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Prying The Lid Off The Fed

May 17, 2010 by  

Prying The Lid Off The Fed

With very little notice the United States Senate voted 96 to 0 last week to require the Government Accountability Office to audit the Federal Reserve’s emergency actions during and after the 2008 financial crisis.

The measure was an amendment to legislation to overhaul the financial regulatory system and was proposed by socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). It was a watered down version of Sanders’ original provision that would have subjected the Fed to continuing audits of its routine operations.

It’s also weaker than the House-approved version that passed late last year which authorized audits of every item on the Fed’s balance sheet. The two bills will have to be reconciled later and one of its sponsors in the House, Representative Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), is confident the stronger version will prevail in conference. The bill’s original sponsor, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) isn’t so sure.

We can only hope Grayson is right. The White House, the Fed and most Senators opposed the stronger version but agreed to the weaker version. That means they feel it doesn’t have any teeth. As evidence, an amendment by Senator David Vitter (R-La.) that would have mirrored the House language failed on a 62 to 37 vote. Sanders and six Democrats joined 30 Republicans in favor. (As an aside: Liberals, read that last sentence again and answer—who is it that is the party of the banksters? Still not sure? Then what about President Obama’s trip to New York May 13 to raise money for the Democrat party from Wall Street “fat cats” at $15,000, $30,000 and $50,000 a plate?)

You may remember that back in 2008 the fraud the biggest banksters had been pulling off began to unravel. Their scheme of playing both sides against the middle—selling off their debt falsely sold as safe bets while placing side bets they would collapse—fell apart. But it was good while it lasted because in the beginning they profited both ways.

So President George W. Bush abandoned free market principals to save the free market system. Big banksters Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson—Bush’s Fed chairman and Treasury secretary—convinced him to loot the U.S. Treasury to pay off their buddies at the other big banks. The result was the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), a $700 billion bailout of the financial institutions.

Bernanke, as a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2004, said in a speech, “we are in a new era, where economic volatility has been permanently eliminated.” It seems he missed on that prediction.

As for Paulson, prior to being named Treasury secretary he was the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Coincidently, Goldman Sachs got $10 billion in TARP funds.

With Bernanke’s incompetent pronouncements and Paulson’s ties to Goldman Sachs, you had the foxes guarding the henhouse… and one of them had no clue. And President Barack Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is no better. As president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York he worked with Paulson to bail out American International Group (AIG)—the firm that paid bonuses of about $165 million to its executives—and together the two decided to let Lehman Brothers fail.

Since the bailouts some in Congress have been trying to learn from the Fed who got what and when did they get it. So far all they’ve gotten is silence.

And that’s what the audit bill is all about; trying to pry the lid off the secret Fed.

But you must understand what the Fed is. It is neither Federal (part of the U.S. Government) nor does it hold reserves, writes G. Edward Griffin in his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island.

It was formed by six conspirators who met in secret in 1910 on Jekyll Island, Ga., writes Antony C. Sutton in his book, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy. Those men were Senator Nelson Aldrich (father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and a representative of the Standard Oil crowd); German banker Paul Warburg, of the German bankers MM Warburg of Hamburg and Kuhn Loeb in the U.S.; Henry P. Davison, partner in J.P. Morgan and Chairman of Bankers Trust Company; Benjamin Strong, vice president of Banker’s Trust; Frank Vanderlip, chairman of National City Bank; and Charles D. Norton, president of First National Bank.

The Fed is a corporation, but it is unlike any other corporation in America. It pays no taxes. Its articles of incorporation are not filed in any state. There is no list of its stockholders anywhere, according the book, They Own It All (Including You).

Since its inception it has operated in secret. The only information that ever comes out is whatever the Fed chairman wants to reveal when he sits before Congress. If you’ve ever watched that dance on C-Span you know Congress never gets real answers.

But, despite its secrecy, it controls the money in the United States. It decides the interest rates banks pay… which ultimately decides the interest rates you pay. It decides how much money is printed… which devalues your savings and investments. It also decides which businesses survive—AIG—and which businesses fail—Lehman Brothers.

This is not a free market system. It’s a system of theft and destruction.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    How many years did it take to ‘convince’ Congress to do anything like this? Pardon me while I laugh and then puke when I’m supposed to have faith in ANYTHING that a so-called “independent” [Sanders] does. Sanders is an independent like saul alinsky is a patriotic american.
    This ‘move’ is a trojan horse, folks. The best cure for chronic Feditis is also a favorite protocol for the AMA [surgery (cut), radiation (burn) and chemotherapy (poison)]. Both Jefferson and Jackson recognized a central banking system for what it is.
    Tell me, America. When will our Washington ‘heroes’ have the guts to do to the Fed what the Fed has done to America?

    • refuse2lose

      Everyone without a kool aid IV knows that there will never be a REAL audit of the Federal Reserve.If that was ever allowed to happen we would have anarchy in our streets.Congress will supply a bunch of bells and whistles,maybe even a little Ringling Brothers.We will be told,just like we were told by the Hawaii spokeswomen that she had personally seen Obama’s OBC.They will tell us that they have seen everything that the Fed has to offer and that while there were some questionable transactions that took place they did nothing to purposely manipulate the markets or do anything to put Americans at a distinct disadvantage.

      And if there is anyone who puts their faith in Alan Grayson,the guy who said conservatives want to let people die,I suggest you think twice.He is only going after the fed because he sees how popular Ron Paul is.

    • Victor L Barney

      I hear you and very well said, but too little to late! The two 60′s weathermen out of Chicago got their man in as President and now are after the 70% of U.N. nations without veto power that are in Africa! As for the money problem? The “Cashless Society” described in the Bible is on it’s way! Watch!

      • angel-wanna-be

        Victor, the cashless society has already begun, I went to Lowes the other day and bought four cans of spray paint in CASH. The clerk said that since I paid cash, could she have my phone number, in case I had to bring the paint back!___I told her and infatic NO!

        • Sidewinder

          I hear ya Angel…Cash is for criminals these days…

          • Harley

            We are definitely on the way out. Prophesies are coming true everyday. Next up… “the Antichrist” …film at 11

    • Save America Susie

      SC, So true…You are probably thinking of this Thomas Jefferson Quote:

      “I believe that Banking Institutions are more dangerous to our Liberties than Standing Armies.”

      • Sidewinder

        Hi Susie…Lincoln believed so!
        Confederates to his front, International bankers at his rear. And thats where they belong too.
        Linclon feared what was on his As* more than what was in front of him.

        • Save America Susie

          Interesting, SW! I know that Lincoln seems to be a controversial figure, after reading some of these blogs. I never thought of him that way before. He was always my favorite President. But I am reading his life story now.

          • Anthony

            Susie – Be careful of the Authors you choose when it comes to Lincoln. I know of at least one, that screams Lincoln basically started the Civil War. Yet, Jefferson Davis was already the President of the South Confederecy “before” Lincoln was ever sworn in as President. This is something one Author made it a point to negate and essentially omit. Lincoln wanted to Preserve the Nation. In my view, he did not want to become a Dictator. The real debate, is whether the South had the Right, according to the Constitution, to secede inthe first place. They were, during the previous Administration, being hammered with too many tariffs and too much unfairness from the NY Bankers and the Bond Owners who were in cahoots with the Hamiltonians of the Day.

            The real essence of where many misunderstand Lincoln, was where and how he goes about borrowing money to do whatever it takes to protect the Nation as a whole. It was NOT the NY Bankers he ultimately did business with – and this is where the Money Paradogm of the Day, goes Global/International. The NY Bankers were wanting to loan Lincoln money to fight back against the Secession – but only at anywhere frm 24% to 36% interest. In any Society this is Highway Robbery. So, instead, Lincoln went to the Tzar of Russia. Kicker here? At the time, Russia did not have a Central Bank – and now, we bring in the Rothschilds, who by now had a Central Bank in almost every European Nation – and they were pi$$ed that the Tzar wouldn’t kneel before the Bank. They also felt, having perpetrated a fraud on the Market in England at the end of Waterloo (1815), which means they OWN the Bank of England, whether Britain liked it or not, that the Colonies should be brought back to the fold and be made to suffer ultimately. THIS is who was behind the NY Bankers and who also gave money to the South, so they could afford to secede. THIS is also a fact not specifically discussed in any of the History Books – but I have read some amazing facts over the last year of my research, where it shows everything leads straight back to the Amschel Mayer Bauer Family of Bavaria – who then chose a RED SIGN for their Family Crest – they were small time Bankers. RED SIGN in duetsche means ROT-SCHILD … and it is outright damning to see where the problem has existed for so many decades – for two Centuries at least now. Prior to that, others were working the same mechanics in Old Italy, as well. In Numerology, RED SIGN translates, believe it or not, into 666.

            Hamilton, it is now known, was actually an Agent for the European Central Bank Cartel, working for the Rothschilds. You see, the fundamental issue in a lot of ways, is that people with a lot of maney like to call themselves prestigious. It’s a lie. The truth is, that no real wealth was ever gained honestly.

            In Andrew Jackson’s 2nd term of Office, he had run on the tenant of ridding our Country of the 2nd Bank of the United States, which was a Central bank taking its orders from the Rothschilds, European Central Bank Cartel. Those working inside it did not report to the Congress. They reported back to Europe. It’s on Jackson’s tombstone “I killed the Bank”. Go check and see how many death threats have been made on how many Presidents over this very issue. Linsoln wasn’t the only President assassinated during this 19th Century. This information is never discussed in our modern times, but go review what Kennedy was doing with Exec Order 11110.

            Authors everywhere will go out of their way to avoid inclusion of the Central bank (Cartel) discussion when it comes to almost all of our Presidents throughout History – whether it be Washington, or anyone else. Jackson is the only one to do it successfully and for Eighty (80) years, the Country prospered without a Central Bank. Oh, that doesn’t mean theses Carpetbagging Bankers weren’t still able to instigate runs on banks. They were. It’s just that such a run was always local, for the most part and never truly national.

            Jackson rid us of the 2nd Central Bank – he is a hero to me for this.
            Lincoln avoided the Central Bank and brought on the greenbacks – good effort by a Christian man

            ID-10-T, Woodrow Wilson, sold us all down the river by allowing the Bankers (Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Warburg)to essentially write the Federal Reserve Bill, all by themselves – no politicians were involved with the writing of that. Read the book: Creature from Jekyll Island. Two Presidents in common are: Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter – neither one had the brains of a peanut shell – not when it came to real Petriotic Duty.
            John F Kennedy – found intense corruption inside the FED and worked with EXEC ORDER 11110, to start pushing silver certificate ($20 bills) into the Economy – which would ultimately replace the non-backed FED NOTE and the FED would ultimately fail if allowed to continue. In Dallas, the rest as they say… is history. After he was shot, the very next day, LBJ reversed everything there was about E.O. 11110 and reversed everything JFK was doing to bring our guys back from ‘Nam before the ’64 elections… You extrapolate the rest for yourselves.
            In this Decade, we are watching a Senator by the name of Evan Bayh, pretend he is disgusted with what he has had to deal with in DC/Congress. But, as Governor if Indiana, he had to already know what the heck is going on. He had to. There’s no way around knowing or not knowing. It’s the heart of today’s economy, this iron clamp called: THE FED.
            You watch – for the 2012 Election, Evan Bayh will be brought out as the next Savior for America. Whether Obama makes to 2012 still remains to be seen. For now, as from the beginning, he has been the puppet to the CFR and THE FED – he is the true essence of an Uncle Tom, if there ever was one. The people in control of the Money, are NOT the people we are allowed to elect. It’s all just a sham.

            How do we fight back? Take it to heart, that Ron Paul really is a true patriot as he is “against” the Central Bank (THE FED) of this Country. You should be, too.

            Over the last two years, in Europe, there has been a steady reversal of Liberalism back to more conservatism from the grassroots precincts to the Halls of the Capitals of every Nation in Europe. Sarkozy stole the election in France, and from what I read, the Central Bank of Paris…was none too happy. At that time, it was already predicted that Gordon Brown was also on his way out because the British are damn tired of not having control of their own Bank of England. Remember Waterloo? What just happened in England? If you don’t know, maybe you should WAKE UP. The only way the Banking Cartel has staved off destruction of themselves is by shoving OBAMA (Barry Soetoro) down our throats with tons of media propaganda. In this, Ron Paul is distinctly righteous. If they truly turn the USA into a FULL POLICE STATE, with miltary checkpoints and permanent holding cells – FEMA CAMPS, where will the rest of the world turn? What will all of you tell your descendants?

            Have you even “tried” to look up any of these facts? All my life, I knew something wasn’t right. Yet, it was never portrayed in the full light of day until recently thanks to the American creation called the Internet – which Obama is working to put under International Control.
            Fact for you Obama buttkissers – He is NOT “reversing” anything GW Bush imPlemented. THIS MAKES YOU AS GUILTY AS ANY ONE ELSE IN THIS NATION, WHO VOTED FOR THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENT. In fact, I DARE teh Obama crowd to post Barack’s Executive Orders right here in this discussion – IF YOU DARE. Any loyalty for this President OR even the last one, let alone the two prior to that… “IS” BLIND PATRIOTISM.

            THIS IS NOT about Left/Right. The real fight is about life’s values and what ARE yours…? You, as a People, are not free until you have control of your own currency. Right now, this is not the case. What type of Freedom will you stand for?

  • Randall

    S C, like your style. :-)
    Well, more fodder and sound bites. “Our government”, being responsible to us is diametrically opposed to reality, that any such “bill” will be castrated to complete ineffectiveness.

    I watch…

  • Roger Martindill

    I have done criminal audits before; let me see all the transactions, emails and correspondence, please! Not just the ledgers and posting they provide; how about a search warrant for all the information!

  • Termite75

    I agree with Roger, don’t just look at the books specially prepared for you to see, look @ everything in their records, computers, even the waste baskets and dumpsters.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    Dont waste more then 1 minute to see the results or the Kangaroo court that may take place afterwards. Our Politicians Lack the Moral Courage to do anything more then K1$$ the dirty 4′s (Wall Street, Banks, Big Oil, CIA) Buttocks.
    The People running our US Govt are Inept cowards, (ALL OF THEM) and Idiots who wouldnt make a pimple on a Patriots Wazoo.

    • SmashCrash

      They are not idiots, tell the truth, they are bought out. Selfish, greedy, peices of you know what. Sad thing is, Im afraid Americans, unlike you and I, just dont understand how deep the corruption really goes. And/or who is corrupt.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Thats because they are all lawyers, and pretty much I know we all know how crooked, greedy and corrupt our legal system is these days, and it is from lawyers.

    • Sidewinder

      So right Frank…
      I say we exploit this economic down turn, and redefine the role of government. Reduce them to policeman.
      Not Pimp.
      If we can set the expansion of gov in reverse, a lot of things will go down with it. Its the momention we seek.
      National pressure.

      We need MOMENTION.

      Come on! America was so thirsty for CHANGE, they voted for the first time in history, a Black Man into the White House. I think thats great on 1 level. But we need different ideas than Mr Obama has.
      The change was hollow, they are still thirsty.

      The Tea Party provides if nothing else, a barometer of National Discontent.

      If anyone here wants smaller government, and agrees with protected personal liberties…..NOW IS THE TIME!

