Race Baiting, Gun Hating Fallout From Zimmerman Verdict


The not guilty verdict delivered in the George Zimmerman case over the weekend set off racially charged national debate, as the Justice Department announced that it will further review the case in search of civil rights abuses and as race baiters cheered on by the left’s punditry screamed that the jury verdict simply will not do.

The Southern Poverty Law Center took the opportunity to chime in following the verdict, positing that Trayvon Martin would still be alive had he not been black:

“They always get away.” These were the words George Zimmerman uttered as he followed and later shot Trayvon Martin — words that reflected his belief that Trayvon was one of “them,” the kind of person about to get away with something. How ironic these words sound now in light of the jury verdict acquitting Zimmerman.

Trayvon is dead, and Zimmerman is free. Who was the one who got away?

Can we respect the jury verdict and still conclude that Zimmerman got away with killing Trayvon? I think so, even if we buy Zimmerman’s story that Trayvon attacked him at some point. After all, who was responsible for initiating the tragic chain of events? Who was following whom? Who was carrying a gun? Who ignored the police urging that he stay in his car? Who thought that the other was one of “them,” someone about to get a away with something?

The jury has spoken, and we can respect its conclusion that the state did not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. But we cannot fail to speak out about the tragedy that occurred in Sanford, Florida, on the night of February 26, 2012.

Was race at the heart of it? Ask yourself this question: If Zimmerman had seen a white youth walking in the rain that evening, would he have seen him as one of “them,” someone about to get away with something?…

…George Zimmerman probably saw race the night of February 26, 2012,  just like so many of us probably would have. Had he not, Trayvon probably would be alive today.

Attorney General Eric Holder, whose Justice Department said it will look into the case to determine whether Federal prosecutors should file criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman, also weighed in on the case.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People has gathered more than 450,000 signatures on a petition created after the jury found Zimmerman not guilty, calling for Justice to launch a civil rights investigation.

“A jury has acquitted George Zimmerman, but we are not done demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. Sign our petition to the Department of Justice today,” read a note accompanying the petition.

The Attorney General said that the court case provides an opportunity for America to talk about race:

…Independent of the legal determination that will be made, I believe that this tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated and emotionally-charged issues that this case has raised. We must not — as we have too often in the past — let this opportunity pass…

Holder’s boss, President Barack Obama, also weighed in on the Zimmerman verdict, calling on Americans to honor Martin’s memory by pushing for stronger gun control.

Obama said:

We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis. We should ask ourselves, as individuals and as a society, how we can prevent future tragedies like this. As citizens, that’s a job for all of us. That’s the way to honor Trayvon Martin.

MSNBC contributor and Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson said Monday that the verdict in the Zimmerman case made Saturday a worse day than Sept. 11, 2001, for black Americans.

“When the people who rig the definition and the litmus test have a bias to begin with, it’s not going to be proof positive for you when you come along testing whether race or bias exists,” Dyson began. “We don’t have to impugn [Zimmerman attorney] Mr. [Mark] O’Mara‘s character and integrity to say what you are talking about is on Mars and we’re on Venus.”

“We have to often tell people who get defensive about racism analogy, let’s make an analogy to terrorism,” he added. “So, you know how you felt on 9/11? yeah, that’s how we feel when it comes to race.”

And then, of course, there were those who took to Twitter to opine on the Zimmerman verdict — like Representative Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio), who struggled to understand the concept of innocent until proven guilty:

Former Obama adviser Van Jones simply blamed racism:

Following the verdict, rappers such as  P. Diddy, Big Boi, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes and others took to Twitter call America a racist cesspool of despair. Their colleague Lupe Fiasco quickly shouted them down with reason, pointing out their hypocrisy.

Indeed, there have been thousands of blacks killed on America’s streets since Martin’s death, about 500 in Chicago alone. Many of those tragedies, however, resulted from black-on-black crimes, evidently not meriting Presidential comments or round-the-clock media coverage.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Gary

    Who knows what really happened that night. Probably no one should have died for it. But look a little deeper. I’ll bet both them boys were just looking for trouble. Well they found it with each other.

    • Elton Robb

      The Christ knows.

      • Alex

        He’s dead….

        • Vigilant

          As are your cognitive abilities.

        • vicki

          Jesus, the body of Christ, is dead. The spirit (Christ) is eternal

        • Elton Robb

          Military Parade in Heaven

          September 1, 2008

          I was in my welding shop and had been reading the book of Enoch. I was getting ready to go to bed when I was opened up to the spirit realm. All of a sudden I saw a part of Heaven open up and there was a gathering of the military host of Heaven. Right before my eyes I saw Christ Jesus the son of God. He was wearing a white heavy king’s robe that was made of a material that was so pure white it had a gold sheen to it. He was marching in what can only be described as a military parade in Heaven. About ten feet behind him on the left side was the Archangel Michael and on the right was the Archangel Gabriel. Jesus held a sword in his hand that was made of a metal not found on earth. I can only describe it as a silver metal polymer. Michael and Gabriel also had swords but they were at their sides in a sheath. The three of them formed a triangle as they marched. They were on a highway that looked like pure solid gold. It was so pure that it was transparent.

          On the sides of this highway there was grass that was electric green in color. The grass was so full of life I felt like I could sit down and talk to it and it would speak to me.

          About one hundred feet behind Jesus, Michael and Gabriel there were millions of winged angels who each stood about 14-16 feet tall. They were wearing white linen robes with swords at their sides made of the same unearthly metal. They were marching in perfect military formation. As the procession went forward about 150 feet ahead of Jesus on the left and right side of the highway were millions upon millions of war angels that did not have wings. They each stood about 6 feet tall and their hair was dark brown, almost black. They were dressed in pure white clothing similar to the dress of ancient Roman soldiers. They wore lace up sandals and breast plates made of what looked like pure bronze. They also had the same type sword at their sides.

          As Jesus, Michael and Gabriel began to pass the un-winged angels on the right and left side they raised up their arms and began to shout, “Give praise, glory and honor to the Father of Lights and to the Son of the Most High God. Give praise, glory and honor!” They were shouting this over and over and over. It was deafening to the human ear and the whole Kingdom of Heaven shook at this.

          I asked God what this was about and He said, “They are prepared and ready to go to war against Satan, his angels and those who follow after him.”

          Comment: The un-winged angels are also sent by God to protect His elect. These will be those who follow the Lamb wherever the Lamb goes. They crucify their lives on the cross to serve Christ Jesus.

          Read Revelation 19:11-21

          What does all this mean and why was I shown this military parade in Heaven?

          There was a partial lunar eclipse on August 16th, 2008 at 8:00 pm which blotted out half of the full moon on the horizon. I asked God what the eclipse symbolized and He said, “This is a cosmic time clock, my clock says the Lord, not mans clock. Time is very, very, very short for Satan and his kingdom and for mankind and his kingdom.”

          Sixteen days after that word of knowledge on September 1st, God opened up the Heavens to show me the vision of Jesus and the angelic military parade. We are now getting ready to come into the full and complete day of darkness where no man will be able to work. The great and dreadful Day of the Lord is quickly approaching.

