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President Obama’s Dropping Bombs!

June 11, 2011 by  

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://none Floyd Hardee

    Ben appears to be very conservative which is good. We need more folks who will report both sides of the news, not just the Liberal view point.Unless we all become Slaves Without Chains ruled by other men’s brains we need to stand up to those who wish to force us into Socialism! To unseat the tyrant and his cronies we need to stay focused on….their failed polices. Hammer home the fact that we have the highest debt in our nations history. We have unemployment well above nine percent. Fuel prices are sky rocketing and yet we drill not. We don’t lower fuel taxes, we don’t seriously insist on using more alternative fuels, and yet we keep on busing. These extra miles everyday all over the country is using up millions of gallons of fuel and causing much pollution. Our economy is in the tank, yet congress had the gall to give themselves a raise two years in a row while denying the same for those on social security. The ignorant ones in the GOP are trying to destroy social security when they should be laying low and attacking the democrats, instead they parade their stupid ideas before the news media and they in turn magnify them to the public costing them millions of votes. We still allow the welfare vote, amd yet the GOP is too stupid, or yellow, to even attempt to rectify this. So when Obama and his cronies win just say the ignorant, hard headed GOP gave it to them on a silver platter, end of discussion!

    • Vagabond

      just off hand I’d say you summed it up very well Floyd, many years ago when the democrats realised the poll tax was hurting their favorite constituents they decided to do away with it. they have been damned near unbeatable ever since. thr poll tax served a usefull function. there were as many whites as there were blacks who couldn’t afford to pay it. my father for one, but he paid it so he could vote.when I was driving truck for a living I had to undergo random drug test. and CDL drivers still do. I firmly beleiv anyone on wellfare should have to take a drug test and then undergo random drug screens as we had to in order to make a living and contribute to their wellfare,

      • mar

        Florida just enacted a law saying that you must undergo drug testing to receive welfare benefits and then drug test to continue receiving. a step in the right direction. A little accountability for receiving benefits might eliminate those that just like taking money for doing nothing or have other income not reported.

        • http://naver samurai

          100% agree. Now if we can get them to quit producing so many children just to get more benefits, this would be good also. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • charlie

            100% accurate

          • granny mae


            That could be acomplished by limiting the number of children counted to just two. If you have more than two you must support them yourself and if you are a single parent then the absent parent must contribute to their support! Also when it comes to the support deal, many states now have a law that says if you are to recieve child support and the absent parent does not pay it then the state will help you collect that money or the absent parent goes to jail. They do not enforce that law. The only time that law is enforced is if the single parent is getting welfare and then the gov. will go after the absent parent but the hitch there is all the money collected goes to the government not the family in need. Even if the single parent has gone years without support and only recieved welfare for six months. They ,the gov. take every penny recovered ! So the person that had to finally go on welfare will not be able to get off welfare. They will be stuck for ever barring an act of God. Our system needs a lot of tweeking ! I know of a young woman who’s husband left her with a child and no transportation and she had no education to speak of. He left her in the country one day by telling her he was going to play in a gig. He was a drummer and was going to play that night. He never came home again. She managed to get someone to take her to get some assistance but that is as far as it went. There was not transportation to get a job or get schooling. She couldn’t even get to the grocery store unless someone volunteered to take her. I think we need programs to help these parents get on their feet with jobs and transportation and child care, or education to better themselves so they can get off welfare. There are some programs like this in some places but not in all places. I also think our school system should have vocational education in high school instead of thinking every kid is going to go to college. We need young people to specialize in electronics and road building and machine operation and on and on. I’m sure you know what I mean. Instead we leave the young kids to fend for them selves and go hunting for jobs that they don’t have a clue as to what they need to know to do the job. In all honesty we have a long way to go to make this country great again.

          • http://naver samurai

            Good post Granny Mae. Sook Young says hello. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Cawmun Cents

            I believe that the idea you brought up about limiting the number of children was tried before….hmmm where was that?Oh yeah…Red China.Now there are 100 million men who have no wives there.Where do you suppose they will look to gain wives when it is all said and done?Well they will just require us to give them our women to payback the debt we owe.PRETTY SIMPLE HUH?-CC.

        • Cindy Crenshaw-Martin

          In Florida the people on welfare are going to have to pass drug/alcohol tests, and stay off them. Yes, that is a good start, but those people receiving ANY aid, should also WORK for their welfare checks…give them jobs, sweeping the streets, cleaning public bathrooms, put them to work! Families have been on the dole for generations! Their job is collecting their welfare checks, and voting for those who will continue giving them their welfare! I say if a person is receiving any welfare, they should NOT be allowed to vote…conflict of interest. Let’s see how fast the politicians change their tune about ‘helping the poor’. Hey, I can dream can’t I?

          • granny mae

            So you think that people that are poor or need the assistance of welfare at some time should not be allowed to vote huh ? Why? That person on welfare could be your next door neighbor that has just lost his job and may just loose his house and for the first time in his life finds himself in dire need of some help for a while ! For that you would take his voting rights away from him huh? I agree that people on welfare should have to submit to drug testing but I would never take away his right to vote. Some people already have their voting rights suspended if they are convicted of a felony but not for being poor ! I’m sure you really didn’t mean that ! Maybe it was just frustration speaking. Not everyone on welfare is on it for life especially today with job losses the way they are. I fear we have allowed some people that have made welfare a way of life to form our thoughts that all people that are poor or on welfare are lazy good for nothing mooches! That isn’t so but we have been so lax in our own duties to keep a close check on politicians and the bills they pass that we have allowed some programs to continue without making the necessary changes in them to protect them from abuse and to protect our tax dollars from mis use ! We should have been on top of this a long , long time ago and there wouldn’t be the abuses we have today. When you look back on it all, it is our fault that it has all happened. Do not blame the poor or the needy ! I can tell you of one abuse I have just heard about that astounds me ! I am aware of a couple that is getting $900.00 a month in food stamps and they own a time share condo in Orlando Fla. and they go on a cruise at least once a year and sometimes twice ! They have been getting food stamps for years. That I feel is an abuse. If they can afford a time share condo, which you have to pay a monthly maintinance fee on and can afford to go on cruises, I don’t think you need for me to pay for your groceries ! These people are not poor, just using the system ! Cindy, when you and I start standing up to the abuses in our government programs and our elected officials then we will start having better programs that will be helpful and not programs to be used as a way of life ! When we know of abuses it is our duty to report them and if we don’t get results from the people we report them to then we go over their heads and continue on right to the voting box if we have to. That is the only way we can stop our frustration of lousy policies !

          • sid

            colorado, just passed a law, you can’t use your welfare card, at strip joints, and casinos. california welfare cards, have been used, in fla and hawaii!!! welfare is “NOT” a career opportunity, and should be made “TEMPORARY”!!! anyone caught, reproducing, should be disqualified!!!

          • http://MSN CHARLEY60

            I tried to do just that- work for services provided by Government. A hospital bill and ambulance bill. Got laughed at to my face. Same with property tax bill at courthouse. Sweep streets and dig ditches. That hasn’t been done for decades by hand. What those terms are, however is showing you feel that anyone who comes on hard times is lazy or below you. Neither is accurate. There are Lot’s of us with college educations willing to do right. When you are in your 60s Your asked why don’t you just get on SS? Then the same one’s, that ask you that and not give you a job for age reasons,will call you a lazy bum for doing so in post.
            As to you post worried about the wayward women having kids. That women can only have 1 a year. Joe Stud that makes it a thrill to breed her, and brag to his buddies for doing so, can father 100s a year. Start finding the fathers and castrate them.






          FILL IN THE REST!!

          • granny mae


            That is exactly what happened! To change things today we need to back track and start again. The churches are the key to it all. We need to rely on the churches again and keep the government out of everything. When they get into things everything gets all messed up and we end up with what we have right now. This country was built upon the determination of men and women raised with strong religious beliefs and those beliefs were present in every aspect of this country from the making of our laws to the building of our governmental structure to the raising of our important buildings. It was only after we allowed athiests to complain about this and that and begin to tear down those structures that we worked so hard to build that we came to this point, and it is only going to be getting back to those firm beliefs that is going to bring us back to where we should be. In my opinion !

          • http://naver samurai

            Good post Granny Mae. Libs and others just don’t get it these days. We do need to get back to the ways of our Christian founding and get rid of a lot of these programs. Keep up the good fight, felllow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • http://MSN CHARLEY60

            The people taking care of others in need is long past possible on a large scale. Will you go over to the Dept. of labor and post a day job, making work and paying a person for a day, helping get those odd jobs done you have put off. No because they might be bad guys or any of dozens of excuses. When was the last time you bought a case of soup and took it to your food bank? Does your church use your giving to help the innocent poor in town or send it to another part of the world where no personal effort is needed? Does it help poor without question or with the thought of using it to get new members? Did you tell your parents not to accept the SS and medicare, they had paid for in there working life, because it was welfare, and gave them several thousand dollars a month out of your own pocket? If yes to the above bless you. If not, talks cheap.

          • moonbeam

            What would really help is if people who are here illegally stop abusing our resources. I know of an elderly woman, born and raised here in the good old USA can not get medicaid for her high blood pressure, yet an illegal with 8 kids and more on the way can get all the medicaid she wants or needs, PLUS cash benefits!

            Ever been to the welfare office in your city? Look and see who is in line to get food stamps and a welfare check.

            In addition, start actively pursuing absentee fathers who make numerous babies then walk off into the sunset while the mother struggles alone. The law does NOTHING about this. These guys should be brought up on charges of child abandonment, child neglect, child abuse and a host other charges. If the mother is arrested on charges such as these, then the absent father needs to be hunted down and tossed in jail as well.

            There are people who truly need the help to get on their feet. Then there are others who know how to game the system and get away with it on a daily basis.

            I know of another person who is not a US citizen but has a green card. This person gets an SSI check every month for his “bad back”. The money he has received thus far amounts to a lot more than what he put into the system. I am all for helping, Lord knows I could use it sometimes myself, but some things just go over the line.

            Last but not least, I know of yet another person who gets a monthly SSI check. This person sat back (saw it myself) and bragged about how “Everyday is a play day for me….” I bit my tongue till it bled to keep from saying “I would be real careful about who you say that to. Taxpayers work hard so you can play hard.”

            So many things need to be changed to stop the money that is bleeding from our economy.

      • JUKEBOX

        I would take this one step further, and make people on welfare unable to buy cigarettes and alchohol.

