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Rand Paul: GOP Should Learn The Words ‘Bienvenido a América’

March 20, 2013 by  

Rand Paul: GOP Should Learn The Words  ‘Bienvenido a América’

En casa del herrero, cuchara de palo.

It seems Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.), doubling down on his message of GOP reform, is the wooden spoon in the blacksmith’s house. The Senator is pushing an immigration message unlike that of many of his Republican cohorts: Paul’s idea is more amnesty than deportation, but he is calling it “probation.”

Yesterday morning, Paul was welcomed to speak on the topic of immigration reform by the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The Senator’s speech, peppered with passages in Spanish and even a reference to poet Pablo Neruda to underline the beauty of Hispanic romanticism, pushed a libertarian-leaning approach to solving America’s immigration problems.

“The solution doesn’t have to be amnesty or deportation,” Paul said during the speech. “A middle ground might be called probation, where those who came illegally become legal through a probationary period. My plan will not impose a national ID card or mandatory E-Verify, forcing businesses to become policemen. We should not be unfair to those who came to our country legally. Nor should we force business owners to become immigration inspectors–making them do the job the federal government has failed to do. After an Inspector General has verified that the border is secure after year one, the report must come back and be approved by Congress. In year two, we could begin expanding probationary work visas to immigrants who are willing to work. I would have Congress vote each year for five years whether to approve or not approve a report on whether or not we are securing the border.”

Paul also pointed out a disconnect in his speech between the Republican Party’s traditionally harsh language on immigration and Hispanic American citizens with social beliefs regarding spirituality, abortion and family structure that are much in line with the GOP stance.

“Republicans have been losing both the respect and votes of a group of people who already identify with our belief in family, faith, and conservative values. Hispanics should be a natural and sizable part of the Republican base,” he said. “That they have steadily drifted away from the GOP in each election says more about Republicans than it does about Hispanics.”

The Senator likened the “hard work, respect for life or the quest for freedom” that many modern immigrants bring to the Nation to those characteristics of immigrants of the past, to whom many Americans can trace their family roots.

“Defense of the unborn and defense of traditional marriage are Republican issues that should resonate with Latinos but have been obscured by the misperception that Republicans are hostile to immigrants,” Paul continued. “Somewhere along the line Republicans have failed to understand and articulate that immigrants are an asset to America, not a liability.”

Paul’s aptly timed speech was given on the heels of a Republican National Committee report released earlier in the week calling on members of the GOP to support comprehensive immigration reform. A bipartisan group of Senators is also nearing agreement on sweeping legislation to overhaul the Nation’s immigration laws, a bill Paul says he might support after some amendment.

“Let’s start that conversation by acknowledging we aren’t going to deport” the millions already here, he said during his speech.

Paul said that his immigration reform plan would require the lynchpin of first securing the U.S. border before any steps to implement a path to citizenship would be taken. Under the plan, the Border Patrol and an inspector general would have to testify that borders were locked down tight. Congress would then annually verify that border security was progressing for five years in order for the other reforms Paul envisions to remain in place.

In the Senator’s opinion, America should do away with schemes that place the burdensome responsibility of verification of citizenship on business owners. Instead, those in the country illegally would begin to be issued temporary work visas after waiting in line behind those already in the system working toward citizenship. The number of visas available per year would be determined by a bipartisan group of lawmakers, and immigrant job creators and entrepreneurs would be issued special visas.

“My plan will not grant amnesty or move anyone to the front of the line. But what we have now is de facto amnesty,” Paul said of current immigration reform gridlock.

The Senator concluded his speech by telling the audience of his respect and admiration for Latinos.

“Some say to generalize about any ethnic group is to be a racist,” Paul said. “There is a hilarious ‘Seinfeld’ episode where Jerry admits that he loves Asian women, but he frets and worries: ‘Is it racist to like a certain race?’

“So it is with trepidation that I express my admiration for the romance of the Latin culture.”

