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Popularity Of Marijuana Growing Among Teenagers, Study Finds

December 21, 2009 by  

Popularity of marijuana growing among teenagers, study findsThe use of marijuana has become more prevalent among U.S. teenagers, even as they have cut down on cigarettes, binge drinking and using methamphetamines, according to a recently released national study.

Scientists who conducted the research for the National Institute on Drug Abuse speculated that the result may stem from the national debate over the possible medical use of marijuana, which may have made the drug seem safer to teenagers.

The government has used the study to call for intensifying the efforts against substance abuse.

"We must redouble our efforts to implement a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to preventing and treating drug use," said Gil Kerlikowske, the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy, also known as the White House drug czar, quoted by the Associated Press (AP).

However, there are those who argue in favor of legalizing marijuana, citing its medicinal properties such as helping to treat chronic pain and nausea.

According to, an online resource that aims to present controversial issues in a nonpartisan way, a total of 13 U.S. states, including Alaska, Montana and Rhode Island, have legalized medical marijuana. Meanwhile, Arizona and Maryland have favorable laws, such as allowing medical use defense in court, but have not legalized it.

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  • Chet R Biggerstaff

    And what they DONT tell you is the data could very easily be interpeted in just the oppiset way. What they DONT tell you is that this is a musing they included in their “study”. What they DONT tell you is it is their job to LIE to us. Read the article picking this appart at cannabis news or normals or MPPs. these people are so full of it and dontr have any problem lieing to the pubil. Do your own research and then put down the lies. Peace

    • proman

      your terrible use of grammar is not helping

  • Patrick

    Oh wow. Another study. And the results? Who cares?

    The government at least realized that to prohibit alcohol required a Constitutional Amendment to do so. But they just flat out ignore the Constitution when it comes to drugs. Individual fredom in a free country? Not for some time.

  • Mike R

    I am happy to see that marijuana popularity is on the rise amongst the “party age” – it’s a completely safer alternative to alcohol. That being said, I can’t fathom why anyone would be surprised by this trend in light of prohibition and the recent media blitz on medical marijuana and marijuana laws in general.

    The most dangerous thing about marijuana is the gun-wielding, para-military drug Nazi that will break down your door and shoot your dog to keep you from flushing your joint down the toilet.

    • DaveH

      I agree Mike. I don’t do drugs, but I can certainly see why kids (or adults) would these days. Every way we turn, some busybody government official is busting our chops. It’s enough to make any person want to escape using drugs.
      And the killings and official muggings that go on in connection with the drug wars are an amazing display of hypocrisy. I remember one instance where the drug authorities sprayed a field of marijuana with paraquat. A reporter later was asking a sheriff if he was concerned about somebody unknowingly gathering the dry poisoned marijuana later and smoking it. The sheriff’s reply was that they would deserve it. This coming from people that are supposedly “protecting us”.

      Vote Libertarian, the only party that stands for Individual Freedom, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government:

  • Eric

    I think that it aught to be legalized period. Much of kids interest in marijuana is based on you can’t have. So they go to drug dealers who will try to get them hooked on much worse stuff like crack, meth, heroin et. al. and so forth. Legalizing for medicinal use will result in much more stringent laws as the pharmaceutical companies’ uses their clout to protect their interests and I predict to the extent that they will impose felony offense in lieu to misdemeanor offenses. So this would be a stoner’s defeat. I would say if one wants to grow this cousin in their living room whether for medicinal or recreational use so what! Oh yeah, sorry I forgot the gov can’t tax neither it nor pharmaceutical companies make massive mark ups on it. What the heck was I thinking? I ain’t used it my self since 1981. Eric

  • time

    I could not agree more with whats been noted so far. Its an herb, not a drug, you can also get nearly the same effect from many flowing plants.
    BUT the one factor you can’t get that THC has, it has cannaboids these are very good for your immune system, as in they heal you not destroy you.
    As well its a proven fact that THC also kills Cancer cells. Now if thats bad for you then some ones missed the point.

    Lets make the Carz’s illegal, now thats a plan we can all agree on!

    • Joe H.

      show me one real medical study that says that MJ cures Cancer!!!!

      • Time

        Joe, Look up just one sight and from that your word will change there are countless sights as well countless studys that have gone un noted.
        Now ask why that is? Plug in – {{ RUN FROM THE CURE.}}

        By the way I went from STAGE 3 to ZERO is four months, I followed what was noted to follow, 100% so what else can I say. I think that counts as LIVING Proof. Thats rather hard to beat. Oh and JFTR, I have many friends who have also done this, guess what. There are all here and alive and Zero cancer. Now I will note thats only 25 people,
        but hey thats good odds 25 for 25.

        • Joe H.

          I doubt what you say, only because I only asked you to give one study done by a reputable source, not NORMAL. I could come on here and say I know thirty people that are hooked on pot!!! It wouldn’t be true but I’d be willing to bet under the right circumstance I would get quite a few people that would agree with me!! I HAVE seen all kinds of reports that say ANY smoke inhaled into the lungs CAN cause cancer!!!!Even firefighters have a raised risk of lung cancer!!!!

