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Primaries, Upcoming Legislation Reveal Internal GOP Conflicts

September 16, 2010 by  

Primaries, upcoming legislation reveal internal GOP conflictsIn the heated electoral season and at a time when important fiscal legislation is on Congress’s agenda, there are signs of possible discord within the Republican Party. This has alarmed some observers who worry that this may jeopardize the GOP’s chances in the elections that are its to lose.

In Delaware, Republican Senate candidate Mike Castle lost the Tuesday primaries to Sarah Palin and Tea Party-backed Christine O’Donnell. Media reports suggest the GOP had worked actively to support the nine-term congressman, as it is worried that O’Donnell’s hardline anti-establishment and socially conservative message may cost her support among independents.

"She’s not a viable candidate for any office in the state of Delaware," said the state party chairman, Tom Ross, adding that "she could not be elected dog catcher."

Tensions within the party have also been evident as Congress returned from vacation for the final legislative session before the elections.

House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio), in an attempt to position his party as sensitive to middle-class concerns, said over the weekend that he might back President Barack Obama’s proposal to let the Bush administration’s tax cuts for the richest Americans expire and extend them only for those who make less than $250,000 a year.

However, subsequent reports quoted Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as saying he wanted to work to ensure all Americans received tax breaks, regardless of their income.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19940622-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    PLND, odds are that the RNC and ‘Republicans’ will be as useful in unloading Herr Obummer and his useful idiots as they have been in giving America real conservatives for the last 150 years. It’s time for the RNC and ‘Republicans’ to wake up do the right thing or fade away and disappear.
    Until or unless the RNC and ‘Republicans’ get rid of RINOS and other assorted internal scum, they might as well be looked at as wannabe progressives.

    • Viktor Leben

      S C,

      You’re right ! The Republicans always screw up. I think it’s time for them to disappear!

      John ” I never turn down lobbyists’ money” Boehner is going to be our next majority leader ! HA HA HA ! That is totally screwed up ! He’s been bought.

      What a joke ! These guys don’t even want to extend unemployment to Tier 5. Basically they are telling all the unemployed go starve to death. Stupid Republicans ! Don’t they know you are only a few missed meals away from a revolution ? I would hate to be living in Michigan right now. Hey Boehner, why don’t you buy a copy of “Roger and Me” ? He’s probably never seen it. How about taking a ride thru Michigan ? You see what a bad job you Repubs did … Damn RINO.

      Once them Repubs get the majority we will probably get into another trillion dollar war – this time with Iran. Expect more trillion dollar Wall Street bailouts..they don’t want their contributors to “starve”..

      • Dan Burke

        I will agree that the Republican Party needs reform and brought back to conservative America. However, I must disagree on the unemployment benefits. It not only should NOT have been extended, they need to be CUT back. This is the problem we’ve got. Instead of helping these people ourselves, we look to GOVERNMENT to solve all these issues. As long as you want government to be the solution you MUST accept big government as your master. I thought Americans were the most giving, caring people. But when I read about unemployment benefit extensions by Congress, I think Americans are just greedy, lazy pigs. We are too lazy to help our neighbors. My wife and I are nearly broke, but we have a room over our head for the moment and job bringing in food. We couldn’t pay our neighbors rent, but we have shared our food with someone in need and gave what encouragement we could. It looks like they’ll be getting a job now. It seems so small, and there was a chance that they wouldn’t have gotten a job and things would be worse. But it was all we could give and it looks like it might be enough. We weren’t looking for government to bail them out of their hardship.

        • eddie47d

          Unemployment is sometimes abused like welfare. They can be a powerful “drug” and hard to get off of. I’m glad these two programs are out there but the incentive to get off is not strong enough. My wife has two bosses and one is collecting unemployment while being an owner of a company.His business is hurting so he pays himself nothing-but he pays his wife a salary and she doesn’t even work there. My wife writes the checks and has warned her boss about this so she feels uneasy about this guy. He’s also a good friend of her other boss who is nothing like this other guy. (This is only a temporary job and only involves 2 hours a day)

          • alpha-lemming

            A-holes know no party affiliation.

