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Problems, Problems, Problems

August 22, 2011 by  

Dear Bob,

In 1929 when the Great Depression started -gold was backing the U.S. money currency BUT we still had a DEPRESSION. When Nixon took us off the GOLD standard it was many years before we got to this point WITHOUT Gold. It seems to me that whether a currency is backed or NOT backed with gold is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether CORRUPTION and not STICKING to a BUDGET is the reason for our money problems – hence the FREE markets without GOVERNMENT intervention. My understanding is that a FREE market would NOT let excesses get out of hand and bring everything back to the norm.

In your August issue you blame government agencies that are there to protect the common worker, as being useless. I disagree to a point as long as those agencies DO THERE JOBS as INTENDED without BRIBERIES or CORRUPTION. Any Government agencies that ACCEPTS Taxpayer money is there to WORK for us—right??

ANY Form of GOVERNMENT that is CONTROLLED by CORRUPTION is bound to FAIL sooner or later. As you know Governments (should) WORK for the PEOPLE.

In your opinion – how long has the U.S. been bankrupt – I’m thinking as far back as 1970.

Also, I think that Social Security is a GOOD thing – just ask anyone who lives on JUST Social Security. And, if the Government would have left it as just Social Security and NOT Added Medicare or Medicaid, and if they would have left their GREEDY hands off Social Security and NOT BORROWING from it and NOT paying it back, we would not even have a problem with SS today.

Any Response would be appreciated.


Dear Keith,

Your understanding of the causes of the Great Depression is flawed. To better understand it, I recommend the book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Great Depression and the New Deal, by Robert P. Murphy, Ph.D.

As to government agencies being there to protect the common worker, in theory that is true. In actuality it is not. Government agencies now work for government. Bureaucrats will not go against their employer. The government acts to create problems, then legislates to solve the problems it has created. Tyranny grows.

The bankruptcy (default) began when the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913. It was completed when President Richard Nixon removed the U.S. from the gold standard in 1971.

Regarding the Social Security Ponzi scheme, it is government-sponsored theft. Anyone who understands government understands that it is infested with greed. There was no way the elites would see that money pot sitting there and be able to keep their hands out of it. All government programs are begun under altruistic, Pollyanna-sounding language and with feel-good motives. But governments are out for one thing only: to steal what is yours and use it for their nefarious purposes. Believing differently is naivete.

Best wishes,


Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Mark Berube

    Dear Bob, I read your August 22nd response to Keith’s letter, “Problems, Problems, Problems” and I agree with your comments about the “elites” and the “money pot”. Anytime the government can rob from one program to fund another it will. While I regard entitlements programs like Social Security and Medicare as major accidents waiting to happen, the unfunded liabilities boggle the mind, I also see them as necessary evils. As Keith states in his letter, “just ask anyone who lives on JUST Social Security” and you’ll realize that there are people in this country that would be destitute without these programs. No doubt these programs require overhaul to insure financial solvency moving forward but more importantly these programs need to be evaluated to determine if they are in fact the right solution for future generations. Republicans want to privatize these programs and on the one hand I agree but privatization is an easy answer and doesn’t address the many concerns that come along with it. I’m curious about your thoughts and opinions on the subject and look forward to your reply.


    Mark Berube…

    • Greg T

      The only way to ensure Social Security benefits are left in a lock-box is to privatize them. Once the government has to regulate the funds, they typically are willing to keep to their original mandate. As Bob pointed out and history points out, if the government is in charge of both regulating and managing, then the government does poor management and even less regulating. When’s the last time the government gave us clear regulatory violations and enforcement regarding the misplaced funds in Social Security? No way that the government can perform both functions, oversight and management.

      Unfortunately, the recent events regarding bundled assets and derivatives shows that even the regulating agencies (SEC and the Fed) failed to properly regulate. Corruption trumps sound government systems. You cannot expect thieves to operate the Red Cross or other charitable organization no matter how well intentioned. However, to get rid of the checks and balances only ensures the total collapse of the entire system.

