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Power Corrupts: Never Mind Democracy

December 6, 2010 by  

Power Corrupts: Never Mind Democracy

There are those attracted to less government and there are those attracted to big government. Fortunately, the fathers of the United States Constitution believed in limited government and maximum individual liberty.

The people who want big government are always ready to seize power. And they have been solidly in power in the U.S. since the establishment of the Federal Reserve monetary system in 1913.

Plainly stated, an elite group rules, no matter which political party appears to be in power. The elite always have a monetary system of debasing the currency. They do this to transfer wealth from the workers and producers to themselves.

Everything is gradual at first. Toward the end, the rot sets in and cultural collapse becomes obvious.

The men in political power, under any party name, keep themselves and their buddies in power to keep mass corruption covered up. The same bureaucrats are always in charge so as to keep a tight lid on in order to prevent exposure.

To power seekers, the most attractive government is some form of collectivism. It can be any name, but it must be collectivism. Collectivism is ideal for government expansion at the expense of the people. Collectivism attracts hard-wired psychopaths who use the system for cronyism and their aggrandizement. They care not one whit about constitutional government and the rule of law. They only care about a political facade to hide their chicanery.

America is in the final stages of a very complete meltdown. The U.S. has 12 times the number of people in prison as the rest of the world combined. We are in the midst of moral collapse. It is every man for himself. The political system is bribery, corruption and lies.

William K. Black, author of the book, The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, exposed the Ponzi mentality that has developed in the U.S. financial industry.

Black has exposed big banker crime that caused the 2008 real estate crash. He stated that as early as 1994, the FBI said that fraud in mortgage banking would cause a collapse. So the conclusion is that the unbelievable huge bonuses paid out by the private banks were derived from fraud and financial crime that crashed the U.S. economy.

Another blatant crime against the American people is the Obama healthcare bill — or Obamacare — that is simply for the purpose of transferring wealth to the pharmaceuticals and the insurance companies. This is going on in the midst of a collapsed economy and an economic depression.

People wonder why our Congressmen and Senators would do this to us. The answer is quite simple. Has it ever occurred to Americans that the people whom they think are their elected representatives are actually, in fact, government employees? They owe everything to the government and they sell their souls to government. They thumbed their noses at the American people by passing the so-called healthcare bill. Hypocrisy has never had an equal.

The so-called healthcare bill will provide seniors far less care, and the healthcare and Social Security that they do receive will be “means tested.” That is to say that benefits to the “wealthy” (and they determine who is wealthy) will be taxed.

Put Your Trust in Governments!
A lot of people live by Treasury Bills and Treasury Bonds as “full faith” instruments. They are called government debt.

You know that the word “debt” implies payment. Come now, can there be a real debt issued in fiat money with “interest” also in fiat? This is Ponzi promoted as debt. All so-called sovereign debt of all countries is nothing more than created fiat or printing press money.

Even though governments print their own money, they still default. The question is, do governments ever intend to pay? The answer is No!

Here is a list of so-called sovereign defaults from 1981 to 2003. These are only the acknowledged defaults researched by Eduardo Borens and Ugo Panizza: Zambia, Yugoslavia, Uruguay, Sierra Leone, Philippines, Panama, Niger, Mozambique, Morocco, Costa Rica, Chile, Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Cote d’Ivoire, Congo, Central African Republic, Burkina Faso, Turkey, Togo, Nigeria, Mexico, Haiti, Guyana, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Argentina, Malawi, Senegal, Romania, Poland, Jamaica, Honduras, Madagascar, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guinea, Gambia, Gabon, Yemen, Vietnam, South Africa, Cameroon, Angola, Tanzania, Peru, Sao Tome & Principe, Iraq, Ghana, Liberia, Russia/USSR, Albania, Ethiopia, Algeria, Bulgaria, Jordan, Guatemala, Kenya, Slovenia, Serbia & Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Antigua & Barbados, Myanmar, Indonesia, Moldova, Pakistan, Ukraine, Dominica, Zimbabwe and Seycheles.

Just imagine how many more countries have defaulted since 2003. America is well on her way.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • http://none Mike

    Ugg These people need to be slapped in chains and drug bodily from the house they have corrupted. This articls seems to leave us very little wiggle room to avoid a total disaster. Maby come 2012 we could abolish both parties and find a better solution to this mess. I know its probly wishfull thinking with the dumb-masses out there just looking for whoever will feed them at the trough. But there have to be sane people somewhere out there in this nation who could step forward and lead. I hate to think civilazation as we know it could be ended by some dirt bags in ivory towers with no concern for anyone but themselves. And thoes willing dumb-masses just dont realise they are the first to go.Mike L.

    • jimmy joe

      How About Guantanamo Bay Mike?Then Liberals Can Help Shari’a Law Compliant Muslims Build Their Shrine To The 9/11 hijackers There,Made Out Of clay.Instead of newyork.Then When The Terrorist Get Restless,And Begin their beheading ceremonies on the liberals,And the liberal Appeasers Cryout For help.We Can just remind them we don’t want to Offend Them,Or be accused of racism,and islamic biggotry.Jimmy Joe”The Liarfryer”

      • Wanda Murline

        The GITMO terrorists will never be allowed to be punished by a military court. You know that Hilliary Clinton goes off by saying the civilian courts have put more terrorits in jail than the military…and there is good reason, the military tribunal was not put into place until the end of the Bush presidency…we had no military tribunal to punish terrorits…now we do, so why are we not using the? That reason is clear…to put someone from GITMO to death requires the signature of the POTUS, and do you think one of their own would sign off on a death decree? The worst thing that ever happened to this country is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913…since then, this monopoly has been creating and manipulating our economy by either raising interest rates to extreme, lowering them to extreme, giving out easy loans until we are soaked in debt, and then pulling the plug where no banks will loan money. This organization needs to be audited and broken up into smaller groups as they are a monopoly which is illegal in America…they are not federally owned…they are owned by corrupt businessmen, bankers and a lot of foreign bankers, who want to be the world bank for the new world order. Until we have a president who will put tarriffs on imports that are so high that American companies can compete, and do away with the unions in this country, we do not have a chance. I live in Texas which is a right to work state…you do not have to belong to a damn union to get a job and that is the way it should be across America…to have to belong to a union to get a job is unconstitutional. If you started a business, and then all the employees decided to be union whether or not you wanted it, then who actually runs and owns the business? It certainly would not be my business any longer. At one time, the unions were good because they protected the workers….not anymore…the elists at the top are becoming filthy rich at the cost to the common worker. When a union employee makes $75,000 a year plus benefits for putting one part on a new car, how long does it take for the car to become so pricy that no one can afford it? That is why the corporations have moved from the US and the union workers are now hoping to have a job….get real, it is not going to happen.

        • HFlashman

          Wow… definitely are freakin’ today ! Let’s see … you advocate doing away with trying criminals in on of the most hallowed bricks of our national foundation…the right to trial by jury. You advocate trashing our monetary system. You want imort tariffs and start trade wars. You are against the working man consolidating his one asset..his labor to enabe him to take on Big Corporations (btw…can you tell us what auto company pays the auto line worker $73,000 based on a 40 hour work week? Didn’t think you could since it doesn’t exist except in the minds of FOX McNews).

          Do everyone a favor…go back into being comtose…the semi coma you’re in right now worries everyone…

          • Jana

            Wow Flashman,
            Lets see, we can can put your name in there- – - – Wow… definitely are freakin’ today !
            Oh well, you are always freakin’ and twisting and distorting. So, whats new? NOTHING.

          • Carole Howell


            Here are some facts for you, according to the Pentagon, most of the prisoners in Guantanamo are actually innocent. And most of what Bush tried was in fact illegal.

            In a series of orders in 2001 and 2002, the Bush administration created a system of tribunals that specifically did not adhere to the standards set out in the Geneva Convention, arguing that as “non-state actors” the suspects were not entitled to that kind of protection; the system was also declared to be beyond review by federal courts. The government established a prison camp at Guantánamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba to hold these prisoners away from federal court jurisdiction, arguing that the right of habeas corpus — the fundamental right, centuries old, to ask a judge for release from unjust imprisonment — did not apply to foreigners being held outside the United States as enemy combatants.

            In 2004, the Supreme Court disagreed, in a case named Rasul v. Bush. A Supreme Court decision in June 2006, Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, struck down military tribunals that the Bush administration had established shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks. The court ruled that the tribunals violated the Constitution and the Geneva Conventions.

            In response, the Bush Administration and Congress effectively rewrote the law, by passing the Military Commissions Act of 2006. The measure broadened the definition of enemy combatants beyond the traditional definition used in wartime, to include noncitizens living legally in the United States as well as those in foreign countries and anyone determined to be an enemy combatant under criteria defined by the president or secretary of defense. In place of habeas proceedings, it said detainees could challenge their imprisonment only through hearings known as combatant status review trials. It allowed evidence seized in the U.S. or abroad without a search warrant to be admitted in trials. And while the bill barred the admission of evidence obtained by cruel and inhuman treatment, it made an exception for any obtained before Dec. 30, 2005, when Congress enacted the Detainee Treatment Act banning torture.

            In a June 2008 decision in the case of Boumediene v. Bush, the Supreme Court overturned those portions of the law, finding that foreign terrorism suspects held at Guantánamo Bay have constitutional rights to challenge their detention in United States courts. In a harsh rebuke of the Bush administration, the Court rejected the administration’s argument that the individual protections provided by the Detainee Treatment Act of 2005 and the Military Commissions Act of 2006 were more than adequate.

          • Ski

            I recall reading that the reason US auto companies can’t make a profit is that in years back they agreed to UAW demands which today equate to labor costs of $73 per hour when the cost of paying for retirement, medical, and laid off are factored in. The union simply bled the industry to death. Government Motors (Obama Inc.) did not correct the problem, it simply compounded it by giving the union a big chunk of the industry as a reward for wrecking it. There is little difference between the way unions and Communist parties are run. In both cases, the thugs rise to the top. Thus far the unions have destroyed every major industry in this country except insurance and banking. It is the unions that have driven industries off shore with their destructive wage and work rule demands. I won’t begin to defend sweat shops, but unions have certainly proved to not be a cure for that problem. At least sweat shops provided work. Industries driven out of the country, don’t.

          • http://personallibertydigest CRAPGIVER


        • Viktor Leben

          Good point about car prices Wanda !! My car was given to me by my older brother about 10 years ago. It’s a 1994 model. I can’t afford buying a new car right now.

          You got to play the Federal Reserve System Wanda ! It’s OK to time your investments with what Ben and the boys are doing. You should minimize your suffering … refuse to be a victim ! Just because Americans haven’t got rid of the Fed (actually America has let it exist for the past 100 years) don’t let it get to you.

          You got to surf the system, it’s all you have. Just take a deep breath and go for it …

      • artinthewild

        Good one Jimmy Joe….Geo. Soros needs to be number one for the meat clever.

        • JC

          “Meat Cleaver” sounds extreme…until you start asking what all those FEMA (detainment prisons) camps are for…
          Then, “extreme” may not be extreme enough!

          • Denniso

            Just a minor point to Bob Livingston’s article…When the country had a smaller and more limited gov’t,say back in the time of the Great Founders,we also had many people in the country who were entirely or partially left out of the so called American Dream…women,Blacks,Indians,non landowners. They couldn’t vote,were enslaved,abused,some not allowed to work or own property,etc. We also had a military not very capable of national defense and later an economic system that was controlled by big business and free to pollute and destroy as they wanted.

            People who continue to shout,’smaller gov’t’ and ‘lower taxes’, should at least be honest and admit what kind of society we would have if we limit gov’t to the size and scope it was prior to FDR and the depression.

            No one I know wants ‘big gov’t’ per se, what many thinking, compassionate and pragmatic people want is a gov’t large enough to maintain a healthy and prosperous country,where we don’t have people dying under bridges,business doesn’t have free rein to trample people or the environment and a reasonably sized military can defend the country and when necessary our interests abroad. We don’t want a gov’t any larger or more powerful than necessary.

            In some ways,the gov’t of the ‘founders’ was even too powerful. Look up ‘Shay’s rebellion’ to see an early abuse of gov’t power immediately after the revolutionary war. The question of the size of gov’t is not a black and white or simple one,as most on the right want us to believe it is.

          • eddie47d

            So correct Denniso. It’s like folks who want to abolish the EPA or the FDA. Okay fine,but what are you going to replace it with. Are the complainers going to keep a watchful eye on Big Pharma and make sure even worse drugs aren’t put out on the market. When folks get sick from tainted foods are they going to shrug their shoulders and say ,Oh Well? There is nothing we can do about it. If someone dumps chemicals in the local drinking water and poisons a few people who get sick or die. What are they going to do? No one to sue and that govt; agency won’t be there to help clean up. OH Well! I’m speaking directly to those who want to abolish these agencies and not necessarily to those who only think these agencies aren’t efficient enough. There is always room for improvement but I’m not willing to give up safeguards for public health because of anti-government furor.

          • DaveH

            There goes Dumniso again, fabricating facts out of thin air.
            Reality is that Liberals whine incessantly about the big bad corporations. But what is it they do? Can they force us to buy their products, absent Big Government (which Dumniso wants)? I would agree that Crony Capitalism is a problem, but the Big Government that Dumniso wants goes hand in with Crony Capitalism.
            Back to those Big Bad Corporate Officers. What do they do to us that is so bad? I don’t know off-hand, but I do know that Liberals want to force us to buy Health Insurance whether it is cost-effective or not. I do know that Liberals want to help themselves to other peoples’ money. I do know that Liberals want to force us to pay for ridiculously inefficient energy sources. What do those corporate officers do that is as evil as that? Inquiring minds want to know.

          • Denniso

            Why can’t DaveH respond to the points I made,rather than just making personal attacks? Is it because he has no response that makes sense?

          • DaveH

            The readers can decide which of us spews fabricated facts and which of us speaks truth, Dumniso.

          • Denniso

            If you would respond to the points I make rather than just go off on personal and childish attacks,then maybe readers could determine who makes sense or not. You don’t want a discussion,you want to spout your
            views w/ no challenge from anyone…that’s childish and shows some lack of maturity.

        • Viktor Leben

          You got to admit George Soros is a savvy investor !

    • wally

      if i may submit to you america folks are slight ignorant to they vote for. for maybe brainwashed so easy you add that and todays media, and look what you get more and more govt. control and now if i may say so if you take it away you may have arnacy. its now ecpected of the govt to give you bread n butter and cash. you run against that platform todays media will rip you apart. what we need in govt is a common sense approach, a much smaller govt,more state controlled.much much less spending,by cutting hand outs pork barrel spending that like a bribe to get a vote cut. its sad folks let the medis lie for elected officials and not ask about their past like bill ayers lol. and not let the man off scot free,last may i submit folks oughta watch the movie on cable MEDIA MALPRACTICE. FEEL FREE TO RESPOND LOL

      • Wanda Murline

        If you want to learn what has been going on since Madison and the corruption in government, get a copy of the DVD entitled “The Power of the Purse”. I got sooooo ticked off, I had to take an extra blood pressure pill. This video tells it like it is and some other things that it shows really made my start thinking to the point I now have questions on 9/11 and you will also. It names names and shows faces of just who the new world order people really are and it will surprise you. It is a good watch and very informative as to how the banks and Federal Reserve have manipulated our economy for decades.

        • Kate8

          Wanda – I know what you mean.

          If you want even more reason to get ticked off, try this one:

          • JeffH

            Kate. not long after that was filmed, the plastic coffins called polygaurd vaults, were trucked off to multiple FEMA relocation facilities.

          • JC

            They pulled Jesse Ventura’s expose on the FEMA camps from airing on TV. Looks like somebody got to somebody…
            They really don’t want us thinking about those camps now do they?


          • JeffH

            JC, I did see the original airing of that show.

          • JC

            Jeff, I couldn’t find it anywhere on the net last night.
            here’s what a friend of mine, who is now working on a border project had to say about this:

            “I am sure they have a special place for me ….. Vocal advocate of personal liberties, Ron Paul supporter, gun-owner / rights advocate, etc. I just talked to a young ex-marine the other day – works as a safety director for the new border patrol station – he out of the blue – said he is convinced the FEMA camps are labeled as “Population Control” and not as emergency centers and is scared of what is happening … this coming from a
            26 year old ex-Iraq jarhead – I told him to look closely at the camps being prepared in S. Texas. Thousands of acres of infrastructure in place, slabs poured, w/o structures, crates of metal building components being delivered but not assembled – yet…

            No my friend, it is not a joke, and we are on the cusp”

          • JeffH

            JC, The popular TV show on TruTV dropped a bombshell as FEMA camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ has been pulled off the air! The Ventura show on FEMA camps, entitled ‘Police State’, has been removed from TruTV’s list of upcoming programing.

            The bombshell FEMA Camps confirmed by Jesse Ventura on ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was when he actually knocked on the front door of one facility marked as a ‘Family Residential Camp’ in Texas. The facility looked like a prison, surrounded by a double-barbed wired fence. The fence had signs warning visitors not to bring residents materials that could be used for escape. There was even a playground for children with swing sets and slides. But the folks at the facility would not give Ventura much information, referring him to the DHS and ICE, the Immigration Criminal Enforcement agency. Alex Jones directed Ventura to another of the FEMA Camps locations where thousands of plastic ‘grave liners’ were being stored. Jones told Ventura each could be used as a coffin and hold four bodies in the event of a Mega-Death scenario, where a pandemic kills thousands suddenly. There is no doubt that whatever the situation, the FEMA camp story is again alive and well and full of mystery.

          • Kate8

            JeffH – I know. The night they were to air that episode on truTV, it was pulled. I was really disappointed.

            But I watched it last night on the sight I posted. If you scroll down you’ll find all recent episodes, including that one.

          • Denniso

            I suppose that you think Obama is building ‘Fema camps’ to house U.S. citizens? It’s a fantasy not worth even the kook’s time. Get on to real stuff,like aliens living under the Nevada desert,or crop circles made by aliens.

          • JC

            You can suppose whatever you want to Denniso. You’re a waste of time.

          • Palin12

            Don’t forget 911 Truther’s conspiracy or the Hildebeast “vast right wing conspiracy”.

