of members not true to your cause.

      However, you are still just a tiger with alter strips.

      The same people that lead "us all" down the yellow brick road to "Ah! Sh1t" The Straw Man seeking courage, the Lion bravery and the Tin Man a heart. The rest of us~ Dorthy, just looking for a way to get back to Kansas and the world we knew and loved.

  • Antonio

    BOB WIRE your comment to my question just proves how stupid you are. I asked a simple question about how i could support Rand Paul. You started talking about the spanish moss, KKK, and church??? Are you really that dumb, stupid, and ignorant??? By the way, I’m not from the “klut” or Houston bay. I’m Colombia and i now live in Fort Worth Tx. Quit acting like a little baby your mommy and daddy will not always be here to pamper you.

    • Bob Wire

      Antonio, evidently you know very little about Texas much less the part of Texas Rand Paul grew up in. So I failed to paint a picture for you that you could understand or appreciate . ~ Lake Jackson is a “time capsule”,20 years behind time,hard core Red Neck country and very proud of it. Make no mistake. That’s Dow Chemical Country and the people there was raised on the “good book”, Lone Star beer, to suit up, show up and Cowboy up, which is a testimony of character Rand Paul “had” to be exposed to in his developing years.

      That you wish to call me stupid, is something only you do and you’ll be responsible for, ~ not I. I am immune to your attempt to offer personal insults, and consider the source.

      By the way, I’m in Fort Worth at the moment myself, All of Texas is my home, know it well and surprised to find out the Paul’s family from Lake Jackson, that’s 10 minute out of Freeport. I have family much family down that way.

      Call me stupid all you wish ~but it’s more of a reflection on you then me. ~ are you considered Tea Party Material Antonio?

    • JeffH

      Antonio, nobody really cares what the guy has to say, it’s all imaterial as with most of his posts. I thought lighterknot was a loner but obviously I was mistaken.

      • Right Wing

        Jeff, I really did laugh out loud. Thank you.

      • Bob Wire

        >>”Antonio, nobody really cares what the guy has to say, it’s all imaterial as with most of his posts.”<<>”It’s time for Obama to step down and for America to demand a mid-term presidentil election to replace this fake.”<>”In effect we have a one party political system. Republicans refuse to stand up for” ~~ ANYTHING! , not even tax cuts! The GOP basically no showed and thought it wise while still drawing their pay. ~ Where can we get a gig like that?

        >>”Marxism has it’s shortcomings and Obama is a very good example of those.”<>” How long can the Bush administration be blamed before the Obama clan accepts full unadulterated responsibility for their actions.”<<>”Bob it seems as though your nebula has taken a slightly reform-minded orientation?”<< good observation Right Wing , no doubt about it, I'm looking for reasons to trust. Reform necessary and required, ~ I'm with you on many issues but that's not enough, Americans need to understand, we can't fail with this! It's got to be somewhere close to "right" early! ~ we are too weaken from all these years we've spent chasing sandmen around the desert, while our contemporaneity and enemies alike have invested and became stronger.

        Failure in this reform is not an option.

        Cooperate Interest is unrestricted by oceans and national boundaries, they control our very existence, being American or English or German or Indian or Canadian means little to them. We have became all about the dollar, we are an expendable resource, to be used, exploited and left to go die somewhere. It's only government that stand between us.

        Forgive my dismal picture, for I know this is an embellishment but to only a degree.

  • JeffH

    I now this is off the point but I wanted to share it…

    This guy Obama is a real piece of work isn’t he? The latest comments from today read:

    Bitter Obama Blasts BP Chief, Pundits over Oil Spill
    Tuesday, 08 Jun 2010 02:10 PM

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama said he would fire BP CEO Tony Hayward for flippant comments and lashed out at media “talking heads,” ratcheting up his rhetoric on the 50th day of the US oil disaster.
    …You, Mr. President should be fired as well as Hayward!

    Obama also revealed that he had not personally spoken to Hawyard, since an explosion on the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig on April 20, saying there would be little point.
    “When you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he’s going to say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions.”
    …You, Mr. President should know better than anybody about “saying all the right things”, afterall, isn’t that what got you elected in the first place? And you, Mr. President have shown the same propensities throuout the oil rig blowup of not taking action.

