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Proposed UN Treaty Would Restrict Gun Rights In America

June 13, 2011 by  

A proposed UN treaty could affect gun rights in the U.S.In a recent column on the Forbes website, contributor Larry Bell wrote about the danger posed to the 2nd Amendment by a treaty proposed by the United Nations.

According to the University of Houston professor, if the Small Arms Treaty is passed by the international body and ratified by the United States Senate, the rights of gun owners would be harmed in a number of ways.

If the treaty were adopted in the U.S., it would become tougher for American citizens to obtain gun licenses, giving law-abiding people even more hoops to jump through to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms. In addition, the treaty would seek to ban the sale and ownership of all semi-automatic weapons that have magazines, according to Bell.

The U.N. says that the treaty is designed to combat terrorism, but a number of prominent figures are cautioning that the rights of Americans could be severely restricted by the agreement.

The U.N. “is trying to act as though this is really just a treaty about international arms trade between nation states, but there is no doubt that the real agenda here is domestic firearms control,” said former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said she would support the Small Arms Treaty.

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  • Cawmun Cents

    (Offensive word removed)the UN.I will never go by their laws.I do not recognize their statutes.My Constitution over-rides any legislation they come here with.I will be at war with any UN troops that come to force mt to obey their laws.There I said it.-CC.

    • http://naver samurai

      100% agree with you, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Greg

      Mu Country’s Sovereignty supersedes any legislation of any other Nation, Entity or Organization in the world. I too will not recognize any attempt by any of the aforemetioned at legislating in the USA. Furthermore, I would consider it my legal duty and swear my solemn oath to defend my Country from any foreign invaders including UN Troops.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy 131

        The only thing needed to happen for this gun ban to become legal to enforce, is for the Senate to ratify it as an international treaty, and with Harry Reid and the Democrats in control of the Senate, that’s exactly what will happen. Very scary, and the most important reason for nobody to vote for any Democrat for Senator in the November 2012 elections, not a one. If the Democrats hold control of the Senate in 2012, the country is doomed, no matter what happens to Obama. If it weren’t so pathetically dire, it would be hysterically funny, how Obama gets blamed for all these liberal policies that are destroying the country, while all the things the other Democrats have done since the 2006 elections, when thy first took control of both houses of Congress and 11 months later turned a booming economy of Bush’s into a recession, in order to blame it on Bush’s Republican policies, and get their man elected as President, are ignored by the general public. Obama could get nothing passed or instituted, without the other Democrats’ acceptance and support.

        • Dan az

          Randy 131
          What makes you think that he needs congressional approval for any thing? That’s why they have closed doors.The list is to long to post of all the things he has put though with out them.Even back when Wilson was in charge they past an the sixteenth amendment with out senate ratification and is still on the books today. It dosent matter who is in anymore they are just there to be a wiping post for us and to provide the smoke and mirrors to distract us from the real purpose of who is behind the curtain.The UN and world court controls every thing around the world and we are there force with which they use to control the masses.Take libya for example they told him to bomb and he did it with out a declaration of war and the approval of congress.That is treason by all standards of the name but what has been done about it?Nada and nothing will be.

        • TIME

          Oh Randy,

          Do you really think that the Senate will vote this down?
          Really do you?

          Look in the last 20 years the US has been dupped into total and complete stupidity. Of all the persons in the Senate and congress 75% of them are the same ones that were there 20 years ago.

          So if one takes into account that these are the same people who voted for the Patriot Act, The No Child Left behind, The North American Union, Nafta, HCR, let alone countless other laws that all take small bites out of the Bill of Rights.
          Saddly the last straw is to circumvent the First Amendment, and the 2nd. Then its game over, as both are within the grasp of the Progressives and both will pass no matter who controlls the congress
          its all but over.

          Saddly we don’t have any TIME left. By December 2012 it will all be over and the only thing left will be the Grave marker of what used to be the USA that will state the following;

          RIP, The United States of America
          The worlds last best hope was sold off
          by the citizens for Hope & Change. They
          failed to ask what Changes they were
          going to get.
          1776 – 2012 They had a good run Thus it
          proves that Man can not govern himself
          in a mannor that allows FREEDOM and
          Personal Liberty.

          Score for Freedom – 0, Con artist WIN.

          • JUKEBOX

            My guns have been in my possession for over fifty years, and in the immortal words of Charlton Heston, “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS”.

        • Dan az

          This is just one thing he did with a presidential order.

          I would like to give all the things he has done but my computer is running slow today and I have things to do.

        • http://MSN CHARLEY60

          I first read about this years ago. If I remember right it was the NRA telling about it then. Seems to be a story that won’t go away or should I say idea? I’ve had to notice that all sides in the ME have a very good supply of AK’s. Wonder if they have all came from the same source? Our country is in lot’s of trouble. I’ve never in my 60 thought about what I’d do if we were told, by the government for some reason, our rights had been put on hold, and the Army was in control, by the president using emergency powers. It seems somewhat now that is a goal being advanced towards. Scary

      • Willie Evershave

        This is just another reason, one of many, why the UN should be dissolved, and Hillary Clinton removed from office. The UN was entered into many years ago, has become extremely corrupt, has little beneficial effect, the USA financial support for it is greatly unbalanced and cost vs. benefits to the USA is way, way too high, its multiculturalism and diverse makeup is very detrimental to any reasonable decisions, it exhibits little common sense, and it has not kept up with the times so it is now obsolete. The World either needs to get rid of it or the USA needs to get out of it. In my Sovereign country, the USA, I intend to follow my US Constitution, not some crap the UN puts out. Stand up Patriots!

    • Paul Gordon


    • DENNIS


      • Barbara

        Unfortunately to many people want their freebies before they want national security. Which why the current occupant is in the white house.
        Until people realize that it is a package deal they will continue to me first instead of the country.
        What worries is when the blue helmets start policing the US. They will shoot us.

        • M.M.

          Hopefully they will be French. I say let’s bring it on, we could start with a Koran burning to get the pig roast started.

        • JUKEBOX

          Security is like charity, it begins at home.

        • Kane

          Blue helmets make great targets! Even an old man like me can hit em at 500 yds!
          Come git some!

    • TK

      Roger that!

    • Gerry A.

      Cawmun Cents,
      If ever truer words were spoken by a true patriot. I will stand with you and fight to my dieing breath if the U.N. ever tries to take away my right of bearing arms. I believe I speak for many. To Hell with the U.N. and Hillary Clinton.

      • Johnny Glock

        Gerry; I hear you and many others “Talk the Talk, but when the sh-t hits the fan will you all WALK THE WALK ?

        Most people today have turned into SHEEPAL.
        It is becoming harder and harder to find a true SHEEPDOG.
        Do your part by calling out the SHEEPAL and embarase them to the point that they begin to realize what they have become.

      • http://MSN CHARLEY60

        I admire the bravery of you all. But it won’t make a difference. First shut down all communication. Allready possible. Send force to block the work places where you have no arms. Large armed force goes house to house with alist of firearms in it. Known because it was put in a database from those yellow sheets from buying them. Just let out this last week they can now use a scanner, like at the airports, to check a house for weapons. Guns seized. on to next town who you will have no way to warn. Hitler did it in Germany when he banned all the guns of citizens. Then the bravery left and survival kicked in. They willfully became his puppets.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Let me throw an important word to you.Attrition.he fighting that will obviously take place will mean that the large force,will eventually become smaller and smaller.You wont be able to snatch up peoples weapons with impunity.As for communication well,once folks see the large force moving in they will be able to tell that it isnt there for kicks and giggles.In Germany there were no where near as many firearms as there are here inAmerica.The need to pay such an army for risking their necks will arise.How much an hour would you require to get shot at?Not all the military(bless their hearts)are going to agree with the ban on weapons.So now you will likely have to import troops because Constitutionally there will be a state of war between the Fedral government and the citizens.People will choose sides and then it will be on.Once they have UN troops in my nation acting as police,my acute ability to become a guerilla fighter kicks into high gear.There are the medical ramifications….Obama care to hired mercenaries?I am thinking that to risk their lives tghey will need at least as good of healthcare as a US Senator.How will you pay the families for the dead people that come form house to house fighting?There are many things you obviously havent taken into consideration.Therefore you represent the stupid people on the left,who come at me with scare tactics which I refute in the name of the Constitution of the United States of America.-CC.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Unfortunately I can see the same word being used against me in the future.Attrition.If you have grandkids,each them about the value of the second amendment.Chances are your children have not or will not.Take the little tykes to the range with you.Kids get a kick out of learning proper techniques of gun handling and stewardship.They will learn fast and follow the rules if they are taught by someone they respect.Usually these days that will not be mom or dad.But in the case where it is….teach your children well,said the Hippie wiseman.-CC.

          • M.M.

            I sadly agree. Seems the offspring of the greatest generation became, in large numbers, a bunch of self centered parasites who gleefully march to the drum of liberal ideals and teaching their kids to defend themselves let alone putting them in a room with an evil thing like a handgun is a sacrilage in their new religion of liberalism. Someone needs to teach these kids as Cawmun said, their hippie wannabe liberal gutless parasitic big government parents wont.

    • Johnny Glock

      I hope all the American veterans have heard that—remember; Strength in numbers ? Let’s show them that it’s is our country and we are not going to let some dumba–ed turd world organization, made up of countries who hate the US over ride our United States Constitution.
      I for one took an oath (Remember) and I will defend our great country to the end. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • DanB

      I don’t own a gun. Yet I read this stuff and I see history repeating. We are on the path to tyranny. All for the “greater good” of society. So of course the Senate will sign away our freedoms–it makes me sick!!! Unfortunately, we will have to live through tyranny similar to the rest of the world because like ancient Israel, we want what everyone else has. Back then, it was a king that they wanted. Sure, some of the stories make it sound great, but we think of David and Solomon ignoring all that went wrong under the rule of kings. In the end, Israel paid a heavy price for what they wanted. Now the rest of the world has tyrants all around us, they call it freedom and now we as a nation are in a rush to become like all the rest of the world. Some stories in history seem to be destined for repetition because we never learn…. So how does this relate to the gun treaty? When you are setting up the people for dictatorship, history tells us that time and again one of the steps to follow is to disarm the people–take away their ability to defend themselves or create citizen armies to oppose the dictator.

      • JUKEBOX

        Dan, you better go buy a gun for every member of your family, train them to use them, and buy plenty of ammunition, for an empty gun is only good to hit someone with.

      • Willie Evershave

        Well, DanB, might I suggest that you get a gun, or maybe more than one, while you still can, and become proficient with it, or them. If you can’t hit your target first, your target will have a chance to hit you! Maybe you will get a second chance, if he misses you, but don’t count on it! Get plenty of ammo, and keep your weapon loaded, as an unloaded weapon is no better or worse than a simple hammer, which is basically worthless in a gunfight. Train your family as well. Keep your powder dry, you may damned well need it before this is over! Give your US Constitution a good reading, and work to actually understand it as our forefathers intended it. The socialist lawyers have bastardized it severely over the past century, but the first twelve amendments are still pretty good. If you don’t know your rights, you won’t realize what they are taking away from you! If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything! I prefer to stand and fight as opposed to kneel before a king and grovel. And yes, I do have weapons at the ready at all times, and at my age, I have little to lose except my freedom, and I will damned well fight for that. I don’t wish to die, however I have no fear of it, but I am disappointed that my sons and grandchildren will have to face the mess that my generation has allowed to develop! I wish you well.

