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Protesters Occupy Wall Street

September 20, 2011 by  

Protesters Occupy Wall Street

About 1,000 people gathered on Wall Street Saturday afternoon to protest bank bailouts and corporate favoritism, according to the International Business Times.

By Sunday, between 300 and 400 people hung around Chase Manhattan Plaza for a protest dubbed “#OccupyWallStreet.” An additional group of people marched uptown on Broadway with signs reading “end corporate welfare” and “we are too big to fail” and others denouncing capitalism.

The protest was originally organized by Adbusters magazine as a call to end political favoritism for bankers and corporations; it was referred to by organizers as a “Tahrir Square moment for America.”

Organizers characterized the event as follows:

The group is mainly young, with a tendency toward black T-shirts, bicycles, and hand-rolled cigarettes. A few have accents from Spain and Greece, through which they share stories from this year’s uprisings in those countries. They vary in their levels of experience with the modified-consensus process that the Assembly employs—together with its concomitant courtesies, no-nos, and hand signals. There are those who have never done anything like this before, and then those who are coming freshly-inspired and well-rehearsed from taking part in the three-week Bloombergville encampment earlier in the summer. There’s a contingent from the LaRouchePAC, and there’s a big, bearded man in the back who, against the wishes of some, keeps snapping photos. A police car cruises by from time to time, but it doesn’t stop. Their stories are ordinary, but in a charmed sort of way. One regular at the Assembly moved to New York from North Dakota on a whim, and without a job, a few months ago after finishing a master’s degree and breaking up with his girlfriend; almost immediately he found out about September 17 and has been working on the Arts & Culture Committee full-time. Another is a filmmaker who has just been in Egypt interviewing the leaders of the Tahrir Square protests. Yet another is a Vietnam vet from Staten Island with a sagely smile. Still others drift by through the park, stop to listen, and then keep walking, or stay.

Many young people were involved in the protest. While it did not reach the height of protests recently witnessed in Europe, it has raised concerns that the current economic crises in the U.S. could spark such violence.






Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Debbie

    I mentor a student who attends UNC Charlotte. She recently told me how one of her professors (a young man) explained capitalism verses communism. He said that capitalism is when a company employs people and doesn’t pay them enough and when the company needs more money, they reduce the pay of their employees and takes it from them. And he said communism is when all the employees own the company therefore ensuring everyone is treated fairly and prospers. And to make his point about sexism being alive and well in America, he said that a man holds a position in one industry and makes more money than a woman holding a position in a totally different industry. Even the students could see through that one. If he had used the same position in the same industry, he would have a valid point. But propaganda never deals with truth or facts.

    Is it any wonder why our young people are so misinformed when it comes to freedom and capitalism? This professor outright lied and misrepresent capitalism. Luckily for this student, I was able to give her an accurate lesson on how capitalism and communism really work. The big eye opener was realizing how much government intervention affects capitalism in a negative way.

    • ChefM

      Excellent Debbie. It feels good to show people what they have been taught, either at school or just society, is completely false propaganda intended on keeping people down in order to raise government above the people. I have a friend who was a life long Liberal. We would argue with fire at times. Of course our friendship was strong enough and when it got too heated, we would agree to talk sports. But I continued to send him emails, personal and other stories from sources I regularly read. He never really said anything, but I knew by some comments he made, he was reading. A long story short, we now discuss issues from the same side of the fence and he vowed to never vote for another Liberal. He learned the truth, which as our duty as American citizens, we need to teach those less informed and especially those in college who are stuck with Liberal liars with not a clue they are being taught lies.

      • http://deleted Shirley

        I have a grandaughter currently pursuing her Master’s degree I wish you could talk too… not the same girl after college….

    • Sam I am

      Just like communism, you have capitalism in theory and capitalism in reality. Communism in theory means we have all our needs met, but this assumes our leaders are absolute angels and sinless. Communism in reality leads to an ultra powerful political elite that live in palaces and luxury and death and starvation for the very people who are supposed to have their needs met by communism.

      Capitalism in theory means fairness under the law, where only the best corporations, small biz, etc. are allowed to “survive” and make lots of money. In other words, if one corporation treated its employees like crap, nothing would stop another corportation from taking the employees away by treating them better.

      Capitalism in realty means the existing corporations oppress their employees to some degree because they lobby congress for special exemptions and for laws that absolutely punish small business but that allow corporations to get away with not treating employees correctly. For example, the electric company GE has lobbied congress to be exempt from alot of the CO2 emissions standards and other standards and regulations that would absolutely prohibit Joe Blow citizen from forming Joe blow power company INC.

