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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Announces Illegal Alien Status

June 24, 2011 by  

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Announces Illegal Alien Status

Jose Antonio Vargas is the sort of journalist all the little journalists want to be like. A former reporter for The Washington Post and Senior Contributing Editor for the Huffington Post, Vargas was part of the team that won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the Virginia Tech shootings. He accomplished all this by the age of 30.

On Wednesday, Vargas revealed that he is an illegal alien.

“One day when I was 16, I rode my bike to the nearby D.M.V. office to get my driver’s permit. Some of my friends already had their licenses, so I figured it was time. But when I handed the clerk my green card as proof of U.S. residency, she flipped it around, examining it. ‘This is fake,’ she whispered. ‘Don’t come back here again,’” Vargas recalled in a 4,000-word essay for The New York Times Magazine.

From that day forward, Vargas says, he has lived in constant fear of being found out: “I am… an undocumented immigrant. And that means living a different kind of reality. It means going about my day in fear of being found out. It means rarely trusting people, even those closest to me, with who I really am… It means reluctantly, even painfully, doing things I know are wrong and unlawful.”

Vargas decided to tell his story as part of his work with the illegal alien advocacy group, Define American, which he founded. The group promotes passage of the DREAM Act, Federal legislation that offers permanent residency to illegal aliens who came to the United States as minors.

Vargas initially offered the story to his former employers at The Washington Post, but they turned him down.

“Until last week, Vargas’s article was scheduled to run in The Post’s Outlook section,” the paper said in an article responding to Vargas’ piece. “But Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli killed the story several days before it was scheduled to be published. ‘We made a considered judgment not to publish the story,’ Brauchli said Wednesday. ‘We knew Jose would take his story elsewhere, and we’re not surprised he found a venue for his interesting account.’”

The paper was not specific about why they turned down the story, but The Post article said that, after Vargas failed to disclose some information to the paper, it “set off (an) internal discussion about whether the newspaper was getting the full story from its former reporter.”


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  • TIME

    How nice for him to know that he is breaking the very laws that form the foundation of this nation. Yet just as any criminal would do he hides behind the shadow of political rhetoric.
    But I bet he can spell well.

    Hey ~ Nothing shouts Screw YOU quite so well.

    Hey if YOU went to Mexico and did this, YOU would be eating Roaches for dinner that you found in your jail cell. Well thats if you were lucky enough to have roaches in your jail cell.

    But, hey but oddly we are now part of the NAU as in North American Union, as in Canada, the USA, & Mexico, perhaps better said we are now a branch of the New World Order’s tree of life.

    I guess as Soro’s says we are an “Open Society.”
    Well that is if you happen to be from any country other than the US. If you did this in 99% of all the countries in the world in most you would be shot or beheaded, the least of punishments would be Jail of what in most all nations is a slow death sentence.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Time… You are so right, as usual! Does this guy have a social security card? Does he pay taxes? Too many unknowns. Will he be deported now?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        If there is any justice in this world, YES! The sooner, the better!

      • momplayer

        and will his employer be fined for not doing due dilligence to verify he was legal? I doubt it!!!

      • John Woodbury

        No! He and the rest of the freaking libturds, get a walk. If you d/l a file from file-sharing sites, watch out the FBI will spare no expense to boot you jail. What a freaking mess.

    • Francis

      Possibly, among other wrongs, an act of dishonesty was committed by this journalist, but your characterizations are an exaggeration and over-stretching the truth, which is not uncommon on this site.

      You may be surprised, even the net sum total of an assessment on American position on freedom is not as credible as you may want to know – given it’s involvement in the world, and it’s domestic behavior of even from within it’s citizens treatment of one another, America may not be the land of the free as you think.

      I believe there are places in the world with better jail conditions than the U.S.

      And who knows, roaches may be healthier than factory farmed animals

      • eddie47d

        Francis; ….or factory farmed humans! Vargas came here when he was 12 and didn’t known about his illegal status until 4 years later. He fit right in with good grades and the American culture. He was too young to apply for legal status when he found out but was accepted as an equal as he moved up in life. Americans should be proud of his achievements. Although he should have applied for legal status at the appropriate age he still turned out to be a respectful hardworking citizen. That is what should count in our country. Unfortunately that means nothing to some folks. If they commit a crime they are rightfully disdained but when they make something of themselves you also show disdain. In other words it doesn’t make a darn bit of difference when you say close the border. Legal,illegal,hardworking,criminal;you lump them all together and demonize them all. I’ve heard it right here on this site so don’t deny it. I bet this Mr Vargas has more than paid his fair share of taxes and hasn’t been a burden on anyone.

        • hicusdicus

          The rule of law says deport him. If the rule of law was not so vigorously disregarded we would not be putting up with Mr Obama.

        • Doug

          I think we can make a fair trade we can send little eddie to Mexico to do the crime and this butt wipe who worked for two of biggest BS media outlets can take eddie’s place in the US while eddie can go make a living in Mexico. Or maybe Eddie would prefer Cuba since he such socialist commie ways!

          • eddie47d

            Doug is so thoughtful as per usual.Need I send you a box of Kotex since both your ends are overflowing.

          • Kinetic1

            Take a look at the picture at the top of the article. Notice any problems with your plan? HE”S NOT MEXICAN! He’s from the Philippines and his mother put him on a plane to live with his grandparents in California. His Grandparents were naturalized and both had jobs. If you and others on this site would take the time to read beyond the “honest” reporting you might find some facts.

        • trishmartin

          eddie47d – “Americans should be proud of his achievements. Although he should have applied for legal status at the appropriate age he still turned out to be a respectful hardworking citizen.”

          Really? America should be proud that this young man, after being told his green card was a fake, remained here and did nothing to correct his illegal status? Hardworking? Granted, he IS employed – but whose identity did he steal to get a Social Security number? At the very least, he received an education at taxpayer’s expense; and it seems unlikely that his parents paid taxes. THEY certainly knew they had come here ILLEGALLY, so it is unlikely they paid into Social Security or Medicare or the IRS. The only taxes they likely paid were SALES taxes. Illegal is illegal… In any other country there ARE consequences for breaking their laws; here it is obviously not politically correct to expect compliance with the law – I know it is not the child’s fault that his parents dragged him across the border illegally. But let’s not be so quick to bestow some kind of honor on him for staying here illegally and “turning out to be a respectful hardworking citizen” LONG AFTER he was aware of his illegal status!

          • Fran C

            Agree. At the age of 12 years he was able to comprehend and know exactly what was going on. I would like to ask did he speak fluent English when he came to the states? Why hasn’t he become a citizen since he is working so hard for amnesty for all illegals? No amnesty for anyone who comes here illegally. We are a nation of laws and if we do not abide by them then we will become a nation ruled with no laws. I don’t think anyone wants that.

          • Kinetic1

            As I said to Doug, try reading beyond the articles on this site before you start trashing people. Ms. Bonebright was good enough to provide a link so that you could fill in all the blanks she left. The least you could do is click and read. Had you done so you would have found that you were right, his parents never payed any taxes here, because THEY NEVER LIVED HERE! He was sent to live with his grandparents, both of whom were working, tax paying naturalized citizens. He was only 12 and his grandparents were both in the country legally, so why would he suspect his situation was any different? And his social security number? Well, he received his own number from Uncle Sam, even though his green card was a fake. Once he became aware of his status I suppose he could have turned himself in for deportation, but how many 16 year olds are likely to do such a thing?

            So, he was sent here illegally but not with any knowledge of that fact. His Grandparents were legal, though they broke some laws to get him here and keep him here. He worked hard in school, spent hours trying to lose his accent so that he would fit in better and did everything he could to become a “real American”. This guy is the sort of immigrant folks on this site beg for. No, I’m not suggesting that his illegal activities are to be admired, but he wanted to be an American. He didn’t cling to his parents culture and refuse to speak english, he wanted to be an American. He didn’t lay around and live off the system, but started working and paying taxes while still in high school because he wanted to be an American! He also went to college, but not with public funding: He had worked hard enough (his principle told him that he spent as much time at school as she did) to receive a scholarship. He also took a part time job at a paper. Just another lazy illegal looking to rip off our government.