      • Sidewinder

        My apologies…my spelling is far worse than it once was. Used to be A+
        Got lazy with spell check, ….but not working here for some reason…

        • http://?? Joe H.

          sidewinder good friend,
          We all knew what you meant! And its quite true!!! Keep THAT thinkin cap on!

  • Al Sieber

    Audit the Fed.? we need to dissolve the Fed. and go back to “the Coinage Act of 1792″ and throw these Money Changer’s out, and “hang em”. we need a audit of Ft. Knox, to see how much of our gold is left if any. I’m beginning to believe we will never see justice.

    • SmashCrash

      Not Sure if im right, but I believe in the constitution there is a penalty of death for debasing U.S. Currency. If this is the case why havent we seen peoples heads on the chopping block. Ohh, I forgot, those incharge only like the constitution when it feeds their desires, and use it as toilet paper to wipe their ass at all other times.

      • Al Sieber

        I think it’s in the Coinage Act Of 1792, pg. 2or 3. execution for debasing our currency.

        • Average Joe
        • JC

          Yes Al, The Federal Reserve is by nature a treasonous organization.
          The Federal Reserve is not Federal and it has no Reserves.
          It needs to be shut down altogether and we must return to some sort of commodity based currency. Not slave labor based currency.

          • Airangel

            In the Constitution’s Article I, Section 10, the states were restricted in regard to money: “No state shall … coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.” Bills of credit is a term used by the Founders to describe what we have come to know as unbacked paper currency, or fiat money.

            So, we know that the federal government was never given the authority to issue paper currency, while the states were specifically prohibited from doing so. In 1792 the U.S. Mint set to work, constitutionally authorized to do so, stamping coinage of a fixed size, weight and purity for people who brought in their gold and silver. There were also private mints that did the same work. There was no government monopoly and no unbacked paper money issued by the federal government.

            However, U.S. Treasury notes, unbacked by gold or silver, were issued beginning in 1862 during the Civil War. Known as “greenbacks,” this fiat paper currency was made official legal tender by an act of Congress in 1862. This legal tender status guaranteed that creditors would have to accept greenbacks despite the fact that they were not backed by gold, bank deposits, or government reserves, and bore no interest. Then in January of 1875, Congress passed the Specie Payment Resumption Act, which returned gold backing for these notes beginning the first of January 1879.

            Jumping ahead to 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created, we see the Fed issuing its Federal Reserve Notes, circulated side-by-side with U.S. Treasury Notes, bearing the phrase “redeemable in gold.” That didn’t last long. In 1933 FDR’s administration outlawed possession of gold and the people were ordered to turn in all they had. Almost simultaneously, the Federal Reserve notes declared they were “redeemable in lawful money.” But gold was no longer lawful money; silver still was, but silver redemption was abolished in 1968.

            The transformation, then, from honest money, backed by gold and silver, to fiat money redeemable in absolutely nothing, was complete. The nation barely noticed the new debased and devalued currency, perhaps because they were mesmerized by the growing stack of greenbacks in their pockets. The purchasing power of the dollar has shrunk by almost 95 percent since 1913 because of the takeover of the money supply by the Fed; inflation is rampant and the Fed continues to ratchet up the printing presses, further devaluing the dollar.

            Ron Paul introduces “The Free Competition in Currency Act” here and get on board

          • Save America Susie

            Wow! How far we have drifted, huh?
            More Thomas Jefferson Quotes…

            1) “I am not a friend of energetic government. It is always oppressive.”

            2) “Most bad government comes from too much government.”

            3) “The two enemies of the People are Criminals and Government. So let us tie the 2nd down with the chains of the CONSTITUTION, so the 2nd will NOT become the legalized version of the 1st.”

          • Meteorlady

            Thanks Airangle – I sent the link out to everyone I know hoping they will take action on Ron’s bill. It’s past time. I would hope everyone on this site would do the same.

          • Sidewinder

            Oh yeah…its not Constitutional..
            We drifted delibertly over time through a process known as gradulization.

            Its a proven strategy, and they use it everywhere.

            Scrap our system, and change the parameters. Use the economic trouble as proof of your arguement. Argue for a Free Market System.
            And no…I do not stand to profit from that. Unless you count liberty as profit….and I actually do….
            Screw the Control Freaks in DC…..

          • Sidewinder

            Ron Paul….
            He’s one of the very few, in my opinion who’s worthy of serving this country.

            When Ron speaks….I listen.
            God Bless him.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have aq suggestion for them, When we audit the fed, get searchwarrents for all the employees as well. that way we MAY be able to find BOTH sets of books!!! I’m sure there are more than one. When they tell you you have all of them tell them bull sh!t!! and look some more. Send as many of the fed workers as you can to the gillotien, none of this easy go to sleep shot in the arm!! I want them punished! Punished for what they have done to parents. Punished for what they did to children. Most of all I want them punished for what they did to my COUNTRY that I fought for!!

          • George in NewYork

            This is a Reply To AIRANGLE , JC ,sorry but there was no place to reply at the end of Airangle’s comment.
            Airangle,I am a young man of 60yrs and was recently forced into early retirement by a bad accident I had at home and I found myself for the first time in my life takeing a real close look at what is happening to our country and why. With alot of reading and time to watch videos like “The fall Of THE REPUBLIC” and “The MONEY MASTERS, it all fell into place. Your comments are spec right on with everything I have become aware of in the past year and find amazeing and very upseting that this has been going on in the frontyard of our countrys home and no body seems to know about it.
            One of the comments by the first worlds richest bankers was ” Let us control the money and it won’t matter one bit who is in the whitehouse”. There are some puzzeling questions I wish you could comment on. Where did Corporation come into play? What has meritime law and civil law got to do with todays sitiuation? Why is there a Gold Fringe on All Americian Flags in recent years displayed in Court Houses, Town Halls,the Whitehouse, they are everywhere that is Gov’t or Official like Post Offices. The Gold fringe was not there 20 or 30 years ago. My guess is it has something to do with Meritime and Admerillty Law or something. Somehow these things all seem to be picies of a puzzel that make todays ugly Finance Pitcure.

          • JC

            Joe. I understand your anger, I really do. But I won’t advocate violence against any of these people. Simply seizing their assets while we sort them out will do. just like the IRS does to us.

            George, Add, “America: Freedom to fascism” to your movie watching list. It deals specifically with The Fed.
            Here’s the Link


            EVERYONE should see it.

    • MichelleO

      Well Said!!!!!

      • Airangel

        @George in New York up above

        To my understanding the flag flown represents which jurisdiction you are under. The Gold Fringes on 3 edges represents the Admiralty Flag. The admiralty flag represents maritime law (international law), also used in Military courts not subject to the US Constitutional confines so when you surrender to the jurisdiction of the court by entering a plea or subjecting yourself to their jurisdiction in some way you are then trapped in that system.

        The Admiralty flag is in every court house in the US. But they are federal enclaves and do not represent US law. Entering into such a court is entering in to a foreign jurisdiction where they trick you in to becoming subordinate to their jurisdiction.

        Here is a good link that compares the ‘differences’ between our Sovereign States United, and the Corporate fiction that is United States.

  • Nick

    Amen! Fire all of them That will help solve the problem. And then re-elect no one

    • Right Wing

      Maybe you should flesh out your thoughts a bit further?

  • Gail Marie Florida

    Al and Frank,, Love the Passion, Hope the two of you are out front… in the public with your opinions. Our Representatives do lack Morals and Courage.. I am standing with the teaparty groups across America to change some of that. And we would love to Audit Fort Knox, that is something we can get behind. Gentlemen, please do not let your passion die on this blog. Get out to your friends and family bring some change about. Join a 9/12 or Teaparty group It will take every one of us to bring that kind of change about. God Speed…..

    • Al Sieber

      Gail Marie, its kind of hard for me to do a whole lot, I live in the Ariz. Outback and the closes town is 35-miles away and I live off the grid, but I’m trying, thank God for satellite internet and solar panels.

      • DaveH

        Let’s start by throwing out John McCain.

        • Save America Susie

          Is it possible that a Politician can change his spots due to a Crisis? I hated the thought of that Amnesty Bill he was creating with Ted Kennedy a while back. But he does seem to have changed his mind on Illegals somewhat, because of the AZ border problems. The deaths of the rancher and others. Or is he speaking out of both sides of his mouth?

          • Meteorlady

            McCain is a career politician – he changes his spots to suit the needs of his re-election. He’s more liberal than conservative if you look closing at his actions and voting record. He is a sham and needs to be thrown out with the rest of the elite’s that have had their change at running this country.

          • s c

            Susie, I can’t understand how you can give McWeasel the benefit of a doubt. He was losing credibility as a conservative before Bubba Clinton invaded the White House.
            Not only is McWeakknees talking out of both sides of his mouth at the same time, he’s talking out of the mouth that he sits on, too. If that doesn’t make it clear, I don’t know what will.
            When people don’t act or talk like conservatives, THEY’RE NOT.

          • Al Sieber

            McCain changes his views to suit his own gains. he talks out of his a$$.

          • Save America Susie

            I did see McCain in a different light after the election and listening to people who said he was a Progressive. I never saw that before. I never knew what a Progressive was before a few months ago. Its like my focus is suddenly becoming more clear.

        • Al Sieber

          DaveH, we’re working hard on getting rid of “SCUM BAG” McCain, and at least we have other good choices. the truth has been coming out about him for the last 6-years.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          That would be a very good start! Just hang on to that governor you have! Very smart, honest politician!!!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Im a Republican Dave, and I couldnt agree more. He is a career guy, entrenched in special interest groups, and has had years to do something about this illegal alien thing, and has done nothing but flap his jaws. He wears too many coats for me, and even gets in bed with the democrats on things and I cant agree with him at all on them. He is the reason the Obamination got elected, because frankly, who wanted to vote for a 150 year old career politician to be president. Worst decision the Republicans have ever made. You may be right, they may be losing it.

  • John Pennington

    If we, being the people of the United States, are true to our word and to our convictions, then it is up to us to force, at bayonet point if necessary, all these criminals into a cell, while “We the People” conduct our own audit. At the same time we will be hammering together the gallows from which many of them will swing. This problem with our money is no less ours than the fiasco our so called guvment has foisted upon us on our southern border. Why would we think that we can continue allow the foxes to guard the hen house? This is our problem, we need to fix it ourselves and stop thinking it’s up to “them”. We are “them”.

    • Sidewinder

      John, a bayonette is useless against an Abrhams Tank or Apachee Gunship. You need to be responsible with your speech, as violence will only backfire.

      • John Pennington

        It nevere fails that someone tells me to be nice. While there may not be a defense against the Abrams or the Apache, the rest of the world would watch in horror as they fired upon us. Perhaps that is what it’s going to take to wake the rest of us up. As a former serviceman, I swore an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution of the US from enemies both foreign and domestic. What greater enemy is there currently if it is not the slimeballs pushing our nation over a cliff? What greater call to duty is there currently than to rid this country of all these people? The time for diplomacy is over, sir. The time to do nothing is over. Our beloved political process is comprimised, our constitution on fire. And you’re telling me to be nice? Piss off, sidewinder, you sir, are a coward.

        • Sidewinder

          I can appreciate your frusteration John, I really can. You state the time for diplomacy is over, but have we actually tried to negotiate?

          There is so much confusion by the general public, concerning our system of government and economics. What we see as fraud, is in fact a form of government.

          There is growing discontent across the land, but its disorganized in confused. To understand the approprate solution, we must first understand the problem. And in that, we can see the solution.

          Please read my long post above. I know long posts don’t get read, but perhaps someone can read it and add to it.


          • DaveH

            You are correct that long posts do not get read. I know that I am guilty of same sometimes. We need to keep them reasonably short with just one or two subjects at a time if we don’t want peoples’ eyes to glaze over.

          • Sidewinder

            LOL! Dave…it was almost a manifesto….
            I had to post it…Size and all…

            No, it was something I was working on, in rough form to send to third party leaders. Shrinking gov is the solution. We have redefined the role of gov before to respond to crisis, we can do it again. Its not rocket science….

            We do not have to stick to the New Deal forever…..It can change as time changes.

            And no need for everyone to get so excited about it. We just need to discuss it. Put the guns away…..Not appropriate.

            Redifine the roll of government.

            Government is only living up to its roll as defined in the New Deal. Don’t be angered at government. Oh, I agree…they’ve lost it…yes they have. But we need to change their base of rules.

            National Dialog……Redefine the Roll of Gov’t.
            In this case….smaller is better…

          • Sidewinder

            The kids are climbing the walls….we need to establish some new rules…

          • JC

            Appreciate the sentiment sidewinder, but history shows that policy is written by those who hold the greatest firepower.
            it’s called gunboat diplomacy and I have a feeling it needs to work in a direction opposite than we’re used to. I think the people in DC need to feel some fear.
            Not personally. physically threatened though, I don’t advocate actual violence. Just the threat of knowing we’re all armed to the teeth and have family in the forces should be enough.

        • kate8

          John P – I hear you loud and clear, and I respect your call to action! But we are massively outgunned, so unless the current active military decides to get involved in removing our enemies in the WH, Congress and Judiciary, we don’t have much but a lot of talk.

          The PTB have us right where they want us: increasingly agitated and feeling powerless. And they feed the flames of discontent everywhere they can. They are pushing for revolt and total breakdown of order.

          I still say, without the military on the side of the Constitution and the People, and ready to defy any and all orders to the contrary and, in fact, to remove the illegitimate administration that has staged a major coup, we are toast.

          For all of you who in angst over such rhetoric, do you really think, now that these corporatist elites have usurped power, that they are going to allow a pesky thing like an election to stop them?

        • bgmiller

          It is not a question if unrest will happen, it will.
          His Word has shown us all. The question on my heart is
          will my fellow Americans in the Armed Services and those
          in Law Enforcement by order of Command do to the entire
          nation as was done at Waco. My hope is surely it will never
          happen, but my heart is fearful for our future. Jesus said
          the day will come when it will be time to beat plowshares
          into swords. The following is what I hope for:

          2ch 7:14 If My people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

          • Al Sieber

            bgmiller, the majority of our troops are out of the country. most people won’t believe this but they’ll use foreign troops on us, or Blackwater now called “XE” on us, either of the two hasn’t taken a oath to the constitution. they used some Israeli’s, Blackwater, and our National Guard in New Orleans for gun confiscation.

          • JC

            Al, that’s why we the people need to be armed to the teeth and organized.

          • bgmiller

            So we should begin beating plowshares to swords?
            I had hope this was in the distant future.

            Then I must say, islam is lucifers domain.
            We must remain vigilant. Powers and principalities
            work against us daily. Forgo the politics and rely
            on His Word. Politicians are ruled by the serpent,
            the shiny one. We are one party away from you know
            what. Let us bow our knees together and ask for
            guidance and leadership.

            I am as Simon Peter. Hard headed and will pick up
            the sword. I will not go in vain. But I do pray for
            the muslims eyes to be opened to His saving grace.
            But I fear satan has his control now. I think God’s
            Word shows this openly.

            Let us pray for our enemies and see if our Lord and Savior
            words are not true. If no change, we know we are at the end.

            Peace from our Lord Jesus to all. May He break your spirit
            and show you His way.

            Pray that brother does not rise up against brother
            in this Republic. But, rather, by our intersession
            the liar, accuser, the one of evil will be put down.

