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Prostitutes, Booze And Vacation Planning… Oh, My!

April 18, 2012 by  

Prostitutes, Booze And Vacation Planning… Oh, My!
Secret service agents allegedly entertained prostitutes at the Hotel Caribe in in Cartagena, Colombia.

The sixth Summit of the Americas was held in Cartegena, Colombia over the weekend. According to the Summit of the Americas’ website, the gathering is a time when “leaders discuss common policy issues, affirm shared values and commit to concerted actions at the national and regional level to address continuing and new challenges faced in the Americas.” But the great leaders of the United States did much more.

“We’re representing the people of the United States, and when we travel to another country I expect us to observe the highest standards because we’re not just representing ourselves,” said President Barack Obama about our government’s time in Colombia. Unfortunately, he offered up this reminder after the meeting was over.

No wonder other countries think we are a bunch of buffoons. The Secret Service hired hookers, the Secretary of State danced and drank the night away, and the President said he was there to find a good vacationing spot.

Instead of guarding the President, 11 Secret Service personnel went to the Pley Club, a bar where scantily clad women dance in order to entice. Apparently, Colombians dance well — either that or the alcohol is strong. The Secret Service agents allegedly brought the Pley Club’s finest back to their rooms at the Hotel Caribe. Reportedly, military personnel might have been involved as well.

When one Secret Service agent refused to pay, things got rowdy at the hotel. So the police were called. “They were showing their badges saying, ‘Look, look who we are!’” a hotel staffer said. “He didn’t want to pay one of the girls. They had huge egos.”

Because the event involved foreigners, a report was sent to the U.S. Embassy.

While the Secret Service was enjoying some dirty dancing, Hillary Clinton was doing a dance of her own. Let’s just hope it was more family friendly. The 64-year-old Secretary of State partied at La Havana, a Colombian nightclub. The former first lady was supposedly at the club around 12:45 a.m. According to a local paper, her party of 12 ordered a dozen beers and two glasses of whiskey.

President Barack Obama spent his time more wisely. Whereas the Secret Service was fornicating and the Secretary of State was imbibing, Obama was searching for a good vacationing spot.

“I want to thank President Santos and the people of Colombia for the extraordinary hospitality in the beautiful city of Cartagena. We’re having a wonderful time. And usually when I take these summit trips, part of my job is to scout out where I may want to bring Michelle back later for vacation. So we’ll make sure to come back sometime in the near future,” Obama said.

The Obama family has been criticized during his tenure for taking 16 vacations. The fact that flying Air Force One costs about $180,000 an hour doesn’t help ease the minds of frustrated taxpayers.

The Summit of the Americas is a time when leaders “affirm shared values.” The shared values of the White House were on display for the entire world to see. Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, what happens in Colombia doesn’t stay in Columbia.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • Rex

    considering the American depravity in social values, is this hardly surprising?

    • Deerinwater

      SEX is bad? right? okay.

      • FreedomFighter

        This is just a disstraction for the new presidential order to take your citizenship…bone up guys its theater.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Rubykatherine

        Having sex with a prostitute and then then returning to the bed of an unsuspecting wife is “bad” at our house. Ask your wife. Maybe it’s ok with her.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        It has nothing to do with sex, contrary to what you may believe.
        As FreedomFighter says, it is theater.
        What if the intent is to weed out people from the Secret Service that do not agree with O.

        • de

          let us pray it backfires and gets obomination unelected
          his Birth irrelevant
          his nationality irrelevant
          his father irrelevant
          we have not succeeded in getting him thrown off the ballot

      • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

        It isn’t about “sex”. First and foremost it’s about the mission. The Secret Service was there in Colombia to protect the President in a foreign country, one with which we have a checkered history (can you say “Cali Cartel”?). What is the classic, easiest way for enemy agents to gain access? Sex. What do prostitutes sell? Sex. And here we have Secret Service agents broadcasting their identity and bringing ladies selling sex into their rooms. So it’s about egregious breach of security; sex is just the way it happens.

        As for Hillary, it’s about dignity in office for one of the highest ranking cabinet officers in our government. I’m trying to think of the last Secretary of State who partied down after hours in public. I guess the good news is she wasn’t wearing a blue dress.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        De, you bring up his birth, nationality etc… It’s all over the Internet that obummers lawyer admitted that the birth certificate is a forgery. Supposedly during a court case in New Jersey, challenging his right to be on the ballot. Anybody on here know if it’s true? There are lots of hits if you google but none of the sites that I usually go to. I’ve been waiting to see if it shows up on the sources I trust but it’s been real quiet. Anybody confirm?

        • de


          Sadly what you heard is what I have heard. NJ Judge Maslin ruled that you do not need a birth certificate to be on the ballot in NJ

          O is on the ballot in every state challenge attempted so far except in states where e-verify might be used against his being a citizen

          I DO NOT care about his BC. He said his father is Kenyan, he said he lived in Indonesia. What more do we need?

      • Flashy

        i’d say you need more than make unsupported claims a legit birth certificate is fake and a total twisting of the Constitution. i dunno..wild irrational claims and an interpretation totally against 200 years of precedent somehow doesn’t seem to make the grade…ya know what i mean Sparky?

      • racheltsunami

        >>SEX is bad? right? okay.<<

        Really, Deerinwater? Really? I think you need to enlarge the borders of your thought process. This is a seriously one-dimensional response. Try to see the big picture.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Flashy, it’s obummers lawyer who is now admitting that the birth certificate is fake. You can go on denying it but it’s no longer a false claim. But she is claiming that since it is a forgery it can’t be used as evidence against him. Sounds just like obummer doesn’t it?