          • Viktor Leben


            I think what the boss is doing is illegal. Does the boss sit on the Board of Directors of the company ?.

        • Viktor Leben


          I just thought I give Tier 5 a plug ! I’ve been unemployed for quite sometime …

          I’m not rich by any means. I’ve paid into the system, and so has my past employer. My employer is now out of business. A government program took over and put us out of business…..

          The bosses at my past employer paid into the system so I could have unemployment. They weren’t all bad – I still say “hi” when I see them at the grocery store . We were like a loving dysfunctional family ! It was a sitcom ..

          So what happen to their money ? Why are we giving it to those Wall Street people !

          I’m here to get back every penny the government stole. So Mr. Obama, Pelosi and that republicrook Boehner …where’s the dough ?? Where’s my Tier 5, 6, 7 and 8 !! Them bastards in Congress make over $170,000 a year, shouldn’t they be only making $17,000 ?

      • spike

        Yeah, jack-wadd, that’s real useful. Guess what? It’s not the Republican’s fault, it’s the morons who vote for the people they put in office and don’t hold them accountable, genius. There. How does name calling feel? Good? I hope so. Now, get down to reality, and start campaigning, anc phone calling, and voting. That’s what we can do. YEAH, HERE’S A NEW ONE, TRY DROPPING TO YOUR KNEES AND PRAYING FOR YOUR COUNTRY.

    • DavidL

      I never thought I’d be saying this. I agree with you totally. Purge the RINOS. The Republican party should be ideologically pure. Purge, baby, purge.

      • Bob

        Tom Ross is just another NWO stooge. He couldn’t be elected to anything so he is just a mouthpiece for the establishment.

  • Jim H.

    The fact that conservatives are WINNING in the primaries should show you that they are viable winner’s. Oh, but what about the moderates, they say. To me moderate is just a nice term for wishy washy. If you are confident in your self and your stand on the issues they will listen. Back your winners and don’t interfere with a winning strategy because of some perceived fallacy about needing moderates. The Republicans have a chance to really do something if they can only see what most of us already have.

    • http://msn Margaret

      I trust the republicans more than the dang democrats…
      they have reaally soured me on tose people if they are people impeach obama he’s a know nothing fck tard

      • Craig

        Yes he is a know nothing F tard….lol I like when people speak the truth.

      • Earl, QUEENS, NY

        I agree Margaret. I always say that 99% of the time it’s better to vote for the GOP, even if it’s just a vote against today’s leftwing statist Democrap Party. I understand people’s frustrations with RINOs and GOP cowards who wander off the conservative field by pandering to the democraps. There are some drones, losers and diehard liberal morons who don’t think BHO, Pelosi or their ilk are liberal enough. But they’ll still vote for the Democraps. So why would the majority of Americans (moderate to conservative) vote for democraps (or refuse to vote against democraps) merely because a Republican nominee is not as conservative as we’d like?? And anybody who thinks today’s Democraps will be better or more conservative than McCain-like republicans probably believes in the tooth fairy. Those who vote for Democraps, or just stay at home refusing to vote against democraps need to understand, as we’ve seen in 2006 and 2008 – ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!

  • TIME

    This has nothing to do with any party, such as Dem’s or Rep’s, its about “Americans” who are fed up with the worthless turds in both houses.

    When the American people say “enough is enough” thats when these Rino’s and Marxist Progressives are all going to find a new home in a 6′ x 10′ cell with a bar window view.

    We are not done yet, we have years of work ahead of us and I might add that we are in a “Depression” and its going get really bad before it gets better, so be ready for a LONG HARD ROAD for the next few years.

    And when we are done we can still never ever take our eye’s off the politicians ever again. As for the press / media there are many new homes for them to fill too.

    Lets do this all by the book, so its 100% legal. Then its time for Repealing laws that impinge your freedoms from A – Z. The authors of these laws will be finding new homes too.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Time… What you say is true. Both parties have bad apples that need to be put out to pasture. I think that those who voted in Delaware knew what they were doing and Christine O’Donnell has an even better chance to be elected than Mike Castle would have. They know what they are getting if she is voted in. We are sick of RINO’s and the far left nut jobs. Washington is finally being held accountable and we need to keep it that way!