            His grace to all that read this.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Sidewinder is no coward, and neither am I. I just want to make sure that any violence taken is only as a last resort. Think of all the stories from the first civil war,and what it did to the women and children. Is that something you want to rush headlong into??? If so, they hqave a word for that and it’s fool! A time to every purpose under Heaven..Slow down a little I know its hard.

        • JC

          I still don’t get why so many people seem to think that our own military would fire on us. These people are our family, friends and neighbors. The people in the military donated more cash to Ron paul’s campaign than all the other candidates combined recieved from the military.
          If by chance someone in a uniform is firing on Americans, on American soil they probably aren’t Americans themselves and can be seen as enemy combatants, enemies of America.
          I have a lot of faith in those who took the oath to uphold the Constitution and I will stand with them against all comers.

      • del

        Keep in mind sidewinder that its our brothers,sisters, and parents that are piloting theses machines of war. Also any soldier can legally refuse an order that they see is immoral or criminal. That was taught to us when I was in the service and for one I would never fire upon my brothers and sisters of this great nation!

        • Sidewinder

          You might not Del….
          But I have looked into the eyes of Wackenhut securtiy forces. They can do it. Believe me. I see the deadness in their eyes.
          Listen…your reality is defined for you. As a soldier, you are not bombing your brothers or sisters, you are protecting lives from Domestic Terrorists. Proctecting America from insurgents…an Army Of Timothy McVeighs, ect. Don’t you get it? Bad apples.
          Ideas of the Army joining armed Citizens come straight from the bong pipe. Not saying you smoke dope…I am saying, its out of touch. There is an edge to these guys you are not seeing. As parents, you don’t see it. They defeat all enemys as told. The vaunted Republican Guard, smashed. In no time.

          It all depends on who the enemy is…
          They will do the jobs they were trained for.

          • JC

            I don’t think it’s necessary to understand the “probability” that our own armed forces will not fire on us as being “drug induced”, SW.
            If they are that great a threat to us we’re totally screwed period.
            So no point in having any hope whatever right? Might as well just put the chains on now…our own army is going to kill us.
            The mercenaries however are fair game. And I do mean “game”.

    • DaveH

      I think the first thing in order would be to educate the public in morality and reality. We must keep the threats of violence at bay. Violence would play right into the hands of Big Government. The Liberals would like nothing better.
      And as far as the rest of the world feeling empathy for us, forget it. They want our wealth and it is unlikely we would get empathy from most of them.

      • Vicki

        Soap Box, Ballot Box, Jury Box, Ammo Box.

        we still have the first 3 boxes. No need to open the 4th box.

        • Save America Susie

          Vicki, I always liked that analogy you have given us the last few days! So true! Foremost, We still have the Ballot Box and pray that the Government still has moral individuals in it to keep it on the right path if we try to vote our Constitutional rights back into the laws. We have drifted so far from the Founders goals for us.

          • Vicki

            Thanks. That analogy was given to me by my parents (and possibly grandparents) and it seems still quite good. Helps us to focus beyond the rhetoric and anger. It gives us specific signposts to watch in our vigilance.

          • Sidewinder

            well keep that tradition going Vicki, and hand it down to your kids…

            Smaller govt. is my message for today.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          If we do get to that final box, we are gonna have to open two other boxes. Thye first aid box and the pine box!!!

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Add a “yet” to that forth box, for one day, there will be forces that come, and take away the first three, or deem them meaningless, and then that fourth box becomes pretty important. I am a Christian man, and I dont have a gun, and I fully recognize that God is in control, not me nor my enemies, but when it comes down to things getting real bad, yes I will arm myself, and yes I will shoot those to preserve my life that my God has given me. He told me my body is His temple, and to take care of it, and when it comes down to the end, I will preserve it all I can, without denying Him. I believe He would want me to do so.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Type – make that fourth box, not forth. My bad.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    This should be an ISSUE everyone can agree on…I cant wait to see the rationale of anyone disagreeing on an audit…LOL

    The issue is an AUDIT (even though I want the FED dissolved as well)

  • james riley

    thisx country need a good revoluchion t5o get it streightion out when only 4 or 5 % of the voting publice decid who will run this country that is wrong my vote just doesn’t count the people in washington have forgotten who put them ther and we the people have also fogtten the same thing

    • Sidewinder

      Solution Corporatism and regaining the Free Market system.

      I know people don’t read long posts…but..

      Some info contained in my post here is derived from an excellent artical written by Robert Locke of Front Page Magazine. Much more detail can be found in his article, “What is American Corporatism?” Look him up, excellent stuff….

      Recently someone suggested to me that getting stuck, placing blame on those responsible for ruining this country was a waste of time. Another said she was more interested in solutions, than blame.
      I think thats the right attitude.

      I believe many of the problems America faces are due to the fact that we no longer have a Free Market Capitalistic System in America. We Have Corporatism or some very close variation of it. Most of the world’s governments are Corporatist. Corporatism may TEND be the natural evolutionary path of the Free Market System, as it grows larger, and more complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

      The history of Corporatism can be traced to the early 1900′s. It began with the realization that the government acting as “Night Watchmen over the Classical Freemarket Economy, was to weak to enforce “Fairness” in the marketplace amoung the large and small businesses. The premise was that the free market economy could not be trusted as it once was.

      This collapse of trust also led to the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913.
      The New Deal was the biggest jump forward into corporatism, though this was not fully understood at the time. Many people, both pro and con, misunderstood it as a move towards socialism.

      The economic Left likes corporatism for three reasons:

      1.It satisfies its lust for power.
      2.It makes possible attempts to redistribute income.
      3.It enables them to practice #2 while remaining personally affluent.

      The economic Right likes corporatism for three different reasons:

      1.It enables them to realize capitalist profits while unloading some of the costs and risks onto the state.
      2.The ability to intertwine government and business enables them to shape government policy to their liking.
      3.They believe the corporatist state can deliver social peace and minimize costly disruptions.

      Problems Corporatism causes:
      1. Authoritarian State
      2. Bloated Big Government
      3. Political Cronism and Influence Peddeling.
      4. Too much Federal Power

      Quote: “The Export-Import Bank. This government agency helps finance exports of American products. The aim, laudable enough, is to create jobs in the US. But there is still the problem that doing this requires the government to consume capital, which might have created more jobs, (or just more wealth) if it had been allocated elsewhere. So this is classic corporatism: government allocating capital to private industry on the basis of political favoritism.”

      The Political Favoritism in the Corporatist system is a huge problem. Through influence peddeling, Corporations can buy and control a politition, or entire governmental dept and use that influence to gain a dominant position in the marketplace, giving that corporation an unfair advantage over their competitors, or total control of a market.

      The medical Industry, and its ugly sister, the Pharmaceutical Industry, owns the FDA. Using the FDA as a official seal of approval, they can approve substandard treatments that leave the patient’s symptoms “Treated”, but never cured. This is a revenue generator, ensuring the patient’s repeat business. And surpressing treatments that are actually effective but cannot be patented by the drug companies. The Hemp Oil Cancer Cure is a very good example.

      I think a solution to this problem is that America needs to return to the Free Market Capitalist system, with the role of Government redefined to that of “Night Watchman.”

      In the role of “Night Watchman.” government, can reduce its size, and cut spending, perhaps returning to a balanced budget. As Night Watchman, government’s role is to enforce laws to discourage fraud, and ensure the law is applied fairly. A return to free market capitalism would end influence peddeling, and clean up campaign finance, reduce the size of government, cut taxes, balance the budget, and in doing so, once again unleash the mighty American Economy.

      Savings from a reduction in government size can be used to pay off the national debt. The Founding Fathers thought it wise to pay the debt incurred from the Revolutionary War, and that act of responsibility weighed heavily in America’s favor, in the future.

      A good deal of the world’s governments are Corporatist, and as a result are big, and bloated. The are also deep in debt. The wole western world, is on the verge of catastrophy, the levels of funding required to fund these governments is enormous. They cannot get the required levels of funding through taxation, without having a neg impact on their economies, and in turn, borrow the difference, putting themselves deep in debt. Corportism as a system is flawed, and unsustainable.

      What we need to do, is get a national dialog going. We need to start talking everywhere, about the need to return to a Free Market Capitalist Economic System.

      We face a unique opportunity right now, with our economic problems. Government is unsustainable. Restructuring is needed. They say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” I say, in the words of Lyndon Johnson, “Let us reason together.” Mobs of angry torch carrying villagers, pounding on the door to the King’s castle in the middle of the night, will only provoke a defensive response from those within. Better to approach in broad daylight, with a message of hope. Bring the King “Benefits,” rather than fear, and you will be better recieved.
      To bring them to the bargaining table, we need to apply pressure. Public pressure. Nobody is talking about this stuff, and its an election year. Its late in the game. People are hanging on, hoping for better days. Lets get a national dialog going, and apply pressure that way.

      I am going to restructure this post, and begin sending it out to leaders of all third party groups. Everyone here, needs to start hounding them.

      We need to redife the role of the Federal Government, and return to Free Market Economics.
      That will save America.

      • tazio2013

        Sidewinder: Good thinking, good understanding, good writing! And Corporatism’s two brothers are Militarism and Mercantilism as included in THE GOLD GAME: Honest Money/Misesian (Austrian) Economics/Free-Market-Thinking (Gold Bullion) vs. Fiat Money/Keynesian (Socialist) Economics/Militarism-Corporatism-Mercantilism (US$, Euro, Pound, Yen). And look what’s happening to the four major fiat currencies as they race to the bottom and gold bullion as it soars to record highs!

        • Sidewinder

          And look what’s happening to the four major fiat currencies as they race to the bottom and gold bullion as it soars to record highs!

          yeah, I’m waaay up…LOL! But up against what? Debt ridden Greeback toilet paper?

        • Sidewinder

          Well I’m glad at least 1 or 2 people read it tazio2013.

      • DaveH

        You need only look to the Libertarian Party for the solution, Sidewinder. We believe in Free Markets, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and Limited Government:

        • Sidewinder

          I am a Libertarian at heart Dave…LOL! Yeah…
          I have contacted them too, I’ll keep at it.
          The Tea Party is so disorganized, theres no real control, who knows where that one will crash. They are letting in GOP members…so whats the point?

          I am still hopeful, if they can find a coherent direction. Hey maybe 2014?

          If they could only sit down in front of a camera and articulate a clear message with the same genious as Ross Perot, they would grab the nation’s attention.

          • Save America Susie

            Hi, Sidewinder…The purpose of the Tea Party is to RALLY AGAINST BIG GOVERNMENT. It is not necessary for them to become one big party. The Tea Party Movement is just Inspiration to SPEAKOUT and VOTE against the oppressive Left. Who knows but many of them will go towards your Libertarian Party? Its a start.

          • Sidewinder

            Thanks Susie…
            I was hoping they would become a party, all tie together under a large umbrella, gain the ability to police their borders, and weed out the wackos ect.
            AND GET A VOICE!

            With no top down leadership, they will just drift along confused. Eventually they will hit the rocks….
            I see them as a retarted girl with a hot body, crashing a Frat Party at 1:00 Am. They are getting all the attention, but It ain’t gonna end well, if you don’t have the brains to protect the body.
            Turkey shoot. Only a matter of time.
            Suprise me.

            Its too bad…but I see it coming if something doesn”t change for them.

          • Save America Susie

            SW, Sad, (but Funny), illustration of the Tea Party Movement! Let’s say, well I prefer to think of it as being in the Embryo Stage of growth. But I think it has big potential. Don’t give up on it. You can never tell what it will grow into. Is it half full or half empty? Didn’t get to read the blog comments much today as I was gone a lot. So I just have a few here. Did volunteer work in the afternoon, but these blogs are addicting! But good to put my 2 cents in now and then when I get time. I also learn some new things. I like the blue links to the internet sites. They are very helpful. I like learning about different points of view, even if I don’t agree with all of them. But I agree with most of the comments here which are conservative. The bail-outs were sure foolish! I Agree–I think the thing bankrupting America is the “Federal Reserve”. It should be abolished. We can’t pay the interest back! If you “Google” the “Federal Debt Clock” it will blow your mind! That’s why we’ve borrowed so much from China now, and that we can’t pay back either. What a mess! I wonder if they will ever have n honest audit really. If the Fed remains, it should have to pay taxes like everyone else. Maybe that is part of the problem.

            “Oh, what a tangled web we weave if first we practice to deceive.” A saying our grandparents always said. I think America has forgotten those old wise sayings.

          • JC

            I would prefer no parties, I would prefer a House full of Statesmen as opposed to Politicians.

      • Meteorlady

        Thanks for the post – informative and a pretty good solution.

      • Al Sieber

        It’s over 100-trillion if you count future entitlements. we need to be united to get this country back, and they have us divided on every issue.

        • Sidewinder

          I did the math too.
          You are right Al.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      That is how people like Obama get elected. The majorities voice isnt heard, because they fail to come out and vote, and its a darn shame. And it has been my experience, that those that dont vote, are the ones that complain the loudest. I have ran into this time and time again, and had to inform them that its their fault, because they didnt vote. And they dont get it. They say “how can you blame me, I didnt vote for him?” And I say, “but you didnt vote for someone else to beat him”. Its not that difficult. Of course in and election like this last one, where the Republicans run 150 year old John McCain, what are you gonna do?

  • Claud

    They are far from idiots. The ‘People’ are the idiots. For too long this gov’t has been allowed to do as it pleases. And slowly but surely it has taken out rights and our liberties away from us. EVERYONE has heard ben franklin’s quote..’a people thats willing to give up freedom for security deserve neither and will loose both.’ Well…here ya go. They take and take and what have we gotten? 911…freedom taken in the name of security….longer lines at the airports with no REAL security. The patriot act that gives them the right to arrest you and hold you without explaination…tap your home…’in the name of security’ without warrant, a gov’t that passes economic stimulus bill without so much as a by your leave from the people it represents, TARP, a healthcare bill that the people DID NOT want passed anyway…and now major companies are looking at dropping their insurance and pretty much forcing employees to got gov’t healthcare….oh but we can keep our healthcare the president says. SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY DOESN’T HAVE TO PAY FOR MANDATORY HEALTHCARE BUT WILL BE COVERED ANYWAY? (they don’t believe in insurance..its a form of gambling and against their religion). What happened to seperation of church and state? Sorry about your bad luck…pay for the insurance or suffer the consequences.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!! may she rest in peace.

    • Frank the Libertarian

      Your right they arent idiots, Criminal is more like it.

      Max Kaiser nailed it when he called it “Rigged Market Capitolism”.

    • s c

      Claud, if it’s true that Muslims will be able to feed off Obummer’s wealthcare without paying for it, then Obummer is willingly guilty of religious discrimination and granting protected status to a religious group that not deserve it.
      So much for oaths, eh? Maybe it’s because Obummer never really learned the English language. Leave it to a progressive to screw America and do it with a hyena’s grin on his face.

      • Pat R

        S C

        Not only do they not pay for healthcare: Muslims are not required to go through the scanners at airports. It is also against their religion!!
        They need to realize they are in America! If they don’t like our rules, they can get the Hell out!!

        • s c

          Is there any doubt that Obummer is the diametric opposite of a ‘constitutional’ lawyer? He has NO plans for preserving, protecting or defending the Constitution. He’s doing his worst to protect Muslims over and above the rest of America (an unconscionable violation of his oath), and he expects Americans to overlook the FACT that Muslims will be able to a) subvert the Constitution and b) be pampered by a c) corrupt, thug regime and a d) rogue Congress via a “living” Constitution that has no more respect than a diseased, bastard child. And some people have the gall to call this Loser-in-Chief a ‘leader.’

