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Question marks multiply as Pelosi denies knowledge of waterboarding

May 15, 2009 by  

Pelosi continues to deny knowledge of waterboardingHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing increasing pressure to reveal the extent of her knowledge of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques used by the former administration as evidence has come to light she may have been aware of their implementation.

When the issue of the use of waterboarding and other controversial techniques to interrogate terrorism suspects first surfaced, Pelosi said she did not know about it.

However, GOP officials produced an unclassified CIA document which suggested Pelosi attended a briefing session in September 2002 on the issue when she was a member of the House Intelligence Committee, according to the Associated Press.

In response, the Speaker said the CIA had informed her techniques such as waterboarding had been deemed legal but were not actively implemented.

Her statements have been widely interpreted as suggesting the intelligence agency misled her.

The CIA, however, seems to reject this suggestion, with the agency’s spokesman George Little saying, "It is not the policy of this agency to mislead the United States Congress."

A recently released Justice Department memo says the CIA used waterboarding at least 83 times in August 2002 in the interrogation of a suspected al Qaeda leader imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19173173-ADNFCR

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  • Jim Kouri

    I hope that not only Pelosi will be exposed, but others such as Sen. Patrick “Leaky” Leahy and others. I don’t know if this is allowed but here’s my own Pelosi piece that I hope will help to remove her from the Speaker position:

  • http://None Jay Martin Bennett

    In an experimental government of a little more than two hundred years old, trials and errors will occur, especially in dealing with people whose propensity for wronging the right is a prominent aspiration: so far so good, that our paganism is slowly subsiding, being replaced by more sober second thoughts, that in the end will triumph – provide the benefit of the doubt.

    Jay Martin Bennett

    • Art Woodbury

      Get serious Nancy Plosi is a down Right Liar!!!!

      • R Wolf

        Hi Art, But we can say for sure that the CIA is telling the truth? It is really hard to trust any politician or government agency. History tells us so.

        • billy_bob

          I’m with both you fellows on trusting anyone in government, but I must say I would sooner trust the C.I.A. than Speaker Nancy Pelosky. She not only lies, but she misrepresents herself as a devout Catholic and a Christian. There is no worse an example of utter depravity that one purporting to be religious for political gain or expediency. The C.I.A. has no such reasons to be dishonest or mislead Congress on matters of national security. That’s their main job. Anything short of integrity and total transparency outside of concealing evidence or withholding top secrets for protecting innocent or abetting an enemy would be professional suicide. If I were in their shoes, I would be guarded about talking to Madame Speaker in the future on suspicion that she may be one of them, i.e. the enemy. Some people will say and expect everyone to believe anything. “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.”

        • Diane

          Are you suggesting she was hiding in some closet?? that she was totally unaware and never had conversations or briefings with her staff for 6+ years?? Get serious!

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          This is true, but on this one, I believe Ill take the CIA. This woman is so plastic and phony. Look at her. Listen to her. More lies in the last month than I can count. She has done great with her home state of California also. Yep, they are in great shape, and people of her persuasion have helped out greatly in them getting that way. She is the female version of the pathelogical liar Jon Lovitz used to play on Saturday Night Live. Yeah, thats the ticket!

        • Valverde

          Thing is, we know Queen Pelosi is a liar. The CIA may or may not be.

      • Ken

        And she’s ugly, too!

        • Mary

          Not nice. Funny but not nice.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Yeah, kind of wasted a lot of money on all that plastic surgery and face lifts. Didnt help much.

        • http://none Carl McGhee

          Ken Has to be a republican because it follows the personality of the GOP
          and Limbaugh. Sour grapes?????
          It’s easy to say someone is lying without giving specifics. I tend to go with
          the reputation. Has the CIA ever lied?
          You want specifics? A good place to start is Iran/ Contra.

        • Ken

          Oh, sure. Democrats never lie. Ask Bill Clinton. And they pay their taxes faithfully, too! Oops, I forgot about Obama’s appointments. And take a good look at Pelosi…she is no beauty queen.

        • Valverde

          You think that is ugly, you should see her when her eyebrows are up in her hairline. How does she do that?

        • veronique

          Couldn’t agree more, ugly and phony hell !!! I can’t belived she is the speaker of the house , my god …that tell you how desperate of the democratic , she need to step down …she is so evil , how can she lying to the world , and that Harry Reids need to step down too. he is as evil as her.

        • Mike1968

          As they used to say about Paula Hawkins in Florida -

          If she has one more face lift she’ll be sporting a goatee….

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Of course she is. Is she not in the same party as Bill Clinton? There you go. Connect the dots. Its easy as 1-2-3. Thats what these people do, and they do it better than anyone. Yes folks, its the Democratic Party of the United States of America, the home of the biggest liars on earth. Look at them – Nancy Pelosi, Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Kerry, John Edwards, Ted Kennedy, Barny Frank, Harry Reid, Chuck Shummer, Howard Dean, Tom Daschle, Joe Biden, Barrack Obama. These are all pathetic pathological liars, every stinking one of them. Their public lies are amazingly long and lengthy, and they dont even try to hide it. This is what they do.

        • Art Woodbury

          You missed the BIGGEST LIAR OF ALL – Chris Dodd!!!!!
          That is why in Connecticut we have:

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Dammit Jim, I forgot Chris Dodd.

        • Mike

          Where were all the chemical weapons at when we invaded iran?

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          In response to Mike – I guess I must have been sleeping when we invaded Iran, because I dont remember that one. Now if you meant Iraq, well, I wish I knew. Because you see, they were physically inventoried during the Clinton admin, and we had a whole list of them, but once they knew we were coming they mysteriously disappeared. This wouldnt happen to be the same weapons of mass destruction that on TV, I heard Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and all the top democrats cry from the mountain tops that this guy had WMD’s and was dangerous and had to be stopped. Was it these same weapons of mass destruction that you are talking about, that you seem to be insinuating Bush lied about? Yeh, I thought so. Its was those weapons wasnt it, you little twit. Know your facts before you come to the table next time.

        • Norm

          You also missed Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, and George W. Bush.

        • Stanley

          Mark left out Sen Chris Dodd, a world class liar.

        • David Hall


        • Luz

          How about missing on more liar Charles Rangel? There’s probably more than what you have listed above.

      • william phillips

        oh yes she is a big fat liar.

    • Mary

      Polosi should resign!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        She doesnt have enough class to do that. They will have to force her out. Dont forget she is a Democrat. They are like School in the summertime – No Class.

    • Catherine Waid

      Since when is bad behavior kinked to “Paganism” ? The current flap about bible verses on reports make up by Rummie should raise alarms about “Christianity”. After all they gave us the crusades and the Inquisition. The word Pagan means “country dweller” and they don,t worship the devil – the devil is a fallen Christian angel and has nothing to do with Paganism. Go read and educate yourself about other spiritual beliefs before you pontificate. And as to Pelosi – she has taken trials off the table because it looks like she too is GUILTY of war crimes! They should all hang their heads in shame – as they walk to the slammer.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        No, the devil is not a fallen Christian angel, he is a fallen angel. A Christian is a person such as myself, who accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Satan never did that, that is why after he has his fun deceiving as many as he can right now, I hope your not one of them, he will eventually be thrown into the lake of fire. That battle is allready over, just a matter of time before it takes place. I hope your on the page when they read the names Catherine. Thats one book you will want to have been in. Have a good day.

      • sfrodnaps

        Catherine, we all need to educate ourselves, yourself included. The crusades were an answer to the brutal spread and takeovers committed twice by the only “religion” that encourages slaughter, torture and the brutal treatment of women, an ugly history 1400 years lon and counting. Don’t buy the Taqqiya, unless you really want to live that life, in which case you won’t be posting here. BTW, we are going for the third time now. Don’t believe it? The truth is out there! (Sorry, X-files)

    • Joseph

      Our paganism?!?! Oh yes, thank heavens we’ve just recently gotten away from “stonings” and slicing ones head off. Those were, of course, a disgrace on our nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. I would imagine, Jay in your pantywaist world, tickling the with feathers to gain information of where and when the dirty bomb or catasrophic attack planned. In that it might cause bruising on those dirtbag little terrorists.

