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Private insurer ‘rescinded’ sick patients

June 17, 2009 by  

Private insurer 'rescinded' sick patients Amid a fierce debate on the best ways to pursue a healthcare reform, it has emerged that the nation’s largest health insurer rewarded its employees for cancelling coverage of sick patients.

Evidence released by the House subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations suggests the insurance company WellPoint rewarded its employees for retroactively canceling coverage of sick patients, a practice known as "rescission," according to Consume Watchdog.

As a result, the advocacy group has called on Congress to ban health insurance employees from receiving bonuses for canceling, delaying or denying necessary medical care to patients.

"The committee’s stunning discovery demonstrates both the need for a real public alternative to for-profit insurers and new legal accountability of insurance companies that are willing to lie, cheat and kill to boost profits," says Jerry Flanagan, health care policy director for Consumer Watchdog.

One of the biggest bones of contention in the current discussions is the issue of a government-run health insurance option, which supporters say would drive down costs by forcing private insurers to compete with the government.

However, opponents counter that a public plan would drive private operators out of business, increase costs and reduce quality of health care.

Consumer Watchdog says documents show WellPoint, Golden Rule (owned by United Health) and Assurant rescinded more than 20,000 policies over five years and refused to pay for more than $300 million in medical expenses.

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  • Fern Grounds

    I am a great grandmother who attends the “tea parties” because I am so distressed about what is happening to our country. The president has broken the law with the firing of the Inspector General which is abuse of power. That is grounds for impeachment!
    Our congress and senate sit in their Ivory Towers and do not realize the anger of the masses. I phone my congressman and my senator but it is to no avail. I do not know how to get through to them to use common sense but I keep trying. I promise them I will do everything in my power to see they are not reelected in 20010 but I don’t think we can wait that long for Obama to be in power at the rate he is going.
    Keep up the good work on your TV show.

    • katiebait

      I agree with Fern, Impeach Obama. He thinks that he is above the law,and whats
      up with appointing the czars? Is he setting himself up to not be taken out of the whitehouse? Why else would he appoint 15 people who dont answer to anyone
      but himself? Wake up America! Lets take our country back!!!!!

      • OBAMAFAN12

        you two got to be kidding, if Bush wasn’t impeached nobody should bring up that word. The country was ruin by the bush administration and noone even said a word about stopping him, in fact he was given a blank check to steal, cheat and lie about the war and killing our innocent children, the whole administrative was a lie and he broke and stole from the citizens of United States and like a coward and thief in the night, Obama is a blessing and hope he succeed in what he’s trying to accomplish and god block all people that are out to destroy him, i love what he’s trying to do to bring the country back in some kind of order, it a shame the way he’s being treated and being accuse of something another president did, this mess is Bush fault and i think he should still be impeached for this senseless war that going on and allowing the rich to rob the country. LEAVE HIM ALONE and let the man do his job. And by the way Bush thought he was God and he’s not!

        • Norm

          I’m with you. These right wing wingnuts love to jump into there baseless nonsense. When they don’t know to say they get into name calling and fear mongering.

        • John

          Holy crap are you mislead by the media… Bush had the same intel as Congress who ALSO UNINIMOUSLY approved the wars. This was not a one sided thing with Bush, besides you can’t contune bashing Bush when he is no longer in office… He can’t even close Gitmo because he is an idiot.

          Answer me these two questions…
          1) Name ONE THING that Obama has done to improve anything that has actually… WORKED!!?
          2) Name one country that has Universal health care that they are better off than what they were before?

          Unless you enjoy the constant decline of our economy you should not be able to answer to either.

          Case in point. Obama said they HAD to do the bailouts because unemployment would reach 8% and the bailouts would keep that from happening… well guess what we are at 9% unemployment. You can’t blame THAT on Bush. Bush wanted to reform Freddie and Fanny years ago the Democrats BLOCKED IT, they said they were “Fine”..

          Obama has fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin ILLEGALLY, he had to give a 30 day notice to Congress. Obama cosponsored the bill for the 30 day notice, but he has side stepped it saying that Inspector General Gerald Walpin was more or less mentally deranged and confused… Well he seems fine to me when he takes the Standardized Psych test. By the way the person Gen Walpin was investigating was a huge Obama supporter… How convenient…

          Obama FORCED Bond holders of GM to take less than what they were entitled. THAT IS AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION… oh wait, I forgot they must have changed the constitution so the government who had 19Bil invested would have a majority share over the Bond holders who had 26Bil invested. So now we have Government Motors…

          Oh yeah, about those Czar’s Did you know they used to call them “Dictators” in FDR’s day? Granted just about every president has had them, unfortunately at this point he has more than just about all previous three presidents COMBINED. Techincally there is nothing in the constitution that allows them.

          Did you know that right now as it stands about 43 Million people are without Health insurance in the US? Did you know that as it stands right now 36 Million people would STILL be out of health insurance in the US with their proposal? Sounds like an overwhelmingly disaster to me.

          I guess we should call him Obama Hood. Of course that may not go over well because it gives you this idea that he is a hoodlum, not the intended Robin Hood as it were. Steal from the rich and give to the needy, no! were not greedy, we will just tell you how to spend your money and where.

          And this new proposed bill that would allow the Fed to control business’ Basically it will limit the pay of Executives who have worked their way to that point, and could in theory tell companies like Mc Donalds to close certain resturants… That is a good idea, no this is not fiction….

          Obama is a disaster on all fronts, he is not losing pole numbers like he is molting his skin for a reason. Universal Health care is NOT going to fix our country at this point. It will become a rationing thing like it is in Great Britten because they will deny you medicine and medications that MAY save your life. Women with Breast cancer in GB comes to mind as they are denied a potentially life saving drug because it is too expensive. Canadians come HERE to the US for health care because it takes too long to get treatment. So there are your choices, live with what we have and consider yourself lucky because you cannot be denied a life saving thing because you do not have insurance. Or be denied treatment because it is too expensive and your life is not worth that much to them, OR they will drag their feet through bureaucratic BS. Either way they got your money and you Die.

          Your call…

        • Joann Cooper

          I get so tired of people saying how bad Bush was. That should make Obama
          want to do better. Obama is a diaster to our country. It is dangerous for a
          president to have all the power. Yes it is time for the american people to wake up.We will be under one world goverment. one world church ( muslem)
          under one ruler.

        • Claudia

          To answer johns 1st 2 questions.

          Help for Homeowners. Being in real estate it has worked beautifully. ( not bad for five months in office)
          France. According to the WHO, the country with the best healthcare for their citizens is France, ( and why are europeans healthier than Americans anyway). by the way the US ranks at number 16…….just above the ukraine.

          People, you have to go to real news sources, not far right bloggers.

          The hateful speech has to stop. Its going to ruin the republican party.

        • auroranorth

          what makes you think theres any difference between the two ? Neither one gives a rats azz about you. both put bovine growth hormone into the food your kids eat, both allow the oil companies to rise the price anywhere they want, both make war on foreign nations at Israels request, both are all for illegal immigration, both are all for the nafta super highway, they have you playing the race game and you fell for it hook line and sinker, meanwhile they are making the farmers put microchips that cause cancer in every animal and marking their location with gps and they have the census workers marking your house with gps, and you actually are naive enough to support this guy, just because some other idiot is dumb enough to support the other one ? your being herded like cattle.

        • DixieConnie

          NO !!!!!!! Don’t leave Obama alone. He needs to be held accountable just like you want to hold Bush accountable.

          Obama is NOT GOD nor was Bush. So we, as the people, need to know what is going on in our Country and have a say in what goes on IN OUR COUNTRY. Even if you don’t want to know and you leave him alone, I want to know.

        • DixieConnie

          John: Very well put. Thank you for typing all of that information. You are exactly right.

        • katiebait

          I will just agree with Jim,and leave it at that. Obama fans are like Jehovah’s
          Witnesses,even when the truth is staring them in the face they follow an Organization (or Government) who only wants more and more sacrifice by
          its members. I also am discusted with both parties. No one listens.
          How long will we just sit around and talk about doing something?
          How long do you think our Fore-Fathers waited before they knew talking was not solving anything?
          Obama dosent care about any of us, and the sooner you figure that out the better of you will be.
          Obama is doing to this country what he was groomed for by the Muslems,
          That is to Destroy our Country, and have you not noticed that he has spent more money since he has been in office than the whole 8 years Bush was in office and that includes the cost of the war.
          How do you think Obama is going to pay for everything he says he’s going to
          do? There arent enough rich people to steal all of that money from so
          Hello he is coming for you, and your great -great -great grandchildrens money. That is what all of his proposals will cost.
          Look at history and see that the U.S. now resembels Germany when Hitler
          came to office.

        • Patriot

          Obama is destroying America. He is the precursor to the Anti-Christ. NO WAY
          does he have God’s blessings.

        • Dee H.

          I was told by an American cancer expert that in GB, if a woman is diagnosed with the most curable form of breast cancer, she has to wait until it progresses to the next stage before she is allowed to get treatment. So her chances of survival, which were near 100%, now drop, not to mention the mental anguish she has to suffer knowing this thing is still there and wondering when it will become invasive. Oh yeah … govt medicine is great! (not!)

        • debra

          Obamaman….you are an IDIOT…and you need to go back to school to learn how to read and write. You do not have a clue what is going on. When you get your welfare check go buy a book and read. Better yet..why don`t you read to all your children so they may grow up and have a chance.

        • DaveH

          The government got us into this current mess in real estate by encouraging lenders to make loans to risky borrowers. That enabled the real estate frenzy to occur. Of course, being in Real Estate, you benefit from such an event, so of course you want more of the same. But when people walk away from risky loans and leave the Banks with the bill, most of the rest of us suffer, whether from being depositors in those banks, or taxpayers footing the bailout cost, or workers suffering from lost jobs.
          I know you won’t do it, but if you want to be enlightened read the book: “The Housing Boom and Bust” by Thomas Sowell.

        • D.Russo

          That is your openion, mine is when Air-force 1 flew over New York city that was Obama testing the people, my openion is this Obama is just waiting for orders from Iran to attack one unexpected city in our United States because I belive Barock is the 666 he dose not belive in Jesus he only belives in Maslum only he is going to have us killed and say its the Christians.
          May the Holy Face of Jesus apear to Obama in the white house and where ever he goes.
          Arise O God and let the enamies be scarttered and all those who hate you flee before your face.

        • claudia

          I just love the hateful spin!!!! Keep it up folks!! I could respond to comments made about who really benefited from the real estate boom and wanting a government option for healthcare,and how obamafans are not fanatics on welfare…but………..thats whats going to do the GOP in…. so carryon. And Lord baby Jesus knows the religious right are….well….right…

        • Peteg

          Let’s see,
          You grew up on Welfare and think that’s where everyone is supposed to get their money, “government.” Since you think money is just supposed to be sent to you every month by, “the government” you didn’t bother to pay attention in school so you could be a benificial citizen, you just set there sucking your dope and wine waiting for the next welfare check, you educational level is obvious from your horrible spelling and grammar. You demonstrate your absolute stupidity about government and world affairs in just a very few misspelled words.
          Actually this country once in a while has a moment of sanity and elects someone who has sense and at the same time doesn’t have a congress of Socialists opposing him at every move. If you would just pay attention you might notice that every economic downturn in this country is when we have Democrats in power in the Congress and worse when we have a really stupid Socialist in the White House.
          Clinton committed treason while in the White House, “gave our guidance systems to the Lippo Group.” Look it up yourself if you have the intelligence and ability to accept the truth.
          Now due to his treason we have enemies all over the world that have a guidance system that works for their ballistic missiles! Case in point, N. Korea is planning a launch on July 4th aimed at Hawaii and “THANKS CLINTON YOU DAMNED TRAITOR!”
          I bet you don’t even know who Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were!
          For your information they got what was coming to them for treason. “They were tried, convicted and executed!” Their level of treason was far less than that of the little Arkansas Jerk, “Slick Willie” who can’t even keep his Willie in his pants.
          We were just starting to recover from his crap even though Bush was fought every step of the way to keep the Democrats idiotic agenda of the destruction of the greatest country in the world’s history. “It’s working!”
          The best comeback took twelve years of Reagan then Bush Senior after Carter the Peanut farmer/brain.
          Having meat Carter I can tell you first hand he is and Idiot.
          Obama is a giant mistake.
          He just may be the most dangerous Idiot in this world.
          Call me a Republican and I’ll punch you. Call me a Democrat and I’ll be arrested for telling what I would like to do to you.