    • DaveH

      Who cares if it cures cancer or not? The issue here is that the Government has no business protecting us from ourselves. That foot-in-the-door has led to the frightening environment we have today, where government wants to be our nannies.

      • Joe H.

        You and I usually agree but on this we never will. Tell me the same stuff when your kid is laying in a coffin from a drug overdose or from an alcoholic hitting him in a car. Or even worse killed by a stray bullet in a drug deal gone bad!!! Heck it could even be from smoking pot that’s been laced with something!! And don’t even try to tell me that never happens!!!

  • Robert

    I’m not sure I want a bunch of high teenagers operating motor vehicles. While I’m not against decriminalizing it’s use, I’m unsure what the impact on our society would be. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with a few buzzed teenagers in my life, let’s say they don’t appear to be the sharpest tacks in the pack. I also wonder how teachers would be effective if their students were stoned during class time. Legalization should be carefully thought out. And not by those idiot politicans in office. They should all take the best heroin Afghanastan has to offer and leave this world forever.

    • DaveH

      I agree Robert that stoned students aren’t good students. But that is what freedom is all about – we get to make our own dumb choices and pay the price from our own pockets for our own mistakes.
      As far as driving stoned goes, it is happening anyway. Many kids, as was pointed out earlier, do drugs to rebel against authority. I know for a fact that my friends and I knew nothing about drugs until the drug warriors gave the trade immense free publicity in the late 1960s. Then the teenagers were all atwitter with excitement at the new way to tweak authorities.
      The Government do-gooders have been fighting this war for over 40 years now with no end in sight. All that has been accomplished is enrichment of the worst segment of society (drug lords) and we all know that money is power. Remember that the Mafia came to power during Prohibition.
      Also the authorities have used the Drug Wars to diminish our Constitutional Rights.
      And look at the mess in Mexico. The United States created that mess with their meddling.

      • Average Joe

        I would also like to point out that in todays world, teens can obtain marijuana much easier than they can alcohol. So, in reality, those stoned students and stoned teen drivers are already out there and have been for years…how many? I graduated in 1974 and way back then it as easier to get weed than to get alcohol, so this is nothing new. All this study(whether legitimate or not) has done is to give the government another reason to take away more of our rights and freedoms (for our own good of course). As far as the government is concerned, we are not qualified to run our own lives….they must hold our hands and do it for us. Can anyone say “Police State”?

    • karmadillo

      Yes, God forbid that teenagers will drive stoned. Then we will have a bunch of slow drivers on the road rather than speeding alcohol-users or meth-heads.

      • jack

        Alcohol is a depressant and impairs the system down, too. Do you really want stoned drivers with slow reflexes on the roads? It doesn’t seem to work out so well for the drunk ones and their victims.

  • Fred Evil

    Actually Robert, if cannabis is legalized, it would be HARDER for kids to get than now. You’re assuming kids would find it easier to get when it’s regulated by the government, when in fact the opposite is true. At present, cannabis is distributed in EVERY state, and EVERY city. It is done so with ZERO oversight by any reliable, credible authorities.

    The black market for cannabis is everywhere, and it will never card your kid before selling them dope.

    Help me protect my kids, legalize cannabis so it can be regulated and TAXED.

    • Robert

      Thanks for the insight. Didn’t think about it that way.

    • Joe H.

      Fred Evil,
      Alcohol is legal and taxed and the rate of teen alcoholism is way too high!!! Explain that if it would be harder to get!!!

      • Fred Evil

        Agreed, the teen rate of alcohol abuse is too high. ANY alcohol abuse by a minor is too much. It’s the same with cannabis, as it is detrimental to development. Kids shouldn’t have either, which is why we need to REGULATE cannabis. We regulate alcohol, and it is harder for kids to get (though it IS still available, let’s be honest). However, the present system of cannabis distribution, that we’ve spent forty years failing to obliterate, provides ZERO safeguards against kids getting cannabis, indeed, much of the network IS the children.

        Both alcohol and cannabis are bad for kids, but only one is properly monitored by authorities. The other pays no taxes, answers to no authority, and SHOOTS the competition, just as the Mafia did when they controlled alcohol during its Prohibition.

        No, drug abuse isn’t good for anyone, but prohibition is bad for EVERYONE.

        • DaveH

          Vote Libertarian – the only Political Party that stands for Individual Freedom, Individual Responsibility, and Limited Government:

        • Joe H.

          Fred Evil
          If kids can’t get it legally, they will get it illegally!!! So if every Tom, Dick and Harry now has it it will be sold to them!!!! Don’t pee on my foot and tell me it’s raining!! I guarantee you if ANYONE comes near my kids with it, They better sell their soul to God cause their ass is mine!!!! I am not bullshitting you man I mean it true and clear!!!

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    And all of this from the generation that used to listen to such insightful, socially uplifting songs as: “Don’t Bogart That Joint, My Friend”.

