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Preparing For Hard Times Is A Way Of Life I Call Provident Living

April 18, 2011 by  

Preparing For Hard Times Is A Way Of Life I Call Provident Living

I have been chosen by a film company to try out for a documentary on “prepping.” If I am chosen, a film crew will come to my house and film me in all aspects of my daily life.

I don’t feel like a prepper, I just live providently. When I refer to myself, I am also referring to my husband Scott and my children and most of my friends and relatives. It seems that everyone I know lives like this to some degree. I told my husband about it and he asked me, what is prepping? It seems it is a new buzzword for preparing for disasters or hard economic times. We are so used to our way of life that it is normal to us. We don’t consider ourselves preppers.

We have our yearly routine that we do to maintain a level of preparedness at all times. Because I am in the middle of filming the preliminary clips, I have been seriously thinking about how we live and how I could share this way of life with others who are just getting started and want to be more self-sufficient. I am going to list all the things that my family is doing to be prepared.

1. We Are Getting Out Of Debt And Staying Out Of Debt
The most important thing we are doing is getting out of debt and staying out. After all the research I have done on banks and the interest they charge, I realized that my money market account and my savings were never going to increase at the same rate as the interest the bank was taking out for my loans. I realized also that I need to be borrowing from myself instead of the bank, then I can pay myself back and I earn the interest. I am money ahead that way.

So I cashed out my money market certificates and my savings and I paid the highest interest-bearing debts first: Our credit cards, vehicle loans, a loan on a ring my husband and I bought and a flat screen TV that we purchased.

I paid off my mother’s house because she is getting older and making the payment every month is very hard for her. I could have used this money for my own debt, but I had a strong feeling that my mom’s house was more important and she needed to be out from under that pressure.

I came to the conclusion that I had my savings money in the bank and I also had my loan at the same bank. The bank was taking my savings and loaning it back to me and then charging me large amounts of interest. All of a sudden it dawned on me that this was not smart. So I used my savings and paid the high interest bearing loans first, and now I am making the same payments only to myself and I keep the interest for myself. That is how I can get ahead.

The way we started getting out of debt was by listing all monthly expenses and debts on a ledger. We concentrated on the smallest and highest interest bearing debts first. When we got the first debt paid, we took the money from the first one and added it to the second one.

For example, the first one was $100 and the second one was $200. When we paid off the first one, we began paying $300 to the second one each month until that one was paid in full. Then added the $300 to the third debt until it was paid off. We were still paying the same amount each month, but we were compounding the payments to get them paid off sooner.

Most people would say, “Good, I have an extra $300 this month,” and then go spend it or get into more debt. This plan takes discipline but can be done.

I must say that if you are on a fixed income or have no income, it is very difficult to get out of debt. That is why it is called the “Rat Race.” You spin your wheels and go nowhere.

You may have to sell some of your assets to accomplish this goal. I have put some recreational land that we own up for sale. If it sells, I will finish paying off our final debts.

My husband and I made a pact with each other that we would not use our credit cards for any purchase unless it is a debit and we have the extra money saved up for that purchase. We plan ahead and never get in trouble with credit card debt.

Our home is paid for and we are not a slave to a mortgage company. It feels so good to be debt free on our home and know that we won’t be kicked out if times get tough and we get into financial trouble.

We also save up the property tax money each month so that in November when property taxes are due we have the money and it is not a burden on us.

We have a three-month supply of cash on hand (not in the bank) to pay bills just in case the banks shut down or have no funds. It is good to have small bills and coins for smaller purchases. Saving enough money for emergency bill paying takes time. We are frugal and try to save money wherever we can. We pay cash for vehicles and other purchases. If we don’t have the money, we don’t buy it. 

2. We Grow A Garden Every Year
We are avid gardeners. Every spring we grow a garden.

My husband grew up on a farm and learned to milk cows at an early age. He would get up by 6 a.m., do his chores, milk the cows and then go to school.