        • eddie47d

          Kate8; The video you posted doesn’t tell the whole story. These Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura clips are Michael Moore on steroids. Even Michael tells a story that you can follow to a conclusion. Jesse and his coffin theories or Alex and his Fusion camps. They are only videos rapidly clipped together without bringing out any meat and potato facts. There are not enough credible sources shown either.If every law enforcement agency has this information and knows where these 72 camps are;then that means not one single local or national police agency can be trusted. That is pretty much what one video said. The real reason for those coffins is in case of a biological attack and thousands are killed. The government must dispose of the bodies immediately to keep them from inflecting anyone else. In one video clip on FEMA (not the one you recommended) actually had “real” prisoners walking around in the yard. That would be a prison not a FEMA camp. The majority of political videos I’ve seen on U-Tube and on these weekly shows are so manipulated to the hosts point of view that they can’t be trusted. After you watch them you feel scammed and less informed not further educated.

          • JeffH

            Good job…keep the blinders on…

          • Kate8

            eddie, I’ve read plenty of other sources on FEMA camps to know that Jesse did a very thorough and credible job.

            Funny thing, Jesse has always tilted to the Left politically. But he may be starting to reconsider. He seems to be doing a pretty fair job on his show, and I respect that.

            Just keep looking through those rosy glasses, eddie. As for me, I don’t trust ANY politician.

            JeffH – Jesse had an expose on a secret society (one that few ever heard of) in one episode, and the PTB forced him to yank that part out. Don’t doubt that anything that airs does so with the approval of the globalist mob.

          • eddie47d

            I would’nt be surprised if all that trash Tv is yanked from the airwaves. If you and Jeff fall for all that nonsense and scare propaganda you’ll fall for anything. I know jeff needs to take the blinders off on some issues. Most those videos are poisoned with half truths and half lies. That alone makes them unworthy.

          • JC

            eddie?…WTF are all those camps for?
            I mean the ones designed to keep people in…the ones with the big warehouses and gas tanks beside them…WTF are they for?
            If you don’t have a logical response, do us a favor…Shut Up!

          • Kate8

            eddie chooses to accept the lies from politicians (“they don’t exist”) over direct evidence. No surprise there.

            After all, politicians wouldn’t lie. Especially Progressives.

            Would they?

          • DumbMeDown

            eddie47d, take a good look around that Site that Kate linked to…


            it was designed to wake the sheeple up.

            eddie47d, does this sound familiar…


            It means “Wake me when it’s over.”

            The challenge with that, eddie47d, is YOU won’t ‘wake up’ because YOU’LL be in one of those FEMA coffins that don’t exist.

            BTW: Are you, eddie47d, male or female? Because if you happen to be female and 47d is your breast size you might not fit into one of those FEMA coffins that don’t exist. If you are a male then kindly disregard. YOU’LL fit just fine.


          • Denniso

            You people have now officially lost your collective minds.

          • Viktor Leben

            Jesse Ventura for President !

        • Carole Howell


          First of all these corporations you are defending are buying our politicians to do their bidding, that is why there is so much corporate welfare going on, that is why the big companies get by with not inspecting our food properly among many other things not in the best interest of the people.

          These corporations outsource our jobs. They move their profits off shore so they can get out of paying taxes.

          And was it you Dave that said the Liberals in congress want us to be forced to have health insurance? You are completely wrong there pal, cause it was the liberals who wanted a single payer system, or at least a public option, many did not vote for this system that we got, which is just another give away to the health care for profit system we have in this country.

          Dave and others there is much to be angry at, but at least get your facts straight and place the anger where it belongs, not on the people who in fact defended the things you claim to care about.

          Allen, if most of the people in the U S knew the whole of it they would not agree with the Military tribunals, not under these circumstances.

          The Bush administration thought they could get around the Geneva Convention and other treaties and our own laws and Constitution by inventing the term enemy combatants, it never existed before and since the term does not appear in these laws or our constitution they thought they could skate.

          If you love and respect our country, you have to also respect our laws and our Constitution. And any treaty this country enters into automatically becomes the law of our land. Did you not know this?

        • BobbyB

          Very Good! Once everyone (not that it will happen) understands that 19 Islamic Radicals couldn’t have possibly pulled off 9/11, we might be on our way to healing this nation.

      • artinthewild

        It is well known that Geo Soros controls the media – why else does the media ignore things that the Right does that are beneficial and litterally destroy anyone on the Right who does something wrong, no matter how small, yet the left goes unscathed, regardless of the monumental charges against them….(I hope that was clear). If Geo Soros and his minions have their way, we will all be fodder for his dictatorship mill. Is it possible that he is the anti christ?

        • Ruby

          Nah…Soros is Jewish. I’ve thought that perhaps B.O. will be. I’ve also thought that the new world order talked about is a biblical prophecy being fulfilled.

          • JeffH

            Soros is a Zionist…

          • Jana

            Soros is an evil man with evil intent.

          • Richard Pawley

            The Bible indicates that the future world dictator will not be a military man. Revelation also indicates that he may well be a banker of some kind as all will be required to have his mark IN their wrist or forehead and without it not even a king can buy or sell. Normally a mark would be ON and not IN and one recent translation of the Bible gets cute and says “tattoo on ones wrist…” but the original says IN, as a microchip would be inserted IN. There are other cryptic things written about those times in the Bible and one of them indicates that this genius who seems to solve problems we don’t even have yet (like world wide financial collapse and mass starvation) will not give any heed to the God of his forefathers. This would be irrelevant if it he were a Baptist or a Hindu but would be very relevant to the people of Israel where he will eventually demand to be worshipped in a temple to God yet to be built. This is why smarter men than I are convinced that whoever this future person is he will be of Jewish descent. As Jesus was the eptiome of God made flesh so His antithesis will be of Jewish descent and have the power to call fire down from the sky (whatever that means). He will be incredibly rich and will have (apparently) a robot sidekick (the scripture says a statue come to life) and this guy will be very convincing for those who do not know the Bible or have a relationship with Jesus. However, a lot of terrible things have to happen before all this comes about and those who wish for their children and grandchildred to make it through the difficult times that are coming had better have more than non-perishable food for them, but spiritual guidance and direction as well. Those who know God are are going to have a troublesome time ahead. Those who deny God or seek to be God may not make it through at all. Perhaps with the power of prayer and watching congress like a hawk, and getting rid of all who sell us out and squander our taxes, we can push this further down the road of history. I do not believe that the tripling of prices can be prevented but as scripture says “With God all things are possible.”

          • Kate8

            Richard Pawley – Good post.

            Satan always tries to counterfeit God’s promises, so antichrist being Jewish would be logical. Could also be Muslim since, as Yeshua came from the line of Isaac, he could come from the line of his illegitimate brother, Ishmael. There are many Bible scholars who think this could be the case, and even many Muslim converts to Christianity espouse this.

            The idea of a mark is a puzzling one. Cain bora a mark, too, but there is no indication of what that is. People are sometimes ‘marked’, referring more to a mark on the soul. It would seem logical that the mark would be a chip or tattoo, but many refute that, also.

            I have long prayed that God help me to release all isms and preconceived ideas and teachings and be open to His Truth. Scripture has been misunderstood for so long, with so many differing teachings that the truth would seem hopelessly lost, were it not for God’s promise to reveal it in the Last Days.

            We would do well to return to our Jewish roots and listen to a good Rabbi regarding Old Testament (especially the Torah) symbology. They have understood and preserved these truths, and are now willing to teach them to us. When we open to them, they are amazing and enlightening, and we really begin to understand.

            The Bible says that in the Last Days Jew and Gentile will come together to form ‘one new man’. I think that process has begun.

          • Denniso

            You two can’t really believe that stuff,can you? We’re living in a world that none of the authors and translators of the bible could have fathomed and you still want to hold on to a dark ages and patchwork book as a guide for the present and future? The only validity in the bible is that there have always been people thoughout the eons who have figured out some truths about human nature,which hasn’t changed much in a million yrs or so.
            What guide book was there before the bible,that only goes back a few thousand yrs,the old testament a little further? Do you give any credence to native american oral traditions as well as those of other indiginous people? Are you aware that there were human communities 100,000, 500,000 and more yrs ago who would have also tried to figure out life and death and the human condition? The bible is so recent in terms of human existence and it ignores all human experience before it…don’t try to say the Garden of Eden was real history.

          • Viktor Leben


            If you apply Einstein Theory on time dilation the Earth can very well be only a few thousand years old, while at the same time the Universe could be billions. It’s all relative. On one planet a light year may be longer (one moving at a higher velocity) on another a light year could be shorter (as on Earth presently)… Delta T ! Right on Einstein !!! It’s all in how space warps.

            I wouldn’t discount the Creationist tendencies of these Christian Religionist. Evolution is also a religion ….

          • Denniso

            Victor, I’ve studies special relativity which is behind ‘time dilation’. Ive also read the creationist theory on a young earth and an old universe,and I have to say that it’s pure bunk and seudo science. They are trying to square a circle,by attempting to fit the old testament w/ modern science and all the evidence of a universe as old as 15 billion years. They don’t seem to worry about all the evidence showing the earth is about 4.5 billion yrs old.
            with all due respect to you Victor, evolution is not religion…it is one of the most proven theories we have in science.

          • Viktor Leben


            You jest that evolution is “proven” ! I am having a good chuckle ! You seem like the Professor in a “CHICK Tract” called “Big Daddy” ! HA HA Here is the hyperlink …


            I believe Kent Hovind had something to do with this comic ! Very intelligent man. A little bit to conservative. Hopefully the government will free him from prison soon.

            Interesting watching the Hovind’s series on Creationism. His message has “evolved” over the years – gotten better. He seems to be sticking more to science and less on conspiracy theory. It is unfortunate the government is punishing him rather harshly. Oh yes before I forget – FREE HOVIND !!!

          • Viktor Leben


            It seems Hovind’s updated “tract” mention gluons ! Amazing ! The man is on his way to possibly understanding fermions !

            What a waste having him in prison…..

          • denniso

            Victor….you sound like a reasonable guy and I appreciate your sense
            of humor…sorely lacking here. But, it’s true that evolution is one of the most ‘proven’ scientific theories we have. Now, to be technically correct, no scientific theory is ever absolutely ‘proven’,
            it just becomes more ‘true’ w/ a preponderance of evidence that accumulates over time. Evolution is not absolutely ‘proven’, but it is very close to that. That doesn’t mean that everything is known about the science of evolution as scientists are probably going to be working on it for many decades and finding out more about it over time.

            Think about the science behind gravity…we have a pretty good idea of how it works,but we still don’t really know the mechanism that causes the force of gravity. Scientists are still studying it…Einstein came up w/ a new theory that is somewhat accepted,but is still a bit mystical and more than strange. He said that large masses distort space and that essentially causes bodies to ‘fall’ toward the larger ones…no force required, he said. I don’t actually
            buy into his theory,but most physicists do. My point is that we even still struggle to define something as relatively simple as gravity,
            but we don’t look for a religious rational for it. Same w/ evolution…we are working on the science of evolution and have built up much real evidence for it, but we don’t need to turn it over to religion because it provides a simple answer. Science is hard and takes lots of work over eons…religion is simple and simplistic and that’s why some look to it for the difficult questions.

          • Viktor Leben


            Don’t consider this an insult ! All in jest…

            If faith is the “substance of things unseen but yet hoped for” (if I may borrow from Fundie Theology) then you have “Faith” in a belief called “Evolution” – that it’s all going to proven “scientifically” in the “end” ?

            HA HA !!

            Their is hope for you yet Denniso – you religous fellow !

          • denniso

            I don’t buy any and all scientific theories,but there is a huge difference between scientists working for yrs,decades and even centuries to unravel the mysteries of the universe compared to reading one book and then emphatically declaring absolute ‘truths’.

            I don’t ‘believe’ there is much to string theory and I also think that special relativity is wrong…the former accepted by many physicists and the latter accepted by almost all physicists.

        • http://none Mike

          Richard, good reply. I think we are close but not quite into that time yet. We are in the midst of the experimentation into it though. As of yet we do not have the technology for the statue come to life but that one will come in my lifetime I have no doubt(I am 42)

          As for the insertion of the chip we are near that point now. But this will come more in the form of nano technologies.They will be able to insert these without our knowledge(vacniations?)They can be set to record our movements,our bio-information(health records)and even our reading and media prefrance.

          Calling fire from the sky. Hmm thats a good one that may sound like a supernatural power but its not. We allready have plane based lazers. The next step is to place these same systems in space via satlite technologies. To a profit who was givin these revelations this would seem like calling fire from the skies.

          The horsemen are almost all in place. Diseas is a good one too. We have bioengineered plagues that can destroy millions in days. Famins and swarms of locust as well. We are now genitically engineering our food supplies such as grain stocks. Its very easy to slip up and create resistant strains of insects by default(the dissapperance of the honey bee?). The oceans and waters will be as red as blood and 1/3 of all life therein shall perish. ever hear of a red tide? These normally only occur in our oceans but suppose a strain of this mutates to live in freash waters? To a profit reveled this information would not it appear as if the seas and waters had turned red as blood?

          Even amoungst all of this chaos we are given a hope.For thoes who choose to belive. There shall be a time when the skies will part and a great trumpet sounds. And Jesus returns at the head of the heavenly host. At this time the armies of the anti-christ are struck down in their tracks and the meek(followers of christ) inherit the kingdom of god.This kingdom on earth set up by god is to last for a 1000 years(maby literly but I am not one to try to cram god into our time frame)Untill the final judgement of god is played out.Maby thats the timeframe where this planet is no longer able to support life?And we are transferd into heaven in our glorified bodies(our true spiritual forms?) All that remains to be seen but I for one choose to belive its true. And will live my life accordingly. Mike L.

          • Kate8

            Mike, The image that is made to speak is not necessarily a robot or statue. It could refer to a screen image or even a hologram. The TV could be the image of the beast. These are things that, in that time, would not have been understood.

          • Viktor Leben

            Let me add my limited knowledge…..

            I think Jesus said “As it was in the days of noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man” … I’m not sure what verse but He goes into more detail ….

            One of the characteristics of Noah’s days was a long life .. (if you weren’t murdered !). I think we have quite some time before the Apocalypse. Mankind isn’t living to 900 years yet. Once the longevity factor starts kicking in, and persons have a biological life expectancy of close to 900 years then we will see the coming of the Son of Man ….

            Plus, persons will be smarter when they live longer, and probably have more of an evil inclination ….

          • Richard Pawley

            Mike and Kate8, if the Book of Revelation says the anti-Christ or the world leader’s sidekick (my word) is a statue that comes to life then I believe that in John’s eye he saw what looked like a statue coming to life. It might have been a robot or even a cyborg. If he saw a TV screen he would have said he saw an image. I agree with Denniso who says that the writers back then could not imagine what they were seeing and explained it in terms that those in their day could understand. In “LEAVING SOUTH CAROLINA” I mention a coffee break I sat in on in the IBM Systems Development Laboratory and all of these top scientists and engineers from various places on the globe were discussing what that mark could be. They assumed it was a computer of some kind but could not fathom, even in 1966, what it could be. Today we have a much better idea. Over 1900 years ago John also wrote in Revelation that he saw something like a burning mountain crash into the sea and it killed one third of all the creatures in the sea. A burning mountain is a pretty good description of a huge asteroid or even a comet, and as I mentioned in that book it was not until the comet passed by in 1995 or 1996 that we discovered X-Ray radiation coming out of it. It was the first such comet ever discovered to have that. If it or one like it crashed into the sea it might well kill one third of everything in the sea. The point is that some of the book of Revelation was a vision that John had of modern and future times. He could no more explain it that we can the difference between the time we experience in the physical world and the timelessness that we will experience once we step over the line into the spiritual world (once we die). The Bible is not concerned with science but there is much science in it. Even in the old testament in a part written two and a half thousand years ago there is reference to the roundness of the earth but a thousand years ago men who did not know the Bible believed the world to be flat. There is a reference to the emptiness of the northern sky and yet when we look up we see roughly the same number of stars as if we look in the other directions. Those who chose to reject God sometimes pointed that out. However, when the Hubble space telescope looks north there is a vast relative emptiness not seen by human eyes and the writer of those ancient words had no Hubble to tell him that. There is to much in Bible to write about here or even in one book and those who do not want to believe are not forced to do so. They will be held to account even if they do not believe that. One doesn’t have to ‘believe’ in gravity to have it apply and the laws of the universe, like “whatsoever you sow, that also shall you reap” apply whether you believe them or not. I’ve seen generous criminals have good things happen to them because they were generous but they eventually paid with their life because they were not good men but murderers. God loves us all but he forces no one to believe in Him. He is always there and there is nothing anyone can do to make Him love them more than He already does. God is bigger than we can conceive (I find just our galaxy bigger than I can conceive, much less the Universe). Those who don’t know the revealed truths of the Bible do not know what they are missing and we who have been blessed to discover the truth of it only understand a little. About 80 years ago Jesus told a woman in England that her entire life was but a parenthesis in a sentence in a paragraph, on a page of the book of her life. Birth opens the parenthesis and death closes it, then back to real-life history. She complained to him one time that there was so much to learn. “What are you complaining about?” He replied to her, “you have forever to learn it all!” She did not have forever HERE, and neither do we, but we should be learning and growing or much of life will be wasted. The most powerful force in the universe is not the atom or it’s splitting but the power of love and the power of prayer. May God bless all who read this.

          • Richard Pawley

            Viktor, you mention “I think Jesus said “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man”. I think what He was saying is that it was relatively normal, people were going about their business, “marrying and giving in marriage” and were completely unaware of what was going on around them and what was about to happen. His return and the end of the “end of days” could be a long ways off, but even that which has been found using computer software in the Bible (The Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society) indicates that the beginning of the ‘end of days’ has begun, not in 1948 with the foundation of Israel as many believed but in the decade when the Bible Code itself was discovered, the 1990′s.

          • Viktor Leben

            Richard Pawley,

            Thanks for the reply.

        • eddie47d

          Bankers=Capitalists=Corporate greed.They work hand in hand so don’t be blaming everything on your leftist scapegoats.

          • http://none Mike

            Eddie, I dont see anywhere in the bible where the profession of the anti-christe was mentioned either. Only this he will come as a false profit. Which leads me to belive he will come as some greatly admired religous leader. Who’s true agenda will be the enslavement of man kind Mike L.