      • TIME

        I hear you loud and clear! We can do it, we can remove the trash and fix the flat tire. ;-)

      • http://naver samurai

        I brought my broom, when do we start sweeping? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • JeffH

      TIME my friend, you’ve put it all in a nutshell. As much as some Republicans really do get it, the party is still infected with those that cling to the beltway ideology. Protect yourself at all costs. American citizens, we(Republicans)cannot hear you! They can’t see their nose despite their face. Karl Rove just became the poster boy for the GOP!
      Get a clue, just because you’re a Republican doesn’t make you untouchable! Conservative minded Americans and the Tea Party are having an affect…they’re showing in the primaries.

      • TIME

        Jeff, Carl Rowing his boat, He is little more than a progressive with a title, the word “RINO” comes to mind right off the top of my head.

        My God Castle is a Turd with a face and thats what he thinks of as a winner.
        Folks these Progressive Rebuplicans are a massive problem and they are “next on the hit list” to get their pink slips, I still can’t fathom Mac&cheese and why did Ariziona do it again,its just mind numbing.

        As Dave H said on one of his old post;
        “We don’t need no stinking Progressives!”
        I Love that line and have been just waiting on being able to use it.. LOL..;-)

  • Not-a-RINO

    What the folks in the GOP leadership don’t understand is that the average person who barely follows politics can’t tell the difference between Democrats and RINOs (Republican In Name Only). When you add the influence of the MSM and the unions the Republicans lose every time.

    One thing is certain: I appreciate the influence of the tea parties in supporting conservative candidates. Most people are conservative in their principles and solid conservatives will get their support regardless of what the MSM is trying to tell voters what to think. If we are ever to take our country back from socialism and corruption, electing RINOs and liberal Democrats would be throwing gasoline on a fire.

  • Howard Roark

    I have beed an independent for years, and it is because of O’Donnells hardline anti-establishment and socially conservative message that I support her. In Nevada, they said that Sharron Angle could not beat Whore House Harry Reed. but even as we speak she is ahead in the polls. actually quite an accomplishing considering the lieing Democratic smear machine and Whore House Harry’s name recognition.

  • Rush Housel

    What’s the conflict? Do what the citizens want done, you can’t be blind or deaf. The U.S. is tired of all the political [offensive term removed] from both side of the aisle. Congress makes all the conflict because you all have your own agendas that are differnent than the people’s The corruption in the government needs to go also. Get rid of your egocertic attitudes, your distain for the America people and do what you were meant to do, represent the people!!! If not, prepare to be dismissed from office.

  • http://ByGeorge By George

    Tension within the GOP is exactly what is needed. To continue to pander to RINO elitists like McCain, et. al., because they are already in, is to continue the problem the GOP has had that has found us in the political wilderness. We need more conservative politicians who believe the constitution is our guide and live on the principles of freedom. We cannot solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

    Elite professional politicians like McCain, Isakson, Chambliss, Snowe, Collins, remaining within the ranks of the GOP are liabilities to restoring freedom to American’s. They stand as good metaphors for the Albatross around the neck or worse, throwing a sinking man anchor. Go get ‘em!

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    As an Independant, who is more conservative, then Liberal I am hoping most of the Tea Party Candidates win out over the main stream jerks the Republican party backs. Both the Republicans & the Democrat members of Congress are so damn crooked,they should be sent to the Pen. Now some of them don’t want to back Tea Party candidates who have beat out their lame old timers. And they wonder why the people in the USA are sick of them. For the next two elecyions, the voters need to weed put all of the incumbants.Probably never happen though, too many dumb ass voters.

