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Powerful Tips For Your Health

July 15, 2009 by  

Powerful Tips For Your Health

Seniors, Take Note—Cholesterol is in your favor after about age 75. The higher your cholesterol, the longer you will live, so say studies. Cholesterol drugs are commerce in my opinion. Cod liver oil and fish oil are the naturals for blood thinners and very, very essential omega-3s. Beware though, if you bite through a fish oil capsule and it tastes fishy—don’t take it because it’s rancid.

There is nothing better than fish oil and cod liver oil for men’s prostate. Herbal supplements help, but the fish oil is basic.

High Insulin—It equals more fat and more inflammation because the more obese we are, the more insulin we are making and the more inflammation we are generating. This is what we call compounding in reverse. Again, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids have profound anti-inflammatory effects. Cod liver oil is all grandma had and she lived to be 91! Eat sardines every time you can. She did.

Reduce Calories—I don’t want to hear it, but my study more and more says that to slow down the aging process, reduce calories. Our body works itself to death processing food.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)—The number one alternative to HRT is Black Cohosh, which is excellent for hot flashes.

There are bad studies by people who don’t like herbs, but they are nonsense. Take 100 to 500 mgs of Black Cohosh daily as your needs demand. And yes, you need quality herbs from Western Europe and Australia where a strict code of pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices is applied by law to herbal products.

CoQ10 to Prevent Strokes—Yes, 100 to 400 mg per day says Dr. James Balch. If you are taking cholesterol-lowering drugs (statins), you had absolutely better take CoQ10.

Blood Sugar—To lower blood sugar, cholesterol and triglycerides and to cleanse the liver, take milk thistle.

Allergic Reaction—If serious but not yet an emergency requiring a trip to the hospital, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) stirred in water and drunk as rapidly as possible can bring the reaction under control in quick time. Why does it work? It works because acute allergic reactions bring on a rapid acidification of the bloodstream. Baking soda neutralizes the acidity quickly and can usually reverse the allergic reaction.

Immunizations and vaccinations made with live viruses have increased dramatically in the last 25 years. Immune systems, especially in children, can’t handle the load. So allergic reactions go up and up. Immunizations of innocent children is an assault by the state upon their person.

Stomach acid—Activates pepsin, an enzyme secreted by the stomach lining to digest proteins into amino acids and peptides.

Many seniors are starving to death because they are not digesting proteins for lack of stomach acid. Lots of chronic illness and death originates from low stomach acid. TV commercials doctor us with antacids. This should be exposed as murder. It never will be. The simple answer is betaine hydrochloride which you can get from a supplement company.

Constipation—Use any one or any two:

  • Olive oil—4 ounces of extra virgin olive oil with a juice.
  • Ascorbic Acid—Commonly known as vitamin C. This will flush you in a hurry. If too acidic, get sodium ascorbate.
  • Magnesium—One gram, three times a day.

Most people only need one of these. All are good for you. I know that you need the magnesium, whoever you are. The research is mind-boggling! Over 90 percent of the American people are low in magnesium.

Why are only 10 percent of the French obese, while in England 22 percent are fat, and in the U.S. 33 percent are fat? The answer is the French eat animal fat, raw butter, cream, steak and duck. Americans eat sugar in large amounts.

Have you noticed that establishment medicine and media blame smoking and cholesterol for most of our health problems? They never, never mention SUGAR—the actual killer. The Sugar Trust won’t let them.

Yes, it is very difficult to eat in America without sugar. Food processors see to this.

Most diseases in America are really just one disease—the Sugar Disease.

Prostate Cancer Witchcraft—Above I mentioned how important omega-3 fatty acids are. Add to this testosterone. You know how establishment medicine tries to reduce testosterone with what they call androgen-blockade. Their foolish theory is that testosterone causes prostate cancer, so they attempt to cut testosterone off in prostate cancer patients so it won’t "drive tumor growth."

Men who get prostate cancer usually have very low testosterone. This is age related. Young men have peak testosterone and most (almost none) have prostate cancer. According to this, don’t the medical people have all this backwards?

Incidentally, their success rate is near zero. If you survive their witchcraft, you would have anyway.

Your urologist may not agree, but men, your first line of defense against prostate cancer may be a high blood level of testosterone.

Says Dr. William Douglas in Real Health Breakthroughs, that testosterone is very protective, as well as an anti-aging hormone for men. We should strive to maintain a testosterone blood level of the average 20-year-old man. You can get 5 percent testosterone cream by prescription from your compounding pharmacy or get the same effect with a homeopathic compound.

