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President Approval Hits New Low While GOP Candidates Run Neck And Neck In Poll

August 24, 2011 by  

President Approval Hits New Low While GOP Candidates Run Neck And Neck In Poll

On Tuesday, a Rasmussen poll detailed a 56 percent disapproval rating for President Barack Obama, and a Gallup Poll released Monday showed that GOP candidates are on the minds of many voters looking forward to the 2012 election. The poll’s results show Mitt Romney leading Obama by 2 percentage points, 48 percent to 46 percent;  Rick Perry and Obama tied at 47 percent; and Obama edging out Ron Paul by 2 and Michele Bachmann by 4 points.

Gallup reports that Obama’s approval rating at this time is lower than that of any of the six re-elected incumbent Presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower. The organization also says that approval ratings and poll standings could change drastically leading up to the election as Obama tries to make amends with voters who may feel disenfranchised and with the addition of candidates such as Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani or George Pataki.

The President faces the strongest resentment from the conservative right. But following recent budget battles and frustrations among young and minority voters over joblessness and higher costs of living, the President has seen once-wide approval gaps closing from within his own base. Obama still has a 55 percent approval rating among 18- to 29-year-olds, though his approval by this demographic is far from the 28 percentage points he held over John McCain in October of 2008. The President still holds favorability with Democrats and low-wage earners at 85 percent and 55 percent approval, respectively.


Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • DaveH

    Mitt Romney? Rick Perry? We may as well just keep Obama and get it over with quickly instead of the slow painful death that the establishment Republicans will bring.

  • James Kirksey

    We, as conservatives, should be happy with Obama’s low approval in the polls. However, we must not be complacent because polls are event driven and all of those “dead” people who vote in many states’ elections, do not take polls. Our best action, if we had a congress worth its salt, would be immediate impeachment of Obama for his failure to enforce our laws and the gun running in Mexico, which lead to a murder. But, our congress has become Obama’s enablers.

    • Jyrine

      I’m inclined to agree with you James Kirksey, but my fears are that those enterprising Demo-commies have no hinderance on their ability to rig elections.

      • bob wire

        Seems the GOP has has some luck with it as well.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    To put it bluntly, Obama will win again unless Ron Paul gets the nomination. The other candidates will get crushed. Plus the other candidates Romney, Perry, and Bachmann have serious baggage that they won’t be able to shake in a general election. John Huntsman and Jeb
    Bush summed it up best saying this field of GOP candidates are doomed
    until they change their approach. Just food for thought. Thanks!!

    • Ray

      Ron Paul also has baggage and that is how he would deal with Iran.
      Mitt Romney has baggage called Cap n Trade, Global Warming, Healthcare and a few more. John Huntsman has baggage called Global Warming and cap n trade and like Mitt Romney is on the wrong side of some serious social issues. Obama is going to be very hard to beat, what with his track record as president, but I do think there are still a couple of candidates running on the Republican ticket that may have a chance, as long as they are not another RINO like John McCain. Obama’s ace in the hole is the liberal press that refuses to hold him accountable, the unions.

      • AnhydrousBob

        There are many of us that don’t think Ron Paul’s Iran policy is “baggage” – rather we see it as a return to the founding principles of this nation, best enunciated by Adams as that the US “goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy” – a policy endorsed by Republicans until the 50s.

      • Stunned at sunset

        I have to agree with AnhydrousBob, Ray. Iran is an issue that really doesn’t pose a threat to our National Security. One ICBM launched from one Ohio-class SSBN could take out the whole country. Iran just doesn’t have the technology to match that overwhelming military response to a “so-called” nuclear threat. The whole issue associated with Iran, this administration, and the Banking and Oil Cartels is “Oil.” They want to control Iran so they can wag the Chinese Dog as China gets nearly 40% of its oil from Iran.

        We should stay out of such entanglements. China is one of our biggest trading partners and holds nearly 900 Billion in U.S. Debt. We have to extricate ourselves from all of these foreign entanlgements arranged on our behalf by the super rich Banking and Oil moguls that currently own and run the economy of the West. Just look at the way that they justify their costly intervention: They want us to believe that the war in Libya was all about democracy. Syria is killing its people by the thousands. All anyone wants to do is levy sanctions on Syria. There’s no “no-fly” zone, no advisors for the beleagered opposition, no arms for the defensless…no intervention. What is the difference? Syria has a dictator just like Libya but Libya has oil. Libya supplies Europe with nearly 40% of its oil. That’s why they went after Gadafi, he was going to nationalize the Libyan Oil Industry to leverage more profit for Libya. That ticked off the oil barrons.