    • Sam Adams

      Damn right, Give Me Freedom or give Me Death!

  • Sickofthe BS

    The danger is not to the second amendment but to those that would try to change it and those silly enough to be allowed to be sent as pawns to enforce their treaty (gun ban) on US citizens.

    • M.M.

      Bring it on. Since Janet from another planet proclaimed Vets and those of us who ‘cling to our god and guns’ are terrorists, we could probably get funding from the IMF and we could probably tie up the UN in an endless loop of inaction (not too hard) since they don’t want to take action against the real threats we as freedom loving people will face. A nation of people who hopefully will back up their words with action. As for myself, I’m a survivor AND an American who is finding it hard to recognize this as the country I grew up in. I’m willing to do my part whatever that entails. I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

      WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. A determined armed populace defending their home is the clintonistas greatest fear. It’s what kept the Japanese from planning any invasion here as Yamamoto himself said (and I’m paraphrasing) “The problem with an invasion of America is there will be a gun behind every blade of grass”.

      Be prepared to exercise your 2nd amendmant rights at any cost lest you condemn yourselves and those you love to slavery and occupation by a foriegn force determined to destroy your morals, your religion, and your way of life. Also keep in mind that 2 wars have been fought here, the revolution and the civil war and we are now a republic which has it’s own culture based on a self governing populace and a supposed freedom from religious persecution (which is now in doubt unless you are a sharia muslim). Europe, asia, the near and far east, and all that which comprises the former ussr have been in a constant state of war since recorded history began. How can a nation such as ours be so willing to be subverted to either a socialist / communist / fascist state or worse, a group of inbred monarchists. WAKE UP AMERICA – BE WILLING TO DEFEND THAT WHICH IS OURS!

      • Johnny Glock

        WOW! Well said. You sound like a Vet. I’m with you brother, all the way. If we sit back and let the enemy, DOMESTIC OR OTHERWISE, just move in and take over all is lost. At that point, you can just put yourselves in the place of all the Jews who you see in the camps in Nazi Germany. Yea, on their way to the ovens. Can’t happen here you say ?
        Bullsh–. When it does and it’s tooooo late what than ? Why wait ?
        If you people are too chickensh-t to stand up for your rights and your Country than you deserve what you get. But for me:
        GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH. Go ahead and laugh, while you can.

        • M.M.

          Yes, I served in the Navy. Unfortunately with the exception of a .45 or a shotgun while standing watch I didn’t receive much in the way of training in small arms and tactics. That however is being rectified at my own expense for the protection of my home and family and so that I can fulfil my oath to this nation. I’ve spent substantial time training both at the range, enjoying 3 gun matches, and training with a company founded by SOG operators with recent actions in recent conflicts. I practice regularly with weapons ranging from thrown bladed weapons, handguns and long guns. Personally I stand ready, I hope those around me open their eyes and get with the program. Open a book, if you can still find them and read our history. Read some military history as well. LOOK AROUND YOU, LISTEN. It is our duty as Americans just as it was our parents and their parents.

          • JC

            Something else you might want to consider is a compound bow.

  • Whembleysnight out

    This is a no brainer. We have a government which wishes to be politically correct with dictatorships of other countries. The Republic states of this country will and should not stand for this direct mutilation of any of the rights that our forefathers fought for and our military has dies to protect. This is not a party issue, it is a peoples right issue. If a part of our government is giving away our rights, we need to get them out ASAP. Once you take away any rights of a free society you have a slave society. The 2nd protects the 1st and both of them protect the rest. Any questions?

    • Phil Andrews

      Great writing! You hit it right on the nose. The First AND the Second Amendment are intrinsically tied together-you cannot have one without the other. Good writing!

  • Whembleysnight out

    I really wonder just how many millions SS Clinton has taken from other countries to force this upon her own people that she represents. Last I saw was $30 million.

  • Patrick J. Deromedi

    This is about to be a stand, but the people who make the law won’t come forth. They will somebody else to do their dirty work for them as usual. You won’t see obana or clinton come personally. This my friends is a continuation of obama’s SOCIALISM plan (just like hitler in Germany) So be ready to stand for our country. God bless America

    • Eduk8-yourselves

      Obama IS following what seems to be a Socialist agenda, proposing and passing, when he can, what seem to be Socialist policies and measures, but you compare him to Hitler, who was a fascist. The two types of government, while both are wrong-headed and deny freedom to the subjects ruled thereby, are distinctly and diametrically opposite, one from the other. Fascism is a form of ultra-Conservative government, while Socialism is a type of radical Liberal policy. We need to know these things when we post comments and attempt to voice our opinions. Otherwise we contribute to the Democrat’s attempts to smear us with their slurs about our intelligence and cultural savvy. Please take the time to educate yourselves on the things you desire to speak publicly about. I commend you all on your righteous indignation over this and a lot of other issues we have been faced with since Obama was elected President, but I believe there is a fundamental lack of understanding on certain key points at this stage in the process.
      First of all, let me reiterate, Obama was ELECTED to be our President. That means he was legally put into office by the consent of the majority of those who voted, which is as constitutional as it can be. Removing him and those appointed by him will be as easy or as difficult as making sure the majority of those who vote in the Presidential election of 2012 are voting him out. If he has broken a law, which many people assert that he has broken many laws, it should be possible and on the high priority list to IMPEACH him, but so far I have not seen any serious effort to do this. I think that for the result of removing him and his comrades from office, we are going to have to focus on the election of 2012.
      Having said that, it behooves us to gather as much popular support at the grass roots level as we possibly can. That would be best done by us, all of us, not just the leaders we wish to replace him with, showing integrity and upstanding character in all walks of our lives. We need to swing some of those young people, some of those who belong to minorities, some of those who have family members that are illegal immigrants, some of those who are environmentally conscious, some of those who just have big hearts and mistakenly think the best way to help people is to increase the government dole, we need to swing as many people from these and other groups that are normally considered a given at the DNC to seeing the danger Obama has put and will continue to put our country into. That method of political campaigning is best done by us educating ourselves and not ranting like a bunch of barefoot hillbillies with our turkey guns at the ready to take on militarized international police forces. Posts like, “I’m gonna grab my polecat gun and kill me some FEDS!”, will not help to convince people who normally go along with the Democrat picks for office that conservatives are more deserving of their confidence. Think about it.
      If any kind of widespread violence begins to happen, it would be easy enough for Obama to get the congressional support he would need to declare a state of martial law. If he successfully does this he can stave off the coming election and his inevitable replacement, meaning he would be able to stay in office. I personally believe he is doing everything within his power to provoke an uprising, enabling him to do just that.
      So please people, let’s educate ourselves, behave sensibly, argue passionately, but intelligently, our points and get the popular support we need at the grass roots level to make a REAL CHANGE in 2012!

      • M.M.

        Hiler was elected. He chose to ignore any law that got in his way. He disarmed and imprisoned his political and personal enemies. He used the SA and later the SS to brutalize anyone who tried to voice their opinion. He didn’t nationalize industries and businesses but told them what to build and what businesses to boycott (jewish). He was a fascist.

        Obama was elected. He choses to ignore any law that gets in his way. He threatens anyone he may perceive as a political or personal enemy. He uses the SEIU and other union thugs to brutalize those who openly voice their opinion. He didn’t nationalize GM, Chrysler, GE, but tells them what to build and who to hire / fire at the top level (GM ceo etc.). He is forcing boycott of businesses that do not align themselves with his agenda by making it impossible for them to compete. He uses the NLRB to attack businesses looking to locate in the south where they can cut costs and not be screwed over by unions (obama base supporters). He has crippled the domestic energy with illegal moratoriums. He is pushing ALL of us to join his bastardized healthcare under duress and threat of the thousands of IRS goons he has hired. The voter fraud that was perpetrated against this countrys free election system using his friends like acorn and money from outside entities like G. Soros has never been looked into as Holder will prevent any prosecution anyway (and this is proven fact look at what happend in PA and what holder did to squash prosecution).

        Obama is a Fascist in the same mold as Adolf Hitler, except he bows to foriegn nationals and desires to drain and cripple this country to a point that we will never again be the exceptional nation we once were. He has been taught this all his life.

        When they came for me, there was no one left to say anything…

        Are we at a point to begin shooting everyone – no.
        Do we need to educate our neighbors to what is happening -yes.
        Should we do this in a lawful manner with our vote – YES.

        On the other hand:

        Should we demand integrity and honesty in our elected officials – yes.
        should we be ready to defend our way of life – yes.
        Should we resist any call of martial law – yes.
        Should we demand prosecution of any election tampering – yes.
        Should we stand ready to repel any threat to our way of life, foreign AND DOMESTIC – YES.

        Speak softly, BUT CARRY A BIG STICK!

        • Eduk8-yourselves

          Well stated M.M.,
          I agree with just about everything you have said. Whether Obama is a fascist or a socialist was not my focus. The simple fact that people posting comments here seem to be so clueless as to how things will probably happen, if and when they do happen, is what I was addressing. We seem to have a lot of people thinking they are going to make some sort of a statement by holing up in their houses with barricades and automatic weapons against tactical assault teams that train every day to put that sort of thing down. What’s more, they would be demonized in the media for having made that kind of a stand. Strategy and tactics need to be studied; unity needs to be a key factor. Organization, education and readiness need to be paramount. We’re talking about the equivalent of carrying a knife to a gunfight.
          The very real possibility of armed resistance to the federal government is rearing its head here, and the thing that scares me is that they are equipped to deal with it, they appear to be attempting the provocation of it, and few people who are WILLING to resist them in a serious way seem to be aware that they are being baited into it. The “big stick” isn’t going to stop a double tap to the head.
          We need do everything possible to resist in a legal, peaceful way while doing our best to carry OURSELVES with integrity and honesty instead of simply “demand[ing] it in our elected officials.”
          Make no mistake about it. This is a battle for hearts and minds…and the score is in their favor at this time.

          • M.M.

            Personally I don’t want it to come to armed insurrection.


            If it does start, true there will be a lot of dead civillians. But keep in mind, there will be an escalation of hostility that will not require an armed conflict with a standing army in piece set battles. It will be a guerilla conflict. And how long will it take before all the swat teams and national guardsmen etc realize they are carrying out illegal orders which would end up in Nuremburg style trials. How long before families of those who would be king are themselves targets. I don’t advocate violence – I am only stating what has happened over and over throughout history. This is what spawned our break with Britain, it spawned the killing of Czar Nicholas and his family. And lest we forget the shot heard ’round the world…

            Waco gave us the OKC bombing. The logical conclusion is at some time we will reach a tipping point where once it has begun people will choose – compliance and servitude or liberty.