      • Void1972


        These poor secret service guys were just doing their job and testing the sluts for the obamanation!

    • Robert Smith

      At least the guys from the current administration were doing it to girls instead of America like the previous administration.


      • jhm47

        You libs will go to any length to deflect the excesses and disgusting behavior of your idol and his supporters, won’t you. To drag out the tired and overused rhetoric of blaming the previous administration is further evidence that Obama has NOTHING in his record that he can run on.

      • ArkansasRebel

        It is simply impossible for the left to be logical & sensible isn’t it rob?

      • Steve E

        Wrong. Obama had sex with Larry Sinclair. However, cognitive dissonance will inhibit some people not to believe that.

      • castaway

        Excuse me, but I do believe obama belonged to a club for queers in Chicago.

      • Doug

        [Offensive post removed]

    • Rocky Night

      Party on Obama! All the while Americans suffer under is ilk.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Stop with the collective tarring of Americans.
      How about classifying this incident as a distraction by O and his minions. Anytime the country is distracted by a sex scandal by government entities, America get hooked by some onorous regulations or more millions and billions going to some rathole of the world.

      • Kate8

        Nadzieja – Methinks O’s outrage falls pretty flat.

        Bringing in high priced hookers is common practice for dignitaries, both here and abroad. O has a history of lurid passtimes, as well, and there have been many questionable reports around WH activities. (In all fairness, this is nothing new with men and women of power.)

        The question here is, why is it okay for the SS to procure evening entertainment for Obama, but not for themselves?

        This whole incident seems to revolve around the scene created by the agent’s refusal to pay $140, and then the drawing attention to who they were. Maybe this was all just a drunken fiasco…who knows. But this administration seems to enjoy provoking outrage and embarrassing the United States. Are these just blunders of a low-class and ill-bred administration, or is it something more deliberate, with the intention of making America look even worse in the eyes of the world…if that’s possible.

        • de

          agreed, this was deliberately staged but what was the purpose??????
          what was the desired end result
          and why did they participate do their families know it was a ploy and staged and not real
          was it real it seems so and staged how???????
          blame it on the devil

      • Kate8

        de – The incident may not have been staged, but this is what you get when you surround yourself with animals.

        This is the most disgraceful administration so far, from the top on down.

        O and Moo make pretense at some dignity, but just can’t pull it off. What you are always comes through, and is reflected among your underlings and supporters.

        A leader who has class will demand it of those who serve him, as well. It is up to leadership to set the standards, and it is readily apparent that those standards are set pretty low today.

        • de

          i do not care how low around me goes, i am not going there
          i would think at least one of the many that went wrong would think that way and not be tempted
          just one Lot and even he was corrupt in offering his daughter
          no one is perfect
          it is legal in that nation
          this had a purpose a staged exacting purpose even if unknown to those involved that they were to do what they did
          something hidden took place at near or the same time that has not been rerouted because of this
          I will warn you, I AM a conspiracy theorist and prophesy watcher

      • Kate8

        de – I hear you.

        He looked across the land, and “there was none righteous. No, not one”.

        Depravity is no longer merely tolerated. It is celebrated. It is encouraged.

        Morality, honor and reverence for life are mocked. We are urged to kill our unborn, even as the PTB, in the name of science, are killing and maiming our children. If we believe this to be abhorrent, we are mocked.

        Remember when you were a nut to want to eat healthy food, and junk food was cool? Not so funny anymore, is it? Everyone is sick and real food is becoming illegal.

        Now disease carriers like AIDS and cancer are becoming a sub-culture. Cancers among children are skyrocketing, so what do we get? A Cancer Barbie… lets just normalize childhood cancer. Lets just normalize being sick, dying… in fact, let’s celebrate it! In fact, lets have public displays of human degradation for all to watch and enjoy…

        And yet, we still have those who don’t see anything amiss. I guess when you are conditioned, as you grow, to view the world from the ideology of a death cult, maybe you would think the way things are is normal.

        Normal…in today’s world, maybe. Acceptable, moral…NO.

        Remember, we reap what we sow. And the Harvest is near.

    • cawmun cents

      Who among a male dominated redblooded American society wouldnt go whoring in Columbia on the gubment dime,if it were permitted.
      I would consider it a privelege,not to be ignored.
      But then again I am not elite enough to ever have that privelege.
      Oh well,I just go back to my ordinary life and dream of what could have been.

      • castaway

        Well Cawmun cents, I would not want to put mine where yours had been. Its just the idea. ICK! In addition, I would wonder what the hell is crawling around in there. AYE!

      • cawmun cents

        I have never paid for a prostitute in my entire life,nor have I had relations with one.
        But then again I dont spend my money on that sort of thing.
        However,if the gubment is going to foot the bill anyway,then why shouldnt I?
        I pay taxes like everyone else.
        They use my money to finance wild parties and pet projects,why not get some of it back by having a good time in Cartagena?
        My sentiments arent that prostitution is something I enjoy being a party to,but rather of jumping on the bandwagon of spending other folk’s money.I figure that if its good for the elites,then its good for me,right?
        My sentiments are that someone will get to have an inordinate amount of pleasure on my dime,courtesy of whoever is running the finances for theese various gubment agencies.
        Why shouldnt I get to indulge?
        From homeowners,to corporate executives,to hobos on the street corner,everyone is getting a free ride.So my question to you is…..why not me?