          Description of Jesus: This is something that many people are very interested in hearing about so I am putting this in a separate paragraph. This is the way I saw Him. The best way I can describe the physical appearance of Jesus in the way I saw Him is to say that He is a very attractive, neat and clean cut man of about 30-35 years of age and he stands about 5′ 9″ – 6′ tall. He is a medium build in physical appearance. His hair is brown with lighter brown highlights. It has a natural body wave and is not long and not short either. Remember that Jesus is now in his Glorified Heavenly body as the King of the Kingdom of Heaven and not the humble Jewish man that was here on the earth. For those of you who have a perception of Jesus as a meek pacifist who was led to the slaughter on the cross like a sacrificial lamb let me give you a dose of reality. Jesus Christ is coming back to this earth as a powerful warrior King who will rule the earth with a rod of iron. Read Revelation 19: 15-16.


          Dead, huh? Can a dead man lead an army like that?

          Honestly, Alex, you can never, ever die.

    • vicki

      3 entities know for sure. (and the guy on the grassy knoll :) and according to atheists only 1 still exists.

      God, Zimmerman, Martin.

  • Alex

    The sad truth is that had Trayvon Martin exited his vehicle against the advice of a 911 operator and ended up shooting and killing the coward George Zimmerman in a fight, no matter who provoked it, Martin would have been charged and convicted of murder.

    Want to disprove my racial point and lead me to eat crow on this one? Let’s see you fellow PLD travelers push President Obama to pardon Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman in prison for twenty years for firing a warning shot against an abusive man threatening her and her children.

    Thank God double-jeopardy does not preclude Federal prosecution for Civil Rights violations.

    Lastly, poor Bob Livingston, John Myers, and Ben Crystalnacht must be overcome with sadness that the riots they prayed for did not come to fruition.

    The mature response from the Black community will make it much easier to roll back the ridiculous Stand-Your-Ground Laws which apply mainly to Caucasoids.

    Though I do not wish harm on anyone, neither will I cry if someone uses Queen Teabag Sharon Angle’s “Second Amendment Remedy”, provokes a fight with the coward George Zimmerman, and then pops a cap in him. That would be very hard justice, but justice just the same, in a sad sad way…

    • Average_Joe56

      Po’ Po’ Alex…….

      “The sad truth is that had Trayvon Martin exited his vehicle against the advice of a 911 operator and ended up shooting and killing the coward George Zimmerman in a fight, no matter who provoked it, Martin would have been charged and convicted of murder. ”

      Speculation on your part…nothing more…nothing less…..

      “Want to disprove my racial point and lead me to eat crow on this one? Let’s see you fellow PLD travelers push President Obama to pardon Marissa Alexander, the Florida woman in prison for twenty years for firing a warning shot against an abusive man threatening her and her children.”

      You can’t even prove your own hypothesis…because it is speculation… and not based on any actual evidence…just an opinion… yours and yours alone.

      What does the second case (Marissa Alexander) have to do with the first (George Zimmerman) case? Answer: NOTHING… they are two totally separate cases….with absolutely no connection…NONE. Two totally different cases…that are…UNRELATED….

      “The mature response from the Black community will make it much easier to roll back the ridiculous Stand-Your-Ground Laws which apply mainly to Caucasoids”

      Did you miss the trial? George Zimmerman did NOT use the “stand your ground defense”. He pleaded Not guilty on grounds of self defense… If you are going to comment about the case…having an actual clue what you’re talking about would be a commodity…it’s a real boost to the credibility of the rest of your statement….when you know what you are talking about….and you clearly…don’t have a clue.

      “Caucasoids” ???????

      Is that…like… the opposite of “Kneegrows”?


      • Alex

        I did not say that the coward Zimmerman used the SYG defense.
        What I said is that the decision will make it easier to roll-back the ridiculous laws, which have already cost more lives than they have saved.

    • Quester55

      Name Calling from FOOLS like yourself, are what keeps Race Hate Alive. Don’t Repent of your Wicked Ways, & you & your friends will find yourselves in Judgment faster than you think.

    • Gary

      Do you realize “stand your ground” had nothing to do with Zimmerman’s defense? It is only used in Florida for determining if charges should be filed. Zimmerman was found not guilty by self-defense which applies in all 50 states. Stand your ground had nothing to do with his defense.

      • Adolf Schmidt

        I think we’re wasting facts on them! It’s not justice but revenge they are after!

        • Nadzieja Batki

          That is it exactly.

    • Ron

      You and your like are the problem in this country..you are ignorant and a hater!

    • Doc Sarvis

      For the most part, I agree with you, Alex.

      • Vigilant

        There once was a “doctor” called Sarvis
        A doctor of what we just guess.
        When time came for sheepskins to harvest,
        He kept his degree close to vest.

        Now some day, perhaps, we’ll discover
        What discipline he calls his own;
        He’s kept it from us, undercover,
        The answer may never be known.

        Perhaps as a kid he was homely,
        We know that in smarts he’s a dud,
        So they said “what’s up Doc” when they saw him
        ‘Cause he looks like our friend Elmer Fudd.

        Thus was born the name “Doc” for the future,
        And he kept it without PhD.
        “Silly rabbit” would ring more authentic
        For a practicing Red wannabe.

        • Bill

          “What’s up Doc”
          We’ll have no more twouble out of this wabbit

        • Doc Sarvis

          Awww, I must really bug you to make you pay tribute to me. Just because I bring up points (which I didn’t even do today) that trouble the Conservative mind (a quesionalble term I know), does not mean you have to feel defeated enough to spend time on a poor rhyme. As I’ve pointed out before, I didn’t know you were so into me.

          • Vigilant

            “Defeated?” Not at all. I genuinely enjoyed penning that poem.

            You could clear it all up, “Doc,” and simply disclose your degree, if you have one. I’ve been after you for some time to do it, but you must be so ashamed of it that you can’t bring yourself to “fess up. Not to worry, in the world of screen name anonymity, only the NSA will know who you really are.

            One generally uses the term “Doc” in their screen moniker to attempt to lend some legitimacy to their comments. As we are not aware (and I suspect will never be likely to know) what the “Doc” refers to, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot. Unless you’re a female who subscribes to the doctrine of coyness.

          • Doc Sarvis

            That you and others are so interested in me is flattering – in kind of a creepy way. All of you must be curious of my credentials since I so often put you to the wall with my points. Any inroads you can make will surely add to the already many insults thrown my way on this site (personal attacks dot com). Not that I EVER cared but, I doubt your name is “Vigilant” or that you look like the photo posted with you remarks.
            Be that as it may, I am sure the NSA knows who I am.

          • Vigilant

            Oh, but I AM a Siberian Husky! If you can call yourself “Doc” then I’ll call myself “Shadow.”

          • Doc Sarvis

            Okaaaay, you can lick yourself – just don’t hump my leg.

          • JeffH

            Doc, that would be a win-win situation. Doc, you should be more concerned that Shadow would hike his leg on you…and rightfully so.

            (this comment was meant for Doc’s comment below)

      • Bill

        We could have told you that, Doc
        You are also a good example of the dangerous leftist

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Of course you would, Doc Sarvis. Why is that not a surprise.

