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Privacy Organization Files FOI Request On Roving Scanners

November 30, 2010 by  

Privacy Organization Files FOI Request On Roving ScannersThe Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOI) request with the United States Department of Homeland Security, demanding that the agency turn over documents concerning the use of body-scanner technology by law enforcement agencies in surface transit and street roaming vans.

The vans, produced by American Science and Engineering, Inc., have the ability to look inside passing vehicles or inside buildings. They are available in the form of a large delivery-type van or even larger tractor-trailer versions.

According to AS&E’s website, the Z Backscatter Van™ is “an extremely low-cost, extremely maneuverable screening system built into a commercially available delivery van. The ZBV allows for immediate deployment in response to security threats, and its high throughput capability facilitates rapid inspections. The system’s unique ‘drive-by’ capability allows one or two operators to conduct X-ray imaging of suspect vehicles and objects while the ZBV drives past.”

“The ZBV can also be operated in stationary mode by parking the system and producing X-ray images of vehicles as they pass by. Screening can also be accomplished remotely while the system is parked. Remote operation allows scanning to be done safely, even in dangerous environments, while maintaining low-profile operation. The system is unobtrusive, as it maintains the outward appearance of an ordinary van,” the website states.

AS&E is one of the manufacturers of the naked body scanners found in some of the nation’s airports. EPIC has sued to suspend the deployment of body scanners at U.S. airports, pending an independent review of their safety and efficacy.

In the news release announcing their latest FOI request, EPIC said that the program is "unlawful, invasive, and ineffective."

EPIC contends that, in employing the scanners, DHS has violated the Administrative Procedures Act, the Privacy Act, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and the Fourth Amendment. EPIC cited the invasive nature of the devices, the TSA’s disregard of public opinion and the impact on religious freedom.

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  • Jeff Corbett

    Excellent post. Thank you. Privacy is of vital importance to civil liberties and should not be under estimated.

    • lkar

      So if they get the information they requested, what are they going to do with it? Seek an injunction to cease and desist any scanning? What if they scans reveal illegal aliens being smuggled? Will there be an investigation? What about other illegal activities that might have been detected? My prediction is that most of the information requested will be denied on some BS legal stipulation or national security clause.
      It would be nice to get this shutdown, but unless the politicians get a backbone, this will contiue and escalate.

    • EddieW

      TSA (Total Sexual Assault) obviously don’t give a damn about the publics opinion!!! They say, “You don’t have to fly” but if people didn’t…they would lose their jobs!!! It’s hell when those in power become so arrogant, they disregard the opinion of anyone who differs, therefore they have a dictatorship! About the same as Obummer is doing!!

  • TIME

    Can you say, this was also used by the NAZI’S to find OSS and Underground units who were fighting for FREEDOM???????????????

    • Teresa


    • http://none Mike

      Time, Scary More and more parralles between these times and the times of Nazi Germany.Wonder if the guy that wrote The Fourth Reich was right all along.Thoes who do not learn from history are doomed to repet it. Mike L.

  • http://aol Linda Maddox

    Our government is way out of control. People better stand up and start screaming. Our freedom is being taken away by the day!

    How dare they drive by our car or home and scan us! We have a choice not to fly and be scanned or molested, but not in our car or home.

    This has to be stopped!

    • Al Sieber

      Linda, I agree with you 200%, they’re just going to keep pushing us until we snap, or we just keep taking it and do nothing.

      • castaway

        I predict that Americans will do nothing but complain as usual to each other and that will be the extent of it. Soon you will all be in chains.

        • Frank

          You’re right. The American sheep like being led around by their noses. Witness the assaults that occur daily at the airports-complain but thats all!! More and more infringement on our God given rights and what will the sheep do? Complain and comply-what a pitiful,pathetic disgusting bunch of humanity!!

          • Al Sieber

            I agree Frank.

