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Putin: McCain Is Nuts

December 16, 2011 by  

Putin: McCain Is Nuts

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has lashed out at Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) over his threats that Putin may face the same fate as the late Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi following a voting scandal.

The Russian leader said that the U.S. Senator had likely been traumatized by his experience as a prisoner of war.

“Mr. McCain was taken prisoner in Vietnam and was put, not just in jail, but in a pit! He sat there for several years. Any person would go nuts from that!” Putin said during a television appearance.

The Prime Minister also said that the United States played a much bigger role in the ousting of the former Libyan dictator than has been reported, according to Russia Today.

“All the world saw him being killed, all bloodied. Is that democracy? And who did it? Drones, including American ones, delivered a strike on his motorcade. Then commandos, who were not supposed to be there, brought in so-called opposition and militants. And killed him without trial,” Putin explained.

Putin also said hawkish politicians like McCain are targeting Russia because it has the strength to protect its sovereignty and its international interests rather than submit to U.S. attempts at world domination.

“They still fear our nuclear capabilities,” he said in reference to the West. “That is why we are such an irritant. We have our own opinion and are conducting our own independent foreign policy… And it clearly bothers someone.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    Comrade Putin must be pulling his punches. To say or imply that America is on the path of world domination is partly correct. What Putin doesn’t understand is that HIS bosses and OUR bosses are working together (wasn’t he the head of the KGB for while?).
    It is a commonly misunderstood FACT that you can’t blame a nation’s people for its faults. THAT is the domain of the SOBs who control whatever nation is getting the attention at the moment. Who was saying tht Russia is dead? It must have been a Mark Twain moment that made it such an idea popular.

    • FreedomFighter

      I agree SC.

      What Mr Putin seems to be missing is that America has been hi-jacked by Globilist elite who’s plans dont include Russia surviving the future.

      Russia is not totally controlled by the elite, they are not currently doing Eugenics on there own people, nor are they utterly controlled yet. America is now under full control of the Elite Eugenics monsters that want a 90% reduction in world population.

      America and Russia are to be sacrificed, just look were all the industry has moved to – China.

      The elite will provoke Russia and China into destruction of the United States, at a predetermined time CHINA will turn on Russia and utterly annihiiate them.

      Think about it logically – all major production moved to China, the United States being robbed blind of all wealth —> China, wtf is Russia getting?

      The shaft, just like America.

      The monsters at the top will start WWIII burn America using Russia and China, then China will burn Russia.

      Now this is just a guess of course, but if I were Russian KGB, well it be time for some covert removal of nasty elites.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • jimmy the greek

        So you are saying what i have been saying the other Races are plotting to get red of the white race .

        • Charles Mana

          The most dangerous enemy of The United States is what I call the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists. Russia was taken over by them in the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Most of the people who made up the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists were and mostly still are the Kahzarian self styled , so called Jews whose Religion is based on the Rabinnical produced Talmud and so they are Talmudists.
          Russia was a victim of this Zionist led organization, the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists, and so were all of the European Countries at about the same time. Once Russia was subdued, the attack started against the other Eoropean Countries including Germany. This was the cause of all of the chaos that occurred in the world between WWI and WWII. It is the same kind of chaos that is happening in the Western European Culture and the United States caused by the Kahzarian Talmudists. If you would study the history of the twenties and the thirties you would find that the circumstances are basically the same and the results are the same. The kahzarian Talmudist seek to destroy the Western European Culture which includes The Unites States. The destruction includes our governments, our Christian Religion, especially The Roman Apostolic Church the Mystical Body of Christ. The detruction of our economy, the destruction or all organizations. Sigmond Freud and the Frankfurt School of Psychoanylists set out to claim that because of the Authoritarian nature of our culture and because of the repression of free sex the Western European Culture of mainly the Caucasion/Aryan race develops psychosis and neurosis and, here is the big one, it causes ANTI-SEMITISM. With a little logical thinking by the Kahzarian Talmudists that causes people to be weary of them is what they are doing to the Gentiles to prevent Anti-Semitism actually causes Anti-so called self styled jewishness. I don’t call them Semitic because only Israelites from the seed of Abraham are Semitic and the Hebrews and the Arabs.
          What is happening in the world today is being purposely caused by the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists, aka, Kahzarian Talmudists and until The United States and Europe throw off the Political correctnes crap, this destruction of Roman-European Culture will continued to be attacked and the destructioin will continue. We must face the true enemy, the Kahzarian Talmudists, and we must confront them and let them know that they will no longer get a free pass just because of their claiming to be Semitic and so called self-styled jews. We must let them know that what they are doing is evil and caused two hundred million Caucasian/Aryan deaths in the Twentieth Century, WWI,WWII,Korea, Vietnam, the murder and killing of two million Germans toward the end and after WWII while the Russians were relocating Germans from Eastern Europe, where they had lived for nearly a thousand years and sending to what was left of Germany.
          Face up to the facts America and Europe and stop this agenda of the Zionist-Bolshevik-Communists. Also, since there was no so called self styled jew Holocaust, don’t be shamed or feal guilty about the biggest Hoax of the Century. God please all of you and I do include the so called self styled Jews. I pray for their conversion to Christianity.