    He said in the interview that he was looking for some “ass to kick” as recriminations mount and oil reaps a dreadful toll on seabirds, pristine Louisiana wetlands, teeming fishing grounds and idyllic Gulf of Mexico beaches.
    …start with yourself Mr. President, had you acted as if this were a major disaster instead of a political opportunity ther may very well ahve been some seabirds, wetlands, aquatic life and some fishing jobs saved.

    He also rejected a media critique that he had been too slow to respond, or was not animated enough in his public comments.
    …Mr. President , cover your ask because once a liar always a liar.

    “I’m going to push back hard on this because I think that this is an idea that got into folks’ heads and the media is running with it.
    …Mr. President, opportunity knocks for “Cap and Trade”…never let a crisis go to waste to further your agenda.

    I guess Obama wasn’t trained and told to expect people to push back against his inability to lead, yeah, lead this nation off of the cliff. It’s time for Obama to step down and for America to demand a mid-term presidentil election to replace this fake.

  • Allan

    Hi Jeff-

    This part of your post really shows we live in unprecedented times…

    >Obama also revealed that he had not personally spoken to Hawyard, >since an explosion on the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig on April >20, saying there would be little point.
    >“When you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he’s going to say all the >right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in >actions.”

    It’s behavior like this that I think is finally waking up America to the reality of what they elected. This man has a serious deficit of class and character. Even liberals deserve better if they’ll admit it.

    • JeffH

      Allan, thanks. Obama’s shortcomings become more evident with each “crisis” and each speach…It’s become a matter of “I’ve heard that before” where the subject matter might be different but the theme is always the same. How long can the Bush administration be blamed before the Obama clan accepts full unadulterated responsibility for their actions. Marxism has it’s shortcomings and Obama is a very good example of those.

      • Bob Wire

        Hmm? wasn’t Hawyard the one that suggested the spill “manageable” or marginally significant a few days back?

        So what’s the problem with Obama being more forceful in tenor? How does this upset you Jeff? ~ What should he do ? Kiss him?

        India sent several DuPont managers to jail for 2 years yesterday ~ for killing thousand of people with a chemical spill years ago. Light sentence for all the harm I know but the tides of change is in the air.

        You might not like or approve of Obama , but he’s carrying a might big federal stick that’s at his command. Maybe someone need some encouragement to get this well shut down, NOW!

        Oh! and thanks for more then just a line or two jeffh. It means so much to me.

        • Allan

          What should he have done? He could have convened a meeting (not some dumbass committee) of top experts and BP officials and come out of it with an action plan that all agreed to. He could have had his butt down there in a day, asking what the feds could do in what order. Then MAKE IT HAPPEN, FAST. Then stop blustering and blaming BEFORE THE FACTS ARE KNOWN. Getting mad doesn’t fix anything? But it does help to peddle cap and trade, doesn’t it. It just proves the more resources and department the government has, the less efficient it is is mobilizing them. Remember… “the police were stupid”, the Ft. Hood killer “is an isolated extremist”, and “all systems worked properly” in the Christmas Day Bomber incident. Talk before think. Ready…Fire…Learn How to Use the Gun. Chalk it up to incompetence, chalk it up to socialist spin. Doesn’t matter. Obama is America’s biggest liability, and we are starting to clean up our political spill.

          • JeffH

            Allan, you’ve summed it up pretty well.

          • Bob Wire

            >>”He could have convened a meeting (not some dumbass committee) of top experts and BP officials and come out of it with an action plan that all agreed to.”<<<

            If I'm not mistaken, that was done, maybe not exactly as you describe it, but rest certain, the top minds were summoned front and center and decisions made along with many sidebar, phone call and minnie meeting.

            There is a catch 22 with this oil spill. ~ One of liability first and foremost and then one of high difficulty factor.

