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Proof Of A U.S. Police State

February 11, 2013 by  

Proof Of A U.S. Police State

America has fast descended into a police state. The trouble is that we want to believe in the rule of law and the system that alleges to support and enforce it. But when reality collides with illusion, it is too late. No matter how bad things seem, we always think that times will get better and that government will do the right thing.

Only a few people left Germany in the early 1930s. They could clearly see the evolving tyranny. Many who stayed thought that things would not get so bad or that times would get better. They suffered from normalcy bias, a form of cognitive dissonance. They paid.

The wisdom today is in being able to see what is happening and having the vision to discern what is going to happen. Sorry. Anyone who still believes in the illusion of the rule of law will not see reality until it’s too late to do what is necessary to survive and keep their assets.

Today, the rule of law is what the 1 percent (the government) says it is. The government holds the police power and the military power. Its main purpose is to be the silent force to contain the population.

The population in the United States is well-armed. That fact does not escape the 1 percent. That is why the 1 percent is so eager to find a basis upon which to justify disarming the people. The armed populace is all that stands between the people and full-blown tyranny.

We have entered the last days of the fiat regime. It is evidenced by a falling confidence in government and the government’s stepped-up oppression of the people. This fact continues to be hidden by the mainstream media, which is under the control of the government.

The vast majority refuse to see or admit the regime is failing and descending into totalitarianism. They cite the fact that Americans are free to worship, free to travel, free to work, free to express themselves and free to vote as evidence that America remains free. But there are many signs that America is not far removed from tyranny seen in the former Soviet Union and the depths of Mao-ruled Chinese empire.

The state, meaning the apparatus of government, is “the system” that controls the American people.

Most people foolishly believe that they control the political system through elections. Little do they know that the government and the corporate state own and control the state and, through it, the people. This fact is kept invisible through constant conditioning of the public mind. There has never been any more sophisticated propaganda than in the United States today. No serious issues are ever discussed on national media.

The nature of government and the nature of people put them at natural enmity. Everything that the government is and has, it must extract from the people. It takes so much that it cannot disclose how much. The state and all that it has comes from the production and savings of the people by taxation and inflation.

If there is constant enmity and actually silent war between the State and the people, why is there no physical conflict? The answer is because of constant deceptive propaganda and the fact that the process is gradual over a long period of time. Gradualism clouds reality. Gradualism fogs the mind and suppresses rebellion. Rulers know this.

The elected elites know the proper code words to use to deceive the unthinking populace. Any and every law, no matter how oppressive, can be sold to the people by invoking these words. The Constitutionality of these laws does not matter and is not discussed. The court system does not help. All major legal decisions since the United States became a nation have been in favor of the government.

The Internet has thrown a wrench into the cogs that run the government propaganda machine and suppress the people. Information is now available that was once hidden or manipulated in favor of the state. The wall of propaganda has been breached.

This has thrown the elites off their game. Where they preferred to continue with their glacial march toward full-blown tyranny, an awakening populace has recognized the stepped-up oppression and has begun to push back. The physical conflict that had been so long avoided seems almost inevitable.

It’s obvious the American regime is preparing for it:

  • President Barack Obama’s regime has invented “legal” grounds to justify assassinating American citizens with drones. So far, three Americans have been executed without trial, including a 16-year-old from Colorado. This is mission creep far beyond what little George W. Bush began and Congress enabled with the false “war on terror” and the 4th Amendment-nullifying USA Patriot Act of 2001 (since extended).
  • 2009 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow, Ph.D., who is noted for his work saving thousands of babies in China from certain death through the country’s one-child policy, claims in a Facebook post that a military member and “hero” who everyone would recognize confided in him that Obama is using as a litmus test of military leadership that involves their willingness to fire on U.S. citizens and is removing those who say they will not.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has ordered another 21.6 million bullets to add to the 1.6 billion it has bought in the last year. Before the order, DHS had more than enough bullets to shoot every U.S. citizen four times and keep hundreds of millions of rounds in reserve. For perspective, during the height of the Iraq war, U.S. soldiers were using 5.5 million rounds per month.
  • The immigration reform legislation currently under discussion would place many more drones into U.S. airspace to spy on citizens along the border and within the 100 mile border zone over which DHS claims jurisdiction. It also calls for biometric ID cards maintained by the government at considerable expense — and no doubt wrought with considerable problems and shortcomings — that would be necessary to secure employment and perform other interactions with government functionaries and bureaucracies.
  • Police officers are teaming with National Guard and other U.S. military units to carry out training exercises that resemble military invasions on U.S. soil in violation of Posse Comitatus.
  • The Obama regime aided by a complicit Congress passed into law just more than one year ago the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which gives the regime the power to arrest and indefinitely detain American citizens without habeas corpus.
  • The surveillance state is growing more intrusive by the day. Police now have scanners that can peer beneath our clothes and in our cars and homes on street corners and in mobile units. Cameras and audio recording devices are everywhere.
  • High Schools students are being required to carry microchipped cards that record their whereabouts and to submit hair samples for mandatory drug testing.
  • Police officers are accompanying electric workers to enforce installation of so-called “smart meters” on houses that have the capability of spying on homeowners and supplying the state with terabytes of data on day-to-day activities. This opens the homeowner up to abuse from state enforcers and identity theft from thieves.

The elite behind the scenes count on the ignorance of the American people — who have been dumbed down with drugs, tobacco, alcohol, debauchery, a craze for national sports, instant gratification, debt and no rule of law — to ignore these and the many other loses of freedoms as they advance their agenda to confiscate all the world’s wealth and enslave the populace.

How long will it continue before the pushback commences?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • independent thinker

    “This fact continues to be hidden by the mainstream media, which is under the control of the government.”

    Mr Livingston I dissagree that the mainstream media is under the control of the government. I believe that they are more than willing accomplices of the government. A technacality I know but that is what I think.

    • Warrior

      Or “intimidated” like Fox. The “true” truth tellers like Beck and Napolitano, silenced. The “apple cart” will be turned over and the “bad apples” will be disposed of. It is inevitable. See “History”.

      • realman

        and Sarah Palin

      • Bud Tugly

        Beck and his ilk are snake oil salesmen making fortunes by twisting truth into lies that play upon the fears of the ignorant.

        Beck never lets facts stand in the way of his vituperous diatribes.

        Beck only truth is about filling his wallet.

      • Benjamin Fox

        Heard a arab bought a big part of Fox, so no more fair and balance there either, the only ones who try to be are being punished so that the government controls all of it. Just like Hitler our own hitler is playing the same game as the first and since few know real history they are falling for it everyday. Obozo’s plans have really been Hitlers plans and the game plan is the same and if you read about Hitlers rise to power you would see that is what obozo is doing to this country. Wake up America or you’ll have to bow to the next Hitler and his nazi followers who I call cool-aid drinkers, the stuff must sure be sweet since it has destroyed the minds of the eddie teddy’s, right wing stinker, Jeromy, Karolyn and a few others who come here with their hitlerish idea’s and repukes of the moral people who come here telling the truth about them and their propaganda.

      • omanuel

        Mainstream news media (PPC, PBS, NYT, LAT, CBS, etc.) and the mainstream science journals (Nature, Science, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, etc.) have slowly joined forces with the unholy alliance of world leaders and leaders of the scientific community over the past 67 years since the United Nations was formed on 24 Oct 1945.

        Why ? To hide the empirical fact that world leaders are totally powerless over the Sun’s pulsar core [1].

        With kind regards,
        Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

        [1] “The Sun’s origin, composition and source of energy”,
        Abstract 1041 , 32nd Lunar and Planetary Science Conf.,
        Houston, TX, March 12-16, 2001, LPI Contribution 1080,
        ISSN No. 0161-5297 (2001).

      • Karolyn

        Benjamin – What? Since when was Fox EVER “fair and balanced?”

      • Kate8

        Omanuel – That would certainly be the truth, but what does that mean to us? Why do you speak in cryptics?

        How does this information help us? I truly would like to know, because I don’t see how their being powerless over cosmic events stops them from continuing to further their diabolical plans. Unless something is about to happen to stop them.

        Please, tell us more.

      • Kate8

        So, Karolyn. Name one news outlet which IS fair and balanced.

        Please. Do tell.

      • omanuel

        @ Kate8 February 11, 2013 7:03 pm

        Omanuel – That would certainly be the truth, but what does that mean to us? Why do you speak in cryptics?

        How does this information help us? I truly would like to know, because I don’t see how their being powerless over cosmic events stops them from continuing to further their diabolical plans. Unless something is about to happen to stop them.

        Please, tell us more.

        Humility before our Creator is required to return sanity to society.

        Please read and reflect on the information tabulated in: and

        1. Science and politics were fused together by the vaporization of Hiroshima on 6 July 1945 as tightly as religion and science were fused together in the time of Copernicus and Galileo.

        2. 6 Aug – 24 Oct 1945: Nuclear scientists released the source of energy that powers the Sun – neutron repulsion [1] – over Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 and world leaders responded by

        _ a.) Breaking their alliance with religious leaders
        _ b.) Forming a closer alliance with leaders of the scientific community
        _ c.) Establishing the UN on 24 Oct 1945 to save mankind from annihilation.

        3. 1946: The British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, was compelled to write and publish misinformation about the Sun’s internal composition and source of energy [2]. Off-stage, he cooperated with another British author of science fiction – George Orwell – to warn the public that a tyrannical police state was approaching and would engulf society by “1984″.

        4. 1946-2013 (a): World tyranny grew, except for a brief period in 1960-1963 when President John F. Kennedy seriously tried to stop this trend. The Apollo Space Program, the Bay of Pigs incident, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the assignation of John Kennedy followed.

        5. 1946-2013 (b): Precise experimental data and observations from the nuclear and space age showed that neutron repulsion in the Sun’s pulsar core is the creator, destroyer, and sustainer of chemical elements, lives and worlds in the entire Solar System: A volume of space larger than ten billion, billion Earths: >10,000,000,000,000,000,000 ! Earths

        6. Today – 12 Feb 2013 – as Barack Obama gives his “State of the Union Address” and seeks to conclude more than sixty-seven years of human engineering (Feb 2013 – Oct 1945 = 67.3 yrs), I encourage opponents of a one-world government to meditate, contemplate and pray for the integration (convergence) of science and spirituality.

        Conclusion: We are connected physically and spiritually to the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of lives and worlds at the core of the Sun. Fear of that source of energy [1] persuaded world leaders to insert, on 24 Oct 1945, the UN between mankind and the Creator that endowed us with inalienable rights to establish and/or abolish governments to protect our birthright to live happy, joyous and free, i.e., to enjoy Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

        With kind regards,
        Oliver K. Manuel


        1. Oliver K. Manuel, “Neutron repulsion”,
        The APEIRON Journal 19, 123-150 (2012):

        2. Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,”
        Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-259 (1946);
        “The synthesis of elements from hydrogen,” ibid., 343-383 (1946)

      • omanuel


        Acceptance of reality is the answer to all of society’s problems today:

        A. We must humbly accept our place [1] in this beautiful, benevolent universe;

        B. We must admit powerlessness over the chain of cause-and-effect continuously flowing from the Sun’s pulsar core [2-5].

        1. “Being Right-sized in an Infinite Universe,”

        2. ”Is the Universe Expanding?” The Journal of Cosmology 13, 4187-4190 (2011):

        3. ”Origin and Evolution of Life Constraints on the Solar Model”, J. Modern Physics 2, 587-594 (2011):

        4. ”Neutron Repulsion”, The APEIRON Journal 19, 123-150 (2012):

        5. “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012)

      • Charlie

        With 2 horseshoe magnets ,trying to push like poles together is impossible by hand. Is that similar to Neutron Repulsion ? Because like poles repel and unlike poles attract…
        Thanks for your info… Meanwhile…………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • omanuel

        Yes, Charlie, neutrons repel each other as North ends of bar magnets repel each other.

        Protons repel each other as South ends of magnets repel each other plus there is Coulomb repulsion between the + charges on protons.

        A creeping US Police State in science for sixty-four years (2009 – 1945 = 67 yrs) before finally surfacing as Climategate in 2009 is the only explanation I have for misrepresentation of the internal composition and source of energy for the Sun.

        I have requested assistance from anyone else who has a better explanation.

        Dr. Kuroda was the first scientist to examine the ruins of Hiroshima in August 1945. He became my research mentor fifteen years later, in 1960 and assigned me the task of figuring out the origin of the solar system and its elements.

    • Daryl

      Please look at who holds a tremendous financial share in the media companies. I believe you will find that George Soros is the financial push and a huge invester. This came out a while back.

      • Sgt. York

        I feel you are correct and will ad this,Soros is a European raised in the Nazi time,saw how Hitler rose and in his stupid mind is thinking this is the time He will Rise to World Power. If O’Vomit tries to over power him he will be shortly found dead. Its Now World Power he is wanting. We as Americans Must Stand Up and Be Counted

      • Marie Saqueton

        You are right Daryl, the media is controlled by the “Elites” and we are just little people that do not have the power to defeat whatever agenda they want us to believe. The M/M is creating a bunch of idiots and pretty soon we won’t even know what hit us. People should read and research more than listien to the mainstream media. We are being programmed folks…..

  • Vicki

    The OP writes:
    “Free to travel.”

    Free to travel? Only if you walk. You have to get permission to take your private property (car) on the kings highway. You have to show your papers to any of the kings royal guard. You have to show your papers to be allowed to get on an airplane and soon TSA plans on having busses and trains on their standard list.

    In some cities you even have to show your papers if you are walking around (NY). There are also many examples on YouTube of the police demanding to “see your papers”

    • tony newbill

      lets talk about the free to travel issue …… here is more research on how we are losing our constitutional rights little by little to travel and just live in a 100 mile Zone around the USA …..The first link is Live , the rest need the HPPT closed back together .
      This part of the report shows where some of that OMNIBUS stimulus money went too . Oh how we were duped they are using our own debt to take away our constitutional rights !

      This Timed Release Creeping Tyranny goes hand in hand with Creeping Shariah Law
      ht tp://
      ht tp://

      Heres the Review update for 2012 ,
      ht tp://

      Obama and Bush Administrations are the same …..This map was done in 2006 , President Obama and Janet Napolitano has carried on with the Policy . ht tp://

      And during the last 4 years they have added this new NDAA Policy that further eliminates any right to due process ……. SO WHAT COMES TO MIND IS “ WHAT IS SCARING THE US GOVERNMENT SO BAD TO MAKE THEM DO THESE THING “ ????

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Vicki, the travel “restrictions” have been before across the world in all times in history, where if you came into a town you had to check in and when you left you checked out. Most people never traveled more than 50 miles in their lifetimes and I will allow for exceptions as in troop movements and merchant traders. The near distant future will be of people constrained to their residential perimeters because all the shops and offices and hospital are within area.

      • Chester

        Hate to bust your bubble on why the travel restrictions, and they were literally ORDERS not to leave your home without permission, existed. It was to control who was where in a town or a country so you would know who was there legally, and who you could safely toss in the village clink. Thieves didn’t bother getting travel papers, as they knew they would never be given permission to be IN a town. They either went in over the walls, or, more commonly, through a gate where there was a LOT of traffic already, so the guards weren’t as vigilant. The idea in Russia, and most of the Communist bloc countries was that unless you were a government official, you had no reason to be leaving your lovely home and job. Try slavery without the chains and whips.

      • Ibn Insha

        If something was imposed during the days of kings and queens does not mean it was correct and right. Talk about ignorance. Your comment indicates that you probably did not know that we declared independence from the Great Britain well over 200 years ago and the reason was that the King controlled too much of our lives including our movement about town.

    • Stanley Waugh

      Yes, Vicki, you are absolutely right. Last year I was stopped by the Reno Municipal Police on commercial property (Quick Mart, where I was gassing up)
      because my private property car was UNREGISTERED and I didn’t have the other privileged
      documents they demanded from me. They weren’t interested in my declarations to the effect that I was merely traveling noncommercially, not driving. I was not only cited for the Big 3, but the police also
      punished me extra judicially by depriving me of my property without a warrant, by arranging for
      the car to be towed. When I showed up at the tow company’s office to redeem my car, the know-it-all would not release my car based on my Bill of Sale, only for the Big 3. He wouldn’t
      even allow me to retrieve my personal effects still in the car. So I am reduced to footing it and
      riding the bus and taxis in this land of the fee while I try to figure out how to recover my property
      or damages for its “theft”—an impossible dream if we really no longer have the rule of law.
      Those of us who have the wisdom to understand what is really going on need to start joining up with each other to help each other as we have the gift to share. As it is, I stand alone in Reno and I
      am an easy target to sideline. But, somehow, by the Grace of God, Pharaoh will have to let
      God’s people go.

      • Karolyn

        Well, everybody knows they have to have registration, dl and insurance card on them when driving. In my experience, most cops will give people a pass if local. I guess some cops have to keep their quota up.

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        “Well, everybody knows they have to have registration, dl and insurance card on them when driving.”

        Why do we “know” that? Why do we accept the tyranny of the king when he demands our papers whenever his royal guard wants just because we choose to take our PRIVATE property from one place (say our home) to that of a friend?

        It’s called conditioning.

        “”Why should I agree to swap one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?” –

      • Karolyn

        Vicki – It helps to catch the bad guys. How many criminals have been caught by routine vehicle stops? I don’t know the number, but I hear of them all the time. I do think, though, that there are many cops that go overboard.

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:
        “Vicki – It helps to catch the bad guys. How many criminals have been caught by routine vehicle stops?”

        Thus Karolyn freely admits she has no interest in the 4th amendment and really likes it when they ask “May ve see your papers please”.

        Bummer. There are now confirmed 2 major things that Karolyn and I disagree on.

      • Kate8

        Vicki – Sadly, Karolyn represents a wide swath of the population who believe that they can trade freedom for safety. She is falling for another one of tyrant’s oldest tricks.

        Free and honest citizens should not be subject to being treated like criminals. We have the right to live unmolested by government, as they are (supposed to be) there to uphold the Constitution and defend us against “all enemies, both foreign and domestic”.

        This is all for nothing less than absolute control over every aspect of life, up to and including who lives and who doesn’t. Not only will this NOT keep us safe, but will insure our demise, both personally and as a free society.

        • Deerinwater

          Hate* says, “Vicki – Sadly, Karolyn represents a wide swath of the population who believe that they can trade freedom for safety. She is falling for another one of tyrant’s oldest tricks.”

          I would come near believing Karolyn is not as afraid as you seem to be Kate.

      • Kate8

        snakeingrass – How sad that you attack me with such ugliness for the simple reason that I believe in freedom from oppression and desire for us all to all live without fear of governmental bullies.

        I’d say that says more about who and what YOU are.

        If you really think that it’s okay for us to be surveilled at all times, and attacked by drones because we want to live free, then may you be collateral damage when one is fires at your neighbor.

        • Deerinwater

          Kate8 says, “If you really think that it’s okay for us to be surveillance at all times, ”

          I’m thinking back, ~ I have a dear lady friend that felt that way ~ It was not obvious in the beginning that she was not well. It got to where, she had tin foiled all the windows in the house and taped over all the electrical outlets to keep people from peeping in at her. ~

          I never went back after that ~ I wonder what ever happen to her?

    • figmo

      Vicki , The states have held that operating a motor vehicle on their streets and highways is a “privilege” and not a right thus giving themselves the power to license and regulate it. As far back as the 1800′s our Supreme Court recognized a constitutional right to travel as being within the “penumbra” or shadow of the Bill of Rights. In Crandal v. Nevada the court struck down Nevada’s charging a fee to stage coach passengers crossing between Calif. and Nev. So we should have the right to travel on foot or by lawful public transportation (subject to being groped and floroscoped by TSA) or by lawfully operated private motor vehicle.

      • R.F.

        Then in order to avoid modern day licensing why don’t you just get your stagecoach out and travel that way. You’ll be helping the environment to boot.

      • vicki

        figmo says:
        “Vicki , The states have held that operating a motor vehicle on their streets and highways is a “privilege” and not a right thus giving themselves the power to license and regulate it.”

        Of course they have. Fox, here is hen house. Please guard.

        Your comment about “their streets…” is exactly why I call them the “kings” highways. They are supposed to be PUBLIC property. States treat them as their own (government) property.

  • FreedomFighter

    Yes a great artical, but I think he forgot the only thing that keeps a complete police state takeover from happening:

    We are still armed to the teeth, for now. A loss on the freedom to bear arms is the final nail in the coffin of freedom and liberty, because slaves dont own guns, only the master.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Gary


      How many drones can you dig up with an hours notice? You may have as many guns and the courage but you do not have the sophistication of the gadgets or the lack of morality that Obama and his minions have!

      • vicki

        With all those sophisticated gadgets (see the current stories about the LAPD ex-officer man hunt for descriptions of some of them) why has the US not won the war in Afghanistan? And if you call the current condition “winning” why did it take 10 years?

        Oh and have they caught that ex-officer yet?

      • Elmer

        This reply is actually for Vicky: Call me Captain Obvious, but that ex-LAPD officer hasn’t been caught because they don’t know exactly where he is. Also, he doesn’t have a microchip or other means of tracking him down with sophisticated gadgets such as a drone, and he’s strategically and tactically trained, which is why it’s hard to locate a single person in this situation. It’s not like the movies where they can get a bead on an individual person, even in the middle of a crowd, and take them out.

        As for why the US has not won the war in Afghanistan? No idea. I’d ask the former administration who got us into the war, or the current administration who promised to end the war 4 years ago.

      • Vicki

        Elmer. I did suggest you check out the fancy gadgets being used to locate this individual (who appears to be an anti-gun hypocrite). The fact that he so easily eludes capture is strong evidence that the government will have little success controlling the rest of us unless they get all our firearms. This is evidence to counter Gary’s claim that we would have little chance against all the fancy gadgets government is supposed to have.

      • Vicki

        Here is a link to the anti-gun rant of the ex-LAPD officer.

        It also details the MSM (including now Fox) deliberate intent to suppress this “undesirable” news.

    • truthbeknown

      Right on and the only way now to send a message they might understand.. Is to keep buying guns and ammo at the current pace. Let them know that we will not go silently into the night.

    • omanuel

      I agree.

      America is rapidly becoming part of a world-wide police state – the United Nations.

      Guns and violent resistant are not the answer now. Here is the sequence of events that got us here:

      1400s-1500s: World leaders were closely allied with religious leaders before Copernicus and Galileo discovered Earth is NOT the center of the universe. Earth is NOT even the center of the Solar System:

      At the center of the Solar System is a giant fountain of energy – Sol or Sun !

      1500-1945: World leaders accepted the merits of science and religion and society flourished after this scientific revolution. Leaders like Thomas Jefferson helped establish democratic governments based on the fact mankind is endowed by his Creator with inalienable rights to establish and/or abolish governments that protect his right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

      6 Aug – 24 Oct 1945: Nuclear scientists released the source of energy that powers the Sun – neutron repulsion – over Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945. World leaders responded by

      a.) Breaking their alliance with religious leaders
      b.) Forming a closer alliance with leaders of the scientific community
      c.) Establishing the UN on 24 Oct 1945 to save mankind from nuclear annihilation.

      1946: The British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, was compelled to write and publish misinformation about the Sun’s internal composition and source of energy. Off-stage, he cooperated with another British author of science fiction – George Orwell – to warn the public a tyrannical police state was approaching and would engulf us by “1984″.

      1946-2013 (a): World tyranny grew, except for a brief period in 1960-1963 when President John F. Kennedy seriously tried to stop this trend. The Apollo Space Program, the Bay of Pigs incident, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the assignation of John Kennedy followed.

      1946-2013 (b): Precise experimental data and observations from the nuclear and space age showed that neutron repulsion in the Sun’s pulsar core is the creator, destroyer, and sustainer of chemical elements, lives and worlds in the entire Solar System: A volume of space larger than ten billion, billion Earths. >10,000,000,000,000,000,000 Earths

      Rather than guns and violence, the best solution for society today is integration (convergence) of science and spirituality.

      With kind regards,
      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

    • Thaddeus Toad

      “How Long Before”…. Good question Bob ! ….. When america gets off its ass and turns off the game,when women get their heads out of their asses and pay attention to what is happening to the family as we know it,when somebody in a position of leadership stands up to the sodomites,…. When we quit celebrating trash and elect morally straight leaders which can’t happen until we ourselves become morally straight… that is how long Bob…I might add time is running out quickly..

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        When MEN and women get off their asses and pay attention to the family. Not, just women.

    • Thaddeus Toad

      Our leaders know we are armed to the teeth…. so what ! They are picking off those on perifiary and at a deliberate pace… Uniformed law enforcement is the first eschalon of defense…and it is very effective as long as nobody questions why their neighbors door was broken down…

    • Don 2

      For your own knowledge, investigate the August 1-2, 1946 “Battle of Athens, Georgia” when W.W. II veterans rose up and armed themselves to fight tyranny and corruption, resulting in a gun battle with corrupt government officials and Sheriff’s Department.

    • Don 2

      Correction: Athens. Tenn.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      He didn’t forget that; it was in there! And as was stated, that is precisely the reason for this insane push to disarm, not only in the US, but globally; it’s all about the NWO! We have to be disarmed in order for them to shove the NAU down our throats to make up that 1 of the 10 nation-states under UN governance, in order to bring on the rest of the NWO totalitarianism!

    • Rod Johnson

      if you do not think this is going on go buy bullets in California oh you will have to wait in line so leave early or you wont get any.

    • Fred

      I feel we should start saving our ammunition and start joining your nearest militia or start your our militia cell. Civil war is just around the corner. May God help us!

      • Kate8

        Fred – Common sense would tell us that if we get into a shooting match with the feds we will come out on the short end. They have weaponry that can annihilate large numbers without their needing to confront any danger at all.

        I read where it has been exposed that protesters against this administration have been hit with microwave technology, and are developing cancers at an accelerated rate. And this is only one of their options. If they wanted to they could zap everyone on the spot. And let’s not forget the drones.

        We need to fight smart. If I knew what that meant I’d be a genius. But I’m sure there are well trained patriots who DO know, and we need them to help us.

    • omanuel

      World leaders are desperate to keep the public from knowing they are powerless because the Sun is a pulsar [1-8] that:

      a.) Made our elements
      b.) Birthed the Solar System 5 Gyr ago
      c.) Is still connected to every atom and living cell
      d.) Sustained the origin and evolution of life on Earth after ~3.5 Gyr ago
      e.) Endowed mankind with the incredible creativity of Mozart, Einstein, etc. and
      f.) Inalienable rights to self-governance, to establish/abolish governments in order to
      g.) Protect our birthright to live happy joyous and free (Enjoy Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness).


      1. Carl A. Rouse, “A solar neutrino loophole: Standard solar models”, Astronomy and Astrophysics 44 (1975) 237-240:

      2. O. K. Manuel and D. D. Sabu, “Elemental and isotopic inhomogeneities in noble gases: The case for local synthesis of the chemical elements”, Trans. Missouri Acad. Sci. 9 (1975) 104-122.

      3. O. K. Manuel and D. D. Sabu, “Strange xenon, extinct superheavy elements and the solar neutrino puzzle”, Science 195 (January 1977) 208-209:

      4. Peter Toth, “Is the Sun a pulsar?” Nature 270 (1977) 159-160:

      5. Carl A. Rouse, “Evidence for a small, high-Z, iron-like solar core”, Solar Physics 110 (1987) 211-235:

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      7. O. K. Manuel, “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19 (2012) 123-150:

      8. Oliver K. Manuel and Alberto Boretti, “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012):

      • Kate8

        omanuel – Again, that information is of little help to us if we cannot understand what it means to us.