      • FlaJim

        @Greg T: Agreed. If SS withholdings were invested in even the most conservative instruments, like savings accounts or bonds, the average worker would have a fund of at least $850,000 with which to purchase an annuity or do whatever he chose at retirement. It was the LBJ administration that folded SS into the general fund in the 60s in order to help finance his Great Society (read Great Money Giveaway) program.

        Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy all over knowing that your SS funds have helped three generations of welfare queens?

      • eddie47d

        Greg; Who will be watching the private companies who would have control over your invested money? I see brokers being busted for investment scams a few times a year so who stops their ponzi schemes?Sure you can make millions in the stock market and you can also lose millions in the stock market. Arthur Anderson was suppose to be keeping an eye on Enron and that didn’t work out too well. Social Security is strictly a supplement to peoples savings or other workplace pension and shouldn’t be considered the whole enchilada in retirement.SS is mostly guaranteed and shouldn’t be discouraged. Other investments are fine and should be encouraged but that shouldn’t be the only thing on your plate either. Sure folks can put money in the bank but if the bank goes under who has to pay out the loss. The Government!

        • Greg T

          Eddie, You answered your own question. Not to be glib, yet the very fact that people are prosecuted is proof positive that the system works in that area. It is when crimes are not prosecuted that we have a major problem. Expect thieves, don’t be duped by get rich quick schemes.

          FDIC works well as long as the executive staff and shareholders of the failing bank loose their jobs/investment into the failed bank.

          Allowing failure and success allows invention and the growth that has fueled our great country. Thomas Edison did not see failure, just different ways not to do something.

        • DanB

          Can I remember when people were responsible for their own retirement? No. That was long before my time. However, social security has not been around forever. The idea isn’t new, that I am fairly sure of. It seems the more I learn about politics in history, the more it seems that all these new ideas on how to spread the wealth, that none of them are new ideas and that they have all led to disaster. Yet, that being said, we can give a date when the government started an actual social security program in America. So what did people do before then? They either worked until they died. Or the family cared for them. Or they actually saved up and managed their own retirement. So all this debate on social security and we seem to be missing a big chunk of the reality. We are no longer the people we once were as a nation. We can no longer envision our retirements or caring for the elderly unless government is involved. We have become dependents. We are dependent on government. And as long as we are dependent on government, we will beholden to government (or slaves to it). As for myself, I already plan to either work until I die, hope my family will take care of me in my old age, or save and manage my OWN retirement. For a couple reasons. First, I don’t want to think like everyone else and enslave myself to government. Second, how long has social security been doomed to insolvency? They keep changing the date, but all figures are long before I die, let alone old enough to retire. Best I start planning now to find a way to provide for myself in old age because the sooner I start preparing then the better my odds that I will find my way to survive then.

  • carole wright

    america is in a real mess, health care is declining,the price of food,clothing, real estate, gas, electric,life saving medications,
    funding for our schools is not what it shound be,come on america these
    students are our future.i personally think that all of this really needs praying for.

    • alex

      carole you are not just wright you are correct but what we need to pray for is that we get rid of the NEA and all of those commie teachers that are leading our children down a path of disalusion and heart break because communism does not work everyone complains that our schools are broken but they operate just the way the NEA wants them to

    • Montie R

      More funding for schools? No we have thrown more money at (supposed)
      education for to many years. There are 2 problems with our education system.

      1. It has been TOTALLY high jacked by the liberal loons who want to indoctrinate liberal/socialist ideology. And completely ignore the basics. Every day you hear of another insane law that 3rd graders need
      to be taught that homosexuality is normal and ok, IT IS NOT OK!
      This is NOT educating our children it is indoctrination.

      2. The unions WHERE do I start. You can NOT fire a bad teacher,
      You as a tax payer have to pay more and more taxes to keep up with all of the INSANE indoctrination programs they add EVERY year.
      Even if a teacher is so bad they won’t allow them in the class room
      the teacher goes to another room and gets paid without ever having contact with a student.

      No I say no more money for education until they start to EDUCATE.