Toward the end of his speech, Paul quoted part of the the closing passage of Neruda’s poem “Si Tu Me Olividas,” the English translation of which is “If You Forget Me.”:

Pero (But)
si cada día, (if each day,)
cada hora, (each hour)
sientes que a mí estás destinada (you feel that you are destined for me)
con dulzura implacable, (with implacable sweetness)
si cada día sube (if each day a flower)
una flor a tus labios a buscarme, (climbs up to your lips to seek me)
ay amor mío, ay mía, (ah my love, ah my own)
en mí todo ese fuego se repite, (in me all that fire is repeated)
en mí nada se apaga ni se olvida (in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten)

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Dwight Mann

    In this country, if you break our laws, you should never be allowed to be a citizen.
    I think Paul is playing politician here, and he needs to stick to conservative principles…

    • Paul L. Bolden

      I am sorry, but, there is the idealistic point of view and there is a realistic point of view. Do you have any idea of the cost or the time that it would take to search, identify, round up and deport 11 to 12 million illigal immigrants. And without secured borders, many of them would be back in 1 to 2 years. There are those who only come here to work and do not wish to be American citizens. Issue them a work visa, so that they can legally cross the border, go home to their families in the off season and return legally the following year with none of the rights afforded a citizen. The ones who do want to become American citizens, issue them a work visa and make them start at the back of the line with no voting rights, no social services, or any other amenity afforded an American citizen until they obtain citizenship (citizenship means reading and speaking English, learning and understanding the history, the Constitution and the laws of this country,etc.). Senator Paul is correct in stating that the morals, beliefs and views of Latinos are a perfect fit for the Conservative Party (the Abolishionist Party that freed the slaves, the party that helped President Johnson pass the Civil Rights Legislation over the angry protests of Liberals in the early 60′s). Unfortunately, the current Conservatives allow the Proggessive Liberals to dominate the media with vial accusations about conservatives that are completely untrue!

      • John

        The greatest thing in life is to have a dream and fight for it. For without hope there is nothing. There is nothing wrong with idealism.

      • WILDFIRE

        They would be back within one – two years????? No sir, They are back within the week. I worked for a Company in North Carolina that employed a lot of illegals. There are about 120 Mexican machine operators. Approx. 80% of them are illegal. They get picked up by police for various things whether it be traffic violation or domestic disturbance. Police find out they are illegal and they get deported. I ask some of the operators where so and so is? they tell me he or she got deported back to Mexico. A week sometime 2 weeks go by and dang if they aren’t back at work. They tell me that they spent one or two days in Mexico visit friends and family since they was there and then come back across.

        These illegals would come to this Company with SS cards that would have like 12 or 13 numbers on it. The HR guy would tell them he cannot accept the SS card as identification. They ask why not, he explains it has to many numbers on it. The next day they show up with another SS card with the correct amount of numbers on it.

      • Paul L. Bolden

        True! There is absolutely nothing wrong with Idealism; except when you try to physically apply it to 12,000,000 people!

  • Patricia Neal-Moreno

    There are already millions of illegal Mexicans in the US. MOST of whom are hardworking people who only want to feed their families. Rand is correct that they share many of our values, and should be offered a path to citizenship. Don’t forget the people of this country are 95% immigrants. I would like to see these folks become productive American citizens. I believe it’s possible to provide a path to citizenship that does not include food stamps, and welfare. I live in south Texas and most of my neighbors are Mexican Americans. I can say from experience they are decent hardworking family oriented people. Many of the Mexicans who come here illegally do so because they have no other option if they wish to feed their families.

    • John

      They have a country. It is called Mexico. If I want to visit their culture I go to their country. I also have a country. They have illegally invaded my country and changed my culture to theirs. One of corruption, bribery and acceptence of an elitist class to rule over them. I grew up on the border in California and watched them destroy the state. They are the ones voting for these liberal, communist inspired, so called leaders in this screwed up country. I reject everything they stand for and everything you said. Additionally, real wages, adjusted for inflation, in the USA have been declining every year since 1973. That is because of unrepentant legal and illegal immigration. Ted Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and most of all, the global elite who secretly promulgated this lenient atmosphere are most responsible. ESAD.

      • Craig

        I think Patricia is right. Most immigants are just folks trying to better their lot in life. Thier country sucks, (in large part because of our countrys’ drug policy) so they come here. To blame them for our loss of intestinal fortitude to stand up to the global elite is a weak, victim mentality.


      If they want to stay here. Then they pay 10,000 fine each for breaking the law, paid within 2 yrs. Upon paying that they will get a resident card (greencard) however they will not be eligible for citizenship 10 yrs of continuous stay in America and must pass a American history and culture competency test of at least a senior HS level and a English competency level of at least 6th grade level comparable to the average black Americans English competency level.

