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Raising Cain

September 28, 2011 by  

Raising Cain

The Republican apparatchik and mainstream media have lost control of the nomination process, and they’re scrambling to get it back.

Bilderberg-selected candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are fading. Romney is reviled by the Tea Party and hasn’t caught on with conservatives despite four years of campaigning. Romneycare hangs around his neck like a millstone. Perry, who entered the race as the group’s darling, is stumbling and bumbling his way out of contention as his crony capitalist/soft-on-immigration past comes to light. And he didn’t help himself during the Florida GOP debate when he insulted everyone who opposes special subsidies for the illegal aliens.

Herman Cain, fresh off a strong performance in the debate and a win in the Florida Straw Poll — which has correctly picked the Republican nominee every time it’s been held — is surging. In the latest Zogby poll, Cain garnered 28 percent support, but Perry dropped to 18 percent.

The mainstream media and Republican insiders desperately want a two-man race between Romney and Perry. That’s because they expected Perry to implode so Romney could carry the day. But try as they might, their hoped-for horserace is not going to happen.

Perry will crash and burn, but Romney has enough Republican insider support to trudge on. Writing for The Hill, Brent Budowsky predicted Perry’s implosion and said the race is going to be between Romney and either Cain or Congressman Ron Paul.

“Both Paul and Cain deserve far more respect from the major media,” Budowsky wrote. “This is not a Soviet campaign where Pravda-like pundits treat certain candidates as though they do not exist.”

So far, it has been exactly that in the case of Paul and Cain. But the voters aren’t cooperating.


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    Does anyone know if Cain has severed his ties with the Fed or whether or not he has a reason to endure the Fed’s presence if he was in the White House? As a former Fed employee, he surely has an opinion or two concerning the current Fed clown, Ben the Babbling Boob Bernanke.
    For what it’s worth, here we have still another proof that not all blacks are genetically predisposed toward terminal progressivitis. I’d almost be tempted to guess that Cain can’t understand how or why someone would lower themselves to become professional dependents of a corrupt government.
    Now, if certain people could get their heads together and couple a black candidate for president with a female vp candidate, tell it like it is and beat the Washington SOBs at their own game, things might get interesting, folks. Who knows? We might even be able to reclaim America.

    • Rog

      Cain has been very critical of Bernanke and the current devaluation/printing of the dollar.

      • Harley Wrase

        I would second that question! I’m leaning toward no as an answer. I’m one to believe that once you are apart of the FED, they have you in their fold. It’s the ultimate in special interest groups. They print our currency and lend it back to us plus interest. Much the same way other countries central banks do for them. Each of them being controlled by the IMF. He’s a cartel candidate ready to do their bidding… they are THEE Power Brokers of the world. It would be hard to belive that he’s risen to where he is without them, and as a result is being portrayed as a new media darling. Because they control the media too. View this for an example of what I mean:
        He’s the antithesis of Obama, and yet working for the same special interest. Doesn’t anyone else see this?

        • David Goedker

          I agree. Once with the Fed, Always with the Fed. While Cain sounds good. I wouldn’t trust him. Paul is the only one with both the rational and reasonable ideas and with the honesty and guts to get them accomplished.

          • bob wire

            “I agree. Once with the Fed, Always with the Fed. While Cain sounds good.”

            Hmm? so much for heavy lunch Gov. Chris Christie then.

            I like this guy, it’s just a shame that he’s a Republican! LOL!

            When GOP fat cats start talking about the American people, I’ve learned they are not talking about me but someone else. Someone in their particular circle of friend. It seems that there is a very narrow view as to who is considered an American. ~ Being born, raised, paying taxes and serving in the US military is not enough to qualify for this exclusive club!

            But I do wish our DNC elected officials might learn something from this man, being like or dislike is a wasted endeavor. Spit it out and say what is on your mind. Be willing to ruffle some feathers and explain where the line in drawn in the sand. Be willing to define the line without apology.
            Cane is “heaven sent”, perfect for the GOP at this point in time in history, his very presence squelches racial political fodder dead and the American negro community numbers found much too large to completely ignore.

          • Dan az

            I agree with most your points but I think the negro votes will be against him and he knows it.They think of him as a uncle tom like they did Clarence Thomas.And if that’s the case then who might they vote for this time.The only person that is for them to stay on the roles of welfare.With out that they wont survive.And who is the biggest illegal population that will do the same?We know who needs to get it but with out the support of every one with a brain we will surly lose.

          • bob wire

            Yes Dan, you are right, ~ the Uncle Tom syndrome will take some appeal away from Citizen Cain and like you say, what options are left to them that’s on the table?

            This option factor is where Mc Cain failed in his bid for 1st chair.

            If McCain had been his own man like Chris Christie (appears to be) and told Carl Rove and GOP leadership to take a long walk off of a short bridge, Mc Cain would be in White House today instead of Obama.

            After the nominations what “options” would they have had? Vote for Obama?

        • Texas_GunDealer

          After reading into Cain’s backround, and seeing that he was any part of the Fed turned me off to his campaign. He has had several opportunities to say he supports ending the Fed or at the very least have it audited and he said its ok! Why doesn’t he want it audited? He knows how the banking system works and is perfectly ok with it even if it does enslave the middle class. He even had an opportunity to go big in the Tea Party debate, I believe it was, when they asked him what he would bring to the White House and all he said was a sense of humor? Great… Everyone will be loosing jobs and looting but at least we got a business man joker in the white house.

          • professor

            The Federal Reserve Bank is a privately owned bank with no “oversight!” Its Bilderberg owners are “globalists” and proponents of the New World Order. I would not trust anyone that has worked for the Bilderbergs, know how they operate the Fed, and still can say that it does not need to be audited!

            I don’t trust Cain and his former friends. The gangster in the White House is becoming “useless,” to his handlers. They, “need a new boy,” to replace him…one that will convincingly deceive the people….once again! Cain is a citizen, and he does have a background that is being touted as “successful,” and he has a more pleasing demeanor.I have some doubts about “all his success,” since he has been unable find a job other than “radio talk-show host,” or President of the U. S. A.

            Cain would have us believe that he is a citizen that just recently decided to run for political office! Cain has run for many political offices and has never has won an election! It is his long-time dream to get into National politics! I am not impressed by this “Pizza Parlor King/radio personality” with no voting record so we can see how he feels about the important issues. All we hear is rhetoric and very little details about his ideas. When you think about it, Cain’s qualifications are a lot like obama’s. Obama had no voting record either, other than his, “voting present.” Cain doesn’t have any political history, so we just have to take him at his word… In view, of what happened in 2008, can we, once again, just take someone, on his word!

        • Elaine

          1) I would have Muslims on my staff (Muslims are allowed to lie to Infidels);
          2) When asked about it? States that he “Misspoke (sp)”; in other words, he didn’t know what he was really saying.
          3) Changed it to — they can give me an Oath (same mistake–Muslims allowed to lie to infidels);
          4) I will have homosexuals on my staff;
          5) Hard-line stance on Homosexuality as a sin

          Homosexuality is a sin and a choice

          Presidential contender and former Godfather’s Pizza executive Herman Cain was clear and concise when addressing his views on homosexuality. TMP has more:
          Fresh off his keynote speech at the Faith And Freedom Conference in Washington last weekend, Herman Cain took a socially conservative hard-line stance on sexual orientation in an interview with CBS News.
          “I believe homosexuality is a sin because I’m a Bible-believing Christian, I believe it’s a sin,” Cain said, adding, “I believe it is a choice.”
          On the flip side, earlier this week we covered former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and his cautiousness when discussing his faith and the Mormon Church’s stance on gay marriage and homosexuality.
          You can watch Cain’s comments in the CBS News clip below:

          • bob wire

            Hmm, well it’s a choice much like a child makes to stay with their parents and not run away.