  • Flo

    Did the Columbian government provide the hookers contraceptives? The cost can run up to $1000 per year for a working girl I have heard.

    • Deerinwater

      Your concern is cost?

    • Flashy

      Contraceptives cost $1000 ?

      Two thoughts…if the cost is that high, then why the hullaballoo in Congress about including the cost of contraceptives in health insurance? i thought one of the points of the GOP is the cost is minimal?

      Or are you quoting cost of exams and testing in your figure ?

      • Kate8

        Flo – LOL. Obviously, the irony of your comment was lost on Deer and Flash.

        If Lefties paid more attention to what’s going on outside their basement, they wouldn’t be so clueless.

      • Flashy

        Oh I dunno Kate…you might like what goes on in my basement ;)

      • Kate8

        Flash – Please. I just had breakfast.

      • castaway

        HAHAHAHA You really are that dumb aren’t you Flashy. LMAO

      • Doug

        Yep down in the basement is where Flunky puts on his starwars outfit and does his best light saber dance. You go Flunky you funky liberal [offensive word removed]!

    • Deerinwater

      too much information, eg “tmi”

  • Combat seabee

    Just another vacation jaunt cloaked in state business by the infamous one and company!

  • Jimmy

    Not defending their actions but at least the Secret Service was paying out of their on pockets and apparently one of them was trying to save money. Or at least not wanting to pay for services not rendered. I’d say everyone else was operating on the tax payers dime.

    • Deerinwater

      Well, you get what you pay for! sometimes cost is not the most important factor.

    • castaway

      I dunno, the hole thing smells kind of fishy if ya ask me.

  • de

    I wonder if anyone has checked for spiked drinks, air or food additives, electromagnetic frequencies, mind control— how enmasse could that many grown men go so wrong– inconceivable not believable— gross, immature, disrespectful, immoral– what peer pressure, one did the others followed. Representing the President and the nation aside, what were they thinking? Perhaps something good can come out of this catastrophe–Obomination not reelected. That would be a blessing out of a curse.

    • Karolyn

      This is just a testament to the crowd mentality, especially with men; but where were their brains? This episode has nothing to do with he President but with hired men who feel they’re entitled.

      • DavidL

        Right again, Karolyn. This is another mess from previous administrations, and now his, that President Obama has to clean up.

      • Flashy

        Methinks they were thinking with their heads, not their head.

        Whatever the reason…it is a gross security violation. And one which will screw up the protection of the President. The entire detail and those involved will have to be replaced.

        As for those involved..if not fired, i’m wondering if there’s a Secret Service office in Point Barrow Alaska? ‘Cause you know where ever they get transferred to…it won’t be cush.

      • ArkansasRebel

        I agree with you Karolyn. We are to quick to lose focus here. At issue is the unprofessional conduct of those trusted to protect the president, not the president himself or his administration.

      • ArkansasRebel

        DavidL, get you head out of your rectum. This not about ANY administration, it is about the unprofessional Secret Service men.

      • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

        @ArkansasRebel, I take your point but remember that in this realm the infection always starts at the top. The President (or chief executive, if you prefer) sets the tone. When your Secretary of State feels perfectly free to party down after hours in a public place while sitting under Cuban flags, what does that tell the staff? We have an Administration filled with people consumed with their fame and privilege, who also happen to believe they are essentially bullet-proof. This incident simply shows how a lack of professionalism at the top permeates the entire corpus.

      • Steve E

        Where are their brains? It’s a few inches below their belly button.

  • Armyblue

    Who knows what other deals they’ve done at the expense of the country in the dark of the night. God help us.

  • Bob Rice

    The way i heard it,he paid her,then SHE decided she wanted $170.00 more !! heck,here in the states you can buy a low class hooker for $20.00,play here (secret service) and lets keep that money here,we already send too much money overseas.

  • c hendrick

    Your responses are indicative of the right-wing group think machine. Too much to respond to without the benefit of time.

    • eddie47d

      Although the War on Drugs is mostly a failure Columbia was the eye of the storm at one time. Their country is slowly coming back to sanity and keeping up our relationship with them is imperative. Thankfully the President and staff was on top of this Secret Service debacle and sent them packing.

      • castaway

        Yes Eddie they sure were on top of things! Hell, even Hillary the Hog, went trolling the bar scene, hoping something would land on top of her. This entire administration, is a bunch of ignorant lieing bafoons. Ya know them liberals! LOL

  • Deerinwater

    LOL! Well I believe the DNC will manage to recovery from this exercise in “free trade” in short order. Like it or not Americans of all political persuasions have been known to dabble in such “markets”.

    The number one universal rule in holding down a nice high profile government job is “Don’t Embarrass your Employer”, the very suggestion of impropriety is seen as not acceptable.

    This particular event will be addressed it is certain but what is more certain is that this activity is not going to ever stop are long as we employ young alpha males in the prime of manhood to fill these job descriptions. I’m not convinced that a 60 year old man immune.

    Exotic Painted up wicked city women are just too yummy and impossible to ignore.

    I have not followed this story close, but as I understand it, they were ‘attempting” to fly under the radar but the disgruntled behavior of a single slut puppy acting out her social dysfunctions exposed their venture to primal passion.


    • Mary

      Why isn’t anyone worried about the immorality here? This is just plain immoral, not to say stupid, as least. Can’t we trust the men we send to guard the president anymore?

      • Deerinwater

        Because it’s the oldest know profession in the world maybe? Because you are imposing a moral judgement on other without benefit or merit of the “facts” which places you in direct conflict with the morals that you attempt to apply. ?????????