      When we as Americans break our laws, there are consequences we must pay. They are no different. They should pay the consequences for their breaking laws before they reap the rewards.

      It cost me and my wife $200 for an interview at the embassy, $360 some dollars for an application just to apply for a spouse visa and then nearly $1000 upon being approved and a little over $5000 for attorney fees to get it all through the process and finalized. My wife’s Sister and her husband and 2 kids have spent over $25,000 total to go through the legal process of applying for visa’s in their host Country and upon approval coming the the US legally and securing employment. Not to mention some people wait any where from 8 months to 2 or 3 years to get approved and many have to go through the process several times to come here legally because of the lottery system and the cap on legal immigration per year.

      These illegals just sashay across the southern border when they choose and start demanding citizenship and free handouts and bonus perks as soon as they step on US soil. They further think they should take priority above and beyond the immigrants that followed the laws and procedures.

      It is not fair to the ones that obeyed the laws to migrate here and paid a fortune to the US government to acquire a document and to give illegals documents without penalty or substantial fee. $10,000 USD is like $40 – $50,000 in other Countries.

      These Mexicans come here and making American dollars can acquire $10K in no time compared to the foreigners that have spent 8 – 10 – 12 years saving to afford to pay the application and processing fees of the Government just to come here and usually have little to no money once they get here because all their savings went to the Government to get their legal documents.

      It ticks me off when I hear these idiots demand they have rights in my Country when they have broken laws and not earned any rights. When they crossed the border, they knew they was breaking laws and didn’t care nor respect this Countries immigration laws which indicates that they won’t respect any of the other laws we have in this Country either.

      • WILDFIRE

        Furthermore, out of 34 Countries tested on a international competency test of English, math and science. Mexico scored dead last in all 3 subjects. Sadly America scored 15th in English, 17th in science and 25th in Math (perhaps that would explain why we haven’t had democrats supply a budget plan in more than 4 yrs)

        These illegal immigrants coming into this Country are basically the dumb birds of Mexico, by which Mexico don’t want them and which half of them end up being the jail birds in America and the American tax payers ends up either paying for them in prison to support them and the ones that don’t land in prison end up on the Tax payers dole through welfare and other entitlement programs.

        If we are going to over populate our Country with immigrants ,it should be with chemist, engineers and doctors and nurses not “dumb as a box of rocks” wetbacks that can’t speak English nor follow laws.

        These Democrats and bleeding heart liberals that have never been out of this Country to see what other over populated Countries look like are doing their best to saturate this Country with people to a unsustainable level.

        When we have 20 people for every 1 job, we are going to have a bunch of people without work, poor and hungry because our welfare system will eventually run out of money and when that happens, crime will sky rocket because people will be stealing and robbing and even murdering to get money and food.

        In Colombia, they cannot wear any type of jewelry (or its not advised) out in public. They have many incidences where thieves target people if they see them wearing a ring of some value. They come from behind and using bolt cutters, they cut the finger off and the the finger with the ring with no or little concern for a chase because the victim is busy dealing with the pain, shock and the bleeding and any one nearby is busy tending to the victim if they stop to assist at all.

        In a time when we have a government over regulating business and forcing them to close their doors and move over seas taking jobs out of the Country along with losing corporate taxes, personal income tax lost due to the lost jobs and lost sales tax due to people unemployed not spending any money. Here we have a government wanting to just hand over amnesty to illegal criminals so they can then take advantage of more Americans entitlement programs.

        All the while we have approx 2200 miles of southern border and only 845 miles are protected. I have read in multiple different sources where there are claims that some 3000 – 5000 illegals border crossings per day. Obama and or his Administration makes claims such as “last month 120,000 jobs were created” . Well 3000 illegals per day x 30 days = 90,000 and if the figures are closer to 5000 per day x 30 days = 150,000 more people per month. The reported job creations the Obama Administration reports isn’t even enough jobs to cover the illegals coming into this Country, much less that fact that some 23 million are on unemployment seeking work not to mention the immigrants coming here on a daily basis that have gone through the legal process to get here.

        Last month when that nit wit idiot Maxine Waters made her claim that 170 million people will lose their job due to the sequester when as of last month there is only 143 million jobs currently in America.