          • JeffH

            Blaming the corporatons again…when does government step in and stop the corporate greed? They won’t because you don’t bite the hand that feeds you…aka…greedy and dirty politicians love to suck from the money they allow the corporations to earn through their shady deals. Stop the lobbying and the greedy politicians from making deals with the corporations and you’ll stop the government/corporate greed dead in their tracks. The politicos have their hands buried deep in the pockets of the corporations.
            Maybe someday you’ll get it. As for the bankers, I’ll just say international banksters, Jekyll Island, Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, CFR, UN, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and the House of Rothschilds.

            GET EDUCATED. The first thing anyone can do and should do is to educate oneself on the subject. The book ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS is a good place to start. Another source is A PLEA FOR THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES by George Bancroft. Another highly-recommended book on the subject of the Federal Reserve is THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin.

          • Al Sieber

            eddie47d, read Revelations 2:9,3:9. he’s referring to who runs the world, the Zionists. go to

          • DaveH

            Those greedy capitalists pale in comparison to you Greedy Liberals who want the biggest gang in the land (Government) to feather your nests with other peoples’ money.

          • eddie47d

            Dave H. I admitted months ago that Big Government can weigh a nation down.My opinion doesn’t negate the need for government; just like your opinion doesn’t move Capitalists up there on some pedestal.Neither one needs to be glorified.

          • DaveH

            You have read enough of my comments to know that I don’t put anybody on a pedestal unless they earn it. I have never said all Capitalists are good, or that all Government officials are bad. I am just realistic enough to know that Greed has no limits. And it is laughable to me that you can call people Greedy for making voluntary contracts, but turn a blind eye to people who want to forcibly take our money. You are just envious of successful people, Eddie. Face it.

        • Carole Howell

          Are kidding us, you better look again at who owns the media. George Soros is an activist when in comes to the media but does not in fact own any of it.


          Does Soros own or operate any U.S. media outlets?


          What is his relationship with the media?

          George Soros is an advocate for media independence and diversity, believing those traits to be important aspects of open societies. With his support, the Open Society Foundations have worked to protect freedom of the press, expand public access to information, and promote high-quality, independent journalism.

          The Open Society Foundations play a crucial role in supporting investigative journalism, as well as providing emergency legal aid and making safety training available to journalists working in dangerous or oppressive environments.

          Most of the Foundations’ media-related grant making goes to organizations outside of the United States.

          For more details on this issue, consult:

          Open Society Institute Media Program

          A right wing foreigner named Rupert Murdock owns the largest share of the MSM in this country.

          If you don’t know anything about a subject at least learn something about it before you talk.

          It is okay to have an opinion, but don’t try to pass it off to other people as fact.

          The U.S. media landscape is dominated by massive corporations that, through a history of mergers and acquisitions, have concentrated their control over what we see, hear and read. In many cases, these giant companies are vertically integrated, controlling everything from initial production to final distribution. Here is information about the largest U.S. media firms.

          2009 revenues: $157 billion
          General Electric media-related holdings include television networks NBC and Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, 26 television stations in the United States and cable networks MSNBC, Bravo and the Sci Fi Channel. GE also owns 80 percent of NBC Universal.

          2009 revenues: $36.1 billion
          The Walt Disney Company owns the ABC Television Network, cable networks including ESPN, the Disney Channel, SOAPnet, A&E and Lifetime, 277 radio stations, music and book publishing companies, production companies Touchstone, Miramax and Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, the cellular service Disney Mobile, and theme parks around the world.

          2009 revenues: $30.4 billion
          News Corporation’s media holdings include: the Fox Broadcasting Company; television and cable networks such as Fox, Fox Business Channel, National Geographic and FX; print publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and TVGuide; the magazines Barron’s and SmartMoney; book publisher HarperCollins; film production companies 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Blue Sky Studios; numerous websites including; and non-media holdings including the National Rugby League.

          2009 revenues: $25.8 billion
          Time Warner is the largest media conglomerate in the world, with holdings including: CNN, the CW (a joint venture with CBS), HBO, Cinemax, Cartoon Network, TBS, TNT, America Online, MapQuest, Moviefone, Warner Bros. Pictures, Castle Rock and New Line Cinema, and more than 150 magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Marie Claire and People.

          2009 revenues: $13.6 billion
          Viacom holdings include: MTV, Nickelodeon/Nick-at-Nite, VH1, BET, Comedy Central, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Home Entertainment, Atom Entertainment, and music game developer Harmonix. Viacom 18 is a joint venture with the Indian media company Global Broadcast news.

          009 revenues: $13 billion
          CBS Corporation owns the CBS Television Network, CBS Television Distribution Group, the CW (a joint venture with Time Warner), Showtime, book publisher Simon & Schuster, 30 television stations, and CBS Radio, Inc, which has 130 stations. CBS is now the leading supplier of video to Google’s new Video Marketplace.

          Now you will find George Soros owns none of the these media conglomerates.

          • JeffH

            Keep Howell-ing at the moon! You couldn’t see the forest for the trees…all of you Marxist/socialist/communists think alike.

            As for Soros, here is all we need to know about the backstabbing Nazi sympathizer and his quest to destroy a free America through his subversive activity and organizations.

          • Viktor Leben


            If people want to listen to Rupert, or George, that’s their right. All them corporation run the media ! They only tell you enough so you will buy their products and be a good consumer …. Isn’t capitalism grand !

            I mean, if I owned the media wouldn’t I maximize my broadcast with enough truth/facts/propaganda/lies so persons will buy my product ?
            Isn’t that the American Way ?

      • http://none Mike

        Wally, Where are you from? Not an aussie by chance are you? I like it when we get people from other countries here to give us perspective.Thanks for your input and continue to post please. Mike L.

    • Clipper

      From what I have already read, that is exactly what the powers to be are planning to do. Dupe us into thinking a third party is the answer while they create it. Everything gets worse from there. You will hear “Get rid of the Rep. and Dems!. Vote for the new %^*&$ Party!”. I do not believe the Teaparty is it.

  • JeffH

    Who Are The 81 Socialists In Congress? It is vitally important to understand that those within the radical left wing movement in America today no longer call themselves “socialists” or “communists” or even “liberals” in some cases. The radical left wing has rebranded itself as the “Progressive Movement” and “progressives” are presently operating at the highest levels in our government and advancing their socialist ideology, while shielded from the vilifying labels of “communism” and “socialism”.

    The Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC), presently holds the reins of power and constitutes the largest voting block of Democrats
    in House of Representatives. This group of 81 representatives and senators has deep and long-standing ties to the socialist movement in America and is presently pushing its Marxist agenda into legislation, strategically dismantling the constitution in the process.

    “In more recent years, the Congressional Progressive Caucus has gone
    underground in respect to their connection to the Democratic Socialists of America. Their roster is no longer published on the DSA website and they no longer publicly acknowledge their loyalty to the socialist organization.”

    Yes, the most recent example of pushing this Marxist agenda into legislation is the passing of the so-called health care reform bill. CPC members pushed this bill, nurtured it and rammed it down our throats through parliamentary trickery in the dark of night… not to
    reform health care, but rather, to transform the United States into a third world socialist country.

    The CPC’s founding statement highlights a list of bold initiatives that are intended to consolidate power, out of the hands of citizens and into the grip of the government, and centralize the planning of our economy. The founding statement of purpose also calls for so-called “social justice” and promotes the redistribution of wealth through higher taxation on corporations and wealthy individuals. Of course, placing such an unfair burden on successful companies is merely a means to an end. The ultimate purpose of such wealth redistribution is not to level the playing field for all Americans, but rather, to strangle productivity and legalize government
    meddling in all major industry, as we are currently seeing in the auto, banking, and oil industries. In short, the ultimate purpose is control.

    The CPC may soft-pedal its Socialist ideology in the new Congress, but a 1999 position paper on economic inequality clearly shows their rejection of capitalism and the free market.

    “On November 11, 1999, the Progressive Caucus drafted its Position Paper on economic inequality. It reads, in part, as follows: ‘Economic inequality is the result of two and a half decades of government policies and rules governing the economy being tilted in favor of large asset owners at the expense of wage earners. Tax policy, trade policy, monetary policy, government regulations and other rules have reflected this pro-investor bias. We propose the introduction or reintroduction of a package of legislative initiatives that will close America’s economic divide and address both
    income and wealth disparities.”

    The CPC has deep connections to the Democratic Socialists of America and openly promotes its ideology. The DSA is the socialist organization in America today with thousands of members working to bring about the end of our republic as we know it.

    The Democratic Socialists of America is the American arm of a group called Socialists International(SI), a world-wide organization. Its agenda is basically to install a one-world order to manage global trade and environmental resources and impose its will on all people regardless of national or regional government.

    In addition to the White House, SI, through the CPC, has the ear of more than 30 percent of the Democratic Majority in the House of Representatives… almost 20 percent of the entire House of Representatives.

    Nancy Pelosi was the chair of the CPC until she was elected Speaker
    of the House. She is also a member of the DSA. Her socialist leanings are clear. Consider the following comments Pelosi made on
    property rights during an appearance on Meet The Press which are summarized below in an article appearing in Human Events.
    [According to Pelosi] If we put offshore drilling on the table, we get to put a whole lot of other issues on the table, like tax breaks for oil companies, and even levying new taxes on oil companies for using the oil that “belongs to the American people.” She went on and on for 5 minutes talking about how these oil companies profit off of oil that “is the American people’s”… Nancy forgot, this country is based on ~240 years of PROPERTY OWNERSHIP, including mineral rights.

    Bernie Sanders is the mastermind and founder of the Congressional
    Progressive Caucus and a self-described socialist. A Washington Post reporter: “Are you now or have you ever been a Socialist?” Sanders replied, “Yeah. I wouldn’t deny it. Not for one second.”

    Obama is no longer an official member of the CPC since he is no longer a Member of Congress. Obama’s socialist backing was a significant factor in his meteoric political rise.

    If the people of America who believe in the founding principles of this country… who believe in the ideals of personal and religious freedom… who believe in the God given rights of liberty… can realize the true socialist threat that confronts us, we can expose it for what it truly is and defeat it.

    This information was provided by Ameripac and they have available a detailed 16 page report that can be shared and downloaded.

    • JeffH

      The Congressional Progressive Caucus Member List
      Wednesday June 02, 2010

    • JeffH

      If anybody wants to download “Who Are The Socialists In Congress.”

      • rick

        Has anyone bothered to investigate how many on this list are millionaires? This group represents the epitome of duplicity and
        hypocrisy, including their Socialist, Colonial Hating leader, Barak
        Obama Soetoro.

        • TIME


          All of them and many times over all paid for BY you the Tax payer.

      • Jana

        This was a very good and informative post.
        The reason they like to call themselves Progressive is it sounds innocent. It sounds like hey, we are for progress here. HUMPH! This is purely deception at its highest. They are not for progress, they are for CONTROL as your post so aptly explains.
        They aren’t talking about lowering the taxes right now, they are talking about RAISING the taxes. The OBAMA TAX HIKES needs to take place so he can spend more of our money. Our money because it takes investments in businesses to create jobs. Those jobs are where we go to work and are able to have an income to support our families. Obama wants to do the supporting. He wants us to live in a lifestyle he chooses and creates for us, not one that we want or would choose for ourselves. With his plans it takes the initiative away from us and kills any hope for the “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”
        Our liberties are being eroded little by little and too many are just not noticing.



        • Carole Howell

          You think the progressives sound scary check out the NeoCons.They are all ex Commies.

    • eddie47d

      Jeff; Some of your downloaded comments are almost as shallow as your own opinion. “In the dark of the night” And”trickery”. The imagination of the RightWing is overflowing into a flood. Propaganda at it’s finest. Your article said about progressives, ” The economy being tilted in favor of large asset owners at the expense of wage earners” That is 100% correct and as plain as the nose on your face. I’ll even quote Bob L. “The elites always have a monetary system of debasing the currency. They do this to transfer wealth from the workers and producers to themselves” They are both saying the same thing from a different perspective. In other words the American workers are getting screwed and most of us get that. You seem to be hung up on your anti-socialist diatribes instead of listening with both ears. It’s the bankers,CEO’s and money managers that are sticking it to the American people.

      • JeffH

        eddie47d, as usual you are once again “stupid is as stupid does”! Of course, you being a Marxist/socialist/communist sympathizer yourself I wouldn’t expect anything less.

        • Carole Howell

          You are just wrong, why are you disagreeing with Eddie on this. You just watched the big bankers rip off the American People and people of the world.

          And why the name calling? People who do that do it because they have nothing of substance to counter with. If you are that empty, just do not respond.

          • JeffH

            Carole Howell, first off, I’m not wrong…who are “the bankers”? You can’t answer that can you! Who paid them off? The same people being controlled by “the international banksters”, the government!

            As for the name calling, unless you know the background of it, mind your own business! It always takes two to tango!

      • http://none Mike

        eddie, I think more of us agree with that than you think. I have a good case in point. My mother as she was first becomming ill with the alzheimers owned her own house. At the time the home was financed through Citi-group.She had to have it refinanced because after my father retired he had a heart attack that required heart by-pass surgery. At this time her payment was 800 a month. When she herself became ill (mentally) she began to get behind on the house payment. After a few months of this she decided to refinance the house again to draw money out to catch up other bills she had. She did it through a now defunct mortage lender.They set her up on a loan with a payment of 1400 a month almost double what she was paying before. Now if you look at it she had a proveable income of just a shde over 1,500 a month. I took the contract to the Trans-america ofice when I found out about it and asked them why they would loan like this. Simple answer straight from the loan officers mouth was. We know we just bought the house and plan on reselling it at a higher amount. Mike L.

      • DaveH

        What amazes me is that the Liberals always claim to know the way to save our society, but whenever they have a chance to prove it, they fall flat on their faces.
        We have had 4 years of a Democrat-controlled congress and 2 years of both the Executive Branch and the Congress controlled by Democrats. What have we gotten? 9.8% unemployment. A $3.3 Trillion increase in the national debt (About $10,000 for every man, woman, and child in this country). More Freedom loss than ever before in so short a period. And on top of that, we have to listen to the Ignorant Liberals trying to shout us down whenever we try to say our piece.

        • eddie47d

          No one has fallen flat on their face Dave. We live in the greatest country on the face of the earth because of our free enterprise system and strong socialist programs. It’s not either or but both. We have benefited and become stronger because of the team work between these forces. Whether deliberate or not we have folks who abuse our system from the left and the right. Challenge them without bringing the whole system down.

          • JC

            We used to live in the Greatest Country. We still have the Greatest people (IMO) but they are being lead to Communism, mostly by morons who actually think they can call it somethuing else.
            There is a major backlash on the way though.

          • DaveH

            Yes, Eddie, Flat on their face. Stay tuned. The pain has just begun.
            And you might take the time to explain to me how adding an overpaid disinterested middleman (Government) can make our economy better? Sure, life is better for those who are employed by the Government or for those who are protected from competition by the Government (like Unions, or Crony Capitalists). But the rest of us suffer from the meddling.

  • s c

    How many generations does it take for adults to see the REPEATED errors of their half-assed ways? A democracy is a concept that doesn’t work. Power corrupts – always.
    Insanity – for those who are more than just a bit dim and self-centered – is defined as doing the same things over and over again and yet expecting a different result. We were given a constitutional republic and a free market economic system.
    What we have now is a MANIPULATED free market system controlled by people who need to be outsourced. Those who think we have a free market system are so mentally defective that they will listen to ANYTHING their “leaders” tell them. How else do you explain “leaders” and their sheep-like followers when they sing their damned, old song about the many flaws of a free market economy? SOME people don’t learn because they REFUSE to learn. And they DARE to tell us that they “CARE.” Bull cookies!

    • home boy

      your kidding right! this corruption has been going on since adam and eve, 6000yrs and still man can’t get it right. and yet GOD has been very patient with man knowing that he will always fail. so how much time is enough to get it right before GOD takes over? it’s right around the corner boys and girls. you just don’t see it coming. you keep thinking man has the answers but he doesn’t. he’s not perfect like GOD . he’s corrupt in his thinking because we are born into this world with sin thanks to adam and eve. this world is is under the control of satan and has been since adam and eve. GOD has allowed this because satan challenge his sovernty and when he puts a stop to all of this corruption man will have to follow his rules without complaint. why don’t you put some time in reading you bible to get the real truth then maybe you’ll understand . satans next big event will be the destruction of babylon the great, the empire of false religion . revelation 17&18. hope you show some interest in read these verses but only if you want to learn the truth. you won’t get the truth from man.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        “it shall be like in the days of Noah”…somewhere in the new testament Jesus lets us know this about his second coming. I think its key to understand exactly how it was during the time of Noah in order to understand that from my studies (as limited as they are) wer not there quite yet…soon but not now.

      • S.C.Murf

        The ancient city of babylon is modern day bagdad, Iraq, and as you have seen it has been destroyed for a second time, this has already been fulfilled.

        • ceberw

          Babylon was about 55 miles south of Baghdad. There are only ruins there now.

        • home boy

          babylon in the bible is used as a symbol not as a real place. read revelation

          • Teresa

            King James Bible

          • Teresa

            what Bible do you read from?

          • ceberw

            Babylon was a real city and the capital of Babylonia. In fact, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

          • eddie47d

            Babylon is truly a symbol and could mean anyplace. The wickedness of man could befall Las Vegas or Rome. Even the Vatican couldn’t stop that if it took place by the hand of God.

        • Viktor Leben

          S.C. Murf,

          I’m of the opinion that it will be rebuilt. I’m going with Clarence Larkin’s interpretation in his book “The Second Coming of CHrist”. Remember also that the study of prophecy is more than charts !

          I could be wrong, but the 7 year Tribulation may not start IMMEDIATELY after the Rapture. During this interval of time 1) Mankind will degenerate and apostatize 2) Mankind will rebuild Babylon 3) Occult religions will predominate ….

  • Angel Wannabe

    Washington hasn’t followed the Conststitution for so long, I doubt they’d reconized the document if they fell over it. Sometimes I get so tired of repeating myself, but when corruption outweighs the Liberty fighting leadership you know we’re in trouble. Even if we add new freedom fighters to the mix, like we did Nov 2nd, it will be like adding fresh milk, to spoiled milk, there’s good chance it’s going to become tainted. Knowledge is the key for all of us, we can choose to ignore it or absorb it to arm ourselves!_-Thanks JeffH, I’ve down loaded the link you offered, I’m off to absorb some more knowledge.

