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Propaganda is Force!

October 27, 2008 by  

Propaganda is Force!

Propaganda is words that collectivize and mold the public mind so that subtle or overt force is made easier or not necessary at all.

Carefully chosen words by the establishment is the basis of mass mind control leading to acceptance of force. Until the people accept collectivism under some pretext, they are not docile and completely subdued.

A whole volume could easily be written demonstrating the twisting and distortion of words and phrases to manipulate the public mind. Really, few escape this psychological warfare. Words are created and repetitiveness expands the collective psychic to accept and repeat. People who freely use those terms are not in control of their own thinking process. Following are some examples of establishment words and phrases:

See Your Doctor
It is oh, so evident that this phrase channels the crowd toward pharmaceutical control. The doctor is only the medium. Few doctors suspect that “medical orthodoxy” is a rigidly controlled system in the medical schools and practice by the pharmaceuticals. “Actually, the word witchcraft and sorcery in the New Testament comes from the Greek word pharmakia, from which we get our modern word pharmacy or pharmacist.” From Dr. Hallmark of the Wellness Group, from his article “Delusions – Monetary and Otherwise.” We have long held that so-called modern allopathic medicine is a very esoteric witchcraft—a deceptive practice that has little or nothing to do with curing or healing, but it does have to do with a multi-trillion dollar industry.

Public Health
This is a phrase that seeks acceptance as beneficial to the health of the people. It disarms any negative connotation. It greatly helps cover the medical fraud.

Life Expectancy
This programs the public psychic to expire when we retire.

Go to the church of your choice.
This says that any religion will do.

This is one of the greatest deceptions in the English language. The system wants everyone to believe themselves a taxpayer or as one who pays his or her “fair share.” Since the government (and bankers) creates money (credit), why would they need you to pay taxes? They don’t but they do need a regulatory system and a dossier on everyone to profile your manner of living and yes, even your thoughts! It’s a thought system and a system of people regulation.

Tax dollars
No Such Thing! See “taxpayer” above. Our so-called “tax dollars” don’t exist as money going to pay government expenses. When we pay tax dollars, we are not funding the government or anything. We are reducing our consumption as part of social planning.

Your fair share
This is a collectivist concept that eventually evokes a guilty conscious. Few have any concept of what this means but it unconsciously produces a herding instinct.

This is a big one and it has sucked in everyone. Democracy is a system of manipulated mob ruled by the elite. It is the very opposite of human liberty. Democracy is a front for despotism under the rule of an oligarchy. Hitler called his Nazi Germany “The Great Democracy.” Democracy does not mean freedom and freedom does not mean democracy.

Democrat and Republican
These words show how perfectly the same thing can have two names. Aren’t you glad that you go to the polls and vote? The politicians are laughing at us.

The government spends money
The word “spend” suggests that money is finite or limited. This makes so-called “budgets” myths to occupy the public mind and to create the aura of the legitimacy of governments. The federal government does not “pay” or “spend” money. They create credit and exchange it for goods and services. Yes, they get everything for nothing. This is how the politicians “finance” their perpetual wars. Few people would pay real money to kill Saddam, along with our youth.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TeresaE

    It is a shame Bob, that most will fail to understand the truth in this article.

    See your doctor, amazing how the “health” industry grows and grows, yet by all accounts we get sicker and sicker.  Find real health without a little blue, pink, yellow pill.  Good luck.  My doctor fired me when I opted not to take a cholesterol drug, now he won’t even see me and passes me off to a PA.

    I really like your thoughts, hope you will be able to keep publishing once the reality of the Fairness Doctrine comes to pass.



  • John King

    Do you have any specific suggestions as to how we conservatives can use the “propaganda force” ?

  • Melinda

    What about covering the words “HOPE” and “OPPORTUNITY” and “CHANGE” — a total misrepresentation of anything but brainwashing!

