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Prepare Yourself For The Impending Global Crisis

March 25, 2011 by  

Prepare Yourself For The Impending Global Crisis

By now, you should have seen Porter Stansberry’s prediction for "The End of America." His recent video was the culmination of years of research and observation, which led him to this conclusion… The United States dollar and economy are doomed. The U.S. government has printed more money and taken on more debt than it can ever repay.

But the U.S.’s situation isn’t unique. We’ve seen it play out many times throughout history. Whenever a sovereign nation becomes so indebted it can never hope to repay, it inflates. And the scary thing is, inflation is already running rampant. Take a peek at the chart below and its explanation from the most recent issue of his Stansberry’s Investment Advisory newsletter…


What you see here is the credit of the United States, represented by the value of a 20-year Treasury bond (TLT) versus the major alternatives to money: energy as represented by coal (KOL), agriculture (DBA), and hard money as represented by silver (SLV). 

This picture sums up the arguments and warnings we’ve been giving for years. We are not going to have a crisis. We are in a crisis right now. U.S. credit is now in permanent decline, while the value of the main alternatives to the dollar — energy, food, and real money — are soaring. 

The market is giving you a warning. Inflation is here. We are in the midst of a monetary crisis. The facts are undeniable.  — Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, December 2010

As Chris Weber points out in DailyWealth, gold has risen for 10 consecutive years. Going all the way back to 1980, Chris never found another market with the same consistency.

And he agrees gold’s rally isn’t over. Go to the grocery store and ask people if they own gold… Not gold jewelry, but actual gold bullion. Most do not. Sure, gold is making headlines. But until your waiter, auto mechanic and tailor are showing off their new Canadian Maple Leafs, you can bet gold will rally. If we do see a short-term dip down to $1,300 or $1,200, we’d treat it as a tremendous buying opportunity.

And it helps that the Federal Reserve is hell-bent on printing the dollar into oblivion. This week, the Fed released minutes from its Dec. 14 meeting… Attendees dismissed rising long-term Treasury rates as a strengthening economy (no inflation here).

Officials also committed to the $600 billion Treasury bond purchase program proposed in November. According to the Fed’s minutes:

While the economic outlook was seen as improving, members generally felt that the change in the outlook was not sufficient to warrant any adjustments to the asset-purchase program. Some indicated that they had a fairly high threshold for making changes to the program.(Emphasis is our own.)

We’re not sure what it will take to hit the Fed officials’ "high threshold"… Perhaps when interest rates hit double digits, and we’re walking to the store with wheelbarrows of cash. But we’re sure the dollar will be far less valuable by the time the Fed quenches its thirst for printing.

In addition to rising interest rates, another "End of America" prediction is also playing out… soaring food prices. Last November, Porter attended a secret meeting with some of the world’s most powerful people (billionaire investors, government officials, and corporate CEOs) to discuss the looming food crisis. While most attendees tiptoed around the central issue, Porter dove in. He recalled his contribution to the meeting in the November 2010 issue of Stansberry’s Investment Advisory

Excuse me… I wonder if everyone here is merely trying to be polite… We are here talking about the risks to the global food supply chain because we all know food prices are rising rapidly and these price shocks are merely the beginning. 

We all know there’s a currency war underway — a currency war that began in 2008 with the collapse of Wall Street’s investment banks. We all know this will, eventually, lead to a trade war. And we all know that as sure as night follows day, a currency war will lead to a trade war. We know this will have catastrophic consequences for food supplies. 

But why hasn’t anyone yet pointed to the obvious problem? 

It terms of gold, agricultural commodities prices have fallen by about 50 percent over the last 10 years. 

Obviously it’s not the price of food that’s the problem. It’s the collapsing purchasing power of the U.S. dollar that’s led us to this situation. 

That’s what’s going to cause a food crisis — and an energy crisis. 

The real question we should be discussing isn’t food. It’s money. And more specifically, the lack of a sound world reserve currency.

As Porter predicted, the weakening currency caused food prices to rise. According to the United Nations, world food prices hit an all-time record last December (besting the 2008 levels that sparked deadly riots across the world). An index of 55 food commodities followed by the Food and Agriculture Organization rose for the sixth month to 214.7, above the June 2008 high of 213.5. To see how Porter recommends protecting yourself from the global food shortage — and every other "End of America" scenario — click here 


S&A Research

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Porter Stansberry

founded Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, a private publishing company based in Baltimore, Md., in 1999. His monthly newsletter, Stansberry's Investment Advisory, deals with safe value investments poised to give subscribers years of exceptional returns. Porter oversees a staff of investment analysts whose expertise ranges from value investing to insider trading to short selling. Together, Porter and his research team do exhaustive amounts of real-world, independent research. They've visited more than 200 companies in order to find the best low-risk investments in the world.

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  • Gary

    Now is the time to buy food that has a shelf Life of over 15 years so you will have food when the crisis comes and svae your self and family. WShen your hungry nothing else matters. and get your food as fast as you can.

    • Kate8

      Gary – An even greater shortage threat is available, potable water.

      All that freeze-dried food won’t be much good without water.

      How many people live near a water source (if the grid goes down)? What if there is no fuel to drive to a source?

      Storing water is a cumbersome problem. It takes a lot of room, and must be protected from contamination. Of course, we can filter it (with a good filter) before use, but an adequate supply is still a problem.

      Anyone got input on this?

      • Dan az

        Hey kate
        I use a 2500 gal green poly tank its total cost to have shipped from az. was 800. It last me for about a month supply normal usage.There made up by you so you wont have as much shipping cost.I use about 8 oz of bleach for that much to store.

        • wandamurline

          I purchased a water treatment pack that will clean 400 gallons of water and do away with any and all toxins in it off of ebay. I think I will purchase another three or four.

      • duggy

        google or hot bot “water wall” it is a device to precipitate moisture from air ; some filter deals are good too if you live next to a lake and aren’t sure of the purity

        a wood burning camp stove might be useful if no sterno or propane were to be available ; got a folding one that burnz anything ; paper ; wood grass ; cardboard etc ; a fire striker is next ;

  • George

    I understand that there’s a monetary problem in the United States, and had been for years. I’m 55 years old now, and I recall almost the same scenario back in the 60′s where the hippies swore it was the last days for the US Dollar. That was 50 some years ago, and the Federal Reserve has somehow kept the tent inflated. Even today, people are saying near the same thing, and here we are still stepping along.

    I’m not buying the picture that somehow when the entire monetary system crashes (and I’m sure it will-eventually)that there is a hedge against it.

    Everything from Gold/Silver/Agriculture/Oil and so on, are all based upon the value of the USD. Therefore, when the bottom falls out, the Federal Reserve will then revalue all those things back in line with whatever currency is brought into circulation. Just like when FDR illegally confiscated the people’s gold. They took the gold, paid the people $20.80 an ounce. Then turned around and revalued it at $35. Whala! Instant $14.20 profit per ounce. They’ll do the same thing again with respect to all commodities.

    So, being a small potatoes guy, I have always wondered what my measly couple hundred ounces of silver will ever get me?

    Of course, if we repeat Wiemar Germany, then my few ounces of silver will buy a building in downtown!

    The powers behind the banking industry are some very very very smart people. They will not settle for anything but massive gains and leaving you and I with nothing.