        Is there a way for us to harness this power to use in our defense? Are we to trust Creator to use it in our defense? Just what is your message?

      • Mike

        Omanuel you are completely off topic, besides you were probably one of the conspirators about Apollo 18 mission to the moon , and the coverup of alien life found on the dark side of the moon. You think i’m lying. Why have we not gone back to the moon? What happened to the origional plans to build a moon base on the moon? So you need to come down out of the clouds and get on topic. Yes i believe in God, but he is not going to intervene to stop a civil war to prevent tyranny. He did’nt the last time, did he?

      • Charlie

        Omanuel has hit upon tying Science and The Holy Bible together,,, so,,,IF you are not into Science ,,basically,,,and are not into basic Holy Bible,,,then you will never understand what OK Omanuel is talking about or how it can be used everyday for your health, wealth and welfare… BUT,,,the thing to remember is, that, all Humanoids can be deceived by the Satanic forces that The same God that created The Sun also created the Devil and his Demons,,,so,,,once you have basic Science and basic Bible understood to a Prayer Power degree then you can learn to solve all problems in Living Life as God wants…Meanwhile….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

    • Charlie

      Your technology is way over the heads of most readers and writers on this site… The Holy Bible of The Almighty God says that God created all that “”Stuff””you write of,,,but,,,The Bible says it in much simpler terms,,AND,,, even The Holy Bible is way over the heads of most on this site,,,The Bible is a book of Power from God and all His Creations… But back to destructive Power,,, that heat Power that took out Japan is going to happen again , it is spoke by Peter at 2 Peter 3:12,13,,,what Peter spoke is going to happen, will make the Atomic bomb appear as just a match stick aflame,, and in My opinion I think 2 Peter 3:12,13, is going to happen at about the same time as the book of Obadiah ,,,in fact I think Obadiah will be the detonator for 2 Peter 3:12,13… You Science hi tech guys cannot stop what The Bible says is going to happen,,, but,,, you can protect your self and others with similar Powers from The Bible… What do you think Hi Tech Omanuel is The Bible True???
      Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • Paul


    • akathesob

      Very true and well said. Personally will not comply with any of Barry’s BS.

  • Dawn Wride

    Is anyone in the U.S. Congress standing up for the American citizen, or are members of Congress under the “control” of those who would do America harm? I find it hard to believe that some members of Congress cannot see what is going on in America and speaking out boldly.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      It’s exceedingly rare, Dawn. And even if someone does speak out, you won’t hear about it because the press won’t report it! Ron Paul spoke out and you never heard about it through the main stream media. When he ran for president and participated in the debates, they couldn’t avoid him but they managed that by portraying him as an idiot. The press would either ignore him completely or would twist his words to disparage their meaning. People have become accustomed to allowing the media to decide who is to be heard and what to think. So sadly, IF any speak out, none will be heard!

      • vicki

        We will be heard. Websites like this one. Which is why you find so many paid provocateurs here.

        Also social media. The obama political “machine” knows well the power of social media and conservatives need to use it too. MSM is a dying breed. The threat of the free press we call the internet is one of the reasons the government is trying hard to gain dictatorial control over it.

        The home page of the link above has many articles discussing the situation.

    • http://yahoo J Michael Wilson

      Rand Paul!

    • Paul

      They are in a very dangerous place..they will have to be careful with their words and actions because of assinations…just look how many died around the clintons when he was in office….just keep your ears and eyes open i think it’s about to get messy in this country..

  • robert

    Time for people to open there eyes. And see what’s realy going on. Just pray they realize it before its to late.

  • Gea

    I bike and walk to where I need to go…and live off the grid, so that I have no utilkity bills. I am not going to let some energy or water corporation dictate what I do, or local government opress me.

    We in US, “the land of the free”, jhave the highest proportion of incarcerated citizens in the world! Why? Is it that Americans are intrinstically more criminal that the rest of the world, or that we put people to jail for smoking marijuana which is less harmful than alcohol? Also, why do we keep on the dole women who have babies out of marriage who leave those babies with their unemployed boyfriends (who occasionally kill them).

    When people have nothing to do, they get in all kinds of trouble, such as drugs and violence. If anybody wants government support they should be required to do community service for it to keep them busy and learning working skills and sicipline.

    We need to total overhaul of the current social security system that encourages disfuctional and criminal behaviors and makes US a dysfuctional dumb country!

    • vicki

      Gea writes:
      “We in US, “the land of the free”, have the highest proportion of incarcerated citizens in the world! Why? Is it that Americans are intrinsically more criminal that the rest of the world,”

      It is from the war on (some) drugs. A lot of the incarcerated are guilty of being independent and actively resisting oppressive laws on possession of things that they grew or bought without fraud or force. They are not criminals because the laws against possession of things acquired by a free people, without fraud or force, are by their very nature unconstitutional as is the war on (some) drugs.

      It is however proof that the “police state” has been a growing thing for a LOT longer than the obama or Bush administrations.

      • Karolyn

        For once I agree with you Vicki. When they’re putting people in jail for 20-30 years for selling pot, it’s a problem.

      • Vicki

        Yes we do agree on some things. In fact our only major disagreement is on taking other peoples money at government gunpoint for their pet charities.

        I say no to taking money and you say yes.

      • Kate8

        Prisons are now being run by private, for-profit corporations. Prisoners are forced to work for these corporations, and they are actually guaranteed by government certain quotas of prison labor.

        This is why they are incarcerating ever more people who commit no real crimes. I mean, if you need workers, do you want murderers and psychopaths working for you, or people who have led reasonably responsible and compliant lives?

        This country is no longer America. The question is, what are we going to do to restore it?

        • Deerinwater

          A Time Machine? ~ and it is America today Kate and not to be confuses with some other America in some other time. ~

          There is no restoring yesterday. For now, we only know of time moving forward.

          I wish that we ~ could go back, i really do but you and I both know that is not to happen, ~ it’s just a waste of breath to mention.

      • Kate8

        snake – Obviously, you consider descending into hell “moving forward”.

        Humanity has always built up and collapsed over and over. Ebb and flow. Societies come, societies go. We are on track for destruction under this pack of wolves.

  • reeky retardo

    How long? Never.

  • Mom2Marine

    I want to cut and paste this article on every website….but I then realize that anyone with two brain cells rubbing together already gets it….the others, well we will be reading about them in (future) history books.

  • hipshotpercusion

    Go to AIM and check out firearms and ammo. Practically everything is completely sold out! Gun shops and Wal Marts have virtually no ammo. there is ammo available at gun shows but prices are accordingly high. A lot of folks are getting ready for when TSHTF!

    • Al Chemist

      You’re right Hipshot! And, it’s a pity that we have to compete with HLS buying up the ammo with our tax dollars.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Try, with borrowed money.

  • John Machinski

    There is even more proof. Read Rand Paul’s latest book which chronicles how many people the EPA and other government agencies have arrested for moving dirt on their property and other nonsensical charges.

  • Bigron


    • Dorsetgal

      Bob’s concerns are our new reality. Get your houses in order and store food and ammo for the long haul. Whether we want to admit it or not, horrible shortages are coming and with that desperate people will come hunting for our stores…to save their families. It’s all bad, so prepare while we have a little time left. “A house divided cannot stand.” This country is as divided as it was prior to the Civil War. Note the similarities and remember history always repeats itself.

  • Grandpa Frog

    I used to hope that the third arm of government would uphold the constitutionality of our government. How naive I’ve been, regarding the Supreme Court’s upholding of Obamacare and their almost (5 to 4 ) decision upsetting of the 2nd Amendment. In light of the media’s so obvious bias, the 1st Amendment’s freedom of the press has been neutered, and the 4th, 5th and 10th rendered impotent. We are back to the 1760′s.

    • vicki

      Read the Declaration of Independence. In particular the list of reasons given for separating from King George. Replace “he” with “the current administration” You can use that for many of the administrations in the US in recent years.

  • mike

    Looks like 1776 history needs to repeat it self.

  • abimanu mathoorasing

    As the adage says: Don’t cry over spilt milk. The people voted for the President,we have no choice, but to comply,which seems to be the policy in a democracy.I am convinced that the fiscal cliff is staring right in the face of the President,but we,the people,have no say until the next election in November,four years after the unfortunate one. Please keep fighting as the pen is mightier than the sword.

    • Robert

      One major problem, the controllers pick the candidates. There will never be a candidate that can be elected that represents the people. So other means must be taken.

    • steve

      you must have read a different article here then i did. it said right away that your vote means nothing and yet you still think the system will help you with voting. insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. that’s you . you also probably think that god is blessing this country. if i was him i wouldn’t. not with all the murders to babies and all the wars.

      • nc

        Steve, do you have any idea how many babies god (?) killed in Egypt and in Noah’s flood!? Their sin? Their crime? Does god(?) or satan (?) handle the miscarriages?

      • steve

        it’s his world. he’s perfect. that makes it right. maybe not in your mind.

      • steve

        guess i should have used the word abortion instead of murder. but to god it’s all the same

    • Texas Ride

      Livingston couldn’t have said it better! He hit all the points!

      One point is particularly appropriate for the people that post on forums…

      Quote, “Most people foolishly believe they control the political system through elections.”

      How many times do we read posts that talk about the need to change everything… “in the next election.” That is a naive and stupid mindset. It is nothing but propaganda.

      Government wants us to think we have some control over what happens in this country. Wrong! The people have no control over anything that happens to them. The system has been corrupted and it no longer resembles a constitutional Republic. Government is disfunctional and its only purpose is becoming more tyrannical. Every action, every new law is just another step toward total control of the country’s wealth, and toward enslaving the people.

      The last “free country” in the world is under assault by the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against any people.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      abimanu says: “we have no choice but to comply, which seems to be the policy in a democracy”.

      First of all, we not only have a choice, we have a DUTY to not comply! The following is a quote from The Declaration of Independence: “But when a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security.”

      Second of all, we are NOT a democracy!!! We are a Republic!!! The rights of the individual shall not be abused!!! In a Republic, majority does NOT rule! Our government works hard to try and convince us that we are a democracy, but we are NOT!!! DEMAND YOUR RIGHTS!!! DO NOT COMPLY!!!

      • Texas Ride

        Nancy, you are correct. Americans do not have to comply with unconstitutional laws and they have a “duty” not to comply! The “duty” is not to bend to tyranny, but confront it.

        Nothing this fraudulent regime has done is “constitutional.” As Livingston said, “…constitutionality of our laws isn’t even discussed!”

      • vicki

        Nancy in Nebraska writes:
        “Second of all, we are NOT a democracy!!! We are a Republic!!!”

        Not just a republic. A Constitutionally LIMITED Republic. This is rather important because just being a government of law is not enough. A Constitution could give dictatorial power to the agents of government.

        OUR Constitution specifically limits the power we can delegate to our government in 2 ways.

        1. It explicitly lists the powers that can be delegated to the Federal Government.
        2. It explicitly lists the powers we can NOT delegate to State Governments.

        One of the most obvious examples is the 2nd Amendment. No matter how much the anti-gun crowd (even if they were 61%) wants to ban guns, the Constitution SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITS us from giving our government agents (state or federal) that power.

        Also worth noting is that governments have NO rights and thus can not grant any.
        People have rights and powers. (See amendments 9 and 10)

    • laidbackrebel

      that is the old bull that some stupid teacher taught you. Try sword fighting with a dictionary……..GOOD LUCK.

  • michael a.

    You are quite correct, sir in that we need to open our eyes really soon before we one day wake up to an America we do not recognize. We now have basically a one-party government which is totally dysfunctional, with little chance of reforming it. Both major political parties are structured so that you always get the worst available person, the
    “lowest common denominator.” Congress is the world’s most exclusive country club,
    and membership perks soon become an addiction-this is how we get stuck for decades with clowns the like of Ted Kennedy, Charlie Rangel, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, and oh yes, Nancy “we don’t have a spending problem” Pelosi. Our country is broken spiritually, morally, and fiscally -we need a return to God’s guidance, just as our founding fathers so heavily relied upon. We need to hold accountable our inept elected officials who have been pillaging this country’s wealth, not those who create jobs and wealth. Privacy, or the illusion of it, is always traded by lemmings in the name of “security.”

    • nc

      Michael a. if we return to God’s guidance where do jobs and wealth have a place? What about that teaching to rid yourself of evil wealth and give it to the needy AND GO TEACH “THE WORD’ It’s quite confusing to be taught to love my neighbor, be my brothers keeper and still spend all that money on the military to kill their sorry butts! HELP!!

      • Stuart

        nc, giving to the needy is different than giving to the greedy! Those that have allowed themselves to be caught up in the give me everything and don’t make me work for anything, are not needy; they are the greedy ones and just too sorry to to be part of a society. As a society, we are( IMO) obligated to take care of those that are absolutely too disabled physically or mentally to function and take care of themselves. And only if they have no family to assume the responsibilities to take care of them. A large part of our problem is the narcissistic (all about me) society that we have raised; that won’t take care of their families in need. They have been taught that the Sugar Daddy USA will do it for them, and now we are doing it all over the world.

      • Stuart

        nc, I should have added; Those that took an unemployment check from the GOV (which is me and other tax payers) are also the GREEDY, there is no way in this country that people could have not found something to do to feed themselves. It may not have been the job that they once had but they could have done something! It’s called lack of pride!!

      • Vicki

        I share my wealth with those who truly need. I am also the ONLY one who can accurately decide with whom to share MY wealth. I can not make that decision for you and I can not delegate that decision power to government.

  • Dave67

    You people just need to Stop…



    The paranoia is funny but dangerous. Freedom in this society has always been tied to money because money gives you the freedom to travel and move up the social ladder. Get mad at the corporatists for destroying the Unions that got most people prosperity in the 1950′s, Get mad at the wealthy who lobby Congress to keep us in a perpetual war footing so we can give 700B plus to the military every year, Get mad at the mistake of unions for helping create insurance companies for HC and Nixon for helping institute the employer-insurance company model.

    Too many people in on this board are fools, they are afraid of our gov, it should be the other way around. Gov should fear the people’s ability to kick them out of their position. Idiots go out and buy guns because Obama is president and the softheads blame him for the current state of affairs when little is his doing.

    Reaganomics is and should be dead. His non-sustainable defense spending, his tax cut and spend policy, his selling out of our manufacturing base for cash is what really has led to our country’s downfall.

    The solution is real simple… Vote.

    Anyone who puts forth legislation that benefits the wealthy to the middle class’s and poor’s detriment should be voted out.

    Anyone who voted to keep the military’s spending at it unsustainable level, should be voted out.

    Put in people that will vote to:

    End Corp welfare
    Include people, not exclude
    Do what is right and not policically the easiest for ALL Americans, not just the top wage earners.
    End the two party charade/monopoly in this country
    End the Patriot Act and its subsequent amendments

    Some of the things the paranoids forget in this country are:

    1) Our military is a ALL VOLUNTEER FORCE
    2) The Military is under civilian control and oversight per the US Constitution.

    Its not in our culture to allow or support any sort of police/military state

    We have not lost freedom as much as economic power for the middle class and poor than that fact has been manipulated by people like the writer of this nonsense and many here as a loss of freedom.

    Wake up…

    • mike

      try to vote them out, the so called elections are allready determined before the election!

      • tony newbill

        Hey I wonder what Obama is telling them to teach these Child soldiers ?

        Presidential Memorandum — Presidential Determination with respect to the Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008

      • Gary


        Proof of your statement is Ron Paul! Look how quickly the Republican party ended that risk to the status quo.

      • nc

        mike, nobody told Root and Hannity and the big Republican donors that the elections were decided before the election! Maybe STUPID was not a strong enough word!

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Mike I think your right. Just like Obama said to the Russian president last year, he’ll have more pull after he’s reelected. So, he knew he’d be reelected. This might be also the reason why he didn’t try too hard during the first debate with Romney. A couple days ago he told the dems in the house representatives that they will control the house in 2014, and that Nancy Pulosi will be the house speaker again. This sounds to me he already knows what is going to happen in the 2014 elections.

      • Karolyn

        Julie – So you don’t belive in thinking positive? Oh, my bad, I forgot; you’re a conservative.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Kathern, I’m getting more and more positive that the elections are rigged. For years I was a Democrat, even campaigned for a few, but I woke up when I figured out there wasn’t much difference between the two(Dems and Repubs). I consider myself more a conservative, and proud of it. Do you have a problem with it?

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Sorry Karolyn, I spelled your name wrong.

    • Hedgehog

      Dave 67, it’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes that counts. Your last election proved that!

      • Dave67


        You really think Tricky Mitt Romney who stood for nothing but his own tax dodging interests won the election?

        Many voting places used DIEBOLD machines and the hed of that company is a registered Republican.

        The GOP field of candidates was the weakest I have ever seen. Pathetic is the word I would describe. Nobody that was serious in the GOP wanted any part of this election because they know that the problems of this country took 40 years to create, and it make take longer than 4 years to fix.

        • tony newbill

          Congress approval is 18 % so this means NO ONE thinks these guys a worth a s–t .
          So how the democrats stayed in their positions with their president in tact can be understood by the way they DO NOT Want to CUT the Spending to the Dependent Voters they have created while the RINOS have isolated themselves from the voters because they continue to support a trade policy that leave the voters NO Choice but to BEG for a handout , and this is why MITT ROMNEY LOST !!!!!

          But aside from that dysfunction in Government policy this Portrays our Problem which seems to be one of choice but Why is it that the Ones that can make the choice available to we the people are not doing so ??

        • Gea

          Mtt Romney is a very moral man who gives 15% of his yerly income to charities unlike Obama’s 1% and Biden 0.2%. He is not forcing working people to pay for moochers who are given freebees by Obama.

          Also, Mitt Romney was a bishop in his church, which position is given onlly to people of high moral character. OBama is a phoney baloney who had deceived Americans and bought election by various freebees which creates small business of pimping and prostitution by giving them free phones and other perks which working people cannot get and should not get for free.

          Mitt Romney also is hgihly competent manger and creator of new wealth and jobs, while Obama knew how to teach people to mooch the existing system and living on the dole. Obama got rich on his toll stories, which are not to be believed, He had been groomed for Presidency by Jessie Jackson in Chicago, another crooked black politicians who used his skin color to his advantage.

      • tony newbill

        correction congress approval rating is 10 % so this explains why those who are buying the vote are winning .

      • Dave67


        The Mormon religion mandates giving 10% of your money back to the church to pay for their marketing and temples.

        Are charitable donations tax deductable? Yes…

        Religions are businesses and they should be taxed as such.

        Tricky Mitt is an entitled elitist. He never had to earn money a day in his life. His whole career has been centered around himself and getting out of paying his share of taxes so the rest of us fits the bill. He had no problem tearing up companies, sending jobs overseas as long as he made his. Typical corporatist.

        • tony newbill

          Why is it that the trickyist presidents of all are the ones who have the Main Stream media in their favor to the point that Public perception is the deception of successes ?

      • Dave67

        Capitalist at Birth…

        Congress spends the money? (true) but that doesn’t stop conservatives for breaking their arms patting Reagan on the back for a false economy now does it?

        Does it stop many hear from blaming Obama for the lack of movement on the economy when the GOP control the House and that idiot Reid and the other idiots (Senate GOP) play games in the senate?

        Unions gave us the 40 our work week, work safety laws, ended child labor and if you were a Union worker in the auto industry for an example, you could work on the assembly line, afford to have only one bread winner, while saving for college for your kids and retirement. Using the Auto Industry again, HC Insurance was created as a benefit to their members and people like the Kaiser family took the model and expandied it nationwide, essentiallly removing the patient as the end user of HC.

        Reagan tripled the National debt. HE proposed tax cuts, HE proposed incrases in defense spending and expansion of Gov. HE led the deregulation of the banks and credit, and HE aided the trade deals thay helped get rid of our manuafcturing base. Reagan and Clinton were the worst Presidents for our economy in my lifetime. Equal blame goes to their Congresses as well.

      • Hedgehog

        Dave67 et al; I did not say Romney won the election, In point of fact it may never be determined who WON the election. But is possible to say without fear of rational contradiction that the American People LOST that election! That election should never have happened. The number of Constitutional violations should have ensured Obama’s impeachment long before Nov. 6 2012. That was not an election, it was a FARCE. A failure by your Elected representatives and the Supreme Court to nip a nascent tyrant in the bud. Now you the people have to take back your country the hard way. I wish you good luck!

      • Don 2


        You got a point. Instead of dealing a weak field with a very successful business man like Romney, perhaps the GOP should have put forth a strong field of community organizers(antagonizers) with more experience than Obama. Can you imagine all that community organizing experience on the same stage ? Sends a tingle up my leg.

        • Deerinwater

          Don says; “Instead of dealing a weak field with a very successful business man like Romney”.

          I say , as long as rank and file GOP supporters continues to view Mitt Romney (types) as a successful business men, the GOP will be disconnected from the sentiments of the rest of the nation Don.

          That we have this wide abyss in public thinking on what constitutes “success” , will forever keep us separated and venomously opposed.

          As for myself, ~ I’m not moving an inch in your direction on this matter.

          In matters of public Domain, ~ success is seen as a Win/Win scenario ~ if a few persons “winning” comes at the cost of many losing ~ That is not a public success but a private one.

          Any private success that can hide from litigation by corporate laws that leaving victims and injured parties in their wake with no recourse does not constitute any “success”, as I understand success unless it’s a criminal success.

          I have no interest in being a part of nor would I want such a successful person carrying out my garbage much less presiding over the highest office of the nation.

          Don, most of American voters will agree with me on this matter where they be democrats or republicans which leaves Librarians, that hate ,government, any rules, that just fell to earth owning no one nothing, to think Mitt Romney might be presidential material.

          The bulk of GOP voters was held hostage November 2012 by a GOP machine attempting to serve three masters.

          It didn’t work out so good did it?

      • Don 2

        dave67 = dave67d = different name, same crappolla

      • Don 2


        Wow, that post went right over your head. Whew!

        At any rate, you appear to be making a number of vague accusations about the man. probably as a result of being spoonfed hate messages from MSNBC and the rest of the lamestream press which doesn’t report news anymore, but rather prints what the WH tells them. If you have proof regarding some negative truths about Romney, please enlighten us all.

        As far as the disconnect you speak of, and the new war on successful people, well, that propaganda was something created by our “dear leader” as another means to divide Americans. Until the tyrant took over the WH, being successful was a good thing, now successful people are to be villified.

        Whether or not Romney was the right pick or not, was not my message. However, compared to a Marxist community antagonizer, he was still 1,000 time superior. And Obama was a self-declared Marxist when he entered Occidental College. His mentor as a youth was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party U.S.A. card carrying member and propagandist, and supporter of the former Soviet Union.

        • Deerinwater

          Don says; ” that I make a number of vague accusations and that “his post “must have went over my head and then he proceeds to say

          speaking of Mitt Romney he say ~ ” However, compared to a Marxist community antagonizer, he was still 1,000 time superior. And Obama was a self-declared Marxist when he entered Occidental College. His mentor as a youth was Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist Party U.S.A. card carrying member and propagandist, and supporter of the former Soviet Union.”

          Well you can believe that Don ~ but thank God, most of us don’t ~

          Don I find you useful. ~ You just keep believing what you believe. ~ IT works for me.

      • Don 2


        As expected, you haven’t come up with a single fact to show that Romney was actually a bad guy, or did anything unlawful. To the low-information voter like yourself, Romney having been successful, and Deerunderwater not having gotten a piece of that action, is a bad thing. By what you have written, I’m thinking that you are probably a union(socialist by nature) member.

        I suggest that you watch the autobiography “Dreams from My Real Father – A Story of Reds and Deception” directed by Joel Gilbert, and listen to what comes out of Obama’s own mouth, and see what a little statist bit/h Michelle really is, again words coming out of her own mouth. See for yourself, it is them talking, not someone else.

        Then start doing some research by googling “Barack Obama + Frank Marshall Davis.”

        You just go ahead and keep believing in Obama. Ignorance is America’s Greatest Threat. Frankly, I don’t find you useful at all.

        • Deerinwater

          Don, ~ I’ve no interest in trashing Mitt Romney for your amusement and entertainment. I have told you that I had reject him and anyone like him on the ground of his Vulture Capitalist history.

          I could also mention his “fuzzy math” that didn’t add up or his lacking in qualities in other areas as well, like his lack of focus or failing to express his convictions well. I took him as being just another corporate lap dog., for the right price willing to be sympathetic to anyone and anything irregardless of who it hurt as long as he didn’t know them personally.

          If you feel like that it impossible for me to expose Mitt Romney for what he is ~ fine, you hold on to that thought, I will allow you that.

          Run him again! but for now you’ve got Obama.


        • R.F.

          The problem with Mitt was that he was not a very good organizer/leader. His run for the office was horrid. I remember after his defeat some of his people came out and complained that the only reason Obama won the election was that he had well organized teams of supporters in every state who systematically went to voters and explained his policies and then got the vote out. Well how do you like that?!? Mitt, on the other hand, spoke out of both sides of his mouth almost within the same sentence. He would say anything to anyone at any time apparently unaware of what he had said the day before. Anything for a vote. What a loser.

      • Don 2


        I’m not arguing for “Ran a terrible campaign Romney.”

        I am arguing against Obama, a Marxist, who dedicated himself to radical courses at Columbia; a man who studied Political Islam under Dr. Edward Said, known as the Professor of Terror because of his relationship to the PLO, and Professor Richard Cloward, a Marxist, who authored “The Crises Strategy” which advocated overwelming the welfare roles with minorities, to collapse capitalism.

        I could continue, but I would hope that you can see the resemblence of what Richard Cloward taught Barack Obama, and where this country is headed.

        In addition to his “C” average, which would prove him not to be nearly as smart as the press makes him out to be, he will not release his college records because it would show the relationship between his radical studies and his leftist radical ideology.

        • R.F.

          The President has 3 university degrees and two of the schools are about as good as they get anywhere on earth: Columbia University and Harvard Law School. They have pretty high standards so I wouldn’t worry about his grades. In addition Obama was TWICE chosen to be editor of the Harvard Law Review which is a rare honour to attain even once. And of course he went on to be a Professor of Constitutional Law at the U of Chicago. I’m sure they got see his past grades before hiring him even though you haven’t seen his grades. And tonight you’ll be hearing the presidents plans for the nation over the next 4 years. Listen carefully and enjoy.

      • Don 2


        Obama got in because he had political connections, not because he was smart. Editor of the Harvard Law Review, eh? Well guess what? He hasn’t published a thing. That title is as impressive as Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize just for being born, or his voting ‘present’ on every vote as an Illinois senator. What a farce.

        No, I won’t be watching tonight. I’d rather get a root canal than watch a guy that cannot even put a sentence together w/o a teleprompter. But you go ahead and be duped, and worship your ‘Dear Leader’

        • Deerinwater

          Don 2 says, “Obama got in because he had political connections, not because he was smart. ”

          So I ask Don, so even being not so smart, Obama (a young man of color) managed to acquire enough political clout that it catapult him to the 1st chair position in less then 4 years ?

          Amazing! Only in America!

          Here’s the way I see it Don, ~ It’s not that Obama is so bright ~ but the GOP has acted out and behaved so foolishly , you can only call it down right stupid!