        • charlie

          I agree except that you would be surprised what they can buy with food stampsY they do get cigaretts

          • granny mae

            Not only can they find people to give them cigarettes and booze with the food stamps but they also can exchange their food stamp card for drugs. They give the drug dealer the card and pin number for the drugs and the drug dealer than has a store where they can go and buy groceries for himself using the card. They can then give the card back to the owner or the owner reports it lost after its use ! They have a real racket going here now days. I’m thinking maybe we should have a food bank type store where only the food stamp recipient can shop and use their card. Might put a cramp in the system, or the food stamp recipient should have to show a picture ID.

          • Dave

            A photo should be REQUIRED on ALL food stamp cards, and NO-ONE should be allowed to use it in the absence of it’s recipient/holder UNLESS that person is an invalid, AND, the person who is actually useing the card should have to pass some sort of “testing” to satisfy local/federal govt. agencies. Of course, a dishonest person will ALWAYS find a way to “win out” over the system. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

        • sid

          there’re reports of talks, to make a costco type store, where only essentials are available, in bulk!!!

      • http://yahoo Pauldo

        Vagabond, you sir make way too much sense for any Politician to comprehend…


      Wait up a minute, Floyd. . . You’ve gotta give some credit to the New and Fashionable Democratic style coined by none other than “Big Zero”. . . That is his and their method of saying one thing and then revealing that it means something else all together after they’ve garnered huge and wide spread support for it and after it’s too late for anybody to change their mind. . .
      Nick Named “DOUBLESPEAK” !!!
      A.K.A. “TWO FACED” !!!

  • johnnyangel10

    You have to have a story to read in order to comment on it.I don’t know about other peoples computer screens,but mine isn’t showing a story.


    I think they want you to comment on the video.

  • Alex

    Hey Floyd. I respect your enthusiasm, but you don’t read much, do you? Most of what you said sounds like it comes straight out of propaganda monthly.
    Social Security can’t BE destroyed because it’s already BEEN destroyed. There aren’t any funds left in it. Beneficiaries are being paid via new debt.
    Unemployment is so high because the jobs available aren’t good enough for those who are being paid to sit at home and do nothing. Take away the hand-out and you’d be surprised at how many people suddenly find a job when faced with starvation instead. It doesn’t matter if Congress gave themselves a raise.
    The GOP shouldn’t be attacking the democrats or anyone else. Both parties should be working together to fix our nation’s problems.
    And by the way, we’re already in a socialist society here in America. The only thing they’ve not yet managed to do is take away our guns. Once the guns go, freedom is soon to follow. But they’ve otherwise managed to curtail pretty much all of our rights in some form or fashion.

    • Vagabond

      yes Alex you’r right about social security. it was killed by the DAMNED DEMOCRATS under lyndon johnson in 1964 to finance the vietnam war so they wouldn’t catch hell about raising taxes, I was in the Air Force then. I have hated democrats ever since, and with this currentregime I HATE THEM even more if thats possible,

      • http://comcast the fisherman

        Vagabond ,be carfull who you hate. After it was created by Johnson all presidents and i say all parties diped into it. But if you want to hate both sides go right ahead.

      • granny mae


        I agree with most of what you said except one thing, and that is , that people are sitting back drawing either welfare or unemployment rather than take a lower paying job. This is not the case. My son has been layed off for over two years and has his application in everywhere with no luck, he neither draws unemployment nor gets welfare. He is working at a minimum wage job that cost him most of his paycheck in gas to get back and forth to work. What is left is not even enough to buy his groceries for him and his son. He just had to pay his car insurance out of this pay check and buy a used tire and put gas in his car so he can get to work for the next two weeks till he can get another pay check. If it wasn’t for the fact that I own his house and pay his electric bill, he and his son would be on the street. I don’t blame people for taking the best way for themselves to get by. What would you do? Would you let your family go hungry or loose the roof over their head or not put the insurance and plates on the car so you could take a minimum wage job? Do you think you could live on minimum wage? It is obvious that you are not faced with that delema. Many of us say a lot of what we think we would do, until in comes down to us really walking that walk and then we sing another song ! Things aren’t always what they seem to be to an on looker !

        • Wayne937

          granny mae, your son is a lot better person than those who sit on their rear ends drawing welfare. I am proud of both of you. You for helping your son, and your son for accepting his responsibility by working at a minimun wage job. I hope your son can find a decent job soon, but with the idiot we have as our president I don’t know what to expect for the next several years.

          • moonbeam

            You missed a few important things concerning the idiot in the white house. The idiot is also a pathological psychopathic liar. He was NOT born here (the birth certificate is a photoshop fake)and is ineligible to be in the oval office.

        • sid

          but you and your sons attitude, is not the majority!!! actions can be contagious, so keep it up!!!

        • June

          granny mae- Does you son possess an “exceptional” abilities, or talents (besides his intestinal fortitude)? Just asking – -could he, perhaps, start his own business? It’s been done before, by lots of other people. You didn’t say what his minimum wage job entailed, but that’s ok. So many people have hidden/latent talents they’re not even aware of- -you know, computer skills, mechanics, woodworking, carpentry, art work, construction. Lots of high school kids (in our area) do yard work and house painting, in their “free time” – -just sayin! Bless you, both, for being real “stand-up Americans” – -supporting and caring for each other (that’s what “family” is all about). Too many, today, have forgotten what we’re really all about!

    • mickey

      Umm you might want to rethink that. A caller on a local station stated the medical papers he had to fill out for his child asked if he had guns in the house and whether or not they were locked up. Soooooo what do guns have to do with a routine medical history for basic exam????

      • Alex

        That’s actually part of my point. What DOES it have to do with a medical check up? Before full blown socialism can be fully implemented, the public has to be disarmed. Name a tyrannical government in the history of our world and you will find that the people were disarmed. The second ammendment is actually quite powerful when you read it, because it’s one of the few statements that’s self-definitive. It doesn’t merely give the right, but the reason for it. A militia is necessary to preserve a free state. Therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. The right was given to us to keep the government in check so they couldn’t do the things that they are currently doing. But with that right so heavily infringed on so many fronts, patriots have become lunatics, guns have become alleged instruments of crime, and possession of a firearm in Washington DC is illegal if you’re not a resident, making the mere act of assembling to relieve the government with the firearms you have the right to bear a crime.

        But enough of that. This thread isn’t about gun laws or gun control.

        • JUKEBOX

          Why not be like Democrats and the bogus welfare recipients, and lie about having guns in your house.

        • Isaac Davis

          You misunderstand the UNALIENABLE part of the Second Amendment. The Bill of Rights and the first 10 Amendments in the Constitution of the United States does not give you one single “right”. God gives us those rights, and you have the Liberty to choose to act on or use them. No man gave them to you, and no man can “take” them from you unless you decide to bow down to a mortal man. Read the Constitution, and realize that the Founding Fathers and those who ratified the Constitution knew full well what forces of evil were lurking just beyond the American War to subvert this new nation back to tyranny and dictatorship. The Bill of Rights simply puts in writing those UNALIENABLE rights that God has granted all of us. You hold the power to keeping those rights, as that choice to honor them or not is solely in your hands. “…a Republic, if you can keep it.”

      • TIME


        Thats going to be the first step in total confication of your guns. That fist step is the “Child Protection ACT,” Look into it to better understand what the end game is.
        Don’t just take my word prove it to yourself.

        For you that are just to bloody lazy to get off your FAT BUTTS, this is the break down if you have kids, {you can’t have guns,}
        its that simple.
        As someones kid may get hurt with your guns so as the progressives have worked it out and sold it to all of you hook line and sinker this is to be sure that kids don’t get hurt.
        Therefor you can’t own a gun, Now see how that works. Don’t you feel your kids are safe now?

        Then after Pandora’s Box is wide open just like with how the HCR bill opens Pandora’s box that Congress or the POTUS or SC can now tell you what you can eat, wear, go etc. even where you can live. But don’t worrie, we can read it after its passed into law to find out whats in it!
        This gun law will then extend to make sure that you don’t hurt yourself with a gun. So the only way that can happen is; you will not be able to own any guns for any reason.
        Now can you all see how simple that is.

        Then, after that’s complete anyone who still has a gun will be rounded up and placed in PRISON as your now a criminal in the eyes of the Public and your special Government.

        Keep in mind the gun laws you all have allowed to grow out of control over the last 40 years, and yes its all of our fault that this has happened no one stood up, no one said a word no you all went along to get along. How simple minded.

        If you kill someone with your gun while its being taken from you, well then you will end up with a 2 dollar needle, {aka you will be put to death.}
        Then the Nation will all watch film at 11 on the special controled Media – of your making a stand as the media spins tells the sheep that you have a record of mental illness, and have done many things in the past that were out of line with the laws of the land. In plain words you beocme the problem for standing up.

        Keep in mind it will be just like at Ruby Ridge and that special Waco. You all watched as the Government over extened its self by way of the BATF and FBI and even the DEA got in on the gig, and you all blamed the WACK JOBS who understood their rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
        Thats no matter how nutty they may have been, you all still voted in the very same control freaks to all parts of the government structure.
        In plain words you just gave away your freedom to be one of the CREW.

        So I guess I should tell you all that you all have allowed this to happen so please stand up now and give yourselfs a round of applause, as you have done a bang up job of screwing yourselfs.

        Can I get you a RebO or DemO bummper sticker, how about a nice colorful YARD SIGN?
        Do any of you grasp that well over 60% of the people in government when Ruby Ridge happened are still sitting in office today!
        Again, You all have done this to yourselfs!

        Think I am harsh on you, well folks get over it what you all have coming BTW that you all begged for and even gave the very politicians who have placed the YOKE of being a Slave on you. You all turned around and gave them a job that allowed them to not only give themselfs a raise – when ever they want, but benifit packages beyond your wildest dreams. Hey when you retire will you get your full base pay of $175,000.00 per year Plus if you sat on a board you also get your pay for that, so thats an other $100K plus per unit?
        How about cost of living raises? How about your health care 100% covered?

        So in the end what will happen to all of us will make my words feel like cool rain on a hot summer day, as I noted get over it, you did it to yourselfs and everyone else.

        • JUKEBOX

          I am 72 years old, and there have always been guns in my house, and I have never been harmed by that fact.

          • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

            My father had a rifle, but we never became criminals! And we never had robbers, either!

        • charlie

          If they take law abiding citizens guns,Are they going to take all the criminals and illegals guns too? I dont think so No way to defend yourself!!. I will NOT give mine up.

          • TIME

            The whole idea behind what is allowed to exist in the criminal world as in Criminals being able to get guns and commit crimes was the game plan of the progressive movment all along, if not would crime rates stay the same for decade after decade, sure they look like they are going down in numbers, but if you just add in the population growth numbers the base numbers of crime are the same.

            You can’t take away from law abiding citizens their rights and property if you don’t use a form of arm twisting that displays to the average idiot they need to be safe from their neighbor, who has a mental illness, either preceived or just totaly fabricated.

