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Pride Goeth Before The Fall

December 20, 2011 by  

Pride Goeth Before The Fall

During his “60 Minutes” interview with a fawning Steve Kroft two Sundays ago, President Barack Obama offered one of the better bons mots he has uttered since he won the right to be the President of the “57” States:

I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history.

His statement was not included on the show; it was available only online. How charitable of those paragons of journalistic skepticism at CBS to spare us all such horrors by carefully editing the piece to exclude Obama’s amble through arrogance. Obama’s careful avoidance of his latter two years aside, millions of people nationwide would have spit out their coffee all over their morning papers upon reading such rubbish. Commuters would have barreled into multiple-vehicle pileups all across America’s highways upon hearing such hubris.

I’ll presume that CBS’s decision to cut the President’s bizarre homage to himself emanated entirely from the desire to protect us all from Obama’s enormously overinflated self-image. Surely, they didn’t cut it to protect the President from turning himself into the butt of the biggest joke since Dan Rather missed forged documents class in investigative reporting school.

While Obama openly placing himself in the top four is howl-worthy on its own, two of his three list-mates are “Michael Moore falling down the stairs” funny. FDR? Of all the Presidents who required a global conflagration to avoid spending the country into oblivion, I suppose FDR is tops. And I believe Johnson’s lone positive act involved not running for re-election — unless Obama was referring to President Andrew Johnson. If that’s the case, his lone positive act was that he didn’t set anything on fire during his impeachment trial.

Even a casual review of the home front reveals that Obama’s only Presidential peers in contributing to the domestic tranquility are those revered icons of economic ineptitude Presidents Jimmy Carter, Herbert Hoover and Martin Van Buren. The unemployment rate, which does not include those who have tapped out of the emaciated job market, remains a millstone around our collective necks. Meanwhile, Obama’s overarching private sector tinkering has benefited cronies like Jeff Immelt and various union thugs while producing Obamacare, Operation Fast and Furious, the “Occupy” fleabags and the Chevy Volt. If he does us any more favors, Standard & Poor’s will cut our bond rating to “Bhutan.”

As for foreign policy accomplishments: Our exit from Iraq appears to have come just in time to make way for Iran to get serious about its nuclear aspirations. The Islamofascists who own that poor land have hardly backed off their terroristic fist-shaking; and when they began mowing down protesting teenagers, Obama responded with halfhearted condemnations. Perhaps if the Iranian demonstrators had been led by the Sharia law-imposing Muslim Brotherhood, Obama would have kicked in a couple of battalions or vocal support in the same manner he did for the so-called “Arab Spring” demonstrators. And while the execution of Osama bin Laden was certainly cause for celebration, Ayman al-Zawahiri and the Taliban continue to steal our oxygen. Elsewhere, Obama’s irrepressible charm has enraged the Israelis, enriched foreign oil barons and earned belly laughs from the Chinese. Hardly the resume of a President on a par with the truly accomplished masters of Presidential politics.

I suppose I should grant Obama some leeway. After all, if the media used up their bag of superlatives to describe me every time I opened my eyes, I might start to believe my own press — no matter how undeserved it might be. A few days after Obama got cozy with his special friend Kroft, the Republican candidates for the Presidency faced each other in another debate. Despite his own delusions of grandeur, Obama wouldn’t have ranked in the top four there, either; and no clever editing by CBS could have changed that.

–Ben Crystal


Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Angel Wannabe

    Good Article!!__Obama is Grandiose Delusional!_-Comparable to a Jackazz looking into a mirror, and seeing a KING looking back!

    Sorry Folks__ my analogy is ” if you have a pig to begin with, no amount of lipstick, makeup or clothes is going to change the fact, it’s still a pig!

    • Opal the Gem

      Is it a pig or is it the pig sty?

    • eddie47d

      “The media used up their bag of superlatives” to describe the author!? What media is that for I have never heard his name mentioned outside this form. Is the author looking for pity or hyping up his own self importance?

      • Michael

        Say, Idiot,er Eddiot, uh Eddie, you might want to have your head,uh EYE’s checked. You obviously either can’t read or have a comprehension problem. Read the last paragraph again, and pay a little more attention as you do.

      • Dagney

        Comprehension all little OFF today? Ben said “IF” the media…..

      • eddie47d

        Yes that “If” word is important although I was going for his own “delusions of grandeur”. Well I suppose that is what he gets paid for.

        • libertytrain

          eddie you really have a problem. Why are you here if you have nothing but disparaging things to write about each and almost every author. Your comments come across as envy -

          • Angel Wannabe

            libertytrain___”Hear, Hear”!__I’m convinced the pay is well for eddie and his like, to comb conservative blogs and keep inciting trouble, I’ve gotten to the point I rarely post back to the Libs anymore, they’re only here to cause trouble, if we don’t givem a platform, they’ll eventually blow away, just like dust.

          • libertytrain

            there’s a couple of them here, that despite their own poor writing styles, are here almost daily, almost hourly, yet obviously are green with envy or paid. Good points – Angel —-

          • Angel Wannabe

            libertytrain, :)

          • eddie47d

            You’re all so gullible no matter what some of these authors write and then you get smart Alick about it with others. Open your minds a little wider and dig a little deeper. Isn’t that what you tell others to do…unless it challenges your own opinion.

          • JeffH

            Angelwannabe & libertytrain, I’ve been sayin’ it for so long even I’m sick of it…in eddie’s case…”it can’t be fixed and it’s foevah”…

            I’ve been keepin’ a low profile lately but it’s nice to see others observing…U know what I mean… :)

          • Angel Wannabe

            jEFFH, Yep me too@__I hear ya, I pop on now and again, its good to see some regulars still on

            …reading the Liberals rhetoric I find are great tension relievers, I get p*ssed blow some steam, life is good! :)

          • libertytrain

            Jeff – missed you and was worried. Good to know you’re just laying low… we all do that now and then except of course for the obvious character mentioned above…. :)

          • JeffH

            libertytrain & Angel Wannabe, yepper! Tired of the anti-Americanism and the argueing (especially with rocks). I think we, for the most part, have exchanged all of the ideas of what we believe a government for and by the people should be and it sure ain’t the dysfunctional one we got now. I’ll be around though, so to you and everyone else have a very Mrry Christmas.

            “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”…

          • libertytrain

            jeffh, keep stopping by, we all may need to be looking after Claire some…

          • eddie47d

            What is there to be envious about? Your lack of joy and common sense could depress anyone. The only way some of you feel good is by trying to beat up a liberal with little to back it up.

          • JeffH

            eddie says Polly want a cracker? baaarrraaaccckkk…hypocrit!

        • http://yahoo JAN

          Eddie is ill and needs to see a doctor soon.. he suffers from liberlism. AND IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT LIBERELISM IS A
          MENTAL DISORDER. He does not have the sense to know

          • Angel Wannabe

            JAN, I won’t say all but a lot of us here, think eddie 47d, eric b, flashy, Doc,… and the like are a paid liberal shills for blogs or perhaps Washington, to get a feel what this side thinks!__ Why else would liberals comb and comment on Conservative blogs, they flash around a lot of numbers, liberal intellect or maybe they’re just looking to start trouble!__Once in a while I stay and play! :)

          • eddie47d

            But most of all you seem to also have visions of grandeur and that is what you have in common with Ben. He digs up trash and you all think you are on a treasure hunt. You buy all his baloney and then eat the sausage too! As I sometimes say…. What a Hoot!

          • libertytrain

            Eddie, you poor thing.

          • Opal the Gem

            “……..with Ben. He digs up trash and you all think you are on a treasure hunt.”

            Proof eddie proof. Provide links to prove your pile of sh!t don’t stink.

      • John Woodbury

        Eddie your sooooo dumb…that you make a blond look like a MIT graduate. He said IF people used that for him he might also start thinking he was smart. Please read the article and put mind in gear before putting mouth in motion.

    • r.p.

      I can agree with Angel that a pig is a pig is a….. And although I don’t always agree with everything Ben has to say; this article comes very close to agreement with my opinion. Let me say that when the likes of Obama, Gingrich, Romney, and Perry stand in front of their vanity mirror to do their morning ritual, they all repeat the same prayer in hopes of an answer that validates their existence…. “MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL, WHO’S THE FASCIST OF THEM ALL?”

      • JUKEBOX

        I heard that they are contemplating building a 100,000 square foot wing on the White House, Just to accommodate OBAMA’S EGO.

    • Loyalsoxfan

      With all due respect, this sort of thing is bound to happen ( open mouth, insert foot) when you are still hung-over from the night before , plus FORGET to bring your podium and teleprompter….probably had some kind of nicotine “fit”….his “speech-writer” needs to be fired, for sure….hemmorroids, meet fan…..LOL….

  • Mike

    If the Hypocrite-in-Chief actually believes that he’s anything other than the most completely evil man to ever curse the office of President then he’s got to be on some serious illegal drugs. Maybe he swapped for them with his illegal alien buddies during Operation Fast and Furious.

    • clarence swinney

      Clinton to Bush to Obama
      Who Dug the Deep Hole? Who Fumbled the ball?
      Numbers rounded

      Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
      Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

      Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
      Bush left Obama a 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

      Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
      Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

      Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
      Bush left Obama a 31,000 lowest number since Hoover.

      Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
      Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

      Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
      Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

      Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
      Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

      Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.
      Bush left Obama the most hated President in history
      Bush left Obama an Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano
      Bush left Obama, in 2008, an 8500B Bail out commitment Yes! 8500 not just 700
      Bush left Obama his Takeover of Fannie/Freddie, AIG, and first bailout of Chrysler
      Bush increased maximum loan by Fannie/Freddie from $300,000 to $729,000
      Bush increased FDIC maximum deposit coverage from $100,000 to $250,000
       clarence swinney–political historian–lifeaholics of america burlington nc
      author-Lifeaholic–Life story of Workaholic failure to Lifeaholic success
      Best seller list in haw river nc population 200 and growing
      comments welcome facts -numbers not opinion

      • Dagney

        Oh, you forget a little something called the CRA…..

        • Smitty

          i think you mean CRS

          cant remember S

      • bobn

        Who controlled the house and senate during clinton’s great sucess?

        • Flashy

          Well…given the Dems controlled Congress for much of Reagan’s “great accomplishments” … still wanting to take that route?

