Pomegranate Rinds Can Help Fight Infection, New Study Suggest


Pomegranate rinds can help fight infection, new study suggestAccording to new research, pomegranate rinds can be turned into an ointment that is useful in treating methicillin-resistant staphylococuss aureus (MRSA) and other common hospital infections.

MRSA is a pathogen, or agent of disease, that causes infections and is difficult to combat because it has developed a resistance to many common antibiotics.

Scientists at Kingston University in London have found that pomegranate rinds, when combined with vitamin C and metal salts, contain significant infection-fighting properties.

"We have developed a topical ointment that can successfully attack a range of drug resistant microbes," said lead researcher Declan Naughton. "It’s a significant breakthrough and a striking example of the effectiveness of adding more components to create a more active product."

Researchers have found that the topical cream is effective against infection and is associated with fewer side-effects than traditional remedies. "It shows that nature still has a few tricks up its sleeve," said Naughton.

Pomegranates have also been proven to contain significant levels of antioxidants. Moreover, research has suggested that pomegranate juice can help lower blood pressure and slow the increase in bad cholesterol.

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