His father was an onion farmer. They also grew corn to sell at the farmers market so the children could have money for school clothes.

We grow a lot more food than we need. However, I have tried to scale down and it hasn’t worked as well, so we give a large amount of food away to our family and friends. We like to grow plants from non-hybrid seeds so we can save them from year to year and have a never-ending supply.

3. I Bottle And Dry Excess Fruits And Vegetables
During harvest time I bottle or put up fruits and vegetables. I make things like salsa, pickles, beats, broccoli, squash, soups, peaches and pears. We enjoy eating the food we grow all year.

I also like to dehydrate the excess produce that we have in our garden. I keep a dehydrator going all the time during harvest time.

I make sun-dried tomatoes, zucchini chips, dried onions, and dried fruit slices such as peaches and pears, raisins, plums and apples. I make fruit leather with a mixture of fruits blended into a puree. I have an herb garden that we use to grow fresh herbs for cooking. I dehydrate them to make herbal seasonings.

4. We Have A Year-Round Greenhouse
We have a year-round greenhouse that we start all our seedlings in and grow food in year round. It contains an 800-gallon water tank that helps keep the greenhouse from freezing or overheating. We have fish in the tank all year. If necessary we could grow fish to eat.

We love our greenhouse.

5. We Raise Chickens And Other Animals
We live in the city limits of a small rural community. The entire town is only one mile long, and the population is 2,500. We are allowed to have farm animals on our property.

Many of my neighbors raise horses, cattle, chickens, rabbits, pigs and goats. People raise animals for meat as well. The county fair is full of them waiting to be sold to the lucky bidder.

We purchase meat from the local ranchers in the area. My husband and I have chickens. We collect the eggs every morning and eat them fresh for breakfast. My husband believes that he is healthier because of the free-range fresh eggs he eats.

6. We Store A Year’s Supply Of Food
Because of the religious beliefs of our church and community, most people in my community and in the state of Utah store enough garden seeds, food, water, clothing, bedding, fuel, wood, emergency supplies and camping gear to be prepared for an emergency of some sort.

I am the queen of food storage. I have enough to supply an army. I keep it in different locations for security reasons.

I stockpile a lot of easy-to-make meals that can be cooked by adding water and bringing to a boil. These include things such as soup mixes and premade meals. I also store bulk foods like rice, dried fruits vegetables, wheat, powdered milk, beans, honey, bread baking supplies and all the necessary ingredients to make soup and bread.

7. We Have A Root Cellar
Our root cellar is a cement room similar to a basement, only smaller. It is about 10 feet deep and has a stairway leading to the room.

We keep all our winter vegetables in that root cellar: Carrots, onions, potatoes, squash and apples all store well throughout the winter. There is a building on top of the root cellar in which we keep buckets of dehydrated food.

8. We Have A Wood-Burning Stove In Our Home
A wood-burning stove is a necessity if the power goes off. You need enough coal and wood to build a fire in the stove to heat your home and stay warm.

The top of the wood burning stove is flat so you can boil water in a pot or even cook simple foods on the top of the stove. These stoves will heat entire rooms. If your power goes off in the middle of the winter, you can shut the doors to rooms that are not being used and just heat the part of the house that is absolutely necessary.

We built an outdoor fireplace that we could use to cook in if we had to. It is on our patio and it is nice to just relax by the fire on chilly nights. We also have a barbeque grill that uses propane. We store extra bottles of propane so we could use it if needed.

9. We Have Camping And Evacuation Equipment
We have a special shed on our property in which we keep all our camping, hiking, snowshoeing equipment. We have plastic totes full of Mountain House foods and eFoods pre-made meals. We keep tents, sleeping bags, cots, warm clothing (gloves, wool socks, pants and hats), extra bedding, wool blankets, kerosene lamps, Dutch ovens and a Sun oven.

We have guns and ammo also. We live near the mountains and if we needed to hunt for wild game, we could. We have alternative heating and lighting sources as well. We keep our 72-hour packs in this shed along with our portable water filters. We keep cans of extra gasoline in case we need to take off somewhere. It is a good idea to keep the vehicles full of gas at all times.