          • bobn

            Seems lile I remember the term ‘DEAD ON ARRIVAL’ quite often from the DEMOCRATIC CONGRESS during the Regan Adm

          • DaveR

            To Mr. Swinney — Good points, but overlooked in any such listing is recognition of the fact that many if not most effects of acts occurring under a president are delayed. If deficit spending is suddenly stopped, the economy is not going to immediately rev up, unemployment is not going to immediately drop to under 5 percent and the national debt is not going to decrease. The Reagan tax cuts demonstrated those lagging effects. One result of such lead-lag effects is that people can condemn the leader who implemented the change in policy or law and cast accolades at the later leader who merely happens to be in office when the positive returns appear.

            To Flashy — also a very good observation, but doesn’t that indicate that Reagan was an effective leader? And if Congress was uncooperative, he took his sales pitch directly to the citizens via TV and radio. In contrast Obama often leaves the matter for Congress to try to address, and blames them for his choice not to lead.

          • Flashy

            Congress did work with Reagan. I don’t recall ever hearing or reading of any Dem leader back then stating that the primary goal was making Reagan a one term president. I don’t recall everything reagan proposed being immediately rejected. I don’t recall even a smidgoen of the lies and hate filled vitriolic spewings that occur today against this president.

            It’s a common theme with the Right these days. They want cooperation with their wants, but reject any cooperation for anything but their wants.

            Can you imagine Reagan faced with the stance the GOP and the far right gives this administration…elected by an overwhelming majority of the people? Far more of a majority than Reagan received his first term.

            Heck…on this forum just a few weeks ago I read someone calling Barry Goldwater a liberal. The true Conservative heros of the past would spit on the shadows of those holding themselves as conservatives today. I take that back…they would waste the effort in disdain. John Wayne, Barry Goldwater, Buckley etc … all would be rejected as “kooks and liberals’ from this crowd of lunatics we have today who hold themselves as “Conservatives”.

            i don’t know what they are, but the Far right today is a far cry from what a Conservative truly is. I’d say the closest anyone can come to in dfning them is labelling them the American Taliban.

      • lkar

        Good to see that the Obama blame game propaganda has effectively worked, you being proof!
        Bush was a big government crony just as Obama has doubled down! What has Obama done to reduce your stated facts??? As a fellow NC resident, it is nice to know useful idiots live nearby.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Liberty

        Replace the word Bush, with a Democratic Party controlled House and Senate, and most of your facts will hold up to scrutiny.

        • eddie47d

          Anti-Obama sentiment is 24/7 raucous and seldom fact based but assumption based. The propaganda from the right has it’s own echo chamber Mr Ikar and others.

          • Dagney

            Obama is a Lenin communist as perfectly illustrated in his last big speech in Kansas (or was that Texas?? :-). So, what’s not to like in the Constitutional Republic called America? Time for another McCarthy era, I’m thinking!

          • Flashy

            What was it president Obama said in that speech Dag that you say is ‘communist’ ?

          • eddie47d

            So Dagney wants to replace what he perceive as “communists” with right wing loons. Oh…what a choice!

          • http://windstream Concerned American Citizen

            My facts have been based on absolute fact since before your hero zero was put in the White House. I, like literally millions of other Americans do know the facts about your guy and Eddie you can bet that we are working 24/7 to be sure others know those facts as well. So you just stay awake and keep right on reading and may be you will learn something.But I have serious doubt that you will. Narrow minded is close kin to stupid and the fan’s of this president are a very narrow minded bunch.

          • Meteorlady

            “Seldom fact based”? I’m sorry, there are many facts out there. Did we have to bail out GM? No, we did not as they effectively came out of bankruptcy anyway. Has he taken responsibility for anything? No he goes out on the campaign trail or vacation and leaves it up to the congress to take care of and when it fails he can blame them, along with Bush of course. The corruption continues and the fact is that Obama was elected from the most corrupt state in the union as far as politics are concerned. He has done nothing that I would consider good for this country.


      • Wyatt

        Clarence , we would all like to know just where you got your so called numbers ? Even the liberal press is reporting figures much higher than what you are showing . Obviously you are subscribing to Barry O’s school of creative accounting !

      • kathleen

        yes and obama had four years to correct it, bush dug the hole allright and obama keeped on diggingl.

        • Meteorlady

          I believe that Bush continued digging, though not as deep, as Clinton did. Clinton signed Fair Housing the repeal of Glass-Steagall. Bush did try to alert the Senate Banking Committee (there is actually YouTube footage of him before them if it’s still there) about Fannie and Freddie and was ignored and actually ridiculed by Dodd and Frank.

          There is plenty of blame to go around in both parties.

      • Sirian

        You really haven’t gotten out of grade school yet, have you?

      • Larry Owens

        Sure sounds like you are really Happy with your Boy Odumbo, The Dumbocrats had to go and find them a Illegal to be president. After all he is NOT eligible to be president and the Truth will come out eventually, He can not hide the TRUTH for ever.

      • Meteorlady

        Clarence – according to the Treasury Department website, the day Bush took office the DEFICIT stood at $17.4 BILLION. During Bush’s first full year in office the DEFICT increased to $133.4 BILLION. The reason Clinton claimed a surplus is that he counted the income from the Social Security Trust Fund to make it appear to be a surplus. The US Treasury is MANDATED to pay the Social Security money out. Clinton also used a couple of obscure accounting practices. I hate it when people keep repeating something that is basically untrue because others the start to believe it as truth.

    • Alex

      No president of the White Estates of Amerikkka will ever approach Ronald Reagan in terms of being purely Evil. Before all you Teabaggers get your panties in a twist you should get real enoughto know that Reagan would not stand a chance in today’s GOP Kache of Klown Kar Kandidates—-Raygun TRIPLED the national deficit and was slightly if slimely kinder to our Mexican neighbors—things that make Fright Wingers go apoplectic.

      As for the pure Evil part—Reagan carried on two wars against the civilian populations of El Salvador and Nicaragua by trading arms-for-drugs and arms-for-hostages and LAID FLOWERS AT THE GRAVES OF NAZI SS OFFICERS (and you sniveling Reich Wingers complain about Obama bowing before other world leaders!! You people are psychotic in your pathological hatred.). As Governor of California, Raygun wished for an epidemic of botulism to strike the very children he was sworn to protect! You can look it up! Total pig and pure Evil. As you read this, Ronald Reagan is being raked over the coals of Hell with Hitler and John Wayne Gacy. God does not like it when cruel, Evil men like Reagan attack defenseless women and children in hopes of keeping poor nations shackled to the decrepit, decomposing corpses of dead Empires.

      Ronald Reagan—the most Evil Amerikkkan leader ever.

      Please do not come back at me with all of your whiny and angry and poorly-thought out prose—challenge what I write with fact, not vitriol. Ooops, I forget—you cannot because most of my facts are unassailable.

      • Dagney


      • eddie47d

        A little harsh Alex and I don’t know if they can handle it. So true about Reagan in Guatemala. That was supporting racism at it’s best where he armed the dictator government. The Spanish Elites and Generals who controlled the country hated the native population (Indians) and they used those weapons and military intelligence that Reagan provided and killed 300,000. Whole villages where wiped out and not a trace left and it became nothing more than genocide.They couldn’t even use the threat of communism in that country and the policy was strictly used for extermination.

      • cawmun cents

        What I want to know is…what does that which you have defecated from your obviously deviant schizophrenia warped mind,have to do with Omamba’s delusions of grandeur?No thanks,by thhe way,to the helping of red herring.-CC.

        • eddie47d

          Just proving that the right will accept genocide on their watch also.There won’t be any Monuments to you either!

      • Dennis48e

        “Raygun wished for an epidemic of botulism to strike the very children he was sworn to protect! You can look it up!’

        No Alex, you made the claim you provide the proof.

    • http://yahoo JAN

      OBUMMER is under the delussion he is in charge.
      We need to send this illegel back to his home in Kenya.
      THEY will make him King of B.S. He has dam near destroyed this counrty. If WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WAKE UP BEFORE 2012.
      He will finish the destruction. SO WAKE UP AND SAY

    • FWO21

      And just think how “wonderful” it will be because we get to support him for the rest of his life when he doesn’t make it back into the White House. Oh puke!

      I still hope he has to show his real long form birth certificate and school and college records to prove to the people who he really is. He has spent millions not having to do that and that is very UNAMERICAN.


      They are probably left over from those days when he was a DRUG MULE going back and forth from the U.S. and Pakistan & Indonesia.

  • peter

    One thing that we can all count on. This imposter has absolutely no equal when it comes to self glorification, self admiration and plain outright bragging. Problem is there are many stupid enough to agree with the fool! I am trying very hard to find a word to describe this bombastic jerk but there are none yet invented. Egotistical Puppet maybe? Is he stupid enough to want us to believe that he is actually an accomplished person instead of an accomplished conman, without the moral fibre to admit that he is really a bad joke invented by Wall Street and the main stream media and in the process has taken mayhem and confusion to new heights. That is quite an accomplishment indeed, but not one to brag about. This moron thinks he is God!

    • clarence swinney

      Prove he is not God

      • S. Wilson

        [Offensive post removed.]

        • Smitty

          actually those things we think are ears

          are horns

      • cawmun cents

        As the above poster levied the charges(making him prosecutorial in this case),that Balack Omamba is not God,the burden of proof is on you the defense,to prove that he is.
        The prosecution rests,you may begin Mr.Defense attorney…..

        • Flashy

          Objection as the statements are subjective opinion not based on facts presented or existing. Move to strike as statements are self serving and false on their face. Move to sanction as said statements are undeserving the consideration of any sane logical person.

          Your move CC

          • cawmun cents

            You’ve got me there….Liberals are the only sane folks in the world.
            After all they make rights into laws which you can be fined for not exercising.
            Yes they are perfectly sane.
            I withdraw my earlier statements and questions based on the very truth of the foundations of liberalism.

      • DaveR

        That’s simple. That Obama has lied on several occasions is well documented. God does not.

        • Flashy

          Who’s god youreferring to Dave ? What denomination?

      • Don

        clarence he might be your god but he is not the god of “We The People”

      • http://yahoo JAN

        HE IS THE antichrist AND WOULD BLEED IF SHOT.
        And send all libs to kenya with the whitehouse trash

        • bob wire

          Okay? You have explained “him” and so who is “Jan”? What super power do you hold for such insightful commentary you share?

          Anti -Christ? It seem you would need to know Christ and his works to know the Anti-Christ. Since bearing false witness is unacceptable behavior offer your evidence please.

      • JUKEBOX

        That’s easy, there’s no way GOD could be this evil and stupid at the same time. I believe Lucifer might have had a child named BARRY.

    • eddie47d

      Since the elections are in full swing why should Obama be any different than the other candidates who gloat about their “accomplishments” all the time. There are at least 5 Republican candidate and a few who have come before them that have out smugged the President by a long shot. Some of those candidates are pushing their own brand of hope and change which is more hype than hope.

