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Private Sector Speaks Out Against Obama Administration

July 27, 2011 by  

The Obama Administration has been criticized for its anti-business stance.President Barack Obama continues to receive backlash from the private sector, even after making a concerted effort to change the Administration’s anti-business image, according to The Hill. Administration officials have said they have worked to improve the economic environment for businesses through embracing pro-business policies and extending Bush-era tax rates, but these tactics have been met with little success, reports the news source.

Businesses have begun speaking out against Obama’s policies. Steve Wynn, CEO of Wynn Resorts, openly criticized the President during a company conference call, according to Wynn blamed the government for businesses not investing, stating that he is “afraid to do anything in the current political environment,” reports the news source.

Wynn’s comments seem to be indicative of the opinions of much of the private sector. An Independent Community of Bankers of America economist, Paul Merski, told The Hill that he believes the Administration has been overregulating. Bernie Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot, also criticized the government for preventing job growth, according to the news source.

A recent report from the Heritage Foundation found that regulations that economically impacted business increased by more than 15 percent from spring 2010 to spring 2011, according to the media outlet.

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  • Cawmun Cents

    Businesses do not thrive in a socialist environment.Unless they are willing to go public,unionized and all.Most will never survive that encroachment of government.Those that do will hire and fire at government discretion.That is the ideal of socialism at work.Good luck with that all you capitalists out there.-CC.

    • lkar

      I disagree a little bit. Well connected and lobbied businesses can thrive in a Socialist government. Think GM. Not only did they get taxpayer bailout in the US but they are posting record sales in China. Who says it doesn’t pay to pay off the political class?

      The sad thing for small business owners is that the only way they can connect is to run for office. But then they don’t have time to run a business. IT is a no win situation.

      • Cawmun Cents

        I said businesses,not the company store.Do you realize that the chinese live eat and breathe the companies they work for?They seell their souls to the company store…just like the song says.You might not have heard the tune if you are less than forty years old.People live in a crushed envirinment right over the factories they work in.The exact reason that unions were formed in this nation.A hundred years or so ago a lot of women were burned up when a building they worked and lived in caught fire.They lived in sqalor while the executives got rich off of their practical slavery.That is what is going on in China.This isnt China,do I need to connect the dots further?-CC.

        • lkar

          SO in this moment of “connecting the dots” you believe unions were responsible for improved working conditions? I guess that is true in the revised history of progressivism.

        • Rico

          Unions were once essential to protect workers at the neginning of the Industrial Revolution. We are now in a post-industrial world. We manufacture very little in the USA anymore. Todays’ unions are largely government workers who us the system to elect their own bosses (politicians) and provide themselves with unrealistic benefits generally unavailable to private sector workers. Public Sector Unions MUST BE ELIMINATED to reform the corrupt system.

        • sybucket

          Although I may agree with some of the thrust of your comments, before you write something you need to get your facts straight as incorrect information does not support your arguments. The sentience “A hundred years ago a lot of women got burned up when a building they lived and worked in caught fire” You are refering to the Triangle factore fire in New York city. The women did NOT live in the building. They worked there and died as a result of poor building design, STUPID management and overcrowding. The fire escape door was chained shut because management said the girls went out to the fire escape for a smoke when they should have been working. The doors to the factore floor opened Inwards and not outwards and in the crush of bodies to get away from the fire they could not get the doors open. Thats whey today, all doors in big buildings open outward. The stairwell was to small creating a “Chimney” effect, causing the fire to rush up the stairs. A horroble tragedy all around but the none of the ladies lived in the building. Your assumption that all chinese live over the company store is also not true, but the general sense of your argument that they give there lives to the “Company Store” is correct in it’s essence. That is not here and never will be…..Never, of course, being a long time. Who knows what the country will look like in a hundred years.

      • karel Eekels

        IKAR, you know that the Treasury is in a big hurry to sell off GM (Government Motor) stock which the grapevine says varies around the $ 35.00 per share. Let well, it requires between $ 53.00 to $ 55.00 per share to recover their indebtedness and repay “we the people” . So, “we the people” again get “hosed” and are forced to bite the dust!

  • Dad

    Stop sugar coating the message… these guys are communists… take over of companies, centrally planned ecomony, unions, etc.

    • karel Eekels

      Amen, this country must resist, under all circumstances to not fall in the claws of the sympathizers of a so called “controlled government” . Speaker Boehner, stay the course, do not compromise, do not bend or fold to crush the other side with their ideologies. Make N O deal at all if you cannot get the 100% delay. This is the only chance left for this country to get us back on track.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Yes sir……Dad,
      When are the communists going to get whats coming to them?…haw!-CC.