          • FreedomFighter

            Your way above the heads of these guys. Good read though, thanks.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • eddie47d

            Good grief another Holocaust denier who needs to be flushed. Although millions of non-Jews also perished on the European front that doesn’t take away from their tragedy.

          • FreedomFighter

            Dont worry Eddie, I stand with Isreal not communism.

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • James

            You’re not above my head. The Apostle John wrote: “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine [Christianity], receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed.”

          • daniel

            Please give it a rest!!! I am tired of this racist BS even the backdoor variety. It belies a total lack of maturity and intelligence.

          • jimmy the greek

            Charles you hit the nail on the head , Six million and all .

          • GarryB

            Charles Mana, I’m sorry that you’re all mixed up, especially on your historical perspectives.

            I see that you may be one, that, instead of looking for the truth in any given matter, where you must first must approach the search without any biases or pre-conceptions, then weigh both sides extensively, that you have, through your post, failed to fit this mold of a person searching for answers and you have not sought out any truth, but to find the exact information made available to you, only serving to strengthen your already biases and pre-conceptions.

            I’ll not waste any more of your time, nor mine in educating you on your theories.
            Regards, Garry B

          • Al Sieber

            You are right Charles, to bad about some of the ignorance here.

          • JC

            Ok Charles, let’s say you’re right about the distinction between Jewish sects and the activities in the past by certain Talmudists…
            Is it practical to think of this Globalist movement in religious terms? I think not.
            I think we identify the tools they use amd take them away.
            End the Fed and Restore the Republic. (would be a good start)

          • Al Sieber

            Ending the Fed would solve 95% of our problems.

      • Mark in LA

        Well FreedomFighter then thank your lucky stars we had Reagan. He was the one who gave us a fraud ridden amesty opening the flood gates to massive third world immigration. He started the deregulation of the financial services which gave us the S&L fiasco as a dry run to the dor com and housing bubble. He taught us deficits don’t matter. He brought the Isreal firster, American goy kids as cannon fodder, neocons into the evecutive branch. He started the free trade nonsense leading to our exodus of jobs. The decline of America was a Reagan administration project, unfortunately for us the Azheimer’s riddled old fool wasn’t smart enough to understand the outcome of the policied he advocated, but his trainers were.

    • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

      Madman Putin doesn’t understand, no the USA DOES NOT want to rule the world it just wants Dictators and FOOLS like him put away so others in the World can enjoy freedom and prosperity. All these citizen’s living in these country’s that are suppressed by dictators and fools know how we live and how we have freedom here and they wish they could also have it. This is why so many citizen in some of these country’s a rising up and taking over, Libya, Egypt and even Iran’s citizen tried but they ask for and needed our help but ovomit turned his back on them. Now instead of this country being an allied with no nukes being built we have a real problem.