        Unless a nation poses a direct and present danger to the National Security of the United States, we should avoid foriegn entanglements. Foreign aid, costly foreign wars, and bad diplomacy have done two damaging things to this country: (1) They’ve bankrupted our nation and destroyed our national economy while, at the same time, making the super-rich foreigners of other nations wealthier than the really needed to be, (2) They’ve skewed our entire National Productivity toward the manufacture of defense technology at the expense of every other kind of technology. It’s not that we spend too much on defense; it’s that we don’t spend hardly anything to develop other industries that could balance our GDP.

        When you make investments, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket do you? No, Ron Paul is right. He is a true conservative in the tradition of Edmund Burke. We must learn to mind our own business…or should I say Business with a capital “B.” Maybe then, they’ll understand how “jobs” and “wealth” are really created.

      • Fed up

        Man I don’t care if we elect porky pig. Any other warm body not part of the liberal POS political base will work until someone else credible comes along.

  • Jason

    Ron Paul can win. He is the only one who predicted this while all the other candidates (including Romney) laughed at him for it. Ron Paul was right and everyone else was wrong! Yet, Ron Paul still chooses to remain humble. He pushes to educate the people and push this country in the right direction.

    • exbobbie

      ‘Ron Paul still chooses to remain humble’. That is why he won’t get the nomination. His humility, which is admirable, has him come of as weak. He has the right message and solutions, but this is politics, he needs to put that message out in a much more forceful way. He needs to stop trying to be Mr Nice Guy. The majority of Americans want a candidate that acts like a leader and can ‘kick some but’ if need be. He also needs to choose someone to be his VP who is (1) much younger than him, (2) someone who can get people excited about his ticket. A major factor why many people overlook Dr Paul is his age, if he chose a possible VP that people could look at and say, ‘you know he would make a good President if anything happened to Dr Paul’, I am sure a lot more people would consider him. There’s nothing wrong with his message, it’s right on the mark, it’s his delivery.

  • Charles Everett

    Since most of the Presidential candidates are past or former members of Congress we should check their voting records instead of listening to their promises. Did they vote for or against the Constitution. One voting record source provides record as far back as 1987. Votes are based on clear cut constitutional issues.

    In the case of Dr. Ron Paul, buy his latest book, Liberty Defined, and see where he stands on 50 important issues.



  • Raggs

    Replace oblama… HELL YES!!! but with what a rommney ARE YOU KIDDING?
    rommney is a true RINO he believes in global warming, cap-n-trade, oblamacare and massive EPA regulations that will cripple the US.
    I like Ron paul but does he really have a chance??? Our best bet if Ron loses is Perry….

    • 45caliber

      Perry is also a RINO

    • texastwin827

      Raggs…I hate to disappoint you but Perry is also a RINO. Don’t let his “small govt” BS full you. Big Corporations will put him in their back pocket. Is he the longest sitting governor of Texas…yes, but I assure you, his 3rd term came only because the Dems had Bill White running…those of us in Texas were determined that White was not going to turn Texas into a “sanctuary state” (more than it is already) like he did the City of Houston!

      • texastwin827

        that’s “fool” you not full you…only on my 2nd cup of coffee, this morning!

    • DaveH

      Of course Ron Paul has a chance, but first we have to vote for him. And quit worrying about the lesser of two evils. None of the other candidates will change things much (except Gary Johnson, but I think the MSM has effectively silenced his voice).

    • Rosco1776

      Perry is the Bilderberger pick this round. People have been hypnotized by the media and their obvious bias against Ron Paul. Israel can more than handle Iran. I voted for Dr. Paul in 2008 and will do so again in 2012. But you have to be registered republican in most states to vote for him in the primary which is more important than him against Obama. Once he’s the nominee then he’ll eat up Obama in the debates.

      Ron Paul 2012 or bust(ed)!!