      • Dagney

        To run and be POTUS, one must definitely have a healthy ego. How else could you sell yourself? However, obvious delusion and narcisism is something, I think, should be avoided at all costs. If we do in the future, after this obvious disasterous mistake, maybe we’ll be able to rely on the POTUS to actually put country above self.

      • r.p.

        I heard Obama’s new campaign slogan will be..
        HYPE you should believe in;
        CHAINS you must trust:

        • JeffH

          r.p. :)

        • bob wire

          too funny! chains you can trust, I still like the pregnant lady with the tee shirt saying, “I went all the way with LBJ”.

          • r.p.

            That might be better. How about “CHAINS you can’t-rust”?

          • eddie47d

            Both parties are chained to continual wars for problem solving.

      • JUKEBOX

        There is a BIG difference between proven records of any of the Republican candidates, and the years of “PRESENT” votes of Obama, and his unproven school records, other than the ones bought by the Saudis.

    • Flashy

      So Pete…tell us what you really think of Crystal’s article…wow.

    • Bill Kay

      Well stated I agree totally , the man is a total Joke there are no words , its unbelivable , and pethetic.

    • Bill Kay

      Peter excellent statement ,refer to my comment.

    • bob wire

      If we knew more about Ben Crystal, perhaps we could be kinder but as it stands, civility alone stays my hand.

      I know one thing about Ben Crystal; To feel some need to apologize for your education is no place for any man to start out with me.

      Your roots are sometime we all must come to terms with and accept, with our heads held high. Regardless.

      If you don’t accept yourself and where you came from, why should I?

  • http://yakoo john

    my mom use to say “S P S” Self Praise Stinks! 13 more months with him and hes a bad dream.

    • clarence swinney

      Show the transcript that shows those remarks verbatim.

      • lkar

        Smart ass!

      • Flashy

        That would be interesting wouldn’t it? Wonder if they were taken out of context….ya think? heck..wonder if they exist even …

        • Flashy

          Clarence…i found the statement…here is the FULL transcript of what was said. Seems it was taken out of context. Are you surpised? LOL

          The full exchange between Obama and Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes:

          KROFT: Tell me, what do you consider your major accomplishments? If this is your last speech. What have you accomplished?

          PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, we’re not done yet. I’ve got five more years of stuff to do. But not only saving this country from a great depression. Not only saving the auto industry. But putting in place a system in which we’re gonna start lowering health care costs and you’re never gonna go bankrupt because you get sick or somebody in your family gets sick. Making sure that we have reformed the financial system, so we never again have taxpayer-funded bailouts, and the system is more stable and secure. Making sure that we’ve got millions of kids out here who are able to go to college because we’ve expanded student loans and made college more affordable. Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Decimating al Qaeda, including Bin Laden being taken off the field. Restoring America’s respect around the world.

          The issue here is not gonna be a list of accomplishments. As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, FDR, and Lincoln — just in terms of what we’ve gotten done in modern history. But, you know, but when it comes to the economy, we’ve got a lot more work to do. And we’re gonna keep on at it.

          • JUKEBOX

            His #1 achievement in the auto industry was bankrupting SAAB by refusing to let them be sold to the Chinese.

  • Bill Elmhorst

    You underestimate the “accomplishments” of messiah Obama. He nationalized healthcare, nationalized the auto industry, gave billion$ (your tax dollars) to his crony friends (supporters), gave Iran our Drone technology, destabilized the entire mid-east, offended Israel and Great Britain, bowed to the Saudis, increased the national debt(unprecedented) and demoralized the troops with open homosexuality.

    • Ron Lehr

      O’Bama is an even bigger idiot than I thought. He is a dumbass of the worst kind.

      • http://personalliberty larry kemp

        There’s lots of bad things i could say about obama but that ass is not my president.

    • clarence swinney

      9-30-01-5700 Billion
      9-30-09—11,900 Billion
      +11,200 Billion

      9-30-09 11,900 Billion
      +3000 Billion

      5100 Billion added by Bush NEW Programs
      1400 Billion added by Obama NEW programs

      78% by Bush NEW programs
      22% by OBama New programs

      • Angel Wannabe

        … with all due respect “Clarence the Numbers Guy” I’m sure all of us on Personal Liberty are awed by your intellectual polls & numbers games, but sadly, it doesn’t take a genius to comb through the countless blogs & news of both sides, to watch the stocks, and a plain look around our own communities to figure out the truth,… but it does require one, to have ones eyes open!

      • DowgyCO

        Illegal aliens now quite possibly can call a toll free government number, 1-800-259-0957, to get a free “Obama Phone.” The program, conventionally known as Safe Link Wireless, is available to those are on food stamps or Medicaid. Applying for work permits that give them drivers’ licenses provides illegals proof of identity. With that, they enter America’s entitlement class and even become enabled to vote in our elections — for Democrats, of course.

        The Obama administration has set up a cascading series events, beginning back in August when deportation of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants was suspended, pending reviews. “A review of about 300,000 deportation cases currently before the immigration courts,” will be done by the DOJ and Homeland Security to “halt deportations of longtime residents with clean police records who came here illegally when they were children,” according to a New York Timesarticle.

    • eddie47d

      I see Bill woke up cranky today and forgot to take his mood medicine. Obama didn’t destabilize the Middle East for that was done many moons ago. Think Reagan and Bush II so that is more Republican lies to enhance your putrid portfolio or is it only phony entertainment to you? Most previous Presidents have “bowed” to the Saudis so that is beyond laughable. So knock yourself out with that TRIVIAL pursuit!Homosexuality is pretty much a non-issue in the military and is only a false propaganda flag being used by the right wing for political purposes. Now if you could separate the BS from the facts you may have something.

      • Alex

        Once again, eddie47d puts backwards, Teabag thinking through the grinder!

      • Jennifer

        President Bush KISSED THE SAUDI KING…. kissing is far more “intimate” than protocol bowing…. makes you wonder what else got kissed…

        • Flashy

          Don’t forget Bush holding hands which is a sign in the Arab culture of subservience to the King as the king shows favor. And those flights out after 9/11 … wonder how the Saudis got that permission over everyone else…including other foreign countries

          • http://windstream Concerned American Citizen

            It’s called protocol. Try reading “Decision Points” and you will see just how stupid you liberal’s are. President Bush did a good job during the hardest time in America’s history. His mistakes were nothing compared to the entire term of this clown now. President Bush said himself that “he wish’s that he had not bailed out the banks just before he left office.” Then this entire thing with bail outs would have never been pointed at him. But no doubt the liberal loons would have still tried to point every smell that their boy Zero makes at the direction of the former president.
            At least the Bush’s had the honor and decency to not criticize the sitting president. In fact, they don’t do it to former presidents. Unlike this arrogant prissy rooster now that you call president.

          • eddie47d

            Bush doesn’t say much about the past because he knows he screwed up. Not much different than Carter. Both are really nice but made poor Presidents.

  • Flashy

    Well Mr. Crystal’s article certainly sums up his outlook on what is good for Americans. When he uttered “of the people, by the people, for the people”, Licoln was speaking of one People. Perhaps it is not too far to suggest Mr. Crystal would be speaking of three classes of people, each in its place.

    let’s do a little review of Mr. Crystal’s diatribe.

    He rails against FDR. OK…who presented FDR with the Great Recession? The policies preceding FDR were those that drove the conomy to disaster. Unprecedented in scope and ruination, FDR stabilized the economic freefall. What FDR could not do was to stimulate the economy as Schacht was doing in the German economy. our governing system was not as pliable for immediate appication of Keynesian economics. As it stood, FDRs policies rove down unemployment…and the economic situation was improving due to the government policies. Problem the wacked Right have is that the situation required tiome to cure…and they conveniently fail to admit time was required to bring this nation back.

    Johnson and the Great Society.

    I would add Truman and kennedy in the mix as well…perhaps a tad above this president for now…we shall see what the next four years has so he may be ranked accordingly.

    What did obama accomplish? In the face of unrelenting, vicious attacks as the elite were fighting to maintain their serfdom like hold on America, Obama made progress. Health care reform. He failed in getting the Public option installed, but the framework is there, and it will come. It will be the lynch pin in our society having as much of a beneficial impact on the lives of Americans as Medicare and Medicaid. It will reduce costs to employers, boost the economy through the savings to small business, and force labor fairness upon every corporation.

    He stopped the massive job losses the GOp gifted us with. the wacked like to claim the stimulus didn’t accomplish anything. If one doesn’t count the reversal of job losses from almost a million to a small positive, if one doesn’t count saving the US auto industry, if one doesn’t count the huge numbers of small businesses created, if one doesn’t count the beginning of the rebuilding of our infrastructure, bringing the internet to rural America … they may be halfway correct.

    Got us out of Iraq, navigfated the Arab Spring, increased US world stature from the gutter and pariah status of Bush/Cheney to coming back to ladership. Snuffed bin laden and has brought al Qaeda almost to its knees.

    All this in spite of the GOP dirty tricks, of the unrelenting and often times false based lying attacks by the wacked Right wishing to overturn the votes of the people, of an opposition more concerned with keeping the stranglehold on the Middle Class destroying it as the basic foundation of our society …

    For those who truly wish America to be strong and lead the world once again as it did prior to the 1980′s…have faith. Truth will win in the end, and evil vanquished.

    • John

      Where do you get you information from? Johnson great society started America down a path of destruction man….Nixon took us off the gold standard because of what Johnson did….bad news… check your facts….

    • Alex

      You are both smart and correct for the most part, Flashy, but the idea that this country needs to be strong and lead is silly in the modern world. We, thank God, are just about finished as an Empire. We must work to get rid of all the old hang-ups about borders and other selfish and outdated notions. Countries are only granafaloons for the lost, the uninspired, the lazy, and the scared.

      • Flashy

        Alex….maybe on the empire, but the internet has created a global network of interconnecting parts. Anyone with half a brain knew five years ago China was going to shoot itself. I give it another year, perhaps two before that house of cards collapses. you think our financial system was sick and controlled by risk takers willing to privatize profit and publicize the losses? Wait until it comes to fruition in China. Along with its aging society and the economic and information freedoms emrging in it’s forming middle class. Whoa…

        i would select India as the next competitor on the block trying to knock us off.

        but…looking ahead past my lifetime. I would like to see my offspring and heirs to inherit an English dominated culture … and propserity centered around North America. As much as Bush/Cheney supporters/cronies/controllers and the GOP would like to take us back and become a member of the Third World, I’d prefer they fail in that quest.