          By they way I heard there is a village in Kenya that is missing it’s Idiot.
          Personally I’d be glad to give him back.

          Obama and God have one thing in common,
          They don’t have a Birth Certificate.
          The difference is God doesn’t think he is Obama.

          Mr. Obama where is your Birth Certificate?
          The Constitution requires you prove you are a national born U. S. Citizen.
          That makes you a felon as you are in the White House illegally. Hey Democrat Congress, you were supposed to vet a potential Presidential candidate before he runs for nominee and certainly before President. So since you didn’t, that makes every damned one of you a criminal as you violated your oath of office and the Constitution you swore to uphold.
          Is there no shame in Democrats.
          Look at Iran in the news.
          It’s coming here soon and Mr. Obama is the biggest cause yet.
          There is one large difference here.
          The citizens are not unarmed like those poor folk in Iran.
          Check the stores. Obama got elected and ammunition and quality fire arms are virtually unavailable. SOLD OUT!
          You Obama Lemmings will rue the day you followed that Idiot over the cliff. Then you will just find another way to blame someone else.
          Get off your ass work for yours like I do.

          Obama’s transparent all right. He’s easy to see through. Liar liar liar. Criminal enemy of the state.
          Most Liars are Democrats,
          All Democrats are liars.

        • Brenda

          Thank you John! Thank you!

        • Boltupright

          OBAMAFAN12 doesn’t have a clue!!! Obvious socialist!!!

        • Dan

          God will not block all the people who want to impeach Obama. There is no such thing as a perfect president but I’ll take Bush anyday over Obama. You obviously voted for him based on raw emotion rather than a knowledge of our constitution and the limits of the President, Congress, and Judicial system. This man could care less if you like him or not, he hates our christian history, our constitution and anyone who wants to exercise their free speech rights to question any group of people or religions that are a threat to our historical values and freedom

        • Dan

          Hey John,
          You are right on the money. If you ever run for office you have my vote.
          Let me tell you a personal story about Gov. Health. I used to have a cleaning business in phx. az but became disabled in 2002. I file for disablity ( I paid taxes for that by the way so it’s not welfare). I needed to go to the dentist and wanted to get a cleaning but could not get a cleaning because it’s not covered. However, I am covered to get a mercury filling. So, let’s see I can’t have a cleaning that prevents dental problems but I can have a filling with mercury that has been proven to cause health problems !! Makes you go HHHmmmmmm. Great logic in that. I’ve learned to write music and am trying to sell an album on so that I can hopefully get off of Medicare even though it’s something I earned through hard work. I never want to be on public health care again if it’s possible. I hate gov. health programs. I appreciate that it has been there while I’m trying to get my life back but I hate it. I never ever want to be on public health benefits again. Did I mention I hate Government Health Programs :)
          Can you imagine if it’s this messed up with something I’ve worked for how much worse will it be when you have no other choices.
          Did I mention I Hate Government Health Programs.

      • Dee Y

        Where were all you people in 2000 when we allowed the courts to select the male for the highest office in the land instead of the voters?
        Where were you in 2004 when we allowed the polls to throw our votes in the round file?
        True Democracy working at it’s very best to benefit the majority of the population instead of the wealthy few.
        What TV show gives viewers the truthful news instead of the spoon fed propaganda and lies we are told? I hope you don’t listen and believe the lies Faux News spews.
        Case in point – When Mark Foley (Republican pedophile from Florida) was caught trying to molest the young male interns, Fox displayed his ugly mug as a Democrat from Florida. I got that on tape. Last I heard Foley admitted himself into re-hab. Is that a way to avoid prosecution or the anger of a concerned mother? Like the pedophile Catholic priests, he’ll probably be placed somewhere else to do his business. It’s a given that Fox news is the only station that the unthinking Rightard Trolls listen to and swear by. And you get a vote in our system. Lord help us.
        I have to say Guilty by association is correct and you are one of them but you find Obama guilty by association when he was a very young child and his so called associate is a professor in a prominent college now.

    • http://n/a JIM

      Fern , they don’t care. My suggestion is begin by talking to your neighbors. Try to get them involved. Get them to talk to their friends then form an organization to do something about it. More and more people everyday realize that something isn’t right the anger is simmering and will rise to the top at some point.

      Those who voted for Obama wanted change , its happing everyday. Attacks aginst your right of free speech. Attempts to take your right to bear arms away , attcks on your religon , attcks on your books, Attacks on your wealth and a constent stream of lies from someone houlding the office of president and no one knows if he is a natural born citizen or not. The blam lies in both partys

      Grand jury indictiments for fraud and treason have reached over 121 and the new media has not reported on them.

      • Norm

        Bush was president for 8 years. He had a Republican congress for 6 years.

        We had:
        a recession in 2000 that lasted about 3 years,
        a multibillion (near a trillion) dollar war that was optional at best,
        unprecedented deficit spending spurred by tax cuts for the rich,
        an alienation of our allies,
        a provokation of our enemies,
        a failure to destroy the Taliban,
        no resolution to the social security and medicare situations,
        an economic meltdown that almost destroyed the US in 2008,
        a vice president who was truely evil,
        a speaking style and intellect that was an embarassment,
        Obama, in 5 months, has the economy headed in a positive direction, is moving to end the Iraq war, and is at least aware the the health care system is broken.
        He is very intelligent, well spoken, and one huge improvement.

        • Claudia

          well put!

        • DixieConnie

          Do you really think for one minute that he was first. No others before him left him with SOME of those messes you write about. Why are you not putting some on the BLAME on them. Do you really think everything started with Bush?

        • http://n/a JIM

          Lets see , He has north Korea threatening us with nucular war and Iraq backing them up.

          He has bowed to the arabs lowering our position in their eyes, He has lied to the American public about gun confiscation. He defies the U S constitution by refusing to prove his eligibility to hold office. His reckless spending has us in debt for 36,000 for each man women and child.

          He has a socialist mentality and is leading us in the direction of a dictatorship. You may call that intelligent I call it treason.

        • James

          A few facts for you, Norm.

          A recession in 2000, correct. However, if you will check date you will find that Bush did not take office until January 2001. And this is his fault?

          An expensive, optional war? Debatable, as we have not been attacked here since. Many say there is no connection, but I am no great believer in coincidences. Compare the nearly trillion dollar war over 6 years with the current one-year deficit of 1.3 trillion, and tell me again who is the most fiscally responsible.

          Regarding the unprecedented deficit spending, do you know what the largest deficit under President Bush was? 435 billion, 1/3 of the current single year.

          Regarding our allies, allies in what, exactly? Fair weather friends, perhaps, but allies? Where were these allies when we were cleaning their backsides in the Balkans? Where were they after 9/11? Talk is cheap, real allies stand by you, like we did with Europe in WWII.

          Provoke our enemies? How do you define an enemy? An enemy by definition does not need provoking to harm you. Are we the provocateurs because we responded to 9/11, force on force? This is nothing but a talking point of utopian cowards.

          Failure to destory the Taliban? is trying to destroy them “provoking our enemies,” and do you have a better plan? Interesting that Obama, who opposed the “surge” in Iraq, and to this day has not the homor or grace to admit that it worked, is now “surging” into Afghanistan to try and accomplish this very goal. I will defer judegement on this until I see how it turns out, but money is that someone like Obama has neither the gravitas nor common sense to see it through.

          Regarding Social Security and Medicare, you are partly right. He did try to partially reform Social Security, but the Democratic scare machine shot that down. You may have also noticed that neither Clinton, in the 8 years before Bush, did nothing to try and fix this (and also “borrowed” from the “trust funds” to burnish his “surpluses), and that Obama and his Democratic party of stooges has proposed nothing either. It is a difficult problem, but Bush tried to more than those two combined did.

          Tell me again how Bush was responsible for the economic meltdown? Perhaps you were sleeping through your civics classes, assuming that the no-doubt quality school that you attended even offered them. The President has no statutory authority to order paper clips for his desk. All monetary authority is conferred on Congress by the Constitution. And who was in control of Congress the preceding two years, according to your own statement? The Democrats, possibly? Not to be partisan, the whole lot ought to be run out of office, independent of their party. At the present time, there are perhaps ten true fiscal conservatives out of the entire 535. Not since 1994-1995 has a party had a consistent plan for the whole of government to be generally fiscally responsible, and we saw how long that lasted.

          Truely (sic) evil? Perhaps you would elaborate on this.

          The economy headed in the right direction? Perhaps you would explain how you measure this, particularly how all of this deficit spending is going to be repaid. Do you know what the price tag is for each household in the country just for the new debt issued this year? $55,000, according to the CBO. Unless you think money grows on trees, we are headed for a muh bigger mess.

          Moving to end the Ira

        • DaveH

          Bush was a fiscal liberal, promoted by the liberal media in the Republican primaries. Just like McCain, another fiscal liberal, was promoted by the liberal media in the last Republican primaries. Your facts only prove that big government is the problem not the solution.

      • Dee Y

        Jim – You forgot to mention illegal wire tapping and the right to vote for a chosen candidate and illegal incarceration, torture, a war based on lies where thousands of people (Americans and innocent men, women and children in Iraq) who had absolutely nothing to do with 911.
        What were family members of bin-laden doing in America that the Bush Administration flew out of America in the early morning hours on 9/12 on Government planes? (Our planes since we are the government)
        Why did Bush break his promise to go after the one (bin-laden) who was the financier and responsible for 9/11. When he pulled our troops out of Afghanistan and invaded Iraq he brought the thugs with them to kill so many innocents. Why did he allow bin-laden to live after so many of our people died on 9/11?
        Of course all this happened with Obama and not Cheney and Bush huh??????
        May as well blame Obama for all that also since he’s blamed for everything else the AWOL Bush crowd created.

    • Dee Young

      Thank you Norm for speaking my mind for me.
      On blaming Geo. Bush Jr for the whole mess is wrong. He was so ignorant and took so many vacations because he was not needed to run our country.Cheney done one heck of a job screwing every American citizen.
      The illegal war based on lies has cost thousands of lives (US troops-innocent men women and children in Iraq) and crippled thousands more on all fronts.
      I would like to see him investigated as CEO of Enron. You remember all the workers and investors who lost everything don’t you?
      I was always an Independent voter until the Republican party showed me my vote was not worth squat in 2000. Now I will never cast a vote for another Republican again.
      You voters who are only loyal to a particular party instead of the best person for the position are worse than Benedict Arnold who was hung for treason.

      • Dee H.

        Ummm….. sorry but Benedict Arnold escaped to Canada and eventually to England where he lived out the rest of his life.

        • Dee Y

          Thank you Dee H.
          I stand corrected and I thank you for the correct info.
          I actually hated History in school – as a child I realized we were spoon fed a mass of lies. So very many unsung hero’s and so many fat cats willing to take credit for exactly what the true hero’s done (with no credit given).

