Pro-Union President Obama: Striking Workers Should Be Fired


For the second time, President Barack Obama has used an analogy likening Congressional Republicans’ unwillingness to raise the debt ceiling to workers walking off the job and “shutting down the plant.”

In response to a question about GOP tactics, Obama responded:

I think what has changed is they’re aware of the fact that I’m not budging when it comes to the full faith and credit of the United States, that that has to be dealt with, that you don’t d– you don’t pay a ransom, you don’t provide concessions for Congress doing its job and America paying its bills.

And — and I think most people understand that. I mean, you know, I — I was at a small business the other day and talking to a bunch of workers, and I said, you know, when you’re at the plant and you’re in the middle of your job, do you ever say to your boss, you know what, unless I get a raise right now and more vacation pay, I’m going to just shut down the plant; I’m not going to just walk off the job, I’m going to break the equipment — I said, how do you think that would go?

They all thought they’d be fired. And I think most of us think that. You know, there’s nothing wrong with asking for a raise or asking for more time off. But you can’t burn down the plant or your office if you don’t get your way. Well, the same thing is true here. And I think most Americans understand that. All right?

How do you think union members, a key liberal constituency known for using walking off the job and “shutting down the plant” as a bargaining tool, feel about the President’s remarks?

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  • JimH

    If the poser wants to compare this country to a business, he should know that the company can’t just irresponsibly borrow and spend money. They need to budget according to how much revenue is brought in. If a company was ran the way this government is, they would collapse.(as soon our government will too)

    • johnrysf

      Obamacare didn’t cause the current federal debt nor did Obamanomics.

      The root cause of our current debt is tax revenue starvation starting with Reaganomics and his trickle-down deficits, compounded by George W. Bush’s reckless tax cuts for the rich, his massive unfunded Medicare prescription giveaway, decades of corporate welfare, a $2 trillion Iraq boondoggle and the unregulated and unsupervised Wall St. Bankster global economic meltdown that destroyed consumer, municipal, state and federal assets, and consumer demand – which further collapsed federal and state revenues from 2008 to this present day…..while the 0.1% absolutely flourished.

      Please see “Who Really Caused The Deficit? (CHART)” at

      and note that Obama has cut the Federal deficit in half in 5 years (in the 2008 campaign, he promised to do it in 4 years).

      ps: I’m a conservative, so spare me the stupid, unsupported one-liners of ditto-head bubble-speak. Facts and analysis about things like Obamacare, drones, the unbridled NSA, the new serfdom of 99%/1% income inequality, etc. would be great.

      • Karll

        Wow! Way to absolve the democraps of any blame for anything at any time!

        • johnrysf

          Wow! Way to say nothing to absolve one-liners that make no sense!

        • johnrysf

          Wow! Way to say nothing to absolve one-liners that make no sense!

          • Karl Dulaff

            Revamped Community Investment Act under Clinton to Force banks to take hundreds of billions in sub prime loans so dead beats could buy houses? Fanny and Freddie holding over $500 billion of bad debt? Bawny Frank lying about it while he and the Black Caucus stonewalled attempts by Republican Senators tried to try to find out how much bad debt Fannie and Freddie held? Democrat majority in both houses in 2007-2008 before the crash?
            The great recession was a bipartisan effort of moderate republicans and democrats.

          • johnrysf

            Yup, true that. So?

      • Michigan_REB

        If this is the case why is the average annual income dropped since Obama took office? Why Have so many people lost their jobs? Why are so many unemployed? Why can’t he follow the laws the constitution and his oath of office? WHy does he refuse to show his birth certificate and college records? Why does he refuse to negotiate with the ones in charge of ther money namely the house of representatives? Why does he fight voter ID so hard? Why hasn’t he been arrested and charged with TREASON?
        the only thing this guy has the authority to close is his mouth too bad he does have the brains to.

        • johnrysf

          Um, why is it you think I wish to defend BHO when I don’t really like him? And, unfortunately, no offense, but what you also don’t get is that your list of questions is what I called “ditto-head bubble-speak”. It has all been done, to the point that it’s really tiresome. I really wish you could see beyond the myopia to a forward-looking GOP. Read what’s being said in the mainstream media.