            So yes! Homosexuality could be viewed as a personal choice predicated by personal “feelings” unique to each person.

            We can agree.

            In so far as biblical verse addressing homosexuality, does anyone know of such scripture attributed to Jesus himself? Just curious, ~what about the gospels? Mathew, Mark, Luke and John?

        • Allan

          Cain was not an employee of the Fed. He was a board member for the one of the twelve federal reserve banks, which happened to be in Kansas. He did this for four years in the mid-1990′s, while he was Chairman of the board of the National Restaurant Association and CEO of Godfathers Pizza. Not unusual for executives to be on boards. Please don’t assume that Cain is some kind of remote control robot for the Fed. Give the guy a break.

          • DaveH

            Cain was not just a board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas, he was the Chairman of the Board from January 1995 to August 1996.

    • Mary

      I thought conservatives did not believe in quota system;
      women , blacks, etc. I thought conservative were for
      individuals’ ablity. You are right Cain is good in performance
      just like his black brother Obummer.

    • babybikerbabe

      From what I’ve been able to discover, Cain was Chairmon of the KC BOard of the Fed. Not quite the “employee” role that would garner him an insiders view to the REAL Fed. He was selected for his business acumen and, unfortunately for us all, his race. He served at a time when more people of color where being placed in higher up positions to give the government section the appearance of reflecting the population.

      I myself would vote for a Paul/Cain ticket – with Paul as President. That way Cain could step into the role AFTER Ron Paul. I be lieve their personal styles compliment each other and, IF there is any NWO in Cain, I’m certain conversations on the campaign trail with Paul can turn him around.

      Herman Cain is a straight shooter – I like that. He’s honest – I like that. He’s done way more in his career than ORGANIZE communities, he’s actually turned more than one failing business around and I LOVE THAT.

      I think a Paul/Cain ticket is just what this country needs.

      • William Payne

        I’ve been saying that for 6 months, and I’m glad someone agrees. Paul and Cain are the “where to go” and “how to get there” team. We could do a LOT worse.

      • Dan az

        Babybikerbabe Harley I hope!
        I agree that would be a match in heaven.It would lock up allot more votes and educate the masses at the same time.

      • OleJer

        Either Paul/Cain or Paul/Bachmann would be good for the country, BUT Ron Paul has ZERO Charisma. He reminds me of the Kennedy/Nixon debates. Nixon was very serious, taking notes, making sure he had good answers, wanting to impress the voters with his debate skills and his knowledge. Kennedy was smiling, looking at the camera and generally appeared to be having some fun. Kennedy cleaned Nixon’s clock in a big way.

        Someone needs to tell Congressman Paul that is it is OK to smile and look into the camera. That’s not pandering, it is smart. Not many voters are intellectual and most are undereducated and are unable to, or have difficulty in evaluating facts, especially the younger ones under 40. And the so-called poor – all that matters beside their guvment chek is that they like the guy running. I appreciate Paul’s experience, his knowledge of issues and the Constitution, his character, and his courage. That dude in one tough character; he has been picked on and/or ignored by the major media forever. He is a persistent fighter, but this a presidential campaign where the competition is severe and cut throat. The average undereducated voter must also LIKE him more than they respect him.

        This is a serious election that WILL determine if we are free in 2013. Mr Paul, look at the camera and say cheese, please.

        • DaveH

          “Kennedy cleaned Nixon’s clock in a big way”?
          Not really. “Kennedy was elected with a lead of 112,827 votes, or 0.1% of the popular vote, giving him a victory of 303 to 219 in the Electoral College, the closest since 1916″:

          You can keep the charisma, OleJer, I’ll take the guy with Principles.
          Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate with the huevos to stand against the establishment and stand for the people.

      • DaveH

        There is no way that Ron Paul would select Herman Cain as his running mate.
        Cain is a big-time militarist who would probably keep the perpetual wars going. He actually wants to Strengthen our National Security. Like we don’t have too much already? How about strengthening our Freedom instead?
        And he would continue the futile, endless, freedom-robbing, Drug-Lord-enriching Drug Wars. In fact he would crack down even harder. Like we don’t already have enough drug users in prison?
        See the link in my following comment.

    • Stunned at sunset

      LOL! That’s a good one, SC! “Ben “The Babbling Boob” Bernanke” Hah! I love it! So far, the Federal Reserve Bank has looted 3.2 Trillion dollars from the American Public in just Bank bail-outs and QE programs alone…not to mention printing all that money to finance our War-Time Industrial/Military Alliance-based economy. Now, the Euro is going south (valued at 73 cents on the dollar to date), the European Union is going “belly-up” and there isn’t much that Bernanke or Geithner…or their Bankster Masters…can do about it. I wonder if those two will ever get over being “tools” of the Plutocrats?

  • http://deleted Claire

    I will repeat myself–be careful, things are not what they seem. They all have a “method to their madness” and this is my own gut feeling. I go with my gut instincts.

    • Pat

      amen, Claire, be very careful as things are not as they seem & I also go with gut instinct & have been right everytime

    • duaner

      “Things are not what they seem to be.” This statement should include Ron Paul as well as any other canidate. I would prefer some one who has no voting record rather than a professional politician of which most of the republican canidates appear to be. We need some one with a different perspective. Cain’s 9-9-9 plan is the only plan that has been given that makes sense so far. Be careful what you wish for as things are not what they seem to be for all of the canidates who are professional politicians as such.

      • TML

        “This statement should include Ron Paul as well as any other canidate. I would prefer some one who has no voting record rather than a professional politician of which most of the republican canidates appear to be.”

        It seems strange that you would want a candidate who has zero experience, and zero voting record. How then could you make a determination of validity in ones statements if they have nothing to compare it to?

        It seems to me, that Ron Paul is the only sincere candidate that has remained steadfast in his views to the point of virtue. Even if he has less than favorable positions relative to your own, at least we would know what we a getting, rather than the bait and switch this country is used to getting since before most of us were even born.

  • Charlotte

    I think the “powers” pushed Perry to run to make Romney look good.
    Hope no one falls for it. I’m just afraid whoever gets in the WH will be forced into joining their “group”.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      Well it came down to this. There is no one that is any good. Where is Joe the plumer

      • AUMom

        I agree with you, fisherman. Ron Paul misrepresents his stand on abortion. The rest are RINOs.

  • Sam I am

    If things don’t go the globalist way and if it begins to look like we will actually take back our country peacefully through the electoral process, they will just false flag a bio weapon, dirty bomb, or nuke, and herd us all into or at least political undesirables into FEMA camps. The best we can hope for in this scenario is if enough police and military say no which will lead to a civil war 2 type scenario, in which case the UN will just send in a mass invasion force and ensure deployed soldiers remain oversees in order to mop up if necessary….

    • JT

      Don’t worry about the UN peacekeepers. If they get brought in, they’ll do the same thing they do in Iraq and Afghanistan – just stand around and watch things happen and if it gets to hot, turn and evacuate. No problem there…..