      • Norm


        The recession of 2000 actually began in early 2001. It was mild at first but then got worse, particularly after 9/11. 2003 and 2004 were considered the worse years.
        Bush and even Cheney now admit that there was no connection between the extremists who attacked us and Iraq. Oddly enough, the Iraq Sunni government of Saddam was the worse enemy of the Shiite Iranians. Why destroy an enemy of your enemy? The fact that we weren’t attacked again really can’t be used as an argument because there is no link between cause and effect.
        Bush’s deficit spending was the largest in history until now (projected). But just before he left office it was he and Paulson that bailed out the financial system for $750 billion. And with no strings attached. This adds to Obama’s bill. If free market controls had been in place this would not have happened. The greed that almost toppled this country is inexcusable, and Bush was at the helm.
        In the first Iraq war (Bush senior) we had military assistance and much financial assistance from every European country, Japan, ETC. We are not that rich and that loved that we can afford to alienate our traditional allies.
        Our enemies in the gulf are al qaeda and other radical religious groups. Provoking other arabs is not benificial to our cause. Now we are seeing support for Obama’s less arrogant style even amoung moderate Iranians.
        The taliban and Osama are alive and well. They don’t live in Iraq.
        The surge in Iraq was moderatly successful in preventing an Iraqi civil war. Afghanistan and north Pakistan is where the real action is.
        Bush’s cure for SS was privatization. We saw what the private banking sector is capable of. His drug plan is a total disaster. Unfortunately Clinton and every other president put social security money into the general fund and spent it. The 2000 surplus was the 1 year the budget was truly balanced without ss cash.
        How was Bush responsible for the meltdown? He had the congress for 6 years. He had a cabinet including secretary of treasury. A true free market man, he despised federal controls. But most of all he was president. The buck stopped there.
        That draft dodging, war monger from Wyoming is indeed evil. How much did Halliburton pay him for their non-competitive contracts.
        Obama inherited a disaster. He’s doing his best, and the costs are high, to hold the economy together and fix the social programs so they’ll be affordable, and restore America’s position as a great country.

      • Peteg

        Let’s see,
        You grew up on Welfare and think that’s where everyone is supposed to get their money, “government.” Since you think money is just supposed to be sent to you every month by, “the government” you didn’t bother to pay attention in school so you could be a beneficial citizen, you just set there sucking your dope and wine waiting for the next welfare check, you educational level is obvious from your horrible spelling and grammar. You demonstrate your absolute stupidity about government and world affairs in just a very few misspelled words.
        Actually this country once in a while has a moment of sanity and elects someone who has sense and at the same time doesn’t have a congress of Socialists opposing him at every move. If you would just pay attention you might notice that every economic downturn in this country is when we have Democrats in power in the Congress and worse when we have a really stupid Socialist in the White House.
        Clinton committed treason while in the White House, “gave our guidance systems to the Lippo Group.” Look it up yourself if you have the intelligence and ability to accept the truth.
        Now due to his treason we have enemies all over the world that have a guidance system that works for their ballistic missiles! Case in point, N. Korea is planning a launch on July 4th aimed at Hawaii and “THANKS CLINTON YOU DAMNED TRAITOR!”
        I bet you don’t even know who Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were!
        For your information they got what was coming to them for treason. “They were tried, convicted and executed!” Their level of treason was far less than that of the little Arkansas Jerk, “Slick Willie” who can’t even keep his Willie in his pants.
        We were just starting to recover from his crap even though Bush was fought every step of the way to keep the Democrats idiotic agenda of the destruction of the greatest country in the world’s history. “It’s working!”
        The best comeback took twelve years of Reagan then Bush Senior after Carter the Peanut farmer/brain.
        Having meat Carter I can tell you first hand he is and Idiot.
        Obama is a giant mistake.
        He just may be the most dangerous Idiot in this world.
        Call me a Republican and I’ll punch you. Call me a Democrat and I’ll be arrested for telling what I would like to do to you.

        By they way I heard there is a village in Kenya that is missing it’s Idiot.
        Personally I’d be glad to give him back.

        Obama and God have one thing in common,
        They don’t have a Birth Certificate.
        The difference is God doesn’t think he is Obama.

        Mr. Obama where is your Birth Certificate?
        The Constitution requires you prove you are a national born U. S. Citizen.
        That makes you a felon as you are in the White House illegally. Hey Democrat Congress, you were supposed to vet a potential Presidential candidate before he runs for nominee and certainly before President. So since you didn’t, that makes every damned one of you a criminal as you violated your oath of office and the Constitution you swore to uphold.
        Is there no shame in Democrats.
        Look at Iran in the news.
        It’s coming here soon and Mr. Obama is the biggest cause yet.
        There is one large difference here.
        The citizens are not unarmed like those poor folk in Iran.
        Check the stores. Obama got elected and ammunition and quality fire arms are virtually unavailable. SOLD OUT!
        You Obama Lemmings will rue the day you followed that Idiot over the cliff. Then you will just find another way to blame someone else.
        Get off your ass work for yours like I do.

        Obama’s transparent all right. He’s easy to see through. Liar liar liar. Criminal enemy of the state.
        Most Liars are Democrats,
        All Democrats are liars.

        • Dee Y

          You are wrong – The village idiot that was missing came from Texas.
          The one who was not elected to the highest position but was put in office by the courts. Votes did not count because the polls were rigged. First time in our History no votes counted and voters who had voted in the same precinct for years were questioned. Was that because they were registered as Democrats?
          Obama is being blamed of every action the Republicans in office created. The Reich wing nuts and Trolls who allow the pedophiles to think for them instead of doing any research on their own and using the brains and common sense they were given.

        • Dee Y

          Another thing – Obama’s birthright has already been documented and proven.
          But you probably are not capable of seeing truth if it jumped up and slapped you in the kisser. You need others to do your thinking for you.
          Again you are wrong – I have worked all my life – But I did ask for a handout when my company went on strike. I applied for food stamps to feed my children.
          The case worker was drinking her coffee and reading her newspaper when my husband and I walked into her office. After waiting for her to finish wasting our time she looked at us and asked if we were there asking for a free handout?
          I told her I was and I did not appreciate her drinking her coffee and reading the newspaper on my time. I asked for the name of her superior because I wanted to lodge a complaint.
          I explained I have worked since I was 16 yrs of age and paid into the system
          that is giving her a job that pays her salary and this was a first for me and I will feed my family one way or another.
          Needless to say I believe I could have gotten twice the food stamps I was asking for because the nasty lady could not service us fast enough.
          That Peteg was my first and last experience on welfare. Are you a master on welfare recipients? Where did you learn your expertise? Have you ever been on welfare?

  • Claudia

    Well….not sure what the above comments have to do with health care…..But as a small business owner I am paying 1100.00 p. month for healthcare and thats with a $2000.00 deductible and I am very healthy. Someone has to take on these insurance companies. They have all these high paid lobbyists that make sure we the people pay big money for insurance and make up ca-camamy (sp) excuses like , “it will put doctors out of business” and “the quality of healthcare will go down” HORSEPUCKY!!! Health Care should be a right not a privelage. Lord knows DUBBYA did nothing!!!!! Looks like Obama is going to do nothing as well!!!! I am so disgusted!

    • DixieConnie

      The health insurance wants $1700.00 per month from this small business. We said NO. I can pay my house and car note with this money. And at the end of the year, to give the insurance company $1700.00 per month (x12) I can pay the taxes on my land. No, I would rather take the change I’ll be well or go to a county hospital. No more insurance for this one.

    • DaveH

      So we have a “right” to ride on other people’s back? Wow, the bygone southern slave owners would have agreed with you on that.

      • claudia

        So you feel healthcare is a privelage not a right? I am not following the slave owner analogy.

        • DaveH

          Who do you think pays for that health care right? Slavery is alive and well.

  • Norm

    Employees of county, state and federal governments, companies, and small businesses have seen premium rates for health insurance rise by double digits since the year 2000. This rate has slowed down in the last few years but will still remain at least twice the rate of inflation in the foreseeable future. Top executives of health insurance companies receive exorbitant salaries and remunerations from their companies.

    Over 1500 health insurers handle the health insurance market. The diversity of private health insurance is amazing, and in this respect there is no other rich country in the world that can provide so many choices of health insurance policies with variable amounts of deductibles. Insurance companies can also deny health insurance to sick people, and many of the bureaucrats in this industry determine what kind of treatment and drugs a patient should receive, instead of a doctor.

    The policies of insurance companies are written by corporate lawyers, and are not easily understandable by normal people.

    The advertising budgets of pharmaceutical companies for prescription drugs, in particular those of the American drug companies, have increased at a phenomenal rate in comparison to research and development budgets. They have increased from $5 billion in 1995 to nearly $20 billion in 2005. Another problem is that many drug companies hype advertisement campaigns for prescription drugs as the advertisements either pitch misleading information or are simply open to ridicule. Basically, drug companies have become Pill Pushers – they are creating demand for pills where there is not even a disease. Many of the drug companies provide extensive research grants and gifts to doctors in various universities and institutions so that researchers can vouch for the credibility of their drugs.

    Surely, we in the US can do better than this.

    • http://n/a JIM

      We can , we need to put a stop to these things. For the public to allow an insurance company to play the pay or die game is absurd! People must get involved because your politicans are not going to, they are bought and paid for.

  • Laurie Bluth

    Insurance! I am on Social Security Disability Income. When I had to quit my job for health reasons, I was able to continue my insurance at a premium price – through COBRA (and good coverage, unlike the last commenter). As hard as it was for me to pay the premiums, I knew I was covered for the medical procedures necessary. When I was approved for SSDI, I knew I would be able to continue my insurance until Medicare kicked in. At least that’s what I thought.
    Unfortunately, I did not go back and read the “regs” on notifying the company of the determination of disability within 60 days. Did I notify them within 60 days – yes. I emailed them to find out what I needed to do since I had been approved, heard nothing, emailed them again – heard nothing. This was within, although close to the end of the 60 days – during the holidays. I next called them – this was outside of the 60 days, although just, I followed the directions I was given for documentation. Shortly thereafter I received notification that my insurance coverage would not be extended due to lack of notification of determination within the 60 days!
    When I called them to contest the notification and brought up the two emails, I was told they had responded to both. I argued that I had not received the responses (even though I had received responses on every other question). They said all they had to prove was that they had attempted to contact me and that the appeal would be denied.
    I contacted an attorney who said I had a case, but recommended that I use the attorney who had done my SSDI application. My SSDI attorney would not handle it, since he only does the applications. Unfortunately, I did not find this out until the insurance was nearly up, due to some hitch in communications in his office. Can’t afford another attorney. So, here I am, no insurance until next Feb. What I can afford in insurance doesn’t give me any coverage except catastrophic, due to the high deductible for everything else.
    Fortunately, I do not have anything life threatening – just painful and limiting.

    • talgus

      Therein lies the problem. Lawyers (and the legal industrial complex) are the ones bleeding money out of the US GDP. I say bleeding as lawyers add NOTHING to the GDP. They are running healthcare, the government, the financial systems. They need to be treated like the virus they are.

  • Joann Cooper

    About health care: My husband had prostate cancer. He went to one of the largest cancer facilities. Ther were guyes there from England, Canada and other countries.
    They couldn’t get in to see doctors in their country. What we have you may not think it is good but it’s the best of all the rest!!!!!! If it doesen’t work in other countries, why
    does Obama and the left wing think it will work in the USA?

