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Rachel Maddow, Your Attempt At Slander Failed

July 18, 2013 by  


Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. And I’m under massive attack by the mainstream media and Barack Obama’s defenders. (Oh right, I repeated myself). I must be doing something right. I must be scaring the Obama socialist cabal to death. I must be hitting a bulls-eye with my opinions.

This past week, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow tried to defame and slander me in a bizarre, rambling 15-minute diatribe on her national TV show. Fifteen minutes on national TV about me. Thank you, Rachel, that’s quite an honor coming from you.

Maddow even gave me a name, “birther.” It sounds similar to “murderer,” except it means only that I dared ask questions about Obama. Funny enough, none of those questions has ever involved his birth or birth certificate. Never. Not once. But hysterical defenders of Obama never let a fact get in the way of a good slander.

Rather than attacking a patriotic American, shouldn’t journalists like Maddow be asking questions of the President? Do the answers to the questions I asked scare her that much? Am I getting that close to the truth? Do I pose that much of a threat?

Perhaps there is a connection to the media’s refusal to ask these questions of our current President and the problems we’re experiencing:

  • An economy in decline.
  • No jobs.
  • Our own government now violating our rights at every turn.
  • It’s using the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate and punish us.
  • It’s using the Environmental Protection Agency to bankrupt the energy industry.
  • It’s using the National Security Agency to spy on us
  • And it’s using the Federal Reserve to bury our children in debt.
  • And it will perhaps soon use drones to kill us — without holding a trial or even hearing the charges.

Every patriotic American — and especially every legitimate journalist — has the responsibility to question the background, character and policies of the person who is the CEO of the world’s most powerful economy, the commander of the world’s most powerful military and the person with his finger on the nuclear button.

Yet if one American actually dares to ask questions about our President, suddenly all hell breaks loose. He gets called names. He is slimed and slandered.

I am that one courageous American. I have many questions about Obama’s background, actions and policies. I’m willing to boldly stand up in public and question and criticize the President. The result: First came vicious IRS attacks. Then, after I beat them again and again, next came the leftist national media attack. Someone is very worried about Wayne Allyn Root.

Saul Alinsky is one of Obama’s heroes and mentors. His book Rules for Radicals, is Obama’s bible, even though Alinsky’s masterpiece is dedicated to Lucifer, the devil. Funny, I’ve never heard the media mention that little fact.

Alinsky’s philosophy is to destroy and discredit any conservative who dares to question you by demonizing him. The strategy is to call him vile names and tell lies, because the end justifies the means. Humiliate and intimidate him so badly, the critic will hide under the covers, never to be seen again. In this case, Maddow’s goal is not only to destroy Wayne Allyn Root, but also to warn other conservatives that if they dare question the President, they too will get the same treatment. So stop asking questions!

My personal story is the achievement of the American dream. The son of a blue-collar butcher, I graduated from Columbia University (class of ’83 with my classmate Obama). Through discipline, sacrifice, personal responsibility, work ethic, enthusiasm for capitalism and a relentless attitude, I became a successful entrepreneur. This has allowed me to give more time to my passion: politics. I became the Vice Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party, a media personality on FOX News and conservative talk radio, and the author of the national bestseller The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide. I am also the home-school dad of four beautiful children, including a daughter at Harvard and Oxford.

Because of all this success and my media megaphone, Obama’s defenders have me on their radar. I’ve got a bulls-eye on my back. I’m making a difference. And I’m obviously scaring powerful people on the left. In one rambling, raving diatribe on national TV, Maddow slimed me and reduced me to one curse word: “birther.” Let me repeat: I’ve never been a birther. Ever. Not once have I ever questioned any aspect of Obama’s birth or birth certificate.

Alinsky would be proud. This is how you destroy your political opposition, silence dissent and socialize America. This is how big government takes over a once-proud Nation of individuals.