    • http://windstream ronlee

      Nancy Pelosi was in heat and didn’t hear what was said.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Where was the benefit of doubt with anyone in the Bush administration?The Libs want to ignore anything a dem does no matter what it is and crucify any reps, over the smallest things. We will give the benefit where it calls for but not when someone is clearly lying. .She changed her story like 3,4 times so come on, dont be a fool.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Exactly. Truthful fact. This country has these double standards, where one group is allowed to do whatever they want, and another cant say or do anything without total uproar about nothing. Like Jesse Jackson can stand in public and call the Jews a bunch of Heimy’s, and Jeremiah Wright can scream damn the white man, and Al Sharpton can scream “bunch of white honkeys”, and all this is allowed. We can have the black american college fund, the NAACP, Miss Black America, The Black Ministers Alliance, Black this and Black that, and everything is ok and rosy. But what happens if someone wants to make, say a white american college fund, for whites only. Man, that guy would be labeled a racist and have his job taken from him. Like the NBA, the blacks have 95 percent of the jobs, and they say it is racist that they dont have the managerial jobs also. So what happens if some white group decides it’s racist that whites dont have 50 percent of the players jobs? They would be declared a racist. Why doesnt the government intervene and use affirmative action and give half of these NBA player spots to white guys? I mean it is the same yard stick used in the business field even to this day, but if its turned around to make it fair for all colors, it would be racist. Why? Because this is all part of the left wing liberal philosophy. They give all these special rights to the blacks, the hispanics, the gays, and in return, look at the facts, they get 90 percent of the vote from these minority groups. Now, they are going after the illegal alien and the terrorist vote, by giving special rights to terrorists caught trying to kill us, and to the illegal aliens that are here bankrupting the state of California and working on the other states around the country. The Liberal dems own the press, the national news media, ie ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and for eight years they assaulted the presidency of this country, told out and out lies to protect the democrats and spreaded propaganda to get them elected in 2008. The un-educated of America bought into this and elected these losers, who have now caused millions to lose their jobs, and millions more to follow, as business’s ready their money to pay the democrat tax monster, instead of being able to invest in their business and hire more people. Now that the republicans are out of office, it will be interesting to hear what the press will do, now that they dont have Bush/Cheney to kick around anymore. I mean, they will do some residual kicking for about a year, but then they have to move on, so I have to wonder who they will crucify next. But the biggest problem this country has, that causes so many other problems, including the race problem, is this double standard that some can do whatever they want, and some arent allowed to do anything, lest they be labeled. It causes big race issues, and big political issues, because it isnt right. Why cant all colors, and all political parties, be held accountable for their actions, and not give a pass just because they are a democrat or a black. I dont understand this, it is very destructive to our nation, and also very destructive to those who participate in this, even though they think they are getting a leg up by this, no, it is very destructive to you. Why? Because its wrong, and i know it, you know it, and God knows it. Wrong is wrong, and their is a price to pay when you do wrong. Fact.

        • 13th Gen. American

          Ya know mark, I’d like to thank you and all the other people with some common sense for telling it like it is. Im thinking about 99% of what you said and others but first, I cant type so it takes to long to get my point across. 2nd, Whenever I really think about it I just cant comprehend how friggen stupid or brainwashed people are getting. How does the liberal agenda benefit America in any way? The America that was founded wasnt perfect having slaves and such but the principals were perfect and made this country the greatest wealthiest most generous in the world. Were not so much any more because of the libs taking over the democratic party.People flock here because of how great it is and we were admired by all free countrys of the world. Now were a joke represented by a president who cant even decide on a good gift let alone whats good for the country. These people freely elected the crypt keeper to represent their party.Now it sits behind the prez 3rd in line…………….excuse me I had to hurll a little. The older I get the more I run Right as to not resemble them in any way. Im praying we can take some more with us come election.

  • Tom

    I whole heartedly agree with and believe the CIA’s spokesman George Little saying, “It is not the policy of this agency to mislead the United States Congress.”

    But as we all know that the historical actions normal behaviors of ‘most’ United States Congressmen and women is to mislead the United States Public.

    If you were on the front line in combat who would you put your life in the hands of and believe “HS Nancy Pelosi’ or ‘agent George Little”?

    Our servicemen do!

    Please put aside any publicity correct prejudges.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      I think I would be inclined to frag Nancy Pelosi. Thank you.

  • s c

    Did Queen Nancy offend a someone? Is she expendable? It looks as though the media finally managed to consider the possibility that someone in her position can be beyond stupid (finally!). Either way, it’s her turn in the barrel. I hope she enjoys it – especially since she has gone out of her way to EARN this adventure. Payback tends to be a ^@&$*.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Finally, a democrat gets to learn a scriptural lesson. Yep, you reap what you sow. Oh Nancy, you are in deep weeds, because the way I see it, youve got a lot of paybacks coming your way. Sure glad I am not you.

  • Harold Gift

    Nancy needs to go along with several others. She would be a good start. Its a shame that felons aren’t band from public service. Then “We The People” could really clean House…and Senate.

    • Mindi

      And a good house-cleaning in Congress would be a wonderful thing.

      I’m praying for that come next year…. Fire ‘em all and get new ones, and keep those %*$(#)@ honest!!


  • OMG

    Pelosi and the terrorists don’t tell the truth, first she said the CIA did not tell her, but the videos said different. And now she said the CIA told her it’s not torture, so now she thinks it is? She tried to imply she is a puppet, and this is the woman who is running the Democratic Party? Dems must be insane to put this woman in charge, no wonder California is in so much debt under her leadership.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Pelosi is a terrorist. She gives aid and comfort to the enemy. She has damned our government and given America a black eye. She has first hand damaged our servicemen, and emboldened the enemy to kill more of us. She and her ilk are anti american, and there is no other way to put it. She is not fit for public service.

      • Mike

        No more than Bush

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Right Mike, keep telling yourself that, as you bed down with the enemy, ala a good old democrat, and sit around the campfire and sing kumbaya with them. I aint even gonna argue with you Mike. If you can say that about the guy who had the nerve to strike back and keep us safe, and you choose to like people like Nancy Pelosi, Ted (chappaquidick) Kennedy, John (I voted for it before I voted agaist it) Kerry, Bill (I did not have sexual relations with that woman) Clinton, John (Not my Baby) Edwards, and the rest of this immoral lying clan, well I cant help you Pal. Sorry. Good luck with this lot.

        • Norm

          Right on Mike.
          Whether she lied or didn’t lie means Zip. Bush and Cheney’s lies cost us thousands of lives and billions of dollers.

        • Art Woodbury

          I guess that all the Democrats can do is blame everything on Bush. It is not that they are responsible for Barney Frank and Chris Dodd FANNY MAE, FREDDY MAC, AIG BONUS’, STIMULUS Spending, et al and Trillion Dollar Deficits!!!!!!

        • Mike1968

          Mark – I think you were too harsh, especially about Ted Kennedy.

          Just think for a moment how badly any negative press would hurt his “Ted Kennedy Drive & Dive Franchises”…..

          At least his brothers had the good grace to die young!

    • John

      Pelosi or Porklosi has been using warterboarding to sidetrack people about her pork projects and trillions of dollars of waste. But it’s now fired back on her as proven in her videos.

      • Art Woodbury

        John, Right On!!!!!

  • Robin from Indiana

    Nancy Pelosi has finally been given enough rope to hang herself. She can’t keep her lies straight. She has to refer to notes to make sure she doesn’t contradict herself. She has made some very ugly accusations against the CIA, trying to save her own butt. I know she was trying very hard to put the Bush administration in a bad light and to get the American public to demand an investigation against the Bush administration, but it backfired. It’s really too bad that all the ‘bad eggs’ in Washington can’t be tossed out!

    • RD

      I’ll bring the rope…. FREE

      An American looking back into the USA.. and what mess those damn bums
      have created for we-the-people….

      God Bless (once) America

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Nancy Pelosi is a Pharisee. She sits at the best spot on the table, saying “look at me, look at me”. Then she does here little evil crap, thinking things only apply to others and not to her. She wants us to do as she says, not as she does. A true Pharisee in every way. A true Democrat. I just wonder why the press has allowed the public to see her true colors, but still they hide all the evil these cohorts of hers in the democratic party do. Maybe since they cant write all their lies about Bush and Cheney anymore, they will see to write the real dirt on these democrat sleazeballs. They will find out the American public loves to read the truth. Maybe their circulation of subscriptions will go up, and the press will realize their ills that no one wanted to read their lies, but we want the truth, and if they would kindly give it to us, we will buy it. That is why newpaper circulations country wide are down, and some newspapers are on the verge of closing, because the American people in mass quit buying them, because we got so so tired of the Bush Cheney lies you all kept telling us. Start more and more revealing the evil deeds and lies of these democrats, and you will see your circulation numbers go up and up. We are America, we want the truth. Hopefully, this ditzy scumbag Pelosi is just the start.

      • 13th Gen. American

        I love you mark. I dont care what mike says about you. True blue american. Its time we stopped letting the left control our lives. Just think about it half of America agreed with the likes of Shawn Penn, Mike Bore, and…well you get it.Come on didnt that crazy leftie comedian just win up north. My brain refuses to let me remember his name. And the Governor Jessie, Im letting my 5 hairs I have left grow to my ass, the former navy seal, just side with the nut jobs. The loonies have taken over. We need to get our country back.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Not only that, this unnamed comedian sucked as a comedian also. Makes me wonder about the state of mind of the people of Minnesota. Whats the deal, someone comes up there with a name theyve heard somewhere, so they elect them to public office? I can just see it now. Charles Manson released from prison, to run for Senator of Minnesota. Now, go ahead 1 year after that – headlines read – Manson wins election by landslide. Dont laugh, it could happen, because if they are really stupid enough to elect Al Franken, come on man, Al Fricking Frankton? Are you shittin me? Al Franken? What the hell is the matter with you people? Must be one hell of a lot of meth labs operating up there in the state of Minnesota. Thats all I can say.