10. We Have An Outhouse On Our Property
Our house sits on about a half-acre plot of land. My husband fixed up an old outhouse that was on the property when we moved here 25 years ago. The outhouse has a door on it for privacy. It has a hole dug in the ground about four or five feet deep and has a wooden box built on top of the hole.

The wooden box has a hole in the top with a toilet seat secured over the hole. We use an enzyme and bacteria product called Bio Clean to sprinkle into the hole and eliminate human waste and smells. You can purchase Bio Clean from my website

11. We Have A 250-Gallon Water Tank In Our Shed
Water is the most important item we have. Without water we won’t live long. We keep a 250-gallon tank in the shed where our camping gear is stashed. We have smaller 5-gallon containers to fill from the larger one.

This is a little bit about how we live. I hope it gives you ideas so you and your family can be more self sufficient.

Emergency Food Storage and Survival HandbookIf you are interested in a great source for pre-made meals that can be stored for 15 years and taste great, check out the eFoods Global meals available from my website. I have been testing out these emergency food storage meals which are packaged in Mylar® pouches. These meals serve four people and are ready to just add water and cook. I find them delicious, convenient, and easy. For more information, click here.

To purchase any of my seven books or any of the other preparedness items I sell, go to my website at

–Peggy Layton

Peggy Layton

a home economist and licensed nutritionist, holds a B.S. in Home Economics Education with a minor in Food Science and Nutrition from Brigham Young University. Peggy lives in Manti, Utah with her husband Scott. Together they have raised seven children. Peggy owns and operates two businesses: One called "The Therapy Center", where she is a licensed massage therapist and hypnotherapist, and the other an online cookbook and preparedness products business. She is nationally known for publishing a series of seven books on the subject of food storage and also lectures and teaches seminars about preparedness and using food storage products. Peggy practices what she preaches, has no debt, grows a huge garden, lives off the land, raises chickens, bottles and dehydrates food and has time left over to operate her businesses. To check out Peggy's cookbooks and self sufficiency products go to her website To get a free sample of three different storable meals that have a 15-year shelf life go here.

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  • Bob

    I was raised on a farm in rural Pennsylvania and we lived much the same way. The world has changed since then. My wife and I are slowly going back to basics though. We are nearly debt free and are beginning a garden and fruit trees. I hunt and fish. The township we live in doesn’t permit livestock of any kind. The only problem is that when things get worse, and they will, are you prepared to protect your home, food, and livestock with lethal force? You can be as prepared as possible until someone takes it all away. And that someone may end up being our own government.

    • dave

      My thought also is with Christians who share with others, especially with those of the household of faith; do you share with those who have not for one reason or another, done the prep work you have?
      I was looking for food auctions in my area and couldn’t find any. These are not only practical but spiritual issues to be considered.

      • granny mae


        I share your same thoughts. It is easy to sit here now and say what I would do but when push comes to shove it might be different. However with my husband I don’t know. He is a no nonsence kind of person so when he says he would shoot I am inclined to believe him. But you know I just couldn’t turn down someone starving, especially if they had children. I remember my father-in-law telling me about the hard times he had durring the depression and the people that saved him by making him a sandwich or giving him a bowl of soup. He was out in California looking for work. He finally decided to come back to Michigan and feed himself and his family by hunting and fishing. I guess we won’t really know what we will do until the time comes. If I have to I will hide my stash in several different places in order to keep it ! I think we are soon to find out what we will do !

      • granny mae

        By the way what is a food auction ? I never heard of such a thing.

  • peter

    Fantastic Peggy!You have the “way to live” under control in every aspect and surely you and the other folks in your little town in Utah must be some very happy souls. I envy you and just want to say that for the most part, folks are generally completely out of touch with reality. Without flat screen tv’s, wallmarts, suv’s, cell phones and every conceivable electronic contraption on the planet, they cannot survive! Most folks are totally miserable and do not even know why. It is because they put possessions at the front of their requirements and do not know the difference between what they need and what they want. God bless and enjoy.

