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Putting The Small Farmer Out Of Business

July 12, 2010 by  

Putting The Small Farmer Out Of Business

The Federal government has long been legislating in an effort to eliminate the small farmer, and increasingly local governments are doing so as well.

The government’s efforts—under the guise of making our food safer—have all but put off limits good, healthful foods like whole raw milk and truly organic meats and vegetables grown by local farmers. The Federal government, through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other alphabet soup organizations are constantly banning natural, good-for-you foods and inventing new restrictions that hurt the small farmer for the benefit of Monsanto, Archer Daniels Midland and other large farm entities.

And local governments are constantly devising zoning and other restrictions to hinder small farms, just like Lake Elmo, Minn., is doing here. This is not just a Minnesota problem, it’s a national problem.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Lewis C Shigley

    One man’s spam is another’s filet mignon.

    How could a liberal get this emailed to him anyway? Perhaps a conservative mailed it to you in order to aggravate you!

  • s c

    The stench that permeates government agricultural policy is what you get when government is in bed with corporations [fascism is the polite word]. Uncle Scam HATES small business, and while it has been a fairly well kept secret for many years, that cat is finally out of its damned bag.
    What is behind government control of agriculture? Can you say money, votes and total control? An octopus would love to have all of the tentacles that a corrupt government has. The nasty secret behind the secret is the faces and names of those who manipulate government bureaucrats (yes, including Congress and the White House).
    This is yet one more wrinkle to be found with the “best government that MONEY can buy.” And, this same government demands that it be seen as ‘too big to fail.’ Sounds strangely familiar, doesn’t it?

    • kate8

      Our food. Another front for population reduction.

      To quote Henry Kissinger, “Control the food, you control the people”.

      This is diabolical.

      • kate8

        Oh, and another aspect of this has been to get the people off the land, and into multi-family complexes in congested areas. Thus, they have no means of producing their own food. Or anything else.

        • Devin

          You mention getting the people off the land and into multi-family complexes, where we would be more easily controlled–I’ve heard rumors about the Obama regime looking to put people like us into “re-education camps”. This is just the beginning people…I can see these farms being government run and I’m sure after they give amnesty to millions of illegals they would have their employees! It is high time we fight back, contact your governors, representatives and senators. Better yet go to
          and print out the NO CONFIDENCE! letter to demand the resignation of Barack Obama! We’ve got to take our country back!

          • JA Rogers

            Why bother contacting these crroks? They will just throw away the message or hang up the phone! Just get rid of them, ASAP if not faster! Then We need to either sue them and or put them in prison! What they are doing is completely Illegal! Wether you are talking about letting Terrorist groups take control of US Land or Allowing Illegal Immagrants to thrive and abuse our System to the detriment of LEGAL Citizens to shutting down Small Businesses and Farmers to forcing an Illegal President into office! You name it and they have committed the crime!

        • Kris


          It’s called Agenda 21! it says to cull the population, take away all private property, destroy all borders, destroy the family, destroy morals, do away with all religion and have a one world govt. If you look, you will see all this happening right now. Santa Fe has been given millions to build these 14 story apt. buildings where the population will be kept. Destroy all food production and let the land return to the way it was before people came! All this to “we the people” but for the elists such as nobama and the rest of the millionaires, they can still live in single family houses and own as much land as they want. We the people return to serfdom or slavery, controlled and managed by the elists. They must destroy the constitution and they are doing that now! Agenda 21 is on you tube but when I typed the specifics on an e-mail to send, it says the video has been removed. I stil have an e-mail that will show the video but have no way of getting it mout to anyone but folks on my e-mail list.

          • glenn caron

            Please e-mail the Agenda 21 to me , Thanks, Glenn.

          • eddie47d

            Santa Fe has had a height restriction since it’s beginning (about 4 stories). I’m not sure if I believe they would allow any 14 story buildings.Especially if it is in the same breath as some conspiracy hype. So please enlighten us.

          • leesa

            please send email of agenda 21

        • blv54

          they want to get us off the land and also make sure we have no access to organic healthy food, just the governments GMO stuff, which goes along with the fluoride water for pretty much guaranteed cancer down the road, which goes with the health care takeover in which were guaranteed to get no health care so their problem is solved they get rid of a lot of us right?

          • kate8

            GMO foods are already the cause of digestive distrubance, loss of elasticity and perforations in the intestinal walls of both humans and animals. And if pets or humans eat the animals fed GMO grain, the same happens.

            BTW, the SMARTgrid and SMARTgrowth are all part of this Agenda 21. And I just received notice from PG&E that someone would be out to install a SMARTmeter soon. I notified them that I want to opt-out, but got no response. It is spreading all over CA. They were even replacing peoples appliances for free, to “energy efficient” ones. I figured something was up with that. The “HE” appliances can be controlled remotely, by THEM.

            Also, the railway system the people voted for in CA is part of this, too. Since few will be able to drive cars, most will live in dense cities built around the railway. Don’t forget that railways make it easier to transport large numbers of people say, to Fema camps?

            Sadly, CA is on the forefront of all this. We had some of the best farmland in the world, and it’s been paved over and stacked with houses. What’s left is largely owned by immigrants who follow government “guidelines” and get “free fertilizer” (toxic sludge from the cities), and most likely purchased by them with our tax dollars.

          • eddie47d

            To Kate 8; Most Mexican immigrants don’t make much money and don’t buy much land. So why are you saying they are buying all the land. Please enlighten us on who all these immigrants are?

          • Christin

            What’s GMO?

    • 45caliber

      Uncle Sam doesn’t hate small businesses – it’s just that small businesses can’t afford to give large sums to the politicians and large businesses do. So the obvious thing – to a politician – is eliminate the small businesses so the larger ones can get bigger and give them even more ‘donations’.

      • Christin

        No,no, no… Liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, facist (name your poison) HATE small business and the FREE market that they do so well under here in our Entrepreneurial America.

        Small businesses are the back bone of our society and provide jobs to people and families and make the sovereign states strong. Successful buisnesses, families, states DON’T NEED WELFARE and DON’T NEED BIG GOVERNMENT taxing, regulating and taking away their God given and Constitutional Rights.

        If my people will turn from their wicked ways and seek my face and pray; I will hear from them and heal their land.
        That’s us folks not them.

        Needing Big government and failed big buinesses helps the WH, czars, progressive congress and Puppet Masters get their way sooner… OWG(one world governace) or NWO (new world order)… the epitamy of evil.

    • Allan

      Every business advocates for itself and offers perks to supporters. I believe more influence happens over the table than under…in other words, within the law. If we don’t like this, we have to elect people who will not extend special access to lobbyists. That won’t happen if campaign finance rules continue as they are, and congresspeople will be in perpetual campaign mode if there are no term limits. Finally, it is the internal congressional rules that lie at the heart of corruption. This labyrinth of obfuscation and privilege has built up over many decades, to the point that congresspeople today substantially manipulate and disregard the voters. Therefore, we need to review these rules and privileges, decide how they need to change, and find candidates who will pledge to change them.

      • eddie47d

        Republicans always vote against rules in Congress regulations on Wall Street And all campaign reform bills.Are they the party of integrity or self serving preservation?

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    I come from farming. My Dad was one of nine, until his mother remarried a man with seven children, after his fathers death. They were butchers, they grew they’re own food,they canned, they baked, they made they’re own clothing, and saturdays, would hitch up the horses & wagon and take produce into town to to sell. That is how they survived!___I’m sick to death of this idiotic Government, in a KNOW IT ALL fashion, stopping people from living they’re lives to their choosing, by regulating them to death. Kill the ruggedness of the American, and keep them up gainst it!!___ yeah, Washington,I hope you choke on it!!___ you’ll play hell taking away what I know about survival. We taught our kids how to use the land to survive and now we’re teaching the grandkids. We cannot allow this blantant socialist regime, to tell how to live our lives!___The Government will keep taxing and regulating us, in hopes we will finally give up, and latch onto the Government teat!___WE MUST NEVER GIVE in or UP!