      • Lastmanstanding

        and we’ll pay for it with our tax dollars just like wwe do in foreign lands…hopefully we won’t be paying taxes by then and we won’t even have to worry about them showing up!

        But then again, the pissed off American taxpayer won’t have the same rules of engagement the our soldiers have.

        • professor

          Hmmmmm, UN troops being sent to the U. S. to assist the regime..I guess our tax dollars would be used to pay for,”an invading military force,” would it not!

          We need to stop supporting the UN and hosting our enemies, paying their bills, and giving them political immunity, for breaking our laws.

    • Dan az

      Here is an interesting ex.order that just came out.Check it out.

    • TML

      “the UN will just send in a mass invasion force”

      Shoot on sight

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Cain, Bachmann,and Gingrich are the best choices for Prez and VP. Ron Paul is too old.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      So you have gone from “Don’t vote for Paul because he’s an isolationist” to “Don’t vote for Paul because he’s too old?” Aging affects different people in different ways. Some people lose their faculties in their 60s, some in their 70s and some are as sharp as ever into their 90s and at 100. He has shown no signs of diminished mental capacity and physically he’s in better shape than many much younger. You might as well admit it, you don’t really want to live in a free society and are satisfied with the status quo, because that’s what Cain, Bachmann and Gingrich will give you.

      Best wishes,

      • Cliffystones

        Hey Bob,

        Statements like “Capitalist’s” one remind me of the movie “Back to the Future. When Doc Brown says “No wonder your President is an actor, he has to look good on TV!”

        Too many folks won’t take the time to find out about the candidates. And way too many more are swayed by irrelevant BS like looks and smooth talking. As far as I’m concerned, my alarmed go off immediately when someone looks too “Soap Opera” and answers questions by “dancing around” them.

        Regardless of your opinion on their policies, Ron Paul, Herman Cain and Chris Christie answer questions directly, and don’t try to please everybody with lukewarm answers. Dr. Paul is just more soft spoken than the other two, and needs to better articulate his foreign policy for the slow learners out there. I understood where he was coming from on the Iran nuke question, but he needed to “dumb down” his answer for all of the fools who would read something into it.

      • Pat

        Ron Paul is by far the candidate most closely aligned with our CONSTITUTION…..(boy do we need him BADLY)…..I have been a registered republican all my voting life…and have always voted for the most conservative of the bunch that they throw at us….(of course, that one never wins the nomination…so I hold my nose and vote)….this time, I’m going for Dr. Ron Paul. This country is in such back shape – so far removed from our Constitution, that I sincerely believe that Ron Paul is the only one who can get us remotely close to what we had – and lost! ….another thing crossed my mind…’they’ refuse to acknowledge him – I think they are scared to death of him getting in the White House….he would set back their liberal agenda several decades…

    • Texas_GunDealer


      You should watch this interview with Dr. Paul, and then come back and tell me whether or not he is too old or diminished in mental clarity, its 40 min unscripted, and yes I know its 4 years old but they said he was too old then…

    • Texas_GunDealer


      You should watch this interview with Dr. Paul, and then come back and tell me whether or not he is too old or diminished in mental clarity, its 40 min unscripted, and yes I know its 4 years old but they said he was too old then… also ask yourself what other candidate could have done this interview

  • Sirian

    Woooo, slow down everyone!! We’re still fourteen months away from the election and no telling what will happen between now and then. Candidates rise and fall like the Dow & Nasdaq. It may be best to sit on the sidelines and simply watch, listen and research the candidates backgrounds before making a very crucial decision. Our country is at stake – look at all sides of the box before deciding.

    • Casey

      Bear in mind, we are 14 months away from the GENERAL election…we begin the GOP elections as early as late January…so decision time is coming up much sooner than 14 months.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    With exception of Ron Paul, Herman Cain might be the best candidate.
    True, he was a federal reserve gov. plus part of the central banking system. In addition, he does have interventionist tendencies; however,
    he seems to understand whats going on with the econ. In addition, he’s
    being a realist with what our society needs. Therefore, this could be the man to take charge. Time will tell. It’ll be very hard to chose between him and Paul during the primaries. But whoever wins between those two, the wiiner should take the loser as a vp. Thanks!!

  • Hank

    I like Cain………

  • Ronald

    I’ll never hold my nose and vote for a clown like McCain again. Perry should be out because of his support for the illegals as well as his pushing for the Mexico/U.S/Canada highway and NAFTA. Romney is for National Health Care and should be eliminated from the race as soon as possible. Gingrich’s apparent belief is that the Republican Party first and U.S.A. second, according to his support of a liberal Republican rather than a conservative Independent a year ago. Cain sounds good, but so did Obama as long as there was no history backing up his speeches. I like Ron Paul, Bachmann, and Palin but none of them are likely to be nominated to run against Obama. I’m still waiting for someone like Christie to carry the torch. Hopefully someone will show up soon.


      The big difference between Obama and Cain is that Cain does have a history of business that can be verified, as well as his place of birth. Nothing about Obama can be verified, because his history is fabricated, sort of like the witness protection program.

      • professor

        What about the lawsuits that involve Cain and the unethical business practices…

        We don’t have the whole story about Cain and why, with all his qualifications, he is a radio-talk show host! One would think that he could have gotten a better job offer. There may be a reason why no business hired him… just saying….

    • David Goedker

      A vote for Palin would be a vote for McCain. Anyone that would run with him (no matter what they say in public) would be someone that would compromise and do the bidding of the “Powers that Be.” As for Bachman. She is a good person with good intentions perhaps. She has stood and fought for many good causes. But she was still involved with the IRS at one time. I am from MN and have seen some of the good things she has done. But I don’t think she could run our country.

      • professor

        At least she does have a congressional voting record and we know where she stands. She has explained her vote on several questionable things, and there were extenuating circumstances…

        She has a lot more experience than obama, and most importantly, she appears to be honest..that can’t be said for more than a handful of politicians.

        • http://none Bill Cook

          Look at the record.both Palin and Bachman have a backbone and don’t bend at every turn of the political wind.We need people that stand and fight for American principals.

  • Cliffystones

    “This is not a Soviet campaign where Pravda-like pundits treat certain candidates as though they do not exist.”

    After Ron Paul won the Iowa Straw Poll, this is exactly what it seemed like to me.

    Even the folks on Fox News did their best to ignore and/or downplay his campaign. The way the Iowa poll results were handled was quite sobering to me. I,m thankful then we now have forums such as this where we can express our true opinions and inform each other as to a candidate’s positions and record.

    • Kelly Jerome

      This is exactly what the globalist controlled media has done. You can tell who they don’t have in their pocket by the amount of time given to them by MSM.

      The more you think about it, the more it makes sense. They are pushing candidates to the front, much like they did with McCain last election.

      I’m not a big fan of Ron Paul’s. His view on Iran and nuclear weapons concerns me. We don’t just let them have them, they will use them if they don’t get their way. I want a secured border, not just for illegals, but for the drugs. The drugs sent to this country is eroding our society, increasing crime and threaten our children on the playground.

      I leaning toward Herman Cain and hopes he will pick Marco Rubio as his VP. More so than anything, to squash the myth that conservatives are racist. This has been the lie the left has used for 50 years to cause the race relations problems in this country. But if Cain does not come out and say the Fed is a problem and needs to be addressed.
      I may go with Ron Paul, because he is the only candidate I know for sure is not being influenced by the globalist.