            What better form to use but trained criminals who have been created by our very own system?
            You first have to understand the theory “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
            This method has been used for centuries by criminal groups such as the Maffia as well political groups who are in fact no less than a Mafia.
            Really just look at what the “Borgia” family did with these methods; my God books were written about how they got their way.
            As a matter of fact their methods are still used today by all modern political groups. Let alone the Media the Military even business people employ these methods on each other. Its “PURE MALICIOUS EVIL.”

            I make statments that I don’t think many of you grasp to the full extent, take away any spelling issues and grammer crap the message is straight forward.
            we as a nation have been screwed by the very people we elect to represent our interest.
            Once in DC they they fully understand that the LAW has no effect on them anylonger and that MONEY is standing in the halls of CONGRESS just waiting on theiR back accounts.

            Thus no matter what you feel is right and just, the MONEY they get from all the hand outs standing in the halls of Congress far out weighS the money you pay them. So when re-election comes around they have favors owed to them by that money so the MONEY gang’s make sure that their puppets get re-elected. My God its played out on your Tellie daily your told that Polls say that this one is that and that one is this, who is really behind the polls? Ever ask who makes up the questions? Who forms the demographics?
            If you use a tainted well will the water really be safe to drink from?

            Now this behavior pattern has gone on for so long its standard fair that voters like Micky Mouse vote let alone how many countless millions of dead people have been voting for years, now its even a joke to many. Saddly while your have a moment of LOL, your being screwed over. The old adage; Laughing all the way to the bank fits very well with this example.
            And if thats not crazy enough we also have the Electoral College, just for the record whom do you all think these people are?
            Bill Clinton is one of them so to is Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, GWB, Daddy Bush, just to name a few.

            Now, what you all have to really get set in your heads is this;
            YOU are nothing to the Politicians, they have side stepped you by using you to do so. How?
            Create a problem, then have a soliution in hand note its always for your safty so it sounds really good, then even your saying they should have a LAW about that, then away goes your rights one after the next.
            Do any of you recall GWB’s response after 9/11? {You should go about your life as if nothing happened go shopping, or what ever and let US handled the issues at hand.} You have nothing to worrie about.

            Do you really think that’s the answer? I say no – Its just a silk glove on a IRON FIST and yet we all allowed it to unfold.

            As well we took the whole 9/11 issue at face value when the Government told you what had happened. How sad that we were all sold a bill of goods that really can’t stand the light of day.

            Anyone who stands up and states there is something very wrong well they get lumped into a group called Conspiracy Theory Nuts. Keep in mind even when we CTN, have proven time after time what they stated is the TRUTH, but saddly the BIGGER LIE always wins when you have the media spining based on political rhetoric.

            Ask questions and your a nut case that needs mental help.

            Yet if you take what your told by the media thats controlled down to the nano by the political arm hook line and sinker and your a good citizen, Oh really? Why is that again?

          • Al Sieber

            Time, good post, that’s what they do create a problem then come up with a solution, and for your own safety they want to protect us from our selves. the Lobbyists make the laws, not congress.

          • Wayne937

            If we are ever required to give up our fire arms, what will be next? I don’t think anyone should ever be forced to give up their fire arms. This is where the American People need to put their foot down and get ready for a fight.

        • granny mae


          Thank you very much ! You said it all, and you said it right. How many do you think really heard you and actually know what you meant and are talking about? It is all of our faults for sitting on our duffs for all these years and just letting things go by and in every conversation with friends and family we said “the government ought to do something about that .” Well we let the government do something about that and now look where we are ! You are right on and I’m with you !

          • TIME

            I try. I really try. Saddly I don’t think many get it.

          • TIME

            CC, let me add this.

            You all can choose what you wish to think, feel or believe if you think your smarter than an “army of Progressive’s” who have worked for well over 100 years with a slow steady program.

            Well then thats your gig, anyone here can use the intel I post to your advantage or not. Its up to you all to do what ever you think will be in your best interest.
            I am not your mommie I just put down whats on the menu rather you like it or not. In the end, there can be only ONE outcome.

        • Cawmun Cents

          I dont think the writer of this post about gun confiscation knows the extent of what he is speaking of.While I definitely agree that there is an effort to take our 2nd amendment rights away,we must understand the enormity of this task.For every legal gun sold in this country there is one more that was bought on the black market which there is no way for them to trace.The numbers of weapons would astound even the most cynical anti-gunner.The sheer number of weapons would require an army to search and seize.There WILL be resistance.That would make the job of confiscating all the weapons among the most dangerous jobs in the world.Who will volunteer to put their life on the line,and how much will they get paid?Does the gubment have enough resources to pay these individuals?The bureaucracy involved would boggle the mind.Who is going to volunteer to be the target czar?Because that is what they would be.A target.The gubment cant even control the gangs of street thugs in the inner cities.How will they confiscate weapons from the whole populace?Will they violate posse commatatus and use military vehicles against the general public?I am thinking that would be a dangerous propsition to do against normally law abiding citizens.A politicians life wouldnt last long if that were the case.He would literally have millions of angry people wanting to bring about his demise.Not milloins of uneducated riff raff like in the countries which are now undergoing similar changes,but Americans.That would be an undertaking of tittanic proportion dont you agree?To confiscate 50 million weapons(an educated guess)?You would have to do it nearly simultaneously in order to keep the numbers of casualties from piling up.I am not aware of any standing army that is large enough to accomplish that goal, on the face of this planet.

          • TIME

            Oddly thats also just what they said in Germany in 1930′s, the UK in the 50′s, Australia in the 90′s.
            And in the the USA very soon. Your argument has more holes than well aged Swiss Cheese.
            If you think that I am wrong, you would be fooling only yourself.

            If you think you can hide your guns or that black market guns will be available to you let me ask you this.
            Are you aware of the satellites that we all granted the Government the power to build and use, AKA {Star War’s} that BTW can pick up a slight indent in the earths surface thats the size of a dime.
            So where is it again your going to hide your guns?

            TSA mobile units will be romaning around, {oh thats right} they are doing that right now.
            Oh and as no one in this nation said word one about Barrys switching the Census from its own unit to the “Executive” branch so your on the grid, got a drivers licence, got a passport, own a car, how about abank account, a Credit Card or do you get mail how about a computer, do you own a cell phone how about just a phone.
            BTW, your also on the grid no matter what you buy, or is that also something you failed to see when it happened?
            All by using the BATF and DEA laws set in place during Daddy Bush and Clinton Years even Ragun and how can we ever forget old Tricky Dickie and his help with the progressive plan?

            That all aside, what will you use to buy guns on the black market when money has no vlaue anylonger?

            Do you think that the dollar will still be in use in 2012?
            Perhaps but then again when every major investor keeps telling you the dollar is falling like lead balls from the sky.
            How about a Q E 3 action to really just nail the dollar dead?

            Perhaps you should look into just how much longer we will even have US money the facts are the North American Union’s Amero is not long off.

            So will you use gold to buy a gun? Hows that going to work out for you? Lets see you have {no protection} and you take gold coin’s or a bar of gold to Criminals who have guns and you really think your going to buy a gun with that gold?
            Yea, thats a great plan, I can see how well thats going work out for you. Criminals 1 plus they keep the gun and your gold, you 0 no gold left plus 0 guns, and really more than likly have your throat slit and left to bleed out after a good beat down.

            You really need to wake up and get with the real program not what ever rhetoric you think is real. You don’t stand a chance if you keep electing the same old POWER hungry slave masters that have been sitting in office for decades.

            The only chance we have as a nation, is that we flip the House; as in if they have been in for more than 3 terms its walking paper time. That’s unless you have someone who has stood up to the Slave Masters.
            Otherwise by 2014 it will all be over there will be no United States of America. Its that simple.
            I have vividly clear idea about what will happen.

      • charlie

        Exactly Right

      • charlie

        Nothing but look what NOBAMA is getting away with

        • Wayne937

          He is getting away with this only because of all the Communist Democrat Zombies he has at his disposal. This needs to be addressed in the 2012 election. Get rid of Nobummer and his Zombies.

      • moonbeam

        I think that question had more to do with child safety than anything else. If my child is going to do a sleep over at a friend’s house, as a parent, I would want to know if there are guns in the house and if they are locked up. Seems a little overboard but it’s on the news all the time about kids finding guns in the house and pulling the trigger.

    • Gary

      Hey Alex. You said one good thing in your comment. “The GOP shouldn’t be attacking the democrats or anyone else. Both parties should be working together to fix our nation’s problems”.

      With that, you sound like a moderate Republican. Good for you. However, as a moderate Republican I cringe at your allegation that “Social Security can’t BE destroyed because it’s already BEEN destroyed. There aren’t any funds left in it. Beneficiaries are being paid via new debt”.

      Your statement is simply not true. Social Security is viable until the year 2036. Reagan, Bush Sr., and Clinton made sure of that. The Social Security Administration currently has a surplus and is not part of our national debt. Social Security is not being paid with new debt. That is the truth.

      We Republicans have a lot of good ideas about our nations finances but we can’t be heard because people within our movement keep throwing out notions you just described. Those notions, by osmosis, denigrate our party and renders Republicans as nothing more than a bunch of dummies. It is very difficult to win a general election when Republicans get branded with people who make statements which are not true.

      If we want to win the Whitehouse back, we have to gain the trust of the general public. If we want Black Americans and Latinos to vote for us we have to stop engaging in racially tainted attitudes. If we want women to join with us we have to stop attacking women’s health care issues. If we want the elderly to join with us we have to stop attacking Medicare and Social Security and come up with viable solutions to those issues. We cannot win the next election if our plan is to throw grandma and grandpa out on the street.

      As a moderate Republican, we have to present ourselves as a party that will represent all Americans and not just a few radicals in our nation bent on harming the majority of Americans. We have to get back to the idea the Republican Party is a party for all the people and not a party for the radicals in America.

      • Barry

        Social Security comes out of the same general fund that everything else comes out of. Wake up Gary, Social Security is a government approved Ponzi Scheme. Bernie Madoff is sitting in jail for doing essentially the same thing that the government does everyday. The only difference is Bernie had to sell you on his idea and the government just takes the money away from you at the point of a gun.

        The Ryan plan affects only those Americans who are under age 55. The current recipients will get their gov’t loot until they drop dead. Anyone below the age of 55 already knows mathematically there will be zero dollars in this silly looted by politicians program when they reach 65 and have made other arrangements. The math doesn’t add up despite what this politician says or that one says.

        Social Security exists for only one reason anyway. To get ignorant senior citizens to vote for DemocRATs every election cycle. They use the phrase “don’t vote for those rascally Republicans, they’ll take your Social Security away” “Vote for DemocRATs we’ll fix the problem” Which they never do because having the “problem” is what keeps them in office.