    Always a good article, but when you have nothing to replace the currency system with but advice or complaints, it just leaves one to still not have a conclusion.

    • bob wire

      Suicide is painless, it bring on many changes
      and you can pick or choice them if you try.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      Your arguement is only half correct, today there is a GLOBAL econonmy and as nations around the world shed their Dollars, THATS the biggest single problem we face, lost confidence. The Federal reserve was able to keep it inflated as you stated for a number of reasons, primarily through manipulation, and artificial growth.
      today we arent liviung in today, we are living in 20 years from now because of all the borrowing! Who said time travel wasnt possible! LOL As we brrowed our way into our childrens & grandchildrens futures SOMETHING has to come to a head.
      Regardless of who’s fault, or who’s in office, there simply isnt enough REVENUE to support the DEBT and the Treasuryt Bond sales have literally collaped, so the Dollars strength is teetering. Commodities will only be priced in Dollars as long as the dollar remains strong, and the last time I checked, it took $1.40 to buy one I’d say comparing 2011 with 1960 isnt a good way to look at this mess we are in right now.
      Watch the dollar go down as oil goes up…its not perfect science but its pretty close. Those Arabs arent to to sell Oil at the lowest currency, they are selling Oil at a cost relative to the Highest currency.

      • Al Sieber

        B. Libertarian, I agree, also we have no manufacturing base left and we consume more then we produce.

        • Vigilant

          Al, a lot of people have said it, and I used to think it, but the USA is still the leading manufacturer in the world.

          • Mark D.

            Vig, we may still be the largest manufacturer in the world, but that wealth creation (manufacturing, agriculture and mining) represents less than 25% of our economy – and it’s dropping. As long as the “service industry” (rearranging deck chairs) continues it’s decades long increase compared to genuine wealth creation, the true foundation of this country will continue to crumble under the weight of our ever-growing debt. Bottom line: we have to do everything in our power to increase manufacturing in this country or we’re doomed.

          • Al Sieber

            Vigilant, over 47,000 factories closed down in this country in the last 10 years and moved overseas, causing millions of jobs to leave too. what do we produce?

        • bob wire

          Yep! that pretty much sums it up. For all practical accounting, we have became a “consumer nation” in an “information age” .

          Strange dynamics, a mixed bag of tricks.

          Much like asking someone to place their feet above their head and jump.

          It doesn’t work very well for most of us “normal” averagely gifted people.

          I’m not sure how to get out of this mess,~ less imports? Support your local merchants? Dance with the one that brought you?

          Lighten up on restriction at the local level, create an environment that is conducive to growth of small enterprise.

          Sony Bono, opened his restaurant there in Carmille years ago, The city inspector demanded that he tiled his bath room walls all the way to the ceiling, ( for sanitation purposes he said) that kind of restrictive business thinking! Like someone might try to pee over their head.

          There is a lots of small things that could be done at the local levels of government to help ourselves out. These small things touch everyone one way or another and become bigger then one might think.

          I have been in the “service industry” for over 40 years. In 76 we were busy as beavers the 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving as American family’s prepared their homes for this family gathering. ~

          Dishwasher repairs, carpet cleaning, oven and cook-top repairs, painters, doors, windows, floors made bright and shiny, the house made ready for company.

          That’s all but gone today! I might get 2 calls related to the holiday season anymore.

          Over the years my biggest competitor became Sears as people could use their credit cards. Then Sears became one of my greatest asset as the they over charged the hell out of people and repaired only the most simplest of problems, preferring rather to sale upgrades.

          We have gone through a great transition in the last 30 years. American Made use to mean something.

          The simple fact is , we can’t all work for the government, we can’t all work for government subsidized industries, we can’t all work at pushing buttons and filling in the blanks of long forms. We can’t all deliver the mail or claim disability or be retired or be day traders or work for oil companies or insurance providers.

          However, Our needs are still great, ~ myself? I’m looking to buy a bucket truck this years and willing to fight city hall as I attempt to use it to employ myself and my men. I know they will come at me, the competition will come at me with everything they can bring to bear.

          My little war. Each of us has one I suppose.

          • Eddie47d

            BW; I liked your comment on Sony Bono and tiling his bathroom. LOL! Now you wouldn’t want to put all the tile layers out of business now would you? Meteorlady: great post!

          • bob wire

            Well Eddie, there is a “rest of the story” to tell about Sonny.

            Incensed with the city’s code enforcement and the plight of being a small business man, Sonny ran for Mayor , was elected and fired this city inspector and revamped city code books.

            Sonny was a luck man! got to sleep with Cher( a bunch), be a father, be a singer of sorts, business man and politician all in one life time.

            If he’d only stopped before attempting down hill skiing!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Bob Wire:

            I do remember when Sears reined. As a kid a local town had a 3 sory Sears store and sold everything from tires to drapes. It went away in the late 70s.

            Ten years ago when my former employer was beginning to feel the effects of “the China Syndrom” and talk of lay-offs began co-workers would stop by my office and chat about the rumors. I simply stated that we did it to ourselves. I would say that if you were shopping at Ace Hdwe for example for a hammer and there weer two hanging there side by side. One was %5.00 and USA made. The other was, say, $3.50 and made by the commie chinks. Which one would you buy? The answer was – alomst – always the less expensive hammer. I just looked them in the eye and said: “There’s your answer”.

            Four years later I was “downsized” and by the shear grace of God was able to retire.

            I have ALWAYS tried to buy USA made. If I could not swing it I waited until I could. Sometimes it is not an option and getting more so.

            My son wants a new splitting maul that is USA made. He has checked all the outlets in our area. None available. I found one on the internet and am waiting for him to stop by and check it out.

            Good luck with your bucket truck idea! Gonna do tree trimming?

          • Bruce D.

            Old Henry, when I was a lot younger my father paid the extra money for American and his finances were limited. It was before I developed a political and economical interest but I respected him for that as I could see that it had meaning to him. Donald Trump is saying he will fix that problem with the Chinese and he is the only one I think is serious about it. Japan was under minding American business in the 80s by subsidizing their companies. Reagan put a stop to it and that pretty much ended Japan’s miracle economy. It seems like we allow other countries to rig the free market. Reagan could see the big picture. What he started no one else could carry forward and make it better. When he left office it returned to business as usual. Trump isn’t conservative enough for me but I would vote for him as President because I am sick of business as usual. I like the way he gets right in the face of the status quo. I think politics would not be boring with him as President. No one else stands out above the dull political monotony.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            I am really on the fence about Trump. I, like yourself, enjoy the way he gets in the face of opponents. He can rattle off facts and figuers in tommy gun fashion.

            I think he, like Little Barry, is very full of himself and that worries me.

            I do think he would mop the floor with BO in debates.

        • Dan az

          Hey Al
          I talked with my battery guy and he said sure anytime.Let me no how many so he can set aside what you need!

          • Al Sieber

            Dan, what kind of deep cycle batteries are they?

          • Dan az

            Hey Al
            AGM made by deca which makes all the batteries there 12v 125amp hr can be stacked upside down not jell they are glass matt which means they never need water and dont corrode.I got ten years out of them.I run about twenty and have the memeory set for 13.5 and in the morning there at 12.5 no cycle.There good ones.Ya only need to tighten the post once a month.If you want to talk send me a email just write my town in fron of my

    • Dale on the left coast

      “the hippies swore it was the last days for the US Dollar”

      Those hippies are in the WH today . . . many of the Czars are yesterday’s hippies. The likes of Holdren, Jarit, Sundstien are now calling the shots.