            I know that not all immigrants are like this, legal or illegal. I know the other type first hand. My ex-sister-in-law came here illegally with her sisters. Now that I have come to know them better, in my opinion not one of them is worth a rats *#$. Oh, she acted the part, but in the end she shacked up with another illegal, stopped speaking english for the most part and refuses to celebrate holidays like the 4th with my niece and nephew because “we don’t celebrate that in Mexico.” You want to take people like her and toss them back across the border? Fine by me. While we’re at it I know of some American born citizens (many of them white, just so you know) who don’t deserve any better, but they get to stay and live off the system because they were born here. This country was built by people like Jose Antonio Vargas. People who were not afraid of hard work. People who wanted not only to live in this new nation but to be a part of it. He didn’t knowingly break the law to come here, but he was willing to do anything to stay in the country he calls home. Let’s give those who have never know another life and are truly showing their desire to be a worthwhile part of our nation a break.

        • John S.

          Eddie how can he pay his fair share of taxes? He is illegal, that means you and I are paying for him to appreciate the luxuries of America. The simple things like roads, lighting in parks, Police and Fire, military protection, and a slew of social programs that the less fortunate enjoy. Eddie I say we have you pay his taxes and then you can appreciate his writings or whatever it is you are proud of him for, how about that. You liberal piece of work.

          • Kinetic1

            Hey John! Don’t assume because, well you know what they say and you just proved it. Jose has his own Social Security number, given to him by Uncle Sam. He’s been working and paying into the system since he was in high school. Being a bigot is a bitch, isn’t it?

          • eddie47d

            Well said Kinetic

        • jibbs

          You need to look up the meaning of the word, ILLEGAL. Helping an illegal in Mexico carries a jail sentence up to 6 years. I guess when I fill up my truck with diesel and drive off without paying, thats o.k.? How about I mug you and take all your money and credit cards, it’s illegal but why would you care.

          To say that breaking the law in one area is o.k., makes it the same in all. You need to join the huff post, dumba$$. Illegal means just that, ILLEGAL, and the law states, that it’s illegal to be illegal. Pull your brains out of your a$$. I have zero respect for dumbsh#ts like you. The rules are so easy, a caveman can understand them!

          • CJM

            jibbs: you can get your point across without using potty language; did you know that it makes you appear to be ignorant? Enough, thank you.

        • Crystal

          You are so weak!

          • eddie47d

            Jibbs; I bet he has paid more taxes at his age than you did at his age.Your venom against others is self righteous grandstanding. If you care about Americans first then why are so many blacks who are legal citizens still unemployed. Their unemployment rate is sometimes up to 30% and no President or fellow citizen gives a damn. Not now and not 100 years ago. Even when the economy is good they get the last crumbs. That’s why I say that legal or illegally doesn’t make much difference. It’s just another person to sh*t on and you are all to eager to jump on the band wagon.

        • eyeswideopen

          eddie47d, these people have forgotten about the personal liberty author,John Myers,who was an illegal alien in hiding, 20+ years ago.

          Difference is that the person in this article came as a child, while JOhn, came as an adult, with the resources (powerful, wealthy father) to be able to fight to stay. His rebuttal was so funny, as he titled his article himself “Confessions of an illegal alien”, but seems to think that his situation made it ok to break the law. Like I stated before, everyone has a situation, but the laws prevent chaos.

          • Kinetic1

            Good for you! I doubt it will make any difference to most of the people on this site, but then they won’t even take the time to find out that Jose is not from Mexico.

          • GregS

            eyes, you ommitted one important difference between Myers and Vargas:

            John Myers was fully prepared to accept the consequences of his illegal status, to be deported back to Canada, if he was discovered.

            Vargas, on the other hand, is trying to flaunt his illegal status, and is NOT willing to accept the consequences.

          • Kinetic1

            Have you read Vargas’ piece or are you basing your comments on this article?
            “So I’ve decided to come forward, own up to what I’ve done, and tell my story to the best of my recollection. I’ve reached out to former bosses and employers and apologized for misleading them …. I don’t know what the consequences will be of telling my story.”

            It’s easy to assume based on bias, but reading his own words is a lot more enlightening. Sure he want’s to stay, but he knows what could happen, just like John. And, bottom line he still started this as an innocent, unlike John.

          • GregS

            Kinetic1, Yes, I have read Vargas’ piece, and no, I am NOT basing my comments soley on this article. In fact, it’s because I’ve read Vargas’ piece that I know that Vargas’ situation is TOTALLY different from John’s.

            As usual, eyeswideopen attempted to shift attention away from the topic of dicussion by linking out to a somewhat similar, but DIFFERENT, situation: The ONLY thing that Vargas had in common with John was that they both worked “under cover” for a number of years to avoid being discovered. Other than that, their situations were completely different.

            To begin with, there was NO question as to whether or not Vargas was an illegal alien. He was smuggled into this country with fake documents produced by his grandfather. Regardless of any lack of resources which could have been used to help him stay in this country, fake documents are a blatent violation of the law.

            On the other hand, the question of whether or not John was a citizen was at least debatable. The questionability of his citizenship was the result of a disagreement between the US State Department and the INS. His father was a US citizen, and it was only because the INS’s desire to deport him that jepordized the legality of the citizenship of John.

        • GregS

          eddie47d says:

          “…he still turned out to be a respectful hardworking citizen.”

          Wrong! He never became a citizen!!! He’s an ILLEGAL ALIEN, you twit!

          Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how “respectful” and “hardworking” he “turned out to be.” The fact is, there are just as many “respectful” and “hardworking” TRUE CITIZENS in this country who are DENIED the JOBS that these ILLEGAL ALIENS are taking up!

          It’s about time that you lefties stopped using those “respectful” and “hardworking” cards. It’s really getting old!

      • John S.

        You have the freedom to right the nonsense you believe. So you should enjoy that and not get involved. Because, If you are going to make references to other countries jails, maybe you should have the facts before you make a conclusion. Typical demarcate I THINK SO, THEREFORE IT MUST BE TRUE.

        • jibbs

          John S. says:
          June 24, 2011 at 10:51 am
          You have the freedom to right the nonsense you believe. So you should enjoy that and not get involved. Because, If you are going to make references to other countries jails, maybe you should have the facts before you make a conclusion. Typical demarcate I THINK SO, THEREFORE IT MUST BE TRUE.
          What are you trying to say? And it’s write, not right. BTW, what type of facts would you like, my cousin just retired from the Border Patrol, my nephew is an MP in S.Korea and a friend is MP in Iraq. I’ll get what ever facts you require about jails.

      • TIME

        Big F,
        I will not argue with you that what this nation started out to be it is no longer. Thus what we now think of as freedom is a preverted format of the base root.

        I often question if the people of this nation could handle “true Freedom and Personal Liberty” now after the last 100 plus years of Propaganda and Progressive perversions in both the law and their spin on what the Constitution and Bill of Rights really mean.

        Such as the term “Constitional Scholar,” anyone with even an nano of gray matter quite well knows that both the Constitution and Bill of Rights were written so the {common man} could understand them.
        Thus the old adage; “Ignorance of the Law is NO Excuse.”

        All that aside, I beg to differ with you on jails around the world, there is a scale on such known as the {Human Rights Violation} scale, oddly your rhetoric falls flat on its face when confronted with both the FACTS and the TRUTH on such.

        But you still have the option of expressing your opinions no matter how warped or bent them may be.
        As I am sure your aware of the FCC’s back door plans of what have been given cartblanch by Barry Soetoro to control all media formats.

        But again, the Facts and the TRUTH seem to be of little value to many who’s eyes are closed to such.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          You should see the conditions in the prison in Panama, central America. If you have ever seen any movies with dungeons, they HAD to be filmed there. You sleep on a concrete bench, of course if you have a dollar, you can buy a piece of cardboard to put on it. You sleep with one eye open, or you will get beat to hell for your spot or worse. NOBODY there will bother to help you in any way. The food, if you can call it that, is unholy spew and you WILL lose weight. you wait there and pray that the Army liason team will come and get you out. I guarantee you, the redcross has NO sway there. The prison is called the Casa Modello. Means Model House and it is anything but! Believe me, You DON’T want to go there even for a short visit!!! I’d take good ole’ American hotels,er, prisons anyday!!

      • jibbs

        Better jails than the U.S.? Name one! Illegal means illegal, he needs to be deported ASAP!

      • Jerry

        Francis, REALLY? “Better JAIL conditions”? What do you want to do with the jails and the criminals in them? Add luxury bedding and air conditioning? How about marble flooring and a jacuzzi? Big Screen TV’s and internet access? Are you NUTZ? THEY’RE FREAKING CRIMINALS MORON!