  • Norm

    The truth is that America is a slightly right of center country.
    The teabaggers and right wing extremists along with left wing socialists will never gain majority support. Thank God!
    Obama, contrary to right wing BS, is center left politically.
    People are rightfully angered by the lack of progress in the present Congress. But these are difficult times and problems caused by many, many years of bad policies (from both parties) can’t be cleared up in a few years.
    The greed of the private sector “Lords” that sold US jobs to the lowest bidders to fatten their personal wallets and caused the present economic crisis, are at least as guilty as the government of sending the US down the path of mediocrity.
    The middle class is becoming poorer, and the very rich are better off than they ever were, temporarily.
    The nut cases, religious zealots, and extremists of all types are crawling out of the woodwork.
    The rightwing Nazi movement in Germany was created by extremists and carried out by support from people who checked their brains and souls at the door. Teabaggers?

    • FlaJim

      Norm, you sound like another leftist troll. First ‘teabagger’ gives you away. It’s a derogative term first used by the left that applies to a disgusting homosexual act.

      Second, the boy in the White House is NOT center-left, he’s a Marxist – or socialist at best.

      Third, jobs were sent overseas because of the unfavorable business climate for creating or maintaining jobs at home with all the government mandates, taxes, etc.

      Fourth, comparing Tea Party activists to Nazis is juvenile. ‘Nazi’ is an acronym for the National Socialist Workers Party. Sounds like the Dems to me. Tea party activists want nothing more than adherence to the Constitution which would considerably shrink government, get its hand off our wallets, and curtail its interference in our daily lives.

      Fifth, the number of millionaires in this country has shrunk by 1/6 in the past 2-1/2 years. The rich are getting richer?

      Do you get your talking points from the Hufferington Post?

      • Norm

        Some responses:

        Norm, you sound like another leftist troll. First ‘teabagger’ gives you away. It’s a derogative term first used by the left that applies to a disgusting homosexual act.
        I don’t know about homosexual acts as you obviously do. I am a moderate registered Republican.

        Second, the boy in the White House is NOT center-left, he’s a Marxist – or socialist at best.
        That’s odd considering all the flak he (Obama) has gotten from the left. His private sector insurance law is not government run which caused more grief than the Repubs.

        Third, jobs were sent overseas because of the unfavorable business climate for creating or maintaining jobs at home with all the government mandates, taxes, etc.
        The went and continue to go overseas because foreigners earn less than 1/3 of what Americans earn, and they get their benefits, if they exist, from their governments. They also have no safeguards for their workers or for their customers.

        Fourth, comparing Tea Party activists to Nazis is juvenile. ‘Nazi’ is an acronym for the National Socialist Workers Party. Sounds like the Dems to me. Tea party activists want nothing more than adherence to the Constitution which would considerably shrink government, get its hand off our wallets, and curtail its interference in our daily lives.
        The truth is, of course, as every expert points out, there was no “socialism” in the National Socialist” Party. And Hitler made his loathing of leftists very, very clear in MEIN KAMPF. Also if you right wingers want to be the last super power standing, why do you hate paying the bill?

        Fifth, the number of millionaires in this country has shrunk by 1/6 in the past 2-1/2 years. The rich are getting richer?
        The millionaires’ club in the U.S. grew by 16 percent in 2009.
        Chief executive officers responsible for the 50 biggest mass layoffs of 2009 pulled in $12 million for the year on average, 42 percent higher than other CEOs at major companies, and hundreds of times more than the average US worker. The 50 CEOs, who took home a combined $598 million, cut the jobs of 531,363 workers in 2009, according to a new report by the Institute for Policy Studies. The 50 mass layoffs accounted for three quarters of cuts at the 500 biggest US companies.
        Incidentally being a simply a millionaire is no great feat even for cats like me. Independent wealth begins around 10 mil. in my view.

        Do you get your talking points from the Hufferington Post?


      • s c

        FlaJim, ‘Norm’ calls himself a “moderate Republican.” What else do you need to know about him? Find me a ‘moderate’ who has a functional spine (and an unprogrammed brain), and I’ll show you a pig that can fly at supersonic speeds, reduce his ‘carbon footprint’ and brown-nose Mama Earth at the same time.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          normie hints at being a millionaire! I believe that like I believe waterbuffalo fly let alone pigs!! Even huffington pest wouldn’t claim him!!