      • http://yahoo skyraider 6

        great post

  • Jim

    Give me back the money I contributed to Social Security during my 50 years of working and then you can stop sending my monthly check. They say entitlement to lump it in with the welfare programs, disreguarding the fact that it is our money funding it. Stop artifically supressing interest rates and I can have some income from my savings. Why are the trillions of dollars of foreign aid never mentioned in the budget talks?


    • Former Walmart person

      agree, lets end the wars, the fat cat bailouts, the government waste, and all the government agencies that just opress our freedoms anyway BEFORE we touch social secuity and medicare / medicaide. After all that is taken out and we cut back the military industrial complex that Esinhower warned us about, THEN, we might be open to cuts to SS, etc., if absolutely necessary.

  • Former Walmart person

    For anyone not understanding the insanity of what our government did during the first great depression (notice I said first….) ask them why it made sense for the government to actually destory surplus crops at a time when people were starving.

    • ajax

      I lived through that time. I was born in 1935. I remember the summer of 1940 when a young person representing the government came to our farm in a remote part of Ga. and demanded to see our crops. We had a rented mule and wagon,a garden,some crops but cotton was planted for a cash crop. After all was said and done we chopped down most of our cotton and was left with a crop that didn’t pay the planting loan. We picked cotton in 1941 for others and I remember picking myself all day to get 1 cent per # so I could buy a Scripto mechanical pencil for school.I didn’t get it but years later I bought one not because I needed it but because I could. There were farmers who were required to kill livestock to raise the the price of meat and that is my memory of the imbeciles who control government and their greed for taxes that would come from forcing farmers off their land and working for farming corporations who pay in cash which is taxable. Why do you think the government subsidies corporate farms today?

  • dan

    When in doubt,follow the Constitution…what is money and who is
    supposed to mint it and issue it.I haven’t seen any amendments making anything but silver and gold money and having it’s value set not by government but by the free market …America is in the mess it is because of socialism.I am not against compassion,but
    Social Security is INSURANCE,not a retirement plan . Healthcare is just fine,thankyou…it’s just that demand has exceeded supply.The same could be said of education and all the other necessities of life.
    The problem is that the producers of this country are under the free market system while the government has become a socialist distopia of rules and regulations that is only distantly associated with the Republic or it’s Constitution…it is Federalism run amuck.

    • Mike

      Dan, Social Security is not insurance! There is no contract between you & the U.S. Government in effect as you have with your private carriers, ie health, auto, home, etc. In essence, it is nothing more than an entitlement or as Bob says, a Ponzi scheme. As a matter of fact, the U.S. District Court here in Cincinnati hears several hundred cases a year regarding denied SS benefits. Each case has its own particular circumstances but the reason for each one is the same, denial.
      In retrospect, it’s highly unlikely that the U.S. will ever recover from the economic mess we are presently in. As someone who has studied economics for over 40 years, (including a B.A.) the solutions I could offer are both superficial & short term. Perhaps a total collapse of the system is on the horizon. We might be able to rebuild on the ruins, but that will entail sacrifice & even bloodshed. All I can say is “be prepared.” That time honored Boy Scout motto has never been so apparent as now. Good Luck & God Bless.

      • s c

        Mike, FDR’s Social Security creation is a monumental fraud. It could have worked, yes, but when career politicians meddle (it’s what they do), we shouldn’t expect anything but crap. Crap is exactly what we have, and no one (especially The Anointed Incompetent) can or will try to change it.
        For those who are convinced that Soc Sec does more good than harm, please consider what I am about to repeat. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. You can sit back with both thumbs up your opinion and become just another America-hater, people.
        According to the SUPREME COURT (remember that crowd?), NO American has the right to expect to get anything from Soc Sec. That opinion was brought forth many years ago. Few people know about it, and even fewer have tried to spread the word.
        The ONLY way the damned thing would have worked is to have seen to it that politicians couldn’t their traitorous hands on all that EASY money. They did, and here we are. So where did all the money go? Ask a politician, and be prepared to hear nothing but LIES (we’re mere mortals, and we can’t handle the truth).