          But, just for giggles, here, point by point, are very quick reasons why your spoiling-for-a-fight “questions” are old news, and silly, as in “without substance” (IMHO):

          If this is the case why is the average annual income dropped since Obama took office? — It started in the early 1980’s (look it up, please), and Obama, recall, took office when we were losing ~1 million jobs/month after the 2008 financial implosion. He’s reversed a lot of the harm, not all. And make sure to check out the part about how much the income AND wealth of the 1% has skyrocketed in the same period. I wonder about this. Don’t you? Or are you part of the 1%?

          Why Have so many people lost their jobs? Why are so many unemployed? — see above. Why couldn’t we have cut somewhere, and had a BIG jobs bill when it was critical in 2009?

          Why can’t he follow the laws the constitution and his oath of office? — Repetition of hate speech. Ridiculous. Please find some scholarly opinion. I gave you some examples of dirty tricks that I think BHO is successfully suppressing. That the GOP/Tea Party continues to obscure the real dirt makes me wonder what are they thinking? Why not go after the big, real stuff? Hmmm…

          WHy does he refuse to show his birth certificate and college records? — Showed in 2008 election season. Check the facts, can the birther crap – it’s old news – do you hear the Tea Party pushing it these days?


          Why does he refuse to negotiate with the ones in charge of ther money namely the house of representatives? — Oh, geez – The media have been doing a great job of pandering, and I’m old enough to remember when news was actually “fair and balanced”. Are you? I’m embarrassed for the Tea Party. And now, they’re going to roll right into the debt-limit, where default will screw all of us, and the world. Please see why 2 nonpartisan sources say “Republicans are solely responsible for shutting down the government…” at




          Why does he fight voter ID so hard? — I’m a retired elections official, and I don’t think the Dem’s have been clear at all about it. Voter fraud is a non-starter – it is nearly imperceptible in the face of robust systems from GWB’s 2001 Help America Vote Act (HAVA), and constant public scrutiny, especially from candidates who demand fair, accurate, transparent elections – or else. And. really, why risk 5 years in Federal prison just to cast a vote that we’ll double check for all kinds of fraud that you’ve never thought of? Personally, and it’s a long story about how it would have to work, I’d love to see a free voter ID for everyone.

          Why hasn’t he been arrested and charged with TREASON? — Um, really? TREASON? Please look that one up, as per the Founding Fathers, and stop repeating this fallout of racial hatred. Good God. The guy is a lawyer, a Harvard-educated scholar of constitutional law, surrounded by lawyers. Hate him if you must, but realize he knows better than you or me about what constitutes treason, and he’s not about to do it.

          With the drones (including the one that killed 2 US citizens – brothers, one innocent of terrorism, one probably not – no court, no due process – pretty big gray area in war on terrorism), and unbridled NSA domestic spying, I don’t trust him. But that’s just me. You need to find some solid, objective facts to form your own opinion, IMHO, to be taken seriously by the average folks who will be voting next year.

          the only thing this guy has the authority to close is his mouth too bad he does have the brains to. — The guy is widely – as in across the developed world, and then some – considered to be a superb, skilled orator. Though he doesn’t float my boat, do I really (LOL) need to point out that, um, your little rant is grade school-level? Original, though, I think. Maybe.

          Thank you, and good luck.

          • Robert Messmer

            No, unfortunately due to a law from the 1800’s (right after Teddy established the first one) the President is the only one with authority to shut down the National Parks. Of course having the authority does not require that he do so. I can’t think of one other President who did so in any of the other 17 shut downs since 1975.

      • Warrior

        Oh, I get it now. If my neighbor and I would just pay more “revenue” to the “gubmint” we wouldn’t be in the fix. How about this for a novel idea “Limited Government”!

        • johnrysf

          No, you don’t get it. It’s now historical, goes back nearly 50 years. In that period, only LBJ and Clinton left budget surpluses when they left office – check it out. Our fine, fiscal conservative leaders in the GOP basically spent like drunken sailors (think I read that somewhere in a conservative-authored analysis). Reagan tripled the debt, GW…well, you know about GW’s $5 trillion wars on Chinese credit, plus unfunded Medicare Part D.