    • DeJay

      “One bad apple will spoil a barrel full.” Who was the bad apple when Congress was formed? There are some loyal Americans in Congress but what happens when a good apple is thrown in with a barrel of rotten apples? There is a solution to everything. The question is, what price will we have to pay to right the present condition. What is the solution? Will it be a revolitionary war? If so, we must rise up and fight it. Better to die fighting for freedom then to go down in defeat anyway. History repeats itself.

    • Oliver Woods

      Angel, rather than returning to the Constitution, we have to recognize that the Constitution lies at the heart of all of our woes. Patrick Henry warned us in the Virginia Ratifying Convention: “I look on that paper as the most fatal plan that could possibly be conceived to enslave a free people, he concludes, “If such be your rage for novelty, take it….”

      He shuddered to think of the new taxing power that was being unleashed by the proposed Constitution: “Your rich, snug, fine, fat federal officers — the number of collectors of taxes and excises — will outnumber anything from the states,” he shuddered, “Who can cope with the excisemen and the taxmen?”

      Moreover he foretold the gross abuse of the general welfare clause that would surely follow: “If Congress shall say that the general welfare may require it, they may keep armies continually on foot…This unlimited authority is a most dangerous power: its principles are despotic.”

      He had much more to say about the tyrannical nature of the Federalist Constitution which we are experiencing today: In a nutshell America forsook God with the U.S. Constitution of 1787 and until we repent of that egregious act of rebellion nothing will change.

      • Angel Wannabe

        OW, I don’t think the Constitution is the Problem__Our Constitution was written for the Government to up hold our God given inalienable rights to,”Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness. Those words in conjunction with the Constitution, is not a guarantor you will have it, only that the Government is suppose to uphold your right to try. The problem is, the peoples of today’s perception of it. Instead of adhering to what was ORIGINALLY written in the Constitution, it’s been manipulated & perverted to fit, and include, anyone’s whim, weather right or wrong. Such as Gay lifestyle choices, abortion, homosexual marriage__ quite honestly John Adams said it best__

        “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

        Christians are being persecuted today, because of the atheist’s, the Muslims and what have you, who want to in part, be a part of America and covered under the Constitution. But these people don’t want to be governed by the God of Abraham, who created her. If you don’t believe in God thats your choice, but no one should have the right to come here from a foreign land, and denmand changes in ours laws or our Conststitution to fit they’re beliefs. They obviously desired freedom to come here, why would they want the opression here, when its the very thing they left they’re own home country for?

      • DaveH

        The General Welfare clause has been purposely misinterpreted by Big Government lovers. That fate can befall any amount of well-intentioned words when the citizens look the other way.
        The Federal Government was given certain enumerated powers by the Constitution and those powers were meant to be exercised for the “General Welfare”, that is – not to benefit specific groups of people. It was NOT intended to give the Federal Government the power to do whatever they deemed to be for the “General Welfare” of the citizens, as the Liberals would like us to believe. If that were indeed the case, the enumerated powers would have been covered by that single phrase “General Welfare”.
        Here is the actual wording (read section 8):

  • Bruce Eden

    America is not on its way to default! It already defaulted in 1933–the Great Depression–when we gave carte blanche to the Federal Reserve and the small group of banksters like the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, etc.

    • Meteorlady

      Amen to that!

  • http://http/ john littlefield

    reminds me of commuinst russia they had the same mindset.

  • H. Kirk Rainer

    This article covers alot! But on one particular point, the prison system. Our nation’s lead in prison population–both per capita and in total numbers–is one more reason to consider the disintegrating depth of the described democracy.

    Some leading experts describe our democracy as a plutocracy–which would be in keeping with the central banking system and growing disparity in income, the dying of a middle-class. In simple terms, “the people” do not have the power; rather, a very limited and elite do….

    To the extent that the elite rule is not the consequence of a particular party, president or the present electorial, make no mistake; this systemic change has been underway for many terms while true liberalism and true conservatism die on the vine.

    • http://none Mike

      Mr.Rainer, Wow someone who finally gets it and not afraid to say it. I woke up to it recently. When my supposed republican representitive here in Tn. Voted for the healthcare bill. Its shouldent have supprised me though he was one of the writers of the TennCare bill here in TN.Which was errierly similer to the national bill. Thankfully we had a good democratic govener who saw the eviles of the plan and the fact that it had broken the states budget.And he abolished that nightmare. He was one of the few democrats I would vote for no matter what he ran for.He had his faults dont get me wrong but he was willing to compromise and if he was unwilling too on certin things he explained why in a logical manner.

      Now we have been put in a quandry though. What do we do about it? I made my comment about that. If there is any justice left out there these people should be brought to task about their behaviors. If these folks were in privet sector jobs they would be brought to trial quickly on embesselment,racketering and other various charges. They seem to enjoy the protections of their various bought and paid for representitives. These representitives have run goverment much like a mafia for years. You pay them your protection money and are free to act as you please.

      It all comes down to this and it is very simple. Its not that money is the root of all evile. Its the love of money that is. These folks that engage in this behavior have very large ego’s that have been nurtured by bad parenting. They have seen examples through history of robber baron’s who have came to hold great power in the various socities they have appeared in. They seek to emulate them as much as possible. Thinking in turn that this will bring them happiness and power. which to some extent it has. But now that the ruled class has begun to recognize them for what they are they have failed to see the other lesson history taught us. That no matter how much power these behaviors brought the robber barons. The populace eventually showed up at the gate bering pitchforks and torches. We need now the parts of the populace that showed up then to show up now. And find ways to bring them to justice. Mike L.

      • DaveH

        For anybody who thinks the answer to our problems is bigger government. Think twice. Not only are there no barriers to prevent sociopaths from entering Government, there is actually a draw to Government for those kind of people. And unlike Corporations who don’t have the power to force us to buy their products, Big Government does grant itself that power:

        • DaveH

          For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, and Limited Government – Vote Libertarian:

  • trp878

    If the Federal Reserve is so corrupt, why doesn’t congress repeal the act of creation and dissolve the federal reserve? Could it be they are getting richer on it or are they truly afraid of being taken out of the picture, like JFK? Only a real push by the people will get changes instituted.

    • DeJay

      THE POWER IS WITH THE PEOPLE!!! The problem is that there are toomany sheeple in our midst. They need to be educated. My guess is that people will vote for a candidate that they know nothing about. They don’t know how to read between the lines. They spend too much time seeking pleasures. Freedom is a God given right but satanic power hungary bastards can take it away.

      • JRC

        You are dreaming, the power is NOT with the people…that is a concept that they push so you think you have some control…in reality, they control us like puppets on a string. Try exercising your so called power…good luck. You can’t even vote anyone into any position of power they don’t want to be there….nobody even advances in the race to the top without being approved by the elite. So, they give you a few “”choices”” and the people “”polarize”” around them. That is no power, that is like the cattle that go willingly to the slaughter house.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Well said JRC!

        • DaveH

          I disagree. We get the kind of government the majority of people think they want. If that were changed, you can bet our government would change.

          • Vicki

            If of course our representatives were moral then they would uphold their oath to defend the Constitution and NOT pass bills that violate it. Even if a majority of us wanted them to.

            Perhaps we can poke them a little and get them to consider that ancient and mostly ignored document.


    • Tom SC

      trp878, AMEN There needs to be an investigation performed by an Independent Council appointed and autharized by Congress.

    • Meteorlady

      The Federal Reserve was created for nothing other than to control our money supply. It’s private and it’s dangerous. They are currently using QE2 (a new label to hide what’s really happening) to devalue everything you have…. your property, worth less; your saving, worth less; your hard assets, worth less; and your paycheck (if you get one), worth less.

      • Vicki

        Meteorlady writes:
        “your property, worth less; your saving, worth less; your hard assets, worth less; and your paycheck (if you get one), worth less.”

        Well no. Your property will become worth more because there will be more paper dollars around for someone to give you for your property. In reality your property keeps its worth/value but the number of paper dollars you can get in trade for it will go up.

        Your hard assets will also appear to go up in value or worth but will not actually. Certain hard assets (gold, silver etc) will gain more apparent value as people decide to want some to protect their wealth.

        Your pay check IS in dollars as is your savings so you will need to give me more of them for my property that I am willing to sell to you. :)

        If you have a skill that you can sell you will be able to ask for more paper dollars for that skill. That is of course because supply/demand equation works on EVERY POSSIBLE trade. Not even government can defeat it. And as you have seen over the years they have tried.

        Remember Supply/demand is not only a good idea, Its the LAW.

      • DaveH

        This guy is either dumber than dirt (doubtful) or intentionally misleading the citizens:

        He’s “100 percent” confident the Fed will be able to ward off inflation, when the time is right, by raising interest rates and unwinding its stimulative programs?

        Somebody please explain to me how we get the genie back into the bottle once the money has been issued? All the higher interest rates in the world won’t decrease the outstanding money supply.

        • Vicki

          Remember the “interest” on the loaned money? Raise interest and suck the money back into the Fed Reserve. Which of course doesn’t really remove it from circulation. Just places it in the private hands of the Fed Reserve.
          That interest of course comes from your and my taxes thus removing from OUR hands the excess money and conveniently some of our wealth. That is why the original name for the income that was taxed is “disposable” income.

    • rick

      How many people realize that the Federal Reserve is neither “Federal”,
      nor “Reserve”? It is simply a large bank that loans money to all the
      other banks, and gets paid a percentage of all the money printed by
      the Treasury for distributing it.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      The Federal reserve is exactly as it should be, as it was designed. Its operating as intended, thats the first thing to understand.

      The Second is that its 100% Illegal per the US exceptions no excuses 100% Illegal.

      Third is what it will take to dissolve it. Thats complicated but not because of the process to oust it, but because of the lack of Understanding by the Bulk of Americans-1 and 2-The media is on their payroll so notifying Americans of the Truth is limited. When Jackson disolved the Second National (rothchild) bank, he had the Media on his side reporting the truth and the events as they occured.

      The danger today is that far too many people are clueless and Zombies to the Blue screen. No to mention that at least half of America cares nothing about the US Constitution as a Whole. Sure they care about some part, but very few from the DEM, REPS, Liberals, Conservatives really care about the Whole document as a whole. They take the parts they like and discard the rest as obsolete.

      I Have my Ideal Plan for ending the FED;
      1-We need a president who will act like a dictator and be ready to Bunker down under about 50′ of concrete. Announce the plans to restore Constitutional Currency. And have his Own TV Channel run The Money Masters 24/7 inbetween nes updates and information sessions.
      2-We Need a Tresasury Secetary from the Libertarian Party.
      3-Tell Congress & the Senate the Bill will be written on Monday and passed by Tuesday, and to expect the Markets to Crash. Opposition to the Constition is Considered TREASON and Warrants ARREST.
      4-Make direct Calls to all world leaders with Nukes, what the US is doing and expect there to be something that would prompt WAR.
      5-Pull the Directors of Every security agency in and tell them the plan and let them know that any opposition to this change is TREASON and will Warrant an Immediate ARREST. If any are not onboard they are fired on the spot.
      6-Pull the Joint Chiefs of Staff in and Alert them giving them the same options…Full Support or FIRED.
      7-Transition all US Existing Cash and accounts to Treasury Notes and Give everyone 1 day to complete the transition of Eletronic funds, and 1 week to turn in all Federal reserve Notes for a 1 to 1 swap of Treasury Notes.

      May not be perfect, but if a president were to take charge of this event, he could pull it off and maybe not get killed. I would suspect that some form of retaliation to a US City, Washington DC, or something would happen..perhaps thats why they all back off…the threat is too great?

      • FiredFriday

        A note is a note as long as it spends.

      • http://none Mike

        Bitter not to make a hard process even harder but there would have to be a little longer transition period. Its simply a matter of numbers. The amount of reserve notes= to the amount of federal notes would take a while to print. Even if you brought back the old $500 and $1000 notes this would take a year or more to transition.
        Other than that a decent plan. Give me the link to the Libratarin party sight again. I think its time now to change my registration and I have a few others who are going too as well. Mike L.

        • Bitter Libertarian

          I believe that the Transition time would be fine (Just my opinion) I suggested a super short period for all E-Notes, and a few weeks for the paper cash (coin needs no change-haha Pun intended) The Fed Just might have a Ton or 2 of the Fed Notes in storage LOL.
          Put thos govt employees to work, transporting and helping exchange the stuff. I believe the President could turn the nation against the Banks, and most everyone would be behind him and the efforts provided enough Americans understood.

          Again this is how I would do it were I the POTUS. I know the Libertarian Party says no Initiation of Force, but you can bet your sweet peppers that I would not hesitate using whatever polite force was required to make this happen.

        • Vicki
          • http://none Mike

            Vicki, Thanks bookmarked now. Mike L.

          • Vicki

            Welcome. And welcome aboard. You will find many people there that believe in first principle. Individual freedom and free will.

      • DaveH

        Turning in Federal Reserve Notes for Treasury Notes would solve nothing unless the Treasury Notes were backed by hard assets. Or better yet hard currency made from precious metals should be issued.

  • bjholmes

    Our only hope, as it always has been, is God. Anything else is a disturbing substitute with no good rewards.

    • DeJay

      Where has God been since the beginning of civilization. People have been killed in wars since the beginning of time.

    • Meteorlady

      Guess what? God has nothing to do with any of this. God gave everyone free will and if we all sat around and waited for God it would be a very long wait indeed. People need to take responsibility for this mess, we voted these people in and let them get away with their crimes year after year, and stand up and fight for their rights. God does not care what they do, he only cares how each individual treats another and how we live our lives.

      • coal miner


        God is nothing,but a myth.

        • S.C.Murf

          coal miner, you need to go back into the mine and close the door, and then you can make that popping sound.

        • Angel Wannabe

          coal miner, if Gods a myth to you , then so be it, he isn’t to all of us___and trying to change peoples minds about are annoying at best__In other words it won’t get you ANYWHERE!

          • FiredFriday

            Coal Miner has it back wards. He is the myth, not God.

        • http://none Mike

          Coal miner, If god is a myth explain to me the order that is being discovered throughout our universe. Even as we speak there is a theroy out there that is gaining strength amoung even the most staunch of the scientifc community that there had to be a design to it all.Its called string theroy. Its the study of how every pice of matter known and unknown typs are connected in some manner. If this proves to be a fact which according to the mathmatics it is. Then the only answer is intelligent design. Science eventually will prove god exist Albert Einstine knew this and no matter how uncomfortable he was with it admitted as much.

          I look out at our univers and see this. Every galaxy of every type rotates around a perfect center. In thoes galaxies every star system rotates around another perfect center or star. Eventually when we get off our collective rear ends and start to explore we might just find that all this that is outthere rotates around a perfect center.Where god and the angels sit in wonder of the creation. No I am not so cynacle and self centerd enough to say we are perfect and understand all of gods plans and many things we will not truly understand untill we get to meet him face to face and ask him.
          A P.S note I forgot that even too the smallest form of matter this perfect center holds true. Electrons and protons rotate around a neucleus in atoms. Mike L.

          • Kate8

            Mike, Way to go.

            Vicki mentioned string theory, too. I get it now.

            There is so much to God’s marvelous, awesome Creation. We are like babes, just learning to see a glimpse of what is possible. The Universe is vast beyond comrehension, and we are so minute. Yet, we are not insignificant in the eyes of God.

            “I am in the Universe/God. The Universe/God is in me. The Universe/God and I are One.”

          • coal miner


            Albert Einstein was a Marxist Socialist and an admirer of Joeeph Stalin.He never did belive in a personal God,to him,God was used in academic terms.He was a agnostic.I am too.God can’t be proven or disproven.Einstein was leaning more towards Atheism,then a belief in God.

          • Vicki

            Mike L writes:
            “A P.S note I forgot that even too the smallest form of matter this perfect center holds true. Electrons and protons rotate around a neucleus in atoms.”

            Electrons move around the center. Protons or Protons and neutrons are the center. And each of them is made up of smaller particles called quarks. Which are made of…

            electrons are made of leptons btw.

          • Vicki

            Coal miner. We can no more prove God exists (in the point at object) then the people in our dreams can prove WE exist. Yet in both cases there we are.

            Now as to God’s existence we must use inductive reasoning.
            We examine the intricate beauty and precision in all the laws of physics and chemistry and even that which Einstein hated (God does not play dice with the Universe), quantium physics and how they work together to make the world go round. We then try to believe in nothing creating everything and it just does not fit.

          • coal miner

            Mike and others:

            Perfect Vacuum created the universe,not a mythical God.


          • Angel Wannabe

            coal miner quotes from Albert Einstein__
            “Before God we are all equally wise – and equally foolish.”

            “Everyone should be respected as an individual, but no one idolized’.

            “Force always attracts men of low morality.”

            “God always takes the simplest way.”

            “God does not play dice.”

            “God may be subtle, but he isn’t plain mean.”

            “I am a deeply religious nonbeliever – this is a somewhat new kind of religion.”

            “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

            “My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”
            all quotes from albert eimstein___Albert Einstein

            Take your pick coal miner, he ran both sides of the fence!!!__

          • http://none Mike

            Vicki, Yea I oopsed on the atom one. Forgot my elementry science. :)But even more to the point when we enter into the world of quantum physics there are patterns emerging. These scientist that are doing the work on supercolliders are admitting there might just be a so called GOD PARTICL. This is just waiting to be found.

            Miner, The only vacume I see is in your education. Ever hear of dark matter? There comes a point where the vacume therory breaks down. We are only just discovering this.

            Vicki, Thanks for the intresting link, My education continues.:)

          • DaveH

            Whether a God exists or not is not important to me. What is important to me is that the citizens possess good moral character, and treat their fellow citizens as they would like to be treated. I don’t see much evidence that Liberals are nearly as capable of teaching the people good moral standards to live by as are religious institutions. So, although I am Atheist, I would take a religious person over a Liberal any day of the week.

          • Vicki

            Coal miner wrote:
            “Perfect Vacuum created the universe,not a mythical God.”

            Then provides a link to a persons theories and myths of a perfect vacuum and how this absense of everything managed to create everything. Providing lots of links to many learned persons with their own theories. Much talk, not much fact.