      I like Newt Gingrich, but he needs to stop attacking the media and start attacking what he knows is the truth. Their is an agenda by the globalist, not just the democrats, that threatens our freedoms in America. He knows the truth, he just needs to come out and say it, my fear is he is part of the problem.

      • Jibbs

        Rubio would be just as illegal as obama. You will never stop the drug trade/use, you can onlt take the violence out of it like they did with prohibition.
        Would you get pissed if you were told that you can’t have something because we don’t trust you with it? Sometimes telling another country what they can and cannot have tends to make them hate you. How would you like it if other countrys did the same to the USA?

        Not that I support ME countrys having nukes, but we are very capable of keeping tabs on them, let them have a nuke power plant, but pay very, very close attention. Besides, who says we can stop them, we haven’t yet.

        Sometimes you really have to look at things as a whole.

        • Jibbs

          BTW, if you insist on policing the world, why bother to change anything, just keep marching in the same direction.
          How well has policing the world worked, did it make other countrys hate us enought to start shooting or threaten us? I’ve never known anyone that had any respect for the bully on the playground, have you?

          How do you deal with people that insist on living in the 3rd century, you just can’t make them understand the 21st century due to the fact that they have been at war for several thousand years and thats all the understand. They only have their leaders to thank for that type of thinking/mental attitude.

      • http://Personalliberty Tony

        To Kelly Jerome:
        If Herman Cain gets the nod Ron paul would be his best bet for VP.
        Ron Paul has excellent knowledge on foreign affairs. That expertise
        would assist Cain in making foreign policy decisions. The problem with
        Rubio is he doesn’t have enough experience. In a debate, his inexperience would show. He admitted this himself. Maybe by 2016 0r 2020, he could be ready. Thanks!!
        P.S. To Jibbs, Please sir, knock off the nonsense about the “illegality” Of Rubio or President Obama. They’re both natural born American citizens. Good Bye Now!!

        • professor

          It is just incredible, to read some of the uninformed comments made by a few people.

        • Jibbs

          Looks like someone doe’s not understand the Constitution, it was written with simple words so anyone with a basic educatio can understand it.
          Rubio hiself admitted that he is not eligiable to be president.
          Reading your comments makes me think that you went to high school sometime after 1990. I’m sorry if they filled your head with the wrong information, but there is nothing from stopping you from researching this info. on your own and learning the truth as our Founding Fathers made it very clear what was required to be POTUS.

          Don’t forget, WE ARE A REPUBLIC, not a democracy as so many in the government and public seem to think…learn your history because reciting the wrong information makes you look stupid.(no pun intended)

          Constitutional requirements for the offices of President and Vice President of the United States

          Amendment 12 – 1804 – “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.” – Since 1804, the constitutional requirements for Vice President have been the same as the requirements for President.

          Article II Requirements
          No person except a natural born citizen
          At least 35 years of age
          And fourteen years a resident of the United States
          The only exception to these requirements was those who were citizens at the time of the adoption of the constitution. Nobody alive at the time of the adoption is alive today.
          Natural Born Citizen

          Our founders borrowed the term from the international Law of Nations treaty.

          The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens.
          As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.
          As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights.
          The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent.
          in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”
          Two Presidents have served unconstitutionally

          Chester Arthur – 1881-1885 – While Arthur himself was “native” born on American soil, he neglected to mention that his natural birth father was not an American citizen at the time of Chester’s birth. Arthur was elected as Vice President and almost immediately became President when Garfield passed away shortly after being elected President. It was not learned that Arthur was not a natural born citizen until after he left office.

          Barack Hussein Obama II – 2009 – Obama is the second individual to serve as President in violation of the US Constitution. Obama did not conceal the fact that he was not a natural born citizen, claiming throughout his life to be the natural born biological son of a foreign father from Kenya. His father was at no time in his life, a citizen of the United States. Obama has stated this repeatedly.

          But he has also dodged the issue by using the term “citizen” in place of the term “natural born citizen” when responding to queries. He has intentionally misled Americans and the press by running from the term natural born citizen – because he knows that he cannot meet this requirement for office.

          As the country of the fathers is the country of the sons, by natural bloodline birth right, Barack Obama II was born the natural born citizen of his father’s country, Kenya.

          His mother was a young American citizen, and this has led to great confusion as 14th Amendment naturalization laws make it possible for a mother to confer citizenship, even if the mother is not a U.S. citizen, by simply delivering a baby on U.S. soil, often referred to as anchor babies.

          Via man-made statutes, a mother can confer citizenship in the United States. However, only a natural born citizen of the United States can hold the offices of President or Vice President in the United States.

          Based in natural law, the laws of nature and the Law of Nations treaty, only the biological father can confer natural born citizenship rights. Without a U.S. citizen father at the time of birth, the son (or daughter) cannot be a natural born citizen in the United States.

          Without being a natural born citizen of the United States, you cannot serve as president or vice president, according to the U.S. Constitution.

          This is not a matter of discrimination over race, nationality or gender. It is a matter of national security and a clear cut effort to avert all possibilities of a foreign agent with loyalties to any foreign entities or foreign entanglements, from holding the most powerful position in America, the office of Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces.

          Some are very concerned with this reality while others couldn’t care less what the U.S. Constitution says or means. But if the most important constitutional office in our land does not matter, I submit to you that nothing in the Constitution matters and none of it can be upheld, protected or preserved.

          Of course, the American people can change these requirements at any time, but only via constitutional amendment. Laws and statutes do not alter the constitution. In fact, if they are at odds with the constitution, they are “unconstitutional” laws or statutes and are void.

          There is no constitutional amendment as of today which has either altered the requirements for office, or redefined natural born citizen. So Article II requirements stand as the law of the land.

          On this basis, Barack Hussein Obama II cannot be president of the United States and everything that bears his signature during the unconstitutional term is void as if it never happened.

          As our nation has never been here before, there is no clear path and opinions vary on how to best address the matter of a sitting unconstitutional president and the people surrounding the president who made it possible.

          However, allowing a usurpation of the U.S. Constitution to stand once known, is to fail to uphold, protect, defend and preserve the very foundations of freedom and liberty, as well as the rule of constitutional law.

          We are either a nation self-governed by laws, or we are a lawless nation. There is no in-between…

          • Jibbs

            BTW Tony, it is clear on both of obamas faked BC’s that his father was a British citizen, making barry a illegal president. My brother was married to a woman from South Korea, they have a son & daughter and both of them fully understand that they could never ever be President or Vice President due to the fact that their mother is from another country.

  • Wargi

    I have liked Cain right from the start, because he knows that he dosn’t know everything but will use common sense to find a way to fix things. I don’t believe that the Florida vote was a protest vote; it was a vote for who the people saw as their viable candidate.

    • George

      Obama won on nothing more than a popularity contest; not on his record, but his rhetoric. Citizens who never voted in their lives voted for Obama on the basis of race, clueless as to who the candidate really is, or the issues. Cain is a politically incorrect breath of fresh air and his 9-9-9 plan shows that at least he has a plan. I hope to God that he is nominated.

      • AJ

        I hope Cain is not NWO!!!!

      • Jim

        just to try and set the record straight…A vote for Obama, just because he is black, is just as racist as to vote against him because he is black.

      • professor

        Cain has a lot of ideas, but has given no specifics. We do not know how this “999 plan” will work, or how it would effect the economy! We don’t know that any of his ideas would ever be implemented, or could be.. He has a lot more information to give us on his ideas. At this point those ideas are only “words.” He needs to get some experts working on the viability of those ideas and then make his case.