        • R. Fine

          Just for your information an editor edits submissions to a journal. An editor does not write articles. I think you should just take a peak at the address tonight. It might help you realize something more than the tripe you get from talk radio. You needn’t let on to any of your buddies that you tried being open minded for an hour. You can keep that bit a secret.

      • Don 2


        It appears that you’re having a problem following the conversation. Perhaps you should go to bed early tonight instead of watching your ‘Dear Leader’

        You are correct about one thing. It is not that Obama is so smart. It is that his worshipers are so stupid. Apparently, you have a front row seat. I hope that you do not faint tonight while Obama is speaking. Please keep your hand on your medical alert button in case you require an ambulance.

        • Deerinwater

          Don 2 says ” deerunderwater,
          It appears that you’re having a problem following the conversation. Perhaps you should go to bed early tonight instead of watching your ‘Dear Leader’”

          I say, ~ I enjoy robust simulating debate on the issues Don 2.

          That you fail to offer either ~ and make childish sport of my handle as well. I have nothing to offer you Don.

          Never wrestle with a “pig”, he likes it and you both get dirty.

      • Don 2

        R. Fine & Deerunderwater,

        I choose to watch re-runs of “Everybody Loves Raymond” instead of watching your ‘Dear Leader.’ However, from the reports I am hearing, listening to the Marxist repeat his far-left ideologic crapolla, with no solutions to any of the nation’s real problems except to spend more and tax more, was a big waste of time for his followers, even disappointing to some of you.

        I guess for now I’ll just have to take temporary comfort in the fact that besides me getting screwed by Obama, you’re also getting screwed as well. The difference being, I know it.

        • R. Fine

          Gee, you didn’t watch the State of the Union address? You preferred a dumb sit-com with canned laughter? Your admission just says so much about you and your little world and your lack of interest in what is really happening in your country.

      • Don 2

        R. Fine,

        You mean, as opposed to a boring ‘canned speech’ aimed at a leftist base and partisan worshipers. who jump to their feet clapping on cue.

        I don’t have a lack of interest in what is happening in the country. However, I do have a lack of interest in hearing the repeated lies, deceit, and misdirection of your Marxist anti-constitutional, anti-American, pro-Islamic dictator & chief. I already knew what he was going to say. I’ve heard it before, haven’t you? How many times do you have to hear it? Are you that stupid?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Are you an ostrich? Your contentions regarding the unions, Nixon, and Reagan are factually incorrect. Unions have not now nor did they ever crate prosperity. They have always been an continue to be a criminal operation. Reagan did not have a spending problem. Of course you are aware, aren’t you, that Congress spends the money not the President. Reagan rebuilt our military that had been decimated by Carters policies and cuts. Do you know what defense spending has been as a percentage of G.N.P. historically? Was it higher during the Regan administration which spent the funds that were legislated by Congress? The employer insurance model began in the late 1940′s and continued until recently. I am sure you will begin to see the decline in employer supplied health care insurance in the near future due to the full implementation of the A.H,C.A. It is probably a waste of time to debate anything with a dolt, but I felt compelled to try to enlighten you.

      • nc

        Capitalist, what weapons or weapons systems that you say were “decimated’ by Carter policies did Reagan ever need to defend this country? Have you forgotten that Regan held the veto power when our national debt grew from less than a trillion to almost 3 trillion during a time of no wars??? Did he use it to control the massive spending you say was done by Congress or did he agree with it? Remember that the three wars since Carter were all wars that were freely entered into by Republican Presidents! Without those three ” free will” wars what was wrong with the size of the Carter military? It was still by far the best in the world!!!

      • kimo3690

        BRAVO!! BRAVO!! Well said!!!

    • RedMann

      Dave, yours is the only voice of sanity in this snake den of paranoia driven by the constant rightwing lying noise machine. I fear that your good fight is wasted on the denizens here, they are much happier wallowing in their comforting world that is totally separated from reality. Bob is one of the many RW disseminator’s of mistruth around, but just one of thousands.

      • tony newbill

        RadMann …. LOL LOL LOL so how big is your Government Check ?????

      • Dave67

        Funny Tony,

        Anyone who is in disagreement with you or Bob L is on gov assistance, is a socialist (loves the gov) or is some other nonsense generalization.

        Have you taken a poll that confirms your assertions?

        Having a sane opinion backed up with historical facts is tough to deal with and propagandize for sure. But the insane will always have paranoia. That is what makes them insane.

        • tony newbill

          Actually Dave we all have been on some form of Government assistance directly or indirectly since 2008 you fool think about it !!!!! If you don’t think your job is in some way connected to this bailout crash then you are living in Lala land .

          The US Federal Government has not had a Budget , nor a Economic policy since then that drives Free market growth the stock market is being fed by the federal reserve which if stops the injections the whole house of cards comes tumbling down , AND THEY are NOT This Stupid to keep doing this THINK about it , debt is a tool for the ANTI Capitalists who are driven by their Ideology to transform a nations and therefore a world to save what they perceive as a threat to it , but yet they are causing the the dollar currency war to erupt between nations with this QE hocus pocus and you sit there and try to defend this ??
          You need to Wake Up man !!!!!!

      • Carlucci

        Thank your for this excellent article, Bob Livingston. I’m posting it on Facebook and forwarding to my email list.

        Unfortunately, the snarky shills are out in force today on the Personal Liberty newsletter. It is obvious that they have never bothered to read a history book, as what is happening now in America is history repeating. I’ll bet these shills went to school just to eat their lunch.

      • Dave67


        So our latest round of debt creation started with Reagan. Is he an Anti-Capitalist? (Check his budget submissions)

        Its called a society, we all pay into the social contract… I have no problem with it.

        Its not a dark attempt by anti-capialists to wreck the system… Its a few at the top taking all of the marbles for themselves… These people have no regard for country or community, only their own power and profit.

        • tony newbill

          Dave please explain to me why it is that our EPA with their regulations that make it way to costly to create products in the USA ” COMPARED to ASIA where the Pollution is KILLING the Earth and yet we allow those products in tariff Free when the EPA and Federal Government should be imposing tariffs on those imports and demanding that all WTO Trade partners adherer to the same standards of Environmental Policy that we here in the USA are ????? If this were done right from the start of the WTO trade agreement I bet the USA would have retained a industrial base and a way bigger job base of self reliance . But President Obama would Lose his environmental Base of support because of the Greater Goal here huh ????

      • Dave67


        I will tell you why… MONEY

        Do you want to live next to a dump? Of course not… The wealthy created the trade and tax rules to benefit them.

        US Multi-Nationals make all the money and they are fine to let other countries have environmental catastrophes. As long as the ugliness is out of sight, they just don’t care. They have two loyalties… 1) to their own wealth 2) wealth of the few majority stockholders who hold the power.

    • mark

      You’re absolutely right, Dave67. But good luck trying to talk sense on this paranoid website where every cuckoo clock conspiracy is accepted as Gospel – with zero documented proof – just links to even more paranoid websites.

      • tony newbill

        well then why are you here ?????

    • larry ryan

      Vote? Please. Voting is a joke, now. In case you weren’t paying attention, there were areas (the media treated it as an amusing story and wouldn’t have said anything about it, except FOX viewed with alarm so they felt the need to respond and defuse) where 100% of the the vote went to Obama and the dems. Even in heavily dem areas there are some registered repubs. Apparently NONE of them voted. Not just one city or area, several. Not only is it rigged, they’re now so arrogant they apparently find it funny to rub our noses in it. Remember Obama’s big grin when informed that a couple districts went for him 100%? He was amused and not one bit surprised.

      • Texas Ride

        And, Larry, some precincts reported 150% more voters than were registered!

        We know Soros owns the voting machines in 26 States, and those votes were counted in the Socialist country of Spain, before the results were reported back here.

        The conservative votes were just “deleted!” Of course, no one in government will talk about “voter fraud,” isn’t that strange…. No one in the republican party will talk about “voter fraud” being rampant. We don’t have two parties in this country. That idea is just propaganda to keep the masses appeased.

      • laidbackrebel

        what you peace loving people keep overlooking is the “powers That Be”. Namely the ILLUMINATI. The ones who have no standing nationality, and no loyalty to anything but their own family, and their personal “HOLDINGS”. Their actual money/ gold/ silver.. Their stated objective is the reduction of the world’s population to 255 million or so. Just enough to provide them with the services the require to live their lives of abundance and ease, while we serve them.

        They have been telling every important world leader what to do since Woodrow Wilson. And their sure not going to quit now, when their objective is so near. All they are seeking is worldwide starvation, since their favorite pass time of creating war has failed to give the desired results…..Maybe worldwide starvation will. These people are untouchable. If they can’t bribe you then they will blackmail you. If those things don’t work, they shoot you….i.e. Lincoln, and Kennedy. Or put you in fear for your family. You, able bodied men…Make the final decision. I have already decided that I will shoot to kill, when they come to take me. And yes, I will die…A better end than to live as a slave and bear my shame in humility.

    • Texas Ride

      Dave67, everything you posted is just gibberish and totally opposite of what needs to happen!

      • Dave67

        According to you perhaps…

        Bob L may sucker you in…I am not so easily duped and I don’t live my life in fear.

      • Texas Ride

        Dave67, no one here lives their lives in fear, nor are they paranoid. That is just liberal hogwash on your part.

        People are beginning to wake up and look at the facts. Why don’t you try it sometimes.

        P.S. What flavor of kookaid are you drinking today.

        • Deerinwater

          Texas Ride say, “P.S. What flavor of kookaid are you drinking today.”

          Well , not your brand for sure with your ideas on voting fraud. ~

          There is always an attempt to control the vote ~ that is largely what election are about. If no one cared, only then might we see no attempt to control the vote.

          This attempt to control votes takes on many forms to be certain. There are thousands of ways this is being done and exactly why the policing of the vote is so strong. ~

          While it’s not perfect and there is always room for improvement. ~ We try hard to get it fair and right. It a huge effort. ~ what one person might be able to affect final results would be like pi$$ing in the ocean.

          while I would say, if your guy had won, I question if you’d have these concerns about getting in the vote that accurately reflects the will of the people. ~ You would be willing to assume like me that it did.

          If feel you a need and good reason to misbehave and act ugly ~ your brand of Kool Aid is clearly the best Texas Ride!

      • Dave67

        when you present facts in context Texas, I will read and listen whoeheartedly.

      • Texas Ride

        So does the “tag team” of Dave67 and deerinwaterhole believe that there is no such thing as “voter fraud?”

        Does the “team” refuse to believe that a company owned by Soros bought the voting machines that still serve 26 of our States, that includes 900+ precincts?

        Does the “team” remember the huge amount of voter fraud in 2008 that was documented and widely reported?

        To think that there was “no” voter fraud in the recent election is refusing to acknowledge reality.

        And, least I should forget to mention…the government refused to count the military vote from our service men and women out of country. To me that is nothing but intentionally reducing the election to an “illegal one.”

    • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

      Sorry Karolyn, I spelled your name wrong.

  • Robert L. Rice

    Personally ive seen this coming for the last 20 years,ive got my bags packed….Sc— oreo,pelosi,reid,and those other dim wits in DC,I still say the one SURE way to solve this government problem,is a short rope from a tall tree,the govt has the audacity to call me a terriorist,because i served 21 years 9 months and 21 days,and retired from THE US Army.. MOST of those DC clowns never served 1 day in the military,bring back the draft,then most of those weenie kids will haul butt to Canada,part of our problem solved !!!

  • Libertas Vel Mors

    …. I hear many conservatives talk about the possibility of a coming conflict, or even civil war…. everything in whispers and hushed tones. Of course many of my liberal colleagues are as happy as Marxists on May Day…. though i have heard more and more of them complain about our gov’t…. both state and feds…. of course, they complain in private, looking over their shoulder to make sure none of their Komeraden hear. i wonder if this is what many of the Tories from our Revolution went through? Interesting….

    • Steve E

      During the Revolution: Not only have loyalists been generally dismissed as self-interested, cowardly, antidemocratic, elitist collaborators, their numbers have often been distorted and minimized. Determining who was a loyalist and under what conditions can be very difficult. Given the intimidation and violence to which they were subjected by crowd action, committees of safety, and patriot agitators like Paine, most loyalists carefully avoided public scrutiny. Many signed oaths of allegiance to the patriot cause when threatened with public action; some successfully maintained a pretense of neutrality; and still others kept their secret safe. This may explain why calculations of the percentage of loyalists in the colonies and early states have varied from one-fifth to one-third of the total population. The most famous estimate of the percentage of loyalists at the time of the Revolution comes from an 1815 letter John Adams wrote to James Lloyd in which he calculates that one-third of the population were “averse to the revolution.” In the same letter Adams also suggests that another third wavered in their allegiances. Even at the more conservative (probably too conservative) 20 percent figure favored by some historians, the idea that such a significant proportion of the population may have opposed the independence movement is a staggering fact—a fact that remains virtually unaccounted for in our reckoning of the Revolution. Moreover, if we add the significant numbers of blacks and Native Americans who, for various reasons, sided with the British, the percentage of loyalists swells to an even greater proportion of the population.

      • tony newbill

        Steve speaking of Population …. its obvious that this time the revolution will be over why Our nation is being consolidated for population control when its not the USA that has this problem , and we the people will wake up one day and start to ask this question as to why we are being forced to conform to a ideology that these elites see as the only way to force the rest of the world to conform to their ideals of control of growth .
        And this topic just goes to prove that the idea that allowing amnesty of illegal immigrants while the technocratic elite are saying the USA needs to have population control is PROOF that they are only allowing amnesty to gain popular vote , so the Immigrants Really need to be asking themselves what will become of them and the rest of us once they have voted these Power Grabbers the ability to fully implement their intentions ??

        This article shows that in a world of Utopian thinking they are even resorting to mind control to persuade the public’s thinking about population control read the segment where the actress speaks about being a part of all this in a Good way ,

      • Texas Ride

        Tony, another question would be…If population control is needed, why is government paying the useless to sit at home and reproduce hundreds of thousands of illigitimate kids!

        How about the black woman that has Fifteen (15) kids., She was mad and demanded that “Someone needs to take care of my kids!” That is what government has taught the useless…it is not their responsibility to take care of the kids they produce.Her story was on all the MSM outlets, at the time.

        Population control, if needed in this country, should be about people like her. And, it should be about illegals that are invading by the Millions.

        • tony newbill

          Texas Ride first they have to build up the majority voters that support them by buying them scaring them telling them they will lose their medicare , social security and free phones , whatever else they buy a majority with , and we are there pretty much . Next comes the bait and switch tactics in the middle of a crisis that will transform the republic like a crisis such as the Financial one that leaves the USA flat on her back because of a currency war and rejection of the dollar in the world markets . That will bring on the Fundamental Transformation of economic Liberty in not just the USA but all of the Americas .

          Argentina already has nationalized her Commodities supply to stabilize food costs , the domino are starting to fall …..

  • Ted

    I went to a gun show yesterday and purchased some weapons and ammo. The place was packed and the most popular firearm going out the door were the assault rifles and ammo. I think some of the people understand what is happening in our country and are preparing themselves while our rights are still intact. The thought of DHS having that kind of supply of hollow point rounds scares me. The collapse may not happen in my lifetime, but it will happen.

    • Hedgehog

      Ted, has anyone considered that some of those buying guns and ammo are government shills, using your tax dollars to swell the government’s arsenal and deprive citizens of those weapons?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        No that is pure paranoia.

      • kimo3690

        AMEN Hedgehog!!!!! Well said!!

  • TOCB

    I agree the USA is not a free state. Althouhg it did not begin with President Obama, he has allowed it to continue and indeed escalate in some ways. Republicans supported President Bush when we was abusing the constitution but they have been as critical as they can be on President Obama. Conversely, Democrats are silent, even if not supportive of President Obama when he abuses the constituion.

    I recognize and accept laws, rules and regulations. What I have a huge problem with is denial of due process and abuse of authority. The 1% and their royalty class government keeps us divided over nonsensical issues to distract us from real issues. I am not a gun advocate and I think there are too many guns in our society. I believe the people who run our government are just sold out to the corporations and the wealthy because the masses have not accepted responsibility for government and allowed politicians and the press to corrupt it. What we need more than an armed citizenary is an educated and united citizenary.

    • jdn

      TOCB , you are very correct . We have let out political process become a sports franchise . Everyone roots for their team no matter the outcome or what they do . Divided and conquered .

    • Charlie

      What Schools teach The Whole Holy Bible as written?? IF,,,a nation cannot unite under The Holy Bible,,,what “”Truth”””will they ever unite under???

  • Toy

    I’ve just been watching Stossel:

    8 years for importing lobsters? The wrong tree?
    The juries says your not guilty; the Fed says, that doesn’t matter to us!
    And that’s been going on for years!
    10′s of thousands of new laws every year!

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    The MAIN problem is BELIEVING in LAWS, Laws are simply the “Foot in the door” and are only ABROGATIONS of rights. The constitution and bill of rights are all that is needed. People who violate others can be charged under the constitution/Bill of rights- PERIOD.

    • Hedgehog

      Hey Roger, for once I agree with you wholeheartedly! But, then I’m another Canadian.

      • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        “Hedgehog”, maybe BECAUSE we are Canadians ,and care about what happens in the U.S. because what happens there affects us, we are viewing from the OUTSIDE, and thus we can be more OBJECTIVE. There is no doubt, from my many years( 72 of them,in fact) that Canadians know MUCH more about the U.S. than Americans know about Canada

      • Charlie

        How did you Canadians get so smart and not be aware that America is NOT and Has NOT basically been going by The Constitution OR The Bible for well over 30 years,,,AND NOR does Canada… Both are a Police State to a heavy degree,,,IF,,, you don’t believe that check the history of how the RCMP get their so called criminals… Any American that want to find out how Police State Canada has become ,need, only drive the Alaska Hiway thru Canada to Alaska… And you Canadians be careful about bad mouthing “”Rednecks””…
        rednecks will be found where ever in the world oil fields are brought in and developed and Canada has plenty of oil fields that rednecks were there to help develop…
        Meanwhile…Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • R. Fine

          Clearly you don’t know what a police state is. Also, what’s up with all this king Jesus stuff? And following the Bible literally? Are you sure about that?

          • Gea

            Jesus (Joshua) of Nazareth was a good Jewish guy, who tried to save the Jews from Roman oporession, preaching true Judaism. Those who were born and lived all their lives in USA do not know how good they have it here, in spire of imperfections of our society. We DO have freedom to pursue happiness and express our disatisfaction with the politicians, something that most people around the world do not have…

            First Amandment, which Barack Hussein Obama is subverting in order to cover up the supremacist ideology of Islam is essential to keep America going…and so is the Second amandment, so that nobody dares to become a dictator for too long… Preserve US constitution and independence from government dole (except fror the really disabloed peiople) and keep our country safe from false prophets, such as Barry Seotoro Hussein Obama…

      • Charlie

        R. Fine,,,
        Read The Bible for yourself ,,,IF,,,The Bible is not True,,,We all got big problems….

        • R. Fine

          I do read the Bible often. I find much in that book of great value and inspiration. But there is a good deal of nonsense in there too and folks who take it literally are simply nuts who should have their heads examined. I especially appreciate much of the law code as set out in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. There are laws there that still form the basis of rational and just society BUT there are some laws there that are horribly antiquated and should be removed. God – if you believe in God – gave us rational minds and we should use those minds to make decisions that suit our current circumstances and not follow rules/laws that may have made sense in ancient society. But then you probably believe in talking snakes so you’re not likely to appreciate what I am saying here.

      • Charlie

        R. Fine,,,
        You have NOT accomplished Acts 2:38,,,The Bible calls out a lot of things that are hard to believe …. When you accomplished Acts 2:38 in harmony with other Scriptures ,then you will see things as The Holy Spirit points them out…. DO NOT try to fake it,,, do it PER Scripture , because there are some people that cannot be saved………………….

        • R. Fine

          Yes, I agree that the Bible – and the so-called holy books of other religions as well – are hard to believe. That is because the folks who wrote that stuff about a man getting created from mud or a woman getting created from a guy’s rib or talking snakes or getting swallowed by a fish and living to tell the tale had no knowledge of how the natural world works. They were not yet in the scientific era. They lived and wrote their fanciful stories honestly perhaps but certainly ignorantly. For example they thought that the sun went around the earth because in the morning the sun appeared in the eastern sky and by night time the sun was “setting” in the west. It seemed to go from one side to the other. Thanks to science we now now that, in fact, it is the earth that goes around the sun. The ancients also thought that the stars were gods and that they were not all that far “up”. Science has shown us that stars are actually suns in their own solar systems and that they are very, very, far away indeed. Bible stories have a bit of usefulness now but to advocate following the Bible literally word for word is just plain backward and dumb. I know it sounds insulting but frankly if you believe the Bible literally you are in dire need of an actual education. I have had many conversations with certain religious folks (not even Christian) and – sad to say – they are really dumb generally speaking. Ask an Orthodox Jew, for example, how – if the Bible story of creation is correct – the earth was populated. Adan and Eve had only 2 sons. Then the Bible tells us that they “knew their wives”. Oh really? Where did those wives come from? There are only 2 people created in the Garden and they had only sons. Where’d the gals come from pray tell? And don’t tell me that God works in mysterious ways or some other rationalization. The story is just plain lame.

    • Stanley Waugh

      Bravo, Roger! To paraphrase you: So-called “laws” are, in actuality, the rules, regulations, and
      policies of the CORPORATE STATE, not the common laws of the Constitutional, republican state. But this is exactly what the receivers of our (fraudulent) national bankruptcy want for their collateral—us! All the better to control and extract from those who BELIEVE these “laws”.
      Stanley, (Austro-German) American theocratist

      • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        EXACTLY-Please excuse my VERY brief reply, but anything longer will close the minds and put back to sleep AGAIN,the SHEEPLE or encourage the rednecks to tell me to stay in Canada because i have no busines etc.,etc.,etc. { I am Irish too ;-) } !!!

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Here is a web site to help understand our laws.

    • Don 2

      Everything Hitler did in Germany was lawful too.

  • NamVet

    To those that believe we have no choice but to do as these [expletive deleted] say, is the reason we are where we are to day. No guts to stand up for freedom and what we believe. A Country of fat do-nothings and [comment has been edited], who can’t get off there sofa. It’s time to put down the game controllers and pick up our guns, to fight the fight our for-fathers had to to keep our freedoms that the pen put on our the Constitution and Bill or Rights The pen may be mightier than the sword, but the sword is what makes it happen. To all those that took the Oath, Simper Fi.

  • mark

    Dear Bob,

    As you yourself say: “The vast majority refuse to see or admit the regime is failing and descending into totalitarianism.” And in this, as in the overwhelming amount of cases, the vast majority of the American people are correct and the paranoid extremists are wrong. You then continue: “They cite the fact that Americans are free to worship, free to travel, free to work, free to express themselves and free to vote as evidence that America remains free.” Well, yeah, that’s pretty formidable evidence of freedom, the kind of freedom that billions living under other political systems wish they had. It’s a fact and and one of the main motivations for million of human beings wanting to live in the United States rather than their own nations. Jim Garrow an aggressive pro-life activist claimed that “The man who told me this is one of America’s foremost military heroes.” Please. Our military had thousands of right-wing exremists who despise Obama as a weaking for not invading Syria and Iran (both wet dreams for militarists) as a liberal who is ruining their precious military by allowing gays and woman to serve in combat without discrimination. These extremists, several of them racists as well, spout all kinds of nonsense. And Garrow ludicrously accepts what they say as fact!? He’s just another right-wing rumor monger, like numerous of the left-wing rumor mongers during the Bush administration.

    Sincerely, mark

  • icky retardo

    Once the 20,000 drones are over the US, we will selectively prune you as you approach with your weapon. This policy, along with others such as the NDAA, viiolate the constitution already, and what is happening? Talk, talk, talk. Good luck to you. Get ready to wear your little Mao tunic and surrender your wealth. Heres a shovel. Start building that road. Shut up, or you will be sxxx.

  • ibcamn

    Yes i went to Walmart to get a shotgun and wasn’t able to buy ammo at the same time!had to go back the next day and buy a box of shells,and they would only sell three boxes to you at a time per day!!i bought a big box,which has four regular boxes inside!go figure?!!Walmart is messed up!and yes, i found out local gun dealers were going into the Walmart’s and buying AR-15′s on the cheap and taking them to their gun stores and selling them for a much higher price!in my town i tell people what’s going on to try to help curb this,but weather it happens or not i;m trying!but this is what happens when tyranny comes a knocking at the door.
    We all see it coming,it’s us who are trying to tell the masses what it is that’s happening,and yes,it’s going on in the military!the heads are removing thosewho do not believe in the gov’t or refuse to disarm civilians and it wasn’t till katrina that most guard units didn’t believe it was ever going to happen!many have just left after their terms are up,some stay but say they wouldn’t turn on civilians and some are spreading the word in their units and commands.if the officers in charge do question,most are removed or transferred,it happened years ago and is going on now!
    And yes TSA is starting to get too big for it’s britches,they hire people who were pushed around as kids or that were never picked for teams or were never jocks!don’t believe me,check out the TSA agents for yourself,they all have issues and that turns to a power trip job!i use to travel by plane for my trips back home to Florida,but have since opp’d to drive,it in most cases is cheaper but more time consuming for me and my daughter!but the hassle free travel is much more worth it.we had an incounter with the TSA at a wayside twice now,that’s just in last few months.can you imagine in a few tears?!if these agents are able to carry,we are in for shootings up the wazhoo!
    know your rights and don’t tell them anything!

  • icky retardo

    To ibcamn: all bureacrats were picked last for dodgeball. As adults, they are parasites and sociopaths. Read, The Sociopath Next Door, to understand your mayor, cop, congressman, senator, president, etc.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Bob, Are you for real? You do not believe that we need to fight a war that has been declared by the Islamic fanatics? That is why Ron Paul is and will never be electable on the national scene, and why the Libertarian Party will never be mainstream.

    • Gea

      First we need to impeach the promoter of jihad against US that had allowed Muslim Brothers into the White house and gives them US taxpayers money for their war on women in Egypt and F-16 for the new war against israel.

      The man in the White house behaves more like a Caliph-in-Chief than like a Commander-in-Chief. He killing Obama and drones is just the way Muslims deal with each other ;-)! Obama is a traitor who does not belong to any position of power in America but to jail just like his former governor of Illinois and his real estate friend in Chicago…

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      You write: “Are you for real?” Yes. You remain deceived, but I have pointed this out to you before.

      Best wishes,

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Bob, Because you write your opinion on all of these subjects, does not make it fact. Sorry, I have read all of these before and find many of your assertions hysterical paranoia. I will not be deceived by you or any one else who does not support their contentions with facts. Although I agree with you philosophically on many issues, I cannot agree that The Islamic world is not at war with the western world. To deny it would be ignoring the facts.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Capitalist at Birth,

          You write: “Sorry, I have read all of these before and find many of your assertions hysterical paranoia.” ad hominem

          You write: “I will not be deceived by you or any one else who does not support their contentions with facts.” My articles contain many hyperlinks. You ignore them.

          You write: “I cannot agree that The Islamic world is not at war with the western world.” You are deceived. I could give you a reading assignment, but you would ignore it because you suffer from cognitive dissonance and have bought the neocon lie.

          Best wishes,

      • TML

        Cap says, “You do not believe that we need to fight a war that has been declared by the Islamic fanatics?”