  • Yors Trooley

    Look on Google earth,and you can find nearly any residence.Communicate electronically and anyone can have your information.Am I shocked that I am being thermographically scanned now?Is the one world-socialist government (coming soon to a country near you)that afraid of Yors Trooley?Is my Baseball,John Wayne,moms’apple pie,Chevrolet,(strike that last one)attitude,bothersome to someone?I am not afraid of these people,and I am not hiding!I love America,and if that makes you want to kill me then here I am you bastards!If they need what I have,to make themselves stronger I say come and get it.Not much here.You are welcome to it…

    • Carole Howell

      Yors trooly,

      You are confusing Socialism with Fascism. This van is a Fascist thing, a tool to spy on people to suppress them, conquer them. Yes the Nazis would have loved such a tool. And they were right wing remember? The left leaning in this country are as much or more against this type of thing as anyone.

      I hate it when people lie, you do know you are lying right? Or are you just repeating what you heard on the radio or TV by people who want to divide us? Your country needs you, educate yourselves or we could all find ourselves in a place run by Nazis.

      For all you skin heads and white supremacists out there, you would be used as tools and then slaughtered after you had served your purpose, read the history of it all. You are right wing, but you are not worthy.

      • joeblow

        Huh? Carole, your post makes no sense. Who’s lying? Socialist, Nazi, Fascist, Communist – they’re all totalitarian – a far cry from the Constitutional Republic our Founders created.

      • UncleOtto

        Carol: I know what you as well as I were taught, but just consider that the left and right is the spectrum that was taught by the left leaning media and socialistic education system that prepared us for the new world order (odor). The paradigm I present to you makes more sense, as least to me. Nazi is short for National Socialism and so is a more militant form of same. Germany had two forms of socialism, Communism (international) and Nazism (national), the latter being to the right of the former. Even Fascism is a form of Socialism. More Government is to the left while the right wing, Conservatives or Libertarians for example, want less Government. Consider the phrase most often heard, “He is to the right of Attila the Hun.” That doesn’t make any sense to me when looking at it from the perspective of the spectrum stated above. Attila was a barbarian that devastated Europe at one time. How in the world can a conservative be equated with a totalitarian such as he. I know it takes an open mind to think differently than we were taught for a long time, at least it was for me. But when I accepted it, It really ticked me off.

        • Carole Howell


          Do you realize most every country today is some combination of a Socialist/Capitalist system, some leaning more one way or the other.

          Would you have everything privatized? Would you? Really? Where has that worked? Name a place on the planet that has ever worked. If you find it, it will be the most impoverished place on earth.

          I used to be a democrat, now I am an independent. One thing I have learned by watching both parties. It is the Republicans that grow government and government spending.

          Ronald Reagan ran for office saying the national debt was so huge we would sink under the weight of it. Remember? It did not take him long to spend more money than all the presidents from George Washington to Jimmy Carter PUT TOGETHER. (not a surprise since he bankrupted CA when he was Governor there, all state employees were paid with vouchers, some towns could not pay for street lights it was so bad)

          Oh! then comes Bush Sr. and spends even more.

          Clinton comes along (not my choice) he said he would cut the debt in half, I scoffed, but he did reduce it and he reduced it by 3/4s. He also reduced the size of government. That was not really so hard, he started by cutting all the positions that Reagan gave to people as political favors. You know, you do this an I will give your Wife/Son/daughter etc a position somewhere in government and they will get a check and do not even have to show up for work, he used this as pay offs. Clinton cut out all those types of appointments, then of course he made some other cuts too. If Bush would have kept to Bill Clinton’s budget, we would be out of debt today, that is not me saying that, it is economists saying it.

          I am not a Clinton fan, but I will give credit where credit is due. Bush came in and spent even more than his father did.

          If Obama fails to reduce the debt before he leaves office, he will be the first Dem. in the history of the party not to. But every single Republican has in fact increased it, you cannot argue with the numbers.

