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Prostitute Brought Back To President’s Hotel

April 24, 2012 by  

Prostitute Brought Back To President’s Hotel
The Secret Service sex scandal has expanded to the Hilton Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia.

A new layer has been added to the Secret Service scandal. An official told CBS News that a woman was brought back to the Hilton Hotel in Cartagena, Colombia, where President Barack Obama stayed during the Sixth Summit of the Americas.

Reportedly, the agent under investigation took the woman to the hotel just five days before the President was set to arrive.

“Now you’re into the hotel where the President of the United States was going to stay, and it just gets more troubling,” said Senator Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.).

Before news broke that the Hilton Hotel had been used, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) wanted the investigation to broaden to see if any White House staff was involved.

Grassley wrote to Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan and Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards: “Did the Secret Service reserve rooms at the Hotel Caribe or other hotels in Cartagena, Colombia for representatives of the WHCA or the White House Advance Team? If so, have records for overnight guests for those entities been pulled as part of the investigation conducted by [the Office of Professional Responsibility] or [the Office of the Inspector General]? If not, why not?”

According to Grassley, the President should not be held “responsible,” but he should be held “accountable” for the actions of Secret Service personnel in the recent scandal involving Colombian prostitutes from the Pley Club.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • GALT

    “If names be not correct, language is not in accordance with the truth of things.”
    ― Confucius, The Analects of Confucius

    Gee, thanks Bryan, now we know that accountable and responsible are not the same thing, poor Roget.

    The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.”
    ― Confucius

    • Brad

      GALT – have you anything to add to the blog other than don’t through stones if you live in a glass house?? Just quotes fron a Chinese fortune cookie manufacture is the brilliance you carry?

      • castaway

        Good one Brad LMAO

    • box-bb-car

      The latter quote is one the politicians know all too well…and avoid all too well

    • http://none george


      • absolutely amazed

        George – I would put good money on the proposition that You are a prostitute – if not of the carnal type, certainly of your ethics and principles. You’ve certainly sold to someone – good bet it is the Koch Brothers and their fellow prostitutes. They own you, George – they are the pimps of your brain and your utterances.

    • Jay

      What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.

  • Karen Clemovich

    All that is done in secret will be exposed into the Light. There is a lot of wrongdoing going on [and I say that word lightly] there are other words stronger but I will try to be careful. But sinful behavior is “sinful behavior”. And it is sad when those trained for the job, can’t keep their inordinate behavior under wraps when they are Representing the United States of America. Makes us look like Babylon of old! No wonder the Nations want to take us down. We do look like a Nation of degenerates,full of lust that we can’t control even on the Job.
    It is a sad day in History when these sick minds and hearts, defame such a Once Great Nation! I am ashamed to call my home!

    • http://yahoo NELL ST.PAUL

      I am not ashamed of my country—since there are much , much worse going on in most other countries. This latest scandal isnt hurting anyone but themselves. What they did was wrong–but these things have been going on since the U.S.A came into being. One way or another someone always gets caught. And PLEASE folks –quit blaming DEMS-REPUBS-INDEPS-TEA PARTY for something done by INDIVIDUALS. I’ve been in this world for 89 yrs. & seen much scandal in POLITICS!!!!!!!! But somhow we servive !!!!!


      Karen, I too am ashamed of the condition of this once great nation. Sin has completly destroyed the very fabric and foundation of our people, and our culture. I greatly regret that my grandchildren will one day inherit this troubled and indeed fallen society. All I can do for them is to teach them truth, wisdom, and to live Godly lives. As for me, this is only a temporary home, I await my eternal home.

  • LAB

    I am not ashamed to call this GREAT NATION my home, I am totally ashamed to call Barry our president!!!!

    • absolutely amazed

      What I am ashamed of is the nonsense of the Tea Party and the Regressives. What a sideshow the Republican primary has been. These are not Republicans – they are a collection of extremist weirdos who come up with the most ridiculous positions ever staked out in the universe, let alone this nation. Traditional Republicans were in fact quite responsible and capable of civil discussion with their opposite party. There aren’t any of those Republicans left – the TPs and Regressives (radical right your on your own Republicans) march in blinded obstructionist lockstep like Communist China or Nazi Germany. The TPs and Regressives have been bought by big money/big oil/the Kochs and the greedies – the are no longer capable of thinking for themselves.

      • kellys

        That sounds more like the sold out Democrats and the RINOs, whats wrong, cant you think of anything real to say about the Tea Party? Ron Paul is picking up the delegates needed to win, all Romney has is the corporate controlled media. Ron has the people!