            I feel if it wasn't for the liability factor, more people would be willing to become involved. Anyone that so much as touches this well discharge might well wear it for all their days. The chances of being a "Zero" far out number the chances of being a "Hero"

            But I agree Allen, your thinking is sound. Maybe the public should been more up to speed on back room meeting. But that's the nature of back room meeting. ~ Much like golf, in the course of play, deals are stuck on the back 9, the board room just being a formality and telling all what has been decided. Or courts of Law, much the same thing, not Perry Maison style at all. Your attorney comes to you and tells you what's offered and do you accept it. That's "your moment" to decide what to do. ~ This doesn't happen in front of everyone and for all to witness.

            It's legal issues and privy to few.

      • Right Wing

        Consider a comparison of Katrina/Nagin/Bush to Deepwater/Obama/BP. Katrina happened, Nagin complained that the government was not responsive, and Bush claimed responsibility…situation resolved. Deepwater happened, Obama refuses to speak with Hayward (BP CEO), and the situation is FUBAR.

        Obama et al. have bailed out everybody including Greece but he won’t mobilize resources for damage control on this spill? Our government could, at a minimum, take control of oil collection and cleanup and send BP the bill but instead Obama the charlatan has no clue how to contribute, sits back and pisses himself and furls his brow with pursed lips at BP’s progress. Maybe James O’Keefe (Acorn filmmaker) can do a Michael Moore parody film titled “Fair-and-Right 422″.

  • Nancy Johns

    The response from the far left extremists and Republicans to the primary victory of Rand Paul is politics as usual these days. In effect we have a one party political system. Republicans refuse to stand up for the Constitution and individual liberties of American citizens. Most politicians worship at the altar of political correctness. We the people must save America. Our military involvement in Iran seems to no longer serve a purpose. I favor pulling out of that country. I am 100% behind his ideas about the federal reserve. While I don’t agree with all his stances on political issues, I agree with most of them. In November I hope to see more right thinking patriots, such as Rand Paul, going to Congress. We need new ideas.

    • viktor leben


      We can’t pull out of Iraq and we have to attack Iran ! Hear me out on this … this is key !!! It would be impractical ……

      America attacked radical Islam and they aren’t going to forget, not for hundreds of years. I’ll give you an example, if I go next door and burn down my neighbors house, murder his children, then beat him up so badly that he is in a coma for 20 years, what do you think his cousins are going to do to me ? I can’t say “Gee, I’m sorry and I won’t do it again” – that’s not going to work.

      We have to reduce Islam (REDUCTION TO ZERO) to it’s no longer a threat. That whole Islamic system has to go ….. What it will be replaced with is probably some occult religion or something (that’s another subject)…

      We made the “mistake” and we are committed to their destruction, YOU CAN’T GO BACK. THEIR IS NO SECOND CHANCE !! ONCE YOU ATTACK A COUNTRY (OR REGION) IT IS DE FACTO WAR ….

      Kill or be Killed .. that’s it ….

      The terrorist are coming for all of us, that includes the liberal scumbags who want to take your guns away…….

  • Antonio

    Bod Wire, Yes i am Tea Party material in fact i was at the Grand Prarie Tea Party. In the 11 years that i have been in the states i can say that yes a know quite a bit about my state Texas. I love it. I can also say that i’am 100 percent against obama, pelosi, reid, clinton, napolitano, bernanke just about everybody thats destroying this country that you and me both live in. If Rand Paul wants to go against the Federal reserve then im all for it. The Federal reserve is unconstitutional and needs to be stopped and fast. All these taxes that you and me pay are unconstitutional and they need to be stopped, and paper money is also unconstitutional and we need to get back to gold and silver using bonds as was before the federral reserve started. We are losing this country and we are losing it fast.

    Im sorry for calling you stupid but the next time someone asks you a simple question just give a simple answer instead of a bunch KKK crap.

    • Denniso

      Antonio, you’ve been here for only 11 yrs and you are already certain in your views and want to lump all Democrats into the same pot and dislike all. I’m afraid you’ve been brainwashed by rightwingers and you really don’t know what you think you know and are so sure about.

