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Public Enemy No. 1

February 22, 2012 by  

Public Enemy No. 1

What country do you consider to be the United States’ greatest enemy? If you think like a majority of Americans, you likely picked Iran.

In a recent Gallup poll a random sample of 1,029 adults in the United States were asked the open-ended question: What one country anywhere in the world do you consider to be the United States’ greatest enemy today?

The majority of respondents, 32 percent, picked Iran — followed by China at 23 percent, North Korea at 10 percent, Afghanistan at 7 percent, Iraq at 5 percent, and Russia and Pakistan both at 2 percent. One percent of respondents said the United States was its own worst enemy.

Americans most frequently mentioned Iraq as the United States’ greatest enemy in 2001 and in 2005, when it tied North Korea. Iran has topped the list in each of the five surveys since. In the most recent survey, China was mentioned as an enemy more often than any other time, likely because of its growing global economic influence.

Gallup attributes Americans’ growing distaste for Iran to its public announcements of its nuclear capabilities, belligerence against the United States and Israel, and threats to disrupt the flow of oil in the Mideast.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • s c

    That’s a tough question, Sam. I’d rate any country that doesn’t hesitate to use religion as its main justification to attack America is THE most dangerous nation. Why? Because when push comes to shove, religion kindles emotions that override reason. Only NOW are we getting close to the day when religion will make everyone crazy and frantic for the next war.
    On the whole, I’d make this a two-part question. If you want to make it really tough, Sam, ask Americans who is the most dangerous individual in America. I suspect you’ll get perhaps three names. I’ll hold off naming my candidates for now.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      “Only NOW are we getting close to the day when religion will make everyone crazy and frantic for the next war.”
      Only now??? I’ve only recently started posting on blog sites and every time I’ve come here you’ve had the 1st comment and it’s I’ve always agreed with you but you’ve really missed the mark with that statement. Religion has been the means to whip up people in a frenzy and get them in a trance like state to prepare them for war since we’ve had religion.
      We must not buy into the propaganda machine that is the elitist’s who use media, religion, economics and so on to perpetuate fear of each other to the point of war. Until then, they will keep on funding BOTH sides of EVERY conflict and keep the world bankrupt.

      • s c

        Dig deeper, ‘r.’ At the moment, you sound very much like a fence-sitter. You’ve covered the spread without leaving that fence. Frankly, I find your approach not that much different than some of the in-house regulars who try to play both sides against the middle. Care to commit, and get off the pot?

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Sure. I think that the U.S. has been and continues to be the most dangerous country in the history of the world. I grew up in a military household and my patiotism is unwaivering. I choose to stay in this country to try and inform all of the people I care about with the most truthful information that I can because I cannot trust the leaders or it’s cronies to do so. Is that far enough off of the fence for you? If not I’ll be back to wipe.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Were we not told years back that people would give up their religions but that science would make the world new and bright. Now we have some ugly religions to fear and more cults and isms than ever before.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Humans have been and always will be religious. It will always be a choice of God of the Bible or god of this world Satan.

      • COAL MINER

        You are right.
        Did you know early Christians wore pentagrams,instead of crosses?
        Religion is behind most wars,whether it’s Islam,Judaism or Christianity.They are all guilty.
        The Pentagram in Depth
        Early Christians wore the pentagram as an emblem, possibly to represent the wounds of Christ, or possibly due to connections between early Christians and the pagan beliefs.

      • Jay

        Its not religion per say, coal, not necessarily, that is behind all the wars; crafty, warmongers, use religion as a tool at times if necessary; as well, patriotism, economics, race differences, paranoia, slander, demonetization of a people we scarcely understand, and all the isms you can think of…they seem to have plenty to choose, from their toolbox! Its clear that at this time, they’ve chosen to play the religious card! Guns/Religion don’t kill people, people kill people. Btw, is not the USA a Christian/Religious, nation? Technically, yes! Yet, it, and her western satellites are doing all the invading, and slaughtering. Religion? Just another tool/lubricant to grease the wheels of war!

      • Texascowboyup

        Islam is an enemy with which someday we will be at war with…….mistakenly it has been called a religion, which is a fraud. Islam is no more a religion than was the KKK. They use religion as a front to accomplish their mission…to take over the world and eliminate Christanity! Their prophet Muhammed was nothing more than a murderer, thief, and child molester who invented Islam to justify what he did, changing it as he went. He was a war monger and could easily be labled the first known terrorist! As for their God, he was invented until around 600AD….hmmmm ……Allah is actually Satan!

    • MNIce

      “Religion” is a threat? That’s like saying air is destructive because there are tornadoes. For example, even if we would learn that Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez has been poking pins into a George W. Bush doll, I don’t thank anyone would seriously regard voodoo as a threat to national security.

      The vast majority of people calling for the restoration of Constitutional Law in the United States are Christians. Only the radical socialists and anti-theists regard them as a threat to the country.