  • http://aol alice


    • JCF

      Don’t you know it is the grand scheem of things with this administration. Obumer signed into effect this last week to give illigals amnesty. This is to insure his re-election. It doesn’t seem like there is any stopping this socialist, marxist bulldozer. He is bulldozing over everything sovereign our country ever stood for.

    • Tonyy

      Please learn how to type. You may have a great message, but in it’s current “ALL CAPS” condition it becomes unreadable.

  • Ron

    No one to blame but the federal government.There are 435 congressmen,100 senators,9 chief justies and one president.They and they alone are responsible for the problems that plauge this country.There is no one else to blame,so as long as the career politicians and tax lawyers are in office you and I will keep getting the same stuff feed to us everyday.

    • Shahooly

      You are absolutely right, the list to blame is long, but in the end it is the Govt that holds the blame!!!

      • Grandpa

        Partially right to both of you. But the American people also have to blame themselves just as much as the government. WHY? Apathy!!! The average American does not get involved in politics and lets the “other voters” take care of it. The politicians realize this and use the system to fill their own pockests and agendas. If the public had been watching the politicians, we would not be in this mess. The American public has the most powerful weapon ever invented, the VOTE, but most do not use it. STUPID, IGNORANT AND APATHETIC. Too involved in their own little scenarios to check on the government, figuring that someone else will take care of it.

        • Wayne

          Grandpa, You’re right on the mark! The American Citizen (Voter) did this to themselves. Most of them did not even look at who they were voting for. They didn’t do any research for themselves to find out the real truth about the person they pulled the lever, punched the card, or made their mark based upon what someone told them.

    • alex

      Ron you missed the most important group that are responsible for this mess that is the voter that keeps electing these idoits

  • Incredulous1

    Jim said: “Give me back the money I contributed to Social Security during my 50 years of working and then you can stop sending my monthly check.”
    Sure, Jim sounds good – unless you die before you hit 65 and then POOF!!! It’s gone. You get nothing! Your heirs get nothing (unless your wife survived the same car crash you didn’t.) Your adult kids and your grandkids get nothing!
    Forget about Social Security and think about “Individual Retirement Accounts” instead. At least then if you die before Fedzilla says you can touch it, your kids will at least benefit from years of saving.

    • Charles O McVey Sr SFC E7 USA Retired CO

      First let me settle something, the United State Supreme Court ruled in the 1950′s that Social Security is a Tax, and that you are not entitled to it. Ip-so-facto Social Security is not an entitlement. Second, The money you and I paid into Medicare is likewise a TAX, According to the United State Supreme Court. So understand these two things and you begin to get the overall picture. Government, (Congress) began raiding the so-called Social Security Trust Fund back in the 1940′s by issuing Treasury Notes to cover that money. Under Nixon the Congress actually put the Trust Fund IOU’s (Money) into the Congressional General Revenue Budget to offset the Deficit. You think our deficit is high, remove the SSA Trust Fund from the General Revenue Budget and I can promise you that it will be 50 times higher than it is now. If we were to use such creative accounting practices we would go to jail, and it would be the FBI and IRS doing the Arresting and a Federal DA would be doing the Prosecuting.

  • Mark

    Mark Berube
    Social Security was not an entitlement program in the beginning. Most of us payed into it all of our working life in the hopes of our government would be fiscally responsible and leave the funding alone. But we are now paying it out to those who have never paid into the program and our government cannot keep their fingers out of the cookie jar. If you are in one of these so called entitlement programs you should have to pass a random alcohol and drug test to receive your check, I have to just to keep my job. The middle class tax payers who are watching their 401-K’s disappear and the cost of paying for groceries going out the roof and the value of their homes dropping are becoming very disallusioned with the way our government is spending their tax dollars. The masses are awake and they are very pissed off and they will soon begin to move so wake up Washington your constituents are tired of “status quo”.

  • Don

    Right on Mark………It seems that the country’s priorities are up side down.



    Re-Pare this government and make for We the People.

  • Mushin

    Keith, if you think the banks have only been corrupt since the 1970′s you don’t know your history. Look up Andrew Jackson’s battle with Nocholas Biddle whom wanted to create the first true “Federal Reserve” back in 1829 with the Second Bank {as it was called}. Jackson saw what Biddle was up to and fought him and his supporters to keep America free of the corruption we now face….how quickly our history is forgotten, ay?