        Anyone can throw out ideas that “sound good.” It is bad when that person promises things, without knowing what the end results would be, or if they are even workable.

        • s c

          p, you might consider changing your handle to teacher’s aide. Did you go out of your way to imply that what we have in the W H and Congress at the moment is the best America can expect? If you did, you should know that the world has far too many robotic progressives as it is. If you didn’t intend to sound that way, you could have edited your words before submission.
          Do a quick Google search, and learn what Cain has said about his “999′ plan. At the moment, what Obummer has in store for America doesn’t rise to the level of an mediocre Ponzi scheme. Your comments are wayyyyy to fuzzy to imply that your words were anything other than that of a shill. Put a little effort into it next time, eh?

      • Fast Freddy

        I think that Cain could beat Obama, his 999 plan certainly sounds simple and practical, at the least he actually does have a plan that is easily understood. The audience at the last debate seemed to approve of the idea of a Cain/Gingrich ticket, say what you will about Newt, but you must agree that he has the most “savvy” about Washington politics and would be a great asset to Cain in getting things done, I also like his domestic energy development ideas and many of the things that he’s suggested, Newt is articulate and intelligent and would be a plus on the ticket regardless of who gets the nomination.

        • oldtimeyman

          What most Americans don’t realize is that the IRS is nothing more than a collection agency for the debt owed to the FED. Most of our taxes go to servicing that debt which is why we are committed to actually running the country with deficit spending.

          The only tax plan we should be supporting would have at its heart the abolition of the 16th Amendment and the IRS. Cain’s 999 plan would continue the IRS’s jackboot thugocracy, allow the federal government to continue snooping into our financial affairs and guaranteeing the international bankers a continuing 9% homage from taxpayers.

          Ron Paul is the only candidate who is open opposition to the FED. My dream ticket would be Paul and even though unannounced – Palin. Both pro-American/anti-globalist Patriots.

          • Jay

            You are absolutely right on the money, oldtimeyman! The Fed needs to be abolished, and the scam needs to stop. The American people have been deceived, and financially abused for far too long. This must be stopped! As for the Ron Paul/Sarah Palin team? I would prefer a Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano team!!!

        • S.C. Murf

          Fast Freddy did you know you have a brother on this site? We call him fast eddie. Now as long as Cain wouldn’t turn his 999 upside down after he got elected, he might be good. But here again, I think he SOUNDS good, many can talk the talk but does he walk the talk? He worked for the fed, what does he really know about the fed? I heard him say that first he would deal with unemployment, smaller govt. and deal with the fed later. But would he? R. Paul has to be the front runner, his voting record is there for everyone to see that he backs up what he say’s and believes in. Cain (if not part of NWO) would be a good V.P., he knows business

          R. Paul 2012
          up the hill

  • http://yahoo Skyraider6

    lets get all the facts this time no phoney LBC’s

  • Jay

    I could happily accept Herman Cain as the next president of this country. First, he is a solid conservative. Second, he is not a career politician. Third, he has experience and knowledge, as opposed to simple pie-in-the-sky ideological dreams. It is clear that a huge number of Americans neither like nor trust Romney and Perry has not caught on as many had hoped. So, we have Cain, Bachmann, Gingrich and Ron Paul. Too bad that Christie won’t cooperate. While Paul would make a far better president than Obama, he is rather naive. I did not like his responses at all to Iran getting the bomb on one of his earlier debates. Bottom line: I have become thoroughly discouraged with democrats over the past three years. They are dishonest and corrupt to the core. Their incompetence is truly amazing!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Jay…your past vigor in denouncing the Federal Reserve makes me surprised of your support for Cain. I would think that you would be in the same boat as me with denouncing Cain as another NWO boy.

      Ya…for me it’s a no brainer. He finds nothing wrong with continuing to have America lashed down with the central bank…ummmm…NO THANK YOU.

      Herman Cain is not what he appears to be in my humble opinion. I also am not impressed with his background.

      I’ll vote Ron Paul as he has the most consistant voting history with the Constitution than any other recorded politition that I can think of.

      You know…the Constitution…the HIGHEST LAW in the land. (Or It is supposed to be…)

      God Bless & have a good day everyone.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Oh…! Just thought…perhaps this Jay isn’t our normally vocal Jay who denounces the Fed/Bildberberg equation…my bad if it’s not that Jay. (Got to thinkin this after above post & realized no avatar for this Jay.)


        God Bless.

        • Jay

          No, there must be more than one Jay — I have posted before on this site but rarely. Hmmm…should I change my name?

        • Jay

          Good, PLD finally got the bugs worked out. Brother Patriot, there is obviously another poster using the same moniker. I should also mention that in the past, i have noticed two posters using the same name “Alex”. I find this rather odd, but, considering the patriotic sentiments expressed at PLD, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised!

  • Dan

    My humble opinion is I am fully backing Cain because he has solutions and is not running against anything but for something. I know some have problems with his stance on the Federal Reserve and not being in favor of it being audited or disbanded. As much as I hate the Federal Reserves secrecy and not being regulated by law I have to somewhat agree with Cain.

    Cain is a pragmatist and looks for solutions. He might have insider knowledge that auditing the Fed or disbanding it might open a can of worms the country could never recover from. If it’s corrupt and I believe it is, it has been the standard for the faith and confidence in our economy with investors and foreign economies. To edit and reveal it’s corruption now would totally destroy us.

    I believe we have more pressing battles to fight right now. Reducing spending, creating jobs and getting rid of the RHINOs in the republican party. Once our economy is back on track then take a look at the Federal Reserve.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To Dan:
      Excellent Post!! I hope others read and absorb. Thanks!!

    • professor

      You are right, the Federal Reserve has total control of our economy. Our present economy has more to do with the Federal Reserve that we would like to admit. But we all know that total power, corrupts totally!

      No doubt the Federal Reserve Bank, owned by Bilderberg, multi-Billionaires, is corrupt. They have sent Billions of American dollars out of the country to be deposited in foreign banks! They are sucking dollars out of our economy and have been for years! I differ with you on how that should be handled.

      The Federal Reserve should be dumped! It has control of our economy and, probably, it controls the entire world economy…. Up to now, it fit into their plans, for the prosper…that is no longer true! As long as our economy is in the clutches of these multi-Billionaires, of the world, the “globalists,” we will never have control of our own country!

      At some point, our country is going to have to “bite the bullet,” so to speak. It will be painful to put this country back on the right path….no doubt!

      • Michael J.

        “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
        Thomas Jefferson

    • Michael J.

      In all issues that confront us, the Fed is the lowest common denominator. Our republic will never again be made whole until the fed is vanquished from our midst. Ron Paul is the only candidate for which we can have any hope of accomplishing this.