      If you mean what you say, say what you mean. Certain denominations of Islam are a threat, not only to the United States, but to many other nations. Islam is not a monolithic religion, it has at least as many variants as Christianity, most famously the division between Sunni and Shiite. Even within the major divisions there are different sects. The most dangerous are the Iranian nationalist brand of Shi’a, and Wahhabist Sunni. Both dream of imposing a worldwide caliphate by fire and sword. But all have this in common: Islam is a harsh and demanding religion. Mohammed claimed that if one followed the five pillars of Islam with sufficient faithfulness, Allah might allow one to walk on the edge of a sword into Paradise – but one slip while on that sword, and you’ll fall into the fires of Hell anyway. He told his fighting men that if they got themselves killed in jihad, they’d get to skip the sword test – he did this to make them more fanatical.

      Against this, our most powerful weapon is one the United States government not will not use, but actively seeks to prohibit among our troops. That is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a reason Saudi Arabia fears to let one copy of the Bible into its lands. After kneeling down and putting your nose in the dirt five times every day, paying the Zakat tax, walking all over Mecca, skipping daytime meals for a month every year, and trying to find something to do that fits the definition of jihad, it should be very appealing to hear the words of the Messiah, “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” Jesus paid the price for our misdeeds; the sins that separate us from God – a price we could not possibly pay, for doing the good works required of us cannot make up for the evil every person has done. This Gospel of reconciliation and mercy is the greatest possible threat to Islam, and every other religion, including atheism.

  • Karolyn

    I don’t view any nation as the US’s greatest enemy. Iran? That’s because sheep hear the word so often they’re brainwashed.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      You’re right Karolyn. That’s why I’ve asked the bloggers on here to spend just 1 hour a month blogging on MSM sites. I think the majority of us her (except maybe flashy) share the same view so I think it’s imparative to go to these “brainwash” sites and do a little schooling. The reason is because alot of people read those blogs then hang out at the water cooler or breakroom and recite alot of these uninformed chirpers as facts. If we all do the dirty and blog there once in a while WE can become the voice of reason in the breakroom. Plus I’ve had some fun letting some people know how stupid they are even tho that’s not my main reason, I swear!….lol

      • Joe H

        There are a few more than just Flushy!!! Read a little closer. I would, off the top of my head, estimate there are at least ten here that do not agree with us!!

      • Flashy

        Rev…let me address your concerns about my thoughts about Iran. i look at it in terms of Realpolitk and the strategic interests of the US. As long as we need the oil from the ME for the world economy (and thus ours), we will have adversaries vying to control us via that slim thread of life called oil. And when those adversaries grow strong enough, or obtain nukes, where they exert undue influence against our interests, they become dangerous and The Great Game begins in earnest.

        Sooner or later, one is either defanged or the line drawn in the sand which one crosses and violence erupts… growing into war if the challenger isn’t slapped down hard enough.

        We are without question the strongest Nation on earth at this time. We are also one of the weakest. We rely upon a slim thread of oil … snap that thread and we grow weaker by the second until we would lay helpless against the stronger foes not yet as reliant.

        “drill baby drill” does nothing but increase that reliance and make us more exposed. Even if, for some wild discovery comes along, we gain a semi independence from imported oil, it is the world economy we safeguard now. We must. Or our economy plummets. And sooner or later, oil will run out and the day of reckoning arrives then. perhaps when we are unable to have the strength to go it alone. And we lose our independence at that time.

        The answer, get off oil as our reliant source of energy. Make it insignificant to our survival. Once we do that, our only concern in the ME is a) protect Israel from religious fanatics of all faiths, and b) calculate the order for the sand shipments to rebuild and add to our beaches.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Flashy I think we can all agree that if Iran bow’s to Allah the wrong way then Isreal has more than enough power (and nukes) to take care of themselves. As far as drawing lines in the sand, isin’t that what got us here in the 1st place? I will agree with you on 1 point. We have to come up with another power source besides oil. We could do this if all of our military were at home protecting the scientis’s from the criminal ci@, fbi and the like, who come out with these alternatives on a daily basis but never get off of the ground because they get swept away by those mafia families as soon as they leave the patten office. Poor Tesla!! SMH

      • Flashy

        Rev…if we did that (bring all troops home), the oil IV would be cut before we could switch over.

        i am familiar with Tesla. I agree.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        I don’t think I’m with ya on that 1. Don’t we have like a year and a half or two years of oil in reserve? Plus the oil we have coming in from home spots should last another year or so. That’s more than enough time to switch over. We both know why that will never happen.

      • TML

        “Once we do that, our only concern in the ME is a) protect Israel from religious fanatics of all faiths”

        Why? Unconditional support for Isreal sounds, in itself, religiously fanatical.

      • Joe H

        Yeah flushy, the IV would be cut. But if your hero odumberer hadn’t screwed the pooch on the Canada pipeline it wouldn’t matter!!!

      • Flashy

        you talking about Keystone? Which wouldn’t be operational until when? Shipping the sands to Texas where the ports are to ship it out?