          Quit reading now, and verify how our “conservative” leaders have been treating us, or keep reading the excerpt that follows from a piece I had published in Dec, 2012, and check my references:

          (1) Opinion, NO Facts:


          Obamacare, IMHO, is the gigantic kluge that resulted from an epic clash of titans with a very inexperienced, but determined, Prez. The Dem’s held majorities in both legislatures for 71 days at the start of the term; I’ll bet BHO felt the need for speed.

          Obamacare was the first major change to our health care “system” in ~55 years. Modern Chief Executives from both parties all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt knew that our “system” was a mess, and tried to enact their own health care visions.

          Will Obamacare break the country? It’s huge, and the regulations and procedures that dictate how it will actually work are still being written. Supposedly it will save some money, but I’d guess not so much, or worse. Remember that, at its very basis, Obamacare is supposed to not only insure 30 million uninsured people, but also lift the existing and future health insurance burden from the small businesses that produce approximately two out of three new jobs. I’d say you and I and everyone else can’t say what exactly will happen – there’s too much left to happen.

          Just for giggles, imagine that everything looks OK for 4-1/2 years, and then we have a giant meltdown. Our new President rides to the rescue, and Obamacare becomes Hilliary Care, the Sequel. Just kidding, put that rifle down…

          (2) Facts, NO Opinions:


          I’d read a little about the deficit numbers over the last three years. Here are three points about the deficit based on valid, appropriate, nonpartisan facts and analysis. Or as close as I can get to it in a long comment.

          (a) As stated in “Your helpful Thanksgiving charts about the deficit” at

          “…here are the charts that show the U.S. deficit is not growing but shrinking — in fact, it’s shrinking faster than at any time since the end of World War II…” You’ll see two bar charts. If you check the numbers in the first chart, you’ll see that the deficit has gone down sequentially every year for the past three years, and, last year, was down 21% from FY 2009. This chart was provided by some MSNBC guy – gotta’ be a filthy, lying leftie – but the second chart is from a guy at the right-to-center-right Investor’s Business Daily. And the two charts agree.

          The House GOP sat on its hands rather than approve Obama’s last three budgets. In fact, for three years, as we all well know, the GOP in the “7%” House and Senate obstructed everything by the Dem’s in order to get rid of Obama a month ago. “Job #1!”, said Mitch McConnell, on Inaugural night, 2009. Shoot, didn’t work. And, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Dem’s wimp out on their guy for three years? So, now, it’s pretty clear that, from here on out, Obama and his new GOP buddies WILL shrink the deficit way faster. The whole country knows it needs to happen, and we’ll all yell at Congress about it, right?

          (b) But we shouldn’t start to feel too superior, not yet. I’ll leave it to you, but it’s easy to search on-line, and find out that, in the past 50+ years, only LBJ and Clinton left surpluses at the end of their Presidencies. There are other nonpartisan numbers that clearly show that the Dems’ haven’t been the “tax and spend” party for a long time. Just as true, unfortunately, our beloved GOP, starting with Reagan tripling the deficit, and ending with G.W. adding $5T to it, has become the party of “borrow and spend”. This leads us to another chart.

          (c) If you Google “cause of deficit”, you’ll get a lot back, including “facts” that blame it all on one of the Parties, or slices and dices it and gets a mix of blame. So, yup, it’s time to start looking forward, and forget the blame game. But, in support of a good answer to (b), I wish to link to a chart and discussion from Talking Points Memo (TPM). TPM’s opinions sound pretty close to politically neutral. Please see “Who Really Caused The Deficit? (CHART)” at

          Though the numbers come from the sometimes left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities in the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the author does a good job of using figures that don’t lean either way. The article says “Under Obama’s watch the national debt has risen from roughly $10 trillion to $15 trillion, a record high. But to what extent are his decisions while in office to blame? The answer: very little. The vast bulk of the debt is the result of policies enacted during the Bush administration coupled with automatic increases in federal spending and decreases in tax revenue triggered by the economic downturn.”