  • eddie47d

    Hard times doesn’t necessarily mean Americans will abandon ship, FDR proved that. Some folks are willing to throw in the towel and give up as we know most of you have. We all want better lives and Obama hasn’t delivered so it will be a tough election for him. If Ron Paul can womp his butt and straighten this nation out that would be fine with me. The rest of the candidates are either too extreme, flaky or not doing much more than making noise.

  • CanCan

    Oh boy, if Ron Paul is edged out, and Perry is the best there is, we are toast! As the one commentator author I have read said, where re-electing Obama is concerned: “Never under estimate the stupidity and gullibility of the American public”. For some may just very well decide to elect him in for a second term. And well, if that happens, there may not be an America left in 2016 after Obama is done with us.

  • texastwin827

    I am voting for Ron Paul in our primary, however, even he would need help to turn the US around…and that means we ALL have to take long, hard looks at those in Congress…and replace the “business as usual” ones.

    • DaveH

      Which is most of them.

  • AJ

    Mitt Romney and Rick Perry are NWO stand-ins incase obummer loses
    favor with the American voters. They are the NWO’s insurance policy
    for their Global Agenda.

  • Suzanne

    Check out this article I found regarding the REAL Obama:
    It is an interview with a White House insider.
    Dude is a total narcissist, attention-deficit, clueless and messed-up as the day is long. He plans on not only playing the race card, but will incite riots to get reelected. The dude is evil.
    I agree that Perry is another Bilderberger and a complete sell-out. The only “good” candidate is Ron Paul, but we know he is being marginalized by TPTB… we need to ignore the mass media and vote him in anyway.

  • John

    Obama’s Alias Vanishing Quickly From Professional Databases
    Posted on August 23, 2011 by Conservative Byte

    “Harrison J. Bounel,” an alias identified for Barack Obama by debt-collection and skip-trace expert Albert Hendershot, is currently being scrubbed from professional databases, the investigator reports.

    “I believe Obama supporters are trying to eliminate any and all evidence of Obama’s shady past from all public databases,” Hendershot told WND. “It’s the only explanation for why the alias ‘Harrison J. Bounel’ has dropped from sight in database searches on public records done for Obama’s Social Security number and home address in Chicago.”

    Hendershot documented his analysis in a report written for WND that can be read in its entirety here.

    Get the inside details on what could be the most serious constitutional crisis in the nation’s history, in “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President,” autographed by the author!

    As seen in Exhibit 1, Hendershot has put together a chart that documents how he first found the Harrison J. Bounel name appearing in databases he was using to search properties in Chicago, and how he has worked with WND to make a series of previously unknown disclosures about the Obama home in Chicago’s upscale Kenwood neighborhood at 5046 S. Greenwood Avenue.

    Get more info about Obama: Congress is full on commie. get them out. Perry,palin,romney are bad for America! Get the Facts!

    • 45caliber

      Now that’s interesting …

  • Jyrine

    Good post Suzanne. Obama has used race since he took office and the more all of us know about his sleazy, Chicago-politics way the better. I believe him capable of declaring Martial Law over some trumped up disaster. EXPECT ANY and EVERYTHING!!!

    • bob wire

      Well, he’d have a difficult time explaining his tan if that’s what you mean.

      You and people like you have use him to play the race card, I see no issue but you do as you can’t overlook his , his “blackness”

      and for what it’s worth, he’s not black or negro but a hybrid like many Americans today. I’m Germanic/Irish/and a dash of native American myself.

      I have nieces and nephews that are all I am and 50% Border Mexican. Blond hair, blue eyes and alabaster skin. They are beautiful children.

      Why not get over it and accept that people are not responsible for their birth?

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Yes, it’s good to see people are waking up as we see in these polls. It’s just unfortunate they didn’t realize prior to 11/4/2008 what a disaster BHO would be for America and its economy. We also see many other polls which sound good; indicating that the majority of Americans think as we do – moderate to conservative. But we also see some polls giving Congress an even lower rating than BHO. That made sense from 1/2007 to 1/2011, when the Democraps controlled both chambers of Congress. The 2010 midterm election was a step in the right direction, as now we can stop some of BHO’s detrimental agenda. But IMHO we should’ve defeated a lot more Democraps. And sadly a large % of these Americans don’t understand common sense when it comes to elections.