        Let me ask…is there enough oil transported by Keystone to feed the world and replacing the ME oils? Because unles you can do that, we still have to maintain that oil flow. It’s called a world eonomy …

        But what do you care right? If it’s Obama, you’re against it. Rationality and reasoning doesn’t enter the picture

      • Joe H

        Let the world take of themselves for once!! there would be more than enough oil in keystone to replace what the US gets from the middle east and that is all I give a damn about!! What the rest of the world does as long as it doesn’t affect us DIRECTLY is none of our business!!

      • snibbodmot

        Here are the actual #s on oil imports from November of last year…

        According to Representative Edward J. Markey, the US has 727 million barrels in the Strategic Reserve.

    • TIME

      OMG, Karolyn, I agree with you 100%!

  • Deerinwater

    Well, I’m never tasted one but I’d prefer the Israelites deal with their neighbors and their neighborhood. I hate a dry climate.

  • Donnie Ayers

    OBAMA….he is from many nations!

  • Ray Jones

    Israel seems to be the number one threat to the US . Their lies and manipulation of the truth continue to drag us into uncalled for wars and economic disaster .

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You have no idea what truth or lies are, given your post.

      • Rtringgo

        Just a typical anit-semitic post.

      • Jay

        I agree with Ray. And so do “Jews against Zionism.” I suppose you will call them anti-Semitic, as well? Btw, do you even know what the terms, “Semite”, or”anti-Semitic” mean, or how to accurately apply them? In case you don’t: The term “Semite” means a member of any of various ancient and modern Semitic-speaking peoples originating in southwestern Asia, including; Akkadians (Assyrians and Babylonians), Eblaites, Ugarites, Canaanites, Phoenicians (including Carthaginians), Hebrews (Israelites, Judeans and Samaritans), Ahlamu, Arameans, Chaldeans, Amorites, Moabites, Edomites, Hyksos, Arabs, Nabateans, Maganites, Shebans, Sutu, Ubarites, Dilmunites, Maltese, Mandaeans, Sabians, Syriacs, Mhallami, Amalekites and Ethiopian Semites.

        Today we live in a world where anti-Arab and anti-Muslim hatred, derived from anti-Semitism, is everywhere in evidence. It is not Jews who are being murdered by the
        thousands, by Arab anti- Semitism, but rather, Arabs and Muslims who are being murdered, by the tens of thousands; and that, by Euro- American Christian anti-Semitism, and by Israeli Jewish anti-Semitism. If anti-Semites posited Jews as the purveyors of corruption, as financier bankers who control the world, as violent communist subversives, and as poisoners of Christian wells, the Arab and the Muslim today are seen as in control of the oil market, and therefore, of the global financial market, the purveyors of hatred and corruption of civilised Christian and Jewish societies, as violent terrorists, and as possible mass murderers, not with some Semitic Jewish poison, but with Semitic Arab nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons (which are nowhere to be found). The likes of Michael Moore feel vindicated in telling us about the portion of the American economy controlled by Saudi money, while neglecting to mention the much, much larger, American share of the Saudi economy. Anti- Semitism is alive and well today worldwide, and its major victims are Arabs and Muslims, and no longer Jews.


      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Great stuff Jay. Keep them informed. I’m so tired of soooo many people saying that if you make statements against Isreal, Goldman or Rothschild then you are an anti-semite. Tho there is plenty of racisim towards the Jews, criticizing Zionist world policy makers by pointing out well documented facts is not a part of it.

    • Joe H

      Ray Jones,
      From isreal to the US today. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! That came DIRECTLY from Isreal’s leaders today!! Now, does that sound like someone that’s trying to drag the US into anything???

  • Sirian

    Presently, with all side factors taken into consideration, Iran is our biggest threat yet overall, there are plenty more involved. I’m not speaking of Russia or China, strictly Mid-East/Mediterranean region countries. As long as the theologically driven madness continues to grow with their ultimate prize to eliminate both Israel and the U.S., what greater threat are we faced with? We have both the theological totalitarian regime in Iran and it’s proxies in and around Israel. This coupled with both the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Queda reaching further along the coastal areas of the Mediterranean. With that, what level of concern should there honestly be? That answer is rather obvious. That is what makes the manner in which Obummer, Clinton and many others are handling this problem is of a true concern to many. Between the theologically driven threat that stands coupled to the worldwide financial/economic quagmire that exists, what other areas of concern are standing at a much higher level? None as far as I can openly see right now. Are we being cleverly brought to involvement in another war so as to assure a re-election? That question too is one to consider closely. Or is it both truly and vitally important that we be very cautious while holding a well planned out forceful response if necessary. So, is Iran our greatest threat? Personally, as I said initially, I have to view Iran, with the leaders of the regime that stands, more of a threat than what we may be aware of. How can or do you deal with crazy people – literally?

    • Christin

      Well said, Sirian.

      The Middle East as a whole with their radical Muslim beliefs, harsh Sharia Law, and intolerance of other religious beliefs is definitely problematic and threatening for the world, especially as Iran’s ruler Ahmadinejad tries to quickly bring about chaos to usher in their 12th Imam… the Anti-Christ… (Words spoken from HIS mouth.)