      • FreedomFighter

        Bone up a little you may change your mind.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • John

        Still living in the past? Sure sounds like it. Time to pull your head out of your you-know-what and take a look around. We have been hijacked by some really nasty elites who want to take our wealth and use it for their nefarious global purposes. they have used our brave military to do their bidding and still are. But the time is coming (and very soon, I might add) when they will have squeezed us for all we have, the money will become worthless and they will toss us aside like so much trash. American can’t stand for Freedom when we aren’t free, and last I looked the land of the Free and Home of the Brave had turned into the land of the dispossessed and and home of the cowardly and afraid.

      • amarq

        Trainman, you are living proof that stupid is as stupid does…or says…..WAKE UP dude …the train has left the station…

        • speedle

          This site is turning into a conference room of nut bags and zealots. Some of you guys make the 99 percenters look like an intelligent movement. Trainman actually is more on the truth track than you are Amarq.

          • Jay

            Well speedle, if you agree with trainman, it is only because you suffer from similar affliction, lack of oxygen. Pull your head out, little boy!!!

      • Donald

        Trainman should see a doctor ASAP.

      • Mark in LA

        Notice how everybody we don’t like is either a dictator, a tyrant, or somebody who stole an election and therefore illegitimate and we have a “right” to depose them – regardless of how popular they are in their own country.

        • libertytrain

          I didn’t realize he was still that popular in Kenya :)

    • Lynn

      McCain, belongs to the elites, thet want to get rid of us Americans, he is a progressive nut, that passed this new law that can throw any American into jail, I dispise this man. I think he also belongs to the Bilderburgh group, not quite sure, but if he does that will tell you a lot more.

    • jimmy the greek

      The zionist are the puppet masters !

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    America may be heading in the direction of one world government, but we will be the dominated ones. Our country is being ran into the ground for this purpose. It’s an agenda that has been a work in progress for many years. But then again, it would take a long time to tranquilize Americans into a coma-like state, to make this happen. We were so prosperous and mighty that we were lulled into thinking we would always be the dominating nation of the world, never suspecting that we would end up at the bottom. We are rapidly approaching our fate.

  • Mark Dabney

    Actually, McCain IS NUTS – he is a war monger that was actively involved in the TREASON of authorizing Americans to be held without charge or trial. McCain should – along with any other policial whore that voted for this crap – should be put on trial. Just because they would deny us justice does not mean that we should debase ourselves to act like them.

    The question I raise about this reverse ace that graduated in the top 99.5% of his class at the Naval Acadamy: was he really shot down by the VC – or a fellow Naval Aviator that wanted revenge for what really happened on the Forrestal?

    • wandamurline

      The people of Arizona need to start a recall on this SOB. He has committed crimes against America and voted to allow sodomy and beastility in the Defense Budget Act…stating that he did not see it…bull…it was put in there for the homos so they didn’t get kicked out of the military for their perversive sexual agenda. Fortunately, the Americans saw it and cried fowl and got the repeal of this perversive acts put back into the bill. This man is not nuts, he is in on the NWO along with a lot of others who have been in Washington tooooooo long. Vote everyone out in 2012 that has been in Washington over 10 years. Go Green in 2012, recycle Congress and the ineligible POTUS along with them. It is time to clean up the sewage that is backing up with a good rotor rooting.

      • eddie47d

        Wanda is as nuts as McCain anymore. I use to like that guy but he is becoming a Nat. Congress writes and passes the bill Wanda not the President.So put your bestiality fantasies on them.

    • Earl

      McCain grad in the top 5%?? The guy was a C average student, and while in flight school crashed 3 trainer aircraft……But,Hey, his daddy was Navy Admiral John McCain Sr., so the boy had pull in Washington. perhaps his expert flying skills (snark!) were what got him downed in VN. In addition, some other Vets also in the Hilton with him said when interrogated he sang like a canary. Others have gone to their deaths without talking. Some hero!

  • tim

    McCain is nuts, he’s been doing everything he can to take our constitutional rights away. Look at the last bill he helped create. You know dam well obama is gonna abuse it. Anyone who speaks out against him he will go after. Look at the gibson guitar factory. Armed swat teams going into an american business just like he had them go into the amish farms just because thier milk wasnt pasturized!!! It’s time to wake up sheep. I’m willing to bet when mccain was in the hanoi hilton he was squealing like a pig!!! Iv’e lost all of my respect for the man. Ever since he lost the election he’s been going after americans constitutional rights with a vengeance. The man is a danger to our freedom!!!!!!!!!