      Once the US dollar is abandoned as the “Global Currency” in will spiral to new lows . . . all that is proping it up now is the fact that the Euro is struggling as well.

    • DaveH

      Gold will roughly keep its buying power relative to other commodities, whereas the dollar won’t. That’s the difference. Other hard, sought-after commodities will also keep their relative values as the dollar becomes worth less and less.
      As far as Government confiscation goes, they could do that to any of our property, not just gold, if we let them. But you could get hit by a car tomorrow and it would all be over too, so do you just give up all future preparation?

    • Mark D.

      George, “very, very, very smart people” are not bullet proof. It is inconceivable those “smart” people would make an existential mistake much like Marie Antoinette made. Arrogance will not protect a fool.

    • Sprock

      I agree with most of you comments. Look at the price of gold today. You’d have to be a complete idiot to get on the gold bandwagon today. If the apocalyptic events that Stansberry predicts happen then you’ll need an ounce of gold to buy a loaf of bread. This fear mongering to dupe the gullible is a tried and true selling methodology. If you want to make quick money today buy into companies that are selling “Food Insurance ??”, apocalypse seeds and water purification systems. You won’t even need to get involved in the fear mongering either. You have a whole slew of useful idiots like Glen Beck to do it for you free of charge. Now let me talk to the folks out there about some great deals I have on some slightly used fall out shelters I have left from the 1950s. Also this week we have a sale on Duct Tape and Visqeen so you can cover you windows in case of a nuclear attack.

      • Bruce D.

        It is easy to make those comments and probably most Americans will agree in part or fully. The funny thing is I had a friend I discussed gold with at $566 an ounce. He pretty much thought like you do about gold and instead invested in two costly pieces of property and a building fund in Florida with an 18% return at that time. The minimum investment for the fund was very high and scared me and I think your money was locked into it for a period of time. I don’t think I need to tell you how all that turned out. You probably do not realize it but people who are in a position to are creating safe havens outside the country. It is not just the fringe like you believe it to be. In the free market everything goes up and down and if you guess right you can make a lot of money. If you guess wrong you can lose a lot of money. Gold is subject to that as a commodity. My guess is that gold is driven by fears of inflation and lack of job growth which indicates instability. But it is unlikely you will ever see gold at $566 an ounce again or for that matter $1000 an ounce.

        • Vicki

          The price of gold and all commodities is driven first by the simple equation of supply/demand. The supply of dollars is going way way way up. The supply of gold not changed much. That alone makes gold trades get more dollars. Add the demand for gold for any reason with the supply still not changing much and that gold trade will get even more dollars.

          All a very simple equation but the problem for most folk is that the equation is one of billions of simultaneous copies of that equation.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Good reply. However,being 55 you must remember the idiot peanut farmer and the mess he made by doing much the same as what is going on now, but on a much smaller scale. Fhe facsist FDR was able to steal people’s gold in 1933 because the public was not as informed and connected as we are today.

      If Der Fuhrere tries confiscating our precious metals he will meet resistance like has nto been seen since the 1770s. Hang on to your silver. You may need it to barater for food.

      Buy the long term storage food, canned goods, etc. As I heard a guy say: “Better a year too early than a day too late”.

      Have at least one gun and LOTS of ammo. A semi-auto shot gun with an AR15 back-up would seem like a good idea.

      • Vigilant


        Let’s not forget Nixon’s part in this fiasco. He took the Dollar off the gold & silver standard. Every silver certificate was replaced with a Federal Reserve Note (greenback).

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          Ah yes, Tricky Dick. I voted for him in 72, but what other choice did we have? Muske? Ifn I had been able to vote in 68 I probably would have voted for Wallace.


        • Marty S.

          Former President G.W. Bush did no favor to America by pushing the bailout near the end of his presidency either. The dollar ought to crash because it has suffered so much abuse by our own government. Be prepared to start over folks,

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            I am afraid you are correct. However, I remember watching Bushy and Company standing before the cameras after the crash and his “consultation” with his “advisers”. They all looked like they had seen a ghost.

            Maybe they had found out that all the fat, bloated guvment pensions had vaporized at AIG, which by the way, was quickly bailed out….

          • duggy

            the dollar is crashing because our gov’t borrows $ it should be printing !! !! ! and that’s why we have 14 trillion dollars of debt that income taxbux try to pay and fail ….

        • duggy

          trikky for all his faults , took us off the gold standard not a moment too soon ; we had and have no gold to speak of ; the gold in ft knox is held for others ; knox won’t tell how little gold we have ! if we were on a gold standard , china could and did demand gold in exchange for federal reserve notes ! ! ! frn’s ! !
          think critically ! fed notes were backed by federal gold ! 1 1 only the fake fed is a private bank ! our stupid and criminal gov’t backed a private bank’s fegaleh paper with your gold ; yeah , your gold ; gold you as a cit owned in undivided commonality with the rest of us ; like common areas in a condo for example ; ; yer freak gov’t sold you out ! trust government [ to shag you ] no offence to the honest toilers in gov’t who are not part of the elites’ puppets in
          senate ; house ; court ; exec ! ! ! !

          we backed private paper with gov’t gold ! ! ! !

      • Vicki

        “If Der Fuhrere tries confiscating our precious metals….”

        If he does I recommend we offer him the lead first.

    • wandamurline

      Right now, your silver will bring you about $41-43 an ounce, and any gold will bring about $1600 an ounce. Since Roosevelt, unfortunately, the US stopped using the gold standard for our monetary system, and this is one of the reasons we are in such debt…this cannot be sustained. Pres. Johnson took the social security 401K account that had an immense amount of money in it, and put it into the general fund and starting issuing bonds or what I call IOU’s…the government owes social security 1.3 trillion dollars in IOU’s…and this is why social security is broke….not only that the government took Medicare out of ss along with a lot of Medicaid. Even if this country became a socialist country…who is going to pay for everything when there is no work and you get nothing for working…socialism works until you run out of other people’s money and that is right now…America is broke.

    • duggy

      in porter’s latest vid / speaking / scrolling cd he says gold [ and i assume silver is being accepted as payment in some places ; that is encouraging

  • meteorlady

    I don’t buy that gold is going to do anything for me if we have a collapse. If you have items that other want, they will either try and take them (I’m armed), or they will try and barter with gold, silver or other food items. I don’t think gold or silver is very useful when your family needs food. Now the food, wine, alcoholic and other things that I have are bartering tools.

    I have laid in some legacy seeds, and have started growing herbs and vegetables this year. I am planning on fruit in the fall. Many of my neighbors are doing the same thing. We are also accumulating food that will last for a long long time. I have a lot of solar stuff put away and I have a good water supply with a filtering system that I purchased. I also keep two cows out at my neighbors ranch. It’s off the beaten path and you would never notice there was livestock running the land because it’s surrounded by trees and underbrush.

    As for gold, I would rather take the $1300 and buy food that will feed four people for six months, or another cow and a few chickens. That’s being prepared.

    • Carlucci

      meteorlady – have you learned to can your own food?