      RON PAUL 2012

  • EdinNola

    Hold on just a minute. It’s one thing to complain about and point out that the FED is un-Constitutional and forms the basis for continual hidden inflation, debasement of the currency, even corruption. It’s entirely another thing to condemn someone because they were once part of the organization, and even another to expect that this monsterous a part of our world could be eliminated overnight. Getting rid of the FED is something that will have to be thoroughly thought out and planned, and probably done over a fairly long period of time. Tinkering with such a finely balanced and far reaching system can have unexpected and dangerous consequences. Witness Clinton’s tinkering with just a small part of our financial system and the disasterous results we are now living with. Paul’s idea of finding out what the FED is doing (auditing it) is fine, but that’s a long way from tearing the system down. We know that deviating from the Constitution is not only illegal, but dangerous, so why do we let it be done? If we do not follow the law expressed in the Constitution, then we have no law at all. The only basis for “law” is our agreement itself expressed in the Constitution. Get back to the Constitution and get rid of those who would destroy our country. Send the Progressives / Communists packing. OMG – Obama Must Go

    • professor

      Ahhh yes, our enemies want us to think that we cannot run our country without the Federal Reserve Bank! They want us to think that it would be nearly impossible for us to wrestle our country away from the Bilderbergs!

  • Dean

    I had never heard of Herman Cain before readiing about him here, but it seems that he might be acceptable. Ron Paul should be eliminated because (if I remember correctly) he supports the illegal aliens and open borders. Most of what I have read about Bachmann has been good. So a Cain/Backmann ticket might be a winning ticket and good for the country. Hopefully people have learned that they cannot trust the major mass media and there are signs that that may be happening.

    • babybikerbabe

      Ron Paul does NOT support ILLEGAL immigrants – he supports reviewing our current immigration policies to accomodate, maybe, more LEGAL immigrants.

      Get your facts straight.

      • Polski

        No, you get your facts correct. NumbersUSA rates him an illegal alien supporter.

        • BrotherPatriot


          Ron Paul definitely doesn’t support illegal aliens. He’ll do what is right concerning them as he’ll use the Constitution as his guideline.

          God Bless.

        • Jibbs

          Numbers USA also had a rating for Rubio, that past winter I sent/called them with the info. were Rubio stated himself that he is not eligiable. Sometimes you need more than one source of information.

          When I read the things that you and eddie47d post, it makes me think that you both post from the same IP adress. I hope not.
          Please forgive me if I’m wrong.

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            Dear Jibbs:
            Responding to your earlier post, look this up about Marco Rubio on google. Marco Rubio’s biography. He was born in Miami, Fl. on Jan. 20
            , 1971. This is in th U.S. mind you. His parents came to the U.S. from
            Cuba in 1963, the year i was born. His parents were official citizens
            in 1970, a year before Rubio was born. Therefore, Rubio’s a natural
            born citizen. Thus, save me the eighth grade lecture about the constitution. Right now Rubio needs experience but by 2016 or no later than 2024, he would be ready to be President. Who knows, he might become the first hispanic to be elected to the Presidency in this nation. Time will tell. Anyway, in the meanwhile look up this info. about Marco Rubio so it will end your false assumptions. Thanks!!

    • Alex Frazier

      You might consider getting on board with those not trusting the media. I don’t know where that nonsense keeps coming from that Ron Paul holds such immigration policies, but you’re mistaken. Go to his website and see what his actual policies are.

  • jared

    Please VOTE Ron Paul America! There is NO one else… it’s him and God’s laws or the END for all of us. Follow the word of God, love His laws. Your whole amazing country was built on his laws. In GOD we trust. How quick we all forget. It won’t happen though I know it. You know why? Because this has all been written about. The devil has the WHOLE world deceived through, television, social media, the internet, sports, the famous, work, taxes, school, and everything else you could think of to make us FORGET. I have NEVER seen such confusion!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    I pray Cain is the real deal but had rather look him in the eye and ask him some questions. At least he is saying things at this point that needs to be said. It is great to see the media so called leaders, falling by the wayside. Above all else we need honesty and integrity along with common and God sense.

    • Alex Frazier

      Your definition of what we need describes the last thirty years of Ron Paul’s career. He has fought the Federal Reserve, stood up to unions, fought for our individual rights, fought for states’ rights, and has a consistent voting record.

      Cain, straight out of the gate, is trying to hide his history with the Federal Reserve, which is a significant issue in this election.

      Ron Paul is the only candidate not putting on a ruse.

  • jared

    “Herman Cain (born December 13, 1945) is an American businessman, politician, columnist, and radio host from Georgia. He is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather’s Pizza and a former deputy chairman of the board of directors to the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.” From WIKI. N……..W…….O…….. WAKE UP AMERICA!

    • BrotherPatriot

      ^^ Agreed, jared…agreed. ^^

      I don’t need any other confirmation about him…he’s NWO or at least in their pocket book.

      God Bless.

  • jared

    RON PAUL 2012 RON PAUL 2012


    I’m still going to try.

  • Jerris50

    I’m with you Sirian. I agree it’s too early to make a final decision as to who to vote for. However, I did like the comment Mr.Cain made in regards to the EPA. That agency has got way to much power and control over the citizens of America and the econmy and has totally lost site of what they were originally created for. Mr.Cain seems to understand the importance of reducing or eliminating their stranglehold on the economy and the individual rights of Americans lives and their livlihoods. At this point I’m for Herman Cain because he has a plan and he has real world experience in running a business and creating jobs.

    • Alex Frazier

      Ron Paul has understood, spoken out against, and voted against these things for decades. Cain was part of the Federal Reserve, which has been the slow cause of our economic bleeding.

      Get on board with the real agenda here. Ron Paul is good for our country. Herman Cain is a Fed crony.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    In 2008 we were told to “hold our noses” and vote for McCain. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a conservative candidate instead of Romney or Perry, so that we didn’t need to hold our noses in the voting booth?

  • jopa

    If you listen to Herman closely you will realize he just isn’t that bright.He said “when I caught Cancer” you may catch the flu or a cold but you do not catch cancer from someone else.Then he went on to say he was cured because he didn’t have to wait in line like you would if you had Obamacare.No Mr. Cain you were not cured but you are in remission at the moment.That is because you had insurance whereas many don’t and they are the ones your party wants to just let die.

    • Jibbs

      You are correct, I always hear people refer to “when I was diagnosed with cancer”, not caught cancer.
      Do you have a link to him making that satement? I like to view it if possible.

  • Alex Frazier

    I have a few words to say about Herman Cain.

    First, his 999 plan is crap. It sounds great in theory, but what most are overlooking is state taxes. In some states, like Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, the total local and state sales and surtaxes amount to more than 9%. Plus the greater majority of states have income tax and property tax.
    When you consider 9% federal income tax, 9% in federal sales tax, 10% state income tax, and 9% in state and local sale tax and surtax, you’re already paying 37% out of every dollar. Then you have to consider Social Security and Medicare, reducing your earnings another 13.3%, taking a total of 50.3% of every dollar you earn. And then you have property tax, gas tax, and a dozen others.
    So it’s all crap. This 999 plan would merely increase our tax burden, unless Cain thinks he can overturn state taxes. Under his plan, we would be taxed 50% of every dollar earned, which has already been debased to the point that it has the spending power of a nickel.

    Second, Herman Cain was formerly with the Federal Reserve. They are the antithesis to the Tea Party, and the way he has conspicuously left out that information, touting instead his experience as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, makes me very nervous. He wants to raise taxes, and we know he has a history with the practices and economics of the Federal Reserve, which is what got us in our economic mess to begin with.