        Talk about hysterical paranoia. People like you are actually becoming less and less ‘mainstream’. There is no reason to chase fanatical boogeymen to the ends of the earth. You have to understand that the reason many of them are against us is because of the policy you now promote. We have been meddling in the affairs of Islamic countries for decades, and they are tired of it. Even though they call it Jihad, it is political, not religious. From Iran, to Iraq, and Al-Qaida, to the Taliban, to Libya… not to mention our history of unconditional support for Israel who continues to commit humanitarian crimes daily on the Palestinians… we are the ones who created these enemies through imperialist foreign policy. It’s time to end it; not continue it. We do not need to fight a “war” declared by Islamist radicals on the other side of the world that we can’t even afford.

        “Wherever the standard of freedom and Independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all. She is the champion and vindicator only of her own. She will commend the general cause by the countenance of her voice, and the benignant sympathy of her example. She well knows that by once enlisting under other banners than her own, were they even the banners of foreign independence, she would involve herself beyond the power of extrication, in all the wars of interest and intrigue, of individual avarice, envy, and ambition, which assume the colors and usurp the standard of freedom. The fundamental maxims of her policy would insensibly change from liberty to force…. She might become the dictatress of the world. She would be no longer the ruler of her own spirit….” – John Quincy Adams

        It’s time to wake up and smell what you’re shoveling, Cap… it’s called hypocrisy.

      • Karolyn

        Thanks for that quote, TML. Very appropriate!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Bob, Islam has been at war with the western wold since the cults inception. If you deny that, then it is you that is delusional.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Cap… sorry I’d have to go along with Bob.
        If you do your research you will find that our government, and some of the states (Liberal)governments have a more communistic/socialistic governance. Communism wants the rich to share with the poor. Communism does not like the middle east where the rich tribal leaders don’t give to the poor, where the poor works for them. Communism also believes in war, a means to the end, and one rule, a ruler of the world.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    Bob, Please cite a source for your claim about Police accompanying electric workers for the installation of smart meters, so that one may be able to verify this claim.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Capitalist at Birth,

      Follow the hyperlink.

      Best wishes,

    • independent thinker

      Capitalist here is one such source:

      I am sure you can find others with minimal effort.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Why hasn’t this hapened to any ot the people I know throughout the country. I have asked all of my contacts to let me know if they hear anything. I am worried about the possibilities of such things happening. Not sure they actually are, except in isolated instances.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        I think we all should go solar or have our own wind generator. But then, maybe that’s what Obama and the EPA is trying to make us do, go green LOL.

  • A Vet Who Cares

    Great message, this must get pushed out to ALL! Get busy!

  • ToughGuy1

    You think you wouldn’t know it, but Obama’s gestapo is around!

  • http://yahoo bob peters

    America has been invaded from within and they have already taken over the country…The Elitists”NWO” are about to put the final nails in the coffin…Bush,clinton,Obama,Carter,Johnson,nixon,//congress,senate,etc are all NWO puppets…The media is”IS” a government entity..The free press is now Pravda…Call it what you like,but the writing is on the wall…Al Queada is just a make believe boogey man that the govt. needed to get the patriot act in place,,Since 911 you can see how much less free you are…The elitists know you are lazy,ignorant of the facts,unaware of how your kids have been schooled,dumbed down with drugs,etc…Yep,you all fell into it and now maybe it’s too late to recover..You are un-organized and they are in full orginizational mode..good luck… A few of you will saliovate over some of my mispelled words but you know the meaning just the same.. Militias have been labeled terrorists,veterans also…Right in your faces and you just gfell asleep and agreed with Pravda and your homeland security leader told you.. homeland security”what a joke”..homeland elitist police force to keep you peasants controlled…I may die in the struggle to try and save our country,but my kida and grand kids will always remember me as a real american…Not a sheeple …You all go on believing everything is hunky dory oif you want and when you wake up a slave or maybe worse,you are the only ones to blame.. Well goodbye…

    • larry ryan

      You can’t free slaves. Some can and will free themselves. The majority will hate you for removing their chains and rush to put them back on. When (not if) the inevitable collapse and revolution happens we’ll be fighting on two fronts. The power elite and the Mindless Faithful who will be in our midst, justifying any foul betrayal as for the greater good.

  • Dave67

    I’ll say this for Bob L,

    He knows his overly paranoid and scared audience well.

    Why come out and make crazy statements yourself when you can lead the scared little rabbits with a bread trail to do your bidding for you?

    Brilliant Bob… Brilliant.

    Does anyone here go through check points to go anywhere? Are there military police with automatic weapons on every block in the major city where you live? Has anyone been forced from their home to be relocated somewhere “safer”? Has a legal gun owner had the police come into their homes to take their guns? Are you not able to practice the religion of your choice in your own home? Has the gov removed any books they see as a danger to society? Why is this website alloowed to exist?

    Bob L and his fear pieces are at it again. Believe if you must… If you do believe what Bob tells you, please send me $1000 and your Social Security number and I will send you instructions how you can make a fortune in the gold market. Its a great deal… Really it is.

    • tony newbill

      Dave 67 here is what will bring on what you say is not happening yet . All these Department Authoritarian policies we see our Government adopting and preparing themselves for is in direct response to what this link shows that is coming .
      What will you do when you are told by your bank that you cannot access your cash for a while until the GOV can assess the finance commitments to foreign suppliers and renew trade for vital part supplies , and that while this is going on you will need to go to your local FEMA Center to obtain a access Chip to receive rations after you turn in your weapons at the door ?

    • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

      Would the “3 Monkeys” be a perfect description for you “Dave67″ or are you just being adversarial “for the hell of it” ?

      • Dave67

        No Roger,

        I just know Bob’s game… For instance:

        ■Police officers are accompanying electric workers to enforce installation of so-called “smart meters” on houses that have the capability of spying on homeowners and supplying the state with terabytes of data on day-to-day activities. This opens the homeowner up to abuse from state enforcers and identity theft from thieves.

        “so-called” and Bob has no proof on anything underhanded about these meters.

        Then there is the scary police accompanying electrical workers… That part is true but ole Bob leaves out a few details. These Police offciers accompany electrical workers not because they are trying to spy, but in some urban and poor areas, it is actually dangerous for people to work in these areas so police accompany them. I know this because I experienced it.. in 2001 when I worked with electrical and telecom firms.

        So Ole Bob may fool you… I know his game.

        But keep on buying his BS, he needs you.

      • The Christian American

        Don’t answer dave67. His stupitiy might rub off. Use words constructively to save our country. His babblings are geared to tearing it down.

      • nobodysfool

        Roger, it is of no use to reply to Dave67. He loves the government. He thinks the government loves him back. The government would never do something adversarial toward such a brilliant American as D67. The government is his friend. Nice government. Safe government. Government will give you everything you need. Yeeeeeesssss, said the zombie…..

      • Dave67

        Nobody’s fool.

        At what point do your local politicians become part of the police-state borg? Is their an indoctrination class you can point to

        I don’t “love” the gov, I don’t “hate” the Gov either. Thats the difference. Gov is only as good or as bad as the people we, the people let run it.

      • Dave67


        I do not like it either… Your point?

        We change the law… How? by voting in people who do not like this whole “war on terror” BS.

        Its been done before, people do not like a law, they change it… That is how it works.

        • tony newbill

          Dave I will make you a provisions bet that we won’t get another chance to do that change with a vote . The next step is default and that has no possibility of you or I sustaining a level of individual sovereignty like we have been use to Trying to create here in this Country .

      • Dave67


        All I can tell you is that I am in the private sector and I am making more money today than I did during Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2.

        No doubt that we need to change some fundemental aspects of our economy… Tax cut and spend, trckle down, selling out the middle class and poor so the few can make all the money does not work.

        Reaganomics was called voo-doo economics by Bush 1 for good reason. We need to get back to good fundementals in the economy, sane credit rules, breaking up the big banks and separating investment banks from savings banks, making things for our economy first and limiting the wealthy from lobbying congress and having too much influence in DC.

        Obama is not the Anti-Christ… He is just another corporatist.

        • tony newbill

          And Obama favors this Path of individual destruction and consolidation by the corporatist sector or he would change it and his Environmentalist CZAR saying what he says here prove the point !!!!

        • tony newbill

          And especially when the same group of supporters are begging this president to change this path of destruction we are on , why why why ???

      • Dave67

        Really Tony?

        You take this conjecture from a book that was written in 1973? No changes could possible occur in 40 years right?

        Pure BS propaganda.

        • tony newbill

          Why we are Losing our economy UNFAIRLY !! The WTO was implemented by Clinton , and Bush and Obama have followed this policy without asking that the same Pollution standards be followed by all trade partners .
          Right here this makes the case that the way the trade policy is designed it does Nothing about Asian Pollution standards but yet these exporting nations can dump their products on other nations that have strict pollution standards , this makes for unfair production values and is why we are losing our industrial base unfairly !

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Dave67, yes if they don’t like a law they change it, but they neglect to take the law off the books that they change. They call it being amended, there fore if they need to go back to it at some time, it’s still there. It’s almost like double book keeping.

    • salgantry

      actually dave, hundreds of people after katrina had police knocking on their doors and confiscating their guns…do a little research before making blanket statements

      • Dave67

        The key portion is “Katrina”

        Have you been down there and spent? I have… That area is islolated, poor and kaos reigned for a long time after the hurricane because of the incompetence of city, state and fed responses to the disaster.

        Now how about non-disaster areas? Can you speak to those places?

      • Dave67

        Here are the 10 points CA is talking about

        The ten legislative actions are contained in bills being authored by Senator Steinberg (D-Sacramento), Senator Marty Block (D-San Diego), Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), Senator and Chair of the Public Safety Committee Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Senator Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), and Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco).

        Senate Democrats’ Ten Legislative Actions

        REGULATION: Closing loopholes in existing laws

        Fixed magazines (Steinberg): Prohibit the future sale, purchase, manufacture, importation, or transfer in California of semi-automatic rifles that can accept detachable magazines. This legislative action decisively closes the loopholes that have allowed the gun industry to flood our communities with rapid-reload battlefield weapons.

        EXAMPLE: The featureless Mini-14 rifle, which contributed to the deaths of 69 people in the 2011 Norway massacre. This rapid-reloading firearm is currently legal in California.

        High Capacity magazines (Hancock): Ban possession of large capacity ammunition magazines over 10 rounds. This legislative action decisively closes loopholes that have allowed the gun industry to enable the assembly and home-modification of 10-round magazines into larger capacity magazines.

        EXAMPLE: In 2011, Jared Lee Loughner was able to fire 31 bullets in 15 seconds because he had supersized his Glock 19 handgun with a high-capacity magazine. In those 15 seconds, he shot 19 people, killing six, wounding 13 others.

        Bullet button (Yee): This legislative action closes the loophole that has allowed the gun industry to flood our communities with modification tools to rapidly detach and replace magazines from semi-automatic rifles.

        Shotgun Definition (Jackson): This legislative action updates the definition of a banned shotgun with a revolving cylinder to include the new technology of a shotgun-rifle combination.

        EXAMPLE: The “circuit judge” with a rifled bore and revolving cylinder, capable of rapidly firing both 0.410 gauge shotgun shells and .45 caliber ammunition and has the same characteristics of the 1990s Street Sweeper.

        CIRCULATION: Keeping weapons and ammunition in the hands of responsible gun owners

        Requires Ownership Record of all Guns (Steinberg): Applies ownership records consistently across-the-board, ensuring all firearms are recorded, and ensuring that no firearms of any classification are legally accessible to prohibited persons or persons without a background check.

        Ammunition Purchase Permit (de Leon): Expanding on what Los Angeles and Sacramento are already doing requiring anyone wishing to purchase ammunition in California to obtain a purchase permit first, by passing a full and complete background check.

        Gun Loans (Block): This legislative action prevents unregulated gun loans, with exceptions, including hunting. To limit legal accessibility of weapons to prohibited persons or persons without a background check.

        APPS Expansion (Leno): This legislative action prohibits individuals on APPS from residing in a home with any weapons. Expand the APPS list by adding more than two DUIs, other crimes.

        APPS Enforcement (Leno/Steinberg): This legislative action authorizes DOJ to use existing DROS funding to eliminate the 19,000 backlog of individuals on APPS.

        EDUCATION: Fostering a culture of responsible and informed gun ownership

        Fire arm safety certificate (Block): This legislative action will establish a safety certificate for handguns, mirroring the training currently required annually to lawfully carry a concealed weapon (CCW).

        Really? So you get to keep your pistols, shotguns and lesser carnage firarms… This is not tyranny, nor a police state… sorry. I see nothing there that is a leadup to a police state, but then again… I am not filled with paranoia.

      • CZ52

        “Requires Ownership Record of all Guns (Steinberg): Applies ownership records consistently across-the-board, ensuring all firearms are recorded,”

        In other words gun registration which historicaly has almost invariably led to gun confiscation. And since Kalifornia is totaly broke it will be uncompensated confiscation.

      • CZ52

        ” The “circuit judge” with a rifled bore and revolving cylinder, capable of rapidly firing both 0.410 gauge shotgun shells and .45 caliber ammunition and has the same characteristics of the 1990s Street Sweeper.”

        The “circuit judge” is a 5 shot rifle that operates like a revolver. The design has been around since the 1800s. This taurus version is just an improvement on that design. It is nothing like the “street sweeper” shotgun. In fact Taurus has been making a pistol version of this gun for several years.

      • CZ52

        “This legislative action decisively closes the loopholes that have allowed the gun industry to flood our communities with rapid-reload battlefield weapons.”

        There is no such loophole. The guns being banned are NOT battlefield weapons they are semi-auto firearms some of which happen to look like true military firearms.

    • john bean

      all of what you mentioned has al ready happened in diff parts of countryif you keep up with news or read a paper goole fema camps.(are see hoe many of those little guard houses that they have bought the kind you set up for road chks. thats H.L. S. doing all that plus all the ammo they are buying PS those constration camps are in all the states most are complete with razor wire, so i guess i am paranoid too!! good day to you

    • Don 2

      Dave67, er, I mean, dave67d,

      Does your boss know that you’re a leftist cyberloafer trolling on conservative sites, or should I be asking, “Does your boss pay you to be a leftist cyberloafer on conservative sites?”

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Dave67, you say: “Does anyone here go through checkpoints to go anywhere?”.

      The answer is YES!!! I’ve detailed this before but I will detail it again! My husband and I were traveling on Interstate 80, just west of North Platte, Nebraska. We were forced off the interstate into a rest area. The officer asked for identification and asked where we were traveling from and what our purpose was there. He then asked where we were traveling to, and what our purpose was there! So, to answer your question, YES!!!!! There ARE checkpoints!!! They DO ask for your papers and they DO interrogate you!!! YES!!!

      • Dave67


        Can you detail why there was a checkpoint? I have traveled all over this country and unless there was prison escape, natural disaster, serious civil disturbance nearby (doubtful in NE) or near the Mexican border. It doesn’t happen Nancy.

        There are details you are conveniently leaving out.

        I lived in the DC area for 35 years and if there was ever a place to have such a checkpoint, it would be there on the MD and VA entrances but its not there.

        So unless you give me the full details… I am calling BS.

        When I drive to CA from AZ I am right next to the border with Mexico and they are looking for illegals… they look at me and then let me drive on. Nothing I did gave the border patrol due cause to do anything further.

      • Dave67

        There is another possibility, you are near the Nuke silos and there was a threat detected.

        I was 3 miles away from the Pentagon during 9/11. In the days afterwards… Driving along the Potomac River going by the Pentagon, they had Humvee’s with .50 Cal setups and you can see anti-aircraft missles.. But I was never stopped, never interigated, never questions…

        This was at the Pentagon!!!

        But outside of N. Platte NE, thats where the tyranny is? Really?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I don’t care what you say! It happened exactly as I told it!! I was outraged! I wrote letters to the governor, the state legislators, the congressmen, the senators and the Omaha World Herald! I received only one response saying that the Nebraska State Patrol had the right to conduct “safety” inspections. But let me tell you, this had NOTHING to do with safety!!! The Nebraska State Patrol has a record of conducting LOTS of drug busts along this stretch of interstate, but I don’t care!!! My rights WERE infringed upon and so were the rights of many other people besides. And the FACT remains that innocent civilians going about their business in this country ARE stopped (without cause) interrogated and harassed, which IS unconstitutional!!! BTW, the only “equipment ” they checked was headlights, and it was broad daylight! So much for the “safety” excuse!

      • Dave67

        Nancy says:

        I don’t care what you say! It happened exactly as I told it!! I was outraged! I wrote letters to the governor, the state legislators, the congressmen, the senators and the Omaha World Herald! I received only one response saying that the Nebraska State Patrol had the right to conduct “safety” inspections. But let me tell you, this had NOTHING to do with safety!!! The Nebraska State Patrol has a record of conducting LOTS of drug busts along this stretch of interstate, but I don’t care!!! My rights WERE infringed upon and so were the rights of many other people besides. And the FACT remains that innocent civilians going about their business in this country ARE stopped (without cause) interrogated and harassed, which IS unconstitutional!!! BTW, the only “equipment ” they checked was headlights, and it was broad daylight! So much for the “safety” excuse!

        So let me guess since you refuse to give details…

        You were driving in a truck or some other “covered” vehicle and they were checking for drugs (if what you say is true).

        How do you think finding the drugs happens? Do you have any sense of how police work is done?

        Poor Nancy, your world can’t be inconvenienced in the slightest… You got caught up in a check for drugs because (as you say) its a major cooridor. You were driving a vehicle that is typical for drug runners and that ONE time, you were asked some questions. Poor you…

        They were not there the next day, next week were they? No… They got a tip.

        You need to get a grip. You could not survive in Yuma AZ, your head would explode… I get asked a question as I am stopped at a permantent check station for illegal immigrants on interstate 8 every time a go.

        Get over it.

        All drugs should be legalized but that is another discussion

      • Wellarmed

        Hello Nancy in Nebraska,

        I am not certain it is worth the effort to engage dave67 or any of those who feel that our positions are merely those of paranoid individuals. I am certain that if dave67 commutes routinely from AZ to CA then he must be aware of the massive array of cameras and other surveillance devices that one must pass as they drive form El Centro into Riverside County. I counted no less than what looked like 20 cameras in the northbound and south bound lanes.

        This array was located before the Salton Sea, and there was no manned check point. That manned check point was a few miles before the battery of cameras. So whats the deal with the surveillance devices? If one has already passed through a check point and been screened, then why do the Federal Government ( looking for illegal immigrants/drugs ) feel the need to set up further surveillance on a state highway?

        The Border Patrol Belongs on the Border. Any thing less than that can easily lead to a federalized police force with no authorization from Congress to debate/implement it.

        Dave67, maybe I am somewhat hypersensitive to a police state, as I have had two relatives who fought in European Theater and one opened the gates at Auschwitz, and the other at Dachau. As a child I did not believe the stories my great uncle told me about Auschwitz. He was an American that fought with a Canadian Unit, and rarely did he talk about his time at war. Video footage of what occurred was not available to the public when I was a child. When I first saw the footage of the bodies stacked like cord wood, and the images of the mass graves, rail cars, and German troops forced to work at gun point, then I realized that everything relayed to me was as honest as he could be talking to a child. Many of the prisoners that were still alive (not all jews) felt that the inability to defend themselves against the Nazis WAS the fact that they registered their weapons with the German Government. My Great Uncle was insistent that I never register weapons with ANY government when I was old enough to have a gun.

        My father In-law who fought with the Rainbow Division relayed a nearly Identical story about Dachau when he could manage to finish talking about it through a river of tears. Over 50 years had passed and the man could still not discuss what he saw without nearly breaking down, so please do not tell me to just go with the flow, and bury my head in the sand.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Dave67, these check stared in the last few years. How long has it been since you’ve traveled to the east coast? What was the reason? I live close to a nuclear plant, no they don’t check you if you drive by, only if you stop near one. The military usually guard them. Yes they do have random check points on the main highways. The questions they ask are as Nancy says very probbing. And I’ll pray you will wake up soon, and be ready to protect your family. As far as FEMA camps go, why don’t you ask the people that was put in one by New York after hurricane Sandy. Let me give you a short run down what some of the displaced people said; The tents leaked when it rained, every one got one blanket, no cell phones(they were confiscated), no computers(no internet), water was rationed, food was rationed, even the bathrooms were rationed, they also were not allowed to leave, and if you did it had to be a very good reason, or some one had to come and vouch for you.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67, is there something wrong with you?!? I gave you all the details there were to give!!! The rest is only speculation!!!! BTW…we were in a Dodge mini van! So now, are you going to say that, that is a typical vehicle for drug dealers?!? AND, all the vehicles (regardless of make and model) were pulled over and given the same treatment! My POINT was that YES, people are pulled over, made to show their papers and interrogated!!!! This is unconstitutional!!! This IS happening in our country!!! Just like it’s happened in Germany and Russia all all of the other countries in which tyranny reigned! Stop being a fool!

      • Dave67

        Yes, wellarmed, you are hypersensitive. What do those cameras on the 10 tell you? Is it some awful plot to control Californians lives or are they they as a witness to crime, traffic etc?

        Julie, i am from the DC area and I go back to DC and NYC 2 times a year. I am glad when the military asks what you are doing close to a nuclear plant. I would be upset if they did not.

        And wellarmed… This article is delusional and prays on those that see a Marxist behind every bush. Bob L knows his audience well.

      • Dave67


        You are really hysterical. So everyone else that you deem suspicious should be checked on major drug coridor. Except you. Yes a minivan is a vehicle that us used for drug transport. Did you forget your “I am not a criminal” bumpersticker so the cops know that you one of the innocent people?

        How do you fly? When you go through the wand anf metal detectors do you get highly upset and write your congresspeople and scream at them “this is a violation!!!!!” I wish you would because then they would have an excuse to throw you in the looney bin where you belong. What an elitiist you are. The rules of society don’t apply to you. Just everyone else.

        Geez, Nancy, you need to take a step back and drink a can of “calm down” juice.

      • Dave67


        Amazing story about your relative and WW2. I read extensively about WW2 and had the honor to meet a man who served on the USS Enterprise during the battle of Midway. I have also been on the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. Its still a very surreal place and oil is still coming from the ship.

        But here is where your story runs into trouble. Before Hitler, there was no democratic tradition in Germany. The German regime before Hitler was even more restrictive on guns than Hitler. Nancy talks about Russia. Maybe somebody can tell me the extensivedemocratic tradition of Russia. You can’t because there is none. It is completely apples and oranges to compare the United States, a country that copied the democratic French model from its very inception and Russia, China, Germany per-WW2 because all of them have no history with democracy.

        That is just ignorance and fear-mongering by manipulators like Bob L.

      • Wellarmed

        Dave67, Every one in this country has a right to be a fool.

        You did not answer my question.

        What and why where the cameras (20 Each) on each lane north and south bound doing on a STATE highway? This is not federal property. The vehicles that passed had already been screened.

        Do you know what mission creep is?

        You may not believe that this nation is at a precipice, but I do.

        I have had friends serve in Ruwanda and the Balkins, and the stories they have always told me that stuck was the smell of burning bodies, and mass graves.

        I hope like hell that I am dead wrong about where our country is headed, but either way I will provide for my family no matter what circumstances are presented to me.

        Based on what IS happening in NY and CA, clearly tells me that what may be about to happen is occurring at an much faster pace than most believed.

        Believe what you want sir, and I will do what I must based on the mounting evidence before me.

        Good day.

      • Dave67

        Wellarmed, I have not seen the array in question so I cannot say with any real authority. Do you happen to have a picture if it and what it overlooks? I do know out in that direction of world is 29 Palms and there is alot of top secret militay firms out there doing research.

        Can you tell me what it is since you are the authority?

        A fool is someone who takes half-azzed information and assumes the worst without any evidence to justify the position.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Dave67 says:
        “So everyone else that you deem suspicious should be checked on major drug coridor. Except you.”

        NO!!!! That’s NOT what I think!!! READ the 4th Ammendment!!!
        The RIGHT of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall NOT BE VIOLATED! And no warrants shall issue, but upon PROBABLE CAUSE, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

        Did you GET that?!? Key words, SECURE and PROBABLE CAUSE!!! Even drug dealers have constitutional rights! If the police have no probable cause or evidence, they have NO right to detain you!!! I don’t think this was meant ONLY for ME!!! It was meant for EVERYONE!!!!! UNLESS POLICE HAVE PROBABLE CAUSE THAT YOU COMMITTED A CRIME, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO DETAIN YOU!!!! No matter WHO you are!!! I don’t give a rat’s behind about “society’s rules”! I DO however care about the LAW OF THE LAND!!!

      • Dave67

        So Nancy,

        Safe to say then you object to being searched at the airport? You are being rediculous and hysterical.

        Pure and simple.


  • wonderful

    I’ve seen this coming for many years now. People, it is only paranoia if it isn’t real. This is very real…

  • Breeze

    I got stuck in Kalifornia and can’t wait to get out of here. I noticed as soon as I got here what a police state it is. I mention this to the local people and they don’t see it. They’ve been conditioned for years and think it’s fine. Don’t let this happen to you.

    • The Christian American

      A man retreating from from Castro’s Cuba landed at Miami Airport. Reporters were all around him asking questions. He just stood there until they shutupped and them he simply said this: “At least I had a place to go”.

  • Tony Ruiz

    We are at the precipice right now. Everything we feared could happen here has, is and will be happening. Don’t we get it? It’s happened before in our world, as one or more have noticed here, and here it is again at OUR threshold. We MUST stand up to them. There will always be the evil followers like the ones who cheated and voted (even the dead ones) him back in instead of starting the fix. We have compounded all our problems and I have to wonder how many of our evil liberals will stick it out. Many of my old friends and acquaintances are liberals. Even my first daughter I don’t hold in the same regard because of it. Deaf, dumb and blind are the bywords of the demo party. When did they become so patently evil? One only has to look at their ilk to know how bad they are. Absolutely lost and fighting for our overthrow. He’ll throw them on the fire just as readily as us ‘regular’ Americans. And, what is it going to take for them to realize that HE IS A MUSLIM!?

  • flipped54

    Back in the mid 1800′s it was said that Lincoln was a tyrant too. He just wanted to ban slavery. Sensible folks just want to ban murder…..

    • john bean

      should dig him up and send him to theater along with roosevilt.

    • mom2marine

      Don’t stop with your history lessons…

    • Bob Livingston
      • deerinwater

        “Nixon’s policies sparked a rise in oil prices and caused the Great Inflation of the 1970s, according to Charles R. Morris, writing in his book, The Trillion Dollar Meltdown.
        Morris writes that Nixon was a Keynesian through and through, as were his supposedly conservative cabinet members.”

        Well, ~ that a sweeping statement by Charles R Morris ~as he is electing to ignore many other things in play.

        I was reading where Politiciofacts was claiming the economy took a nose dive during W tenure due to the busting of the “Housing Bubble” ~ which is true perhaps but unless one is willing to see the “Housing Bubble” an act of God , much like the weather, ~ the statement is but a false diversion from the truth. ~ A fabricated bit of information to misdirect the mind and attention of public opinion.

        So too do I find Charles R. Morris statement.

        • tony newbill

          Nixon and Obama have one thing in common that started us down the road to where we are today , its a person can you tell me the name of this person ??

          This person was the reason why we went off the commodities backed currency system that has led us to the financial calamity we have today .