      • JeffH

        FlaJim, ole Normy is just your everyday run of the mill liberal hack, nothing more.

        • http://naver samurai

          Right on, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • GregS

        Moderate = Liberal = Progressive = Socialist = RINO = Democrat. The terms are all the same.

    • Joseph C Moore, USN Ret

      The term “teabaggers” in referring to the Tea-Party members was an inside joke used by Liberals. The term refers to an act performed (mostly by homosexuals) of mouthing the scrotum of a partner.

      • coal miner


        Correct term is not teabaggers,its ignorant butt kissers and the common terminologies for it, are [offensive terms removed] .Sucking the scrotum is too polite a term for these lowlifes.lets come up with something else.Any suggestions?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Well, it looks like what I suspected coal dunger did in the mines is correct. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to “going down” doesn’t it???

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s sick, but its true and very funny! Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Norm

        Joseph C Moore
        Hmm. US Navy?

    • eddie47d

      Norm;FLAJIM isn’t very correct on his political view,but stop using the term Teabagger,thanks.

      • JeffH

        eddie47d, Thank you and I agree.

        • JeffH

          …to clarify…I agree regarding Normy…

          • http://naver samurai

            Me too!

    • Warrior

      Normy, your backing the wrong horse again.

      • Norm

        Keep you eyes on Delaware, and maybe Nevada. These were easy Republican victories.

        • Warrior

          I think you are going to be surprised. The majority is “Damn Angry” with almost everyone in DC and I believe there will be an unprecedented shake up. I say toss em out and neuter that SOB in the WH!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            correct as usual and with the first lady(?) complaining about hating the job, I suspect she gave us a few more as well!!

          • Claire

            Hmmmm… Neuter? I say neuter all of that are in the White Hose, don’t just do one, do them all.

          • Claire

            Geez— all of them that are in the White House.

          • http://naver samurai

            I seem to recall that being allowable under the Patriot Act. Just a thought. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • A Patriot

      Norm, are you just as misinformed as you pretend, or are you just an Obamunist mole? I’m assuming that you are a younger person that has been indoctrinated in one of our “government schools.” Anyone who is old enough to have had the good fortune to have studied government, economics and history before the government started to rewrite everything, as I have, will easily see the error in your statement calling Nazis right-wingers. From that statement, it is obvious that you have no idea what a Nazi is. First of all, Nazi is an acronym for National SOCIALIST Party. Second, everyone with a solid education, not indoctrination, will know that Socialism is a political party of the FAR LEFT, just as Comminism, Marxism, Fascism, and other forms of totalitarian government. On the other hand, the far right is anarchy, or no government. Progressing to left, we will find various forms of bigger and bigger government, usually with less and less freedom for their people until we have total government. Do you remember the old Soviet Union? Our present form of government is a constitutional republic, not a democracy as most leftward leaning ideologues believe. This form of government guarantees the most freedom to its citizens. I personally enjoy the freedoms that our Constitution guarantees to every one of it’s CITIZENS, not illegal aliens or non-uniformed foreign combatants. I used to be a staunch supporter of the Republican party. Not any more. I used to give money to the RNC every year for years. Not any more. Now I only give to individual CONSERVATIVE candidates. By the way, I am NOT a member of the Tea Party and have never attended one of their meetings. That is not saying that I might not in the future. Time to dismount from my soapbox.

  • s c

    People, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand the mentality behind a group that uses key ‘selling points’ to do what it does. ‘Republicans’ think these concepts work best – 1) Who are we? 2) Why are we here? 3) What do we do when we get power and a chance to change things? 4) What does elected mean? 5) Can someone repeat the questions?
    ‘Republicans’ don’t have a clue. They’re like grooms who had sheltered lives before marriage. The time to ‘produce’ has come, and they have no idea what to do, how to do it or WHY. Is it any wonder why or how ‘Republicans’ give us so many LOSERS? Any group that gives us someone like McCain (who is anything BUT an ‘elite’) is a loser-by-choice. ‘Republicans’ almost make ‘Dems’, libs and progressives look like people who are worth knowing. Now, do you get finally it?