      Paper moneyand the Federal Reserve have existed for a long time and helped build this country into the largest economy and military might in the history of the world. How is it that the system worked pretty well for decades and only recently imploded due to greed and inept regulation…we are in the largest recession since the great depression and it will take work and sacrifice to get out of it. We won’t be getting out by scrapping the Fed or going back on gold.

      Try reading and listening a little more before you come to such hard
      boiled opinions.

      • WarriorH

        I was a dem for almost 20 years and I learned to dislike them dems!

        • Bob Wire

          I’d enjoy hearing about it, tell us more Warriorh. I enjoy personal “Why’s” ~this is the way we understand and connect.

    • JeffH

      Antonio, once again I suggest you idnore this “out of touch with reality” comment. Notice the quick attack by duh!nisso who is so embroiled with the constant hatred for anybody that embraces the American dream and is anywhere right of center.

  • Bob Wire

    No problem, Antonio ~ we’re good here,

    But I’m just pointing out the fact that Lake Jackson and all that Brazos Delta area is Klans man country, much like the Rotary Club. The Normal , the expected. Hard working, hard living people. It’s not surprising conservative southern thinking might come from such a place by way of Rand Paul. Listen to him, he harbors no hate of race but one that grew up in the civilized south.

    While my family don’t own slaves anymore, there is a few folks still living on the property, finding no reason to leave and not being force off. They are family now, their feeling would be wounded if ask to leave, they’d feel abandoned and unwanted with no place to go. This attitude of acceptance of difference is what Paul was attempting to convey ~ but it hard to do, for you’ve got to live it and witness it in day in and day out living. Something someone like Racheal Maddow can’t get her mind around regardless of how many doctor degrees she has.

    Like I said, Lake Jackson and the surrounding areas is a time capsule of the old south still today and even more so when Rand Paul and I were children growing up.

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? I share all these same frustration the rest of you do with regards to IraQ and the oil spill that had decimated our southern coastline.

    I think everyone has been hoping BP would pull a rabbit out of the hat and find a way seal this breach in the well. Since it’s “their” business to address such things and they are the 3rd larges business concern in the world, as I’m told. There must be some serious pressures forcing this crude out into the sea. I just don’t know and what I don’t know , I don’t understand.

    And , yes ~ this will be Obama’s Katrina, no doubt about it at this point, what he did do or failed to do will make quality high grade political hay. I can’t fault anyone for their thoughts, I have my own I wrestle with. The Right and Far Right has needed something of substance, besides “throwing grandmaw under the bus” or “he was born on planet Extar” , “He’s Marxist”, He’s Dumb, stupid, an Islam” ~~ Now they got it! I just hope it don’t reach the distracting of ‘Watergate” or “Monica’s head Job” and political progress grinds to a halt. ~ You know if Americans had not stalled the Fed with “Watergate” the recession that follow could have been much more manageable. This lynch mob mentality for party gains hurts us all.

    I just hope it gets capped soon and political damage control is the least of our concerns, for this has scared our coastline and seriously wounded both man and beast that live and work there coastal areas. What hurts our brother,hurts us.

    I’ve said all along that, Louisiana as a single state, contributes much to the rest of this nation in ways other states can’t imagine. The elements of major disaster looming ever constant in the air. Hundreds of Barges linked together two football field long, go up and down her waterway 24/7 loaded with “no telling what” going unnoticed by the rest of us unless something happens. She a very important state and serve us all.

    There is danger everywhere during daylight hour and it’s just plain scarcely as hell at night, as these water ways as often just 60 yard wide is places and river channel rarely in the center and it changes daily with the tides.

    As for Iraq, we shouldn’t never been there but that said, we should have got out when 43 claimed “Mission Accomplished”. Anyway, now we’re mired in a mess. We’ve been sending men and money there for several years now, someone is enjoying the money and would like to see it continue. Aside from drugs and oil interest, we’re the goose that laid the golden egg to these people.

    If you’ll remember, it took over 5 years to get out of Nam, The beginning started when I was there, turning fire support bases over to ARVN troops (think that wasn’t a scary thought) in 68 and final pull out in what~75?. Iraq will be no different.