          • UncleOtto

            Carole: It’s not republicans vs. Democrats, It’s republicRATS with the emphasis on the last 4 letters; “not a dimes worth of difference between them.” Norman Thomas ran for President on the Socialist party many times before he quit because he said the democrats have incorporated the Socialists principles. The Republicans are closing in on them. Tax, Spend, and Elect with Wars to create debt.

          • Mack

            I’ll bet you are a very nice lady. However, I must correct a few things.
            (1)Privetazation worked right here! AMERICAN FREEDOM the founders created the best system in the history of the planet. That is not what we have NOW!
            (2)Ronald Reagan did not increase spending, remember Congress spends the money! He was saddled with a Democrat congress! Altho, the tax cuts brought more $$$$ into the Treasury, Dems spent it like their personal pork/piggy/bank!
            (3)The reason Republican rigimes appear to increase spending is the same reason, usually saddled with Dem Congress.
            (4)Clinton did not cut spending or balance the budget A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS DID! NEWT GINGRICH CONTRACT WITH AMERICA! Clinton fought “against” cutting spending,cutting taxes,helping Americans Clinton did nothing for the economy, except take credit when it was good.
            (5) George Bush had a REASON to increase Spending Remember 9/11/01? Three thousand dead Americans??! The economy under Bush was fantastic UNTIL, lIBERAL SPIN POLICIES (ie)Mainstream Media, gave him a “Dem Congress,” His tax cuts also brought more $$$$ in which worked fine, in spite of 9/11 causing 2 wars! By the way Clinton said the very same things mainstream media called lies, when GWB said them! By the way it Clinton’s cowardice in refusing to take Bin Laden, after it was a well known fact he had already DECLARED WAR ON THE USA, and had already attacked us multiple times. That, Carole is what caused 9/11!
            (6)So now you have learned WHY, Conservatism WORKS! “LIMITED” government, tax less, spend less, do MORE for fellow citizens, by realizing you are a public SERVANT, not there to enrich self, not there to FEED at the public trough!
            (7) The Founders never expected “career politicians”! The ONLY way to get back to sanity in government is “term limits”! “The longer the stay in W-A, the more corrupt is the Way” Dr. Mack original quote.

      • BillyBoy

        Fascism is left wing; not right wing!

        • Carole Howell

          Don’t be an idiot. Fascism is right wing. Someone said the Nazis were socialist, really, how so. And by the way they gassed Communists.

          I know Hitler built a couple of museums and schools, Military and gas chambers ran by the state, but where were his social programs?, explain. Germany was fascist. What are you guys going to rewrite the history of Germany now?

          • Bob Wire

            Bingo ! Carole, that’s exactly what they have been attempting to do. As you must surly know by now, ~ Liberals have been pissing in the well of Knowledge since the early 1900′s and now all of our books and history is corrupted with liberalism.

            Unless a self labeled, Tea Party Approved “conservative” wrote it, it suspect of wearing pink and shows sign of wanting to hugging trees and walking with a swish.

            I know , ~! I know it hard to believe it ~~ but it’s true! It’s the “walking dead”, everyone is hopeless doomed and lost but the true believers of the Holy Tea Pot and their decoder rings.

        • Warrior

          I have a question. Are the drivers Teamsters or SEIU?

          • Bob Wire

            teamsters would be my guess ~ LOL! he he . good one warrior

      • castaway

        What mental institution did you recently get released from? GO BACK! Tell them you are not ready for society,because they are all crazy.

      • marvin

        Carole Howell
        you are like watching a replay,of a game and want a differant out come,this is america not china or mexico, the people that put this in to effect are not right wing,nepolitano and holder are so far out in left wing their off the tip,you need to get your head out from between your leggs the assgass has pickled your brain, we have laws like unresonable search and arrest with out cause,you may like be watched or viewed when in bed or your car,hittler paid for his sin agins humanity,and the liberal left will pay,we are called citizens not subjects,and have a right to privacy,i don,t drink i don,t smoke i don,t do drugs i try vary hard to obay the law,and i don,t need some peeping tom nut case looking thru my windows that is illegal by the way

        • Carole Howell

          DO Not come at me that way, you do not hear me defending the patriot Act or the wire tapping or the stupid searches at the airports.