    • Smitty

      Health care reform. He failed in getting the Public option installed, but the framework is there, and it will come.

      Truly laughable.

      We didn’t need health care reform.
      We we needed INSURANCE reform to fix the 4 to 6 things obama blahed about.

      Instead he forced a mandate that takes away our freedom to choose. It’s no accident that Obama care doesn’t fully kick in until 2013 AFTER the 2012 election.

      If it was fully implemented obama would lose every vote he has because people would then know how badly he screwed US.

      His healthcare has already cost my family hundreds and hundreds of dollars…when he did away with Flex dollars for OTC. That was his payment to the big drug companies.

      Funny i can still remember the ring of obama’s voice, we let you get your prescriptions outside of the USA so you can get the best price.

      LIES, more lies all the man has done is LIE. Likewise his appointees.

      • Flashy

        Hmmmm…and the original health Care Bill? Did that have the same affect on your situation? Or was it only the messed up watered down version that the GOP insisted on having?

        What you are complaining about for the most part are the GOP insisted upon provisions.

        You’re welcome.

        • DowgyCO

          But whey DIDN’T get them because Reid and Pelosi and Obama went behind CLOSED DOORS and PUSHED it through. The democraps went for it!!!

      • eddie47d

        Sorry Joey almost all costs relative to the Affordable Health Care Plan were initiated a few years before Obama was elected . Those price increases came courtesy of Big Pharma and Big private health care companies like Blue Cross/Aetna.

      • Jennifer

        We DO NEED HEALTH REFORM…. when my kids were little it cost $2000 for a appendectomy, tonsillectomy, or general kids stay in the hospital. Now a tonsillectomy costs $20,000… that is damn hard to pay for when you only make $20,000 a year like we do here in this Right to Work for less state.

        • eddie47d

          Actually you make an excellent point FOR Healthcare reform. It was private companies that increased their rates and thus the costs of those increases.

          • Angel Wannabe

            eddie, use your damned head!__if ya stop_frivilous lawsuits with TORT REFORM, THE health COSTS WOULDN’T BE TAKEN UP IN LIABILITY INSURANCE in the Medical Industry!!!!__Man your thick headed!!!!__ya know those lawsuit wanna bes, like the shyte they run on TV all the time such as ” if you’ve taken this medicine, it will cause this problem, and such and such lawyer may be able to help__That shyte’s gotta stop!__They’re good ads for “Trolling for blood Suckers who just want the money, and the lawyers are always willing to help them out!__Its quite a good thing they got going!

          • Flashy

            Angel…just out of curiousity…do you know how many verdicts are over $1 mil? And of the cases filed, how much do you think was for ‘punitive damages” and/or “non injury” damages ? Compare that to the overall cash flow or even the overall amounts of $$ paid for claims. Like medical malpractice lawsuits…it’s industry smoke and mirrors…and you bought it hook, line, and sinker.

          • Angel Wannabe

            FLASHY, we all get sick, either pay for it yourself, or die, nothing is free!__Don’t hand me your numbers and your rhetoric__I worked in the medical field__and took care of my Mother off and on from the time I was seven, until the last 15 years of her life, which was 24/7!__the one procedure she had cost-ed $361,000 her insurance covered it and saved the leg, THAT was going to be amputated in which would’ve killed her!_My husband and I took care of ALL THE INSURANCE!

            Now fast forward to today__ if you think a bunch of bureacrats on Capital Hill wouldn’ve called the shots better than I could to care for my Mother< your DEAD wrong, they have thrown there hands up decided she wasn't worth it_ and left her for dead!
            Those Jackass's we voted in Washington can't handle the job, they were elcted for what the hell makes you think they KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HEALTHCARE__THEY NEED TO STFU AND STAY OUT OF IT!

          • eddie47d

            Yes Angel Insurance covered the cost whether private Insurance or government Insurance so what is your problem. Also that tort Reform you keep harping about is only 1 1/2% of total medical costs. It’s not a game changer like you think or have been brainwashed to think. Sure no one likes lawyers but get real. Go after the real culprits in health care costs.

          • Angel Wannabe

            eddie, the lawyers & the GOV DON’T BELONG IN healthcare, ya got a problem with private healthcare take it up with them, thats exactly what we did!!__lawyers NEVER USED TO BE ALLOWED TO ADVERTISE ANYWHERE_PERIOD!__NOW, THEY’RE ON TV PROMOTING LAWSUITS_PEOPLE ARE SUE HAPPY TODAY EDDIE, only OUT TO MAKE A QUICK BUCK!—REMEMBER THE HOT COFFEE SPILL ON THE LAP OF A WOMAN, who was STUPID ENOUGH TO SIT IT BETWEEN HER LEGS WHILE DRIVING____Just because people CAN take advantage, doesn’t make it right, AGAIN, personal responsibility!!

    • DaveR

      Sig Heil, mein Komrade? Indeed, you have just “proven” that Obama is god.

  • Alex

    So, lackluster President Barack Hussein Obama would not even rate in the “top four” at the Rethuglickin’ Debate? Really?

    So which of the top tier GOP candidates is going to unseat the current resident of the White Guy’s House? Umm…nobody!

    Listen, as with anyone on the Left, watching President Obama flinch each time the Reich Wing rattles their fright sabers is painful.

    Unlike the past GOP president, Obama did NOT give up on finding Osama bin Laden. Sure, Obama didn’t go in and get bin Laden himself—but it was he who was on watch. Do not forget that the Bush/Cheney Regime swore they would leave no stone unturned in finding bin Laden. That task proved too hard for them—also, their interest in drawing us into a war in Iraq, a war that would enrich the contractors they were in bed with while sending over 5000 of your children to an early grave, outweighed the idea of bringing the 911 terrorists to justice. After a few months of Red-White-and-Boohoohoo sniveling about the horrible offense done to our horribly offensive country by the Islamofascists, and after allowing 911 to unfold as it did by NOT listening to specific intelligence on the subject, Bush/Cheney made the election of a Democrat—ANY Democrat—a cinch. After the disastrous Bush Administration, even Maxine Waters or Sean Penn would have waltzed into the White House—that is how badly Bush/Cheney performed!

    Now, after listening to the GOP Debate crowds cheer the idea of the uninsured dying and boo an enlisted soldier in a BATTLE ZONE, after seeing the new Teabag Congress go to bat for billionaires while putting the squeeze on American families, the Fright Wing has insured reelection for President Obama.

    Now if President Obama will just step up to the plate and bring some REAL Progressive change to this tired old mean country, we may see a slightly brighter future and join the rest of the civilized world.

    Lastly—you Teagaggers and neo-conartists need to stop being so scared of the word ‘Progress’ and cowering like schoolgirls as you try to recreate a world that died a long time ago. Grow up and stop being afraid of everybody and everything!! Quit your selfishness, your pining for all the things you think your neighbor has, and actually LIVE a little.

    Keep this in mind as you transit from your stupid old ways to the more intelligent and SUSTAINABLE manner of being: The people who fought for the right of women to vote were PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS! Your 40-hr week came to you courtesy of the SOCIALISTS!! The people who said that the Earth was round and that doctors should wash their hands between patients were LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES!!

    • John

      Really? use your intelligence… Obama does NOT have the best interest of this country at heart…I can’t even listen to you ramble….turns my stomach…Listen, now there is a vacuum of power in Iraq, a country vulnerable because we left it. Open to invasion by Iran, Syria, et al…don’t be stupid…these are the facts. We will be back, cleaning up obama’s mess…
      Don’t even get me started about China….so far they have been well behaved…what happens when their appetite for oil begins to really begin? 1.6 billion cars on the road? They will take our oil. Liberals (like Obama) will give it all away, just like he is giving our country away now…
      One thing about Bush, gas was never at $4/gal

      • eddie47d

        John needs to ask himself why do we keep creating these vacuums and why does he feel we always have to fill them. Both scenarios drag us into unwanted and unnecessary wars which you seem to endorse. No different than the author playing both sides of the war issue. Saying Obama should have reacted (go to war) when there were student demonstrations in Iran. Yes the hypocricy all around is dizzying!Even Libertarians like the author play mind games to reel in the gullible.

      • Eric Bischoff

        It’s not our oil John. And yes China and India’s insatiable appetite for oil will soon create a shortage. Your shortsightedness is worried about $4 gas, I say get ready for $10 gas. After all why wouldn’t every one in the world deserve the lifestyle we so love to flaunt! That’s capitalism and supply and demand for you.

        Too bad neither is sustainable.

        Well said Alex

      • Flashy

        Well john…Iraq is a power vacuum? Pray tell what point would it not be when we vacated the country? As it stands, Syria ain’t gonna do anything but struggle as Assad tries to stay in power. Who knows what will replace him…though the money is on a varient form of democratic ME government led by differing factions. Iran won’t move in..they have enough issues with Afghanistan on one side, their nuke program is disarray, and overall mediocre hold on power as it stands.

        China? Criminey….that time worn standard will die eventually i guess as even the far Right realizes China’s time has come and gone and will slowly fade from the scene.

        Keep trying though…maybe one day you’ll be right. Probably not, but don’t give up hope !

      • Jennifer


    • TML

      “So which of the top tier GOP candidates is going to unseat the current resident of the White Guy’s House?”

      Ron Paul

      Btw… Has anyone ever told you; you are entirely too caught up on labels, my friend.

  • Jeanne Stotler

    Anybody who has studied history knows that if it wasn’t for WWII, the depression would have lasted longer, same with Korea and Viet Nam, these wars created jobs in America, today we are sending jobs overseas due to the dems increase on job killing taxes. Mr. Obama, you are not worthy to lick the boots of great Presidents, starting with Geo. Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

    • Flashy

      Jobs overseas because of ‘job killing taxes’ ? Really? We have the lowest effecgtive tax rate for business in the world. We subsidize 30% of the cost to outsource overseas. And we ignore the real reason we’re losing jobs…thanks to the misguided GOP policies…our educational system is bleeding and we are not keeping u with the world.

      Thank the GOP for that.

      • cawmun cents

        So let me get this right,the GOP,advocates for business,created laws by which the companies who fund them,flee the country for foreign soil,because the regulations are too stiff here to accomplish a sound profit.Hmmm…sounds like manure to me.Smells like manure too.
        Guess I wont have to chew on that to find out if it is manure.
        Even if you obviously did.-CC.