      • Allan

        Two things I disagree with. “Capitalism in theory means fairness under the law”. That’s loaded and leads to endless efforts to redistribute wealth. Secondly, as much as I despise the leadership of GE, lobbying to get out of something isn’t necessarily a strategy to screw a competitor. Lobbying FOR a requirement is generally the way that’s done. Example – to get a low voltage license to string phone, computer, or alarm wire in a building, a small business in my state has to pay for annual training, licensing, and an exam that is 99% concerned with heating, air conditioning, and normal AC wiring. How’d that happen? Unions, and a state happy to create the bureaucratic hoops and fees.

      • DaveH

        Those are called Crony Capitalists, and that is wrong. That should not reflect on other businesses that don’t cozy up to the Politicians, and it certainly shouldn’t be allowed to taint the concept of Capitalism, no more than your neighbor murdering somebody should reflect on you.
        We can address the problem of Crony Capitalism easily by getting Government out of the Marketplace, and returning the power of picking winners and losers to the consumers. Without Government subsidies, selective tariffs, quotas, regulations, and other protective devices employed by Government, the Crony Capitalists would have to please the consumers, as it should be. If you want a return to Free Competitive Markets, vote Libertarian.

    • wandamurline

      The only problem with communism is the fact that once capitalism is gone there are not jobs….capitalism is the job factory. Geesh, these kids are going to college, but they do not have a clue as to how the business world works….they scream give me a job, but want to destroy the businesses who give them employment…I think the colleges are allowing lobotomies instead of knowledge. And, the one reason that Wall Street did not get ramshackled was the fact that the NYPD had officers on both ends of the street and the protestors decided it would not be a good idea to incite violence. Good for the police.

      • Sam I am

        I am not so sure you will be saying “good for the police” when they lock down the streets and keep tea partiers out. The police state is directed at all of us peons and serves the mega elite on wall street and in government. Wake up. If we could only just UNITE against the real cause of our ills and suffering in this world: the POLITICAL, CORPORATE, and WALL STREET MEGA WEALTHY ELITE, we could really change the direction of our country. Until then, we will be divided and conquered by the elites in this country – our true enemies. The elites just love how its white vs. black, tea party vs. union, etc. and not we the elite declared serfs vs. the elites themselves.

        Conservatives beleive in big biz but hate big government. Liberals beleive in big government but hate big biz. As a libertarian I hate both big biz and big government, becuase I beleive in the most truthful of all quotes regarding man: power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

        • eddie47d

          Although the anti-communist rants were valid within themselves they seemed to have come out of nowhere. The issue with the protesters were very valid on how Wall Street manipulates our economy and not always for the better. Why aren’t people “up in arms” about what they have done? The defenders of Wall Street don’t really care how many crimes are committed behind their doors because they might have to admit the faults of capitalism. The defenders of communism are about as boneheaded as the defenders of Wall Street.They hide the evils instead of correcting past misdeeds. So nothing changes and Wall Street is still gambling and placing bets on the direction of the USA. Some Hedge Funds are even betting against America for if we lose they win.The Wall Street Elites need to come clean in how they have corrupted this country.

          • Sam I am

            Right on! As a liberatarian, I contend that capitalism is the best system, however, like any other economic system it can be corrupted. Corporate Facism is closetes to what we have in this country.

          • Allan

            People should spend more time developing themselves and others in their midst, and less time judging and protesting others’ behavior. Neither capitalism nor laws can change the motivations of people, yet capitalism results in the greatest opportunity of any system yet devised. Until communists come up with a track record of greater wealth, individual freedom and opportunity, they will remain a drain on the rest of society.

          • JonKemp

            The government works hand in hand with Wall Street so if you protest one you should protest the other.

  • ChefM

    Kind of a boring story, but I guess I get the point. What the article should have pointed out, it the hype over the protest which many called a day of rage and the expectation that many would show. With only an estimated 1000 in attendance, it really showed the lack of luster, for what the left claims is a big concern. The big concern is jobs, and policies that will create an atmosphere for businesses to start hiring again. It’s all the uncertainty created by Obama and this administration, and now with the threat of tax hikes for those job creators, that businesses are not willing to hire until they know what’s in the future.

    • Sam I am

      Our jobs aren’t comming back anytime soon. period. Not until we do something to address foreign offshoring of jobs. We have to start making something in this country again. We just can’t keep having stores where everything is made in China. Its not sustainable.

  • Sam I am

    The only violence that you will see from the tea party or anoymous or these wall street protesters is violence from the police state directed against these groups. Contrary to popular conservative belief, the tea party is not the only protest group that doesn’t engage in violence. Unions are allowed to engage in violence because their protests serve the state ultimately, so they are allowed to get away with it. If one tea partier or anoymous member so much as sneezes on a cop during a protest, its a race to the slammer for them.