    “From 1992 to 1996, Herman served as a director of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City in the capacities of deputy chairman and then chairman of the Board. Fed directors are dedicated representatives of Main Street business, community development, organized labor and financial services sectors [...] It was my privilege to work with Herman very closely during his five years on the Kansas City board.” – Thomas Hoenig, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

    Cain was also quoted at the South Carolina debate on May 5th that he would continue the war in the middle east (specifically, he said he would not tear up the plan given to him), and then dissembled when asked to give a more definitive answer. I’m all for national defense, but we can’t afford the continued occupation of these foreign countries. It is running us further and further in debt to the tune of $1.5 trillion a year through these foreign agendas, and this will drive inflation to a point of destroying our currency.

    Finally, and this is, for me, the deal breaker … he misquoted the constitution. He said he wouldn’t overturn or go against the Defense of Marriage Act because the president, he said, swears an oath to protect and uphold the laws of the United States of America. And that’s not what it says. It’s an oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States. And the constitution, however much some may not like it, doesn’t give congress any authority to regulate marriage, regardless of who’s getting married. So constitutionally, the president has no business upholding the Defense of Marriage Act (except in the sense that Ron Paul upheld it, where he stated in the South Carolina debate that he supported it because it delegated the power to the states where it belongs, if such a power should exist at all). Upholding such an Act is establishing an institution of religion. The only thing that makes homosexual marriage immoral is the religious aspect of it.
    Personally, I disagree with gay marriage. But that’s my religious choice. The policies and legislation of our country shouldn’t be made based on my religious persuasion. And that’s the point.
    But either way you look at it, he misquoted an important point in the constitution. The president is supposed to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution, which itself was designed to protect the unalienable rights of each individual to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (unless, of course, you’re gay). The president should only be preserving, protecting, and defending the laws of the land when they are in line with the constitution.

    So despite any strength in the recent straw polls, Herman Cain is a no for me. He has no experience where it matters, too much experience where it can hurt us the most, doesn’t fully understand the obligations imposed on the president by the constitution, and has an outrageous tax plan that is going to leave me $.40 out of every 95% devalued $1.00.

    Ron Paul 2012!

    • Chuck Bartok

      I may be mistaken but I believe the 999 plan would do away with Payroll Taxes since it would generate enough Revenue to Fund the program. Do the math.
      The advantage I see is that EVERYONE would be paying taxes, and possible appreciate this country a bit more.

      • Alex Frazier

        He did say something about doing away with payroll taxes. But what does he mean by that? We know that he wants to scrap the tax code and implement a 9% income tax. So he doesn’t mean Federal Income Tax when he says he would do away with payroll taxes. The President doesn’t have the authority to prohibit the states from imposing their own state taxes, so he’s not referring to State Income Tax, or if he is, he isn’t being very realistic about what he can accomplish. If he’s talking about Medicare and Social Security, I’d be interested to know how he thinks he can keep either program alive without the contributions.

        However you look at it, it’s as I said. If he has said or implied otherwise, I don’t think he is being truthful, or at least not realistic.

        And this plan adds another tax to the books. Then in the future, it’ll no longer simply be a question of raising income tax. It’ll be a question of raising sales tax, too. So we’ll have broke states trying to gain more revenue through increased sales and property taxes, plus an increase in income tax that ISN’T on the 999 plan. And then we’ll have a notorious spend thrift federal government raising both the 9% income tax AND the 9% sales tax.

        As you say, do the math. A small bump to each on the state and federal levels and our income earned will be reduced to 25%. I’m all for a fair tax that’s the same for everyone, but his proposal is dangerous.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Wow…excellent post, Alex.

      Keep up the good work and I definitely agree with what you said.

      Ron Paul the Constitutionalist…! With a voting record to prove it!

      God Bless.

  • Pastori Balele

    Herman Cain is smart but is in wrong parties and wrong background. GOP and TEA Party do not like him for his black race. For instance FoxNews anchors declared him persona non-grata. Specifically O’rielly said: “No Cain for GOP nomination. We cannot have another Black as president.” Sean Hannity made fun of Cain. Hannity said: “Cain does not know where Israel is. How can we support him for GOP nomination? Therefore Cain is fighting Republicans, TEA Party and right wing media, Blacks and democrats. Cain does not want to be known as African-American. That’s why African Americans are fighting him.

    • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

      Pastori, you are spouting bilge: Given that Cain’s base is in the TEA Party and is enthusiastically welcomed by the TEA Party everywhere he goes, how can you say the GOP and TEA Party do not like him for his black race? As Cain just said to a TEA Party rally: “if you are such racists, why do I spend so much time with you patriots?” You know nothing about Cain or the TEA Party. Stop writing and read a book.

      Further, you are a liar. Bill O’Reilly never said “we cannot have another Black as president.” I never heard him say it, and it is not something he would say. If he had said it, he would be off the air permanently. If you have a transcript, produce it. If you don’t, admit you are blowing smoke out of an inappropriate orifice and then shut up for the rest of the decade.

      As for Hannity, I don’t know that he said that either but here’s a simple fact: Cain went to Israel when Beck was there and joined in the events. Didn’t see any other big-time Israel supporters do that. So if Hannity said it (a) it would be beneath him, and (b) Cain has proven him wrong. But I don’t think Hannity said it. Again, produce the transcript or shut up.

      And black voters are not necessarily fighting Cain yet. From the people I know, I think he’s a big puzzle to them, and I think they are listening even if they won’t yet admit it. He speaks to legitimate aspirations within the black community and is a living, breathing example that “it” can be done.

      As for electability, all we have to do is elect him. Can an “outsider” get there? If not Cain, who? If not now, when?

      • Alex Frazier

        Cain is a Fed crony. Vote for Ron Paul. He’s the ONLY genuine candidate we have. All the others are lying, hiding things, or just saying what they believe people want to hear. Ron Paul speaks his convictions even when he knows it will be poorly received.

  • James Robinson

    We cannot become an isolationist country! Ron Paul as pres is out even though he has some great ideas.
    We have to control our borders and get the illegals rounded up and out! This includes changing the old laws that include now the anchor children, its tough but still wrong. We are a country of laws that only the honest follow and everyone else breaks.
    I think a Cain/Gingrich ticket would be good for the country,there would be balance at the leadership position. Getting rid of the politician/ lawyer types is a necessity for the continuing life of America as a great country. The greedy, power for themselves, control in congress have to go regardless of political affiliation!
    There are tough choices ahead for us all,but we have to right the ship including entitlements,ss,illegal immigration,unionized control and benefits,tort reform. There is a Perry implemented item in Texas that does work, holding lawyers accountable for filing frivolous lawsuits!
    We all must get on board and go in a unified direction to make a difference!

    • Alex Frazier

      So what you’re saying is that you want to starve the people at home while fleecing the people at home to feed people in other countries that hate us. Did I get that right? Because your stance on Ron Paul over his foreign policy combined with your disdain for the entitlements programs promotes precisely that.

      Don’t be part of the problem. Cain doesn’t strike me as a moron, but Cain is part of the system.

      Frankly, for those who believe in the One World Order conspiracy, they should really watch out. If there’s any truth to it, Cain is the final piece being moved into place if we put him in office, because the Fed will no longer need a compliant president. They’ll have one of their own in the oval office.

      Whatever qualities Cain may have, the fact is, he’s a Federal Reserve crony. He was on the board committee, and was Chairman of the Board of the Kansas City branch. And the fact that he opposes auditing the Fed (which has already revealed shady deals and bailouts with US dollars to global banks to the tune of $16 trillion), and that he’s against shutting down the Fed, shows where his sympathies truly lie.