  • peter

    In fact Bob you and I could safely say that the chances of the government taking it away is a racing certainty rather than a possibility.

    When things reach that stage, one has to be prepared to do whatever is required to protect your family and livelihood whoever the aggressor is!

    Good luck and God bless!

    • soldier

      I am sure you can defend your home and property from the scum out there. But when the army starts shelling you with depleted uranium shells….

      • Lastmanstanding

        soldier…I would’t put anything past our govt. or any other for that matter. if they resort to this…my hope is that God will just cleanse the entire planet of hate and pain. Until then, we will stand firm on this beautiful earth that he created. God bless all of us.

      • Cawmun Cents

        Unless I make my home in an armored personnel carrier,I doubt that they will waste DU on me.More likely to use incindiary,that way they can burn me out.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I’m gonna build an under ground house for that very reason!!! I’ll camothe entrance, too!!!LOL!

      • granny mae


        There are going to be a lot of young men asked to fire on their own families, I wonder if they will? Depends on what they are offered to wipe out their friends ! Sad to think we have come to this !

  • Don Ruane

    Great article.

    We live in an urban area on a 100′x100′ lot.
    We are out of debt, except the house, working on that now.
    We do not have a retreat in the hills so we will be AT HOME.

    Food and water storage is a big problem, only so much space for everything needed to get along.

    We have taken care of the water problem with a drilled well and 55 gallon drums.

    We also joined eFoods Global and I suggest you all look into eFoods, they have gourmet foods that just happen to last 15 years or longer.

    You neglected Communications and Security which are also big problems no matter where we or you live.

    In any article on Survival Self Protection and Protection of family and friend must be include because there are people who are arming themselves to ” TAKE WHAT THEY NEED ” from anyone who has what they think they need, no matter what the cost.

    Isolation can get you killed.

    • PMS

      efoods Global has good foods but their shipping is very high.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Don ruane,
      hope you had that well water tested. you could be drinking something you seriously don’t want to! There are labs that will test it for you!

  • soldier

    If the crap does hit the fan, wouldn’t it just be a matter of time before your goods are stolen from you? Many thousands of Americans who live near you, who are probably armed, will be faced with the prospect of starving or doing whatever they have to do to stop starvation. Of course, the army could always come in as well and shell your property with depleted uranium death. Oh well, better to start out with some stores than without. If the crap hits the fan things will be rough for everyone. rich, poor, it doesn’t matter. Hell if anyting, being rich will just make you more of a target. I think it is a fairy tale to think that if you follow these steps, you will be golden during financial collapse….

    • Cawmun Cents

      Day to day folks probably havent stored up ammunition,if they havent stored up food and water.Most of them probably dont even own firearms.Most of my neighbors would get by on bartering,as they seem to be day to dayers.We have enough ammunition to hold off a small army for awhile.But I live in suburban California,so the folks will probably get desperate fast after the stores go empty.I’ve got a feeling that the bad ones will focus on easier prey at first.That will give me time to focus on a plan.Actually I already have the makings of one in place,but it will need to be sharpened as I go along.The crux of the matter is that many dont see the fall coming, and most of those who do,dont see the”big picture”.”Worst case scenario”is not a phrase most people have familiarized themselves with.It(the afore-mentioned phrase)is what I base everything upon.Tactics as well as effective use of resources will likely save the day.Until then it is prayer……

  • Lastmanstanding

    We have history to aid us in planning. Knowone really knows exactly what will happen…”History” is a damn good place to start.

    The key will be people working together…hopefully you all get that one.

    Everyone wants to feel prepared for what is to come.

  • dave

    There’s also the example of the Jews on Masada faced with starvation by the Romans. They committed homicide/suicide rather than falling and succumbing to their tactics.

    • Cawmun Cents

      Yes well,if I find myself on a butte with an entire army surrounding me I will still make them kill me….haw!