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      All this old boy can say is….. GOOD FOR YOU! I am glad you are armed. I hope you practice on a regular basis.

      I have purchased some silver – at much lower prices – but have been concentrating on food, canned goods, meat. I do not have a place for a cow(s) or chickens as I am residential. However, when it gets that bad – screw the zoning.

      We used to have a pretty large garden and canned / froze, but got lazy and seeded it with blue grass. Now I cringe at tilling it up again as I have been pampering it for several years. You know us yard guys refer to our lawns as “she” and “her”. She needs some rain. I better cut her grass before it gets outta hand….

      • Vigilant

        This may not be politically correct (as if I give a damn), but a friend of mine said, “if you want a valuable barter item, buy CIGARETTES.

        I think he’s on to something.

        • Kate8

          Vigilant – Or booze.

          There’ll be lots of people ready to drown their sorrows.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            And it will help take their minds off the hunger pangs….
            They also could use it to cleanse bullet wounds…

        • Al Sieber

          Vigilant, you’re right, good trading materials.

        • duggy

          good f………..ill-in point

      • Darrold

        It’s good to have some hard currency but you are right about barter items. I was born in Germany in 1948. My father, an American soldier, was sent back to the States and we weren’t allowed to accompany him. For two years my mother supported us on a pound of coffee and a carton of cigarettes a month on the black market. I learned early to always be prepared. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you:)

        • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


          That last line had me laughing real hard.

          There is a new country song out that I have adopted. It has a line that says: “I hear voices all the time”…..

        • duggy

          andy grove , the ceo of intel , the chip maker , wrote a book whose title is “only the paranoid survive”

    • wandamurline

      If you have some precious metals, you can use that to purchase food from people who have it. If everyone is starving, I don’t think there is going to be a lot of stuff that someone with food wants except for precious metals. I have invested and am glad that I did…I also have stocked a lot of food with a shelf life of 25 years, just in case…also a lot of canned goods, rice, beans, etc. If nothing happens, then 2013 will be a really good year for me as I won’t have to purchase much food that year.

  • stephen detweiler

    God help us.What a mess we are in and I’m really pissed about it.Time to bring the jobs back to the united states and put america to work.To little to late what do you think?Buy american made products I know they are few and far between does this not bother you cause it really bugs me.I’ve lost 77% of my net worth in the last 4 years yes owned lots of realestate and I got punked bad.I know there are no easy answers but the fact of the matter is that much more manufacturing jobs are now overseas than here which I think is a big piece of the puzzle.

    • DaveH

      There is an easy answer, Stephen, but few will make that choice.
      We need to cut back the size of our Governments dramatically.
      Get us back to Free Markets, where the consumer has the power to decide which companies succeed and which fail, rather than letting those decisions be made by easily corrupted politicians.
      Get us back to Respect for other peoples’ rights to control their own property and body. Yes that means ending the ill-conceived Drug Wars among other things.
      Get us back to Personal Responsibility, where a person is expected to pay the price for their own mistakes rather than somebody else being forced to pay. How else will people learn to quit repeating the same mistakes over and over?
      Get us back to Limited Government which many of our wise founders tried to guarantee (but obviously only we the people can do for ourselves).
      And finally get us back to Peace, where the only wars we engage in are wars which are legally (Constitutionally) declared by Congress. And hopefully those wars will only be against people who have actually attacked or threaten to attack our own Country. We can’t change the world. We are only impoverishing ourselves by trying.
      There is only one Political Party which espouses those goals. That is the Libertarian Party:

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


        As evidenced since last January, the Republican Party sure as HELL is not going to do anything! Or, at least its bumbling inept elitist “leadership”. That Boehner and McConnell are a couple of pieces of, ah, polite words escape me.


        • Bud Tugly

          how about self-serving fecal matter?

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

            Works for me Bud…

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Stop buying the imported stuff! If necessary, DO WITHOUT. One to one and a hlf years of boycotting and HD / Lowes / WM etal will get the message. It doesn’t matter how cheap they bought it. Ifn they can’t sell it they make nothing.

      • Karolyn

        In a recent ABC World News project, they took everything out of a family’s house that was made somewhere else. The only thing left in the house was a vase. Then they refilled the house with Made in America. It took some doing. However, they could not find a TV made in this country. They also had a hard time with a coffeemaker. And despite what some people might think, the furniture prices were not that much higher for the US made stuff. Then they had people in a train station taking off every article of clothing that wasn’t made here. Of course, they couldn’t strip, but one of the men was topless. Much of the stuff in my hosue is made here because it’s antiques!

        • Bud Tugly

          I have a friend that runs a winery. He has found that although Chinese parts are cheaper when purchased they are more expensive in the long run as they break down sooner so his repair and the labor to do it wind up costing more.

          If you look you can find American made items. Generally better quality.

          The executives who lay off US workers and send jobs overseas and then give themselves a huge bonus for doing so, like Carly Fiorina who ran for senate, should be ashamed.

        • DaveH

          Imagine you could only buy your goods locally, very locally, like your immediate family. Obviously the necessary skill sets wouldn’t be there for all that we desire. So, that of course is an extreme case.
          So, let’s say that you could only buy your products from manufacturers in your own city. Again, that wouldn’t work too well. How many flat panel, big screen TVs are made in your city? How many cars are manufactured in your city? Most people would agree that such case wouldn’t result in a very desirable situation.
          Okay, so let’s expand to the State level. Think about it. There would be a whole lot more goods available, but still nowhere near enough to satisfy most of our needs and desires.
          People around the world have unique skill sets. Some people can build motorcycles better than anybody else. Some people can build computers better than anybody else. Some people are harder worker bees than anybody else. Some people are more creative than anybody else.
          Why does anybody want to limit our choices?
          Limiting our choices is not the answer. In fact it is the limiting of our choices by Big Government meddling that has created this bad economic situation in the first place. Our choices have been limited by Government spending 40% of our money (often wastefully). Our choices have been limited by Government regulating many of our businesses out of existence. Our choices have been limited by Government backing up greedy Unions in their never-ending coercive quests to feather their own nests at everybody else’s expense.
          We need to work to expand our choices, not limit them.

        • s c

          K, have you had a recent change of heart? Is this your way of admitting that ‘thinking globally’ is a crock of anti-American and anti-common sense CRAP? Are you saying that we need to make buying American-made products a national priority?
          ZOWIE!, K! If you’re not careful, someone will accuse you of being a CONSERVATIVE! See, K, if you’re exposed to common sense long enough, it will ‘rub off’ on you.
          Yee hah! One down, and about 10 more on this website to go. Way to go, K!

  • Captain Skip

    I was originally a machinist. Company was bombarded with Chinese Copies and we no longer made the machine tools. That is where our manufacturing base has gone. Get it back – hopefully without WW III.

    • s c

      Captain Skip, I’m sorry about your company. A great flaw in the idea of sending jobs and the ability to produce things overseas is in the FACT that at some point, a country won’t be able to MAKE things to defend itself (compare America today with WWII.
      That point is wasted on our “leaders.” Short of divine intervention, the only way America can survive is to GET RID OF EVERY politician who is a charter member of the First Church of High Treason.
      It should not have to be said that those worthless bastards and bastardettes sold their arses and their souls to the highest bidder(s). Americans need each other. We CAN’T afford career, criminal politicians. Period.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      With the gold fish attention span of the American electorate we would never win WWIII unless it could be done on a Saturday afternoon. Can’t miss Opra and American Idol….