    • Daniel


      I suggest you put down your Jeffersonian mind-altering chemicals, and start learning how an economy actually works. Capitalism could not even exist without banks. It’s mostly young people (i.e., non-rich people) who are willing to take risks like starting a new business, and most new businesses would never get started without loans. And where do loans come from? Banks, that’s where.

      And by the way, for all you gold-zealots out there–money is whatever a society says it is. I think an awful lot of you need to re-read your history books about how people have used things like shells, beads, cows, etc. as money.

      • newspooner

        Free market banks are fine. The problem is when banks are too connected to government that TSHTF.

      • Greg T

        Daniel he did not say to get rid of banks.

        Why do you trust the Federal Reserve and fiat currency to save us?

        Why don’t you change the currency to say,

        In Government We Trust

        At least with gold backed currency there is a check on the unlimited power of government to print money. Just because one does not want fiat currency does not mean that we are ignorant of history. History is rather unkind to fiat currencies. Please take your own advise and read some more than what these liberal, non-job creating professors teach. We have more to fear from free flowing currency printing presses than fluctuations of gold prices.

      • Jay From Colorado


        And banks can’t survive with out Capitalist.

  • Thomas Avery Blair

    I fully agree with the statement about the default of the USA in its’ debt obligations began in 1913…but I would add that it was planned to be designed that way on Jeykll Island, GA back in 1910 by a number of very wealthy bankers and power brokers. It became fact with the establishment of the third US bank (the first two failed; the third one survived because it was named differently and called The Federal Reserve). And that plan established on Jekyll Island also included plans toward the enactment of what later became known as the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution (that wrong decision gave us the federal income tax, the US Tax Code and what became the IRS).

    Your articles are always thought provoking…so keep up the good work. I invite you to one day research the unique profession in the USA of the 1884 “Horse Act”, the origins of “agents” and how that term established the professions of both the Certified Public Accountant and the Enrolled Agent in the USA. If you would care to know more on this subject, I invite you to contact me and/or also the National Association of Enrolled Agents for insights on US tax systems and how we got where we already are in the theft of wealth from the unknowing American taxpayer,

    Keep up the good work. The American working taxpayer needs all the help and information they can get in order to understand and try to effectively deal with the economic madness of our so-called “elected” officials in Washington, D.C. in particular.

    I believe we live today in and under an oligarchy…what say you?

    At least food for thought, is it not?

    Respectfully submitted,

    Thomas Avery Blair, EA

  • Mushin

    The advent of the “Federal Reserve” – a very misleading name (which isn’t Federal in any sense that it is connected with our government). The Federal Reserve is a private bank that has been managing our money – why in god’s name would we want that? The goal of the this institution is to enslave us all in debt while destroying the sovereignty of the people of this country….period!

  • newspooner

    I applaud Keith for asking the questions and seeking truth. That is a sign of intellectual honesty. We need to realize that he represents millions of people who have not received honest explanations from the government and the government apologists (“mainstream media”). It would be unrealistic to expect that most people would be able to break through the propaganda shield of the Establishment as many of the “aggressive scholars” who frequent this website have done on their own. We have a moral responsibility to assist them. So for that reason, I also applaud Bob,Chip, and the others who write articles for Personal Liberty Digest for seriously putting this moral responsibility into action. And I thank the many knowledgeable readers here who add their helpful comments and sources of good information as part of this process. This is a fine example of how America and a free knowledge media should work. And I ask Keith to continue reading Personal Liberty Digest with an open mind, ready and willing to build a foundation of truth and understanding. God bless America.

    • AnhydrousBob


      Well put. We should welcome the opportunity to educate folks and be patient with their ignorance. It wasn’t that long ago that I found enough information to begin to heal my own cognitive dissonance that had plagued me for years – thank you Government Education. And boy was I surprised that some of that information had been sitting there for years, ie Lysander, and I couldn’t see it.

  • Kevin Beck

    Regarding Social Security: The nation would be best off if this program were never created.