  • Prepper

    Peggy, if everyone did what you are doing, a major crisis would be averted and the world would be a much better place. I sincerely hope that the documentary gives millions of people the push they need to achieve a self-suffient lifestyle. However, realistically most people won’t and this raises a question that is both mind boggling and life-threatening. And that is, should you help the pertetually unprepared who come to your door looking for a handout? On the one hand, I have no doubt you are a caring, generous person who likes the feeling of helping those less fortunate. (I am that way too.) But on the other hand, you can’t help everyone, and the mere act of helping a few proves that you have enough to share.

    I can envision a desperate family asking someone “hey, where did you get that bag of rice?” and before you know it, an angry mob of starving people show up at the Layton household willing to do anything to take what you have. So where do you draw the line? Help no one? Help everyone?

    The worst part of it is discussing this with non-prepper friends who can’t possibly concieve of how bad things might potentially get. Invariably they call you a greedy hoarder, meaning that they expect a handout as if you were the governement. Peggy, I’m having trouble with this. Maybe I need a new set of friends.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Prepper. All you can do is take care of yourself and your family.
      i would also find new friends. The old ones who aren’t ready will EXPECT you to help them, just like they THINK/EXPECT the govt. to come to their aid. It won’t be the aid that their looking for.

      YOU! must draw your own line. I have drawn mine…The Founding Fathers knew that the 2nd amendment would someday be tested.

      I will not give up my arms…look at history of those that have.

      “give me liberty or give me death.”, “live free or die.”

      God will help with your choice.

    • Christin

      That is a good question… I think you have to ask yourself… “What would Jesus do?” Jesus fed the masses.

      I also think we should awaken others by sending these e-mails to our family and friends so that they can start preparing for hard times as we are. Then you can say, “Hey, I tried to tell you and I sent you e-mail articles that showed you how.” …And, do you not know the old nursery story of the worker ant who worked hard all year to prepare for winter and the lazy cricket (which bug was it?) played and refused to help or work…

      I also liked what another poster, Granny Mae, said in one of her posts about this topic on this site months ago… She said, “She would tell the person who comes to her door that she would look for something to give them and to come back in an hour.” [That way they can't see where your getting it from, if the food stash is from you, and how much you have.] She said she already has made up pre-sealed packages of food (like a cup of rice, cup of beans for example) and would give it to them when they came back. She said she couldn’t turn people down especially if they had a baby. I think she has a good heart.

      I believe God would want us Christians to be a LIGHT in the DARK… then we can win them over [with our testimony] if they were ever in doubt as to who to follow …and it will be dark if / when the Progressive Global Elitists starve the masses and collapse the economy here in America and world-wide.

      • granny mae

        God Bless you dear heart for remembering the things I said. I pray to God that everyone does and will benefit from it! If they do it will make my life worth the living ! Actually that idea of having the person come back was not originally my idea. I saw it on a video and also read it years ago in a book. It was said that any time you are approached by someone for food ask them if they have anything to barter and if they do tell them that you think you know of some place you might be able to help them, and ask them to meet you someplace a while later to close the deal, but don’t tell them you have the stash just that you might know someone that may have something to barter.
        Also in the video a woman said she knew she could not turn down her friends or family in need so she set aside a few buckets that she had filled with vacuum sealed packages of rice and beans etc. I knew that this woman had the answer I was looking for and so I did the same thing. I have now put together several buckets of this kind just for this reason. I make it a point not to waste anything if possible and I dehydrate everything I can. I take one or two packages that I’m putting up and put it aside for the charity buckets and the rest I store for my family ! It doesn’t hurt me to do it and it doesn’t cut me short either. I also take the small little portions left from canning and do them up in half pint jars at the same time and put them aside for maybe some elderly person that might be in need. I get more good out of it for myself than anyone I would give it to. It just makes you feel good all over to do something to help others! Try it. Always try your best to safe guard your own supply. It is everything to you and your family ! I will keep stocking until there is nothing left to stock. God bless you all !