          • navyjr

            Wrong person; you have the right idea, but Nixon and O aren’t the only ones being “driven” from outside, and the outside is not even in America. But it’s the same driving force that’s propelling EVERY government there is today; that wields all the political and fiscal power globally, and has since at least `812, following a brief hiatus that began in 1776, and before that from 1540! This is NOT simply a US problem, it’s a global issue!

      • deerinwater

        I’d attempt to try Tony, ~ can you rephrase your question? ~ I enjoy political puzzles.

        • tony newbill

          from Nixon to Obama all the past presidents have been following the NSSM200 blueprint , who wrote it ?

      • Deerinwater

        Tony ask, “from Nixon to Obama all the past presidents have been following the NSSM200 blueprint , who wrote it ?”

        reply; Hmm? not sure, Kissinger presented it ~ I would think that it a product of “then claimed” conservatives think tank” the likes of Kissinger , W. Buckley, etc.

        Was it not Kissinger, ~ that was responsible in part for shipping rice to hungry nations that was laced with a “sterilizing” agent?

        “In 1971 Lewis F. Powell Jr. urged conservatives to retake command of public discourse by “financing think tanks, reshaping mass media and seeking influence in universities and the judiciary.”[47] In the following decades conservative policies once considered outside the political mainstream—such as abolishing welfare, privatizing Social Security, deregulating banking, embracing preemptive war—were taken seriously and sometimes passed into law thanks to the work of the Hoover Institution, Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and smaller tanks.[48][49]
        Think tanks help shape both foreign and domestic policy. They receive funding from private donors, and members of private organizations. Think tanks may feel more free to propose and debate controversial ideas than people within government. The progressive media watchgroup Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) has identified the top 25 think tanks by media citations, noting that from 2006 to 2007 the number of citations declined 17%.[50] The FAIR report reveals the ideological breakdown of the citations: 37% conservative, 47% centrist, and 16% liberal. Their data show that the most-cited think tank was the Brookings Institution, followed by the Council on Foreign Relations, the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and the Center for Strategic and International Studies.”

        “Government think tanks are also important in the United States, particularly in the security and defense field. These include the Institute for National Strategic Studies, Institute for Homeland Security Studies, and the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, at the National Defense University; the Center for Naval Warfare Studies at the Naval War College and the Strategic Studies Institute at the U.S. Army War College.
        The government funds, wholly or in part, activities at approximately 30 Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs). FFRDCs, are unique independent nonprofit entities sponsored and funded by the U.S. government to meet specific long-term technical needs that cannot be met by any other single organization. FFRDCs typically assist government agencies with scientific research and analysis, systems development, and systems acquisition. They bring together the expertise and outlook of government, industry, and academia to solve complex technical problems. These FFRDCs include the RAND Corporation, the MITRE Corporation, the Institute for Defense Analyses, the Aerospace Corporation, the MIT Lincoln Laboratory, and other organizations supporting various departments within the U.S. Government.
        Similar to the above quasi-governmental organizations are Federal Advisory Committees. These groups, sometimes referred to as commissions, are a form of think tank dedicated to advising the US Presidents or the Executive branch of government. They typically focus on a specific issue and as such, might be considered similar to special interest groups. However, unlike special interest groups these committees have come under some oversight regulation and are required to make formal records available to the public. Approximately 1,000 these advisory committees are described in the FACA searchable database.”

    • Kevin Willard

      Murder is already banned. I know this sounds extreme, but go down to your local police station and ask them if murder is illegal, and if it is, ask them to provide the specific law reference so you can be sure. I wouldn’t want you to be thinking something that isn’t true…….

    • Buster the Anatolian

      “He just wanted to ban slavery. Sensible folks just want to ban murder…..”

      Lincoln cared not one whit about ending slavery. He banned slavery as a political expediency because support for his illegal invasion of the South was waning.

      Last time I checked murder was already banned.

      • Deerinwater

        Buster says; ” Lincoln cared not one whit about ending slavery. He banned slavery as a political expediency because support for his illegal invasion of the South was waning.”

        I say; Well, ~ it is true that Lincoln preferred to not address slavery on the offset. There were many reason that Lincoln did what he did and when he did.

        Gen. McCLELLAN performance was lackluster, CSA was putting the Union Army’s britches on in the first two years of fighting, ~ Lincoln did not have an able field commander and support for the war was beginning to wane both at home and abroad.

        What Lincoln did “not” want, was outside interference, ~ few governments abroad would interfere in behave of the South on a war predicated on Freeing Slaves ,. So the purpose for the war took on a new meaning, ~ it was not long just about States Rights.

        Cleaver! No?

      • deerinwater

        England was annoyed, ~ she was not getting her shipments of Cotton ~ this was creating economic problems in Europe. Lincoln’s concerns were valid.

  • scratch4416

    Free to worship, at 501c3 churches. Free to travel, as long as you agree to be molested first. Free to work, if you can find a job, and give the government 3/4 of your money. Free to express yourself, between the hours of 9 am until 4 pm within the boundaries of the permitted free speech zone. Do so at your own risk there is a chance the riot police might panic and kill you. Free to vote, as long as you vote for either the communist, or the facist, any other vote will not be counted, and any other candidate will not be permitted in the debate, and will be portrayed as a joke on television for the masses to laugh at.

  • LEO

    It is great to see so many responses to this article. Many of us, citizens, are in the know and putting our minds together. What scares me the most is how to wake up our friends, neighbors and fellow Patriots before it IS too late. We must stick together and continue to inform ourselves and all who will listen. May God be with us. These are truly scary times.

  • The Christian American

    For me, I pay a lot of attention to what Lenin said when he said: “People think in words and how they interpret words and converse in words is WHO they are”. Let us invent words and change the defiinition of words to mold people into what we want”. We’ve got to know there is a heaven and hell, good and bad, morality and immorality, freedom and serfdom and where the line is drawn between them. What is a secure state and a police state and where the differences lies.Years ago many legal documents were written in French because the French language draws more definable lines between good and bad. I use a copy of Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary, the first American English dictionary.

    If you understand the difference between laws, decrees, and edicts, you’d realize we are confronted by decrees and edicts, not laws. In America, laws have their origin in the Transcendental Law’s, God’s law and the founding documents, like the Declaration Independence and Constitution. Turning to God and His Laws is how the Founders justified their rebellion against their tyrant government, England and we can to. The Founders cried out to the red coats at Bunker Hill: ” NO KING BUT JESUS” and then shot them where they stood. Law cannot have it’s origin in politics and be law, but that’s what we’re doing today. Whatever parties in power, writes the laws. Law is “flexible” to the will of whoever’s in power.That degeneretes it to nothing but decrees and edicts, which are part of the “law” in democracies, the majority imposing it’s will on the minority. Law, to be law, must be moral in nature. The forces of evil are interpreting words for us and in so doing, they are putting us into bondage and a POLICE STATE. That is law in other lands, but not in the “In God we trust” country, but it is now. We must shake that cloud of evil that’s controlling our thinking away from us. The only power Satan has over people is the power to persuade, and he’s persuading a lot of people to his thinking. I’m not a peacher, far from it, but I know this. Turning to God is much better than turning to an evil government for our dainties. Look at your Declaration of Independence. Look at your Consitution, and the ways “the” government is twisting them. If you know right from wrong you won’t need a judge to interpret it for you. Become the man Mark Twain depicted: ” In the beginning of change, the patriot is a scarce and brave man. hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, then the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot”.

  • Bernie

    America is not listed in the Bible, in the last days there is to be a One World Govt and it appears that we are quickly headed in that direction. Sadly President Obama looks for this as he sets the stage for Americans in jail who disagree with him. May your day be blessed and your life full .

    • The Christian American

      Bush Sr. said it: “A New World Order” and everyone who has followed him since. Is Obama the one that’s going to usher in the Lord’s return?

    • Charlie

      Check out 2 Samuel 7:10,,,that is the New JerUSAlem ,,,have you been duped, deceived and deluded by the Judeo-Christian churches ???… Meanwhile………………………
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Rennie

    How free are you to travel? Can you pack up and simply move from one state to the next, or country and take your belongings and wealth with you? No. People talk about Chile as the next financial paradise, or South?Central America generally, I’m skeptical.

    • mark

      As an American citizen, I am completely free to travel to any state I please, move there, buy property there, set up a business there, and move out again if I please. I can also travel to any country in the world save Cuba and North Korea. I have in fact done this repeatedly throughout my life without any serious problems and only a few minor bureaucratic forms to fill out for a visa, etc. I don’t know what you are talking about? You give the impression that federal guards or security police will prevent you from moving from Tennessee to Nevada. Believe me they won’t. Just book a ticket and go. This is also true for international travel with only a very few exceptions in this world.

  • JW

    21.6 cartridges, bullets are components of cartridges, as are gun powder, primers, and cases.

  • Deerinwater

    Much of life is how we choose to react to it. With a majority support of the American people the 107th Congress acted poorly and gave 43 “everything” that he asked for after 911 without blinking an eye. Now, we have what the “majority” wanted in 2001 and 2002. We can Thank our Right Wing Christian Collation for their handy work. ~ (If you can find them today.)

    Crime has always been a problem. ~ Law enforcement now has new tools to fight crime with and exactly like the old tools,~ they are subject to abuse.

    Since my electric meter was replaced with a new “smart meter” my monthly bill is lower. I no longer have a meter reader invading my space. My “space” in now being electronically invaded by a geo syn orbit satellite. My meter can be read and cut of and on with a few key strokes. ~ I’ve traded one privacy invasion for another. Since I do not engage in criminal activate and do not keep sensitive information on hard drives, I’m good with it.

    Hair drug testing offers the longest view of what a person has been doing or not doing. As a professional Mainer for two years, the US Coast Guard rules, we had to submit to such testing as a part of employment.

    Any accident that occurs at Sea that required medical treatment, ~ the Fed is brought in to document the mandatory drug test. ( They come to the hospital and Introduce themselves to you) Where you had a hatch door slammed close on a few fingers in 30 foot rollers and slapping side seas to losing a hand in a Cat Head ~ it does not matter ~ you will be drug tested.

    Young people are naive to the real world and the long term consequences of their behavior. I would ask, when is there a good time for them to learn?

    The days of slipping around and doing what ever you want to do without the fear of limiting your “future” is over. ~ You test dirty one time, ~ and the doors of future opportunity start closing to you. To nip a young career in the bud in it’s early stages ~ has a long term effects.

    This is the real world that grownups must live in. Children need to prepare for it.

    I’m not suggesting that it’s “right” ~ but just the way it is.

    • The Christian American

      Drug tested but who’s checking the results? Stalin said: I don’t care about the voters. I’m concerned about the on’s counting the votes. We are handing ourselves to those who want in bondage and even paying for it ourselves with Facebook, twitter and the rest.

    • Wellarmed

      Thanks Deerinwater for validating everything that I have been saying for the last 20 years. You have faithfully put a price on your privacy that can be now bought and sold, and is nearly a commodity with which those who no longer feel freedom is appropriate for you will use to reinforce your subjugation.

      Those willing to trade their freedoms for security deserve neither.

      There is no qualifier in that statement.

      Sir, being that you wish to jump off a tall bridge does not put me in a position to follow you.

      Your paycheck is sufficient to buy everything you need, with the exception of your freedom.

      Young persons without work do not need SCOTUS opinion/decisions to know that what is requested from them for gainful employment is in direct violation of not only their right but duty.

      I will provide said urine sample for a potential employer, when they agree to hold the cup in their teeth.

      My freedom and rights are not for sale.

      • deerinwater

        Wellarmed say; much ! ~ mostly defiance and unaware of what it takes to conduct business in today world ~ stuck in the 50′s of sorts.

        he says, “I will provide said urine sample for a potential employer, when they agree to hold the cup in their teeth.
        My freedom and rights are not for sale.”

        I say, ~ it’s not required to comply or be employed at all. ~ There are many jobs that do not require drug testing. ~ but if you hold down a critical job with a major employer that offers you a career worthy to pursue , ~ they insure, ~ they must.

        I remember feeling much the same as you do years ago ~ but I had to get over it in order to do what I wanted to do. ~and for your information, ~ the President does not have anything to do with it my friend ~ it’s insurance companies and companies attempting to controlling their liabilities. ~

        And ~ I haven’t drew a paycheck in 40 years ~ I am an employer and I too am required to insure to be in business. ~ Even my little empire requires 5 million general liability with a 10 million Umbrella. I cannot operate without insurance ~ Period. It is Insurance companies makes these demands on employers. We are all left to comply or open up a snowcone stand or mow lawns.

        Even a maid service today, insures.

        I take it that you work by the hour and not familiar with the way business must be conducted in today’s world? ~ Maybe you just make it to work and punch a clock? Your responsibilities narrow and focused? Not to discredit your position ~but you are no Businessman .

        I never said that I approve or like these encroachment of private space ~ Mister. But I am telling you that the way it is. ~

        So jump back Jack ~ and cool your Jets. You are telling on yourself.

  • Steve Bell

    I am certainly supportive of the ideas and sentiments here, and of those in response on Facebook. I ask that any and all actions taken, in these concerns, and all others, be within and in direct support of our constitution. Do not fight evil with evil; in doing so, you become your enemy.

    • Thaddeus Toad

      Very sound reasoning Steve …. Let us not forget that those who fought for our independence worked in fields and foundries and at the end of day they either met in the local church or the local tavern to discuss the issues of the day… Today we are so stupid and misinformed because we have been told we cannot discuss religion and politics in a tavern and no politics in church…. When people start to become a community and start to care for one another and stand for something …things will change…. I will stand for The existence of God…. The sanctity of life and the rule of law…

  • Johnny D

    Obama care consisting of 2000 pages is a direct onslaught to the quality of life that Americans have enjoyed in the past. Our freedoms as well as our wealth is now in control of bureaucrats. Congressmen have failed us. They should have read the bill before voting it into law. It is creating many problems and being used as a political football with the exemptions granted to special groups. We have taken a step backwards.

  • john bean

    sure doe,s seem liike alot of tories around!!! guess old dave and calif ,want to go back to the old ways(napon) easy to make,in a glass jar with arag stuffed in it hmmm ibelived i had rather be shot!!!

    • nobodysfool

      John Bean, you have been sipping too much Jim Beam, I fear. Your comments are nonsense (what is napon???) If you’d rather be shot, go hunting with VP Cheney. But please, don’t comment anymore until you’ve sobered up.

      And for everyone who is rushing out to buy guns, do you not realize that when that gun is REGISTERED, the gov’t. knows where it is and will come and get it?? Confiscation means the gov’t taking what is yours (i.e., the money you have earned is taken via taxes). If you can find a place to buy that does not require registration, that’s a step in the right direction, but where do you get your ammo? That’s tracked now, too. So if you suddenly start buying ammo but are not showing a gun registered to you, then the gov’t mafia gets ‘spicious. And if you apply for CCL, bingo, they are onto you like a duck on a june bug. The gov’t is far more invasive than you ever thought. And it is not your friend.

  • Mike

    A Drone found a person who the police were looking for was found by this tool of the US Government? in North Dakota!

  • Tina Eddy

    That has to be the most well written thought out explanation and warning that I’ve read to date. If people don’t “get it” when they read it, they’re just not going to. Question is, what do we do about it??

    • Dave67

      We buy up all the heavy weapons we can, have months of canned food stored up and baracde ourselves in our homes…

      Its what Bob L does…He hasn’t been outside his home since the lewinsky scandal.

      Just hide… Maybe the Obama army will not see you. How are you doing for camouflage? If you paint your body black and look pregnant and have a welfare voucher and food stamps in your hand, Obama leaves you alone.

      If you are white and successful, Obama and his evil dooer army just comes in and sucks you up into the mothership. I heard from somebody who heard that it happened to one of their friend’s friends… so you know its true.

      • Don 2


        How would you know Bob hasn’t been outside his house? Have you been stalking Bob? How do you find the time considering all the time you spend stalking his site?

      • Dave67


        I cut a deal with Obama.. I have drones flying over Bob’s appartment and yours. We have had our eyes on you since you were promoted from the french fry machine to shakes.

        We deem you an anema of the state. You must be cleansed…

      • Don 2

        Dave 67/dave67d,

        That’s funny!

        Nonetheless, we would still like to give you a one-way ticket to Mexico.

      • Dave67

        Make it Cabo and you got a deal. I will chalk the trip up to “coupon” day on my beach trip and I will take care of the return trip. Since you are doing the first half, mind if it is business class? Its how I like to travel.


  • Tunaman


    • Deerinwater

      Oh ! Tunaman ~ You really believe that don’t you?

      I would concede that you notions of God does work in mysterious ways. The less bright , the more mysterious.

      If in life and death you belong to such a God, ~ what’s a nation of people got to do with it? Do we have a God that accepts notions of National boundary lines or political affiliations?

      Not a living soul has make a bit of sense out of the book of revelations. (while some think so) ~ Revelations is little more the “stick” in the “carrot & stick” approach to intimidate for dominion. The final text after the New Testament paints God as a Loving God. ( and perhaps a pushover)

      Such a god would have to be a human god.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Boy are you illiterate when it comes to the Bible. You and your buddy Dave67 need to take a Bible study class. I bet you both think that the Jews are God’s chosen people. If so, you better read Matthew 5, where Jesus talks about the synagogues, and also St. John8 where Jesus was talking to the Jews, he says to the Jews that they are of the devil, their father is satan.

        • R. Fine

          The Old Testament gives the Promised Land to the Jews. By the Word of the Everlasting God of all Creation.

        • Deerinwater

          Julie says , “Boy are you illiterate when it comes to the Bible. You and your buddy Dave67 need to take a Bible study class.”

          I’d say, You are a sick person attempting to spread your illness and highlights the reasoning behind the separation of church and state that the founding fathers so wisely included in the Constitution.

      • Charlie

        Heathen,,,you’ve been caught in the cross fire… That human God is King Jesus Christ…

        • Deerinwater

          Charlie says , “Heathen,,,you’ve been caught in the cross fire… ”

          Oh Charlie, ~ I stay in the crossfire, ~ it’s where I do my best work.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Deerinwater, The Constitution was founded on the Bible. It says government can’t infringe on religion, not religion on government. it says the state is to stay out of religion not religion out of state. When out founding fathers were discussing the constitution they quoted several scriptures. You atheist like to change things around to your own deprived thinking. You will not change the constitution. This country was built on religion, under one God, with liberty and justice for all. Get used to it.

        • Deerinwater

          Julie says; “Deerinwater, The Constitution was founded on the Bible. It says government can’t infringe on religion, not religion on government. it says the state is to stay out of religion not religion out of state. “.

          No-it doesn’t Julie

          But if if it did, Consider yourself at war with me and 200,000 people just like me.

          In no way is the seat of our government ruled by a bunch of snake handlers that believe the cow jumped over the moon.

          Not going to happen. You are free to worship ~ however and whatever you wish. While you are not free to interfere or subject your beliefs on others.

          Jesus was a Jew and not a Hebrew. Jesus grew to become a teacher , a Rabbi that changed the world.

          But I have no interest in talking to you on such matters. Accept your freedoms to believe what you wish to believe and enjoy your trip to heaven. Allow the rest of us to have the same freedoms that you enjoy.

      • Charlie

        I think I told you before,,,King Jesus Christ was born into The Tribe of Judah but was/is a Hebrew by race… Read it,,, it’s in The Bible Family Tree… Meanwhile……………………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • Darwan Winkler

          Hebrew is a language Charlie.

      • Charlie

        Winkler ,,,
        Primarily a group of people,,,see that at Genesis 11:31……………………

    • Dave67

      Did we have his blessing when we infected the natives of America with Smallpox, slaughteredthem and broke every treaty we signed with them?

      How about slavery? Were we with god then? How about when women were not allowed to vote?

      You are right about one thing… You can’t fix stupid.

      • Charlie

        What happened to Gen’ Custer? what goes around comes around,..Custer was a has been fired Yankee General, the Confederates moving west tried to get along with the Indians , because some were cross breed Indians …

        • Deerinwater

          Oh! Charlie ! Stop it! Stop it now. ~ You can play wild and loose with biblical text but not 1800 history.

      • Dave67

        Charlie, according to the other Jesus-freak, we apparently were on the side of god during

        1) indian massacres
        2) slavery
        3) women being denied the right to vote

        But apparently, since the sexual revolution of the 1960′s, that is when we started being out of “god’s favor”

        I am calling extreme BS on that one.

      • Charlie

        Have you accomplished Acts 2:38,,,that’s the way you fix stupid…

    • Charlie

      Tell us how to accomplish Revelations 18:4??? Meanwhile………………………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • Nanette Gray

    It saddens me to the core..Americans, it is almost too late! Half Americans like some here, have NO idea what is going is greater than our country! This is about a One World Government. power, religion and monetary system! We are just the last stand country to make it so! The One World Order is already deep ingrained in the world and the pieces to the puzzled is already here on the table..! Americans, many I know personally believe everything is okay, even when they see..these things happening they bury their heads in the sand..the disease of “normalcy syndrome! Ten years ago I would have never thought that Christan people that I know would sear their hearts for abortion..take a look..55 million dead unique individuals, murdered at the hands of physicians and the parent! When the very idea of same sex marriage is considered okay? Really, God made marriage and gave us the ability to procreate another human in God’s image..! The claws of anti-Christ is already in our society, Americans are and have been brainwashed to look the other way! 2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. How very odd when I heard out of another fellow Christian that God let him be voted in! Really….no, they got what they wanted! Many have become apostate Christians, it is the Christians that have held back..but they have left the teachings of Christ to follow another god! So, now God has and is pulling back his hand of blessings for this Nation! Look up for your redemption draws neigh!

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Thank You, Nanette!

      • Charlie

        Nanette said there is another god,,,did you say there is only one god? as I said before, there are many small “g” gods………….

    • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

      Good post. We and our constitution is the only thing keeping the NWO’s plan from being fully enacted. I’m glad that you and Nancy from Neb. are awaken. Every day more and more are awakening, this is a good thing. I researched history going way back before Christ up to today. I studied the Bible, all the prophecies and brought them up through history. A lot of history and Biblical history are intermingled. It takes a lot of time, but what keeps you going is that it is interesting. Here is a little bit that I found out through research.

      I don’t know if you heard of the “Three Sisters” Here they are

      1) the Vatican
      a. religion
      b. in Rome Italy
      c. Vatican is a country with in a country(Rome, Italy)

      2) the Bank Of England
      a. financial, money, economies
      b. in London, England
      c. Bank of England is it’s own country with in a country (London, England)

      3) the Military Complex (pentagon)
      a. military
      b. in Washington D.C.
      c. Washington D.C. is in the District of Columbia, a country with in a country,
      The United States of America

      The “Three Sisters” share a flag. The flag has a strip across the bottom with three stars above it. Each star represents each sister.

      These are part of the NWO, and is controlled by it’s organizations (U.N., CFR, Tri-lateral commission, Builderburg corp, Rockefeller, Warburg’s, Rothschild’s,etc.)

      These three sisters are also the ones whom created Israel after WW2. If you look at the nationalities of these people, and the people in control of the organizations, plus who are in control of most of our government organizations and departments, is Jewish. Not just any Jews, but Zionist Jews. In St. John 8, in the Bible, Jesus was talking to the Jews. Jesus told them he was of his father, God. The Jews argued with him and said he wasn’t (the Jews didn’t believe him) So Jesus asked the Jews who their father was. The Jews said their father was Abraham. Jesus said no, you are of the devil, satan is your father. The Jews are not Gods Chosen people. Jesus said you can not serve two masters. So if the Jews are not of God, then they must serve satan. Jerusalem was Jesus holy city, what better city for satan to occupy. It was taken away from the Palestine’s, by the three sisters (NWO).

      After Jesus reputed the Jews, he told Paul, a deciple(sp), to build his chuch on this rock (rock means strong, lasting, etc.). At the same time Paul was building God’s chuch is when the Catholic church has come into being. Back during the time of Constantine, he ruled Rome. Constantine set out to conquer the Middle East. He conquered Turkey, where Paul started his church (the Catholic Church). Constantine always wanted to be God, so he took the church back to Rome, where he built the Vatican. There he ruled as god. That’s when it was changed to the Roman Catholic Church, and Constantine put a lot of pagan worship in it since he was king and thought he was God. After Constantine died the Cardinals and Bishops tried to change it back to the real Catholic religion of Paul’s. But then Vatican 2 came along in the 50′s and hi-jacked it. If you were the devil, wouldn’t you want what is God’s (his Church, his Holy City, Jerusalem). Remember God gave satan 6000 years to rule. We are at the end of the 6000 years (2013). Satan knows he has a short time, so he is going to do as much evil against God’s creation, and destroy as much as he can, even Jerusalem and the Vatican. Remember what Jesus said about Damascus. He said when Damascus is distroyed, I’am at your door. Damascus will not be rebuilt.

    • Charlie

      Nanette Gray,,,
      Did you pray Matthew 6:9–13 today and every day ??? King Jesus Christ has NOT closed His ears to Praying Americans , for He is The Commander of The American Militia… The Judeo Christians churches are the big problem in America because most do not have Salvation per Acts 2:38,,,they forgot to read Matthew 16:19 and figure out what Peter said at 1 Peter 3:21… It only takes one true praying Christian and King Jesus Christ to make a Majority .. Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and healing…Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • http://yahoo John Miller

    America needs to wake up. We need to remember its “We the people”. Not “We the government”…The “We” stands for legal citizens of the USA.

  • Charlie R

    “America needs to wake up” … REALLY?
    If Voting Americans were anywhere close to being “awake” Obama would not have been re-elected. O’s re-election signals the end of America as most of you knew it because the majority of voters are now “dumbed down” and infected with a socialist mentality. To that add countless “undocumented” immigrants (a drain on our economy), a corrupt press (Liberal Ideologues), legislators that lie thru their teeth (and are bound to party dictums), and you have the perfect storm that allows Obama to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE AMERICA”.

    “We The People Re-elected Obama” (the dictator); that speaks volumes and his re-election mirrors the democratic rise of Germany’s Fascist Regime in1932. Get used to all facet’s of our new “Great Society” (including police state law enforcement, confiscatory taxes and a health care system that will ultimately kill you).

    It took the Soviet Union 80 years to crumble financially. SO, how long do you think it will take for “Americans To Wake Up”?

    • Karolyn

      Do you seriously believe it would be any different with Romney in office?

    • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

      Charlie R, read this book “School of Darkness” by Bella Dodd it’s on line free. She discribes in this book (her biography) about communism, and how it got started back in the early 1900′s. She was big in the party. She talks about our representatives in government, and what she said is still happening today. If you read it, think about what is happening today with the big unions, welfare, taking from rich and giving to poor, wars, what Obama is doing, etc. Remember Obama’s peres are communism, and also his grandparents.

  • Karolyn

    Bob neglected to include the fact that thethe case against a attorney who was arrested for shouting to a person that they remember their Constitutional rights was dismissed and he was awarded $43,000 in damanges afterward. At least we do have the right to appeal and sue for damages. The two women who were shot for no reason by cops looking for the one in CA who is on the run are gonna geet big bucks in their suit.

    Unfortunately, these infringements have been occurring in this country forever. I am sure it was even worse in the 19th and early 20th century. At that time it would seem that ordinary people either did not know they had any recourse or could not afford it. The only difference now is that everybody hears about them.