    Social Security takes the motive for people planning for their own retirement out of their own hands and turns it over to a government agency. Before this Ponzi scheme was instituted, this nation made it through 160 years with people making their own plans for their own futures; they did not need some government overseer telling them that their old age would be taken care of for them.

    We have now passed the point where people now believe that the government returning money to people that it stole from them the first time around is considered something they are “entitled” to, rather than something they should never have had stolen from them during their working lives.

    • newspooner

      And it was planned that way. Don’t let the Neocons, RINOS, “progressives”, “liberals”, “moderates”, and other such misguided people go unchallenged in dismissing the role of “The Conspiracy” in making this happen. There have been many conspiracies over the years which have been hellbent on destroying the American way of life so that their evil elitist leaders can maintian and expand their power over the “common folk”. “Social Security” was just one of the plans imposed on the American people to accomplish this goal.

  • Casey 0

    Bravo! Finally, someone working back to the source of the monetary – financial problem – the creation of the Federal (sic) Reserve system. The comments that money is what the society deems money to be is also, at least partially, correct. The situation in which we find ourselves now is the result of misinformation, misdirection and miseducation. The Federal Reserve System was sold as a mechanism that would be as stable as the gold system but better able to “flex” with the requirements of the moment. In reality, it removed the fixed bedrock of the gold system and replaced it with a system that relied on the continuous, unwavering and scrupulous honesty of a group of unelected men. Under the gold system, errors in judgment by the banking system become apparent and are corrected quickly although sometimes painfully. Under the Federal Reserve System, errors are hidden and allowed to fester as they become ever more unmanageable until erupting in brutal, widespread economic disruption as the system attempts to correct and revalue all the hidden mistakes.

    If we look at the time before 1913, there were numerous bank failures. When bankers failed to maintain sufficient capital and used shortcuts to provide loans, a wrong step could lead to a run on the bank. Yes, it was painful for those whose money was misappropriated – but it tended to be relatively local and self- correcting. The bank closed and the banker was punished financially, in damaged reputation and frequently legally; both occurrences having an exemplary influence on the other bankers. Fast-forward to the 1920′s. Instead of a local bank failing, we set up a system so that the whole country could suffer from a failure inherent in the system – reliance on human intervention to protect and adjust the value of the money. We have successfully exported our newest incarnation of the problem and now the whole world in the same stew.

    We now have disciples of this same failing idea proposing a world banking system. In essence they are saying, “There’s nothing wrong with the concept, the implementation is just not big enough.” The result? Rather than having the neighborhood bank go down, we’ll have the regional bank go down. Rather than regional bank system go down, we’ll have the nation’s bank system go down. Rather than the nation’s bank system go down, we’ll have the world’s banking system collapse.

    The true answer is to link our money system to a fixed foundation. Whatever the basis of the monetary system, it must be scarce and not subject to manipulation, no matter how well intentioned. Gold has served this purpose for much of mankinds existence and there is no reason that it won’t serve a similar purpose in the future.

  • Rich

    The problem here is it seems that Social security withholding is a TAX and was never a “SAVINGS ACCOUNT” for retirement. When we understand that we will understand “No one” is “entitled” but should be made to qualify based on need.

    When this program started there were 44 workers to 1 recipient now (2011) there is only 3 workers to 1 recipient. Waite till the “BABY BOOMERS” hit hard in 5 years.

  • Robert Pa.

    What we need to do is vote for a flat 10% tax. That would give those “Hopping Toads” in Washington about 5 Trillion to run through each year. Do the same for the States of 5%. Then step healthcare to the same the Pols have, No deductible, co-pay, limit. It would be paid for by a 60% reduction in paperwork. The Insurance company’s would also save 60% in costs. They could then pay out a little more and enjoy 40% profit increase. The magnetic stripe on your drivers license would contain all your medical information and save your doctor 60% on costs as well.

    Sound like a plan???

    • Matt Newell

      Yeh, but NOT a good one!