        We currently have 311 million people not including the unknown amount of illegals in this Country. during Dec 2010 when they was trying to pass Dream Act it was being reported that some 18 – 22 million illegals estimated to be here. The figures lately have been some 11 million because that sounds much easier to the ear than 22 million. They (democrats) figure if they fudge the numbers and lower them to a lower number, people won’t bat an eye at the lower numbers. I guarantee their are alot more if not twice as much illegals in this Country than what the LSM and Obama Admin and DHS is reporting.

        With some 320 – 330 million people in this Country and only 143 million working, (less than half the population working) with many of those 143 million workers not paying any taxes and in fact getting thousands of dollars back from other tax payers due to the EIC tax credits all the while we have morons in the WH spending like there is no tomorrow and claiming we don’t have a spending problem as have their hand out borrowing money from China and a mounting debt approaching 17 trillion. It is inevitable that its all going to come crashing down soon.

        Before they give any form of pathway to citizenship to the illegals in this Country, the must secure all 2200 miles of the southern border not just 845 miles of it with electrified fence and send a message that any further attempts to cross will be fired upon. Giving Amnesty will do nothing but send a message to world of our weakness and inability to control our borders and will entice others to come here illegally knowing that eventually they will be granted amnesty if they abide their time.

        I have been to 36 Countries to work and vacation, many of which I have been to the US embassies or driven past them and not a day goes by that they are not packed with people standing lines waiting to applying for visa’s to come here. If they cannot come here through the legal process or can’t afford it, they will come here through Mexico.

      • brycly

        Wow. Racism much? We should be angry they are here illegally. We should be angry they abuse our system. Not because they are stupid or poor. This is a country founded on freedom, and immigration is a large piece of it. “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”. Lets face it, while it is bad that they come here in the ways that they do, that is in large part because of our welfare policies, as well our pitiful lack of border security. We have nobody to blame but ourselves here. Immigrants, even poor ones, should be embraced. But they do have to come here legally. Also, Mexico is kinda a sh*t hole. Partly their own laws, partly our drug policies. Id leave too.

    • BillT

      They need a guest workers plan, not an ammnesty plan, and they sure don’t need a pathway to citizenship. Between the Dems and Reps, I’m seeing MY country being sold for a vote.

      • ranger09

        Bill, WE have always had laws, WE have always had a way to earn citizenship, BUT we the People have lost control of our politicians And now they do as they please and fail to enforce these laws that we have inplace. All of this is for their own good and for big business None of what makes this Country more secure,or the concern for its Legal taxpaying citizens. Its an Insult to all who waited for years to come here legally, And then they had years to prove that they would work and follow the laws and also learn to speak english.WE are just letting these politicians turn our country into another thirld world country as they are going.

      • brycly

        Thats actually what Rand Paul proposed. It just happens that a work visa can evolve into a green card and EVENTUALLY citizenship. As he said (paraphrasing): We aren’t creating new line, or a new system. There is a system in place and they would go to the BACK of the line.

    • ranger09

      Maybe these hard working people should stay in their own Country and work and fight to make it a better place to live. But they have learned that its easy to come here and have the American people support them. I for one do not want this Country to become another African or Mexican Country. And we also have to blame our businesses for wanting to hire cheap labor and make more excess profits.While the taxpayers suffer. If you want to come to this Country do it the way millions of people have done before.The system has been based on not overloading the system with more people then the country can put into the labor markets, We need to get back to this system.

  • Charles

    How about respect for our laws and borders as a starting point? I will never, ever support someone that thinks I am stupid enough to give an invader the right to cancel my vote…

  • purple50

    the employer has a responsability (burden) to identtafy and collect taxes, E-varify is an easy way to remove an illegal person working and would do more to stop illegal immagration than the strongest border security. Paul is selling out the American worker on this one

    • Average Joe

      “the employer has a responsability (SIC)(burden) to identtafy (SIC)and collect taxes,”

      Huh? Employers? Who told you that whopper?…uh…no…that responsibility goes to the IRS and INS….If your statement was true, then all of these “employers” should be getting a paycheck for doing these things (they aren’t).

      What it actually is…is the government shirking it’s responsibilities and conning the average employer into doing the governments’ job….without compensation. As an employer, we have no duty to play INS or Tax collector for the government…without compensation for the work performed…
      If they want us to play tax collector…then they should be willing to pay for the services….just like they pay their IRS agents…..No pay…No services…sounds fair to me….