            Try this one.

        • JC

          I’m not an overly religious man. In fact that I do believe in something greater than myself is about as spiritual as I get.
          However, I have learned to respect the faith of others and I believe it is part of the many colors of the planet and part of what makes it a wonderful planet.
          I do not believe in being small minded, nasty and disparaging of others…like Coal Miner there.

          So For all my Christian Friends here is a video of a group spontaneously (sort of) breaking into song in praise of the Lord in a mall in Canada.

          I know it will be moving for some and will probably make poor ol Coal Miners heart shrivel up with hatred just a little bit more…

          To my friends…enjoy.

          • JeffH

            JC, that must have been quite a pleasant treat and experience for those kids and adults alike. Very cool thank you

          • JC

            Glad you enjoyed it Jeff. :)

        • Vicki

          Coal Miner writes:
          “God is nothing,but a myth.”
          and then provides a link purporting to prove that God is a myth.

          So I have a question for your Akkadians Mr Miner. Dear Akkadian. Who created you.

          The link is nothing more than an opinion about a story about a myth. There are lots of myths about God. It proves that you can create a myth about God. It does not prove that God is a myth.

          (P.S. God knows that when we meet I will be asking him/her who is his/her creator :) )

      • Kate8

        Meteorlady, We must remember that God works through us.

        Remember the words of Isaiah: “If not me, Lord, then who?”

      • coal miner


        Wrong,God doesn’t prevent wars,he starts them.

        • JeffH

          Coal miner, why don’t you explain that one for all who believe.

          • coal miner


            Here is one of them.Battle of Jericho.God told Joshua ,spare no one.

            The Jericho Massacre
            The people raised the war cry, the trumpets sounded. When the people heard the sound of the trumpet, they raised a mighty war cry and the wall collapsed then and there. At once the people stormed the city, each man going straight forward; and the captured the city. They enforced the curse of destruction on everyone in the city; men and women, young and old, including the oxen, the sheep, and the donkeys, slaughtering them all. — Joshua 6:20-21

            Why Joshua? Because I see ADF’s task as similar to the one he faced. Just as God told Joshua to lead the children of Israel across the Jordan to take back the Promised Land from the enemies of God, I believe God has called ADF to help the body of Christ take back the legal territory that has been occupied for far too long by the opponents of the Gospel. — Alan E. Sears, President of the Alliance Defense Fund, ADF Briefing, February 2000.
            Glorified by time, scripture, and song, the Battle of Jericho has become a fixture of Western legend. Children’s videos have been made about it. The phrase “and the walls came tumbling down” has become an expression of victory. Joshua is considered a hero. When the FBI planned out their tank assault on the Branch Davidians, they called their design the “Jericho Plan.”
            Yet what the Bible describes is an invasion by forces seeking to take over the lands occupied by the native population, and massacring entire cities to do this. As described in the verses quoted above, the Israeli attackers wiped out men, women, children, and even livestock, simply because God had told them they were entitled to the city.

            Modern historians believe that the events described in the Book of Joshua are not an accurate description of history. There was probably no city at the site of Jericho at the time the Israeli people entered the area from Egypt. Historically, it’s likely that many atrocities were committed by many different peoples in the ancient Middle East. The issue is not the actions of a historical army, but the Bible’s glorification of mass murder — and the continued acceptance of that evaluation by many people today.

            There are other passages in the Bible which are equally bloodthirsty, but they are buried in obscurity; most people aren’t aware of Moses’ outrage at his army for taking women and children prisoners instead of slaughtering them (Numbers 31:13-18), or other similar passages. Joshua’s campaign is distinctive for being famous and yet not inducing widespread moral revulsion.

            Perhaps most people who have heard of the Battle of Jericho aren’t aware of the outcome described in the Bible. Most popular stories end with the collapse of the wall, and draw a curtain over the bloodshed which followed. Still, many people do read the Bible and must be aware of the horror of the actions described there.

            People such as Alan E. Sears, head of an organization dedicated toward obtaining court decisions that are consonant with their version of God’s Will, are almost certainly familiar with the Bible in detail, and know exactly what they are praising when they applaud Joshua’s murderous actions. For such people, anyone who gets in the way of their aims is an “enemy of God,” with all that that implies.

            Some people may be afraid to object to the praise of Joshua because of fear of being labelled “anti-Semitic.” But the crimes, like most crimes of war, were instigated by the leaders in a particular time and place. Chapter 14 of the Book of Numbers is particularly revealing in showing the relationship of Joshua to the people. Joshua, making his first appearance in the Bible as a scout, along with Caleb, told the people of Israel, “do not rebel against Yahweh or be afraid of the people of the country, for we shall gobble them up.”

            The people were ready to stone these bloodlusters, when Yahweh appeared in Person and had a major tantrum. He said to Moses, “How much longer will they refuse to trust me, in spite of all the signs I have displayed among them? I shall strike them with pestilence and disown them.” Moses managed to calm God down; but He still declared that none of the adults present except Joshua and Caleb would live to enter Canaan. The message was clear: go along with God’s campaign of mass murder, or be stuck forever in the desert.

            Of course, it’s hardly plausible that this fit of Divine Petulance ever happened, but the core of the story rings true: that the leaders wanted to take over cities after exterminating the present population, and that the people went along only after many threats, much persuasion, and perhaps some faked displays of God’s wrath. Whether it happened or not as written, we’ve seen the same dynamics at work many times; just a day or two ago as I write this, Iran’s current Ayatollah, speaking before a cheering crowd, has called for the destruction of Israel for the greater glory of Allah.

            Perhaps as long as there are people, there will be leaders who want to glorify themselves by butchering other people, or by invoking the “glory” of past butchers. But if we can reach the point where the Jericho Massacre isn’t considered a pious story of how God supports His loyal followers, but a vicious tale which has been fraudulently presented as Holy Scripture, we’ll have come a little closer to a world in which such demagogues have no influences”

            Gary McGath, Copyright 1995

          • http://none Mike

            He cant Jeff he is an avowed agnostic/ Atheist. They will never belive in anything that they cannot physically touch or see.Strang though this same crowd can belive in the religon of man made global warming. And all that enviornmental hack. But when presented with evidence to the countrary. They can be just as stubbron as the most backwoods hard headed fundelmentlist.That still dont belive the earth isnt the center of the universe. Mike L.

          • http://none Mike

            Nice Coal Miner,Must have had that quote on speed dial. Numbers just like the book of Enock can be taken that way.If one looks at it from the precept that god and religion are the root of all mankinds problems.Much of the old testement is written under the law of old Judaism.Before the time of Christ.

            Jerico found look it up on Many people for years concidered this a myth in the bible. Just as homer’s Troy But both have been found now. Mike L.

          • JeffH

            Mike, we now exactley who coal miner is…he comes from the deep dank and dark depths and loves to push the anti-God agenda. Bet it believes in Lucifer though.

          • DaveH

            No doubt, Coal Miner, that many atrocities have been committed under the cloak of religion, but those perpetrators are phonies. There are bad apples in every barrel. But I shudder to think of the ugly world that would exist were it not for the teaching of morality that is done by most religious organizations. At the very least the religious teachings get the students to think beyond their own selves.

        • coal miner

          Lack of education?

          You better learn how to spell.You got Einstein spelled wrong.

          Through the reading of popular scientific books I soon reached the conviction that much in the stories of the Bible could not be true. The consequence was a positively fanatic orgy of freethinking coupled with the impression that youth is intentionally being deceived by the state through lies; it was a crushing impression. Mistrust of every kind of authority grew out of this experience, a skeptical attitude toward the convictions that were alive in any specific social environment – an attitude that has never again left me, even though, later on, it has been tempered by a better insight into the causal connections. (Albert Einstein )

          • http://none Mike

            Coal Miner, A little fast sometimes on the keyboard and I get ahead of my abaility to type. But not stupid or misinformed. You are entitled to your beliefs and are welcome to them. I or anyone on this sight wont change them.

            As far as the bible goes though there are too many cities and documents being found now by archeologist. That point to the fact that we may have been a little hasty for dismissing it as a book of fables. Look for if you want a book called Hailey’s Bible companion. It list the number of documented archeological finds. That were based in the bible.

            Jeasus in the new testement didnt waste his time on the scribes and pharices of the time. And it was the san-hadrin councile that eventually had him sentanced to death. Throughout his time here on eath they could never discout his works though.Mike L.

  • Bandit

    Yes, and these people have names.
    Please add their names into your articles, so that we do not constantly have to wonder who they are.
    These criminals need to be exposed.
    How about we start with Rothschild?
    The Rothschild family has close family ties with J.P. Morgan.
    All Jewish of course.
    Another such cancer goes by the name Goldman Sachs, managed by Lloyd Blankfein.
    Another Jew.
    George Soros, Jewish.
    And the more you dig, the more you will see that the entire criminal Cabal is Jewish owned and controlled.
    Wake America. Take Action.
    Start your protest by withdrawing your money from the Banks, before the Banks take your money.
    And they will, they day they come crashing down.

    • Meteorlady

      Sorry can’t subscribe to Jew bashing which seems to be popular right now. These people are simply evil people that want to control others through social engineering. They need to be stopped, but not because they are Jewish, but because they are evil and corrupt.

      • libertytrain

        I’m with you on this – stop the bashing – it’s become sadly popular on both sides all of a sudden – I won’t partake and cannot believe so many have forgotten The Holocaust.

        • coal miner


          Don’t forget the Ukraine.I agree with you.

        • Angel Wannabe

          LT, and some of those people who survived the Holocaust are still paying the price living with the memory of it.

        • Kate8

          There are MANY factions of Jews, just as there are of every other religion.

          There is one, very large, very powerful faction of Zionists who are wholly secular and power-driven. They do not worship the God of Abraham. They own all the world’ power and wealth, and consider themselves to be gods. Many worship Lucifer.

          It’s ridiculous to brand an entire people based on the actions of a few. Yet we do it all the time. There are many deeply devout Jews who work and pray for the salvation of the world. There are even Messianic Jews who believe in Yeshua as Messiah.

          Interesting that many of the devout Jews see this time as the End of Days, and believe the coming of their long awaited Messiah is imminent.

          That we are in the Last Days seems to be something that most all isms and cultures believe.

          • Jana

            Thank you for putting it in perspective and using common sense. you are very right.
            Not all Jews are bad, not all Muslims are bad and if we were all judged by the world by Obama standards and his actions and inactions, we can say not all Americans are bad.

          • coal miner


            National-Anarchists do not ‘hate’ ordinary Jews and neither do we wish to undermine them as a people with their own unique religious and cultural identity, but what we will not tolerate, however, is the ongoing enslavement of our people by a minority of vampiric parasites intent on carving up the world’s resources in an attempt to create a single, global market. We believe that the way to combat Zionism is to continue to expose the hypocrisy of those who, on the one hand, use the Nazi ‘holocaust’ to evoke sympathy, and, on the other, brutally repress the long-suffering Palestinians in their own land. Over 90% of modern Jews are descended from a semi-Turkic people who, faced with the sectarian intolerance of their encroaching Christian Orthodox and Muslim neighbours, converted to Judaism en masse when they were part of the old Khazar empire that spanned the area between the Black and Caspian seas during the eighth century. Indeed, they have no authentic racial or territorial connection with the Middle East at all. National-Anarchists support the Palestinian intifada, as well as Jewish groups like Neturai Karta and various other opponents of Zionism who are seeking to expose the multifarious lies and distortions perpetuated by the Israeli regime, as well as its intelligence wing, Mossad, and the organisational nerve centre which continues to operate at the very heart of the United States Government. Zionism is an enemy of all peoples and must be vanquished.

          • Kate8

            coal miner – I am well aware of who the Zionists are and what they are about. They are the secular group I mentioned.

            As far as the Palestinians, that is a complicated matter. You libs tend to regard the whole area as Muslim territory, but I tell you that prior to the advent of Islam’s rise to power, somewhere around 600AD, the area was Jewish and Christian. That always gets ignored.

            The Palestinians are far from innocent. But I do believe that the whole purpose for forming the nation of Israel by the Zionists was to use it as a hotspot in the middle east, a place from which they could stir up all kinds of global angst. Their plan of world domination has been kept alive since Nimrod, and here we are at that point again.

            Most players in this drama are simply pawns.

          • Kate8

            BTW, Jews and Christians were driven from their land, by Muslims, at swordpoint. They were slaughtered without mercy.

            God promised that they would return to their land. It’s a complicated issue, and involves opposing forces, lies and distortions.

            But not to worry. God will sort it all out.

          • Al Sieber

            Thanks Kate8, most people won’t touch the Jewish Subject, there’s Zionists and many different sects of Jews, read some of the speeches by past Israel prime ministers, Ariel Sharon, Mechim Begin, they brag how they run American. read about the Israeli Lobby. thanks for your courage Kate8, more people need to read history, and research the issues.

          • eddie47d

            Kate8 This “liberal” doesn’t look at Israel as Muslim territory so don’t pigeonhole us all.

          • libertytrain

            Al – You’re right, I am one who won’t “touch the Jewish subject.” It’s not about reading history, I do, or being uneducated – that’s a subjective opinion – as to who is educated and who is not – However, I will not go down the Jew Bashing road period. I won’t play that game.

        • Claire

          libertytrain–I agree with you.

      • JC

        When you take into account that population control is on the menu for the New World Order Gangsters…you would think that the Jews above all others would be up in arms…literally, arming themselves.
        I don’t have a problem with Jewish people and I don’t equate them with Zionists, who are a cult…not a religion.

        • Kate8

          JC – This is something that, for some reason, many find hard to understand. It took me a long time, too.

          For some reason, we seem to thing of Jews as more of a race than a religion. Yet they include many races and many divergent beliefs. It is a very sensitive issue, largely because of the holocaust, and that gets used as a big PC stick when it comes to criticism about them. Yet, more Christians died during that time than Jews (some 11million), but that is never spoken about.

          Anyway, yes, the elite psychopathic gangsters bear Jewish names, but that is where their similarity to God-loving Jews ends. These thugs look to no god but themselves and, of course, Lucifer.

          • http://none Mike

            Kate, Yea for a long period of time we have thought of the jews as a race. This was an attitude that was fostered by the holicost. We here in the states for the most part were shown pictures of train car loads of the mostly european jews. It maintained a conseption of the jew as a mostly european decent.The jewish faith is praticed by a diverse amount of people now with the conversions. Mike L.

          • Kate8

            Mike, Yes, the Jewish tribes were scattered over the face of the Earth. As with all people, some held to the faith, most did not.
            Even through all this, they’ve retained their Jewish identity, which is remarkable and exactly what God said they would do.

            The Islamic tribes bear the blood of Abraham also, and there is a good lesson here. Abraham and Sarah were promised a son, but they lost faith in God’s ability to deliver, so they tried to force His Hand by conceiving a son through Hagar, Sara’s servant. A wild, warring people were the result, who would always be considered a thorn in the side of the world. I’ve sometimes wondered what would have happened if they had trusted God and waited.

            This is why we must trust God and His Plan, His Promise. Remember, “the war is not with flesh and blood, but with spirits and principalities”. God knows what He is doing. We need to trust in Him. We are citizens of His Kingdom, and His Armies are legions of angels.

          • Vigilant

            “For some reason, we seem to think of Jews as more of a race than a religion. Yet they include many races and many divergent beliefs. It is a very sensitive issue, largely because of the holocaust, and that gets used as a big PC stick when it comes to criticism about them. Yet, more Christians died during that time than Jews (some 11million), but that is never spoken about.”

            Kate8, please understand that the experiences of the Jews were different from the experiences of the Christians during those terrible years. As far as the Christian deaths, that is often spoken about. Poles, Russians, the mentally handicapped, gypsies, homosexuals, and millions of political prisoners were exterminated as well, all part of the Nazi’s adherence to the works of Margaret Sanger and other advocates of euthanasia.

            I’ve had Germans tell me that what Hitler did was no worse than what happened in Uganda, Cambodia, The Balkans, etc., but I always countered with the following: what the Third Reich did had no parallel in history, and has never been done since. They established a whole infrastructure and support services to do one thing, exterminate the Jews.

            For them it was a business. The value of their hair, gold teeth, even skin, was factored into the equation that guaranteed just so many months of useful labor on less-than-subsistence rations. The children and the elderly or infirm were of no use to the Germans, so they were summarily executed. It was all an exercise for businessmen and accountants, who had no feeling for the people who became nothing more than resources and statistics.

            The death camps that spread like cancer, all based on the original model of Dachau, were supported by an intricate web of railroad lines. The spread of typhus and other diseases, let alone the mass and individual exterminations, created a fuel for the crematoria that was so heavy (at Auschwitz) that the chimneys had to be periodically scraped to remove the inches of human fat that had accumulated. Many other stories, but no space.

            We should never forget what happened. You talked of PC, but I always found it hypocritical of the left, the inventors of PC, when they call those who wish to wipe Israel off the face of the earth “freedom fighters.”

          • Kate8

            Well said, Vigilant.

      • S.C.Murf


      • JeffH

        Because of the very horrible holocaust against the Jewish people any conversation regarding Jews is almost off limits…Zionism is a whole different animal and that discussion wouldn’t be anti-Semitic.

        Is a Zionist the Same as a Jewish Person?
        Not all Jews are Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews.

        Who is a Jew? A Jew is anyone who has a Jewish mother or who converted to Judaism in conformity with Halacha, Jewish religious law. This definition alone excludes racism. Judaism does not seek converts, but those who do convert are accepted on a basis of equality.

        What is Zionism? One of the basic aims of Zionism is aliyah, the immigration to the Zionist state of Jews from all countries. The geographic location chosen for this immigration is Israel. Nevertheless, during the past few years hundreds of thousands of Israelis have out-gathered themselves from the Zionist paradise, and American Jews have “voted with their feet” and have chosen not to be in-gathered. These Jews recognize that the Zionist state is in fact contrary to their individual freedoms.

        I’m of the opinion that the Zionist(think Rothschilds, Soros) conspiracy, of which very few, if any Jews are a part, has made possible events and developments that were unthinkable even ten years ago. People refuse to notice the Zionist hands on virtually ever power lever in the US federal government. Or at the helm of virtually every media organization that exists, and throughout the executive and editorial ranks. Problem is, most of us seem not to know it.