        • 13th Gen. American

          OOOHHHMAN! Now you went and ruined it. My brain was protecting me from him and his name and you had to go and tell me it 3 times! Great. Now Im not only stuck with the visual and him being elected to anything but hall monitor, Ill have his friggin name stuck… who was that again? I guess hes not important enough to remember after all.

      • billy_bob

        Mark, sorry but I must shoot you down on Pelosi being a Pharisee. She comes closer to personification of Biblical “Lucifer”.
        Isaiah 14:12-15
        The Fall of Lucifer
        12 “ How you are fallen from heaven,
        O Lucifer,[a] son of the morning!
        How you are cut down to the ground,
        You who weakened the nations!
        13 For you have said in your heart:
        ‘ I will ascend into heaven,
        I will exalt my throne above the stars of God;
        I will also sit on the mount of the congregation
        On the farthest sides of the north;
        14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
        I will be like the Most High.’
        15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol,
        To the lowest depths of the Pit.

        I truly hope she loves “hot” weather. (lol)

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Very well said my friend. I glady accept your correction, as any good American would. You hit it out of the park on this one.

  • Patti Sue

    I agree with sc – this woman has no shame! Just ask around in Northern California where she resides. This is heresay, but I was told that on her recent visit to St. Helena she visited a local newspaper shop and after leaving the Secret Service returned because she had lost her cell phone and felt that someone had taken it. As it turns out the SS found it and returned to let the shop owner know that he was no longer a suspect. There was a lot of “eye-rolling” because she apparently is quick-to-blame others. Also, the Pelosi’s have several businesses in Northern California and one of the pre-requisites to working for them is you must be non-union! What a hypocrite. While I am anti-union, I just find that so ironic.

    • Dave

      Reply to Pattie Sue,
      interesting tid-bit about Pelosi/business/and have to be non union.
      Please expand on this. This is a piece of information which should get out there, if it is true, which I have no doubt it is as she and her entire crowd are hypocrites acting the role of human beings.

      As for N.P. any woman/person who could come home from a trip to visit the POPE, yes the POPE and spin her visit with the POPE,is one evil piece of work. She told the U.S. gullible,idiotic, citizen what a nice visit and chat she had with the POPE. The Vatican released a blurb after her visit that the POPE scolded Ms. Pelosi and gave her a 15 minute lesson on the Catholic teachings concerning abortion.

      This woman, to think that she is the 3rd ring of this 3 ring circus; that she is 3rd in line to the Presidency, after our extremely dysfunctional VP J Biden; makes me so disgusted with the representation that WE THE PEOPLE have voted into these offices.
      No, I didn’t vote for them, I am not of the neo-Marxist mindset, but slightly over half of this country’s voters are.

      Scary stuff going on here friends. N.P. will survive this, she is what some businesses call a pressure taker offa. In other words, when the heat is on for healthcare or immigration or Israel or Iran or Pakistan or the spending bill(s) or…….then they can always just tell N.P. to hold a press conference.
      God Bless America!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Exactly. The left wing liberals are all hypocrites. They are the same wankers who fly around the world in a plane, burning mass amounts of fuel, to get to a place where they make a speech about the evils of fossil fuels. While they are doing this, they burn more fossil fuel in a day that I do in a year, but they point the finger at me. Stinking hypocrites. Left wing liberal appeasing pacifist terrorist enabling, baby killing democrats. Get out of the country, because you dont love it and you dont deserve to live here. You make me sick with your agenda and your lies, and your anti-God, anti American behavior. Just leave, that way you can be happy and we all can be happy.

  • Ken Huppman

    It’s really a shame how dumb are politician can get when they get into office when they get caught in the cookie jar. There favoite word is I never heard that they keep there heads in the sand all I can say wake up people. Butch 1946

  • John Kearney

    The lady needs to go! She doesn’t know fact from fiction. Actually, she does but is a bold face liar! She also does no good in her attempts to “COVER IT UP!”
    Let’s blame the Bush administration!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yeah, thats it, its all Bush’s fault. He made me believe I was telling the truth. Yeah, him and Cheney set me up. They made me say it, its all Bush and Cheney’s fault.

  • clyde




  • Billy

    If you think that Nancy is stupid, look at the ones that are following her. TALK ABOUT STUPID.

    Yeah, it’t all Bush’s fault.

  • http://BobLivingston Little Old LAdy

    Nancy Pelosi began her vendetta against the Bush administration since Nov 2006 when the Democrats took over the Congress. The economy was doing well before the Democratic Congress chose to ignore Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac and concentrate on destroying the credibility of the Bush administration. The Congress is in charge of monitoring the economy, they are the cause of all of this and they continue to destroy this country by blaming others and not having a clue to how to fix it without destroying it further. Increase taxes on large companies in US and they’ll leave the US, increase taxes on small companies, they fold, no jobs = no money, no income = no tax payment = no income for government = no government = no law = anarchy, confusion, chaos will rule the land. It is already here, congratulations.

    • nancy

      I never could understand who the demo’s hated Bush so much because yes as, # 12 said, the economy was doing well under Bush up until the demo’s got into power in congress. We also were protected from attacks after 9-11. All the demo’s agreed we should go to war until they decided we should not be there. And they lied about that also. Then I found a DVD called “George W. Bush: Faith in the White House”. I watched it and knew why he is so hated. It is an eye opener. It makes them see what they are and they do not like it one bit.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Exactly. George W. Bush didnt think of himself and his political future. He thought of what was best for America, and that was to punch these terrorists back, and show them that we are not going to sit here and take punch after punch as Bill Clinton made us do, ie the World Trade Center basement bombing, the barrack in Lebanon, the soldiers being drug naked dead through the streets of Somalia, the bombing of the USS Cole. Bill Clinton was a soft pansy, a real puss. All he cared about was himself and what was in it for him. And these blind left wing liberals loved him while he was destroying our country. George Bush said thats it, and kicked their ass. The left wing press tried to present us with all doom and gloom, but it didnt work. Those people are free over there, and woman and children can go to school, and despite the media’s reporting, they have it much better than before. The dems cant wait to get out of there, because they want it to fall apart so they can point the finger at Bush some more. If we stay long enough, the government will be stable, and it will hold. The dems dont want that. These anti -American bastards want us to fail to point the finger at Bush. Do not they realize that they are supposed to be Americans also? Do they not know to cause this failure means they failed also, or arent they Americans. If they truly feel like this, I want them out of the country, now. There is no room here, for making the country fail to support your politcal agenda. Thats sick man, just sick. What the hell is the matter with the democrats and the media, that they would take part in this kind of behavior. Are you really that stupid that you dont see the self destructiveness in this? Oh my gosh, what in the hell is the matter with you? Bush made us strong again, and you left wing liberal appeasing pacifist pants wetting doper diaper babies, baby killing, gay loving stench of of americans, you need to get out of the country. Your killing us all. Please, just leave.

        • Norm

          Mark get a grip! If it wasn’t Bush and Cheney we’d have a real Republican in the White House now.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Hey Norm, news to ya. After they drank the Obama kool-aid of change change change, and found out he was just another lying weasel dem, in four years we will have a Republican back in the
          white house, guaranteed. If you low lifes are done pointing the finger at Bush by then, we will give you a new guy, or gal, to point your evil little finger at. Go ahead and comfort the enemy Norm, comfort the gays, comfort the Islamic extremists, comfort the baby killers, comfort the tax monsters. Sorry Norm, not exactly my vision of America. As History passes my friend, for all he did for the world, and putting aside his political future, George W. Bush is going down in history as one of the greatest presidents ever. He did great Norm, and Im sorry your so full of hate you cant see it.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        And also Nancy, let it be noted, that the economy under Bush was growing very well, until the last year of his administration, because the left wing liberal press had spread their propaganda so far and wide, everyone could see the liberal dems getting elected in 2008. So business’s, knowing this, had to stop hiring people and expanding, because they had to save these cash reserves, knowing damn well that if the democrats got elected, for one, they would cancel the Bush tax credits, and two, they would be upping taxes on business. Fears confirmed. Dems elected. Tax cuts rescinded. Tax rates raised. Business now pay more to Uncle Sam’s dems. Now thousands of people are getting laid off, with many more to follow. These left wing liberals have caused this, that is a fact. But through their biased press, they continue to point the finger at Bush. They blame his admin for the bank collapse, allthough everyone that knows anything knows this was from Bill Clinton setting up Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and letting his dem buddies Franklin Raines and Jamie Gorelick and Barney Frank run it, sucking millions out of it, until it collapsed. All dems. But they point the finger at Bush and the liberal press lets them get away with it. Bush did great things, but this damn evil left wing liberal press wont let anyone know it.