        By the way… I heard there is a crazy right-wing group that is planning a fishing excursion in your hometown. Can you imagine? Catching these poor little creatures on a sharp hook just to cut them up and eat them??!!?? You’d better hurry on down there and stop them!

        Freaking nut case……

    • http://LibertyAlert Bud

      If this reporter would lie about his own background with a false SS card, what does that say about the veracity of the articles that he writes.

      • momplayer

        I think his fighting for amnesty and the dream and the dream act are only self serving> If all the other illegals get amnesty wouldn’t that also apply to him.

    • Barbara

      I agree with Mary. I just don’t understand why, once he found out he was here illegally he didn’t do anthing about it, but continued to deceive and offer up false documentation. I am puzzled about why he never did seek to become a citizen. Even now, he could start a process to have himself made a citizen. I am from a family of immegrants who came through Ellis Island legally and learned our language in night school and became law abiding citizens of the United States of America. Why couldn’t Mr. Vargas do that? What about illegal does he not understand.

  • Tommy

    So this guy is working at the Washington Post as an Illegal Alien. Hmmmm, curious about how one can work at such a large company without a Social Security Card. Everywhere I have ever worked, has always asked that you produce one. If this guy has one and it’s stolen, he should be arrested ASAP. Of course this won’t happen, since he is such a swell guy!

    • Thor

      I was wondering about the SSN card myself…?

      • Kinetic1

        If you cared enough to wonder, why didn’t you do something about it? Read the article he wrote and you’ll see that he was able to get one using his “green papers.” He’s been using it to get jobs and has been paying taxes all along.

    • Christin

      Aren’t there laws to punish and fine the employers/companies who hire illegal aliens??? Cough up your fine money (not one but two!)… Washington Post and Huffington Post and deport young Jose.

      Well, some good American journalist isn’t making a living to support his family, because this illegal got his job and every one knows the gov approves that we ‘spread the wealth around.’ If the gov had “defended and protected its citizens” as the federal law states there wouldn’t be 30-40 million illegals. Guess they let this one slip out to show American citizens… see not all illegal aliens are in murderous drug cartels, but educated & award winning job-stealing lawbreakers who don’t respect the rule of law of a sovereign nation.

      • ValDM

        Thank you for saying this. You said it better than I would have. The only thing I can add is that this young man wiil be the new “poster boy” for illegal aliens. He’ll be trotted out at every opportunity so the left can say SEE? SEE?

    • hicusdicus

      He is a criminal. Period!

    • Dan az

      If they were to export him because of his fake ss card it would set a presidence for obumer to do the same thing.The kid should have taken lessons from him to see how you go around the laws while being an illegal.

    • Dons621

      S.S card fraud is not policed very well at all. RE: The case of a Man working 9-5 in 3 different states at the same time, HMM just another over paid under worked peon of the Government. Must be one of The Bummers FRIENDS.

  • Kenny

    One of OMORON’S favorite people: ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!…How else does he expect to get re-elected????

    • Push comes to shove

      Great point to bring up.

      Has this Illegal person voted in nay of our elections for that are meant for legal US citizens? If so, yet another law broken

  • Ben England

    Obama will probably praise him for being able to skirt the law for so many years just like he has being undocumented.

    • wandamurline

      This guy and Obama go hand and hand…pulitzer prizes…one for covering shootings by a criminal invader illegal alien (oh yes, undocumented worker) and the other for not being Bush…peace….which has esculated two wars and started another on his own. What a pair.

    • momplayer

      obamas aunt that lived here illegally on welfare,but of corse she legal now.LOL LOL

  • Autarchy8

    Good so now we know he can go back to his country and enrich them and be a productive citizen for them and stop breaking the laws in our Country. And the Washington Post should be investigate. I wonder how many American Citizens would have wanted his job…

  • Thor

    Look, it was a job no other American wanted…duh…congratulations. Now, go apply for a real green card, get in line for citizenship, like everyone else; pay your fine and sin no more!

    • Susan

      You hit the nail on the head Thor. I have no sympathy for him and I don’t care what prize he won. He’s a criminal in my book. Call ICE they should be able to find him.

  • Eugenio M. Albano

    Do we know why the journalist was illegal? Had he forged the green card, or was he the victim of a fraudulant card? Sometimes these stories are supposed to give credibility to illegals! We need to know the whole story. Being a victim of a scam is quite different that knowingly attempting to sneak through the cracks illegally. And…please tell me why ‘illegal alien,’ rather than Illegal immigrant. What ever happen to alien meaning ‘from another planet?’ Too much “shock value” placed in the news today.

    • wandamurline

      From what he says, he knew the card was a fake.

    • texastwin827

      Eugenio, you’ve been watching too many syfi movies. As a writer, you should know that “alien” does not and has never been for only outer space creatures. If you don’t know, then might I suggest a dictionary could enhance your writing career?


      1.Belonging to a foreign country or nation
      2.Unfamiliar and disturbing or distasteful
      3.Relating to or denoting beings supposedly from other worlds; extraterrestrial
      4.(of a plant or animal species) Introduced from another country and later naturalized

      1.A foreigner, esp. one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living
      2.A hypothetical or fictional being from another world
      3.A plant or animal species originally introduced from another country and later naturalized

      Web definitions
      foreigner: a person who comes from a foreign country; someone who does not owe allegiance to your country

      transfer property or ownership; “The will aliened the property to the heirs”

      stranger: anyone who does not belong in the environment in which they are found

      estrange: arouse hostility or indifference in where there had formerly been love, affection, or friendliness; “She alienated her friends when she became fanatically religious”

      extraterrestrial being: a form of life assumed to exist outside the Earth or its atmosphere

      being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world; “alien customs”; “exotic plants in a greenhouse”; “exotic cuisine”

      And THAT is why the term “Illegal Alien” rather than Illegal Immigrant

      • eddie47d

        Texas; Thanks for the web definition of foreigner which proves he is an American. Since he does show allegiance to America and no other country.

        • ValDM

          If he shows any loyalty to the U.S. please explain how he does this.
          He’s heading up an organization to resurrect the Dream Act which gives illegal aliens amnesty. This is loyalty to the U.S.?? I think not.

          • eddie47d

            The Dream Act is for students who are willing to work hard and/or join the military. That is loyalty to America.

          • ValDM

            Not just the youngsters, but all those connected to them : parents, parent’s siblings, adult siblings, ad infinitum. If you think it will happen any differently, try a visit to TX, CA, FL, AZ, OR, WA & speak to the CITIZENS (not the squatters) of those states.

          • eddie47d

            ValDM; Different time and different place and you must be one of those who have to have someone to poop on to be happy. Just like the bigots did to the Okies who tried to better themselves and they were legal. That is why I say it doesn’t make any difference to any of you whether legal or illegal for you will find a scapegoat for your misery.

          • Kinetic1

            You make it sound like any kid accepted under the Dream Act will be able to just wave a wand and make all their relatives legal as well. The facts show that it would take several years for the individual to gain legal status and then several years more to petition for their relatives. And there’s no guaranty that their relatives would even qualify.

        • Cawmun Cents

          You are stating that one can show allegiance to America by breaking its laws and there is an excuse for that…how?

          • eyeswideopen

            Cawmun Cents, the same way that John Myers broke the law. Somehow, the conservatives think that it was ok for John to break the law, but no one else is allowed too. Was it because John is white and rich?

  • Eugenio M. Albano

    Sorry for the typos. As a writer, that does bother me!

  • MT

    He tries to apeal the same law system he denies, by his acts!


    Let us hope the Constitution af US will be respected. He might go home and start over his Agenda! He might be a lot more credible.

    Vote them out, and let us put this country in order!

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Tamara

    I think it is offensive that he took part in writing legislation that would admit illegal aliens that came to the US as minors. I am tired of people trying to get in the US with a free ride. It is time we started making people go through the right channels. He should have to work for his citizenship or he should be sent home.

    • Carmen mckeon

      i agree. He needs to go thru the proper channels to be a citizen. It is pretty sorry that he was involved in the legislation to admit illegals. He needs to be sent back and apply legally to be in this country. He knew his green card was fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He needs to pay.

    • Kinetic1

      Where did you get the idea that he had anything to do with writing legislation? Yes, he started a group to support passage of the Dream Act, but that is hardly the same as helping to draft legislation. In fact, if you were to read his essay you would know that he initially did his best not to report on the subject.