  • 2WarAbnVet

    The Republican establishment seems to think the best tactic is to put up liberals to combat liberals. These “Socialism, but a little slower please” RINOs should be kicked out of office along with the Demoncrats.

  • jopa

    Perhaps O’Donnel is what Washington needs some new brainpower and hers is like brand new hardly ever used.

    • Norm

      She seemed to have a problem getting a job, paying back taxes, and she stole from her campaign funds. That’s who we need.

      • barbm

        gee, that makes her sound like she should be in nobama’s cabinet. do you really not have anything you aren’t proud of in your history? i do. i doubt there are any people out there who don’t have something. so for whom do we vote while we’re waiting for a messiah? the ones who most match our views on the way things should be. only God is perfect, and even Jesus was tempted.

        • Claire

          barbm–It’s a toss-up. One thing to think about–vote for someone that pays their taxes. lol

      • Bob

        Norm Where is your proof?

  • eddie47d

    Republicans are being thrown out but by Tea Party/Independents who want more conservative policies. That makes the Tea Party very relevant. When election time comes in Nov. these Tea Party folks will mostly vote Republican but of a more right agenda. In the long run it may be the Tea Partiers who save the Republican Party. Then again this “new” Republican Party may end up being too extreme from the pressure from the Tea Party. Extremism’s from any party may keep Independents scratching their heads and continue to be lost in the political wilderness.

    • Warrior

      The Tea Party movement will the save “The Republic”! The majority will no longer be denied their voice. To you incumbents, beware, the light at the end of the tunnel is the express and it’s heading your way.

      • Norm

        The problem is the teabaggers are a minority like the teabaggers who I’ve seen described on this blog.

      • eyeswideopen

        warrior, Karl Rove, had many questions about your new darling of the tea party. Asking about her lies concerning: her education, her student loans, her mortgage, her finances, her lack of payment to her employees, her nutty idea that people are hiding in her bushes, her using her campagin funds to pay for personal expenses. He didn’t mention that she doesn’t believe in masturbation while wearing tons of makeup to make you men lust after her. Hypocritical is the closest word to describe her. BUT A MIRACLE happened today and he backtracked as usual. Now he is endorsing her….Nut cases running loose.

        • http://naver samurai

          Isn’t that about the same as lying about your college records, high school records, your father fighting in WWII, where you were born, your religion, breaking all your promises and lie to cover them up, etc. Isn’t this kind of like the pot calling the kettle black? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Bob

          Eyes There is alot of disinformation coming out. God gave us all a brain to be able to seperate the lies from the truth.

  • texastwin827

    Folks, what is pi**ing the GOP off is we are choosing people WE want, not their handpicked lackies. Same as the Dems do….they decide who they want to win, then pour $$’s into their campaign to make it happen.

    That method is backfiring on them and they are beside themselves trying to figure out how to stop the voter backlash. They don’t realize that the taxpayers are fed up with BOTH parties…we are picking they non career politicians whose views are closer to mainstream American’s.

    If they fail to recognize & accept that, they will be out, like many Dems, in Nov. We are done with the Professional Politicians of both parties!

    • Norm

      The problem is the “we” are right wing extremists who have no sensible, realistic ideas.

      • A Patriot

        Norm, is that ray of light getting brighter yet? Please don’t move,if you can, until the morning of Nov. 3,2010. LOL!!!!!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        As opposed to the left wing nut jobs who don’t really have any ideas either?

    • LM


  • LM

    Amen, that is to what texastwin827 says.

    • Norm

      Ah I thought I saw a ray of light in the darkness for a second.

      • A Patriot

        Norm, that ray of light is the headlight of the conservative express heading in your direction. May I suggest that you don’t move from where your are currently standing.