            Thomas Jefferson once said that the tree of liberty has to be nourished with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time.

            And to those who think the constitution is old, outdated and no longer relevant in our current age – I submit to YOU that nothing has changed in the hearts of men, no great utopian enlightenment or evolution of our species has taken place since the time of it’s inception. There will always be those who seek power and to subjugate his neighbor. Those who covet that which is his neighbors and will take it, by force if necessary. And there are those who would force their ideology on others – the present administration is the best example one can give.

            Again, be prepared. The worst that can happen is you wont need to take action. It’s better than needing to take action and not being able to.

          • 45caliber


            One reason I hope for a peaceful solution is this: Who has their fingers on the nuclear button? And do you believe for one moment that they wouldn’t use it if they feared even the slightest chance of danger to them?

            I personally can’t decide if they will come to arrest all us conservatives before or after they hit the world with arial nukes to stop all communications and transportation. If you can’t get the word of what is going on out and can’t contact others to organize and can’t move freely except on foot if you do, what can be done? You can bet that they have all their own sites hardened. Washington basically is. So they will have the communications and the vehicles to move while they depend upon the majority of us to starve due to lack of food transportation.

          • M.M.

            The thing is, you aren’t going to find many conservatives in any major population center, city etc. You are going to find Obama supporters for the most part. You have the east coast, the left coast, and everything in between. The everything in between will be where the food comes from. While I’m sure there are a lot of libs who don’t realize this or refuse to believe any of the people who produce the food are of any concern that is the reality. I also don’t care if they nuke a few cities here- NY,DC,Chicago,san fran,lost angeles, etc. It would be their undoing.

            They would have to radiate so much of this country as to make North America uninhabitable for the next 10 generations. So unless they plan on vacationing in switzerland for the next few hundred years I don’t think it would come to the button being pushed. I quote General Buck Turgidson, “we cant afford a mine shaft gap…”

            I’m more concerned about the fluoridation of our water and the purity of our bodily fluids… Gen. Ripper, Burpleson AFB.

            Most likely scenario would be starting with false arrest and or convictions of those who are currently legal owners of firearms and the confiscation of those arms. Then the outright seizing of firearms from those remaining. I’m sure even here in the Carolinas that there are plenty of neighbors who would be happy to point the finger as to who may slip through the dragnet on weapons with the hopes of being rewarded in some way, or just have an axe to grind.

            Facing our current reality head on and taking measures to resist the erosion of our rights, our culture and our way of life is paramount.

            Sponsor and or get involved with organizations that support our culture – the Boy Scouts, the NRA, almost ANY VETERANS ASSISTANCE ORGANIZATION which is non government and directly supports our returning troops when needed.

            Join a marksmanship program like the CMP. Learn at least basic survival skills, and learn how to navigate with a compass and a map. Forget your GPS, it will probably be useless when the satellites are shut down or destroyed. Throw away your cell phones if you have to hit the trail, and don’t take a vehicle that has any capability to “email you about your maintenance schedule” as it is the easiest way to locate you. These are all simple basic ideas.

            People used to build bomb shelters to protect themselves and family, the things I’ve outlined are a lot simple and cheaper.

            What appears may be coming is the intentional collapse of our economic system with the inclusion of food and fuel shortages. The civil unrest, fear and inability for many to cope with these crisis’ will force many into the arms of our omnipotent, beneficent government who will provide for all our needs and wants. Those who object will be seen as the public enemy. With time, and with the exception of the predators who will take advantage of the situation the weak willed masses will become more docile and grateful for the scraps they are provided and our undoing will be complete.

            BE PREPARED
            STAND READY

          • M.M.

            Oh, please forgive the Dr. Strangelove references – I put them in there for the sake of levity.

          • 45caliber

            The present day nukes have little radiation. In the 60s, the Civil Defense stated that in the event of a nuclear attack, you were to go underground and remain there for a minimum of 30 days to let the air clear. Now they say remain in your house for 3 days and it will be gone. Further, for military, they plan to wait 1 day and then go through.

            The real threat right now is not radiation – it is electrical magnetic partical waves (EMP waves). These excite the weak electronic parts of any type of electronics and burn it out – even if it is shut down or not even connected to something. Transistors and diodes are meant for milliamp service. Consider what you depend upon. ALL electrical systems are governed by electronics. So are your cars. A nuke blast would burn out all electronics for up to a hundred miles away. (Some say three hundred miles or more) That would bring ALL transportation to a halt which would stop all food transportation. It would mean starvation for millions of people. And there would be no way to flee an area except by walking. Guns would, of course, still work.

            The one world groups believe that this would result in enough deaths taht they could emerge from their shelters (which would be protected from EMP waves) and conquere the rest of the world. In fact, they expect most of the survivors to meet them with open arms even though they would basically be enslaving them.

            That is the main fear we should all worry about. And I suspect that many in Washington would be more than willing to do such a thing to, say, Houston or New York City as an example to the rest of the country to obey – or else.

      • Johnny Glock

        Boy, you sure can talk & talk about education. What about the “Dumbing of America” ? Don’t tell me you don’t know about it. If I do, you do.
        And yes, you are right about this “SO-CALLED-PRESIDENT”, (he may be yours, but he is not mine)wanting to strive toward civil violance to declare Martial Law. But do you really think for a moment that he expects “Barefoot Hillbillies with turkey guns” to cause a disturbance?
        You push education—I think it is time you get educated. He already has in place the Muslims in this country (and there’s a lot) to blow up any thing to cause panic in America. Remember—”for Alaha” they will gladly walk into your daughters grammar school and blow themselves up along with all the kids (infadels) they can to make his point for Martial Law. So I can’t spell, but you get the picture.
        NOW: Educate yourself Read about “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” Yea, it’s alive and well. And living right here in our country. Remember Bush Senior? NObama and Geo. Sorryass are pushing this down your throats.
        I know, you are just toooo smart to fall for that. BULL. People like you won’t wake up until you are in a FEMA camp looking out.
        Go ahead call me a nut. It’s plain to see that you have never been in the “real military”. You need to stop Talking the Talk and start

        • M.M.

          For me, the scariest part is the way the socialists have managed to get so far ahead in their agenda. The ‘education’ of our young has been no more than an indoctrination that has occured just under parents unconcerned blind eyes. The damage that has been done subverting the morals and ideals which gave rise to this nation is substantial and widespread.

          I only hope that the damage is not irreversible and somewhere in these individuals a flicker of what is right and duty and honor may still have a place to take root and grow. I shudder to think we’ve become a nation of frenchmen.

          STAND READY.

        • M.M.

          Observe your right to bear arms and do so. If you live in a must issue state, CARRY. Join a club in your area which supports and promotes any and all types of competitive shooting and get involved. Look up a couple 3 gun matches and try them out, it’s fun and good experience. If there are outfits in your area which provide defensive and tactical training, seek them out and go take some training. It may save your life and those you love in the event of a home invasion, and it may also help you resist any illegal occupation.

          GET INVOLVED.
          STAND READY.

        • Eduk8-yourselves

          I misspell things too. I use “spell check” in Microsoft Word usually, in order to prevent the worst of it, but trust me, I don’t judge you or anyone else based on their ability to type or spell. Not on the issues at hand, anyway. I’m not selecting a tutor for my kid, am I?
          The “barefoot hillbillies” remark may have been hyperbolic, but it got people’s attention, I bet. I mean what I say. If we try to hole ourselves up with a weapons stockpile and some survival gear in our homes or some sort of compounds, we will lose. We have to educate ourselves on strategy, tactics, guerrilla warfare, anything and everything that may be useful in that type of a conflict. But while we do that, let us also educate ourselves in politics, debate, statesmanship, finance, and everything else we can think of that will be useful in resisting the powers that are already deeply entrenched in their attempt to subvert our natural process of government.
          Yes, I speak of education, but not in our schools. I speak of people educating themselves and those around them as to what our Constitution does and does not allow, and as to what is really going on in the government, locally and nationally. I think they should do so in their neighborhoods, community centers, Lion’s Clubs, or whatever…Ask people what they think and be ready to intelligently debate with facts. More importantly, convince people with our actions, as much as with our words, if not more so, that there is really something coming that they SHOULD be prepared for.
          Most people don’t even read websites like this one or the others mentioned here today. They don’t know how sick our country is. They don’t see what’s around the corner. I’m in agreement with M.M. He says he hopes it doesn’t come to armed insurrection. I hope it’s not too late for a more peaceful solution.

      • JUKEBOX

        You evidently were not taught history. Hitler was elected by a majority of the people, after promising the German people the moon, promoting National Socialism, and then becoming a dictator. The dictator part is the only similarity between the two that has not come to full fruition, yet!

  • GRusling

    Simple fact. The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution gives our “FEDERAL” government no authority to even INFRINGE our right to keep and bear arms. Thus any “law” made by Congress is an ILLEGAL law, and since “Congress” is forbidden to make such law, EVERYONE in the federal government is thereby enjoined from doing so, which makes any such “TREATY” equally illegal since the Federal Government is granted NO AUTHORITY to make such a treaty. If government can’t make such a law, it CERTAINLY has no authority to “DELEGATE” the authority to some third party!

    Demand that our “STATES” enforce the constitution (they’re the ones who created it) or do away with it entirely, thereby eliminating the federal government which appears to be determined to ignore it…

  • tom sherman

    I will use my gun to defend my 2nd amendment rights, & the U.N. is not the only one I will use it against!!!

    • Tom S

      AMEN, it’s time to stop the tyrrany. The government is broken and we the people need to take it back and fix it.

    • http://none EMU135

      All of these people, that are attempting to perpitrate this on the American People should be advised, that if or when they succeed, and some kind of enforcement is attempted, THEY will become the ENEMY and THEY WILL BE the first to be targeted as such, and dealt with accordingly. If they want to declare war on the American People, these elitist a$$holes need to be the first to go, in that war! There are plenty of us “potential domestic terrorist”, combat veterans out here that just won’t allow this to happen. I guess that’s why they consider us “potential terrorists. We, will no doubt be their first targets, so turn about, seems to be fair play!

      • Johnny Glock

        Well done–well said. I couldn’t agree with you more. I see the Homeland Security, which is another joke, calling us Vet potential Terrorists. Why, maybe because we took an Oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. And we are trained for combat. We are not your average SHEEPAL, and that is what worries them. We will be a “Force to Reckon with”.
        They took the same oath, but it did not mean a thing to them.
        Hang in there, the Vets are many. Just wake them up.

        • 45caliber


          One thing I have noticed since Oblama took over. The libs were pushing hard to “bring our soldiers home.” But instead, they have sent many more overseas and have started the problem in Libyia and now are considering Qatar. If the soldiers are overseas, they would have a hard time stopping any action here in the US, wouldn’t they? And I expect that most would do just that if they could.