    • jklapper

      Obama may or may not abuse something like that, however someone like Chaney/Rove sure as heck will!

  • James

    Yes Ivan could most likely be with the coalition of forces that will come against Israel from the North. Putin will stop at nothing to keep in control. Ivan has continued to be an active partner behind the scenes here in WW4. That will continue.

    • jimmy the greek

      You should worry about America not israel .

  • Terry Marcum

    Putin is right! John is nuts. But so is Putin. Takes a nut to know a nut.

    • jklapper

      There is that

    • TML

      Uh… what does that say about you? ;)

  • Southern Patriot

    After reading the comments “left” on this article, I feel the “right” has not spoken up. Sen.McCain has survived much – war & politics and that makes many folks uncomfortable including the real enemies of our nation. It seems that Putin would accuse the U.S.A. of the very thing Russia has been guilty of since communism’s birth – world domination! Those of us who still remember WW2, Korea & Viet Nam will also remember that Americans fought to give freedom to those who were being overun by communism. This “godless disease” has infiltrated our government and we are being force fed to acceptance by legislation by the present administration.
    My ancestors have been part of this nation since Paul Revere sounded his warning of an invading army. Defend yourselves and take up arms to save your country for the sake of freedom is still the resounding cry of patriots. Are you listening, or are you lulled into a stupor? America – last best hope.

    • Joe Brooks

      “Those of us who still remember WW2, Korea & Viet Nam will also remember that Americans fought to give freedom to those who were being overun by communism. This “godless disease” has infiltrated our government and we are being force fed to acceptance by legislation by the present administration.”

      I remember:

    • Mark in LA

      Vietnam was not fought to five “freedom” to the Vietnamese. It was fought to take it away. Part of the peace settlement with the French that created North and South Vietnam was a referendum on reunification to be had at future date. When the South realize that the peasants were with Ho Chi Mihn and would vote for reunification under him, the government of South Vietnam broke the agreement and called off the referendum. Eisenhower, in probably his biggest mistake, backed that play and gave South Vietnam a pledge of support and the backing of SEATO (a stupid American creation in Southeast Asia patterend after NATO).

  • jklapper

    He just now noticed that McCain has lost all his marbles? First McCain started sucking up to Jerry Falwell, then he picked Palin as a running mate… Neither are things that John McCain circa 2000 or before would have ever dreamed of doing, thus we are left with the conclusion that McCain has gone NUTS!!!

  • http://na Jim

    If I can find a video of him giving his comments I will be able todecide exactly what his intentions or reflections meant. Taking his words can actually give him more credence then he is due. The two things that come out of Putins mouth is ussually condecending or sarcastic almost always over in issue with the US. His body language, facial expressions and tone of voice really speaks more then the words. So without seeing that I can only strike it off as a political campaign comment period.

    As far as many of these posts go our country has gotten too large and too intertwined world wide. I agree with Souther Pat that we were involved supporting oppressed people who wanted democracy most of the time. But it isn’t always that black and white. We have interferred somtimes when we shouldn’t of. As has been stated dominate civilizations have a shelf life and then they deteriate and become dissolved in around 2-300yrs. History is just repeating itself, thats all.

  • http://HOTMAIL Trainman

    Putin was a nut and still is and yes he was a higher up in the KGB. If he ever got his way Russia would be a communist country again and all the citizen would be forced labor again.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    Although i’m no supporter of Mccain, i definitely have to support him
    on this one. For he’s correct about Putin. Putin is the total crook.
    Also, this fool is the richest man in Europe. He’s worth 45 billion
    dollars. Now, how did he get so wealthy? Think about that for awhile.
    This cat is no different from these third world tyrants that destroy their countries. In the meanwhile, they have huge Swiss bank accounts.
    Alright that’s all for now folks. Thanks!!