  • hundabuxt

    We here in Alaska are frequently criticized for what is percieved to be a disproportionate amount of federal money we’ve recieved over the years and the “bridges to nowhere” syndrome. The former long time Senator Stevens’ rebuttal to that was always that we’re a young State with little infrastructure and its our turn. A valid argument but academic now. We recently dumped one of our RINO’s, Senator Merkowski with 8 years into her seniority and having the power to “bring home the bacon” in favor of a Tea Party kind of conservative. We’re participating in a quiet revolution, which suggests the federal government is out of control spending borrowed money and needs to be reigned in. In 4 years we need to dump our one sleezy opportunistic liberal Democrat who was formally the mayor of Anchorage and left us in a budget bind knowingly with a deal made with the fire and police departments to pay them back for supporting his run for mayor all the while knowing we had budget problems. He took Stevens’ office when he was being investigated and was eventually cleared, the swine. We only have one congressman and two senators so we’re going to suffer some.

    • s c

      Hundabuxt, I left Anchorage a long time ago. I’m sorry to hear that any city can have a mayor problem where he or she is literally in bed with police and fire departments (regardless of which party is at fault).
      For what it’s worth, Omaha has the same problem. I suspect it’s more common than we know. It amounts to an indictment of hooker politics, where ‘survival’ takes precedence over ethics and “public service.” It starts at the local level, and mushrooms into more episodes in Washington. Sad.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Here’s another interesting observation on this year’s primaries – the anti-incumbent mood. On CNSnews (9/15/2010) we read “DC Voters Oust Mayor during Democratic Primary”. Presumably DC doesn’t have term limits?? A good point to consider – why do we need term limits?? As we are seeing in this year, many incumbents are being defeated in primaries, without term limits!! Unlike most other conservatives, I’m no fan of term limits. Not only for the abovementioned reasons, but I don’t see term limits as a cure for the problems we face, locally or nationwide. That’s because in deep blue areas, we know liberal Democraps will only be replaced with liberal democraps. The cure for our ills is to defeat today’s leftwing Democrap Party on all levels of government. And speaking of mayors, I vote GOP 99% of the time as the lesser of 2 evils. But our mayor, Mike Bloomjerk (who ignored NYC’s term limits by running for a 3rd term) is an exception to my rule against 3rd parties. Last November, I voted for a 3rd party – a Conservative party mayoral candidate. I knew he had no chance of winning here, but I wanted to send a message, and voice my opinion. I didn’t want to vote for Bloomjerk, nor his democrap opponent (who BTW was endorsed by BHO!!) Although not the type of conservative we really need, Rudy Giuliani was the best NYC mayor of my lifetime. We lost him after 2001 because of term limits. That’s a pity, as Rudy was a far better mayor than Mike Bloomturd!!!!!

  • barbm

    the national gop turned its back on ron paul who was the only rep candidate that had a snowball’s chance in hell of beating nobama. the texas gop turned its back on debra medina who was the tea party favorite for texas governor. they both keep asking me for donations. NO WAY!! i donate to the candidates since i can’t trust the gop to do the right thing and support all rep candidates equally. they don’t get to choose the person for whom i vote and neither does the liberal media. had reps been acting like reps are supposed to act all along, we wouldn’t have this moron for our potus now.

  • http://personallibertydigest Clarence Crosby ,Hubert ,NC

    I am a lifelong Republican , dissatisfied with business as usual , for the party the right thing to do is to always support real conservatives over moderates , rhino’s , and progressives . If they have to betray the American principles to win we have all lost , and the party continues to be less than useless . What they have to do is educate the public on the duplicity and deceit of the democratic party , it is not the party it used to be .

  • http://gmail i41

    The democats are always going to go with the socialist ideas. The wimp reps. keep thinking the best way is to not be hard assed with dems who are airy fairys. Just get along and compromise. Alan Specter was a peice of democrat crap and will always be. Same goes for Lisay Gramisty, and the two bimbos that go wobbly and join in with the dems. The democrats have always been socialists and will never be independent of the communist leanings. I see another life long communist democrat is going to honored, someone who even balked at the idea of giving in to the union card check, but communist demcrats will always bend over and postitute themselves and kiss and make up. When the dems post here and act like they are republicans, when they knock the TEA Party, they are frauds. Go Tea Party folks and lets gett down to the nut cutting, and rid the party of queers and sell the steer back to the dem party where these scum belong. Usually if you are raising livestock ,you have to cull the worthless poor gainers or space takers on the range, and keep only the top ones that are meeting the standrads. Same goes for the worthless rinos that don’t meet the conservative standrads, Tea Party is an easy way to cull the phony spook phantom conservatives. Next line is to cull the rejects that are anti USA crowed and agencies of rejects back to no power spots.