  • John

    The Democrats should grow some -courage- and kick her off of her post, she should not be speaker of the house if all she does is create division and fabricate lies to cover her butt.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thats what the democrats do my friend, they lie. Ever since FDR lied to congress about the cost of the Hoover Dam, and lied to the American people about federal income tax being a temporary VOLUNTARY thing to help with the war effort, the dems have found that if they lie, they get want they want. Most democrats today think that FDR was the greatest thing since sliced bread. He was a massive failure, and we are still paying today for the things he did and the lies he told, and weve never gotten out of that hole. You know how much money I could re-circulate back into society and tax coffers if this lemming didnt get this federal income tax things falsely started? Multiply this by the millions of people. Lots of cash. Lots of crooked democrats sucking out my money. Then they LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE, LIE.

  • David

    And you wonder why California has lost some 15,000 millionaires in the last couple of years! Just in time too, Pelosi will surely come after the wealthy when Ca does finally file for TARP money. They are on the verge of bankruptcy as many of the northeast (heavy DEM) states. You wonder why so many normal folks have moved to the south…..because we get it and at least try to elect people that care about us and industry!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Plus the fact, that left wing libs like Nasty Pelosi, like to take your hard earned dollars, and hand it out fist over barrell to illegal aliens all over California. How did it come to bear, that these illegals are allowed to vote people like Nasty Pelosi into office? How can this be legal? Some one should be in jail for this.

  • R Wolf

    We are all to blame. We need to stand up and get the bad ones out, Democrat or Republican. Get them out!!!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Term Limits. We need them to rid ourselves of these career guys who have gotten in bed with people and are beholden to them, instead of to the people they are supposed to serve.

  • Lynn

    This administration has shown the most hyprocrisy of any in a long, long time. I feel Obama is a plant by either the Muslims or the Chinese. His policies are doing nothing but weakening our great nation.

    Hopefully, “we the people” will prevail and turn this country around before too much damage is done. Unfortunately, with liberty comes responsibility and there are too many that want the government to do their thinking for them. How ’bout you collect welfare (or the like) you don’t receive the privilege of casting a vote.

    God Bless America.

    • nancy

      He was elected because he is half white, I am not a racist, and he is easily led. I think he is smart but is to full of himself to want it to end. When he learns he is really not GOD it will be to late maybe for the rest of us unless the conservatives get back in and he is impeached. Do not want him dead because then he really would be the messiah, in small letters. And he does need to be right before God before he goes before God.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Having him dead would be terrible. Are you kidding me. Dont even think of that. Look at the repercussions, Joe Biden would be President. Oh shit! Not good. Nancy Pelosi would be one step closer to numero uno. Plus, Bill would then only have to have Biden and Pelosi taken out for Hillary to be the prez. No, we need this guy alive. It isnt his fault was going on, you all give him to much credit. It takes congress to make shit happen, thats why its all lies when they would point the finger at Bush and blame him for everything, because the president cant do crap without congress saying so. You want to find the real culprit in things, look at congress. The president is just the figure head. The democrat congress screwed the Bush administration and they screwed the American people, and they continue to screw us now. Wake up and get these leeches out of there.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Weve unfortunately got 4 years of crap to put up with first. Hopefully, Americans will wake up in 2012, and not be fooled again by propaganda that the left wing liberal media laid on them, with the change-change-change thing. Im hoping after these 4 years, myself and the American business’s have some change left to stay solvent. Tax monster democrat left wing bastards.

      • Douglas Hvistendahl

        Don’t forget the two year elections. In addition to the House, there are some special elections. BTW – when both major parties put up stinkers, we vote the Constitution party. Look them up!

    • Art Woodbury

      Yep! The Manchurian Candidate is now in the White House!!!!

  • Pete Burlington

    As a typical liberal democrat she is just following the DNC policy of misleading the people.

  • atc333

    Not a fan of Nancy Pelosi, but do feel she is entitled to a wait and see policy. The CIA is known for its disinformation techniques, and as Bush’s policy was Torture, Torture, torture, and he was in power, it is entirely possible that she was not told that the policy was actually in effect. The real bottom line is she could not have done one thing about it at the time, as the GOP was in full power, and totally running things then. Bush lied to the public as to Iraq’s WMDs, he heard and only considered what he wanted to hear, and suppressed the other informaiton, basing his decisions only e wanted, regardless of the facts, so why is it so inconceivable that the CIA failed to mention to her that water boarding was in the current tool box of means of interrogating suspects? They had Senator Graham meeting with them 4 times, which is a total fabrication. I suggest we wait and see.

    • nancy

      NO HE DID NOT!!! They believed all the same facts that he belived. They just lied about it and as the left does so well, blamed President Bush for their failings when things did not go their way. Read the reply to # 12. Maybe when people relieze the liberals hatred of Bush was not his policies but his Faith, thing will change. George W. Bush will have a lot easier time when Jesus comes then the ones who blame him for every thing. He is a good man and he was a great president. He had problems just like all the rest but he never blamed the past like the present does.

      • Diane

        Bush’s problem was having to put up with the Dems in Congress and the Senate. Then it became our problem.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Exactly. They are the ones that screwed up everything. Well, them and the left wing media with their political agenda of lying about everything and blaming Bush for every little thing. Point – Congress voted for the war, congress, at least many of them said Saddam had WMD’s, which he did because they were inventoried during the Clinton admin, but then they all tell the little lie that Bush lied to the American people about WMD’S. No he didnt, sorry, no he did not. Those WMD’s are either buried in the sand, or are sitting in Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or somewhere. They didnt just vanish, or did they? I saw Hillary and Bill, I saw John Kerry, I saw all of them on TV, crying at the top of their lungs, how dangerous Saddam Hussein is, and how he had WMD’s and had to be stopped. Every last fricking one of them. But then somehow, as time passed, Bush lied to us about WMD’s? What the hell is this. And the left wing liberals followers, who do not seek the truth, like Mike in one of these posts, have a selected memory where they dont remember these things. I do, and most American people do. So enjoy your 4 year liberals, because your craps getting old allready, and it hasnt even been a year. Lying little libs.

      • Norm

        Bush’s problem was his brain – or lack of it.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Ill put his IQ and what he did for this country, up against yours or anything you have done for this country Norm. How prejudice can you be, that you would take his Texas drawl for being stupid. Do you feel that way about southerners Norm? How about black people that might talk different Norm? What about someone with an accent? Are they dumb too Norm? George W. Bush is a very smart man, and knew the actions he took to keep us safe would be unpopular with a lot of people, because face it Norm, we have a lot of pacifist appeasers in this country. They like to talk nice to the enemy while they are punching us in the face, because they somehow in their twisted mind think that if we suck up to them they will like us. New flash – It aint gonna happen. They want us dead. Better start playing hard ball with them now, and I thank God that Mr. Bush had the guts to take the fight to them. Of course, now the dems want to cut and run and leave millions to be slaughtered, so they can point the finger at Bush some more. If that is all you think of being American Norm, thats a sad commentary not only on things in American, but on your life. What do you stand for Norm? God? Family? Gay Rights? Abortion/Baby Killing? Stand for something Norm, or youll fall for anything.

    • Diane

      To atc333
      “why is it so inconceivable that the Cia failed to mention it to her”??
      And you believe it’s conceivable that EVERYONE ELSE KNEW BUT HER!! What are you doing, memorizing the media hype that they spew??

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Dude, seriously. Are you that out of touch with reality? You really think this woman, who has showed her propensity to lie, lie, lie, didnt know? Come on. For one, water boarding isnt torture. I would gladly submit myself to it live on air to show people it isnt torture, its a mind game. Pulling off fingernails is a torture, and I would not submit myself to that. Big difference. However, I would have been all for pulling these bastards fingernails off, if it meant saving lives of people that these animals were either holding or planning to kill. So you mean to tell me, say some one, some where has one of your kids, and our authorities have caught their accomplice. You dont want us to find out where your kids are before they are dead? Are you serious? Hell man, Id have them stick the sucker with a hot cattle prod if it meant getting my kid back alive. Anything less, and you dont love your child. After all, this person is in the wrong. And if you dont feel these guys are in the wrong, then I cant help you. They are a hate group of the worst kind. Any body that doesnt think like them or worship like them, they want dead. It doesnt matter if your black, white, asian, hispanic, Christian, catholic, jew, hindu, buddhist, atheist, it doesnt matter to them. If your not an Islamic wacko, they want you dead Pal, D-E-A-D. Dead. Understand. Its not playtime, its not America versus Japan, or America versus Germany. Its Islam out to destroy everything and anything that is contrary to what they want and believe. This is dangerous stuff, because the suckers live right next door to you. They live down the street. As we have dropped our guard, and kicked God out of everywhere, these terrorist murderers have crept in, and left wing liberals like you seek for some stupid unknown reason to protect them and give them strength. Dont tell you didnt know, because you do know. They want you dead, and they are getting closer day by day and you and your liberal ilk, with Barrack Obama and Nancy Pelosi leading the way of their cause. Wake up and smell the stench ATC333, because its growing all around you, and you are part of the problem.

    • clifton

      Waterboarding is torture?? Broken bones? Bruises? Cuts? Death?