  • Bitter Libertarian

    First Thing to restore America and prevent the Collapse is abolish the Federal reserve Act of 1913, or strip MONETARY control from the FED and give it back to Congress.

    • DaveH

      I would say that is Second, after electing a Competent Congress which will exercise its money creating powers for the good of the whole country rather than for the good of a politically connected class of people.

      • Kate8

        DaveH – I’m not confident, from what I’ve seen, that very many “competent” people are willing to run for Congress.

        Competence seems to be a very vague concept these days. Most of the folks who are willing to run for office are operating from the same delusions and poor education that the rest of us are.

        Americans believe what they are told, not necessarily what is true. This is the case in EVERY aspect of life. Our minds have been dumbed down, numbed and contorted, across the board. Where will we find anyone who is not living in the same fictional reality as everyone else.

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Kate8 , there is plenty of people willing to join congress with he best of intentions, problem is, as I’ve stated on another thread, when they are elected, as you say the TPTB, tell the newbies just how its going to be and our representation & voices are lost. Its a total trampling of the Constitution. There isn’t enough of the so called good guys left on the prairie, they’re surrounded by the bad guys. Somehow we need to switch, the odds.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            I THINK we may have begun the process last November with the TEA Party members elected to congress.

            Recently Rubio publically questioned the attitude of the leadership regarding cuts in spending. Rand Paul has also come to the fore.

            Not much noise in the House, but the last f”extenson” only passed because of dempcrap support. Boehner lost the freshmen TPers.

            If we can remain enthused / involved / connected in 12 and ad more TEA Partiers to the House and more importantly in the Senate we can pull it off. We did not dig this hole in a Saturday afternoon, and will not climb out of it overnight.

            With, as Bud put it, self-serving fecal matter in leadership postions it is hard not to get discouraged.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Old Henry_ I agree,it’s a start, but these newbies gotta hold they’re ground, they can’t let these career politicians bully them around, if they do we’re screwed.

  • dan

    All part of the ebb and floe…our foreign aid and our factories go there ,their stuff comes here…we go broke and they can’t give their stuff away .Maybe they’ll send US foreign aid for economic development.Reminds me of what Kruesheff (?)said about US selling the communist collective the rope with which they would hang us.We don’t take any of it with us when our time here is done…our kids will just have to make it in life on their own.

    • DaveH

      There is nothing in the world to keep us from outcompeting them (excepting Government). Only ourselves. It really doesn’t speak well for American workers if we can’t build better cheaper products for our own consumers than the Chinese can build, especially considering the fact that they have to ship their goods across that vast Pacific Ocean.
      The illusion is that the Chinese are responsible for our bad economy. The reality is that Big Government is responsible for destroying our Free Markets and spending our wealth like there is no tomorrow.
      If people wake up and realize who the real culprits are, we can get our economy back.
      Freedom is the answer.

      • Vicki

        Every single case of a company going overseas to manufacture can be directly tied to either big government and its interfering regulations or big unions and its interfering demands for pay.

        Every single US company that has gone overseas has had to deal with hundreds of logistical nightmares. Those nightmares have become less painful than big government so they went.

    • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


      Don’t know about you, but my hearse is gonna have a luggage rack on top…..
      And my “Box” is gonna have custom lockable drawer along the bottom….


    Okay, I’ve been reading these “death of the dollar” and SHTF articles for months now and here’s my opinion…

    Gold and Silver aren’t for bartering, but are a “just in case we survive in one piece” kinda protection. If the dollar continues to decline, we manage to get some kind of stabalization in the coming years without a major war, and continue as at least a second class nation then they will be useful to put toward my retirement. Otherwise, they’re pretty and shiney when i open the safe…

    I think stocking on basic consumable goods with NO EXPIRATION are a little better way to go. In all the articles and comments thereafter I’ve seen so far, very few people mention this and no one has (to my knowledge) mentioned stocking up on salt and sugar! These can be had for pennies per ounce, will not expire and are “needed” by everyone! Where do you think the prices of these are gonna go when gas passes $8 per gallon? What if the S really does hit the fan? Even the “I grow my own food” and i’ll not worried people haven’t mentioned this….how the heck are you gonna preserve your food without these? How many quarts of green beans will you trade me for $0.44 worth of salt so you can preserve your garden and feed your family next year? Ooooh….kid has a goiter? One cow for a pound of salt please!

    Besides these, there are certain things that i believe will fall under non-linear inflation even in a best case scenario…most idiots can grow tomatoes in their back yard, but how many grow sugar cane? or coffee beans, tea, or rice? I think we should look a little closer at things that we use daily, have either no expiration (or close to it) and we cannot make/grow ourselves…I’ve also stocked up on welding rods!

    Although I personally have enough food to last for years and plan to grow a garden large enough to feed an army this year, I also have multiple back up plans. I’m growing my garden in buckets that i got free. I plan to sell pre-planted organic vegetable gardens to anyone who wants to buy them, but if it doesn’t pan out i’ll dehydrate them and save them for myself…If it does work, i’ll reinvest the money in useful “stuff” without an expiration…guns, ammo, canning jars, etc…

    If you’re not at least three steps ahead of the average person, you’re probably at least two steps behind!

  • Eddie47d

    Why do we keep talking about a food crises without addressing an even greater problem. Overpopulation,the loss of farmland,less potable/fresh water,and wild weather swings. If we can’t control what the Wall Street elites and the world’s bankers do then how do you control currency. As you all say we can’t have regulations or controls on anything so those elites can do anything they want to.Mega Corporations own most of our farmland and control prices. Water in the world is being bought up as a commodity so they will have dibs on that.You won’t address extreme weather changes and laugh at anyone who does. There are still plenty of Conservatives who won’t deal with the overpopulation scenario which will add millions of mouths to feed. Yet these food crises have been going on for a few decades now so why be shocked now? The oil crises has been going on for decades now so why be shocked by our lackadaisical approach to rising prices? Stansberry could also be correct but he did mention rising interest rates as a bad thing. That actually may be a good thing if it is kept modest.

    • Dale on the left coast

      We have a Spending Crisis . . . . created by Govt.
      Overpopulation . . . everybody on the planet would fit in Texas . . . so that theory is just nuts!!!
      Climate Change . . . when did the climate Not Change?
      Food Shortage . . . as long as the Govt, the EPA and enviro-nazis are working to destroy private property and prosperity . . . how crazy is it to pay someone to grow nothing!!!
      Of course the “Financial Meltdown” was caused by good-intentioned lieberals/Dimmicrats that thought everyone should be able to buy a house, Fannie/Freddie bundled these worthless mortgages into derivitives and Wall Street fenced them all over the world. Funny how the loonie left only remembers the Wall Street part.

      • Eddie47d

        Clueless on climate change,I mean Dale. Wakey, wakey!You’ll get the overpopulation question someday and I know conservatives who do get it. Unfortunately there are plenty who don’t.Freddie and Fannie also bit off more than they could chew and DO need to be thrown into the mix.I’m sure you are aware that the “dimmicrats” as you put it or “dumbocrats” as others have said couldn’t possibly have pulled off the financial crises without the help of Republicans and a whole lot of conservatives who’s only interest was making big money.I’ll admit who the bad guys are if you grow some cajones and do the same.

