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Protester Allowed To Sue Airport Screeners

Protester Allowed To Sue Airport Screeners

RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia college student who stripped to a pair of running shorts to protest intrusive search procedures will be allowed to sue two airport screeners.

A Federal judge in Richmond, Va., ruled Tuesday that the portion of Aaron Tobey’s lawsuit dealing with free speech rights can go forward, The Christian Science Monitor reported.

Tobey was arrested at Richmond International Airport in December 2010 after stripping down to reveal a portion of the 4th Amendment written in black marker on his chest.

It read: “The right of the people to be secure … against unreasonable searches and seizures shall not be violated.”

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson opens the way for further investigation by Tobey’s lawyers into why security screeners called the police when Tobey removed most of his clothing.

The lawsuit charges security officials had Tobey arrested in response to his protest and not because he failed to follow instructions.

His attorneys say he has a right to peacefully object to the government’s treatment of airline passengers provided his actions are not disruptive.

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  • ken

    Give this kid a million dollars for his ability to recognize what is truely happing to our freedom, and he is willing to make a stand, unlike most americans that are far mor worrried about their new house or car that is over financed.

    • Lori

      While I give him credit for standing up for what he believes is…as I do, I am thankful for the screenings, especially when I fly with my family. If they can stop 1 terrorist or terrorist act, then they have done their job!!

      • john

        how many Americans have you seen that hijacks or blows up have a false sense of security.

      • s c

        Lori, please don’t have such low standards for those ill-trained, overpaid geekoids. That’s the same way many people view politicians, and it’s been the source of grief and betrayal for many years. We’d be better off having military men and women doing that job. At least they’d be on time, they’d be motivated to do the job right and they won’t act like banana-munching chimps who think their job is a part of an entitlement scheme created by a Washington bureaucrat.
        If that kid is right, maybe it’s for the best that he gives certain ‘screeners’ and their bosses reasons to put effort into those jobs, instead of acting like judge and jury. Some of those space cadets might as well live in trees and wear gloves so their knuckles won’t drag on the ground. They seem to have all the training and experience of a dishwasher at a summer camp.

        • eddie47d

          …and SC is a professional what? Comedian? We can all be thankful she isn’t a TSA agent!

        • eddie47d

          Lori; I’m no fan of TSA but there is a solution for those who don’t like the job the TSA does. Those who want to be safer or at least feel safer will go through their check. The others will goes through their own line with no security and we’ll see how long it takes for a wanna be terrorist to catch on and gets onto their plane. Have those who refuse a security check sign a waiver that they will not sue if “something happens”. That way both sides will have the freedom to make their own personal choice.Now it might make the pilots a little more nervous having “unsecured” passengers on their plane but what the heck!

          • newsmama

            Eddie, one size does not fit all. To treat everyone who gets on a plane as a possible terrorist is worse than silly. Its stupid. we should be paying attention to who the possible passengers are. What are they wearing? Where are they from? Am I talking about profiling? Yep. How many suicide bombers have been white,-haired, booty knitting church ladies? None. How many have been young, Arabic Islamist men? All. How many young couples iwth babies have attmepted to get explosives on a plane in the baby formula? One that I know of and they wre Arabic Islamist. And there have been Islamists from other countries. YOu know where I am going iwth this. You may not like it, but facts are facts.
            TSA are employed by the govenrment. We all pay to be searched for no other reason other than we want to fly somewhere. As we head to board that plane, we are all consdiered guilty until proven innocent.

          • Kane

            I’ll take the flight with no security line. Keep those McDonalds rejects hands off of me. I’ll sit in the back with my gun under my jacket. Go ahead and try it. Make my day scumbag.
            We could fix all of this real fast if we would profile and not let certain ethnic groups into our country.
            Am I racist at this point? Damn right! But I didn’t start it. They did. Bring it on.

          • JJM

            Give me the no security line!! I’ll take it every time rather than have my constitutional rights removed!!!

          • m58t50

            Anyone ever notice that El Al, the Israeli Airlines, don’t have this kind of TSA abuse? And El Al, one of the most safest international airlines, operates right in the center of one of the worlds most violent war zones. What do they do that observes decency and dignity, while keeping their employees and passengers safe? They PROFILE!!

            newsmama is exactly right, and El Al is one international airline which uses profiling to best advantage.


            It’s way long past time for all of us who want airline safety during this era of terrorism to demand from Congress that this effective approach be the primary anti-terrorist weapon of choice safeguarding our flying public and their crews.

          • DanB

            If I believed screening actually could and would prevent terrorism, then I might, maybe, consider the TSA an okay loss of freedom. Debatable though. The cost might be higher than the benefit. A lot of people think otherwise, that the lost freedom is well worth the benefit of security. Of course, the same can be said of Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Food Stamps, and the list goes on and on. Every piece just a small bit of freedom sacrificed for security.