      The only boarding that doesn’t do any of the above is Water boarding. How about Skate boarding, Snow boarding, Sail boarding, Yes even Horse boarding is more dangerous than water boarding.

      Last but not least how about terrorist flight boarding?

      Pelosi and those of her ilk will kill the cats (U.S.) to save the rats (Socialist-communists)!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Amen. They should all be charged with aiding and abetting the enemy, because they continue to do it to this day. Even our president Obamination aids and abets these terrorist, with giving them lawyers and trials, and closing Gitmo because its a stain on us that we sheltered them and gave them 3 square meals a day, of their choice of food, Korans, and whatever they wanted.
        Hell, they got more than I got when I was in boot camp for our military. But our leading dems, in their political agenda based bull crap, again, aided and abetted the enemy to try to get at Bush/Cheney, and proceeded to make an ass out of the United States again. You lefties really need to think these things out before you do them, because unless your telling me your not an American, your throwing mud in your own face also. Idiots.

  • PattyAnna Shadden

    If NP wants to investigate torture taking place on a daily basis – have her visit Planned Barrenhood clinics across America. They now have permission from Barack O to vacuum brains out of babies – because they (babies) are inconvenient
    and also – babies aren’t cost effective. Let’s talk about that REAL torture. Can’t wait for THAT method of racism to be unveiled. Abortion clinics are a safe haven for those pedophiles and incestuous family members who need their “toys” fixed.
    Waterboarding pales in the shadow of what is taking place right here in America to those who most need strong and supportive example of how to cherish our most valuable national resource – our children.


    It is my fondest hope that this House Speaker remain in her position in order to be a living example of what the Democratic party has become and just what the American public is paying for with their tax money. With all her fallacies, elitie lifestyle, abuse of office and failure to investigate and prosecute the members of her own party for criminal violations, she is idealy the person for the job she now inhabits and does with such flair and incompetence. She is another Californian politician we can take note of and avoid like the plague.

    If you want better you are just going to have to work harder to keep people like this out of political office.

  • ginnie strong

    have her step down. my day will be made. i think this women is nuts.

  • Tommy S. Buster

    Pelosi is such a disgrace to this great nation. She’s such a LIAR that she wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her in the face. Oh God Californians PLEASE PLEASE dump her.

  • nwsbuf

    The woman is a basket case. She give all women a bad rapt with her lies and all that’s baggage for liars. I do hope she either apolize to the CIA and as well the people. A real hag.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And I guess the saddest thing of all, is there are people running around free in America, like post # 18 by ACT333 who want to give her time? What? Look at the woman and all she has said and done in the last month. Good God, I dont have enough fingers and toes to count all the times she has lied, and she does it like we are some brain washed followers who wont know the difference. Do you suppose she thinks she has that much power, or does she just think that high of herself? Either way, she is one sick puppy that needs to go.

      • minnie

        Mark, Pelosi does think she has alot of POWER and no one will care what she says, cause she sees obama and sees all he gets away with, and thinks she can also lie about anyone. Well she barked at the wrong tree you would think that with all her education she would be smarter than that. She is a habitual liar. That is why she forgot, that you should not get into a power struggle with someone that has the advantage. The CIA has the list of the persons that were there for the briefings and the persons absent. If it is anything like the government you probably have to sign off on it that you were and was inform. If you sleep through it or were busy flirting you still have to sign before being dismissed. Too proof later just in case you decide you did not know. LIKE NOW. Pelosi was caught lying and she said another lie to cover her first lie and unless she apoligize it will continue until she gets in front of the JUDGE. She should RESIGN before she gets impeached. She needs to go pray at planned parenthood or at obamas church, the wright church. pelosi has been planting all this evil seeds , this is her FRUIT she has watered it enough and it is time to pay her BILL.

  • Henry

    It is frightening to see that Pukelosi has been sitting so long in her position that she finds over her head because it requires honesty and integrity. She is too busy making deals for her husband’s company. To the tune of millions of dollars of business! Bet that helps that stock go up, know what I mean Eugene?
    Well, Nancy, we the people are not as stupid as you. Get out of office, take your huge unearned retirement checks and check out! Your time is up you lying piece of….
    oops…not nice…funny, but not nice.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      But true, and sometimes, sad to say, the truth over rides nice.

  • Patricia Power

    I have said from the first time I laid eyes on “OSAMA-BIN-LYIN” that he was a plant.
    Our own Manchurian Canidate…..and the CHICAGO THUGS he has around him are not better. Can’t Pelosi be impeached? Lets start with the President and work our way down…..Obama, Biden, Pelosi, etc. etc.,

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Same Chicago thugs that got all those dead people to vote for Kennedy in 1960 to win that close election. Yep, same old thugs. The dems and the mob are one in the same.

  • Mike

    Let’s face it guys and gals in a two party system when you vote your just changing one set of crooks for another set of crooks. So you continue to speak your piece, but its never going change anything, their just going to laugh and stuff their pockets full of your tax dollars

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yeah, your probably right Mike. I was born and raised democrat, but I vote republican now because I find it the lesser of two evils, and that is a sad sad commentary on the state of things in American politics. Why is it, that to be a politician, you have to be a lawyer? A fricking lawyer – the biggest most corrupt trade in the country. Lawyers are the reasons we have a lot of the continual problems in this country. They have prostituted the legal system, take money from the guilty drug dealers and mob types and let them free, imprison the guy that cant buy them off that did a third of what the walking free guy did, and its just all messed up. Defendants pay off a lawyer who pays off the judge, and the guilty keeps up his crime laden life, and we all pay for it. Then these lawyers get elected to public office where they now are legally allowed to rip us off, and they do. Its a wicked wicked thing, that lawyers run things. Scary stuff. Wherever you gather large amounts of money, you are going to have corruption. Wherever you have large amounts of lawyers, you are going to have corruption. Wherever you have large amonts of money and lawyers, wow, the skies the limit. Weve pretty much created a system where we are hosed, unless someone can rise up and get the masses behind them to change the way we do business, because what we have now, well, it just isnt working. Good point Mike. Good point.

      • Douglas Hvistendahl

        When both major parties have a stinker up for a position we vote Constitution party. I read they actually managed to get one person into a state legislature. My nickname for them is the “None of the Above” party!

  • http://google ania

    to Pelosi

    If you think water boarding is bad perhaps you should work for a tyrantthan you will know what is bad. married to a rich man and getting richer you entered politics otherwise as most of us to help support family you would have to work. Plus trying working with doctors in an Operating room

  • Jackie

    I realize that my thinking is a little out there, but hasn’t it been their norm to cover up & protect their own. Especially one so high up. Sounds to me like they need a really big fall guy. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Pelosi is being wrongly accused. It’s just they’re not covering it up, as usual. Why!!! Not the first politician to say I just didn’t know, I’m sorry, and after a couple of days you don’t hear another word. It just goes away at least in the public news. It seems like the powers that be in control don’t have any use for her or do they!!! Makes you wonder what they’re really hiding if they think she’s expendable.

    • Buckroo

      Nobody watching them, Pelosi is their cover girl. No Pun

  • rodin

    You guys are funny.

  • George

    Speaker of the House Madam Nancy Pelosi needs to be impeached by the House and removed from her position due to the fact that she has lied to the people of this country and to her fellow members in the House.

    As far as the impeachment goes, if so impeached, she should lose all of her privileges and perks from being in the House.


    To #19, I say , and this is not racist, continue to stand tall, the liberals are lost and will forever be banished. Millions upon millions of babies have been “euthanized” by abortion. And unfortunately the majority of them have been white. Between abortion and a low # of children born into white families the white race is way past zero growth and in permanent decline in this country. The fastest rising race in this country are the hispanics and they are predominately catholic and against abortion on the whole. Family also matters to them and as they climb the ladder of influence and wealth as those before them they will be the a great factor in the direction of the moral fiber of this country. One of course has to get rid of the gun toting, drug dealing, just snuck across the border image of hispanics and realize they are a big part the future of this country. Pedro is the future, it is time to get ones racist head out of the sand and welcome him. He is here and is staying, legal or illegal. The liberal bent of this country has been able to twist the moral fiber of it but their braiding will eventually come undone. Unfortunately, millions more babies will pay the price until that day comes.

  • Patti Sue

    You guys remember the James Bond film with Pussy Galore – my nickname for NP is Pussy Pelosi. That’s about as disgusting a name for her as I can think of.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      No, she is a C – - T. Sorry, I dont like that word, but thats what she is.

  • Joe Hooker

    Come on folks!
    Give Pelosi a break, Don’t you realize the poor woman’s bipolar? Or can’t you understand that she only acts in the way the vast majority of voters in “Commiefornia” want her too?

    And, of course you can trust the U.S. government! Just ask any Amer-Indian!