  • patient

    The audacity of the governmental klowns such as Kerliklownski to speak as if they are knowledgable of cannabis yet not once do they quote what all “major medical associations” say! You know, DOCTORS!!
    If the politicians, putzy pundents and their mindless followers are not quoting physicians, then IMHO they are simply lieing! Just as Hearst did in the 30′s ending with Anslinger who passed the mj tax stamp act in ’37. No doctors = LIARS!

  • Chet R Biggerstaff

    you need to understand that Gills job has a requirement which is to lie cheat steal and do whatever else is nessisary to ensure cannabis does not become legal (its in his job description). the special interests would have a hissy fit.

  • Botun Nyein

    The study is right.In Myanmar the habit is growing too among teenage.
    Our government and MANA (Myanmar Anti Narcotic Abuse Association)
    jointly studying now.

  • Chet R Biggerstaff

    And there is absolutly no doubt what their outcome will be either ;)

  • Time

    Let me be clear I am not a kid anylonger passed that era well over 40 years ago, be that as it may. I have done both drinking and smoking.

    Let’s review, I have had way to much to drink and had NO clue how I drove, let alone don’t I recall even getting in my car, or getting home, or the drive, as a matter of fact I can’t recall a single thing after drinking to much.
    In a way its hard to grasp I am still alive after drinking as a kid.

    On the other hand, I have driven across the country smoking joint after joint. Yet I can recall everything I did, where I ate, who I saw. As a matter of fact I can say with out question it has had little to no effect on my driving, or my life.

    Now we have young people driving around TEXTING while driving and with just the facts as in the numbers killed, hurt and or injured by one of these special kids. I feel that TEXTING is even worse that Drinking while driving.
    **Drunk driving kills – so to does TEXTING, yet todate there is not a single case of a POT smoker killing anyone while driving.

    Numbers don’t lie. The facts are kids in the only country where Pot is legal the numbers of young people smoking POT has dropped, NUMBERS don’t lie.

    Taxing Pot is stupid and a waste of time, its an herb that grows everywhere on the planet. For any of us that enjoy a good smoke now and then its no differant that a nice fat Cuban Cigar.
    And we don’t need some grubby nasty politician getting kick backs for one more thing. Hell we pay to many tax’s as it is, as well have far to many nasty politician’s.

    Kids can’t afford the higher grade products, so the effects of the THC on what they can get at best would be to make them laugh a lot or be silly. Studys have shown that POT has NO effect on kids, or adults.
    Its safer than drinking water. What more can anyone say.

    FEAR is ignorance, it can be overcome.

    Stupidity is fostered thus becomes common place when one lives by SOUND BITE info.

    • Joe H.

      kids can’t afford it??? I know a 17 year old kid that drives a 68 corvette!!! you think he can’t afford the better grade stuff? Kids are buying their own cars now in case you haven’t noticed. If their friends can afford it, then they will be supplied!!! That’s why leagalizing the stuff that the government would control wouldn’t stop the illegal trade at all. The people that want a better higher high would go for……… The illegal stuff!!!! It’s a process of supply and demand they demand the treated stuff and someone supplies it!!! Besides legalize pot and it just a step away from making speed, crank, crack and every other drug legal. then who has to fund taking care of the old pot heads and druggies like Time when he can’t tell when he has to take a piss and wets himself???? WE do!!! I’m tired of taking care of people that ruin their OWN life and HEALTH till they can’t take care of themselves, It’s BULL!!!!

  • s c

    Let the people in California and marijuana ‘importers’ fight it out. Now that California is going to sell medicinal marijuana and tax it, they have all the reason they need to put all criminal COMPETITORS out-of-business.
    Marijuana is California’s #1 cash crop, so there is NO reason to let ANYONE ‘import’ it into California. Do you think Gov. Arnie can handle it?
    What I’d like to know is how long it will take for the retards in Washington to screw it up for the people in California. It’s just a matter of time.
    Californians, do it RIGHT. You’ll get ONE chance.

    • Joe H.

      s c ,
      There will still be importation into California as long as there are potheads to smoke it!!!! Don’t kid yourself!!!!

  • John Chase, Pinellas County, FL

    What is NOT said in the NIDA

  • John Chase, Pinellas County, FL

    What is NOT said in the NIDA report is important:

    First, the counter-intuitive fact that cannabis prevalence rises even though users risk a felony record, while tobacco use declines, and is now about equal to cannabis prevalence.

    Second, why no mention of PROBLEM USE? It’s there if you dig down to Table 4 in the data…. i.e. DAILY use for at least the past 20 days. There must be a difference between “abuse” (as in NIDA name) and “problem use”, but I don’t know what it is.

    Third, Americans — and Mexicans, Cubans and Blacks — must understand that there are two drug wars. One is the violent war we read about every day, and the more gentle one reported here. The violent war hides behind the skirts of the gentle war.

  • Joe H.

    I’m going to be kinda’ busy tomorrow, so merry Christmas to you ALL and have a safe and healthy New Year!!!God Bless you all!!!

    • jim

      Of course teens use it, bartenders card, dope dealers don’t.


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