  • J McDaniel

    Breaking the law is still breaking the law. We want the federal government to keep the laws. All illegals are not criminals, and we didn’t say they were. They are simply the children of illegals. That does not change the law. Unfortunate for you, but now you can be deported, and come in the right way. The more shame belongs to the Washinton Post for not checking your background when hired in the first place. If they had, you would not have spent so much time building an illegal career, and who knows, you might have been legal by now. It is a shame all your goodness is for naught, and that is because our government does not enforce the law. Not to worry, Obama will probably shove Amnesty down our throats like he has everything else. Those who came here “by the book” must be hanging their heads, as you proved first and foremost, you don’t have respect for the laws of America.

  • Raymond


    1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare
    to illegal aliens each year by state governments.

    2. $22 Billion dollars a year is spent on food
    assistance programs such as food stamps,
    WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.

    3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on
    Medicaid for illegal aliens.

    4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on
    primary and secondary school education
    for children here illegally and they
    cannot speak a word of English!

    5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for
    education for the American-born
    children of illegal aliens, known as
    anchor babies.

    6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to
    incarcerate illegal aliens.

    7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison
    inmates are illegal aliens.

    8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on
    illegal aliens for Welfare & social
    services by the American taxpayers.

    9. $200 Billion dollars a year in suppressed
    American wages are caused by the illegal

    10. The illegal aliens in the United States
    have a crime rate that’s two and a half
    times that of white non-illegal aliens.
    In particular, their children are going
    to make a huge additional crime
    problem in the U.S.

    11. During the year of 2005, there were 4
    to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that
    crossed our Southern Border, also,
    as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from
    Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds
    of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and
    marijuana, crossed into the US from
    the Southern border.

    12. The National policy Institute estimated
    that the total cost of mass deportation
    would be between $206 and $230 billion
    or an average cost of between $41 and
    $46 billion annually over a five year

    13. In 2006, illegal aliens sent home
    $45 BILLION in remittances to their
    countries of origin.

    14. The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration:
    Nearly One million sex crimes committed
    by Illegal Immigrants In The United States .

    $338,300,000,000.00 WHICH

    • Francis

      This is a typical selective outrage, which, not uncommon in hard economic times; but the blame must be fair, balanced and appropriate.

      Mr. Marine guy, I commend you for painfully scripting your little booklet here, but it has so many distortions and basically lopsided.

      In essence, your comments are one-sided. Another way to assess it is that, how much did these people contribute to the U. S. economy?

      And to you NativeAmericanIndian, please get your head back on. This guy got educated here long ago. Obama was also in school then. Besides, Obama didn’t give him the job at Washington Post. Mr. NativeAmericanIndian, let’s be honest, your grand children and yourself included would not have done some of the jobs this guy’s parents did, back in the day.

      • Doug

        Hey Francis how about I come ove to your house and help myself to some of your things besides you are not using them. You my friend are a poster child for what and IDIOT looks like. 60% of Americans don’t contribute crap why because they don’t want to work or follow the law! Most Americans can’t get half the benefits that illegals get. It’s people like you thats makes me think we are done lets just have a collaspe and then take out the garbage and start over again!

        • Raymond

          Hi Doug,
          you’ve made some really great points.
          I confess that part of me feels bad for the guy.

      • Kinetic1

        While I agree with you on most points (Jose doesn’t fit into 99% of the list provided by Raymond) I feel compelled by fairness to point out that his parent’s have almost nothing to do with this story. He was sent to live with his grandparents, both of whom were here legally. With that in mind, his family was paying taxes to enable him to go to public school. In fact, Jose began working when he was in High School, so he paid taxes towards his education as well. As for what work his parents may have done, they are still in the Philippines.

        • Raymond

          Kinetic1 says:
          June 25, 2011 at 5:20 am
          While I agree with you on most points (Jose doesn’t fit into 99% of the list provided by Raymond) I feel compelled by fairness to point out that his parent’s have almost nothing to do with this story. He was sent to live with his grandparents, both of whom were here legally. With that in mind, his family was paying taxes to enable him to go to public school. In fact, Jose began working when he was in High School, so he paid taxes towards his education as well. As for what work his parents may have done, they are still in the Philippines.

          Hi Kinetic1,
          I agree he does not fit into the 99%.

    • DaveR

      You might add to that list the return of bedbugs to USA and tuberculosis. Undocumented aliens bring, well, undocumented things including insect pests, parasites and communicable diseases. And contribute to a growing culture of lawlessness.

      • Kinetic1

        There is no documented evidence that says that illegals are responsible for the return of bed bugs. In fact, most sources consider the increase of business travelers working in infected nations as a likely cause. Could illegals share some of the blame? Of course, but don’t try to lay it all at their feet.

    • Doug

      You also forgot that 25 Americans a day are killed by illegal aliens thats 25 a day people!

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    if you are ilegal then get out of here.

  • Wendy

    Why the flagrant in-your-face attitude now? Just because he won an award or is it because journalists, and other self-egrandized humans, feel untouchable and above the law. I am sorry, but personal fame does not give you a free pass. Others who want to legally immigrate are hurt due to this selfish mindset. Most normal people would agree that it is not right to jump in front of someone else in line at the grocery store. The FAIR way is to get in line LEGALLY like the other needy people who want to come to this great country.

    • Kinetic1

      What a bunch of self righteous hogwash! Read the man’s story. He could have easily gone another 5 years without exposing himself. It has nothing to do with celebrity and everything to do with not wanting to live a lie any longer. He knows what he is up against. He has tried to achieve legal status in the past so he is well aware of the fact that he may be deported as an example. Would it have been too much to ask that you read a few pages before passing judgement?

      • Wendy

        I did read about him, but I didn’t read it from the same sources that glorify what he has done, as you have. He is from the Philippines and has several forms of ILLEGAL identification. Gee, I wonder whose Social he has right now, maybe even yours. Do you actually believe that the pain of carrying around that lie was just too much, so he just had to come clean. I don’t think so, If his conscience were bothering him that much he would have dropped his head in SHAME and at least apologized. No, he knows that he has the backing of the liberal media, which he is now a part of, and has the platform to advance his agenda. Good try Kinetic1.

        • Kinetic1

          It has nothing to do with glorifying and everything to do with facts. Sure, I could read Michele Malkin’s diatribe, but why not read his own words? He admits that his green card was fake. He admits that his passport was a fake. He admits that his Grandfather altered the Social security card they issued him to remove the note “Valid for work only with I.N.S. authorization.” Still, the Social Security number he has is HIS! No, the government should not have issued it to him since his green card was fake, but they did. He didn’t steal it from anyone, it’s not mine, he had it issued. Malkin didn’t uncover anything new, she just read his piece and gave it her normal acidic spin.

          Look. I’m not saying what he did was right, but if you had been raised to believe that you were a legal citizen and then found out that you weren’t, what would you do? Are you really going to tell me that you would march up to the authorities and say “hey, ship me back to a country that I hardly remember!” Are you really going to suggest that you would say goodbye to your grandparents and your friends and all that you had worked for to start over in another country? If he had moved here as an adult I would have no sympathy for him, but he was a kid.

          As for an apology, consider what he wrote: “So I’ve decided to come forward, own up to what I’ve done, and tell my story to the best of my recollection.” … “I don’t know what the consequences will be of telling my story.”
          Look at that again. “…own up to what I’ve done,” He knows much of what he did was wrong. He knows the consequences could be harsh, but as he said “I’m done running. I’m exhausted. I don’t want that life anymore.” And if you can’t understand that, well I’d hate to see life so cynically.

          • Wendy

            Well, at least her “diatribe” contains the truth. We can’t be sure of what comes out of a known liars mouth. I think I trust her over him. Pure and simple – I do not agree with his agenda. Everyone, at some time in life has a cross to bear. How you respond to those challenges in life is what determines character. Typical liberal tactic,pick one emotional sob story and run with it. I will continue to look at the big picture to discern the truth, not some emotionally charged sample.

          • Kinetic1

            “Well, at least her “diatribe” contains the truth.”
            OK, I took you up on your assertion and read Malkin’s story. I did not see one assertion of fact regarding Vargas that he himself did not provide. The only difference is that Vargas simply told his story, first hand. Malkin didn’t even bother to address the issue of “illegals” brought here as children.