  • 13th Gen. American

    Ya know I think God must be lovin George Bush now. Untill he came along God got the rap for everything. The blame Bush party is so ridiculous. Even tho I dont agree with everything he did its not his fault for 99 % of stuff he gets crap for. This is the best ever blame Bush I had to share. Ya know the Drag Queen Rue Paul? Average black man,most gorgeous women ever. He said his carer stalled because of Bush. All the hate around Bush he thought he should lay low. The hate was going TO Bush not from yet this guy thinks its Bushes fault because Drag Queens were having a time of it.

  • Patti Sue

    Like after Jimmy Carter, the most obtuse dingbat to occupy the Oval Office when interest rates were 17% to buy a home (and we stupidly did), Reagan came in and gave us a sense of what America could be and did. Then we had 8 years of Bubby and after 9/11 I thank God Bush was elected. He kicked ass and restored a sense of “if you mess with the U.S.” you will pay a penalty. We can’t afford to “negotiate” some things. It’s the big dog that counts.

  • Christopher Matthews ;)

    I sent you a letter a few weeks ago VOL.1 AMERICANS ARE MAD AS HELL AND SE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE. You don’t think it was a accident that MR. President changed his mind about The photo’s about interrogations as well as GITMO ?????

    Well here we are again. I have to tell you when your party elected a few years ago and i saw you on the news i said, Oh SHIT and new you would be trouble for all Americans, Buy i held back for years.

    But that will all stop NOW. My power as American citizen the right to free speech. i have taken my voice to all of Americana’s to let them know the truth to are Governor’s, Senators,Congress, and all the news company’s and all my friends and they tell their friends to get the truth out. I have sent over 4000 e-mail and calls all over America and are going to take back are country back from HELL.

    Paloci the time clock is ticking can you see it, Poloci we Americans are going to get The CIA letters released. In my first letter to you and all Americans i said Poloci be careful what you wish for, well when you asked Republicans for their legal act of torture ( Water Boarding ) that you had NOT been well informed on this and the CIA said you are lying and your own DEM head of the comity that you where notified. You are looking like a liar your self as well as Hypocrite.

    The Friday meeting , it was such embarrassment to watch, The more you keep talking the more you keep shooting your self in the foot, you should of just stop talking and save us your lies.
    Well i have been in contact will many important people through e-mail and phone calls and Democrats, Republicans In Congress and The House and we are going to make it happen to let Americans know the truth about all of your lies, even your own party are not going to stand up for you, you are such a embarrassment to all Americans. We are going to send you back to CA, where you screw up CA NOT ALL OF AMERICA. I know just the speaker to replace you ;) Buy the way Barney Frank is next on are list ;0 And ACORN

    Poloci look out AMERICANS ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE !!!!!!!!! Poloci we will make a voice herd.

    Best Wishes, Christopher Matthews

    Here is a first copy of letter to over 4000 people

    From: christopher matthews
    MORE To: Glenn Beck

    — On Tue, 4/28/09,

    , you will love this

    I want to take this moment to tell you at Fox news to tell you what a
    great job everyone is doing at Fox New. From the front of the house to all
    the people that make it happen behind the seen. you report from both sides
    of the stories.

    I am so sick of all of the other News company’s ??????? I wouldn’t call it
    reporting. i would call it unfair and unbalanced, (Propaganda Media)
    direct from the leftest, socialist, Democrat’s ( SMNBC and CNN) although
    CNN has been getting better and The Morning Joe reporting has been showing
    some kind of spine, and standing up to the government policy’s .SMNBC
    though is the worst Keith Oberman and his Girl friend that follows his
    (propaganda Circus Show) its so mean spirited i hope they go off the air
    soon. Well its been many years that i have checked out The National News
    stations,CBS, NBC you know Channel 2 and 4 Well i turn on the 6 clock news
    to see what kind of reporting they would do. What a surprise. It was all
    full of Fluff and out of touch reporting, its not funny. Are they living a
    BUBBLE or what.

    I was so proud of all the America’s that stood up to be counted at the Tea
    Party Protest. Not just all the people that showed up, But all the people
    that watch on TV too. It wasn’t just Republicans that where there But
    Demarcates too. Its was Americana’s speaking out peacefully that own

    I think sad when see the leftest protest,what do they do at them???
    ARRESTED Oh that’s much better. You didn’t see that The Tea Party Protest
    did you!!!!

    But the response we get from the Democrats and leftist is we are not
    raising your taxes for two years, In fact we are giving you $400.00 tax
    brake 2009

    Wow Thank you ???? let me get this right Your going to give us are own
    money back to us and after 10 years of TRILLIONS of taxes all of are
    American children and grandchildren and then their children have to pay
    for are government over spending. we are sick and tired of are government
    spending money we don’t have. (STOP IT)

    We Americans know that their is enough blame to go around. Bush made some
    mistakes and as well did allot of are past Presidents, and Bush tried to
    the right thing to protect all of America’s over the past 8 years.

    But Now things are totally out of control and going to shit fast !!!
    Well we Americana’s have a new President in the office and Democratic
    Congress, It goes down hill real fast from here. Well the first thing
    Congress does is make up their own Budget w/ over 9000 pages of pork
    spending and Congress has now idea whats in the Budget as well the
    President. As i remember the when the president was on the campaign trail
    he protest that he would not sign any budget with out going line by line
    checking to look for undo over spending on pork of and on spending, So
    what does he do just signs it.

    WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING !!!!! does he think we can’t follow the dots.
    Well he is just getting started.
    So what does he do next, He travels all over Europe saying to everyone
    America all the bad thing we have done over the years and we are sorry for
    what we have done and now all we want is to just be your friend. You got
    to be kidding !!!!! Then asked Europe for more bail out money and asks
    for more troops to Afghan and what does he get a slap in the face, so much
    for tiring to MR nice guy and lets all try and get along policy. As soon
    as he leaves Europe, Europe goes back to talking of its old Policy of
    slamming America. With all of his cow towing and bowing to kings . what
    he is really doing is making America look week, we will look the other way
    if you be are friend.

    Well here come a letter from the Government that everyone keep and eye
    out for Extremist right groups and are own VETS that they mite do some
    kind of valiance to the Government. Not more than 3 days later The F.B.I.
    come out with the 10 most wanted tarriest and guess who it there.

    Daniel Diego,a Animal Rights Extremist Group member,accused of bombing 2
    buildings. see ATTCH FILE

    So what does happen next Iran sends a American to 8 years for spying and
    the N. Korea sends off a ballistic missile over the Pacific Ocean and then
    N. Korea takes two Americans and it going to try sentence them for
    spying.What does are president do. He cries wolf to the United Nations
    come to the rescue,tell them to stop. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING THEY ARE ONE
    again on his little plane again to the N. American Meeting So what does
    he do listens to Leftest spout off at the mouth for 45 min about how bad
    America is and doesn’t say a word NOT ONE WORD. OK here comes Chavez and
    his photo OP with his leftist book and good shake of the presidents hand
    as MR. President give him a big Smile and then again later MR. President
    is found shaking and a big stooped smile w/ Chavez again.


    Well it come down to this last Sunday when MR President says he does want
    to precede with a witch hunt of the past administration wrong doing on
    Water Boarding. So first Monday the Leftest Democrats, Move Get to
    him and on Tuesday he Flip flops. Then he finally gets some balls and

    Well now is getting to On the Water boarding who new what and when. I love
    it !!!!! Nancy Polosi, carefully what you wish for. Looks like the
    Demarcats in 2003 and over 30 times where full disclosed about Water
    Boarding and 4 of the Past and even current C.I.A’s director have said the
    you where fully informed and that your liar or legal or should i say
    congress speak ( Not to my best recollection)

    Well we will soon know the Truth Mrs Polosi.
    Maybe you and Barny Frank can share a jail cell together, wouldn’t that
    be nice !

    Well it looks like in the next few weeks The Democrats and the leftists
    and The president want to show kind of photo’s of how we get are
    information from Tarriest that want to kill Americana’s .We treat
    prisoner’s better than they teat their own people. have you seen how
    Terrorist treat any prisoners if their not shot to death and cut off
    their head , they are tortured to death.

    I know whats going to happen as soon as these photo’s come out, They
    will be seen around the world. The Extremist will have a field day.Iran
    will have all kinds of protest down with America, and they will say i told
    you America is the great Satin,See we where right

    MR. president its time you control you own Congress. Start w/ Polosi and
    work you way down. Show some leader ship. Maybe try and do the right thing
    for all American not just for the Democrat’s and Leftist groups

    I am going to send this letter every person in America and would like
    your help. I have sent letters to Polosi and Barrny Frank and the White
    House as to these matters and have tried to all the e-mails of all in
    Congress and in the Senate Democrats and Republicans I think its 425 in
    Congress and not sure about the Senate. i was only able to get 125 of
    Congress e-mail. But i would have to up their e-mail by hand and that
    would take days. Can you at Fox News w/ a complete e-mail list and easy
    way you up link all the email at one time.Maybe put it on your web site
    Stand up all americans fight back and take are country back !!!!!!!
    America’s are mad as Hell and we are not going to take it any more !!!!!