            However, reality and perception is not always the same. TSA is unfortunately a whole lot of money for very little security. A whole lot of lost freedoms for hardly anything in security. Sure, they catch a screw driver here or there, a knife, a gun, or ammo. Most of the stuff they catch is something an otherwise lawful citizen forgot to remove from their carry on bags. But the studies that don’t make the news show that the TSA is nearly a sieve when it comes to security. Getting things through the TSA is a lot easier than we perceive. So that perceived security is only just that, a perception. Not much more than that. It gives us the illusion that we are safer. Those of us who have accepted the reality actually feel not any safer with the TSA screening, in fact we feel more at risk. More risk of losing our freedoms. If the 9/11 attacks were successfully repeated, would all those who believe the security scam, would they repeal the TSA or give the TSA more power and surrender more personal freedoms. As long as we continue to believe that the TSA is worth the cost, I believe the answer is simple, as a people we will surrender all of our freedoms in a heart beat if we believed it would give us security. This is what having the TSA has done to us. We accept a false premise and make it our reality.

            The real thing that might prevent the next 9/11 is that the myth of benevolent terrorists was shattered. Because many of realize that once a terrorist is in our midst that we are likely to die anyways, it changes our perception. The plane that crashed in the field is believed to have done so because the passengers revolted against terrorists in control of that plane on 9/11. That is the paradigm that probably is the core of why we aren’t seeing a repeat of 9/11 already. Highjacking airplanes and using them as weapons isn’t effective if the passengers will rise up and “revolt” against being used as weapons.

      • American Conserative

        The US Government is a strong believer in hiring citizens of the Government of Islam. That being said, I wonder when one of those citizens that is a TSA employee fakes a screening for one or more of their “Trojan Horses” and are boarded on airplane(s)to carry out their deeds. What do you think of those screeners now?

    • Lank Duke

      They can’t afford to give him $1,000,000.00…

  • Michelle

    You go Tobey!!!!!

  • Rev John J Wilson

    I would have joined him but at 58, he has me in the build department. :(

  • Jan

    TSA the reason I won’t fly this year, didn’t feel like being molested by some perv..hope more folks start fighting back; like the woman at Phoenix airport giving the TSA agent a patdown.
    Good luck Tobey..

    • Lori

      I have flown many times over the past several years and do not feel like I have ever been molested…it is a pain to have to go through all their screenings, but at least I know that I am getting on a plane that has been deemed terrorist-free!

      • Jim
        • Mike

          That was the exact incident I was thinking of.

      • Susan


        Enjoy your self delusion. Nothing TSA is doing or has done contributes to the safety of anyone. To date TSA has NOT protected anyone. Those few terrorist we know about were disarmed by passengers aboard the aircraft (after they slipped past TSA) and/or by the failure of the explosive devices they managed to get on board. Once liberty is lost, it is very difficult to get it back. I have chosen NOT to fly because I refuse to surrender to the unconstitutional invasion of privacy and unreasonable search and seizure going on at airports. If enough people would take a stand, the airlines would suffer enough losses in revenue to also fight back against this Unconstitutional infringement on our God given rights.

        As stated by m58t50 the Israeli’s have airline safety down to a fine science WITHOUT violating anyone’s rights or dignity. The USA should be asking our Israeli friends to advice and STOP treating our citizens like criminals.

        “If you are NOT part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I have an answer. All that fly, when the TSA agent touches you, touch him/her in the SAME place he/she touches you! They gonna arrest 1000 people from one airport?? I don’t think so!! Why is it OK for them to touch you in an uninvited, unwanted way and not YOU???

  • Free Mind

    Good for you Tobey! Rev John, I’m 57, maybe we can write the whole Constitution on ourselves. Ha
    When traveling by air, we all should consider printeing the 4th on our luggage.

  • Lost in Paradise

    I have actually been thinking of carrying a copy of the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights with me at all times. Most or all officials get really upset when you do that, as I have done it before. We all need to find a way to support Tobey, with emails and letters to whoever it would do anygood.The movement towards this Oppresive,power hungry, and wasteful government is gaining momentum, and we need to do everything we can to grow the momentum. Way too much government, Too many useless Unions, and very little manufacturing, is our biggest problems.

    • 45caliber

      There used to be a judge in Houston who would automatically give you a six month jail sentence (Max allowed) for contempt of court if you pulled out a copy of the Constitution – or even mentioned it. His comment was that HE was the one who ran that court and no one, particularly dead, was going to stop him from doing it his way. They finally got rid of him.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        EVERYONE that he did that to should now sue the city of Houston for unlawful incarceration!!