            As to our “Liberal tactic”, Malkin did the exact opposite. Instead of addressing the very real issue of adults brought into this country as children she lumps it all together under illegal aliens. I’ve made my position clear many times on illegal immigration, but I’ll repeat it again for you: Adults who knowingly enter the country illegally should be deported. Those who become naturalized and then commit a violent crime should be incarcerated for the appropriate term and then deported. A guest visa program needs to be in place for migrant farm workers. And those who were brought here as children, who know nothing about life in their “home country”, who have worked hard in school and are responsible citizens deserve our compassion. Malkin did not bother to make such distinctions, but rather let her venom spew freely adding nothing to the debate. If this is an example of where you folks go for “facts” it’s no wonder that your views are so skewed.

          • Dan az

            The problem I see is not so much the illegals as it is the gubmnt that lets them in.We need backbone in the white House and replace this scum with people like this.
            Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Australia

            Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia , as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

            Separately, Gillard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying she supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques. Quote:

            ‘IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT… Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’

            ‘This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom.’

            ‘We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society, learn the language!’

            ‘Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

            ‘We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

            ‘This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’
            ‘If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

            NOTE: IF we circulate this amongst ourselves in Canada & USA , WE will find the courage to start speaking and voicing the same truths.

            If you agree please SEND THIS ON and ON, to as many people as you know…

          • aconcerned1

            do you think that maybe he decided to confess because people would have found out later that harry greed was pushing for a bill (the dream act) that was writen by an illigal?

          • aconcerned1

            dan as,
            If only our president had the balls to say something as such!
            But wait, he embraces the thought of all that goes agaist out country
            and which it was founded, now is’nt he?

  • nothingbeatswinnig

    didnt this guy ask his parents/guardians why his green card is fake ?

    im 16 and find out i am an illegal alian. i then continue with schools and college, get a job at the huffington post. i dont think i am too worried about someone finding out i am an illegal alian. this reminds me of hillary saying she has jewish relatives (when that was ok to say) when bill was running for president. all bs !

    • Kinetic1

      FOR GODS SAKE FOLKS, READ HIS STORY! “i(sic) dont(sic) think i am too worried about someone finding out i am an illegal alian(sic).” He has spent 14 years worrying about being exposed! He knows and readily admits that what he did was wrong. Why can’t you people do the least bit of research before spouting off?

      • jibbs

        Jovi, I mean Kinetic1
        You need to look up the law, and the policy of being illegal. Illegal means illegal, shut up and get use to it…’s the law!!! You may want to look up the word illegal also!

        • Kinetic1

          What are you going on about? I didn’t say that it was ok that he was here illegally. I even quoted nothingbeatswinnig to make it clear what I was responding to. He suggested that Vargas was not concerned about his being here illegally, but anyone who has read Vargas’ original piece knows that his life has been consumed with worry. If nothingbeatswinnig had read Vargas’ article before making his comment he would have known better. And if you had actually taken the time to read and understand my post you might have made some sense as well.

        • eyeswideopen

          jibbs, so what do you think should have happened to John Myers, who was here illegally? See post higher up. He waited over 20 years to admit that he was here illegally.

  • Harry Pool

    Vargas is a phony! His story is larded with material that is difficult or impossible to confirm. He has already admitted to extensive lying under oath, yet he expects us to accept all the details of his story as true. The only claim for sympathy he didn’t add to his recital was that he walked six miles to school every day and the trip was uphill in both directions.

    • Kinetic1

      Right Harry, he gave the names of a dozen people who helped him make his way or shot him down and it’s “is difficult or impossible to confirm” most of his story. What does a person have to do? You all swallow the lies of people like Rand Paul without a pause, but if it’s not one of “you”…..



    • Francis

      Please Mr. NativeAmericanIndian, what has Obama got to do with Jose Antonio Vargas? Obama didn’t give this guy a job at The Washington Post.

      I would assume Obama was still in Kenya or Indonesia as birthers on this site might want us to believe, when Jose Antonio Vargas’ parents came here from Mexico.

      I have also opined that when Jose Antonio Vargas’s parent’s came here, they probably took jobs that neither yourself nor your grand children would have wanted to do then. Now the well oiled selective outrage machinery, would like to instigate us, and play all sorts of cards of distraction on this matter.

      • aconcerned1

        It’s “Mrs.nativeamericanindian” if you would have read properly. Also he is not messycan, he is phillippenoe, nor did his parents come to america. maybe you she read first before you answer. sounds like you follow the lead of many congressmen! Lets pass it first so we can see whats in it! RIGHT?

        • aconcerned1

          *SHOULD READ. NOT SHE.

          • Kinetic1

            Don’t stop there, you have plenty more to correct.

      • jibbs

        Why has obama not deported him yet, he should have sent ICE as soon as this story was made public.

    • eddie47d

      The only thing Obama has done for illegals is a temporary reprieve for those who haven’t committed a crime. I really doubt if that has effected you one iota.Obama has been working on a tough amnesty plan but the Obama haters keep shooting it down.If you want a solution to the problem go blame those in Washington who are sitting on their hands. There are more National Guard on the border than ever and deportations are up. Until Congress can find a workable solution then we are stuck with the way things are. Get them to act! Why don’t you work in the fields to pay off those student loans? Factory farm workers and field hands are in constant demand. That way that opening won’t be taken by an illegal. Viola,two problems solved. Another thing. Why would you burden yourself with so many student loans without a means to pay for them? If I want a new or used car (which I do) and was planning to buy the 1st of Dec. I will have to reconsider since I no longer have the funds to do so.

      • Ellen

        The great majority of Americans don’t want amnesty for illegals. We don’t want them to pay a fine and become citizens. They need to be deported. Why is it that a previous president could deport all legal immigrants when Americans needed jobs after a war, yet we can’t deport illegal immigrants? They do not provide any benefit to society at all. The number 1 issue that needs to be addressed is stopping welfare for all immigrants. Why are the American taxpayers financially responsible for other country’s citizens? We need to limit welfare for our own citizens as well, as it has only perpetuated the cycle of poverty. No one wins in our current situation.

        • momplayer

          If you work in this country for forty years and end up unemployed you can draw unemployment for 99 weeks,but come here illegally and you get welfare for life.

          • eddie47d

            How do you figure they get welfare for life. They work night and day in backbreaking jobs. Sometimes 10 hour days in one job at $7-10 dollars an hour. You couldn’t do that or survive on that kind of money so apparently you just hate people for the fun of it. You got the better than some one else syndrome?

          • Dan az

            Actually Eddiee
            Thats pretty much what everyone today is making and the amount of time they have to work.Has it been that long sense you last worked?The old argument that they only work in the fields died along time ago.You know it so give it up.We have mexicans working here that make two thousand a week,sure its hard work but they get paid well.In the construction field they make the same pay as everyone else but what you don’t say is that we pay for there kids meals and schooling with our state taxes and the hospitals are over flowing with them.Who is it now that pays for all of this while they send 3/4 of their money back across the border?We have passed a law here that is you hire and illegal you can loose your license to do business here.It has slowed it down but didn’t stop it.The federal money that the schools get to teach them la raza history is becoming the next terrorist that want to take back something that they lost like the states.Yet obumer adds fuel to that fire by way of tax dollars.

        • JannyP

          Ellen. Thank you for your honest comments and intelligent questions.
          American’s DO NOT WANT ANOTHER AMNESTY, we can’t afford it! I doubt
          if eddie47d lives anywhere near a border state. I do, and his “supposed facts” are entirely untrue. The border is less safe than
          ever before and those deportations are not up. I call it creative accounting, just shifting the numbers around. There are so many rules
          for guarding our borders that Eddie believes everything that his Pres.
          and Janet Napolitano tell him. Truth: Fence never completed. The National Guard is not allowed to carry a gun and ICE just this week, was told to loosen their policies towards ILLEGAL ALIENS, in my opinion, rendering the BP less effective. My questions would be, who in their right mind would want to work the border with their hands tied behind their back and wearing a blindfold? Who are we really protecting here, surely not Americans?

        • JannyP

          Ellen, Please see my comments below and thanks again.

      • CJM

        Hey eddie47d: FYI, I have worked in the fields; I have also been turned away because the farmers wanted only illegals because they didn’t have to pay very much to that particular group. This happens all the time, day in and day out (there was also a recent televised interview with a farmer who SAID he would not hire US citizens because illegals ‘do it cheaper.’) So don’t sit there on your high horse and make false claims that ordinary citizens simply “will not do menial labor” crap. You sound like one of those desk jockies who has never worked in an orchard or on a farm and the only sweat you work up is at the spa.