        • Jackie

          Barry, As an “ignorant senior citizen” I’d like to tell you that I’m 70, active in the Republican Party along with hundreds of seniors who DO NOT vote for Democrats & don’t think Republicans will take away our SS. It does irk us to hear about SS being an “entitlement” as if we’re being given something instead of giving back what most of us have paid into every day we’ve worked all our lives. If you want to talk about “entitlements” & the “ignorant” talk about what the Unions promise to those who are forced to pay dues & what the Democrats give to protect their sacred Union supporters. I agree with everything that’s said about the US becoming a Socialist country & it scares me to death, but don’t blame “ignorant senior citizens” look to the young people who have no idea what socialism will do to their pay checks & explain that they are the ones who will have to “share” every penny they make with those who don’t work. You might also remind those who hate the rich that most of us have never been given a job by a poor person! If they earned it, it’s theirs & we can only hope they’ll open businesses & hire more employees & become richer — poor people do NOTHING to stimulate the economy!

          • Alex

            It’s called an entitlement program because, having paid into it, you are “entitled” to the benefits. It’s a misnomer to group welfare into the same category. I understand where you’re coming from, though.

          • JUKEBOX

            I live one block from the local SS office, and it is disgraceful how many young people I see every day at that office. I believe the young are gaming the system.

        • JohnC, Freeport,NY

          Barry…..Ignorant senior citizens vote for Democrats? I beg to differ. I am a senior citizen, (73 yrs old), and have never voted Democrat in my life. I am an Ultra-Conservative Republican. I am not ignorant! I have a Masters Degree in Science. I have also been voting in every election since I have been old enough to vote. I am also a US Navy veteran. Please, do not stereotype senior citizens as being ignorant.

          • Wayne937

            I agree with you JohnC. I think most senior citizens are smarter than a lot of the Communist Zombies in Congress, and the thing that people refers to as the anointed one, who is a Muslim Communist. I think what put this man in Congress was the young and inexperieced folks, and the Democrats, regardless of age, who didn’t know how to pick a real winner. I did not vote for the Muslim Communist Obummer. I followed him, and I knew what he represented. If people had just done a little home work they would have seen that this man was not the person we needed in the White House. When I look at Anthony Weiner, Charlie Rangel, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Walters and dozens more, I think to myself, what caliber of people voted for these idiots. They have to be nuts, or completely naive.

        • Gale

          I’m a 62 yr old 9 yr veteran of the Corps who is now handicapped and I might be ignorant but I do vote Republican. Thanks for your ignoranse. Proves God right, HE WHO CALLS IS.

          • Wayne937

            Gale, I mostly vote Republican also as it is extremely hard to find a good, decent Democrat now days. I still look at the person before voting though. Even though I am a registered Republican, I would vote for a good decent Democrat if one could be found out there in the wild. I vote for the person, not the party.

        • charlie

          As another ignorant senior citizen,I am 64 yrs old and don’t take kindly to idiots like you Have you paid anything into SS,? I have or better yet ,have you ever fought in a war that gave you this right to act the way do. I doubt it I was drafted in 68 and served in Vietnam. If you lived in any other country you would never made it!!

        • independant thinker

          barry i am another of your “ignorent senior citizens” and I guarentee you I have NEVER voted a straight ticket for either party. I look at the candidates individualy and vote for the one who best represents my beliefs and values.

          • Wayne937

            Good thinking, independant.

        • Isaac Davis

          You shine the light on the very scum…think of every problem we “face” as a nation. Every problem we have to supposedly pay taxes to *fix* was caused by some gov’t jackass. Gov’t creates the problem or induces it to a greater catastrophe, then turns right around and starts campaigning on the need to fix it will million, billions or Trillions of dollars. Show me, name me, or otherwise produce any evidence of some problem that gov’t has convinced us of needing our money to solve and then actually solved it! …crickets chirping. they know quite well the game they play, but we are content to sit on our arse’s watching the stupid TV and it’s mind-numbing stupidity and uselessness.

        • Dave

          Bary…seems that their ARe actually alot of “ignorant” senior citizens out there. Altho I am also an “older” citizen, after reading alot of the replies to your letter, most who replied COULD NOT READ. You stated that “ignorant senior citizens” voted Democrat! As I read the following letters aimed at you, I realized that most all those who wrote you said they voted Republican! WOW! Either those old folks need glasses OR the truth hurts. I am a republican, and proud of it! I was in the Navy during the 60′s, and have NEVER liked or voted for a Democrat after Johnson took office, and got us so deeply into a war we were never to win! Kennedy (both, John and Bobby) were the only Dems I ever stood behind. And I seldom vote for someone just becuzz he seems better…reason: if you pull the new label off an item..the same old product is till there! You get the same results.

      • eddie47d

        Thanks Gary; I had almost given up that there was any intelligent life in the Republican Party. The right and left have been hijacked by radicals and they think they are the normal ones.

        • Gary

          You hit on a good point eddie47d. Cleaning up the corruption in DC is a very populist idea and would go a long way to putting Republicans back in the Whitehouse.

          How about these ideas for a Republican candidate?

          1. Eliminate all lobbying groups and prevent them from influencing legislation in Washington DC.

          2. Forbid contributions by special interest groups and contributions by any private sector corporate entity on all elections involving the House, the Senate and the Presidency.

          3. Publicly fund these elections providing equal amounts of money to each candidate allowing a contest to be decided by ideas, not on how much money a candidate can spend.

          4. Reactivate the Glass Siegleman (sp?)act and put tighter controls on Wall street. We must prevent theft and greed in our financial markets for American Capitalism to survive.

          5. Lift the cap on Social Security deductions. Eliminate the cap altogether. The additional income would fund Social Security forever. You could even divert some of those funds to Medicare and save that program too. Lifting the cap would have no effect on 95% of Americans.

          6. Put a three year price freeze on the medical, drug and health insurance industries. We must bring under control the inflationary increase these industries are putting on Americans. Health care reform cannot succeed if costs are not brought under control. Nixon did it. It worked. We can do it again.

          7. Institute and employ a series of tariffs on products manufactured overseas. When an American Corporation discovers they can manufacture products and sell them in this country cheaper then if they produced those goods overseas, they will bring the jobs back home. We have lost our manufacturing base. We no longer produce real wealth. We must rebuild our industrial assets and provide real wages for Americans. It is a matter of national security.

          These are just a few ideas. Any Republican candidate campaigning on these common sense solutions would win in a landslide. Appealing to American common sense and providing real solutions is how a Republican will get elected in 2012. Republicans must appeal to the centrist sectors in both parties if they are to win. Democrats, relying on the extreme left will lose. Republicans, relying on the far right will lose. Anyone who becomes a populist and demonstrates they will be a President for all the people, will win.

          • Jeff in OH

            Now That’s Real Socialism….

          • Alex

            Sorry Gary, but that stuff won’t work. Price fixing has been tried going all the way back to the Roman Empire, and it still goes on today in countries like Argentina. The only thing it produces is a black market and bankrupt legitimate companies.

            They shouldn’t remove the cap from social security. They should remove social security. If the government stops taxing and inflating the public to death, they might be able to save for their own retirement.

            You can’t mess with Wall Street. The exchange is the free market place. If you want to control what they sell, like mortgages, then put tighter controls on the banking and lending policies. The banks are the problem, not the investors or the guys in the pit. If they put fetus leg fat on the market tommorrow and there was a good reason to believe it would sell, I’d buy it. And I’d sell it to someone else as soon as I exceeded my break even.
            It’s also worth saying that the NYSE is only one leg of the wheel. There are also Asian and European Wall Streets, so to speak. I guess we need to control them too, eh?

            You can’t cut out lobbyist and special interest groups either. While it sounds like a great idea, it would mean the end of the NRA who has been fighting for our second amendment rights for decades. It would mean the end of the NAACP, who has been lobbying for African American rights for almost sixty years. Some lobbyist are bad, but others are beneficial. And ultimately, they are there as constituents. They have the right to be heard the same as you or me. In fact, many of them are there to be heard on behalf of you and me.

            I do agree, however, that they should not be permitted to make contributions that would influence decisions. That’s a moral hazard.

            You said this:

            “Institute and employ a series of tariffs on products manufactured overseas. When an American Corporation discovers they can manufacture products and sell them in this country cheaper then if they produced those goods overseas, they will bring the jobs back home.”

            The fact that you said this tells me that you aren’t really all that up to speed on real politics. Just a point of fact for you . . . your statement is ironic. It was the tariffs on products manufactured here that made them go overseas in the first place. When American Corporations discovered that they could manufacture products overseas and sell them here at fair market value much cheaper than if they manufactured them at home, they took the jobs overseas.
            You’re talking about more government oversight. More government controls. More government restrictions. That’s what made it impossible for the corporations to produce products here profitably without having to charge American citizens a fortune.

            It is also worth noting that a similar tariff had been placed on imported goods a long time ago. It didn’t work then either. It was, in fact, the final straw that instigated the Civil War.

            The government just needs to stay out of the market place. If they want to regulate commerce between the states, that’s one thing. It prevents one state with a monopoly on a particular product from gouging residents in other states. But they otherwise need to get out of the picture, except as absolutely needed (as in the case of the FDA, EPA, and other commissions that serve a useful purpose).

          • Gary

            Good comments, all. You make good points. Nice discussion. However, I disagree, and not in a negative way. All these issues need to be discussed.

            I don’t believe doing things the way we have in the past is the answer though. Leave wall street alone? I don’t think so. Have you not followed in the last few years what wall street did to this nation? Republicans and Democrats suffered equally you know. Wall street greed knows no bounds. Do you honestly propose that we pat them on the back and encourage them to do the same with no consequences? They rapped and pillaged the American economy. You still trust wall street?

            I’m on Social Security now. I paid into that program all my life. If Bush had succeeded in privatizing SS it is conceivable I would not be getting a penny today. Wall street would have stolen it all. Eliminate Social Security? Keep barking up that tree and you will hand the election to Obama.

            Save for my own retirement? Tell that story to the millions of Americans who lost their pension funds and saw their 401K investments shrink to nothing during this wall street inspired crash. See if you can get their vote.

            Can’t do price controls? You must when it comes to all aspects of health care. We are currently experiencing a 20% yearly inflation of health care costs. No plan, no economic system can survive that kind of price gouging. Something has to be done. The current system does not work. 50 million uninsured people today. 100 million in ten years. All because of inflation in the health care industry. 50,000 yearly American deaths because of a lack of health care. Leave it alone? Do nothing? That dog won’t bark up that tree either.

            Do nothing to bring jobs back home? Don’t use Tariffs? Will American businesses come back home when we are all making $2.00 per hour like those poor saps in China? We can not even make a fighter jet today without low paid foreign workers making the parts. We have lost our manufacturing base and thus have lost our real wealth. American corporations seeking higher profits, paying no taxes and not reinvesting back into America are enemies of the people.