      • Ringgo1

        Well of COURSE you do, “Doc”.

    • CWA

      Alex, your stream of delusions would probably be funny in a TV program. Anywhere else, they are just disgusting.

    • http://personalliberty.com/ Bob Livingston

      Dear Alex,

      You write: “Lastly, poor Bob Livingston, John Myers, and Ben Crystalnacht must be overcome with sadness that the riots they prayed for did not come to fruition.” First, you are projecting. I did not “pray” for riots, nor did I hope for them. Secondly, they are happening, and they are getting bigger by the day. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-zimmerman-trial-protesters-storm-walmart-in-crenshaw-area-20130715,0,2522648.story

      Best wishes,

      • Nadzieja Batki

        And your dear Sharpton is promising more riots, Alex.

      • JeffH

        Too often “poor”, “pity” are words that preceed and are so often used by the compassionate progressive/liberals when they disagree with and project their conjecture towards logical thinkers.

    • Walt

      Your Marissa Alexander example needs a little “fine tuning” my friend.
      Alexander, who was visited by her estranged husband, went out to her car, retrieved her gun, then returned inside the house to fire the “warning shot”. The judge and jury concluded that she had every opportunity to run and call the police for protection. Instead, she went back into the house with the gun…”stupid is as stupid does”.
      She is now paying for her stupidity.
      If Zimmerman had been beaten by Martin, then went to his car to retrieve his gun, then returned to confront Martin again, resulting in Martin getting shot, I think Zimmerman would be heading off to prison like Marissa Alexander, with a conviction for 2nd degree murder.

    • Bill

      Are you really serious, Alex?
      You are promoting someone killing someone else because of your warped agenda. Go back and read your own post.
      You are a good example of the dangerous leftist mind. More people have been killed in the last 100 years from leftist policies and you are showing why

    • speedle24

      Trayvon Martin was a punk, and unfortunately for him he ended up like a lot of punks end up, with a toe tag. He is the one who attacked, not the other way around Alex. How dumb do you have to be to attack someone with a gun? Getting out of a vehicle is NOT a “threatening gesture” Alex. If that is the best you can do in trying to pin the blame on Zimmerman and claim racism you need to get a life.

      • rhondareichel

        Zimmerman is the definition of a punk too…..assaulted a police officer, bulleid some ex of his….reportedly threw a drunk woman across a room in a bar. We don’t know who attacked who but we know who stalked.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          You swallow all the Leftist media swill.

    • rhondareichel

      You got that backwards but we all knew who you meant.

    • Frank Kahn

      The advice of a 911 operator is not law, it is a recommendation. The cowards in this situation are the anti-white racists not Zimmerman. If he was a coward, he would have stayed in his vehicle shaking with fear of that terrifying black man. The coward was Martin, who decided he was to afraid to respectfully confront the man following him. Hell, he was bigger, more muscular and supposedly innocent of any wrong doing, what made him think he needed to beat the crap out of that poor watchman?

      As to the issue of civil rights violations. You might have missed the reasoning behind the not guilty verdict. He was not guilty of second degree murder because he did not kill Martin out of racial hatred. By the definition of the civil rights hate crime laws, that precludes him from being convicted of a federal civil rights hate crime violation.

      Your continuous using of stupid hyperbole is very childish. The government, as well as law enforcement, were all concerned about possible violent rioting following a not guilty verdict. It was a distinct possibility so comments about that possibility are not a wish.

      The MATURE? response from the black community? Spewing hatred and venom about racism, when it was completely dis-proven in court is mature? To accuse the jurors of racism because they used the facts and not racist emotions to judge the case is mature? To push for a civil rights hate crime conviction, when the only fact that has anything to do with race is the color of the dead mans skin is mature? To claim that Martin, because he was black, had the right to attack Zimmerman, because he was a white man following him is mature? To claim that it was only deemed self defense because a white man killed a black man is mature? Making stupid remarks about how this gives whites the right to kill young men just because they are black is mature? And, you seem to think that it is mature to repeal a law protecting citizens right to defend themselves, just because an Hispanic man used that law to protect himself from a violent black man?

      And then you go on to foster the idea that murdering Zimmerman would be a good thing. That, somehow, black vengeful murder would be justice?

      Justice was already served. Martin decided to be a gangster and violently attacked an armed man. For his stupid and vicious attack he was killed. A jury of his peers, in a court of law, determined that Zimmerman acted appropriately in self defense.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Zimmerman is the one who had to make a judgment call. He apparently did not believe that he would have been safe in the vehicle contrary to the operator’s recommendation.
      By the way, were you there?

  • Quester55

    the even sadder truth is: Americans, of All Races are so easily whipped into a frenzy, so Quick to Set aside their Faith, To allow HATE to rule their lives.

    YES, AMERICANS seem to Thrive on HATE!!!
    If Not HATE for the OUTSIDER Than it’s Hate for one of their own, Be they Black, White or Spotted, !!
    As of Now, If everyone of these HATE Filled persons where to Die, I Believe they’d all be sent to HELL!
    I can’t say if Mr.Z. is Guilty or Not, & NONE of you Know as well!
    If it was a So-called White man that shot another white man, Not a Single one of you Hypocrites, would stage a Protest, The same goes for a Black on Black, Shooting, If it was a Black that shot a White Man, You might get a little rumble, but in truth, it would soon be forgotten. But let it be a Near White man, Shooting a Black Man & All hell breaks loose!
    May the lord Forgive You All!

    • rhondareichel

      I don’t hate anybody….I just hate injustice.

      • JeffH

        No rhonda, you’re just confused.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We didn’t ask if you hated anybody but your admission means you hate people. You definition of injustice is also up for question.

      • Vigilant

        If you hate it, you should first recognize when it exists and when it doesn’t.

  • laura merrone

    Murders happen every day and most of them don’t make the news. This was a sad one because it became a racially sensitive issue. Both these men were at fault, I think, but Zimmerman appeared to be defending himself. No one really knows what happens so the conviction of murder didn’t stick. However, I think most of the hysteria involved here is not justice but vengeance. That’s not going to happen so forgiveness would be the best route. Hatred just leads to more hatred and bitterness.

    • rhondareichel

      and how CONVENIENT was the timing !
      just in time to destract people from all the many scandals and Snowden’s revleations.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      No, it was not racially sensitive case till it was made so by the race baiters with their own agenda.

  • Al Chemist

    The NAACP should be renamed to the Nation Association for the Agitation of Colored People. They certainly have done nothing to ‘Advance’ Colored People.

    • TIME

      Dear AC,

      Like hamsters on a wheel is how the NAACP treats people of color with in the states that make up America.
      That’s not aiding anyone its in fact hindering the forward movement of all people, not just the people of color, as it divides us all.

      What many of you don’t get is that we folks of color have been molded into a group needing some kind of power that many feel they have never had.
      We all fail no matter what color one may be to understand its all a psyop – run by the .005% that really do run the world. Thus the people of color have been used as a divide.

      Most people of color look at folks like me as sell outs, because I worked my ass off to make it, even though I am very light skinned and can fit in anywhere, I am not really one of any group.

