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Private Sector Is Hurting and Washington’s on a Spending Spree

May 29, 2009 by  

Private Sector Is Hurting and Washington’s on a Spending Spree

Across the country people have seen their retirement funds halved. Companies have tightened their belts as they sought to rein in spending and remain profitable. As a result, many workers have lost their jobs and unemployment is bumping 9 percent, the highest rate in years.

Salary reductions, reduced shift lengths, forced vacations and job cuts have forced families to cut back on their spending. Even those who have not yet lost jobs or faced cutbacks on their paychecks are spending less and saving more, hoping to set up a buffer against the news that another job is lost.

Yet as the personal (individual families) and private (businesses) sectors cut their spending, increase their savings and pay down their debt and cut their workforce the government—at least on the Federal level—is doing just the opposite.

In April, private sector employment fell by 611,000 jobs, according to the United States Department of Labor (DOL). That leaves 13.7 million people in the country unemployed. But, Federal government jobs increased by 66,000 the same month.

And spending? A new budget more than $3 trillion; stimulus package $787 billion; Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) $700 billion; and it all adds up to more spending this year than all the previous years combined spending in U.S. history.

And what about those people who are voting to spend this money—your money—while you struggle to make ends meet and look toward the possibility of working an additional 10 years just to recover your lost retirement? Have their retirement funds taken a similar hit?

Not on your life. You see, the pensions of the president, senators and congressmen don’t work like yours and mine.

Rather than going into an IRA or 401(k), theirs is managed by the government. They are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Participants (senators and representatives) put in their contributions and the federal government makes an employer contribution to cover any balances, according to Pete Sepp, vice president for Policy and Communications of the National Taxpayers Union.

The operations of those retirement funds are overseen by federally funded boards, Sepp said.

So, is it any wonder that politicians on the Federal level seem unconcerned about the state of the economy beyond the political ramifications on the next election cycle?

Now you know why Federal-level politicians aren’t showing the same angst as most people over the state of the economy. “The fundamentals of the economy are strong,” Senator John McCain said during the presidential election. Now President Barack Obama says the same thing.

And it is if you work for the Federal government where when you need a little cash all you have to do is fire up the printing press for another run.

But on Main Street, auto dealers, coffee shop owners, gift shop owners, restaurateurs, blue collar workers and white collar workers all have a different take. And it shows once again that there is a standard for “them” and one for the rest of us.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • TeresaE

    Nice take.

    Would like to add that while Washington is gifting banks, insurance companies and the UAW free money, they are doing nothing while the banks run our employers into insolvency because the recession has gutted our businesses (even more than off shoring did).

    More unemployment, higher interest and then we get to listen to paid-for-life experts tell us about “green shoots”.

    The only green shoots are from whatever these people are smoking.

    Wish I had me some.

  • Robin from Indiana

    The current administration is not making good changes. Changes, yes, just not good ones. Where is the accountability? I fear for the future, not just mine, but those of my children and granddaughter. I will continue to lift up our leaders in prayer; only God can change their hearts!

    • Howard

      There is no accountability with any dictatorship. That is what we have with a leftist activist person who is not an American leading a bunch of America “haters” who have so much hate and contempt AGAINST this Country of ours that they have lost all accountability. It is all about them and making govt bigger so they can manipulate our lives and that of our children and all others ….
      It is about a Marxist driven institution……. Just look at how the demo’s are taking care of our Country and WE sent those B——s to manage our business….

      Just work like hell to unseat those in 2010 and replace with people that we know will do the right thing for America, not themselves….


      YES, WE CAN!!!!!

      • Sandra

        Howard, I agree! As we, conservatives, hear what is going on these days we shake our heads back and forth in wonderment and disgust. WHAT IS GOING ON? Either Obama and his people up there in DC don’t know what they are doing, or they know very well what they are doing. I’ve decided that Obama knows very well what he is doing. Everything (so far) that I believed the USA stood for is being changed. I think Obama clearly has an agenda…and he’s grasping to get it accomplished as fast as possible. He’s on the fast track. Early on I was incredulous but It is so obvious now that I see clearly. His main tactic is fear. Today’s local newspaper headline was “Obama says we must put in National Health Care before it is too late”. What? Hey, the sky is falling and he is talking about things that don’t really apply to our current problems….cause he doesn’t care about the USA….as you say. He wants to make the government King with him at the stern…and us as his servants. He is evil. That’s the way I see it. And, God forbid, if anyone kills him….then we have Biden in there! As you say, our hope is in God for our personal protection and in the people at the voting booths in 2012. May it come quickly!!

        • MickyMick

          Oh they know. No question about it. Hope for change? not a chance. God left this country years ago. Here comes sodom and gamora again.

      • Lynne

        Not my fault, I didn’t vote for the Narcissist, I have enough intelligence to see right through him. Change? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

      • Joan Wallis

        Right on Howard!!! I hope that even some blind eyes of the Kool Aide drinkers will also be opened to what this Change means that they have elected!!!

        God Bless America..


      • MickyMick

        Keep dreaming. It’s a proven fact that whatever government, leftist or what, there is a bigger picture then what is shown. Arnold thought he can make a difference and was walled left and right and he finally discovered that though good intentions, he is limited in what he can do. The powers that be put him in check and he now realized that Gray Davis met such walls while he also was in power. He too had good intentions.

        You must understand that America no longer cares for God or what’s right and wrong. I believe that Marriage should be between a ‘man’ and a ‘woman’. If the homosexuals what equality, give them the word ‘union’ and give the rights of marriage to the word ‘union’ and that will make them happy. This way you can marry your dog and still reap the benefits of marriage. Besides, whats the big deal anyway? You have two homosexual males, one is dominant, the other thinks he’s a woman anyway, so it’s still between a man and a woman. Same with Lesbians, one is dominant, the other not. Still man and woman. I understand the splitting of hairs in that they are of the same sex.

        But stop for a moment and think, we give billions and billions to schools every year, increase their budgets every year and yet they never have money for schools. In California alone 15 new schools were built but they laid off thousands of teachers each year, increase tuition by 5-10% every year and crowd our children into ever smaller classrooms and still no money for schools. If we could do an audit, you’d find that all the money is going to the heads of the USD without question.

        We suffer, we work, we beg and bleed and the powers that be sit there and squeeze ever more. If you think voting for change will get you relief, keep dreaming. It’s that vote for change that got Obama in the white house. He is a Muslim, his license plate reads ‘beast’ how much more obvious do you need before you realize we are headed down the toilet? His term ends in 2012 which is the same year predicted to have some cataclysmic event forecast. I can guarantee you he is not the beast, but he is paving the way for him.

        • Kim Smith

          I couldn’t agree more! And your last two sentences – I have heard them before and believe them to be true. Revelations is coming to pass during our lifetime. Be ready.

      • Eric Bischoff

        If you really want change, vote all independents in once in your life. The RepubliCrats are responsible for this mess. 2 faces of the same coin. I guarantee you we would not be in this mess if we had had the guts to vote for independents years ago. We’ve had plenty of choices. Davis in 84; Paul or Fulani in 88; Perot, Marrou, Fulani, Gritz, Philips in 92;, Perot, Nader, Browne, Philips, Hagelin in 96; Nader, Buchanan, Browne, Philips, Hagelin in 2000, Nader, Badnarik, Cobb, Peroutka, Pelletier, Brown, Calero in 2004. Plenty of choices you’ve never heard of because the media is in bed with the RepubliCrats and won’t even let you hear the other candidates or let them in to the debates. We talk tough but we are so scared to really make a change. And that is because we’ve become fat, lazy and complacent.

        Obama was not that much of a change. In many respects I think he means well for the country but the problem with his Wall St gang is that they are part of the Chicago Milton Friedman thinking and their thinking and methods are flawed and they are responsible for this mess in the first place.