          (a), (b), and (c) don’t exactly spell out profligate government spending in Obama’s first term…”, huh?

          So, what to do now? Should we, as suggested by some, go around convincing our brothers and sisters, the loud Republicans, that their rhetoric is right – and that it’s time to live up to it”? MORE rhetoric? Yeah, sure, great idea. Especially given the mood of the country for more shrill, extreme screaming and intransigence (we’re sick of it).

          For a way better, far more objective and nuanced suggestion by a business and economics expert – from right-leaning Bloomberg News – please see “Ending the Deficit Blame Game” at

          Bloomberg’s conclusion: “…It’s time for lawmakers to stop fighting about what caused the deficit and actually take steps to boost the economy in the short-run while preventing it from collapsing in the long-term.”

          “…the only chance America has to begin returning to constitutionally limited government and start righting our national economy…” is for our Congress to can the nonproductive rhetoric, and start earning their pay by fixing the deficit mess using the best economic measures that their economists – NOT politicians – can agree on.

          You don’t agree? Do your own search, evaluation, and analysis. Good luck.

          • Robert Messmer

            I have never liked the draft-dodging, mealy-mouthed, two-faced, dirty, low down, lying Bill “I Don’t Know What Sex Is” Clinton, BUT I was amused to see that the Democrats favorite “bad boy” former President left a budget surplus. He did it by using Republican tactics–he lowered the capital gains tax from 28% down to 20%, lowered the effect of the Death Tax by raising the estates subject to tax up to $1 Million, and (very important) held government spending growth down under 3%, a mere $57 Billion. He also maintained a strong dollar, ie Fed was not printing fiat dollars as fast as the printers can run.
            Of course they say the deficits are shrinking, but that is because they went from 458 Billion in 2008 to 1.4TRILLION in 2009. And they have been above the Trillion mark ever since. (Although I’m not sure about FY 2013 due to the “shutdown” have not seen any “officially” admitted to figure. It was at 750 Billion with one month to go, which is higher than what the CBO had projected for the whole year.) Since when do you brag because you are losing as quickly as you were. You brag when you are winning and we are no where close to winning yet. There is still the little, tiny, teeney matter of almost 17 Trillion dollars of debt.
            Obama campaigned on changing all the bad things in DC. So no, don’t be blaming Bush’s policies–if they are bad, Obama said he was going to change them. If he didn’t then the results are his fault, no one else’s. And there are no such things as “automatic” since any law passed by an earlier Congress can be repealed/amended by a later Congress. We do not have the same Social Security today as enacted in 1935.

      • JimH

        Hi Johny, Like I said, revenue should determine what the company, household or government can spend.
        If less is coming in, less can go out.
        It’s not Bushes tax cuts that did it.
        Unsustainable spending is the root of it.
        We aren’t this far in debt because we are under taxed.

  • SFPP

    Watch the bottom right of the screen where it shows the stock market consistently going down down down…

    • Karll

      It’s all been a FED-created artificial bubble anyway.

  • JRR

    Pro-Union Bosses is more like Obama.

  • Juan Ra

    Fire every Democrat when election times comes around!

    • John Douglas

      2014 may well be our last opportunity

  • Fedup

    G. D. Obama!

  • just sayin

    Uh…. who exactly is the one going into the boss (the american people) and asking for the raise (while torching the plant– closing fully funded parks and businesses that generate income, not need it)?? Boehner is our representative boss and he is the one saying NO….

  • pnwdave

    Thank God that the House IS doing it’s job. It’s job is NOT to agree with everything that comes down from the annointed one, it’s job is to use the power of the purse and it’s legislative powers to protect the country from tyranny, whether it is tyranny of the majority or the minority. And tyranny from the executive branch that insists it won’t negotiate or compromise!
    Thank you Republicans! And the very few Democrats who would vote for America and it’s people if allowed the opportunity.

  • Betta

    “But you can’t burn down the plant or your office if you don’t get your way. Well, the same thing is true here. And I think most Americans understand that. All right?”

    I’m telling you this guy has some type of mental condition going on. Firstly, he’s comparing apples to oranges. His ghettohood interpretation of reality is just that…ghetto.