    E-mail your letters to to , Polosi, Barney Frank,MR. President and your prep,s That YOUR MAD AS HELL AND YOUR NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE.

    P.S. Glenn Beck i will try and can you on your show tomorrow or Thursday.

    Thank you,
    Christopher Matthews

    No i am not MR. Hard Ball;

    • Buckroo

      Although the spelling was bad in some parts, and I got lost in some parts.
      Matthews is right. long, but right. Just to read some of the remarks left on blogs and forms. It’s carzy what people will except, because of party lines.
      You really need to look. Follow all news programs.
      form your views with common sence, not with someone elses
      Thank you

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thank you sir, your a great American. Spelling is off, but we can all be perfect like the dems try to tell us they are. How in the hell did my fellow American citizens elect these dumb bastards?

  • xiphos

    As a poster at another site wrote:

    “Want hope? Want change? Re-elect no one.”

    Makes a great bumper sticker for 2010.

    • Douglas Hvistendahl

      We aren’t allow “None of the Above” on our ballots. We’ve found that voting for the Constitution party candidate when both parties put up a stinker is allowed. For now!

      • xiphos

        Didn’t state “none of the above”. re-elect no one simply meant do not vote for those already in office………elect ALL NEW people.

  • OMG!!!!

    Pelosi still remains as one of the most powerful politicians, House Speaker of America, because the Dems behave like politics as usual.

    It’s no big deal to Democrat party as long as they are in charge of this country and in charge of multi trillions dollar bailouts, and Democrat members become multi-millionaires like Obama, Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein, or Barbara Boxer, etc…

  • Norma


  • Gary Grazioso

    It doesn’t really matter anymore. Our Nation is headed into bankruptcy and there isn’t a thing any of us little people can do about it for at least a year and half until 2010 and by then the democrat controlled house and senate will have already sunk the ship.
    We’re all on this Titanic together, democrats and republicans alike.
    There are not enough life boats to go around, so it’s swim or sink for all of us.
    The only survivors will be the crooked politicians that steered our sinking ship into the economic ice berg and by doing so, doomed us all.
    Washington has always been controlled by special interest groups but now it is controlled by a special interest ideologist named Obama as its captain, a Nancy Pelosi as its 1st mate, and a rat crew consisting with the likes of Cris Dodd, Barney Frank, Harry Reid, Chuck Shumer, Charlie Randle, and the rest of the crooked politicians, democrats and republicans too; all rats. … Please God help us … PLEASE!!!

    • Douglas Hvistendahl

      You might get a copy of the book,” How to Grow more vegetables than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine.” by John Jeavons, and use it. In August you literally can’t walk through our back yard area without stepping on something! Also, we have thermostat connected fans blowing summer air through the basement and into the house. Not only is it cheap cooling (Used furnace fans can be gotten at some heating places) but after several years we no longer have trouble with the pipes freezing. After the oil furnace burned out we replaced it with a small garage heater which we use when it gets below zero deg F. We may not be able to do much for the big shots, but there are plenty of possibilities for families. Of course the politically incorrect method of working for yourself needs to be used!

    • Christopher Matthews ;)

      Douglas, Its not to late. this is the time to do something to make a change. This your america. not the Goverments!!!!! it you tell the government what to do not the other way around. read my letter AMEICANS ARE MAD AS HELL AND WE ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANY MORE Douglas, WRITE A LETTER TODAY TO

  • Dale

    Poor Nancy. She wasn’t lying. She was just confused.

    Her mind was somewhere else is all. When the CIA
    mentioned E.I.T., she thought they said A.I.G. and
    she replied, “Let’s give them a bailout.”

    When they brought up WATER BOARDING, she
    thought that they were saying BOTOX HOARDING
    and she relied, “I’m all FOR that.”

  • Lyn

    Pelosi lied. She’s a politician in a corrupt Washington DC political system. Our founding fathers conceived of a Constitution and form of government that was pure genius. However, maintaining it depended on a foundational belief in God, a sincere honesty in representation and a genuine oversight responsibility from We The People. Our forefathers knew that corruption was inevitable, if we as a people did not revere, uphold and enforce our Constitution. Until we restore those values and live them ourselves, our government will continue to only be interested in its current mission: to preserve and strengthen its own power base. It’s taken 200 years, but the endgame is always tyranny. Tyranny is called by many names, socialism, communism, etc. Pelosi is a prevaricating politician in our current corrupt political class, Democrats and Republicans, that is dedicated only to itself, not the American people. I believe that voting in 2010 to replace the Democratic majority in Congress with a Republican majority would be a first step in slowing Obama’s march to tyranny. After that it’s up to We the American People to stand up and reclaim our God, our values and our Constitution or lose them forever.

  • Ken

    I agree, Nancy Polosi needs to go. Let’s not forget that it is former Clinton administration advisor, and Democrat, and Obama appointee to head the CIA, Leon Paneta; who is challenging Polosi as to who is lying. Remember also that there were other witnesses in these meetings who agree with the CIA version of the story. Advantage CIA & USA!
    On a lighter note, I could not help but notice that you guys could really use some help with your spelling. Since my wife and I are unemployed, it was difficult not to think about what my bank account might look like if I only had a dollar(maybe 2 now)for every typo I saw on this blog…Does anybody need a proof reader out there? Surely you are not going to send out letters or emails that look like these! Don’t be surprised if the FBI Swat Team shows up at your door!

  • Mike

    Pelosi needs to volunteer to step down or be told “You’re Fired!”

  • Buckroo

    Everybody has about said it all.
    Have a better day on Wed.

  • Roseanne

    This is without a doubt the most corrupt government we have now & wait until they take over our insurance. Pelosi is a bald face liar & was squirming like a worm during her news conference. Acorn is under investigation now, but I knew they were corrupt before the election.

  • Mark F.

    Catherine Waid,

    Begging you pardon madam but the devil is not a fallen (Christian) angel. He is Lucifer the angel of light, Satan, Beelzebub. He is written about in the Hebrew writings of the Old Testament. Christians didn’t invent him. If you wish to chastise someone regarding their lack of knowledge its a good idea to have the facts. Go back and do your research you dear child! Its obvious that you’re a “country dweller”.

    God Bless you and have a wonderful day

  • Used to be a liberal

    Believe it or not, but this is what you get, and can expect from elite socialists, they know better then you,they are your rulers, not your representatives. Their attitude is do as I say, not as I do. They as your rulers consider themselves above rules, regulations, and laws, because in a warped/twisted way they believe that you owe them for looking after/taking care of you.Look at history,in every socialist environment this “stuff” happens, more so then in any other type of government, except in some dictatorships.

  • Charlie

    Nancy Peloci, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, all need to go. For our next president why not Michael Steele? He is head of GOP and black. What more could you want?
    I believe Obama is a stooge for some subversive organization trying to rule the world. That is why he always needs his telepromptor to work right. He doesn’t know the groups agenda. Pelosi is a part of it, too, and doesn’t even know it!!. But she is so delusional that nothing will stop her from being in charge. She will never quit and she will never believe the people of America want her to.

  • Rod

    I am so tired of hearing the LIBs blame bush for EVERYTHING. You never hear them admit of any of the good things that he has done….Has there been another attack since 9/11????? NO!
    To be honest, I voted for the guys twice, but began to really hate his presidency after 2005-2006….And when you look at our other choices, you really find yourself trying to decern who is the lesser-evil.

    Anyway, if we were able to look forward to a press conference at the turn of the next century. Do you think they will still be blaming Bush? I can hear it now…”Due to the massive deficits that Obama was forced to give us in cleaning up Bush’s mess….Your first born will be sent to a party re-education / labor camp just after their 5th birthday…At which time you will begin to receive a tax bill to pay for your childs room & board”.

    I hope we wake up soon! We need to start pushing for a Constitutional Convention…Tell your congressmen.

  • Sandra Long

    Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House refused to bring the Articles of Impeachment against the President George Walker Bush. Instead there were Shoot-on-Sights against the Chief Justice, Luis Y. Quijano, of the United States District Courts of Apeal and Oversight Court. (The cases from the U.S. Supreme Court are appealed to this Court.)
    This book explains the illegal wars and why the Bush Administration kept the illegal wars going.


    “THE ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT AND INCARCERATION” against the George Walker Bush Administration is available in hard cover with dust jacket or paper back books on the internet.

    Authorhouse (Publisher)
    Barnes and Noble

    A Legal and Political Book regarding former President George Walker Bush and his Administration. George Walker Bush was not voted into the Presidency and he started the illegal wars without “Articles of War and Rules of Engagement,” therefore the “Geneva Convention Rules of War” did not apply, that is why there were so many atrosities. A violation of the “1973 War Powers Act.” There were no peace talks. President George Walker Bush, from the Executive Branch of Government, made unilateral decisions in the illegal wars, calling himself the “Commander-in-Chief,” when he was never a General and never served in combat. He contramanded the legal orders of the Commanding Generals, using the illegal “Patriot Act” to make his decisions and circumventing the “United States Constitution.” The wars were kept going for profits.