Maddow isn’t alone. In the past few weeks, since I’ve asked critical questions and made common-sense predictions about Obama’s true agenda, Obama’s IRS scandal and the mysterious story of Obama’s years at Columbia University, I’ve come under withering attack from across the liberal media. Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, Mother Jones magazine, liberal bloggers and now Maddow and MSNBC have made attacking Wayne Allyn Root a national pastime. The attacks intensified as The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide rose on the bestseller list. Coincidence?

Last month, even CNN host Piers Morgan tried to discredit me and bait me into a slugfest on CNN. At least he had the class to do it to my face. Give Morgan credit. Maddow, on the other hand, wouldn’t take the chance to debate me face to face. Rachel, why are you so afraid of the truth?

Maddow gave me so much airtime she might as well have named me “the most evil man in the world.” I’ve been in the TV and entertainment business my whole life. I know full well that no TV host would ever dedicate 15 minutes of a national TV show to one outspoken critic of the President. Not unless they are seriously worried. Not unless he’s hit a bulls-eye.

Maddow’s attack on me is certainly a show of desperation. I’m obviously getting too close to the truth. In the military they say, “You know you’ve reached the target when you start getting hit by flak.”

If I’m so unimportant, why is the liberal media so intent on destroying me? If my instincts about Obama’s scandals are so wrong, why are they so intent on discrediting me? If I’m just some kook, why would Maddow even pay attention to me? Why give me so much precious time on national TV? Does Maddow read I didn’t know liberals cared so much what we said here.

But perhaps Maddow has spilled the beans. Perhaps this is a clue that I’m not so unimportant. Perhaps the left knows that I’ve stumbled onto the storyline that could destroy the Obama Presidency. Perhaps they’re afraid far too many Americans are reading about Obama’s purposeful plan to overwhelm the system and destroy capitalism that I unveiled in The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.

Perhaps they are worried my story about the IRS scandal has legs. I was the first in the country to report a year ago that this IRS scandal is massive and involves the IRS going after individual critics of the President and top GOP donors.

Perhaps my gut instincts about how Obama might have committed fraud to gain entrance to Columbia University is striking chords. Something about Wayne Root has set off alarm bells among Obama’s defenders. They are sweating and panicking. They are desperate to discredit and destroy my reputation.

Rachel, methinks thou protests too much. Remember: I’m from Las Vegas and play a mean game of poker. You’ve tipped your hand. You’re playing with a pair of 2s, you know I’ve got a full house, and you and your liberal friends are obviously desperate to bluff me out of the game.

Newsflash: You failed.

You’ll be sad to know I played to full houses, standing room only, at both FreedomFest and the GOP Women’s Gala in Las Vegas this weekend. The GOP event had to turn guests away. And your slander helped raise thousands of dollars at this weekend’s GOP Women’s Gala. By the way, the highest bid of the event was for a private dinner at the home of Wayne Allyn Root. Sorry, Rachel: You lose.

I draw three conclusions:

  • There is a God.
  • Alinsky is rolling over in his grave.
  • Thank you, Rachel, from the bottom of my Republican conservative heart. You’re the gift that keeps on giving.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week right back here. Same time, same place. God Bless America.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Robert Watson

    Good job…keep up the good work. You are on the right track!

  • Brent black

    I would interpret her rant the same way. You should be very proud. I am happy beyond words that you are doing what you do. If we only had about 100 million more people with your brains and courage, maybe we wouldnt loose our country. But we dont, and i really fear we will. I cant help being really depressed having to watch our fall.

  • leo_rochester@MI

    Rated this 5 stars, thus now being tracked by the regime and becoming another enemy of the state.

    Down with socialism!

  • shadow1776

    They won’t be happy until every American is living in tents and standing in soup lines. While they, the crooked politicians sit in there mansions and those who speak out are dead or in Fema camps

  • Ron r

    Wayne A Root is an idiot who should be thanking the president for allowing him to ride his coat tails to game. Yes you are a birther Wayne and after the fool you made if yourself on the daily show it amazes me you are still running your trap. Get a damn life??