  • Chuck m

    To Whom It May Concern:
    I feel it is time that we follow the lead of our forefathers and form a declaration of Independence from the Confederate government who is holding power over this great nation. In reality the Washington crowd is corrupt in every sense of the word and have become a confederate government. They no longer respect the Constitution of the United States or its’ Bill of Rights. In fact they consider it the least binding law when passing regulations that effect us all. They no longer respect or represent the will of the people who they are elected to serve. They have even corrupted our elections with non traceable and faulty voting methods. Registering one person hundreds of times and allowing such criminal acts to stand, even after being exposed. It’s unbelievable what has happened to us over the past 15 years and more so in the past 5 years. Who would have thought that we would need to watch what we say in America because Big Brother is Watching. We now have Word police, thought police, fun police, city police, county police, federal police, airport police, park police state and federal, fbi, cia, animal police, and several hundred others i cannot think of. We are being regulated, taxed, and policed out of existance.There is nothing this Washington crowd touches that is not completely corrupted. More and more of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights are being eroded each day these people remain in power. We will wake up very soon and it will be too late. They will have stripped us of every means of rebelling and taking our lives back. There is already a consensus by a few in this country that we would be better off as Marxists or some resemblance thereof. These people are assimilated into our educational institutions and are controlling the curriculum in our schools. Our young people have not even been taught patriotism and the rights guaranteed them by our Constitution, so they do not know what they are loosing. This was taught in our schools just a few years ago, and required subjects, not elective.
    We are being taken over by the multinationals with our own money that we have given them. How ignorant can we be? Our elected representatives have legalized graft, corruption, and pay offs for votes, by taking the money through the back door in their campaign finances and brother in law deals with friends and relatives. They have even been accepting money from foreign governments in this manner. This is strictly prohibited by our constitution. All of the above are criminal acts and need to be treated as such. Due to this corruption, you see a law being passed and you say, “how can that be good for America”, but it passes anyway. It is completely contrary to common sense and many of these recently passed laws should be considered Treason. They have destroyed this country, morally, economically, and have negatively impacted the USA worldwide.

    We have a Constitutional duty to overthrow these thieves and criminals and form a new and (Independent United States of America) which will again serve the will of its’ people. This can be done by a simple vote of the people from each state that chooses to become a part of the New America. We have the perfect format in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. We simply re-implement these documents and any law to the contrary “NOTWITHSTANDING” as is stated in our Constitution. We obey no laws that are contrary to the rights enumerated in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We elect a new President  and Congress in the manner prescribed by our constitution, we elect new state officials, all current corrupt government agents must be fired. They seem to think they are above us and have no allegiance to us, we implement a fair tax system, possibly a national sales tax. We refuse to acknowledge any and all laws or regulations that are rooted in this current Confederate government. We pay no money to this corrupt system.  All member states retain their National Guards and their right to keep and bear arms of course, as protection against the corrupt Washingtonites.
    If you think Obama or McCain will be the savior, you are completely confused. These people are part of the problem. By the way , spreading the wealth around, is one of the main platforms of ” The Communist Manefesto.”
    Please forward this email to everyone on your mailing list


    • Odanneyboy

      We are fighting back. I ask all that has concern to join US in this fight. Please join and support Attorney Gary Kreep, Dr Alan Keyes, Dr Orly Taitz in the United States Justice Foundation that and Ron Paul with We The People Foundation. Support Dr. Orly Taitz on www. this Russian born lady and constitutional attorney knows the pit falls of Marxism. She works tirelessly to defend our constitution against the usurping fraud sitting in the oval office. Many military personnel to include officers have joined in a suit. What did Obama do. Strong arm and threaten the USJF with his high priced law firms.

      What about a $20.00 Birth Certificate usurper Obama?. ( Alan Keyes said it well. I will not address the communist usurper sitting illegally in the greatest office of the land until he proves constitutionally eligible. I have the constitutional duty to disobey any orders, laws signed, appointments or any other moves this man makes)
      This must continue. This is our fight to take back America.

  • Rob J

    Chuck M has it nailed on the money, i’ve said the same thing that we the people need to take back the government and make it run for the people by the people, and that means restarting over and kicking all thier butts out of all the posts in washington, and may even have to stretch into some state government levels to clean up all the corruption.

  • Chris

    All sounds great, but how do we start over?   How do we stop the existing establishment and start over?

  • Andi

    I am with Chris- how exactly do we implement this plan?  It sounds good, looks good and I am sure would work good but how, in the mess our governmenet has put us in do we just “start fresh”.  What is the process for removing these corrupt individuals from the top down? I am in complete agreement with everyone here, the problem is.. how does something like this get orchestrated?  We can’t just load up the ships and sail until we land in an unoccupied place like our forefathers did and start anew. The plan mentioned above is great and agreed to by many, however, the plan to put it in action seems to be missing.  Any suggestions?