  • JimT

    Obamafan you moron, you’ll get just what you deserve for voting for this idiot who wants to be king. He is presiding over the total dismantling and destruction of this once great nation, something Bush would never in his wildest dreams have thought of doing. Just don’t come crying to the patriots when you see your city erupting in the flames of destruction and chaos due to the unworkable policies of “King Hussein”.

    • Claudia

      Oh good Lord…………….I can see the white robe and hood.

      • DixieConnie

        WOW is this a racist comment or what. Why do you people always have to bring race into anything and all things.

        • JimT

          Claudia and Dixie, I did make some rather inflammatory remarks, but nowhere in my comments did I bring race into the equation. Regardless of that fact, you socialists want to see racism in everything said and done by those with whom you disagree. That is nothing but an attempt to cloud the real issues and cover up your lack of viable solutions. My trouble with the usurper is not over his skin color, but his socialist and communist policies that will wreck the nation. I would have no problem with someone like Alan Keyes or even Clarence Thomas in the office of President, because they know what America is supposed to stand for. But because of decades of commie politics, we no longer stand united as a strong nation, but are now divided into numerous bickering factions, guaranteeing a speedy downfall. I stand by my previous comments.

        • JimT

          My apologies, Dixie, for lumping you in with socialists like Claudia. After reading your previous posts, I can see more clearly where you stand, and realize your latest comment was in reply to Claudia and not directed at me.

        • DixieConnie

          Jim T. Apology accepted. I had to go back and reread what I had written thinking perhaps I had not made my intention clear. I, like some others, believe whole hearted that those that are on welfare or accept stimulus or take any money from the GOVERNMENT are for sure slaves. Slaves to not being able to do for themselves. What is the difference between taking money from the government to taking money from the land owner?????

  • http://n/a Jack C Bloedorn

    Joann … calm down. No one is suggesting we adopt the English, French, Canadian, or anybody else’s health care system. Lets keep the best of our health care practice, but get the profit motive out of if, scratch off the insurance industry parasites, trim back what drug companies can and can’t do (like advertise), etc. By the way, there is already a health care delivery sysrem which does all of the above and which is uniquely American, which works, and which is outcome efficient and proudly cost effective … its called Medicare. R-wingnuts seem to love competition; the “market”. Well lets see how they fare in competition with a real, patient oriented health care system embodied in a public option like Medicare.


    • DixieConnie

      Jack, How can you write that? Medicare is going broke just like the SS. There will be nothing by the time I become of age. What about you, do you really think there will be any medicare for you?

      • Dee Young

        Dixie, Medicare would not be going broke if Big business was never allowed to hide their money off shore and run this country. They are allowed to dodge paying their fair share of taxes so their worthless CEO’S could rape the system.
        The blue collar worker has supported this country from the get go and receives less benefits than the crooks who scheme ways to bankrupt the system.
        I thank God Bush Jr was not allowed to privatize SS. Had he been successful it would have gone down the tube with the fall of the Wall Street bums.
        Yet Republicans have always wanted to bankrupt the successful SS program.
        Why? Maybe because a Democrat President done such a good job. Wouldn’t it be nice if every administration would restore the surplus they all have misappropriated from the program. You can count on that happening when pigs fly.

        • DixieConnie

          Dee: I agree with you on some of your points. Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter what I think. My husband and I have our own business, Welder, Fabricators and healthcare for him alone in $1,400.00 per month. With one other employee it comes to $1,700.00 per month. We can’t afford this. Business is slow and the last thing I’m gonna pay for is the chance that we MIGHT get sick and have to go to the hospital. So there you go, blue collar worker not making it in today’s wonderful world. In God we Trust.

        • Dee Y

          Dixie Connie -You and your husband conduct your business here in the states. You have no off-shore accounts so you must pay up front everything our Federal employees say you owe or must pay to stay in business.
          The sad thing is we (the people) are the Government and at the same time we have enslaved ourselves. We bought into the propaganda and believed we had a good life. Being very patriotic we marched to the drum beat.
          No one who has to work for a living and raise a family has the time to stay abreast of all that is coming down the pike. I started taping politicians promises and reviewing the tapes when re-election came around. Most of their memories are as short as the average voter or they forget every promise they made to get the vote.
          You do not have costly CEO’S to pay to cut the workers throat either.
          Big business (not mom and pop) has been running this country too long.
          Pharmaceuticals got into the act to control the price of medication and increase their profits.
          NAFTA was the final straw. I personally think import and export quotas should balance out.
          I worked for GM and when they shipped vehicles overseas the price was tripled and the average buyer could not afford them, only the wealthy.
          Honda came over here and took a loss on every vehicle to corner the market. The average American citizen took the bait hook line and sinker
          and bought them for the lesser price. We buy imported goods instead of leaving them sit on the shelf. There is still time to turn that around if people will stick together. (fat chance) We’ve done it to ourselves yet we cry, our industries have deserted us. At the same time our Federal employees rewards any business for leaving us and manufacturing overseas and import the goods to us. Yep, we buy it. So really who is to blame for the fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into?
          Yes, what you think should matter. One of our major problems – no one thinks for themselves anymore. A lot who are only party loyalists do not think at all.
          I myself am in poor health and living on borrowed time. My Grandchildren, G/Grandchildren and GG/Grandchildren will have to find a solution or pay the ultimate price for our negligence. I wish I had left them a more Democratic legacy. I have fought anyway and every way I could, there just wasen’t enough like me. Politics is a dirty, greedy game. Let’s define it—-
          Poli = In great numbers or many
          Tics= Blood sucking vermin
          That is POLITICS.

        • DixieConnie

          Dee: Wow sorry to hear about the living on borrowed time. So now, what do we do about the “In great number or many, Blood sucking vermins”? I know vote, yet, exactly what you wrote,if you listen and/or tape and listen good and vote for the one that “sounds the best” and then, like Obama, they have lied their heads off, what do you do? Its really sad, however, I know, that nothing changes until it changes. Good or bad, it will change. And yet, we never and I mean never seem to learn from History. Isn’t that the saddest part? And maybe you can answer this, why is it that the Democrates are being called the Democratic Party. They are NOT the Democratic Party, they are the Democrate Party? I fear for this country and the ignorant people that seem to support this insanity.

    • Dee

      My great-aunt depended on Medicare and purchased extra coverage from Medicare. When she was ill we had to struggle to actually get things paid from Medicare. Her doctor would never spend any time with her or listen to her health problems because he wasn’t earning any money by seeing her. Oh .. by the way.. if you need nursing care, for example at a rehab facility, Medicare will only pay for 100 days for your entire life. Better not ever need more than three months! And it’s only if you can prove that you’re getting better. Wake up!

      • http://none Smilee

        Medicare does not sell extra coverage, medicaid pays when medicare quits paying nursing home care if you do not have other insurance for that or cannot afford to pay it yourself. Been on medicare for some years and not once have medicare not paid or delayed payment, know many others and have not ever heard this from any on medicare. I have never been treated different since going on medicare but will agree doctors do not want to spend enough time with you but I do not believe it has anything to do with medicare. Maybe another doctor would have solved that problem for your aunt. Sounds to me you are not really that knowledgeable about how medicare works. When I went on medicare and bought medi-gap insurance my coverage became far superior than what my employer’s insurance paid and we had what was known as the Cadillac private coverage of that time and far better coverage than most people I know.

        • Dee H.

          Thanks, I probably don’t know as much as you about Medicare, but I’m pretty sure she paid extra for better coverage (is it partB?). Anyway, I’ve heard from multiple sources about the 100 days nursing care, which is why people are urged to buy their own long-term care insurance. And I definitely remember that we had to prove she was getting better, which was kind of tough.

        • Smilee

          My reply to Dee’s last reply:

          Dee H.

          Thanks for the nice response, your great aunt would have to pay the Medicare Part B premium (for medical and doctor care and they automatically deduct this amount from her SS monthly check) which currently is $96.40 per month and only covers 80% of the medicare coverage amount and it has high annual deductibles, Part A (hospital coverage, it has no premium) but it too only pays 80% of the medicare coverage amount and has high deductibles. She could buy optional private supplement insurance, I do and currently this costs me $185.00 per month and it pays all that Medicare does not pay for in additional to one exam each year for which Medicare does not pay any for, and I have never paid for any medical services beyond these two premiums including no co-pays. My uncle who went on medicare in 1975 and passed away in 2004 had this same supplement plan. He also only paid for these two premiums and had numerous medical needs over this 29 year period and never paid any medical costs. The coverages are regulated by federal law and there is about 12 different private supplement plans to choose from and every insurance company that sells this insurance has to sell the same coverages but do not have to offer all 12 plans they do differ in premium amounts which they are free to set themselves. This plan I speal opf is “Medicare Plan F.” Hope this helps and good luck with your Great Aunt.


      • Dee Y

        Dixie Connie- The Dee below your comment is not me. I am Dee Y.
        As to your asking what can we do? It’s been going on too long and the politicians have divided our country by any and all means that we will never have a majority big enough to regain control again. I am blaming the politicians, it is really our fault. Our forefathers only convened when important issues had to be resolved.
        Otherwise they all earned a living for themselves.
        Everybody dislikes welfare and yet they won’t admit that that is precisely what our politicians are. A bunch of welfare recipients, bleeding the system dry because they don’t want to work for a living. I don’t really see much difference between them and the sorry welfare recipients who know how to play the game. There are a lot of deserving people on welfare who truly need it but they get the least help overall.
        At one time if enough citizens would have stuck together and all would have refused to pay all the taxes they placed on our backs we could have brought every one of them to their knees. (Federal,State,Local and Township). They could not have thrown all of us into prison. But then again prison may not have been a bad choice, the way the prisoners are treated here in the states. They have more rights than their victims.
        I have a solution for the bleeding hearts who are against the death penalty.
        Take a couple of the killers into their homes. House them, feed them and give them the good life they think they deserve. Keep them out of society so they could not repeat the crimes on other innocents. If this was mandatory I’d bet
        the bleeding hearts would start singing a different tune. It’s so easy for people to tell all how to live because all it costs them are words. The rest of society can pay the costs.

  • Eric g

    Its kinda fun to read the various opinions on politics and of course health care . my ideas go from far left to extream right depending on the topic . I love to argue so i switch sides depending on the other persons view pt . There is a foriegn lady that runs a buisness and she trusts me to much , I fially had to tell her both sides are right and both sides are wrong.
    So we usually vote out the bad one and replace it with the good one untill they get so bad we cant have them any more

  • Paul Cloutier

    I fear our President is the AntiChrist!

    • katiebait

      My brother also fears this,but remember he is also supposed to be a military
      genious so that eleminates Obama.

    • Dee Young

      Rest assured people – the Anti Christ is very much alive and well and a registered Republican. When anyone can approve the death of any human being for political,financial gain and complete control of the masses, no one is safe and certainly not a whole country.

      • Norm

        Dee Young

        It is between fifty and sixty years since I read it [the Apocalypse], and I then considered it merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy nor capable of explanation than the incoherences of our own nightly dreams.
        -Thomas Jefferson, letter to General Alexander Smyth, Jan. 17, 1825

        • Dee Y

          Norm – I sincerely hope I am wrong but I do believe the Anti-Christ is alive and thriving. With the ONE WORLD ORDER beating at our door, will be the beginning of the end.
          I fear all our elected politicians have bought into it and we will have it whether we want it or not.
          George Bush Sr was the first to buy into the idea and all following reps. have joined in. Some feel it will be a way for America to be in full charge of all civilization the world over.
          What do you know of the Skull and Bones Organization (cult)? The Bush’s and John Kerry are members. Only the wealthy can belong.

    • Bob

      Paul, The ANTI-CHRIST ??? Don’t even go there. I believe in God and have heard for years who the anti-christ is or was. The weirdest one was {” Well he must be the Anti-Christ because his first, middle and last name all have 6 letter and that = 666. HUH ?