        Right now I keep hearing story after story of people who have new business ideas and orders on the books and they can’t get any funding from banks to get going. It is a crime.

        • estella

          iagree with you eric. this people are mad cause mr.obama is just glad a democrat is president …whether he was black,hispanic,white. we needed a change !! mr.oboma is trying to unscrew what bush screwed.!!! what does bush care, he siting on his own oil wells ,a bank account high enough to hit the clouds,like the saying goes ” the richer gets richer” while the poor gets poorer !! this rich republicans dont like oboma taking from the rich and helping the poor. i voted for him and im proud of it !!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MR.OBAMA !!! GOD AND ANGELS ARE AROUND YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • B-Man

          Eric, What the hell do you mean Obama means well? That peice of shit has had it out for this country for years (more than 20 old rev-right) and now he lives off the teleprompt and puppets for the real scum. Im so sick of his shit and this damn country had better wake up and shut A-hole Accorn down so that we can have an honest election. I had this little prick that worked for me one day from labor connection that ran around the jobsite bragging that he voted 27 times and 3 times more in 3 different states. After I almost beat the crap out of him he’s off my site and im pressing charges. This crap is going to stop. Shut these bastards down. We need our own form of Accorn, and we need to start pushing it now.

        • LARRY


      • http://AT&T Carole Nemy

        Unfortunately, the new guys go in with high ideals, but once they are in, they are soon morphed into the “establishment.” Just keep voting them out and new guys in until enough of them get the message: if they don’t stand up for what’s right, they will lose their jobs.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      And even though I admit that the Republicans failed to rein in their spending, which probably cost them the election, we aint seen nothing yet. Everyone knows the Democrats specialize in making government bigger, creating all these little social agencies by the thousands, to give money to those who dont want to, or those who refuse to work for it. These social agencies cost a lot of money, and once they set them up, the president of these agencies soon needs a vice president, who needs a secretary, who needs an administrative assistant, who needs a division head, and it goes on and on and on, as our tax dollars are fed to them, they suck them in, tax us more, and create more administrative costs, thus scratching each others back, while keeping these so called needy people they give hand outs to, dependant on the government for these hand outs, which keeps these people from growing and becoming independant of government hand outs, so we all just keep working our asses off so the left wing libs can give it away to keep the so called poor down and in their place, and then they somehow get the votes of these very people they are keeping down with these little piddly handouts. They give them a fish so they can eat for a day, instead of teaching them to fish, so that they can eat every day. So sad.

      • MickyMick

        You know, you can screw your mom, rape your friends sister, beat and kill your neighbor, rob from the poor, church, and others but you can’t do that to the government. Their job is to rape you, rob you, and make you love it. Stop paying taxes, keep dreaming. you will have a cell next to bruce, don’t drop the soap! Unless of course your part of the government, then you get executive pardons for crimes against humanity.

    • http://naver Brady

      Robin I agree with you, though I have no grandchildren yet. Obama was elected I think because the Republican Party put McCain on the ticket. McCain is a war hero and a good man, but can never seem to get elected outside Arizona’s Senator’s seat. I know “Allah Obama” is spending too much money, but do you know what is going on here in Korea? Obama has practically told Kim Jung Il of North Korea that if he doesn’t do what he says, he’ll attack North Korea. North Korea has the world’s 4th or 5th largest army. We have better equipment and technology, but with 130,000 troops in Iraq it would be very hard to fight him. Since “Allah Obama” has implicated this threat, North Korea continues to launch missiles into the oceans for tests and now has 3 nuclear lauch sites. The new one is about 50 miles north of PyoungYang. I’ve told my wife, who is Korean, I’ll go and fight to protect my family. Does “Allah Obama” want to not just bankrupt our government, but start another war? Please watch the news and read the newspapers. If you have any comments, please make them in good taste.

      Brady “Samurai”

  • David

    The only way to make a change is to elect true civil servarts who truely care about our country. But it needs to be done quickly so as to over ride the current agenda. These people need to campaign on the things that mean the most to us, such as term limits to STOP the inbredding. I think a much larger tea party is in order.

    • d.smith

      I too believe term limits are in order. That way we can rid ourselves of those who do not represent our interests but think only of investiture of themselves.

      Its too bad that experience doesn’t breed better service to constituents. To many of these politicians, experience only shows them how to annoint themselves with better retirement salaries, better medical care and other benefits .

      • Howard


        • Darrill

          Correction, I did not send those B——s to manage our country. I’m not too bright but I’m smarter than that.

      • Joan Wallis

        The only problem that we face with term limits is that these Career Politicians are the ones who would vote it in — and I would say chances of that are slim.


      • http://donthaveone Mark

        I think also, it shouldnt be set up in the current system it is, where you have to have a lot of money to run for office, and usually he who spends more wins. There should be free air time to all candidates to air their case for election, with the same amount of time, without letting one candidate spend millions and millions spreading their propaganda like they do. Give anyone who wants to run equal air time so we all can hear what they bring to the table, and thats it, then we vote. It shouldnt be that the guy with the biggest pockets win, or that a good man with meager earning cannot run because he cant afford air time. Thats wrong.

        • Eric Bischoff

          I agree with you in free equal airtime. The Broadcasters are using our licenses and they have not lived up to their bargain. They were supposed to provide local community news and services.

          We should force them to give public financed equal prime time airtime during the elections and they should televise the debates and not be allowed to control who is in or out of the debates.

          We should ban all political commercials which have become like madison propaganda advertising without any substance or educational value.

          There are now many great websites that provide information on people’s voting records so that you can get the real skinny on how they think and vote not just what they promise.

          The govt should make a website portal engine available for all candidates to provide their agenda and platform.

          We need public campaign financing and we need instant run-off voting.

    • Lynne

      A national tea party is in order.

    • MickyMick

      Lets talk about history. Did anyone ever wonder why the Boston tea party people dressed as Indians? Seems to me they felt if they were spotted doing such harm, those who spotted them would blame the Indians. Why else would they dress like that? Funny that there’s never been an answer to that question.

      Pearl harbor, two planes bombed the harbor. But the nearest ship to launch such an attack was 14 days away. Hummm, how did that happen? A Japanese Zero has fuel for a 1,600 mile run. About 8 hours flying time. The base was hit on a sunday, and most service men were on leave leaving for minimal damage but enough to force us into war. According to reports, only two Zero’s were confirmed.

      911- Another mystery. How could the people who claimed received a ‘cell phone’ call from the plane from their loved ones, while the plane was ‘in the air’ make the call in the first place if cell phone technology for airplanes was not available until 2004?

  • Philip Hamilton

    Everyone who is concerned about the country needs to understand the following: Our government is run by looters who cater to moochers at the expense of the acheivers in the country. The only solution is in the 2010 election vote EVERYONE out of office regardless of party affiliation. Then in 2012, do the same thing and then finally again in 2014. Turnover the whole damn legislative and executve branch of the government….period! No excuses, no sacred cows. If we do this in 2010, there will be alot of members of congress trying to mend their ways but we need to show no mercy in getting all 535 members of congress out of there. Only then will they get the message that they work for us, not the other way around.

    • http://Philip Dave

      That may be toooo late, maybe WE THE PEOPLE should have an early election.

      • Robert

        I agree with this, we need a BIG change in washington & also in state government. There is too much spending that is unreasonable.

      • Lynne

        Hey Dave, We have to stand our ground and continue to bombard our Senators and Congressmen & women and let them know we are fed up with what they are doing to our Country. Then in 2010 make our voices count.
        Here in Penna. We successfully voted many of our representatives out of office when they underhandedly voted themselves a pay raise. We successfully put many in the un-employment line. We can do it as a nation. “New” motto,
        We Can Do It!

    • cmm

      I’m on board with Philip Hamilton!!!!!! EVERYONE NEEDS TO GO IN WASHINGTON!!!! I plan on voting everyone out of office here in NJ!!