        • Flashy

          Not to accomplish a sound profit CC…they can have that here. but to produce goods using low wage slave labor standards in semi oligarchical dictatorships and sell them here. The shortsightedness of that is that by taking away the true job creators in the US…the working man … they’re killing this market and screwing themselves in the long run…except for the few wealthy elite who will stash the money and cry wolf asking for more welfare…

          • cawmun cents

            Smells like marxist manure to me…..
            But what do I know?
            Apparently very little……

          • eddie47d

            Or Capitalist manure depending on if you are directly under the udder or farther back.

    • Flashy

      Well that shot your chance at credibility when you mentioned Reagan as anything but the second worst we have suffered from (the worst being Bush/Cheney)

    • daniel

      Jeanne you would have been correct if you would have inserted that it was FDR’s policies that extended the Depression. We were on the way to recovery when he took over. It was his free spending that actually stopped the recovery and extended it by years.
      Sadly, it was WWII that did bring an end to the Depression in this country. There can also be a case made that we as a country were maneuvered into that conflagration.
      As far as Obama being a great president as he likes to describe himself I think not. I question any man that crowns himself or woman for that matter. I knew during his speech at the DNC nomination acceptance that we were in for it. Look at the way he had the stage set. He saw himself as some sort of greek hero or roman statesman come home? Accepting the Nobel prize? For what? He had not accomplished anything.
      Outside of his profligate spending he is clueless concerning budgets. He has done more to divide this nation than any other person in history including Lincoln. The legality of certain actions gives me pause. You can talk Solyndra, Chrysler buyout, AIG bailout, or even Fannie Mae bonuses. The law of the land had to be turned on its ear to accommodate these actions. So we will let morality pass else this conversation would not be taking place.
      He foments race warfare by using the class warfare scheme. Look at how his messages are staged and worded. Ever notice that when he talks about the poor he has a backdrop of african americans? He never uses the race card but he also never criticizes the liberals who make their living doing so. His DOJ will not prosecute unless you are white. If you are a member of the Black Panther party case gets dropped. I could go on but Obama does win the biggest butt-head ever in the WH.

      • Flashy

        “Jeanne you would have been correct if you would have inserted that it was FDR’s policies that extended the Depression. We were on the way to recovery when he took over. It was his free spending that actually stopped the recovery and extended it by years.”

        Other than that being so totally wrong, you were erroneous on the remainder of your statement as well.

        the Stock market crashed in October 1929. Hoover’s first year. His economic policy was exatly what everyone here states would be the corect one. Cut back spending to balance the books, deregulat, slash taxes, shrink government. We all know how well that worked don’t we.

        It’s the latest talking point lie of the Conservatives folks. This one I heard on Fox McNews. Here are th facts. It’s a lie. Plain and fabricated. Unemployment dropped during Roosevelts admin 1933-1940 except the ’37-38 recession when he listened to the anti keynesians, was jockeying for re-election support, and cut back on the Keynesian economics. As he eased government spending, boom…right back downward.

        GDP growth averaged 9 percent during the FDR 30′s admins. The reason it took so liong and was difficult was that things were really that bad. Just as they are today…but for the Obama Stimulus at the very inception, we’d be facing a near 1930s Depression. ANY mainstream economist will agree with that. Any claim of economics to the contrary, please detail the cause and effect occurence. Be aware there will be historical examples to the contrary on the assumptions required to make it work out … but have fun.

        Now..Hoover inherited a mess. Agriculture was sick, sufferd from overpoduction, price swings and poor farming methods. Industry reported record profits and production…but wages were stagnant as the corporations stashed the cahs and invested in stock portfolios for better profits. US infrastructure was old, worn, and delayed repairs due to the aftermath of WWI and the prior administration’s neglignce in putting off modernization. Europe was dependent upon the US economy for selling its exports, and the financial market was a house of cards as the banks and investment houses played high riosk strategms.

        Sound familiar? By gosh….that is exactly what Obama inherited ! In all seriousness..what Hoover inherited is what Obama inherited. Look it up.

        The recession hit, then spiraled into the Depression as the policies Hoover implemented failed to work. Hoover lowered taxes and the fed eased credit restrictions. Hoover went after the unions not to demand better working conditions or higher wages in return for companies to not cut jobs nor raise prices. Hoover had Congress spend money on infrastructure but only if the budget was cut elsewhere to maintain a balanced budget. Through his term, Hoover was adament on a balanced budget, no stimulus spending, lower taxes and less regulation. only in his last year did Hoover go to Congress to raise taxes and increase government spending…but Congress rebelled and refused to add taxes to the wealthy, inastead the Republicans wanted a national sales tax. the Democrats killed the sales tax as it would have hit the middle class and unemployed while leaving the wealthy escape the responsibility of lending a hand in any recovery.

        Economic figures of the 30′s show that the economy was still headed downward when FDR took the reins. It took a full year, even with the First 100 Days, for the eonomy to turn around.

        So there you have it. What would have happened if the GOP and the Right had their way (see e.g. hoover’s economy) and what Obama performed as he dealt with nearly the identical crisis Hoover did.

        Think about that .

  • borderlinedevill

    December 11, 2011

    In his extraordinary book, “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century,” the historian, Dr. Paul Kengor, stated in his introduction that “We now know that American Communists and their masters in Moscow were acutely aware that they could never gain the popular support they needed to enlist the support of a much wider coalition that could help them push their private agenda.”

    Most threatening, however, was Dr. Kengor’s discovery that “it was nothing short of stunning to research this book during the presidential bid of Barack Obama and hear so many of the names in my research surface repeatedly in the background of the man who became president of the United States of America. The way in which so many names and themes from the Cold War past aligned and made their way into Obama’s orbit was chilling.”

    Obama’s December 8th speech in Osawatomie, Kansas revealed to anyone paying any attention that the President is a Communist. Speaking of the nation’s economic system that has created the greatest wealth for the most people anywhere, Capitalism, Obama said, “It doesn’t work. It has never worked.”

    No one would argue that capitalism is “fair,” nor would they argue that life is “fair.” These are things that never were and never will be, but Obama’s reelection campaign theme will be that Americans are suffering because of Capitalism, because of a lack of fairness.

    In a December 8 Washington Times commentary, Jeffrey T. Kuhner wrote, “There is only one problem with the White House’s narrative: It’s completely false. Mr. Obama is not a defender of the middle class but has been its mortal enemy. His policies have impoverished working-and-middle-class Americans.”

    Other than the utterly brain-dead liberals for whom facts are meaningless, most Americans understand, as Kuhner pointed out, “His massive stimulus failed to restore economic recovery…his trillion-dollar deficits and skyrocketing debt have mortgaged the future of our children…Obamacare suffocates businesses, stifles job creation, and adds another unsustainable entitlement. It is creeping socialized medicine, which is wrecking the world’s finest health care system.”

    Rush Limbaugh denounced the speech as “alien to American ideals and principles…your vision for this country is not rooted in any — not one — American tradition.”

    Obama’s history, what is known of it given his extensive efforts to hide the facts that are usually available about a candidate or president, is testimony to the fact that he is a Communist and the only reason this remains clouded to many Americans has been the shameful failure of the Fourth Estate, the liberal mainstream media, to expose it.

    He remains in office due to the failure of both the media and the Republican Party to cite the U.S. Constitution’s prohibition against anyone holding the office who is not a “native-born” American. Obama’s father was a Kenyan, a subject of Great Britain. He should not have been on the Democratic Party ballot and he should not be in the Oval Office as this is written.

    Many of the known facts about Obama were published in Dr. Jerome Corsi’s 2008 book, “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.” Thirty-five pages of footnotes citing the documentation of the facts cited were there for anyone to read. Obama was born into a family of Leftists. As a youngster he was mentored by Frank Marshal Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA.

    Of his early college years, Obama said in his memoir that at Occidental, “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

    Obama’s political career began with a fund-raiser in the living room of two dedicated, self-identified Communists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. As Dr. Corsi pointed out, “The problem is that Obama sought out his relationships with the Alinski organization, the Ayers-Dohrn radicals, the scandal-ridden (Antoin ‘Tony’) Rezko, Reverand (Jeremiah) Wright and black-liberation theology, and Farrakhan and the Black Muslims. At the time he wanted these ties.” In the course of his 2008 campaign he rejected all efforts to tie him to these individuals.

    The appointment of the many “czars” to oversee and guide the actions of government departments and agencies became the subject, first of ridicule, followed by the realization he was infiltrating the government with known radicals of different stripes. The one that quickly gained attention was Van Jones, an avowed Communist. When that became known, Jones resigned.

    The Osawatomie speech was classic Obama. In the past he has sought to align himself with former presidents and this time around it was Theodore Roosevelt, a progressive. As Americans have sought to peel away the many layers of deceit surrounding Obama, the single abiding factor in his life is Communism. The views he expressed were a combination of class warfare and an attack on Capitalism.

    In 2008 Americans, reeling from the financial crisis that all too conveniently began in the final months of the Bush43 presidency, were duped into believing that a man with nothing more than a message of “hope and change” was a messiah that would lead the nation out of its problems.

    Obama was and is the first Communist President of the United States of America. We have a President who rails against “millionaires and billionaires,” corporations, Wall Street, and all other aspects of our Capitalist economy.

    We have a President and a Democratic Party that have tipped their hat to the Occupy Wall Street radicals.

    We have a President and a Democratic Party totally aligned with the unions in America, some of which put the auto industry in jeopardy, others in the public sector that have plundered state treasuries with sweetheart deals for pensions and health plans, and who we have seen thuggishly oppose the restructuring of collective bargaining. It is why a close ally of Obama, Andy Stern, the former president of the Service Employees International Union (SIEU), praised the Chinese Communist economic model in a December 1 Wall Street Journal article.

    And we now have a President who says Capitalism “doesn’t work” and “It has never worked.” That is utterly absurd, but it reveals his ideology and his goal of fomenting a Communist revolution in America by bankrupting the nation to achieve it.

    Obama is a horrid aberration, the result of a combination of the Democratic Party, the liberal media, and the education community to dumb down Americans and make them ready for the Communist America that Obama advocates.

    Communism did not die with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is alive and well in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and in Venezuela. The soft form, Socialism, has brought a number of European nations to ruin and threatens the U.S.

    In 2010 Americans returned power in the House of Representatives to the Republican Party. We must finish the job in the Senate and in the White House in 2012. If we do not, the America we love will perish.

    • Dagney

      Communism has also taken over the colleges, the environmental movement, and, of course, we see it every day in the MSM.

    • Bev

      Communism did not die with the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is alive and well in Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam and in Venezuela.

      Don’t forget the White House.

    • Alex

      Show me ONE place where Capitalism has worked. Just one!