  • Warrior

    I find this claim of “shared sacrifice” one of the most offensive ploys invoked by the fraud yet. He is demanding the private sector workforce to pay more to support his comrades and keep this scam going. God, these people are truly evil!

    • Handyman

      You are right on. The bozo ass is a communist, and congress is tied to the UN communist organization, they don’t care about the americans

    • Ellen

      Warrior, I agree. Obama and his fake ‘shared sacrifice’ is frustrating. He also claimed that people like him should pay more in taxes. How about starting by just paying for his wife’s luxurious vacations? In a shared sacrifice, Michelle can vacation in the US and pay her own way. Obama says all the right things, but does all the wrong things. Do as I say, not as I do – that’s the Obama way.

      • Stickwoman Red

        He always says that “there are people out there who are not paying their fair share” and that’s correct . . . the 47% that don’t pay taxes at ALL!!! More and more, the rest of us working class slugs get to carry the burden for those who sit at home (neighbor of mine), collecting welfare for the last 3 years, and when questioned why she is not working (healthy 35 year old with Associates’ Degree in journalism) when there are plenty of “Help Wanted” signs at the local mom & pop restaurants and retail shops, says that those jobs are beneath my skills! Yet somehow sponging off society like a parasite for the last 36 months is fine. Until we get control of the Senate and the Oval Office don’t expect any “hope and change” until it does!

  • skippy

    Hey, how about the good old GE moving all those jobs to China??!! and head of GE is the “job CZAR”…???…really??!!! hmmmm…so the “job CZAR’s” job is to get RID of jobs? really???…well that makes sense to me now!!! right…sure, sure….

  • s c

    People, your first mistake with the #1 W H putz is try to put a label on him. He’s using every trick and anti-American tool he can to bring America to its knees. One day he acts like a fascist. The next day he’ll act like a socialist. GIVE UP on trying to put a label on Obummer.
    What matters is that he’s NOT upholding his OATH. No criminal in America’s short history has been able to muck up the economy, hide behind Congress, act like a hired stooge of those who destroy countries at will (and energe like a rose with a different color and a septic tank aroma).
    Private sector, rip this yahoo a new one. YOU know what it takes to make the economy WORK. The W H schmuckster will NEVER have a clue. It’s not in him to do ANYTHING right (other than hate America and do EVERYTHING he can to enslave every man, woman and child in America).
    Up with private sector patriots! Down with anyone who dares to destroy jobs or interfere with the private sector – and that includes any inferior, elected flunky who isn’t qualified or fit to take care of a garbage truck route.

    • Christin

      s c,

      You always tell it like it is…

      ‘O’ is a job killer, a business killer, a 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech killer, a second Amendment Right to own guns killer, a travel without sexual assault & radiation killer, an oil and gas independence and production killer, a debt reduction killer, a stop spending killer, a smaller government killer, a life of unborn killer, a pro-family killer, a well water rights killer (you have to register your water well if you dig one now), a withdraw our troops and come home to American peace killer, a Free-Market Enterprise (Capitalism) killer…. O is just a killer of all that is sacred in America……. OUR FREEDOMS … to prosperity, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and property ownership (land).

    • skippy

      sc…just wondering. Is an oath of any worth if the one taking it is a ‘domestic enemy’??? The oath does say to protect against enemies foreign and domestic…right??!! So if a domestic enemy takes the oath, then the oath is pretty much rendered useless. Do you agree?? I appreciate your comments please……….

  • Raggs

    So I suppose yet another Bush bashing is headed our way?
    You know oblama won’t take the blame for this….

  • FlaJim

    Actions speak louder than words. More and more people are coming to realize that every time the usurper opens his mouth, they’re going to be lied to and switch stations.

    @Raggs: The whiny dope bashed Bush again last night. didn’t hear it, of course, but read about it.

  • Dan az

    Some times I have to admit that even Bubba Klintoon had more balls when he admitted that he gave the order to kill women and children at waco then this puke does.Have you ever seen him take the blame for anything that he has done?Maybe praise himself for the killing of the so called Ben laden hoax.Every thing that he has done was from orders from above and behind the curtain.He probably couldn’t tie his shoes with out a teleprompter.The only praise that I see he gets is from his self and the death blind and Dumb that feel he is the messiah.

  • Bus

    His whole adult life has been dedicated to getting money for himself, his organizations, or his constituants from the government. Now we but his butt inside the cookie jar. He has no concept of what it takes to make the cookies, he just wants those cookies evenly distributed- to his croonies. What a mistake this nation made, I hope they wake up before 2012 or we are sunk.