          One unit is due back from Afghanistan right now. A woman in our church has a son in it. They have been waiting at the airport in Afghanistan now for over a week to get a plane there to bring them home. So far nothing has shown up. Odd, isn’t it?

    • Kaafir

      You telling us that if US Marshals come to your door and want your guns you are going to get in a firefight with them? I don’t think so. The only way to fight this is to stop them before they join the UN in passing this. Just as with other blogs you have people saying they will do this or do that but when push comes to shove they run. Unless you get enough people involved one person will not survive. Haven’t you learned anything from the muslims? They all stick together whether right or wrong..Peace to all non-muslims.

      • Eduk8-yourselves

        Agreed Kaafir,
        See my post in reply to Patrick J. Deromed, above this one…

        • pinkgin

          I understand the feelings,,but think back a very few years to WACO..I think from memory the guy was called David Karesh, but I may be wrong,,anyway, he had a group of people who had opted out of the system and were ( according to the Government) stockpiling weaponry.
          What happened was a complete disaster, not only did the Feds call around to take the weapons, they burned the place down with everyone inside…so don’t think for one moment that you can “Buck the system”..

          • M.M.

            The people in WACO were peacefully resisting. They did not initialize a firefight, I’ve seen the raw footage of the initial storming of the compound and the idiots that went in actually misidentified a second team entering the building from the opposite side as hostile. One guy shot himself in the leg going up a ladder. The team outside on the roof was exchanging gunfire with the team that entered only moments before. They pulled out and surrounded the compound laying a seige hoping to starve out the Davidians but grew impatient and in an abortive attempt to force them out set fire to the compound. The initial charges against the Davidians was based on a report from a confidential informant who accused one of the Davidians of agreeing to sell him a sawed off shotgun. Stockpiling weapons as long as they are legal is not illegal.

            Oh, and don’t forget Ruby Ridge: visit this link.


            It’s not about bucking the system. It’s about stopping the erosion of our rights and the brainwashing / indoctrination of our young same way the Hitler Youth produced child fanatics who deemed Adolph god on earth and gave up their lives in his stead.

            It is disillusioning to find this country heading down such a dark road. At the end of the second world war we were the dominant world power with the only major free economy – we’ve flushed it all in only 5 decades.

            WAKE UP AMERICA!

          • Eduk8-yourselves

            M.M. is right. When the system has been turned against those who formed it or those whom it is supposed to serve or peotect, it needs to and must be “bucked”. The problem is that we are not equipped or prepared to resist in an armed manner. Owning a bunch of guns doesn’t mean you are safe. One man can only use two guns at best. Does the guy have a bunch of neighbors who are also trained to use those weapons? Are they willing to give their lives in an armed confrontation? Will they be stalwart enough to stay the course when the bullets are flying? Probably not.
            That’s why I’m suggesting education on a neighborhood level, befriending the guy three doors down whom we’ve never really even gotten to know, talking about politics and current events instead of avoiding the subject because it’s considered rude to discuss it. Do what’s necessary in organizing community groups that are willing to do all that is necessary to resist tyranny, but at the same time explain to everyone what your reasons for doing it are. Covert resistance is going to be treated as domestic terrorism. Violent rhetoric is going to be mocked by the very powerful, and unfortunately liberal slanted, media. The American Revolution, to which many people seem to be referring as their guideline for resistance, was organized by noraml people, like you and I, who were resisting a very small domestic force that was quickly reinforced by a very strong invasion force. A “revolution” in this day and age would be almost necessarily doomed from the start by it’s sheer one-sidedness. We have to be smarter than that. We have to do everything we can to win the intellectual and spiritual battles before bullets start flying.
            By the way, M.M. I won’t swear to it, and I’m no more a conspiracy theorist than the next guy, but I have seen and heard videos and documentaries proclaiming the Waco and Ruby Ridge incidents to be instances where the Feds saw a situation where they could test their “plans for dealing with insurrection” and so they did just that.
            These claimants stated that the Feds controlled media access to the areas and reports to the public on the situation. They also held that the total erasure of the supposed “insurrectionists” in both cases was part of the Feds’ procedural outline, as was the painting them up as domestic terrorists and extremists, criminals, through control of what information the media was given to report.
            As I said before, I’m no more a conspiracy theorist than the next guy, but I’ve always thought that what we were told about both the Ruby Ridge conflict and the Waco Texas conflict seemed to be a little fishy.
            Remeber that “United We Stand!”

          • 45caliber


            The number of neighbors who might aid you in any uprising depends upon where you are. Inner city? I seriously doubt if you’d get any help. New England? California? Again, I doubt it. Texas? Damn right you would get help! And so would you in many places in the South, Mid-West, and West.

            A speaker when I was in college stated that he expected a civil war within twenty years (this was close to 40 years ago now). He expected it to be the NE, some of the South, and California against the rest of the US. And he may be right yet.

          • 45caliber


            I live in Texas and kept close attention no Waco.

            Further, one of the ATF people going in lived here in Angleton.

            The guy who shot himself in the leg was the one who started the shooting. He shot, yelled, “I’m hit!” and the shooting started. According to the man here EVERY PERSON SHOT on both sides was shot by the ATF. He said he didn’t believe the Davidians fired a single shot at all. When they pulled back, the one in charge called Washington. He didn’t know who. When the man received orders from there, the orders were to surround the site and shoot to kill every person they saw. When he and several others objected since there were children and elderly people there, the leader told them the orders were to “kill them all”. He and 12-15 others (I forgot how many now) quit then. They were required to leave all their government gear there and left to walk out since they weren’t even allowed a ride or a call to get a ride. They had to walk 7 miles to get to someone who would allow them to use a phone to call for a ride. Two of the ones killed were Secret Service men on loan to the ATF for the raid – and they were two of 27 of the SS men who died shortly after guarding Clinton on his campaign for President. (The highest death rate among the SS EVER!)

            Further, a friend worked in a local hospital where they took many of the bodies after the fire. Every one had been shot squarely between the eyes – something very difficult to do if you commit suicide as the government explained they had done. Further, to commit suicide, they had been taught to shoot themselves under the chin – a much easier way to do it. All had been lined up and were sitting down when they died. Four hospitals got the bodies. The hospitals talked to each other. She and others believed that ALL had been killed the night before the fire. She said all believed the government had gotten in during the night, shot everyone, and then used the fire to try to cover it up.

          • 45caliber


            Further, the Texas Rangers were sent to conduct an investigation after the fire. Eight were sent. The US marshalls on sight refused to allow them admitance. The Ranger in charge told them, “you have three choices. We enter and investigate, you go to jail, or you die right here.” They investigated. Somewhere I have a list of the weaposn they found – NONE were illegal. I never heard of the sawed off shotgun with Waco but I know that was what they tried to get Randy Weaver on. Somewhere I used to have Randy’s written statement of what happened at Ruby Ridge. If you can find it, read it.

            On top of that, the morning of the fire, I was listening to the radio as I went to work. The reporter at the site stated that they didn’t know what was going on but something was since 15 ambulances and about 12 fire trucks had been moved in during the night to the marshalls’ site. When I got to work I turned on by office radio. Two hours later everything started. When the fire started, the FBI/Marshall spokesman stated that they had no idea a fire would start and therefore had no equipment available to use to attempt to put the fire out. The next day on TV they showed a new machine gun with a polished wooden stock sitting on top of the pile of ashes on the evening news. They stated that they had “found” the machine gun in the ashes after the fire so this “proved” they had automatic weapons at the site.

          • JUKEBOX

            I don’t believe that they have a couple of million marshalls to send out on a confiscation mission yet.

      • M.M.

        “They say this or that.” Don’t be surprised when you start reading about individual acts of defiance and the ensuing realization that our nation is slowly slipping away will end in two groups – patriots and COLLABORATORS.

        Can anyone say ‘Vichy’?

        • Eduk8-yourselves

          Lol…nice! Where would this collaborationist government seat be located? I don’t think there would be just one, FEMA complexes all over the country would serve the purpose quite well.
          What we need is organization and education. We need to legally fight what is looking like the takeover of our government and subversion of our Constitution and Bill of Rights until we can no longer see any positive results from doing so. In the mean time readying ourselves for the potential to provide armed resistance should it come to that.

          • 45caliber

            No, I don’t think the FEMA complexes will be used for that. I think those are intended to be the final resting places for all of us who disagree with them. You know – like the concentration camps were the final homes of so many Jews and gypsies.

          • M.M.

            Where was the Vichy government seat located? My guess for a collaborationist government here would be Washington DC.

            As far as collaborators you don’t need a government for that. Just arrogant self serving individuals who… wait we have those too, and there they are, in Washington DC! In the White House of all places. What a coincidence!

            Anyway, my point was individual collaborators – the kind maybe with an axe to grind. Kind of like the politics that got involved during the Salem witch trials where the accusers families were primarily people who were looking to grab land from their neighbors they had grudges with and the accused, conveniently were the legal owners of that same land. The trials were abruptly stopped when the wife of the Governor of the Colony was accused of witchcraft. Kind of like how Holder suddenly stops some prosecutions, and starts his own little witch hunts.

            This has all happened before. Look back and look forward.

            BE PREPARED.
            STAND READY.

      • Johnny Glock

        SAY WHAT ? Damn good thing you were not with our Forefathers. We would still be British citizens today. Your line of thinking will get you killed one day. If you don’t stand up for your rights, NO ONE else will.
        You should go back and read your American History, you may lern how this country was built. Not on complacient BS.
        If you don’t have the balls to stand up for your country—-LEAVE.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Methinks sir that you do not know about the American spirit.The one that makes people want to live free or die trying to live free.Do you wish to live in a place where the government will tell you what to do in entirety?If so then why are you living here instead of wherever you came from?If not then… would rather die than kiss the gubment ring.It is very simple.There is a necessity to kill off all those who cannot be subjugated.Can you be easily subjugated?I cannot.They will have to use some underhanded tatics somewhere and when they do all my allegiances to anything federal,or govern(mental)will lapse into a state of agression.It is my right as a human being to resist the taking of my liberties.They will likely kill me for it but the burden is upon them,not me.I do not wish to live in their world-chasing system.I wish to live as an American.So there will be those who say I cannot win,but I will not lose if I continue being an American as long as I draw breath.-CC.

  • Cawmun Cents

    My thought is that if Billary wants to support such a treatise,she ought to go live in Canada.Folks we have to get rid of these world chasers from our houses of government.A vote for Obama,is tantmount to giving the UN carte-blanche in violating our God given rights.Do the right thing and make this appeaser a one term office hoder.Lets get back on track and defend our nation properly.

    • element man

      Can any honest, knowledgeable person now doubt that Hilary Clinton is a dedicated communist?

      • 45caliber

        I’m not sure I’d go so far as to say that Hillary (and all other libs) are communist but they are certainly socialist (the closest thing) and are “progressive” – whatever that is.