  • dgknj

    This is a sure sign of hope for the future of America when a young man(or woman)educates and thinks for themselves and stands up to abuse of power at any level.
    Start a fund for this legal suit if necessary, keep us posted and congratulations, you are a true patriot!

    • 45caliber

      I’ve got a feeling that there are groups and lawyers standing in line to support him!

      • OB1

        Who 45? Do you know?

        • Robert Smith

          From 45: “I’ve got a feeling that there are groups and lawyers standing in line to support him!”

          My guess: The ACLU.


  • http://lib.alerts Joel

    Take one day and nobody flies, just one day, put off that business trip or go earlier. Lack of income screams at the government!

    • Christin

      I agree, Joel, good idea.

      But I was thinking if we all didn’t fly for one day or even one day a week each month that would put a crimp in the airlines… and if they went ‘broke’ then you know who, Fascist Big Gov, would give them a bail-out with our tax dollars [increasing our debt] and it would be gov owned airlines… sometimes, I think we can’t win for losing.

      But hey, who cares, better to fight for FREEDOM than live as slaves.
      If we don’t try we won’t know if it could have worked to gain our freedom back.

      • 45caliber


        Several years ago I remember listening to someone say that it was better to live as a slave than risk being killed. I think it was Oliver Stone who made that comment. I remember thinking that – with that attitude – he would live that way sooner or later.

    • OB1

      I don’t think so. The government wants to control the airlines like GM and other businesses, like Gibson guitar in Tennessee. Currently the unions are trying to take control the TSA workers. Gibson guitar:

      These two short articles are a must read. Please pass on to other friends or business people. Rose

      Gibson Guitar part 1:

      Gibson Guitar Part 2: (today)

  • Wapitiman

    Things would change quickly if no one showed up to fly. But the sheeple are flying more than ever, fueling the government abuses.

  • Alex

    I have enough belly that I could have gotten the whole amendment on MY torso. lol

    Way to go kid!

    • 45caliber

      Alex. Me too. However, mine doesn’t sag – yet. I understand that if it does, as many do, you can hide a gun there and walk straight through everything without any trouble.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Not the metal detectors, if they are working right. About six months after my surgery, I set them off with the pins and screws in my back. Had to show them my scar AND the note from my Dr. My father in law set them off with the metal stitches they put in his breast bone when he had his quad by-pass.

  • jim

    i used to love to fly. wouldn’t think of flying today, because of the TSA. had a bad time five years ago (over a cigar lighter, which i saw go in someones pocket-pure scum)when this crap was just starting. promised myself never again! as you said, if we all stopped flying, man would things change, but that will never happen.

    way to go kid!

    • 45caliber

      My wife has flown several times – including the feel up part at least once. I refuse so she goes without me. As far as I’m concerned, if she wants to put up with it, that’s her problem. I’m afraid I’d deck some SOB.

  • Christin

    Alright someone with courage and conviction for FREEDOM… you rock, Aaron Tobey from Virginia! We stand with you.

    Don’t just sue the ‘two TSA screeners’, sue the whole ‘TSA Airport Program’ to sexually assault and violate ALL travelers Rights to fly without illegal search and seizure.

    Why are we now just hearing about this… nine months later???

    Can’t believe they threw you in jail for that… oh, wait we are in a police state… yes, I can.

  • Skip

    Please, realize that, in the majority, the TSA screeners are only doing what they have been directed to do. Not one that I have encountered as yet has the basic intelligence to do otherwise. Have you talked to these people? A double digit IQ would really be a stretch for most of them!!! Sure, there are a few that would qualify as “Chester the Molester”, but most are just basic plant life! If you want to go after someone, go after Attorney General Holder, who is a suspected pedophile by the way. It is no wonder he allows them to search children, he probably watches the film and gets off on it!

    • 45caliber

      Sadly, you are right. Someone definately has been searched the dregs of the barrel to select many of these people.

    • Christin


      Ya know, I was thinking about what you said.

      I already posted above that Aaron Tobey should go after the whole TSA Airport Program, but going after Eric Holder sounds better.

      But about the low double digit I.Q. TSA useless eaters… they have chosen this job to be at… would you??

      I wouldn’t even if it meant a paycheck. I would have chosen a job that I thought was helpful and good to people, not evasive and unconstitutional. As per my morality, I COULD NOT ‘touch’ people like they do… no matter what.

  • Andy H.