      BUT ~ here in is the key, I like to be independent ~ not just an other cog in the wheel. That sadly is also what’s broken within many Americans no matter what color they are, due to the “INDOCTRINATION” they get for 12 full years, then add in the extra years of higher level INDOCTRINATION.

      Can this mindset ever be broken thus making all humans truly FREE?

      I am not sure any longer as we have no MORAL high ground – as even that’s been perverted to the point that its absurd.

      In conclusion, I ask that we all take note of what the Christ spoke of ~ “That we TREAT each other as we would like to be treated.”

      “We hold NO MAN nor IDOL or OBJECT higher than GOD.”

      If that template were really used, then the horror show we see unfolding around us from the Banker / Political Class law makers would never be. Really the question is why is it that these people hate The Christ so much that they have gone out of their way to sully him?

      Perhaps, if we all start from The Christ two rays of Light for Good, we can all learn to live with each other and break the “real chains” that bind us all.

      Peace and Love

      • Elton Robb

        To answer that question is simple. They hate the Christ because he taught of the Good News — gospel means “good news.” They have Lucifer and the Christ reversed in their minds. The elite worship Lucifer because he tried to usurp God’s throne. They give no respect to Christ. So, the elite worship a rebel — a spirit in Rebellion. Christ is not a Man in rebellion, so they don’t worship him. They also can’t understand. Christ is, for all intents and purposes, for the Government of the Father — which can’t operate without liberty. Lucifer, on the other hand, has the bearing of a Military Commander and he is in Rebellion — although ironically his Government cannot operate without tyranny.

      • Timothy Sullivan

        Jesus said “a house divided against itself cannot stand” The .005% you have alluded to have used every avenue at their disposal to create class warfare,race warfare,gender warfare,religious warfare to the point where we are a vast boiling pot of us vs. thems! It is quite clever really as the more focused we are on our own differences (real or perceived) then the less we are focused on that self-same .005% and they love it so. There are so many people of good will out there that are able to make a real difference in healing and understanding so that we may better off realizing our commonality. That is what the .005% truly fears. Then the spotlight will be off us and their dark dominion will be under scrutiny.

    • rhondareichel

      No they have a point….Florida woman convicted for 20 years for firing a warning shot into the air was black too.
      With a name like Zimmerman it’s not surprising he would walk in a state like Florida

      • http://personalliberty.com/ Bob Livingston

        Dear rhondareichel,

        You write: “With a name like Zimmerman it’s not surprising he would walk in a state like Florida (sic)” This statement is unfounded and bigoted. So who is profiling whom?

        Best wishes,

      • Timothy Sullivan

        Oh so your comment about the name Zimmerman is “not” racist? Maybe we should do a head count of all Zimmermans in Florida and just see what they have to say about the matter!

  • FreedomFighter

    The agenda from the beginning has been to break the 2nd amendment, restrict self defense laws by creating a narrative favorable to these goals: Create a problem favorable to the goals, then provide a solution. It matters not to these psychopaths how many get hurt or killed as long as the goal is reached
    The end justifies the means
    Typical totalitarian control freak ideology in action
    Laus DeoSemper FI

    • Bill

      Good analogy, Freedom Fighter
      This whole Trayvon Martin issue has been fabricated to be a black white issue. The question is what is their ultimate goal for separating the races and classes.
      It really makes the case for why we need the right to use a weapon to protect ourselves from the thugs

    • JeffH

      FF, it sure has been…Obama rekindled the fire on gun control in his statement yesterday when he said…”We should ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence that claims too many lives across this country on a daily basis…”

      Mr. POTUS…what have you to say about the gun violence in your home town of Chicago?

      The onslaught of gun crime in Chicago has spurred members of Congress to convene a summit on urban violence and prompted a state lawmaker to demand the National Guard be called in to stop the “mayhem.”

      • Timothy Sullivan

        And Illinois has just joined the other enlightened states by authorizing concealed carry. My-my-my! Hows about them apples you gun control morons? Guess that “other” gun violence was a deciding factor (500 dead and counting in Chicago alone!)

  • CWA

    OK, let’s talk about race. YOU, Holder, are a virulent racist.

  • mark

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this case regardless of the verdict. This is America where we have free speech. Million of American whites were outraged and totally unaccepting of the not guilty verdict in the OJ Simpson double murder trial in 1995. Women’s rights groups protested. At a couple of universities white students got into brawls with black students who celebrated the verdict. Spirited debate after a controversial trial is as all-American as apple pie and nothing to get excited about. It is the sign of a healthy democratic debate.

    • speedle24

      Mark, there should be no “controversy” about this trial other than the fact that it should have never happened. The “controversy” is a product of the “race baiting industry” applying its trade enabled by the corrupt media. That is the only controversy here.

      • rhondareichel

        My guess is the media has built this up so as to serve as a distraction from all the other scandals going on.
        Kind of like the fake Osama raid after a fraudulent B C was causing a stir. Osama has been long dead and the world knows it.
        LOOK —THERE’S A BLUE JAY !!!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        According to Sharpton get ready for a hotter summer, because he and his buddies are choreographing race protest dances to scare America. What’s a little violence thrown in for good measure.

    • Timothy Sullivan

      And did you see mobs of angry whites breaking liquor store windows and stealing TV sets and sneakers over their “outrage” about the OJ debacle? If whites are so racist as some people claim ,then that most assuredly would have happened. But…..it……didn’t. Hmmmm

  • Justsomeguy151

    I think that Z skated on what is a stereotypical, profile, stalk and murder case. Martin is being blamed for fighting for his own life. I guess if yr black, don’t you dare ever fight back against a stalker/murderer. If I shot everyone who ever punched me I’d be a serial killer. That being said, Obumma and scumbag Holder need to quit playing fr the cameras and let that bigoted juries decision stand. Those hypocrites are just grandstanding anyway.

    • speedle24

      “Martin is being blamed for fighting for his own life”??? You must have come in at the middle of the movie Justsomeguy. It is Trayvon the punk who jumped Zimmerman, not the other way around. And if you don’t think you would fear for your life if someone has the best of you by pinning you on the ground and pounding your head into the concrete, you have never had a serious physical confrontation. I would say “if you are black” (or any other color for that matter), refrain from attacking people physically. That will increase the odds of longer life.

      • Justsomeguy151

        What you are intentionally NOT seeing is that you also are profiling this kid, cuz hes black. Whether he was a troubled kid or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he was profiled. Did Z needlessly follow white kids in that neighborhood? Probably not. That right there shows a bias. Z was also a SELF appointed neighborhood watch TJ Hooker wanna be. NO ONE asked him to. Did you know Z had assault charges on a cop? And that he had been charged w/ multiple felonies and had a shyster knock ’em down to a misdemeanor? HE was the punk and had a record, NOT the kid. He already had a rap sheet whereas the kid had never been arrested, just got into stupid kid trouble.

        Bottom line: fat albert picked a fight w/ a kid; was getting the assbeating he earned and deserved for acting like a child abducting molester; was such an obese [expletive deleted] that when he got his ass kicked, he had to murder someone to stop them. I been in plenty of scraps and lost a few, no I never thought I was going to die. Z wasn’t man enough to take an assbeating.