        • Kinetic1

          You can tell me about how you worked in the fields and I can tell you first hand about American workers who quit after a week working on Dairy farms and in the laundry business. Maybe there are some americans who would do the work, but not many that I have seen.

        • Dan az

          The only thing eddie can see is that they need to unionize so he can keep his union retirement going.They need more people to put in before they to go broke.Thats why the unions are for amnesty no other reason.Oh and kenitic who do you think did the work before there was mexicans?The same old BS comes out of your lack of mouth when it comes to BUSH did first!
          You have know credibility here with your montra so give it a rest.The fact that there is 50 million illegals here and 46000 crossing aday and the gubmnt does nothing to stop the flow of drugs and slaves being brought here for your benefit dose nothing to solve the problem.I would like to see you last one day down here with out a gun you would be screaming like a little bitch that you are.

          • Kinetic1

            Dan az,
            Oh Dan, you’re so manly with your gun talk and poor writing skills. I grew up in a border region. I know plenty of people who came across the border and I’ve lived with gang trouble. I don’t like it any more than you, which is why I have said before that adults crossing our border illegally should be deported, and those who commit violent crimes, even if they have gained legal status should be locked up and the deported when they have served their sentence.

            As to who I think did the work before, I know who did, but it doesn’t change the fact that Americans have changed. I know parents who run dairy farms and they don’t want their own kids having to get up early before school to milk. My little brother spent summers bucking hay and then went on to work full time on a dairy farm. He couldn’t believe how kids just a few years behind him refused to do that kind of work. Maybe if the economy continues to struggle along Americans will begin to accept these jobs again, but I stand by my experience in judging what they will and won’t do now.

  • Bigred43

    Illegal is illegal, deport him immediately!


    This guy should not be given special treatment. He should be deported back to the country he came from.

  • REX l FEY


    • momplayer

      Would you give the other 30 or 40 million too?

    • CJM

      The credibility Vargas may have had went down the tubes when he published the article in question…I wouldn’t give him a pass for thumbing his nose at the law. Why should OUR laws be selective in the first place?

    • Kinetic1

      How many times do you folks nee to hear this? American law states that any child recognized as an American citizen (and the President was, no matter what your personal opinion) retains his citizenship when adopted by a foreign national, even if the foreign nation recognizes his citizenship as that of his adopted parent. Period, end of argument.

  • Dennis Wojciak

    He is still part of the problem.
    Illegals taking advantage of our system.
    Causing us to pay for more school buildings than we would have needed,
    free medical care and filling our prisons to overflowing.

  • Joe

    I think Obama got one two
    He has no respect for America or our laws
    Broke into our country Illegally Fraudulent documents ect ect ect
    Why is he not in jail for all those self confessed felonies or deported 1 way trip not to return
    This criminal has the audacity to crow about it and throw it in our face
    What signal are we sending to The law abiding legal immigrants we need They are being stomped on? Shame on us Are we no longer the America who stands for law and order or do we let Criminals like this encourage more law breakers to do the same?
    Our Constitution and our laws are being trampled on.
    God save America Wake up Congress STOP THIS BULL

  • Richard

    So/ Arrest him and deport him!

  • Nils

    He says he has been afraid all his life. Well, now that he has confessed, his problems should be just starting like they would be for any other renegade criminal. Confession does not serve to offset the crime just because one has managed to evade the responsibility of their or their parents activity. The problem is, illegals not only break the law, they feel entitled to do so, thus the confession which he probably deemed to be a good career move. Instead, he should be made an example of for the sake of the rule of law. If we didn’t have laws, he and his parents would have been gone long ago due to criminal exploitation no doubt. However, just to show how limited his perspective, he wants to destroy the very system that has allowed him to do so well, even if illegally. He should be ashamed; however, he and his kind are beyond shame due to a total commitment to self and no one else. If he wasn’t so committed to self, he should go back to where he came from illegally and get in line like everybody else has to do. Otherwise he is a hypocrite and doesn’t deserved any respect whatsoever, in my opinion.

    • CJM

      Nils: This hippocrate Vargas has already begun to write his articles on other illegal aliens who have been residing in the US. You would think that the ICE and FBI would go out and arrest them, but nothing is being done a la Eric Holder, George Soros, and Obama…I agree, they should all be deported but don’t hold your breath.

  • Had Enough!!

    Never have I seen such outright in your face AMERICA, I’m here illegally and guess what, you can’t deport me because that wouldn’t be PC.. I think I will go to Mexico, over stay my welcome and start a project “Screw you Mexico” define illegal immigrant and start gathering people like minded who think they are entitled to whatever the country will hand them free.. Someone stated I’m sure he paid his taxes and no one is the lesser. Well my Amigo, I can bet he went to public schools and used the free society created by tax paying citizens for their OWN children.. Rode subsidized transportation, and probably went to college on some ridiculous government grant!! He came out with this story to prop his cause nothing more.. If this country had any merit they would bag and tag this piece of crap and throw him over the fence, and make a statement to the rest of the illegals jumping the border that this is what happens when you break our laws!! OMG a flipping Pulitzer prize lol!! Part of his work with the illegal aliens advocacy, are you KIDDING ME!!! DEPORT DEPORT DEPORT!! Former employer lol would not publish it, well of course not because they had an ILLEGAL WORKING FOR THEM AND THEY WERE TOO STUPID TO KNOW IT UNTIL HE FLAT OUT TOLD THEM!!LOL You just can’t make this crap up!! Mr Deuche bag President~build the DAMN fence and take your illegal act of military on Libya and put them on the border with orders shoot to kill.. Mandatory jail time with awful conditions, just as any American citizen would be subject to doing the same activity in another country!!WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

    • CJM

      Impeach Obama and arrest his anti-American cronies for attempting to usurp the US Constitution and the US government and all other criminal acts they have committed. Perhaps that would show the likes of Vargas that the US is not their bargain-basement dream home.

      • eddie47d

        Vargas seems more American than you.

  • Carolyn Acheson

    To the “Dammit, Just Follow the Damn Law, No Amnesty!” fanatics: Children born to illegal immigrants are legally here. If you don’t like it, change the law!

    • CJM

      Sorry, Carolyn, just because an illegal alien gives birth to a baby in the US, it does NOT confer cigizenship automatically onto the neonate. There is NO PROVISION IN THE US CONSTITUTION that makes your claim–therefore, we do NOT have to ‘live with it.’ Read your history and, more importantly, study the Declaration of Independence AND the US Constitution.

      • CJM

        Oops: the word ‘cigizenship’ should read citizenship. Sorry for the typo.

      • Kinetic1

        Amendment XIV, Section 1, Clause 1:
        “ All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

        • eddie47d

          Keep the facts coming Kinetic

          • Stan Smith

            eddie47d says:
            June 25, 2011 at 9:56 am

            Keep the facts coming Kinetic

            Facts?? What Facts?? another Libtard dribble!

          • Kinetic1

            Why is it that those of you who have trouble constructing a sentence feel the need to refer to others as “Libtards”? It seems that you have to resort to name calling in order to make up for your lack of a decent argument, yet somehow you still feel mentally superior. Amazing.

        • Stan Smith

          Kinetic1 says:
          June 25, 2011 at 6:05 am

          Amendment XIV, Section 1, Clause 1:
          “ All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
          WRONG!! Children of Illegals born in US does not qualified to be US citizen! It’s not in the Law books stating Illegals giving birth in the US their children will become US citizens!

          • Kinetic1

            United States v. Wong Kim Ark
            In the case of United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898), the Supreme Court ruled that a person who
            is born in the United States
            of parents who, at the time of his birth, are subjects of a foreign power
            whose parents have a permanent domicile and residence in the United States
            whose parents are there carrying on business and are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity of the foreign power to which they are subject
            becomes, at the time of his birth, a citizen of the United States by virtue of the first clause of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

            That’s just one legal case on this matter. Yes, there are conditions here, but it’s clear that if a couple entered our country illegally, fund a place to live and established themselves before the birth of their child, that child would be American by law. And if this were not the case then why would Judge Richard Posner say:
            “Congress would not be flouting the Constitution if it amended the Immigration and Nationality Act to put an end to the nonsense.”
            “A constitutional amendment may be required to change the rule whereby birth in this country automatically confers U.S. citizenship, but I doubt it.”