    Personally, I am particularly aware of the number of family dogs being shot and killed by cops for no reason. This is epidemic in the US, and there are groups petitioning the government and raising hell about this horrible miscarriage of justice. Rampant seizing and euthanizing of supposed “vicious” dogs is also occurring.!/pages/United-States-War-on-Family-Pets-Network-Info/400081023411291

  • FreedomFighter

    Sometimes its all in a song, what was is again,

    If I Had A Hammer

    Its about Justice, its about Freedom, it always is.

    Laus Deo
    Semper FI

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Hey, thanks for posting that! It was great, brings back memories! Makes me think that maybe I should go hook up the old turntable and pull out the old records! I love that song! It still speaks today!

  • rocco

    I agree with you 100%, and how about the four Fusion centers located in various cities to throw rioters into if they are deemed trouble makers that each can hold a Million people?

  • seanpatrick3000

    I have recently noticed with great distress that city traffic cops on motorcycles are carrying M4 carbine machine guns, why do city traffic cops need a machine gun. I’m sure the police in their cruisers are carrying also in the trunk where it’s not visible like the motorcycle police.

    This is a scary revelation, again why do city traffic cops need a machine gun?

    we need to take America back from these people.

    • Deerinwater

      I haven’t seen that Sean . ~ what city do you live in?

      Law enforcement do not like to feel “out gunned” ~ a 9mm. side arm is sort of small compared to what is out there today.

      I’d want a rocket launcher myself.

      • seanpatrick3000

        I live in Orange county CA, the city is orange, I have seen this for that past few months. they are hard to detect because they have a cover over most of the gun but the magazine and pistol grip are readily seen and not having a close up look, I’m guessing it’s an M4 but could be another AR dirivative. I’m ok with SWAT teams carrying this kind of fire power but traffic cops that is over the top.

      • Chris

        Bazooka would be fine by me!

  • Mynickelsworth

    The author is correct is his assessment of the situation. No law is enforced IF it is to their advantage. The Constitution in it’s entirety is ignored if it interferes with what they want to do…THAT IS TYRANNY.
    That is also why they want destroy the 2nd Amendment by requiring national firearm registration of gun owners…they can then confiscate them at their leisure. EVERY dictator does it before he takes complete control and they cannot do it with some 250 million gun owners in the country without first confiscating all guns.

  • Jim B

    The countries trust and faith has resulted into huge distortion of truths, corruption and fraudulence to the tune of 17 Trillion dollars in debt. Somehow we’ve aloud ‘so called’ elected leaders to lead beyond their usefulness, and competency. All the fixing , medaling, and boondoggling has led to nation filled with hate for its government. There are 535 idiots and 1 fool of a POTUS conducting their deceptions from their Washington sanctuary. They should be careful, the heat of intolerance is growing by the day.

    • The Christian American

      The colonist had that same “trust and faith” for over 75 years in their government, England, and got fed up and wrote the Declaration of Independence. Read the Declaration of Independence. It’s on Are we at the point we have to edit it so that it conforms with our grievances? Personally, I think so. Histories simply repeating itself. The difference is, we’re living it.

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    What most people, including and especially “average” Americans don’t seem to realize that by not differentiating between The United States of America( the REPUBLIC) and the Government of the United States ( a CORPORATION) they are falling prey to the ENEMY…..

    The REPUBLIC is the People and the Constitution and the CORPORATION is the Shareholders which are the Rothschilds, The Rockefellers,The Warburgs ,The British Royal Family and the Vatican by virtue of their ownership of the BANKS, which OWN the Corporation AND they make the laws so many of you seem to Love and Respect…..The Government( Corporation) and its shareholders are the ENEMY

    • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

      Roger, very true post. That’s good you are awake. When crap hit’s the fan it will affect Canada too. Hang tough.

    • Charlie

      Canada is a Jew Banker controlled country that had Ernst Zundel taken pow in Tennessee
      and taken to Canada then flown to Germany and Ernst spent 7 long years in jail for a trumped up charge, the Zundel site is on the web… Check it out… Canada is mostly a police state and so is Tennessee and most of USA Inc. Meanwhile…………………………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • ROGER, irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

        I agree with you “Charlie says” EXCEPT for your religiosity-I am an Atheist and thus am not burdened by Religious Faith and Fear.

        • Gea

          “Jew bankers control Canada”? This sounds like the good old Jew hating delusion of somebody who does not understand what Jews are all about. Most bankers are NOT Jews and the bankers do NOT control Canada or any other country. Bankers are not evil and not all responsible for greedy poor people who wanted to game the system by borrowing the money to buy houses that they could not afford in the first place.

          This is an old anti-Semitic delusion about Jews “controlling the world”, similar to what Muslim Jew haters such as Ahmadinejad claim…all utter nonsense, except that Jews ARE recipients of 20% of all Nobel prizes in science, while being a 0,2% of populations. This is not because of any “Jewish conspiracy” of “Jews control the world” but because Judaism encourages education and hard work, something that anti-Semites on this forum conveniently forget when violating 10th commandment about coveting for what others had achieved.

          Go to school and study and then rise by your work and not defaming Jews, the people who had given so much to the world and whose Decalogue our Western civilization is based!

          • Mike

            I agree with you “Charlie says” EXCEPT for your religiosity-I am an Atheist and thus am not burdened by Religious Faith and Fear.

            Gea, I am not a Jew, I am a Christian, and I am not BURDENED by religious faith, I have faith in God, and I do not FEAR my God, I Love him and accept him as my saviour. I have no resentment of any other race, or religion, everyone is entitled to believe in whatever religion they wish.
            What i do have resentment towards is being lied to by the very people who are supposed to lead our country. They keep secrets which is the same as lying in my book. And the banks and bankers DO control the goverment to a certain extent. It does not matter wether they are Jewish or not that has no bearing on anything. Granted the Jewish people have been persecuted all of their existence, and that is a shame and the people who have done that will be ultimately judged by God (ironically who was a Jew I believe). But each religion believes God to be of their faith (the cathloics believe he is Catholic, the Christians belive he is Christian, etc.etc.) But God is all religions and all faiths, God is everywhere, in everyone and everything.

      • Charlie

        Roger, Canadian,,,
        All world history ties in with The History Book called The Holy Bible… Sorry about your heathenism,,,but,,, it does not surprise Me… The British , which basically control Canada…
        We Americans had to teach The British some Bible facts way back at a similar “Gun grab”
        situation, The American Militia drew first blood at “The Bridge” with the battle cry of “no king but King Jesus… The American Militia still exist today, under The same King…
        Ernst Zundel could have won his case ,IF, he had used Biblical Law, but, he went with Man’s law against the Canadian Jew government… The Holy Bible clearly exposes who the
        modern day so called Jews are… The American Judeo-Christian churches have duped many with their “believe only salvation”,,.THE ONLY WAY to have The Blessings of King Jesus Christ is to Obey King Jesus and His Ranking Men in The Holy Bible…Meanwhile…
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

        • R. Fine

          Golly gosh gee. Ya’ got your Bible thumping book and yer gun so ain’t nothin’ much else yous need now ain’t that a fact? Nohow noway yous gon’aa let any of them pinko Canuks get in your way. Blow ‘em away is alls you need to do. Yer an american afterall and theres nothin’ an american can’t do. Ain’t that right buddy? You betcha’.

      • Charlie

        R Fine,,,
        Watch yo mouth yo heathen, all I need to protect Myself against a nerd as you , is, just a few prayers,,,ever hear of the Prayer weapon? What is your rank? Meanwhile……………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

      • Charlie

        Are you a “Christian” per Acts 2:38??? I am from the lineage of “Shem” does that make Me a semite?… I say again ,,,The Canadian Jews did a gross injustice to Ernst Zundel, with the help of the American Jews… Those prize winner were German/jews ,,,better read a few history book about who real “Germans” are,,,bloodline that is,,,anybody can call themselves whatever,,,BUT,,,the physical features have to be there… Meanwhile…………….
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

  • Wily

    Everyone in H.A.M. knows exactly how to scrambles the model planes of all types! Will licensed hammers participate, hmmm, some may be willing to educate a few, some may figure that they have no future if they don’t! You don’t have to know how to build a ham radio from scratch in order to get a license in order eh eh to use one! What do you mean the beams or dish antenna being exposed? No no, even the signals can be zig zagged! I think there’s a few honest citizens who know what’s being said here! An ancient text tells us that in the later day(s) system(s) along w/the armies the man of perdition will be confounded often?! Jeeper’s, wonder what that means – there was some conversing in another language that a three dimensional conflict(s) may become useless one day soon! The whing whongs have been working on this, maybe Gog of maygog have too! Most communications as we know it could be destroyed by activity from the sun, one day the Son will fire up the Great Wine Press, that so called Battle will be like a pop corn fart, man fighting the Creator of all, what fools!
    The time they waste confining many citizens will prove futile by not focusing on the elephants in their bathrooms! Perilous times are not just coming for us peasants, we know that, most of them don’t, only a very few 3rd door Mason’s are concerned about that! They’ve dipped many a gar in there brandy pondering the earth changes that will have many traveling to mountain peak to peak all in nothing but vain! They invited the camel dung riders to help play there game all for a creature that hates them as well as all of His special Created beings! Patrick Henry did say, either we hang together or hang separately! Ally w/Satan, take his mark your eternity is sealed, that’s why Jesus paid that ultimate price for the only way provided by the Godhead and we are that generation, ancient text reads lie today’s front cover news!
    Please call upon Him now, please!
    Hebrews …13:6…

    • The Christian American

      Did you ever read “The John Franklin letters”, 1957 version? It was The Minutemen movement as based on. It describes what to do if there is a takeover of America. Good pointers.

  • stokes

    Just curious—why aren’t we (the people)–concentrating on EXITING the United Nations –(a worthless & extremely expensive endeavor)–& insisting that our Congressmen & Senators do essentially the same??

    • Karolyn

      We ARE a part of the world, are we not? Are you an isolationist?

      • tony newbill

        at this point it would be way cheaper to be independent from the world . You cannot say we are getting cheaper goods from the world markets when we are running trade deficits that have created the debt we have with countries like china , out sourced our jobs to these countries who pollute and have slave labor as the lure and we do nothing about it !!!!

      • JC

        We’re a sovereign republic of sovereign individuals. The world is allowed to join us in that way of life if it wants to, but we’re under no obligation to lower ourselves the the “world’s” standards. Nor are we under any obligation to obey unConstitutional laws brought by the UN.

        • tony newbill

          I think the USA should Isolate from the rest of the world because with all these Liberals calling for population controls worldwide when the USA is not the problem but these idealists think the USA needs to lead the way on this tells me we need to secure the homeland for our sovereign citizens and end this unsustainable international market scheme thats not working for the best interests of the USA or her citizens .

          • R. Fine

            And I think you need to do a bit of traveling outside the U.S.A. – especially Europe and places like Turkey, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand, Singapore.

          • tony newbill

            R Fine why ??????????

          • Darwan Winkler

            Why? Perspective and understanding

          • tony newbill

            Darwan Winkler what will that do to sustain USA Sovereignty ????

          • Darwan Winkler

            Contending with neighbors in peaceful coexistence requires common ground Tony .

            Common ground is linked to “needs” and desires”. To understand different cultures takes a certain amount of effort ~ an investment of your time beyond just academics.

            For example, ~ Many of the people in Mexico today, ~ feel fortunate to be able to “tote” their daily water needs. To have all they can carry is a dream come true.

            The people in Cuba today, ~ need brake fluid badly, ~ not having it, they make substitutes from a mixture of things like mineral oil.

            Traveling is as important today as it was for Marco Polo in his time. Supply & Demand forces are a spin off of curious minds. If you don’t know what you are missing ~ the need is not obvious.

            If we be less then curious , why drone’s and and space satellites?

          • tony newbill

            Darwan with the ANTI growth sediment that lives in the under pinning of the Green ECO Marxist movement being called a revolution for the good of the planet what makes you think the elites want to Improve the societies of the world that will contribute to more harm to the ECO system if People are allowed to be prosperous and consume more ????

            The trends in market valuation and prosperity show a consolidation towards the 2 big 2 fail industry that keeps consolidating the worlds resources and wealth so all this talk about redistribution and Fair share is a Phone bid for the consolidation of votes to give an open door policy to God Knows what is to come …….

            This is why I say to heck with all this Internationalism and International markets , end the Federal Reserve , put the decision making of the USA monetary Policy BACK in the HANDS of We the People so we can through a democratic Majority decide how best to Allocate funding for the US Citizens best Interests !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Darwan Winkler

            Well Tony, ~ maybe you can live out the rest of your years hoping for that but the world will move on regardless what you and I believe or wish for.

            I’m not exactly sure who these “Elites” are that you mention. I hear the term mentioned often without name, definition or example.

            In our small lifetime , I don’t think there is such great need to worry so. ~ While the future is always unclear and uncertain.

            I don’t suppose that you are a big science fiction reader? ~ There are to be many changes in the future but they do not affect you and I today.

            In the most recent 200 years the world has went from draft animals to do our heavy lifting to combustion. The next 200 years will not be a world you and I will recognize. What is greatest of importance today will be replaced with something else.

            I say, enjoy your short stay and address what is before us today, the things we can get done.

            The UN is resented by Americans today, ~ as we have but one vote in an assemble comprising all 193 Members of the United Nations, it provides a unique forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the Charter.

            Another source of contention is funding As all UN Member States share the costs of peacekeeping, the Assembly apportions these expenses based on a special scale of assessments, taking into account the relative economic wealth of Member States, with the permanent members of the Security Council required to pay a larger share because of their special responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security.

            The General Assembly, through its Fifth Committee (Administrative and Budgetary) approves and oversees the peacekeeping budget. This includes how specific field operations are funded and equipped, based on detailed submissions provided to it by the UN Secretary-General.

            When America pays more yet enjoys a single vote ~ is somewhat annoying when we do not enjoy the sympathy and consideration for the other 192 members .

          • tony newbill
          • tony newbill

            Darwan and Robbiefin listen to this guy who advises Obama along with Science CZAR Holdren ,

          • R. Fine

            I listened to the interview and I’d say it would be difficult to argue against anything the professor has to say about population growth on our planet and the effect it will have on future standards of living. He is right on the money. Earth cannot add billions of new people and expect to be able to maintain current levels of consumption. The more people equals more mouths to feed and bodies to cloth etc. Unless we start sending folks to the moon or Mars or getting minerals from space we are going to have a harder and harder time dealing with population increase. Unless you have some secret plan to feed that extra 2 1/2 billion mouths in the next decade or so.

          • Darwan Winkler

            Hmm? ~ Well what you like to see done about it?

          • R. Fine

            I’m not sure there is necessarily a solution. It could be that our species will end up fighting each other to the death for ever decreasing supplies of natural resources. Perhaps mining the moon and Mars might be part of a solution but dramatically raising living standards in 3rd. world countries would also help as it is well known that as folks become more wealthy they have fewer children. Tapping renewable power sources is sensible. There’s no end to sunshine and wind after all. But, I think that in the end homo sapiens are doomed.

          • Darwan Winkler

            For those that fail to adapt quicker than others, I’m sure.

            But that problem is not yet here and I will address what is.

          • tony newbill

            R Fine see this kinda thinking in the hands of those who also appropriate our economic policy is where Oppression can evolve and I believe while they are running these huge debts with no plan to pay for them and telling us the economy is recovering when the debt still is growing at a rate that is 1/3rd more than revenues it looks like they are On Purpose running us Over the fiscal cliff to bankrupt the Capital system so they can then install a New Top Down central Controlled economic system that the government can control the rate of consumption . This is Communism and the political selective nature of this kind of Economics is how we saw the worst kind of human tragedy of the 20th century .
            Are we witnessing this again like we saw Pre WW1 and 2 ???
            See this topic of Over population should be a Public debate that is decided freely with freedom of choice being driven by the logic of human concept debating the subject on a level of truth and justice for all involved because we all are evolved !!! But these politicians are scared of having this debate and being the leading force of reason in it because it would end their political careers . So instead these gutless politicians are letting the Bureaucrat technocrats trickle out this debate while they try and appear to be Promoting a Supply-side Capitalist system but at the same time allow the system to consolidate the resources and wealth into a matrix of multi nationalists who are in bed with the Government in a what is now termed 2 big 2 fail , and while this evolution takes place we are being told the Economy is recovering and the hopes and wishes of a prosperous nation are on the mend . But the Only thing mending the economy is a further and further issuance of debt and Monetization of the debt by a Central bank that is about at the end of its Zero Interest Policy .

            So we are watching the slow denigration of liberty with the debt of world nations because a elitist group of NGO dictators think the worlds societies can’t be trusted to self regulate themselves in populations through family planning that I think would happen if people were allowed to debate this in a Public forum with the Support of Government officials , so we can come to a consensus on understanding earths finite limitations and then with this Knowledge we sustain freedom of choice which is the foundation for a peaceful people .

            All this Confusing tactics we see Our Politicians engaged in today trying to dodge this topic in the Public while Implementing policies that restrict growth is confusing the society as a whole and when people become confused they get agitated and act out in sometimes violent ways .
            This will lead to supply shortages in the end and Greater Oppression when we should be Truthfully debating this .

          • tony newbill

            R. Fine See these Elitists and Politicians are in bed together consolidating the wealth and resources of nations worldwide while the rest of us wither in their Pickle juice , , and while the same SOBs in the authority positions of Policy making tell us Over and Over that they will fix these unfair things of elected but that never seems to happen !!!!! It Never happens because to Control populations in the world is done by controlling the wealth and the resources creating oppression , confusing the citizenry and conflict rises up ….. like we see today in the hot spots around the world .

          • tony newbill

            R Fine this is the blue print the elite are following ,

            You can see it in the policies over the decades since this was released . It talks about wealth and resource consolidation as the mechanism , and my complaint is that they continue to Lie and tell us to stay engaged in the Free Market system with our investments and contributions and if you were an investor and 401K contributor at the beginning of the last decade and used the broader averages as your low risk strategy you have mad nothing other than what you contributed . Add to this the fat that each one of us now owes 150 K to the Government Debt and the Lie is just about to big for these elitists to continue don’t you think ???

          • tony newbill

            R Fine this NSSM200 Policy was restarted in 2004 ,

            This is why we have Bubble busting economics now its all on Purpose !!!!!!

          • tony newbill

            Darwan and Robbiefine watch this video , pay attention to what they say in the youtube video at frame 1:45 ,

          • tony newbill

            Darwan and Robbiefine read this link pay attention to what they are saying about the ” GREAT SHIFT ”


        TONY: Why travel outside of ones own country? Well, for starters world travel literally broadens ones horizons. Experiencing how things are done in other lands can give us ideas on how to improve our own procedures back home. America is amazing in so many ways but there are a multitude of other amazing places around the world and in many cases they are doing things Americans have not yet even dreamed of. Travel lets you discover these things and it enriches your life. I remember as a child learning to ride a bike. At first I went up and down my own block either not allowed or too scared to venture beyond. Then, as time passed, I would cross the street and cycle into places that were several blocks away from home and soon after that I would find myself in wonderful new ‘hoods. I was always amazed with the new places to which I ventured and now – as an adult – I travel every summer and I’m still fascinated by new places in Europe and Asia and Latin America where I see many aspects of life being handled far better than back home or even just differently. I find Americans generally do not travel as much as, say, Europeans. As a result too many Americans tend to believe that if it ain’t American it just ain’t no good. This is not only foolish but dangerous. Most of the modern enlightened democratic nations of the world are literally light years ahead of the U.S. in universal health care for example. Even poor old Mitt Romney admitted that Israel’s socialized health care system was the best in the world – less expensive and with better outcomes than in America. Yet many Americans trudge on in a backward manner simply not aware of better ways of doing things.

        • tony newbill

          Robbiefine my problem with that analogy is that the Technocrats that advise the Congress and makeup the Bureaucracy are all saying Earth has peaked and its time to Depopulation earth so my thinking is sharing the culture effect has reached a saturation point and the time has come to get back to basics and secure our homeland from the over consumption and supply shortages that are coming that will reek havoc on our nations resources and sustainability for the sovereign citizenry .
          All this free market growth hope is a unsustainable event according to these Bureaucrats and how will this open the door to any compromise in economic policy that will truly enable the world societies when the Elite are thinking this way ????
          They all cry for ZERO Growth so how does a Capital system survive on these aspects ?????

          • R. Fine

            We can always learn both as a nation and as individuals from life in other lands/cultures and international travel facilitates exactly that. And beside I get the impression you’ve never sipped Merlot at a cafe in the shadow of the Eifel Tower or had the best pasta dish at a restaurante along the Grand Canal of Venice or indulged in the finest Chinese food at the top of a hotel overlooking the most magnificent Hong Kong harbour or eaten falafel in Bethlehem. Get out there guy – it’s a big world and there’s a lot of places you haven’t seen.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Why are we in the UN, because the pus brained socialist/communist democrats, think it is a great meals on wheels delivery program, for pedophile pervs, and a support group for dictators and any genocide plan organizers. Now the muslim marxist moron and his speedo clingers, all think he is going be the head dictator of the world. Dumbocraps never spend their money or contribute anything useful to society but take and spout BS. USA is always give millions of dollars for food, shelter, and money for the world’s fkdup dictotators. You all know Onumnutts and HagHillary turned over to the Our Constitutional 2nd Amedement rights to the UN. Next time ask any s–tbrained dumbocrap if they are as fkg ignorant as their leaders in the Dung Party. Several idoits on this site would drink sewer water if the crossbred said it was a great health drink.

      • http://PersonalLiberty Julie

        Hey Ridge, they haven’t given over our 2nd amendment yet. Our out going secretary of state set up an appointment with the U.N. on March 18 for the signing. Obama was traveling the country last week trying to get we the people to back him on universal back ground checks and other gun control issues. Universal means the whole world as in U.N. If he meant just this country it would be national. If he can get people to back him he can go to the U.N. on March 18th and tell them that the American people are behind it, so he sign our 2nd amendment away. Most people are thinking he is talking about gun control with our congress, this is smoke and mirrors, false flag.

      • Charlie

        King Jesus Christ gave us gun/weapon “”Rights””at Luke 22:36,,, there is no Higher Authority of Law than King Jesus Christ, see that at Matthew 28:18… The Holy Bible is The Law Book of King Jesus Christ………… Call in His Power by praying Matthew 6:9–13…

  • Dave Bishop

    There is proof that not everything is under gummamint control: in Arizona we have the signs to prove that the Mexican cartels have free reign…or is that “free range”?…to do as they please. The signs bear the name of the Big O, warning tax paying Americans that their safety cannot be guaranteed. So we have the land posted warning us not to use roads and land that we Americans paid for because illegal immigr…that is… undocumented aliens… with weapons our government wants to proscribe (although the Attorney General’s gang supplied the weapons) guarding the illegal pot farms and regional dope runners.

    Sounds more like the cartels have the upper hand and the ostrich farm in DC is running its normal program

  • Karolyn

    Another FB page with links to articles about the “police state”!/PoliceStateUSA

    • tony newbill
      • tony newbill

        These 2 events will cause Argentina to defect from the dollar and choose Chinese yuan bonds soon , this will be the beginning of the end of the dollar as worlds trade currency as the BRIC nations will have their last Piece of this Dollar Financial crisis in Place ,

      • Matrix


        Don’t sweat the small stuff!

        The currency war started many years ago, as you have seen the drop in the value and the cost of almost everything triple during the obama years.

        We do have many things to worry about, including the new nuclear North Korea and the war that it will create or the meteorite coming within 17,000 miles of earth, as it will hit on its next run if not now!

        Our days are very numbered, so make your peace with God and your family!

        Enjoy every day as it will be your last, for one day it will be for us all!

        Let’s hope the survivors of the next world event can overcome the ignorance we have lived in our lives, and develop a world peace from the love of God, and not the evil of satan and love of money!

  • R. Fine

    The U.S. is a police state? It seems clear that you have no idea what a police state is.

    • Charlie

      R. Fine,,,
      Well,, tell us what a Police State is, it’s called out in The Holy Bible,,,but,,,first lets hear what a heathen has to say………………..

      • R. Fine

        I suggest you have a look at places like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea & even China. These are just a few of the police states around the world. Saying that the U.S. and Canada are police states is just plain mental. Also please tell me what a “Moma” is. Did you me Mama or mother?

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    What do the Dung Party for every imagined ill, take citizens rights away and write more worthless rules to inflick on the citizens. This same party shulbs think only book trained idoits, in the created agencies, know how to solve problems of any type. This crossbred muslim marxist and his anti USA haters of the communists persuasion, prove their book trained theories never work and never will.

  • Newspooner

    Government is out of control at all levels.

  • Mike

    America make ready for war, It’s enevitable, our government is pushing us in that direction whether we the people want it or not. It is part of their agenda in order to reduce the world’s population. After the war they can confinscate all firearms since most of the patriot population will be dead, and their military can and will take over under martial law and do house to house searches for all firearms. Just like Hitler all rebels will be shot by firing squad.Jobs will be given to individuals who will do their job or be shot or imprisoned. Any one that is not a benefit to society (which can work) will be terminated (people on disability, elderly, clergymen, etc.) The reason is because the world is overpopulated as far as the food shortages. Not enough crops are grown to feed everyone so the Elite plan on reducing the worlds population. Don’t believe me: Ever notice here lately war has broken out almost all over the world ? Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, and now Mali, (not to mention other wars going on as well) Also why has the Dept. of Homeland Security just bought 7,000 new assault rifles, and has ordered another 21.6 million bullets to add to the 1.6 billion it has bought in the last year. Why is the U.N.and the U.S. Goverment giving a slew of military equipment to Police Depts. all across the nation? Why is the military training in major cities for warfare in cities.
    Ever ask yourself what is the purpose of all this planning, training, and stockpiling of weapons and ammunition? Including the Dept, of Homeland Security-TSA at airports and harbors, soon to be also at bus station and railways. To restrict or prevent use of these facilities when war breaks out. Why laws that have been made to arrest & hold american citizens without judicial proceedings. Or the use of airborne Drones on Americans. Better think about it folks.
    WHY IS IT ALL BEING DONE??? The Goverment is pushing and preparing for a CIVIL WAR! This affects everyone in America! Not just the preppers that are paying attention and can add 2+2 and see what’s going on. BUT EVERYONE IN AMERICA!!!
    Why are all the people that disagree with what the goverment is planning coming forward and telling the public what is going on. Congressmen, Senators, Cia Agents, Scientists, all kinds of people, from all types of professions, including some of the “Elite” who disagree with the idea.
    The media won’t tell you they are under threat by the goverment, and owned by the “elite class” who don’t want you to know.They want to keep you in the dark, and clueless as to their plans. Research it: New world Order, Bilderberg Group, Agenda 21, The Illumanati.
    One good place to start is on You Tube: New World Order (search)


  • Perdido

    Think you’re slightly free. Take a good, long look at the bottom line on your income tax form. That’s right, just under the little ditty about waiving your rights under oath…
    My god, folks. Quit feeding the beast.

  • Walter Warner Fisher

    Mr. Livingston: You correctly stated: “Only a few people left Germany in the early 1930s. They could clearly see the evolving tyranny. Many who stayed thought that things would not get so bad or that times would get better. They suffered from normalcy bias, a form of cognitive dissonance. They paid.” My question to you is: Which country do you recommend Americans immigrate to?