      I would add that I fear the ‘Global Ruling Elite Class’ who have been playing the countries, their currencies, and pushing the people into wars like a puppet show to manipulate and desecrate them and their Freedoms so the Rulers may gain their wealth and power.

    • Flashy

      “That is what makes the manner in which Obama, Clinton and many others are handling this problem is of a true concern to many.”

      In the course of three years, iran is isolated and weaker than ever. It has no allies, and the direct link to Hezbollah and Hamas in grave danger. It’s economy in hsambles, its nuke program stymied every step of the way by scientists having accidents, being assasinated, electrical grids supply the production facilities blown out, computer malware and virsues, and who knows what monitoring programs we successfully inserted into their computer systems. We have an embargo in place, the UN lined up against them, and Israel arming up the jet fighters and bombers. Not to mention our fleet is in position and satelittes providing up to the second intl. Iraq is done with, so we don’t have that mess to contend with, Russia in hot water over its recent diplomatic blunders, China more worried about an economy on the edge and its reserves being depleted. Iran’s only remaining ally, Assad of Syria is on the ropes and the rebellion being fed by NATO and other Arab countries, and the rebellion is growing.

      OK…how could it have been handeled any better?

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Crazy people??? Like the ones who got the Muslim Brotherhood off of the ground by supplying them with money and arms? Or like the ones who funded the “freedom fighters” (nice name) in Afganistan to comat the Soviet’s? Or like the ones who are funding the rebels in Syria whom I am sure will have to be removed soon after the take over the regime. Don’t you guys see?? It dosen’t matter who is in power. The U.S./House of Rothschild will continue to put in 1 head of state then supply the opposition to oust them and then re-invade them with uni-latteral (another nice name) support after they don’t go along with the rules set for them. Surely I’m not the only one who has noticed this pattern since the inception of the League of Nations am I?? U guys keep sticking your fingers in the light socket thinking something different is gonna happen. Knock it off! You’re going to get electricuted!

      • Christin


        Russia and China have sent in ‘man power’ to undermine the Syrians and keep in the current regime.

        Many of us do see the Puppet Show put on by TPTB.

    • TIME

      And just what would any of you do if say the Chinese just came over and started taking over your state?

      Would you fight back with what you have?

      Or would you just sit back and let them do as they wanted?

      Now ask the same of the Middle East, just what should they do when we invade them, let alone our Mass Media makes them out to be monsters to you, when in fact the average person anywhere in the world is no differant then you.

      {There are no radical’s unless there is a reason for them to exist.}
      Many of you really need to look at all sides before you start wanting to kill someone for just being not YOU!

      Your enemys are the ones who hold the real “WEALTH of the WORLD,” AKA, the World Bankers, The Bank Of London, The 13 Bloodlines.
      People bloody well start learning where the snakes head really is, or you will doom yourself’s to more of the same.

      Your choice stay ignorant, or will you take the red pill.

      • AZMarc

        “{There are no radical’s unless there is a reason for them to exist.}”

        I’m not going to argue anything else. This hurts as much as when RP talks about it (I already voted for him btw). Wrong, wrong, wrong…banging my head against the wall…wrong.

        Mullah (insert name) Mohamad, needs ever increasing control to feed his ego…Whip the poor, uneducated masses (whom he and his predecessors have kept this way) into a frenzy against the “Great Satan” of the moment. Keep them that way for several generations. There will always be radicals because ther is evil in the world.

      • Christin

        You are right, TIME.

        The peoples of many nations [including ours] are angry with their corrupt leadership which has taken away their freedom, made promises and FAILED to keep them [lies] and stolen their wealth and forbidden them to prosper with laws which limit their every move… that’s why we see nations rising up against their tyrannical dictators and governments… even ours. We are tired of the evil PTB and those who stand with them running our country into the ground as much as they are at theirs.

      • TIME


        My friend we only harbor hate within us due to the Masters who make absurd laws, and brainwash us into thinking thus acting like them.

        Stand on your own, be your own man. God gave you a brain so please use it for what it was intended for.
        We can never break the chains of bondage until we see the TRUE Monsters for what they are.

        Who are these Monsters, take a look at the 13 Bloodlines, then explore who the modern Vampires are, the Bush bone is connected to the Kerry Bone, the Kerry bone is connetced to the Obama bone, and on and on the dance goes.
        Look at the Vadican, who controlls it, London, who controlls it.

        Follow the Bloodlines, not the money, as when you follow the BLOODLINES you will find all the MONEY!

        Really its just “OCAMS RAZOR” used in its proper form.

        How can you hate whom you do not know? Can you guess who said that?

        PEACE & LOVE to all My Brothers & Sisters.