    The problem is, all these troops coming home and the military complex we had grown to depend on for employment since 64, place imbalances and created domestic economic havoc on the US. Some of you “rights” place the credit of the recession at Jimmy Carter’s doorstep for this. But really it was the results of Nixon honoring his promise to end the war.

    Much the same thing will happen when present troops start “standing down” in huge numbers,~ be ready.

    The radical Islam question? This is a tough one, ~ It’s my feeling Islam needs to do their own house cleaning and I really don’t give a damn how. They can do it for themselves or someone will do it for them. Targeted Pressure needs to be applied everywhere it can be applied to make this so. Hitting the head of the snake and quit beating it on the tail. If they wish to live and prosper in a peaceful world community? fine! If not, ~ there be the devil to pay. But it needs to be targeted, focus, which is going to be difficult as America dollars continue to flow into these countries that sponsor radial Islam. That too, need to stop. ~ You want to kill something, you quit feeding it.

  • Antonio

    Denniso i think that you are the one that has been brianwashed. Listen man, the constitution strictly prohibits the use of paper money. The federal reserve and paper money have only been here since 1913 thats not even 100 years yet, so your wrong. Before then they used gold and silver up until the late 1800′s when they started using a dollar “bond” ( that was not paper money). During these times there was never inflation, because the bond’s were backed by gold or silver. When the Ferderal reserve was established then came the “income tax” and “paper money”(better known as counterfeit money). Since then there has been constant inflation and constant taxation that has been destroying this country. Those are facts, if you do not believe those just read the constitution or research the history of money. If you still choose to not believe that the federal reserve is our number 1 enemy then thats your problem, not mine.

  • lighterknot

    Well I saddled up and rode out through the land of OZ (Christendom) that’s a place in the constellations stretching from Virginia down to Orlando and out to the Bad Lands of New Mexico up to The Rocky Mountain High of Colorado and back to Virginia. It’s as dark as a night sky sprinkled with stars all twinkling for attention. Makes one wonder…I was only gone three days and here’s a new thread sprinkled with stars all concerned about taking back the constellation. It’s just that the sun of god rose up in the sky and the light was blinding everything despaired.

    Why can’t I agree with the libertarians? I do on so many things; abolish the Patriot Act, do away with Affirmative Action, get back to real money and do away with the Fed Reserve. I go further and would abolish the CIA who’s not but a sneaky hand under the table.

    How then could I be a Bleeding Heart, Tree Hugging Liberal? One; this little blue speak in the cosmos called earth has been reduced buy technology to the size if a marble. It is the support system of all life as we know it though very strong to heal itself – not strong enough to survive the on slough of unfettered capitalism. Two; Because of our technology in weaponry, and the threat of all-out war we can no longer be autonomies nations competing for the worlds resources and threatening each other with force. A world government with teeth is not a choice – it is a necessity. It can be bad or worse it can’t be good…just necessary for survival sake. Three; the use of robots in replacing the work force has created a situation that turns the primed upside down placing the entire base on the super rich for support. They don’t seem to like it as if their wealth was acquired ethically. It wasn’t; use and abuse of the workforce and the resulting tax base was legalized thievery.

    We have sinned big time; not to the hot stove in the sky – pure energy and as far as I know the source of life (GOD) but to our human contract with morality. We have built our little cell of hell so our choices are slim. We can crawl in or die trying to stay out but there is but one freedom; know the truth, I haven’t got there but I know a crock when I see it.

  • Bob Wire

    Excellent post Lighterknot! So why should we join forces with small group of disenfranchises ex party loyalist that still hold fast to many of the same attitude that got us here. While they failed to offer opposition while their own party was in power, willing to accept status Quo.

    Only now and out of power do they rise up and attack “government” as the nasty medicine that “cures” is being administered to government.

    They don’t like the medicine and protest loudly, like a child you must chase down to administer too or left to be enticed with rewards, Ice cream, Mc Donald’s, Tax cuts! Ivory Tower room service.

    They have something to lose is my guess. Having found a comfortable place inside “staus quo” this accounts for some of them and the rest ditto heads and Fox News Groupies.