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Pat R,
          I think you are wrong about the scanners and Muslims. I’ve seen them go through them. You are right about the health insurance. They liken it to gamboling which is against their religeon. That is bull to me. If everyone has to get it, EVERYONE has to get it or none!!!

    • Meteorlady

      We have allowed Muslim to come here and change our society. We have allowed illegal to infiltrate our society and suck our social programs and economy dry. We have allowed legal immigrants to enter this country and head straight for the welfare office. We have entire communities of these immigrants, both legal and illegal, living in government subsidized housing. In Washington state the Somalian immigrants and other ethic groups have their own bankers, speak their own language (unless they want our government handouts) and generally work for cash among themselves and pay no taxes. They expect their children to attend our schools and be educated in their language and they expect to be treated as they were in their home country.

      We have to take our shoes off at the airport and get scanned, but we don’t do anything to close and secure our borders. Great government we have – we need to start over again.

  • Commonsense

    Finally, on this blog people are getting it. The whole system is defunked and it is time to rebuild our republic the way it was originally set up. I don’t know how many times I’ve wanted to beat the snot out of any and all of these politicians. My neighbors say violence won’t fix it, but if these rabid skunks we have in our government won’t play by the rules and laws like everyone else, then I say, beat ‘em, hang ‘em and bury ‘em. It’s the only way to stop them. They are already finding ways around the honest vote, so don’t tell me my vote counts, although I won’t quit trying that way, but enough is enough and it’s time to drop the hammer on them!

    • Sidewinder

      Commomsence, they are playing by the rules. The rules have changed. Please read my rather long post above.
      In our system of Corpotatism, as Frank the Libertarian correctly points out, “Rigged Market Capitolism” is they way its supposed to work.

      The problem with the American people is that they do not understand this. They don’t understand what type of political and economic system we have. No one has explained it to the public.

      Thank you Frank for your comments concerning violence. We don’t need violence, what we need is a solution to focus on instead. Violence is the outcome of frusteration.

      Please read my post above. Take 2 min…please.

      • kate8

        The thing is, the government is doing violence on us every day, increasingly. And they have plans to do even more.

        They have been killing us through aerosol spraying, degredation of our food, poisoning of our water, medical “treatment”, tolerance of violent crime, wars….we are being attacked from all fronts. And don’t think they aren’t preparing another massive false flag event, with the intent of killing…millions?

        But, of course, we are conditioned not to speak of these things. Only the PTB have license to do violence on us at their pleasure.

        I do not in any way advocate the use of violence, as it would be futile. I’m just pointing out that the PTB are intent on vastly reducing our numbers, and we are sitting ducks.

        Audit the fed? Yeah, right.

        • Sidewinder

          Well Kate is it conspiracy? Or is it simply corruption?

          I have said before that sometimes things are not as they seem.

          Perhaps the harmful effects of products are denied, to save money on RD for new ones, and to limit liability….by paying off government.

          Thats another reason why we need to end our present government/market relationship and return to Free Market Economics.

          Take 2 minutes and read by big long post Kate….please


          • kate8

            Sidewinder, finding ways to create food that is more harmful (GMO) and less nutritious is funded by government. Just as is there agenda to remove from us access to all natural and organic foods and health products. There have been many bills before Congress just for this purpose (in the name of “food safety”), and the worst one is being debated now.

            Are you familiar with Codus Aliamentarius? Well, that became law on Dec. 31, ’09. It is now being implemented.

            Conspiracy theory? I don’t think so. Believe me, I’ve been watching this go on for decades, and know enough to see all the deception that is thrown at us. Anyone who thinks they have it all figured out is just fooling themselves. There’s much more going on than any of us can possibly imagine.

          • Sidewinder

            I am right with you Kate on GMO.

            Some see it as a sneaky way to poison us, some see it as a bad product.

            Its very hard to see something as it really is when you don’t have first hand knowledge.

            I see both sides of the argument. I always do. Thats a Gemini’s problem.

            In this case, I side with it being just a bad product. I even hear GMO Corn products cause kidney damage.

            Hey Google Natural News Kate…I think you might like it.

            As in corportatism, there is influence peddling. Our Congress is paid off to promote these As*Holes, and their bad product. They are attempting to corner the food market by offering a “Superior Product” that defies bugs, and other problems, through GMO.
            I don’t have the facts on GMO, but my gut says stay away.

            The real crime here is the manufactoters oppose labeling food as containing GMO products.

            We should at least have a choice.

            By removeing our lack of choice they hope to corner the market. This can only spell disaster, especially if the Corp goes down.

            I am a firm believer we should only eat the food we were designed to eat.
            This is a first time mention…but I am an Intelligent Design supporter. And not as hijacked by the church, but as it originionally inspired. Its not science. Just an idea.

          • kate8

            Well then, Sidewinder, I suggest you do look into what constitutes GMO. You’ll be shocked. Vegetable DNA combined with pesticides, viruses, toxic plant DNA, human and animal DNA, and other pathogens. One of the elites (Kissinger, I think – a big eugenicist)said, “Control the food and you control the people”.

            It’s why the bees are dying. So are other insects. They want to contaminate ALL seed with GMO, and it is happening through pollination. These “foods” are also nutritionally inferior. People, as well as animals, eat them and suffer malnutrition as well as being poisoned. The number of people with food allergies has gone through the roof. It is gradually bringing about famine.

            What is going on is a REALLY broad picture. There is a lot more to it than you think. Just because you don’t look in to something doesn’t mean it isn’t real and can’t hurt you.

          • kate8

            Sidewinder, don’t know if you listen to Coast to Coast on the radio, but tomorrow night’s program is on GMO foods: what they are and how “they could possibly be the most dangerous thing you put in your mouths”.

    • DaveH

      Speaking of votes, I believe I have the solution to eliminate rigged elections, but first we need to get the word out to enough people to get it implemented (probably against the will of the people in power):

      I think we have the technology right now to make voting free from tampering without sacrificing our secret ballots.
      We could have two databases. One database would store the ‘voter information’ (Identification, address, polling place, etc.). And the other database would store the ‘votes cast’ with a unique alphanumeric ID which was given to the voter at the polling place. The polling place would also be stored on this database to identify problem polling places. Only the voter would know his alphanumeric ID so secrecy would be preserved. The database would be accessible by the public. Anyone or any organization could check the ‘voter information’ database to see if any illegal voters cast votes. The votes in the ‘votes cast’ database could be easily tallied by anyone to see if votes were counted correctly and that the number of votes matched the number of voters in the ‘voter information’ database. Also, an individual voter would be able to check his alphanumeric ID to see that his votes are in the database correctly, and if not, he/she could notify the proper authorities.

      • annnort

        Sounds like a good idea. Would take so long to set up that the commies in the WH would find a way around it.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    My suggestion when discussing “Forcefull expressions” is to Clearly indicate that you do not whish to overthrow the Goverment, but to remove the people who have hijacked and mis-managed our Goverment. Be sure to CLEARLY differentiate between the 2 problems. Key words as “Mis-Management”, “Financial negligence”, “Constitutional Negligence” point the finger at the person in the seat, NOT the seat.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    There must be some one in congress who knows they can get the fed to throw them some hush money to even bring this up. I dont trust the fed at all, and neither should anyone that is breathing and taking nourishment, and I sure dont trust this congress, especially after their behind the doors secret meetings to ram rod through their health care agenda. But somewhere, there is some payoff’s brewing, or this wouldnt even have come up.

    • Meteorlady

      Wait until they try and nationalize your retirement savings. They mean to set up a “forced” payroll tax that will take your money under the guise of saving for retirement. Then the scam uses AIG to manage the new retirement investment. AIG then buy government back securities and bonds that are virtually worthless and we all loose our money. It’s time to get them all out of office – they have mismanaged everything they have touched.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    So Back to the topic,
    I personally believe that the evidence is very clear an AUDIT would reveal Criminal behavior and draw enough support to end the Fed. There is no other logical reason NOT to do an Audit. Every Senator and Congressman that voted against an audit or Watered down the Audit Bills is a conspirator to TREASON.

    The Farmers Almanac says; Lies have to be covered up, the Truth can run around naked!

    • kate8

      An audit of the FED would be fine, except that they own Congress and, in fact, our whole system now. Congress takes their orders from THEM.

      This whole thing has to be just for show. Throw us a bone. Sorry, I just don’t think they are serious.

  • Average Joe

    I have been working on something and would like some opinions on the body of work so far. This is just my opinion on fixing the nation and really has no chance of becomming applied to the real world….just a thought.
    Ideas for a Constitutional Country
    Corporate America
    All corporate executives should be held personally responsible for all actions taken by the corporation that they oversee, which proves to be detrimental to thier customers,shareholders or workers.If the corporate executives want the high pay, then it is high time they take resonsibility for thier actions. If they are held accountable for thier company’s actions, then they might tend to have more oversight of the corporate dealings.
    Executive pay needs to be based soley on performance not on contracts ie: Based on a percentage of profits earned by the corporation during tenure and paid in monthly increments based on the previous months profits (no profit,no paycheck… Lose money for three months during any year, lose job).Sound and cautious investing builds a sound corporation.Taking high risks with other peoples money tends to lead to disaster, but only for the other people… as the corporate executives take no responsibility for the losses….this needs to change. If there are consequences for thier actions, they will become much more prudent in their dealings….and a lot more honest.
    2.Monetary System
    First, a repeal of the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel with a return to the gold and silver standard as laid out by the founding document known as The Constitution for the United States of America. Instead of printing a endless supply of paper currency backed by nothing except a promise to pay MONEY….eventually (after all they say right on the top “Federal Reserve Note” look up the definition of note sometime).The first dollars minted in the U.S. were issued by the federal government in Philadelphia in 1794, following passage of the Coinage Act of 1792. The act provided for two standards of value: a silver dollar containing 371.25 gr of pure silver and a gold dollar containing 24.75 gr of pure gold. The gold dollar, a very small coin, was minted only from 1849 to 1889. Over the years revisions in the coinage law have changed the silver and gold content in the dollar and it never had to happen.
    Next, a restructuring of pay scales for all employees.
    Blue collar jobs
    . Unskilled labor. Instead of being paid using DOLLARS as a method of payment for wages, I suggest hourly UNITS as wages. For every hour worked 1/2 Unit of pay is earned. Each unit is worth 1 once of silver (so, for a typical 40 hour week, a employee would earn 20 units of pay or 20 oz. of silver).
    Skilled labor.(carpenter, plumbers,electricians,etc.)
    For each hour worked the employee earns 3/4 units per hour each being worth 3/4 oz. of silver or 30 oz. per week, based on a 40 hour work week.
    Grey collar jobs
    These are jobs that reqire at least 2 years of college and include jobs such as technicians, nurses, computer programmers etc.
    For every hour worked, 1 unit is paid. Each unit equal to 1 ounce of silver, or 40 ounces based on a 40 hour work week.
    Lower and middle Management
    For every hour worked, 1.25 to 1.75 unit is paid. Each unit equal to 1.25 to 1,75 ounces of silver or 50 to 70 ounces based on a 40 hour work week.
    Upper management has been disscussed.
    Based Soley on a percentage of profits.
    I say let anyone into to this country that wants in, With these stipulations:
    You do not have a criminal conviction in any other country’
    You provide two medical reports done at not more than 6 month intervals and within a year before the time of application for entry into the U.S.showing that you are disease free (HIV, Hep, etc.)
    You come here on a five year permit.During your Permitted time you will:
    Register for a Social Security Card and have your card before you may work here.
    During the time your permit is valid, you will submit to double the normal rate for SSI payments
    Any children born to you while you are still on a valid permit will not automatically become a citizen of this nation. They have the same status as their parents (temporary, until all requirements of the parents is met for citizenship).
    You will not be permitted welfare. It is not a option don’t ask.
    During the time your permit is valid, you will : Learn to speak english, Use it in everyday life. You must becume fluent. If you come here, do not expect us to learn your language in order to communicate. English is spoken here!
    While I understand the diversity of cultures in this country The nation was founded by the British Colonists as such, the official language is English.If you want to keep your cultural language alive, that is fine, but you left your country and now you are here, so when in public, Speak English..
    lets all have at least one thing in common….One Language…English!
    You will learn the history and Contitution not only of the nation, but also of the state where you live.
    You will submit to a test to validate that you know these things and you will be sworn in by your oath as a citizen.
    Failure to attain Citizenship within the five year permit time, revokes the permit and you return to your country of origin, not sad tales, no excuses. Your stay here is over and you may not apply again for five years.
    Anyone caught in the country without the valid permit to be here will be jailed for a period of one year first offence 5 years for any subsquent offense. Also, while incarcerated inmates will have no recreational equipment,TV’s etc….eats and sleeps nothing more. While incarcerated, all inmates will work 10 hour days 6 days a week in a variety of jobs, from gardening, raising pigs and cattle as well as making license plates. This way the citizens don’t have to support them.Prisons are for punishment, why should we support you? Don’t complain if you end up there. The gardens ,cattle , pigs ect. will be used to both feed you and to clothe you (any excess will be sold to the local community at a fair market value, which will in turn clothe you).Once in one of our prisons, any violations of law will be dealt with according to the crime(but, I see a lot of people in good old fashioned stocks and pillory, as well as the good old fashion public floggings).
    Federal Lands,
    All ferderal lands (national parks etc). will immediately be turned over to the indian tribes that originally occupied the land( it was theirs to begin with and our Federal Government took it from them without just compensation), as such we as a people should give it back.
    Federal Government
    No private funding for any political race….NO EXECEPTION! Each candidate will recieve equal donated Air Time, and Print space, to be provided by the networks and news syndicates throughout the nation. They want to inform us…then they need to put their money where there mouth is…put up or shut up! By giving all candidates the same amount of free time we the people will get a better look at all candidates.
    Any candidate that has held public office, past present or future that has violated his or her Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution, shall not be considered a viable candidate for any public office and shall be removed from the ballot immediately.We know what you have done by your previous votes etc.(if you have voted to pass any statute, ordinance,law, legislation etc. that is not in compliance with the Constitution, we will know).
    All candidates will be included in all debates, no exceptions. Each debate should be held by a different network, no exceptions. Networks and syndicates will endorse…no candidate….no execptions. Arguing and name calling during debates is childish and we the people will have none of it! If you cannot win a debate using your own intelligence do not resort to belittling you fellow debators,you will be asked to leave the debate.All questions will be submitted by the local audience and placed in a box to be pulled out randomly for each candidate to address.
    All voting shall be done on paper ballots and placed in a sealed box, in full public view at all times, NO Exceptions. At the close of each local polling place, the Ballots will be removed from the box and counted in full public view, NO Exceptions.Counting shall be done a total of three times ( one by a democrat, one by a Republican and one by a Independent) to insure there is no fraud.
    Everyone over 18 years of age has the Right to vote, No Exeptions ( we will have no more of these so called Illegal voter lists since everyone has a right to representation). I can find no reason for taking anyone’s rights away to representation through voting. If someone went to prison for a crime and completed their sentence, has in my opinion “paid his or her debt to society” and shall have all rights restored after completing the sentence, No Exception
    Again these are just some of my thoughts and a work in progress. Constructive critisizims are welcome. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Sidewinder

      hi Joe
      You are talking about passing a lot of laws, and getting the government involved in matters such as dictating pay, ect.