    Bravo! Hurrah! It’s a delight to read the comments. Unanimous! We can’t blame Obama for starting it, only for making it worse. Want to prevent terrorism? Advise all foreign countries that if one of their citizens attacks America in any manner, they will suffer surprise bombing raids that will cost them dearly. We need to give them this incentive to control their radicals and if we know that their attackers were state sponsored then we wipe out their capital. On the other hand, if the attacker turns out to be a home grown terrorist then we have a case of treason punishable by death. This is the way to fight terrorism, not by patting innocent folks and demanding that 90 year old ladies in wheelchairs remove their shoes. We’ve had two idiot presidents in a row who have helped bring America to its knees. We better make sure we make a wise choice in 2012 or just give up altogether and move to Australia or Brazil.

  • 45caliber

    Good. It sounds as if at least one judge isn’t following the government line.

    There have been several people arrested for peaceful demonstrations. And several arrested for simply telling the TSA “NO”.

    One woman from Chicago (who was a radio announcer) went to FL for a convention of some sort. She was also quite pretty. She was selected for search including the feel-up part. When she refused to be felt up she was arrested and forbidden to ever fly again. The TSA insisted that she would never get her ticket refunded (the airline did with an appology for what happened). She said she was there for hours – and that only nice looking women were selected for search. Their mistake was picking her – she called to tell the radio station what happened and they put it on the air.

    One man stripped down to his shorts – and he was ordered to put his clothing back on so they could feel him up.

    This is good searching tactics?

    Why not let everyone fly naked? Then you could SEE no one was carrying explosives on their body!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      AHHH, but what about that pregnant woman with a past c-section scar?? They could have planted explosives IN her!!! Or that guy witha lung surgery scar?? They could have planted explosives in HIM!! What a crock!!! The gov schmucks have lost what very little common sense they ever had!!!

  • traderphil

    And so it gains momentum!! It is SO good to finally see Americans standing up for their Constitutional RIGHTS!!! Your Gov’t set up TSA to get the citizens used to invasive tactics in order to “control the masses” by instilling fear.Oh yes! There are almost 190 countries in the world and the USA has MILITARY BASES in 130 of them!???? WTF!?? Can we say “Empire Building!” Just what you need when your country is falling apart and facing Financial ARMAGEDON! And what does your “Boss” do? START MORE WARS!!! It is no wonder the rest of the world holds the USA in such a poor light!! WAKE UP FOLKS!!! Obama’s ( vote for me and i will end these wars and BRING OUR TROOPS HOME!”) BS speach, became 5 wars on the go instead of the initial 2 he came into office with!!! They gave him the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE!! HAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA

  • ML

    Stand up for your rights, organize and educate the people around you. Make sure your neighbors are not desperate. Help each other. If we don’t get past the petty bickering (and label they’ve made for us) and unite, this country will never again be the land of the free, home of the brave! It certainly isn’t at the moment, though folks like this young man are the sort to help bring it around! If you don’t act like a free people, you never will be a free people!

  • LK Broadrick

    Way to go Tobey, I just wish more young people would stand for their rights against these paid fondlers. My wife and I used to travel a lot, but have stopped since the TSA prostitutes have taken over.

    • OB1

      I think that was the government’s general idea. Please see my comment above to 45.

    • moonbeam

      Ain’t it funny how the US gov’t views everyone, even our own citizens, as radical Islamists? I read a story where they made an elderly woman strip down to her depends undergarment, totally humiliating and degrading her. I hope she pissed and shat all over their shoes and it splashed up in their eyes. Would have served ‘em right…

  • Walt

    Archie Bunker had it right all along. He said:

    “Issue guns to all passengers when boarding, so highjackers would fear the passengers (Flight 93 comes to mind), then collect all the guns before the passengers leave the plane.” LOL

    • 45caliber


      Now that I could agree to! LOL

  • moonbeam

    I’m scared to fly in the first place. In the second place, I’m scared to fly. Won’t find me stepping foot on a plane. If God wanted me to fly He’d have given me wings.

    I’ve flown before, had my bible in my lap to read. If I had to go down in flames I’d want to be reading the Word in the interim to make the “transition” easier.

    Just the thoughts of flying makes my aorta slam shut. I don’t know how you all do it. I’d rather walk. At least my feet are on the ground so don’t have far to fall. Since I’m incredibly clumsy, falling is a sure bet lol! But it won’t be out of no damn plane!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I can cure you of that. Go up in a Huey to about 100 feet, have some ba$tards on the ground shooting at you with the doors open, hang out of said helicopter without any restraint trying to shoot said ba$tards before they shoot you!! You will never be afraid to fly again, I guarantee it!!

  • T.L.

    Way to Go, Tobey! Get those TSA SOB’s in court and they will hurt.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Wh00t for the youth who are like Tobey! I’m thankful that he’s aware of his Constitutional rights & stepping up to the plate to put a home run right up TSA’s arses! Makes me have some hope for the youths of today!

    I’m very proud of you, Tobey. Keep up the good work and good luck in your court case(s). Maybe you be victorious!

    God Bless!


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