  • Loren

    I cannot believe how many so called “patriots” there are on here defending Social Security. I just shows you how far down the path of Socialism we have come. Do you not have any understanding that Social Security is THE PROBLEM ? Have you not seen the figures ? It ALONE (along with Medicare and Medicaid) is why we are bankrupt. It is very evident on here how it has created this total culture of dependency. Social Security also sets up the perfect political class that can and always is manipulated by the progressives. Just whisper that your going to cut Social Security and you’ll hear – “Their going to push granny off the cliff”. Then granny runs to the polling booth and votes exactly like the progressives want her to – GET IT ! This is exactly what the elitists banked upon. THEY ARE SMARTER THAN YOU – UNDERSTAND ?? That is why they think of you as sheep (sheeple) or cattle that can be herded (manipulated). People on here saying that the elderly will be destitute – BOLOGNE, there is no need for them to be destitute. Here’s a totally crazy idea – what about familys, churches and the community taking care of their own – YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. I know it will take alot of work – but that is what America was founded on and it will be good for you – believe me. You know it says in the bible about satan making peoples backbones into mush. I can see that all around me. YOU talk about terrible terrible communism but you live like total communists. Hypocrats !

    • Mac

      Amen, Loren!
      Besides what you have written, I see the ridiculous rise in the cost of health care as being largely because of the private health insurance companies willingness to pay whatever the hospital administrators want to charge. I have had several short stays in hospital in my life time, and have seen how hospitals overcharge- charge for services never rendered, or charge twice for a service given only once. The overcharges are hard to uncover because of the technical terms used. In my case I have not discovered the overcharges until months after the fact, and I have lost interest in them.

      Medicare came along in 1965 under President Johnson, almost 30 years after Social Security, but most people think it has always been part of of SS. That is when the cost of health care started the rise to its current inflationary rise in costs. The laws on insurance tie private insurance to the costs that Medicare allows, so this entitlement continues to inflate everyone’s costs.

  • Wapitiman

    During my 70-odd year stay on earth, I have observed and come to two conclusions regarding America’s answer to every problem which arises.
    1. The first answer is to over-react.
    2. The second answer is to throw money at it.
    To paraphrase Jesus (forgive me!) “Upon these two ‘amendments’ hang all the ‘laws’ and the ‘profits’”.

  • http://personallibertydigest Jill

    Why don’t you all just quit bitchin and actually come up with some solutions that will solve the problems.
    Like cease and desist, petitioning for actual floor time in your house and senate to let them know what you think of what they are doing. We have lost our say in how they run the country and we’re “TOO STUPID” to know how to stop them.
    Teach the constitution in school.
    Stop the Unions, there should be no government unions, teacher unions, if you don’t do your job to the best of your ability and expertise then you can and will be fired. It is a right to fire state in CO, but the government can’t fire anyone. WHY!!!
    Have a cooling off period before they can pass anything.
    Have a certain amount of money available for aide to other countries but when they use it up thats all she wrote.
    Have all laws written in no more than a 9th grade education so we can all understand what they are talking about.
    No bill should have pork in it, all states should do their state things and federal (national parks, roads, federal disaster responders) should stick to federal items.
    If we pay for them, then we should be able to stop what they are doing
    and we should have a say in how they are doing it, but I don’t have time to read up on constitutional, political and every other law to know how.
    Think about how you can make a difference, and then make one.
    I run a newspaper that puts out how to understand your constitution. I shouldn’t have to do that but we’ve lost an important part of what our country stands for.
    How you should look past the propaganda, etc., etc.
    I am doing my part, now do yours and quit your stinkin bitchin!!

  • Robert

    We did this to ourselves. I don’t know when, I guess over time, but we sold our souls to the devil. The founders of this country would puke if they knew what was to become of our country. I do believe that the system will fall flat on it’s face and those that put their trust in government will have a hell of a time. And those same people will be a problem for all, but there is still a large enough group of Americans that will be willing to try and get the country back on track. I think the Congressional approval rating near the single digits should tell us something.

    I think the youth of this country will have to default on the debt and get a fresh start. They have no obligation to pay it back. It will be impossible. The idiots that buy US Treasuries at artificially low rates are fools.


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