      • Flashy

        Mary…for you, it may be immoral. To others, it may not be. Like with Lewinsky and Clinton. What Clinton did was not a big deal to me. heck, as Bush II/Cheney progressed in screwing up this nation, i ws wondering if the dabbling with Lewinsky in any way aided in the Clinton economy….we should hire Monica back and a dizen more like her and have them work OT in the Bush WH.

        Deer..your comment “Because it’s the oldest know profession in the world maybe?” is in error. As the head of Sales keeps telling me…it’s the second oldest. Sales is the first profession. The sale had to be made and the deal had to be closed before the services delivered.

      • Kate8

        Mary – Have you not noticed that morality is a subject of derision for the Left?

        Leftist ideology revolves around pandering to natural appetites and urges…primarily, sex. In fact, at its core, it is based on the elimination of traditional morality, because what better way to win support than to play to the most basic of human fantasy…unconstrained sex.

        Of course, this leads to unwanted children; hence, unlimited abortion = the degradation of human life itself.

        The whole idea here is to reduce humanity to being of no more value than livestock. When nothing is sacred, when all is debased, when all morality is mocked… we end up with exactly the situation we find ourselves in today: corruption, decay, betrayal, lawlessness, laziness, materiality, desensitization toward violence, suffering and death and, ultimately, the acceptance of genocide.

      • Deerinwater

        I consed to your historical view.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    All this proves along with that GSA summit meeting frivolity, that government agencies are mostly a waste of tax payer dollars. We need to go to privatization to solve this waste. Just a few words i wanted to add. Thanks!!

    • Deerinwater

      You believe that such activity might magically go away if conducted by private concerns?

      In your dreams, ~ it would become a subsidiary industry and you’d still pay for it. It would be called “Hospitality and budgeted accordingly ~ This would be acceptable with me but for you to suggest “you have the cure” as you parrot “privatization” is laughable.

      You offer us a perfect example of the dysfunctional nature of “right wing ideology” ~

      To simply change a label magically makes things disappear?

      Well? Okay then ~ you win this argument, by moving a fixed value into another column, I’m left to confess , that “value” no longer exist in that column.

      • Chester

        So you, too, have noticed that “privatization” does not mean better OR cheaper. Instead, like cost plus contracting, it generally works the other way. Either prices go up, quality goes down, or both, and both is the usual result. I can’t see that the military has any better food or housing now that both are being supplied by private contractors. About the only real change is that a lot of people who used to be eligible for government retirement programs all of a sudden are now required to do their own, either 401-k or something similar. No change in the job,or job description, just a change in who writes the paychecks at the end of the month.

      • Deerinwater


    • eddie47d

      What does privatization have to do with anything Tony. You haven’t been to a Corporate shindig before or at least read about them in the paper. The millions they spend to impress clients is obscene. Corporates can be the kings of frivolity and waste and that also comes out of someones pocket. I think these government agencies are having a tough time keeping up and are exposed because they are not good at it like the private corps are.

    • Flashy

      tony…you call for more privatization of the fed gov’t ? Don’t fall for the hyped overblown rhetoric. Privatization is proving itself to be a costly boondoggle.

      “Government should be citizen-centered, results-oriented and, wherever possible, market-based,” Bush II in 2004. This ws in response to the fiscal fiasco’s as he attempted to follow through on privatizing as much as he could the services of government. His administration then doled out BILLIONS through the private sector as he grew government and spent money and wasted our immediate future.

      Here’s something for you to chew on. The size of the executive branch has remained close to 2 million workers altogether over the past 32 years. Seriously.

      Since 1981, it had a low of about 1.78 million in Clinton’s last year (2000) and a high of 2.25 million in 1985. (Office of Personnel Management. )

      So what grew? Costs. And where was that money spent? Well…take Bush’s 2001 directive to make government more like business through “competitive sourcing”.as opposed to ‘competitive bidding”. that created not a true market bidding situation having the best bang for the buck, rather it encouraged human nature and prioritizing quid pro quo relationships and lavish expense accounts wooing political appointees who will soon be back in the private sector.

      Remember Jack Abramhoff? I heard him to a ‘tell all” interview and how he ‘spent money like a sailor in the red Light District” and garnered contracts for clients worth billions…and no competitive cost comparisons made. The bids weer for supplying ‘specialized services” falling under “Competitive sourcing”. Recall during the ’08 election when the head of GSA was forced to resign for….tadaaaaa..steering contracts worth hundred of millions to her friends. And last year, Senator MaCaskell went on a tirade about the GSA and waste…a tirade which accomplished nothing as her legislation to return to competitive bidding was killed by the GOP (wonder why?).

      .Take the Post Office. Do you really think a private enterprise will provide the same quality of service to ALL of America ? And if on the wild assumption you say ‘yes”, without government subsidy? And in actuality, if you take the cost of goods and services provided with the income received, the Post Office breaks darn close to even! It’s the Congressional debt repayment obligations of 20 years ago that skews the PO’s numbers.

      Has the cost of the prisons gone up or down in Arizona since privatization? I have no idea. Are the privately operated tool roads turning out to be advantageous over a public toll road? i have no idea.

      Government has a common purpose, servicing the people. Private industry has a diametric purpose … making money. The two goals are in direct conflict.

      but I’m for hearing your reasons why privatization works best. Especially in light of the results of the Bush II / Cheney years.

    • Maryland Freestater

      I have a different take on both of these issues – Colombian hookers and GSA South Pacific Follies. Been there, done that!