        The prosecution was so inept they didn’t prove what to me is an open and shut case of profiling, stalking and needlessly murdering a kid. The bigoted jury w/ no blacks on it agreed w/ the obese murderer. Its done. Obumma and the other criminal Holder are just playing politics, they’ve killed hundreds of not thousands of people w/ the stroke pf a pen or just by saying it.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          The “kid” profiled himself by being a thug.

          • Justsomeguy151

            Z had a criminal record, not the kid.

      • rhondareichel

        Nothing but Z’s word to back that claim that he was attacked not the other way around….it’s not logical for an unarmed kid to attack someone stalking him. It is logical for an armed man to figure he has the upper hand….and he did

        • vicki

          Ummm… Since Zimmerman did not testify there must have been a LOT of evidence that Zimmerman was attacked.

        • JeffH

          rhonda, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

        • speedle24

          Uh………Yeah, I get it rhonda. Zimmerman attacked and shot the punk and then bloodied his own nose and banged his head off the concrete. Yeah, that makes perfect sense rhonda. Thanks for clearing it up.

    • Frank Kahn

      Just wondering if you are black, or just an ignorant liberal.

      Your post is totally racist, it is filled with racial hatred of non-blacks, and is therefore without merit.

      “I think that Z skated on what is a stereotypical, ”

      You start out by making a racial stereotypical assumption about Zimmerman, based on his lack of black genes.

      “profile, stalk and murder case. ”

      You bolster your hateful lies with these three inaccurate items.
      1. He “profiled” Trayvon, because he was wearing similar clothing to other, recent, criminal perpetrators. He “profiled” him because he was wandering around, in the rain, at night. He “profiled” him because he was not recognized as a resident of the community. These are all standard reasons, used by people charged with protecting a community, for profiling and watching people.
      2. Stalking? If the person, being followed, was white, would you call it stalking? If you are, slowly, driving around a residential area, late at night and the police keep an eye on you, are they stalking you? Your usage of the word stalking instead of following, is meant to slant the description into something bad.
      3. MURDER? In my country, the United States of America, we have a concept in the justice system called presumption of innocence. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, by a jury of your peers. George Zimmerman was found not guilty (still innocent) of Murder and also of man slaughter. Just because, you have an opinion, based on faulty information, does not make your judgement a fact.

      “Martin is being blamed for fighting for his own life. ”

      Here, you really go off the deep end, spouting black trash talk. Martin was never “fighting for his own life”, he was fighting to prove that some “creepy ass cracka” has no right to follow a black man. His life was not in jeopardy until he attacked and beat Mr. Zimmerman. He initiated the aggression, he was the violent person. When the black society learns that it is not THEIR RIGHT to punish WHITE PEOPLE for protecting their property, then this kind of senseless killing will stop. He was killed because of racism. Yes, he was killed because he was a black racist, and decided he had the right to assault Mr. Zimmerman.

      “I guess if yr black, don’t you dare ever fight back against a

      NO, if your black you have to abide by the same rules and laws as everyone else. There was no stalker, and it was not murder. A reasonable person (not a black racist) would have calmly asked why he was being followed. He would then have explained the reason for his being out at that time. He would have treated the neighborhood watch captain with respect. Martin did none of these things.

      “If I shot everyone who ever punched me I’d be a serial killer. ”

      I am a little concerned about this statement. Why have so many people been punching you? Even in school, I was only hit by about 10 people the whole time. And I have not been punched one time since the 10th grade. If you are getting into that many fights, maybe there is something wrong with your social behavior.

      “That being said, Obumma and scumbag Holder need to quit
      playing fr the cameras ”

      Both of those people need to do the same thing you need to do. Stop being racist against non-blacks.

      “and let that bigoted juries decision stand.

      Bigoted is not the right word to use in this case. Even if it was, it would be just an ignorant opinion, that has no basis in fact. Once again your anti-white racism is showing. You really need to get some help for that liberal and/or black bias you are carrying on your shoulders.

      “Those hypocrites are just grandstanding anyway.”

      As opposed to the grandstanding that YOU, and all the other racists, that are lying about this being a racial hate crime?

      • rhondareichel

        You don’t have to be black or a liberal to know right from wrong. I am neither and Zimmerman should have gotten convicted of manslaughter

        • Average_Joe56

          Thank you for your service on the jury…you are dismissed at this time….. OH wait….you weren’t on the jury? Sorry…your bad……

        • http://personalliberty.com/ Bob Livingston

          Dear rhondareichel,

          You write: “… Zimmerman should have gotten convicted of manslaughter (sic)” Please give us the legal definition of manslaughter and describe any evidence presented at trial that would make manslaughter an applicable conviction in this case.

          Best wishes,

        • Nadzieja Batki

          You may not like the jury verdict but you will have to abide by the jury’s verdict. Or are you now into trying people till you get the verdict you like? Or how about the “new” trend of jury shopping so you will get the verdict you like?

        • Nadzieja Batki

          I also think you need to switch religions because as it stands now yours hasn’t taught you right from wrong.

        • Frank Kahn

          There was no evidence, that I am aware of, that would have justified a conviction of manslaughter

        • Vigilant

          You’re accusing the jurors of neither knowing right from wrong nor of being privy to evidence you seem to have that no one else has.

          If you’re concealing evidence, perhaps YOU should be put on trial.

        • JRJ21

          He was attacked and Martin was trying to kill him.All law says that when you commit a felony and someone dies it is YOUR FAULT AND YOU GET CHARGED WITH MURDER.Rob a store and the owner kills your partner?You get charged with his murder.Martin committed a felony with the savage assault and he caused his own death.

      • Justsomeguy151

        I’m not prejudiced against anyone, not even whites but Z is Hispanic anyway, like me. I think the kid thought a pedophile/child abductor had followed him to his neighborhood. If Z was a pedophile/child abductor, the kid would be a hero. Instead, he was murdered.

        • Frank Kahn

          First of all, Hispanic is a made up term, it is arguable that you are Latino also, it depends on whether you want to use the name Spain created or the name Italy created. It is, generally a description given to people that have a cultural and / or hereditary connection to Spanish people. By that criteria, even Philippine citizens can be called Hispanic.

          “I’m not prejudiced against anyone, not even whites but Z is Hispanic anyway, like me. ”

          If you are not prejudiced, why do you accept the lies of the blacks about Martins right to attack an innocent man?

          “I think the kid thought a pedophile/child abductor had
          followed him to his neighborhood. ”

          What you think is not relevant. Nor would his paranoid idea that Zimmerman was a pedophile be justification for attacking him. I am not a racist, like Martin, so I don’t assume that a white (brown, Hispanic, Latino) person is a pedophile. I don’t have access to statistics on Hispanic pedophiles so I don’t know if it is common practice for them to go after 6 foot tall, 160 pound 17 year old men. And, I have a hard time understanding why, someone who was afraid it was a pedophile, would confront the person instead of seeking safety in a building.

          “If Z was a pedophile/child abductor, the kid would be a hero. ”

          NO, he would still have been a criminal aggressor. He would still have been dead. The only possible change would have been that it could be proved the watchman had possible ulterior motives for following him. Race would still not have been an issue. And, Martin, assuming he was a pedophile is still either racist or simply paranoid.