      • Sirian


        • cawmun cents

          Kind of makes you wonder what America would be like if Joe McCarthy had been given a chance to clean the filth out of America doesnt it?

          • eddie47d

            McCarthy was only a left over Nazi with support from similar groups.

          • cawmun cents

            Yes….McCarthy is a real Germannic name there eddie47d…..

            What you are really saying is that you will accuse anyone who is not communist of being a Nazi….isnt that right?
            Thought so….typical Progressive liberal manure defecating from your mind.-CC.

          • eddie47d

            Just what I thought. You are lying directly under the tail! LOL … Maybe you are just plain lying!

    • eddie47d

      Communism is not alive and well but even if it is then is could be because of the many failures of Capitalism. If both systems have become rotten then one or the other will start to dominate again.Even Teddy Roosevelt warned Americans of the misuse of crony Capitalism and the robber Barron’s much like today. If you want Capitalism to succeed then correct it’s faults instead of bellyaching about the inadequacies of the opposition. When Enron was taken out it didn’t stop the schemes from other corporations from rising up so capitalism deserves the black eye. You can hide those shiners behind your Foster Grants but they are still there.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Oh here we go again. The Russians are coming!

      Get a hold of yourself Borderline.. it’s going to be OK, messy but OK. Did it ever occur to you that maybe we should take the best of all systems and make a new and better system. We should put people above profit and if we don’t we will perish.

      Capitalism has run it’s course and it will not survive. It can’t survive because it is based on a false premise. One that is physically impossible. It is based on perpetual growth which is not sustainable. The cracks are showing.

      There is another model that is doing quite well even through the recessions. Check out Mondragon. They are very successful operating a Worker-Owned-Cooperative-Corporations model.

      Stop being so scared of what you don’t know or don’t understand.

      • ChristyK

        Free market capitalism (true capitalism) hasn’t existed in America for more than 100 years although the total collapse into crony-capitalism/pseudo-socialism has been more recent. Free market capitalism turned this nation from a 3rd world nothing nation into the greatest nation on earth. Our prosperity and innovation have lifted the nations of the world beyond the subsistance living that existed for all of mankind before our liberty-minded, free market capitalistic Republic enriched mankind.

        If you go back 5000 years and compare how people lived to how people lived 250 years ago, there are only minor differences. If you look at the world today and how most people live, our poor live better than royalty lived for most of the history of mankind. This is all due to our rule of law, protection of property, liberty, and free market capitalism. This nation and the world have started going downhill in the past ~100 years as we forgot what made us great. We gave up liberty for (false)security. Our economy went downhill when our leaders began to sell us out with crony capitalism & false money (central banks). Our people were educated by the department of Education (Indoctrination) and our people stopped learning their history and how to logically think for themselves. They got distracted by their prosperity and stopped working hard defending the liberty (and constitution) which allows our leaders to mislead and defraud the average American.

        To save this country (and also the world), we need to return to rule of law (especially the constitution), protection of property, liberty, & true free markets. Wake up Americans. Study history. Study the words & deeds of any politician asking for your vote. Vote Ron Paul for president.

        • Flashy

          “If you go back 5000 years and compare how people lived to how people lived 250 years ago, there are only minor differences. If you look at the world today and how most people live, our poor live better than royalty lived for most of the history of mankind. ”

          Maybe true. But if you go back 2000 or so years, and compare it to today, the standard of living is comparable. thenh came a concetnration of wealth, immobility between classes, a strict income and ownership heirarchy based upon wealth and influence and a Senate who did the bid of the wealthy … hmmmm..almost sounds like what is occurring here and the GOP working hand in hand to drive down the middle class entrenching it to a slightly higher form than serfdom for the most part with assistance by some yellow dog Dems)

    • R. J. Albright

      WEll-SAID! Using racism as a political tool will end after this creature exits the WH. No more affirmative action–no Black Caucus in the Senate–No civil rights division in the DOJ. We, the people, have had enough…

    • Alex

      And you are quoting Rush Limbaugh, the drug-addicted pedophile?

    • Flashy

      FYI…many of the so-called ‘quotes” and “exceprts’ quoted in this “book” and in this post are false and/or taken out of context. In case anyone was wondering the trith …here ya go

  • borderlinedevill

    How does increasing America’s debt by $4 billion a day help the poor?
    How do more than 40,000 pages of tax regulations — regulations that take time and money away from job creators — help the poor?
    How does an $800 billion “stimulus bill” — which turned out to be nothing more than a wish list of political pork — help the poor?
    How do regulations that prevent oil drilling and coal mining — activities that could create a massive number of jobs and reduce our dependency on foreign oil — help the poor?
    How does destroying the housing market through government-created failures like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac help the poor?

    • eddie47d

      Those regulations were in place to keep private companies honest and to protect our environment. The problem is that these private companies were neither accountable,practiced safety and were dishonest. Those regulations originally came about because those companies were even worse before but apparently laws still didn’t mean anything to them. Now if you take outrageous CEO salaries and see how many jobs for the “poor” that could be created then you may have a point. The Stimulus actually did create jobs and saved the economy from falling further and almost all experts have agreed on that. Could things have been done differently? Maybe so but now we have to come up with an even better plan that doesn’t just poor money into the pockets of the wealthy. When it comes to the housing crises it was the private sector whom came up with the schemes that brought it down. That fancy financing and layering mortgages on Wall Street wasn’t a Freddie and Fanny scheme so don’t lay That Part on them.

  • http://goofgle rose

    Flashy sure would like to know where all those jobs are that you apeak of, that supposedly the stimulus created. I am trying to keep things afloat on 400 dollars amonth income. I am lucky if I get 15 hours a week at work. On my days off of work I put in application after apllication. I get no government handout either. I’m trying to raise a child on my own with this income too. Too many regulations out there to try and start your own business too. Heck I would probably have better luck trying to start a business in Cuba. That is pretty sad. Our government is definitely corrupt on both sides of the isle. But to believe that Obama is the”truth” and will “vanquish” evil? I cannnot believe that people put thier faith in government. We are becoming more enslaved by our government. The way it is being handled now our lives will become more dictated to on how we should live. Vote Ron Paul and keep the freedoms we have left and get back those we have lost.

    • http://html Bob

      Some of u people need to get a job and life.

      • Sirian

        They are Bob, rose and millions of others. Do you honestly think that they aren’t? People don’t just sit around and not try to make things better. Maybe for a while, as their unemployment checks run for almost two years now, that is an additional problem created by big government, but the majority are on the constant hunt for a decent job that can support them and their family better than what rose is surviving on. I’ve worked for the state employment office for twelve years and I see it day by day – they are looking. But as long as the “All knowing, All serving” big government plays with regulations, taxes and much more the fewer number of jobs will be offered. Uncertainty is quite prevalent amongst businesses these days or have you noticed? Just saying. . .

    • Flashy

      Regulations to start a business? Errr…lease a location, hang a sign. Operating a business? Depends upon what you are in business for.

      As far as imporving life by having a job? Take a look at the numbers. Almost a million a month lost until the Stimulus kicked in. Since then, with one or two exceptions..private employment has begun increasing again.

      I just was RIF’d from my employer. I blame management decisions, not the economy. In two weeks, I’ve sent out ten resumes. I have three interviews the week after XMas. When I was RIF’d back in ’08, I sent out maybe one resume a week…on a good week. And it took a year to find decent paying work.

      It’s night and day.

      BTW … I cannot wait to hear the rest of this forum tee off on you. Find a job, get to work, you can work if you want. etc etc

      There is job training at your state employemnt office, resume builder there, a whole list of help to find work. Also look online in your area…you’d be surprised. I have a friend working two Part time jobs and making a decent living. Overall 40 hour weeks.

      Good luck. Don’t give up despite what these naysayers will scream at you

      • ChristyK

        I can tell from your first paragraph that you definitely have never started a business. It isn’t that easy. There are many more steps to starting a business. You can get in trouble if you don’t file with the state (and sometimes city) for a business license and sales tax license. Most businesses require expensive accounting software to track everything, filing sale tax monthly, quarterly business taxes &/or self employment taxes quarterly. If you have any non-family employees, it get significantly more complicated.

        I run a small business with only 14 employees and we have 2 full time employees for the accounting, HR, & government compliance. We are just retail. Most businesses, other than retail, have much more difficulty with government compliance & tax issues.

    • DaveR

      Best wishes to you, Rose. May you soon find a better paying job.

  • Stephen

    People, please. Until we all get away from the “we” or “them” political system and get to an American system, we will be stuck in all of these continual consistent argumentative society. Obama sold us on the aspiration of this notion and has totally failed to bring it about. He quickly became a member of the elected class which automatically transforms into a politician. He does nothing himself, blames others for all of the poor decisions, and only desires to remain in his position.

    Fortunately for all there are term limits on the presidency. There should be term limits for all in government. There are way too many career politicians only interested in keeping their positions, pandering to their base, and collecting the benefits of their office. The current political system doesn’t pull out the “bad weeds” enough for the positive fruits to blossom.

    2012. It’s time to pull some weeds.

    • Bev

      I completely agree with you. Our founding fathers did not envision a career politician. Nor did they envision a ruling class with their own set of perks, or being above the law, but that is exactly what we have now. 535 men and women who feel they are royalty of some kind and the rest of us are the serfs. Communism doesn’t work (see collapse of Soviet Union), Socialism doesn’t work (see Greece, etal), but capitalism in its true form does work – it’s morphing into CRONY capitalism, which doesn’t work, more so than any other time in my lifetime.

    • Sirian

      Well said Stephen, only thing though. . . we should’ve been pulling weeds for well over a hundred years.

      • Stephen

        Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Frank, etc. Who’s making the Koo-laid over there?

  • Patrick Corrigan

    the media is at least as bad as Obama. If anybody wants real change we have to take a hard turn and be willing to vote for Mr.Ron Paul. He is right to mention that our obese spending is going to undo us before anything else.

  • Edmund Redsecker

    Alex is, if it is possible, more delusuional than Obama !His very grasp of reality and history has been infected by his swallowing the the poisonous diatribe and lecturing of the Times Group NY LA and Washington DC! Could it be is he also a closet dialog writer for the OWS crowd who quite obviously seem to be directionless except for holding their hands out waiting for Obama and Pelosi to feed and care for them on a scale of those who actualy work hard to support the laggards that worship the far left ” Obamanites “

    • Flashy

      LOL … here we go again. Anytime a Moderate comes on and states facts upsetting the rants and falisities claimed day in and day out here…they become a “paid operative” … lol.

      if you wre right…so what? If you are correct in your statements, paid or unpiad…the Moderates and Liberals would not be able to shove it back at you for corrections.