          You must consider Bush a Commie, he started all this, I don’t care who wrote the Patriot Act, he signed into law, he called for it, he could have vetoed it, Now couldn’t he.

          And yes, Obama could have let it expire. He should have.

          • Carole Howell

            Here is some info for you.

            Fascism (pronounced /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology.[1][2][3][4] Fascists seek to organize a nation according to corporatist perspectives, values, and systems, including the political system and the economy.[5][6] Fascism was originally founded by Italian national syndicalists in World War I who combined extreme right-wing political views along with collectivism.[7][8][9] Scholars generally consider fascism to be on the far right.[10][11][12][13][14]

            Fascists believe that a nation is an organic community that requires strong leadership, singular collective identity, and the will and ability to commit violence and wage war in order to keep the nation strong.[15] They claim that culture is created by the collective national society and its state, that cultural ideas are what give individuals identity, and thus they reject individualism.[15] Viewing the nation as an integrated collective community, they see pluralism as a dysfunctional aspect of society, and justify a totalitarian state as a means to represent the nation in its entirety.[16][17]

            They advocate the creation of a single-party state.[18] Fascist governments forbid and suppress opposition to the fascist state and the fascist movement.[19] They identify violence and war as actions that create national regeneration, spirit and vitality.[20]

            Fascism rejects the concepts of egalitarianism, materialism, and rationalism in favor of action, discipline, hierarchy, spirit, and will.[21] They oppose liberalism (as a bourgeois movement) and Marxism (as a proletarian movement) for being exclusive economic class-based movements.[22] Fascists present their ideology as that of an economically trans-class movement that promotes ending economic class conflict to secure national solidarity.[23] They believe that economic classes are not capable of properly governing a nation, and that a merit-based elite of experienced military persons must rule through regimenting a nation’s forces of production and securing the nation’s independence.[24] Fascism perceives conservatism as partly valuable for its support of order in society but disagrees with its typical opposition to change and modernization.[25] Fascism presents itself as a solution to the perceived benefits and disadvantages of conservatism by advocating state-controlled modernization that promotes orderly change while resisting the dangers to order in society of pluralism and independent initiative.[25]

            Fascists tend to support a “third position” in economic policy, which they believe superior to both the rampant individualism of laissez-faire capitalism and the severe control of state socialism.[26][27] Italian Fascism and most other fascist movements promote a corporatist economy whereby, in theory, representatives of capital and labour interest groups work together within sectoral corporations to create both harmonious labour relations and maximization of production that would serve the national interest.[28] However, other fascist movements and ideologies, such as Nazism, did not utilize this form of economy.[28]

          • coal miner


            You are right.

            n. 1. an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

            2. (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice. The term fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Benito Mussolini in Italy (1922-43), and the regime of the Nazis in Germany were also Fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.

            fascist n. fascistic adj.

            Etymology: from Italian fascismo, from fascio ‘bundle, political group, ‘ from Latin fascis ‘bundle.’
            See the Introduction, Abbreviations and Pronunciation for further details.

        • UncleOtto

          Carole: Your description of Fascism to Marvin could have come from the Communist Manifesto just as we were taught by the establishment dumb down schools. What Scholars?

          • Carol J

            You also missed the fact that she is describing the Obama misadministration

  • newspooner

    It is called communism.

  • Lealand Sherman

    If you want to remain free, you have to be willing to fight and die for the cause. The people we have sent to DC have sold us out for a bigger piece of the pie. WAKE UP AMERICA.

    • castaway

      You are soo very correct, but how do we convince the masses of this, and give them the desire to lay it all on the line? Most are too lazy and too f’ing dumb to be of much use to us.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Unfortunately a large number of them will only be convinced by a number of years under the thumb of totalitarian government!!