        • DaveH

          The problem is, Eddie, that he is right. You are wrong.

          • Vicki

            Eddie47d writes about climate change as though it is a bad thing. Climate changes. Has been doing so for at least 4.5 BILLION years. Find something serious to worry about. Like Big Governments plans for Eddie47d when they no longer need those special troops.

            P.S. At least he didn’t say global warming. As I sit here in near freezing rain at the end of March in California.

          • DaveH

            Interesting, isn’t it Vicki, how the Libs quickly turned away from the phrase Global Warming after nature quit cooperating?

      • karolyn

        What do you mean “everybody on the planet would fit in Texas . . . so that theory is just nuts!!!” Is that a joke or something?

        • DaveH

          Okay, here are the facts.
          The population of the world is about 7 Billion people.
          The population density of Macau (China) is about 48,000 people per square mile.
          Texas contains about 260,000 square miles of land area.
          So if we fit everybody in the world into Texas the population density of about 27,000 per square mile would be much less than that of Macau.
          It wouldn’t be very desirable, but possible.

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            Now THAT would be an illegal alien problem! I am sure Arizonans would be much happeier with all of them in TX, however.

      • KiloAlpha

        Dale; Ed47 hasn’t quite grasped the part of the equation that for another million mouths to feed requires that the two million who did the horizontal bop actually continue to survive themselves as well as the next mouth they bred. There is a logical point where the ability of that mouth resides in order for it to sustain itself. One other item Ed47 tosses into the argument is the totally uncontrollable weather; show me one thunderstorm that any number of humans have ever caused or ever averted…even a gust of wind, a rising or setting sun maybe? Every problem we face related to our economic condition is directly attributable to some gov’t moron first creating the problem and then acting on it in the interest of solving it. Don’t let Ed47 know where your bunker is.

    • DaveH

      Eddie if you really think population is a problem, then why do you vote for politicians who reward people with other peoples’ money for having more children?
      If you think the Wall Street Elites and Bankers are a problem, then why do you vote for people that are growing Government bigger and more powerful? As Government Grows, Corruption Flows. You can look to our neighbor Mexico to see an example of that.

      • Vicki

        Don’t even have to look that far. Obama / Brazil Oil looks just like it.

        • s c

          Vicki, Bob Livingston [or someone else on the PLD staff] needs to do an in-depth study of the Obummer-Soros-Brazil connections. I find it more than just a bit hypocritical that Herr Obummer would DARE to fork over tons of DOLLARS to Brazil so they can look for and pump OIL.
          Herr Obummer’s ‘they can but we can’t’ paranoia must be seen for the crapola it is. Did Herr Obummer go to Brazil to worship at the feet of Soros? Is Herr Obummer a closet corporatist? And (once again) WHERE is the prostitute media, and WHY do they NOT report on it?
          Herr Obummer’s ‘protected status’ needs to be trashed and flushed. WHAT does it take for those who voted for that yahoo to see him for what he REALLY is? In some ways, it’s getting hard to see any difference between Herr Obummer and a ‘Republican’ or a RINO. Them chickens are comin’ home to roost, Vicki!

          • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry


            The problem, however, is the chickens are coming to roost in our hen house….

            Der Fuhrer pledged all that money to Barzil / Soros, but he can’t spend a dime that is not ok’d by the House Republicans. Whoops, forgot there who the “leadership” over there si….

        • DaveH

          I think the Democrats are already starting the effort to throw Obama under the bus now that he is becoming such a liability.
          The fact that Donald Trump (who is a Big Government Sycophant) is now questioning the Birth Certificate issue is probably the beginning.

          • Robert S

            Donald Trump is an Elitist. He is not for the little guy.

          • http://! Angel Wannabe

            Yeah, Robert, Agreed!_ Trump is an elitest, but ya can’t deny the guy knows money & business. _I Don’t think he’s Presidential material though?!

          • DaveH

            The Crony Capitalists would love him.

          • Kate8

            How about the recent revelation that what is held in the hospital vault in HI is not Obama’s BC, which doesn’t exist (at least, not there), but simply a letter on official WH stationery stating that THAT was the hospital where he was born.

            Now there’s some proof, right? His own proclamation.

            He spends millions in our tax money hiding his records, adamantly refusing to let us see who he is, but those of us who want to see them are labeled nut cases.

            That’s how mind controlled we are. Believe what we are TOLD, not what our own common sense, or even our 5 senses, tell us.


  • http://com i41

    stephen,until the the citizens demand the end of all the killing regulations be s–t canned and worthless agencies ended, forget the jobs happening. Don’t know what type of realestate you owned but, when I got rid of my city and devloped property, was a happy day for me. It has always been over inflated for decades and only gained value due to inflation and hype. You cann’t produce a damn thing except of of of some sucker. Who thinks jumping thru all the permits for concrete and bricks crap, will help them sell government approved widgets. If you cann’t produce something that will put food in your guts, produce a product that some government slub has to approve, or is just for the crowd who wants entertainment. Between being a nation of want to be paid high salaries and do nothing, also are a bunch of f–k 0ffs who need to have endless vacations. Take the to “adulty” educated screw offs in the WH. Neither one could survive feeding themselves or produce a damn thing useful, because it wouldn’t be fun and would take some effert. A cotton sack and a po;ished hoe handle would do wonders for the pukes. Untill the beltway bastards get the message of the real world isn’t working with the the more layers of government impedements.

  • s c

    As is the case with most things in this life, this comes down to being awake, using your head and making decisions. For me, I could live with the idea that people who have complete faith in Big Brothermuther should do absolutely NOTHING. The rest of us can and will do whatever seems right.
    That way, these two groups will exercise their rights to CHOOSE between what we have and what we seem to have. You can call it “you go your way and I’ll go mine.”
    For what seems like a long time, a certain faction in America has dared to tell us how important CHOICE is. OK, let us see what it’s REALLY worth, America.
    Group A (those who love freedom) will do THIS, and Group B (those who TALK about freedom but really DON’T) will do THAT. I’m guessing that in less that 15 years (maybe not that long), Group A and Group B will be living in two, quite distinctly different conditions. What do you think, America?

    • DaveH

      I Hope and Dream that someday we can do that, SC.
      I’m betting that even if we could split into two such countries, the Liberals would still be blaming us for their misery for decades to come.

      • http://Illinois'17th Old Henry

        Yes DaveH, but they would be whining from THEIR side of the fence. And it would be a TAAAAALL fence.

  • Teresa

    once again, heres our corrupt government

    • DaveH

      Very upsetting. Especially since I’m in a similar situation (but on a much much smaller scale).

  • Chantal

    Porter Stansberry is making a killing off of this “may be offensive to some” video.I have gotten hundreds of referrals in every newsletter I get and I am sick of it.When someone is blowing up a problem in order to sell you the solution , I question it.Not that I don’t think we have serious problems and should prepare but people are making millions off of scaring others into buying their products.Frankly I’m getting sick of the hype.These people are no different than the Wall St crowd,selling their wares to unsuspecting public.

    • DaveH

      Then don’t buy it. It’s as simple as that.