      • Randy Madan

        I’m amazed at some of these comments, everybody’s throwing stones at each other but missing the target !! this country is still the greatest country in the world and the freest. We help the entire world, we preach peace and freedom yet we argue from the left and right. The problem is both parties pushing their agenda which has placed this country in the state it’s in. The deceit is as thick as smoke and it will continue until we force term limits, clean house and start over. Our so called leaders are trying to change the constitutuion, you change the constitution you change this country. “foaks” freedom is not free without the force to keep it that way and many of good men and women have given their lifes to keep it free. What are we going leave our children?? Less talk and more action is what we need.

  • Al Chamberlain


    • tg sherman

      I will be glad to send a little money for his flight!!!! One Way Only!!

    • Kate8

      Al – Agreed. However, I think his roots go further south than Kenya. MUCH further, if you know what I mean.

      • Jeff

        Come on, Kate. You’re not a real person, are you? (offensive comment removed)

      • absolutely amazed

        (offensive comment removed)

      • JoMama

        Excuse me – but I rather enjoy those offensive comments………………..

    • Jeff

      Hey, Shmuck, what damage has Obama done to the Country? Your buddy W virtually destroyed the country with his tax cuts, deregulation, and pre-emptive wars. Now that we’re climbing out of the hole he dug, Romney wants to repeat all the idiotic Bush policies that caused the mess. Remember, the immortal words of Uncle Dick Cheney: deficits don’t matter (as long as a republican is in office).

      • kellys

        What hole are we climbing out of, 3 yrs later still at war, unemployment even higher and it was the banks that got bailed out by the taxpayers. I see the hole getting deeper.

  • Mark Matis

    It’s not nice to call Michelle Obama a prostitute…

    Accurate, maybe. Just as it was for Hillary. But not nice…

  • http://n/a AmFer

    I would think the prostitute was intended for one of the SS team and not O – wrong gender.

    • 45caliber

      I had that thought myself.

      • Kenneth Fechtler (@minutemanken)

        That was my first thought as well.
        Semper Fi

      • Kate8

        LOL. My first thought, as well.

        BTW, I still think there is more to this story. The WH knows how to cover up scandal. I think they were behind the release of this story, and there is something else afoot here.

        One investigator speculated that it was an attempt to purge the SS of certain unwanted white agents.

      • jopa

        45cal.So you want to get it on with one of the guys on the SS team??

    • castaway

      With all that O has been up to, I would be very surprised if he had no knowledge of what was going down. Hell it was probably obamas Idea, and a hooker was more than likely taken to obamas room. Male or Female, who cares. Do you mean to tell me the President does not know what his security team is up to? Just like Fast and Furious, I believe the president knew about that and was the instigator.

      • Jeff

        David Frye, in his immortal album about Watergate, had Nixon admitting he both planned and participated in the burglary, leaving a jowl print as id. We all laughed, but few of us were delusional enough to believe it was the literal truth. Now, you’re peddling some nonsense that Obama planned and participated in the hiring of prostitutes in Columbia. I think they were actually helping him “fix” his birth certificate. Is there nothing you wing nut Kooks won’t believe or say about Obama? Keep it up. The more you scream, the stronger Obama will get.

  • Ro

    So what do we hear in the news today….the presidente has said there is no truth to the reports of scandal. Really? And will the liberal press buy that as well as all other statements they perceive as real? Come on, people get with the program lest this episode of a breach in security, etc., be covered up as well. Funny or tragic…Roger Clemens, a baseball player must face further criticism and disgrace for taking a body enhancing drug, while we wait to hear what is happening to the Fort Hood murderer. Does anyone see something wrong with this picture? Good and innocent citizens are being made to walk the line, while felons and known terrorists are given a pass by our justice department. Why do the American people feel helpless? Simply because all the departments of our government have been compromised by this president, who cares nothing for our values, traditions, and the Constitution.

    • Brad

      you are 100% correct Ro

  • coal miner

    Help!Ha ha


    IMO Who cares about this nonsense. Stick to debating more important policy matters,,

    • coal miner


      I agree with you.

    • securityman

      gillysroom,is your country so “perfect” that you have to jump on ours. this matter is “important policy matter” to us. by us ,i mean the people that live here and have the right to talk about it. ob is fully aware of what goes on he just finds that this is a good time to try and snow the people and further his push for another term. and he can get rid of a few people that are not 100% for his tactics. Keep your guns, Brothers. Even ob cannot subjgate an armed people.

    • jopa

      Members of our Secret Service apparently were entertained by some hookers and there may have been some sex between a man and a woman, that is kind of a weird taboo among Conservatives.They had a Congressman named Larry looking for man on man love either in an outhouse in Minnesota or an airport bathroom and there wasn’t a peep or any outcry from them.They just seem to be such a strange lot.

      • Libertytrain

        jopa sorry to see your memory failing you so often – is it dementia or Alzheimer’s – oh heck you probably don’t remember which it is….

      • JoMama

        Yeah, that was Larry Craig. He was looking for some kind of freaky sex – yes – but that was ALL OVER THE NEWS when it happened………………I think LiberytyTrain is right – your memory is failing……….