  • Malinda
    A great place to make a difference.
    They have attacked us from within.  We have to win from within.

  • Ken

               We have a duty to tell all the bumbs in washington what we think of them, while
    there are a few that can be trusted most are just as CHUCK M. saids they are. Do not
    sit quietly by without speaking out, the more of us that speak out the more of us will
    get frustrated enough to form the groups that are needed to clean the dogs out of our
    whitehouse. Never fear telling the truth, you must speak out at every turn, forget the
    PC crap if you are confronted by anyone about being outside the PC box just tell them
    you are  American that still believes in the constitution and you would rather die than
    give up one line of the constitution. Remember the people will be on your side in a
    court of law. The PC crap is communist in its reality so fight against it at every turn
    and if you hear your government offical speaking of defending PC, call them on it with
    a phone call or letter ( a hand written letter) they are not use to that type of contact, they
    normally get e-mails by the truck loads so they ignor most of those but hand written letters get their attention along with phone calls. Now if they send a reply back to you
    that seems to be a planed response letter, one they send to every one, then take the time
    to call them and tell them how desappointed you are in the letter or if their response
    is off point of your letter then call them or write them another letter and tell
    them how you feel about the response you recieved, tell them to call you back, keep
    the heat on their behinds don’t give in to the thought that you are wasting your time.
    Remember this is your country do not give in or up without a fight on behalf of your Country, not their idea of what this country is or should be, you are the driving force
    behind the constitution so don’t let it down or yourself, we all that love America
    have to stand togather when times call for action that defends the Constitution. American
    Solutions showed that less than one and a half million people  changed the congress minds on drilling and it changed the mind of the President too let’s drill now, so when enough of us Americans make a move the government moves to the right direction, but if it doesn’t then we must all the more get their attention by calls and letters and visiting
    Washington D.C. to make the point clear in person as Americans to despots in Washington D.C.
                                          IT’S UP TO YOU, IT’S THAT SIMPLE
                                    STAND UP AND BE COUNTED NOT QUIETED

  • Chuck m

    CHUCK M. I think it is too late to take back the existing govt. and reform it, that is playing into the hands of the current corrupt system. That is the pot of crap they try and sell us at each election , GOVERNMENT REFORM. Even they acknowledge they are corrupt, otherwise why would they feel we need GOVERNMENT REFORM.
    I feel we must form a new INDEPENDANT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, or whatever name we choose. This can be accomplished by forming committees in each state that will choose to be members of this new nation. We then circulate petitions via the internet and all other medias that are available. These petitions will be basically a new declaration of independance from the tyranical Washington and state governments that currently exist. We will be forming a new nation inside this nation that is independant of this existing non representative government.
    We have all the grounds we need to implement these drastic actions as the existing government no longer represents us nor does it adhere to the United States Constitution or the Bill of Rights. They are sucking the life from our great nation from every angle and we can no longer stand by and allow this to happen. All we are asking is that we have a government that represents us and is responsive to its people as is guaranteed by our Constitution. We are re-implementing our Constitution, in it’s original form, not its’ ammended form. Some ammendments can stand, others are in direct violation of the original intent of our constitution. The constitution states that any law (ammendment) to the contrary, not withstanding, or has no power. This is the case with the 16th ammendment regarding taxes. Taxes are to be apportioned by numeration equally, not the progressive system we have now that takes more from the harder working and gives to the sit on the porch deadbeats. Somehow the American people must get together and TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. It was a beautiful concept that was bought and paid for by the blood of our forfathers, surely we have the guts to keep it. By the way, our Constitution GUARANTEES US A REPUBLICAN FORM OF GOVERNMENT, Nowhere is the word Democracy mentioned. That republican form of government bears no resemblance to the existing REPUBLICAN PARTY. All Americans need to get a copy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and learn it, it is the Law of This Land, all others are counterfeit and invalid. We must start by asserting this right and accept nothing less.
    We will need alot of help and people from all walks of life are needed. I dont have all the answers about the organisation but i do know what needs to be done and i am willing to do it.
    Chuck M.