  • DaveR

    Putin is a politician and a Russia, and a high-ranking member of their KGB. As such, anything he says should also be considered whether it is propaganda.

  • jopa

    Things have gotten so bad with our do nothing Congress and their fricking the dog day in and day out, they had to pass a beastiality bill.Now that Obama has the power to declare any citizen a terrorist without a trial and lock that person up forever, I wonder if he can now lock up Bush and Cheney for their role in terrorism around the world and war crimes?

    • s c

      j, isn’t it hard to balance living in the present while you’re so busy living in the past? Methinks you need to decide which is more important to you. You seem to assume that millions of people across America are outraged (like you) and that at some point your pet topic will result in arrests and convictions. So when is the last time someone called you a textbook DREAMER?
      I can’t dig up FDR and put his sorry rump on a frying pan for war crimes, but I can try to get people to see that some of his modern-era mutants still worship the SOB (and they damn sure DO have THEIR heads rammed up their rumps). I could include Wilson, HST and others, but there’s no point.
      j, you need both feet in the present. Maybe that’s a good way to describe the difference between a utopian and a conservative. The past is gone, and it makes NO difference what the topic is. Get over it, and grow up – while you can.

      • Jay

        Nice try, Bushy lover. As for the dead, they are dead, and there’s nothing you can do about that. However, Bush, and that PIG, Cheney, are not! I agree with Jopa, they both need to hang. Anything less would be total injustice. You should be ashamed of yourself, using such faulty logic for the purpose of allowing two of the biggest criminals the US has ever known to obtain a free pass! You commie dreamer!

  • jimmy the greek

    Putin is right ! Him and his daddy are nuts Rember the USS Liberty !

  • DavidL

    John McCain is not nuts. He is a true American hero whose military service deserves our respect. Unfortunately for the country, he is not the brightest bulb in the box.

  • JesseV

    Putin is just stating what we in America already know. McCant is nuts!

  • LongbeardFTW

    McCain should also include obama when speaking about putin. Putin and obama are very similar when it comes to thier political beliefs

  • http://nosite Tom Carter

    For managing to get your butt shot down doesn’t make you a true military hero. Military heroes are the people who shoot the bad guys down. Yes, before you ask I am a retired military type. Tom CV

  • Gringo Infidel

    Senator McCain is nuts but then Putin is a hard core Commie using the “United Russia” party as his vehicle.

    Alas, both Russia and the U.S. get the governments we deserve.

    • Jay

      Imagine that; Fascist America, criticizing Communist Russia! Will America’s self-delussion ever end?

  • Think about it

    Don’t give a dam what Putin has to say, But McCain on the other hand can go str8 to hell, Note: NDAA (S.1867) bill, this scumbag helped dream this bill up behind closed doors.

  • David in MA

    Every now and then, I find myself agreeing with the devil and a devil putin is, but he is slow, many of us new mCcain was nuts a long time ago. I have been wondering if he was not programmed by the N. V. and is now acting it out.
    Those in congress who are helping obozo effect a coup on America should realize that once the gate is locked, they will be eliminated as no longer useful.

  • alfred

    Have to agree with Putin on this one………..McCain is Nuts!!!!!!!!!
    He is not longer useful to a free and Constitutional republic!

  • Idylewylde

    I enjoy the moments when our press actually bothers to cover the ongoing sparring between Putin and the Global Fascists in our country.

    Russia is acting like the United States in the late 1800′s when oil started dominating American economics .. a little development that popularized the automobile.
    Russia is going through the rise of the monopolies, same as we did, and it remains to be seen how that will play out .. especially with the Russian Commies whining to the American leftist press at every opportunity.

    Russia can’t believe that we, the United States, are letting the corporate fascists take over here. They even compared Obama to Lenin in a Pravda political satire piece.

    Our lieing politicans do not want public dialogue with post-Stalinist Russia. The Russians will expose every leftist lie taught in American academia, the Leftist MSM, and the DNC, for openers, and embarrass the two-faced orporate elitists in the RNC (RINOs).

    Russia is an embarrassment because Putin knows where all of the bodies are buried, and where all the skeletons are stashed, and in whose closet.