      Dictating pay is beyond the scope of this governments responsibilities. And if we allow that, they would only expand on that idea, and we would morph into a socialist economic system eventually.

      I think it better to change our government’s role, and remove their entanglements from industry. We can do that by calling for a return to Free Market Capitalism.

      We must first get them to agree to restructuring, then we can add things like English as the national language and get rid of the Liberty Shredding Patroit Act…

      • DaveH

        I agree that the Government needs to butt out of corporate decisions. The only legitimate Government involvement should be in cases of fraudulant activity. Otherwise, the voluntary contracts of the shareholders and the customers should reign supreme. People that don’t have skin in the game, shouldn’t be dictating the game rules.

      • BrianO

        Average Joe. less Government more freedom. Lets Go back to the Constitution.
        If the Constitution does not give the Government power over it.
        Then it should be left to the People and their State.
        So long as it does not violate our Constitutional Rights.

      • Average Joe

        The only thing that I am advocating from the Federal Government in way of laws, is that they set a standard of measures (I called them units in order to simplify) to restructure our monetary policy and return us to a Constitutional (art. 1 Sec. 8) form of money…as in the Coinage Act of 1792.
        As for the Corporations, all I am saying is that those in charge…need to be held accountable for thier business decisions,good, bad or indifferent. As of now, the corporations absorb all of the liabilities, which hurts everyone with financial interests in the corporation. If those at the top are held personally responsible for the decisions made, they might start taking a hands-on approach with the the corporations they control. This can be done on state and local level as far as regulations, again, the feds dont need to be involved.
        I…. of all people want smaller government on the local, state and federal levels. I would love to see the federal government reduced to the point that they get together in DC for 3 months out of the year…and the other 9 months…. they should be at home…listening to thier constituents ….. They don’t want to hear the people….remember the townhall meetings last year?…if they had to hear thier constituents 9 mos. out of the year instead of once or twice…things would would be a whole lot different in this nation…..instead, they are off in DC making backroom deals to enrich thier own lives, while ignoring the very people who sent them to DC for representation.

        Thnx for the feedback, I consider it to be constructive.

        I never learned from a man who agreed with me.
        Robert A. Heinlein

        I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.
        Robert A. Heinlein

      • http://?? Joe H.

        average Joe,
        I take exception with not stopping prisoners from voting. I don’t think a child molester or child rapist should ever get out of jail let alone be able to vote once they have served the court appointed sentence!! I don’t think a person that murders 3or 4 people should ever be able to vote as well.There are certain circumstances that should mean losing ones ability to vote. desertion under fire for one, any dishonorable discharge unless they can prove mitigating circumstances is another! A big one is draft dodging! If you don’t want to serve when called to serve then you don’t want to vote either!

        • Average Joe

          If someone went to prison for a crime and completed their sentence, has in my opinion “paid his or her debt to society” and shall have all rights restored after completing the sentence, No Exception

          please notice..once they have completed thier sentence and not before. Everyone makes “mistakes” in thier lives, sometimes as foolish as “being in the wrong place, at the wrong time. As for your “taking exception”, the key here would be…longer sentences. Once your time is completed, “by law”, your rights…..should be restored….no execptions. Either we need to be “all” equal under the law or we are not….we cannot selectively choose who has rights….and who does not …either we all have the same rights or we don’t and if we don’t, we are no better than a third world dictatorship. If we can take one persons rights away, then we can take any and all rights away from anyone at anytime.
          Just an observation.

    • Vicki

      AvgJoe, Way too much government intervention in our freedoms. How about we try first the Constitutional limits as expressed by our founding fathers.

      As to units of pay why invent another measure to confuse things. Just stay with ounces of silver or gold etc. The original coinage system had only one flaw. If the population grows much faster than the resource (gold or silver etc) then a severe apparent imbalance occurs. Statists will use this effect to justify all manner of government interference.

    • Meteorlady

      While it would be nice, your asking for more government. Love the part about immigration though….

      • Average Joe

        I know…it was the stocks and pillory that spiked your interest…lol…JK of course. But, if I recall history…public ridicule and humiliation can definately change a persons’ way of thinking…

  • Claud

    Violence won’t fix it?!?!?!? Um…if our founding fathers hadn’t resorted to ‘violence’ we’d still be having tea time and shouting God Save the Queen!

    Even Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and so on KNEW that if the gov’t stops doing the will of the people then the people MUST rise up and REVOLT! Replace the gov’t with one that will do the will of the people. We no longer live in a country of freedom. We live in a country that SELLS the pretense of freedom. You pay taxes or the take your home…you pay for a registration sticker on your car…auto insurance…or you dont drive. You pay taxes on the item WHEN you buy it…you pay taxes on how much you make when you make it and again at the end of the year….make more money than the next guy…lets take from you and give it to them…

    No draft????? Two words…Selective Service. Its mandatory and if you don’t do it…you cant get grants for college…you cant get a drivers license. WHERE IS THE FREEDOM????

    I believe in God…and not that makes me some kind of radical??? Explain to me how believing in a God that wants me to be kind and loving to my fellow man is a BAD thing? Believing in the Bible and what it says is somehow wrong???? If i don’t accept gays and lesbians then I’m intollerant???? YOUR DARN RIGHT I AM!!!! If following Gods’ Law means they see me as intollerant then so be it!

    Whatever happened to the right to the rights of Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness? I don’t try to force my beliefs on people so when did it become okay for the gov’t to try and decide what beliefs the people have?

    I know this…I’ll stand up and fight for my rights to my beliefs. I’ll also stand up and fight for my neighbors rights…even if what they believe P!$$e$ me off to know end…that is their right to their beliefs!

    I’m tired of the gov’t passing laws telling me I don’t have this right, or I can’t say that because it might offend somoene.

    Is it just me or is Obama anti LIFE in general??? He’s for same sex relationships….for abortions…neither of which increases (or even replenishes) the population…for ‘end of life’ counseling…after 65 you should kill yourself to stop being a burden on society…

    Please…PLEASE God give the people to wisdom to remove these liberal destructionists from office in november and may the ones that replace them have the wisdom and intelligence to follow the will of the people. Help them to set this right before it truely is too late.

    • Sidewinder

      Claud, I just had this conversation Friday with a couple other people.

      We need to start thinking on a new level. I’ll say it again….
      While the virtues of Liberty and Freedom are timeless, the methods of protecting those freedoms must move into the modern era.

      No longer can we match our advesary musket to musket. Your foe has spent 200 years consolidating his power, and hundreds of billions of dollars on advanced weaponry.
      Colonial era Patroits never had to square off against an Abrhams Tank, apachee gunships or 50 cal gatlin guns.

      You are more effective alive than dead.

      While I agree the Founders intent was armed insurection by a citizen militia, if the government gets out of control, the Framers never envisioned such a powerful advesary.

      Taking a path of lesser resistance may prove to be wiser. A modern citizen militia, need not be armed with guns, it can be armed with other kinds of weapons such as knowledge.
      The intent of the framers was vigilence and action. That can take many forms.

      We are given a unique opportunity right now with our economic problems. Government is unsustainable. They are cash poor, needing to borrow. This system is going to collapse as it stands right now unless something changes.

      What we can do, is start a national dialog, and urge a redefining of the role of government. A return to a Free Market Economic system. Scrap the Corportist system we presently use. This would reduce the size of government, lowering taxes, boosting the economy. It would end political influence peddeling as well.

      • DaveH

        While I believe that violence is not the solution, sometimes people have no choice. Hopefully, it will never come to that. As far as the Abrams tanks, etc., you are assuming they will all toe the government line. I don’t think that would be the case. At least not yet. But that takes us back to the education aspect. If we educate the citizens (many of whom are in the Armed Services) in the understanding of why morality and freedom are better, then we won’t need to resort to the vagaries of violence.

        • Sidewinder

          I have heard that claim before….that there will be defections ormilitary personal standing down and not following orders if violence broke out and armed citizens tried to storm the capital.

          I think thats dangerous and out of touch thinking. Not so much you, Dave, but I hear that a lot from others not on this site.

          While some may defect, and some may stand down, I believe the vast majority will do their jobs as they were trained to do. They will think about their own futures, and follow orders. You will be labeled Domestic Terrorists, and they will be told to defend the nation, Constitution, and the government against you.

          I went to Boston to see the Red Sox parade a few years ago after they finally won the series. There were 2 million people there. The security presence was strong. A lot of the armed men in black wearing black ski masks, had Wackenhut badges on.
          These Wackenhut employees, they too are Americans. Believe me, they would not hesitate to shoot you, should you incite violence.

          People advocating violence, really got to move this conversation up a notch. Talk like that is self defeating.

        • Meteorlady

          So I just watched a video and they asked 7th graders what the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution was. None could answer. When asked about guns they all said the were “bad”. None really knew why they were bad and could not explain it, but they “knew” they were bad. Most when told about the 2nd Amendment didn’t even ask why it was penned. When that was explained they still though guns were “bad”. So, we have the keepers of our great nation brainwashed and totally uneducated about the country the live in. At some point, we need to take back our education system but it might already be too late.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I had a nephew that was raised that way. He thought all guns were bad. I made a deal with him at 18 that if I couldn’tchange his mind, I’d get rid of my guns. I also said he had to do what I wanted. i took him out to the range and we practiced. he became pretty good y the time we were done and asked if we could stay for awhile longer. See I praised him when he did good and told him what he did wrong when he did it wrong. I never once yelled at him even when he dropper one of my pistols. He finally, a few weeks later bought his first long gun and when he turned 21 I went out with him to buy an automatic. Hehad definately changed his mind and his mother was mad at me for all of three years!!

      • Vicki

        Sidewinder says:
        “While I agree the Founders intent was armed insurrection by a citizen militia, if the government gets out of control, the Framers never envisioned such a powerful adversary.”

        But they did. They were involved in a war with the strongest “standing army” of their day. It was always their intent that we do not have a standing army cause we “the whole of the people” were to be the army. They included a specific amendment to the new Constitution to emphasize the need for the people to be the defense of the nation. (Amendment 2)

        It was their intent (as observed in their writings) that we the people would not face abrams tanks because we would be the drivers of said tanks.

    • John Pennington

      Good input, Claude. Here are some thougts I have for fighting with our brains before we have to fight with our brawn. While it’s true we are outgunned, we have the big numbers. If we assemble on our southern borders, say 4 million of us along a 500 mile skirmish zone from Brownsville, Texas to San Yisidro, Calif., we could stop illegal immigration in it’s tracks. If we threw our televisions in the trash heap and cancelled insurances, withdrew our money from the big banks and re-deposited it in small banks and credit unions, or better yet, purchased gold and silver and kept it in our homes , we could pull the teeth out of corrupt banking practices-they would go belly up overnight. If we refused to pay one more cent in taxation we could put the federal government back on it’s heels in a few weeks. In short, if we decide en masse, that we were no longer going to play by “their” rules, we could and would re-occupy our own country. This is akin to beating the grass and waiting for the snakes slither out; at which point we could punish them in public venues for all to see. I don’t believe that we should give the country back to the Indians. In fact, I think we should abolish the reservation system and force the Indians to compete in the free market like the rest of us do. Competition is what drives a free market. Above all, we need to stop being scared of these currs and their meglomaniacal, and facist means of control. We need to speak up, act up and hold our ground and we need to start NOW! When you think about it this way, you know it scares the billy hell out of “them” that “We the People” would even consider these tactics. This is similar to the idea that if the genereals decided to have a war and the soldiers refused to fight, would there be a war?? Not only would there be no war, there wouldn’t be any generals either.

      • Sidewinder

        John, we don’t need to go that far. We just need to redifine the roll of government, kinda like Reagan’s message, but go all the way to Bagdad this time, so to speak.

        Just break government’s entanglements with industry. We can do that by returning to free market capitalism. We had that system before, but corporatism was seen as an answer to the problems of the day. Especially during the New Deal era.
        Well today we face problems caused by yesterday’s solutions. I think we can go back to what we had. There will be some problems associated with changing the system. But I fail to see why we couldn’t make free market capitalism work.

        There is going to be major change ahead anyway. Gov is cash poor, and unsustainable. If we grab it now, maybe we can make it better rather than worse. If politicians had the answers, they wouldn’t have let this mess happen in the first place. This current system is all they know.

      • Sidewinder

        “we should abolish the reservation system and force the Indians to compete in the free market like the rest of us do. Competition is what drives a free market.”

        The problem is 2 fold.

        The public doesn’t understand what form of government and economic system they are living under.

        We do not have a Free Market. Not really.
        Political favortism, ie bribing public officials with campaign cash and special favors allows some corporations, the highest bidder, to buy political influence and get laws passed or removed or protections from government, that allow them to dominate the market. Think Mafia. Pay the government for protection from your competitors, {Zero bid contracts} and gov will ensure you prosper. Screw your competitor….
        Thats called corporatism. And its legal. Those are the rules.

      • Meteorlady

        About 10 years ago it was estimated that 1.8 million Americans did not file tax returns. The last thing the IRS wants you to know is that they cannot prosecute that many people at a time, nor can they incarcerate them. So, the problem is getting people to stop filing returns en-mass and that’s a hard one because the IRS will come after your payroll but only selectively. This means that some people will get prosecuted while most will be left out there. If the trend continues the government really starts to get worried…..

        As for the borders, we don’t really need to do that. All the people living in the border states, as well as other states, like myself need to verify that anyone we hire is legal, we need to verify that anyone we hire is not employing illegals. We need broadcast who is hiring illegals and stop doing business with them. Tyson Chicken is a good one and some of the canneries in Petersburg, Alaska hire them. There are other employers that we could probably ferret out that the government has previously raided so we could start with them.

        As for Banks – stop doing business with the big guys. Stop investing money or buying insurance from AIG (now 20th Century Insurance) and stop purchasing GM products until the Union disowns their shares and pays the bond holders back what the ripped off and the government gets paid back the 70% ownership we as taxpayers now have in that company. Same with the rest of the Wall Street banks that took bailout money, STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM.

        Then tackle lobbying – those that spend big bucks lobbying – stop doing business with their companies.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          not only do yhey make good money in the canneries, but if they manage to stay year round, they get something like 23,000 per person per year to stay!! Say the guy makes 60,000 and they stay. man woman and two kids they get 92,000 extra!! that makes 152,000 a year!!Not bad at all for a young man!

        • Average Joe

          Why does everyone think that the FEDS have to “fix” everything? Do we somehow feel that our state’s “representatives” are not qualified to represent us? Are the FEDS somehow “all knowing”…..”all seeing”? We elected these people to run our states…..let them do so…..

          Something we all need to understand is that the Federal Government is nothing more than a middleman…it collects monies from us…through all kinds of taxation….then holds the states at gunpoint (figuratively speaking)….and makes the states beg for some of it’s money back…. with stipulations attached….effectively maintaining it’s “power” over the states. I say cut out the middleman …altogether….Let your states make the laws for your states….keep your money within your state by having your state collect the taxes and dole out a portion to the feds …that way there is no more hold over us……because our states have all of the money…..instead of a portion of it……think about the money we could save by cutting out all of the federal “programs”…..all of those bureaucrats out of jobs (what a wondeful thought)……
          Start thinking more in terms of state and local government.Work at getting your state to adopt an constitutional monetary system (article 1 section 10).