    • Al Sieber

      Angel-Wanna, good post, I agree with you. that’s my situation, I’m in small mining a mom and pop mining operation. their coming down hard on my lively hood also, with their restrictions and high fees. last year they shut down all suction dredging in Calif. which brought in close to $60,000,000 for the state of Calif. yearly. that was always a way to make money. during the last great depression the Govt. would give people maps to gold deposits so at least they could work them and survive and the Govt. bought the gold, pretty soon we’ll have nothing.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        Al Seiber__I feel for ya’s AL, I had about enough of this damn Government DO-GOODER intervention. They think they know how to sell cars, better than the car salesman who does it for a living! They tax and regulate everything from livilhood farmers, to someone who simply has a surplus of tomatoes and peppers, hangs a $.50 cent sign and is told to take the sign down & stop selling produce. These idiots that stand to get elected in November 2010, better know right now, there is gonna be some changes, and we the American people are gonna make them and demand they are met! They’d better start listening to what the hell what have to say!__god bless

      • 45caliber

        Al: The government wants to eliminate all small mines because they “pollute”! About thirty years ago there was a big problem in Colorado where a lot of people had small claims. The little streams would get muddy on weekends with everyone panning or slucing. The government kept trying to get them to install polluction equipment – at costs that were many times larger than their production gave them and on mining claims far too small to house the equipment. The government finally shut them down too.

        In Alaska, if you find a mountain of solid gold, you cannot claim or mine it – unless you are Eskimo or one of the few Indian tribes that originated there. You are required, by law, to inform the government of your claim so they can access it and then sell it to some mining company for a good sum. You don’t even get thanked.

  • JC

    The 9th Plank of the Communist Manifesto:

    9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries, gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country, by a more equitable distribution of population over the country.

    The goal is complete control with no private ownership and no private property. The complete elimination of free enterprise through fascist government intervention. It’s about as anti-American as it gets.

    • eddie47d

      This was an article on a local issue in Lake Elmo,Mn and you go off on Washington. This city govt. has an overbearing rule on a business and you try to drag outside politicians into the equation. This local govt. is only shooting itself in the foot. If this nursery closes down or has to do less business then there is less tax revenue. Write to the Chamber of Commerce of Lake Elmo and let them know how you feel and give this business some support.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        eddie47d, the over reach of government is not only happening in Lake Elmo, it’s all over the country! We’re to the point we can’t do anything WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION OR WE NEED PERMITS TO DO EVERYTHING. Washington has gone completely mad!

        • kate8

          It’s because local governments, even in the smallest towns, are being taken over by those working with the feds. We are being centralized. Local laws are being replaced by federal ones, making them all the same.

      • Rick H.

        Hey dummy if they can get away with it there they can get away with it anywhere. What are one of those obama is god lunatics?

  • James Maxwell

    This should not come as a suprise to anyone. The greenies are at it again. They have never worked in thier lives and have only lived in cities with other brainless individuals. They do not undestnad the concept of actually working with your hands in the dirt and growing things that feed your family. The concept of growing natural, fresh food for your family consumption is becoming a foreign idea in our nation. We have become lazy in many respects and have become dependent upon the massive farm complexes to provide our food stuff. The individual farmer and farmers markets are being regulated out of business by Govermental “know it alls” who have never even seen or been on a farm. They do not care nor understad the work involved in growing crops for human or animinal consumption. If they are allowed to continue in this vein we will lose the ability to feed ourselves and become like the their world countries, dependent upon others to feed the masses. This would be an injustice to a nation that has fed the world foe generations an ourselves as well.

    • independant thinker

      “The greenies are at it again. They have never worked in thier lives and have only lived in cities with other brainless individuals. They do not undestnad the concept of actually working with your hands in the dirt and growing things that feed your family.”

      And all the while the true greenies are the some of ones that are being forced out of business.

    • eddie47d

      There are many “greenies” out there selling at farmers markets and even to larger stores. So why the petty insults? Their hands get dirty just like anyone who works the land. As a matter of fact the “greenies” have been pushing natural products for decades now. They also have little use for pesticides.

      • independant thinker

        eddie…………Depends on the greenies you are talking about. Al Bore is considered a greenie but I seriously doubt he has ever gotten any dirt under his fingernails much less actualy dug, planted, harvested, and laid in for the winter a garden. If you will actualy read and comprenend what James said he is talking about the ones like Gore not the small farmer who actualy practices green living. As I said in my previous post the city greenies are forcing the true greenies out.

        • eddie47d

          James never mentioned Gore but you can put any kind of spin on it you want. Most greenies who live in the city have alot of respect for organic farmers and would hate to see them taken over. A bigger concern is urban sprawl taking over family farms and the best farmland. That really effects supply and costs for small farmers in getting their produce to the city.

          • Monarchist

            ugh…you folks are missing the whole point here! Green this Green that has nothing to do with the big picture and what’s really going on and that’s a complete take over and control of the world as we know it.
            This will also be about population reduction. Look up “Codex Alimentarious” and “Georgia Guide Stones” The ten commandments of the New World Order. Reduce the population of the planet to 500 million.
            That’s a hefty sum seeing were going to surpass seven-billion folks in 2011. Ya know, I can think of all sorts of people that the world would be better off without but who am I to say who lives or dies? AND- who the hell are the elite to make that decision!? Considering you could fit the entire population of the planet in Fort worth (yes, shoulder to shoulder) I think we still have enough room here on this planet for a while and when the Population truly does start to become a problem wouldn’t it be a good idea to include everyone in the conversation about the solution? All the changes that are taking place in our country right now is all about controlling you, me, us
            and it’s an all out effort to destroy freedom and America. The funny thing is in the end, those who think they are controlling everything and everybody are actually being controlled themselves by the dark side of the spiritual world. In the very end we win!

          • gregory


            google nasa project blue beam,

            scroll down list to NWO PROJECT BLUE BEAM–HAARP, read every thing offer’d there and watch all the videos. i spent many weeks fact checking the content on this page by using the veritas program and a multitude of other chase down tools at my disposal, i found that 71% of that imfo is true, the other 29 % may be add on jive, not sure yet if any of that 29% left over is true or not, its verry hard to track down…

          • Christin

            Replying to Monarchrist,

            I agree with your statements.

            And…There is nothing wrong with our population… God says to [the Christians] be Fruitful and Multiply. He wanted the number of the Faithful to increase… (then there would be more of us and less of them to do the devil’s work.)

            The progressives, socialists, communists, facists, including the extreme environmentalists think there are too many of us and (get this) using too much of [God's] resources and we must be eliminated so that the Earth that God placed us on to grow and multiply can be healed from our imprint and be as if man had not touched it…BUT the Elitists who are so rich, so intelligent, and so wrong and so corrupt will continue to live here and USE what they please.

          • eddie47d

            Christin, I see you have your enemies list mapped out. Sounds like you are out to eliminate a few if you had the chance. Here we have farmland taken over by rich conservative elitists for their 30 acre sprawls and you dare make such an absurb statement. You are reckless.

          • Christin

            No, eddie47d, I do not have an enemies list and I am not a murderer. I see clearly who is working for peace and prosperity and those that would take away our Rights and life given by God and country.

            I stand with those that love the Lord and Free America.

    • 45caliber

      Food comes from the grocery store! Why should anyone worry about some small farmer anyway?

  • Harry Sothern

    November can’t come too soon for me and other conservatives who never voted for Obama or all his Democrat yes-men who now control congress.
    Don’t fall for that baloney that says Republicans are equally to blame for the disasters that are happening to this country.

    For example, the Healthcare nightmare bill was passed by an all Democratic vote – NOT ONE REPUBLICAN voted for this disaster. To find the voting record of your congressman and senator on every issue, go to the website.

    • Dave

      That is ridiculous. What has happened to farmers is a product of Republicans way more than Democrats. Republicans are trying to take advantage of anger our there and blame everything on Democrats. The large farming industry has been given subsidy and precedence by every Republican administration for decades. How do you think trickle down economics works? Give tax breaks to the wealthy large corporations because then they’ll hire people and pay people to clean their pools and such. Well those large farms were given tax payer subsidy and the entire system was rigged to give them the advantage. I agree that their a lot of problems with the way farmers are treated. I try to be “green” and I am liberal but that doesn’t mean I’m against farmers. Green movements encourage farmer’s markets and buying local. It’s conservatives that would rather have cheaper groceries at their Walmart. I sometimes fear that some of you people believe all of the crap that you read on this website. Some of you are smart you just have misplaced anger.

      • libertytrain

        Dave you said – “Green movements encourage farmer’s markets and buying local. It’s conservatives that would rather have cheaper groceries at their Walmart.”