  • Louis

    Hard to understand how people still think that oppresing the rights of the individual is going to get them the glory that they feel they deserve:
    If one looks at the history of man, and how many kingdoms, or empires, or dictatorships have been relagated to the, “trash-bin of history”, then you’d think that these despots would’ve learned something by now, but,”O-NOOO!” they seems to think, that they’re going to be the first to do it, get away with it, and everyone else , “be damned!”
    The devil is on the rampage, and he has given these “idiots” the power to bring down as many as he can with them, so, they do what they do with gusto, and with “blind eyes, and deaf ears”..
    What you are witnessing is the shape of things to come, as the bible describes thru-out.
    We can not stop prophecy that is, or is to be fullfilled..
    The devil is angry, and is using these,”powers and principallities in high places” to do his bidding for him..
    If only they realized, that, when he gets his way, those that gave their souls to him, are going to wind up in the same pit with him, since he won’t need them anymore.. As it is written, “missery loves company” and “ol-slewfoot” wants to be sure, that he takes as many as he can with him…
    Since when did the Lord GODs eyes were so closed, that he could not see, or his ears so shut that he could not hear, or his arms so far away that he could not reach and touch?
    There is a time appointed unto all, for, “one life, one death, and after death, one judgement”.
    Right now, the saints of GOD in heavan, and here in this world are asking the Lord, “how long oh Lord before you avenge us from those that did evil to your servants?”
    From what I can see in the spirit, it looks like, a lot sooner than later..
    Jesus spoke of these days, wich he called, “THE LAST DAYS” and forcast how it would be..
    “As it was in the days of sodom and gomorah, so it shall be in those days”. he also forcast, that, “good would be evil, and evil would be good”..
    Many don’t know that this nation is ripe for judgement.. Just look at “abortions”, and the number of those sacraficed at the altar of conveniance, for conveniance sake!..
    To the rightious, abortions are, “evil and murder”, to GOD, abortions are, “mass genocide” but to the left, abortions are, “THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE!”
    The president and vice president and those that follow after them will need more than an excuse, on judgement day when thy’re asked, “what did you do to MY INNOCENTS?”
    You can not wash your hands, like “Pontious Pilate” from the stain of the blood of the innocents..
    “GOD will not be mocked, for what-soever a man sows, that he shall also reap”
    In this case, it means that these people will get, double of what they’ve sown…
    GOD bless all who read and understand this…

    • Deerinwater

      I think that we have just located another Right Wing Christian Collation member hiding in the Tea Party!

      I wondered where you went ~

      • Charlie

        Can you stand the heat from the left and right wing “True” Christians ??? that straw hat of yours may burn ,ha ha ha ………… Meanwhile………………..
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

    • JoeCountry

      Amen brother! May as well grab the popcorn & watch the show! I welcome the chance to watch prophesy play out.

  • Wim Vonk

    You people write so much doomsday stuff in these columns, that of course you are whipping people up into a frenzy all based on beliefs and half truths. Americans are paranoid. You have been forecasting all kinds of disasters in these pages for the last six years of so. None of it has happened yet. Did anyone notice.

    • Charlie

      Wim Vonk,..
      Where were you when Ruby ridge happened? Murder one , 2 counts by your honorable gubmint… Where were you when a Waco , Tex’ Church was burned to the ground with kids and others murdered by your honorable gubmint??? is it time to shoot back??? tell us nit wit…………………

      • charlie

        These are paid plants Charlie.
        The best psych-ops in the business. Overtake the people and tell the ones that complain that they are paranoid. Even go as far as arrest and detention for those that will not go willingly, just to prove the point.
        This has worked in at least one dozen other countries already, mostly perpetrated by the U.S. Government.
        They’re here, people better wake-up.

      • JC

        Wim is a Euro-Socialist relocated to Canada. He hasn’t got a dog in the fight, a leg to stand on, or one logical, fact based, thing to say.

      • Charlie

        Is Wim getting the 9 bucks per hour ?

    • dabudamasta

      Since the last six years? that is an understatement. I would think it’s been since someone wrote the new testament gospels. Peace be with you.

  • ireAmerica

    Our destiny is Our America. God has Our back, we must trust in his Divine Providence. This is Our Land of Liberty. Our patience, fortitude and prayers are being answered now – our adversaries are being revealed to us.

    We must now confront our brothers sisters and cousins in Our military and in Our public service. Confront them all with their Oath before God to Our Constitution, and charter to defend the Liberty of We the People. No violation shall be tolerated or forgiven in the commission of those sacred trusts.

    Observe that progressive “liberals” live with numbing fears, clinging to the wrong path they crawl upon. They have an abject fear of death because they are not right-with-God and they know it. They are accommodated on this earth and trust their master to preserve them in eternity – but they really do know better. They also have a visceral conviction of powerlessness. This void inside of them can never be filled and drives them
    to seek control, with bullying and lies, murder and sin, ’til death.

    Finally, if you run you will never stop running. Refuse to comply with disarming, unConstitutional laws and illegal orders. Demand and enforce Constitutional government

    • R.F.

      You are right that I’m not right with god. I’m also not right with Zeus nor Apollo nor Annubis nor Re nor Allah nor the Tooth Fairy.

      • Charlie

        R. F.,,,
        You do have some problems,..but,, your big problem is you lack of Faith in the tooth Fairy. Did you have a Moma??? Meanwhile………………
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

  • jmac1951

    Would the people accusing Beck and Napolitano of lying give one citation of proof ? Typical lefties accused both oever and over with no prooof ,just juvenile hearsay.

  • http://Yahoo Maynard

    Another great summation of our current plight, Bob “Livingston, I presume.”
    As for myself, have found that hindsight is better than foresight. As I look back, Eisenhower predicted our demise when he warned against the military-industrial menace. He should have added in the bankster-gangsters but he wasn’t Nostradamus.
    JFK had high ideals and the Freedom of Information Act opened up documents that proved he planned to bring our personnel home from Vietnam by the end of ’63. He was shot from the front, at least the head shot that killed him from the front as there was a huge exit hole in the back of his skull and skull fragments were recovered. Besides, all the Parkland medical personnel placed their hands on the backs of their heads to show the huge deficit there. The autopsy photos were destroyed and the photographer was supposed to have committed suicide. He was left handed and the bullet went into his right temple. All we got was a drawing of the back of his head with a small entry hole.

    E. Howard Hunt admitted on his death bed that it was a government plot. There is a photo that looks just like him that was taken in Dallas that day. Despite being questioned by the police, he was released and there is no record of what he was asked.
    Nixon resigned because as he told Haldeman, the Bay of Pigs thing would come out. In his memoirs, Haldeman said the Bay of Pigs was Nixon’s code for the JFK assassination. Remember that Nixon got his start with support from Prescott Bush who had been a banker for the Nazis who had to be forced to stop. He also had a son called George H. W. Bush.

    There is a photo of a man who looked like a young George in front of the School Book Depository right after the killing. The next day J. Edgar Hoover wrote a memo that a George Bush visited him about the assassination. Bush denied it but the memo was there in black and white. Remember how he got appointed as head of the CIA without even being in it?
    Reagan was almost killed and after that it was Papa Bush who was the real power behind the throne. In fact, the near assassin, was the son of a Texas oil tycoon that had been a Bush political supporter. He got a very light sentence and is now out. Bush claimed he did not know the family, which is preposterous.
    Bush also masterminded the Iran-Contra scandal and the dismantling of the Savings and Loans banks which Teddy Kennedy pointed out was the biggest transfer of wealth from the Middle Class to the plutocrats in our history. He also was the first to publicly use the term New World Order. He used the false claim that incubator babies were ripped from their life supports in order to get us to fight the first Gulf War.
    George the Younger carried on the tradition with the false flags of 9/11 and the anthrax letters which I have detailed on this forum as Inside Jobs and got only a couple of replies. At the end of Bush the Younger’s second term, the Bankster Gangsters ripped us off again even worse than in the Savings and Loan Bank destruction. America could be great again, but it will take a long time to recuperate.
    Obama has been unwilling to prosecute the Bushes, quickly end the wars or close Guantanamo. After signing NDAA 2012 which gives the executive the power to incarcerate indefinitely without due process and is unconstitutional, he was visited in the White House by Papa Bush and Jeb. I am sure they were pleased with their puppet.
    The history is there that the Bush’s have controlled since JFK, RFK, and MLK, assassinations and the Israeli attempt to sink the USS Liberty during the ’68 war which LBJ covered up. It was supposed to be sunk and blamed on the Egyptians so we could enter the war on Israel’s side. It was approved by our own government. Do you question any of this? If so, feel free to challenge me on it.

    • Charlie

      A lot of us know all that you have written and more,,,but,,, without the general public knowing what a “Posse” is and willing to be a active member, AND set up a “Grand Jury” for that Posse, the Grand Jury would be Posse members… History shows the Supreme Court DOES NOT honor The Holy Bible and not even The Constitution, some times………..
      So??? with out a Posse and it’s Grand Jury and Judge of members, can you get a Jury of Peers??? Try it, if you don’t believe Me… Be sure you define that word “Peers” closely …..
      We True Christians are in service to The American Militia which is Commanded by King Jesus Christ and His Law Book called The Holy Bible… It appears from what The Holy Bible says that America will suffer the fate it has brought upon itself,,,but,,,All True Christian per The Holy Bible will “Faith” it out and be victors by the Victory of King Jesus Christ at The Cross and the tomb later… Time has turned into the eternal now and God is playing out His Will thru His Son King Jesus Christ… Meanwhile…………………………….
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

  • rob

    This is propaganda, any liturature that would cite a facebook post is retarded. Whoever wrote this should also look at how a smart meter works. Its easier for the electric company, if you belive this rhetoric you should probably kill yourself.

  • Mike Stroup

    If you think there is freedom of religion in this country, you are in error. How many wives can a Mormon man have? What we do have in this country today is some religious freedom for some people, based on in at least one instance Government racial profiling, for some Government sanctioned religions. According to God’s will as acknowledged and cited in the Constitution, anything any adult citizen freely chooses to do or not do, that does not violate the identical freedoms and liberties of another, is NONE OF ANYONE ELSE’S DAMN BUSINESS, and is even more so not the business of government at any level. Another example: According to the Constitution, Congress shall make “NO LAWS” pertaining to the establishment of religion “OR” the free exercise thereof. Clearly, someone should be able to start or join any religious organization(s), and participate to any degree their conscience dictates, absebt harm to another. Unless you are a verifyable 3/5 Native American, try to exercise your “freedom of religion” by particcipating in that Church’s religious peyote sacriment . You can only think there is freedom of religion if your definition includes 20 years in federal prision. People who think “well at least we still have freedom of religion” are delusional, stupid, uninformed, or all three,

    • Charlie

      Mike Stroup,,,
      Are you a Christian per Acts 2:38? I did not think so…Your comment indicates you don’t know or understand The Holy Bible of The Almighty God… Could it be you have been duped, deceived and deluded by the Satanic powers that be??? Meanwhile……………..
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

      • Spoon

        Whoa pardner…back your stallion up and dismount. Before casting aspersions upon another soul with enough concern to actually put his thought/opinions into “print” for all the world to see…rather than making reference to one Biblical passage, I’d like you and all to read the excerpt below from the Koran.

        It’s self-evident to me and other’s that the real probability is, Allah is Lucifer. We’re not just battling our ill-intentioned elected officials. Look to whom has Mr. Obama is catering to by ‘gifting’ 20 F-16s, 80 M1A1 tanks and ONE point XX BILLION USDs, not to mention the 4 lives ended at Benghazi as the Ambassador and several others were involved in weapons stockpile recovery of Kaddafi’s (sp?) cache. I reckon those covert actions are still a work in progress. The planes, tanks and other war-fighting hardware was and probably still is being directed and delivered into the hands of the Brotherhood should anger even the meekest of American citizens. We can discuss more on this later…shall we return to the subject of this thread:

        “Ishaq:510 “When the Apostle looked down on Khaybar he told his Companions, ‘O Allah, Lord of the Devils and what into terror they throw, and Lord of the winds and what they winnow, we ask Thee for the booty of this town and its people. Forward in the name of Allah.’ He used to say this of every town he raided.”

        Bone up on GOD’s laws, Jesus’ instructions to the Apostles and others and when you are fully “armed” with as many facts as you can carry…maybe then you can assail men and women of best intention with more than one simple verse. John 3:16 would have suffice from your angle of attack.

        Go here…and learn more from a broaden Christian-Political view:

        To Everyone…whether followers of some form of Biblical teachings or not, also consider reading Gabriel Suarez’s short book, “The Christian Warrior”. Both of these reads deal with the topic at hand. You will grow as a person by taking your time to become more informed with a broadened knowledge base. You will also gain ‘ammo’ to use to possibly persuade others that the call to take up thy sword is nigh and what duties or obligations we have been charged with. This strengthens our argument based on the Constitutionality of the evils unsettling our Republic’s future.

        Are you a Patriot? Will YOU answer GOD’s call as it is written? I believe the whole point of this article/thread is to serve as a provocateur to foster some deep introspection about the painful realities we are now facing.

        Please entertain my dual read suggestion. You have little to lose and much to gain by taking both to task.

      • Charlie

        Have you accomplished Acts 2:38 ??? John 3:16 will not give Salvation by itself ,it goes with John 3:5 plus John 3:22,,,If,,you are going for Salvation… I judge no one,,,The Word Judges ALL… BTW Luke 22:36 is the Authority from King Jesus Christ for Arms , weapons.
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

  • omanuel

    Climategate was a wake-up call to the public in late November 2009:

    It almost seemed a tyrannical government had taken control of information and society on schedule, perhaps in “1984″ [1] as George Orwell warned, while scientists were too busy counting grant dollars to question the motives of their benefactors.

    Almost eight years earlier at a new conference in the Willard Inter-Continental Hotel in Washington, D.C, I warned the public something was seriously wrong with government science. The SSM (standard solar model of hydrogen-filled stars) was obsolete, at best, and perhaps outright deception ["Why the Model of a Hydrogen-filled Sun is Obsolete," 7 Jan 2002]

    After Climategate erupted, I went back and examined closely historical events at the end of Second World War (1945-1946) when George Orwell was dying of tuberculosis and frantically writing “1984″ [1], while Fred Hoyle was writing two papers [2] that became the foundation of the SSM.

    In his 1994 autobiography, Sir Fred Hoyle himself admitted that:

    _ a.) Fred Hoyle, Sir Arthur Eddington, and all other astronomers/astrophysicists in their circle of acquaintances at Cambridge University believed the the interior of the Sun was mostly iron (Fe) during WWII

    _ b.) Fred Hoyle’s two 1946 papers were adopted without debate or discussion and later became the foundation of the SSM (standard solar model of hydrogen-filled stars).

    Today I seek help finding a different interpretation for those historical events other than the emergence of a tyrannical world government in 1945 that purposely hid the source of energy in Atomic bombs, nuclear reactors, stars and AGN (active galactic nuclei) by promoting the SSM illusion of hydrogen-filled stars.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • pablo ordaz

    this isnt about religion man, it is about money, which makes your statements pointless…

    • Charlie

      Real “Money” is called out In The Holy Bible,,,is The Holy Bible a religion ? what is Biblical law money???

  • Tony Roland

    I was in shock when Obama was elected the first time. I know it must have been an unbelievable amount of money to make that happen. When he was elected the second time. I knew that we were in serious trouble. Our leaders are afraid to fight for the people, this surprized me. So who has enough power and money to manipulate the total politics of the US. The cost of liberty is high. And it looks like we are on our own

    • R. Fine

      It’s time to face reality. The people have voted (and chosen) twice and they have chosen President Obama. They liked/like his policies and could not stomach the nonsense coming out of the Republican party and especially from that putz Mitt Romney. And, guess what? If the Tea Party dopes continue to block the will of the majority you are going to get even worse news at the mid terms when the House sees more Democrats elected. But don’t go by me. Listen to the words of Republican governor Bobby Jimbal when he notes that the GOP has to stop being “the stupid party”. Indeed.

      • Deerinwater

        A police state is a state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic, and political life of the population. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little or no distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive.
        The inhabitants of a police state experience restrictions on their mobility, and on their freedom to express or communicate political or other views, which are subject to police monitoring or enforcement. Political control may be exerted by means of a secret police force which operates outside the boundaries normally imposed by a constitutional state.[3]
        As the maintenance of a standing police force became common in the late 19th and early 20th century, the term “police state” came to be used more commonly to refer only to when a police force was used “too” strenuously, in a “rigid and repressive” way, as under fascism, crony capitalism, and in retroactive application to oppressive/repressive historic incidents like the French Revolution and the Roman Empire.

    • Gea

      Barack Hussein Obama won elections because he is the greatest demagogue US ever had, telling everybody what they want to hear. His skills may have been helped by his skills in Taqiyya-Islamic principle of lying (

      Obama’s pie-in-the-sky speech was the same speech he gave in 2004 at Democratic party convention, which uses taqiyya techniques to deceive. His books, which had made Barry Soetoro (Husein Obama) into a multimillionaire, is also full of toll stories. Obama implies that he comes from poor black family, when in fact he was raised in private schools by his white3 family with the help of Frank Marshall Davis, a member of Hawaiian Communist Party.

      “God damn America” was what Obama listened to in Trinity Church of Jeremiah Wright for 20 years without objecting to such anti-American sentiments. Pastor Wright also run a Down Law club for gay men and women to fix them into heterosexual marriages to give them an appearance of heterosexuality, in order to promote their political career.

      Obama and Michelle Robinson were also proteges of Jessie Jackson, the guy known for his fibs and lies, and giving money from his Rain bough organization fir his dalliances. Michelle Robinson (Obama) was an uppity affirmative action beneficiary, whose arrogance came through clearly in the 2008 Democratic Convention, but since then the handlers had polished up her image. All phoney baloney!

      There is so much smoke around Barack Hussein Obama that there must be fire somewhere that is cooking slowly…

    • James G Conley

      Tony Roland,Have You Not Read Anything About The ,”TRI-LATERAL Commission”.
      Or The “Council On Foreign Relations”, Or “The Bildeberg” Group …
      Or Have You Not Researched The “United Nations”??,Evidently You Are Just Like Millions Of Other “CITIZENS”, So Not To Worry,These Are The “ELITE”,Of All “Political”, “Banking”, Industrial , “Entertainment”,You Name It,And The Elite Of Those Things Are in It.!..
      But As A Suggestion; You May Try Researching All Of This,And See Just How Long This Has Been Going On , It Is Nothing NEW , Americans Nightmare Began When Woodrow Wilson , Was Elected President , But It Was Increased By The Later Election Of F.D.R. , And Has Really Took Off After, Richard M,Nixon Was Elected,But Don’t Believe ME ! ,,
      Do Your Own Research , The INFO Is Available,Every Where,But Millions Of “CITIZENS” , Don’t Take The Time,To Find Out, It Would interfere With Foot Ball ,Or Basket Ball , And Anything That Keeps Them From Knowing The TRUTH,And Then Ask , “What Is Happening”???,All of this Is Just A friendly Note,Just In Case YOU don’t Know…
      But Don’t Listen To Me !, I’m One Of Those , Bible Reading , Gun Carrying , Right Wing CONSERVATIVES…….But You Can Try Research , Just Out Of Curiosity, To See Who Is Really “RIGHT” And “NUT”…Just For Discussion Purposes….

  • omanuel

    Documentation of government deception is rare.

    In Nov 2009 the Climategate e-mails left no doubt that global temperature data had been manipulated for thirty years to form the basis of the AGW scare promoted by Al Gore and the United Nations’ IPCC

    In Jan 1998 CSPAN News captured NASA belatedly releasing data from the 1995 Galileo probe of Jupiter that confirmed a 1983 report [1] that data from the 1969 Apollo Mission to the Moon showed Earth’s heat source – the Sun – is not a hydrogen-fusion reactor [2] as claimed by our government after 1945.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    1. “Solar abundances of the elements”, Meteoritics 18, 209-222 (1983);

    2. Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,”
    Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-259 (1946);
    “The synthesis of elements from hydrogen,” ibid., 343-383 (1946)

  • Spoon

    “If there is constant enmity and actually silent war between the State and the people, why is there no physical conflict? The answer is because of constant deceptive propaganda and the fact that the process is gradual over a long period of time. Gradualism clouds reality. Gradualism fogs the mind and suppresses rebellion. Rulers know this.”

    No “physical conflict”…untrue…the Police Statists have been making all the contact; the People have been reserved. The cork will come flying off soon and just like a bottle of shaken bubbly…not wine, but blood may splatter across this nation. Pathetically sad, and highly agitating to an honest man’s soul to consider the plausible effects. One incident may be all it takes to return America to the times and basic conditions of the early 1860s. This will test the resolve of the “1%” -v- The Patriotic. Heretofore (prior to Obama) was unfathomable; today a looming reality.

  • Vietnam Veteran

    Why blame Obama when he is simply a well groomed puppet?

    • Gea

      If Barack Hussein Obama isa puppet, whose interests does he serve. Don’t give a a generic name, but names of those who you think are REALLY in power and whose interests Obama represents!

      • jjw

        How about the British/Dutch royal, Rothschild, Bilderberg members,CFR, Tri-Lat, UN? And their minions that comprise the Fed Reserve for start?

      • DrChiringa

        Gea: what JJW responded is right.
        You have to read about these organizations to know who the enemy is. Look up the membership of The Counsel on Foreign Relation CFR
        and see how many names you’ll recognize. Same with Trilateral Commission TLC and Bilderberg group. If Obama deviates from the
        Elites agenda he’ll be out of his job
        in a hurry. Remember JFK

        • tony newbill

          First came the NSSM200 that led to all the NGOs like the CFR , TLC ,

    • Zenphamy

      Well said. It’s all too easy for us to focus on a person or small manageable group as we always have: ie., King George, the yanks/Rebs, the Indians, the Spanish, the Kaiser, Hitler, and on and on till today we’ve changed to making a tactic the enemy and are fighting men in caves, and now it’s defending ‘The Homeland’. Isn’t that what Hitler called Germany and Togo called Japan? We can be so awfully gullible and that includes you and I, Vet. Remember LBJ and the Tonkin Gulf Event.
      But Obama’s just a face and an actor, picked and groomed for his role as well as most of our previous presidents back to Wilson and even Teddy as well as damn near all of our elected representatives at all levels of city, county, state, federal, and international.
      The awful part of this is that we really need to look in our own mirrors instead of what they put in front of us to drain our energies. We had a good chance to change everything at a key point in the last 60 some years. In the 70′s after Nixon/Agnew, Kent State, and the Chicago Democratic Convention, but were too disappointed in our country, too hurt from our experiences over there, and too disgusted with the long hairs and hippies that stayed here with Jane and were involved at Kent State and the Convention. We let it pass, hoping that they’d just leave us alone and let us lick our emotional and physical wounds.
      But I gain hope and spirit reading these comments and other blogs and PJNews. There are so many of the younger liberty movement and education people out there asking questions and beginning to say whoa, that’s wrong. Like all youth movements, there’s a lot of idealism, naivety, and innocence there, but there’s also tremendous energy and intensity. Maybe we old farts can gain some of that energy and get out and join in, if we can get past our isolation.
      The fight is not going to be just a matter of voting for ‘The Right Man or Party’. There’s going to be a lot of pain, life disruptions, danger, maybe ruined lives, and hopefully not blood and lost lives. But once you get beneath the faces and personalities of the elected officials and begin peeling back the layers to the ugliness beneath, that’s when it’s going to get really rough. Those powers are not intelligently inferior, not impatient, not short sited,. and certainly not lacking resources and funding. They’ve been at this for more than a century and have insinuated themselves and/or their proxies throughout every institution, foundation, and government bureaucracy.
      But I believe that their power has miscalculated and maybe forgotten one type of American. They were here before the Revolution, and when needed, they came down from their mountains, up from their valleys, and out of the fields and woods to send the largest and most successful military in the world to that point backward. That is the pool of war-fighters that this country has always called on and they’ve responded every time, even for false flag caused wars. They come, they fight, they die, the rest when it’s over go back to their mountains, valleys, fields and plains to live their independent lives, raising their children with basic beliefs from their forefathers of honor, fidelity, trust, and being good to your word and your family. They wait, as ever. I think it’s maybe time to start calling.

  • Dave DeCoster

    You are right on the money, Bob ! No one tells it the way you do. Your assesments are are always spot on and they contain the truth that the sheeple can not see. My brain must be a carbon copy of yours. I’ve been telling people for years the same things that you write about, and they used to look at me like I was nuts. Not so much anymore… I’ve made several converts in recent years. I even have my co-workers lining up for their turn at your newsletter. Glad there are people like you around.


    To the people who think its the governments job to take care of them !!! Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.
    I love my country but fear my government.
    God bless America

  • JC

    That we are in a growing yet covert police / surveillance state is undeniable.
    Here is a video of nothing but facts that should open the eyes of anyone who
    still doubts the presence of “Big Brother”.

  • trueamercancountry

    You would think this would be a time we would all put our toys in our toy box, graduate pre-school, open our eyes and mind, see what’s going on and take our country back! It is their job to protect us and our job to make sure they are doing theirs! Doesn’t seem like it, with having a need for exec. orders to fire on Americans! ARE YOU REALLY THAT FREAKING STUPID?????

  • tony newbill

    Hey take a Look at this … More Fascism to corrupt the economic system and an alliance to network on data mining ???
    Hey Wall Street Who Needs True value Growth when all you have to do is Kiss up to the State and fold into the Harness of Tyranny !!!!

    Feds To Use Social Media For Biosurveillance
    ht tp://

  • Bimbam

    How can this be a police state when none of the elite are patrolling? After all there are only roughly 300 of them.

    So, you can really see we are the police state. The people. Those 300 are on the sidelines laughing at how stupid sheep can be.

    You want your government back, rule and law and order, it’s up to YOU, not the 300 insane liberals on the sidelines.


  • Humpty Dumpty

    In my opinion, the best way to push back is to do nothing violent but everything that will bring those who pull the power strings to realize we’ve had enough! Don’t purchase anything except the barest of essentials; enforce all kinds of citizen protests; exercise the power of the purse and boycott brand name products, etc.; constantly inundate city, state and federal officials with letters, emails, and phone calls of protest. Refuse mandates. In NOT doing what they want us to do–and if most of our citizens do that–we can have greater impact than we know. Read the history about how Ghandi took back India from the British Empire with his peaceful tactics. We, too, can do it; we just need to get organized.

  • ibcamn

    It’s all being implemented right in front of our eyes!they have been creeping into our gov’t mainstream for decades!slow and steady!we are just starting to see,but we need the ones who are asleep to wake up!(AKA-Sheeple)do your homework and tell people,everyone,if they don’t listen,go to the next one,they will thank you later!

    The slow creeping death of tyranny is moving a little faster than they expected,but they are non the less moving ahead with their agenda!it will take some doing to stop,to slow it way down and make it come to a informed and vote wisely!do not be fooled by their lies,and they do,look at )bama,he lies rite to our faces constantly!and yet the uninformed kept this insane man in the white house!!(by hook or crook,it happened)We have to expose this man for what he is,and show the sheeple that are still asleep!remember his campaign speech to the white house?telling people to ignore what’s going on on the internet,it’s all lies and filled with slanderouse remarks!basically telling some people,”don’t believe whats on the internet”.once he set the hook,it was done!