  • coal miner

    The president is not the only one.

  • Steve E

    I would guess that Obama did not indulge in any hooker. He likes men (i.e. Larry Sinclair). Michelle is just a front to hide his true sexuality.

    • coal miner

      That is crap.

      • Steve E

        Then prove it. You can’t handle the truth.

    • Delroy Brown

      [insulting post removed]

      • Steve E

        [insulting post removed]

      • JoMama

        I really enjoy the offensive comments. Too bad they disappear fast.

    • chiox198

      They could have hired a male prostitute for him.
      Larry Sinclair Exposes Murder of Obama’s Alleged Gay Lover

    • JoMama

      That’s what I heard…………

  • Curious???

    I wonder if Obama’s best friend golf buddy that was also arrested for P. has any thing to do with, “What goes around, comes around”????

  • http://yahoo anita

    If the prostitute was a woman you can bet your last dollar it wasn’t for Odumbo. He likes the boys. Even made a remark about homo experiences while in college. No wonder he doesn’t want any of his background brought forth from the time he was a teenager until he became a Community Organizer. (Saul Alinsky sympathiser)

    • Harbinger

      I couldn’t have said it better my self. Thank God for women who remaind us they’re there and who try to save A/H from themselves.

  • buster

    During Obama’s time as President, how many times have we witnessed via media Secretary of State Clinton being viewed in a club dancing and tipping a brew while the cameras click away. Looks as if Secretary of Clinton is drawing the media away from the back door of the Hotel our President is staying so the Secret Service can escort a prostitute away from the Hotel. More tax payers funds being spent without any accountability, just like the GSA (General Services Administration). Might be interesting to account the where abouts of Region 9 Administrator Neely during the President’s visit to Columbia.



    • Steve E

      It is either because they are stupid or ignorant. Or, they are communist who, by the way, deny the truth about things so they can convince the stupid and ignorant people of the world the falsehoods they try to proclaim. You have to have evil to have good.

    • EyesWideOPEN

      That’s not the point C.W. The point isn’t whether we like Obama or not.. The fact is (and should always be) the respect of the position (president). You can hate (or love) the man, but Americans should always respect the President. Bush was one of the worst leaders as well but his position was respected.. At least show some respect here.

  • Dad

    …the President should not be held “responsible,” but he should be held “accountable…”

    Garbage in…. garbage out… What is the worst that could have happened? That American could be saved by a whore? I could live with that.
    Lesson learned… screw the taxpayer, but you better pay the ladies… ha, ha, ha, ha

  • jopa

    OMG a prostitute was brought to this hotel five days before the President arrived.This is supposed to be news.Look over the hotel registry there were probably thousands of prostitutes brought to this and other hotels across the country where prostitution is legal.Now if a gorilla or a zebra were brought there it would be newsworthy somewhat.

    • Jay

      What are you trying to tell us, Jopa; you’re into bestiality?

      • jopa

        No but didn’t Congress just pass a bill making it legal and now they sit around all day screwing the pooch.

      • Jay

        Just imagine the poor pooch that would rather be screwed than eaten!

  • chuckb

    jopa, they did bring a jackass, isn’t that newsworthy

    • jopa

      Well I guess it is, but I didn’t even know you were invited much less have a passport.

  • Harbinger

    All misconduct of government is the reflection of what federal employees see in the examples set by the White House; bad children are the product of bad parenting, so why go after these unfortunate saps. Of course they should’ve known better, but they didn’t because they see the President, the Attorney General and others getting away with murder. Let’s get the heads that count rolling, instead. Vote Ron Paul.

  • http://yahoo luvernarossington


  • Adollarsworkapeenyspay

    “According to Grassley, the President should not be held “responsible,” but he should be held “accountable” for the actions of Secret Service personnel in the recent scandal involving Colombian prostitutes from the Pley”..

    BS!! There are other people who ranks that distinction.. The President is too busy to cater to the hired help, that’s why he assigns such duties to others. If anything, he should reevaluate the officials in charge of them, but to be held accountable? Not in my reality. And this would apply to any President.

  • Doug

    Come on people…don’t fall for the Obama election Dog and Pony shows. Who cares if a few men have a night off with some girls of the night??? The only ones that should are their wives now that the cat is out of the bedroom. Do we forget clinton getting re-elected because he set the stage for Dog and Pony re-election debates…while America debates the issue in Dog and Pony BS. Billy Clinton has head job in White House we America is split…re-election won and billy is forgiven! Wake up Americans!

  • randydutton

    Just what Bill Clinton doesn’t need, a bunch of unemployed and disgruntled Secret Service guys looking to make a buck. For years they covered up Bill’s dalliances, only to be fired for their own. Think retribution is coming? And Barack better be careful if he’s ever cheated on Michelle…or any of his staff for that matter.


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