    • Norm


      Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.
      Thomas Jefferson

      Among the sayings and discourses imputed to him [Jesus] by his biographers, I find many passages of fine imagination, correct morality, and of the most lovely benevolence; and others again of so much ignorance, so much absurdity, so much untruth, charlatanism, and imposture, as to pronounce it impossible that such contradictions should have proceeded from the same being.
      Thomas Jefferson, letter to William Short, April 13, 1820

      • Dee Y

        I would rather live my life as if there is a God, and die to find out there isn’t,
        Than live my life as if there isn’t, and die to find out there is.
        Author unknown – read this at the end of an e-mail I received.

  • Frank

    When looking at the WHO ranking of a country’s healthcare one needs to look at the standards they are using. Are they ranking the percent of preventive care, prenatal care, availability of MRI’s, outcomes of cancer treatment or heart bypass surgery, or how long someone needs to wait for care. If you look at the rate of preventive care countries with socialized medicine rank higher, but he you look at quality especially for more complicated proceeds and availability ours is the the best.

    Also a large percentage of uninsured elect to be uninsured. They make more then enough to buy insurance, but because they are young or in good health they elect not to purchase health insurance. Then again no one can be denied health care as certain laws prevent emergency rooms from refusing care to anyone.

    Also a large problem with are system is that current govenment health plan such as Medicare and Medicaid pay roughly 20% less than the cost of care provided, and the health provided shift that cost onto others resulting in about $1,800 a year in additional health care costs for every family. Once we only have the government plan who makes up the 20% or more they’ve decided to under pay providers? NO ONE and this has lead to the rationing and poor care provided by other countries with socialized medicine.

  • katiebait

    Sorry I am in agreement with both Jim and John.

  • Eric g

    I really dont know , but it seems to me Medical costs are too high , The democrats want to have socialized medicine . The AMA and the republicans are against this . I think Oboma is right medical costs can not keep taking a bigger cut from the american pie . O.K. lets us democrats give the republicans what they want . Free enterprize almost a republican virtue . Lets lower the requirements to become a doctor ,teacher , lawyer,dentist , superintendent and ect . This way we will have a lot more people able to provide the service . Many of these requrements are really not neccessary to train the professionals but they just keep adding these requrements to eliminate the competition .. Of course we dont want hurt ourselves by allowing in people that cant do the job . But in most instances most of the requirements are bogus . A friend of mine went in for a operation , and I told him that guy didnt have very good grades in class , My friend said I dont care if he did good in math , as long as can cuts were he sposed too . A good surgeon is a artist , and yet may have never had a art class . I had some teeth filed in Mexicoe for fifteen dollars , The girl did a good job , at least my US dentist said so , and when she got to a root canal she said she had to get another dentist . There really is no need for two yrs of a foreign language or four yrs of pre dentistry to train dentists or doctors . The point of this story is we have to lower costs , and I think we can without sarificing quality of service if we try . So far we have not tried to lower costs at all , but rather tried to eliminate competition and raise charges with bogus requirements . This is not right especially when people are going to denied service ,becuase of costs ,bogus costs .

    • DaveH

      I agree that we should have free enterprise in medical care. I believe that most licensing systems are created to protect the encumbent practitioners from competition rather than to protect the consumer. If we took all that money that is spent “protecting” us and put it instead in our pockets, we would be able to hire very good doctors to care for our health. To get an idea of the amount of debt that our government is accumulating, go to brillig dot com (I have to do it this way to get past the filters). It was just 9 trillion a few months ago when I last checked.

  • Eric g

    If all men are created equal , which we know they are not , but they should recieve equal treatment from their government , We at least should agree on that . Then we should all recieve equal health care and retirement benifits from our government which we dont . Why ? Social Security for evreyone accept government workers why? Why would the government take on the extra responsibility of making G.M. pensions good while cheating bond holders out of their savings . We havent improved much if at all from the previous republican administration .

    • Bob

      Eric, You stated “Social Security for everyone accept government workers”. Did you know that Sen.John McCain collects over $23,000 dollars a year from Social Security monthly payments, and he keeps it. How is that possible? I don’t know. His wife is worth Millions, how does he qualify? I know people that are very poor and they have been denied Social Security Disability. One of them is a Military Veteran. Whats wrong with the system. If you find out, let us know!!!

      • Norm

        I heard McCain actually admit that he kept his SS. I don’t know how he got enough time into the system to qualify in the first place. He’s been on the government payroll all of his life. Then to have the B–ls to keep it is amazing. Hypocracy.

      • http://n/a JIM

        I’m just curious , can you lead me to the information on John McCain keeping 24k a year in socil security?

      • Dee Y

        Bob – I think what Eric was saying is our Federal employees do not pay into SS. Neither do State workers, teachers, firefighters, or police officer or school bus driver employees. They pay money into their own retirement funds. I guess that applies to all so called public service employees.
        Correct me if I am in error Eric.
        Here is something that grates on my nerves.
        When the average blue collar worker retires they have earned a couple of dollars for each year of service from their company and can lose benefits just as easy.
        When a politician retires he or she gets the same amount in retirement funds as they drew as a representative of their constituents. The kicker is they are in a position to vote themselves big raises in pay. Example in question – The House – Congress and Senate voted themselves 3 and $4,000.00 pay hikes when our deficit was going through the roof under Bush Jr’s tenure.
        Before Clinton left office he raised the Presidents pay from $200,000.00 a year to $400,000.00 a year (they receive same amount when they leave office or retire ?? and they have an uncapped business expense – with the citizens footing every expense for them all). Maybe Clinton believed Hillary would be next President?????.
        But what’s wrong with this picture? Can anyone answer that question?
        Do we really have to wonder why so many want to throw their hats into the political ring? After all we use our low incomes to foot all their BIG salaries and overhead expenses.
        Another question if anyone can answer it – Voinovitch was the Governor for the state of Ohio, then elected to the Senate. He announced his retirement. Does he receive a check from Ohio as well as the Federal Government? (again the tax payers footing the bill.)

  • gail lightfoot

    OK, I am a retired RN, PHN who stayed at the bedside or chairside as the case may be – Hospital, office and Home Care including Hospice for 45+ years.
    I know how difficult it is to access gov’t programs. You have to be willing to be treated with no respect at all and sit in gov’t office crowded waiting rooms for days on end [note the person who tried to use email with her insurance company].
    I am also a Libertarian with a very strong belief in the free market.
    I was working in ICU the day that Medicare began. The ER had a patient over 65 who needed surgery. He was sent home as a poor risk for surgery. The very next day, he was in our ICU as a post op Medicare patient. That is how Medicare changed medical care in the US.
    I also know that medical insurance began as a benefit to management level employees during WWII because wages and prices were controlled by the federal gov’t so the only way to reward management was with these new benefits. Then the unions got into the act.
    When I was a student nurse in 1959, the most costly county care was the medical unit because of the use of medicines, the surgical floor was the least expensive.
    At that time, every CA County had a hospital providing care to the indigent and most provate hospitals did the same. All had free clinics. Those of us with a decent income paid for our medical care directly. The first medical insurance I had was for catastrophic illness only. That was 1960 and my spouse was a entry level manager who advanced to VP status with the telephone company.
    By paying for medical care directly consumers are able to compare costs and base decisions on the cost vs need and effectiveness of treatment.
    We no longer do that at all.
    In addition, you are forced to accept from one, two or three choices of insurance accroding to the Human Resources Director where you work. I can assure you those decisions are not made according the a survey of the employees needs, they are based on sales pitches by the insurance company.
    The solution? I just read this at the end of a Larry Elders article.
    Unleash the free market.
    Allow greater competition among health care providers.
    Decrease costly regulations that increase the price tag.
    Enable consumers to purchase insurance plans across state lines.
    Allow non-government-licensed paraprofessionals and others — currently prevented by law from offering any medical services — to provide low-cost care.
    I would add this:
    End licensure – it restricts entry into whatever so-called profession being regulated and does not protect you or anyone else from mistakes or substandard care. You have to know enough to protect yourself just like you do when it comes to your car or anything else.

    I can assure you, you will not like waiting in long lines to get medical care.

  • Joann Cooper

    I just received an email saying that Obama made a policy that no U.S. serviceman can speak at any faith based events anymore. Does anyone out there know if this is true?

    • JimT

      This report came out several days ago. At first, it was claimed that this was a new policy handed down by Obama, but in fact, a policy barring servicemen and women from taking part in any official military capacity at faith based events has been in place for quite some time, but was not strictly enforced. But just this past week, a serviceman who had been making appearances at a number of events, and had an appearance scheduled for this week, had to cancel his appearance when forbidden by his superiors from covering the event. That is what sparked the claim of a new policy coming from Obama.

    • http://none Smilee

      Go to, they checked this out and it is not true

  • Joann Cooper

    Jack, If we go to socialized medicine (that is where OB is taking us) you will see that is what Canada and some of the other countries have and it doesn’t work!

  • John

    Did any of you read the article or comprehend it. What was disclosed was the Big Business is ripping off more people in the health care business. I guess the CEO did not make enough for the shareholders or himself. I’m for a change, I’m on SSI and before medicare kicked in I paid out $25,000 out of my benefits for health insurance in 2007 for my wife and myself. She had cancer and we were held hostage by the health industry. The year before we paid out $18,500. You readers have got to stop bickering about politics and pay attention to the real issues. Unless you are not worried about costs and being dumped by the health insurer. Please don’t cry if you are. Do not be so easily lead.

  • RightByNature

    It’s a shame that some people are so enamored of Obama that they can’t think rationally. If you listen to what he says and then see what he actually does, he’s a master of manipulation and deceit. When someone disagrees with him, he goes into his whining/blaming mode or refuses to discuss the subject. If things get a little too heated, he tries to talk it down with his
    “aw shucks – now come on guys” routine and everybody thinks he such a regular nice guy and they totally overlook that he’s evading the issue. The Government will destroy our healthcare. VA is a good example of how the government performs. My husband can go to VA and we have insurance. He tried their services and not only did he get inferior care and service, all his medications were replaced by mulitple prescriptions for each prescription he was currently taking. The medications they prescribed weren’t working but he was denied the medications he got in the private sector because VA said they were too expensive. We actually paid more out of pocket than we did when going to a private provider. After six weeks, he stopped using VA. The bureaucracy is mind boggling. Obama wants to pattern our healthcare after Canada and Europe. Did you ever stop and wonder why those countries come to the US for treatments? Why would they come to the US if their healthcare system is so good? Some people actually think that they won’t have to pay for healthcare at all. I have actually talked to people who think it’s going to be free. Just like the lady who thought she wasn’t going to have to pay her mortgage or for gas anymore when Obama got elected. Listen to what he says – he wants everybody to have “affordable” healthcare. Affordable, not free, but his cow eyed adoring masses are so mesmerized by his eloquent speaking from his teleprompter that they totally miss the real message. He even says that you can keep your private insurance. Bottom line is that if this flies, govt healthcare premiums will be low until they suck everybody in and all the private companies fold from loss of customers. Once they all fold, govt premiums will skyrocket and there will be nowhere to turn for relief. Also, there will be a lot of people in the private sector that will be without a job that work in the insurance industry. Govt healthcare will be hazardous to our health too. We can be denied care if it’s deemed to be too costly or if we’re past a certain age or have a chronic illness. This man would take us back to the Stone Ages if he could and it’s scary to think that there are people out there who would be following right on his heels to get there with him.