  • Ron r

    Tell us Wayne one thing she said that was not true , there is always legal action. WAR the man who’s claim to fame is not knowing Obama .

  • Scott Hopkins

    I agree there are travesties that have/ are and might be in our government . There have always been problems in America , but humankind will have problems until one thing occurs. That one thing is unconditional Love. I don’t say we hide the bad things or overstate the good things. And yes, people must often be held accountable for their actions.

    I don’t have all the answers or even all the questions, but this seems wrong to me. Not what is being told that are facts but how they are being told. It’s only my opinion, and yes I could be wrong. However, I could be right. Please think on this so more will work to fix the problems in America.
    Thanks to all who read this whether you agree or not.

  • Giovanni

    I still don t understand the birth issue…I thought presidente Boo had shown his birth certificate and it showed that he was born in Hii,Am I mistaken? bc Boo can be attacked in so many other ways I believe the birth issue is a lost cause due to the fact that very few ppl will even listen once you start talking about it.

    • Ron r

      True that Boo.

  • http://Yahoo JMichael

    Ron r on——you attack those you don’t agree with. Classic Liberal Socialist. It is you sir that needs to gets life! I personally would like to see all sealed records of Barry’s including school records and passport! Put that in your pipe and smoke it like Barry & the Choom Gang!

    • Ron r

      I do not agree with Root because he’s a scam artis who has has seen his income exspand handsomely by his lies about a sitting president. And guess what college transcripts are not public record, so don’t hold your breath. BTW did you see the Bush transcripts ??? Hell did you see the Romney transcripts or tax records??? I’m less a socialist than you are a fascist.

      • shadow1776

        Anything that has to do with someone who represents the people should be public. Any one who don’t want to put fears to rest, or says none of your business when they are supposedto represent tbe people, has something to hide.

        • Ron r

          I assume you mean the Bush, Reagan, Clinton,and Obama college records ,of which neither of them released them, or the Romney tax records . I assume all had something to hide, but all but one became president. Now can we stop this back and forth befor it deteriorates to name calling ?? It is as useless for me to change you view as it is for you to change mine. Your position would not change if you saw the Obama birth.

      • O

        We demanded obamas school records first. Maddow is a piece of trash. She should be asking about drones, Benghazi, IRS, etc. but considering she has a lot to lose should heaven forbid these wars end. She has a huge investment in the military indistrial complex.

        • Ron r

          I seem to remember her asking about all of those issues. And there is not one liberal who is not upset about the drones or the NSA. Sorry you missed it. Does not change tha fact that Root is a scam artis .

      • shadow1776

        The scam artists that I see are the politicians telling lies and doing cover ups

        • Ron r

          Term limits,term limits,term limits!!!!!

      • Nomad

        Ron. Half the crap you say hasn’t happened or is completely false. You are a spook troll trying to distort truth for a pay check. You are a paid skeptic. Shame on you. One day your efforts will Do we get one or two tickets? collapse on yourself and you will have to live with the shame and consequences.

        • Ron r

          I am retired military and USPS, and unlike Root I do not nor have I ever been paid to spread lies and hatred as he does. Now you can resort to name calling all you want and it does not change the fact that Root lacks facts. I want to call you an idiot but that would be embarrassing to idiots. So I’ll just say thanks for your civil response.

      • wooleyoutwest

        You are more useful idiot than anything else,at least that is what reasonable adults glean from your posts.

        • Ron r

          Your resorting to name calling is a credit to you academic abilities. Moron !!!!

  • Marcia

    As a Christian American professional gay woman I stand with you and your views and opinions. I find Rachel Maddow dishonest and narrow-minded; she is just a pawn and a liberal mouthpiece. Spiritual warfare is on the forefront of our times. Akin to myself, many gay Americans do not support the progressive left agenda and truly are worried about our great country.