        • Christin

          Great ideas in paragraph one… all should follow this when deciding to help someone else out with food during the upcoming man-made food crisis… protect yourself and your family, but help.

          We have two children of our own to feed so it will be a struggle to help others who haven’t heeded the many voices telling them to prepare for hard times planned and forced on us by TPTB.

          Best to you all.

          • granny mae


            I know to some this is going to be laughed at but I will say it anyway. I have been working on this food storage since the 1990′s. I knew the Lord was telling me to do this for years but around 1990 I began to get a panicy feeling about it! I didn’t know why and I didn’t understand why the panic but I did know the Lord was speaking to me and I always said, when he speaks to me I will do what ever he says no matter how foolish I look. I began then to read books on the subject and I started storing, just a little at first but still putting one foot in front of the other. The urgency just got stronger and stronger so I worked harder at it and tried to come up with every way I could think of to increase my storage. It has worked and I continue even today. I know there is going to be a lot of people in dire need and I will help those that I can. But as we all know there are those that will never listen and even scoff and laugh at us. I just remember that they did the same thing to Jesus in his own home town. The people that know you best will be the last to listen or believe. Just do your best to do what you know in your heart is right for you and your family ! There will always be some that will have enough to buy what they need from somewhere but there is going to be a lot who will go through hell and when they come out on the other side they will make sure they will never go through it again, and they won’t. Problem is that they had to go through it the first time. My father-in-law told me that he vowed when the depression was over tht he would never go through that again either and he didn’t. This was a man that never made a great deal of money but he made sure he had a house and it was paid for. He had a car and a truck and a camper and two boats and they were all paid for. He had money in the bank and he also had money in his house because he didn’t completely trust the banks. When he died his kids were all surprised that this man had enough money put aside that each one of his three kids recieved one hundred thousand dollars ! It was a shock to them all. He just saved and saved and saved, so he would never have to go through any of that again ! That experience did something to him that went very deep !

  • thomas

    Might be wise to reread the event of Randy Weaver. They thought they were safe. Here came the fed mob and wiped out half the family.///The isolation bit is a bit scary. Might be good to link up with ‘Liberty Villages’ — a survival concept involving minimum number of ten families per area, each group ganged together for sharing and protection. I would never isolate my family, then broadcast it all over the iternet, especially when ‘history’ is alluded to. Look up the ‘Mountain Meadows Massacres.’ A corporate monolith could use that event as excuse for payback.///For as long as we allow madmen to occupy the White House, and for as long as lapdog media hounds prevail in mainstream venues, nobody is safe in America.

    • granny mae

      madmen in the white house and lapdog news media says it all. Amen !

  • Gordon in Texas


    Another great article. My wife and I started on our path on getting out of debt the same way you did. I put a financial plan together using Excel, listed all of our assets and all of our bills, with expected end dates for all of the loans. We decided which loans or bills would be paid off first and used that monthly payment in paying off the next loan or bill. Right now I’m a month ahead of schedule and just paid off my wife’s car. What a great feeling! Next year we’ll only have the mortgages to pay and that will accelerate due to the extra cash we’ll have. I’ve also taken loans from my 401K and invested it in tangible assets. I pay myself back with interest. I figure that if the economy bottoms out I’ll at least have the “tools” I need to get through the tough times.

    We’ve recently bought 10 acres with a house, barn, pond, pasture, and springs and are currently rebuilding the house. We’re also redesigning the house to make it more energy efficient and it will have a large pantry. Next year I’ll put a large garden in and we’ll be growing our own organic vegetables and fruits. Fruit trees are also on the agenda for next year. I haven’t done canning or preserving in quite some time and I’m excited about doing it again.

    We have lots of plans for the property, which include livestock, another solar-powered water well with a manual option, and a concrete log home that will be totally off the grid. We’re getting there and I consider this an ongoing project that will keep us busy for years to come.