    We all saw how he campaigned,nasty remarks about the other guy,nothing of importance was ever said by him!!he knew a lot of the target voters for him are into reality shows and blogging and twitter and facebook!GOSSIP junkies!that’s what he used against us.targeted the people who never vote but he knew they would vote for a black man!!he would jokingly say,”now don’t believe what you heard-i’m here today to set you straight”or”boy what a week of gossip this has been”-that word gossip has a lot of sway!this is the biggest chess match in history and the progressives have Obama on the board! was all him and his henchmen,lies don’t matter as long as the outcome is the desired effect!it can take decades of lies and deceat,but it doesn’t matter to them because it’s what they have to do to get the desired outcome!like a child lying to a parent to get candy!

    Obama and his henchmen have pulled off the biggest con in the history of the United States of America!!they will be caught and exposed,but hopefully not before it’s too late!we were founded on the constitution and the belief that all men are created equal and we are free to chase the American dream!(not the progressives version of the American dream!)but our dreams and hopes of a better life!….but they don’t want that for us,just for them……….

    • Jeff

      I can see that you’re passionate about all of this, but you seem to only blame Obama, which is like only seeing one side of the coin. By doing this, you are falling right into their hands for them to mold you into just another tool for them to use to keep the American people divided. If you think that Romney would have been any better (he would maybe have been different…but not better) then you are not seeing that ALL politicians these days are only out for themselves and their constituents and not at all for us “regular folks”. When “the buck stops here”, you can bet it’s only because it’s going into their pockets!!! :)

  • Bob Moore

    Very well! Anything, carried to the extreme and equates prematurely the outcome will generally do more harm than good. A clear mind, and calm thought out reactions, usually wins any debate. The last resort will be and should be extreme.

  • Mike

    Read Chomsky “What America Really Wants” Fascism

  • Behonest

    I read the article and believe that there is some truth to it. Power corrupts and Washington DC is out-of-control. Americans are reactive, not proactive. Before there is any meaningful resistance, sadly millions of Americans will suffer. That is just how we are. But once it pops off….rut roh. There’s no where else on earth I would rather be than here, in the USA, the greatest culture the world has ever known. I trust in God and American citizens, we will be fine.

  • tony newbill
  • omanuel

    In Aug 1945, neutron repulsion [1] in the cores of U and Pu atoms destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively.

    In Oct 1945, the United Nations was formed to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation.

    After 1945, the scientific community tried to hide experimental evidence that neutron repulsion [1] is:

    _ a.) The driver (source of energy) of the “Chariot of Fire” in the sky.

    _ b.) The Creator, Sustainer, Destroyer of lives, and worlds in the solar system.

    _ c.) The driver of solar eruptions, Earth’s climate, and expansion of the cosmos.

    One Hungarian astronomer reported the truth [2] in 1977 and vanished.

    World leaders and most of society has lost contact with reality since 1945. Sanity will be restored when contact with reality is restored.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    l Investigator for Apollo

    [1] “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)

    [2] Peter Toth, “Is the Sun a pulsar?” Nature 270, 159-160 (1977):

    • tony newbill

      its amazing what the UN has Morphed into , from a Humanity saving institution to one of an elitist led ideology that see mankind as a threat to earth because of overpopulation .

      • omanuel

        Yes, Tony, it is amazing that a humanitarian institution tried to eliminate our God-given right to self-governance in order to save mankind from nuclear annihilation.

        But the United Nations did a lot of good – reducing nationalism, reducing racism, and preventing nuclear warfare.

        Now we must find a way to restore:

        a.) Constitutional limits on government
        b.) Integrity to government research

        Without elimination of benefits from:

        c.) Reduced nationalism
        d.) Reduced racism
        e.) Reduced arms

        The world desperately needs statesmanship in leaders to led nations back to sanity.

    • dabudamasta

      The neutron by definitioj is a neutral particle. Please enlighten us ignoramuses how neutrons can acquire an electrical charge in the core of U and Pu atoms to repel other neutron or atoms?

    • Charlie

      The way to contact “Reality” is just as King Jesus Christ and His Men say to do in The Holy Bible… Study The Bible as a World History Book of your ancestors to figure out who your ancestors MAY be in The Bible… Then you are ready ,,,maybe,,,to do what Peter said to do to gain your “””Salvation”” from the forces of darkness, Satan and his group and become a True Christian according to what Peter said to do at Acts 2:38…. Then as a Science Man of Hi tech terminology ,you may be able to tell us how King Jesus walked on water and transported Himself thru closed doors and all this at the speed of thought …
      Meanwhile… Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      • omanuel


        The reality that I experienced through measurements, observations and experiments is the same one I experienced through prayer, meditation and contemplation.

        That reality does not seem to conflict with my limited understanding of the basic teachings of Christ, Buddha, Lord Krishna, Thomas Jefferson, etc., etc.

        However the reality I experienced through measurements, observations and experiments does not support the views of closed-minded, dogmatic religionists or scientists.

  • Bob Bo

    Looking for the next Timothy McViegh. The problem is not with the government. We are the government. Democracy gives us the government we deserve. The problem is with that segment of the population that Jacques Ellel, in his book PROPAGANDA, calls the “willing propagandee” – those people who rely on others, such as Bob Livingston and Michael Moore, to tell them what they should think. When such people are successfully indoctrinated, says Ellel, any conflicting information automatically becomes viewed as opposing propaganda.

    The apparatus is in place to create any kind of government the people want. The problem is in motivating people to take the responsibility of freedom responsibly, to invest themselves in the process of being able to make thoughtful, intelligent decisions in the voting booth.

  • Don in Ohio

    This is way off topic but have you seen Dr. Ben Carson’s speech with Obama beside him?
    It very revealing not just for what Ben said but for Obama’s reaction to it.
    Obama acted very bored.
    Obama never applauded during the speech and very weakly at the end.
    Obama never nodded in agreement or even in disagreement.

    I think I know why – what Ben said was just the opposite of the way Obama thinks.
    Ben is black.
    Ben is a brain doctor.
    I’m not sure but Ben just might be a “right of the center” type.
    You can see it here;

  • John Mosby

    I have been attempting to relate these notions to all who would listen for several years now. The usual response ranges from dismissive to hostile. But Ive noted a more recent increase in the willingness of others to listen. Perhaps its the thinly veiled Marxist president we now have re-elected. Perhaps its the ever increasing regulatory oppression and gross over taxation. Who knows. All I do know is that if we fail to take steps to stem the tide of tyranny, we will surely lose our precious liberty…..and we will have deserved to.

    • omanuel

      I too see an increased awareness in society that a totalitarian, one-world government has taken control of the USA and probably plans to bankrupt our economy so the World Bank can loan us money and bring this once great nation into total submission to the United Nations.

      The same police state is taking control of the EU and Australia.

      I recommend that everyone read the synopsis of Nineteen Eighty-four (“1984″) that is still freely available on the web:

      That book was banned in the old USSR, and I expect it will be banned in the USA soon.

      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo
      PhD Nuclear Chemistry
      Post Doc Space Physics

  • Justin

    You would think a story with the title “Proof of a US police state” would cite sources to PROVE what they are writing is true!

  • James parsons

    Well stated. It is too bad that when people finally wake up it will be far too late

    • Mike Stroup

      It is too late now. There are not enough true American patriots to make a difference. This country has been overran by a majority that thinks they can get something for nothing, hearded like sheep by the wealthy political elite that runs this country, and both could give two hoots and a ping pong ball about the Constitution of the United States of America. When a politician puts their hand on a Bible and swears to God to uphold, support and defend the Constitution, with extremely rare exception, its just another of countless lies. Almost everything the Federal government does is without legitimate Constitutional authority. It is too late, there is no going back now.

  • omanuel

    It is not too late, and it will never be too late, to defend truth and the God-given rights of mankind.

    Here’s a brief summary of major events since 1500 BC that:

    _ a.) First brought us hope of the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

    _ b.) Then dashed our hope of any right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

    We would never have been able to solve this puzzle without contributions from many different people, including the joint efforts of George Orwell and Fred Hoyle in 1946 to:

    _ c.) Warn the public about an impending tyrannical government
    _ d.) Leave a trail of evidence for future generations to decipher

    With deep regrets,
    - Oliver K. Manuel
    PhD Nuclear Chemistry
    Postdoc Space Physics
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    • Zenphamy

      Think you’re on the right track, Doc. UMR – yea! 75BSEE

      • omanuel

        Thank you for your comment, Zenphany. I may have taught you chemistry at UMR!

        I deeply regret that I failed to realize what was happening in the politicalization of science (Democrats and Republicans) until Climategate emails were released in late Nov 2009

        I am now convinced the following figures in the scientific and political communities (left and right wing) were aware – and tried to warn the public – the United Nations was formed on 24 Oct 1945 to enslave the world in order to save themselves from possible death by nuclear annihilation:

        1.The nuclear scientist who became my research mentor in 1960, Dr. P. K. Kuroda, the first scientist to visit Hiroshima after it was destroyed by an atomic bomb in Aug 1945.

        2. The British astronomer, Sir Fred Hoyle, the scientist who laid the foundation for the Standard Solar Model of H-filled stars and H-fusion as its source of energy in 1946

        3. The British writer, George Orwell, who wrote Animal Farm to describe the rise of communism under Stalin before WWII, and then started to write “1984″ when he was dying of tuberculosis in 1946 to warn the world a new tyrannical government was coming.

        4. Joseph Kennedy, the father of John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Ted Kennedy.

        5. Senator Joseph McCarthy, the right-wing anti-communist politician whose credibility was destroyed, probably by Global Elitists.

        6. Two left-wing politicians who were assassinated in office, President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy:

        President Kennedy started the Apollo program in 1960 to protect our country from domination by the USSR’s advances in rocket and space sciences (Sputnik).

        Two right-wing politicians, Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, agreed to end the Apollo program in 1971-72.

        Here’s the rest of the story as I now understand it on the rise and fall of the United States government and its relationship to the rise and fall of integrity in scientific research.

        With deep regrets,
        - Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

        • Zenphamy

          Thanks for the response. I’m intrigued to say the least. I’ve spent my life continually attempting to look beneath the facade presented by any establishment for the details that I could verify for myself, either through duplication or just the application of previous learning or knowledge or common sense. For the most part, that’s served me well, but it’s also placed me in direct opposition with the power and belief systems behind many of today’s blatantly false propositions. The human caused Global Warming (climate change) has to me, been one of the more obvious since it’s earliest publicity.
          I wonder who of today’s leading researchers are following up on your studies and research. What impact are your papers and findings having on the scientific community at large? I can tell that it certainly hasn’t made it into the everyday world and certainly has had little effect in the political and bureaucratic communities.
          I must tell you that it really tickles me to see the research by a Nuclear Chemist prove so directly the falseness of political science. Thank you for your dedication to the basic principals and responsibilities of a true scientist. Your references kept me awake and busy till 4:00AM this morning including purchasing some of Hilton’s work.
          Keep up the good work Doc.

      • omanuel

        Zenphany, I deeply appreciate your interest.

        “. . . there is nothing more necessary than truth, and in comparison with it . . . everything else has only secondary value – Nietzche

        Opponents of “scientific facts” (truths), i.e., – proponents of lock-step consensus science, – have unwittingly sold their own friends and relatives into slavery for a few pieces of gold – research grants, tenure, promotion and awards.

        Nobody intended these long-term consequences of actions taken for short-term benefits.

        One hero in the battle against world tyranny was an astronomer (Peter Toth) who published reliable information on the Sun in Nature in 1977 (when the USSR controlled Hungry), . . . and disappeared [Peter Toth, "Is the Sun a pulsar?" Nature 270, 159-160 (1977)]:

        That same year Dr. Philip Ableson, editor of Science, published our debate with a NAS member at the University of Chicago on the “Origin of the Solar System and its elements” [“Strange xenon, extinct super-heavy elements, and the solar neutrino puzzle”, Science 195, 208-209 (1977)]:

        Two years later Dr. David Davies, editor of Nature, published our finding that the Allende meteorite formed directly from fresh, poorly-mixed supernova debris [“Isotopes of tellurium, xenon and krypton in the Allende meteorite retain record of nucleosynthesis”, Nature 277, 615-620 (1979)]:

        The current editor of Nature declined to publish our answer to the question Dr. Peter Toth asked in Nature thirty-six years ago [Oliver K. Manuel and Alberto Boretti, “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012):

        World leaders will not admit their powerlessness over the pulsar that now controls a region of space bigger that ten billion, billion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) Earths.

        With kind regards,
        Oliver K. Manuel

    • ChooseToBeFree

      No where will you find that God gave us any rights, save one…the right to choice. Those who refer to our “God given rights”, mislead themselves and others into believing that we have rights. The ONLY rights that humans have, are those that we afford each other, established through morality, respect for each other, and legislated by law. People need to forget the fantasy that God gave us any rights but the right of choice. No where in God’s word will you find that He gave us the right to life, food, shelter, liberty, etc.

      • Zenphamy

        Don’t you imagine that ‘the freedom of choice’ affects you in such a way as to provide for the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t find any contrariness in that. Morality, laws, etc are voluntary and flow from your ‘freedom of choice’. My ‘freedom of choice’ is probably different than yours and I will maintain my ‘freedom to choose’ in the face of dogmatic statements. Well probably arrive at the same point.

  • Ricky Rox

    I have been putting this together for a long time and it is very well-written.
    I do disagree with a couple things. First, the government does not control the media. The media is owned and controlled by exactly the same ‘interests’ that control and own our politicians. It was Woodrow Wilson, the very President who heralded the beginning of the bankers rule as ‘A new age of prosperity, such that the world has never seen’ and that later wrote in his memoires referring to this decision, rs that he may haveyed the country. And said that he was the last real elected president and that all others are nothig but servants to their corporations. Check that out
    Second, the ‘dumbing down of America’ has been facilitated by three things, which are: television, flouride and elementary schools(which still use the same books(minus political issues that have been changed to suit ‘their’ needs, not the childrens’).c

    • tiramisu

      I completely agree Ricky Rox…. he hasn’t gone back deep or far enough.
      Blaming ‘government’ and stopping there is counterproductive… you have to ask the question “Who gains by controlling the government, which facilitates my profit or agenda?” Because governments are bought just like people are bought, in that case it’s called a Plutocracy or Oligarchy… or a combination of both…. that’s where we are.

  • Jerry

    So what are we going to do about it?

  • Richard

    I might mention a book that lends historical support to this writing. “SLOUCHING TOWARDS GOMORRAH Modern Liberalism and American Decline” by Robert Bork. This book is a recent history (beginning with the Port Huron Doctrine 1959) and documents cultural decline, the passion for equality at the cost of responsible freedom, the role of intellectuals in in modern liberalism, collapse of popular culture, and so on. I believe Robert Bork has covered the history immediately preceding this fine article by Bob Livingston.

  • Loyal9

    It’s never too late until youre dead. We need to turn our back to govt and organize our communities. Become one of the leaders in your local community. Think Sons of Liberty. We need to develop back the interdependency within the community that has been destroyed. We are now dependent on govt and independent of each other in the community and even our family to some extent. This has to change in order to survive this. Remember the US is about INDEPENDENCE from government. The opposite is the truth today. Sons of Liberty, The Loyal Nine – that’s my approach. Get nine loyal people in each community to organize. Figure out your needs, defense and take back tactics. I propose new Civil War fought by moving to states that are most favorable to the Constitution and leaving those states that have fallen. The citizens of the USA are so fragmented in various that organizing something like this has become very difficult. Our govt has done it’s homework by observing all the action in the Middle East. They know their biggest advantage is our being so fragmented and unorganized and confused. Become one of the Loyal Nine in your community!

  • Richard

    Dear Anonymous,
    It is always a sad reminder to read a comment such as yours. If you think this country runs on money you have not taken into account the true cost of what this great country really is. Freedom, liberty, human rights and all the additional promises put forth in our constitution were bought with blood, bravery, and an honest regard for our fellow man – not with money. Achieving the American dream always seems to involve money (I believe there is more to it than money), when a person achieves high economic status, why does the government have the right to take that honestly earned income and share it with a bunch of lazy, immoral, worthless parasites unwilling to earn their own way ? When a government does this it is called COMMUNISM ! As for the capitalist companies they should not worry you excessively; the unions forced so much undeserved wealth from the companies they have been forced overseas. The unions have squeezed the golden goose that laid the golden egg until they killed it. The government is suppose to represent our wishes not serve as an oppressive dictator, the will of the American people rule, the government is to serve our wishes.

  • omanuel

    The pseudo-scientific climate crisis is explained succinctly at Power to the People:

    Details and references for the rise of the global climate movement (1945-2013) are here:

    I deeply regret that I could not connect the dots earlier.

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo
    PhD Nuclear Chemistry
    Postdoc Space Physics
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

  • Deerinwater

    I accept the fact that we now have a Predatory Government from the local level up! ~ You can thanks Ronnie Reagan for getting the ball rolling in that direction. ~ That’s when the Cooperate World was unleashed on US Citizens. ~ A the FED “WAS removed from our Backs” ~ while city , county and state jumped in with both feet and took up any slack created by the Federal Government downsizing while up sizing Military spend!

    AND STILL Ronnie couldn’t keep the Federal Spending inside the Budget!

    While the average citizen paid more and got less. We now live in Predatory Times! ~ But that does not make it a “POLICE STATE”, that makes it a “DEBTOR STATE” ~ there is a difference ~ maybe not much but no less, a difference. ~

    While it was the 107th Congress that declaring WAR on TERROR, perhaps you feel like you live in a Police State?

    With the age of Digital Information sharing and cameras everywhere, maybe you feel like you live in a Police State?

    ~ Well Sir, ~ we might not be very far away ~ but at the moment we only live in a Predatory State that is spanking you and me every time our toes touch the foul line and bleeding on our discretionary spend cash. ~ Between Government and Corporate America interest ~ We are debtor with less control of our lives than what freedom we enjoyed in 1979.

    BUT ~ IT”S this~
    mislabeling of things ~ that hides the truth ~~while without knowing the truth ~ there will be no addressing of the problem. ~~

    Neither Corporate Interest and their Lap Dogs (our elected officials ) want the problem clearly Identified and properly labeled. As they hide the truth behind false labels. ~ They are sucking our lives blood from us as they distract us from the truth! ~` A Police State is not what they want ~ They want only yours and my money and our cooperation. ~ and this is achieved with lies and mislabeling.

    Get it right ~ don’t be a ditto head ~ or this Police State Mr. Livingston is talking about might not be far away.

    • Richard

      I can find some agreement with your comments, at the same time I am confused. You mention “Ronald Reagan unleashed the corporate world on U.S. citizens”. It was my understanding the corporate world began with the industrial revolution and progressed to the point where America was once the most powerful industrial nation on earth. I do not see how the government or Ronald Reagan had anything to do with that. I can say that I was employed during President Reagan’s term and my graduated tax bracket was reduced from 78% to 38% I didn’t feel this was a loss – I was paying lower taxes.
      As for “downsizing the federal government while upsizing military spending” I don’t know of a time in history when the federal government ever grew smaller.
      As for military spending I don’t know of a better time than now to increase military spending in light of the Radical Islamic threat in the middle east. There is no enemy more dangerous than a religious fanatic with no regard for human life (I maintain this belief as a result of two combat tours in Vietnam with the U.S.M.C.). What does frighten me is a truly evil Commander-In-Chief trying to gain legal authority to kill Americans with drones.

      • Deerinwater

        Richard, Reagan tweeted the tax codes and placed the burden of the ambitions of the Federal government disproportional on the small wage earns ~ when you include local taxes with federal tax es combined.

        In 2011 the US spent more on military then the rest of the entire world combined, Richard ~ look it up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~ this alone might be okay ~ but why this whining about living in a Police State ?? ~ It’s like owning a horse and hating the smell of horse $hit or mad because your horse stepped on your foot! If you biggest investment is in owning a horse ~ the smell of a barn all things of a horse you must learn to enjoy.

        For a nation to to spend that much money on military ~ while not expecting to see aspects of military hardware or protocol enter their life at some level is being naive don’t you think?

        We don’t live in a Police STATE ~ yet! but we sure invest in the possibilities of having one.

        Some people fared very well under Reagan leadership ~ I understand that ! He did many great things. ~ The change he brought was needed at THAT TIME!

        Today is a different time ~ as we have different problems, requiring different solutions.

        I am not a mad radical, I am not promoting a Socialist agenda ~ I am asking each of us to be mindful of all of the “Mislabeling” that serves to hide true intentions.

        This attempt to relabel what a patriot is , what a conservative is, what a Christian is ~ is creating nothing but confusing ~ and in this cloud of confusing ~ we lose a little more freedom each day.

        and to address your question directly Richard, ~ Corporate interest holds huge influence on our government. ~ While the very nature of Corporate is to negate as much personal responsibility as possible and capture earning!

        So I ask you Richard ~ what has been missing in our government the last 34 years?

        My answer would be ~ Responsibility! ~ The private citizen is the only person being held responsible today ~ as Government and Corporate squeeeze us tighter and tighter to the point ~ that someone like Mr. Livingston can make the claim that we live in a Police State ~ and it be accepted as TRUE.

        Just my thoughts ~ we live in a great nation and I too ~would like to preserve it as best that I can. I just see things differently at times.

      • Deerinwater

        Richard asked the question ;

        I can find some agreement with your comments, at the same time I am confused. You mention “Ronald Reagan unleashed the corporate world on U.S. citizens”. It was my understanding the corporate world began with the industrial revolution and progressed to the point where America was once the most powerful industrial nation on earth. I do not see how the government or Ronald Reagan had anything to do with that. I can say that I was employed during President Reagan’s term and my graduated tax bracket was reduced from 78% to 38% I didn’t feel this was a loss – I was paying lower taxes.

        I say; “Richard let me help you understand what I looking at ~as inside your paragraph above, You have answered your own question . You tell us that you know of no time that government has ever got “smaller” ~ yet you make the claim that your TAXES dropped from 78% to 38% under Reagan’s tenure. ~

        Follow me with this Richard ; So if Government only got bigger as your personal taxes got smaller tells us what? ~ It tells us that “you are not the one” the government used and depended on to increase it’s size directly

        ~ Does this make you a Happy Camper? ~ Yes! of course it does.

        ~ So we are left to ask the question , who are you and how did you avoid sharing in this increase in the size of government while the government was cutting and slashing social projects as it ramp up the spending in military project to where by 1987 American found it’s self in debt for the first time in history to the tune of 1 Trillion dollars! ~ So did your taxes really go down as you and 180 million other Americans are now strapped with a 1 Trillion dollar interest bearing debit?

        It’s seems rather clear that the cost of your lower taxes was deferred to the people! ~

        Without knowing more about your activities during the 80′s and while I’m left to accept that you enjoyed lower taxes ~ but which ones ? are we talking about just Federal taxes? and this drop from 78% to 38% ~ is that the rate paid , or combined net or gross reclaimed?

        Reagan tweaking of the tax codes greatly favor the affluent and shifted the tax burden on the “Labor Earned ” dollar. and away for the investment dollar ~ And this has continued to today ~ as we now have Banks “Too big to Fail” and Too big to bring to trial and why I feel comfortable with saying ~ Ronnie Reagan unleashed the Corporate World and Predatory government on the average American wage earners and this continues today. As now, 34 years later, we see Large US Banks being caught laundering Al Quada money ~ and slapped on the wrist with a fine ~ and nobody goes to Jail!

        These unlevel playing field between investment dollars and labor earn dollars cannot continue ~ in a nation of people that like to think of themselves a Free men and Women.

  • Jeff

    Well….the internet WAS a cog in the wheel, but they’ve found a way to work around that too. It’s called “propaganda” and both parties have teams that flood the internet with it, making it harder to sift through all the misinformation to find the real information. Not only that, but they use their tried and true followers to spread it at an ever increasing rate. The funny anti-Obama, Bush, liberal, conservative, whatever pics that come out by the hundreds every day…the “news stories” about the latest boneheaded decisions perpetrated by our government (mostly scare tactics) and more, are all just propaganda that is no different than Germany used during the Nazi regime (and other countries as well) and they learned the proper use of it from none other than the good ol’ U S of A. The only way to combat this spread of disinformation is to only post stories that you can supply a reputable link to, and to shoot down propaganda that you see posted, by asking for links to verify it or supply your own links to prove it as false. It takes a lot of work, and most people don’t want to go to all that trouble, but if you open one person’s eyes to it that was previously blinded to it, it’s worth it. Don’t worry about losing friends. Would you rather lose your friend or your country? It’s always easier to clog a sink than to unclog it, and the internet has gotten WAY too clogged lately. Do your homework…go to Snopes, or Factcheck, or Politifact or anywhere else that you may find to get the truth. If you have any other places like that, post them for your friends to see and use. It’s an uphill battle and we’re standing at the foothills!!!

    • R.F.

      Anyone who thinks the U.S.A. is a police state simply does not know what a police state is.

      • Mike Stroup

        This country became a police state when it began ignoring God’s will for people to live in freedom with liberty as acknowledged and cited in the Constitution of the United States. Only delusional sheeple think otherwise. In a police state, laws are written so that everyone is in violation of numerous laws at all times. That way, anyone can be “legally” arrested and thrown in jail at any time at the whim of a government official, with multiple charges, in addition to the standard resisting arrest, failure to comply with a lawful command of a law enforcement officer, etc., etc. Have you recently checked the laws under which you are subjugated, almost all of which are unconstitutional? That is literally not even possible, nor would it be possible to strictly comply even if someone were a willing slave. This country became a police state some time ago, and is becoming more so with each passing moment. Are there even more restrictive countries that this? Yes. Does that mean this country is not a police state? No. You probably think this country is not a police state mostly because they just haven’t gotten to you yet. They will.

  • omanuel

    These cowards are trying every trick today to stay in power:

    But ultimately they too will find that “Truth is victorious, never untruth”


      If you think the U.S. is a police state then you don’t know what a police state actually is.

      • Don in Ohio

        Then why don’t you explain how the US government is different than a “real” police state?

        • R. Fine

          Some examples of police states: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria. If you think these places operate in the same manner as the U.S. & A. then you have a serious lack of understanding of the world.

      • omanuel


        I visited Moscow, Leningrad and a few other places in the old USSR in 1980.

        The erie feeling of constant surveillance that I and others felt there in 1980 is the same feeling I and many others have in the United States today.

        Perhaps we are paranoid. But literally hundreds of people that I meet in everyday life also have the feeling that our government is no longer controlled by the people and cannot be trusted.

        Climategate emails in 2009 revealed government scientists behaving as the government employees did in George Orwell’s 1948 warning that a new tyrannical government would appear by “1984″

        With kind regards,
        - Oliver K. Manuel
        Former NASA Principal
        Investigator for Apollo

      • Dylan

        R. Fine. : China, Cuba, n Korea… Those are ‘old school’ police states. Police states by force. What we have here in the USA is the new school police state where people consent to a police state without ever knowing it is happening.

        • R. Fine

          I’d say what really happened is that the people elected folks that you don’t agree with. Therefore you call it a police state. Just get over it.

  • hal

    Very enlightening post!

  • omanuel

    Thank you, Mr. Livingston, for having the courage to ask the question that is on the minds of so many U.S. citizens today.

    The root of this problem sprouted out of fear in world leaders of the nuclear energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 Aug 1945 and 9 Aug 1945, respectively, and mistrust of humans if allowed to have access to that source of energy:

    Government policies – adopted to hide the source of energy that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki – ended up trying to hide the source of energy that

    a.) Made our elements,
    b.) Birthed the solar system, and
    c.) Sustains all forms of life on Earth.

    Thus, post-1945 government sciences became opponents of religions in trying to hide the energy of the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of elements, lives and worlds:

    With kind regards,
    - Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


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