    • Ron r

      So I assume Madow is in the same ball park as Hannity,O’Riley and that Fox “News” crew. If you don’t like Madow fine. I still say Root is just as bad and worst.

  • sunstreak

    Sorry but republicans are the same as democrats. All Obama is doing is following Bush’s policies and adding his own. I say vote 3rd party, but Americans are too stupid.

    • Ron r

      Third party like who. Who’s available????

      • Brandon

        Still making friends huh buddy? lol!!! Nobody wants to see anyone’s grades here!!! It is his character and ability in question, just like democrats have slammed, insulted and reacted to republican policies, everyone wants answers to what they dont know :) I for one, believe it or not side more with libertarian ( like the original democratic republican of post revolutionary war) we welcome all and don’t like coercive government and see it as our duty to question elected officials and keep them in check! Assure our laws are obeyed! We want to see increases in personal freedoms AND RESPONSIBILTY! Reasonable tax on income, smaller gov programs to easily exploited (welfare, education in sense of allowed on merit, etc…), larger reliance on charities!

        • Marcia

          Well said.

        • Ron r

          Friends are the last thing I need , and like I said the integrity and ability of every president has come into question at one time or another. The difference here is that if you disagree with a conservative president during times of war you are unamerican, disagree with Obama and you are a patriot. Agree with Obama on something as simple as the sun shining and you are a member of the Muslim brotherhood.

      • Brandon

        I see your point Ron, I really do. And if I read you right, then correct, historically republicans and democrats are not that different except where they choose to focus, unfortunately now all have abandoned true politics ( bringing people of different view point to agree on common ground and work together) and turned it in to a business where you exploit groups for votes!!! I hear ya man! Just what will satisfy all, people want their questions answered and that is their right no matter who is asking who :)

        • Ron r

          I’m convinced term limits for congress is the way to break the grid lock and patrician politicsand above the lobbyist hold on our government . A third party would be great if we could keep out extreamism on either side .

      • Brandon

        Agreed!!! The third option (libertarianism) is just that!!! A return to our roots as a democratic republic :) the law is obeyed as it is written, amendments can be made, freedoms cannot be taken away without 2/3 majority of its citizens, not 2/3 the elected body!!! And along with term limits eliminate full retirements for elected officials! The Constitution says elected officials will be COMPENSATED WHEN IN EXECUTION OF THAT DUTY!!! NOT EARN A 100% RETIREMENT FOR A TERM OF SERVICE!!! :) lets clean house, literally :)

  • mike

    Unless third party support explodes in a short time before an election, a third party vote puts a democrat in.

  • Joshua

    Stop while you’re ahead Ron.

  • flashy

    Actually Wayne, I’d agree. If Maddow was attempting to slander you, she failed. Slander involves untruths. I didn’t see nor hear any untruths to her sgment. Pretty much nailed it

    As to you hyping your ego, wanna go back and revisit not only your “airtime”, but also the subject matter ? Lol. Accuracy ain’t exactly your forte.

    But nice hype of your book. Still hawking eh?

  • Brock d’Avignon

    Columbia U has a TV Film Production School, why not ask a Students for Liberty chapter there or nearby to do a real client Project Based Learning investigative report perhaps crowd-funded or alumni funded. Then I can help you put it on PhoneVoter Jury TV to see what the audience thinks.

  • http://yahoo mike

    Good job. Liberals r destroying. The us. Think they need a state just 4 liberals. An leave everyone else 2 live their life the way they wont 2. No msnbc on my tv. Keep up truth.

  • Gayle Royals


  • bagdadjoe

    Madcow disease. It’s truly terrifying..eats away at the brain until all cognitive processes cease to function. The victim stares unblinkingly and becomes delusional, paranoid and fancy themselves to be omnipotent and above reproach. Yep, she’s got it bad.

  • Deborah

    Hurts to think?

    • Deborah

      That comment was meant for “flashey”.


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