            Why would a sitting Judge in 2003 make these statements if it were not accepted law? I understand that there is a movement to rule by the words and only the words in the Constitution, but the absence of specifics regarding the parentage of a child in the 14th amendment:
            “ All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”
            cannot be said to prove that certain children born here do not fall under these rules. Let’s not forget amendment 9 of the Bill of Rights:

            “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

            In other words, just because we didn’t write it down doesn’t mean it isn’t so.

  • Dan az

    With the knowledge that he got and the award that he got, should make it easy for him to get a job in his own country.Hell maybe he should write a book about it,better yet he could ghost write another book for the other illegal in the White House.
    The fact that he is not in jail bothers me just as much as the other one should be.But I guess if your a liberal marxist commy you can do what ever you want and to hell with the laws.maybe he should just join the union they will protect him.Right eddie?

  • EdinNola

    Most of us have long been proud to be a nation which welcomes people from outside it’s borders to be assimilated into our culture. By the way, there is an American “culture” and as I said, we welcome others to enjoy it, but NOT to change it. While we recognize that, for many reasons, people choose to take advantage of Americans and their generosity, this article and the “illegal immigrant movement” is a slap in the face to those generous Americans, and cannot be allowed. To find the way home, travel south, and do not stop until you cross the border.

  • Lance Somers

    Amazing, this blog has possibly the nastiest bunch of commentators I have run across; like kicking over a mound of fire ants, where’s the Ortho!

  • Wendy

    If you would like to know a little more about this criminal, check out Michelle Malkin’s commentary at
    He is from the Philippines and has a trove of fake documents.

  • Steve G.

    This guy and all illegals need to be prosecuted and sent back to their country! We need to do the same thing to the guy that’s in the White House for forging his documents also!!! The Laws are specific and need to be enforced not ignored on the whims of the liberals to suite their agenda.

  • sas2

    Give us an inch, we’ll take a mile, and laugh about with permanent smile.Don’t worry bout your legal citz, the laws over here are a bunch of shiz. Just follow my advice and i’ll show you how, but you better hurry and do it now! I’ll show you how to land a job,and on top of that, tap in to the cash cow. Free meds, free schools,free this and free that! I’m telling you amigos, I know where it’s at! If you want to know how, just ask me, I’ll show you how to live as free as a wild bird can be!

    • Kinetic1

      Thanks doctor sas2, for a humorous view of bigotry. Vargas’ grandparents were here legally and paying taxes. His education was aid for by their taxes and his own once he was old enough to work. His college education was paid for by a private fund and awarded to him based on his hard work and good grades. Generalize if you want, but not all illegals are Mexican leeches.

      • aconcerned1

        And the fact they thought he was a citizen of this country to recieve those schoolarships.

        • Kinetic1

          If your so “concerned” do your homework. Vargas’ scholarship was not reserved for citizens of the U.S. It was not a government grant or any other sort of taxpayer funded scholarship. It came from a private fund and it appears that they were well aware of his situation, but his achievements won out.

  • JR

    Too bad I spent all that time, money and effort getting my Canadian wife across the border! I should have just brought her across, whined about “she was already here” a few months later, and brought every freaking family member of hers, her friends and all her acqaintances across.

    Oh wait! Getting away with illegal activities like this doesn’t apply to Canadians… unless, I guess, you are a Mexican-Canadian!

    I have no problems with Mexican immigrants. I have every problem with immigrants to that are above the law (like Obama and his czars)

  • http://none citizen

    so what responsibility does the washington post have? they hired him. was it not possible to verify his information? So obviously he has made something of himself but he his taking the job of a legitimate U.S.citizen.

  • Stan Smith

    I noticed some Libtards don’t know the definition of the word ILLEGAL means! Even some Libtards saying he didn’t break the law he didn’t commit any crime like shoplifting, traffic violations, murder, rape, ect.. Yes I’m Mexican I say deport his sorry anti american ass! Since this Illegal Libtard wants other illegals to get a free pass so they can cut in front of the line, While other people from other nations still have to wait in line to get in this country LEGALLY! Just as I heard the news BP shot a mexican because that scumbag was tossing stones and other foreign objects! GOOD! that scum bag deserved to be shot! I noticed The Libtards and their mexican slaves are crying like a baby that a BP shot him, So F*ckin What! BP officer has a right to defend himself! To my fellow mexicans don’t jump in the Libtards band wagon, Don’t the Libtards control you like they do to blacks! not all of us mexicans like libtards! we want Illegals deported and gone, We work hard and don’t depend on Govt T it to suck on! We believe the laws of this land, NO ONE should get a free pass! I don’t care if you didn’t commit a crime by staying out of trouble you need to be gone! Since Libtards favors Illegals their voting block, Why don’t you Libtards go live in some country Illegally breaking their Immigration laws I’m sure the citizens don’t like you living off their dime! Just like we americans don’t like illegals living off our dime!

    • Crystal

      I have to agree. I spoke with my father the other day and black people where he lives are still buying the bull.

  • Jerry

    While the accomplisments this gentleman has achieved are to be admired, he is still an illegal immigrant. He KNOWS he is an illegal and has done NOTHING to correct it. The matter of the SSN card has come up a number of times in the above posts, and rightfully so. Unless the Washington Post is blatantly ignoring the fact that he is illegal, then he somehow acquired a SS Card illegally, as well. I have no problem with this guy going through the process to obtain legal citizenship and wish him the best, if and when he does. BUT… until then, he is ILLEGAL and has no rights to anything that other law abiding, tax paying citizens of this country do. He has no right to vote, no right to a free education, no right to anything. GET OUT!

  • Ron Montgomery

    It is a sad testimony to the apathy and indifference of this country and as you say Libtards that we embrace people like Vargas. He is a criminal by definition and worse he is diluting the American culture as are thousands of such people until we will surely be no different than Mexico or any other lawless country or Europe. We are surely on a slippery slide to the bottom of the pile of failed countries with no laws and no rule of law.

    • Kinetic1

      “…and worse he is diluting the American culture..” What is wrong with you? This man has done everything he can to fit in. He is the sort of immigrant we think about when we talk about the good old days when immigrants didn’t just want to live in America, they wanted to become Americans.

      • Wendy

        So that is the type of immigrant you want here? Illegal. The type that lies, falsifies his identity and commits perjury. Well that does not surprise me. That describes the immoral, unlawful types that will vote your way.

        • Kinetic1

          A man who was brought here as a kid with no idea what was being done, who did lie and cheat to stay but has chosen, on his own to stand up and admit his failings and has shown himself to be more of an American than many natives I know, yea that’s the kind of American I want. I’d say he has done more to deserve his place here than a lot of the bigoted, closed minded, hateful people who post on this site.

          • Wendy

            So what you are saying is that laws should apply for some and not others. That leads to anarchy, which by the way, is the path this country is headed towards. Calling me or anyone else names does not change the truth.

          • Kinetic1

            No, what I am saying is that laws that were created without consideration for all situations need to be addressed. As for the name calling, I apologize if I get out of hand, but it’s hard to see how anyone who does not fit the description could be so hard headed in this sort of situation. Our laws are so misguided that they will often deport people who have absolutely no recollection of their home country, it’s culture or language simply because their parents moved them here as kids. The point of the Dream Act is to right a wrong for those people who are already here under those circumstances. These are people who have not committed any crime, have or are willing to serve in our military or go to college (and not on our dime) and have shown themselves to be good citizens. Why is that such a hard idea to accept?

          • jibbs

            Kinetic1, you need to jump the mexican border and see if they give you all the freebies you need to live, and make you a citizen! Helll, you can’t even own land in mexico, and helping an illegal in mexico carries jail sentence up to 6 years. BTW, illegal means ILLEGAL!!!!

          • Wendy

            “hard headed”. Kinetic1, I could say the same thing about you. We obviously have very different values and beliefs. Thank you for the debate, but I believe we are at an impasse.

          • Kinetic1

            Our founding fathers created this nation in part to escape what they felt were unacceptable laws in other nations. The fact that Mexico (who I assume you chose because this Philipino mans name is Jose) does not have the same laws and customs as the United States has little to do with anything. We make our own rules and treat others according to what we believe, not what other nations believe.