      When I was a LOT younger and handsomer, I was a Navy Bandsman: my first duty station was Guam. Once upon a time, the C117 (DC-3) we were ‘island hopping’ in had to be ditched at sea, right over top the Marianas Trench (which is right next to Guam). It was a junket flight aboard a defective airplane for some DOI bigwigs to ‘inspect’ the islands, and this little soiree cost 2 good sailors their lives.

      My next duty station was Norfolk: I got to go on a 6 month trip to South America and Africa. Unbelievable experience – having grown up an ‘ugly duckling’ I thoroughly enjoyed prostitution (and also saw some unbelievable things, good, bad, neutral and downright strange). I can’t understand why it’s illegal here – a culture so sex-saturated (or sensuality) yet puritanical when it comes to sex. For someone who enjoys the company of women, yet did not want to compromise any young woman’s honor with a tawdry relationship, prostitution proved to be an enjoyable compromise. It also helped me sow some ‘wild oats’ – long married now, I would NEVER cheat on my wife! I had my fun, and went on to a more mature phase of my life.

      The SS (gotta love THAT acronym!) men and military types involved with this ‘scandal’ should be punished for loose lips, not shaking hips. Don’t punish them, especially single guys, for taking advantage of the sex trade. Even the meanest little hovel I went to in SA had a whorehouse. As for married and attached guys, that’s between them and their partners and God. In fact, perhaps the mass media should be concentrating the fiasco-aspects of our Prezz and his political entourage they seem to be experiencing on this trip.

      This ‘Hookergate’ ‘scandal’ , and hearing about Guam, have brought back some powerful memories for me! First time I’ve herad the name ‘Saipan’ when it wasn’t on a history show! Also, Guam and the Marianas Islands are a great place to vacation – warm, gorgeous beaches, historically significant. Hafa Adai and Si Yuus Masse!

      • Homer

        Aren’t you proud!! I am ashamed at what I did, and at what you did! KEEP THYSELF PURE!! Wish I had been pure, but I gave it away to a whore, paid or not, that’s a whore!!

      • Maryland Freestater

        Judge Not, Homer.

        I’m NOT proud – but I’m also not ashamed of what I did either. I was an ugly duckling growing up, never had a girlfriend until I got married my first one (25+ years together!) Add to that all the uncertainties of growing up and compound that by having to grow up in a day – I enlisted when I was 17 – and I did NOT have a pleasant experience in the Navy.

        No single girls on Guam (on base the ratio was like 300 single guys for every single sailorette, “Marionette” or AF girls. Guamanians wouldn’t date ‘haoles’ either.

        On to Norfolk, where the locals absolutely despised us (“overfed, overpaid, over Here!”) so dating a ‘local’ was out of the question.

        So what’s a lad to do? Navy also cured me of religion – I have absolutely no faith in manmade religions (yet I have absolute faith in GOD). The military under Peanut Carter was without honor – the Navy’s credo was we punish you for getting caught – which I couldn’t reconcile with a Catholic upbringing. I chose to reject Catholic injunctions against premarital sex because besides the sex, it was intimacy and female companionship that I needed as much as, if not moreso.

        Again, I had a lot of fun and fond memories of this, which counterbalances the bitter hatred of the Navy which took me 15 years to eliminate, or if you will, purify myself. I am all for legalization of prostitution – it would probably calm a LOT of wild men down in this country – but I also disapprove of married or committed men going out with a prostitute because cheating on one’s wife, well, THAT’s dishonorable and impure.

        Sorry if I’m wandering but this is a complex and multifaceted issue.

  • Alex Frazier

    I think that the Secret Service can have all the drugs, booze, and hookers it wants … as long as they don’t pay for it with tax dollars.

    • steve in AZ

      Hear,hear, Alex!! You nailed it. As Americans we should be allowed to engage in private contracts that do not hurt others. If some wish to condemn the agents for lack of morality, they can be my guests. But let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

      As long as they choose to party on their money and on their time, what’s the big deal? Obama’s personal safety is at issue? The hookers may have found a way to help someone assassinate him? Wow. That would be terrible, huh?

  • Sirian

    Give it a rest folks, wait for the facts – FACTS! Then decide. Speculative juries are more of a pain in the azz than a benefit to all.

  • Jim K

    How dare they criticize the GSA for wasting money.

  • Lyle Barron

    The full text of a famous statement by a president of the United States goes “ask not what your country can do for you” has apparently been read by the current administration in reverse.. It now has been transformed as ” ask what your country can do for you?” Also for the record, I am an independent and I am getting tired of choosing the lesser of two evils at the ballot box. This event has helped me make a choice this time.

    • Flashy

      Wow…deciding because of some scandal in security breach around the President instea of the issues that affect the future of this Nation. Wow …

      • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

        Every person “hits bottom” in their own way and in their own time. Now that there is a campaign and the MSM is compelled to pay at least some minimal attention to what goes on in this administration, we will see more and more of these “tipping points”. Don’t condemn them, welcome them.

      • castaway

        C’mon Flashy as a liberal/commy you first concern is not anything but the conversion of this country into communism. If you support the Demcratic/ Communist party, then you do support Communism. How many Democrats are Communist Card Carriers? Check it out.

  • jhm47

    Strange that the secret service can’t keep it secret when they are “serviced”.

    • de

      that is a good one they failed in more ways than one

    • Shortstock

      Good one!

    • GiveMeLiberty

      jhm47: Of all the remarks so far, yours makes the most sense at many levels.