    I’m past being angry, and look on with interest and amusement. This whole affair has consumed what should have been, 30 productive years of my life and I know I’m not alone as I stare at the prospect of a grim Fall.

    What I say and do today is for the ones that follow, as we try to leave them the tools and resources to make their way.

    We are “not” starting over, ~ that’s a bad idea. ~ Reform is one thing, revolution is something all together different.

    • Denniso

      The extreme rightwing just can’t stand being out of power..they basically don’t accept our political system that allows for the country to change leadership when they want to,so they go into attack mode as soon as they lose power…calling the president a traitor,a communist,fascist,non citizen… smearing all Dems as communists and betrayors of the constitution.

      The great irony is that we came closest to fascism and a police state under their own guys,Cheny/Bush,and the current screamers sat quietly by while Cheny/Bush did their vile deeds. Now all we hear from the right is Obama’s a communist. Such nonsense,it’s hard to take it seriously.

      • Sandra

        I don’t know where you were dingiso, but we did not sit quietly by during Bush Cheny. “Your” ultra left wing nonsense is what is difficult to take seriously. Do you ever read what you write?

        • Bob Wire

          well good for you! but I didn’t hear you, however no one listened to me either it seems.

          and that’s not ultra left nonsense. ~ Fox News and Bush/Chaney ruled without opposition for 6 out of 8 years. I’ll admit forces was finally mustered to counter the GOP steamroller the last two years of their tenure. But it took a organized effort and large staff chasing down fabricated, untruths, embellishments and out and out lies to bring “Fox” to stand good for some accountability of the truth. Before resistance was offered, Fox felt they could say anything and people would believe them.
          In The time spent to chase down the truth, they would tell three more lies. This went on for many years. It was a “strategy” and it was very effective. Don’t argue a single point, just attack and don’t waste time defending. Defending makes you appear weak.

          It’s now, Keith and Rachael, that are the rabid attack dogs and I tire of it as well. They come across crass, and sometimes small ~ but they don’t tell big old whoppers and expect everyone to eat it up! But there is too mush reporting on “character” and too little about the news and way too many commercials for my taste. Not being in the market for a Cadillac, investing firm, stronger penis or save money with GiCo.

          And you can’t claim John Birch or this Tea Party crowd center right, sorry. I’m sure there must be such a thing as an Ultra left, can you describe one for me. Are fairy’s all ultra left? I don’t think so.

        • Denniso

          Sandra…the rightwing and most of all Repubs did sit by loyally during the abuses by Cheny/Bush,and it’s not too late now to speak up.
          Let’s hear some of your criticism now,since so many of our current mess can be traced to Cheny/Bush…tell me what you said against them while they were in office. The rightwing is doing a very good job of blaming everything on Obama after being in office for 17 months,let’s hear what you’ve got to say about Bush.

          • Sandra

            What good do you think it does to bash Bush/Cheny NOW? You act like Bush is still in power? What a WASTE OF TIME going back and re-hashing the stuff that happened then. If Bush/Cheny policies are all so bad why hasn’t Obama changed them? Why hasn’t Obama recinded the Patriot Act?
            Every time the liberal left resorts to bashing Bush, you lose credibility. You always resort to blaming Bush, and try playing the race card when you can’t debate Obamas policies. For years all those mutts in power have wanted the exact same thing, more power and more control over the people, and until you liberal lefties can see and admit that your side are doing nothing to resolve the issues, you will only continue to make things worse.

  • charlie

    Seems Good old Ky has smarts and others could learn from them Like Az. they take so much then watch out! They have something called backbone that most dont have and will stand like Americans and fight for freedom .These liberal and bias media wont go very far with them..They tell it kike it is and dont give a hoot if you like it or not..Paul has the balls so to speak something the rest of Congress and Senate are without ,Obama and his scum bums will only go so far. Old Al Sharpton Jessie [womanizer] will find that out .. good for Kaintuck!!!!!!!

  • Ed Przybylski

    It’s amaazing how far our country has gone. I really hope people like the Paul’s can get us away from the fed. otherwise I fear we are looking at the worst depression this country has ever seen. That’s why I am collecting gold and silver .