            We have to protect ourselves. We have to look after our fellow Americans. You can’t lose a good paying job, go to work at Burger King working for minimum wage on graveyard shift and tell me we don’t need to do something.

            Eliminating social programs and turning them over to private enterprise, leave the lobbyists alone, let corporations continue to rape the American economy, don’t protect American jobs and call everyone some kind of vulgar name because they don’t like what’s going on is how Republicans will lose the next election.

            I’m talking about a campaign strategy. The first Republican to embrace my ideas will win hands down. If the Republican party has a love affair with Libertarians, Tea Baggers, the NRA, the white supremacists, tongue speakers and militias they will lose the next election badly.

            Come on now. Let’s get our old Republican party back from those who have hijacked us. Let’s do things right.

          • Gale

            We need a statesman, not a politican.

          • Wayne937

            We need to rid Congress of all the corruption regardless of whether they are Democrat, Republican, Communist, Independent, or otherwise.

          • Gayle

            I watched fox news this morning and Pewlenty(sp) was on and was grilled by c. wallace. He has some ideas closely related to some of yours. He was called vanilla as in boring by o’reilly. He stated he nwas serious about his policies and if your looking for a rock star to look elsewhere. If you get a chance check him out. So far, I agreed with him and it did sound radical but made sense as we need to get drastic to save our republic.

        • Jay

          You hit the bulls eye Eddie! Both parties need to be cleaned up.

      • Alex

        There is no money in Social Security. We are $14 trillion in debt, with an aggregate deficit of over $66 trillion, which includes the obligatory Social Security pay-outs to those who have paid in thus far. It’s propaganda. There is no money.

        But that aside, we won’t make it to 2036 anyway. Policies that might have allowed for that were based upon a lower rate of inflation and a lower projected CPI. It didn’t take into account a housing bubble burst, several tremendous bailouts, unexpected highs in unemployment, etc. As it stands, I’ll be sincerely surprised if our money still exists to 2020, much less that we’ll actually have funds to pay for entitlement programs that have already been drained and are continuing to be drained faster than they are being funded.

        I would say that I’m a conservative republican, if you want to split parties. But I’m closer to a libertarian or constitutionalist. I believe in the government our founding fathers established. Apart from the tenth, thirteenth, and fourteenth amendments, I am of the opinion that virtually every law or amendment they’ve passed since has been destructive.

        And do keep in mind that the ideas I throw out don’t denigrate the republican party. The fact is, the American people as a general rule are just stupid or ignorant or both. My father votes democrat because he’s a postal worker. All he can think about is how the republicans keep trying to privatize the Post Office. He doesn’t see for even a second that the nationalized Postal Service operates at a loss, pays way too much in wages, and is paid for by tax dollars. i.e. it is a contributing factor to our overall financial problem.

        You wrote:

        “However, as a moderate Republican I cringe at your allegation that ‘Social Security can’t BE destroyed because it’s already BEEN destroyed. There aren’t any funds left in it. Beneficiaries are being paid via new debt.’ Your statement is simply not true.”

        My statement is absolutely correct. If the country is in debt, and it imports at a deficit, then there is no money. Every dime we have today is backed by debt. It’s actually a triple wammy, if not a quadruple one. The government needs money it doesn’t have, so it borrows from the Fed. The Fed prints money to give to the government. The government sells bonds to the US people as well as abroad. The bonds that don’t sell are bought by the Fed. The Fed then takes the bonds, which are sureties with the promise to pay by our government. Since it is a debt obligation, they put it on the books as an asset. Then, via fractional reserve lending, they open their lending window to the banks and lend out ten times the amount of the bonds they hold since they are only required to maintain a ten percent reserve. The banks borrow the money from the Fed and lend out what they’ve borrowed, times ten. Then the Fed monetizes the debt from the banks who have borrowed from it and lends it out times ten to failing countries around the world. The banks monetize the debt they’ve lent out to US citizens and others abroad and lend out against those assets times ten. And the process goes on and on. Then the bonds come due, and the government’s promise to pay has to be satisfied. But they didn’t have the funds in the first place, and they don’t have the funds when the notes come due. So they borrow more, and the process begins all over again. So we buy the bonds and pay once. The money supply is exponentially expanded resulting in inflation and higher prices across the board, starting with oil and other imports that cost more because our money is worth less due to the expansion of the money supply. The higher gas prices trickle down to everything else, and so we pay a second time through inflation. Then the bills come due, and the government pays the bills it can pay through revenue, which they collect in taxes, making us pay a third time. And ultimately, the risky loans the banks and the Fed make to third world countries and poor credit risks blow up in their face, and the burden of bailing them out falls to us.

        Gary, I do sincerely appreciate what you’re saying. But THERE IS NO MONEY. Every dime we have is “backed” by the government’s promise to pay. In other words, instead of a “gold standard” backing our currency, we have a “debt standard” backing our paper. If we paid off our national debt tommorrow, there wouldn’t be any money left, because it’s all based on debt.

      • Raymond Harbin

        Gary-Your comments consistently read as a fifth-columnist among Republican ranks. I think if you actually were a Republican your concerns would lean more toward sanitizing D. C., and less time indulging criticism of the Party.

      • Bruce

        Gary, you seem to be confused. It sounds to me like you’ve been listening to the cry-baby democrats way too much in there claim that the republicans are the ones who are racially discrimitive.
        You said:
        “If we want to win the Whitehouse back, we have to gain the trust of the general public. If we want Black Americans and Latinos to vote for us we have to stop engaging in racially tainted attitudes. If we want women to join with us we have to stop attacking women’s health care issues. If we want the elderly to join with us we have to stop attacking Medicare and Social Security and come up with viable solutions to those issues. We cannot win the next election if our plan is to throw grandma and grandpa out on the street.”
        All this is what the democrats are doing and in fact telling lies (as they do well), to get the American public to believe it. If the democrats tell the same lies often enough, people are going to beleive it. It the deocrats who are cutting medicare, medicaid to the seniors, not the republicans. I’m a conservative not a republican and I listen to the spineless republicans giving in to the democrats all the time and putting their tails between their legs. Republicans need some balls and courage to stand up for what is right. Maybe some day they will hopefully!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Sounds like you believe we should be a one party government, the DemoPublicans, tho basically we already have the Demopublicans, feuding internally about how big the handbasket to Hell should be!

        People like you need to realize there are OTHER parties with better ideas than the DemoPublicans.

        Support real change, vote a 3rd party into power!

      • granny mae

        My oldest son has the best idea of them all. He said we need to elect Herman Cain as president and Sarah Palin as vice president for eigt years and then Sarah Palin as president and Cain for vice president for the next eight years ! I was surprised at the number of people that have agreed with him. I do really feel that Herman Cain could really do the job. I like that mans ideas and thoughts on everything. That is the first good man to come along in a long time. None of the rest of the people running show me much except the same ole same ole ! We need a new face and some down to earth honesty. Besides I think he is the only one that could take the black vote away from Obama.

        • Carlucci

          Wake up. Herman Cain and Sarah Palin are part of the political establishment. If you want more of the same from “government”, then keep voting for the status quo.

          I’ll be voting Libertarian, because they truly have all the good ideas;
          much less government = much more freedom.

          • Wayne937

            I am one who strongly disagrees with you, Carlucci.

          • steve in AZ

            Right on.

            Vote Ron Paul.

        • sid

          sarah won’t run, so then insert michelle!!!

      • Carlucci

        As usual, Gary Gestapo does not know what he is talking about. Social Security is not solvent and hasn’t been for decades.

        Gary – do you really believe anyone trusts the repulsivecan party? They have proven that they are just as bad as the dems. That’s why Fedzilla is so huge! We do not need a cheerleader for the federal mafia. Get lost.

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        OK, it is so great that SS will be solvent until 2036, so I have no worries at all! Right!

        SS is NOT keeping up at all with the real COL for me, as an elderly adult, on SS. Not even close. The power company says prices will DOUBLE EVERY year for the next 4 years, to put in all the special devices so our good clean coal can be shipped away and we have dirty polluted coal shipped in and the EPA makes us install millions of dollars in equipment to counter the pollution the laws makes us accept!

        Furthermore, we are allowed ONLY what the government says we can do. Not use our own oils. Have to take up cropland for wind farms, etc., etc. Live with visual pollution and loss of cropland so prices for food go up and the nice scenery vanishes!

        Nobody listens when it is shown that the EPA’s cleaner air actions correlate with the increases in Global warming!! Well? Prove me wrong!! Don’t just hoot me down and ignore the data!

        Even nature has proven that the amount of dust in the air is inversely proportional to the rate of “global warming”!! Doesn’t take much in brains if you do not just lap up the “party line”!!

        Now, does it? Or do you refuse to look??

        The earth’s orbit drifts closer and farther from the sun, due to the gravitational pulls of other planets, and a few other small effects, but the records are that the earth is far colder much of the time, and folks, you are not going to change the earth’s orbit!

        Check out that the ice measurements show the earth is in ice age a great %age of the time. And comes out, briefly, only every some thousands of years! We need to be finding ways to keep warm as the next ice age approaches!! But, “nobody” listens to the facts, just to the rich politicians!

        Who raise our COL to enrich themselves, while their actions show they do not believe what they preach to us!

        Enuf; most people prefer to be politically correct and insulated from the truth, until it happens! Frustrating to those who really check into history as well as science.

        And I am sure too those who study political science carefully and see people buying the same delusions and making the same political catastrophes over and over again feel frustration!

      • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

        Did I miss something?

        I agree that all presentations need to be factual and based on provable facts.

        But this “solvency” issue. Right now this is the 3rd year my SS has been fixed, and not tied to the COL or the value of the US dollars it is paid in!

        Therefore, I face a significant DROP in my level of living. Have to shop the thrift stores and cut-rate gas stations.

        I can no longer afford treats, as meat, milk, and potatoes have gone way up in price, but my SS is the same as 3 years ago. Not sure even dogfood, if I could stomach it, isn’t being priced out of my income!

        I need my SS to be adjusted up as the price of Gold goes up, so my purchasing power is not diminished until I am fighting with the horses for the grass that grows on the hillsides!

        Remember Germany pre-Hitler and WW2? Seeing the same thing now, just a different name attached.

        I don’t wish to have this happen to the USA, and as an older person who has helped my country along the way, and my family, also, even some people who needed a bit of a boost, and my government too, to have to amass a bushel of money now to buy a cup of flour, or one firelog to keep me warm in the Montana winter. Lots colder than Washington, DC, believe me!

        But I know my folks told me stories of the hard times when they were growing up and I was thankful for their efforts, but when the government takes away all my efforts, what will my children do?