  • Marilyn

    It’s going to take big bucks to get Republican names out there and get some decent reps in place. Too bad, but that’s how it works. The richest gets elected because of the exposure. Here is how it goes in my little town: The Republicans sit on their azzez and do little to get anyone as a decent candidate while the Democrats work their azzez off to establish lots of ads and what they feel are good candidates. Republicans sat it out the last round and we got Obama. Almost Clinton. Fred Thompson who seemed to make a lot of sense had to drop out early due to lack of funds as well as other Rep. candidates. That left you know who and his running mate, Palin, who no one had ever heard of before; she was drug into the arena and they made a fool out of her. She spoke what she was told to say and she should never have done that. She had balls and lots of it so she could have stomped on some of the Dems and didn’t. My pick was not considered. Maybe she didn’t want the job. Ms. Rice could have gone head to head with any of the liberal s—heads and won. That lady has pizazz and I like her political prowess. Anyway, Republicans had better bolster more real self-confidence and don’t rely on just “anyone” as long as they are Republican. That’s not going to fly. The dems have money and lots of it. Obama will arrange that like he always does. If you vote Republican this November, be prepared to donate whatever you can because it will take ads and lots of visits by the Republicans. Put your money where your mouth is and lots of it or accept new liberal screwballs or the same liberal screwballs. Obama is setting the Socialism stage and we want to tear it down. November 2nd, Note on your frig: TAKE OUT THE TRASH. After you Vote, Keep your note there for the next November 2nd.

  • Centerist

    Unfortunately the tea party is so extreme right that they scare moderates. Once November 2nd comes around the Republican party is going to have a giant wake up call. Extremest rarely make it to office and actually interfere with the big picture. Although the tea party appears to have made strides in the Republican party, in a general election they will find their supporters a minority. Even Boehner realizes that questioning Obama’s legitimacy, Roe v Wade, Automatic weapons, Abortion etc. are third rail subjects that moderate America has little time for. November will bring in politicians that center on a plan for our economy not extremest philosophy.

    • GregS

      Left-of-Centerist, you need to get your facts straight. “Moderates” are nothing more than liberals (extreme lefties) in disguise, and it’s obivious that YOU are one of them! Furthermore, it’s apparent that you think that the Democrats are all going to win in November (as opposed to the Tea Party candidates, who have won their Republican primaries. Well, I have news for you: As most people are now discovering, the Democrats are NOT turning out to be “politicians that center on a plan for our economy.” Instead, they have proven to be politicians that center on a plan for turning our country into a socialist state, with their own “extremist philosophy.” Lefties always care more about socialism than they do about the economy. They proved that with their obsession with ObummerCare for the past year and a half, instead of focusing on the economy! So, Left-of-Centerist, we’ll see who wins in November!

      • Centerist

        Yes, we will.

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    I was once a Democrat, then a Republican, & now an Independant. WHY?? Because even though I agree with the Republicans more often then that other party, I finally realized, that MOST people in politics are Powermad,Money Hungry,Liars & outright Crooks. Thanks to the Tea Party, many eyes have been opened, & just mabey we will get rid of some of these jerks. Don’t bet on it though,with the Old Liners being pi**ed over losing, & the Democrats, the Media, Acorn, the Black Panthers, & the Majority of Blacks, along with the Illegals wanting Amnesty, they are going to pull out ALL Stops to keep control of both the Senate & the House.

    • GregS

      Well said, Steve! We all (independants) need to work hard and vote this November to try to stop that from happening. It’s the best we can do.

  • billy

    We should ONLY vote for non-Statist Constitutionalists! I refuse to put Party over principle. When the GOP runs non-Statist Constitutionalists, I will be sure to vote for them. When the GOP runs Statist Neo-Cons, I will NOT!


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