      • Dickie

        Cmm,A MEN,Thank you for tell eveyone,We the PEOPLE need to send a message to the World, And the next group politician”s WE ARE SICK of their stuff, I have heard the same old lies for 40-yrs, Please pass this message to world, It does not matter what party you are, There has got to be someone out there,Lets really show how,The AMERICAN PEOPLE show real change, Let them see how it is without a job.I am so proud of you. Dickie n S.C.

    • Patti

      You are exactly right, Philip #4 … and I, for one, will do exactly that.

    • M.S. Tornabe

      Touche!!!!! Phil. Thanks for the piece you wrote. This needs to be a tea party chant throughout the country. I have already signed on to your suggestion and am active in identifying and recruiting viable candidates from NY.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      amen brother, well said.

  • John Kearney

    It does not surprise me one bit! The reason why the government backed AIG? Who do you think insures their pension funds????
    I did not vote for this new president nor did I have a say-so for Congress or dear Mrs. Pelosi.
    I cannot wait until elections come around. (Never thought I would say that!)

    • Dickie

      I would like to know how pelosi,Either lied to us or the CIA. got away with lieing to congress,That is a danger to America,or someone needs to go to jail,or she should be kicked out of office, Before she does more real damage, She was out to crucify all those lawyers,But now you dont even hear about that What happen is she above the law now, Or did we just take that out of text,also, That seems to be the slogan now adays.

      • Lynne

        Washington is nothing but a bunch of lying hypocrits. I am afraid that the morals of this country have slipped sooooo low that this practice is acceptable.
        I am outraged . It is not acceptable to me!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Same way Ted Kennedy didnt go to jail for killing Mary Jo at Chappaquiddick. Same way Bill Clinton didnt go to jail for committing perjury and for molesting all those women. Same way Barrack Obama got elected president when he doesnt have to prove he is a citizen. Same way Kennedy was allowed to be elected despite thousands of votes from dead people in Chicago. The democrats own the press, all the national TV stations and the big newspapers, so they can do anything they way, pay off anyone they want, and most of it doesnt get reported so nobody knows it. The republicans sneeze and everyone knows it.

  • Mike from MN

    Philip Hamilton is right on, however, with all of the lobbiest money that pours into election campaigns and all of the pork some these idiots bring home, voting them out of office is not going to be easy. There is another appoach, and I am suggesting we do both. The appoach I have in mind is to follow in the steps of Montana, Utah and Texas in passing legislation to get the Federal Government back to operating only under the provisions of the Constitution. Once there are close to 2/3 of the states doing this, it will be possible to call for a Constitutional Convention. This will scare the bejeepers out of the Washington looters, who are basically thumbing their arrogant noses at the voters. We should do both in parallel. If you do not watch Glenn Beck, it might be a good idea to record his TV program and watch some of it. He is a true patriot and he is entertaining.

    • Philip Hamilton

      Couldn’t agree with you more Mike. If We The People, through the 9-12 Project and the Tea Parties, start talking to everyone that this is not a Democratic or Republican issue, but a national issue that demands action. A Constitutional Convention movement couple with the others could gain some attention. Who do we approach in each state to get this off the ground?

      • Mike from MN


        I have approached the Minnesota State Senate Minority Leader who is a Republican. He responded back to me with interest and said he would contact some fellow senators to see if they agree it is something they should do in the next session. The State Senate and House both have a significant majority of Democrats, so it will not be easy. I included the following link:

        Good Luck,


      • azcIII

        Good Lord! A Constitutional Convention would be national suicide. Once convened under Article V of the Constitution, there is no way to exercise any control over what they do. Remember, the first con-con was supposed to make minor changes to the Articles of Confederation and they ended up scrapping it entirely…they could do the same thing again. Including changing the ratification procedures so the states would have no way to opt out short of civil war/secession.

        We could end up with the New States of America Constitution, and be a socialist, UN-harmonized nation.

        The Marxists want a con-con. We must make sure it doesn’t happen. 32 of the required 34 states have already called for a con-con. There is no time limit or method to rescind the call. Once the magic 34 is reached, Congress convenes a con-con. Do you want THIS Congress to do that?

        The problem isn’t the Constitution; it is the failure of our elected officials to follow it, and our failure to elect people who respect and understand it. Voting out all incumbents is a good start. Then, (after reversing as much of this insanity as possible) demand their replacements initiate a Balanced Budget Amendment, impose term limits, and add a Enumerated Powers Clause. Outlaw the Federal Reserve, too.

        • Lynne

          Now you’re talking. We Surround them! as Glenn says. They won’t listen to us , we have to send them packing! That is what I plan to do every election
          at least up to 2012. Obama and his band of thieves and thugs need to go back to the Chicago Moffia.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Glenn Beck is one of the smartest guys Ive ever listened to. Some on the left dont like him, simply because he tells the truth. If the right does something wrong, he is the first to point it out. Glenn is a real smart, real fair guy, and unlike most of our representatives in government, Glenn gets it. He see’s and understands the dangers of these guys being in bed with the lobbyists and special interest groups, on both sides of the aisle. If our government followed Glenn’s philosophy on government, we would have a fine oiled machine running smoothly, instead of breaking down like it is.

      • Eric Bischoff



        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Good reply Eric. Better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. If you can honestly doubt Glenn Becks wisdom, I cant help you. I mean, without any agenda, just listen to what he says, and the factual evidence he presents when he says it, and you can find untruth in it and not understand, then God help you man. I cant.

  • Sovereign Citizen

    These socialists have been so used to reprimand and remain practices of this nations people that they do NOT care for anyone other themselves and their socialist agenda of destroying the 50 States United while the Citizens of the Sovereign State of the 50 states united look on and don’t have a clue that what they are doing is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL. Why doesn’t American Citizens know? Well lets see, these Demagogs removed Prayer from all public schools, suckered church leaders into the pact with the enemy called the 501c3 and 501c4 which is federal and apparently the Citizens do NOT know or understand that the so called federal is NOT American Government agency…it is a COLLECTION Agency of the irs for federal employees and ‘subjects’ and is NOT for the Sovereign American Citizen of the Sovereign 50 states United. The same is true concerning the SOCIAL security card and Program and more. They have been dipping their fingers into every American Citizens life for years by Decption and fraud and no one challenged it because of ignorance of the American Constitution, Bill Of Rights and Sovereignty!
    The word federal is JUST a name. It is NOT government! The ONLY place it is valid is in DC-District Of Columbia which BELONGS to BRITAIN, People!
    Most People do NOT know the difference between State Congresses and Senates and ‘federal’ Congresses and Senates. They contact the federal traitors thinking they have gone to the top when in fact they dive to the bottom of the cess pool that is a supporter of the federal Socialists of DC.
    People…Pray For This ONE NATION UNDER GOD to be Protected and Delivered from the Socialists that are drooling at the mouth to enslave and dictate and control every American Citizen through their own ignorance!
    Just because they have attempted to remove all reference to Almighty and most High God does not mean that they have dethroned Him! Pray For This nation, Pray for those you love and Pray for those that have no one to Pray for them or care about them.
    Educate your churches concerning the pacts and treaties they have made with the enemy through 501c3 and 501c4. They are NOT DC subjects…They are American Citizens!

    • Howard

      You are right …. If people would only read II Chronicle, 7-14. It clearly states how we can change this mess America has gotten itself in, from the left coast to the eastern left coast.