      • Don in Ohio

        Gary, You said: “The Social Security Administration currently has a surplus and is not part of our national debt.”
        I think you are very WRONG. In Morgantown W.VA (If I remember right) there is a Federal building full of IOU’s. These IOU’s are for the money the Federal goverment has borrowed from the SSA. Just Google SSA IOU.

        • Don in Ohio

          OOPS, I just looked it up, it’s PARKERSBURG.

    • http://Moreexpensive,moreunknowproblems. Lewis Munn

      One thing I noticed when I was teaching: this was the Unions in Education.

      In order for the Unions to get more dues, we were forced to “dumb down” the technical education, so students who could learn enough to get good local jobs in a year, HAD to go two full years…more money for the Unions!

      I left teaching because of my desire to teach well conflicting with the Union’s desire to make more money off the students!! And so the Unions had me fired as “incompetent”!

      I suspect we lose others that can teach well this way, and lose good students who give up with the slow pace of education under Union control.

  • 1minuteman

    to johnnyangel10. you say you ned a story? how about the fact that we are in 4 wars now thanks to our nobel peace prize winner obamanator. as far as ben crystal i wish he had a tv show. i think he is great and his show would be a hit. i hear glen beck is starting his own network. not trying to get you to leave. i just enjoy watching and listening to your political satire.

    • granny mae


      OMG ! That is right. That idiot did get the Nobel Peace Prize! I forgot about that ! You know what we ought to use that against him in the coming campaigns. Big peace prize winner gets the US into 4 wars ! How do you like his brand of peace? I also think we should kick the UN out of the USA. I cannot see where they have done anything constructive in all the years they have been in existance. They take our money and give it to corrupt countries where the leaders put it in off shore bank accounts for themselves and their people suffer and die never getting the benefit from that money. Instead churches all over this country gather money food and clothing and materials and go to these countries and do what they can to feed and cloth and bring medicine to the people. These horrable religous people that the athiests want to ban from everywhere !

  • john

    This is everything bad about it from contents to delivery and his looks!


    HEY EVERYONE, DID YOU SEE THOSE z o m b i e s IN WISCONSIN? THEY HAD TO BE m a r x i s t l i b e r a l s. WHY AM I SO SURE? BECAUSE A TRUE
    d e m o c r a t s ARE ALL ABOUT.

    • sid

      you failed to mention, that the zombies, interupted, gov. walker, and the special needs students, he was talking to!!! real bright unionists!!!

      • stan lee

        Similarly, while Governor Corbett (R-PA) spoke at a PA Special Olympics function, a group of uniformed PA police officers (from various PA jurisdictions) assembled as a union group, to demonstrate union solidarity…..
        At a Special Olympics? For innocent kids just trying to feel good by trying?
        Now, that’s “Klass,” and I purposely mispelled that word.

        • sid

          love your name- you’d be surprised, how many unionists, have conservative values, but vote for their own butts!!! i know many teachers, who are republican, but vote socialists, for the union!!!

          • granny mae


            This is one ex-union member that will tell you they are all nuts ! Union members are like a group of sheep. It doesn’t matter where or what cause if you tell them to march they march. Union people don’t use their own thought processes. They let the union do their thinking for them !

          • http://naver samurai

            Sounds almost like the sheeple that follow Obama bin Laden’s every word. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Wayne937

        They should have all been arrested, and charged with disorderly conduct or disturbing a lawful meeting. If the guard is needed to do this, then by all means have them within a block or two away before the speech, and bring them in, and arrest of these dumb bells.

    • jibbs

      Please turn off the caps. Please quit switching caps back and forth…too hard to read! (SKIP)

  • Jim

    The issue should be why are we letting this country go down the drain with all this “let’s fix this let’s fix that”…… simple 101 econ……. if you ship more money out of the country than you take in you will be in the drain ….simple…. but no one get’s it ………………

    econ 101 ……. is …I pay you with paper because its what I had to do with my time to get it….. and I think what you have is worth my time ?????? not rocket….well the other issue is if I give that paper away I cut in half what it is worth !!!! simple………… if the guys and gals in Washington figured that out we would be a lot better off…. whatever ……………….

    • granny mae

      Need to get that through Obamas head ! That will never happen !

  • DonnaAngelStar

    Thanks for the satire. We can all use a good laugh because the way our country is going it make us all want to get out and knock some common sense into selected groups. Ergo the old cliche:
    “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

  • sid

    these democrats, are not the same as the democrats, when i was growing up. jfk’s “do not ask what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, would sound republican now. democrats are now bonafide socialists!!! and the funny thing is many young people, are caught up in the hoopla, not realizing, that they’re going to school, for a better paying job, and they’re the ones, that’ll have their money spread around!!! remember socialism, will eventually pay the same wage for any job!!! why go to school, when “FREELOADING”, will get you the same thing!!! the soviet union failed miserably, and they had “NO FREELOADERS”!!!!

    • stan lee

      As a local Democrat hack told me, after ascertaining that I’m a Conservative, “We have evolved…” “You people are going back to the stone age…”

      Yep, he has evolved, he’s still voting for FDR, a problem with many folks my age.

      • Wayne937

        How else do you think a Democrat would react, stan lee? They are the ones going backward to the stone age, believe me. I really think that most Democrats today are Communist that ran on the Democratic Ticket. How else could they have made it?

    • charlie

      Right On

  • An American Patriot

    Look, the wealthy democrats (Read socialist/communist) like George Soros love what Obama stands for because they have been drinking that kool aid most of their lives. They don’t care if countries are destroyed and the poor suffer in any way because they always seem to be just fine. Make no mistake, the poor are simply pawns on a giant commie chessboard. They are applauded and moved around when their vote is needed and they are promised the world. They never get the world because they are just being used.
    Sadly, they are too ignorant to know how they’re being used and manipulated and will never get what the socialists promise. God help us all, they will always stand up for this evil communist administration and others like it and will continue to serve as Obama’s “Useful idiots.” When we try to educate them, they are incapable of listening and participating in back and forth dialogue. They just yell at us the moment we hit them with any fact. They are incapable of investing a few minutes to the real news and God forbid they should be asked to read a book. Their standard answers to any fact which is undeniable is that it’s Bush’s fault or we are racist haters.
    There’s always a new “catch phrase” going around and my new favorite is. . .”You can’t fix stupid!”
    Bottom line is this:
    We will fall like all stupid countries that let themselves be dragged into socialism or any of the other isms or we will finally rid ourselves of these criminal and evil people like all the union thugs, all the liberal institutions of learning, err. . .propaganda, and we will demand that all news organizations report only the real news and leave their ignorant opinions on the editorial page where it belongs.

    • Bob Marshall

      An American Patriot. Great post. As a Marine Vietnam veteran i am you are right on so many points however it goes much deeper.I am sure you know George Soros net worth is only 20 billion while the net worth of the Illuminati believed net worth is 800 trillion dollars.500 trillion dollars alone belongs to the Rothschilds family.These 13 families have never denied they want to control the world. they are using organization like the Bilderberg Group, The Trilateral Commision and council on Foreign Relations. Their members are in most faucets of big business. They control the news media. Congress, the Obama administration and his cabinet, Obama himself,Hillary,Ben Bernanke and Tim geither just to name a few. They truly do control the world. The Rothschilds have been purchasing most of the gold in the world for years. They own most of the gold mines in Africa. The gold price is set daily on the London market by a member of the Rothschilds in ten minutes.I see the public as having two weapons even these organizations don’t like. Knowledge as to what they are up to and the ability to start thinking for ourselves instead of listening to the CIA controlled media.The Whitehouse will only tell us what they want us to hear while the news media of course censored by the Whitehouse passes it on to us. Today we have the internet and millions of Patriots who refuse to go along with a New World Order. Obama has us living in apolice state leading to socialism.What should we expect from a man whose father is a communist and a communist wrote Obamas’ book. You can read where he associatwed with known communist in his college days.When America asked for change i don’t think this is what they had in mind.We still can vote him out. The question is what kind of person will replace him because the lobbyist, CFR , BB ands TC will still be placed in positions of government and power? We can no longer claim i didn’t know because the information is out there for us to maka a wise decision as to the leader of the most powerful and therefore dangerous industrial military complex on earth. For those who continue to say the Jewish people arebeing treated fairly all i can say is the US gives them at least 3 billion dollars yearly. Actually i read where the sum is quita a bit higher. Still, the administration is made of many Jews with dual citizenship who have a great infulence on our foreign policies.henery Kissenger, a known war criminal still is consulted regualry for his advice as to foreign policies.We talk about terrorist when our own CIA who trains terrorist in assassinations and over throwing of governments replacing one dictator with another who in most cases has proven to be more ruthless then the first. If the new leader is loyal to the US governments interest his act of genocide,torture and mistreatment of his citizens are often over lookd. That is until he tires of US control then he has to go.The usual US policy.We still have too many American who either don’t want to know the truth or just don’t research to find the truth. Events like The Motoze Massacre, The Kymer Rouge and The Killing Fields. The USS Liberty Incident and the atrocites of the CIA from 1947 until the present. An organization whose primary function was to gather intelligence not overthrow third world governments by assassination and civil unrest. Look for Iran to be bombed by the US in the immediate future because the CIA has been training and supporting the terrorist group known as the Bauchi Rebels for almost two years. Now Hillary is seeking million to support the terrorist group the MEK in Iran. The CIA is responsible for close to 7 million deaths. Men, women and children. Too many Americans this is just collateral damage since these victims aren’t Americans.Now,US is bombing four countries at this moment. Not the best way to win friends and influence people. Just another step on the road toward US Global Hegemony. Until American start seeing these victims as human beings our countries atitude will support war wheather unjust or otherwise. The US has now bombed over fifty four countries in our history. We are the only country to use nuclear weapons yet we don’t want other nations to have nuclear power. Our government just keeps spending and spendin on more and more high tecch weapons of mass destruction. I am more concerned about the terrorist in the Whitehouse than i am in the Middle East.With over 1800 bases world wide who can threaten us? That doesn’t include the 220 in Iraq.