    This book describes the illegal wars in Iraq and the Middle East and brings out the truth from behind the scenes regarding the laws, politics and the wars.
    The author, Luis Y. Quijano, was the former Chief Justice of the United States District Courts of Appeal and Federal Courts.
    Luis Y. Quijano, a 5-Star General and the Protectorate of the United States with Anti-Terrorist Forces in the United States and Worldwide. He’s also called “The Eagle.”

    He wrote the book with his assistant Sandra J. Long, whom he mentored in law.

    Thank you for purchasing the book, it also makes great gifts.

    • 13th Gen. American

      She didnt do it because she didnt have any real info. and what they had almost all the dems agreed with the facts given. I could wright a book and come up with conspiracy theories on how Santa Clause killed the Easter Bunny but it doesnt make it true.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Just your intro on the book is wrong on facts. George Bush didnt call himself commander in chief. ALL Presidents and called that because the are the head of the military wither they were in the military or not. They are the final say so in military matters. Even the biggest weenie in history Jimmy Carter was called “The Commander in Chief” There is more but then I saw you promoting your own liberal ajenda and thoughts and passing them off as truth. Whats up with that? Not selling on amazon? Nobody here is stupid enough to by it anyway. Just like the liberal talk shows and papers all going out of business because only other libs are stupid enough to buy it.

      • D. Jone

        Anyone can write a book, that doesn’t mean it’s true.
        Televisions, magazines and the Newspapers keep selling you,
        and shoving their agenda down your throat.
        It eventually would become fact if no one disputes it.
        Why does the media hate Bush so much?
        Because he is not their puppet.

  • Norm

    you ain’t playin with a full deck.

  • Richard

    For us to take this country back we have to get as many people to the voting poles as we can the next election. The black vote is 90 to 95 percent democrat. This is an ‘idiot’ vote, because they will vote for anyone, regardless of qualification, that is running as a democrat. It is the same for the Hispanic population. People should vote with their head, be knowledgeable about who or what you are voting for. The percent of people that use their right to vote in this country is shameful. If we would exercise our right to vote, we would not be in this position of morons running our country. We need to quit watching ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, etc. Send them the message that lies and cover-ups are falling on deaf ears. Don’t just vent your anger to others, let your elected officials know how you feel. Support future Tea Parties, form neighborhood organizations to get people involved. The Blacks used a united voice in the 60′s for change, so can we. Let’s take back this country one vote at a time.

  • elizabeth

    *Mark and Lynn too. You both belong running as our representatives. I am way behind in getting sleep but just could not stop reading to see what you would say next (except in one or two writings Mark you stepped low with a four letter word but soon stopped that, good for you, you came back to being the respectful person I realize you to be from your speaking). I appreciate that you get some of your brilliance from a talk show host that I learn a lot from, even though you don’t say so, at least that is what I gathered. And Mark using the word Obamation is pure genius. If I did not have the Lord this place that America has gotton into by ignorance and/or by mental disorders; I believe that I would almost give up. I do believe in fighting the good fight and trust that the United States will rise up and say, enough. I do love the United States and have also travelled to many of these same countries that the president and his wife did when my husband was living and we always were so proud of our country and when opportunity was there we couldn’t say enough in respect and love regarding the United States. Be encouraged, with people like you functioning as you have by your writing here, we will get our country back.

  • PattyAnna

    Nancy Pelussi cannot distinguish between true torture (abortions all include much worse than water boarding – do the research people) and what she remembers having been told? Time to exit stage LEFT and return to her “non-union only” businesses to continue her fleecing of America. The Emporess has no clothes either.

    Whomever the Republicans put up against this bunch will prevail – all because God’s answers are SOOOO much wiser than our prayers. God Bless America !

    Can you imagine – at the Padre’s game in CA where they are featuring gifts to youngsters who attend their “Gay Pride Day” at the ball park – picture this – Straight Pride Day – Proud to be straight AND proud to be Christian AND proud to be Catholic Day at the ball parks across America. Could we have hyperextended civil rights to create “special classes” of citizens based on their sexuality? WHAT ?

  • Rod

    PattyAnna…Let me preface my statement by saying that I truly in my heart appreciate many of the tenants of Christian teachings. It is these teachings that have provided the foundations upon which our forefathers built this country. It is a VERY strong foundation. The highest ideal engrained within these tenants has sought to instill tolerance of others (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness). Not to create a subclass of outcasts because they believe differently, but to create an environment for discussion of ideas and discovery of the truth and there by bring man closer to enlightenment.
    With that said, I have a comment to your statement about “Whomever the Republicans put up against this bunch will prevail…” Simply put, I disagree. I am a Conservative, and I am a registered Republican. The Republicans are losing more and more of their party because of the religous right and spending like Democrats! This is evidenced by the growing Libertarian party.

    We live in the age of science and people demand the right to govern their own lives. And until the Repubs come to this realization the party will come to shrink until the religious right is the only contingent left. I believe that there are three specific and one general reasons for the lose of membership.

    1 Specific) Abortion. As long as the Repubs seek to control the individuals right to make this decision, they are turning people away. You may not agree with abortion, but no one is asking you to have one. And for those who decide to have one, it is between them and their God. IT IS A SIN FOR US TO JUDGE, that is God’s place.

    2 Specific) Gay Rights. What happens in someone’s bedroom is their business. There is no way for any of us to know what happens in someone’s bedroom, unless that person decides to state it openly. At that time, AND ONLY at that time, do we have a place to comment on our MORAL beliefs about their (specific) behavior. We have no right to pass laws against a sexual practice (as long as all of the participants are willing)…Can you say Spanish Inquisition?

    3 Specific) ILLEGAL Immigration. Comprehensive reform is NOT the (supposed) moral, caring, and “Christian” way to deal with what is happening at our borders. We are a nation of laws, and we have the kindest immigration laws on the planet. Legal immigration has helped to make this country great and there is no need to abandon a system (if enforced) that works. Repubs need to stop the thinking that they need to pander for the Hispanic vote and make it easier for Mexicans to enter this country unabated. I know plenty of Hispanics that are rather upset by this practice of pandering for the Migrant vote…It’s dishonest and punishes Americans.

    1 General) Spending people are attracted to the Repub party because they share the Conservative belief, not because the heard a convincing speech about it. As long as Repubs spend like Socialists they will continue to DRIVE AWAY those whom don’t agree with it. This Country is not a strictly Right or Left Country. We are Right-of-Center. And when a Salesmen (read Politician) convinces you that they’ve got the answer and then when the go to far to either side, you end up with buyer’s remorse.

    The sooner the Repubs wake up to these facts, the less work and pain we will have as a country to get back on track and be great once again.

  • Patti Sue

    Ode to Nancy Pelosi
    Monday, May 18, 2009
    By Mike Huckabee

    Print ShareThisI’m pretty lathered up about Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s outrageous allegations that the CIA is lying and now denying she ever was briefed on waterboarding. She’s either not telling the truth or has lost the necessary mental skills of basic memory to remain in her job.

    I decided to express my feelings in the form of poetry. So, with apologies to Robert Frost and kudos to Edgar Allan Poe, here’s my take on this insanity with Ms. Pelosi:

    Fancy Nancy
    By Mike Huckabee

    Here’s a story about a lady named Nancy;
    A ruthless politician, but dressed very fancy.
    Very ambitious, she got herself elected speaker,
    But as for keeping secrets, she proved quite a leaker.

    She flies on government planes coast-to-coast,
    And doesn’t mind that our economy is toast.
    She makes the Air Force squire her in their military jets;
    There’s room for her family, her staff, and even her pets.

    Until now, she annoyed us, but her gaffes were mostly funny;
    Even though it was painful to watch her waste our tax money.
    But now her wacky comments are no laughing matter;
    She’s either unwilling to tell the truth, or she’s mad as a hatter!

    Column ArchiveOde to Nancy Pelosi
    Leaders Shouldn’t Have to Form a Listening Tour
    Why I’m Not Afraid of the Swine Flu
    I Want to Change America With Ballots, Not Bullets
    When Getting Attacked Is a Compliment
    Full-page Closing Thoughts Archive
    She sat in briefings and knew about enhanced interrogation,
    But claims she wasn’t there, and can’t give an explanation.
    She disparages the CIA and says they are a bunch of liars;
    Even the press aren’t buying it and they’re stoking their fires.

    I think Speaker Pelosi has done too much speaking;
    And instead of her trashing our intelligence officials, it’s her nose that needs tweaking.

    If forced to believe whether the CIA and her colleagues in Congress are lying,
    Or it’s Speaker Pelosi whose credibility and career is dying,
    I believe in the integrity of the men and women who sacrifice to keep us safe;
    Not the woman who has been caught flat-footed, lying to our face.

    I say it here and I say it rather clear:
    It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to resign and get out of here.

    Mike Huckabee on Sunday, 3/24/09

  • Minh Montenegro

    It is my opinion diferrent because my family use another model.It’s relaxed and save power.But next vacuum I will think of this as vacuum that you present.Thank!!!


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