          When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

          We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,

    • Right Wing

      It is inflammatory comments like yours that make liberals salivate. They only need one violent event in the name of the Tea Party or another constitutional reform party to focus media attention on the “evils” of such movements. All this would accomplish is jail time as a homegrown terrorist and a lot of would-have-been reform supporters turning their backs. A call to arms was never taken lightly in colonial days and less so now.

  • Positive Energy Alternative

    The first thing that has to happen is for the American people to pull together. The Tea Party right side has to accept some of the values of the left, such as maintaining an excellent education for our children and for our nation so we continue to be world leaders. There has to be recognition that Liberal ideas today are conservative values tomorrow. The Constitution was the most liberal document of all time in its day! We must agree on true Universal Freedom concept that “All men are Created Equal” but some have more brains than others and we need to offer less fortunate people a hand up as opposed to a cold shoulder. We are all in this together, we have only 5% of the world’s population. If we wish to remain leaders we need the intellect of a system that values all its citizens and helps them succeed, thus the whole country succeeds together. Many people who consider themselves “Conservative” are centrists…middle of the road…and the special interests are twisting and lying and spreading false information to alienate Americans. You first clue will be to see which right side pundits and congressmen come out against the Audit of the FED!!! Those will be the false leaders who speak your language but actually support the Special Interests and are just talking the talk to get your vote. You also need to acknowledge that much of this reform (audit the Fed) is occurring on Obama’s watch.

    • DaveH

      If we “wish to remain leaders”, then we must resist the urge to become like the others. We were given a special gift by our Founders, Limited Government, and that is what has allowed us to become leaders. No man has the right to dictate the charity of another man. We need to get back to peoples’ right to own and dispose of their legally acquired property (that includes money) as they, and only they, see fit. Voluntary contracts, not those forced on us by Big Government, should rule the country.

      • BrianO


    • kate8

      PEA – liberals are for excellence in education? How old are you?

      We had the world’s most excellent education system until the liberals took control of it. They are responsible for the dumbing-down of our population. Even allowing for all that I’ve forgotten, I still am far better educated that most of those coming out of college today.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        The biggest tell is their reading comprehension ability. 30 years ago it was at a 11 grade level upon graduation from highschool. now it has dropped to like a seventh grade level. These are kids that are getting ready to enter college!! Is it any wonder there are so many requiring tutors??? Both of my girls were reading writting adding and subtracting before kindergarden! The one decided she didn’t want college and went into direct care of handicapped kids, the youngest is in now and breezing through she has three associates, arts, science, and business. She wants to get her masters in wildlife management and run a restocking program as in quail, partridge, pheasants and others. Maybe a few ponds of fish. She will do it too. I have every faith in her abilities and determination!

    • Meteorlady

      Conservatives believe that the current government run education system is flawed. We are turning out children that can’t read, can’t add and subtract and sell drugs on campuses. We have no good education system in this country today. The students are taught a mix if socialism and communism and told that that is their value system. Parent are working hard trying to obtain the American dream or owning everything they ever wanted so can’t be bothered with educating their children. Now the government fears homeschooling because the majority of home school children are ahead of their government schooled counterparts.

      I also don’t believe the government should hand out charity – the War on Poverty is a good example of government mismanagement and enslavement. There are now 20% more people in poverty than when the program started. I believe I and I alone can determine who deserves my charitable time and money, not the government.

      So, if you want me to give into some left values, I’d really like to know why I need to do that?

    • Right Wing

      PEA, Charitable contributions are always the basis for good argument when the government wants to appropriate money for good causes. Davy Crockett faced this same moral dilemma while serving in congress but was set straight by a farmer. The federal government has no authority to determine where public money should be allocated for charitable causes. This is a moral obligation for the people of the US, not a legal obligation of the government.

      I do not accept your statement that, “There has to be recognition that Liberal ideas today are conservative values tomorrow.” It is this eroding fortitude that brought Adam Lambert and his homo-erotica into my living room while watching TV with my 11 YO daughter! Any adult that believes they need to accept the direction of the liberal presentation of moral values is only shackling themselves to the guillotine. The moral compass, like magnetic north, may adjust slightly but it is still dependable as a guide in the right direction. The temptations of an immoral compass have slowly turned the weak-minded by small degrees in the wrong direction.

  • DaveH

    Excellent article, Bob Livingston. Keep them coming.

  • http://mog7@cox.net06042CT Muriel P. Goyette

    Average Joe’s immigration “requirement”? ho ho ho. What a Santa Claus you are. Any documentation whatsoever can be obtained within one hour, and another set the next hr for the same person. GOVERNMENT OF MEXICO
    PROVIDES PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS FOR ANYONE IN MEXICO TO GET AWAY WITH ALMOST ANYTHING IN THE USA. Without border and control of same, having a country is a myth of your imagination. No one but ligitimate citizens can be trusted to vote for people to control this country or for the issues problematic here. Religious institutions are PAID to enable invaders of USA.Mexico has been considered the most corrupt country on the planet. But we are supposedly on the subject of Auditing the Fed. Even a small bill is a start, but don’t expect Americans to lie down and play dead any more. Americans will continue to hammer at it until a thorough audit is achieved, and hopefully the disssolution of this corrupt and deceitful establshment. Anything “global” is almost impossible to control…and you’ve seen several revelations of the UN being corrupt to the bone…FOOD FOR OIL, AND CAP AND TRADE, and you know that wonderfully exposure one is to look forward to in the airports? Save your $$. Already, there are at least (3) methods of bypassing this and successfully terrorize USA.

  • Craig Driver

    I’m sure no one wishes to overthrow the Government. All of your hearts are in the right place just as those of our father’s. I’m a soldier and a member of the Tea Party here in Mississippi. Actions speak louder than words. Talk is good, but only to a point. Action is required by all of us. This November will tell whether or not we will be able to vote out the enemies of freedom. If not, then our road back to a Constitutional Republic will be much harder. We then resolve to do what ever is required of us short of open violence. If violence does come then let it be our enemies who begin it. I can assure you there are thousands in the military who understand and uphold the oath we have taken to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL Enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. For those in the military who are young and came out of the corrupt brainwashing NEA school system in America, I can only hope they will listen to we older and wiser soldiers if violence does come. Our military leaders need to understand we will not fire on fellow countrymen who are exercising their rights contained in the Constitution. The military should always be the servant of the People and never that of a group of corrupt politicians who have usurped power by twisting the words of the Constitution and criminally ignoring those words at other times to gain an advantage. Only an idiot would support these people. I remind all members of the military that it is our sacred and honorable duty to uphold and defend the Constitution even against elected officials if need be. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

    • DaveH

      Very wise words, Craig. I hope you will continue to post comments to this board.

    • BrianO

      Still Applauding, Craig Driver still applauding!

    • JeffH

      Craig Driver, very well said by a fellow patriot.

      Thank you.

    • kate8

      Thank you so much, Craig Driver. I have been posting this question for some time now, and you are the first military person to address it. God bless you.

      I heard from one source that the ratio of military men would be about 50/50, those who would stand behind Obama and those who would stand for the Constitution. The thrill of authority is a powerful drug.

      And what about the 100,000+ UN troops Obama has brought onto US soil to back him? Precisely because they would not hesitate to fire on Americans.

    • Right Wing

      Very well said and very encouraging words. Nuff said.

    • JC

      Awesome Craig.
      And Paul wins in Kentucky and Toomey wins in PA.
      It begins…. :)

  • Freedom Fighter

    Let us take the country back from those who profit while we the people pay the bills.

  • CE

    It was formed by six conspirators who met in secret in 1910 on Jekyll Island, Ga., writes Antony C. Sutton in his book, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy. Those men were Senator Nelson Aldrich (father-in-law of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and a representative of the Standard Oil crowd); German banker Paul Warburg, of the German bankers MM Warburg of Hamburg and Kuhn Loeb in the U.S.; Henry P. Davison, partner in J.P. Morgan and Chairman of Bankers Trust Company; Benjamin Strong, vice president of Banker’s Trust; Frank Vanderlip, chairman of National City Bank; and Charles D. Norton, president of First National Bank.ALL AGENTS OF THE ROTHSCHILDS

    • JC

      For more background add:
      The Creature From Jekyll Island
      and Hamilton’s Curse.

      You bet it’s real.

  • Mick for thought

    Accountability begins at home. If the federal government wants to regulate Wall Street they need to be regulated themselves. However kinb of sounds like the fox guarding the hen house.

    Barb, I am at work now.

    • Anthony

      MICK says: “Accountability begins at home.”

      This is the most glaring of statements that I keep reading from lots of Posters.

      The problems begin with what the next comment (step?) should be!
      Just like all of you, I can see where the wrongs are. It’s not that difficult.

      THE ISSUE – taking that next step. Let me ask (?)

      “How many are writing their Congressmen and demanding to know if they will END THE FED ?”

      “How many are reading to involve themselves with working to RECALL a politician because of their Benedict Arnold behaviors to our votes, our Districts, our States, our Country..?”

      How many are “stopping” the incessant boobtube (TV) watching in favor of standing out by the fence to discuss politics of the day, with your immediate neighbors?

      THE PEOPLE IN POWER – GOT THAT WAY beacause “vigilence” was left by the wayside … we turned our eyes/ears and hearts away from the Defense of our own Freedoms.

      On here, we are pretty much in agreement – how far are you spreading th word – getting others aware of these discussions, so they can be as informed as you now are?

  • Mick for thought

    kind not kinb.

  • BrianO

    Remenber in November 2010 PUT CONSERVATIVES IN!

    • BrianO

      Remember LOL!

    • Mick for thought

      What will they do different. They just say No now?

  • Yvan

    Turning agains the Goverment will never work in USA. The first one that does will be label as a terrorist. A that point all the stupid voters will turn agains him or her.

    • Sidewinder

      I agree Yvan

    • Mick for thought

      Truth, with all the faults of our government I would like someone to point out a better one.

      The only thing that has ever changed the way anything is done in this country is public opinion and until the majority of Americans share the opinion of the people conversing here nothing will ever change. I do not see a true consolidation of many ideals here.

    • JC

      We change the government, not attack it.
      But defend what’s yours at all costs.

  • di

    I say abolish the so-called Fed and run our tax dollars thru a citizen run bank completely accountable to the people.

    • Mick for thought

      I kind of like this idea. I would be like a very large credit union. Much more conservative in nature and beholding to its share holders.

    • Anthony

      On this thought – it’s the only action that can undue the outrage and begin to reverse the damage already done.

      Earlier it was mentioned to read “Hamilton’s Curse” — DO IT SOON
      Another poster highlighted the History of the Rothschilds – here
      (on the above website – make sure to reseach the family names within – – don’t just read them, check out what a little google time will also add for your interest. I’ve gone so far as to find out that Tom Cruise is related to Paul Volcker – and guess who is now the 6th most powerful person in Hollywood…..(no shock here if you follow the paper trail – -It’s not called Hollywood Hitlerism for nothing)

      I now have the OTHER book by Antony C Sutton (google this guy)
      It’s called: America’s Secret Establishment
      [An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones]
      Then, go to Youtube and search for JFK speeches – all of them – he speaks of this Skull & Bones even back then.

      Spread the word to you neighbors, even if you have to print out what you find, pending they don’t have the Internet or a computer. The newspapers aren’t going to discuss this – especially in this Light.

      Thanks to Bob Livingston for giving us this chance.

      • Anthony

        I would add – that on the Hamilton’s Curse book….

        ….I am also googling what the Writier says is the truth. I find it necessary.

        The reason being is he has other books – and some of what’s in there (especially about Lincoln) I tend to find suspect. But, you read it first and then decide.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    I dont believe November is going to be anything more then another building point for Frustration. So the “Battle cry” “Vote Conservative” will mean nothing as the “criminals don their conservative clothing & Lingo”
    Wise up people, You cannot expect a “Conservative” to die because THAT EXACTLY what they have to be willing to do in order to serve the people & the Constitution. Most have families and hopes of a long life.
    The Only Politician that will be worth a damn is one willing to Completely buck the entire system (including our 3/4 Trillion dollar a year war) and be willing to Die for the Constitution. Most arent, and most Conservatives dont mind Violating the Constitution.

    • JeffH

      Frank the Libertarian…being a bit naive I think Frank. Most conservatives here and I am talking to realize the Republicans are labeling themselves and their campaigns with “I’m a conservative”. Republicans aren’t any safer than their counterparts. I certainly have no problem voting for a Libertarian or Independent when there are only incumbents, Rinos and liberal Dems as an alternative, but give the real conservative people a little more credit. There is a lot of background information available and NO ONE should even remotely depend on the MSM media for any honest, un-biased information on any candidate. I hope and think that Americans now realize that.

      • Anthony

        Jeff – Did you vote in the Primaries?

        If you did vote in the Primaries – Did you notice if Libertarians were allowed to be listed as choices for your vote? I didn’t, not here where I live.

  • Frank the Libertarian

    Actually Jeff anyone who thinks for one minute that The same people who prevented an audit of the fed, pushed for Obamacare, and next Cap-n-Trade will allow anyone in a Senate or Congress seat that will not support them is the Niave one.
    I reiterate my statement that you cannot Hold the Constitution in One hand as a “conservative” and Sink the battle Cry; “Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Bomb Iran!” I Live with Both eyes open and sadly many Conservatives (not all) are willing or could care less that we are Violating our own laws as we “hunt the Terrorist” with an Army of over 40,000 of our sons in a soverign land.

    • Anthony

      ully agree here – it’s called Imperialism (and it’s wrong)

  • Frank the Libertarian

    To any Fully Constitutionally Minded Conservative, if I have offended you, then I regret doing so, and I am sorry.

    @ Jeff, perhaps you should scan the other cyberspace called facebook where Tens of Thousand of the Conservatives proudly boast they have no problem sending our sons into Iraq & Afganistan (Against the Constitutional provisions mind you) to die for our security.

    The difference here is Bold…if you support an Illegal war in Iraq & Afganistan because you believe in the Boogey Terrorist fear factor, then you are no better then the Current administration that does not follow the Constitution either. Period.

    • JeffH

      Frank, offend me? Not at all. You’ve stated your beliefs and I mine…We probably meet more towards agreeing than either of us realize. I believe you’re too caught up in characterizing conservatives as strictly Republicans, which I believe is naive. At least that is my read.
      Just an FYI, I don’t support an Illegal war in Iraq & Afganistan because I don’t believe in the Boogey Terrorist fear factor. I do however support the men and women that have been deployed to fight the “terrorists”. I would much rather have them all come home and protect America from within, from all enemies, foreighn and domestic.

      • JeffH

        Frank, If I am in err, I apologise.

        • Anthony

          Jeff – As a part of your research – I would offer that you leave no stone unturned, nor any discussion (no matter how far out there) to be added, for extrapolation.

          Many decry it – but does have Articles with large doses of evidence that is censored by ALL Cable news networks and that means ALL OF THEM — whether you actually worship this “false” Left/Right Paradigm, or not… defaming someone’s name over all this, especially if you have never met that person … is ludicrous childish fearful behavior. There are many other similar websites that speak out to the testimonies and evidence presented on AJ’s website – he’s not the only one and if he was totally wrong, wouldn’t the Media be suing the crap outta the guy? C’mon – they scream conspiracy when they cannot provide bonafide evidence to the contrary — it’s called: DISinformation – go to the DOTcom website and train yourself on how to see it coming.