  • Bob Livingston


    On your question of specific suggestions for how to use the propaganda force…

    We at The Bob Livingston Letter try to translate the establishment propaganda as fast as they put it out to keep deception at a minimum. The problem is, most people believe everything that comes out of Washington as “the gospel”. We always decide where people are in their thinking by if they have come to the time where they begin to question official propaganda.

    The best way to use propaganda force is to translate it into its real meaning and act accordingly in our personal and financial dealings.


    Kind Regards, Bob.

  • Nick

    I really like what Chuck has to say. I’m all for it. I told many people that the time is right for an insurrection to take back our awesome country from those dishonorable Godless politicians who have betrayed us all. What’s the first step to getting this off the ground? Where do we go from here? I think if an email petition of sorts was circulated, it can get the attention of others who believe the same way.


  • Chip on 11-03-2008

    Unfortunately the public forget we do not live in a perfect world. Only the Elitists live in this perfect world where their existence is only possible when everything they order, is followed through, and majority of the population adhere to the policies they are admonished to believe. Although some politicians have mastered the technique of false rhetoric, do we really need to sit by and decipher these meaningless words of possible achievement when in fact, their words serve as only an avenue to the mesmorization of the mass public who feel it is their duty to listen and obey. Is this a socialistic country? Dispute it or not, times are not favoring a positive conclusion.  Chip A. 

  • Chuck m

    Chip, Novembver 4th is not the conclusion, but the beginning of the next step which will push the masses one step closer to takeing our country back. There must be a limit to the opression we will accept. All it will take is one group to take the first step, this country is a powder keg.

  • Esther

    To day MY concern for  white house.

    My praying is first lady for  Cindy Mccain.

    she is reasonable and looking Good for white house.
    God will help us.

    white house for no relate Muslim.
    House house can’t have the blood of muslim family.

    IT is in  trust our God only.

    we trust in God.

  • Esther

    when I picture
    someone their brother and sister live in the other opinion

    will visit at the white house

    Oh… no…no..
    and …  on…………………………………… think!!!!!!!!

  • S C Mailen, Jr.


    • Shibamom

      Wow…finally someone said it!! We ARE INDENTURED SERVANTS and have been probably all of our lives. The only difference is that our service doesn’t end in a prescribed time as it did for true indentured servants. I agree with the person that said stop thinking in terms of left & right, republican & democrat. These are all divisions the politicians groomed us to believe and accept. Just think of all the truly qualified, America-loving, individuals that ran for office but never got even a respectable amount of votes just because they chose to run in a differet, disrespectd, maligned party. I’ve always felt that we shouldn’t be made to think in terms of left/right or dem/repub but that’s the way the system is. Of course, it was made that way by politicians as far back as our forefathers! We do need to take action but we must remember that to be strong, we have to stand together, through thick and thin. It won’t be easy because we don’t have the finances that the corrupt A-holes have. But just think about the patriots that fought the strongest, best equipped military in the world, the British to gain our independence. It sickens me that our kids are not being taught the true history of our country and how we came to be. Our kids are being force fed crap on TV like MTV, Jersey Shore, American Idol, etc. There really is nothing of substance for them to learn from, unless their parents teach it. Others here have posted about all of our cultural celebrations and liberties are slowly being taken away. I agree! I am SICK TO DEATH of hearing how the word Christmas offends people. Who are these people??? Or is it really only one person making a lot of noise? A tradition in Philly at Christmas is the opening of Christmas Village. This has been a tradition for years and years. Well yesterday, some city official decided that the word Christmas should be removed and replaced with Holiday. He decided this because he felt the word Christmas was not “inclusive” enough! WTF????? Last I knew, no matter what religion you practice, you are free to go anywhere you want. Well, the Philly mayor intervened and ordered the word Christmas be put back up…thank goodness. I AM SO SICK OF THIS CRAP!! Stop taking away my culture and tradition!

  • Joyce

    Thanks Bob,

    More word definitions at Berit Kjos’ site at Educational buzzwords and what they really mean. She also has terrific charts and biblical explainations for all to view and understand.

  • S C Mailen, Jr.