    • Ret

      That’s if they make it to the slammer in one piece.

    • eddie47d

      Wandamurline seems to think a police state is preferable if it keeps protesters out of the way of expressing their views. In the 60′s thousands of protesters were arrested when most had nothing to do with any violent act. The police were cheered back then also and protesters were bloodied. I have no sympathy for those who turn over cars or break windows and they deserved to be cuffed. Yet the lynch mob on the right at that time wanted any protester shot or arrested. The Right today brags that they will hold up the Constitution. Assembly,Free Speech and no Censorship is their hallmark Yet as in the past they still want protesters silenced and detained.

  • Mirage

    I’ll get to the point of the article in a minute, but first:
    This site praises Ron Paul as if he’s some kind of savior – one man who will somehow end all the corruption in our political system, and return Washington D.C. to Main Street – to the people: what a joke!
    Ron Paul will not end favoritism for the wealthy class over Main Street, because he, like most politicians, is one of them … he’s a millionaire!
    I’d (by default)trust another millionare first, in President Obama, who wants to see people like himself taxed at a higher rate, before I’d trust ANY Republican or Tea Party millionaires, who are spinning an end of the Bush tax cuts, as somehow, class warfare.
    Back to the article to which this reply is attached.
    It is about time people took to the streets to demonstrate, and riot. Positive change for Main Street will probably not come without the threat of violence to the powers that be, because no one man, no matter how competent he is, can buck our present political system: Not Ron Paul, Not Barack Obama.
    If riots occur, I’m with the demonstrators before the governmental law enforcement agencies who are just servants to their employers; that same government that everyone on this site seems to hate.
    After all, America was founded by violent revolutionaries.

    • independant thinker

      ” in President Obama, who wants to see people like himself taxed at a higher rate,”

      The key here is “people like himself” He isn’t proposing that he himself pay more in taxes but rather others like him just like Buffett. If obama, Buffett, or any other of the super rich who say they should be taxed at a higher rate truly believed that they would be sending extra money to their city, county, and state of residence along with extra to the feds.

    • Sam I am

      Indeed. We should not put much faith into government, even if our leaders turn out to be “good” for the moment, i.e. Ron Paul. The solutions to your problems lie with yourself. Big brother can’t save you and never could even if he truly wanted to. You have to save yourself.

  • Robert Hauser

    This Sam Rolley is archetypical of the kind of glib-mouthed, flippantly dismissive pseudojournalist media maggots who should suffer criminal prosecution for their deceit-for-profit mercenary writings: so most of the demonstrators wore black Ts? Ever consider that that might have been to symbolize Black Tuesday, October 29th, 1929?….ever hear of it, Rolley? And as far as hand-rolled cigarettes, I don’t know about fat-salaried myth-mongering scribblers for tripe sheets—maybe they don’t mind peeling off seven or eight bucks for a pack of snipes but some of us working class people can only afford rollies now…and what has that to do with the price of tea in China? If these so called “conservative” or “liberty” preaching rags claim that there were “300-400″ at the protest, the accurate figure was probably more like five thousand.

    It goes without saying that this columnist would not have expended a drop of sweat exploring the root causes of this demo against the monuments to parasitism that the quarter square mile of Wall Street is.

    • Allan

      I’ll bet you that in another ten years at least half of these people would be embarrassed.

  • DaveH
    • s c

      I’ll address this to you, DaveH, as you know about von Mises. For those among you who don’t know anything about von Mises (or, in the case of those of you who are Obummer suck-ups), capitalism is a word that has been used by social engineers for many years. In effect, it is a pc term, and we would be wise not to use it.
      Free markets is a much better term. One of the many things von Mises says (if you read enough of his material) is the idea that socialists/communists created the word (capitalism). Puts it into a different perspective, doesn’t it? PC has been around for a long time, and its practitioners rarely have the spine to tell you who they are.
      Debbie, that ‘professor’ is an academic trollop. Anyone who manages to take a terminal degree and uses it to act like a campus revolutionary is someone who needs to be fired and introduced to a baseball bat. He has no place in an academic setting (other than Moscow or Beijing).
      Free markets work. Capitalism is a plaything for politicians and worthless robots who confuse slavery with freedom. May they learn the difference in another country.
      Up with educators who don’t fear the truth. To the bread line(s) with academic posers who are not fit to clean the shoes of those educate young minds and train them to recognize freedom-haters and enemies of America and all freedom-loving nations.


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