        Logic and common sense encourages farmer’s markets – been shopping at them since I was a kid and only have trouble when these things are out of season – isn’t about being green or not green — just another title the libs created – been hanging out the laundry since I was a kid – always made sense to me – though I guess the greenies have discovered that one as well —– hmmmmm. I don’t know anyone that shops at Walmart for groceries –

        • Claire

          I do not buy groceries at WalMart. I have looked at their stuff and it sure doesn’t look the best. Their meat is packaged, of course, and it looks weird. I love the Farmers market here in town. Fresh everything!! The meat is good, the produce, yummy.

      • independant thinker

        You know not of which you speak. The republicans could not have passed the subsidy legislation without the democrats support. and democrat controlled congresses have passed the same legislation.

        • 45caliber

          In the last fifty plus years, the Republicans have controlled Congress for two years – during Bush’s term. ALL of the things passed in the last fifty years have been by Democrats.

          Incidently, there is a myth that the Republicans always support big business while the Democrats never do. Strange since the Democrats get most of their money from big business.

      • kate8

        Funny how the farmers have always been mostly conservatives.

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          kate8, yeah imagine that!!!__Farmers are mostly conservatives because,we are the only who belive in taking care of ourselves and our families!

        • 45caliber

          Conservatives are concerned about the future of their families above all else. And farmers are since they see the end of farming and can’t expect to give their children the family farm to live on. And the government tends to interfear with that. Democrats are more concerned about being taken care of by a big government and all the “poor” who must be on welfare because they can’t get jobs who need help.

    • eddie47d

      Your rant has absolutely nothing to do with Obama or even the original article. Your a spiteful person.

      • 45caliber

        Your remark is a classic example of the way a liberal responds.

        His remark had nothing to do with Oblama? Or with farming? What has that got to do with his comment? Actually, I think it did have a lot to do with Oblama and Congress in general.


        • Claire

          45caliber— I agree–vote them all out. BUT, will the incoming people do any better? Will they work together to get things done? I sure hope so. It will take years to get out of this mess.

    • JustaPatriot38

      Harry Sothern — In my humble opinion, the Republicans are just as guilty of our problems as the Democrats. First of all, there are very few Democrats that are not in the Progressive group, who are totally unlike the Democrats of long ago. Secondly, there are few Republicans who are not also in the Progressive group, who are totally different from Republicans of old. Mostly, Congress is
      filled with DINOs and RINOs. The reason the Republicans did not vote for the Obamacare fiasco is because they knew they didn’t have to since the Democrats would see to it passing without them. These elite people residing in Congress discuss among themselves to insure there is sufficient votes to pass whatever they want, so others who need to make appearances that they are against something to pacify their sheeple. They nearly all have the same goal, to take this
      country down.

      There is not a nickles worth of difference between the two parties, it is just that the sheeple have been sufficiently brainwashed in
      our sick and sorry Saul Alinsky educational system that teaches our children the Marxist/Socialist/Fascist ideology (how to ‘work’ the system for the freebies at the expense of others, rather than the work ethic to work within and for the betterment of the system and their lives) in order to prepare them to accept the slavery of the NWO. That is why the government has built quite a number of containment centers, and is nationalizing the farming industry; they need us as slave laborers and farmers to feed the elite. We will all be American farmers, not just the Mexican (Mexicans are Americans)
      illegals who are given ‘citizenship’ via an executive order to buy their votes.

      All sides in a conflict think God is on their side. If you are waiting for God to stop these super-wealthy elitists, you are sucking on the hind teat that produces the bilge that Obama spreads. These people are not ‘stupid’ but they are certainly not competent to run a Republic. Their competency lies in their ability and charisma to get others to blindly follow their chosen path, right or wrong. Many stupidly follow blindly along and then wonder what the Hell happened!

      The word ‘democracy’ does not appear anywhere in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights because the Founders considered that democracy was a very dangerous path to tread, and they were quite correct; look how we are turning out since totally unlimited ‘democracy’ has been allowed to flourish! This started long ago, not last year. We have been lulled, over many years, into letting our country fail. We need to wake up!

      We true Conservatives, who love the Constitution, and our country, borders, and culture, must take care of this problem ourselves in November and 2012. To Hell with both Democratic and Republican party
      affiliations; vote for the person. Don’t elect incumbents, career politicians, lawyers or preachers, and then study the other
      candidates very carefully. You might want to read over the Constitution Party platform; I’m not a member, but it is pretty good.

      We can dig ourselves out of this hole, but only if we quit throwing the dirt (wealth) out of the hole to other countries; we will need some dirt left to build our stairway back to the surface! Maybe we can get out of this mess, but to do so we must take that
      first step, and then be very persistent in staying our course.

  • patrick

    yet again her is one more example of why Minnesota and all the liberal democrats that are in office and govern the the state must all be voted out of office. We the people need to take Minnesota and the rest of our country back! We can ot allow another take over of our country, like Hotler or Castro with their taking over countries. We need to impeach obammy and all his corrupt crews.

    • eddie47d

      Another spiteful person who is clueless! Go bark at the moon with your senseless drivel!

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        EDDIE47D, your useless drival doesn’t serve any purpose, other than show us, your opinions don’t coincide with ours. Your only here to rile the sheep. Get lost!

      • JC

        Kind of in a bad mood today aren’t ya eddie?
        What’s the matter, did you finally realize your deity is
        going down in flames?
        Need a hug? I’m sure there’s an agency for that now…
        so head on down and get in line.

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          Jc, lol!!!

          • independant thinker


      • Christin

        “Go bark at the moon”?… so you are a wolf!

  • deb

    i say we have a TAX REVOLT…..the only way they can HIRE MORE IDIOTS is with OUR MONEY. what MOST Americans don’t realize is WE ARE THE BOSS. We do the hiring! and WE DO THE FIRING! vote in the Aug. 3 primary…..and be VERY SURE you’re hiring a person of integrity. our family farms and our VERY WAY OF LIFE are at stake.

  • FreedomFighter

    To have absolute control on the food supply, quality, and be able to dictate what is grown will give absolute power to whomever has this ability.

    Never a good thing.


    • JC

      For sure…”Absolute Control”…
      Of the food supply, the money supply, your health care, your right to travel, education, property rights, right to self defense….

      Anybody else starting to see the BIG PICTURE here?

      • 45caliber

        You are correct. I think most conservatives do.

        • kate8

          We do see, and it’s coming fast and furious.

          Seriously, folks, we are in deep trouble. These hideous programs are being instituted all around us at an increasing pace, and it will all be in place before we know it. No matter how much we speak out, call and write our “representatives”, sign petitions, join Tea Parties…they are not listenting. They just keep moving forward with their plans.

          You are all pinning a lot of hope on the coming elections, but I have a feeling they have that all worked out, too.

          I guess the good news is, the sooner they succeed, the sooner they fail, if you get my drift.

  • http://earthlink Bogusbob

    Harry Sothern hit the nail on the head. Most of the problems come from the democrats. Thats because the democrat party has been changed from what it once was 50 years ago. The old DFL was more concerned about reality than money. Now its all about power and more money. Thank god they are getting rid of obey in Wis. This country needs to wake up and take control again. In cal. we have the lobbyists running things. If you look at all the new laws being pushed on us in this country, they come from the lobbyists, the politicians are in bed with them. By the way, with Barry Soetero (barrack obama) in the white house, and the dems. running congress, we are in big trouble. Lets change that in Nov.

  • Patriot-1

    deb says:
    ( i say we have a TAX REVOLT.)

    If nothing is Changed after this next election cycle( Nov.)within 6 to 12 months,refering to the direction of this country and Government.
    I will tell you now, that you can take the word TAX out of Deb’s statement. The People of America are waiting and Hoping that November
    will fix the problems we now have in DC. If it doesn’t,The FOUNDING FATHERS gave US “THE PEOPLE” one last way to FIRE THEM ALL. I hope with all my hart it doesn’t come to that.But I WILL NOT BECOME a SUBJECT without a fight. This has Been coming for along time now,what happens from this point on will fall on the shoulders of thos in DC.
    May God Bless America

    From The Declaration of Independence:
    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. —

    “We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution.”
    ~Abraham Lincoln~

    • slickporsche

      I wonder if there are enough people, really willing to give the supreme sacrifice, to get back our republic. I think that most Americans will get enough satisfaction by venting and voting. I do not believe for a minute that much will change after November. It will take a great civil war and bloodshed, to bring them to their knees, and once and for all rid this country of career politicians,special interest,such as unions, and the fraud that is destroying this country.