      That’s what is so humorous about debating the Right on boards like this. They get all twisted when facts are cited and their wild claims refuted. It’s as if they’re afriad and angry they can’t live in their own controlled fantasy land as dictated by the Koch bros./Fox McNews and various right wing fringe groups beholden to masters

      • cawmun cents

        Did you mean like the fact that healthcare is a”right”?
        And that under Obamacare,if you choose not to exercise that right,you will be fined by the gubment?Like that fact?
        There you go Mr.Moderate Liberal,chew on the fact that you get fined for not choosing to exercise a”right”.-CC.

        • Flashy

          CC…you don’t have insurance…and have to receive emergency care. Who pays for that? Should it not be the one not having the insurance?

 doesn’t kick in until 2014. I’m guessing the tax hit will be offset with the Public Option where if you aren’t paying for private health insurance, you’ll be covered under a leser form by way of a Public Option.

          Let me ask you … someone refuses to pay for Health insurance…what do you do? They go to the E Room and need medical treatment. You want to pay for that? Because you are now…

          • cawmun cents

            You are asking the wrong person the question regarding the emergency room.I am not an Illegal Alien,therefore I would probably be forced to die,or at least be left outside,under Otraumacare.
            My point is that the liberals called healthcare a right,and then treated it as if it were a mandatory right.Have you ever heard of a mandatory right?
            Perhaps they should have called it a left?
            Yes a left would be mandatory….like a russian winter without a home.
            Like a farmer who works his fingers to the bone and is lucky if he gets to eat meat once a week.That is another left.The kind that calls a right something you can get fined for not exercising.

            Only an idiot will argue that fact.
            A left idiot.
            Who pays for it when you run out of everyone else’s money.because that is what left does….it runs out of other peoples money and then nobody will be insured.
            But why am I explaining this to you?
            You have to defecate to have something to say.-CC.

  • Joey Biden

    This I know for certain. Hussein, the arrogant, delusional Dicktator is NOT the answer.

    • eddie47d

      There was a letter written to the Denver Post several days ago about an 87 year old WWII Veteran and his Army nurse wife. It states: ” We both have one regret: that we will not live long enough to witness George W Bush suffer the infamy of his actions in taking us to war in Iraq in 2003.Causing us to lose thousands of young soldiers who were killed or injured and lose more than $700 billion in fighting a war that did not accomplish a thing. Thankfully we have lived long enough to celebrate the actions of President Barrack Obama in taking steps to extract us and our soldiers from Iraq”. Sincerely Mr and Mrs Robert W Mesch,Aurora,Colorado. The point is that not everyone hates Obama and sees the useless wars we get ourselves into. America is tired of warmongering and the wrong headed excuses we use to get into these wars.We do need to guide Obama away from further wars or else he will end up in the same predicament Bush was in.

      • Jeep

        eddie, that is a wonderful anecdote from two patriotic American’s who really “put their money where their mouth is.” It is with regret that I must respectfully disagree with those comments. American’s, by and large, have a tendency to exhibit an annoying condition of memory loss and short attention spans. The Iraqi war and our losses are just talking points to the average American. Some use it as a rapier to wound and others as waving flag of nationalism. For the rest of us who were there (I have spent a total of 54 months in Iraq and 29 months in Afghanistan since 2001) and know first hand what the War on Terror is really all about, we can never fully explain the real need to fight in Iraq and can only give you a taste of what was gained by the sacrifice of blood and treasure. You do not have to take my word for it, and I suspect you can always find some disgruntled REMF who served to counter my points, but in the end you will never understand. But, do not feel cheated, most of America will not have a true appreciation for many years. Your WWII vets may not remember, but many American’s were tired of WWII towards the end of less than five years of war. In fact, a major consideration for dropping atomic weapons on Japan was from waning support for war. A quick end was needed, and just like Obama, Truman took the “easy” out. Was it right to nuke two cities to bring about a quick end to WWII? Maybe… And, maybe withdrawl from Iraq before it is fully stabilized will work out, maybe not. But, future generations should not be denied an accurate depiction on Operation Iraqi Freedom through an historical rewrite. And, hopefully, some day American’s will have the intestinal fortitude to face reality and actually see something through. My gut feeling is that there has already been a paradigm shift in the historical record for the war, and this ending is just another political expedient.

        • eddie47d

          Thanks to all who serve in any positive capacity. I leave out Blackwater and maybe Halliburton in some of the things they pulled. You did provide a good response and I appreciate that.

          • Jeep

            Well, eddie, I have had enough of the left/right paradigm. I know you and I usually disagree, but have occassionally seen eye-to-eye. And, my own rhetoric has, at times been harsh. But, where does all the name calling and bickering get us? Absolutely nowhere.

            But, more to your point, the actual use of contractors to fulfill “combat roles” was way overplayed in the media. Believe me, they were not always running wild in country. Think of the bad apple in the barrel. The real role of Blackwater and others was supposed to be in augmenting security to the local governments and provide “cheap” security to some of our contractors. All the security companies involved overstepped their mandates and in the end made a mess of things. I agree with you that this chapter can only be described as an epic failure. And, there are the other players as well, providing food, maintenance, buildings, etc. That, too, while generally successful, was probably a bit overpriced. My chief complaint has always been, that we should be in it to win it…and, that means everybody! Have a good day.

  • Bob Marshall

    He would like FDR, the Socialist president who started the welfare state,and LBJ who two weeks after JKF was assassinated sent 20,000 troop to Vietnam.

  • The Obama Timeline author

    Arguably, Lincoln, FDR, and LBJ all “succeeded” in increasing the size and power of the federal government to monstrous and unacceptable proportions, and Obama certainly follows in those footsteps.

  • Candyman238

    Oh yes Mr.”President” lets compare foreign policies of those three presidents.
    Lincoln: Lincoln didn’t have any foreign policy decisions or situations!
    FDR: Wasn’t he the president that totally ignored intelligence reports warning the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor?
    Johnson: Let’s not forget his great foreign policy that deepened our involvement in Vietnam so he could sell more oil to the government?
    Well, I guess you are right. You have once again made the United States the laughing stock of the world. Good job Mr. “president”

    • Flashy

      “Oh yes Mr.”President” lets compare foreign policies of those three presidents.
      Lincoln: Lincoln didn’t have any foreign policy decisions or situations!”

      Seruiously? you think that just because we had a civil war going on..the rest of the world stood around? Without putting much thought in the issue, i can think of the diplomatic efforts with France and GB at the time which had Lincoln embroiled. GB’s threat of recognizing the CSA, Maximillian in Mexico, and Russia’s advancement down the west coast from Alaska. But you’re right..Lincoln had no foreign policy and foreign relations to contend with

      “FDR: Wasn’t he the president that totally ignored intelligence reports warning the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor?”

      This is so debunked as a myth it isn’t even meet a .00001 on credibility scale anymore. We knew the japanese were going to attack, what we did not know was when or where. According to every report everywhere, the Phillapines and Malaysia were the points we thought Japan would strike at. For the oil and minerals. PH was on the list, but way down because of th fleet stationed there.

      “Johnson: Let’s not forget his great foreign policy that deepened our involvement in Vietnam so he could sell more oil to the government?”

      WTF are you talking about?

      One has to assume since you were so far off the deep end on the first two, you decided to make this one up to make it a set matching 3 for 3.

  • DaveR

    I cannot find healthcare in any copy of the Constitution. Can anyone show me where it appears? Ah, it must be in the clause that reads: “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;” I anticipate that if the Sup Ct upholds the Obamacare individual mandate, they will do it on the basis of taxing authority — taking money from one group of persons and spending it to buy the votes of others. Was this what the founding fathers had in mind. Obama is exploiting the flaws in the Constitution, evidenced especially by a Congress lacking statesmanship and honor to their oaths of office (to uphold the Constitution).

    • Flashy

      Never fear Dave. It’s there. And the SCOTUS will find the bill Constitutional.

    • Thomas Springfield

      To DaveR who cannot find “healthcare” anywhere in the Constitution: If you will agree to stop whatever you are doing and go get yourself admitted to an accredited America law school, and then take all courses required to graduate three (3) full years later, and then study for and pass some state bar examination (to be able to practice law), and then become a civil rights trial attorney and litigate all of these very difficult complex issues of constitutional law for at least 20 years (I have done it for 30+ years now), I will agree to explain why Obamacare will survive in the Supreme Court. (Opps. By the time you get educated Obamacare will have been good law for at least 25 years and you might not need my assistance. Why not just relax and see what happens, like all other laypeople are doing?

      • Sirian

        It seems somewhat odd that you have 30+ years of constitutional law experience and you can’t, or should I say, won’t answer a simple question with a simple answer. You know, we poor ignorant laypeople that don’t know the difference between left and left – oopppsss, oh well. . . :(

  • Ronnie

    President Obama’s remarks almost caused me to blow soda out of my nose due to laughing so hard. Are you kidding me. Let’s his foreign policy success, hmmmmmmm. He gave the order to finally rid the world of Osama Bin Laden? OK, I’ll give him that one. Let’s seeeeeee…., under his watch, Iran (an enemy) is nearing the use of nuclear weaponry, he has alienated our long time allies (namely Great Britain and Israel, but lucky for the rest of us they seem to not hold that against the U.S. as a whole), got us involved in a war in Lybia where we happened to be helping even more radical muslims (yes, there are muslims more radical than (Q)Kaddafi). What is even worse is his domestic policy. It has not solved our problems, only exasberated them. Luckily (if you it that), we only hope that he has a year and a month left on his lease in the White House.

    • eddie47d

      Obama is not abandoning Israel only putting their feet to the fire in finding a solution to that continual and on going crises. Israel has actually stated they would like to go it alone in decision making and maybe we should allow them to be big boys and do that. As long as they take responsibility for their own actions and not drag us into the fracas. The citizens of Great Britain are the ones pressuring their government to stay out of these wars not Obama.When it comes to Iran we helped to set up the tensions so it’s time to get out of that region (militarily)and let them be the sovereign nation they are. I think Libya was foolish to go into but am glad it was pulled off without casualties on US side. Did you approve of Reagan targeting Gaddafi back in ’82? No matter what we do in the Middle East there will always be millions of Muslims and these wars are mostly futile. We have to learn to quite irritating each other or simply get out of that region.This next US election will even more contentious that the last one and the opposition has had several candidates up for grabs.Most are less impressive than Obama so you may need more than luck. Now go and enjoy the rest of your soda.