    • castaway

      Today!! Yes unite and today is as good as any day to get started.

  • kay sieverding

    USMS violated my privacy by imprisoning me without a criminal charge for 5 months. I don’t have a criminal record. DOJ USMS division is supposed to determine that you are criminally charged before they “book” you, ie take your fingerprints. DOJ took and kept my fingerprints, strip searched me, read my mail, listened to my phone calls, went to my home, forced me to use toilets surrounded by people, all without a criminal charge, for the stated purpose of stopping me from suing the City of Steamboat Springs CO. They did this by using the PTS (USMS Prisoner Tracking System) offense codes instead of the ABS offense codes. The PTS offense codes show homosexual act with man and homosexual act with women as federal crimes along with anarchism and receiving an abortion.

    DOJ did not publish in the Federal Register in advance its plans to “book” people without a criminal charge.

    Here is proof that DOJ jailed me without a criminal charge — city council minute of the City of Steamboat Springs see the report by city attorney Anthony Lettunich. The judge who ordered it was former Colorado chief judge Edward Nottingham who resigned in 2007 after it was revealed by the 10th Circuit that he asked a prostitute to lie about their relationship.

    Mr. Lettunich reported his work on the following:
    1. The Federal District Court held a contempt hearing regarding Kay
    Sieverding. She refused to dismiss the cases that she filed and was
    arrested. Mr. Sieverding dismissed the cases but later reneged and said
    he will not dismiss the cases; so he may be arrested as well.

  • CJM

    We have been stripped of our Constitutional rights over a long period of time, particularly since the days of FDR; we had more freedoms, for example, 20 years ago than we do today…thanks to big government and the left-winger communists that presently hold office in high places. That is their job–to dismantle the US Constitution piece by piece and that was Obama’s stated agenda during a 2008 interview in San Francisco. I was never for Obama prior to this interview, but after hearing what he said, I considered him a traitor to the US and determined then that he would never receive a vote from me, nor would he have my respect. There is more and more evidence piling up that Obama is NOT a legal citizen of the US; it will be interesting to see how the new Congress will address the issues focusing on unanswered Obama questions…impeach the imposter and hold his feet to the fire. Upon conviction, deport him to Indonesia or Kenya (which he declares is his “mother country.”) immediately after serving a substantial prison term. And his lady can move to Kenya as well since she is so proud of the imposter’s heritage.

  • meteorlady

    So, they use foreign made vans to spy on us and Chertoff just keeps racking in the money.

  • CalWest

    After I post this message, is there a way of getting updates on ohter later posts sent to my email address? I can’t find a link to do this.

  • http://com i41

    Carole was wondering what social programs, Hitler imposed, state run healthcare, took religion out of schools, and outlawed prayers. Create free infant care, as well as exterminating old or infirmed, made schools fun, build infrasturucture projests for the elitists. Had everything government owning all businesses and hid, twisted facts from real truth. Maybe the name for the socialist party should be the Democrat Socialist Nazi Union Communist Party. You already have the marxist muslim moron in Cheif as a leader.

    • Bob Wire

      I bet they them baked bread, drank beer, sing songs, went fishing, made love, got married, raise children, paid taxes and worked in the saw mill too!