      • kate8

        slick, I’m sorry to say that I fear you are right.

        I pray that we are both wrong.

        • Claire

          kate8–I fear the same as you do–I don’t think it will be any better after November. I hope and pray.

      • Rick H.

        Slick I agree but God help us if it comes to that. First and formost is what will the U.S. Military do whos side will they fall on?

        • JC

          Either they honor their Constitutional Oath and defend We The people, or they are traitors. You will react as you see it necessary. I’m sure everyone will.

        • 45caliber

          Most of the military and the police are on our side. And I believe that the rest will keep their mouths shut if they expect to remain alive. They aren’t the ones I’m concerned about. I’m wondering when Oblama’s Homeland Security Force shows up.

          • kate8

            45, I have been told that the military will be split about 50/50.

          • 45caliber

            When CLinton was in office, he sent a questionare to all the police and military. One question was: “Would you fire upon a demonstration if ordered to do so?”

            90%+ said no.

  • Rip

    If it were not for the Small farmer the U.S. would never have made it past Plymouth rock ! It’s truly sad that The Huge agribusinesses have NO regard for their roots in the small family farms, by being the greedy megabucks growers that they are, they will always do what government tells them to do, and helping to stamp out the small farm is what the Gov want’s………. How long do you think The average City dweller would last if all the Big agribusinesses would stand with the small farmer in a production strike ? OH is a food producer strike against the Socialist law ? lets see how they plan on FORCING US TO PRODUCE !

  • refuse2lose

    I have one word for you,google it and you will be amazed;


    • eddie47d

      Monsanto has been polluting this earth long enough now. Protect the family farm from these too big for their britches corporations. Big isn’t always better.

      • J.M.R.

        sounds like eddie is another liberal who sits on his brains.there are certain chemicals that we need, just like the big fuss over ddt and now they say there was nothing wrong with ddt. to bad these libs don’t move to tim buck too, i listened axle ass the other day and all he could do was lie to the public.

        • eddie47d

          There are many chemicals and drugs we need but many are useless and dangerous. I would say that you are the one letting your posterior do the talking. Timbuktu is now a deserted village taken over by the desert. Maybe we could visit together.

  • TIghtjaws

    Term limits, term limits, term limits, period

    • BigBadJohn

      I have some friends in Michigan where they have term limits. The opinion is term limits are the worse thing that ever happened.

      Reason? Once a person is elected his second term they are always lame ducks. So the second term, besides not getting anything done, they push for legislation in favor of the industry that they target as their next job, or rather, the industry who has bought them off already….

      • kate8

        Yeah, term limits sounds good, but it does have a big downside.

        The problem is that the politicians are corrupt. They will be corrupt no matter how you set things up.

        Until we have better people running for office, who can resist corruption once in, nothing’s going to fix it.

        • BigBadJohn

          Agree it is ALL politicians!

          I seem to remember something about promises of term limitation, and a balanced budget amendment if a certain party took power. After they were swept into power, all of those promises disappeared.

          • kate8

            Who could’ve seen that coming.

  • Russell

    Is “one man one vote” still in effect?

    Corporations and unions “don’t have a vote” are for sale. What do corporations and unions want in return for their donations to the parties?

    We the people “all have a vote” are for sale. What do “We the people” get in return for our vote? Fifty percent pay no income tax, fifty percent get some sort of largess from the government. (Welfare, food stamps, subsidies housing, farm subsides, and many more.)

    The first amendment gives us the right to voice our opinion but it does not give us the right to demand that the government be our sugar daddy. If we are a compassionate nation, then why do we demand that the government take over the responsibility that should be that of the “We the people”

    Why do we have a constitution? Is it something to hang on the wall like a picture? Or is it a blueprint for neighbors to be neighborly and to keep the government from interfering.

    Our founding fathers established three equal branches of government and that each branch was to ride heard on the other two. Who is going to stop the fiasco that has penetrated the legislation and administration. The only one that can stop this fiasco is the judicial to follow the costitution and declare that the “free lunch” is unconstitutional. We can’t depend on “we the people” to do the job.

  • JCO


    • eddie47d

      Good point

    • kate8

      JCO, I grow as much of my own food as I can, but it’s not easy. We are fortuane to have an organic farm supply here, but Congress is busy trying to legislate against organic produce, seed and practices.

      I now rely mainly on my own seed, volunteer crops, and composting. But these rats have been trying to pass laws that would ban home organic gardens, and ban using your own seed.

      Now that we are under satellite surveillance 24/7, the garden police see everything we do.

      • Claire

        There are several organic farmers in my area. They sell “packages.” You buy certain items in certain categories. It is great.

  • the goat


  • M.L.

    the American way is lost. Now we can’t even enjoy the fruits (no pun intended) of the farmers labor that bring us all the wonderful produce and holiday decorations, such as christmas trees, pumpkins (that also can be used for food) the beauty of flowers as well as trees and much, much more.

  • Angel-Wanna-Be

    ML, we can never give up or in to those wanting to destroy the American way!

  • a former farmer

    Raw milk is NOT healthy. If a cow has TB or other diseases, these diseases can be transmitted to the drinker of the raw milk. This is the reason milk is pasteurized. Why are we importing common foods from foreign countries, like Mexico, Peru, etc. What are their health considerations in the production of the food? What diseases would a person get if the food is not inspected or regulated? We import food because the American people want cheap food and it is produced by cheaper labor in these foreign countries. Would Americans pay a little more for home grow food?

    • independant thinker

      Raw milk may not be “healthy” but it is my right to drink it if I want.

      • Claire

        I drank raw milk until I was about 12 years old. We never got sick. Never. We also had well water. We never got sick from it either. Nowadays a person dang near dies if they drink well water.

        • Claire

          I meant to add, the well water we drank was not “treated.”

          • BigBadJohn

            ? I drink untreated well water all of the time…… It is filtered but only for taste.

    • kate8

      The raw milk producers have much more stringent guidelines for contamination that do pasteurized milk producers. As it should be.

      Consider, though, that pasteurized milk is loaded with contamination, including gross things like puss. Plus, pasteurization destroys the enzymes that make milk healthy for our bodies.

      Better to drink no milk than pasteurized, and especially the ultra-pasteurized.

      • JC

        To back that up, you need to see the film “The Corporation”.
        And before you lefties go off on capitalism…keep in mind the corporations and the government are operating hand in hand…especially Monsanto.

      • coal miner


        You are absolutely right.I agree.

      • coal miner
        • kate8

          Thanks, coal miner.

          As if anyone really believes the government cares if our food is safe!

          I just read on Jeff Rense that the government no longer checks food for safety.

          The truth is, it is the HEALTHFUL foods they don’t want us to have.

          Also, consider this: dead bacteria and other pathogens aren’t healthy, either. Better that they are not there in the first place.

    • 45caliber

      I’ve drunk raw milk for many years. It is safe if the cow is safe – and since you must get raw milk locally you can check that. The real reason raw milk isn’t allowed is because it cuts slightly into the profits of the three or four milk companies.

  • Marilyn

    This is more “Government Control” folks. Small farmers have a rough time keeping their farms alive. I do agree that Small farmers should never have been subsidized. If they could be assisted by the Government, why not Small Businesses? All struggle to make a buck. But, I do understand the need for Small Farmers, the backbone of food to feed the population. Farms mean jobs. I guess we need the BIG farms to give the illegals a place to work? Migrate workers have been norm of the day. Now, Mirgrate workers are out of jobs with the illegal Mexican workers.
    BIG farms is just more BS Government stuff. And, we go along with it.
    We do need to learn more about small farming and know “good” food when we see it. Victory gardens are not that unfamiliar. If you do not or cannot grow your own produce and fruits, visit every American roadside veggie/fruit place and keep toxic food from entering your homes. Read the labels in the grocery stores before buying. Look at all dairy and meat products before purchasing. Stay Healthy. Small Farmers are dearly missed and few and far between!!

    • 45caliber

      Small farmers get little or none of the subsidies. The maga-farms get them. The small farmers must contend with the government dictating what crops they can raise and who they must sell them to at the prices set by the government.



    • JC

      Actually it starts with Control the Money.

  • Christin

    I agree, JC, with the progressive/facist government #9 ELIMINATION of PRIVATELY owned and operated everything… buisnesses, farms…

    They want complete control of us, and this land, and its companies.
    If… (and when) they succeed they will make a dark third world country out of this nation which will be impossible to live in with out freedom. Who wants to be the leader of a country or world such as this… (answer) the devil and all he can persuade to follow him.