Zinc Deficiency & Cancer—Zinc deficiency in the U.S. is common since soils are progressively more depleted—plus it is removed from processed foods. Zinc deficiency causes the overuse of salt and loss of sense of taste.

People with zinc deficiency are at increased risk for getting esophageal and oral cancers. Zinc deficiency creates damage in the genes that leads to cancer in many ways. According to studies, referenced by Dr. Sherry Rogers, correcting zinc deficiency reversed cancers.

Coughing, Codeine & Cocoa—Theobromine in cocoa is 30 percent more effective for stopping a persistent cough than codeine. It has to be cocoa, not just chocolate. I am told that Hershey’s does have a pure chocolate product labeled "Hershey’s Cocoa".

Salt, You Have to Have It—Dietary sodium only causes elevated blood pressure in 5 to 10 percent of salt-sensitive people. Please don’t use refined salt (sodium chloride). Get sea salt from The Grain and Salt Society.

Garlic and Echinaccea can greatly help to reduce bacteria in the gut such as E. Coli.

Is Your Food "natural," "free range" or "organic"? Who knows. My best guess is that these captions more than anything else bring higher prices.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    First, buy quality enzymes. Second, use honey or stevia, if you need a sweetener. Third, find a REAL health professional (good luck). Fourth, educate yourself. It takes more than ‘initials’ to be or stay healthy.
    Strengthen your immune system. That keeps money-hungry MDs away (and keeps your wealth intact). We do NOT have the best health system. We have the most ExPeNsIvE health system (thanks a bunch, Washington). Be healthy, and stay healthy. You’re an American, and you deserve it.

    • Jean

      Do not want Socialized Medicine.We have the best health care system in the world and yes it could be managed better but not by the govenment they mess everything up.DMV,POST OFFICE,EDUCATION do I need to go on they don’t have a clue how to run anything because they never have.They are career politicans who have never had a real job in the real world and are the biggest phonies and hypocrites walking.I don’t need their so-called help I have GOD,Family and Myself.I only need government to protect this Nation from attack and to up-hold the CONSTITUTION and get out of my way.I’m not to big to fail the only thing preventing me from getting back up and starting again till I get it right is BIG GOVERNMENT STOPPING ME.ONCE YOU DON’T SUCCEED TRY,TRY AGAIN.FAILURE MAKES YOU STRONGER AND WISER.

    • dale

      What does washington have to do with your health care? if it’s already bad it will be a million times worse if they are involved

      • Smilee

        Apparently you are very happy with an already bad health care system

      • DeJay

        Jean,. you got it right. Dale, you’re asleep at the wheel. The government can control industry and all the food indusries that process foods. In this screwed up world made so by governments any move no matter how small toward self sufficiency contributes to good health.

    • Claire Worthington

      Stevia has been a suspect in low sperm count in men but no problems have been detected for women in one study I read anyone hear anything else about Stevia?

  • Jean

    Need to read Leviticus chapter 11 these are the food laws what is clean to eat and unclean not to eat.Our bodies haven’t changed the way GOD created them.Pork is the worst to eat.It isn’t a sin to eat the unclean but they will make you sick so who knows your body better then your creator.The only law that was done away with when Jesus was nailed to the cross was the BLOOD SCRAFICES it is an ORDINANCE have to know the difference of Laws,Statuets,Ordinances.He was our one for all Slain Lamb WITHOUT BLEMISH he became our PASSOVER for one and all time.Nothing else has changed you still have to the best of your ability obey the TEN COMMANDMENTS Obey the LAWS of the LAND in which you live. GOD says in his letter (bible) to us I DON’T WANT YOUR BURNT OFFERINGS I WANT YOUR LOVE.
    The LAW is GOOD it is the people who disobey the LAW that is bad.Read his word with understanding and don’t be mislead by traditions of men.GOD ALSO SAYS IN HIS LETTER I HAVE FORTOLD YOU ALL THINGS HAVE YOU READ IT?

    • emogene

      I do agree with you.. Since you are quoting the scriptures how could I not? emogene

    • DeJay

      Jean, your message would be easier to under stand if you used punctuation.