    Secondly he is projecting. This snotty little boy is okay with the government shutdown because HE can’t get HIS way to continue destroying OUR (not his) country. No, I will never believe he is a citizen of the USA when evidence suggests, no, rather screams that he is not.
    I rebuke him like the devil on a daily basis.

    • billybob

      I wish it were so that it was a mental condition! He is very capible of doing what he has set out to do and that is to bring this country down to its knees and it won’t be long before he does it. The American people have allowed this communist to take control with his fellow communists. People will scoff at my claim, but you aren’t as old as I am and you don’t know the history that I do. Most of those who fled Russia after WWII did so to save their lives. Stalin killed over 20 million of his own people to keep control. There is no limit what Obama is capible of doing to make his dream a reality. We here in America have never seen or been subject to anything close to a oligarchy who will enforce its rules with deadly force. You will see it very soon!

      • Jeff

        Yes, Obama is Stalin and you still have your marbles. Can either statement be true? I think not.

    • Jeff

      I’m sure you say the same thing to Shirley the Bag Lady every day at lunch. Obama is really, really afraid of you and your vast influence.

  • Betta

    Mooch = Sasquatch

    • Anonymous

      Is it just me, or does anyone else remember that there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out soon every time they see Michelle. The first Wookie is definitely a set up marraige from the Down Low club. How else do you explain that?

  • Alan

    Sounds like “Glorious Leader” stepped into it yet again. When Congress refuses to submit to HIS demands it’s obstructionism. When union thugs refuse to buckle under it’s a worthy fight for the oppressed man. Sheesh! Talk about those old double standards.

    • billybob

      Right out of the communist playbook

  • Gary

    All I can say is “wow”. Did he really just admonish every labor dispute that has happened in this country? Do you suppose Jimmy Hoffa is turning over in his grave?

    • billybob

      No I think Jimmy is reading Obama’s transcripts along with his bith papers from Kenya. They buried them with Jimmy you know! That way they’ll never be found! How gullible is the American people? If you believe what this government says, then you will reap what they sow.

    • Jeff

      Jimmy Hoffa endorsed Nixon. So your favorite labor anti-hero was hardly some left wing radical.

  • billybob

    He doesn’t care how our Repubilc is suppoed to function. He and his fellow leftist are making changes everyday to destroy this Republic. Talking about Impeachement and firing him is useless. It isn’t going to happen at the government level, I’m afraid it will change in the streets of America, not in Washington DC.

  • Jeff

    So now all the Republicans are pro-labor and pro-union? I swear Obama can make the Republicans dance just by talking. He could probably make them all socialists by praising business innovators.

  • Jeff

    If you had a brain, you would recognize you are a bigot and you would stop posting. What you suggest is so idiotic there are no words adequate to describe it. Civilian control of the military is what prevents the coups we’ve seen all over the world. Why not here? Only because it’s unthinkable. When morons like you put the possibility in print, other morons read it and think it might be a good idea. Once it’s no longer unthinkable,it may well happen here.

    • hippybiker

      If you had a brain, you would take it out and play with it. You and your kind are blind to the fact that we have a Communist thug living in OUR White House, who wants to make all Americans regardless of their race suffer as much pain as possible. you disgust me!

      • Jeff

        “Kenyan Monkey” is not a statement by a bigot? Obama must have at least 60 IQ points on you,so does that make you a marmoset or a geranium?

    • Robert Messmer

      Jeff I hate to tell you this but hipshotpercusion is not a “moron” for putting the possibility in print. Ever hear of a movie (and yes it was based on a book) called “Seven Days in May”? It put the possibility in print and screen many years ago. And there have been others. Your comments “Why not here? Only because it’s unthinkable.” brings to mind a line from “Volcano”. They were discussing rather an area had a “history” of volcanoes and the response was something along the line that “there is never a history of volcanoes until there is one and then there is.” Until the American Revolution there had never been one because it was unthinkable. Then there it was in all of its blood and gore. Until the American Civil War there had never been one because it was unthinkable. Then there it was in all of its blood and gore.