  • eddie47d

    Is Iran really the enemy or did we make it so. Did our overthrow of the Mogadishu government in 1953 set this course in motion. We meddle into other nations affairs and try and create history to our liking. Then we can’t figure out why they dislike us. The French didn’t like the Germans when they crossed their borders. The Gauls didn’t like the Romans when they invaded their territory. The Jews didn’t like being occupied by the Romans either and they frequently stuck back with miserable results. We are the new Roman Empire and Iran doesn’t like our incursion into their way of life and telling them how to do business. We could be our own worst enemy so shouldn’t we be at the top of the list? China has more control over our lives than Iran and they can take us down financially.I believe the Elite have made Iran the enemy of the moment spoon fed to the American people and 10 years from now it will be someone else for their convenience and control.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Soooo true. That’s why they have Syria as a back-up plan if we don’t get the support we need to attack Iran. If that dosen’t work I assure you we’ll have boots on the ground in N.Korea by Labor Day. It is an election year after all!

    • TIME

      OMG, Eddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I agree with you….
      The only thing I dissagree with you on is that the ROMAN Empire never died, so we aren’t the new one we are just a new Branch of the same old tree.

      The Roman Empire morphed into what we call Europe & the US Inc.

    • DAVE

      THEY HATE US FOR OUR FREEDOM EDDIE! Haven’t you learned anything here?

      • TIME


        No they don’t hate us for our Freedom, hell we are far less free then you know.

        We are little more than a people farm dude we grow people to serve; Thus when you are servant, you are not free.

  • tom


  • RichE

    Why do we need an enemy? Always some THING to hate and fear. I’m really tired of that mindset.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      We don’t need an enemy. Nor do WE have one. Like I’ve said, it’s just distractions meant for us to keep us busy while the elitist’s continue to fund ALL sides and keep the world in debt.

      • RichE

        If we don’t need an enemy then why do we have one? Are we hoarders, packrats, or sentimental keepers unwilling to let go, afflicted to always hate, always fear?

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        RichE We only have an enemy that is imagined and not real. Read eddie47d’s comment and you’ll understand a little bit. All it is are distractions meant for us not to pay attention to what’s going on at home. The problem is that WE are trying to take care of problems here while this administration (and the last 1 and the 1 before that and before that) continue to perpetuate “threats from abroad” so they can scare us into thinking we need “protection” with the DHS, TSA, NDAA and so on while all these organizations do is strip our liberties away one sneaky bill at a time under the guise of keeping us safe. DON’T FALL FOR IT!!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You can’t possibly be that naive to say we have no enemies. According to you there is no evil, everything we see is an illusion created by our minds. But if there is no evil then there is nothing good.

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Naivity comes from thinking that our enemies are abroad and not at home. The Taliban is not poisoning our children with forced vaccinations. Hezbollah is not stealing money from us American’s and then making us pay back the money they stole and Islamic extremist’s are not refinancing or buying new homes with no intention of paying it back. I know what’s going on in the world and I have not met one Arabic/Islamic person that has tried to harm me but I know lot’s of American’s who have/do.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Denying that evil exists or saying that we have no enemies will not change what is reality. Being tired of hearing or seeing evil is a cop out, where will you run to hide from both.

      • AZMarc

        Evil exists. You are absolutely right. In Iran, Syria etc. Also in D.C. You are begging the question; What should we do to combat evil if we can’t run from it? But that would be the wrong approach. Admit evil exists. Admit we can’t solve all the worlds evil problems and then concentrate on us.
        You want a solution? How about dropping all of our politicians into their midst and then load half of our transports with opiated cookies and drop them over there, follow that with the other half with small arms and let them finish the job.

  • Patriot Diva

    Iran is not our greatest enemy. We have more to fear from our own government!

    • Christin

      SO TRUE, Patriot Diva!

  • Dave

    Why do you see a threat in a geographic entity; it’s the 7th Century ideology spawned by an illiterate, ignorant cave dweller who has since had much of his “theology” abrogated to suit the whims of the “religious” elite. True to it’s form, it continues to foist it’s many tentacled cancer upon “democracies” (aka ‘mob rule’) in such countries as Egypt, Libya, Syria, and so much of the Middle East that the Jewish country of Israel is increasingly a “rind” on the hock of monster. It’s a great stretch to conceive of it’s name meaning “peace” though it you find peace in a cemetery, then the analogy might pass. The tentacles include religion but also law, mores and customs, culture, and the totality of life to the point that they can’t abide any admixture.
    Doubt me? Consider that none of the presidential candidates are breathing a sound about this “third rail”, we have incidences of “honor killings”, only the most egregious coming to the surface, mosques celebrating victories, and the oxymoron “Chrislam” being named even among evangelicals. They’re gaining ascendency in the military, politics, the prison system, the legal profession, medicine, and education.
    Why is it we’ve not had another “9/11″? Could it be tacit agreement that the once great USA is already claimed by it’s current Muslim POTUS?

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Cmon Dave. That was too good. I thought only us rookies blooged on here. Submit your articles to Bob and we’ll read em in the next newsletter…lol

  • Jeff Jackson

    Iran is a powder keg with a lit match for a leader. That country needs to be watched very close. It will be the next 9-11 if we don’t do something now. They are already disrupting the flow of oil which at this point we need. It won’t be long before we don’t need their oil. I say we choke them. Cut off all aid, food, water, medicine. Eventually they will starve to death if they don’t kill each other first. Ronald Reagan had the right idea. The Iranians were deathly afraid of Ronny, and that’s what we need now, a leader that’s not afraid to bomb the living crap out of them and drive them back to the stone age.