      Just read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lynne

        If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
        and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land. I Pray with a group, concerned for our country, every Thursday nite. This is our beginning prayer. Everyone petition God with this prayer every nite.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      The liberal left is afraid of God and ban Him everywhere. Why? Its an easy question with an easy answer. There is a line, one side is good, one side is evil. The liberal left is full of evil, from putting gay lifestyle on a pedestal and trying to shove it down our throats as being normal, which it is not, and not allowing Bibles and prayer in some colleges, but mandating they have Koran reading for tolerance puposes, from banning God from school and public government buildings, to the mass support of killing unborn babies, even taking our tax payer money and paying for it overseas, and an inflated rate at that. Yes, it is easy to see why the democrats want God banned. He represents all that is good, and it is not them, or is it in them. They spew pure evil, from FDR lying about the cost of the Hoover Dam and federal income tax, to JFK winning the election over Nixon by getting thousands of votes from dead people in Chicago, along with his many unreported liasons with other women while he was married, to Ted Kennedy killing Mary Jo at Chappaquiddick while cheating on his wife, to Bill Clinton and his dozens of infidelities with other women not his wife, and many many more of their immoral leaders. This party is spiritually bankrupt, and our Scriptures tell us to put Godly men into office. We havent been doing that, and this is what we get, evil men, from a spirtually bankrupt party.

      • Eric Bischoff

        I beg to differ.

        The liberal left which most of you know nothing about because you constantly mistake fascists for them wants the separation of church and state and that does not mean that they want to abolish or control it unlike the extreme right which seems to want to cram their own religion down everyone’s throat including people in other countries.

        Left is evil and right is good. Oh that’s brilliant, you will go down with Einstein I am sure. I think the point you missed here is live and let live. No one is asking you to be gay but somehow some of you think that gays should stop being gay. Like they have a choice. I know you are convinced that it is a choice, you know for a fact that it is a choice. Therefore it’s a sin. How convenient.

        By the way the left has never governed or ruled anywhere in this country and yet they still get blamed for all of the problems. How is that possible?

        I ams sure that if gay people had rights they would just as soon remain invisible especially considering the way we treat them. How Christian of us.

        I refuse to associate with any religion because I find them hypocritical and offensive. That does not mean that I don’t pray or have my own spirituality. Does that make you better than me, I don’t think so. Not from what I am reading from all of you so called Christians here. You have no tolerance.

        We would do well to have separation of church and state and separation of ones private life from their business or political life. They all muddle things too much.

        I realize that some of you are convinced that only your religion and your god matters and only you will get to heaven. Isn’t that what all of the religions believe too? You are all fanatics. Grow up already.

        Considering what kind of leaders you’ve all elected so far, you must admit you are not batting too well. Do you really think that a pretend religious person like Bush can lead better that an atheist or a muslim or a buddhist or…? Well obviously he couldn’t. I am curious how many of you on this site voted for Bush!

        Our society is pretty corrupt. We cheat on everything we can and that is how we got to where we are now. We are all responsible for the mess we are in. I know it’s much easier to always blame someone else. We are in denial.

        I think that the most vocal religious people are the ones who are the most insecure with their spirituality.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Im pretty confident I will see George Bush in heaven when I go. You Im thinking are missing the bus right now, but I for one, will pray for you to have your eyes and ears opened, because you are so full of hate, at least judging by what your words say, that you are no where near Jesus right now. I do know that He doesnt want you left behind, and as much as we disagree right now, I dont want you left behind either. Its easy to do. Get down on your knees, and ask Jesus Christ to come into your life, to open your eyes and ears, and all the truth will come upon you. Have a good day.

  • Warren Gardner

    The fact is that most of our politicians care only for themselves and their constituents as it may serve their own political ambitions. The media has done its best to convey to the voting public that politicians with moral compromise in their private lives will not necessarily fail in their public duty. This is a false premise. Anyone who is willing to act immorally in their closest relations within the family will not hesitate to do so in public life. Those who cheat in their marriages or put their own children or grandchildren to death by abortion to lighten their financial load or ease their personal responsibility will not hesitate to sell out their constituents if it serves to their own personal advantage.

    Is it any wonder then that our politicians are willing to bankrupt our nation in trade for “pork” to get themselves re-elected? Why should we be surprised to learn that our politicians’ retirement accounts go unscathed while ours are destroyed by the policies that they advance? After all, they must reason that destroying our economy will only make their constituents more dependent on and supportive of the politicians who bring home the most pork.

  • Pete Burlington

    The lazy faux americans that voted for this Socialist Communist obama better wake-up. The true Americans know what is going to happen if they do not.

    • Lynne

      Man on the street reveals alot. Those interviewed, early 20′s to late 20′s are who voted for him. Their intelligence is no greater than a first grader. They want everything handed to them Free Health care, free college tutition, free mortgage,free car, everything free, They don’t know that they it takes hard work and time and sacrifice to get this things. It’s a spoiled Generation. God help us!
      That group needs educated. They gave us Obama and his ilk!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      You forgot uneducated.

  • ginnie strong

    this country is going down the wrong road. if washington keeps up, good bye america. stop voting the same people in office. most are in too long .

    • Mike

      Look around you, america is already gone. All american businesses are overseas, 60% of the jobs we had 15yrs are gone, look at your cities, roads, bridges, and all of the other infrastructure, it is all crumbing, yet we still support american companies by buying their imported products. We still support a goverment that sends out billions of dollars in foriegn aid but won’t help its own people. AMERICA IS NOW A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. And this is because we didn’t pay attention to what was going on until now, and believe me it is not just the current government but all government before, and again because we didn’t pay attention or take action.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Its kind of a result of the double standard things going on around here. You can say what you want about some groups, but others are off limits. So we have these leaders who condone this type of stuff, and are the same guys that will shame American to the rest of the world, then kiss the butt of these foreign countries that crap on us, and give them millions why they march against our government, because we want to show the world what nice guys we are. What? Kick their butts and earn their respect. Respect is earned, not given. All this appeasing going on just makes us the laughing stock of these countries that are planning our demise, and our own government wants to sit down and talk peace with them, while they have vowed to not stop until we are dead and gone. When we did have someone with the backbone and guts to stand up to them, dumb Americans voted them out of office, because its much easier to be the victim, than it is to be the agressor and make people shape up. We have become a left wing nation of appeasers and pacifists, and the more we feminize our growing little boys by giving them ritalin and stuff everytime they show a bit of testosterone, and we dont recognize our children for excelling, because it makes the kids that failed feel bad, well, it is this kind of mentality that is going to suck us down the drain. If the kid fails, sorry, give him an F. If a kid excels, give him an A. If the kids team scores 7 runs and the other team scores 0, let it be known that they won 7 to nothing. Not this bull crap of “well we dont keep score because it makes the losing team feel bad”. What the hell is that? Its not American, but its what all these liberal think tank bastards have projected to society that this is what we need to do. It is dumbing down American, and taking us down a road we really shouldnt be traveling on. Award success, not failure. How did we get this so mixed up? By giving power to people who are so out of touch with reality, that they think themselves priveleged to bestow their sick thoughts upon all of us. This is what is wrong with this country, and it is bred into our youth and they are growing up with it, that everything you do is ok, whether you try or not, whether you fail or succeed , its all the same, so why put forth the extra effort, you get nothing for it.

        • Eric Bischoff

          you have so many things backwards, how did you get this way?

          We meddle in others affairs. You mess with the bull and sometimes you get the horns up your ass.

          I realize that to some of you it’s all ours. We came, we conquered, it ‘s all ours. We are the last empire.

          Show the world what nice guys we are …..We have 1000 bases and soldiers all over the world. That’s friendly. How would you like it if the Chinese opened a base in Kansas? We trample all over this world with our military boots and some people are sick of it. The nerve of them to object!

          Bin Ladden made it very clear what the demands were. Get out of the middle east. I guess we weren’t willing. Mark you obviously think Bush was right. That explains a lot about your rants.

          Personally I think the whole Bush family has done this country a great disservice. They are crooks. They are in bed with the Saudis and many other unscrupulous characters. The grand father Prescott helped finance Hitler are you OK with that too? They are not the good guys. But because they wear their religion on their sleeve, you’ll follow them anywhere?