    Our government is very effective in using propaganda against us. While it may come as a shock to some, we should assume that the American media is a willing part of this proganda process. When I hear someone imply that a ‘fair and balanced’ approach serves the public, it makes me wonder what happened to common sense.
    “Fair” is subjective. “Balanced” is subjective. What happened to OBJECTIVE? It is no wonder that elected leaders and media prostitutes can and do brainwash many people. When elected officials can so easily abuse people with a new version of bread and circuses and do it with impunity, I have to wonder what horrendous tragedies are in store for America. People, if you choose not to think, you have no chance to survive.

  • James

    The “Bill of Rights” is the first 10 Ammendments of our Constitution. Most obvious present problem in violation of our Constitution is that the “checks & balances” of a three-part federal system have been eroded criminally by the EXECUTIVE Branch. Especially recently (since 1970) and most especially since 9/11/2001, we have allowed our Executive Branch to create powers that clearly oppose our Constitution and clearly impede our Congress from functioning effectively. A recent comment by Dick Cheney (to the effect that -) “…Obama should thank us for making the Executive Branch so powerful…”(sic) showed his cynical arrogance at how easily and corruptibly this has been accomplished. (The two previous era’s of Executive Branch “over-reaching” were WWII and The Civil War.) Since Nixon completely severed the currencies relationship to Gold, we have an even graver crisis looming in our run-away National Debt. The insurrections and revolutions encouraged by many of the writers responding here all sound inspired by (whether they are aware of it or not…) this approaching reckoning of our system of financial lies that we have built our currency on. I am most intrigued to hear more responses of next steps to take and what actions may help than to hear more blame being assigned, but the biggest hypocrisy of any freedom lover is when he hears himself advocating the end of anothers freedom to ensure his own. So lets watch our cries for vengeance and punishment when we oursleves are calling for more liberty. I always mistrusted those who want more freedom by limiting the freedoms of others.

    • http://PropagandaisForce Pamela

      I’m sorry James.I just read every comment on this page. You seem to be the only one that put blame anywhere. Everyone else seems to understand that the whole system is corrupt. Not just certain people or a particular branch. They’re stealing are money They’re lying to us. And they aren’t helping anyone but themselves. And you can bet they are absolutly laughing at us. Because I believe they’re shocked at what they have been getting away with and nobody is calling them on it. Where are the investigations? These are criminal acts! Nobody is asking for investigations! What I have read here is people talking about taking back are country. Not one person here said anything about limiting anyone’s freedoms, or vengeance. Just taking back are country. And you can deffinetly count me in.

      • James

        How correct you are to call me on my comments Pamela! I remember when I posted this comment I had been reading a lot of Bob’s website and a lot of peoples comments to the many different articles…. I am guilty of writing comments that were intended as replies to the whole entire experience of what I had read and not just this post on this page. Forgive me, I will be more thoughtful next time – it really does read kind of confusingly now that I look at what page I posted this comment to(!?) Your comments are well appreciated – Thank You. James
        ps – isn’t this fun! ;-)

        • Shibamom

          Hi James, I just wanted to thank you for the gracious way you accepted the critism of one of your posts. Thank you so much for not disentigrating down to name calling and personal attacks. The politicians are very successfully pitting all of us against one another and we’re falling for it. Other places that I read blogs on contain statements from citizens that amount to nothing more than playground arguements that do no one any good. I like posting here because for the most part, people are much more reasonable. Lately, with all the budget talks going on, there have been some proposals that will directly affect me and my pay/benefits. Was I angry? Of course. However, like a grown up, I must accept and start taking steps to downgrade my lifestyle some. However, when I read some comments in reaction to the cuts proposed to myself and my colleges, OMG…you would think that we’re more corrupt than the politicians! Most of these comments are made when those making them have absolutely no idea about the work I do or the organization i work for. I understand that people have their own opinions and perhaps even some experiences that may qualify some of their comments but the vicious statements that are made are so uncalled for. In fact, I am extremely hesitent anymore to even state my line of work for fear that I will have to read more nasty comments. Everyone forgets that at some point in a normal person’s life, there will be good financial times and there will be bad financial times. We all go through them and, if we make the right choices, those bad times can go away. Most Americans work hard to get where their at however, the climate today is that if you make a decent salary, then you must be a lazy, ignorant parasite that lives off of everyone else’s tax money and is so stupid that you can’t cut it elsewhere. Wow…I must admit, I didn’t realize there was this much hate out there directed at our own American citizens. If that hate/frustration/discontent could just be directed at the source, Washington DC and the frauds running our gov’t, we all could probably take decisive action to take our country back. Sorry if I am ranting but my head has been spinning out of control at what’s been going on.