  • dkwalburg

    everyone seems to chase rabibits and miss the point….Saudi Arabia is under contract to only sell oil in Petro dollars, Iran was preparing to seel oil to Fance in Euros, Iran is going to sell oil to India for gold……Most of our wars has been for corporate greed. They are making Iraq the enemy for a reason. Another excuse to keep the dollar on life support.
    And to keep the financial wizards of Goldman Sachs squeezing the life blood out of our economy. Why would they never had been at least sued by the federal govt. for fiiscal irresponsibility? The enemy of the Republic is Wall Street led by Goldman Sachs , led by that benign appearing gnome ffom Nebr, whos as soon as he bought out Goldman Sachs went to Obama and got his share of the bailout. Have a good year as the Euro crumples with the dollar following.

  • GColgrove

    Bigger questions that should be asked:

    1. What do Americans feel is a greater danger,

    (A) Iran

    (B) US Government

    2. Who has done more harm to the future of America

    (A) Iran

    (B) US Government

    3. Who has cost America more in terms of financial losses

    (A) Islamic Terrorists

    (B) US Government

  • Mike

    There’s a lot at stake here. We’ve got $1.1 trillion per year in security spending that must be maintained. With the public’s interest in the current wars waning and talks of, dare I say it, defense cuts something big has to be done. There’s a surplus of oil and gasoline and speculators can’t keep the prices up without Middle Eastern tensions. Politically, if Republicans can make the President look weak it will cost him votes. The corporate owned news media is towing the Party line so all in all the money’s on war.

    Twenty two years ago we faced a similar dilemma. The Soviet Union was collapsing and the basis of our military spending over the course of the preceding 45 years was threatened. Saddam had been our man in the Middle East for 8 years during Reagan’s tenure. We had supported him in his war against Iran. We gave him the means to deliver poison gas and even provided weaponized Anthrax. When he was bankrupted in 1989, Bush Sr. provided 3 billion in funding through a corrupt Italian bank in Atlanta. When he turned his attention to Kuwait our Ambassador, April Glaspie, assured him that we had no opinion on his dispute with Kuwait. Thus the stage was set for war and by not removing Saddam we could maintain this war footing forever. The attacks of 9/11 were a Godsend to the MIC two Wars and 5 trillion dollars later they’re still paying dividends.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      Thanks for the info Mike. The Bush’s have been funding wars looong before 1989.
      Politic’s, very sneakily, leads the masses to think that we have a choice with the so called two party system. More and more of us are realizing every day that they truely are two heads on the same coin. Here’s the perfect example in just THIS year’s election: Rick Santorum= fiscal conservative???? How can he or the GOP even look people in the eye with a strait face? The GOP has an identiy crisis and they’re trying to tout anyone to take the lead EXCEPT for Ron Paul. That in itself should show that the 2 party system is a farse.

  • Robert Morrow

    Yes, While IRAN and other places like IRAN are bad for the world we have our own Agency. It is the FDA, which allows the poisoning and murder from poison drugs and processed foods in the USA. Why, is this going on? The FDA (unelected rulers) dictate your health & Life, for these hidden rulers have sold out to the highest bidders. Quote from one of the own, “THE THING THAT BUGS ME IS THAT PEOPLE THINK THE FDA IW PROTECTING THEM. IT ISN’T THE FDA IS PROTECTING THE PROFITS OF THE CORPORATIONS THAT PAY US AND THE POLITICIANS!” Herbert Ley, M.D, Former FDA Commissioner. Please note, Politicians at the end. I find that many Politicians have sold out to receive their 30 pieces of blood stain sliver and would sell their own into slavery for it. Being Fat is not your Fault, & I quote “If people let the government decide what foods they eat & what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in a sorry state as are the souls who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson. So Comrades just look around you at the ones sick in health and Soul. See them Swallow poison tablets and eat food laced with poison toxins. It is all there if one looks. Now the FDA has become a total tyrant with their own courts & Gestapo Swat Teams which terrorize families & destroy business because it would cut into the Profits of Corporations. Chef Robert here in the New Land of Socialist States of America.

  • ranger hall

    History has shown US that the Only Enemys we have is the ones we have CREATED.
    Everyone has a right to defend what is theirs.
    HOW many People out there HEARD of Al Queda or Bin Laden BEFORE 9/11.
    HOW many People out there REALLY care about WHATS been Going on in the World.
    Any Countrys Resourses BELONG to that Country and Its People.
    THE new WORLD ORDER Wants to Control ALL the Worlds Resourses, ALL the Money, All The Land.
    YES I wonder just WHO is Our Worst ENEMY. Some times I think ITS JUST THE PEOPLE.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      I agree with everything you just said but if you want people to listen to you and I want people to listen to you, then you have to use the CAPS properly and stop yelling…lol

      • Steve

        It’s not yelling, it’s called emphasis. The spelling is awful too but the message is clear. And I concur.