    I believe if “We the People” (for the people, by the people) speak UP LOUDLY everytime and against every crime the Anti-Americans make to over regulate and over step the Constitution and our Rights; and also VOTE for Constitutional Conservatives in Nov. will help to slow these progressives down, but I have read the Bible and our fall from GRACE is inevitatble. We have not all left the legacy of a FREE America and Jesus as our Lord and Savior to our children (my kids know the TRUTH) and thus many are lost and living in darkness. What you see from the WH, czars, congress, liberal justices, Puppet Masters is the dark hearts of men/ women who follow the evil one and wish to eliminate the rights and life given to you by God and country. Lucifer is the GREAT deceiver, lier, killer and giver of hopelessness and misery.

    We are not so separated by Demos or Repubs, but by believers (saved) and unbelievers (unsaved). Know this day which Master you serve.

    • gregory


      im glad to see that someone else sees what im seeing. so many people live in that tiny little circle of doubt. the big thing people are missing is the end started in the late fortys when the u.n gave the jewish folks back there land that had been hijact’d by the devils people, it is a event that had to happen to kick off the beginning of the end, one motion moves another and so on-its called quickening.
      the non saved will always po-po the thought that this could finally be it for us—they use the excuse that every genoration has said it was the end of the world, but they never take into account that this is the first time in modern history that the jewish folks got there land back through a one world government group.
      i tell people not to panic, we know how this story ends=the devil looses, and if you have faith you will be taken care of through this rough patch of bible history, i say keep your faith and hand all your problems to jesus, and you should be taken care of through this battle we find our selves stuck in–that we cant winn without gods help. the devil knows he is going to loose in the end and he is going to make gods people suffer as much as he can while he can, take advantage of any disaster he can, sounds kinda like whats going on know with the current regime that has controll over this christian country, and have you noticed the punk thugs that support this demonic president COMMIE OBAMIE….

      • Christin

        Ha, ha… yes, it does sound like BO or BS (take your pick)! I’m sorry that is rude, but he is such a bad leader of the FREE world. I was going to say the same thing about my Lucifer statement… sounds an awful lot like BO… maybe they’re cousins!!

        Yes, satin must wreak havoc not only on the saved, but the unsaved, too, so they will not come to know the truth and find their way to God, as satin will soon be in the lake of fire in eternal hell. He knows his time is short so he is fighting the strongest now. With our trust in Jesus… we win.

        Seek Him first and often… because He’s coming in the hour you think not.

  • Patriot-1

    Lets just say this,See how the elections go this November.If Dead people Vote,Mickey Mouse Vote’s,If votes are brought in to vote in your hometown,state,Illeagle’s are found Voting and the Obama crew win’s and the Democrats still control the Government and/or the GOP wins a good Portion of the Government and Nothing is Repealed or even started to be Repealed or rolled back,What is your/our next Move? Is
    there a fall back plan that anyone has thought about or was Mr Charlie Rangle correct when he stated that when America voted for Obama they Voted for Socialisum and that Middle America won’t fight.
    Has anyone thought about that?
    May God Bless America

    • kate8

      The ease with which the voting machines can be rigged now, they may not need the dead and cartoon vote.

      • Christin

        I’ll bet your fight. They know they’re going to get creamed. Besides trying to buy the Hispanic vote by amnesty for 2012 (or maybe earlier)and make Puerto Rico a 51st Demo state, I wouldn’t doubt they are rigging the electronic vote. But voting early on paper doesn’t seem so good either as they don’t open them all, do they?, unless the vote is close AND then sometimes they CHEAT (noooooo) and do what Minnesota did by only opening up the sealed voters envelopes in the CITY where ususally libs live and not counting EVERY vote in the state like in rural and suburbian areas where the Conservatives live. [You Minnesotians should have stood up and hollared until they counted ALL the votes.] So nice for Al Frankin. He hasn’t a clue what a STATESMAN is.

        • eddie47d

          Puerto Rico usually votes down statehood but that’s not really that important. You had to fling some farm dung against the wall and see how many flies (Republican anger) you could catch. Maybe Alaska and Hawaii shouldn’t have become states either! What a silly game you play.

      • kate8

        I even read that they have a virus that will automatically change the vote to a certain candidate, and then disappear and become untraceable.

        We need to realize that the PTB have technology that we can’t even dream of. This is small potatoes for them.

      • BigBadJohn

        UH 2000, Gore got the most popular votes and still lost.

        In 2004 the republicans in Illinois pulled tricks like only putting one voting machine in democratic districts and too many in republican districts. If you lived in a democratic district and tried to vote the lines were at least 8 hours long, in the republican districts – no lines.

        Democrats do not have a lock on dirty tricks!!!

        • kate8

          1. Presidents are NOT ELECTED BY POPULAR VOTE for a very good reason.

          2. Does anyone seriously think we’d have been better off with the sex-poodle for president? Especially with all of his rip-off, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do scams.

          Bush won that one. Get over it.

          Besides, the PTB have never allowed two consecutive presidents of the same party.

    • Christin

      Al Sharpten said the same thing…” a vote for obama was a vote for socialism.”

      I guess the people that voted that way can’t stand on their own two feet and make a good life for themselves… help, someone come and take care of me… I’m helpless.
      They will make us all helpless when there are so many laws we can’t even breathe without a tax.

      • kate8

        I know many successful business people who voted for Obama, too. Go figure.

        ‘Course, they’re all hurting now, too. Some even still thing Odumbo’s going to fix it.

        • kate8

          think, not thing.

    • gregory


      i believe you know what the next step will be as well as everybody else. if things dont change back to the constitution rule–then folks are going to know that our justice system is corrupt and will ack on the threat of loosing our freedom in the propper way as to replace all of the politicians with folks that will hold up the constitution. commie obamie better go to jail for lying about being born in the u.s, he wont be removed from office this term due to the fact that it would create a race riot country wide, the filthy animal group known as the black panthers will push the culture of corruption into attacking the folks that pay the tax’s, most tax payers i know are waiting for that day to come and are ready for it…
      ARE YOU?

    • gregory


      i say get stock’d up and ready for the worst, you know the commies arent going to give it up, and will go against the constitution to stay in power, they have the culture of corruption on there side, there brown shirts are the punks in the black panthers group and alot of punk union members…

      by the way commie obamie was born in the village of KOGELO KENYA..
      Im sure he will do jail time after his first term as many folks from the justice dept know this fact as well….

      • Christin

        Gregory, if it’s known that he has a foreign birth (and most of suspect so), then why on Earth was he allowed to RUN FOR THE OFFICE of PRESIDENT when the rules clearly state American born.

        This is to insure that your loyalty is to our country and you are not torn to favor another… your birth place and its culture.

        • gregory


          commie obamie pull’d a trick on the system by waiting until he had a well placed public support system, he was ask’d for his birth cert over and over by the vetr’s, he purposly drug his feet as to become the first black man to have a serious shot at being the first black president, he knew that if his public mostly being black were soporting him that there would be a chance that riots would occure over him not being allowed to run for president, the 2nd thing he did in concert was–after gaining the support he needed as to be a threat of overall country rioting–he offer’d up to the vetrs a cert of live birth wich just means he was a male human that was born, so in essance he play’d the race game to get controll of you and this country, he was verry quick to seal his real birth cert so nobody but him could even look at it to verify that he waS BORN A U.S citizen…

          i just got back from kenya a couple of weeks ago from a mission trip, and while i was there for a month–i had a little time here and there to ask some questions to folks like police, minister of agg, shop owners, people on the streets, and a few folks from his home town in kenya, every single person i spoke with all told the same exact story, pinpointing the exact location he was born in and the little preschool for muslims that he attend’d 3.5 miles to the south of the home he was born in. so when every single person tells the same exact story–i have to believe them because lets face it the odds that all folks there are not telling the truth on the same subject is so slim that you have a better chance of winning the lotery 7.4 times in a row…
          when he shows the vetrs his real birth cert on live television and it is confirmed that he was born in the u.s–then i will say im sorry for calling him a fake president, until then i will keep throwing jabs at him and his sorry commie ways, he has to prove to me that he is not a illegitimate president–because he is such a grifter that he cant be trusted…


  • independant thinker

    I have read about a move to force ALL cattle to be microchipped if the meat is to be consumed by anyone other than the owner. This is just one more way to force the small farmer who sells a couple of yearlings to someone else for their meat out of business. If this is put into effect I bet it will not be enforced on the hispanics growing goats to sell for goat roasts though.