        And they are certainly against the government and type of country we have had for about 150 years or so despite the fact that this was what made us the primary country of the world. (And that has always puzzled me to some extent. After all, it if works so well, why would you want to change it? And it always comes back to – they want to be in total power and they don’t care about what the country might become as long as they are in total power of it.)

        • JUKEBOX

          They are called “PROGRESSIVE” because they are fundamentally changing our country to a Socialist ideology in a progressive manner day by day.

  • Ed

    I swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and “domestic”. The time is soon approaching when the defenders of the Constitution will have to arise from our deep slumber and move to arrest/try all those that are an affront to it. The UN is a corrupt organization filled with miscreants and US haters. I envision the day when we throw them out of our country……let’s see how they fair when they don’t have US taxpayers to fund their corrupt ways!

    • slapjack

      Ed, you don’t know how good it is to read your article. Semper Fi Till I Die 69-73. I remember the John Birch Societys push to expose the United Nations lying decietful ways back in the 50′s-60′s. Get the United Nations out of the United States. I’m sick of the worlds scum coming to this country and disrespecting our Great Nation. Hillary Clinton is a first class COMMIE traitor.

    • Johnny Glock

      YES ! I have been praying for that day since I joined the military 20 years ago. The UN is the biggist torn in the side of America.
      It must be removed, and soon.



  • Ed

    I swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, both foreign and “domestic”. The time is soon approaching when the defenders of the Constitution will have to arise from our deep slumber and move to arrest/try all those that are an affront to it. The UN is a corrupt organization filled with miscreants and US haters. I envision the day when we throw them out of our country……let’s see how they fare when they don’t have US taxpayers to fund their corrupt ways!

  • Mark

    Problem is – the person who comes knocking to collect your gun will be a state cop, probably someone you sit beside in church or your neighbor’s son. Are you going to start a shoot out with him? Do you think you can win when the swat team shows up? Glenn Beck has it right when he says we have to win this peacefully.

    • Phil Andrews

      Of course we have to try to win it peacefully-but if they still continue to try to take our rights, and eventually our guns away, we might have NO other choice, but to stand our ground and fight.

      • coal miner

        Leave a Reply to Phil Andrews:

        Right on!

        The Constitution of the United States guarantees to you the right to bear arms…You have the unquestioned right, under the law, to defend your life and protect the sanctity of your fireside. Failing in either, you are a coward and a craven and undeserving of the name of man.” — Eugene V. Debs

        • coal miner

          coal miner,

          VOTE FOR RON PAUL:

      • JUKEBOX

        The French Freedom Fighters went underground during WW2, and concealed their weapon caches.

    • Ed

      They should THINK about that before they come for our firearms! They too are citizens and have enough BRAINS to see what is going on. The police are also charged with Protecting and Serving the PEOPLE and the Constitution of their respective States. Depriving those PEOPLE of their Constitutional Rights is WRONG… Anyone who thinks that Hitler could have been stopped by PEACEFUL means ended up in a CAMP…. 6.5 MILION Jews found out why ARMED resistance is the only answere to ARMED agression. Unless God Himself steps in there can be NO peaceful victory. The same sorrow filled America the last time a President changed the law of the land for the good of all, they called it “the War between the States”. Brother fought brother, families were split and a Nation mourned. This time we have a President who wants to TAKE CONTROL, usurping the power that stems from the consent of the Governed. WE will NOT CONSENT! And so he plans to bring in foreign troops and once again set brother against brother. Well…. SF had a saying…. about God sorting them out. Pray that we never have to go there friend, indeed.

      • Eduk8-yourselves

        While I agree with most of what is being said in this particular reply thread, we all have to understand that as glorious as it may feel to post a comment stating the intention of giving them our guns “barrel first” when they try to take them, they won’t just send a guy to your house. They already know who most of us are. They will announce it on the News and more than half of all gun owners will be compliant. Those who really believe in the “stand and be counted” way of living will be severely outnumbered from the get-go. To compound the problem, they will also attempt at every turn, to isolate you and alienate you, to divide you with propaganda and tactical means. Ever heard of Waco, Texas? Ever heard of Ruby Ridge? The Federal government has been practicing these tactics for decades and they have recorded and revised them numerous times. They have their play book. What’s yours going to be?
        Meanwhile, we have the REST of our citizenry to think about. They are, most of them, like sheep or lemmings who will do what they are told and go where there told unless we begin to educate them. What have you done to educate your neighbors about the problems that are on the horizon? What have we done to band together and unite oursleves? Posting a comment on a news story, especially one that is catered to people who are against the current administration anyway, won’t cut it. We need to be out there making friends, helping people ourselves, providing an alternative to the government handouts that most people are looking for or relying on when they vote for the Democrats. This is no different than a missionary trying to win souls for the kingdom of God. We have to be smarter, tougher, and yet kinder and more compassionate than they are. They have to know where they stand long before they are called to decide. Otherwise, we are done for.
        United We Stand! Let’s not neglect that unity, because if we do, we WILL regret it.

        • 45caliber

          I dont’ know about “half” the gunowners. I suspect many will turn in most of their guns but will keep back some they know are not registered.

          Japan has the harshest gun control laws in the world. It is a one year manditory prison sentence for ownership of a single bullet. Yet Japan also has the second highest gun death record in the world. (Russia is first.) The reason is suicides since it is part of their culture. The owner of a hidden gun will shoot himself with it. If their culture, which does NOT emphasis gun ownership, has that many hidden guns, just think what the US would have.

          The police might want to keep one other thing in mind too. Suppose they do raid a house and take some guns. If that word gets out – and barring a police state it will – it would be dangerous for a policeman to even live in some areas. It would certainly be dangerous for a police car to cruise through some neighborhoods – and not all those neighborhoods would be the bad ones.

          • JUKEBOX

            There are neighborhoods in our country today where the police are outnumbered and outgunned. Nationwide Anarchy is the biggest fear the liberals have today. Just look at the violence on our Southern border that the Federal will not take steps to support local law enforcement.

    • M.M.

      On one hand I agree with Glen, but on the other keep in mind when the communists / fascists implement a plan it’s always the ‘police’ who enforce it. As other on this website have mentioned I too took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all threats foreigh AND domestic – on more than one occasion. If there be peaceful ways it will have to start with those who are our neighbors and friends who are in our local enforcement agencies as well as our military. If they cannot distinguish between lawful orders and those otherwise they need to be disarmed and removed from the equation lest they be tempted to treat, say New Orleans as an ‘open city’ for example. Yes, do not break the law and go out crusading but we cannot allow apathy to creep in and bring forth a ‘new order’ one world government to supplant our god given rights to self govern and self determination. All men are created equal, the second amendment helps keep it so.

      • 45caliber


        One thing to keep in mind. To the liberals, the military and the police MUST obey the President regardless of the order he gives. If he tells them to walk into some town and kill everyone in it, they believe the police and troops have no choice but to obey.

        Most of the rest of the world actually train their people that way. In WWI, under a French leader, the officers would get up about ten in the morning in Paris, look outside, and decide that it was a good day to make a charge. They would phone the front lines and order it. If the front lines succeeded, the officer got a medal. If they didn’t, he ordered another charge whenever he felt the mood.

        In WWII the Americans (who had been informed by their fathers) refused to serve under a European leader. It was the biggest political battle in WWII. They settled on Eisenhower in hopes that he would screw things up so they could appoint an Englishman or a Frenchman.

        In Bosnia, the US tried to put our soldiers under foreign leaders again. (Clinton was in command) At least one soldier from a nearby town (Conroe) refused to serve under a foreign leader and was courtmartialed for it. As he stated, his oath was to support the US Constitution, not some foreign leader under the command of the UN.

        Now the US is trying to train our soldiers to obey regardless of the order again. I doubt if it will work. Particularly when 1 in 8 are from Texas.

        Right now the feds are trying to teach the soldiers that they MUST obey regardless of the law.

        • 45caliber

          For some reason, this didn’t add my last statement.

          “I don’t believe they will succeed.”

    • 45caliber


      I think you are buying into the one thing the dictators of the world want you to do. Yes, if they come to take your guns, it will probably be some state patrolman. And if you don’t obey, it will be a swat team next. BUT – your conclusion although not stated is that you must obey or die.

      The dictators want you to fear death. But I wasn’t afraid of death when I was in Nam and I’m not afraid of it now. If we are able to kill only ONE of those who shows up before we go down, they can’t afford that much attrition. There are far more of us than there are people who will obey them in this country. And many of those aren’t interested in getting killed just to make some politician more powerful.

      As Hemingway (the author) said one time, “There are many things worse than dying while fighting for freedom. And if you don’t fight, you’ll learn what every one of those things is.”

      • Johnny Glock

        Hey man, RIGHT ON. Now spread the message to all the “Sheepal” out there.

      • JC

        Liberty or Death.
        It’s the American way.
        (and not necessarily your own death ;) )

    • Johnny Glock

      Damn, again check our History. How well did the “peaceful talks go with the British ? And what was the solution ? And Why ?
      Did the British try to take our Guns (powder) so we could not fight back ? Look it’s going to happen again IF WE LET IT.
      Do you really think that your neighbors son, the Cop will willing try to “disarm his friends & relatives ? This is not the German Youth Corp.
      If you really believe that our military and police are just Gov. puppets than you might as well just shoot yourself now and get it over with. TRY THINKING AS AN AMERICAN, just once.

      • JC

        Amen That!

  • JimH

    The senate would have to ratify the treaty and elections are coming up. Something for a senator to think about.

  • rob smith

    reading the posts only reaffirms my patriotism for the republic of the united states any and all forms of weapons are the GOD given right of our constution , save our country and get rid of obama and hillary , as a viet vet i will retain my weapons and will not heistate to remove any threat againist our freedoms long live america and we must put god back into our country

    • Johnny Glock

      God Bless you brother, keep up the fight, we are with you

      If nothing else Viet Nam did teach us “Right from Wrong”

      God Bless America

  • don

    seems that the innocent lose in things like this. sometimes i think this will be a way to control the population when our country goes belly up because of our governments reckless spending. hillary and obumma would be safe with their group of eleteists. probly have un body guards. our country would allow un mercinaries to control the population. we should withdraw from the un. simply not paying membership probly put it out of existance. im sure the taxpayers are paying . this country is probly dumb enough to make most of the major funding. seems that all this ignorant country can do is bankroll the world.if our dollar goes craps us and every one of our benefactors are going to fall.un gun control would stop any chance of any rebellious behavior by the population. maybe with enough petitions all over the country we could throw the un off our back. i doubt hillary’s and alot of our congressmans benefactors would allow it. next election everyone should vote anything but republican or democrat. get rid of the 2 parties that DO THE SAME THINGS. we need obumma out in 2012.if not i’d almost bet he’get his way on guns. we need to act imediatly.

    • Johnny Glock

      Yea Don; LOCK & LOAD.