        • Jana

          Are you saying that all people residing in Israel are Zionists?

          • Jana

            Never mind, I should have read further down. I went to the site and I comprehend that Zionists are a political faction inside Israel. They have their problems just like we do. We have a political faction inside the United States that wants to turn our country into a Communist country.

          • JeffH

            Jana, thanks for “getting it”. Most people just emotionally react without going any further.

          • libertytrain

            JeffH – it’s not about knowing the difference – it’s about the new in thing to bash all Jews.

          • JC

            Jana, Zion, where this cult began is in Egypt.

          • Kate8

            The new trend in Jew-bashing is just more of the same tactics being used by the elites to bring world chaos. They are pitting every race, culture and religion against all others. They stir up class envy. No possible source of irritation is left untouched.

            They are even passing laws against criticizing Jews, just like the push to ban criticism of Islam. Of course then, the preferencial treatment of some draws the anger and resentment from the rest. The only fair game seems to be Christian.

            The best thing we can do here is see what they are doing and not participate. If we don’t play their game, it falls flat.

            That shouldn’t stop us from having honest discussions of the truth.

        • Kate8

          Thanks, JeffH. I have tried to explain this, but you hit the nail on the head.

          You do a great service on this thread.

    • Vigilant

      Why don’t you cut the anti-Semitic crap.

      • Angel

        (Offensive Comment Removed)

        • TIME

          Dude your 100% totaly off base and out of control.

        • JC

          This idiot needs a duct tape moustache.

      • JRC

        You need to learn what…antisemitism is and what it defines. criticizing a particular group of people or a country (Israel) is not and never will be antisemitism.

        • libertytrain

          I do understand what it is and what he was doing was not country bashing –

    • Angel Wannabe

      Bandit, these guys are Zionists, not true Jews, theres a difference!

      just one of many, many websites expalining Zionism.

      • JeffH

        Thanks again Angel Wannabe for the clarification.

        • Angel Wannabe

          jeffH, :)

        • Al Sieber

          JeffH, they’re finally getting it, thanks for the explanation, and anti-Semite has nothing to do with Jews.

      • Vigilant


        I respect your posts, but I’m afraid the link you posted is a particularly bad example. The Serendipity website is so biased that even Wikipedia censors it.

        My first clue was the following: “Israel constantly and loudly demands that Arab states must recognize Israel’s “right to exist”. But, as Faisal Bodi points out in his article published in the Guardian UK, Israel simply has no right to exist.”

        Many people in America are unfamiliar with the UK newspaper, “The Guardian,” which is nothing more than a front for leftist views. You’ll find Eric Bischoff quoting its journalists from time to time. Need I say more?

        The first two paragraphs of the lead article “Zionism,” shows what kind of people run this site.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Vigilant, I have several links in a folder, I probably chose a bad one, cuz theres serveral I have weed out. Thanks though.

    • FiredFriday

      Don’t worry bandit. It is ok to point out that they are Jews especially knowing that Jews tend to protect and trade with the other Jews. If all the money was controlled by a few Irish, straight Irish if they exist here in the US, you would hear of the Irish Monetary Cabal every day. So, ole Jew hunter, tally ho!

  • Henry Ledbetter

    Bob I agree that total power corrupts totally and there are many in government that have this as their desire and purpose in life. We all need to be reminded of SB 510 that has gone back to the house today; it will give the FDA ALMOST UNLIMITED POWER. It was being pushed on local TV news this morning and in my opinion is one of the most dangerous pieces of legislation yet. The FDA IS THE PROBLEM AND I AM CALLING FOR DEFUNDING; NOT MORE POWER. We need to jam the switchboard to congress today.

    • Meteorlady

      I watched something interesting the other day. About the Bilderburg group and their yearly and more often now, semi-annual meetings. These are some of the most powerful people on earth today: they are from corporations that control our food; pharmaceutical companies that control our medicine and vaccines; Wall Street (Goldman Sachs); news media outlets that control what we see, hear and read; politicians and high ranking government officials that make policy; and banks, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. They meet in secret and they are very concerned about the world’s population. They believe it has reached an unmanageable figure for them to continue to control.

      The rest of this is going to sound really crazy, but think a minute. They have already gotten control of our money supply through the Federal Reserve (Bernanke and Geitner attend Bilderburg meetings). Next they control the food supply for the large corporations. There are doctors that have been saying for years that the additives that these large corporations put into our food is bad for us and indeed a lot of it is. There are doctors that have actually broken down flu shots in the lab and found them to contain an ingredient, that at higher dosages, will cause infertility and sometimes death. Some reports have come out saying that this group plans to control the population through mandatory vaccination at some point in time. They determine where and when a war takes place, more population control. China has an entire population of farmers that are using unclean and chemical ridden water polluted by the corporations to grow their crops and they are getting sicker and sicker (population control?).

      It’s also said that they control who runs for president and who get picked for staff jobs. Goldman Sachs is a revolving door into the government for most of their higher up executives. Research how many Goldman people are currently in the cabinet, the Federal Reserve and other important government departments.

      Not sure about the allegations, but these people don’t meet to have coffee, drink a nice glass of wine or eat a good meal together. They are people like George Soros, Henry Kissinger, heads of state and our own President even attended the last meeting.

      • Angel Wannabe

        ML, it all boils down to the two agendas of Washington,_ the one they let us, the public see, and what the elitists really do behind closed doors._”Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain?!” The Wizard of OZ

      • Kate8


        The elites plan to control ALL of the world’s resources: fuel, food, water, even air and the weather. They plan to bleed us dry and leave us to die.

        They already do control these things more every day. They are using global warming as the pretext for it. Watch the episode on The Great Water Conpiracy”. Yikes.

        • eddie47d

          Water is life and will become more precious than gold.

          • Kate8

            eddie – I read a couple of years ago that water would become more valuable than oil.

            I had no idea at that time just what they were up to, or how far they were willing to go.

          • JeffH

            eddie, I can agree on that.

          • JeffH

            Kate, have you read or heard about how water is being stolen and sold right out of the Great Lakes and Lake Mead among other places? Didn’t Bob have an article last year about water?

    • http://google mary smith

      Ok lets jam the switchboard not that i think it will do anygood

      mary smith

  • Carlucci

    This is a great, easy to understand article, and I am forwarding it to my email list.

    The biggest takeaway from the article is that all “representatives” in the district of criminals are PAID EMPLOYEEES on the fedguv payroll. With the exception of Ron Paul who tells the truth about what is really going on with the Federal Reserve, etc., none of the “representatives” really represent their constituency. That is why it is a bad idea to keep re-electing them! Last month, I did not vote for my rep in congress because he rubber stamped every destructive piece of legislation that Bush II pooped out when he was prez.

    The only answer is nullification, eliminating the federal reserve, eliminating all the useless b.s. agencies like the TSA, bringing all the troops home, and going back to the way it used to be when the sovereign states had all the powers.

    • Patriot

      I too agree with most of Ron Raul’s ideas, but last week he voted for the tax increases on people making over $250K, not sure how he explains this one! Very Disaapointed in him!

      • Vigilant

        He also beilieves Julian Assange is being unfairly treated. I’m beginning to wonder, too.

        • Karolyn

          Julian Assange is an arrogant pig who only thinks about Julian Assange. I hope they get him for the sexual charge and throw away the key. He could care less about his high minded “government transparency.” All he cares about is money and fame.

          • Claire

            I do not think Assange is being treated unfairly. I am more concerned about the leaks of America’s security issues. I do not care who said what about whom, that is trivial to me. So much for the Pentagon and some of its’ employees. None of this surprises me. It was bound to happen sooner or later. The ones involved should be punished in some way.

          • Vicki

            If we did as our forefathers intended our FREEDOM would be our protection. We would have no use for secrets. Tyrants, despots and dictators need secrets. A truly free people have no need to hide.

            Our forefathers designed a system of government where no secrets were needed. Indeed we were to be the shining city on a hill. A beacon of hope and freedom for all mankind. They also disapproved of entangling foreign alliances and a standing army. If we returned to this way why would we need secrets.

          • Claire

            “If we did as our forefathers intended” would be wonderful but that was then, this is now. The world of today cannot be compared to the world of yesteryear. The world is not the same. Too many people that can’t be trusted, too many enemies, too much lack of trust in anything or anyone. Too many greedy people wanting power. Secrets? Of course I want transparency, but sometimes secrets are necessary to protect America, especially military secrets for national defense. In view of the creeps that leaked information, they should still be punished. The powers that be should get on the ball and do their jobs like they should.

          • Vicki

            Clare writes:
            “The world is not the same. Too many people that can’t be trusted, too many enemies, too much lack of trust in anything or anyone. Too many greedy people wanting power.”

            And we are different now vs 1700′s how? There were too many people that could not be trusted. There were too many enemies. There was much lack of trust. There were kings and tyrants and greedy people wanting power.

            You should explore the writings of the time and you will quickly see the wisdom of the statement ” the more things change the more they are the same “.

            Clare:”Secrets? Of course I want transparency, but sometimes secrets are necessary to protect America, especially military secrets for national defense. ”

            Military secrets are needed during tactical operations and if longer than 2 weeks (rough estimate) are no longer tactical and or were poorly planned. Any secret beyond the immediate need in battle is only there to protect the tyrant in charge.

            All those military secrets for “national defense” are just political secrets of various tyrants and dictators. Or as mom used to say secrecy is to keep the American people in the dark. Any good spy already has all of Americas “military secrets”.

          • Claire

            Vicki– I won’t belabor the issue–you have your opinion, and I have mine.

          • libertytrain

            Claire – as I frequently do, I share your opinion -

      • Meteorlady

        UPDATE: Ryan Ellis of the anti-tax increase Americans for Tax Reform comments below:
        “In our opinion, Cong. Paul did not vote for a tax hike. The bill Congress voted on yesterday is a tax cut relative to 2011 law, which assumes everyone’s taxes go up. By preventing some people’s taxes from going up, this would score out as a tax cut.”

        Interview with Ron Paul
        Q: Name a tax you’d like to cut.
        A: I would get rid of the inflation tax. It’s a tax that nobody talks about. We live way beyond our means. We print money for it. The value of the money goes down, and poor people pay higher prices. That is a tax. That’s a transfer of wealth from the poor and the middle class to Wall Street. Wall Street’s doing quite well, but the inflation tax is eating away at the middle class of this country. We need to get rid of the inflation tax with sound money.

    • Bruce D.

      I would have to respectfully disagree with you. Ron Paul had a lot of backing to audit the Fed. To say that all are bad creates harm and disempowers those fighting to do the right thing. It is important to acknowledge those that are trying to do the right things. It is also harmful to try to discredit them when they are working to do the right thing.

      • Meteorlady

        As long as the press and other liberal media can discredit Ron Paul, he will remain looking like a fringe element and far right to most Americans that believe all the media swill without researching for themselves.

        • DaveH

          I realize you said “looking…far right”, Lady, but for those that don’t know, Libertarians consider themselves to be in the middle, neither left nor right. We simply believe in real Freedom. That is, the natural right of human beings to control their own bodies and their own property, which neither the left nor the right respects.

          • Vicki

            We (libertarians) are not so much “in the middle” as on an entirely different axis as shown in this simple quiz.

            (I scored at the tip of the libertarian triangle like object (A pentagram actually ) )

  • Patriot

    The latest from the Progressives mainly Pelosi and others over the weekend; by extending unemployment (which is currently at 99 weeks)will stimulate the economy and create jobs! They are trying to have the GOP accept this as part of extending the current tax rates! Does anyone see the madness in these statements? When idiocy trumps logic then this insanity! I cannot believe my own ears and where is the outrage by the media? There will be none, since the media are too worried analyzing Palin’s comments to determine how to catch her in some ridiculous slip of the tongue. We need to change the dialog, no compromise, if the extension of the current tax rates does not pass on their own, so be it, NO COMPRIMISE! NONE! I am sick of this S__T!

    • Warrior

      I’m with you brother.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Patriot, I don’t believe the GOP went for it though, did they?

      • Angel Wannabe

        AWB, UPDATE from Fox News__OBAMA extended the Bush tax cuts for two more years__ the GOP agreed to additional 13 months for unemployment benefits!

  • JRC

    And yet, reading the comments on this board I see that people still don’t get it. They post about the different parties conservatives and liberals, Obama and the “devil” not realizing they have fallen to exactly the fallacy this article is trying to expose………IT DOES NOT MATER WHO IS IN POWER……you all have fallen to the simple tool of the people that control this……divide, divide, divide….we the people are divided into haves and have not’s, into democrats and republicans, into left and right, into conservatives and liberals…..and we are at each other like the wolfs. YOU do NOT get it people…it does NOT mater in the end….none of us, left or right will in the end have any saying on how this country is run and what direction it goes. One thing you all should have learned in the last election, the only people that will be elected are the people that are approved by the powers behind the scene and supported with money and other. And unfortunately, I can see clearly that in the end the finalists of all parties are the people that are bought and controlled by the elite. Nobody else will even make it this far and we the people are the losers period.
    As long as there is division in the population and artificial promoted hate, we the people have lost….united we stand, divided we fail. and at this point in history, we fail miserable.

    • Meteorlady

      A lot of know that our government does not really make the big decisions, they are led by the noises to give us what the elites want us to have.

      I disagree that we can do nothing. We can stop working for them. Even little chicken crap France took to the street to demonstrate and they scared their government. We need to stand up and clean house starting with our government. Unfortunately most “Americans” are brainwashed and believe what they read and hear from the mainstream press. They are sheep that just want to make their money, drive their BMW’s and go home to their nice house and have a good glass of wine. They are lazy and don’t care if someone takes over as long as it doesn’t affect them.

      How many, even on this site, went out during the last election and actually met and talked to the people that were running? How many investigated the money trail for these people? If any of you answer that you didn’t, then you are a huge part of the problem.

      What is happening affects them immensely, but still they sit on their butts not willing to take a chance or make a point. If people were truly serious about taking a stand, they would stop voting the two parties into power again and again and again. They stop believing that they “waste their vote” if they vote for third party or write-in candidates. They would take a stand and make it work.

      Right now the world elites like the Bilderburg group are studying us like ants. We are their science project – they call it social experimentation. The only thing they fear is being exposed and the people when people stop believing their lies and indoctrination and start banding together for the good of our nation.

    • http://PersonalLiberty Louise McDonald

      “United we stand!” “Divided we fall” . . . is REALity !
      Yours is the (very) first comment by ANYONE (I’ve heard or read) to put into Living Letters that “IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO IS IN POWER.”
      We “blame” the president among numerous others . . . and yet I keep saying, “It’s the Powers That B” who are behind the political and economical posturing.” Whatever drives them is over – above – beyond the simple word, POWER !
      WE are all over the chess board as to who is responsible for our crisis (one after the other)
      when all the while those behind the scene are moving the players in & out of position !
      Going back to the Revolutionary period, Jonathon Mayhew declared,
      You may obey the King’s Law OR God’s Law ! They united their efforts as opposed to ours ! We may yet hope for a “Wake Up Call.”
      Thanx for such a simple yet FAR REACHING TRUTH !

  • http://roadrunner Richard

    The patriot act was written 5 yrs. before 9/11 but congress knew that american people would not stand for it because it cancels out the constitution and takes away our freedoms. So congress needed a big event like 9/11! We need to try all these secret society people for treason, buildaberg,luminatiy,foreign relation,freemason,skull& bones. These people are no better than Stalin, Hitler, Sadom, the leaders of North Korea, China. One world order, One world Bank!! Total Control!!!!

    • Meteorlady

      Exactly – Wikileaks will lead to new internet regulation for national security. It will lead to very restrictive banking regulations for the “welfare” of the people. The elites never create a good crisis and let it go to waste.

      • TIME

        ML, You got that down to a fine science.

      • JeffH

        Meteorlady, you’ve got it right!

      • http://none Mike

        Meteorlady, Any good hacker will tell you there are ways around any security device they try to install. There are thoes out there right now working on an underground internet.Heck even we could do it if we had the money to buy a blade server.I had a game server set up at one time that was built out of several old computers run in raid mode. The goverment has been trying to rid us of Warez sights forever and havent been able to do so yet. Mainly because these guys are set up in basements and houses throuhout the world. You shut one down and another pops up. The internet is the genie thats out of the bottle now and if used in the right way can never be totally shut down. Mike L.

        • Rusticus

          If the government wants to shut down or control the internet, they probably can. Not many people are as sophisticated as you and very few will know how to overcome any blockages the government puts in.

    • Kate8

      Most all of the horrendous legislation coming out of Congress was written years ago. They found a window to force it through and went for it, even over the cries and shouts of the American people.

  • Howard R Gray

    I have said it before on this weblog there is a need for nongovernmental money, legal tender laws are the bane of a society that permits its governing servants to operate the money and credit supply. Through the centuries the same old same old applies, at some point the spending and taking classes get out of control and collapse the means of exchange so that not even the making and giving classes can operate a business. This isn’t jet propulsion laboratory science it is naked greed and stupidity dressed up as erudition. Abrogating the legal tender laws will permit alternative exchange media to come into existence ahead of any Weimar inflation, at least there will be some money rather than mere valueless currency to keep economic life going. Perhaps even the government might see the utility of such a scheme preventing a total meltdown of the whole economy as in Weimar and Zimbabwe, unless there is an ulterior motive going on here.

    Scottish banks printed money for a very long time and so far neither Scotland nor England has suffered for the fact. Nongovernmental money can be a real asset to prevent the abuses that are extant today in the blatant disregard of sound monetary practices. Money backed by commodities or precious metals would soon put a stop to much of the abuses of the state at all levels. Do I think it will happen? Not any time soon, but it should be on the political agenda as a talking point and just watch how it scares the horses! Ask your senators, congressmen or local state elective reps about private money and see the color of their faces change.

    Every time collectivism is tried it fails, the reason why is simple it is imbued with slavery to its very core and is inimical to the human spirit. State ownership is no ownership, wealth is never devolved downwards as it is almost impossible to create much of it in a communist economy relying on it is seriously stupid. Collectivism, or should we use their latest brand Progressivism, contains the fatal flaw that the cabal that run the hidden or shadow government fear the most, even they are aware that the game is up when production shuts down and the wealth ceases to happen as it always does. That is what we have to hold over them, we know this is true and it is our advantage and always will be.