  • JeffH

    Federal Reserve, IMF, World Bank, and Monetary Policy vs. Freedom

  • JeffH

    An International Lender of Last Resort,
    The IMF, and the Federal Reserve Feb. 1999

  • John Pennington

    It’s clear that we are all near the same sheet of music. Who is going to lead? How do we consolidate? I believe that the media hype over the November election is just another opportunity to pull the wool over our eyes. Another chance for us to fritter away time under the guise of hope. Real change will happen when Americans begin to yank some serious knots in the chains of our so called leaders. When Americans insist in not paying their taxes as strongly as the IRS insists we do, things will happen. When Americans in trouble with the guvment are joined by Americans who come to their rescue, things will happen. Americans will die, but the consolation is that so will evil men who condemn us. When Americans realize we’ve been enslaved by a small, but powerful group of international bankers, things will happen. Our existencs is no less threatened now than at any other catharthes in our meager history. We really are facing extinction. Isn’t is rich that we pay for not only our own inprisonment, but the salaries of our captors and their lueitenants, and everything else in between?! They must be laughing their asses off at us. The media keeps us scared to death, and misinformed, the education system has created an entire generation of phycho killers who couldn’t add a fraction or appreciate liturature. And now it caters to a brand new slave class, our prisons are full of miscreants who should be put to death instead of housed at our expense, all the while Mexicans pour across our borders like cock roaches, and we don’t dare do anything about it. We mustn’t react strongly or use strong speech, or threaten to quash a friggin’ thing. Instead, we’re to engage in civil speech and rhetoric, as the clock goes tick, tick tick. I want to leave this country, but I won’t leave my countrymen. I promise not to fire a shot until they shoot first, but when they do, all bets are off. I will fight, and maybe die, and I won’t be anyone’s slave for I am a free man.

    • JeffH

      The real fight to regain any semblance of control is a two tier battle;
      1 – our corrupt government/Federal Reserve Banks
      2 – those global interests(Rothschilds, World Bank,IMF,EU) slowly gaining power by causing the collapse of the US economy for a final push to a One World Government.

      I think I’m pretty close – if anybody has other thoughts, please share them.

      • JeffH

        Our corrupt government/Federal Reserve Banks are in bed with the NWO.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I wonder what would happen if someone compartmentalized mr soreass? Or if it was taken a little farther? He is one of the heads of the hydra!!!

        • JeffH

          Joe H., he’s so old it wouldn’t matter anyway. You can bet that there are contingency plans in place to keep his dream alive long after he becomes worm food. The Rothschild’s plan has been working since around 740AD and become even larger over the centuries. One head drops, another grows to replace it. If we can fix everything here, the One World Government continues without us. I would prefer it that way.

          • Anthony

            This last part is a bit of a stretch – but you are on the right track. It was the Bauer Family of Bavaria in the 1700′s that took the criminal banking practices to the next level and began the march down this road – starting with Prince William.

            Amschel Mayer Bauer – took the RED FLAG as his Coat of Arms
            RED FLAG in duetsche means ROT-SCHILD, now spelled Rothschild
            Do you study numerology – it’s a part of what they are as well.
            History Channel discusses the Illuminati like they’ve been around for Centuries. Yet, it has been tracked straight back to the 1700 ROTHSCHILD Family and their group….
            It’s sort of a joke – this real name – BAUER… TV Show “24″ ?
            Everywhere you turn, you can find evidence of them sneering in Hollywood shows, movies and sitcoms – it’s ridiculous.

  • JeffH

    Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, European Union and Greece

    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors report for the week of April 9, 2010 is showing a 421.8 billion increase in commercial loans/leases. No apparent explanation available.

    ***Update May 7,2010*** In retrospect, due to the timing, it is possible that this “loss” of funds is likely related to the current news about the IMF, EU and Greece. And more specifically, our contribution to the European bailout funds.

    It makes even more sense because of the dollar amount being in the hundreds of billions, knowing that Greece is just the first European country in a line of many that will be getting bailed out.

    • Meteorlady

      Why as taxpaying citizens of this country do we owe any other country a bailout? Let them fall into third world country status and see how they like socialism then.

  • Meteorlady

    Great article. I, for one, want to know what happened to over 2 trillion dollars handed out by the Fed after they printed up the currency.

    We need to get rid of these sleazes.

    • JeffH

      Meteorlady, The Fed Reserve is controlled exclusively by the “world bank”. That’s the only thing that makes any sense out of all of his any more.

      Everything is a push towards the illustrious “One World Government” any more. The US is the last big hurdle in that quest.

  • JeffH

    Wo Owns The Federal Reserve? The Rothschilds and the Bank of England

    Who owns the FED and controls the US government through the economy. The Rothschilds and the Bank of England. The Rothschild Group controls governments, (the USA through the privately-owned Federal Reserve System)
    Its no big mystery now. The US Congress gave control of the goverment over to the (FED) private banks which means our country is not controlled by American citizens. (The Congress can take control away from the (FED) private bankers but they never will because the Congress is infested with politicians under the direct control of the FED,CFR etc. Many members of the Congress do the bidding of the CFR)

    The underpinning of all major Multi-National Corporations begins with the Rothschild Banking & Mining interests:

    * Rothschild Group: Headquartered in London. Finances (in their words) “governments, corporations throughout the world” Here. The Rothschild Group has 47 offices world wide which include New York, Washington DC, Paris, Frankfort, Amsterdam, Rome, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Madrid, and Hong Kong.
    ~ Under David René James de Rothschild, (b 1942), son of Guy de Rothschild (1909-2007), the Rothschild Group controls governments, (the USA through the privately-owned Federal Reserve System), financial institutions, mining industries, and Multi-National Corporations throughout the world.

    • JeffH

      I would at least recommend that anyone interested take a close look at this link and connect the dots.

      • kate8

        JeffH, you’re doing a great job getting this info out there.

        Keep up the good work.

        • JeffH

          kate8…the more information we all share, the more we begin to understand what, why and who is causing most or all of the economic damages to America as well as the world. A much much bigger evil exists but one than we can realize is out there.

          • Korina

            Well said!!!

    • JeffH

      More reading…Secrets of the Federal Reserve: The House of Rothschild

  • kate8

    I posted this late last night, so I wanted to post it again so people could see it. This was sent to me, and I apologize that it is a bit long. It is more than worth the read, though, because it really lays out part of the plan for destroying America.

    It would be great to read and forward to your email list:

    We know Dick Lamm as the former Governor of Colorado .. In that context his thoughts are particularly poignant. Last week there was an immigration overpopulation conference in Washington , DC , filled to capacity by many of America ‘s finest minds and leaders. A brilliant
    college professor by the name of Victor Hansen Davis talked about his latest book, ‘Mexifornia’, explaining how immigration – both legal and illegal was destroying the entire state of California . He said it would march across the country until it destroyed all vestiges of The American Dream.

    Moments later, former Colorado Governor Richard D. Lamm stood up and gave a stunning speech on how to destroy America .

    The audience sat spellbound as he described eight methods for the destruction of the United States . He said, ‘If you believe that America is too smug, too self-satisfied, too rich, then let’s destroy America . It is not that hard to do. No nation in history has survived the ravages of time. Arnold Toynbee observed that all great civilizations rise and fall and that ‘An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.”

    ‘Here is how they do it,’ Lamm said:

    ‘First, to destroy America , turn America into a bilingual or multi-lingual and bicultural country… History shows that no nation can survive the tension, conflict, and antagonism of two or more competing languages and cultures. It is a blessing for an individual to be bilingual; however, it is a curse for a society to be bilingual. The historical scholar, Seymour Lipset, put it this way:
    ‘The histories of bilingual and bicultural societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.’ Canada , Belgium , Malaysia , and Lebanon all face crises of national existence in which minorities press for autonomy , if not independence. Pakistan and Cyprus have divided. Nigeria suppressed an ethnic rebellion. France faces difficulties with Basques, Bretons, Corsicans and Muslims.’

    Lamm went on:

    ‘Second, to destroy America , invent ‘multiculturalism’ and encourage immigrants to maintain their culture. Make it an article of belief that all cultures are equal; that there are no cultural differences. Make it an article of faith that the Black and Hispanic dropout rates are due solely to prejudice and discrimination by the majority. Every other explanation is out of bounds.

    ‘Third, we could make the United States an ‘Hispanic Quebec ‘ without much effort. The key is to celebrate diversity rather than unity. As Benjamin Schwarz said in the Atlantic Monthly recently: ‘The apparent success of our own multi-ethnic and multicultural experiment might have been achieved not by tolerance but by hegemony. Without the dominance that once dictated ethnocentricy and what it meant to be an American, we are left with only tolerance and pluralism to hold us together.’ Lamm said, ‘I would encourage all immigrants to keep their own language and culture. I would replace the melting pot metaphor with the salad bowl metaphor. It is important to ensure that we have various cultural subgroups living in America enforcing their differences rather than as Americans, emphasizing their similarities.’

    ‘Fourth, I would make our fastest growing demographic group the least educated. I would add a second underclass, unassimilated, undereducated, and antagonistic to our population. I would have this second underclass have a 50% dropout rate from high school.’

    ‘My fifth point for destroying America would be to get big foundations and business to give these efforts lots of money. I would invest in ethnic identity, and I would establish the cult of
    ‘Victimology…’ I would get all minorities to think that their lack of success was the fault of the majority. I would start a grievance industry blaming all minority failure on the majority plation.’

    ‘My sixth plan for America ‘s downfall would include dual citizenship, and promote divided loyalties. I would celebrate diversity over unity. I would stress differences rather than similarities. Diverse people worldwide are mostly engaged in hating each other – that is, when they are not killing each other. A diverse, peaceful, or stable society is against most historical precept. People undervalue the unity it takes to keep a nation together. Look at the ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that they belonged to the same race; they possessed a common language and literature; and they worshipped the same gods. All Greece took part in the Olympic games.. A common enemy, Persia , threatened their liberty. Yet all these bonds were not strong enough to overcome two factors: local patriotism and geographical conditions that nurtured political divisions. Greece fell. ‘Ex Pluribus Unum’ — From many, one. In that historical reality, if we put the emphasis on the ‘pluribus’ instead of the ‘Unum,’ we will ‘Balkanize’ America as surely as Kosovo.’

    ‘Next to last, I would place all subjects off limits. Make it taboo to talk about anything against the cult of diversity.’ I would find a word similar to ‘heretic’ in the 16th century – that stopped discussion and paralyzed thinking. Words like ‘racist’ or ‘xenophobe’ halt discussion and debate. Having made America a bilingual/bicultural country, having established multi-cultum, having
    the large foundations fund the doctrine of ‘Victimology,’ I would next make it impossible to enforce our immigration laws. I would develop a mantra: That because immigration has been good for America , it must always be good. I would make every individual immigrant symmetric and ignore the cumulative impact of millions of them.’

    In the last minute of his speech, Governor Lamm wiped his brow. Profound silence followed. Finally he said, ‘Lastly, I would censor Victor Hanson Davis’s book ‘Mexifornia.’ His book is dangerous. It exposes the plan to destroy America .. If you feel America deserves to be destroyed, don’t read that book.’

    There was no applause. A chilling fear quietly rose like an ominous cloud above every attendee at the conference. Every American in that room knew that everything Lamm enumerated was proceeding methodically, quietly, darkly, yet pervasively across the United States today. Discussion is being suppressed. Over 100 languages are ripping the foundation of our educational system and national cohesiveness. Even barbaric cultures that practice female genital mutilation are growing as we celebrate ‘diversity.’ American jobs are vanishing into the Third World as corporations create a Third World in America Take note of California and other states. To date, ten million illegal aliens and growing fast. It is reminiscent of George Orwell’s book ’1984..’ In that story, three slogans are engraved in the Ministry of Truth building: ‘War is peace,’ ‘Freedom is slavery,’ and ‘Ignorance is strength..’

    Governor Lamm walked back to his seat. It dawned on everyone at the conference that our nation and the future of this great democracy is deeply in trouble and worsening fast. If we don’t get this immigration monster stopped within three years, it will rage like a California wildfire and destroy everything in its path, especially The American Dream.

    • angel-wanna-be

      Kate8, that is a hell of a post!!__and the chilling reality. Those who continue sipping the deadly koolaide, I pray, read the above and look around at America.

    • Anthony

      Thanks Kate8 – I had read that before.
      The part that disgusts me is how even TalkRadio works to diminish this discussion instead of highlighting it.

      I know this – at this time, IF YOU SEE anyone who has “national exposure”, especially on TalkRadio – they are most likely a part of the problem.

      Rush Limbaugh – pushes the false Left/Right Paradigm – nothing else.
      Rush Limbaugh never discusses the illegality of The Federal Reserve
      Rush Limbaugh never discusses real facts of the Constitution, not really.

      People on the other side – simply decry “conspiracy theory” and then work to belittle and impugn people who call in – that’s called premeditated defamation – and are allowed to get away with it. People, that’s NOT real investigative press at work there. Alan Colmes is a big one for pushing that style of Radio.

      When you find a Reporter or a TV Political Show that eliminates the Left/Right Paradigm in their dsiscussions – you let me know!

  • JeffH

    Two President Who Died Defying the Rothschilds
    President Kennedy pledged himself to what was the best for America and cared not how the greedy bankers of the Fed felt. JFK, like Lincoln in the 1860′s. dared to have the U. S. Treasury issue U. S. Dollars, not Federal Reserve notes, and placed them into circulation without paying interest to any bankers, just as spelled out in the U. S. Constitution.

    • JeffH

      President John F.Kennedy,
      The Federal Reserve
      And Executive Order 11110

      On June 4, 1963, a little known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.

      With the stroke of a pen, Mr. Kennedy was on his way to putting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York out of business.

      After Mr. Kennedy was assassinated just five months later, no more silver certificates were issued. The Final Call has learned that the Executive Order was never repealed by any U.S. President through an Executive Order and is still valid. Why then has no president utilized it?

      • vic1985…..r11110.htm
        Jeff:Good read.

        • Anthony

          Don’t forget the constant assassination attempts against -

          Andrew Jackson
          James Garfield (successful)
          Andrew Johnson (four times and an impeachment proceeding, as well)

          When it comes to just how many Presidents have been targets like this – it’s alarming and illuminating all at the same time, and it gives Exec Order 11110 great credibility – you know anyone who regards LBJ with high respect – you should eliminate them from your group. They are not freedom loving citizens. In my lifetime LBJ has become the worst of them all. In my book, he knew all about the plan to kill JFK and he reversed everything Kennedy was doing to FREE the People — he had been thought the greatest puppet of them all and they were wrong. The scam on his murder is high treason.

  • JeffH

    The Federal Reserve: History of Lies, Thievery, and Deceit
    by Dr. Ken Matto Former Congressional Candidate, 6th District N.J.

    “I place economy among the first and most important virtues, and public debt as the greatest of dangers. To preserve our independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    Did You Ever Wonder Why The National Debt Keeps Going Up and Up?

    One of the most ungodly and fraudulent institutions ever perpetrated on the American people and the world, is the Federal Reserve System which through deceit became the central bank of the United States in 1913. The idea came about on a meeting in Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia in 1910. The bankers in this country, especially J.P. Morgan, created a currency panic in 1907 in order to get the American people to accept the idea of a central bank.