    • Curt

      I am poor and take great offense at your comments ““Useful idiots.” When we try to educate them, they are incapable of listening and participating in back and forth dialogue. They just yell at us the moment we hit them with any fact. They are incapable of investing a few minutes to the real news and God forbid they should be asked to read a book. Their standard answers to any fact which is undeniable is that it’s Bush’s fault or we are racist haters.” If you want intelligent back and forth dialogue, come to my home and I will be happy to provide you with “intelligent dialogue.” No, that is not a threat of violence, strictly an invitation to peaceful dialog. I have a very high level of intelligence. Oh, and I can read a book. You really need to think about what you say. Most of your comments shoould be directed to the tree-hugging, sandle-wearing, Prius driving hippy kids. I apologise, it is not their fault that they are being spoon-fed Democrat propoganda from birth. Please, stop stereotyping poor people. I honestly get tired of hearing about the middle-class and how bad they have it. Give me a break. I live in a two bedroom apartment, that I can barely afford, took in my sister, niece and her two kids when they lost their homes. I do not get anything from welfare. I am white, 42 and male. I am expected to work and get nothing in return but crap. So I do work. It is either that, or become another statisic of homeless. Which I refuse. I refuse to give the Dems more ammo to use against us. If you want us poor to stand up, back us. We are not all cracked out on welfare.

      • An American Patriot

        Dear Curt, thank you for reading my post. However, you misunderstand my comments to some degree. You should know I’m engaging in generalities. When I say the poor are useful idiots for the socialists, it should go without saying that if you are a man who can do his homework and think for himself, you are not intended for this category. I’m sure you must know lots of people who fit the descriptions I have given. They don’t want to resolve the problems we have because they feel their handouts from the socialist bosses will be taken away. Who is it that threatens to take away your right to Medicare, social security, welfare, food stamps, unemployment compensation, etc? Not patriotic conservatives. They propose to stop the crazy spending and truly fix the problems which were clearly created by the democrat/socialists. You hear on a regular basis from the liberal/socialist media, “The republicans want to deprive you of your entitlements and throw grandma under the bus.”
        Well, I have news for you. The useful idiots believe this bilge every time. Do they try to learn the facts? No, they do not. They have become so physically and intellectually lazy, they actually cower in terror that someone will one day expect them to accept some responsibilities and stop being part of the problem.
        These are the type of people socialists/communists like Mao, Stalin and Lenin call useful idiots. If they believed in God, they would thank Him daily, because without so many gullible useful idiots, these socialists would never have been able to seize their murderous power.
        We all have an obligation to be socially responsible and that means we need to stay abreast of ongoing developments in our world. If enough did that, we wouldn’t ever have to worry about an Obama gaining power through deception.
        I am bold and honest enough to say it. Obama and all these other evil, conniving socialists worship only one God. He is known by names such Lucifer, Satan and the devil. He is the father of lies and more evil has been brought to this world by his lies and deceptions. Most evil occurs under the banner of deception, not neccessarily at the point of a gun.
        Again, thanks Curt for your thoughtful comments. You seem to be really trying to be part of the solution.

        • granny mae

          An American Patriot,

          I am with you 100percent ! You have nailed it. I love the post !!!!

  • Roy

    Sorry that I can’t share in this conversation here. This video did nothing for me. I am deaf, and there is no closed captioning or anything like that. It is one big problem for me and lots of other deaf patriots.
    This thing about videos (without closed captioning) literally taking over is cutting us out of scene. Even Fox News which does provide closed captioning on their TV shows, removed it from any and all videos they put out on the web.
    This video is just another disappointment to me.

    • Drawer22

      Roy: With failing hearing myself, I “hear” you loud & clear. I can only hope others “Hear” us.

      • Curt

        Roy and Drawer22,

        I do not run these things, in fact I have only recently posted here. But, I would like to offer my apologies for the shortcomings of the TV programs and internet videos for failing to provide closed captioning for our deaf and friends with failing hearing. We can only hope that with our words, things may change. We need not alienate any patriots in these troubling times.

    • http://MSN CHARLEY60

      Roy I’m totally deaf too. I was for 29 years. A DR. told me about the cochlear implant. I had test made and found out the reason I was deaf had been wrong. It was what was thought at the time. I had the implant and now can hold conversation by hearing and use the phone non TTY. It was covered by medicare. Nothing had more value to me than hearing “hello grandpa”. Might check it out.

  • Buddy

    2036 is when there will no longer be enough workers paying INTO Social Security to take care of those already ON Social Security; there is NO MONEY in a Social Security “lockbox”. The democRats voted to take that out in 1958; Ike vetoed but they overrode the veto!

    • Christin


      2036… really???
      Where did you get this crazy time line?

      Jesus will come back before then to take from this Earth His own.

      Social Security is ALREADY bankrupt as the politicians have had their hands in that monetary fund decades ago.

      Now that the “Baby Boomer” Generation is retiring it will collapse as their are not enough people working to sustain them.

      (High unemployment (17- 22%)… some getting years of unemployment checks… some gave up, some illegals getting paid cash and not putting into the system, 40% Entitlement crowd not working to put into the system = BANKRUPTCY)

      • sid

        and don’t forget, that 46% of the country, pay “NO INCOME TAX”!!!

  • Its too late

    Like it or not people its already too late.

    Ronald Reagan started a chess game when he was president and the dems have been forever looking for revenge since. The chess game is 90% over at this point in time. Both the repubs and dems are just like Charly Sheen, they all think they are “winning” and so they will all refuse to start a new game until one wins out over the other, which wont ever happen. The result will be that both parties will continue to sabotage each others actions in the attempt of making each other look like fools in the eyes of the people who are incurring ALL the suffering for their foolish games.

  • Mike

    Social Security should have been in an untouchable account since its inception! Congress has been STEALING much of the funds for their own purpose for many years. The whole reason for establishing SS in the first place was to make sure the people who worked but did not have retirement plans that would sustain them, would have something! They have dipped into the funds for illegal immigrants! Also for legal ones who might need help but not from these funds! What should have been a viable plan has been ruined by the very people who should have been protecting it!

    • Alex

      You know, the real kick in the teeth is that they are now trying to get their grubby little hands on 401ks and other retirement and investment accounts. They’ve already passed laws that let them get to your stuff off shore. And there’s a Treasury Act that allows them to seize your banks accounts and safety deposit boxes in the event of a national emergency.

      Nothing is sacred but your personal half ton safe guarded by the gun in your hand.

      • sid

        thats how socialism works!!!

        • charlie

          agreed 100%

      • charlie

        Thats right!!!

        • Wayne937

          How long are we going to allow them to screw us, folks. We need a change in Washington ASAP. Come on 2012.

  • i41

    Vagabound, it was the same DEMOCRAT Lurch Bonehead Jerk who beoygt citizens the Great Society and Mediscare. I remember working with my Grandpa a lot on his ranch and him saying what a bunch of stupid bastards, all democrats were and that I’d be paying 15 times what he was paying for a Dr. office visit. Back before the government Mediscare,started it cost $2 for a an office visit Now it costs over 25 times, and the same group of slubs, tax me as a income benefit now. Its too late, what is your Ronald Reagan started chess game about? The marxist/communist democrats have always been trying for a dictator run country by using mandates of worthless unelected idiots to enforce their abhorant plan. The republicans listen to the bs of compromise, which is as Margret Thacher says is the defination of poor leadership. Dictator democraps never compromise, only force the citizen to accept their poor thinking and perverted behavior, as normalicy. The marxist/communists dumborats have always been vindictive for decades and never do anything that doesn’t give the government jackasses more and complete control over everything we do, even what we eat.

  • Laura

    We are way over due for a massive blood bath all out civil war and the complete extermination of all federal agencies and administrations… meaning anything ending with ‘agnency’ and ‘administration’ would be forever destroyed

    • Alex

      I won’t be the one to start the revolution, but I won’t be counted among the cowards if it starts.

  • Laura

    ‘agency’ excuse the typo, edit button in need here

  • i41

    If you don’t like the way our freedoms and the increase of government meddling in you private accounts and the more dependent we become on nations that hate us. The emocrat bastards and the compromising rinos can be thanked. Any one who voted for the niggardly marxist/communist muslim puke got “wienered” as they hay always wanted for decades starting with Wilson and coming forward in time. Only this time the freak bastard in the WH is giving billions of our tax payer money to pedophile worshipping goat abusers, like the muslim brotherhood. Still believe the crossbred puke isn’t a muslim pervert faggot rug rocker.

  • nana

    There is no way we will stop what is taking place within the WH & onslaught against our country & The Constitution until we discover & stop the group or groups that are pulling his strings. The plans have been prepared for a long time….just think about it.

    • granny mae

      That means you start with George Soros and Bill Ayers and his wife and all the other cronies beneath them. When they can go to the middle east and start the uprisings they have started, and get away with it, and nobody is doing anything about it. There is a soul in Washington with the guts to stand up against any of this, so what does that tell you? In my estimation there isn’t anything different running and coming up that has a chance that is any different ! They are all gutless. That is why I said we need Herman Cain and Sarah Palin. I think Palin could give the wicked witch of the west a big run for her money. I would love to see Pelosy taken down by Palin !

      • Cawmun Cents

        Peloshki is the “wicked witch of the left”.Feindstein is the wicked witch of the west.Get your facts straight granny mae.Haw!

  • i41

    Laura, don’t worry about the typo, most pinheads that make a big whoop out it are libatard smucks who support all of Onumnutts and the demorats marxist/communist agenda that is finaniced by the Nazi Traitor Soros, their money man and is one sorry puke. There is a lot of people out in the USA who see this liquid draining on all agency pukes that think there isn’t such a thing as private property ownership, because Billary and Onumnutts are still planning on following the 2007 mandate of now privately owned land any where in the world. Most all dimocraps think the UN is the greatest. Don’t believe me just ask them, and watch the twitching and lying start.

    • granny mae

      Boo Hiss on the UN. I say kick the bumbs out !

  • Alan

    Is that sign by the union member being carried by a teacher? Because if it is, then it serves to symbolize why the public education system is in such poor shape. “Unions OUR my cup of tea!”……lol!

  • sid

    remember, that the tea party, is not an official party, no candidate, will run under the banner of the tea party!!! last month in ny, the republican lost the election, by about 5%, of the votes. the tea party candidate garnered 9%, throwing the election to the socialist. the tea candidate, was actually a liberal!!! do your homework!!! i’m gonna have some TEA!!!

  • Harry S.

    Obama & his Socialist Dems (including most media) are warped in their thinking but at the same time they’re devilishy clever. The wise person ignores what they say but rather watches what they do. Actions speak louder than words is doubly true of them.

  • Cyberpip

    Gary above sounds like a democrite rather than even a republican or even a conservative. his ideas smack more of liberal ideas. NO conservative would call anyone a TEA BAGGER. That is strictly a liberal term. So Gary…go sell your liberal in disguise ideas elsewhere.

  • i41

    Dime to a hole under a dog’s tail, Gary really would not like to have Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin as his President and Vice President. Those 2 ladies make marxist/communist demorats and all rinos go bonkers and start biting themselves.

    • granny mae

      LOL !

  • Pete

    Why all this “Pro-Republian” talk ? The best thing the Republican Party can do , RIGHT NOW, is to cease to exist. Remember when Dubya was elected ? Government was finally on the right track – getting smaller. The budget was pretty much balanced. ALL THE REPUBLICANS HAD TO DO WAS KEEP THE SHIP OF STATE ON COURSE.