    • ranger09


  • BillT

    America doesn’t need ammnesty, it needs to kick out all the illegals… The GOP didn’t loose the elections because of the hispanic vote. They lost because to many conservatiies ddn’t want to vote for Romney. I don’t have a problem with that, but the same people complaining about Obama and the dems, should have known that if they split the vote between Romney and anyone else, Obama was going to win.

    • Craig

      @BillT- You can blame those (such as myself) for Obama’s victory if it makes you feel better. Fact is I could not vote for Romney or Obama out of principle. Maybe if people would stop throwing out their own principles at the ballot box, Obama would not have won either. Correct me if I am wrong, but is the lesser of 2 evils not still evil? Maybe leaving principles behind and continuosly voting for evil is what got people like Obamney on the ballot in the first place.

  • Chuck S

    My comprehensive reform
    1) Increase security – finish the border fence.
    2) Crack down on any illegals collecting from the government – welfare, food stamps, disability, education, etc. If they get any medical, it should be minimal and they should be billed for it. Deportations should start with illgals collecting from the government.
    3) Deport any illegals that voted or are registered to vote.
    At this point, any hard-working, self-suficient illegals aren’t affected.
    4) Be sure e-verify is widely used. Also, check on tax returns with invalid social security numbers (which Ithink are more than 9 million!).
    5) Criminals should maybe be kept in our prisons, since they could easily sneak back if deported. If border security is beefed up, deport more of them. The prisons shouldn’t be luxury hotels. Incidentally, I think some illegals are criminals who came to the US becasue that’s were a lot of money is.

    • alpha-lemming

      Very good….
      Bullet point #2 would take you 3 quarters of the way to the problem solving itself. There ar 3 groups of immigrants….. 1) Those that wish to become citizens, assimilate, pursue the great American dream. 2) Those coming here JUST for work…even this group contributes via increased GDP and the hidden taxes in EVERY purchase made. 3) The welfare sponges and leeches alone or via anchor babies, predators and criminals…… THIS is the group sinking us faster than anything….. remove the lifetime welfare incentive and???? why bother to make the trip??? if you’re useless there, you won’t be rewarded by being useless here. Criminals can be dealt with…. unfortunately not until a crime has been committed though.

  • Rocketman

    I hope that all of you Republican voters out there are taking note that Rand Paul is paving the way for a revitalized GOP that can compete with the Democrats in future elections and start winning national elections again. If he isn’t the choice of the Republican voter in 2016 for the presidency when you are making a VERY BIG MISTAKE. We tried it the neo-cons way back in 2012 and look what happened. America can’t afford the neo-cons in power in the GOP any longer.

  • Pegathee

    BS….illegal is illegal. You want to come here, do it legally!! Too many illegals come here using our tax money to support them once in! I object to supporting people who aren’t even supposed to be here. All those who are in favor of letting them stay should be the ones to pay for it!!

  • TML

    I can understand that Rand might be trying to provide solutions outside of the amnesty/deportation issue, and can see how issuing work visas for a probationary period might be acceptable to the hard moral standard that “illegal is illegal” (which is my position), since they would be basically paying for their citizenship, in the sense that one might pay for his crime. But even though he spoke of securing the borders, it seems that approach might actually entice more illegal’s to try and enter the country if they think once they are here they could simply be handed a work visa. But ultimately I would not support his proposal because it might make it more difficult for citizens to find work in an economy that already has high unemployment.

    • Wellarmed

      Hello TML,

      I think it is certain that we can all agree that Ronald Reagan’s Blanket Amnesty was an incredibly bad idea. It was done without having any control of our southern border, much like now in 2013. When I see the Federal Government surrendering US soil to the drug cartels (along southern border states) while at the same time providing arms to these same cartels under operation fast and furious, makes me believe that no one at the federal level has any desire to truly solve the illegal immigrant issue or to “control” our borders.

      I do feel that Rand Paul is making a heartfelt effort to at least address the issue even if I do not fully agree with his approach. I personally have had to on numerous occasions compete with workers who were in the country illegally, and it did create harm to me financially as work was siphoned away to those willing to work for peanuts.

      Being a master level mechanic with over $100k invested in education and another $100k invested in tools and equipment makes me feel that I wasted not only my time seeking and constantly updating my skills through higher education but also the investment in equipment when I am forced to compete with some one who shows up to work with a 5 gallon bucket filled with Harbor Freight tools and is consequently given all the work that was needed for me to put food on the table.