    I really like your articles and look forward to the documentary you’re filming. I also admire those of you who embrace a self-sustaining lifestyle and share it with those of us who have gotten off track.

    • Christin

      Gordon in Texas,

      Agreed…. well said.

      Christin in TX

  • Bitter Libertarian

    These are excellent plans and as long as you are situated to work on them, that is great. I myself have, but have an added feature; Mobility.

    The only problem with any situation is the uncertainity of the need to leave. If I found myself with the need to leave, I can say theres a high possibility that I wouldnt be coming back in a few weeks. So I believe the Author is spot on for a situation where you can stay put, but I believe that if we look at the last decades worth of disaster events, mobile survival/relocating is just as crucial to plan for.

    Camping Gear, dehydrated food, Fuel to be mobile, maps, pre-determined camp sites, several changes of clothes, minimal hygene & cleaning/disinfectant supplies. These are important items.

    IMHO the Bottom line: Is being able to drop whatever your doing and depart/relocate within 1 hour or less, in your car with enough to survive for 1 month to some “bolt-hole” to hole up in. This MAY be more important then anything. To each their own…..Best wishes.

  • FreedomFighter

    Impressive prep, I wish my situation was as good, I am working on it as I can afford.

    The sad thing is this:

    My friends consider such prep: crazy/insane-waste of time an money. They think the goverment will come to the rescue..sad really. Only a select few are preping for the worst, and then it may only consist of a case or 3 of tuna an 100 pounds of rice.

    As I have told them, I hope Im wrong, really wrong. It would make me happy to be wrong – but the indicators say otherwise and it is best to be prepared.

    Preperation for emergency situations, in my opinion, is a small price to pay for peace of mind. The comfort knowing my family will not starve, go thirsty, will stay warm and be able to weather an emergency as best as possible.

    Try this test:

    Turn the electric off for just 2 weeks, dont shop at the grocery store for 2 weeks, you will understand what you face far better.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Bitter Libertarian

      I agree. I believe preperation is simply being self reliant and taking responsibility for my own well being. It has no business involving ANY politics because mother nature does not care about such nonsense.

    • granny mae

      Sometimes a good way to talk to people about being prepared is to put it in terms such as, what would you do if you lost your job tomorrow? How long could you live on what you have in the cupboard or in the bank? How far would your bank account go to pay your bills and buy your gas and groceries? Now if you had a full pantry of food that would last you for six months how much farther would your bank account go toward your other needs? They seem to understand those terms easier. When we talk about hard time country wide it frightens most people. They don’t realize that they are afraid because they are not prepared. Once you are prepared most of the fear is gone. You know you can survive. The only thing to worry about then is what you can’t prepare for. That is when you pray and give it all to the Lord and let him handle it ! For those of you that don’t believe you can go ahead and give it to him anyway, he doesn’t mind ! Just know that you know what you know and do what you know is right for you and don’t worry about what others think about you, they don’t pay your bills or take care of your family, you do. If they don’t listen there is nothing you can do about it so don’t keep bothering them about it. They might just surprise you and come looking for you to get some information on how to do what you have done, when they finally wake up ! I have had that happen in my family and now my granddaughter has brought several people to the house for me to talk to about food storage and nutrition. Most are young folks but a couple are the parents of young folks. We have had a good time and I’m looking forward to them starting coming again. I have a tendancy to over whelm them with how to do this and that and everyone wants hands on so it takes time for them to all get a chance to use the equipment! I think in a short time there will be quite a few coming to see how we are doing it so just hang in there and do what you know is best ! My brother came around and I never would have believed that he would, he was a hard nose but something clicked and he called me one day and said he was doing the food storage thing! I about fell over ! My sister is another case. She is lazy and looks at the world with rose colored glasses! I have talked to her for years with no luck so now I just leave it alone. She will come around after it is too late ! My friends just don’t stop storring. Even when you think you have enough don’t quit. It will go fast when you have to start depending on it ! God bless

  • Les

    Peggy, is there any way we can help influence the film company? We appreciate you very much and would be blessed to be part of expanding your opportunity, perhaps a petition?