    I know that some bad things can live in raw milk, But I’ve spent many years drinking raw milk, making homemade butter and ice cream. Never did get sick! The only problem we had was when the cow found a patch of wild onions the milk tasted kinda funny. Asd for this “so called government” we have now. We must take out the trash on Nov.2nd. I’m willing to give the Rep.s a chance, But We need to watch them close, If it gets no better,Then the Tea Party can really become a political party and we’ll kick out the Rep.s too.

  • BigBadJohn

    Put the blame where it belongs, corporate influence on the government. Big agri-business has bought and paid for so many senators and congressman, they simply buy their own legislation.

    The lions share of Government farm subsidies go to big business, but most people do not complain because they think it helps the small farmer. Farm subsidies must END!

    One of the worse offenders is Monsanto. They have genetically engineered crops to be resistant to Roundup. But no labeling is required for their genetically engineered crops. They sue anybody that they even think “might” be infringing on their patented seed. There have been a number of cases where a farmers crop was cross pollinated with Monsanto’s seed and they sued the farmer for using their seed without buying it! There needs to be a law to label all crops and products that come from genetic engineering. I personally would like to know what I am consuming..

    • independant thinker

      Everyone …………. write your congressman and senators and ask/urge/demand as appropriate they support legislation to have geneticly engineered crops labled and prevent Monsanto and other large genetic engeneering companies from suing for cross polination.

      • kate8

        Good thought, independent t, but it is our Congressmen doing the bidding of corporations like Monsanto, who are doing all this.

        In case you haven’t noticed, our Congress is not listening to us.

        • independant thinker

          While it is true they rarely if ever listen if we do not tell them how we feel on a subject they have the excuse they did not know what we want.

  • http://aol Joan

    Its bad when you have to hide the fact that you get raw milk. I love it and have never gotten ill from its consumption. The gov. has legal precedent that they can regulate what you can grow from a supreme court case in the 30s’. The 2007(?) farm bill had a clause in it that you would have to get Gov. permission to plant a private garden every year. Fortunately that was removed before passage…These are dangerous time that we live in. Here in Idaho, Jefferson county want to ban flood irrigation from the canals because some of the new yuppies that have moved to the country want to have full basements in their houses next to a flood irrigated hay field (DUH). The officials would prefer to deplete the water table from pumps and put farmers out of business so that they can ban flood irrigation.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Joan, and if the economy collapses, these yuppies will be the first AHoles, to cry out from hunger.They make me sick!

      • http://aol Joan

        Agreed, but they will also be the ones that will try to rob whatever you have, just like they are now. Up here its’ a big thing to have a large pantry and to can, dry and preserve for the “bad” times that are coming. However, when and if they do come, you must be able to defend what you have in order to survive.
        Just look at the recent events in the world and you see that when food stocks start to run out in the cities then they form gangs and start to pick the countryside clean as they leave the big cities. That’s if the gov. doesn’t try to take all that you have first.

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          Joan, Me too, I grow, but usually freeze, but planning on way more canning this year!__Also sun dry herbs or a low fire and highscreens___ but I’m old school and learned the hard way. I make my own bread and tallow candles. I found if you’ve been exposed, we’ve got to use the knowledge to survive and pass along what we know___and defend what we have we will!
          Gods speed!

    • meteorlady

      Don’t you just love the sanctimonious yuppies? They move somewhere and all of a sudden that area needs to change to suit them.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        meteolady, Boy oh Boy, ain’t that the truth! These idiots move out here from the city, are here for a couple weeks,and go to township meetings, to complain about the cow manure, the farmers spill on the roads.__One new neigbor up above us complained, there are no street lights, I told her, go back to the city, that we don’t where high heels to mow grass out here!

        • Angel-Wanna-Be

          and when we can’t see at night, we use flashlights!

          • kate8

            Amen, meteorlady and Angel-. The city folks have flooded into our once-small town, and then work to turn it into the place they left.

          • libertytrain

            Angel, Kate8, MeteorLady – I have to agree with you. They all need to stay in the city – I’m so tired of all the changes they try to implement since they moved to the country – good grief.

        • Claire

          Angel-Wanna-be — Wear high heels to mow grass!!! LOL I am still laughing!!

          • kate8

            Out here they hire illegals to mow their grass. They don’t like getting their high heals dirty!

    • 45caliber

      The government began regulating farm pricing back just after the Revolutionary War. The argument was that if allowed the farmer would price their food too high for a city person to be able to afford to eat. Ben Franklin was somewhat upset by it.

  • http://aol Joan

    So very true. I just finished taking a canning class at the county extension up here so that I can update my techniques. I come from the old school too…putting wax over jelly to seal the jar. I’m thinking of putting together a old style “cold” smoke shack for my meat preservation too.
    I’m also getting my seed requirements together for next growing season since no one know what they may come up with next year.
    Take care, God speed to you also.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Joan__ I’d like to get into smoked meats also__I’m Gonna read up!

    • 45caliber

      The problem with wax seals on jelly is that the wax shrinks as it hardens. There is always a chance for bacteria to get to the jelly. However in many cases it can be skimmed off and the jelly still used. Use canning lids as long as you can – and make SURE the rim of the jar is clean before trying to use the lids.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        45, the way around wax shrinkage, is seal once, wait a week, seal again, check often the first month or so. Keeping room tempertures steady too!

      • independant thinker

        We tried wax seals our first batch of homemade jelly but decided to use lids and can it. We prefer to do it that way but know we can revert to the wax seal if/when we have to. I know my grandmother and for most of her life my mother used wax and I remember very few jars getting any mold.

        My wife was the baby of her family and was taught very little of the old ways and guys of our age were not taught much in the way of “homemaker” type things. As a result, we have taught ourselves how to do them and work together to do it. Over the years I have purchased a number of books on the historical ways of doing things covering everything from blacksmithing to gardens to preserving food to making shine the right way and am now glad I had the foresight to do so.

  • Raggs

    Hummm… ever wonder why so many people get cancer each year?

    If you think about it you will discover that the chemicals that farmers are forced to use create the cancer.

    Now since our country is full of cancerous politicans we need to find a faster way to get rid of them.

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Raggs, how about radiation for starters?!!!___lol

  • meteorlady

    I grew up drinking whole unprocessed milk. My uncle had a dairy farm and we drank milk right from the cow – it was good. I would venture to guess that his farm was way more clean than the mass processing plants we now get our products from. He treated his animals with respect and they had acreage to roam on until milking time. My other uncle grew vegetables and grains and it was the same. We ate farm raised produce for years. As for meat, we now keep 5 cattle on some property we own and feed them well, have vet checks twice a year and have the best meat ever without antibiotics and growth hormones.

    What’s happening is that corporations are lobbying the federal government to pass laws in their favor at the expense of the organic small farmer/rancher. While that might benefit producers like Hormel and Tyson, it certainly does not benefit the American public.

    Further, at the risk of sounding too far out there, the animals are not treated well. Chickens live in small cages where they cannot even move much, when they weight a certain weight, the bottom drops out and they are butchered alive on an assembly line. Cattle are unloaded at meat processing plants that can’t even stand up and are dragged to the slaughtering house. Pigs are the same – alot of them have been kept in cages that are too small and they are overfeed, pumped full of growth hormones and a lot can’t even stand up on their own. My point is that if this goes on in corporate agriculture, how sanitary and free of toxins are the products they produce.

    • kate8

      I kept trying to tell my daughter about the deplorable conditions for the animals and birds used in food production, and how unhealthy such food is, but it wasn’t until she found a video showing exactly how they are raised and kept that she listened. It horrified her so that she no longer buys from such producers.

      I remember the story about the libs who were protesting hunting, saying that the hunters should buy their meat from the super-market like everyone else.

      • Angel-Wanna-Be

        kate8. yeah, I’d bet they’d love folks to ALL buy our meat from the supermarket, one, it would be another reason NOT to use our guns, and two, perhaps in a generation or so, people would so damned dependent on the Government, they’d have us right where they wanted, slaves, if it’s any more possible!

        • kate8

          The funny thing is, they failed to realize that the meat that came in plastic wrap came from animals that were treated deplorably and then slaughtered!