  • jopa

    Well I think Mr. Porter Stansbury came to the wrong place to sell his gold.The above posts reflect that people have really thought this issue out and I mostly agree with all.If gold is such a great deal why are people trying so hard to sell it to us?You think they would keep it and hoard it.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      3 years ago porter suggested Buying silver and gave about a dozen reasons. He and a Few others I “trust” (Bill Bonner from the Daily Reckoning) back then suggested the idea of Gold. I followed their lead for one reason and one only…Silver and Gold are GLOBALLY recognized & priced. IF the Dollar, or any other paper currency takes a Poooo…Gold will retain “value” against the surviving currencies.

      Silver as we all know has other uses, and was manipulated beyond reality, JP Moprgan shorting silver by over 40BILLION ounces! So while you cannot eat these Items, if you think that the US is going to sink into a Mad Max world and thesemetals will not be worth Food or other needs, I strongly suggest researching the concept of Food & WHO controls it and HOW they will take payment!

      Its all about Balance, and having a Little Junk Silver, and an ounce or two of Gold will not hurt at all.

      Having Food Stores for 6 months, Some Fuel (Solid-Liquid-gas) put aside, extra shoes/boots warm clothing, tree & ground working tools, a water filter (Berkey’s are pretty good), and Security: A Shot Gun is a Great Hunting-Defence weapon thats failry multi use.

      All this stuff is what wouldnt hurt to have in the event of ANY emergency.

      • Carlucci

        Bitter – I would like to buy some junk silver, but can’t figure out where is the best place to buy it, and how much should be bought.

        • DaveH

          I would suggest Ebay for small quantities. Or a reputable exchange for larger quantities such as (which has pretty low premiums).
          Type “silver rounds” into your search field and start researching.

          Here is an interesting article I ran across:

          Personally, I think silver may be a little overpriced at this moment in time, having doubled in price since August. But the skies the limit if Government and the Federal Reserve aren’t reined-in soon.

        • N.EGOROFF

          Try APMEX.COM

        • Bitter Libertarian

          It depends on how much you want to buy. I bought Big Bulk amounts from CMIGS-Great place-No records are retained for the transaction.
          For small amounts, APMEX as stated is good for smaller amounts. I have used themn for keeping my paper supply low. :)

          • DaveH

            I was told by a Coin Dealer in California that they had to report anything over $5000 to the Feds. But according to the CMIGS website:
            “CMIGS strives to ensure client confidentiality. We do not sell or share our customers’ names, and we do not computerize transactions. Not putting transactions on a computer protects our clients from record theft. It also makes it difficult for someone to come in and demand to see who has bought precious metals from CMIGS”

            Anybody know more about this?

        • FITZY

          I personally think ebay is overpriced, especially after you add shipping! Do a lttle research and try to buy local with cash. I recently placed an ad on craigslist and got a few responses. Seems some people think silver is gonna come tumbling back down. You can check the current ‘melt’ values at…Try to buy for less than these prices if at all possible. As far as how much to buy, that depends on your short/long term goals and how deep your pockets are :)

        • http://! Angel Wannabe

          Just a thought, has anyone thought about just WHO is behind the advertising and the pushing & selling of all this gold?__Are they “Just” entrepenures?__Just sayin’….

    • Dale on the left coast

      So gold has gone from $500 to almost $1500 in the last year and a half . . . . and you think its a bad deal. You have to be a lieberal.
      Wait till you are paying $10 for a dozen eggs, jug of milk or 2 loaves of bread . . .

    • Robert S

      I’ll bet that everyone who sells gold and silver has a personal stash.Those that fail to take this advice will be left out in the cold when the dollar crashes.


    Civilizations have come and gone for many reasons, environment, shortages, natural disasters, ect but we in this era have achieved a type of nirvana, a smug satisfaction of some kind of achievement. No we have’s cured all the ills or found the mysteries of life solved but mankind has never had the ability to create and explore the way we do now. We have great tools that seemingly help us create other great tools in a endless procession, we also have weapons that are becoming more deadly and efficient with rapidity that is also frightening. So what’s up.

    Mankind has started to communicate in ways that it has never had before, internets, media of all kinds, instant situational awareness and problem solving is less complicated in ways. We are bringing down old forms of government with information, now we have to rediscover what kind will replace all of them and how we realize we can see, talk and hear each other in ways mankind never has had in it’s entire existence. We are having growing pains and the mix of old and new is grating on previous established thinking and boundries, who knows if world language may merge in the future but we are no longer confined or protected the way we have been in the past, we are using our living space like we never have before….scary is it not?

    • Bitter Libertarian

      The Changes you mentioned do not scare me…its what the Global Elite will use AGAINST us and these changes that we dont know about that keeps me on my toes :)

    • Karolyn

      Interesting is what I call it. It could be scary depending on how you look at things. I am what some might call a New Thinker and can’t help but wonder if what “God” says in Neale Donald Walsch’s “Conversations With God” couldn’t be true. What he says is that here have been civilizations before us that have destroyed themselves with technology. I wouldn’t be surprised at all!

  • http://com i41

    edee, we have plenty of farmland, millions of acres aren’t being used, government programs to have senic wildlife and pay land owner to idle farm ground. Plus therer is larger areas of reservation land that have bee farmed, burt another socialist plan that is worthless, nobody owns anything thing except is a group owned area. Nobody will get away from the beads and braids b–l s–t and farm the ground, but the tribe wants somebody else to rent it and farm it. I know because I have been contacted by tribal members to rent the ground. With the Onumnutts forgeign oil production plans and the need to hire a security group to put equippment on the reservation, I glad I didn’t sign on.

  • Ralphus Lucius

    For those of you who think Stansberry is fear mongering, think again. I have been reading a wide range of books on the economy for at least 20 years – am an active investor – and as owner of a business that trades globally – have kept my eye on the state of the global economy for many years.

    Stansberry is quite accurate in his observations. In fact, I was investing in some of his recommendations before I even knew of Porter Stansberry. In 2010, I realized gains ranging from 95-to-125 percent on these and others as well. Simply, my investment decisions have been largely predicated on the continued devaluation of the U.S. dollar. Not that any Wesern fiat currency is in better shape. The Euro is a mess, and within a year or two, will be no more.

    No one has to be a top tier economist to see the harsh reality of the world debt implosion – a black hole that is sucking the life out of all Western economies. And we’ve only seen the beginning. The next collapse will make 2008 look like all sunshine and no cares.

    I am 60 plus. I have a family to feed. I have worked extremely hard all of my life, having started my business on a shoe string, building it from nothing – no financial help from others. No way I am going to let the greed and stupidity of central bankers, politicians, and one-world Utopians destroy it all. I would be ashamed of myself if I did. Rather, from the standpoint of economics and personal survival – I go by two rules.

    -First, the Golden Rule: He who has the gold – makes the rules

    -Second Rule: Once you know the rules the other guy plays by, you can always beat them at their own game.

    Fact is: The greatest fortunes are built in the worst of times. If you understand precisely what is happening, not only can you preserve your wealth, you can grow it as never before. I know, because I am. My business more than doubled last year, and we’re on track to have big gains this year. As metioned above – my investments have also done well.

    I’m also prepared for the worst case. If it were all to tumble down tommorrow, we’d be just fine.