  • Spyder Dalton

    It’s amazing to me that venting possible candidates and paying special attention to each of thier political beliefs is looked at as if we are losing control.. just because the minute someone says a catchy phrase like “hope and change” we don’ t jump without question we are considered loosing control is absurd.

    • professor

      Do you mean catchy phrases like, “Cain is able!” or “I am a honkey for Herman and a cracker for Cain!”

      • bob wire

        I enjoy the 8 month pregnant lady with a maternity top on with words that read, “I went all the way with LBJ”

    • bob wire

      “Control” is something we all peruse (with mixed results) more often only an illusion.

  • Angel Wannabe

    Quite honestly, Cains straw poll win is a message!!!_ With the rasist BS and crap slinging the Progressives have been doing, about the Tea Parties and the Conservitives hating a black man in the white House__ that starw poll sends a sharp message that WE “can/will” believe in a Black Man for President, it just doesn’t happen to be, the one that’s currently occupying the White House.

    • Michael J.

      Angel Wannabe,
      Amen Angel, Barack Obama is living proof that race has nothing to do with it. I do not support either one of them, but skin color is not a factor.

  • http://none BAP362

    I’ll take either Cain or Paul at the ballot box, but will never vote if Romney or Perry are the candidates. Romney and Perry are not true conservatives but more of the same sickening diet Americans have been fed on for far too long. The media should never have the power to decide our elections. The people are taking the country back.

  • David J. Sanchez

    I also have misgivings and concerns about Herman Cain. After watching the last debate in Florida this September I was most impressed with the ex-governor of New Mexico, Mr. Gary Johnson (Libertarian) and as always I am very sure of my support for Representative Ron Paul. If we could have a ticket with these two together spreading the word of Liberty and emphasizing the importance of the U.S. Constitution, throughout the campaign 2012, I do believe it would be a winning ticket. Once our monetary system is corrected than things would really change for the better in this Nation. Please everybody study the candidates and the issues thoroughly and let reason prevail. We must finally take a stand for the principles that make this the greatest Republic on Earth and return to our Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Bill of Rights, as only then will real justice prevail.

  • Rosco1776

    They all parrot Ron Paul now but I’m sticking with the original with the long track record to prove it.

    Ron Paul 2012 or BU$T !!

  • Joyceann

    Paul is way far right, almost fanatical like Perot. I want someone who talks common sense, loves the constitution and the USA and understands business. Paul has no plan. Nobody running has a plan, except Cain. We all know what is wrong, we need someone with a plan to bring America back that we understand. We need Cain. Cain Can

    • Jibbs

      What do you know about Ron Paul besides what you hear from msm?

    • Alex Frazier

      WTF are you talking about, Joyceann!? What is it you consider “far right” about him? I swear, I’m ready to pull my hair out with you people. His only politics is the constitution. Nothing more. Nothing less. It’s like you calling our founding fathers too far right. What’s the matter with you?

      You say you want someone who talks common sense, loves the constitution and the USA, and understands business. Ron Paul talks more common sense than any of them, even if it’s not always popular. He’s the ONLY one who stands behind the constitution 100% of the time. He has fought for and loves his country. And he’s well educated in economics, both Keynesian and Austrian.

      You say you want someone with a plan. Ron Paul has a plan. He’s had a plan for a long time.

      But you see something on the TV that says Herman Cain did this or that, and suddenly he’s the man with the plan? The Federal Reserve stooge! THEIR plan put us in the mess we’re in, and he was part of it in the 90s.

      No offense, but you need to do your homework.

  • daniel

    First off let me say I like Cain. Romney and Perry are busy eating each other. Bachman is slowly sinking into the sunset. Cain has at least put a plan out there that deserves some scrutiny where the other two just busy jockeying for position and donations. To be honest Paul; although a real conservative would not stand much of a chance in a general election even against O. The end result would be we lose as DC would once again be tied up in gridlock.
    If America is looking for a leader(which it is) then we should press the candidates for a plan or direction that they know will build this country up. If the voters like it they will follow accordingly; if not they will vote for another candidate. I hate generalities and platitudes. That is one of Cain’s outstanding qualities he just says it and means it. The others?

  • Libertarian58

    All things considered, Ron Paul is the best man for the job, but America is just too drunk on their “freebies” to stand up for real liberty. I really like Cain and would definitely pick him over the “other two”, but his 9,9,9 plan is just a substitute for actually getting rid of the FED and IRS. The 16th amendment was never properly ratified making the FED and IRS instantly illegal, that is if anyone bothers with the Constitution any more.

  • http://google Sandra Henley

    Put your crayons back in the box. The complexion of a person will not determine he/she to be the best one for president that we the people of US need at this time. Look at Obama, he certainly is not a president who is for people of any color. He is part of the Bildeberg
    oligarcy and their agenda is suppression of all people so that the NWO can be fulfilled. Ted Turner said there are too many people on the earth, using up all the resources and that there needs to be only about 2 billion people. So their agenda is also to thin out the herd through drugs, government caused disease, food and water control, wars, abortion etc.

  • r.p.

    One thing anybody should know is. If the MSM endorses any candidate it is because they(THE CANDIDATES) have agreed to do the bidding of the NWO cronies. Hence you get the marketing behemouth of MSM extolling the virtues of their selections. Such as; Gingrich, Palen, Bachman, Perry, Romney, Cristi, Cain, Huntsman, and anyone else they can throw in to dilute and distort Ron Pauls message. When you make the debates look like a Mr America contest, you can count on a large portion of voters to vote for the one with the best looking crotch cup. If MSM promotes a candidate, it should automatically send up your “RED FLAG”. Ron Paul signed an oath to defend the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights. No other candidate has. THINK ABOUT IT!

    • Allan

      True the media generally ignores Ron Paul, but to say they “support” people like Bachmann, Cain, and Palin is ridiculous.

  • Jay

    Mr. Livingston, how is it possible that two people be allowed to register, and post comments using identical monikers?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Jay,

      In an effort to encourage as many as possible to join our community we require only a soft registration rather than a hard registration. A hard registration would be easier on our moderators, but requiring more information might be a deterrence to some liberty-minded individuals. So we chose the soft registration, which allows the re-use of monikers on different email addresses. This rarely causes problems, but when it does we will work with the individuals involved to try and devise acceptable monikers that are not identical. I might suggest you add a last initial or a number to set yourself apart.

      Best wishes,

      • Jay

        Thank you for the Mr. Livingston, for the explanation, and advice.

  • jopa

    Jibbs;The comments made by Herman Cain on cancer were during the Florida debate.

  • jopa

    Jay I believe it’s possible because they have different e-mail addresses.

    • bob wire

      For reasons I’ve never been quite certain of, I lost the ability to leave this site in mid posting to do web research and return without losing my work.

      It’s placed me at some disadvantage, in many different way. There is however ways around it, by creating a “draft document” and then copy and pasting my final post where I wish it to be.

      Thinking that I might have washed some Livingston forum cookies away during a disk cleaning. I created a new personal liberties account under a different name and e-dress hoping that maybe new cookies might correct this problem.

      So the answer is “Yes” it is very possible to have two accounts. Where it’s acceptable or allowed I don’t know.

      I can’t remember my final out come for certain and I don’t use this other account. But it seems like my efforts failed to correct the problem. I’ve slept since then many times.

      If Longshanks ever shows up, know him as my evil twin that mother loved best and a real a$$hole.

  • matt

    what the hell happened to to the share button on here so i can share with my freinds on facebook


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