    • debra

      I am sure you noted all the doctors and a lot of the nurses are from India and Pakistan and other Muslem countrys. Now aint that a slap in the face for our military to come after fighting for us ,to receive such inferior care. I am an RN, and during my training we had to do a rotation in a VA hospital. I was horrified! It still haunts me to this day. I could never work at a VA. Perhaps we should all meet in washington and protest until Obama comes out to talk to the people that he ,Pelosi,Reed,Dodd,Biden work for!!

    • Dee Y

      Only an idiot would be enamored over any politician.
      Truth being Obama is a breath of fresh air compared to what we’ve had for the past 8 years.
      I don’t know just what programs YOU are watching and listening to, but may I suggest you remove you rose colored glasses? Better yet stop tuning into Faux News (news????????? or propaganda – they do lie a lot).
      I’ve viewed Obama’s addresses and I see a gentleman who can not only read but expresses himself like an educated man. More than I can say for poor little Bubba
      who just left the position.

  • Elaine

    I am an RN, MS, who used to work for an HMO. My position was what they call a Utilization Review nurse; in essence, I kicked people out of the hospital. It was a difficult position as it went against everything I learned in nursing school. I liken HMOs to the potential of national health care. However, HMOs are probably better and safer when delivering patient care than a government-run health care.
    In the past, physicians managed patient care based on their educational knowledge, experiences with patients, and the assessment, planning, and intervention of their patient’s medical needs. Today, “gatekeepers” dictate most patient treatment. A person within an organization, most likely a medical director, a nurse reviewer, or a non-medical staff member may hold the title of gatekeeper (Medical-Dictionary, 2007). The gatekeeper is usually paid by the plan and rewarded for keeping medical costs low. Cost containment to benefit the bottom line of the health care coverage organizations originates as a primary focus for all gatekeepers. Because of this gatekeeper system, the original fiduciary doctor-patient relationship, which is significant to successful treatment, is in jeopardy (Gervais, Priester, Vawter, Otte, Solberg. *"Ethical Challenges in Managed Care"*. 1999). With this type of system, often the patient does not receive quality care; the physician is torn between delivering quality patient care. It is important to examine the problem of who should be directing patient care so that society and users of health care are receiving medically necessary, quality services. Physicians trained in assessing, diagnosing, and treating their patients ought to be the primary health care decision makers without the conditional, bottom line gatekeepers. Quality care of the patient can be in danger when medical care is controlled gatekeepers from the government or other organizations. The purpose of the gatekeeper is to control healthcare costs by screening out unnecessary services (Medical-Dictionary, 2007). That gatekeeper seriously considers the plan’s profits when approving or denying care. Obama recently told a physician's group that he would not support torte reform. How do you think physicians will be treating patients? They won't be able to treat appropriately because the govt will be dictating procedures and care to keep costs low. Doctors will be open to more law suits.

    According to Daniel Krane’s book, “Episodes of Care – the New Frontier”, patients report discontent with losing their freedom of choice and with rationed care, which requires many referrals and lengthy treatment decision times from the gatekeepers. Plan managers stall decisions until the plan’s operating margin indicates a profit. Often this elapsed time between treatment denials, appeals, and necessary care result in increased costs as patients became sicker and need more expensive, intensive, and urgent/emergent care.
    This type of system discourages continuity of care, which is paramount to the fiduciary relationship between the patient and their physician (Wong, 1998). Continuing fiduciary relationships encourage positive patient outcomes. “An ongoing affiliation can lead to the recognition of diagnostic patterns and histories in a patient that medical records cannot adequately communicate. Such a relationship also engenders trust in confidentiality, leading to more accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment decisions” (Wong. “Medicine and the Marketplace”. 1998).
    Further, it is imperative to look at some lawsuits that reveal the harm this type of health care will provide. You can research Adams, et. al. vs. Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia. This case involved limited access to care because of poor gatekeeping, inappropriate triage by a non-physician, and delayed physician involvement (Robbins. “Managed Care on Trial” 1998). Also, Gervais, D. G., Priester, R., Vawter, D. E., & Otte, K. K., Solberg, Mary M. “Ethical Challenges in Managed Care”. has an excellent case study describing the lack of necessary and appropriate medical care denied a patient.
    I am a resident of Denver. It is already difficult to see a physician here. PAs and CNPs are usually your first line of care, and I find this inexcusable. I am sorry that this has been so long, but I feel that people are speaking from feelings about health care and have not researched the type of care that will be offered under a national health care plan. The people writing this plan are predominantly not health care professionals and do not work with patients. Yes, we need something to provide health care to the indigent or uninsured, but to jump into the delivery system is not wise either.

  • Carol



  • Norm

    The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government.
    Thomas Jefferson

    The selfish spirit of commerce, which knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.
    Thomas Jefferson

    I have not observed men’s honesty to increase with their riches.
    Thomas Jefferson

    It is the trade of lawyers to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour.
    Thomas Jefferson

    • DaveH

      The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not. -Thomas Jefferson

      I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive.-Thomas Jefferson

      Most bad government has grown out of too much government.-Thomas Jefferson

      I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious.-Thomas Jefferson

      Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have … The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.

      • Norm

        Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder.”
        George Washington

        Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
        John Adams

        If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve?
        John Adams

        In our personal ambitions we are individualists. But in our seeking for economic and political progress as a nation, we all go up or else all go down as one people.
        Franklin D. Roosevelt

        I have opinions of my own — strong opinions — but
        I don’t always agree with them.
        George Bush

        • DaveH

          Franklin Roosevelt presided over 12 years of the Depression. How can you quote the wisdom of a man whose policies enabled the Depression to continue on for 12 years? One of his policies, Social Security, is nothing but a ponzi-scheme which if employed by a private company for their pension plan would take immense heat from our liberal voters. With Social Security the government takes our money for our own good then makes us pay income tax on that same money then says (through a Supreme Court decision) that we are not entitled to get any of that money back. Oh yeah, and then they allow members of the government to not be on that same system which is mandated on the rest of us (no dummies are they).
          Unless you are a member of the government, you, along with the rest of us in the private sector, are going to see your standard of living decline dramatically during the coming decades. That’s the way it works when people use their votes to take money from other people. The people whose money gets taken away lose their incentive to be productive, and the people who receive the money are certainly not going to work harder, so the net result is a decline in the amount of goods produced and our standard of living goes down.

      • Dee Y

        Norm and Dave – Here are a few more bits of wisdom.
        If you don’t read the newspaper or watch TV you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper and watch TV you are misinformed. – Mark Twain
        in respect to Mr Twain I added the TV since thats where most people get their news (?).

        Democracy must be something more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner. – James Bovard, Civil Libertarian (1994)

        Foreign aid might be defined as a transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries. – Douglas Casey, Classmate of Bill Clinton ato?= Georgetown University

        Suppose you were an idiot, And suppose you were a member of Congress…
        But then I repeat myself. – Mark Twain

        A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul. – George Bernard Shaw

        Evil Triumphs When Good Men Do Nothing. – Edmond Burk

        If Con is the opposite of Pro, Is Congress the opposite of progress. – Author Unknown

        The heart of the fool is in his mouth; The heart of the wise man is in his heart. -
        Benjamin Franklin – Poor Richard’s Almanac.

        I have a list of 51 accomplishments George Bush is credited with (we know Cheney was the true author but Bush was the President). It’s long but I will post it at a later time with links you can go to for verification if you are in doubt.

        • Norm


          C-SPAN identifies the five best presidents as being Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, and Harry Truman. In virtually every poll FDR is rated amoung the top five US presidents, usually number 3.

          Franklin Delano Roosevelt
          Having won four terms as president, FDR had a huge impact on the United States. His leadership throughout World War II was key to our victory. Further, he worked tirelessly to end the Great Depression including the creation of numerous programs through his New Deal to help Americans get back on their feet.

          My parents were young adults during the depression years. They loved FDR. This was a time incredible hardships for many people. The depression really persisted until WW2, and while FDR didn’t cure it entirely, he did much to ease its severity. Oddly, his moderate social programs helped prevent the communists from gaining power. This was a time of great upheaval.
          Rush and Sean love to rewrite history and paint FDR as the bad guy, but the American public loved him.

          Social Security is good thing. It is fianced by the poor – workers only pay taxes on from 1 to roughly 100,000 dollars of income per year. To date the fund has been a profit center, taking in more than it pays out. Unfortunatly, our Goverment has spent the surplus and issued IOU’s in it’s place. But many people, some of whom complain the most about SS, are the most dependent on it. If it wasn’t for SS they would be on welfare.

        • DaveH

          Those were good. I especially liked the second one.

  • http://Impeachment? John H

    With the current Congress, Obama can’t be impeached unless he commits murder in the White House in front of witnesses.
    The first thing that would have to be done is to elect a Republican majority in 2010. If that doesn’t happen, China will foreclose on our loans and take everything west of the Mississippi River. Iran will take everything on the east side of the Mississippi River after Obama surrenders to them.
    I’m not saying that the Republicans are great, but at least they are Americans. Not only can Obama not prove where he was born, but his actions are not American.

    • Dee Y

      You say you want another Republican majority in 2010.
      Who sold us out to China? Who voted overwhelming in favor of NAFTA? Yes, Clinton was in office when NAFTA passed but it was Bush Sr’s baby. I’m even silly enough to think Clinton got elected because that was the plan. Even today Bill Clinton and Bush Sr. seem to be joined at the hip. Who has controlled the House, Congress and Senate for the past 15 years?
      Who has held most key positions in almost all of the 50 States for the past 20 years? And you say you want more of the same. Please do some homework, you may change your mind.
      I live in Ohio – Bob Taft Republican Governor – Noe (Taft’s co-hort) in crime. They used Workers Comp money to invest in a coin deal. No money restored – Noe sent to prison – Taft didn’t even get his hands slapped.
      Betty Montgomery – Republican State Auditor
      Jim Petro – Republican Attorney General
      (somewhere along the way these two switched positions and I don’t recall a vote being taken-Petro Auditor based in Cincinnati – Montgomery Attorney Gen. based in Columbus) After switch both in Columbus.
      They were the watchdogs of the Firefighter’s – Police Officers and School Teachers Retirement fund. Money was mis-appropriated . Watchdogs not barking – no funds restored – no one prosecuted. Why do the Republicans have the desire to plunder the working classes funds, from SS to every day investments?
      I have always been an Independent voter, but when they showed me in 2000 my vote was worthless, I vowed then to never under any circumstance vote for another Republican. When we had paper ballots I did vote for Mickey Mouse a couple of times. Never do that anymore because the Disney family are in cahoots with Murdock and help control the news media so we get fed a daily dose of propaganda instead of news.
      My personal opinion of any and all politicians – they are all a bunch of crooks who want to get rich fast at anyone’s expense but their own.
      While Bush Jr was borrowing from China and running our deficit sky high the Republican’s still voted themselves $ 3000.00 and 4,000.00 pay raises. It was okay our children and G/children and GG/children will have to pay it off.
      I’ve only touched the surface – care to research some on your own?

      • DaveH

        There is another choice Dee. Get the Democrats out of your wallet and the Republicans out of your bedroom: Vote Libertarian!

        • Dee Y

          I would almost vote for Green or Independent if I felt my vote would matter.
          I’m not in bed with either party because they are too busy being the pedophiles they are.
          No Democrat is in my wallet either – the Republican party made it possible for our manufacturing industries to leave the country for cheap labor and import the junk that stupid Americans will buy to save a few pennies. I’m losing my retirement funds so I must watch every penny. Thanks again to our elite Government’s decision making process.
          It’s a shame no one can see the forest for the trees and these same sheeple get a vote.