          By the way the hijackers were Saudis……

          Correction, we have become a right wing nation of illiterates.

          • Robert P

            We have bases in many parts of the world for the most part because we got there saving countries from being taken over by Dictators of one sort or another. Ask youself why we have bases in Germany, S. Korea, or Japan. Then ask yourself what these countries would now be like if we weren’t there for the reasons why we are there to begin with. Do you prefer that these countries were still run by people like Kim Jung Il? Apparently you do. So my suggestion to you is to move to a country like N. Korea or Iran, or maybe you would prefer Russia. If you make it clear to them that you approve of the government they have, I’m sure they will make you a welcome servant to their collective. Good Luck with your move.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          Ok people, here you heard it from Eric. He wants to apologize to the world for us being so mean, giving all these countries billions of dollars. Forgiving their debts to us while we are in debt. He says we should have let Bin Laden take over the middle east. Probably feels we should have let Hitler keep on going to. Eric, its obvious you hate America. These things you have said do not come out of the mouth of someone who is an American, and loves America. You are a pacifist appeaser, and that is dangerous. You go live in Iran and suck their butt. Of course once they find out your an American they will cut your head off, but hey, they got the right to be pissed, according to you. Yeah, we arent supposed to be mad at them for blowing up all kinds of things around here, just because were a Christian nation and they are a muslim nation who wants everybody dead who isnt like them. You see Eric, if they would ever suceed in getting rid of us, they take over the world and kill and maul and maim, and if you want to live like that, then brother, you need to get out of my country, because you dont deserve to live here you little pacifist. Now go and pee your pants.

  • sha44ss

    All the Responses here are good ones – Especially ‘Praying’ It IS what this Country was founded on. We cant do this without God in our Lives. So Pray we Must because they have no Scruples either – Its going to be like’ Playing Poker with the Biggest Cheaters! I dont know how we Fight this ?but Uniting together is going to be a KEY FACTOR and exposing their Dirty Tactics too. There are alot of Patriot Groups out there including the Tea Party Groups…and Glenn Becks 912 Project too – but I PRAY for someone to come along and unite us ALL. IT WILL BE THE ONLY WAY. It seems impossible but then we have been talking about having FAITH. .

    • Tom

      Give me a break! This country was “founded” on prayer? Where did you get this idea from? Despite some attempts by prayer advocates to claim the “scientific” basis for prayer, their attempts have failed. Why? Because there IS no scientific basis for prayer. The best way to summarize prayer is this: A waste of time that gives people a “false” sense of hope. Sure, it can make people feel comforted in difficult times, but one can get the same benefit from meditation.

      In addition, prayer has been used to help individuals "heal" themselves from various illnesses. Too bad this doesn't work either! With our nation of Christians--who pray frequently--many will still die of heart disease, cancer and other preventable malladies. They COULD have eaten properly and exercised regularly, but they chose the "prayer" technique. Too bad for those 600,000 Americans who died of cancer last year and almost as many who died from heart disease or strokes. Yeah...prayer works great!

      Of course, prayers have been used by individuals over many centuries for various reasons. So what? What good did it do on Sept. 11th, 2001--e.g., the 'Deliver us from evil' part of the “Lord’s Prayer”? The truth is that IT DID NOT WORK because the prayer is based upon several myths: The prayer to an imaginary 'Father' ('who art in heaven'--where's this or the scientific evidence for such an imaginary place?), the myth that prayer (to an imaginary 'God'), prayer for delivery from evil, etc. It's a prayer based totally on myth. What about the parents of the 5,000 troups that died in Iraq over the previous six years. Weren’t most of their parent’s probably praying for their sons and daughters? And those that survived, of course in THESE instances, prayer “worked.” Recent biblical research indicates that the “Lord’s Prayer and 72 percent of OTHER items (indicated in red) in the King James Version of the Bible were NOT in fact, stated by Jesus. However, Christians have never been known to stop long enough to consider contrary evidence--after all, there religion is based upon 'faith,' contrary evidence never needs be considered!

      Well, enough on this topic. I have to get on my bicycle ride. It's a beautiful day outside.

      • Lynne

        From the stories of the Pilgrims themselves. They came to America, over a rough
        ocean, in almost not sea-worthy vessels. Their Faith in a better world is what gave them perserverance and a will to survive. The President is wrong, we are
        a Christian Judaio country. But too many immigrants bringing their own beliefs have watered down our Christian heritage. But we are still here, with strong and committed beliefs. After-all we serve a living God. No other religion can say that.

      • sha44ss


    • http://donthaveone Mark

      It is written, “If my people pray, I will hear them and heal their land.” Yes, we must all pray. Without God, were done. Its that simple. Sad thing is, there is a political party that wants God banned from everywhere and everything, and they are in power now, and are doing abominable things in the eyes of Lord. For a man to lay with another man as he would a woman, is an abomination to the Lord. It is written. Yet these guys want to let a man marry a man, and a woman marry a woman. Right. So they can be fruitful and multiply. Good luck with that. They not only want killing unborn babies legal, and have made it so, they now are spending OUR MONEY to pay for it overseas. We need a lot of prayer people, because our current leaders are far from the God that we need.

  • Joe Dunst

    I’ve been writing to various “good government” groups about the need of a loophole-free law, that is: PENSION FORFIETURE for OFFICAL MISCONDUCT without any
    feedback. Here in New York many former legislators (and judges) that was convicted
    of a Felony-as part of their duties…are being paid a generous pension benefit by our
    tax dollars. I believe that this type of law is necessary because this would become a
    strong incentive for officals to become “ethical” in their duties. Secondly, according to
    some research, in 2007, bills were introduced in the NY Legislature but was killed by
    leaders in both Chambers. Isn’t it about time to begin a movement about this kind of
    a need at all levels of government (federal,state,county & local)? Your comments are
    welcomed about this suggestion. Thank you. Joe Dunst.

  • David Ferrera

    What frightens me most is that Obama and his henchmen may be the instruments of God’s overdue judgement on this nation. If so, the only prayer remaining for us is for God’s mercy.

    • Howard

      II Chronicle 7-14 is about Gods correcting the problem…. Just read it and do IT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Everyday my friend, everyday. Thank you.

    • Sandra

      David, and others, I do believe that the USA is now under the judgment of God. I lean heavily on the scriptures that speak of God’s commitment to His people, personally. Yes, this is the time for prayer re: 1 Chron 7:14-15 and also the prime time to be His witnesses as we are commanded.
      Sandra in SC

    • Lynne

      Yea, everything about him fits the bill. He says he is a Christian, but he is not like any Christian I know. And Me and my Christian friends would not want to hang out with him or his kind. The Bible says you will know that they are a follower of Christ by the fruit they bare. An apple tree bares apples. A cherry tree bares cherries. Obama is more like a Grapefruit tree bareing Oranges.
      If you are smart enough you will get my analysis. If taken to court he would have no evidence to prove it. God Sees!

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Any Christian, when talking to anyone, whether a friend or an interviewer, could not make a so called “slip of tongue” as Obama did, when he told George Stephanpholus “it would be an afront to my Muslim religion”., and George had to tell him “you mean Christian religion”. Sorry, no Christian could have that statement slip from their lips, because it is not a part of them and it couldnt possibly come out of them. This is a scary man, who wont even divulge his birth certificate to silence the rumors of him not being a natural born citizen. He used to be called Barry, now he is Barrack. He not only wants to go against God’s word and murder babies here in the U.S., he is not spending our tax dollars killing babies in third world countries. No, this man is not a Christian, and I will willingly challenge and call anybody who claims to be a Christian, and votes Democrat, that they are a blatant hypocrite. Do not tell me you know Jesus Christ, yet empower a party that gives a pedestal for gays to stand on and you promote this lifestyle, that the Bible openly states is an abomination to the Lord. Then you vote to empower those who kill babies, and also pay to do this in other countries. No my friend, you are not a Christian and embrace these ideals. If you think you are, you are fooling yourself, much like the Pharisee’s of old. These are so anti-Christian ideals, that no real Christian would support them. If you vote these guys in office, and claim to be a Christian, all I can say is shame on you.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        The fruit he bears, is promoting and funding the gay life style, and promotion and funding killing unborn babies. Maybe a Pharisee, not a Christian.