    • Steve E

      Perhaps the government should hire those hookers to be consultants to the Secret Service.

  • Detroit Public Schools Grad (back when we could read our diplomas)

    DeerinWater, Flo, et al.: no problem here in the murder city, where you can’t tell the players w/o a scorecard, over the price of contraceptives…when you want the condoms as a hand-out/freebie, you just assault the middle-Eastern service station mgr, MDOP his merchandise/showcases and then try to break into his lexan shielded employee area. When he then kills the assailant in self-defense, he gets “treevanned,” i.e. a murder 2d charge! Only in the oligarchal collectivist states of america: where today in epicenters like dearbornistan the middle easterners and negroes are skirmishing over who gets the most favoritism, and tomorrow according to big brother, they will be allied against us.

    • http://liberty Tony

      Dear Detroit Man:
      That city fell apart because of bad social policies, along with gov. interventionist programs such as increasing the welfare state plus that insane war on drugs. This isn’t because of the “negroes or A-rabs”!! Granted, Detroit did have a couple awful Black mayors such as the late Coleman Young and that recent buffoon Kwame Kilpatrick. As a side note, that fool has the hormones of a horny 15 year old. However, there have been two decent mayors between those clowns such as Dennis Archer and recently former NBA star, David Bing. Furthermore, Detroit’s problems started under corrupt white mayors such as Lewis Biryani from 1959-67, then Jerome Cavanaugh from 1967-75. The main thing for this city, eventhough these socialist types such as Deer in the water, Flashy, and Chester, won’t agree, is privatization. The Auto-industry is making a huge comeback now, so, giving them tax incentives with exemption to re-invest in that beleagured city, the sit. will improve there. It’s true, the auto-industry was given a gov. bailout, but since it’s been paid back-these intiatives would be the ultimate solution. Therefore, lets end the simplistic finger pointing. Thanks!!

      • Doug

        Gee Tony who is going to pay back the stock holders? Yet the union stoogies keep their retirment in check even though they were one of the biggest reason GM and Chrysler went broke! Why would anyone after that want to buy stock?

  • Dens

    Bet it was Barney Frank who “blew” the whistle on those guys.

  • Ithamar

    I served over thirty years in the military, much of it in nations around the world, first under the Kennedy and Johnston presidencies, and after a hiatus of thirteen years, under Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush II. Discipline, morality, national respect and morale were abysminal under Kennedy, Johnston and Carter. Everything remarkedly improved under Reagan. A moral and rational discipline was initiated, respect of nations ensued and morale became the highest we ever experienced; we were proud to serve. We muddled through the first Bush and anticipated the morass of Clinton, and he met our expectations. Some of the finest put their papers in refusing to serve longer under such a degenerate. Others of us were determined to endure through him in the belief that better days were ahead. Though there was some improvement under Bush II, he was a disappointment. Much of the Clinton policies and lack of moral compass continued.

    The point to be made is that the military and the professional arms agencies will eventually reflect the national leadership for good or for bad. The befouled Clinton instituted a major vetting process for the flag ranks of the military and the leadership of the agencies to reflect his own moral and social deficiencies. The same politically correct morally deficient requirements continued with GW’s administration. Remember that it was Dick Cheney as SEC DEF under the first Bush that suggested removing the law excluding homosexuals from the military. By the time Obama arrived the military leadership gave virtually no resistance as it did when the same was attempted by Clinton.

    No one should be surprised by these events. They are consistent with the standards of our current national leadership the foundation well laid by Clinton the moral degenerate.

    • Kate8

      Ithamar – Best post I’ve read so far. You really nailed the whole issue: national respect. Dignity. Morale.

      We’ve become a wholly degenerate society that respects nothing. You are correct in saying that our leadership reflects our society. Of course, this social debasement has been engineered from the top to make us weak, without honor, and easily bought and bribed.

      Open homosexuality is crowning glory for the NWO (the acceptance of pedophelia is next), because those in “leadership” are largely gay and pedophile. What else would you expect from those who design society in their own image through dumbing-down and brainwashing, and playing to the basest of human instinct to gain power.

      We are in a very sad state as a people and a nation. Honor is an unknown (and un-valued) commodity. It’s all about anything goes, nothing (and no one) has value.

      We’ve got the best that money can buy.

    • mark

      Please, spare me all these moral pieties about the U.S. military. Prostitution rings every overseas American base, from Panama to the Philippines, to Korea, to Germany, Italy, and every U.S. camptown, male Americans in uniform are among the greatest whoremongers in world history. Lines a hundred yards long formed in front of every cathouse in Hawaii, San Francisco, San Diego, and Panama in World War II. U.S. military prostitution reigned supreme in Vietnam and Korea during both wars there. Get off your sanctimonious soapbox and face the reality of about the U.S. global presence in the world. This also relates to U.S. civilian tourists in the Caribbean and Asia. What wonderful Christian values we have always projected – guns, whores, and money! The Holy Trinity of the American Dream

      • Kate8

        Oh nasty mark – Sure, this type of behavior has always been around, especially with military men overseas.

        However, it also carried a bit of shame, and wasn’t openly flaunted and encouraged. Nowdays, it’s just considered entertainment… no big deal.

        Since no decency is expected, none exists. In fact, this administration seems to enjoy proving how immoral they are. They seem to think class just comes with position, but they are viewed by large numbers around the world with contempt. And not just for the likes of them, but also for the rabble who support them.