      • JOE V.

        Pamela, let me be the first then to put blame…. The democrats are to blame. The far left democrats, there are still afew blue collar dems left.
        And I admit a few “middle of the road” republicans.
        They are to blame The very left, because they manipulate the people. For what reason? POWER. That is all that they care for. You know as well as I do they do not care about the people they say they do, they are just using them and feeding lies to them for the power they get going to dc. It is sad our country has turned into what it is today but it has been happening for aloooong time. Little by little.
        Yes I do believe we the people need to take back our country. 2010 elections are not that far off and with the help of this crappy non stimulus stimulus bill I hope it will be easier. But we the concerned also need to show the people the lies and the betrail of our government. Really need to find people in Nevada and San Fransiscio to help get palosy and reed out of office. Unfortunatly we are stuck with comrad obama until 2012, unless he can be impeached for something.
        All of us that are really concerend about where our country is heading should have our own websit. I am not real good with the computers so there may be one out there I don’t know about if so will someone let me know.
        thanks for listening joe

        • Shibamom

          Hi Joe, I understand your frustration but we really need to get away from the blame game. ALL of the politicians, regardless of their party affiliation, are corrupt thieves. ALL of them have done irreparable harm to our country and continue to do so. ALL of them have tried to pit us against each other based on race, religion, and class. ALL of them could care a rat’s-ass about any one of us. ALL of them are the true problem. If our population would stop taking everything these thieves say as gospel, then we could be more proactive at gettting our country back.

  • Dan

    My two cents-

    Democracy = Bad
    Constitutional Republic = GOOD – VERY GOOD!!
    We have been totally screwed -
    Newspapers/ T.V. News – Lies + propaganda
    Innoculation Vacination – control
    Television – control – watch this while I steal your FREEDOM!
    License/Social Security – CONTROL Big time!
    Store “Custom Discount Cards” =We know what you buy and how you live!
    Gun Control – A real BIGGIE!! They can’t refresh the tree of Liberty if they cannot wash the corruption away with blood!
    Saving for retirement – yeah right – Did you notice that Social Security/Pension Plans/IRA’S – just happen to all collapse about the time that “Baby Boomers” were SUPPOSED TO RETIRE? It certainly looks like a very well thought out (EVIL) plan to me!

  • s c

    If ABC plans to be the ‘government mouthpiece,’ then America is no long a free country. When you can’t tell the difference between the government and a corporation, the proper term is FASCISM. WHERE are our checks and balances experts? WHERE are our freedom champions who can prove that we do not have taxation
    without representation? WHERE are conservatives and libs who are worth having in DC? WHO SPEAKS FOR THER PEOPLE? EVERY elected official who supports ABC as the media voice for any administration deserves no less than the full wrath of all of the people. AMERICA, THIS IS INSANITY!

  • Eric g

    I’am all in favor of taking our country ahead , but I’am not so sure taking our country back to the original interpution of the constitution and laws will solve the problem . Our Us government signed hundreds agreements and laws with the american indians . Is there one treaty we ever honored ?. The constitution said the same thing than , that it does now . I love the constitution, but I dont think it applied to american Indians , or negroes either for that matter . The constitution is a docuement that gives the government even more power , rather than limit the government . Anytime laws can be enforced or not enforced . we have given the government another option ,[ another option is more power ]. I dont dream of going back to something we never had . We never had it , if all of us didnt have it . Our democracy and freedom prospered much ,at the expence of some others of us losing their land and their freedom . The american indians and negroes have advanced faster than any other societies in the world ,But it was not the result of our constitution or democracy . It was more the result of our Judochristian churches and values they had installed in United States . Martin Luther King could have set out exposives and grabed guns ,and inititated gorilia warfare . Evreyone that knows anything about justice , north or south knew Martin was on the side of justice and making a good point . If we lose these christian values we will lose the ability to tell right from wrong . There seems to be some evidence that this is whats already happend at our large banks and insurance companies . The banks know it ,and they wont even loan other banks money over nite .


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