    People think there’s no difference between the 2 parties?? They should think again!! E.g., we should appreciate the fact that all GOP House members, and all (discounting 3 RINOs) GOP Senators voted against the costly failed $800+ billion stimulus/porkulus bill 2 ½ years ago. Omitting porkulus from future FY baselines alone would cut deficits in half!! And if I’m not mistaken, ALL Republicans voted against Obamacare last year. But the GOP didn’t have enough seats/votes to stop this prior to 1/2011. Therefore, were it not for the foolish mistakes of voters in 2006 and 2008, porkulus and Obamacare both could’ve been defeated. REMEMBER – the way to defeat GOP wimps and RINOs is to replace them with more reliable conservatives in GOP primaries ….. NOT by replacing them with Democraps in November general elections. As evidenced by 11/2006 and 11/2008, elections have consequences, and electing more Democraps only makes bad situations worse!!

  • http://none RPaul or same ol’

    When talking with family, frinds, and strangers, I get a lot of he’s too old, got some crazy ideas and on. When I ask if they think our Constitution should be respected, I get a yes. Then I ask who is really fighting for that and then things either get quiet, defensive, or all out belligerent. Either way they think I’m “nuts”. I just don’t understand what it is they refuse to see. Ron Paul 2012 or bust. So as Jyrine said, expect any and everything. The status quo will be horrific.

    • DaveH

      We’ve all been heavily propagandized. Some of us have broken free, but most have not.
      The biggest eye-opener to me so far has been the book “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo. He puts together previously known but suppressed facts about Lincoln that only those in heavy denial will ignore. Just that one subject makes the reader very aware of just how much we have all been duped by the public schools.
      Thomas also has written several other books that are easy to read and wake the reader up to the struggle that has been waged since the beginning of our country between Freedom Lovers and those who think they know best how to run our lives. Hint, so far the latter have prevailed.

      • bob wire

        That’s the nature of “victors” left to write history and any opposition small.

        The bible is a perfect example, ~ as it makes “the chosen ones” waring tribes saintly and righteous. David was a waring King, Abraham was an old man with great holding and ruled with a strong hand.


    As far as I am concerned there are only two viable presidential candidates on the GOP ticket . That is Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul . That the Obama cheering section is playing them down for their own choices of the GOP moderates is proof enough of that . Please do not let the lamestream media push their picks on you . Their only goal is to keep the progress they have made under Obama in the event he loses . This progress is an illusion , taking us to a European socialist state of enslavement .

    • Jerry1018

      You are right on about the “socialist” part. Obama is a Marxist Muslim. We can’t even impeach him or the blacks will burn down the cities. We have to vote him out regardless of the hundreds of millions he has from BIG UNIONS to be used in demonic ways to discredit the Republican nominee. The Left is scared to death of Sarah Palin! And I think she is going to run! She would make a great first female president!

  • http://N/A Razstetter

    You know , it’s like the big-mouth senator who earlier this week when asked about the Tea Party commented by saying , …” The Tea Party can go straight to hell ! ” ….I’m feeling this sentiment towards this current administration and all of it’s corrupt Zars and all affiliations to Obama as this country suffers , the needy go on needing and hurting while this arrogant SOB that was elected plays golf at Martha’s Vineyard , …they can all go straight to hell as far as I’m concerned !!! , …this also includes Bob Beckel , what a moron !!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      He’s always talking about the “conservative fat cats” in Washington, but I notice HE is the only one of the FIVE that has to wear suspenders to keep his pants up over his fat gut!!!

  • bob wire

    It’s a long way to November. ~ There a lots of money to spend, and great time to be spending it.

  • chuckb

    no worry, palin will announce in september and will remove the muslom from the white house. even karl rove is shaking in his boots, he will probably announce his party change at the same time. the republican hierarchy is worried, their power is slipping along with the bolsheviks.
    the tea party will rule.

  • Bill Wright

    It takes Good common sense to elect a good President,or,to at least to know which one would be best for the Nation. a lot of people in this country have either lost their common sense,or just don’t give a damn anymore.And I don’t care who you vote for,there is always going to be a hang up somewhere,because they are all out to make a nasme for themselfs,to hell with the people.

  • Mike

    Neo-con RINO’s run and hide, we don’t want your wars or your banker bailouts. Ron Paul 2012, FREEDOM IS COMING.

  • Janice Fortin



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