    Small countries of the world can welsh on bonds and other instruments of finance but the US doing it will shut down the world economy to such an extent that not even the financiers and their progressive friends are safe. The Italian lira is one thing for silly numbers on currency notes the same for the dollar won’t cut it. The jerks will go one further than Jeckel Island and the creation of the Fed; they will recommend a new world currency. Backed by what you may ask? Wind, air and methane from live stock no less, the result will fail even faster than the dollar. So what is to be done? One answer is private or non state money and an end to currency fraud. Will it happen……? That is the interesting question, talk about it and at least scare the odd pony or two.

    Historically it might be argued we are coming to an end of the state and big government as entities that function adequately, spontaneous orders, free trade (genuine free trade), devolved power and limited government are the future. We know for certain that nothing beats the market; after all it is the most democratic institution out there, every day you vote with your dollars the more you have the bigger your vote for whatever interests and sustains you and your friends. No amount of government can succeed against such a mechanism, so why let the turkeys control the currency? We need real money not value deficient paper promises. Nongovernmental money is one part of the solution. The alternative is the black market that always flourishes beneath any silly collectivist nostrum that might purport to run our lives. An open market is so much better.

    The Christmas message is progressives are the bane of liberty and wealth, “bah humbug” to quote scrooge! How about talking up real money and a few other regressive ideas this season?

  • coal miner

    This arose as a quotation by John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). The historian and moralist, who was otherwise known simply as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:

    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    Another English politician with no shortage of names – William Pitt, the Elder, The Earl of Chatham and British Prime Minister from 1766 to 1778, is sometimes wrongly attributed as the source. He did say something similar, in a speech to the UK House of Lords in 1770:

    “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it”

    Copyright © Gary Martin, 1996 – 2010

  • FreedomFighter

    Had enough of the Progressive/Socialist Liberal Commi’s yet?

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • FiredFriday

    Bob why do you always rant against the fiat dollar and of course the Federal Reserve. There is no rational substitute for the fiat dollar. If you, in all your wisdom, have one alternative, let’s here your proposal.

    The Federal Reserve has done some bad things of late. However, the Federal Reserve is simply in lip synch with the will of the people as relayed to them by Washington policy makers. If everyone is to be wealthy, everyone has to have money. There are millions of us. It will take trillions to make us and the Chinese wealthy.

    I would hope that you could understand the simple math.

    As for the rest of the article, you could not be more correct. As a child, I wondered why the Kennedy Klan was always raising taxes on the wealthy being themselves very wealthy. I finally realized that they did not care as long as they were able to skim off the increased government cash flow. However, I think the plan has back fired on them although I am not their family accountant.

    These so called progressives and greens are nothing new. They used to be called socialists and communists. They are just using a page from Boss Tweed’s playbook with immigration which is as far as I got on their site which was linked here.

    Finally, why do you not allow foul language on the site. I do not mean name calling back and forth which is fun to read too. I mean politically incorrect language. Are you against free speech? Are not all ideas controversial? Do you like control?

    • JC

      If there is anything worth knowing about the Federal Reserve, it would be that it is NOT Federal and it has NO Reserves.
      It is privately owned and is UnConstitutional in every aspect.
      It does NOT take direction from our Government let alone the will of We The People. It dictates our economy with inflationary bubbles and controls our well being through its criminal policies that are unnaccountable to anyone.

      It’s an extortion / ponzi scheme, and it has got to go!

      • FiredFriday

        @ JC

        OK, JC. Explain your banking structure to replace the Federal Reserve System. Please no gold standards or other limited reserve schemes that will not be dynamic enough to do the job.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear FiredFriday,

          Sorry, but there can be no discourse when you dismiss the solution out of hand.

          Best Wishes,

          • JC

            Thanks Bob,
            It seemed idiotic to try and respond otherwise to a question framed as to accept no logical answer.

            Gold is the best way to anchor currency. However I’m not advocating that it is the only way. Any commodity that is required for use by people could also be the anchor or method of valuation for alternative script.
            Anyway you look at it, if we are to have stability and prosperity we have to get rid of the Fed and we have to get rid of Keynesian “graft and corruption” economics for being the diamal failure that it is.

          • Vicki
      • JeffH

        JC, you’re correct and if “most” people would take the time to do some serious background research about the Federal Reserve they would realize who created it…ultimately JP Morgan, Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, etc. and other American and European elite banking families at Jekyll Island in 1913…stricktly for profit and to control the governments they lend to.

        Note that Ben Bernanke is also related to the Rothschilds.

        • 45caliber

          FDR turned the US monetary system over to five families. One was his; another was the Rothchilds. The Rothchilds basically bought out everyone else so the Federal Reserve is owned by them. Until recently, they made a point of stabilizing the US currency and floated all the rest of the world’s money against it. Now they are trying to float the dollar.

          If the older ones out there remember, when things got bad, the interest rate was raised to discourage borrowing. Now it is going the other way (down), with a push to encourage more borrowing – which fuels the inflation rate and lowers the value of the dollar. The Rothchilds make their own money by buying and selling money – and do it with money they simply print which costs them almost nothing.

          That is why Ron Paul wants an audit of the Fed. Reserves. He wants to know just how much money they have been printing and using to buy other country’s money.

        • Angel Wannabe

          JeffH, The whole thing is absolutely mind boggling, but once you’ve begun to read about it, the puzzle pieces begin to fit.

          • JeffH

            Angel Wannabe, it’s such an intricate web of deceit and the world is infected like a cancer. Just have to keep fighting.

        • FiredFriday

          I like a good conspiracy theory too! I will give you my parinoid best last.

          I do not think the best of you understand the Federal Reserve System. You want to see whois behind the curtains and whois making the money. You first need to see the need for it. Without it, cash flows would dwindle because of lack of velocity and as is once again happening (according to news reports) a lack of lending in general, bank to bank, bank to business, bank to government, bank to consumer. I do not agree with QEI, QEII, QEIII, GM, GE, France, Korea, or the rest of the money outlays to “Save the Economy”. But, that is not the normal Federal Reserve activity. Nor, is buying up “assets” such as bad loans. These policies came from Paulson and the current bunch at tresury and Bernake who was there all along.

          There has been and is less than a ounce of gold per person worldwide as measured by all known gold mined in human history. What good is that for a monetary base? Talk about instant loss of asset value if all the dollars were based on US gold reserves if anyone has the courage. I mean the value of land, buildings, houses, inventories, equipment, and so forth which is the real monetary base of the US dollar along with the work ethic of US citizens and faith in the financial power of the US government wether we the people or the rothschild’s are in ultimate control.

          • FiredFriday

            Oh, the conspiracy theory. The site here has combined several posts to make one. Comments from two posts are mixed and make no sense. Also, I swear one of my comments was dressed up the other day and made better and then reverted back to my primative prose in about 15 minuits. I am either going mad or this is happening. Maybe both.

          • libertytrain

            doubt if it’s happening – expect you are going mad.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear FiredFriday,

      As to your statement about the Federal Reserve: It is obvious that you don’t know what the Fed really is and what it does. I suggest you do some research on this site, and read Griffin’s “The Creature From Jekyll Island” and Paul’s “End the Fed.” You could also benefit from any of Murray Rothbard’s works on banking and money.

      Regarding why I don’t allow foul language: There is one simple reason–It offends me and many others. It also demonstrates a distinct lack of communication skills.

      Best wishes,

      • FiredFriday

        Bear Bob,

        I know all about the Federal Reserve System from fractional reserve banking to sweeps and the rest. However, to attack a system that has become an institution from the top down in the middle of a crisis is dangerous to the country and even word at large. You are most likly more knowledgable of the Federal Reserve than I because of your career. A lesser knowledge is sometimes helpful to see the big picture. A fiat currency is necessary due to population size. Taxes may be necessary due to wastefull spending and money hoarding. Any system created to promote a national currency will have problems. The value of the dollar is Greater in the South and Plains States than on the West Coast and East Coast. Should we panic? Should we arbatriage. Same dollar.

        I like to cuss, OK. I miss Beavis and Butthead. Being “offended” is a national plague.

        My vocabulary is not what it was in college. I have returned to my plain uneducated childhood associates. I think we can still get a point across. The Federal Reserve Bank is not the devil. Unbridled spending can be.

        I do not want a back and forth with a more andrite ( is that the word?) individual who will not call an ass and ass.

        • JC

          Sorry FF but what you must really mean is that has become “institutionalized crime”. And it has to stop, especiallially in the middle of a crisis, sinse it is the source of the crisis.

          • JC

            “especially” too. :)

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Fired Friday,

          I believe the word you are looking for is adroit.

          You write “The Federal Reserve Bank is not the devil. Unbridled spending can be.” You have answered your own question. Unbridled spending is made possible by the Federal Reserve, which prints money ad infinitum.

          You write, “However, to attack a system that has become an institution from the top down in the middle of a crisis is dangerous to the country and even word at large.” The economic crisis we are in is caused by the Federal Reserve and its policies of setting artificially low interest rates and creating bubbles. The bubble, the housing bubble and now a coming college loan bubble were all created through Fed policies. It was recently revealed that the Fed sent billions of dollars to large corporations like GE and Ford and to large banks in other countries… without informing Congress. If you fear unbridled spending, you fear the Fed.

          Again, I encourage you study Austrian economic theory. Go to Or, read Peter Schiff’s “Crash Proof.”

          Best wishes,

    • libertytrain

      Fired Friday – you said to Bob: “Finally, why do you not allow foul language on the site. I do not mean name calling back and forth which is fun to read too. I mean politically incorrect language. Are you against free speech? Are not all ideas controversial? Do you like control?”
      Foul language is called foul language because it is foul. Kind of classless verbiage so not used in newspapers, fine magazines and fortunately this website. It’s not control it’s a bit of the last remains of decorum in our society.

    • Vicki

      firedfriday writes:
      “Bob why do you always rant against the fiat dollar and of course the Federal Reserve. There is no rational substitute for the fiat dollar. If you, in all your wisdom, have one alternative, let’s here your proposal.”

      FF is correct there is no rational substitute for paper money. No rational person would want to trade something of value for a piece of worthless paper.

      Rational people want to trade items of value for items of value. Thus the strong desire to use money that has actual value in the material it is made of.

      “Extra FRNs created by the Fed work exactly the same as extra FRNs created by counterfeiters. They allow those who get the dollars first to get something for nothing. The rest of us get a boom, and then a bust.”

      • JeffH

        Vicki, Downsize DC and Numbers USA are my two favorites to send communications to my reps.

        • Vicki

          Mine too :) I try to use one or both every day.

  • FiredFriday

    @ Howard R Gray

    Our representatives have no idea what private money is about. In the us south textile mills and saw mills used to issue private money and so did banks before the big war.

    I tend to agree with you except that a national currency is needed. Local currency only has local value. Not saying much more as I am

  • FiredFriday

    still trying to figure out the edit of my post.

  • Roland N Thompson

    We have a tax code that gives special breaks to those like Geo. S.
    so he does not have to pay taxes. Wake up people we can no longer afford
    this FREE country.

    • 45caliber

      But he supports the Democrats! Surely you don’t think he should be taxed too, do you!? The Democrats certainly don’t think he should be, anyway.

      (sarcasm off)

      I got a laugh a couple of weeks ago. The libs were pushing, as usual, for the “rich” to be taxed. I mentioned Soros – and one lib even tried to defend him as to why Soros should NOT be taxed (he earned his money, unlike American rich people who vote GOP). I had a big laugh at that.

      • JeffH

        45caliber, have you ever notice that when the Soros name is mentioned the standard liberal reply is the Koch Brothers? I just can’t help but laugh at them.

        • Angel Wannabe

          JeffH, I guess that’s all the ammo the Progressives have to retaliate with, so they keep reciting the Koch brothers.

          • JeffH

            AWb, that’s just it. Not saying the Koch Bros aren’t lobbying for their own interests, they are, but what Soros is doing is just plain treason.

  • http://com i41

    Power is definetly corrupts, just look at the Dept of Agriculture. It was created by mega socialist controller at the time. After creating Dept of Ag, his first Sec of Ag, was an avowed communist democrat. His first plan was to have government agents visit every farm in America, Next Washington decided what crops and where they should be planted, as well as feds taking over vast area of private land and created Land Use areas. Later to be split up under Dept of Forrestery, BLM,and National Grasslands. The private land became fed property, and was taken off of tax rolls, moved out thousands of families to cities or out on the endless moving nonstop welfare lines. SB510 is just a precusor to the socialist democrat party and Onumnutts and Soros. Soros loves the UN mandate passed to outlaw all private land ownership as well as put the world land under UN control. Onumnutts has been planning with his radicl lawyers, a plan to use executive orders, to take over all private owned land in the the USA. Which was evisioned by the first Sec of Ag, FDR and now Onumnutts and his socialist party slugs. Another democrat communist from that time was George McGovern, a senator and 72′ pres canidate. The latest governemnt food production controls are as follows, every feild no matter how big or small has to numbered and reported to ASCSA(Agriculture Soil Conservation Service Agency). As well as if an approved crop, is crop has been planted on said feild. weekly crop conditions are reported and monitored, at harvest, a record of combine #, truck driver and #, weight of grain, bin#, and size of bin. Unless farmer get a seller #, he cannot sell grain to any elevator or collection point unless he has one. Then you have to have bin #, truck driver and truck#, elevator and its #. All this info must be maintained by farmer in his records for 5 years, and must be able to produce info, when ever and at anytime, no matter if it is every month by ASCSA or any other goverenment Dept, weather it is IRS or BLM, or statics. Then after all the micro monitoting, the grain goes to mega corporations like ADM or Con-Ag, just to mention 2, receive the grain dump it into huge barges and collect in shipping areas or stoage areas several times. Never mind the information of the producer is still maintaining. these mega corps, who also collect billions from the Dept of Ag, get to slide on info collection. So you still think the democrats and Soros think about your health and welfare? Just how close are we the the USSR in many areas, demcrat dream nation as well as Onumnutts?

    • FiredFriday

      Yah boy. I despise the mailers the SCS or USDA or whatever they call themselves now send out. A long list of programs I cannot or will not get involved in with many strings attached.

      How much do you drink when you write? Or, how much do you write when you drink? Some of your writing is typed, spelled, or written better than others. Keep it up as I like your comments.

  • FiredFriday

    Extending the unemployment benefits is the worse possible message to send to the nation and world.

    As long as the benefits are in play, the search for jobs and the will to take a lower paying job will be slight.

    That was the problem for the last 50 years. Lack of patience. People would not work for a lower wage long. Rather than take the time for raises to be earned with production, the workers demanded and got more or found more elsewhere. Banks funded the huge exspansion which finally blew apart.

    • Frank

      his just boils down to ONE WORLD GOVERNED rueled by such parties as: Bill Gates, The Rockafeller’s, Soro’s, Kennedy’s etc.

    • BobbyB

      The search for jobs? What jobs?? There are 5 people for every 1 job in this country. Where are the jobs? Our medical records are now handled in India. We used to have cashiers in stores. Now, we have machines that most can’t figure out how to operate. Manufacturing is a thing of the past. All we make in this country now is debt. The argument that unemployment makes people lazy is total BS. I don’t know anyone that would settle for a check for $249.00 when they can earn much more. $249.00 is a days worth of $ in this house hold. Globalization has not worked very well for the US work force.

  • WhiteRose

    Bob, great article….I liked the, “…The people who want big government are always ready to seize power…” however, they have already seized power. They are now forcing their agenda(s) on us.

    Not much money to spend this holiday for gifts, but I’ve giving this new book out to others cause its a thriller & about Americans who actually take a stand. I recommend it.

    As Frank said, it’s all about a world rule of all people so we can return to the days of being a serf again. Good article!!

  • 45caliber

    Some reasons America has so many people in prison is that 1) we don’t shoot them out of hand before or after conviction like they do in China and 2) we don’t release them with a pat on their hands as they do in places like England.

    • Bitter Libertarian

      At Least 40% of the people in Prison are there for crimes against theirself…absolute waste of Tax dollars, and typical of a “doo-gooder society”. However it does provide cheap labor for the Military industrial Complex having these guys sew Uniforms, and assemble equipment for them.

      • 45caliber


        I’m not sure where you are from but I can assure you that no prisoners in Texas or Arkansas do ANYTHING for the military. To tell the truth, except for a couple of minor exceptions like fixing broken furniture as a trade ALL work is for the prison system. They don’t even make license plates here. Recently I’ve heard that the prisoners here in Texas are going to make toilet paper (about thirty prisoners) but it will not be sold. It saves the state about $900,000 a year. So no miltary system is involved.

        • DaveH

          While real criminals (as distinguished from those who only harm themselves) do indeed need to be punished, there is a very real danger in allowing the penal institutions to force them to produce goods. I envision Government seeking to jail citizens for any possible excuse in order to secure their slave labor, such as what was done in the former USSR. We could eliminate that possibility by allowing the penal institutions to only force prisoners to do useless work such as breaking rocks, or digging and refilling holes, etc.

  • Doug Rodrigues

    I believe that we’re long overdue for an armed insurrection. The subversives in power for decades, and now, could care less about letter writing, phone calls, petitions, and to a lessor extent, voting. There has been an agenda by the power mongers, big money interests, and Big Government proponents to create a totalitarian type rule. What’s left? Do we continue to be civil about the subversion and rely on voting, or do we thke the only action that is left to us? It’s coming. That’s why the left-wing politicians are always finding “good reasons” to get your guns. They know that once guns are confiscated from freedom loving citizens, they will be able to do ANYTHING they want and without fear of a revolt.

    • JC

      “The doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.”
      New Hampshire Constitution
      Source: Article 10

      • Denniso

        Sorry Doug, but your ‘logic’ defies real logic. You say that all the guns in the country keep us free,and then you say that we are essentially not free and are enslaved by the leaders. So which is it? Are all the guns keeping us free or are we enslaved even though our country is saturated w/ guns? It can’t be both…

        • JC

          My God, but you are stupid beyond belief Denniso.
          Guns are the only thing keeping what little freedom we have.
          You Messiah and others are acting as agents for the NWO.
          If not for Americans being so well armed it would all be over by now.
          Please, try and do your mental masturbating somewhere else.
          You really do have the IQ of a house plant and shouldn’t be allowed to play with anything that is plugged into a wall socket.