  • Marie Petty

    I hate to say this, but I don’t see Obama’s changes changing until we get on our knees and pray. As David Ferrera and Sovereign Citizen indicated, only God Almighty can bring change to the greedy souls in power who are ransacking everything Americans have dearly paid for. After talking with many people, I believe that those who voted for Obama were fed up with the greed and corruption. Some believed that he would bring “transparency”, no more lobbyists, more accountability, etc. But some also wanted a free ride; these are the freeloaders who need to understand that “. . . if anyone will not work, neither let him eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      The only change Obama brings, is changing my money into the hands of someone who doesnt want to work for it. I give my home church 10 percent of my earnings, and I avidly support our local rescue mission financially, so I dont need the government taking my money and having them decide who to give it to, like the guy with the 500 dollar blackberry taking Michelle’s picture at the government homeless shelter. No, I dont want my money going to guys like that. Sorry. Keep your hands of my money Mr. President. You want drug addicts and people who have made themselves poor, and continue to use alcohol and drugs to have my money, you are barking up the wrong tree. I have compassion for those who need compassion, not for those who laugh while they get hand out after handout from the likes of you and your party.

  • unique

    Lawyers that do not know how to litigate, become politians.

    In Florida for U.S. Representative last year I had two choices:
    Robert Wexler, incumbent and Ben Graber, formr head of the Broward County Hospital Medical District. Both did not represent
    the people, they represeted their own interests. Robert Wexler
    is not even a resident of Floida, he uses his in-laws Florida address, but Wexler won anyway..

    So my question is what are my choices?

    • julie


      • unique

        I would love to run for office, but, who would want to vote
        for a 66 year old lady? Hopefully, in my next life.

        • julie

          My thought is, regardless of age, race etc. people are looking for conservatives. Real conservatives, not these RINO’s we have now. If you can show the folks in your state a good case to elect you, age is no barrier. Besides, 66 is young! How old was Reagan when he was president? People are sick to death of what is happening in DC. Just read the previous posts. I think 2010 is going to be interesting. All those blood suckers should be worried. ALL their jobs are on the line! You go girl!

        • Lynne

          Julie stay on top of the news, stay informed. And do what God and your heart tell you to do. Write. Write, Write, Call, Call, Call, Representatives
          and Senators, be heard. Our voices need to be heard. Also God needs to hear from us. Don’t leave him out of the equasion.

        • unique

          I always write and call my senators and representatives. Just yesterday I receved a response from Rep. Wexler about a concern I wrote him about three months ago.

          I am an Independent who was dissatisfied with the Democratic Party which I had belonged to for all of my life. I always felt we should have had trickle up economics. I wanted to give every
          American tax paying family $300,000.00, to do with as they please. Pay off their mortgage, purchase a new home, purchase a new car, pay off their old car, purchse insurance policies, go on vacation, purchase food, clothing, save the money, do what you want with it. Eventually it would trickle up to the banks.

          I do no believe the government should give the big banks and insurance companies any money. If I made bad decisions in my business the government would not bail me out. Chrysler was bailed out once when Lee Iacocca was CEO, and then Obama gives hem a second bail out and now they are in bankrupcy. Bad decision Obama. GM also made bad decisions, as did the credit card companies, why give an 18 year old a credit card? The banks giving the commercial real estate owners loans which are not being paid off now. This country needs to go back to people and corporations going back to pesonal responsibility.

          Even in the court system. If a person robs a company and gets hurt in the course of a felony he should not be able to sue
          the company. People at trials are too fast to give away someone elses money, which eventually means that I and you pay more in taxes, insurance and for any products we purchase.

          I follow the 10 Commandments and my heart. I try to help people, and not hurt them. I still work and work with people that others think are the scum of the earth. I work in a jail. Let me say in this day and age, any one of us can end up in jail Everyone of the inmates all say they are innocent. I had one fellow that after being in jail one year and $25,000.00 later, was found innocent at trial. What a shame. Not every person arrested is guilty. Which brings me back to Congress. When the Congresspersons are found guilty, the get senenced to the minimum amount of time or no time at all. All you need to do is look at Ted Kennedy and the death of Mary Jo Kopecney, no inditement ever. Mary Jo and her fetus are dead and Ted goes on with his political and personal life.

          Well, I need to go to work now.

    • Greg

      In Florida Congressional District 19, Republican Edward Lynch was also on the ballot against Wexler and Graber, and represented a clear alternative to the other two liberals. Lynch is running again in 2010, and IMO he isn’t an establishment kinda guy- he’s a free market guy who isnt afraid to call Wexler out on the outrageous spending that’s going on We’ll see how long Wexler can keep up the jig that he’s been playing on his Florida constituents.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Thin. Very thin. It is because these bastards have the system set up so the guy with the most money usually wins. Try to get something legally done, you got to pay a lawyer. These guys got it set up so that they get money to do anything. There are a lot of good people out there that would lead and represent the people, but they cant run for office because there isnt money in their bloodlines. All we get is usually a bunch of rich cats who are so out of touch with the common man, and they are allready hitched up to special interest groups to fund their run, that its corrupt from the start. I dont know how we can start it over, but it has become a rich mans thing to be elected to high offices, and it shouldnt be that way. It should be men rich of heart in God, not in wallet. The riches in your wallet will one day fade away, and be left for someone else to enjoy, but your riches in God will never fade away. Never.

  • unique

    Question: How can you tell if a politian is lying?
    Answer: His lips are moving.

  • http://none Susan

    I agree with Hamilton and Dave. We should throw the whole lot out — lock stock and barrel — no exceptions. We should do it before the 2010 election perhaps a recall party would be cool.

  • FarRightWinger

    We need a 2nd American Revolution! These freaks and punks in the Evil Empire (a.k.a.: US gov’t) only make things worse! Pelaosi, Schumer, and now NObama are working hard to bring America into a SovietAmericaGulagUnio.
    I don’t beleiev in voting anymore. They carefullys elect 2-3-4 people for us to “choose” from. All 2-3-4 peopel are THEIRs elected oens and their men/women. They promise “changes” for the masses and some swallow it liek a honey-cord.

    Now heading to a communist gulag-unio your “elected” freaks want your banking accounts, retirement money and personnal- reral properties as well.

    Meanwhile, the so-called (in)”justice” system rounding up patriots, conservatives who believe in the 1st and 2nd Amendment and with fake charges they disarm them, confiscating as many as guns they just can and put these people behind bars.

    If you believe that “voting” will change the path of this country is heading to… Good Luck!

    • Tom

      Google: Obama Deception and watch the movie!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Its just pure evil my friend, in every shape and form they come in. Pelosi, Reid, Biden, Obama, Kennedy, Feinstein, Frank, Shummer, Dodd, Edwards, Kerry, Dean, Daschle. There is nothing redeeming about any of these people. All I see is the fruit they bear, and it is rotten and damning.

  • David

    That’s right, run for office. Are we going to let “our party” figure out who the next republican presidential nominee is going to be? They can’t even decide whether our party needs to be more liberal or conservative much less who that person is going to be. Lawyers are great debators by nature, which is one reason why they win. What we need is a better cross section of people like true business men, engineers, builders, entreprenuers, etc.

    What about the libertarians? They have some valid points but more importantly; if they offer a viable candidate in 2012….who will win? I guess as long as obama does not, we all win.