        • DaveH

          Which is worse – voting for someone who you don’t think can win but who embodies your beliefs, or voting for someone who can win but isn’t going to work for the things you really believe in?

    • DaveH

      The Republicans have fallen far away from their traditional platform of small government and free enterprise. I am Libertarian myself, so that is fine with me. But if you want the Republicans to clearly separate themselves from the tax and spend crowd, then you need to work to prevent them from putting up candidates like Bush and McCain. Personally the only difference I can see in the two major parties is that the Republicans will bankrupt the country more slowly than the Democrats will bankrupt the country.

      • Dee Y

        Bush was nominated by the Rightard Trolls but was not elected. The courts put him in office therefore violating every law of the land and telling every voter – stay away from the polls, your vote does not count. Do you have a solution voters may use to combat such injustice? If so let me in on your secret.
        Our only choices today is to vote for a lesser of two evils. I would sanction my tax dollars be used for the needy as stuffed into the pockets of the wealthy who control the Democratic (yea) government we have today. No Democracy for all, only a select few.

        • DaveH

          Voting for the lesser of two evils is truly throwing your vote away, because nothing great can ever happen by voting for people that don’t represent your desired hopes for a good government. I know that now the alternative parties don’t have a large percentage of followers, but the only way to help them grow is to support them and vote for them. If enough people do this, their numbers can not be ignored by the media. Once their voice becomes widely known, they will have a chance to beat the current major parties.
          Please look up the Libertarian party platform, as I believe you might enjoy their way of thinking. They are the only party that I know of that wholeheartedly embraces the Constitution. And by all means in addition to your normal reading material read non-mainstream magazines such as Reason, or Forbes, or many others where you can get alternative information about our society that won’t be revealed by the mainstream media.

  • Dun for

    Obama is here to make a change and that is to pay more taxes because he wants to Euroupe wants out of social lize medicine Obama wants us to have it people from Canada come here for treatment to help there meical if he passes his plan where are we going to go?
    I know it’s the grave, everyone who is over 70 wont be alowed to live as before Obama wants us to do as he dose eat penut butter and jelly no meat that will clog your atturays, he bows down to Alkida kisses his feet and tells our allies to have a stiffer upper lip while Iran wants to blow up everybody, cut heads and Obama says nothing. He is not a true blue American he is a real smuckky putts

    • Dee Y

      Dun – Why is Obama being blamed for everything Cheney caused? People stated blaming him for all of Cheney’s bad calls before he was given the opportunity to correct anything.
      He was voted into office by the majority of the voters, not put in office by the courts.
      Lets give him a chance before we allow the KKK mentality of the non thinking sheeple and Reich wing nuts to degrade him.
      Stupid people faulted him for reading from a prompt – I thank the good lord we now have a President who can read and smart enough to speak correctly. That’s a positive start. But for anyone who watches and listens when he is delivering his messages can see he is speaking his own mind and not his speechwriters words.
      Nothing like a breath of fresh air going into our lungs.

  • James Corbin

    Jim, you are right on !!!

  • PamG

    I find many of the commits made unbelievable.
    1. Obama has not proven his birthright, he spent a Million Dollars to seal his birth certificate during the campaign.
    2. Only about 25% of people that were in mortgage trouble have received help because of the long list of requirements in order to receive help. That is not a success!
    3. Health care does need to be addressed, but NOT THE GOVERNMENT! Regulations need to be addressed with the Insurance Companies and stop them from practicing Medicine without a license.
    4. Czars, I thought we were a democracy.
    5. Steeling elections, Obama should know all about that, with the ACORN group. President Bush won his election, because he did not count illegal votes or spoiled votes (ballots that were voided because the elector made a mistake and asked for a replacement ballot), you are only allowed ONE Vote, not travel from state to state under the ACORN and cast votes.
    6. President Bush did not take vacations, because the News Media would have beaten him up so much it would be unreal. The fact was Democrats under Pelosi would not pass any bills and keep them in committee so nothing could be done under President Bush, and then all they do is blame him for the poor performance.
    7. I believe in America, and time will tell, and the Congress and 1/3 of the Senate is up for election in 2010, hopefully American will do the right think for the future of our children and grand children.

    • Dee Y

      Pam G
      I think you are confusing sealed records between Obama and George Jr.
      Bush’s records were sealed in his Daddy’s archives so the public would not learn about his past failures.
      Obama’s birthright is public record and has been proven.

      On stealing elections – 2000 was no election – Bush was put in office by the courts.
      2004 there were so many destroyed ballots and in some states there were even votes counted that were supposedly cast by dead people and more votes than they had registered voters. Police Officers were caught voting twice by listing a home address and their precinct address to vote at two different polls. No, the vote was not rigged as the unthinking loyal party liners believe.
      Now for the Republican owned news media coverage of Bush -One commentator was fired because he dared reveal and prove Bush was AWOL for a year in the National Guard.
      No news carrier told the public about his alcoholic and substance abuse. So lets talk about the propaganda spewed for the public’s benefit.

      • DixieConnie

        Dee: I remember different than you about Bush. I remember they, the news media, blasted him for months on all of the points you made above. And WHY NOT? Each President needs to be held accountable for his SINS or his accounts. And WHY NOT? Even Obama. And no, I don’t agree that he has been held accountable for ALL. Why didn’t he ever serve an any of the Services? Where is his original Birth Certificate? Did he do drugs and how did his schooling get paid for. As a poor boy with a single mom and no daddy, how could he or his momma afford that and why don’t we know about it. Do you know how much money he and Michelle stated on their income tax return for last year? Just under $3 million. WOW and he wants to get down on the RICH. Does he not consider himself RICH. I DO. I would love to have that kind of money. Its posted on the internet, look it up.

      • DaveH

        Dee Y,
        You better get in touch with the Institute for Justice and inform them about Obama’s birth certificate. They must be wasting big money because they are currently going through court to force Obama to prove he was born in Hawaii.
        I’m talking about a guy who continually dodged accusations about his Muslim past during the campaign, but just recently in speechs in Cairo talked about his Muslim roots. He also said during his campaign that he was not anti-gun, and now his people (the leaders always have their people do the dirty work) are working hard in the background to comply with United Nations desires to disarm the citizens. Whether you believe in gun-control or not, my point is that he is dishonest.
        If you really want to be informed about Obama you can read the book “Catastrophe” by Dick Morris. And then do your homework if you don’t believe the facts. Keep in mind that Dick Morris used to work for the Clintons.
        By the way, as you know, I don’t think Bush was any prize either. We need to get our freedom back, and that isn’t going to happen unless the voters quit voting for pretty faces and smooth talkers and instead start becoming well-informed. You aren’t going to get the truth from the major media. You have to dig deep and use your head.

        • Dee Y

          Right on Dave H.
          Did you read an earlier post about the definition of Politics?
          I also answered Dixie Conney and Pam with links that anyone can check out. Don’t understand why it’s not being brought up.
          Give me some links Dave and I will certainly check your information.
          We also have to live with the way we interpret the information we are given. Then the retention plays a role. However anything we read or are told has a certain percentile of an authors personal opinion. Then it’s up to us to sort through – read between the lines – figure out the why and why for to come to a half intelligent opinion or answer to any question.
          Have you ever played party line with a group of people?
          A very interesting game and a true picture of most people.
          One important fact – point your finger as if you are accusing someone of some infraction. Hold you hand in that position and take a good look at it. You point one finger at someone – and you have 3 pointing back at yourself.
          Get the message?

        • DaveH

          I like Reason magazine, and Forbes magazine. Steve Forbes is a brilliant man. He ran for president several elections ago, but, alas, he is not a very handsome man, so he didn’t have a chance with our superficial voters. I like “” which is decidedly right-wing but you will see articles there that you won’t see in the major media. I think it was there (about 10 years ago) that I saw an article about a mass shooter in Canada which was nowhere to be seen in the major media because Canada has strict gun-control so it doesn’t fit the propaganda news. I especially like “” which has some very entertaining articles. It can be somewhat wordy (I often have to consult the dictionary) but it is worth visiting.

      • JLC

        I’m just a little confused here, with that alleged birth certificate of BHO. I wonder how many versions of it are floating around. The one that I have seen — a copy of it is in My Docs — is, I believe, not an official document. It has no signature on it, and no place for one.

  • James Corbin

    Katiebait, You are so right on your thinking!!!!

  • RightByNature

    Dee – your Kool Aid addiction is showing.

    • Dee Y

      Gosh RightByNature -
      I thought the repugs drank Kool Aid.
      But I guess that may be better than hard liqueur or wacky tobaccy.

  • Jobs

    As a Canadian, I can say that the majority of Canadians have until recently felt that socialized/universal health care “worked”… But for the last few years, as we’ve begun to face many of the same issues that our American neighbours are currently facing — escalating costs, rising number of Baby Boomers, etc. — many are waking up to the fact that perhaps it wasn’t such a great experiment after all. Granted, those who believe that are still in the minority…

    But then again, Canadians have bought more into the socialist dogmas than Americans… that is until the USA (unofficially) changed into the USSA.

    And along that note… How about the pro-Bushites stop bashing the pro-Obamites, and vice versa. GW and BO have BOTH implemented some awful, horrible laws. The big difference is that the Democrats unanimously supported Bush in these atrocities, yet are now pretending they didn’t know about them. In fact, the VERY few who opposed Bush on these unconstitutional laws, were less than a handful of clear-headed Republicans.

    The truth is, both the Republicans and Democrats have a l-o-n-g history of getting into bed with special interest groups — be it Big Bankers, Big Pharma, etc. — at the expense of everyday tax-payers. It’s just that it’s become more blatantly obvious with GW and BO.

    That said, given how much BO has already “accomplished” in half a year, compared to GW in eight years, most liberty- and fiscal-minded people would probably have to agree that the stench of BO is definitely far worse yet than that of GW — which admittedly was already pretty putrid.

    • DaveH

      Great post. Thank you.

    • Dee Y

      With one humongous exception–Obama has yet to cause the lives and butchering of thousands of innocents – at home and abroad – based on a pack of lies or desires of a political party.
      I feel he is trying to avoid getting into the lives of the Iran people to avoid another war. Who is trying to goad him into meddling?
      If a WWlll does start, I fear America will feel the full impact in our own backyards instead of our neighbors taking the brunt of the shelling and bombing. Is that what mankind wants? Would any American desire to see their children or family members or neighbors blown to bits by bombs? Our own traitors sold secrets on ballistic missiles and I fear a lot more countries than we are aware of have the technology to do a lot of damage and much worse damage from far away shores.
      Something to really think about. It takes a big person to walk away and avoid a confrontation or try to civilly reach a common agreement so we can live together in harmony instead of killing everyone off. Yet many blasted Obama for saying he would meet and talk with anyone. Who are the war mongers?

      • Dee Y

        PS Jobs
        I have friends in Canada.
        Which group were you in – the ones that wanted to fight with America in our war with Iraq or the desenters?

        • Dee Y

          Correction on spelling – finger stuttered. dissenters – don’t want ya all thinking I’m completely stupid. Dumb yes – misinformed – yes stupid – naw.

  • Norm

    CBS) A clear majority of Americans — 72 percent — support a government-sponsored health care plan to compete with private insurers, a new CBS News/New York Times poll finds. Most also think the government would do a better job than private industry at keeping down costs and believe that the government should guarantee health care for all Americans. 6/20/2009

    • DixieConnie

      Norm: I don’t believe that 72% support a gov sponsored health plan. Where are these polls taken and why is it, my vote is not taken on these polls. I do not support a government sponsored health care plan. And I do not think that government would do a better job than private. And I don’t believe gov should guarantee health care for all Amer. Who the hell is gonna pay of this???? Who?? The WHO is me and you and all the other workers in the world not those on welfare. I don’t want to pay for everyone.