  • Andrew C

    I miss Bush

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Ditto But the libs and Obummer wouldn’t have a dead horse to beat.

  • Mohamud Abdi

    I would have to say Iran is the least dangerous country on the planet. Not single war in a century! Israel, on the other hand, has broke thousands of human rights laws and illegally tries to push out the people of Palestine. I’m not saying this is anything new, but We as Americans and ESPECIALLY our government, need to stop being hypocrites and stand for our values. They want to get rid of leaders of other sovereign countries, like who gives you the right? I’ll go and tell the prime minister of Israel to step down and see what reactions you get. This is implanted fear and deception. Our whole country runs on fear and deception. Patriots Act, NDAA, SOPA. The list goes on. I say watch international news and not just fall for what the local news is telling you. Get everything from other peoples point of view. We seem like such a blind country :(

    • AZMarc

      “Iran is the least dangerous country on the planet”
      Iran has been the major funding agent of international terrorism for over 20 years. Everything else you said may be true, but when you began with an obvious falsehood you lost me. Probably others as well. BTW what did Jordan do for the Animalstinians??? Oh, that’s right, the streets ran red with their blood. That’s why they want Isreal, the other Arab nations will kill them all.


      Mohamud Abdi,
      You are right.According to Rabbi Elmer Berger Jews have no rightful historical claim to Palestine. Zionism is the greatest threat to world peace.Peace will only come, if the Jews will leave Palestine,it doesn’t to them,it belongs to the Arabs.

      • COAL MINER

        I left out “Belong”


      Mohamud Abdi,Jay,Jopa and others.Come and join the The World Pantheist Movement,put an end to all religious bigotry and ignorance.Pantheism is the religious philosophy of the future.

      Scientific Pantheism – the World Pantheist Movement
      Pantheism. The Web’s leading resource on pantheist history, theory and practice.

      • Jay

        Since the perfection of blessedness consists in the knowledge of God (cf. John 17:3), he has been pleased, in order that none might be excluded from the means of obtaining felicity, not only to deposit in our minds that seed of religion of which we have already spoken, but so to manifest his perfections in the whole structure of the universe, and daily place himself in our view, that we cannot open our eyes without being compelled to behold him. His essence, indeed, is incomprehensible, utterly transcending all human thought; but on each of his works his glory is engraven in characters so bright, so distinct, and so illustrious, that none, however dull and illiterate, can plead ignorance as their excuse. Hence, with perfect truth, the Psalmist exclaims, “He covereth himself with
        light as with a garment,” (Psalm 104: 2;) as if he had said, that God for the first time was arrayed in visible attire when, in the creation of the world, he displayed those glorious banners, on which, to whatever side we turn, we behold his perfections visibly portrayed. In the same place, the Psalmist aptly compares the expanded heavens to his royal tent, and says, “He layeth the beams of his chambers in the waters, maketh the clouds his chariot, and walketh upon the wings of the wind,” sending forth the winds and lightnings as his swift messengers (Ps.104: 2-4). And because the glory of his power and wisdom is more refulgent in the firmament, it is frequently designated as his palace (Ps. 11:4). And, first, wherever you turn your eyes, there is no portion of the world, however minute, that does not exhibit at least some sparks of beauty; while it is impossible to contemplate the vast and beautiful fabric as it extends around, without being overwhelmed by the immense weight of glory. Hence, the author of the Epistle to the Hebrews elegantly describes the visible worlds as images of the invisible, (Heb. 11: 3,) the elegant structure of the world serving us as a kind of mirror, in which we may behold God, though otherwise invisible. For the same reason, the Psalmist attributes language to celestial objects, a language which all nations understand, (Psalm 19: 1,) the manifestation of the Godhead being too clear to escape the notice of any people, however obtuse. The apostle Paul, stating this still more clearly, says, “That which may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has showed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead,” (Rom. 1: 20.)

  • jaywolfx

    Q. What country do you consider to be the United States’ greatest enemy?
    A. The United States is its own worst enemy under it’s current government. The U.S. is a country at war against its own citizens, and in far more ways than one. The US fuels the drug war in Mexico, in more ways than one. The U.S. wages war for profit, against many nations. The government has sold its people out to governments of other nations, given American jobs to contractors of other nations, not to mention being busted in false flag terrorism for the purpose of furthering war! Why have Americans not revolted?

  • Brad

    what the american people dont lnow is thier history. Iran has not attacked another country in over 200 years. Dont listen to the media

    • AZMarc

      “Islamic Jihad is widely believed to be a nom de guerre of the Lebanese Islamist political movement and social service agency Hezbollah, which was founded in 1982 with many millions of dollars of aid and considerable training and logistical support from the Islamic Republic” CFR. So they haven’t openly started a war but…

  • jopa

    It isn’t really our enemies but our good friend Israel that is bringing down America.As long as we continue to give them Military armament and funding they will continue to be a bad actor in a bad region and we always have to babysit and go to war for them.If there were peace in the region it would be bad for Israels economy.They enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world on our dime.