    Prayer with action is what we need!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      At this point, Im willing to take the lesser of two evils, so these left wing liberal pacifist appeasing baby killing evil dems need to go. They dont care about the U.S., they weaken us at every turn. Satan has them in his hip pocket, which is evident by the things they do and the things they push for, you know, gay marriage, baby killing, supporting the enemy, removing God from everywhere. Pure evil. FACT

      • Eric Bischoff



  • s c

    We’ve got to make these demi-gods miserable every day they stay in office. If they act like they’re God’s gift to politics, put a spotlight on them. If they use pc like a weapon, if they say this and do that, if they want to be seen as conservatives (but they carry a skunk’s stench), if they act like a socialist today and a fascist tomorrow, if they suck up to the media to stay in office, if they act like words are more important than results, if they act as though they are above the law, then treat all of them the same way. Those sons and daughters of Hitler and Stalin will never deserve a place in America.
    These people and their ‘heroes’ were rightly seen as primordial slime generations ago. They don’t get better. They can’t get better. They get worse because we let them “serve.”

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      We can only put a spot light on them if they are Republican, because the Democrats own ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC, along with most of the nations largest newspapers. Anything the democratic left does, pretty much gets a pass. The propaganda spread against the Republicans these last 4 years was the worst, most anti-American thing Ive seen in my lifetime. The national press emoboldened and strengthened the enemy though their crucifixtion of the Republicans, all for politcal gain of their party in the upcoming election. Sad thing, is, through the use of this evil, the American people chose instead of getting educated and studying this stuff, they believed what these liars wrote. So sad.

  • Al Olson

    All politicians in W ashington have websites containing e mail addresses. I would suggest that we rally our friends and they, in turn, rally their friends and, instead of a tea party, deluge our representatives with our feelings, via e mail. This policy has to be consistent and repeated over and over again. We have to take the time from our busy schedule of trying to survive to repeat these e mail transmissions. I agree that the Washington crowd is only interested in their reelections but if they are threatened by a multitude they may, if they have a wee bit of brain power, get the message.

  • http://davereply mary

    An early election would be the answer. I don’t think we can handle another 100 days!

    But, baring that event from happening, we need, in 2010, to elect officals who want and support term limits. Also, another kicker that will help to prevent lopsided elections, is to vote for new represenatives who will enact legislation that prevents funding from out of state interest groups. Anyone who wants to run for office needs to aquire the campaign funds from within their states.

  • 13th Gen. American

    Didnt anyone in the goveriment ever hear the saying “You cant get blood from a turnip?
    If things keep going the way they are we will all be turnips soon.

  • Forrest

    I read all your comments as well as Glenn Beck and Livingston. BUT all of you, and ;I, have a great and terrible weakness that is going to destroy this country because we DO NOT RESPOND AND DO SOMETHING BESIDES JUST TALK. I am 85, and educated and wise person that has gone through the great depression and a veteran of WW2. One problem I see is a bunch of people complaining but sit on their fannies and do not DO anything to put an end to all this.
    IF you all want Obama and company to finish changing this country into a socialist state, then continue doing what you are all doing. IF you want to put a stop to it, then STARVE THEM OUT , for heaven sake: STOP PAYING TAXES. They can't put us ALL in jail!!! We cannot vote them out!!!!! Face it!!! Let's be real.One problem is that my 85 years have proven to me is: the american populace CANNOT be organized, PERIOD. Withour a huge disaster, we cannot be organized. I have witnessed some of this and other countries capabilities. How many of you (us) have ever seen in person an atomic explosion?? I have!!! You WILL if you keep sitting on your duffs. How about such targets such as a Nascar race? OR the capitol with everone there (for a change) a world series game, a superbowl game The4th of July celebration on the mall in fromt of the capitol. There are so many targets in this cuntry AND the enemies all are very aware of them. They all know we do not WORK together at getting rid of our problems politicians, so as a result it is clear sailing for them to disrupt the public or their desires to clean up things. So we have been , (I am thinking) infiltrated with undesirable (my word) politicians to destroy us. What an easy way for them to control our country. Glenn Beck should be going further: Organize people into action marching by the hundreds of thousands on DC, circling the white house and capitol and keep this march going coninuously indefinitely. With his 700,000 Tea Party members this can be accomplished. Take a lesson from Martin Luther King!!!!
    YES!!! I have been advocting for over fifty years to politicians to limit term to a maximum of two across the board overlappoing them for efficiency. and Run FBE and military Intelligence checks on all of them including the president..
    But for the present we need and MUST ask Obama and Palosi to step down and hold an emergency election to fill their seats. ALL;congress should be limited to two terms PERIOD also WITH NO RETIREMENT.



  • John Gnagi

    It’s time to try and target key Democratic US Senators with impeachment, acts of subversion, and/or failure to Honor their Oaths of Office.
    They are ALL guilty of willfully ignoring the will of the People.
    Too many of them are guilty of all of the above.
    No VAT, No Government Health Care, No more Spending.

    When is Enough, Enough?

  • Thomas Freeman

    Our going too the dogs we need too in peach the ones in office

  • Alexa

    These corrupt politicians and big business CEOs must remember that they cannot take their wealth with them to hell.

  • Kathleen

    I have three questions . . . how much money would it take to run for a federal office? Can it be financed without obligation to lobbyists? And how would a candidate get exposure through the liberal media?

    Alan Keyes was a “black” presidential candidate with impeccable credentials. Where was his media coverage? He had funding through the grassroots, but the media didn’t give him the time of day. They wanted John McCain from jump (just in case he would win), and they kept their cameras trained on him, almost exclusively, throughout the campaign. When Sarah Palin was brought into the race, the economy tanked a week later. It took away the McCain/Palin momentum and turned America’s attention to this “orchestrated financial crisis.” I fear this movement into Socialism/Maxism is much more serious than we believe. Honest, everyday American citizens who should hold office, don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against the diabolical powers that be.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Alan Keyes didnt get the media coverage, because that is reserved for Democrats. Republicans get chopped down coverage, and that is it. Alan Keyes they couldnt attack, lest they come across as racist, so they just hid from him.

  • American Citizen

    I heard a radio personality this morning say this “Let men marry men, women marry women, women have the abortions they want, and wait a while and there will be no more Democrats.” Makes some kind of sense.

    Yes, we need Republicans to get back to their conservative roots. If they do, they will win. I believe an awful lot of people are waking up.

    We also need to be aware of the Muslims who want to take over the world. While Europe and the Americas are limiting the number of children they are having so that they are not even replacing themselves, the Muslims are having 8 and more children. That’s how they plan to do it.

  • richard

    No matter what “We the People” say these clowns in Washington don’t seem to care…they talk (BS) a good game but are bareface liars…I have no confidence in our govenment and the people who suck off it…

    The United States of America is in deep trouble folks…we have an administration of neo-marxists…it is a transparent administration because…yes…we can see right throuh your glib retoric and halloween pumpkin smiles…WHAT ME WORRY?…LOL

    I was never one to panic but you don’t need to be very bright to see the writing on the wall… Marx would be proud of how we have been and are being led down the path to domination and destruction…

    It’s a shame I have to get email from thre BBC and PRAVDA…as the main stream media in the US is nothing but puppets manipulated by their advertisers and othrer interests… They can’t even understand the who,what,when, where,why and how..fundamentals..
    In conclusion…people may think people with these thoughts are crazy or misled… but then again the TITANIC was so safe even “GOD COULD NOT SINK IT”…remember?

    • Lynne

      Hugo Chavez— venezuela’s socialist a kinder, gentler version(so far) of Stalin opponents of Chavez have been targeted by Venezuela’s justice system, orchestrated by Chavez himself. Court ordered arrests have political opponents
      hiding, some seeking Asylum in other countries. This is what a Socialist Government does. They expect loyality to them. Oppose them, and all kinds of persecution come against you. NOW do you really want to go down this road to socialism? Obama is the next Chavez, the next Amadinajahd.