          “Instead, he was murdered.”

          An angry, violent, young black man viciously attacked an innocent Hispanic man. He was beating him while holding him down. The victim, luckily, was armed, and saved his own life by shooting the criminal. That is self defense not murder.

          To eliminate the criminal act of Martin requires racism. If you eliminate his crimes of assault and battery, with intent to do severe bodily injury, you are a racist.

        • JRJ21

          Are you in a coma?If you go through your life this unaware of facts and the way the law works and the rights of people not to be attacked,you are in big trouble.

          • JRJ21

            Didn’t you just say this?Profiling is GOOD,helps us see potential burglars before they plunder.Your boy had a serious burglary history,so it was very smart to profile the type who commit most of the crime in America.Your PC. world doesn’t change that blacks commit most of the crime with only 10 %of the population.Your boy ATTACKED Z and Z defended.Don’t commit crime ,don’t attack strangers and you won’t get profiled or shot.If you would raise your kids that you spawn and actually taught them right from wrong they might not be killing each other by the thousands and might not be profiled like any reasonable night watchman would do.

    • JRJ21

      Don’t attack and try to kill people and you won’t get shot.People have a RIGHT NOT TO BE BEATEN TO DEATH.Get it? For the four millionth time.

      • JRJ21

        Are you in a coma,Did you see the evidence?You don’t get to try to beat someone to death and then be surprised that they shoot you.The tea and skittles was for the drug concoction he was on,with severe liver damage and aggressive attitude.Burglary tools, women jewelry,kicked out of school,gangbanging actions and attacking a night watch man for watching out for burglars like him.Z was brutally attacked by your boy and defended his life.You are on Martins side cause he’s black,racism in your mirror.Face it.Watch James Manning,black pastor on u tube.he will make my case.

  • Enchanted

    obama and holder don’t have much of a case. The FBI already produced their information in that this was NOT race related.

    • Vigilant
      • rhondareichel

        I don’t think Zimmerman is a racist….I think he’s a bully and cop want-to-be type who has little self control

        • vicki

          He had enough self control to wait until a reasonable man would fear for his life before drawing and firing his gun. Were it that ALL police were as well behaved.

        • JeffH

          That’s BS rhonda and you know it…what you think is irrelevant anyway!

          Tell the board what you think of Trayvon Martin?

          He bragged about his fighting and even posted some videos online, doing drugs, posting unsavory pictures of himself online flipping the bird…Martin showed his gold teeth to the camera while sticking up his middle fingers, and a close-up picture of a gun. Martin even posted texts where he discusses being suspended from school and smoking marijuana. He also shows an interest in guns in several texts.

          Does any of this even concern you…do you think that Martin was a wannabe thug maybe or worse, a wannabe killer?

        • Nadzieja Batki

          So according to you no man should aspire to be a policeman.
          All I can say is Thank You God for human sheepdogs.

          • Bob666

            Yo Nads,

            “Thank You God for human sheepdogs”


  • Elton Robb

    Christ is racist, according to the standards of Black people. But if you want a discussion of Race relations here in America, it’s pretty simple.

    From the Parowan Prophet, who is not me:

    “Have you seen any professional basketball games in the past? 80% of them are black players. They are mostly tall ‘black’ players. Because they are better skilled, and physically equipped to play that game of basketball. With quick short bursts of energy needed. Fact!

    “How about the professional football games? They are about 75% black players because they are bigger, faster, and able to perform the best. Plain facts of history and evidence prove that. You can’t argue with the facts!

    “How about the professional fighters in the boxing ring? They are almost all black. I’ll bet you can’t name even 1 white man in the past 10 years who has been a champion fighter. The sprinters are all blacks. Watch the next Olympics. Fact! Since the Negro has come into Sports, they are dominating. Fact!”

    “The black Negro is better built for quick bursts of energy. Just like a Quarter horse will always win the race in 1/4 mile because he has been bred for quick bursts of energy. The muscles have been developed for short races. That horse will always lose in a longer race to an American Through-bred who can run a mile, because he has been bred for the Kentucky derby long distance race of a mile or more. I have had a lot of horses, and they are all different, in types, skills, and performance. Real plain facts!”

    “The blacks have ‘less’ body fat than whites, longer arms in relation to height, and smaller body cavities than whites. They have higher density bones, and harder skulls than whites. That makes them less buoyant in water and swimming. With ‘less’ internal fat they sink quicker. Fact!”

    “Blacks are more ‘unrestrained’ than white people are. They sing and dance and jive wherever they are. They react more “impulsively.”Given the choice of immediate gratification or a larger greater gain as the end result, they choose the ‘now’ satisfaction, gratification. Fact!”

    “In the USA 75% of black ‘births’ are to black unwed mothers. They are then helped by Society’s Welfare, and continue to have children. So you are paying taxes for the black man to have sex. Everyone pays. Fact!”

    “The white man has a higher IQ, and 40 times the number of ‘Genius’ levels than blacks. White people who have developed in the North colder climates have more body fat to keep them warm and maintain metabolism, in time of winter cold, and famine. Their mental capacities have developed to plan for the future, and think about it. Fact!”

    “In Africa where males have had many combative experiences for all time. The harder skulls, flat noses with broad nostrils to allow more air into the lungs in a fight, with muscles favored for quick bursts of energy in speed and combat, the superior man has survived. Fact”

    End of the Parowan Prophet’s commentary

    The Blacks all have their advantages. They have physical advantages, although they are pretty prolific. The White man has a higher IQ. We got this IQ from the impact of the Ice Age in Europe (for those that believe in Evolution — Right Doc?).

    The Black Man is more advantageous in Sport than they are in other fields. The Black Man dominates most of the sports in the Olympics. This is why all of the runners in the Olympics are Black.

    Here in America, they try to show everyone is Equal, but in truth, the Olympics really shows the truth of it. The Blacks have their own Advantages over the White Man. What’s sick is the poison dripping from the Black Leaders, and most of the blacks are drinking it all up.

    The Lord’s predictions about everyone returning to their own land is becoming starkly true. Fortunately, the Lord sent the Blacks in this country their own prophets (I know of two) who are warning them of what will happen if the Blacks continue in their course.

  • rhondareichel

    I have several questions about this Florida kangaroo court…..WHY convict a woman to 20 years for firing a warning shot into the air when she was STANDING HER GROUND yet let Zimmerman kill someone and walk?
    WHY did Zimmerman not show his gun before hand so that there would have been no fight?
    WHY not let the police do their job and not ignore instructions NOT to follow?
    It all spells V I G I L A N T E to me.

    • vicki

      WHY did Zimmerman not show his gun before hand so that there would have been no fight?

      Before which hand?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Losing your sense of humor or quick wit? Come more often to this site and you may read some sarcasm, get belly laughs.

      • JeffH

        buffalo hunter, pay attention and think about what vicki has to say…you can learn something.

      • vicki

        Ad hominem. Also shows inability to see the subtle nature of some very pertinent questions.

    • JeffH

      “WHY did Zimmerman not show his gun before hand so that there would have been no fight?”