  • VioletLeigh

    All of the postings in reference to our rights being decimated are true and correct. Folks, this has been going on longer than any of you know. BTW, patriot groups, anti-tax groups and all other anti-policy/government groups are and have been infiltrated by government goons both at the State and Federal levels. I know because transcription of tapes falls to workers at your local Attorney General’s office via their state equivalent of the FBI. Every state has a state level investigative unit of this sort. Be very careful of those in whom you confide regarding anything you plan.
    TSA and these roving vans are illegal at best and outrageously taking liberties against our freedoms.
    Kay, what you said does not surprise me regarding the nanny state of Colorado and any of its minions. The State of Colorado is a fascist state and has been for a long time. Caveat emptor.
    Most folks will not stand up for their rights and it is pitiful that so many have been asleep for the past fifty years. JFK signed Executive Order 1110 to abolish the Fed in June of 1963 and was murdered in November 1963. None of this is news! We have allowed them, Bush, Obama, Bush Sr., Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon to strip away our rights without even a whimper of protest. 1968 was a pivotal year in Chicago. I was so glad to see Daly and his ilk get their comeuppance regarding their illegal gun laws! Hooray, one for the people.
    Let’s pray that God will help us to defeat the current monster in charge of leading this country. He is an illegal as much as anyone crawling across the borders of the southwestern states.

  • Bob Wire

    With the radical Islamic threat and their chicken shit way of doing harm to any living thing, kiss your privacy good bye when out in the pubic.

    Sorry Charlie, I don’t like it either. It sucks ~ just like these people, they suck and need to leave, get away from me. ~ but they won’t and we can’t make them without getting bad world press and violating our Christian values and principals

    So whats the options? I’m all ears.

    Myself , I don’t possess a criminal mind or say and do things I can’t speak of ~ so, for now I sit and watch, wondering if this is real bad or real good.

  • leofa

    We (the sheeple) must have forgotten. We are property of the gov. They can do what they want to us.

  • stephen russell

    Privacy invasion 2 be sure BUT Must to ID terrorists IF done legally
    IE X Ray the right address or cars vs Random.
    Yes this is Invasion of Privacy beyond the TSA Groping.

    • honeybadger

      There is NO legal way to invade ones’ privacy, and NO this is not a necessity to ID terrorists! If terrorists ARE identified, so what, do you actually believe they will be prosecuted as agressively as you will be for uttering ‘hate language’? Remember Ft. Hood? WHAT do you remember about it? Remember 9/11? Now they want to build a memorial to the ragheads who killed all those people in the heart of America and you cannot even profile a raghead wanting to board an airplane. You can ‘grope’ an American Grandmother OR an American veteran who is wheelchair bound but NOTHING that remotely appears to be a possible terrorist may be ‘profiled’! Where are all the ‘terrorist possibilities’ now, when the ‘groping’ is going on? Betcha one of those burka wearing female types will NOT be groped so they will wait for the ‘groping’ to cease then appear in line to board planes and cause problems again. Foreigners are ‘GUESTS’ in AMERICA and as such, HAVE NO RIGHTS American citizens have enjoyed in the past. I, personally, expect them to conduct themselves as GUESTS or LEAVE, and NOW not at the conclusion of their visit!

  • http://jafo2me Tom Smith

    I read my first book (None Dare Call it Conspiracy) exposing the NOW back in the late Seventies. For 30 years I have watched the cattle in this Country remain asleep while “THEY” have completed their takeover. I also spent 30 years trying to find out who “THEY” “REALLY” are and what they want from us. Prior to the fall of the Third Reich, Boreman took the Hundreds of Billions stolen in money, art, gold and jewels to create some 1500 shell Corporations around the World. The Military Industrial Complex is one of the instruments, which comprise the Fourth Reich. It is great to know there are still people who want to fight the good fight like EPIC and the bloggers on this site. The “REAL” truth is so bizarre, so twisted and so controlled by Psychopaths who see all of us as food, any attempt to explain it would be met with a straight jacket. We have “NO” more chance of standing up to the “real them” then those passive cultures with no weapons fighting the USS Enterprise on Star Trek. The entire population has no clue, how close to the real truth, that analogy might be. I say even 30 years ago it would have been over then. Today it is totally laughable to think anyone can go up against them. In the words of Ronald Regan, “In this storm-tossed world of terrorists and totalitarians, … “We stand here on the only island of freedom that is left in the whole world. … We defend freedom here or it is gone. There is no place for us to run.” Go enjoy your life, your family and hug your kids and pray that they too might have to answer to a higher power.