    But they blew it ! Why did the repubs bail out the airline industry after 9/11 ? The airline industry refused to harden the cockpit doors. They refused to arm their pilots. They should have had an armed undercover security agent on those 9/11 flights !

    Did the Republican Party mandate these security changes ? NO ! Did the airline companies make the simple security changes ? NO !

    Instead we have TSA groping and harmful body irradiation from them scanners ….. Thank you Repubs … funded by the taxpayer …

    Instead we have the Patriot Act ….. Thank You Repubs …

    The major airlines, who refused to change, should have gone out of business. Competition would have brought us cheaper and safer transportation.

    If you make a mistake, like the airline companies sure did, just run to the REPUBLICAN PARTY, they will save you …

    The Republican Party invaded Afghanistan and Iraq — costing over 500 billion dollars …..

    Just put a real big bounty on the terrorist heads and let the mercs/bounty hunters take care of it. They could have saved thousand of lives and billions of dollars !!!

    LET’S GO BACK TO THE 1990′S ! When Newt wanted to get rid of funding for the abortionist. About 40 congresmen (correct if I’m wrong – maybe it was more) said they wouldn’t support Newt’s budget, a budget that would have saved them babies lives … God Bless You Newt! I may not agree with you on some points..but you stood up – then 40 some PRO – ABORTION REPUBLICAN representatives forced you to put it back in- or lose their support ….

    Let me leave you with one more thought. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY was pretty much DEAD when Dubya got elected. This is Key ! Now listen !

    —-> You Republicans are responsible for Obama’s victory. You Republicans screwed up, AND YOU WILL CONTINUE TO SCREW UP ! It’s time to kill off the Republican Party.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Lets talk about even trades.Suppose we didnt go into Iraq and Afghanistan.Suppose then that the Taliban grew in strength and number and now controlled the nuclear facilities of Pakistan.Suppose also that Iran had invaded and overpowered the Iraqi military and gained control of the oil fields of Iraq and Kuwait.Now you would have religious lunatics controlling nuclear weapons and the oil market.How much do you think that would cost us in extortion money?Because if our troops were not in Iraq and afghanistan,I am willing to bet my dollar against your doughnut that….that is precisely what we’d be looking at right now.Look,spending money to divert the timeline of World War 3,probably doesnt make much sense.In fact I think it would be better if we just got it over with.But if somebody spending money to extend your lifeline is wrong,then explain to me what is right?These suppositions I have made are very likely as accurate as the supposition you have made as well.Yes…lets let the Democrat party appease the enemy into not fighting with us.That tactic worked out so well in the previous World Wars,dont you agree?-CC.

      • sid

        right on!!!

    • sid

      the coservatives, were the ones who balanced the budget, not billie!!!

  • Wayne937

    I want everyone, Conservative and Liberasl to be sure to check out this website also and sign up for it: conservativebyte.come

  • Wayne937

    I’ll try this again. Check out this website: and sign up for their newsletter.

  • Wayne937

    I like this message so well I think I’ll repost it for those that many have missed it. I hope it doesn’t offend anyone:

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • Cawmun Cents

      The drafter of that sentment isnt likely to be privy to the actual facts involved,or isnt taking them into account.The fact is that the Obama presidency is a reaction to the previous administration.And that thet presidency was a reaction to the one before it.The problem with assumptions that Americans are stupid well healed animals,(we have seen and heard these assumptions before)is that the outside observer doesnt completely understand the dynamics involved.They do not comprehend the numbers game related to politics in America,versus what is notated on the history channel.So making such a statement is oblivious to the fact of the necessity of working out conditions in the public view.For instance,the awakening of Americans to their Constitutional rights and the agenda of robbing them of these to begin with.These are all conditions that must be met and scrutinized before any changes can be made.You would necessarly have to know just how long it will take for the Constitutional supporters to be weeded out via old age and lack of support.Hence the testing of the waters by the current administration.The pool is still not tepid enough to dive in just yet.Given a little more time however and the subjugation will be done with ease,if drastic steps are not taken by the majority.It was tried during the Carter adminsitrationand the sheer volume of detractors was enough to vault Reagan intoo office.The magnitude of this next election will tell the tale of the tape.How far has the left has come in reversing the psychology of Americans in the last 40 years?We shall see my friends…..we shall see.-CC.

      • http://MSN CHARLEY60

        You won’t get anywhere having a armed conflict with DC/ It is time for us seniors to converge, a million strong, on our scooters,wheelchairs, and walkers and beat the heads of congressmen with our canes. That we’d get by with. A few might even gain some common sense.

  • Wayne937

    If you would like to know how much Obummer’s “Cap & Trade” would cost the average household, check out this website: It would cost $3128 dollars more per year.

    Now that you have had the chance to read it, do you still want it to pass????

  • i41

    Pete the perv, what don’t you understand the Whorehound and his rradical marxist/communists created the 9-11 mess, because of these pervs not wanting government agencies to share critical information on our security. The first world trade center killing were tied right back to the pedophile worshipping goat abusers, but Whorehound appiontees want to treat it like a legal convoluted matter. Then over 3000 people paid with their lives. Obama’s father Osama was offered up several times . but again the dumb bastards listened to the niggardly first black Whorehound Prez. Appartently Peewee you believe if the muslim perv kill and attack USA, we have them over for tyea and a head removal party. Better to kill all the pervs where ever they gather, at least a 1000 of them for every one of us they kill. Whorehound never left a surplus, or if you cansidered the rapes and drug use that this perv did a surplus of abhorant behavior and good surplus. The dream of a surplus was the accounting of running a 3 set of books and modifing creativer accounting unapproved methods. Some that marxist/communistys always do and dumbocrap excell in. So Peewee go back and real what the real facts on all democrap Pres have done to destroy the USA, and make it a dictatorship 3rd world country!

  • Barbara Shaw

    There is a little store in Stoutland,MO where the lady sells cigarettes and food ( She don’t sell alcohol ) on credit during the month and then takes food stamp cards as payment at the end of the month ! This woman has been turned in before but still doe’s business as usual. The state is not doing a very good job controling this sort of thing. People like this should be forced out of business or sent to jail !

  • TombstoneLizard

    Don’t know if anyone will read this-or care-but I was forced by circumstances to collect food stamps for a time. I was fingerprinted and photographed, yet the card has no evidence of such. No one asks for my ID when I use it. It should be just like a drivers license, period, and stores should ask to see it before allowing it to be swiped. The upset over the recent Florida law was because the welfare recipient was billed for the drug and alcohol testing. Yes, I could see where that is a problem, but it can be rectified with due diligence and as a co-pay, such as with medical benefits.

    Also, you should be able to make X amount of money (taxed, of course) before losing benefits or a reduction in food stamps, just like Social Security allows.

    Working DOES increase one’s self-esteem, and once health care is finally resolved for the better, MOST folks would like to be productive citizens and get off of welfare and/or Social Security permanently. They just need a decent-and properly motivated-chance at it.

  • http://N/A John

    In keeping with the policies of this comment forum…I would like to ask if we all could please VOTE THAT lying @#$@##%@^#!$% 3q$%$*%&#*&***(()-()()&& obama OUT OF OFFICE IN 2012? P L E A S E ? ? ? Pass it on!

  • American Citizen

    Thanks, Bob, for keeping us informed.

  • Ada

    Barry, I agree with John C. I worked all my life and paid into social security and not once in my life have I voted for a lying, stealing democrat. Don’t blame the senior citizens for the democrats being in office. Look to the career welfare receivers who draw for their different father kids and expects everyone else to keep them up. I’m not talking about the person who has worked and lost their job and needs welfare until hopefully they can find a job. The senior citizens didn’t vote Obama in, the entitlement folks done that along with the illegals and dead people.

  • Erin

    There were plenty of ELDERLY people who were DUPED BY OBAMA. My mother, a staunch Republican, voted for Obama. She believed him to be a Christian. She watched Oprah a lot who she believes is a Christian. Oprah supported Obama. She may have voted for him as well, as many did, because he is “black” and they wanted to help get a black man elected. The irony here is that Obama is the WHITEST black man I have ever watched dupe the masses.

  • emily

    GOOD reporting, Ben. I love it and HOPE it will wake up some of the dumb people that voted for Obama. He is BAD news for this nation for he is spending us into oblivian.

  • Snoorty

    I agree with all these common sense, cost-cutting, suggestions. I’d only add that the US must suspend sending enormous donations to foreign countries, especially when there is ample credible evidence that the money is being cherry picked by corrupt governmental officials. Support should be limited to areas where lives literally depend upon it. It’s criminal that, on one hand our government appointees cry domestic poverty (so they cannot afford social security or medicare – pssst- everyone knows you inappropriately gutted those programs, you’re not bs’n anybody, so quit the crap); while with the other hand they send billions to countries with a known record of gross misappropriation. Political CORRUPTION is the crime and government officials are the criminals. WEED THEM OUT NOW!

  • SmithWinston6478

    Ben Crystal’s listeners ALREADY KNOW we have an anti-American Trojan Horse in the Whitehouse sabotaging us. If more spin, false promises, or vote fraud get him re-elected, dissidents like US, the resistance, and free speech will mysteriously disappear. A storm is coming.

    WE MUST educate the naive liberals and parasites among us. They are destroying THEIR OWN futures by supporting democrats and the boorish, narcissistic, arrogant, adolescent puppet of George Soros. Fools with their hands out refuse to see his insidious intent. He lies without conscience. He is BANKRUPTING us; while China and Russia are buying oil-fields all over the world, he is keeping ours out of production! He is destroying the most innovative medical system on the planet, has surrendered our border, and bows to tyrants. He is cutting defense, alienating allies, and is impotent in the face of our enemies! He told NASA to concentrate on ‘muslim outreach’…HUH? He ignores Constitutional law. He and lackey-racist Holder have set race-relations back 60 years, and it has NOTHING to do with appearance. He is ‘fundamentally changing’ us to Marxism.

    We could not contest the forces that might be brought against us if Soros tells him to declare martial law. Then our only hope will be the honor of our oath keepers to defend and protect the Constitution. We must exhaust all legal channels to free ourselves before anything worse developes.

    Silence is complicity! Spread the word. Stay informed, involved, and inspired. The clock is ticking! FIND SOMEONE WHO IS OPEN TO THE TRUTH; we’re going to need enlightened voters (IF there is a free election in 2012).

    “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy
    “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln
    “The Constitution is NOT an instrument for the government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government.” – Patrick Henry
    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech” – Benjamin Franklin
    “The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” – Thomas Jefferson
    “During times of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell ’1984′


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