      I doubt any government worker within the beltway will ever have to compete with those they let into our country illegally, and until they do, I doubt that anything will change.They must feel the pain of the race to the bottom just like the citizenry and until then I will simply keep buying ammo and prepare for our countries demise.

  • Joe Freeman

    Allow the illegals to stay. Be allowed to stay without voting rights

  • Fred Hoagland

    To be willing to persecute a people, who were seeking a better life, whom were allowed to come here, illegally but allowed, is likened to racism at its worse. We call them illegals, let’s be real, how did they arrive? With this huge powerful Government, how could they just come in mass? Face it, on some level, it was allowed…I applaud ANY effort to solve this problem… To say: “Send them home” is ludicrous !

    • tncdel

      So what’s the big philosophical difference between someone who sneaks into our country to pillage and plunder it economically for whatever can be had “seeking a better life,” or a burglar who sneaks into your home while you’re away “seeking a better life” from the economic gain derived thereby? DUH!

      Plus another aspect you and other bleeding hearts wholly disregard, giving amnesty would serve to encourage millions more job-stealing illegals to come here.

      • Craig

        Your comparison of a burglar to every illegal alien is reductio ad absurdum. Not every border jumper is here to pillage and plunder America economically. Many are here just to earn a paycheck and support their family. They come here illegally, because it is far easier than going the legal route. They are coming one way or another, because they have weighed the pros vs. cons-and it is a no-brainer. We need to close the gap, by making it more difficult to come illegally, and easier to come legally. We need huge reform of our welfare system (kill it and let charity work), as there are just as many legal residents juicing it. Which is worse to you- Person A: Has held a job for 10 years, pays his taxes, has never comitted a violent crime; or Person B: Cannot hold a job-thus doesn’t pay income tax, they get housing assistance, food stamps, unemployment, child care assistance etc.? Person A is a Mexican illegal alien. Person B is a white 6th generation American. I know I would rather have a productive illegal, over a lazy entitled citizen.

        Also maybe you use your IQ superior to a turnip, to explain to me how when an employer chooses to give a job to one person over another, the person that got the job stole it.

    • tncdel

      P.S. Using your rationale then prosecuting a burglar caught in your home while you were away would be “persecution.” Surely a burglar could come up with a good excuse too, like claiming he needed the money obtained from burglarizing your home to pay for his mom’s chemotherapy.

      Why do you have a problem upholding and enforcing our laws?

  • tncdel

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

    And anyone who supports amnesty is a TRAITOR to America. No way to sugarcoat it or clean it up. Before Rand Paul flip-flopped on amnesty, I was hoping he would run for president in 2016. But now that he has shown that he puts the interests of foreign nationals here illegally ahead of America’s best interests, I will support Ted Cruz for president in 2016. Cruz is OPPOSED to amnesty, even though he is Hispanic, because he puts America first.


      I agree and hold the same opinion as you on illegal immigration, but it won’t happen. way to many bleeding heart liberals which have no idea or concept on what mass immigration would do to this Country and our entitlement programs along with the healthcare system. So in another commit I suggested that they pay like all the other legal immigrants and they apply and follow the procedures as the other legals immigrants had to do and they get in line with all the other applicants at the back of the line not cutting in line. If they do not pass the requirements then they are to leave the US either immediately upon rejection or within 30 days just like the legal immigrants have to do.
      Legal immigrants, when their visa are about to expire or they have gone out of status of their visa has a set time period the exit the US unless they change their status and are either accepted or denied, if denied then they have 30 days to exit the US. If they do not, then they will not be eligilble for a visa for at least a 10 year period if not indefinite.
      I think they should go back to their host country and wait, but that will not happen. So the best thing is to demand that Congress and Government enforce immigration laws as they are written on the books and not grant special or exclusive treatment for illegals over and above the requirement by which the legal immigrants have to follow.

      As far as Rand Paul’s stance – I was upset to hear his stance, but I think he is doing it for political points togain approval from the hispanic population but his policy does not guarantee permanent status or citizenship. In other words, I think he is throwing them a bone to quiet them down yet give an illusion he is trying to support and help them.

      I’ll watch his stance on that and like you it will be the determining factor whether I would vote for him if he ran or not, Like you ted Cruz will likely be one that would support providing he continues to hold his stance on all these various issues. Another I have been watching is Gohert and sessions. Don’t know much about them , but have liked how they conduct their questioning and comments on the senate floor

  • Lynn

    Facebook is Politically Biased


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