  • paintbrushbright

    Without American dollars the United Nations would be non existent. This organization has voted against American policies ninety five percent of the time and has countries that support terrorism in its ranks. Understanding why we support the U.N. can be compared to understanding stupidity. As far as Hillary Clinton supporting the arms treaty banning small arms just shows how stupid she is. She has proved to be completely useless in negotiating any agreements with Muslim countries in the mid east. It would be a cold day in hell when Muslims would take advice from a woman. Hillary is courting the appointment to head the World Bank and the smell of power and control of the world’s piggy bank is too irresistible for her to pass up. The radical Muslim movement would love to see Americans disarmed! Why bomb infidels when you can use a sword! The American people need to protest against this so called treaty which bypasses our second amendment rights.

    • Johnny Glock

      Damn, I think he’s got it.

  • jibbs

    If you have something to say, spit it out!! If you wish to talk in code, adios!

    • bruce

      All the dead from all the military actions since 1776 till now would add up to about 1 million, and about 4 to 5 million wounded. There are, I’ve read, 80 to 90 million armed americans, and that was at least 10 years ago. So I think it’s more now. Look at the unarmed Iranians, syrians, egyptians, and libyans who try to oppose their governments power and are slaughtered due to being unarmed. We must never allow ourselves to be disarmed. And paragraph 2 of the Declaration of Independence clearly states in 2 places that it is our right and our duty to throw off our government and, under the right circumstances, take it back with force of arms. In my opinion, ANY representative of our government who votes in favor of any foreign attempt to hold authority over the people of america should be removed from their position, arrested, tried, and if convicted, shot as traitors to their constitution and country. Hitler, don’t forget, registered all german firearms in 1935 and in 1938 confiscated them. Leaving the people defenseless.

  • Raggs

    Probably at least 50% of the population believes that the government gives us our rights and therefore the government can take them away, this is the fundamental issue… Most people forgot that the government is supposed to be working for us instead of us working for the government… Only a small number of people will actually take a stand against tyranny and to gather a group of people to fight against it will be damm near impossible…

    • 45caliber

      True – as long as the politicians don’t get too greedy. If they try to simply take over openly, they can expect a spontanious uprising. I think they are getting dangerously close to that now.

    • Johnny Glock

      Check your American History–What percentage of Americans fought for “Freedon” ? So, you too would have given up to the British due to their numbers. GEE—-but look what happened. We got AMERICA.

      How did that happen ? weren’t we out numbered ?

  • ladykroft


    • 45caliber

      And those blue helmets make wonderful targets … LOL.

      However, when you look at the actions of foreign UN troops in any country, the US, Canada, England, and perhaps three or four other countries are the only ones that don’t rape, rob, and kill the citizens. They are generally worse than the problems that caused them to be sent in to begin with. And if there is any violence, they stay as far from it as possible.

    • Johnny Glock

      YES, you got it.
      Johnny & Susie would not shoot at Grandma or Grandpa or uncle Billy.

      That’s exactly the reason for Nobama’s “Civilian Army”.
      Now you are getting the picture.

      • JC

        I hope they’re all wearing their little “Hopey Changey” buttons.

  • Bob Marshall

    I think the US should get out of the United Nations. Sto being the number one funder of the IMF. An organization that does more harm than good. Find a canidate would would demand the Federal Reserve be autided.Stop being the policemen of the world. Close all unneeded bases around the world. Keep open only the bases needed to defend our homeland. Cut government by 50%. Stop wasteful spending and that means billions on our industrial military complex.Hold the CIA responsible for their covert actions and most of all mind our own business.I can dream! Can’t i?

    • 45caliber

      There is a lot of waste in the military complex but most of it is due to Congressmen adding clauses that the military MUST purchase so much stuff from industry in their areas. Dirkson once had a clause in that required the military to buy 3500 semis from a company in his district. Most were bought, allowed to sit for a couple of years and then sold as scrap. And they had to buy them every year. The real problem is that the military needs to buy the materials they need and not those some Congressman wants bought from a supporter.

      But there is a lot of OTHER stuff they could cut. Foreign aid. Charity giving. Tons of pork projects like the “bridge to nowhere”. Memorials. Buying up land to simply own the land. (When was the last time the feds SOLD any of the land they own and keep buying?)

      They could also cut many of the agencies they now have. One man said that there were of twenty agencies that gave out special grants – many for the same things. There are about 15 different programs you can get money from to not grow some sort of crop – and then you can put your land in the Land Bank that pays you not to grow anything. And so on.

      Those are the things we need to end.

  • L.J.

    Folks, our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS are the ONLY thing standing in the way of a one-world government from seizing power. We have to fight to preserve that right. I didn’t think that we would ever have to fight for RIGHTS given us by God contained in the Constitution, but it appears we have come to that point. All you former AND active duty military personnel, remember the oath you took: to defend the USA from enemies BOTH foreign and domestic.” Obama is a domestic terrorist in his zeal to FORCE the US into a one-world government system under Sharia law. If I have to pick up my weapon and use it to defend our rights, I WILL! How aboutyou?

    • 45caliber

      I’m getting old and in too bad a shape to fight a war. So I figure the best thing I can do is wait until they show up at my door to take my guns. After I shoot a few and get shot – maybe! – the story will hit internet and give others who are in better shape confidence to do the same. We’ll see.

  • Steve Coy

    I am a Viet Nam Veteran and have olwned guns, rifles and shot guns for 50 years and have not shot one since V.N. but now I will buy many more weapons and one hell of a lot of Ammo and let me kill a lot of them before they get me, the new Communist Party will not ever get my weapons without a fight. I was willing to die in Viet Nam I am willing to die protecting our Constitution. Maybe just maybe we should point our guns at the Traitors in Congress, what do you think?

  • David Earl

    Being a Life member of the National Rifle Association, I am up on all this garbage being proposed by the UN and its minions.
    I suggest the readers look up “The Oathkeepers” on the internet.
    Just go to and form your own opinions.
    I am a member. I remember O’reilly had the founder of Oathkeepers on his program and talked down to him and laughed at him about the goals of the organization.
    People need to wake up and smell the coffee!

    • M.M.

      Bill O is a closet liberal and a tool of the machine. He is only concerned with his ratings. He knows he needs to pull a large lib
      viewership to keep his ratings and kowtows to them. A regular on
      ‘the view’ he is their darling at FOX. You’ll notice he no longer has
      Ann Coulter hosting on Friday, its Juan who for a short while had
      his eyes open to being an object of disaffection by the NPR and other
      PC idiots. It seems Juan has forgotten how it feels to have his chain
      jerked by the lamestream media and is reverting to the usual lib ways.
      He interrupts and tries to shout down Krauthammer, and has gotten his
      sneer back with anyone who tries to argue a case with fact. Michelle Malkin is no longer on the B.O. show since she insulted one of Bill’s lib friends. Bill loved his moment with B. Hussein Obama fawning over him, preening with glazed eyes and probably gave him a reach around.
      The only one he got hot with was Barney “Daffy Duck” Franks, and that was when his ratings were slipping. And has anyone noticed Bill O’s
      habit of calling anyone who has a differing viewpoint (unless it’s a lib viewpoint) as a pinhead or loon, shouting over them and using personal attacks – just like a true lib. Idiots like Bill O. and the rest in the ‘lamestream media’ need to be recognized as the Goebbels of our age and treated accordingly.

  • Chuck Griffiths

    I don’t disagree with most of the above.However there are a couple of things I would like to point out. First,if you were enlisted in our armed forces, the oath you took was to obey the President and your superior Officers. Only Officers took the oath to support and defend the constitution. Second, 40% of the population pay no income tax. They will support Obama. The black portion of our population seem to support him no matter what he does. Our Hispanic population appear to support him.Our Roman Catholic population, of which I am a dissenting member, seem to support him. Gays will fall in line to vote for him. The media worships him,and,the unions are solidly behind him.The Socialists, the Communists, the liberals belong to him. Distressingly, most Democrats support him. Thirdly,The opposition, namely, the Republican party, the Tea party, the Libertarian party,and the Independants are at loggerheads. If we do not solidy stand behind ONE candidate we are in more trouble than you can imagine. All the prying of guns from your cold dead hands will be service that they will be only too happy to provide.

    • sybucket

      I have to disagree with Chuck Griffiths….I was in both the National Guard and the Army as well as the Coast Guard Aux. and the oath’s I took were to “Preserve, Protect and Defend the Constitution.” I was not an officer. In addition, when I was no longer with those services, I don’t remember being told the oath no longer applied! As far as I’m concerned, it still holds.

      • 45caliber

        To me, it doesn’t matter what that oath was when I joined. I make my own oaths and they govern what I do now. And one I have made is that I will never give up my guns without a fight.

      • Chuck Griffiths

        Hi Sybucket, you are partialy correct and partialy wrong. yes you do swear to protect and defend the Constitution. But, you also swear to obey the president and your superior officers. officers just swear to protect and defend. Google up the enlisted man’s oath.

        • Cawmun Cents

          Therefore if said president asks you to do something contrary to the Constitution,you have the means to make a new president right?Either that or violate your oath and the Constitution by obeying him.Simply put,a standing president who asks you to violate the Constitution,should only be standing long enough for you to put him down.Wallah!New president.Am I advocating violence toward the current POTUS?No.Not so long as he keeps his oath,which is essentially the same as yours as a serviceperson of the United States of America.Once he violates his oath,then you are no longer bound to him by your oath.You may then support and defend the Constitution,as a free citizen of our nation.-CC.

    • M.M.

      I joined the Navy in 1982 and was sworn in at Ft. Hamilton Brookly AAFES. I distinctly remember the oath I took and it was to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America, against all threats, foriegn and domestic. I also took the same oath when I started my employment with the USPS.

      I also specifically DO NOT remember anything in the oath to OBEY anyone or swear fealty to them, that was what Hitler’s army did. There are universal military codes of rules and regulations starting with your general orders, to the UCMJ to obey the lawful orders of my superiors and to recognize the chain of command. While the President may be the commander in chief he would not be considered my superior officer and any order would have to travel down the chain of command from the joint chiefs on through to my command through to my immediate superior otherwise there would be anarchy in the ranks with everyone saying they were ordered to do such and such by so and so. The President is a civillian as are senators, congressman, etc.

      You also have a duty to object to carrying out orders of your superiors if they are illegal and under other situations as well. This goes to the idea wherein many nazi war criminals were tried, and convicted, their defense was “I was a soldier carrying out my orders”

      If your superior ordered you to set fire to a building full of noncombatant women and children, or to commit rape or other heinous acts, would you?


      • Chuck Griffiths

        Look it up- google the enlisted Man’s oath. You swear to obey the president and your superior officers

        • M.M.

          I don’t have to look it up, I know what the oath I took entailed. Maybe something has changed since then. I did notice there is a difference in the general orders…

        • M.M.

          I don’t want to sound crass, but what branch of the service were you in and when did you take the oath?