    Bush Sr. was CIA, and Putin was KGB … dare we criticize?


    I agree with Russian President Putin that McCain IS Nuts, but for a different reason and that is Lack of Diplomacy is what causes wars around the world and McCAIN has immediately made himself inelligible to serve the American people in any shape or form. He is a disgrace to the American people who most wish to have world peace which is not done by attacking the Russian President in the way he did and jeopardise world peace. Its time he retired from public office as a senator but looked after by the nation for his service to his country in his more healthy days.

  • Candyman238

    Yes, John McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam. Let’s not forget he was held by communists supported by Russia and it wouldn’t surprise me if the the Russians didn’t dig the hole in the ground that McCain lived in for years. Putin (who is not president yet by the way) is the worst possible thing that could happen to Russia, and the world at this time. Yes Putin could end up like Gadhafi because he’s a liar, cheat, and tyrant just like Gadhafi. To all you people who hate John McCain, you need to act like Americans and respect this man as he is an American hero. I can’t believe how many of the comments on this page actually support a communist instead of an American. Wake up people. God Bless America!

    • cleareyes


  • simian pete

    It’s good to hear Mr. Putin apologizing about the treatment of Senator McCain ! Those POW’s sure were traumatized by the Marxist. If the Soviet Union (aka Russia) and North Vietnam had been more humane and treated them American POW’s better , Senator McCain probably would have a different view ….

    Hey, Mr. Putin … that’s what happens – some of your countrymen trained and helped the commie North Vietnamese in the torture of American POW’s ….. So why would it be a surprised that Senator McCain wants to place a nuke up your Russian ass ?

    • simian pete

      If Senator McCain wants to put a nuke up your commie ass – Mr. Putin – it’s because all the “trauma” he experienced at the hands of your fellow Marxists ….

      So Mr. Putin, let’s not be so harsh – why don’t you oblige this former POW (Senator McCain), apply a big handful of Vaseline to your posterior- and bend over ….

  • Donald

    Putin did no say MaCain is nuts. Look it up. While McCain is not nuts he has been trying to get back on the world stage ever since he ran his botched up campaign to be President.

    • cleareyes

      The DimRats picked him for us voting in our primaries But the apple cart all fell over when Sara came on seen.

  • jopa

    sc: You have stated I need both feet in the present that the past is gone.That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard in a long time.If you don’t know your history or where you came from, you sure as hell don’t know where you are going.We are living with the actions of the past such as Afghanistan, the trillion dollar war started in Iraq that wasn’t paid for and the tax cuts of a previous idiot that makes our government dysfunctional.Back to the subject though.If Putin thinks McCain is nuts wait until he meets Johnnies buddy Lieberman.

  • Mark in LA

    McCain is nuts – remember he wanted us to intervene on behalf of Georgia after that idiot Bush got us entangled there and the Russian tanks moved in.

  • BWL

    Anyone who understands Russian history knows that the Russian people and politicians want leadership that is strong and vocal and bullish on his own country (the exact opposite of what we have here in America with Obummer). So I’m less interested in this particular exchange between Putin and McCain, and more intrigued by the manner in which Putin addresses any such issue. Russians do not respect weakness. Nikita Khrushchev was ousted not long after the Cuban Missile Crisis for apparent weakness and perceived bending to JFK at that time. With a long history of attacks on its borders from Mongols, Germany, and others, Russians want a tough-talking leader who will back it up. Meanwhile, left-leaning Americans seem to want a limp wrist who will apologize to anyone lest we offend another country by actually think we live in a great country. I will never understand that view which characterizes Obama and those that support him.

  • jopa

    BWL: The reason America is so great today is because of our current leader and the way he conducts himself as President.He will respect other countries and their rights but if they get out of line they will pay for it.America in the past had some phony cowboy types that would start unjust wars but today we have a President that believes in precision surgical type strikes that take out the perp and not create a mass slaughter as we have seen in the past.As I have stated before look down and ask Gaddafi,Osama,22 out of 30 top al Qaeda leaders and the Somali pirates.


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