    A central bank already existed in England from as far back as 1694. The Rothschilds completely dominate the banking system. It is estimated their wealth goes into the trillions.

    Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild boasted:

    • “I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

    The idea of a central bank is to so enslave the people of the country to a debt money system that you continue to collect taxes continuously which just covers the interest. The duped people of the United States are paying about $400 billion dollars per year to the IRS which is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve. By the way, the Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank with 10 private members. The Chase Manhattan Bank is a member which is owned by the Rockefellers who are Rothschild Agents. I will list the ten member banks at the end of this article..

    At this point the citizens of the United States falsely owe these lemmings over 10 trillion dollars. Have you ever asked the following question?


    • GeorgeE

      Go JeffH you are 100 percent right. I am driveing my wife and friends around me crazy talking about exactly what you are saying about the FED Res. I was not aware of the situation untile this past year. What can we do about it? I am game for anything! Problem is nobody I know execpt the guy who showed it to me belives it to be true. They do own all media outlets and have everyone brainwashed. You ever think of running for office?

      • JeffH

        GeorgeE, the threat has been right under our noses for so long, and like you, I just started getting into this a little more than a year ago. As I interact with the good Americans here, and talk amongst a couple of friends, research…research and research I’ve slowly been uncovering all these related links that point to bigger threats. Glen Beck certainly has been “connecting the dots” for quite some time now and I’ve been trying to do the same. I don’t catch a lot of GB, but he is on top of all of this.
        Pretty frightening isn’t it? I think we, as Americans, can stop the big push by Obama and the DC crew by getting the house under our control to stop any and all legislation dead in it tracks..then hopefully elect a president with the cahones to stop the feds and help us save this country. As Lincoln and Kennedy deaths may very well have been the result of trying to stop the Federal Reserve and ultimately the House of Rothschild from destroying our economy. It all makes more sense to me now.

  • JeffH


    Dear Jackie,

    I think it would be important to mention the importance of the real powers-that-be who have always pulled the strings of the world and how they have always benefited from fomenting world wars and terrorism. The coincidence relating to the deaths of these two presidents are none other than their defiance to the House of Rothschild.

    When president Lincoln was faced with the problem of financing the Civil War he was offered financing through the Rothschild’s usury schemes and quickly declined and gave issuance of the government greenback interest free. JFK also was becoming defiant against the power of the Rothschild’s Federal Reserve monopoly. Anytime you have defiance against the formation or an already existing central banking system, death follows.

    Andrew Jackson has “I Killed The Bank” written on his tombstone because he defeated the formation of a second Rothschild central bank.

    The questions must always be steered towards who benefits. There are always agent provocateurs willing to do the dirty work of the powers that be, the international bankers.


  • JeffH

    Reality is closing in…

    IMF Warns U.S. Debt Nears 100 Percent of GDP, Greece In Better Shape
    The United States’ national debt will soon reach 100 percent of gross domestic product, the International Monetary Fund predicts in a new report.

    The sharp rise in U.S. debt started in 2006 and by 2015, the IMF suggests, debt could reach more than 100 percent of GDP.

    At the end of first quarter of 2010, the gross debt was 87.3 percent of GDP, of which about 56 percent was held by the public, and about 44 percent was intragovernmental, U.S. officials have said.
    The IMF predicts that the U.S. would need to reduce its structural deficit by the equivalent of 12 percent of GDP, a much larger portion than any other country analyzed except Japan.

    Greece, in the midst of a financial crisis, needs to reduce its structural deficit by just 9 percent of GDP, according to the IMF’s analysis.

    The IMF also encouraged rich countries including the U.K. to eliminate value- added-tax loopholes to help cut their budget deficits, the Financial Times reported.

  • Airangel

    People, we must fight to keep the internet as a tool of free speech. Keep an eye on Cass Sunstein who would make all of us conspirators and call us anti-government which is not true as we all want LESS GOVERNMENT…EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE all that will listen…we have to keep the pressure on. Print anything of reference for hard copies…many articles are already being “scrubbed” from the internet…Obama studied Alinsky and helped fund Alinsky Academy. He also served as paid director from 1999 to 2002 for “The Woods Fund”. Obama sat alongside William Ayers (founder of the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization…

    Alinsky teaches – “True revolutionaries do not flaunt their radicalism, they cut their hair, put on suits and infiltrate the system from within (Federal Reserve). Alinsky viewed revolution as a slow, patient process. The trick was to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties….do and say whatever it takes to gain power”

    Obama spent years teaching workshops on the Alinsky method. In 1985 he began a four-year stint as a community organizer in Chicago, working for an Alinskyite group called the Developing Communities Project…. Camouflage is key to Alinsky-style organizing. While trying to build coalitions of black churches in Chicago, Obama caught flak for not attending church himself. He became an instant churchgoer.” Again deception – whatever it takes. Hillary follows Alinsky as well.

    Point, through deception, dumbing-down our kids, drugging them with toxins and Big Pharma meds from birth to grave keeps them from challenging the status quo…keeps us all like the “Stepford Wives”, compliant and empty inside..the New World Order is the ultimate Kingdom they seek…

    In Alinsky’s book, the opening page dedication is to the VERY FIRST RADICAL…

    “From all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

    Alinsky’s tactics were based, not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution. The primary assault would be on Biblical absolutes and Christian values, which must be crushed as a social force before the new face of Communism could rise and flourish.

    Notation from Malachi Martin:(author of Windswept House, about New World Order and many other horrific books)

    “By 1985, the influence of traditional Christian philosophy in the West was weak and negligible…. Gramsci’s master strategy was now feasible. Humanly speaking, it was no longer too tall an order to strip large majorities of men and women in the West of those last vestiges that remained to them of Christianity’s transcendent God.”

    Be careful of false prophets and “organized religion”. Let the one true God live within you and guide you, we are in our final trial and tribulations…..God Bless

    • kate8

      Great post, Airangel.

      I remember the books we read as required reading when I was a kid. 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm, This Perfect Day…Maybe that is why we recognize what’s happening.

      I remember how, in these stories, everyone was controlled through drugs. All of life was controlled.

      Too bad our kids don’t read anymore.

      • Save America Susie

        My son is in college now, and has read several of these in public high school. So all is not lost.

    • JeffH

      Airangel, I just hope people start to understand as we have just how dangerous these people are. We all have to continue to share and repeat these messages to remind others and to educate all.

      Good Job.

  • John Pickett

    MY great,great,great Granddaddy did he paid our debt off and closed them up but , you wouldn’t even think ole Barry Obama Sotero would do that. Hell know he would rather spend his way out of debt!!!!!!!! yeah take our money put it in his pocket’s and then run. Keep on running you Torrie Keep on running your day is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • True Patriot

    I think it’s time that evryone swallowed that bitter pill that’s labeled: “IT’S OVER AND THE AMERICAN CITIZENS LOST”. We don’t have a prayer when you let the criminals keep the books at the bank! You might as well go to the local Sate Pen. where the habitual criminals are residing and take applications! Do you really think that our forefathers wrote into the country’s list of Rights, the “Right to Bear Arms”, so that everyone could go duck hunting when they wanted to? Hell no, and they didn’t say to use them “if” the Government ever became corrupt they said “WHEN” it became corrupt! Well gee, when do you suppose that will happen? I’m so sick and tired of everyone in this country playing catch-up! I’m also tired of listening to all the people who aren’t even close! Its no longer naive to believe that our leaders will do the right thing, its retarded!

    • Anthony

      Frustration can cause many to stop and end up doing nothing.

      How about you list what YOU are trying to do, as we speak!

  • jerryBB

    I think that there is a lot that needs to be done to improve our government. Ithink it needs to be reduced in size but we need to start at home (local)and exspand to washington dc.Most of our reps are elected by minorites and specal interest groups. This is because there is to many people that won’t tend to there civic duty and pay attention to what the canidates are saying what their agenda is.too many of the edgible voters don’t vote they they should tend to their civic duty and vote because that is how you keep your country going strong by selecting good smart and (honest) and patrotic people (not a bunch like we have and have had in office for a long time.If aperson can’t learn to take care of himself and maybe family it is bad and i feel sorry for thembut it is not the governments job to keep them up .That is charity and there is nothing in the constution about doing this. The people that are working and paying thrir taxes should not beforced to keep these people going. If they are insane we have instutions to put them to care for them. If they are just lazy wan’t work,alcholic,drug aditics,stealing for a living then we have a place for them andif the tax payers have to keep them up then that is where they need to be kept.I know there is a lot bleeding heart liberals that think different but i think that if one of these career criminals maybe rob,rapeand maybe kill some of their family (children) they might feel different. The federal reserve board needs to be adressed(abolished)and the government needs to be less intrusive made smaller and i belive if the citizens would becom involved pay attention vote in the right kind of people just about all of the problems in the U.S. could be resolved.You can’t give everyone every thing they want BUT WAKE UP AND VOTE AMERICA…..

  • Delores Smith



    Thank you, Bob. I knew so little about the Federal Reserve expect that I wanted it to be audited. I had a theory about Paulson, former CEO of Goldman Sachs..but it is no longer a theory..thanks to your information.

    Americans who are reading this post. This coming election is vital in order to rearrange The House and The Senate. The next important thing for us to do is to find out the names of everyone on The Federal Reserve. Find out something in their backgrounds that they would not want to write home about. Confirm the data through several sources…and then start writing about it in your posts, blogs, twitter, facebook or anywhere.
    This is the only way that The Federal Reserve can be discredited. Believe me, the corruption is there. Try to find the info from websites, rather than googling. Not all of the info through google is accurate. After this, we can start on some of the Federal Reserve Banks in the states. The public library is another good source for info. After we have credible data, we can haunt our reps and senators.

    Goodbye, Federal Reserve! Don’t assume that Americans are stupid. We are not! Thank you, Bob, for the revelations!
    Delores Smith

    • GEVAN

      I knew it was to good to be true. A web site that posted what you said in a reply comment. I just posted a 2 paregph reply to Airangle’s coments and receved a message ” Looks like a duplicate Reply Posting and is not allowed. I simply asked when did Corp. start in this country and what dose meritime law and admerilty law have to do with todays sitiuation in Washington.,also why is there a gold fringe on all offical flags in gov’t offices today? they weren’t gold fringed 20 or 30 years ago. Look at some old movies like Perry Mason or even Hill Street Blues from the eighties. No Gold Fringe on any of the flags displayed in those shows. And notice that the flag behinde any Gov’t offical makeing a speach is now carefully folded as expose as little of the fringe as posiable. Guess there were to many questions on the origans and reason for that GOLD FRINGE.

      • kate8

        GEVAN, you’re right about the Maritime Law thing. And no one will speak of it (like so many other things going on).

        Good thing to research, and immportant to know when confronting what is going on in America. Very insidious.

        JeffH, have you looked into this one? You are so great with details.

      • JeffH

        Kate8…I think this is relevant to your request.

        Maritime Treaty Would Boost U.S. Interests, Report Says
        By Marina Litvinsky and Jim Lobe*
        WASHINGTON, May 6, 2009 (IPS) – The U. S. should quickly accede to the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, according to a new Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) report.

        Concluded in 1982 after some 15 years of negotiations, the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) is the international accord that sets rules governing most areas of ocean policy, including navigation, over-flights, exploitation of the seabed, conservation and research.

        The report released by the influential think tank, “The National Interest and the Law of the Sea,” contends that ratifying LOST would benefit U.S. national security as well as the country’s economic and environmental interests. It would also help U.S. interests in combating piracy and in establishing its claims to the increasingly contested Arctic region, the report said.

        The current Committee chairman, Sen. John Kerry, and the ranking Republican, Sen. Richard Lugar, are long-time supporters of LOST and are expected to pass it in committee later this year, although hearings have yet to be scheduled. Much depends on how high a priority the Obama administration places on its ratification this year.

        Quick action by the Senate would send “a tangible signal that the United States remains committed to its historic roles as an architect and defender of world order,” according to Borgerson.

        “From this perspective, acceding to the convention is a low-hanging fruit to advance a much broader U.S. foreign policy agenda. It has the broadest bipartisan domestic support; supplies the most direct national security, economic, and environmental benefits for the United States; and has genuine global reach,” he noted.

        • Anthony

          Personally – this Maritime thing may have its value-add.

          Yet, my more important focus is on this constant imperialistic nature of our Presidents – whether that be Bush, or Clinton or Obama — all of them are out going into other Countries to take control of that part of the Planet.

          Good Example – each time the US has been in Afghanistan, the popy see fields have become the MAJOR export of that Country – and the citizens there are again hooked on heroin due to the handling of it all. AND, drug abuse in America climbs to new heights because of it — same happened when we went to Vietnam — I am against this imperialtic behavior and so should you be.

          The MAIN reason the US has not been directly attacked by any other Foreign Power is due to the fact that WE (already) own the Seas. WE have the major Naval Fleet around the Globe.

          I will re-read this link – but you see where I’m coming from, I hope!

      • Airangel

        @Gevan…I got back on here late from yesterday…I did post a reply up above to your first request…I’ll past it again here – Thanks!

        To my understanding the flag flown represents which jurisdiction you are under. The Gold Fringes on 3 edges represents the Admiralty Flag. The admiralty flag represents maritime law (international law), also used in Military courts not subject to the US Constitutional confines so when you surrender to the jurisdiction of the court by entering a plea or subjecting yourself to their jurisdiction in some way you are then trapped in that system.

        The Admiralty flag is in every court house in the US. But they are federal enclaves and do not represent US law. Entering into such a court is entering in to a foreign jurisdiction where they trick you in to becoming subordinate to their jurisdiction.

        Here is a good link that compares the ‘differences’ between our Sovereign States United, and the Corporate fiction that is United States.

        • kate8

          Airangel, that is the context to which I was alluding. Thanks.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    The way the Fed and the Government are going, I saw a video today that kind of tells it like it is getting, and if what this guy talks about comes to fruition, its going to be a mess. Check it out if your interested at

    • JeffH

      Beberoni, Thanks, more and more each day people are waking and speaking out about what we all fear is very possible. Pretty chilling and very real.

  • margie cocco

    please continue to pursue AUDIT THE FEDS BOOKS asap. We need this
    information to oust the culprits out and expose these people who are
    stealing our money. keep working, you have plenty of people behine you. we must save this country now, asap

    • margie cocco

      continue to get an audit done on the feds in order to save our
      country asap. we must stop socialist oboma and his cronies.
      people are very upset and worried about this country.

  • Duende

    It’s ludicrous when Bob or anyone else keeps referring to the Democratic party the party of the banksters. Both parties are the parties of the elites, be they bankers (the worse of the worse) or oilmen (Bush-Cheney). Get over it people. We have no representation in the government except for 3d parties and as soon as a third party starts to get noticed the mainstream parties, republicans and democrats both will try to infiltrate them. Look at how many Republicans are wooing the Tea party. I watched the democrats try to wrestle control of the Green party. Like Bob, I have to say “WAKE UP”.. Bob.. you’ve been snoozing a bit too. Keep uo the god work on the banks and the fraud we call health care and the crap we call food.

  • Sue C

    Good Job! Great Vote:96-0! It’s about time someone pays for this gross economic mire of madness, and grave losses, economic sufferings of the people! Do not stop, until these bastards pay with all they have got! Dethrone those that are to be dethroned! Fire those that are to be fired. (We lost our jobs, families, homes, self esteem, and faced economic horrors)! Get the FEDS! Thank you!


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