  • http://com i41

    Since a new”revelation” from EPA admitted it never did any job killing studies on all the regulations that have been put in to place by the Onumnutts and the worthless soros socialist dumbocraps. These book trained beltway dumb bastards in all the worthless agancies need to go, take the FAA and their sleepy idoits, and to hire another over paid idoit to babysit and give them naps. Privatize the group if government can not hire people to stay awake. I have worked shifts, and learned to keep alert even durning the long hoursat night. Typical lazy azzed government employees and their worthless union attitudes. How long is the citizens going to put up with this niggardly treatment and downgrading of America to go on? See the crossbred bastard is not going to abide under the agreement to cut cut the czar’s pay, even though he sugned off on.

    • mtman2

      i41> needs to realize the last-2 descriptions -R- harmful-2 us all.

  • 45caliber

    The article describes the way I was raised with the exception of having a water tank. On the other hand, we had water piped in from a spring under gravity feed so as long as the spring ran, there was plenty of water.

  • David R Aikens

    i am just starting my website. i have planed to put a gardening section in. i have not been part of or grown a garden in over 15 years, but i plan to go back to it. i hope to get my sister to put recipes and gardening tips on it. she has continued to have a garden for the last 30 years or more. i now live in arizona but i moved here from north carolina. my gardening will be a differnt style that what i lhave done in the past. my going back into it was prompted by the current problems with this country and i am a lot older now. and haveing a garden will give me better vegistables than what you get in a store and freasher. this year has gotten started , so most of what i will do will start next year. i have to set up a differn syle of irrigation than what i had in carolina, because normal rains did the job there most of the time, the desert does not have enought rain fall. so i will adapt a sytem for my needs.the current political problems of this country will cause alot of people to learn how to garden for themselves. we might even have to barter in the near future.have fun and good gardening or farming.

  • 45ACP

    Peggy, I truley wish there were more people in Sanpete County who thought and prepared like you do. You have it down pat. Alot of the responses to you are concerned about the un-prepared masses, and rightly so. The simple answer is that most cannot go it alone. When the stuff really hits the fan, those of us who live in the country will certainly have to rely on friends and trusted neighbors to watch each others backs. It probably won’t matter how many guns or how much ammo we have, without co preppers, it will be real tough.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    I like all of your ideas, but where I live I would be arrested for raising farm animals and I would be heavily fined for having an active outhouse on my property as well!! I do plant a garden every year and can. I have my own fruit trees as well. I could live about eight or ten months on what I have in the house right now so I need a little more. I am considering getting a few rabbits as they can be raised here as pets, I just have to be sure to not get attached to them!! LOL! Their droppings are very good for the garden as well!

  • DeniseP

    I have the same feeling of needing to prepare. My problem is my husband doesn’t. I don’t have any animals as I live in the city. I have tried to start buying extra food but the finances aren’t great. I am the one doing it all. I planted a garden just recently and haven’t gotten any “crops” yet. I feel an anxiety about getting things done. All of the ideas are great but when you live in the city and can;t have animals or outhouses and wells then what?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Can your garden vegies for one thing. i have eaten home canned fruit that was eight years old. If you drink Arizona teas then save the gallon bottles and store water in them, just rinse them periodocially and refill. they’re thick so they last longer. get a storage babinet and stock up on canned goods but be sure to put the newer ones to the back and use the ones in the front, that way you use the oldest first. If you have a basement and you can put in a storage rack, get some of the “S” shaped racks that you put in cans at the top and take them out at the bottom. Try to always have a few cans of gas in your garage, but put stabilizer in them. you might also look for some plant guides for medicinal and cooking needs. Talk to Granny Mae on canning and storage as shes a real pro!!

  • DeniseP

    Thanks! I will start looking into canning. I have been trying to buy can food and I was thinking about checking out the efood website. Well now I know that I can be called a Prepper.


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