  • DaveH

    It is incredible to me that the WHO (World Health Organization) is trying to implement a binding rule for member nations that would allow the government to order the citizens to take flu vaccine shots. First let me give you my take on public vaccination, whether it be your children or we adults. They (the forcing authorities) may tell you that you don’t have a right to refuse (which is what they told me about my children) because they, if unvaccinated, would be a danger to other people. But, If the vaccine is effective, then wouldn’t anyone taking it voluntarily be safe? So, only those of us who choose not to take it would be in danger. And isn’t it our lives at stake? Personally I choose not to let the government inject foreign proteins into my blood stream (or even orally). During my life, doctors have caused my family more harm than good. I’m not trying to suggest that you folks be as doctor-averse as I am, just please don’t be a part of those who would force me to be subject to what I believe are bad decisions.
    Here is a link to the Natural Solutions Foundation which is fighting to preserve our health care choices:
    And this is a video on YouTube that I think any freedom-lover should watch:

    • Sarah Baldwin

      See Len Horowitz’s site where he mentions a form you can sign to opt out of mandatory vaccinations -on Religious grounds. Determine if the Vaccine contains Thimersol (which is Mercury) Know that Amino Acid EDTA & bentonite clay can rid body of chemicals, toxins. Avoid contaminated meats, chemically treated dairy. Eat more fresh fruit & vegetables, drink PURE water, not bottled, but distill your own tap water-Mineralize & oxygenize it. Avoid Refined, processed fake foods. Read labels, avoid MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup & other additives, which would happen if all food eaten fresh, frozen -steamed or raw. Avoid all white flour, sugar, rice. Eat whole grains, Flax Seed (fresh) Omega 3′s, etc etc. Yes, you must educate yourself. Read books written by Natural Healing Doctors & Bob Livingston. They’ll help you learn and understand how to protect you & your family’s health. You’ll find it easier, less expensive, delicious and enjoyable. Love and best to all Americans. God Bless.

  • s c

    Here’s a tip for your health. If ‘The Chosen One’ gets his health care ‘reform’ passed, get used to not needing a doctor. B O will do to medical care what affirmative action did to education. A polite way to describe it wil be a medical inquisition. Babies and senior citizens will be targets. Congress will become the America’s Politburo.
    Either common sense will triumph, or America will be just another failed experiment. Either way, there is a price to be paid. And, if worst comes to worst, there will be no bailouts. It will be survival or extinction.
    For this, we can thank the ‘best and the brightest’ and those who willingly sold their souls for temporary power and worthless paper money.

    • Sarah Baldwin

      You are so right. Health care will be rationed, treatments will be denied to elderly or sick babies. Mandating vaccines on elderly & pregnant women and babies is the beginning of population control and reduction. If you value your freedom, contact your congressperson-in fact contact all of them and express your disdain for Socialized Med. which 70% of Americans DON’T want. They buy health insurance-it works. Hospitals are required to provide care to the poor already. Medical care is CHEAPER if you pay for it yourself, less’n half. It’s the govt regulations & slow-pay Ins Cos that add unduly to Med’l Industries burdens and costs, untold headaches for Drs, in addn to AMA & FDA which persecute natual healing doctors who’re EFFECTIVE in HEALING, unlike “Medical Protocols” -require “mandated treatment” – NOT CURES. Let’s make them publish the numbers of persons dying of what causes -much of it unnecessary suffering and death, because of ignorance, inability to avoid fake foods, chemicals, prescriptions, misguided -mandatory treatment for heart disease, cancer (which kill more often than not)and lack of real help-including for Autism, ADHD, etc. Search for info you need -Don’t stop searching til you find answers. You’ll be blown away at what’s available. Cures for incurable conditions. If you look for alternative information, you’ll find answers, or you may discover new answers for others too, in your quest. Example of this is Montel Williams/Multiple Sclerosis & Jenny McCarthy & Autism, (Oxygen helps both these)-and the boy &his need for special Oil which his parents found to heal him-did you see the movie? Many others. Good Luck.



  • s c

    Here’s a news flash, straight from Google and Liz Peek (Fox Forum). HARRY REID [D, NV], everybody’s favorite 4-legged mule/donkey/jackass, is trying his worst to screw Americans via yet more tricks. He’s playing games by using the idea that ‘saving money’ (another LIE) will help comrade obama steal our hearts-and-minds. BS!
    Reid, it’s time for you to RETIRE and GO AWAY. Comrade obama, it’s time for you to be OPEN and HONEST with America. STOP trying to ram that half-baked, smoke-and-mirrors garbage down our throats. You’ll NEVER be the wizard of oz. You may be the lizard of odd, but as a prez, YOU MUST STOP LYING TO AMERICA!

  • forex

    When I see a really great article I usually do a few things:1.Show it to all the relevant friends.2.keep it in all my common social bookmarking websites.3.Be sure to come back to the same site where I first read the post.After reading this article I’m seriously thinking of going ahead and doing all of them.


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