  • Norman

    During the 1984 campaign for reelection the Republicans negotiated with the Democrates in Congress to the largest increase in taxes for corporations in American history. This was an attempt to balance the budget for 1985 and later (“FDR and Reagan”, John L. Sloan. University Press of Kansas). At this same time President Reagan was running on a platform of reduced taxed. This negotiation also called for a needed adjustment in Social Security that was supposed to cover until 1993(?). Why should the Republicans insist on their protection of the rich when their capital investments will go abroad to support loss of jobs in America.

    Lack of judicial action to regain some of the stolen profits by derivatives manipulation with the initial sale and the gain by buying derivatives at less then face value. The saving of the banking system stopped a freeze in investment mobility needed for those manipulating the financial markets. The paying for some of the losses is the paying of 5 cents on a $1,000 to the poors’ savings account balance even in the brokerages. Millionaires have even supported higher taxation of themselves to protect the mobility in changing investments and to be able to use their profits. A simple answer would be to give the same benefits for the first $200,000 in earnings with low taxes for small business up to $5 million, but for private earnings over $1 million to have a higher tax along with the larger corporations. Lowering Social Security payments would put more retirees on the street, which could be offset by an increase on social security taxes to $200,000. With the long term inflation this is not an over value of needed funds in the future.

    Please let the people that do not understand accounting and finance know what is taking place. Republicans hiding the past of a failed economic policies should face the truth.

  • Norman

    I have found this book that reviews the policies and styles of the Fraklin D. Roosevelt’s staff management and Ronald Reagan’s staff being controlled by liberals and compromisers that needed ‘Acting President” Nancy Reagan’s help to keep things on track.
    This is really an eye opener. It is worth reading.

    Read “FDR and Reagan” by John W. Sloan, published by the University Press of Kansas. President Roosevelt’s bank reorganization was written by President Hoover’s Secretary of Treasury and others that was rejected by President Hoover. President Roosevelt was interested in bringing the depression to an end with legislation to improve the economy as a progressive. President Ronald Reagan’s Executive Staff was made up of liberals and compromisers with only criticism from the Conservatives. The staff worked around President Reagan with the help of ‘Acting President” Nancy Reagan. Different economic practices were used, to combat lack of jobs used increased war material production was done (Giving to business supporters). Now we have a ‘no nothing’ House of Representatives that may gel into something completely different than it looks now. Also Warren Buffet and other millionaires are thanking President Obama for making the transfer of funds between different investments possible and asking to be taxed to help the situation. The economy would have been frozen without the large banks ability to handle commerce. Where are the heads of the conservatives? Why are they wanting to pick up the spoils?

    This is not propaganda, but is interesting when nothing is being proposed by the Republican Party, only WE WANT TO RULE

  • guest

    I have read how Tsa agent’s have answered to the claims of sexual abuse ‘we are just following order’s’ ‘and policy’ These tsa agent’s have left their decency and common sense behind ..have they not read how nazis claimed the same excuses at their trial’s in Nuremberg? We slaughtered million’s of jews..we were following order’s’ Every Tsa man and women for a paycheck have lied to themselves that their sexual assult of men..women and children is ‘good’And what is noble and good by denying their american brother’s and sisters their constitional right’s.? The facts are they beleive you are the enemy..what does that make THEM? Shame on every tsa agent..

  • guest

    And shame on every mother and father who stood by and ALLOWED their children to be sexually assaulted for their own convience. They did not wish to be troubled. Also these backscatter machines were never tested for the danger they place american’s citizens in. I beleive the FDA is all about money passing in their hand’s and allowed these dangerous machines without regard for human life. It is obvious Obama wishes to punish ‘his enemies’ (american’s) at the airport’s and soon every mode of transportation. How can americans allow this.?

  • Georgie

    Roving scanners will be used to find your guns and confiscate them.


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