      • Eric Bischoff

        don’t be so paranoid.

        Venezuela went through a period of corrupt and repressive govts which led to the Bolivarian revolution. Chavez was arrested for leading that revolution but subsequently released and ELECTED as president in 1999. He believes as many of the Latin American countries’ leaders believe in pan american social democracy. In other words help the poor instead of the corrupt ruling class. Chavez has done the cardinal sin, he nationalized the oil for the Venezuelans which means that oil companies have to pay more for the right to extract oil and Venzuelans benefit more from their limited resources.

        That’s pretty gutsy considering the fact that the American empire has made it a point to overthrow or assassinate every world leader that has ever tried that. Because after all, didn’t you know that all of the world’s oil belongs to us. How dare they claim their own.

        Before you compare Chavez to Stalin, ask yourself how many civilian deaths is the american govt responsible for in the last 50 years and ask yourselves how many deaths is Chavez responsible for.

        On the topic of Iran, another country with lots of oil most americans know nothing about, in 1951 Mossadegh was ELECTED and he also nationalized the oil which was being stolen by the british. That led to the british and the americans plotting to overthrow him which they did. The americans then installed a puppet dictator, the Shah. That period led the Iranians to want another revolution which then put in power Khomeini. We would have all been better off minding our own business.

        By the way it is illegal for any foreign govt to interfere in the politics of another, but we break these laws all of the time.

        You really need to read books and research the internet and stop getting your propaganda education from Fox. There’s a whole other world out there which you seem to know nothing about.

  • norm

    We Rebublicans need to rid the party on the neocons who have infiltrated it and made it totally unacceptable to many thinking, responsible voters.
    First remove all religion from politics. The two are totally incompatable. There are plenty of churches for the “believers” to attend. Frankly, it amazes me how some people who hate taxes, as we all do, blindly pour their cash into the pockets of their religious superstars.
    Next take Rush and Sean for what they are – highly paid entertainers. They sometimes have viable points, but it is their job to be as controversial as possible. As Rush has said on several occasions: If I were’nt extreme I would not be number 1 ( I paraphrase).
    The extreme right is as dangerous as the extreme left. We have some good centrist Republicans and Democrats. Clinton actually balanced the Federal budget for 2 years.
    If we can get a handle on the deficits, preserve our free market system, and flush out the traitors on the political extremes as well as the morally corrupt, there may still be hope for the US.

  • Edward


    I battled against Wexler in 2008 and I am running against him in 2010. If you want to know some of the reasons why I am running and the truth about Wexler (backed up with public records) go to I will call him out every step of the way. My children deserve way better than Wexler. We have the right message and we know how to fix the problems that our nation faces. Most people do, unfortunately “most people” do not run for office. Politicians run for office. We need to get real people in office who are going to represent their constituents and not the special interest groups that buy their vote with money. We bought their vote with our votes and we need to let them know that. Get in touch with me and find out about our campaign. Get involved and contribute to candidates that are going to represent you. Stop electing these incumbents based only on party lines. We get the government that we deserve. We have the power, they just don’t want us to know it. For a real change get involved with a real person!!!!

  • Jim Baker

    More on website later – I don’t believe in the myth that MAN is creating global warming BUT seems like a good business to be in. Just look at the millions made by Al Gore scaring folks! I am a retired high school English teacher (M.A.) and I just can’t figure out why very few folks either can see (or perhaps just don’t want to see) the damage Obama and many of the Dems are causing. Pelosi is a joke! Harry Reed is a bad pun! Obama is a liar! Yet media (yes, even many on FOX) listen as Obama says “I created 154,000 jobs with the stimulus” as the unemployed numbers reach and are about to top 10%. Where’s the sanity? Tell Geraldo (jerry all doe) that immigration and illegal immigrants really are a problem. Tell Bill
    O’Reilly that a oil can be put into a barrel within 30 days –not
    the 15 years he expresses. Tell him also to quit interrupting folks; otherwise, he can add his soliquies to his “talking points”. It is obvious he has his mind made up before anyone else (including you Glenn) speek [sic]. Sorry I must have thought I was a dominee for the Supreme Court.

  • s c

    Let’s see. Now that we have a divine government, there are no more hungry children in the US, we have no more homeless, the employment situation is better, the economy is back to normal, we don’t have airhed politicians taking trips around the world, we’ve stopped printing money 24/7, the world loves us, the government no longer screws up healthcare, we have no criminals in Congress, we are out of Iraq and Afghanistan, the government’s out-of-control spending is over AND Queen Pelosi does care about her ‘image’. WHOA! NONE of these things happened. We were told that TRANSPARENCY and CHANGE and a UNITED America would turn matters around. We were promised that the new administration had the right plans. AND PEOPLE ACTUALLY BELIEVED THESE L I E S? Maybe we should let a pres be in the White House for l i f e, so things can REALLY get done RIGHT. America, YOU HAVE BEEN H A D !

  • Kim S.

    Glenn Beck is awesome! I wish everyone would listen to his truths.

  • jerry

    If big brother was really concerned about helping American families, why didn’t they take that money they gave the banks and instead pay off some of the mortgages of those who were about to lose their homes. I am not talking about those who were about to lose their multi-million dollar summer home in Jackson Hole, WY, or Vail, CO, but those who hold the bread and butter jobs of America. This would have saved many of these peoples homes while giving them the money to possibly buy a new Chysler, GM or Ford automobile once back on their feet. The banks would have survived, they alway do some way or another.

    I truly believe this housing bust has been manipulated by those in power who wish to bring the American economy down as an excuse to put their communist ideals into place as we seeing at this very moment. Remember, no personal property is one of the most important planks of communism and as more and more American citizens are put out into the streets the more power the Federal Government has over “WE THE PEOPLE!”

    When Obama gave GM and Chrysler all those billions of dollars, the Federal Government at that very moment became the CEO of both of these companies. This is why Obama had authority to fire GM’s CEO and he can do the same with any other company official or even an employee. It now boils down to one fact with these companies, either play his game or lose your job. Welcome to Obama’s new and changed America and it is just beginning. Make no mistake about it, the company you work for, or even you, may be next!

    No, our constitution is not a living document which changes with every new tide and flow. It is the solid and un-changing foundation of our nation and we desperately need to get our nation placed back upon that foundation before we have no nation left.

    But, we must first get our nation back on track with the true founder of our nation, that being GOD.

    Charles Carroll – signer of the Declaration of Independence said:

    “Without morals a republic cannot subsist any length of time; they therefore who are decrying the Christian religion, whose morality is so sublime and pure…are undermining the solid foundation of morals, the best security for the duration of free governments.” [Source: To James McHenry on November 4, 1800.]

    Benjamin Franklin stated:

    “God governs in the affairs of man. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid? We have been assured in the Sacred Writings that except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it. I firmly believe this. I also believe that, without His concurring aid, we shall succeed in this political building no better than the builders of Babel” –Constitutional Convention of 1787 | original manuscript of this speech

    “In the beginning of the contest with Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for Divine protection. Our prayers, Sir, were heard, and they were graciously answered… do we imagine we no longer need His assistance?” [Constitutional Convention, Thursday June 28, 1787]

    Sadly, many have come to the conclusion that we no longer need the aid of ALMIGHTY GOD and we are seeing our nation begin to self destruct from within.



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    We’re beginning to hear the first rumblings about the next round of updates to the Nissan GT-R, and if the rumors are to be believed, Nissan’s goal of keeping pace with the refreshed Porsche 911 Turbo (and its S sibling) will continue through the 2012 model year. As with its German counterpart, the R35 is expected to undergo a host of evolutionary changes, including some reworked aero bits, suspension and brake upgrades, and a retuned 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 that’s likely to output over 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque.

  • fenugreek uses

    Anon.~ All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.


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