      Improper exhibition of a firearm and or improper display of a weapon are crimes governed by Florida Statute 790.10. This statute is officially titled as “improper exhibition of dangerous weapons or firearms”, and the statute states that “if any person having or carrying any . . . weapon shall, in the presence of one or more (other) persons, exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry or threatening manner, not in necessary self defense, the person so offending shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree”.

      Remember it says: exhibit the same in a rude, careless, angry, or threatening manner. Just having it in your hand, finger off the trigger held at you side is okay.

      The offense owes its roots to the common law crime of “brandishing”.

    • ridge runner

      Best way to stop stealing and breaking and entering, was the rule of the west, which stopped repeat offenders. Get caught with goods and in the commission of a crime, stretch a rope, problem solved. The black drug head was planning on doing more than walking thru the neighborhood, what he was injesting, would mess with any humanoids mind, of some chemistry and psyologoly would be required to understand the effects. Guess blacks of a certain pay grade like Onumnutts, beleive in the tribal or communal concet of a person not owning something for themselves, but thetribe (government) controlling everything and them. MLK beleived in communism and government total control, go read some of his early statements.

    • MECOLE

      To answer your questions:

      Shooting a “warning shot into the air” is dangerous and illegal because the bullet has to come down somewhere harming someone or something.
      It is illegal to show a gun to scare someone until the attack takes place or threatened. If attacked suddenly there may not have time.
      The evidence showed that Zimmerman had stopped following and had actually lost sight, then was attacked.

    • Timothy Sullivan

      Sorry, but vigilantes CONVICT and EXECUTE their persons of interest, they don’t let them go. Also kangaroo courts are set up to intentionally judge a person guilty.

    • JRJ21

      Are you in a coma?She went out and got a gun from her car and came BACK in the house and shot at him,she had plenty of opportunity to leave but returned and shot at him.Her aggression ,her crime,Martins aggression Martins crime.Don’t frickin attack people GOT IT?

  • vicki

    The Southern Poverty Law Center proves by its own admission that it is a racist organization by writing:

    …George Zimmerman probably saw race the night of February 26, 2012, just like so many of us probably would have. Had he not, Trayvon probably would be alive today.

    “just like so many of us probably would have”

    Projection much?

  • vicki

    What BS was MLK spouting?

    • alanjo55

      You must be young in age. Those of us who lived when MLK was instigating violence with his marches know full well the racist overtones he used to stir up hatred. I was there and suffered much because of his actions.

    • Bob666

      Good Question Vicki,
      I can’t wait for his answer.


    Penn University Prof Says Zimmerman Let Off Because God Is a ‘White Racist’ Posted by Jim Hoft on Monday, July 15, 2013, 6:19 PM

    University of Pennsylvania religious professor Anthea Butler put blame on God for the Zimmerman verdict. Butler says its because God “is a white racist.” This woman teaches religion.

    Biz Pac Review reported:

    While those on the left look to place blame for George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the death of Trayvon Martin, a radical professor said it’s because God is a white racist.

    In an editorial published on Sunday, Anthea Butler, a religious professor at the University of Pennsylvania, proclaimed God is “a white racist god with a problem.”

    “God ain’t good all of the time. In fact, sometimes, God is not for us. As a black woman in an nation that has taken too many pains to remind me that I am not a white man, and am not capable of taking care of my reproductive rights, or my voting rights, I know that this American god ain’t my god. As a matter of fact, I think he’s a white racist god with a problem. More importantly, he is carrying a gun and stalking young black men.”

    Butler, who accused Walmart of being sharecroppers and slave owners earlier this year, acts like the country is still in 1950s Mississippi when she said “most good conservative Christians in America think… whatever makes them protected, safe, and secure, is worth it at the expense of the black and brown people they fear.”


  • JeffH

    The fact that George Zimmerman is a non-black that killed a black has aroused attention nationwide.

    Zimmerman was labeled a “white Hispanic” by some mainstream media outlets ceating a flurry of relentless racial attacks.

    Obama, following the advice of his former Chief Of Staff Rahm Emmanuel who once stated to “never let a crisis go to waste”, invoked himself into the case by stating that if he would’ve had a son, he would’ve looked identical to Trayvon Martin. Obama’s racial and political pandering once again proves America is still racially divided.

    AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are class warfare tyrants who capitalize on widening the racial divide and use tragedies for manipulation and political gain. Do Jackson and Sharpton really care about the Martin family or is this another situation that enables them to play the “race card” without any substantial evidence, in order to elicit an emotional response and portray the African-American population as “victims”?

    The New Blank Panther Party put a bounty of $10,000 on the head of George Zimmerman, an example of violence that is not necessary and advocates revenge in substitute of lawful justice.

    43% of all murder victims in 2007 alone were African American
    93.1% of them were killed by African Americans

    I don’t hear cries of agony over these statistics from the Rev Sharpton or Rev. Jackson. You know why? I’ll tell you—it disputes their narrative of black suppression by white individuals.

    Victimizations of African Americans from violent crime which include the following; rape/sexual assault, robbery, aggravated and simple Assault was 24.3% in 2007, with the highest percentages of victimizations within the age ranges of 15-24 totaling a percentage greater than 38%.

    It is also disingenuous to point to racism when opponents of President Obama’s policies voice their opinions.

    Short-term memory loss can be credited when left wingers and liberals forget the fact that Obama won the largest share of white support of any Democrat in a two-man race since 1976. A stunning 54 percent of young white voters supported Obama, compared with 44 percent who went for McCain.
    ***Townhall columnist – Demetrius Minor(a black man)
    Americans, for the most part have bridged the racial divide…but as long as there are people like Obama, Sarpton & Jackson and others of influence with a race motivated agenda that is, by design, to keep the fires of racial divide burning, we’ll never fully close the gap.

    • Timothy Sullivan

      The Bible says that one of the things that God hates is one who “sows discord among brethren.” I wonder what Jesus feels about the actions of these so called “reverends” who continually spew such vitriolic rhetoric intending not only to incite division but actually promote violence?

      • JeffH

        There are six things that the LORD strongly dislikes, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers.
        —Proverbs 6:16–19


    Eric Holder Forgets to Tell NAACP – Violent Crime Against Whitey Is Up 18% In Last Year…Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 4:31 PM

    Obama’s Race Wars–
    Instead of stoking rage and making empty promises at the annual NAACP convention today, Eric Holder should have been calling for peace.

    The latest FBI statistics show that violent attacks on whites have increased by 18% from 2010 to 2011. At the same time, violent crimes against blacks only increased by 2 percent. Daniel Greenfield at FrontPage reported on this back in October of 2012.

    DOJ: Violent Attacks on Whites Increased %18

    Those would be troubling numbers with any group, or any other racial group anyway, but the Department of Justice’s statistics show that violent crimes against White non-Hispanics increased 18 percent from 2010 to 2011.

    This increased cannot be put down to an across the board increase in violent crimes, because during that same period, violent crimes against blacks only increased by 2 percent.

    Serious Violent Crimes against whites, such as rape and murder, increased by 13 percent. Serious Violent Crimes against blacks within that same period increased by only 4 percent.