  • http://liberytstore Ira

    Why would you even publish this crap. This man IS illegal, as are I believe at least an additional 50 million(who would somehow qualify). This is not the country of my father or his father nor even of my childhood.
    Political manipulations such as those related to this article, drugs,greed, court decisions,fraud and stupidity has brought us here.(there are more but the list is too long)
    Mentioned here is the supposed hr bill to give to the multinationals now another tool. No longer will inventors be able to claim their invention, it will be he who patents it. (similar to facebook,microsoft)

  • Marilyn

    When most of your families came here we didn’t have the racist immigrant laws pushed by the ku klux clan that we have now.

    • Stan Smith

      Yo Gringa! Marilyn You better lay off Libtard kool-Aid! Racist Immigrant Laws??? Why don’t you live in some country Illegally Try Denmark since they have the toughest Immigration laws! How about this you idiot Libtard go live in Mexico illegally they have tough Immigration Laws when you get caught by the policia! You better squeal like a cerdo (Pig) When they toss your sorry A ss in Prison Let me know that if mexican prison and laws are racist! So Marilyn If the mexican prison guard or policia officer rape you, Would you call them racist raping a foreigner like you??

    • CJM

      Marilyn: “Most of your families…”? does this mean only you are here ‘legitimately’ and all others are not? How nice to exclude yourself from castigating every other poster on this site…evidently, you must be sitting at the right hand of the devil.

    • CJM

      As for the remainder of your comment (re KKK), these scumbags originated in Illinois and NOT the South….it’s people like you who tarnish history with your fallacious garbage. Methinks it is highly possible that you are one of the KKK membership!

  • s c

    Look at it this way, folks. If this guy ran for office to go to Washington and he managed to win, we’d never get rid of him. So, as bad as it is, it
    could be even worse.

  • cheryl lynn

    It is time to pay the consequence for your actions or your family actions. I feel sorry for you and your predicament you have found yourself in. It would be best to get legal council, turn yourself in and go through the proper channels to become a legal citizen. That would be better than living a lie.

  • i41

    Well it just was announced the cross bred marxist muslim Pres just signed the executive order to take control of all private owned land under the Food and Fiber and Land Use Act. all are beltway bastards, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Education, Justice Dept, Dept of Energy, Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Defense, just to mention a few worthless pukes. It follows Mandate 21 of the UN, which bans private land ownership in the world. Now would you simple minded marxist/communist democrats expalain you love for these pukes/

    • JannyP

      Where can I find the complete story on this land-grab? Was this done
      at another late Friday, closed door, secret session? Nothing surprises
      me anymore.

    • Kinetic1

      Just announced? That was over two weeks ago (June 9th). For those of you who are not wearing tinfoil hats and watching for black helicopters, here is a link to the document, Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council. A short read that sounds reeeeeal scary!

  • May

    I would like our country to deport i41 as, based on his offensive rhetoric on this website, I am ashamed of his claims to be a citizen of the United States of America, and therefore superior to Jose Vargas. Most great countries throughout history have fallen because of moral decay from within. i41 and his lack of civil discussion is much more scary to me. Evil talk can only come from an evil heart.

  • CJM

    He has certainly had more than ample time to become a naturalized citizen, but he chose to continue his illegal status while reaping the benefits reserved for the bonafide citizens of this country. From that perspective, Vargas has broken several laws and should be arrested for those criminal acts. What crimes? Obtaining a driver’s license, social security number, loans, education, and a host of other things that REQUIRE proof of citizenship. Many job applications contain the wording: Are you a citizen of the United States? and you check either Y or N. When you check that box, you are LEGALLY claiming to be a citizen (or not)…the Federal adn State Employment Applications include the penalties if you lie about this information. Vargas needs to return to wherever he is from. As for the Pulitzer Prize–well, it’s tainted and certainly not deserved by a LIAR.

    • eddie47d

      If I lived in America since I was 12 and knew nothing but the American culture I too would assume I was an American.I don’t see a lie only a misunderstanding which should be easily fixed. We are also a fair and honest nation and can work this out.

      • aconcerned1

        You said in and earlier response about the “black population” not being able to get jobs. NOW READ THIS! Issued by President Johnson, the executive order requires employers to “take affirmative action” toward prospective minority employees in all aspects of hiring and employment. Contractors must take specific measures to ensure equality in hiring and must document these efforts. On Oct. 13, 1967, the order was amended to cover discrimination on the basis of gender.Read more: Affirmative Action Timeline —Infoplease.com So if they’re not getting jobs and they are looking then yes something is wrong. But alot are not looking. SO NOW THIS LAW GIVES BLACK AMERICANS (NOT AFRICAN AMERICANS) BECAUSE THEY ARE AMERICANS, AND NOT BORN OF “AFRICAN CITIZENSHIP” EQUAL RIGHTS TO WORK. And I too know to many white trash families that don’t deserve what gets handed to them also.

        I know many black people however that have jobs and are good at them. They are also respectable in the community. But I also know alot more who are just plain lazy, and expect everyone to give them what ever they want! They blame the WHITE MAN for all their plights. And in doing so expect repayment for their ancestors mistreatments. Because they are LAZY they use this past mistreatment of black people as an excuse. Never mind the fact that most of these who mistreated those have left this planet, but then claim that those who won’t give them what they want “racist”, because they should get off their lazy asses and get a job. Too many people on the dark side of the government use people like them and yourself for political gain. Mainly because you DON’T USE COMMON SENSE when it comes to looking at the whole picture.

        Yes, vargas came from the Phillippenes and not messyco, but he is still illegal no matter what. I have ancestors who had to come through Elis island to register for citizenship, learn OUR laws and SPEAK OUR LANGUAGE. Must be to hard for immigrants to do now days right? This ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT also wants to change our laws, Funny I thought you had to be a citizen to do that? But good ol (sen.majority stealer) Harry Greed, has been pushing for this mans drafting of the “dream act”. Not much of a dream for those who came here through the right channels now is it?

        You lack of common sense nut cases, that wish we were like a socialized country should just move to one since you think our laws are so flaued! Maybe you’ll be happier all being the same “except for muslims” since you are all infidel’s in their eyes.
        And you’ll all have equal rights under the government right? Like gays do, or immigrants do, or those with no common sense do right? Because they don’t have equal rights! One group has rights that another doesn’t, because of laws allowing more rights to other groups for the fact that they have someone in a high place or a majority in the government.


  • James

    Illegal aliens should be arrested and deported. Whatever their qualifications, they broke our law.

    • Kinetic1

      How can you say that a child brought into the country illegally but with no knowledge of this is guilty? Their parents broke the law, no question about it, and they should have to pay the price, but why should the kid? I know of people who have lived as Americans since before they could walk. They grew up speaking English, attended English speaking schools and know no other culture than ours. Perhaps if you are deporting the whole family it makes sense to send the children home as well, but when we’re talking about an adult who has no experience outside of America and may not have the support or wherewithal to provide for himself in another country, that’s just unconscionable.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Because you know as well as I do that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the laws.Can you get away with claiming ignorance in our court system?If not,then why would someone who isnt a citizen be exempt from that rule?Apparently he was a victim of somebody elses crime,however he has been old enough to understand that law is law since he was brought here.When I was twelve I was fully aware that breaking the law was wrong.So just exactly who is culpable here?You cannot extradite the parents to stand trial,or necessarily blame the grandparents(who were looking out for their own).Illegal means against the law.Defending this person or the people who employed him is tantamount to saying it is okay for a person to rob you if he doesnt realize that he may be endangering you.

      • James

        Kinetic1, the law doesn’t say one must look or feel guilty. If they are here illegally, they are to be deported.

        • James

          If anyone wishes to challenge that, I’ll be at the OK Corral at High Noon.

  • jopa

    I am assuming Mr. Vargas is about thirty five years old and if he had been in America just s few years sooner he would have become an American automatically with Reagan’s amnesty program.Maybe he is legal now and doesn’t know it.I haven’t read his whole story.

  • mary

    Once he got old enough, he knew he was illegal and he could find out what to do about it. That he took no steps to get legal leaves only three questions for me: how fast can yoiu pack and why hasn’t this bum been deported? and who sets the fine for the employer who knew and di nothing?

  • jopa

    mary: My sentiments exactly.He is here illegally,and he should be deported immediately and used as an example.

    • James

      I agree. Our immigation laws have no teeth in them. They should put a bounty on illegal aliens.


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