        You can’t even see that you are a creation of those who seek to destroy civilization. First, society must be made wholly corrupt, misinformed, and rendered incapable of any original thought. All vestiges of decency must be wiped out.

        They’ve succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

  • uvuvuv

    there is no reason to condemn these s/s officers. back before 1989 there were bad guys in the world, the communist bloc, and these comfort women would have been placed by the soviet union in order to wheedle information from these agents. but now we have no enemies, and so the hospitality hostesses had no secret agenda, they were just there to give a good time. there was no security breach, none. the only problem might be when these agents get back with their families, but they can point to statistics that correctly prove, everyone does it. there is the morality question but that’s silly, when you consider the crimes of the previous administration. the usa still still stands as a beacon onto the world, we have standards of integrity and decorum, perhaps a little watered down, but by jingo we stick to them. i lift my lamp beside the golden door.

  • uvuvuv

    ithmar, i read that gerald ford ran a tight ship also. by david gergen.

    • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

      Talk about a “tight ship.” Once in LaGuardia Airport in New York I saw Nancy Reagan with her staff including Secret Service. That little woman had them all in constant shape-up mode. She was not rude or mean, just decisive about what she expected and they delivered. As I said elsewhere on this thread, the chief sets the tone. None of these agents would have done what they did if they did not think such behavior would be tolerated.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        That behavior is tolerated so it can be used against them.

  • luvlytxgal

    I have a different view. Is it possible that the Secret Service who has never had a flaw in the protection of a president would actually book him in a 47 dollar hooker resort? REALLY? Really,? I know they scout these places for a week taking every consideration for safety in to consideration. Would they jeopardize their family life, career, the reputation of the service, the president’s life for 47 dollars for a hooker? Seriously, I believe not! THEN immediately BEFORE any sort of investigation, the press is calling for the director to be fired. Smells funny to me! Who has something to gain from this “incident”? Who wants to undermine us without war? Who has something to gain? Think about it folks. China, Russia, Venezuela? Let’s not crucify until the facts are out.

    • de

      i agree test the food in the trash around where they were
      test the air they were breathing find out if they were hypnotized taxed and posed electromagnetic frequencies some explanation of set up all of them do this against home, family, morals lunation president job not likely without some sort of cause or motive the devil in the details

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Lives ruined, careers ruined all because of some hooker.
      So this is all a staged soap opera.
      The Secret Service men are now guilty until proven innocent and you cannot prove innocent.

      • castaway

        Yes, of course ,and why”buy the cow,when the milk is free”?

  • Patricia

    How interesting that neither the Livingston article nor any of the responders even mentioned the seriousness of the betrayal of the sole responsibility of the Secret Service mission which in this setting was to protect the President of the United States. Leaving aside the “Frat House Morality”, the seriousness of inviting unknown outsiders into an insider operation which could have been compromised by their actions and, in turn, compromised the safety of the life of the President leaves one breathless. Neither the President nor the Secretary of State had anything to do with this debacle but could have been put in mortal jeopardy by the actions of their protectors whose sole responsibility was the safety of the two people representing the highest offices of the U.S.. This was not a frivolous matter.

    One other thing – It is not unreasonable to think that Hillary and ensemble went out after a long (as it seems VERY long) days work to take a little time for themselves to unwind. The unrelenting stresses of her job, for which she haas demonstrated admirable strength, most certainly gives her the right to a late night pressure off few moments of relaxation.

    The Presidents remark (and that was all that it was) about a vacationing spot was a way to convey to his host country that he appreciated the beauty of their country and the hospitality that they have extended to him and his countrymen during this visit. There is something almost sick about the way any simple statement or action is turned into something other than it is but always a proof of incompetence and egregious self-indulgence. Your unrelenting habit of seeing disgraceful behavior in everything lacks all proportion and becomes almost a sickness. If your criticism lacks discernment it is worthless and untrustworthy.


    • Flashy

      Errrr…i believe i referred to that as being the issue..and speculated whether Point Barrow was the worst place for a transfer seeing as the entire detail will have to be replaced….. or maybe a Customs Agent as some woebegotten border crossing with Canada and, along with the rare car, they can count the moose trying to invade America with proper documentation?

  • uvuvuv

    pat, good angle, he was just expressing good wishes as any thoughtful guest would. your host would definitely get a lift if you say, when can i come back? but this doesn’t detract from the crimes of the previous administration.

  • Mazer

    It is no surprise that this happened on Obama’s “time” and I fear it demonstrates the lack of respect the individuals involved have for Obama, and possibly the seriousness of their jobs. As far as Hilary is concerned…she is one of the few people in the current adminstration that “seems” to be doing her job with integrity and skill and little, if any fanfare, so I say the lady has earned her drink!

    • Homer

      REALLY? Do you really believe H/C is doing her job! If doing her job is to screw up this nation and bring it in line w/the New One World Order, yes she is doing that! In case you don’t know, it is illegal for H/C to have been in the office of Sec of State! She was a senator and did not have the time required to be slotted fot that spot! She went from Senate to S of State w/out the proper time frame required! Hillary is also part of the problem sir! KNOW what you say before you say it!!

  • dunce

    The important th/ing is did they use condoms. picking up an STD and giving it to your wife could result in termination with extreme prejudice.

  • Homer

    Obama is always on vacation! I go on a vacation once per year for one week and that means I have had 16 vacations in 16 years, but Obama had had 16 vacations in just over 3 years and a few months! Thats over 5 vacations per year! I’d bet that Obama is ONLY in the W’H’ to allow the One World Order people to tear this nation down and to get it in line for The New One World Order” This is such a farce! Why can’t they stay in the U.S.A. and save money, and get the job done as well! Oh I forgot, his looking down his nose at the little peons like us, gives him that right!!! He is better than us, and he is the “one” So….he thinks!!