          That’s how far removed from reality some of these folks are. They’ve never even seen a cow or a chicken.

          • BigBadJohn

            LOL I was watching a history channel thing on space aliens. They mentioned a major power outage in California and all of the phone calls that authorities got from people who spotted a lot lights in the skies – they had never seen the stars and did not know what they were!

          • independant thinker

            Missed that one John but I do not doubt it a bit.

    • Claire

      meteorlady– Thank you, thank you, thank you for your post! Does everyone know what they do to baby calves? They put them in a holding pen, they cannot move, and literally stuff them to fatten them. Then when they are fat enough they kill them. That is where veal comes from.
      Cows–Cows are put in pens, I saw it on TV where a bobcat came in and literally plowed into them, knocking them all over. I wanted to vomit but cried instead.
      I have always said, animals are at the mercy of human beings. There certainly are more humane ways to kill an animal.
      This is why I never allow hunting on my property-I have seen too many deer running around with arrows hanging out of them, or wounded by gunshot and stumbling around, or laying on the ground shaking and mewling.
      My husband used to hunt when he was able, and I always told him if you are going to hunt, kill swiftly and quickly. And if you don’t and the poor beast takes off, follow it and finish the job, don’t let it die a cruel and painful death. Food for the table is fine, sport killing I do not approve of. Before everyone gets honked off, I do realize “thinning” does have to occur in some species but if so, do it humanely.
      The politician named Brady here in Illinois tried to pass legislation about the euthanasia of animals in the animal shelters. He wanted them all put into a small room and kill them with auto exhaust. Can you imagine dogs and cats in one small room together??!! And it takes awhile for all of them to die. To me it is horror. I guess he thinks individual shots for individual animals was too costly. When people got in an uproar about it, he gave the legislation to one of his buddies. Real nice guy. Maybe he needs to be put in a small room with auto exhaust right along with all of his enemies. He sure as hell won’t get my vote. And I will make sure people do not forget this crummy piece of legislation and the person behind it.

      • kate8

        I’m with you, Claire. I can’t bear for any living thing to suffer. I have trouble dealing with the snails in my yard. I see them all as God’s creatures.

        To set out snail bait, or spray bugs, I can’t help thinking that this is what the PTB are doing to us. It’s all a matter of scale.

        Those in control believe that they own us, and have the right to do as they please with us. Including kill us.

        • Claire

          kate8–I have been reading that the bees are vanishing. I can tell you that I do not have the bees this summer like I normally do. I have lots of flowers and everything is in bloom, but not many bees and not many butterflies.

          • kate8

            I’ve noticed a real decrease in bees, too. Over the past couple of years I also saw dead and dying bees around the yard, as did a friend of mine in another city.

            Everytime I see bees in my flowers, I thank God for them. I teach my grandson to love the bees, too. He has a wonderful reverence for living things. He gets upset when I pull up dandelions in the lawn!

            Of course, speaking of dandelions, they are nutritious, and the root is an excellent blood purifier. I allow them to grow in certain places, thinking they may come in handy one day.

          • Christin

            I have vegetables and fruits planted in containers in the suburbs and raised garden beds in the country and I, too, have noticed a LOT of flowers, but not much new fruit or vegetables. I even planted some flowers around to invite bees for pollenating.

            Does any one know what has happened to the bees?

            I was entertaining the idea of maybe putting a small bee hive so that we’d have guarenteed pollenation, but I don’t think I am up to that task.

            We have butterflys, moths, grasshoppers and crickets in the country. I wonder if the grasshoppers are doing some of the pollenation…

          • libertytrain

            Claire, etc. There’s a bee virus out there and that’s the apparent problem. They’ve been talking about it for a few years now:

          • Claire

            libertytrain– I have quite a few Hibiscus plants that come up every year. They are gorgeous. Blooms the size of small dinner plates. The Japanese beetles have arrived. I do not use insecticide, I go out with a container of water & Dawn detergent. Pick The dang things off and into the Dawn water. Kills them almost immediately.
            Japanese beetles?? I should call them Chinese beetles!

          • Claire

            The chemicals that are used and have been used for the past number of years is what is killing everything off. I always say animals are at the mercy of human beings, well, so are the insects.

          • libertytrain

            I’ve got those darn beetles here as well – I’ll get out the Dawn.

          • independant thinker

            As far as the honey bees dying, I believe the geneticly engeneered crops have something to do with it as well. They have introduced a gene from the BT virus into certain crops to act as a “natural” insecticide and I believe that is causing a part of the problem.

            One way you can at least partly offset the loss of honey bees is to encourage the bumble bees to live in your area. The wood boring ones especially help with plant polination. There are sources telling you how to encourage them to live close to your property although I do not remember what they are right now.

      • Claire

        Enemies? I meant cronies. Dang it.

  • Orie

    There is -unfortunatelly- the need for some sort of goverment control,
    otherwise there would be chaos. We must choose the lesser of two evils in order to survive. Sometimes we forget our origins like our founding fathers, who had nothing and yet gave all they had to make this great nation we call America. The whole World is better off since our country was born. We ALL must take pride in this land of ours because there is no other country quite like the U.S.A. So, please let’s unite for our cause instead of fighting each other off. We ALL have a little place in this blessed land, let’s keep it the way
    it was created and remove those politician that spoil our land by implementing foreing ideologies that don’t fit our bill in the name of CHANGE. America MUST remain pristine. That was what made US great!

    • JC

      The government has 3 jobs and only 3…

      1. Secure the borders. (A Military)
      2. Provide a civil justice system. (actual justice)
      3. Provide a civil police force to enforce justice.

      That’s it, That’s all…

      • 45caliber

        The Feds have three jobs but not exactly your list.

        1. Secure the borders (military).
        2. Deal with foreign governments. (State Department)
        3. Finance the first two.

        The rest comes under the states.

        • JC

          That works too.

  • Patriot-1

    The Wife and I have been planting Gardens,Canning and all around staching food. also setting up alternative heating for winter and are now getting into smoking.I’m passing on what I’ve found to others here
    Maybe it will help y’all get started.Anyone with an ounce of Brains can see whats coming.Remember Hungry people are Dangerious people.
    Protect what you have anyway you must.
    May God Bless America

    This is a great site for people that smoke meat.Great People too.

    A great Forum for people who love to smoke meat,Cheese ect.

    Plans for Building a cold smoker:

    • Angel-Wanna-Be

      Patriot1___Great Links!__Thanks!

    • God help me, I live in CA

      Thank You!

    • independant thinker

      Mother Earth News is another source for doing things the old way and The Foxfire book series has a lot of interesting and useful information as well

  • Bob Wire

    This is nothing new. ~ it’s always been hard for small farmers from the last 70 years.
    My folk left the farm as it became a major hardship with sons fighting over seas, Girls just don’t pull against the plow as hard until the become grown women.

    The fact of the matter is , government has a bunch of jobs ~ to protect the water and food supply ? I’d expect no less of them. does it make it harder for small farmers? ~ of course,

    if it was easy, politician would want jobs on the farm.

  • Steve

    I grew up on a ranch and we ate well without worry, the manure we used I can guarantee was cleaner than any politician. The only cancer I fear is the government,its without a doubt deadly. Not much difference in raising hogs and cattle, we slop the hogs in congress and make them drunk with our money, our very sweat which they drain. Doctors and researchers came up with Swine Flu shots, I would gladly donate to research to rid us of Trough-feeder cancer, seems that voting is being done by ficticious people,illegals,dead people, and Im sure animals like Mickey Mouse and Pluto. Vote those porkers out of office, then vote for an educated, common sense person. Im sick of Harvard and the other elites. Feed them cake……….

  • Stephen Russell

    See American Farmland Trust who claims to help small farmers nationwide, & take this story to Fox Business News alone or Fox AM Morning show.
    Must read news.