    Crimes directed at men significantly jumped by 27 percent in that same period suggesting that white men have suffered a major jump in attacks within that year.

    Crimes against Hispanics jumped by 42 percent, however Serious Violent Crimes against Hispanics only increased by 7 percent.

    The two age groups with the highest increases were the elderly, whose victimization rates increased by 48 percent and the 18-24 group, whose rates went up by 45 percent. The numbers however become truly disturbing when we look at Serious Violent Crimes where the rates of victimization for the elderly went up 91 percent.

    One local St. Louis teen claimed to have knocked out over 300 people in the “game.”



    IGNORED BY LIB MEDIA: Zimmerman Was a Democrat, Voted For Obama, Tutored Black Kids (Video) Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 2:01 PM

    For some reason the corrupt American media forgot to mention this in their reports… George Zimmerman calls himself a Democrat. A local media channel even reported this back in March 2012.



    9 Arrested – Oakland Waiter Hit in the Face With Hammer by Trayvon Mob (Video) Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, July 16, 2013, 1:53 PM

    Nine protesters were arrested during the Trayvon riots last night in Oakland. One waiter was injured after a “protester” hit him in the face with a hammer. CNS News reported: A waiter in Oakland, California was hit in the head…



    Answering 7 Key Questions About The George Zimmerman Trial That Explain Why He Was Found Innocent…Written By : John Hawkins July 14, 2013

    1) How old was Trayvon Martin and how much size difference was there between him and Zimmerman? Initially, old photos of Trayvon Martin were shown in the media that made him appear to be about twelve years of age and Zimmerman’s weight has fluctuated dramatically. This has given many people the erroneous impression that a grown man was fighting a child. In actuality at the time of the incident, Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old, 6’2, 160 pound football player while according to his friend Joe Oliver, Zimmerman was 5’8 and 170 pounds. In other words, Martin was younger, 6 inches taller, more athletic and the more imposing of the two men.

    2) Why was George Zimmerman not initially arrested?: According to the Sanford Police Chief at the time, Bill Lee, who has since lost his job over this case,

    When the Sanford Police Department arrived at the scene of the incident, Mr. Zimmerman provided a statement claiming he acted in self defense which at the time was supported by physical evidence and testimony. By Florida Statute, law enforcement was PROHIBITED from making an arrest based on the facts and circumstances they had at the time. Additionally, when any police officer makes an arrest for any reason, the officer MUST swear and affirm that he/she is making the arrest in good faith and with probable cause. If the arrest is done maliciously and in bad faith, the officer and the City may be held liable.

    Lee has since added,

    The police department needed to do a job, and there was some influence — outside influence and inside influence — that forced a change in the course of the normal criminal justice process.

    In other words, had this case not become a political hot potato, Martin’s death would have been considered self-defense and Zimmerman would have likely never gone to trial.

    3) Did George Zimmerman use a racial slur to refer to Trayvon Martin?: George Zimmerman muttered something under his breath when he was talking to the 911 dispatcher that some people initially said were the words, “F***ing coons.” Although the audio is difficult to hear, the words Zimmerman used are now generally believed to be, “F***ing punks,” although it may have also been “F***ing goons,” which is slang for gang members in that part of Florida. In any case, the FBI concluded more than a year ago that race wasn’t a factor in the shooting.

    4) Did George Zimmerman continue to follow Trayvon Martin after a police dispatcher told him not to do so? Keep in mind that George Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch captain and there had been 8 burglaries there in the preceding 14 months. Additionally, most of those crimes were committed by young black males. Furthermore, while there are no indications that Martin was doing anything illegal when he ran into Zimmerman, it’s worth noting he had been suspended from school for possession of a “‘burglary tool’ and a bag full of women’s jewelry.” Given all of that, it doesn’t seem remarkable that Zimmerman may have initially followed Martin.

    However, after calling the police and reporting what he believed was Martin’s suspicious behavior, the 911 dispatcher told Zimmerman he didn’t need to continue to follow Martin. It’s worth noting that the dispatcher had no legal authority to tell Zimmerman what to do and even if Zimmerman continued following Martin, it wouldn’t be a crime. Regardless, Zimmerman says he obeyed and began walking back to his truck to meet with a police officer when Martin confronted and then attacked him shortly afterwards. While it’s impossible to prove one way or the other with the evidence available, Zimmerman’s story is consistent with the facts presented at trial.

    5) Could Trayvon Martin have gotten away? Since Martin was being followed by someone he didn’t know, it would be perfectly understandable if he was alarmed by that and worried about his safety. Given that, while he was not legally obligated to flee, it should be noted that Martin had at least two opportunities to do so. In fact, his friend Rachel Jeantel, who famously noted that Martin referred to Zimmerman as a “creepy ass cracker,” admitted that she suggested he run away. Had he done so or had he even just walked home, he would have made it before Zimmerman ever arrived at the spot where they had their final confrontation.

    Although it is impossible to know for sure who threw the first punch or how the fight started, Martin had a second opportunity to break off his conflict with Zimmerman. When eyewitness John Good saw Martin on top of Zimmerman, raining blows down on him, he told him to “cut it out” and then said, “I’m calling 911.” At that point, Martin was in physical command of the situation, was obviously winning the fight and there was a witness. If he wanted to end things, he could have broken off the fight at that point and asked Good for help. Instead, he chose to keep on beating Zimmerman.

    6) Who was yelling for help? Given the conflicting testimony from experts, along with the friends and family of Martin and Zimmerman, it’s probably not possible to say with 100% certainty who was yelling for help. That being said, given that the back to Zimmerman’s head was lacerated, he claimed Martin was slamming the back of his head into the cement, and the best eyewitness, John Good, said Martin was on top of Zimmerman attacking him “ground and pound” style, it seems much more likely Zimmerman was the one calling for help.

    7) Why did Zimmerman shoot Trayvon Martin? By the time the final gunshot was fired, John Good had gone back inside to call 911; so no one saw what happened. According to Zimmerman, Martin attacked him, was beating him and hammering the back of his head into the concrete. Then, Martin saw the gun that Zimmerman had, said “You’re going to die tonight,” and reached for the gun. At that point, Zimmerman feared for his life, shot up at Martin and killed him. John Good has already testified that Martin was on top of Zimmerman striking down at him, which verifies that part of his story.

    According to Dr. Vincent DiMaio, a former chief medical examiner in Texas, who testified in Zimmerman’s defense, Zimmerman…

    “…had at least six injuries after his clash with Martin – including two on the back of his head that appeared to indicate impacts with concrete – one on each temple, one on his forehead and one on his nose.

    …Lacerations to Zimmerman’s head suggested the use of ‘severe force,’ he said, lending credence to his claim that Martin slammed Zimmerman’s head into a concrete walkway after knocking him to the ground with a punch that broke his nose.”

    Dimao also noted that the trajectory of the bullet was, “consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting,” which also buttresses Zimmerman’s claims.

    In other words, Zimmerman’s testimony is consistent with the facts and entirely plausible, although of course, Trayvon Martin isn’t around to give his side of the story.


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            Surprising good-requires a cardiologist on hand while you eat it. If it fly’s, walks or swims-we can fry it in the south.

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