  • David Earl

    Go to:

  • Neil


    Hillary, by her own admission, is a progressive liberal, read socialist. Her close relationship with George Soros goes back a long way. Hillary supports, almost without exception, the causes Soros champions. Saul Alinsky was her early mentor. Her college thesis
    contains excerpts from his “Rules for Radicals.”

    To understand who she really is and what she really stands for, please read “The Shadow Party” by David Horowitz and Richard Poe. If elected she would have been just as bad as the idiot Obama.

    • 45caliber


      She is just as deeply involved in criminal activity as Bill was. She and Bill helped swindle a lot of people through White Water (she was paid hundreds of thousands to okay the papers for any investors and she was paid $10,000 a month on a $1,000 investment by the business). She helped Bill set up his money laundry for drug money and okayed anyone who wanted it cleaned up. All that evidence was burned up in a plane crash while they were in Washington – including the people who were to testify against them.

      • M.M.

        Funny thing you mention all this. Very recently I was discussing this with someone. I still wonder what the official body count was for the clinton admin. How many Fosters commited suicide with two shots to the head etc.

        • 45caliber


          At least three more I know about in Arkansas died the same way Foster did. At last count there were over 50 who died conveniently for them. One woman related to White Water went to prison for over two years for refusing to testify against them – all her fellow workers had committed “suicide” and she didn’t want to be next.

          • M.M.

            Yeah, though I haven’t thought about it for a while I remember the body count was around 50-60. Probably more since they (clintons) are good about cleaning up blood trails and drag marks.

  • http://n/a Bill L

    “I HAVE SWORN UPON THE ALTER OF GOD,ETERNAL HOSTILITY TOWARD ANY FORM OF TYRANNY OVER THE MINDS OF MEN.” I read this quote when I was very young. It has stayed solidly inplanted in my mind ever since.I’m still in control of my hostility ,although as I watch people in power, especially in education , making decisions that are degrading the values and the spirit of what America is to freedom here and around the world, would only invite a patriotic footing from “we the people.” We who truly cherish our republic. I know anybody coming to my door for my gun would unleash all my building hostility.

    • M.M.


      What was that quote from?

  • patriot !!!!!!

    it wont be un soldiers taking are guns it will be are own police and army taking them be prepared for the next civil war people !!

  • Carol

    It doesn’t matter a darn, what party runs the show, they all suck ! They’ve all had their hand in OUR pockets long enough. None of them protect OUR, WE THE PEOPLE Constitution.

    I feel that we should cease their bank accounts, confiscate all their property, THEIR children and grandchildrens college funds, BECAUSE IT’S ALL ” OURS “.

    They have had their free reign over us long enough, it’s time to clean house, BEFORE THEY USE CHEMICAL WAREFARE OVER OUR HEADS AND BEFORE THE RUN TO THEIR UNDERGROUND BUNKERS !!!

  • 45caliber

    This “treaty” was never designed to combat terrorism.

    It was designed to give dictators a chance to prevent their people from getting their hands on weapons in an attempt to protect themselves from the dictator and to give them a chance to overthrow him.

    Too many of the world leaders want to be able to do as they wish (like Saddam did when he used poison gas on some of his own people) without those people doing anything about it.

    I remember reading a letter in the Houston Chronicle some years ago. The writer was quite indignant that people had provided guns to civilians in Rodesia some years ago. According to him, this started a war. What it actually did was give the people being slaughtered by the army (which belonged to a differet tribe) a chance to shoot back when the army showed up to kill them. According to him, that wasn’t fair since the government was always right and no one should ever protest the fact that they were being killed, much less fight back.

  • Pete

    Let’s be practical and pragmatic …

    Y’all got to learn how to build your own weapons. You got to get a “Black Belt” in underground weapon manufacturing. Just get the blueprints to your favorite weapon – like an M-16 or AK-47. Set up a small fabrication workshop in your garage (make it look like you work on cars or something). Start building your own weapons.

    And don’t forget to adapt, improvise and overcome.

    • 45caliber

      Those in Afghanistan can learn from the people there. They make most of their own weapon parts with a simply file.

  • 45caliber

    Several people have commented on the costs of the UN. The last I heard, something like 3/4 of all UN costs are funded by the US. Several past Presidents have withheld all or some of that money at times and the UN gets in trouble. Bush did some millions – and Oblama immediately coughed it up when he took over. The libs like the UN and believe it wrong of us to not give them every penny they ask for.

    Actually, I think this treaty is an excellent example of why we should be using our veto power in the UN. We should have immediately vetoed this attempt since it definately goes against the laws of our nation.

  • S Rubicon

    The United Nations (UN) Small Arms Treaty would make it tougher for American citizens to obtain gun licenses, giving law-abiding people even more hoops to jump through to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms. In addition, the treaty would seek to ban the sale and ownership of all semi-automatic weapons that have large magazines.
    OK… now, exactly where in our constitution was the president given the power or authority to ‘treaty away’ any of our constitutional rights? He does not have the authority to limit, to condition, to qualify, to infringe upon those rights as president in any capacity whatsoever. While there may be executive orders on issues, even they are not sacrosanct.
    Why would our founders ever have even written a constitution, if in the end any sitting president could just sign an international treaty to deny us or strip away any of our rights? It would make the constitution an exercise in futility. A fool’s errand.
    No international organization has the authority to dictate the terms of our constitutional rights or to place any sort of limitation on them. Even our own courts have rejected many of the proposed aspects of this treaty. Gun registration has been rejected numerous times. And while Heller et al have not totally eliminated the possibility of some sorts of local controls, those cases in no way shape of form gave way to an international organization or treaty to do the same.
    This president is supposed to be a constitutional scholar. How could he even contemplate such an egregious violation? Why would he do so? Why would ANY president do so? If our right to keep & bear arms could be so infringed, then whats to stop any president from infringing upon ANY of our constitutional rights? Gosh, back to my real question… why eve write a constitution in the first place if a president can just sign our rights away based on his own personal political or social beliefs?
    If Barack Obama tries to sign a treaty taking away or limiting or conditioning any of our constitutional rights, we would have reasonable grounds for citizens to demand his impeachment.

    • Eduk8-yourselves

      S Rubicon: According to some, we already do have those grounds. Nobody’s doing anything to even impartially investigate his eligibility for election to the office he now sits in. Nobody has impartially investigated his alleged receipt of a scholarship as a foreign student from Indonesia. There are so many items that have been swept under the carpet to keep this man in office. Who’s to say how deep this thing goes? It’s best to be prepared for the eventuality of a violent uprising against him, the ensuing proclamation of martial law and the rounding up of all potential insurgents in FEMA installations.
      While we prepare for these possibilites, let’s also try to drum up enough grass roots support to run him out on a rail in 2012.

  • american patriot

    Just know this, I WILL DIE A FREE MAN.

  • Pete in AZ

    I think Hillary already did sign something to that effect? If so, SHE SHOULD BE RECALLED, and the idiot who appointed her should be, well…

    And the Democrap Senate? How blatant a swipe at the Constitution would ratification of that idiocy be? Enough for a massive nation wide State by State recall of those ratifying Senators? And if that wasn’t upheld, well maybe it’ll be time for the ‘Angry Man’s March on Washington’?

  • Pete in AZ

    Oops, I guess she can’t be recalled because she was appointed, not elected. Have to think of some other equally effective way to be rid of her.

    • JC

      Rope – Tree – Traitor
      Some assembly required.

  • Donald Holloway

    Contrary to an earlier post, while a treaty may become the law of the alnd, a treaty is invalid if it violates the constitution. Unfortunately this passel of traitors in the White House and administration, while they took an oath to uphold our constitution, have no intention of adhering to this oath. They are a bunch of damnable liars as well as traitors.

  • 45caliber

    A lot here have stated that if someone shows up at the door to get their guns they will fight. I plan to do it too.

    But what if they show up with a warrant for your arrest for some crime? Particularly one you didn’t do? Wouldn’t you prefer to go peacefully and get a lawyer? Most of us would.

    I was told that there are three lists in the government of Americans. A red list, a yellow list, and a green list. The red list is composed of people like ex-military, people who speak out against Oblama, etc. The yellow list are family members, etc. The green list are libs and their friends.

    The FBI agent who ran onto the lists found his own name on the red list along with every policeman and FBI agent he bothered to look up.

    What I have always suspected is that they plan to put the FEMA camps to use BEFORE they attempt to collect the guns. They will come out and arrest you for some crime – probably a false one – while pretending sympathy and the promise to allow you to get your lawyer. When you get to where they take you, you will find yourself put onto a train bound for one of the FEMA camps. And there you will have the same rights and privileges that the Jews had in German camps. As they thin out those in the camps more will be brought in. The Media will be told and will dutifly report that those picked up were terrorists or something else that will keep most of the rest of the country from acting until they come for them too. Then at least some of the yellow list will be taken too. This will allow them to thin the population of conservatives and those they fear might fight before they get a chance to do so. And the guns will be picked up AFTER you are gone.

  • 45caliber

    Something new:

    I saw an article in WND.COM about a new law in Florida that bars doctors from asking about guns in the home. Apparently some doctors were taking kids away from parents and asking them what guns Daddy had in the house – and then insisting Daddy get rid of them. There is a court suit being filed to allow the doctors to continue to ask. Many of those doctors are insisting that if the parents don’t tell and get rid of the guns as demanded, they and their families will not receive medical care.

    Check WND.COM for the story.

    • Don in Ohio

      Yes, I heard about Doctors asking such questions, just don’t know who is behind such nonsense. The best defense against gun accidents is education. If you have guns, train you kids on use and safety.
      I’ve never figured out how a gun goes off while you are cleaning it. Gees, doesn’t it needs to be empty to clean it?