  • jopa

    Sandra; The reason Denniso bashes Bush/Cheney is the same reason to bash Hitler. We must never forget our history or we will be destined to repeat it.

  • jopa

    Sandra; The reason Denniso bashes Bush/Cheney is the same reason to bash Hitler. We must never forget our history or we will be destined to repeat it..

  • Gerald Brells

    I believe there are two major problems that this enlightened planet needs to address.1. We need world wide birth control in order to have sufficient resources for the people already here.A reduction in our current population would be much more desireable.2.Religions all over should be based on common sense not fables or fairy tales which cover most religions in all countries.If a religion is not based on science or reliable history it should not be taught.Religion should teach better ways of treating people rather than threatening them with hell,fire and brimstone which is another myth used to keep the uneducated in line.

    • Jim H.

      Gerald, WHO decides who has to leave and where should they go? Are YOU volunteering? YOU can leave anytime. When you’re done aborting babies and culling the herd, when you finally die and do your part to control the population you WILL find out about Hellfire.

      • Gerald Brells

        Jim,I didn’t even mention abortion.You and I can discuss this issue another day. I was referring to birth control pills condomes and education. It must take a toll on you believing in hellfire and damnation for every mistake you make. You believe in fire and hell because this is what you have been taught since your childhood-Am I right? Remember Jim,a few generations ago people were taught the world was flat.Jim, I’m an old guy, Please think fcr yourself and make up your mind on known knowledge, not always what people have drilled into your young impressionable mind. Another thing Jim,If I did move this would not change the number of people in the world-only the location.I enjoyed talking with you Jim.

        • Jim H.

          That’s the point Jerry there isn’t any place else for them to go. Who are YOU to determine who should have children or how many. Mao tried it, didn’t work. What if you’re wrong and have a very warm afterlife for an eternity and I in my childish uneducated, simple mindedness prepared for it so I don’t have to go? In my SIMPLE MINDED religion there is also a forgiving God, so I don’t fret EVERY little mistake. I also know not to have the audacity to think just because I don’t want Hell it doesn’t make it so.

          • Gerald Brells

            Hi Jim, This world would be boring if we all thought alike.Jim,how about many areas in undeveloped countries that do not support decent life yet women there have countless children that cannot be fed and cared for humanely? Mao sent people out in the country side where millions died.I don’t understand how you can compare modern day contraception and education with mass murder. Going back to religion Jim,The world is full of different religions all saying they are right and everybody else is wrong.If one of these religions is correct than all the rest of us must be wrong!That’s alot of people going to hell.Please comment.

            Jerry B.

          • Jim H.

            In your first post, you stated ,”A reduction in our current population would be desireable.” Where are all these surplus people going to go? They are here. Practicing birth control may help further down the road, but not so much now. Poor people have been having babies since mankind began, some make it and sadly some don’t. We still don’t have the right to tell some families that they aren’t allowed to have a family. Going back to religion. Birth control goes against some very major religions. Some may see your plan as sentencing a lot of people to that Hell you think WE are so foolish to believe in. There are many different religions, but if you look at their core beliefs they are very similar. God is merciful and understanding, If you truly follow your beliefs, you will be OK.

  • Donald Dugan

    Rachel Maddow and Mara Liason is the pits of the party, they don’t know how to put on their makeup/
    The toilet belongs to these two asses.
    We would be better off if they would just look at their faces in the toilet.
    The little whimps can not accept the will of the people, I do feel that Micheal Steele or his leadership does not get in line with the will of the people of this United States of America will be flushed down the toilet together with his two faces.
    These workers and that is what they are should be put out to pasture.
    Thanks for the little laugh they have provided me with.

  • http://N/A Joanne McBride

    Way to go Rand Paul!! Don’t let those lefty’s get under your skin. They are jealous because we are slowly getting the best of them.

  • Joe

    Rand Paul—Libertarian Whacko!, yes he is, like his father is, so why not just put the couch jumping/dancing Tom Cruise in office?


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