          • Denniso

            I know it’s tough for you, but you don’t have to act like so many others here when challenged in your rigid beliefs and toss out verbal bombs and personal attacks on me. Try to think about my point and use some logic and reasoning. Guns are either keeping us free or they’re not. You say they are responsible for the little freedon we have remaining…why is that? If all the hundreds of millions of guns in the country can only maintain a minimal amount of freedom,then aren’t you saying they’re presense doesn’t seem to be doing much?

            You can’t really believe that freedom from gov’t control in a modern society comes down to individuals owning guns,can you? We don’t live in the dark ages where brute force did usually settle things,now we maintain or lose freedom at the voting booth. When was the last time a public policy was determined by p[eople displaying their guns? When the patriot act was passed and infringed upon many freedoms,did Bush worry that you own 20 guns or not? Grow up and think like an adult and give up yout John Wayne myths.

          • Palin12

            There are many home invasions where I live in Nevada. Just last night a 15-year old girl was shot to death in Vegas after the intruders kicked the door in. So you confiscate my 9mm handgun and what protection do I have when they come to my house? By the time I can call 911, I’m dead! Oh I know, say the liberals, after they repeal the 2nd Amendment they’ll wave their magic wands and POOF none of the criminal element will have guns anymore. And you want to give obamacare to these criminals? Come pry it out of my cold dead hand Dumniso.

          • Denniso

            I’ve read there are more incidents of accidental shootings w/ guns in the home than there are w/ guns defending the home. Little kids playing w/ guns or kids intentionally shooting their parents even.

            Besides,we were talking about guns keeping us free from tyranny,not defending our homes from thugs. I certainly understand the desire to be able to defend ourselves,but saturating the country w/ guns and so making guns all the more available to criminals doesn’t seem to be working after decades of experiment. We have one of the highest rates of home burglary and robbery in the world. Why doesn’t it work?

          • JC

            denniso, I don’t think loud morons like you are personally attacked “enough”. You’re kind of thinking (if you can call it that) has to be entirely stamped out. We need to restore some sanity to this country and that means no more liberal hysterics.

          • Denniso

            It’s nice to see that you believe in diverse opinions and also think that freedom of speech and thought is a fundalmental part of America.
            I’m glad you’re not as rigid and narrow minded as the Iranian despots,for example,or the former rulers of the U.S.S.R. under Stalin.
            It’s also gratifying that you don’t subscribe to the hate speech of truely evil people like Michael Savage,who believes that liberals need to be ‘stamped out’. I’m pleased that you’re so much more reasonable and balanced.

          • Palin12

            I don’t have any kids in my home. Do you still want to confiscate my gun?

          • Viktor Leben


            Total Gun control will never happen, it’s just a dream. Persons will get weapons even if they have to manufacture weapons by themselves. Passing laws against Gun ownership is like passing laws against bad weather !!

            Anyone of modest technological know-how could manufacture a M-1 Garand or even a M-16 from scratch (atleast a reasonable fascimile). AK-47′s are probably even easier to manufacture in your basement.

            If you look at it objectively, Gun manufacturers give EZ access to the consumer so He/She doesn’t have to manufacture his/her own infernal weapon.

            If guns were outlawed the American citizenry would just manufacture, in the underground economy, more horrific weapons then they can buy easily today.

            Outlaw Chemicals to make gunpowder ? How about a rifle based on electromagnetics or centrifugal force ? Next thing you know some genius will come out with a Buck Rogers Death ray gun – totally operational – with no need for chemical propellant.

            Plasma ray guns ? The power elite could never keep up ….

          • Denniso

            I’m not suggesting outlawing all guns,I’m only arguing against the contention that guns make us safer and keep us free from gov’t tyranny. That is clearly a disproven theory by now if we just compare our country to most of the rest of the world.

            We do outlaw most explosives,all nukes,cannons,machine guns,dynamite,
            missiles,pipe bombs, and most people live with those restrictions…and those ‘weapons’ weapons would be far more effective at keeping tyranny away.

          • Rusticus

            Your paranoia is out of control. We are losing our freedoms to rule by corporations. Gun ownership is not keeping this from happening.

            Congress has already ended posse comitatus. Now American troops can be used in the U.S. Your gun won’t help you when the 82nd airborne comes down you street.

            I believe in gun ownership but not for that bizarre reason.

  • Drake Pendragon

    JeffH: You are right, there are zionist hands on all the power levers in the American government. Vitually all of these American jews have dual citizenship. A man cannot serve two masters. Individuals with dual citizenship should not be allowed to work for the American people in THEIR government.

    As a Christian I support a Jewish State. I do not support a Jewish State in Washington DC.

    • JeffH

      Drake Pendragon, I think the proper terminology would be “Zionist Jews” because there is a distinct difference between the two.

  • Delores Smith

    Just received word from a very reliable source in New York City. There is a virus that can burn your hard drive. DO NO OPEN…POST CARD HALLMARK.
    Delores Smith

  • Delores Smith

    Delores Smith

  • Vicki

    Bob Livingston writes:
    “The men in political power, under any party name, keep themselves and their buddies in power to keep mass corruption covered up. The same bureaucrats are always in charge so as to keep a tight lid on in order to prevent exposure.”

    Explains why Obama kept most of Bushes bureaucrats :)

    Our forefathers warned of this (Smart and wise men they were.)
    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams

  • http://com i41

    Bitter, best way to utalize prison lock ups is chain gangs. Give the prisioners weed wihips to mow road ditches and clean up trash. Since California is planning to release thousands of hardcore criminals on to the streets. Instead just chain them in 10 unit groups. Acording to history channel at least 15 gangs in habitat any prison. Mix and match the gangs members and tell them they have so long to do a mile and if they don’t, no food. If ACLU shows up put them the next set of chains. So you don’t have to transport the lads every night, use a camp cook wagon and also carrying bed rolls along. Just march them to spots needing clean up. Every day they exercise and get fresh air in a drug free enviorment. Every mile of highway costs taxpayer about $5000 a year to maintain. so between peanut butter and raisin sandwiches, costs will really slide down and prisons empty down and also these lads get a free attitude adjustment. Hope this isn’t to tough on fired friday brain noddules, too much info for it to get wrapped up in it synapys!

  • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
    “The Study in the Mythology of White America by a Savage:
    Creed of the Indigenous “Manifest Destiny”
    If the TRUTH of the White Man is made up of what his people are to believe, accept and practice, and this can be proven to be a total LIE, then the truth has to be a lie. So; the lie is the truth, and the Truth is a Lie.
    What can the intellectual system of the White Man hope to gain other then, TOTAL SLAVERY.
    Would you be able to face the real Truth of his religions, educational systems or his Ideologies?
    KEEP THIS IN MIND. The white Man has it down to a common equation, where it touches every religion, race, and nation in the world except; the Traditional Indians of the North and South Americas, who understand the mystery of the Great Law.
    Even when one DIES this LIE has its purpose, because to awaken in the so – called world beyond, one would open his or her eyes into a TOTAL VOID.
    The Creed
    To seek, search, hope or wonder what happens after human death, is not my problem.
    To wonder how far this LIE, affects a person’s life, is a White Man’s problem.
    For I am born FREE from this LIE. I can awake each day, as the Sun rises and say:
    Meredith Quinn “DAKOTA”

    From the WIA: You Created this, you can Die with it or Fight for it like our Forefathers and Mothers.

    • Dr. Mabuse

      Sold not told…
      Taught not bought…
      In point of fact, the Iroqois Conferderacy was the 1st Democratic form
      of Govt. in North America. The founding fathers co-opted much of their ideas on the formation of the documents we hold so dear: The Constitution and Bill of Rights from the Five (later Six Nations.
      For you naysayers and skeptics look to the writings of Ben Franklin, Joseph Adair and Cadwallader Colden.

      I find it sad that the enlightened conservatives have yet to ask the Native Americans their views on Governance.

      WIA has reset the benchmark.

      • Viktor Leben

        I think the proto white europeans were here first before the “American Indian” in North America. … Thousand of years ago the Europeans were supplanted by invaders from Asia, the ancestors of the present day Indian.

        So will the Asiatics re-invade and kick the white European out again ?

        • http://personallibertydigest CRAPGIVER


    • http://none Mike

      WIA,Cant really argue with the plight the indians faced here 1/4 Cherokee. I have a old tinplate of my 4 times greatgrandmother in her full dress. If you look all throughout history you will find that the white and sometimes brown european decent(spanish)Have had a history of either enslaveing other cultures or down right genocidel intents.

      Thats not saying we are all that way I think its in mans nature to be able to change if we so choose. Mike L.

    • FiredFriday

      Not enough buffalo.? Beef it’s what’s for dinner.! Sorry. Some cultures get destroyed or diminished to a sideshow.

  • Allan Halbert

    Wanda is right.

    -Enemy combatants tried by military courts makes sense to most Americans.

    -As pointed out in two recent NY Times articles (Leonhardt and Sorkin), the average GM, Ford and Chrysler worker receives compensation (wages, bonuses, overtime and paid time off) of about $40 an hour. That’s about $76,000 annually. Benefits add $15 an hour. Another $15 is for benefits to retirees (“legacy costs”) which brings the number to about $70 per hour, or $120,000 per year.



    • Denniso

      Acorn ‘forced banks to lend to people in Chicago’??? Acorn registered voters and never had any power to do what you suggest. That’s just absurd. And, even if Clinton shares some blame for making regs less stringent,when Bush came into office he also controlled congress…why didn’t he tighten loan requirements for the 6 yrs that he and the Repubs had the power?

      The truth is that almost everyone was riding the housing bubble,including the well off who were making tons of money on it,and most people thought we had a new paradigm for capitalism…one that transcended the old boom and bust cycles.

      The truth also is that Bush and his cronies believed the market could self regulate and he staffed the SEC,FDA,EPA and MMS(which is supposed to regulate offshore drilling)with people who were told to back off on regulation and let big biz do as they wish,in the interest of making money and powering the economy.

      The truth also is that Allan Greenspan slept while the bubble was building and his Ayn Rand inspired libertarianism told him that everything was best left alone…again believing the market was self regulating and we were operating under a new and better set of rules.

      • Vicki

        Denniso writes:
        “why didn’t he tighten loan requirements for the 6 yrs that he and the Repubs had the power?”

        Duck Denniso. Incoming truth (With actual link rather than your bald assertions with no evidence nor even a morcel of fact

        Bush DID try to tighten the loan requirements. Guess what. Democrats blocked it in committee. Some of the same democrats were RE Elected in Nov 2010. Makes one wonder at the voters there.

        Incoming facts – Duck Denniso.

      • Vicki

        Denniso writes:
        “Acorn ‘forced banks to lend to people in Chicago’??? Acorn registered voters and never had any power to do what you suggest. ”

        Oh but they (ACORN) do have that power

      • Vicki

        But wait. There’s more

        Denniso : ““Acorn ‘forced banks to lend to people in Chicago’??? ..”

        • JeffH

          Vicki, Great job as usual.

          • Denniso

            Vickie…You present Fox News as a credible source?? That’s laughable to all but the true believers.
            Your other source to back up your contention is a rightwing site that also probably has no credibility. Who runs it and does he have any journalistic background? I doubt it,looking at the site.

            Acorn lobbied congress to make loans to lower income people. Exxon lobbies congress to get favors from gov’t. Acorn can’t force congress or any entity to make loans. You’re off base…

          • JC

            “Acorn lobbied congress to make loans to lower income people. Exxon lobbies congress to get favors from gov’t. Acorn can’t force congress or any entity to make loans. You’re off base…”

            Yeah, like Hookers and Pimps.
            very moral people these Acorn commies…

          • Denniso

            Vickie…just to reiterate what I said. You can’t give Fox News and wacko web sites as sources to try to be part of an intelligent discussion…it doesn’t work because they have very clear and obvious biases. Brit Hume for one is a joke of a non journalist and gives no credence to anything. Just because someone has a web site doesn’t lend
            to credibility or truth.

          • Denniso

            With a simple change in law,like often ocurrrs,hookers and pimps would be no different than the pushers and enablers in the lovely alcohol industry. You once again show your provincial and narrow view of human behavior.

      • Viktor Leben


        Your right, the market sure was “self-regulating” ! When you go against the reality of the market, you sure get burnt!

        I don’t know why many persons are complaining, didn’t they get to own a overpriced house for awhile ? And live the American Dream for awhile ?

        Persons aren’t naive , they spinned the wheel and many lost. To bad the game was fixed, by the realiy of the market.

        Like a card game of Old Maid ? Isn’t that what the Tortoise (Robert Ringer) said in one of his books ? The lasrt Persons ended up with the worthless Old Maid of financial instruments /notes/ mortgages/derivatives….

        The person who bailed out early won the game.

        • Denniso

          You’re right, many people made piles of money playing w/ real estate and the stock market during the housing bubble,and not just the bankers and financial hot shots. Millions of middle and upper middle income regular Americans made tens of thousands of $$ before the collapse came.

          Our system operates w/ bubbles driving the economy and creating boom times,and when the bubbles aren’t there the economy looks like it does now…slow.

    • BobbyB

      Direct from the Rush Limbaugh Show!

    • SevenMag

      I do not know about Chicago, but the trend was to lend. Then, the loans were packaged and sold to Fannie or Freddie. Later, Wall Street started buying them also. Walt Disney World moved to New York City. This is a common human emotional mix, hope and mania, that replaces reason and math. So, on the grand scale the price is paid by us all even those that were not involved. Buy Gold now and trade it for inflated dollars later to buy less goods then. Sound reasonable, do the math.

  • tchatchoua eric charlie bien

    if i may submit to you america folks are slight ignorant to they vote for. for maybe brainwashed so easy you add that and todays media, and look what you get more and more govt. control and now if i may say so if you take it away you may have arnacy. its now ecpected of the govt to give you bread n butter and cash. you run against that platform todays media will rip you apart. what we need in govt is a common sense approach, a much smaller govt,more state controlled.much much less spending,by cutting hand outs pork barrel spending that like a bribe to get a vote cut. its sad folks let the medis lie for elected officials and not ask about their past like bill ayers lol. and not let the man off scot free,last may i submit folks oughta watch the movie on cable MEDIA MALPRACTICE. FEEL FREE TO RESPOND LOL

    • Viktor Leben

      The American voter may seem dumb – but their is another way at looking at it. Persons only live on average 70 to 80 years ? Well if I’m 50 years old and get money from the Government then I’m doing OK !!! Nothing like FREE MONEY ! I won’t be around in 40 years to pay it back… EVEN BETTER … Ben and the boys at the FED will inflate my debt away after I’m dead ! Isn’t that great !!!

  • SevenMag

    To the whole lot of yahs. Congress spends. Spending bills orginate by law (constitution) in the house. Executive proposes a budget. Federal Reserve only uses interest rates, treasury buying and selling, and other methods to expand or contract money or digital form of money supply. Congress allows the debt limit not deficit which is often confused to increase.

    Today, the Federal Reserve has been buying other paper. Not a good or maybe legal idea. However, the message to Congress has fallen on wooden heads. No budget cuts, more not less spending, the sky is the limit for their programs. To top it all,they have extended the unemployment benefits past 99 weeks. So, the search for work for some is not compulsary.

    For each educated, informed, and positioned person who thinks deflation is coming another thinks inflation is coming. I think that since the Banks in general have run out of money in general and all our consumer money vanishes to foreign manufacturers, that deflation is more probable. Also, the home, the sigle largest purchse made by the average US citizen has lost a great amount of value. Deflation.

    Deflation can manifest in loss of ability to pay for quality. My God have you looked at the hotel toilet paper of late. Can see right through it. Gets wet and disappears. Deflation. I bring my own brand when I travel now.

    Inflation has been seen in gasoline which is trying to return to the high values before the crash. Gasoline is an indicator of the money war better than most commodities because cars have to have it and we have to have cars. I like dog food also. And, staples like milk, eggs, and bread. Watch the commodities which have taken off. But,the two shipping indexes are flat. Gold and silver are speculators houses like Forex.

    So, why blame the Fed all the time. I do not like any of the banks or their policy for the last 40 years going back to HUD and FHA housing for the masses. These are not the Fed’s policies these are the government’s and your policies. The Fed simply implements them and facilitates them. And, of course, make the Rothschilds, the Bilderburgers, the trilateral commission, Hughes, Ross Perot, and the Bush family richer.

    I like to see bums starving on the street, women reduced to whoredoom, sick and dying children, and other horrors that others cannot stand to bear because without them you have over arching government trying to prevent them. Out with the evils and in with big government. If you do not understand the idea, I will not try to explain. That is the root of the problem. More people. more demand for wealth, gotta have more money.

    The monster from Jekyll Island or what ever it was called was just such an evil preventer. I have tried to caution about gold and silver. Oh no. I understand that you have to make cabbage patch dolls when the masses want them, and sell them for 10,000% profit. Have to join the party while it is hot. The only game in town now. Go where the players are. But, that is the thinking that causes recessions, booms, and depressions. Risk is always there. You ride the horse until a few hours before he dies at which time you sell him. If not, you become the bum or whore with the dying child when the bottom falls out OR you become a benificary of an all controlling government.

    I have lived it, I know it. I do not need to read a book about it.

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    What gets me about people who gain office’s of power, seem to think of themselves as above everyone else for some reason, and they seem to think they can say and do anything, and we all like dumb robots are supposed to believe what they say and hold them in high esteem. This is just not so. The latest one, Obama’s appointed surgeon general Regina, now says that smoking one cigarette can kill you. Really? And were supposed to believe that. Being an ex-smoker myself, who smoked a pack and a half from the age of 16 to the age of 50, I assure you, I smoked that one cigarette, and Im not dead. How assinine a statement for her to make. And then look at her. She wants to present us with so called safe health issues, and she is an overweight heart attack waiting to happen. Maybe that one more french fry will kill you Regina. But dont make statements like this, that will make people laugh who are smoking, because its just plain irresponsible and stupid. I assure you, and though I am no doctor, I will tell each and everyone of you, that nowhere have I ever seen any evidence, nor do I believe anyone can produce any evidence, of any person ever smoking one cigarette and dying from it. Power. Some people let it go to their heads, and think they can say anything and the dumb sheeple will believe it. It works on the liberal left in most cases, but I dont think even they would believe this one.


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