  • http://gmail i41

    As usual several people have no idea what farming is about. Until late 70′s farmers had several deverified operations going on at the same farm and ranch. In the 1980 the Conservation Reserve Program was started. Which was dreamed up in late 30′s, by the avowed communist, who was appointed Sec. of Ag., by Freaking Dork Repugant socialist. This was the first Sec of Ag., who thought Russias method of grain production was a model we should follow. It has taken decades to brainwash people in to getting free money for doing nothing, in the idea it is for the wildlife. Right now I could take you out and show you seval places. from 5,000 -20,000 acres that used to produce wheat, barley, corn and alfalfa, now is a over grown with weeds and less desirable grasses. The government pays the owners any where from $40 an acre to $150 an acre to let wildlife run wild, all of it on the taxpayer’s dime every year. If you want to hunt there the state will charge you a pretty high fee for a permit for each deer, antelope, grouse, pheasant or what every you want to hunt. Or the owner will just charge you a high price for any of these animals. Taxpayers rented the ground at 10 year segements on up, and the taxpayer get double dipped, on this worthless government program. The taxpayer pays the rent and the owner, then charges anyone to hunt on the government rented land, or the government antes up more money every year. It has been going on for over 28 years. USA used to export food all over, now we import food from other countries. Just like Onumnuts did for his parties of Kobi beef from Japan, for his socialist friends, that we payed for., Until the government gets involved, food production goes pretty smooth and effiecently. Now the USDA and Ag. Department, with their beltway retards are planning to let Brazilian raw beef into the USA food chain, Brazilian beef has foot and mouth disease, which is a virus, it causes cold sore looking blisters in bovine animal’s mouths and esphoguses. Ususally they die from starvation and infect other animals easily. Canada is starting to pressure the adminstration to allow old, over 3 year olds into to the USA food chain. Canada uses medication on it beef, that has been out lawed in the USA for over 30 years. Do you here Onumnuts or any Congress people sounding an alarm? When dogs and cats were poisoned from wheat mids shipped and used from China, we have plenty of wheat mid here and global owned companies are in each others hind pocket. Not a peep was heard, because we have smucks in the beltway,and they all are the overeducated asses in wonky agencies, who only know how to mess with the USA ag producers and private businesses, and don’t want to touch any of the foreign thugs, because the foreign thugs have the administration under their thumbs with Congress. GMO food doesn’t kill or harm you, farmers and ranchers are alway crossing blood lines to get hybrid vigor in their meat producing animals, grains, fruits, flowers, and vegatables have been crossed to get better plants and more production since early times. In the 50-70′s farmers and ranchers, use to use tillage to control weeds and persts by crop rotation and cultivation. But when the democraps got the hair up their posteriors to use chemicals to control every thing and raised the idea of limited tillage, fuel prices climbed and the b–l s–t about running out of pretrolem in the USA was dreamed up.. Why not check to see who has gotton big campaign funds over the decades that are in congress which are tied to government control and it knws what is best for everyone.. The same time, this was being pushed, deversifacation was in government planning. Raising only one type of crop, getting bigger and forming corporations, and getting rid of individual ownership. The tax code in early 80′s went to more loop holes for corporations and easier money lending for conglomerates. Main promoters were the socialist democraps as has been the case for decades. Farmers Unions, National Farmers Organizations are nothing but a left leaning groups of socialist. They will do what ever their leaders want. Where do you think the people that can make any where from 150,000 – several million dollars a year, doing nothing for free government money. So where do these people go, vacations and take jobs in town or anywhere they like with no worry about pay rates. Their comment is usually well a $5 an hour job is good enough for any one, sure it is, when you don’t have to pay house payments or rent, and you deduct your heating and electricity as a ranch expense. If the government programs were stopped, it would free up 15-40 billion dollars a year, but dems think everyone needs government more control over everything. Look at you food processing labels, ADM, Con-AG, and usually 1 of the 4 major meat processors contol all meat processing, which have the justice department and judges in their pockets, so laws aren’t enforced. Congress will not enforce food laws that were passed in the 1920, and how many lawyer lying leeches have been sent to Washington? I guess people like contaminated meats, vegatbles and fruits from some third world sewage fertilized feilds, but we need to be understanding.

    • eddie47d

      You almost had a couple of good articles except for all the rantings and left out facts. Blame the Dems.,Blame the Dems.,Blame the Dems.! Your article became an echo chamber of B.S. Not one word about all the Republicans who own these chemical plants and pushed their usage,who own these mega farms and forced out the small farmer,who hire dirt cheap labor and won’t pay a decent wage,who take these million dollar “bribes” from Washington and drain our treasury. There is nothing wrong with allowing land to remain fallow to protect it from soil erosion and rejuevenation for future use. That’s wise planning but you had to put an anti-Dem spin on it and turn it into a conspiracy. I would agree that farmers shouldn’t take govt. cash for potecting their own land. Almost no beef comes from Japan so that was just a cheap shot from you. On the issue of tainted food and /or toxic toys the Republicans always vote against funding to the agencies who could stop these products from reaching our shores. All countries import and export including food. Where do you think we get Bananas,dates,spices and coffee.That’s part of our free enterprise system. We only need to make it more fair and balanced. You article ended up like swiss cheese and smelled like farm dung.

  • http://gmail i41

    American Farmland Trust is a BS organization. It makes sure land in the trust is controlled by governemnt programs and ” approved” practices. If you contract any of your property with governemnt easments you just hosed your self and your following generations. A land owner cannot give land to future generations in preputatity, it is deemed control from the grave for ever. But the government can. It is just like a Soros phony freedom plan. There is a bunch of feely meely BS lines in the organization, but when you check the contracts out you don’t have ownership or control. USDA/FSA smucks are your bosses and advisors. Same thing that happened to a 85 year old farmer in N.D., he learned the hard way since he has been arrested , fined, jailed and harrassed by the Washington morons in USDA for almost 40 years. because he gave a permit to the socialist wildlife program admistered by USDA for 5 years. When it was up he decided to do something different with his property. Wonks will decide what, when, where you will plant and how much you will harvest. After FDR create the Department of Ag, until 1964, some governemnt puke decided what yyou would plant and how many acres. When it ended, my folks got out and we produced more livestock and different varaties of grain. Government has been creeping back in to more control and with cap and trade passage, welcome to the USSR for food production style. Shorages and little to choose from, what do you think the food police are getting ready for, weiny eating contest? It is just another wasteful long term creation of a park system. USA already has too much idle land it cannot take care of or protect.

  • Louis

    There used to be food inspectors then they were deemed of little value, then e coli and salmonella appeared in the food supply over and over.

  • Dust Bowl

    Soil conservation sounds like communism to some. Perhaps even National Parks to preserve our natural beauty was a commie plot.

  • Bob Wire

    Right Dust Bowl!

    It’s an organized effort to get what’s needed to market and it takes years for just one cycle to go full circle.

    Somewhere today 3000 cows will be slaughtered and this happens everyday in countless places.

    Somewhere today 20,000 chicken will be slaughtered. ~ Timing is everything, from the sweet grass to the slaughter house.

    If you had one dead 2000 lb, cow on your hands at this very moment what would you do? ~ The fly’s are coming, think fast.

    It’s all a big commie plot! and Obama’s idea! He want’s to be King of Crap! So he’s turning the world into a large pile of crap!

    Things were acceptable until he arrives, now everything is mess and corrupt!

    We hate everything! Don’t trust nothing but FOX Media and Flush Plumbbob, they are the only ones telling it like it is, ~ everyone else is a bunch of no working, commie tree hugging lying sons of dogs.

  • K. D. M.

    They keep pushing and pushing one day soon we will revolt and take over the Government. They are the terrorists within our Government and they must be stopped! I refuse to bow down to them.

  • Long time home gardener

    Um, hello folks. A (oh my god!) Liberal here. We’ve been promoting organic home gardens for years and years and years. And suddenly it’s a commie plot?? Get a grip you all. You are really, really losing your grip.

    • libertytrain

      No one denies that there were folks, both libs and conservatives, that have been promoting or actually doing these things for many years. As an example, I always hung out my laundry – I though it was a energy conserving to do – still do – but man I took a lot of jokes aimed at me throughout the years. Mostly from my lib friends. Now it’s one of those things that’s become the avantgarde thing to do – and those that never lifted a finger toward conserving have suddenly become green experts and are lecturing me to do things I’ve done for decades from their oversized, highly mortgaged homes. That’s the point the conservatives have been trying to make — all these newly found experts.

  • Free the USA

    Hey, you know I just read an article that said Nobama is going to control how we tie our shoes. Isn’t that how China became commies? They controlled their shoes! Look out everyone. Their going to come to our houses and take you away if you don’t tie your shoes the way they want you to. Next thing you know it will be your underwear. Like I41 says up above, it will be in preputativy. Prepotatie. Presupostoty. Whatever. The commies are coming! Even the tomatoes are red!

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