      • Thomas Springfield

        Eddie is 100% correct. The United States can no longer afford to be the self-appointed “policeman” of the entire world. We need to cut off at least 50% of all foreign aid immediately and start saving up for a more-dangerous day when some silly little “wannabe” nation makes a big mistake and tries to do something real stupid. America can easily defend itself and can destroy any other nation(s) who dare attack us, unless we have waste all the money we will ever have by propping up crooked foreign dictators who always turn against us anyway.

    • Thomas Springfield

      Oh really? So who would you replace Presiden Obama with? Newt “hand grenade-tosser” Gingrich? Mitt “the Two-faced Twit” Romney? How about Michele “Clueless” Bachman? Or Sarah “Foot-in-the mouth again” Palin? President Obama may not have found all the answers to all these very complex problems, yet; but there is no other person anywhere on earth who knows more about these problems than President Barack Obama. Look here: In 2004 we Americans gave that idiot from Texas George W Bush four more years so that VP Richard Cheney and several secret Texas businesses could steal more trillions of dollars and then bankrupt America just when they were leaving and heading back to Texas. So let Obama and the Feds have some more time to find all the money Cheney stole, OK?

  • John Anderson

    It is quite true what you say….BUT….he will be re-elected without any shadow of my doubt….WHY…..the vast numbers of Americans would have starved to death during the Great Depression as evidenced by the reliance on Federal Government in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina….without government assistance you will have an uprising the likes this Nation has never seen….so his highness will be re-elected much to my dissapointment…..

  • Thomas Springfield

    Just because you disagree with the things President Obama has done in only his first three (3) years as president does not mean the Obama administration has not done anything. In fact, many many conservative right-wingnuts are very angry at Obama mainly BECAUSE of the many things his administration has accomplished, such as the brand new Affordable Care Act. Regardless of what conservatives say about it, or how conservatives feel about this new healthcare legislation, American history is clear: Many other presidents, beginning with some great Republican presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, tried but failed to do what Obama did: enact this kind of healthcare reform and join all other advanced nations, some who have had it for 100 years or more.
    Prediction: “Obamacare” will survive in the courts and will survive politically too, because America cannot afford to continue on towards national bankruptcy while at the same time enriching the insurance industry, and the prescription drug industry and the medical industry.
    The people of America will soon learn how very beneficial this new legislation is, especially when the greedy insurance industry starts rebating some of the excess premiums they have collected from all American small businesses since the end of 2009 when the Act finally took effect. Google insurance premium rebates.

    • Sirian

      HA, you are truly lacking in historical truth, really. President Teddy Roosevelt initiated the “Progressives” in 1910. Progressives is merely a new name they attached to Socialists so as to prevent people, ignorant laypeople that is, from not going along with that movement which they most certainly did not prior to the name change. Well your dear old Teddy didn’t fair to well under that disguise and initiating the Bull Moose Party. But the Progressive movement remained and has been in place and evolving over the past one hundred years. Hillary is a prime example of the Progressives since she herself made that statement in one of the 2008 Democrat Debates – look it up. If you are so astute at law, then why is it that you are so very, very lacking in historical facts?
      It’s a true shame that you obviously can’t see that there are Progressives on both sides of the aisle and it makes absolutely no difference which Party is in power the same objectives are strived for, in a variety of different ways, from both sides. Be they your nemesis – Bush/Cheney or Clinton/Gore or Obama/Biden – or everyones nemesis, you get the same either way. How can you be so utterly blind to what is actually taking place?

  • Larry Owens

    Gee I am Impressed, Odumbo rides again. We just need odumbo for Life since he is the Greatest president since GW. Odumbo would not make a good pimple on GW’s Arse. Maybe his Horse or the Donkey (jack arse).

    • bob wire

      You speak as if you’ve been there. Can we quote you on that?

  • JeffH

    Leon Trotsky – If America Should Go Communist – August 1934

  • bob wire

    57 states?

    As president, Obama signed economic stimulus legislation in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in 2009 and the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act in 2010. Other domestic policy initiatives include the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act and the Budget Control Act of 2011. In foreign policy, he ended the war in Iraq, increased troop levels in Afghanistan, signed the New START arms control treaty with Russia, ordered enforcement of the UN-sanctioned no-fly zone over Libya, and ordered the military operation that resulted in the death of Osama bin Laden.

    And this is just the larger things, as many consumer right was address, from credit cards to how long an airline could keep passengers captive on the tarmack or mention his addressing BP management and the oil spill that had GOP Senators apologizing to big oil for rough treatment.

    57 states?

    • eddie47d

      Their anti-Obama talking points are putting me to sleep!

      • bob wire

        yea, I know what you mean eddie, ` Anti-Christ, is a little over the top I would think. From there the inflammatory statements gets less absurd by points of degree.

        You know, we had 21 consecutive 21 months of private sector job growth. It’s still not enough but at least in the right direction. With winter setting in, I feel for those caught out in the cold, families living in cars. People with three jobs and barely making it.

        878 new Federal border patrol officers, Immigration breaking past record with the number of deportation.

        and Obama is not “leading and ineffective”.

        Imagine what we could do if the GOP would help pull the load and not have us to drag them along as the GOP works to solve problems that don’t exist. Regulating the vote, demanding drug testing to receive unemployment, like they might be a wine-o or something. Regulating women wellness centers, cutting social nets.

        Some of this is good, but the GOP seems to believe American can go though their couch cushion and met their budgets.

        • Idylewylde

          Solyndra .. or Solyent Green? .. you decide.
          Fast and Furious .. plus they launder drug money for the cartels.
          Gay agenda: more fagot Czars than straight Czars .. amd now a dyke on the Supreme Court .. woo hoo ….. you know why Purple is the new Gay color? .. abused rectum syndrome.
          EPA: kill aggriculture .. make Hay a contaminate? .. yes they did .. and the EPA is driving agricultural operational costs upward alarmingly.
          Food Prices spiralling .. and you feel for those poor people out on the street? .. what a hypocrit.
          Anti-Union: he’s killed very jobs bill that came across his desk .. all under the EPA scam.
          Energy independence: Goes to the Arabs and Venesuela .. goes to Opec .. drives oil prices up ….. if pollution is bad here at home, why is it okay in foerign countries? … the Obama Green agenda is a farce .. a job killing farce.
          Canadian Pipeline: Oh dear no .. we must bow to the Eco-Nazis that are Obama’s core support base …. and the Unions are ready to lynch him on this one.

          Business growth???? Oh, you mean the Bush tax cuts that promote growth .. yeah, that takes time .. but Obama will kill that growth while pretending to take credit for it.

          Change we can believe in?

          You guys are a sham .. your Annointed One is a farce.

          Go back to KOS .. Soros has another Brooklyn bridge to sell you.

  • easy82

    Ben: I think you are wrong when you say CBS did not air the comment. I watched most or all of the broadcast and I recall, unless my easy82 mind is playing tricks (and this is possible, since the broadcast was Dec. 4), hearing Kroft asking Obama what he thought his accomplishments were.

  • Idylewylde

    Quit picking on Obama for selling manna to the faithful. He says what the DNC needs to hear to feel good about themselves. If the DNC wants to believe that this guy matched the presidents he mentioned, then it proves that the DNC is so revisionist that it believes its own BS.

    Let him rant.
    The unemployed don’t believe it.
    The Unions don’t believe it either, considering all the job killing bills he signs off on, and all the EPA attacks on productivity.
    The African Americans don’t believe it .. he bailed out the rich White Guys on Wall Street.
    The Hispanics don’t believe it .. he supplied guns to the drug cartels that murder Mexican nationals at every opportunity, and he even launders their drug money. Heck, most of the illegals now days ran to America to escape Fast and Fusious.
    The Republicans don’t believe him … period .. except Linsey Graham.

    And, here’s the real poll breaker .. we Independents don’t believe a word he says .. and we Independents determine the outcome of the presidential elections.

    You forgot that little detail, didn’t you Mr. Obama?

    So, yes, you Dems who come to this site blathering against Republicans .. how delusional you are .. just like your president.

  • newspooner

    Juan Peron Obama is evil.

  • http://pmbalele Pastori Balele

    I hope I am not repeating: “I agree – electing President Obama changed not only how African Americans see themselves, but also how each individual on this planet see himself or herself. During 2008 campaigns I met and talked to several people – Whites, Blacks, Asians, Moslems, Christians, Catholics, Pagan, Republicans, Democrats and people from other countries. One thing that stroke me-all said: “This is not happening in my lifetime – an African-American could be President!” And indeed it happened. That’s why you saw tears of joy from all over the world. I know we were going to re-elect President Obama – I mean given the roster of GOP candidates now and their horrible backgrounds. People all over the world regardless race and creed now think nothing is impossible. That’s why we saw or are seeing uprising in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Morocco, etc. People of the world now think they can achieve anything if they tried hard and played by the rules given in their hearts. Of course we still have resistance from right wing and those who do not want to accept fact we have an African-American as President of US and the world. I am sorry for them and am praying for them every day to accept the fact. President Obama has positively changed each of us and every individual’s look on their lives – and this is ever lasting- Amen.

    • Idylewylde

      What a deluded twit you are.
      In fact, you are racist.
      Yes, his color counted before he was elected. It says much that America rises above the old color barriers. We Americans are, after all, basically decent people at heart.
      But what difference is his color after he’s elected? His job description is about ability, not color.
      If you voted for him only because of his race, rather than his qualifications, then you are an irresponsible idiot and a racist to boot.

      Now that we’ve seen him in action .. All talk, no action .. We can honestly say that his allegator mouth overloaded his hummingbird A$$.

      Changed us all for the better?

      God deliver us from the politically correct imbeciles and politically naive idiots .. Amen.

  • J J

    Obama does think highly of himself. Arrogance, narcissism, egotism and vanity is busting out all over. I, however, am not impressed and don’t believe that he has been such a wonderful President. This guy needs to be fed some humble pie.

    • Idylewylde

      He’s in love with himself the same way pop stars are in love with themselves.

      Face it, he is a media creation .. the mainstream media created him .. he has no factual existence .. the mainstream media doesn’t ever go near the reality .. you know, like an actual birth certificate.

      Face it, he’s never actually in the Oval Office doing anything meaningful, is he? .. the absentee president .. all form with no substance .. a media creation.

      Barak Husein Obama .. Barry Soreto .. a media alias .. a ghost image that the camera captures .. but nothing there .. empty and useless inside .. a pipe dream .. a fiction .. a myth.

  • James

    Wow! Whoever thought an American President would compliment himself?


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