President Paul? Maybe, Maybe Not


Will he or won’t he? If his wife gets her way, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) will not make a run for the Presidency in 2016.

After giving a speech in Detroit on Friday, Paul was asked whether he was planning to run. ABC News reported his response:

“Where’s my cellphone? Can I call my wife?” Paul joked. “There’s two votes in my family. My wife has both of them, and both of them are ‘no’ votes right now.

“If I’m a very able politician, I’ll tell you in a year whether I’m able to persuade my wife. Right now, I don’t know yet, but I thank you for your interest,” he added.

On “Fox News Sunday,” Chris Wallace asked Paul about his intentions again:

Finally, Senator, you knew I was going to ask about this. 2016, you said this week your wife, Kelley, is strongly opposed to your running for president. I know how important that is if your wife doesn’t like an idea. But you said you’re going to try to, quote, “persuade her during the next year.”

I got to say, talking to you on camera and off, I get the distinct impression you would like to run for president.

Paul responded:

Well, you know, the thought has crossed my mind, Chris. And I am seriously thinking about it.

But I’m also very serious about the family considerations. And, you know, just — just look at what happens daily to any politician in America. You talk about how uncivil things are. I mean, they really are. They do take a toll on family.

And so, it is a big consideration. And I really am not sure what will happen. And we’ll go another year.

The answer to the question appears to be that only time will tell.

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