    So bash Porter Stansberry all you want. He’s smart to make money on this reality. And he does a service to anyone sufficiently open minded and personally responsible to look after themselves and their families.

    John Stuart Mill once said, “there is a principle which is a bar against all investigation …one that will keep a man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is contempt prior to investigation.”

    • Karolyn

      Ralphus – What line of work are you in?

  • bob wire

    I don’t have enough currency holdings to worry with but it’s good to know so many of you do.

    • Thamera

      ditto that

  • Ralphus Lucius

    To: Bob Wire,

    No worries. Sounds like you are a guy with a lot of skills – skills that are literally “gold” when tough times hit – skills you can barter with. Years ago, I worked construction, farming, mining and also learned some mechanic skills fixing up my old cars. If I lost all my $$ tommorrow, I’d still find ways to survive. The key thing for me is adaptability. Problem is, seems to me most people just don’t seem to have the flexibility to adapt. Most folks tend to draw back into their own “comfort zones” and stay there, even if they get uncomfortable. They’ll stay in uncomfortable circumstances for no other reason than those circumstances are familar, a known entity. Then they justify themselves. Maybe its laziness. Maybe it’s fear. But it does them and others no good.

    • Raggs

      Lets face it Ralphus… The people you describe WANT to be that way, they have nothing else to do but live off of the system ( freeloaders ). They are the very ones that think obamacare is a good thing.

    • Thamera

      “The path of least resistance and least trouble is a mental rut already made. It requires troublesome work to undertake the alternation of old beliefs” -John Dewey… and it is always much easier to be “the victim” than to take responsibility for your own life.

  • karolyn

    Gas just went down 2 more cents here ($3.37)! Thats 5 cents in the past week and a half. I will continue to post ANY and ALL good news I hear! Of course there’s the town where the gas war between 3 stations has it at $3.29.

    • Thamera

      That’s great Karolyn…it went back up 6 cents here…but keep reporting the good news…just remember that not everyone lives where you do.

      • Karolyn

        the two states I’ve lived in – NJ and SC – have always had the lowest gas prices.

  • http://personallimiteddigest. 9r23

    Find a local coin metals dealer in your area that has been around along time with a good reputation and roots in the community. Buy with cash, no paperwork, no trail.

  • Raggs

    This global collapse is all in the plans of obama and soros.

  • DaveH

    Michael Moore — a hero for the Liberal class:

    • Pete

      Mr. DaveH,

      I thought Moore’s first movie “Roger and Me” was good. His movie on capitalism was a little off, but still overall a good rental (from Blockbuster). I like the part about the employee life insurance policy – the one the company takes out on their workers.

      • DaveH

        Michael Moore knows nothing about Economics. He only knows what pleases people who are obsessed with Class Envy.
        I believe in voluntary contracts, property rights, and voluntary choices, something of which Michael Moore and his ilk have no concept.

        • Robert S

          If you think Michael Moore is for the little guy you’d better find out his net worth.

          • DaveH

            Do you think I think that? What gave you that idea?

  • Dave M

    Everyone fixates on the US dollar collapse. Other than being the worlds reserve currancy there is nothing special about it. The reality is all fiat money, in time, reverts to its intrinsinc value which is nothing. That is the nature of fiat money. Every country in the planet uses fiat money.

    When you couple the use of fiat money with the fractional reserve banking system you magnify the damage to the real economy. The Chinese have a far bigger problem than the US when the financial bubble pops.

  • CJM

    All well and good, but there will be many who do NOT have the funds to store food, water, purchase gold and silver ingots………….Somehow, I don’t think Stansberry has the answer.

  • Traci

    I would Happily make you some custom boots or gunholsters for trade in silver coins! :) I wasnt impressed with this link at all…did not tell me one thing I didnt already know! hello! In the last 4 months in my shop people are comming in and wanting to repair instead of replace…Im seeing a lot of ticked off people! I worry how this spoiled generation will react as the times get worse. So many people are not prepared. Im downsizing everything..simplifying EVERYthing..stocking up on essentials and praying like never before!

  • DaveH

    Here is yet another example of Big Brother dictacting what we can’t choose to put in our own bodies. Note that many people believe raw dairy products are healthier than adulterated (pasteurized, etc.) dairy products. That should be their choice, not some busybody Government Official’s choice. And my bet is that their competitors are using Big Government to wipe out the competition:

  • DaveH

    Warning to the Board Liberals. This isn’t politically correct:

  • DaveH

    I’m hearing a lot of rumbling about buying American. That’s fine if done on an individual voluntary basis, but if you’re advocating institutionalized Government Protectionism, please watch this video. Note that if you don’t have Silverlight, you can pick the WMV link below the Silverlight version.

    Protectionism was a major contributor to the Great Depression. Can we please not keep repeating the same mistakes over and over?

  • jopa

    Robert S: If you think the Koch brothers are for the little guy you better check out their net worth.

    • DaveH

      I sure get tired of hearing “Koch Brothers” from the Liberals.
      You guys just don’t get it do you? Conservatives aren’t envious of Rich people. You are. So for you to tolerate Rich people in your midst seems just a little odd to say the least.
      The truth is that the Liberal leaders are gaming the Liberal followers. They could care less about you. They are using your Class Envy to get your votes to grow their power. That is all. When they have finally achieved that power, they will discard you like yesterday’s trash.

  • jopa

    Dave H: When the KOCH brothers get done with you it will be adios amigo Pedro will work for less.And you really think the Conservative leaders think and care about you and have not already discarded you like trash.My, but I believe you are having visions of grandeur and need to wake up and realize how tiny you are in the whole picture.The funny part is you really think you are going to be just like them some day, filthy rich and able to look down on the peons and manipulate them like a flock.Koch brothers 44 billion each.

    • JimH

      jopa, Many people are gainfully employed because of the Koch brothers. They invest and use their money and it creates REAL jobs.
      How many people do you think would be out of work without that Koch brother 44 bil. each? They do more to create jobbs with that 44 bil. than Obama with a trillion of OUR tax dollars.

    • DaveH

      OMG, the Koch Brothers are coming. How am I going to sleep tonight?

    • DaveH

      I’ve never yet heard of a country being dragged down by Rich people. But the list is large of countries that have been dragged down by Class Envy.
      Deliver me, please, from low-life enviers.

  • duggy

    it’s the debt that is sinking the dollar ; if we didn’t have the fraudulent fed and u s treasury bonds creating debt as we breathe , the dollar would not be as bleak as porter asserts ;

    confidence in the dollar is a function of how sound our gov’t is financially ; it it broke ; the fed is the reason ; the fed is a fake central bank not owned by gov’t but by roth shields ; rockyfellows ; morgies ; shifties ; warbux [ warburg] aldrichies ; et al …

    demand the end of the fed fraud
    demand the end of t bonz

    wake the f………..olks up ! all this blabble about toxic assets ; biz cycles ; spendy cuts ; taxcutz etc is beside the point ; the point is the gov’t borrows all its money ; it doesn’t have to at all ! gov’t could just as easily print bux free from indebtedness that is attached to selling t bonds ! ! !

  • SaW

    No matter who you are or how much/little you have the rules are the same. “Buy while the price is low, enjoy while the price is high.” “preparing during times of peace, brings peace during times of panic.” It doesn’t matter what does or doesn’t happen, the rules for success, preparedness, and peace are universal.

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