  • Flashy

    OK…anyone want to make a prediction?

    Wher are those SS agents going to be transferred to if not fired altogether?

    I’m thinking maybe the corder crossing on the Al-Can highway, or the conterfeiting detail in downtown Detroit, or perhaps the detail in charge of guarding Nancy Reagan in her elder geriatric years

    What is your ideas as to Secret Service purgatory?

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Flashy:
      Eventhough you extremely disagree with me, yet, private security agencies could do just as well if not more so, than the government based, tax payer based secret service. Thanks!!

      • Flashy

        Is it a good idea to have a private company have the informational access the SS has?

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Flashy:
      Well, they can’t do any worse than the ss. Hey, there was an intelligence agencies in Germany during WWII with the same initials, think about that!! Bye,bye!!

      • antonio

        Dude, that was dope!! You just slammed flashys face on the ground…
        I love it!!

      • Flashy

        Sure they can…it’s called making a mistake and someone gets assassinated…

    • castaway

      In reference to you last sentence, It would be looking after a knob like you.LOL

  • Irina Krasnyuk

    Affirmative values…easier displayed than shared.

  • brianS

    The only difference I can see, is that the people have been getting screwed by governement for year and we are PAYING themn to do it.

  • http://N/A HapHarris

    I strongly suspect the Secret Service has been getting Secretly Serviced for many years. Our country has reached “The Point of No Return.” Don’t forget the story of Noah. God love you.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Those Secret Service men, violated their oath and national security, they should have good character, discipline, be dedicated with honor and pride, instead they had none and only had had low morales, with lose lips, blabbing and bragging who they were, while drinking and convorting with hookers.

    Secretary of State, takes an oath, it is a responsible, dignified job and they should have patriotism, good common sense, good character, morale and honor and pride, instead Hillary had none and only chose to drink and party in public like a DC bimbo.

    President takes an oath, also should be patriotic, be of good morales, character, have common sense and be dignified and be dedicated with honor and pride, instead Obama has none of what it takes to be President, as he has shown over and over and this time was more interested in scouting a place to spend more tax payer money on vacations.

  • boyscout

    I see that some of us have so much time to reflect on scatology that our brains have turned to manure. I am pretty sure that no SS were on duty while inebriated and fornicating, let alone that they were married lecherous cheaters. On their given assignments, I highly doubt any valued classified information was given over. I, for one, relish the knowledge that those in service are not just a bunch of tight assed hipocrates, who seem to be emerging from every dead stump and fagot.
    This hype is not hip. BFD!

  • antonio

    Yes, it’s true, Colombians do dance well; so sexy, sensual and hot. I sure do miss the Colombian ladies….Don’t worry though, the people of Colombia still think that obama is the greatest thing that ever happened to the USA. This little sex scandal wont change their minds one bit.
    By the way, Cartagena is not that great of a city, Santa marta is better if you wish to go on vacation, also Medellin is pretty cool…

    El Colombiano

  • jopa

    Bryan Nash must be a non drinking Mormon or live in a dry county.Hillary Clinton partied and danced the night away with a party of twelve that had ordered twelve beers and two whiskeys.Believe me that ain’t no party, in that I Could finish that off myself and still walk a straight line.I never was much of a dancer though so maybe the author thinks there may be something bad about that to bring it up like it’s some kinda gotcha scenario.Hillary Rocks.

  • Blah blah

    This is a complete distraction. Nothing we like more than a sex scandal to watch while something else gets passed in secret. Keep vigilant…

  • Bill

    Unfortunately, Secret Service agents and other government officials are taking the lead from our irresponsible president. The height of arrogance and stupidity is stiffing prostitutes out of $47.00! Maybe the government needs to raise the per diem rate!

  • Donald York

    Ole Hillary may have gotten her “payback” to Bill that night. Just a thought.

  • Dad

    Why would the agents pay $47 dollars for a whore when we have law students here in the northeast that are having so much sex that they cannot afford their own contraception? Well, ok. They are better looking in Columbia…

  • deepizzaguy

    I wonder if Obama said to the Colombians he is sorry that the United States helped Panama achieve her independence from them in 1903 so the Panama Canal could get built?

  • LS


  • jopa

    The vast majority of our Secret Service members are former or still active duty military.I would bet a lot of you punks making the smart ass statements on here wouldn’t say it to one of their faces.They would take out your snot locker before you could even blink an eye.Feeling lucky punk,Make my day.

  • June Gagnon

    I keep telling Speaker Boehner and the GOP leadership to burn obama-soetoro’s checkbook and ground Air Force One! Obviously, they’re NOT listening.

  • skippy

    Hehehehheee…I bet old Willy started this type of behavior!!! LMAO :)

  • http://facebook dede

    Our country is really becoming a big disgrace, by our display of disrespect, stupidity in our own country and in others.

  • CLH

    Just when I needed a hearty laugh at the town fools- I found this site! Thanks to all you non-thinking lemmings of the right [read:wrong] side and for the semantic buffoonery that you all display here! You serve as real and dangerous reminders why my child needs to be well-educated. Can’t wait to read your continuous ranting from the stupid side.

  • azjohnny

    as the street corner agitator in chief is always wont to say: “have faith in me and i will have it in you.”


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