    • Jay

      Well well, jopa; on this, i will agree with you!

  • Jay

    Last month, Obama killed the job-producing Keystone XL Pipeline that, if allowed to proceed, would deliver 700,000 barrels a day of crude oil from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries along the Gulf of Mexico.

    Joe Miller reports for World-Net-Daily that Obama’s war against U.S. energy independence continues unabated this month, with a foreign-aid program that directly threatens Alaska’s sovereign territory. The Obama administration is giving away seven strategic, resource-laden Alaskan islands to the Russians.

    Miller should know because he is an Alaskan. More than that, this is the same Joe Miller who was the 2010 Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate from Alaska. A West Point graduate, decorated combat veteran from the first Gulf War, and former judge, Miller holds a law degree from Yale and an advanced economics degree from the University of Alaska.

  • Esteban Garita

    Yes, The US is its own worst enemy, I couldn’t agree more.

    Iran has as much a right to nuclear bombs as Israel does… as anyone for that matter, what gives us the right to tell anyone what to do in their own country? that is why no one likes us, because we don’t mind our own god damn business, no one is telling us what to do, so I can see why everyone is angry with us, we need to stop telling countries what to do, and only act when we are directly harmed, I personally don’t care about the middle east and what ever problems they may or may not have, we go in and tell everyone what to do in the name of peace and democracy then we end up going to war and the whole world views us a bullies going around beating up whoever doesn’t want to give us their lunch money!! and those people are right because that is exactly what we are.

    I believe that if it is illegal for you as an individual to go and force your self into your neighbor’s house and threaten to harm them if they do not bend to your will, then it should be illegal for our government to go and do that to other countries.

    Tyrants and evil people have always existed and will always exist, we need to stop with this utopian idea that we can change the entire world, that we can be the world police and save everyone from themselves, because most of those countries that we want to save do not want to be saved, they are very comfortable with their way of life and rather die then become Americanized… So I say leave them the hell alone, let them kill each other, and stop sending our brothers and sisters to die for such an irrational idea… stop spending our money in empire building, weapons and security for other countries, and above all else… STOP TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES in the name of safety.

  • Matt

    Sad only 1 percent are not brainwashed AIPAC is doing a good job!

  • jopa

    Jay;Why would big oil want the pipeline in the first place.They don’t, it’s just a political football.Here in the Delaware valley Sunoco and Phillips Petro shut down two refineries and Hess Petro just shut one down in the Virgin Islands.Big oil doesn’t want a larger refining capacity that would result in too much oil on the market like we have today.They just want to juggle the numbers.Most of the gasoline refined here is being shipped out and east coast capacity for refining is down 50%.

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    What do you expect? the propaganda machine has done its job WELL ,as always. After all, American govenments dont go to war without “consent of the people”, even when unofficial !!!

    Americans need someone to hate.Check their history. The establishment is rubbing its hands in glee and laughing all the way to the bank, while most Americans get poorer, but at least they have someone to hate again !!!

    The REAL price is their freedom ( and lives)and they just dont realize it, thanks to that other problem..their “education” system :-)

  • ranger hall

    Manifest Destiny
    Big Brother
    New World Order
    Fuel is Important, But FOOD and WATER is what we Servive On.
    Fuel has gone UP 20 plus cents a gal in the Past two weeks here in SO.Cal. More excess Profits Billions this Year along to the Oil People. Means Less money in our pockets.

  • http://none carolyn seracuse

    I agree with Ron Paul. First, we don’t know if Iran has nuclear weapons and second, we shouldn’t be involved with all the worlds problems unless it actually affects us.

  • Kenneth Hasson

    All men are created equal as human beings. Thats where it stops. There are 3 key words that affect everyone. They are CONTROL, Choice and Price. This applies to everyone on earth. Everything comes under Control. Then you make Choices. After you make a Choice, you pay a price. The price you pay is positive or negative. Thats how simple life is. The biggest problem on earth is that everyone is trying to control everyone .else. You Control everything that you say think and do. You cannot control another person.If someone is controllling you, it’s because you let them. Are you in Control of your life or is someone Controlling you? Just a small example: All wars are about Control. It’s your choice to agree or disagree.

  • Robby

    Lets skip the war and go right into the peace talks.. If Israel can have diplomatic relations with Germany.. If Russia and the Us can be allies.. If the US and Great Britain can be best budds.. Than war is something we can avoid, knowing that even bitter enemies can be friends.. Wars are created by dysfunctional governments who can’t communicate and who are willing to send peons to fight for their power needs.. Next war send the politicians …

  • grnmouse

    Our unemployment rate is over 8% because they only count those who are actively getting benefits-once you have used up your benefits they take you off the roll and the percentage goes down. I wish there was a way to accurately show the real unemployment percentage.I have been out of work 2 years and counting and have seen discrimination against those over 50 years old. What are we supposed to do? We cannot get Social Security until 62 at the earliest. I thought I would be working until 66! If my husband wasn’t working part-time we would probably loose our home.


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