      • 45caliber

        You are correct. The problem is that some people simply will not check to see if a gun is loaded as soon as they pick it up. That should be an automatic response but isn’t to many people. And you should never pick up and check a gun that doesn’t belong to you. EVER.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Confoundme once but not twice

    So muany Good and well thought out Warnings And advice here. Can you Picture Hillary and Soros as this countrys` prez and VP ? Can you Use your Good sense and Do something other than “Just surmise’ About All these “Vapor Clouds we see Periodically that Covers OUR Skies ? Could it Possibly be A programing of our minds and senses To think whatever it is … to be Harmless and benign ‘spraying,or maybe Weather-Related, [but,TO What END ??] Or is it a Cover for what is Planned to Appear in our Sky once the stage is firmly set ?? that is in reality,will become Deadly Vapors meant to Kill off the troublesome masses? Remember, These ‘People’ who are Firmly pushing for OWO already Have their “Safe Place”Prepared, underground..or out of the country,beforehand..That they can Disappear into, along with All of their Families, and with friends of same Mind. This can be Arranged within Minutes ( Or at most, an hour or so, quite unobtrusively,and virtually unnoticed.) Then Comes THESE So-Harmless-Appearing White Misty Criss-Crosses We have been Seeing in our Sky…That IS NO Longer HARMLess…but is instead, Killer-clouds None can Survive ! Don`t you People who Call yourselves Enlightened… recognize the handwriting on the wall ? ARE you one of those Poor little Chickens …in the yard that can so easily be Put OUT of Commission..Simply By ‘being laid on its` side and a line drawn around it..under its` nose so it can see the line…a heartless act alone that is enough to cause that Poor little Chick to lay there until it dies from the Heat of the sun and Having no water. {while Thinking itself in a cage with no way of escape AND Noone to Save it ?} Who sees It ? Noone but the one callous enough to do such an inhumane act..The Oppressor. And IS ‘it’ going to make its` cruel act known ? Not ! Don`t you know this kind of action goes on in ”our?” government every hour of every day ..and noone There Does anything to hinder.( most being Part and Parcel of The Problem. Come on, People. Take Notes.. familiarize yourselves ( check out To the best of your Ability )about the kind of Person you Are “Voting For. ” ARE they FOR you OR Against your best interests…or only in the Race to benefit Themselves ? Look What Occured with B.Obama ! Too many of us were totally taken in by his Promises and his Open Smile..AND By our being FED UP with What the Bush-regime had already brought down on us ! ( To my Deep Chagrin..I Voted for him >> Knew I could never cast a vote for Mccain & palin.. Would be like voting gwb back..with mccain on..And S.P is too dumb ) WOW ..We were Primed and So Ready to be Taken..BY this Man, B.O. Can we Dare Sit out with ‘No Action’ taken Against This Regime until NOV..@012 ?? How Much more damage is this Leeway going to bring down on us, Between now and Then ? Damage, People ? Our Police Departments All over this Country has Already been sufficiently Infiltrated by Bush Goons..Paid for By Our TAX Dollars he Stole !( Remember..Rumsfeldt Saying ” Over Two Trillion Dollars has Gone Missing”..Way Back when ??’ and noone has even yet Looked for IT! He was Probably Relieved Of Duty ( Sacked ? ) Because of His ‘speaking out of Turn ! Then Think about All these of these Paid Goons ( Mercenaries )That were brought in to New Orleans ..( To Keep order ? Or Was it to make sure Most of Those Poor ‘Chicks’ did not ever return to their homes ?? Paid Foreign Mercenaries Can DO The JOB that OUR Country-Grown Military and National Guard Troops Would NEVER DO..follow harmful Orders from Any So-called OIC . Those Same “Paid mercenaries’ ARE Standing Ready for More Orders OF The Same.. Veterans, Did you Learn Anything That Will Prepare you for “Defense and Peace keeping HERE in our Country..And FOR US ?’ And Were you “”Allowed’ to Keep your Weapons When you were Finally Brought Home and Relieved OF your “foreign Defense” ..Or were they confiscated from you as soon as you entered this Country ? It is Time to Look around you and Do all you can Divide the ‘seed from the Chaff’ Before It is Too late. IT is Really Bad when Legitimate law enforcement Do not know , for sure, Exactly whom they can their own precinct to “Have their Backs” when Danger comes. OR Wonder Which ones can be Trusted NOT to Shoot you when your Back is Turned…in .. these Troubles that are Surely building up to a real Show Down..Soon. Long winded I May be. BUT there is A lot of good common sense You see on this WEB. UDuk8, You speak Truth. EMU made a point Noone should Ignore. And ED, YOU could not be Any more RIGHT when stating ”the UN is nothing but a corrupt organization that is filled with Miscreats and US haters ‘ ( whom we know are Heeding and Abetting This Countrys` ultimate demise.) HEY ! Even MY ”under-educated.. Dad,( a mere third grader. Farm boy.. was Trying to warn us of this.. At least fifty plus years back ! BUT we have Supported our Downfall with our tax money every year of its` birth ! IT IS Our downfall,,we have been Supporting. Time TO Quit ? OR has The Time Come and GONE>>>Now that Their Ultimate is coming into fruition ? It may now be of no the general scheme of things ! After all, Isn`t B.O. and Hillary Bowing in Obeyance All over the World GET Prepared, Folks.. Inform yourselves.. Look at Everything with a Clear EYE. And Keep THE Faith ! YOU KNOW What True Power is In Control. God is OUR Shield in All kinds of Trouble..And WE will Prevail..As Long as WE Keep This IN Mind.
    Jibbs, I Suppose you could Say ” You really spit it out ! And no codes were hidden … I do Hope so, anyway. Facts are Facts.

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • VirginKiller

    A treaty means nothing. Only the Constitution counts. Those who would work to destroy our Constitution are the domestic enemies many of us swore to defend her against. The Tree of Liberty begs to be refreshed, prepare yourselves, we will have graves to dig.


  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    I commend any and everyone who makes a firm decision to take the matter of defending their own lives under their control. There have been some very good, thoughtful points made regarding seeking out competent training, both physical and mental. However, I find the mind-set of, “To Obey, or Not to Obey” the requirements set out by law to acquire a CCW (Concealed Carry, Weapon) permit fraught with good points on both sides. On the plus side, we all know that we’re only trying to do the right thing by filling out all the paperwork, taking all the tests, undergoing all the background checks, paying all the (nonrefundable) filing fees (usually due to repeat all over again after a short number of years), et cetera. After all, we’re the “Good Guys”, right? On the “Less Than Good Side”, however, is the all too real possibility of winding up on at least Janet Nepolitano’s “Short List of Domestic Terrorists”. If not also, of course, the ‘ATF’s, FBI’s, DHS’s, TSA’s and so forth, as well. Hillary just sold out the second amendment to the United Nations. Look up their policy regarding civilians and small arms. See what they’re doing, and have been doing for years now, to undermine our Constitution and it’s protections of “We, the People” and our God given rights. I think you’ll find it not only infuriating, but frightening as well. Join the NRA and/or some other competent organization to help keep us and our children’s children self-responsibly safe and independently free. Remember: “Always aim just below the blue helmet. No matter what color it is”. After all, as a dear friend has noted: “Paranoia is what they call perceptivity, before you’re proven right”.

  • Richard

    Any senator who votes in support of this bogus UN treaty is in violation of the US Constitution and their oath of office and would be an act of treason. This act of treason is indefenseable and prosecutable. The same goes for any person in the US government. Including the president and secretary of state. The full meaning of the second amendment goes into effect when any of these traitors puts pen to paper in agreement with this attempt to subjugate the American people to any so called international body or government. Remember well what really started the Revolutionary War was when the British tried to seize the arms and munitions of the Minutemen stored at James Barrett’s farm near Concord, Massachusetts.

    • meteorlady

      We have had so many unconstitutional issued from this congress in the last 15 years that it makes me sick. Has anyone, anyone at all, stepped up to prosecute one of the good ole boys? If there were such a person, Obama would be gone and we would be without his health care plan.

  • Richard

    jibbs, Thought I was saying it in English. No code here, except; keep your powder dry and aim for center of mass. Then put one in the head. By the way what’s that word after code in your reply, couldn’t find it in the English dictionary. Is it some type of urban slang. Think about this: If the 80 to 90 million American gun owners Bruce mentions above were NRA members instead of the 4 million current NRA membership, would we be even talking about this UN gun treaty crap or worried about it or any gun control crap from Washington or any anti-gun states (CA).

  • Right to Stand

    I read the words spoken by many and I ask myself who among these are ready to make the sacrifices to keep the rights that were granted to us by our founding fathers. To those who have the will I make a few comments. First take note not all of our military will stand against their brothers. Second take action now remove your weapons and ammo from your home and place them somewhere safe before this is at your front door.3rd seek out your brothers throughout the country and organize for an organized force is much more formidable.Their are many battle harden military strategist who are willing and able to take up this fight and make no mistake it will be a fight long and hard. Will you bow to the will of a tyradical elite group bent on a one world power or will you stand as free men and reject the UN and remain sovereign.

  • Francisco

    Well lets see, you have the Nazis such as feinstein & shumaker suggesting (Imposing) bills to strip away 2nd amendment rights on a daily basis. Add on the secret (not being watched or hardly observed) weapon = Hillary <– At the U.N. Level bowing and kissing down to those "Other" nations instead of being there for the U.S. best Interests. Add Reid with the Washington-Chicago goons Accepting any and all anti-weapon recomendations from the U.N. freinds (er Goons) Against us. Mind you that at the same time we provide over 100 Million dollars in Weapons a year to foreign countries. But the "BHO" in conjunction with hillary stopped (embargoed) the sale of thousands of M-14 rifles from coming into this country legally for purchase by collectors and Patriots alike. Then you have other items of interests against Americans such as DHO who declared all veterans be placed on a "List of Domestic Terrorists". Local LEO, FEMA, EPA, FBI, HHS (CPS, DCF), BATFE, etc that by the laws of the land shouldn't exist and or have any influence or say in our lives but have been given free reign to do as they wish against the population. Constantly disobeying / ignoring our 1st, 2nd, 4th & 14th amendment rights. Don't forget all those U.N. troops that are hidden and secretly training in our National Parks, the same ones that Senators declared aren't here. Right!. Don't you wonder why they were requesting illegal data on census forms?, such as your exact adress location?. Gee maybe so the U.N. assasins can locate you and your families in your domicile when martial law is imposed. Then they will russle up the new breed of slave = all those against the communists / socialist running this country. Don't you wonder why BHO would have a need for an Internet kill switch?, Remember the boy who cried wolf too many times, by the time anyone listened to him (blinders removed from their eyes) it was too late. Sadly history repeats itself just like during Hitlers Germany anyone read how he came into power?, wake up America! lest we carry the new title of "Obama-maud", "The Late Great United States". V/r U.S. NAVY Retired

  • meteorlady

    We need to stop funding the UN and get the hell out of it. It’s not their business to police the world and we need to step back and take a look at what this organization costs us and why we are even it in to begin with.

  • http://msn Kerri

    Hey guys, this is not just the UN. Don’t worry abut the UN. Worry about Hillary Clinton and the Senate. If they vote to radify the treaty IT WILL BE LAW. OUR LAW. SO BURN UP THE PHONES OF THE SENATE!

  • James

    While I can’t remember the case-law cite, the Supreme Court has ruled that treaties may not alter the constitution. The idea that a majority of Senators and Russia could, via treaty, disarm Americans is silly. The Second Amendment says the right to bear arms “shall not be infringed,” but I have never heard or read anything of authority that has defined what ‘infringed’ means. Did the Natiional Firearms Act of 1934 violate the Second Amendment? How about the Gun Control Act of 1968, did that violate it? (Those were federal laws.)


    hi mr president ,
    good morning senators, distinguished guest of honour, member state and the united nation security council, we are pleased to inform you that the illegal arm treaty of the united nation communist nations has wiped out the joy of the real men in the world, when there are millions of illegal miners, millions of illegal migrant, and millions of illegal gun men soldiers in africa, i wonder the leadership of the people, we are dying here , unknowwn gun men whith miltary high defination weapons helicopters are always in the air where are you, no judiciary no plaintiff, we call for the presidents aid , to the many worries of drought and catastrphy , hunger strike in africa…
    thanky you.


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