  • Bob Marshall

    I love it when so many poster critize me when i ask why do anyone think changing presidents will make a difference. You see how inept congress is in both the senate and the house.We have a congress full of CFR members. Every major corporation has CFR and Bilderberg members. The news media is under their control.The US has become a giant corporation protected by the military.How many jobs has Obama created if you take away governmental positions and programs? Obama has wall street firmly behind him.The Federal Reserve will continue to print and the debt will continue to climb. Even the economic experts admit we can never pay our debt.Since the global elite had chosen Hilliary instead of Obama i wonder if it would have been any better. I doubt it.By not doing any research on Obama before voting for him is a major reason he is in the Whitehouse. How is Yes! we can! Yes!we can! working for you who voted for him. It is a good thing for the leaders that the masses do not think! Adolf Hilter! Like it or not. He was right.If everyone knew what Obama has signed into laws they would be very concerned. Most people haven’t a matter who become president, they will be under the control of the CFR,Bilderberg, Trilateral commission> Henery Kissenger and Brzezinski will still have much to say about our foreign policies as they have since 1970.The lobbyist will continue to grow in power.Some of you need to read about the goals of socialist. The fact that Bill Ayers, a commumist, wrote his two books should have been a clue as to Obamas beliefs.The young voters turned out in record numbers for the first time and was instrumental in Obama’s will they vote this time.We can’t undo what has been done to our country.Much of the blame for most of the wars and Obama’s being elected has to go the news media who lied to the public for the global elite. The Bilderberg at one meeting praised the top 25 news media outlets for not revealing their plans to the public for the last forty years.As long as people can’t reconize lies from truth thing are only going to get worse.

    • Walt

      I am amazed at the similarities between the events happening in this country and the conditions in Spain in 1933-1936. Having studied many articles and books on the Spanish Civil War, the chain of events are very disturbing, yet hopeful.

      In Spain, a coalition of anarchists, socialists and communists managed to win a so called “democratic election” (sound familiar?), they then rapidly proceeded to take over all manner of private banking, agricultural and industrial ownerships (redistribution?).

      They sent out communist goon squads to murder Catholic priests and nuns (murdering close to 8,000) in a few short years. They defunded the state Catholic education system and started public schools, where they could better control the minds of the children, following the Stalinist program of Soviet brainwashing of children(they took God out of the schools?).

      They emptied the Spanish treasury of gold, collapsing the national treasury (Obama stimulus plans, QE1 & QE2?), and sent a shipload of Spanish gold to Russia in exchange for arms to enforce their new Soviet style state.

      They sent General Franco (famed hero of the Morrocan Wars) out of the country, so that he would not be a threat to them (Patreaus sent to Afghanistan?).

      However, for all their well laid out plans to strangle Spain and set up the second communist state in the world, their plans were twarted by the courage of Franco and a small core of military patriots who recognized the grave danger that Spain faced. The Spanish Civil War began and eventually was won by Franco.

      I believe when all the feeble attempts by Libertarians, Republicans, Tea Partiers and other well wishers to save our great nation from the determined efforts of these socialist vampires are exhausted, there will only be one option left and that one option will come at great expense, hardship and blood; as was experienced by the Spanish Nationalist patriots of Spain between 1936-1939.

      A similar decision was faced by our Founding Fathers…to risk their lives, the lives of their families, their homes and fortunes for freedom.

      Will we be up to the task?

  • Polski

    It’s not likely this nation will wake up in 2012. They voted in Dubya/Cheney for 8 years and then they voted in Obama. And who are the republicans going to run in 2012? Sarah Palin? The republicans just talk a lot but don’t do anything. They have absolutely NO ONE that’s better than Obama, and Obama is the same as Dubya, both really suck. If you republicans don’t stop talking and start thinking, Obama is going to be a 2 term president.

    • Dan az

      The fact is your forgetting the one that will win whether you like it or not is Ron Paul.Yes the Rep. and Dems don’t like what he stands for,Thats smaller gubmnt and getting us out of the unholy union of the UN and ridding us from the banksters in the federal money launderers that have crippled this economy.Yes that one with out tits and a good smile the one that has a brain unlike someone that I know.This time around there will be change and hope that you so mistakenly voted for the last time around,there will be congressman and women that believe this nation still has a chance to survive the destruction of this communist and things will be a changing.

  • Country First says

    I’d like to believe that good will conquer evil and if enough of us continue to battle the corrupt system, we can gradually rebuild toward a resembance of what we once had. Let’s continue to pray for our nation’s recovery.

    • Dan az

      Then when your done praying vote libertar and lets get the job done!
      And if your not familiar with who to vote then go here and help put the right people in where they can do some good.

  • newspooner

    Get the US out of the UN, and get the UN out of the US. Otherwise, all liberty will be lost.


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