      • Norm

        The point is that the current system is broken. The “keep the Status Quo” is not a viable option. Employers are cutting back and even eliminating health insurance coverage, the uninsured numbers are rising, and costs are skyrocketing at a rate that is more then double payroll increases. Insurance companies are deciding what they will pay for, and to whom they will pay anything. They love young healthy individuals.
        What Obama is proposing is a government system to compete with insurance companies. Many large company’s are self-funding now. You and I can pick our plan.
        As far as paying, who do you think is paying for the uninsured and underinsured now?

        • DixieConnie

          Norm: and that is my point, I do not want to pay for the uninsured and underinsured but we do that on our car insurance. At this time, my husband can only get health insurance that cost $1400.00 per month. Now, we have tried to get insurance for him thru 2 other and have been denied. My point, he is white, 55, and has high blood pressure, owns his own welding and fabrication shop and can’t get health insurance. But… I am to pay for those that can’t afford it. Hell, we can’t afford it and still can not get it. Do you understand my point. If I can’t afford mine, I don’t want to pay for others. And if the gov takes it over, I don’t have a choice but to have my pay check deducted and I have no say if this can happen.

    • DaveH

      It is fact that when anything is free more people will use it. I’ve done it myself. One time for instance, I had a tooth that needed filling. It was a big filling, so I asked the dentist if he would put in an expensive gold crown instead. I had dental insurance at the time so it would cost me nothing. Anyway, his crown job turned out to be pretty crappy and I had to have it replaced by a good dentist a couple of years later. I figure someone up there was teaching me a lesson, lol.
      Of course, doctors don’t grow on trees, so if more people try to see them for every little ailment, don’t you think the costs are going to go sky-high? And then there will be rationing and a government body will decide who deserves the care and who doesn’t. I would much rather that question would be answered by who works the hardest (and thus pays more money) to receive the care.
      I have been ill most of my life with Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency, and I don’t have enough money to get all the testing and treatment to possibly cure it, but I will never try to force anyone else to pay for my problems.
      I don’t know where anyone gets off saying we have a “health care right”. What’s next, a “food right” (a bit more important than health care), or a “shelter right” (pretty important), or “who-knows-what-rights” that other people are expected to pay for?

      • NORM

        The big problem with health insurance is that the people who need it most often can’t get it or can’t afford it. Healthy young people are able to work hard and long and seldom need it.

  • RightByNature

    Dee, there you have it – you’re doing too much guessing when you’re thinking.

    • Dee Y

      Thank you RightByNature for your insight.
      However, I like to call it common sense.
      Take text books away from a lot of educated folks with no common sense and they are like fish out of water.
      Common Sense will open and prop open doors. One with no common sense gets door slammed in face or rear, depending on speed of movement.

  • NORM


    AP’s David Lieb has unearthed a major scandal: John McCain, who paid into the Social Security system for decades, is collecting benefits even though he thinks it’s a bad system.

    Although Republican presidential candidate John McCain has called Social Security “a disgrace,” he still cashes his own retirement check every month.

    “I’m receiving the benefits, the system is broken and, unfortunately, my children and grandchildren, according to the trustees of the Social Security system, will not have the same benefits the present retirees have,” McCain told reporters Thursday on his campaign bus.

    McCain’s 2007 tax return shows Social Security benefits of $23,157 for the year, an average of $1,929.75 a month. He said he started receiving the payments “whenever I was eligible.”

    Enter “Mccain collects social security” on your search engine.

  • Jobs

    Hi Dee,

    No arguments from me about GW going to war based on a bunch of lies. To me, a HUGE question is whether he went to war knowing that they were lies, or whether he himself was misled. Nonetheless, even if he WAS misled (which is not out of the question), heads should have rolled in his senior intelligence and administration once the truth came out. As far as I know, that never happened (at least not at high levels), so that certainly says something to me about GW’s integrity, or lack thereof.

    As to supporting the Iraq war, it was clear to me that Saddam, as bad as he unquestionably was, had very little if anything to do with 9/11 — at least nothing more than some of America’s “allies” such as the Saudis. And the whole guise of “bringing democracy to Iraq” is utter hypocrisy, seeing how little (nothing!) the US government is doing about other countries. (Not that I’m saying they SHOULD be meddling in those other countries.)

    Two observations to your comment…

    With one humongous exception–Obama has yet to cause the lives and
    butchering of thousands of innocents – at home and abroad – based on
    a pack of lies or desires of a political party.”

    According to Ron Paul, BO’s administration will be sending another $106 billion it doesn’t have “to continue the bloodshed in Afghanistan and Iraq without a hint of a plan to bring American troops home… [A] vote to fund the war is a vote in favor of the war. ” So BO will indeed be directly responsible for the “butchering of thousands of innocents – at home and abroad” for failing to establish clear and rapid exit strategies.

    Oh, and “based on a pack of lies or desires of a political party.”??? The decision to go into Iraq — and to stay there — has NOT been a partisan one. BOTH Republocrats and Dempublicans are EQUALLY guilty on that one (with a few notable exceptions).

    And finally… Frankly, I don’t have an answer as to whether it’s better to dialogue with Iran or not. Some politicians preferred to dialogue with Hitler, and were “proven” wrong by history… Often, these questions only have a “simple” answer, after the fact.

  • RightByNature

    Dee, I totally agree with you on the common sense aspect. However, one must not mistake common sense with gullability. I also agree with you on the point that textbooks won’t always make a person smarter. There are educated people that are smart and educated people that are idiots. You have to be able to separate fact from fiction in what you read (and hear). A little education added to common sense is a pretty good mix though. I am educated but was in my 40′s before going back to school so I had common sense way before I had the education. I was raised that you provide for yourself and don’t expect everything to be handed to you. My dad was a tenant farmer and we were poor as church mice but we NEVER took a handout. We didn’t always have what we wanted but we had the essentials to survive but we lived off the land because you don’t make big bucks as a tenant farmer on a small farm. When you get something the hard way, you tend to appreciate it more. Therefore, I don’t want to hand over my purse strings to the government. Do me a favor and take a look at this site: Interesting stuff on government healthcare.

  • Dee Y

    I agree with you.
    I came at the end of the depression. My Dad had no formal schooling as he was kidnapped as a child. He had commonsense and was a stationary fireman by trade. He also started his own businesses and they would grow so large he would sell them and start all over again. His honesty and the way he treated people was the reason his sideline businesses would grow too large for him to handle.
    My mother planted – raised – and canned from two crops a season. She canned so much we could just barely get around in the basement.
    So, yes, I do know and was taught by the best – You can be anything you choose to be and you must work for what you want out of life.
    The one rule I have always tried to live by was taught to me by my parents and that is———————— LIFE IS OUR CHECKING ACCOUNT AND WE WITHDRAW WHAT WE DEPOSIT.
    Another is – If you can’t be honest with yourself and live by the rules – you are a lost soul

  • http://n/a Jack C Bloedorn

    REPLY to DIXIECONNIE who wrote:
    Jack, How can you write that? Medicare is going broke just like the SS. There will be nothing by the time I become of age. What about you, do you really think there will be any medicare for you?


    REPLY to DEE who wrote:
    My great-aunt depended on Medicare and purchased extra coverage from Medicare. When she was ill we had to struggle to actually get things paid from Medicare. Her doctor would never spend any time with her or listen to her health problems because he wasn’t earning any money by seeing her. Oh .. by the way.. if you need nursing care, for example at a rehab facility, Medicare will only pay for 100 days for your entire life. Better not ever need more than three months! And it’s only if you can prove that you’re getting better. Wake up!

    Frankly. Dee, I think you are making stuff up. But put that aside and tell me why you think private health insurance system is superior to Medicare, VA, or for that matter, any of the single-payer systems extant throughout the civilized world (except USA).

    That the doctor in your anecdote wouldn’t spend sufficient time with your aunt because the doctor wasn’t making any money on her tells me volumes about a health care system which is profit oriented versus patient oriented your aunt’s doctor was clearly profit oriented, not patient oriented). For heavens sake why didn’t you dump that doctor immediately in favor of another? That doctor should be turned out to pasture. It seems to me that doctors could stand a bit of a come down in standard of living without crying, “Medicare doesn’t pay me enough”. The doctor in your story is a sick example of health care for profit – the system we have now. In a single payer system (such as Medicare) or a government run system (such as VA) doctors still enjoy a very substantial standard of living albeit for some not as kingly as they might like. Too bad. I haven’t noticed any shortqage of doctors in nations enjoying nationalized, universal health care systems, so compensation at a single payer rate doesn’t seem to be an unmanageable problem.

    DixieConnie, you ponder the existence of Medicare by the time you reach 65, and wonder if I ponder the same (presumably because you fear Medicare will go bankrupt). I would point out that Medicare cost as a system is far more affordable both to the individual and to the country than the present insurance company controlled, for profit health care system. And Medicare is world renown for its cost efficiency – something like a less than 3% overhead rate compared to companies in the American health insurance industry which average in excess of 20%! So, sure I ponder Medicare’s future, but I focus my time on the cost of health care which Medicare pays for by excising out the greed and glutonous waste in the present private sector system, starting with the insurance companies, then big pharma, then the greed of the hospital corporation anomaly, and then, yes, the fraud and waste perpetrated on Medicare by unethical, criminal provider billing schemes and wasteful, inefficient handouts to HMOs. Conclusion, if we can get the cost of the current health care system under control, then Medicare (which is merely the single payer functionary) will be just fine.

    For me personally, my adventure has included 44 years of “living under” the current health system dominated by private insurance companies, followed by 11 years in the Medicare system (including an inexpensive private Medicare supplement insurance policy-Plan F), and 9 years in the VA system (overlapping with Medicare). I can tell you that my health care experience under Medicare has been superb – at least equal to if not better than that with the private health care system in our area. My experience with the VA, a truly government run system, has been best of all. I have never experienced a “careless” doctor such as in your anecdote about your aunt, nor problems with shortages, waiting times, specialist referrals, no haggling about procedures, and absolutely no problems with Medicare or VA denying or questioning claims. Unless your aunt was an extraordinarily unusual, once in a lifetime case, I must tell you I doubt your story about having to struggle to actually get things paid from Medicare. In the normal and vast majorty of cases, it just doesn’t happen. Sorry.

    Your point about nursing home care, or even hospice care for that matter, is well taken. But the 100 day limitation does not mean Medicare as a system is no good. It means that 100 days is inadequate coverage and should be longer. So work on the limitation, but don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!

    Conclusion. I’m sorry to tell you, Dee, that I think your story is a fake, or at least exagerated for argument purposes – ginned up to support your ideological opposition to real health care reform in this country. If your opposition is also motivated by a fear of government run entities, don’t be. The fire department and police departments seem OK. The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines seem OK. The NTSB does a good job. VA is the best overall health care system in America. The public library system works pretty well. The post office works pretty well –at least better than it did a number of years ago. The national parks system is wonderful, if underfunded. Amtrak still works. FEMA seems to be recovering since Bush is gone. Senior citizen programs under the Older Americans Act seems to work OK. Welfare and Food Stamps, while having a bad reputation as a hand out to the great unwashed, have seemed to be reasonally effective since the reform of the mid 1990s.

    Or perhaps you are worried more about government running such a large venture as the American health care system. Sure, in a way that worries me too, but compared to the present system which costs twice as much per patient as any anywhere else in the world yet ranks just 37th behind Costa Rica in health care effectiveness/outcomes, I’m willing to take a chance. Anyway, there is everything to gain and very, very little to lose except the greedy parasites which have milked us all for far too much, far too long.


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