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Polls Struggle To Capture Impact Of Tea Party Movement

February 11, 2010 by  

Polls struggle to capture impact of Tea Party movement Just days after the first Tea Party nation’s convention wound down in Nashville several opinion polls appeared to send conflicting messages about the movement’s likely impact in this crucial election year.

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Poll, only about a third of Americans view the movement favorably, while a plurality (40 percent) have not heard of it or don’t have enough information to form an opinion.

In addition, about 26 percent of the public is critical of the grassroots movement.

"The Tea Party movement is a blank slate to many Americans, which is not surprising for a political movement that is only about a year old," said CNN Polling Director Keating Holland.

However, there are signals that the movement may already be influencing electoral outcomes in some key states.

For example, a new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows Texas Governor Rick Perry leading Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison 44 percent to 29 percent in the race for reelection.

Perry was endorsed by former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who has been branded by some as the unofficial leader of the Tea Party movement.

Palin delivered the keynote address at the Nashville convention Feb. 6, and a day later she made a public appearance with Perry on the campaign trail in suburban Houston, according to The Daily Texan.

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  • Diana

    The Tea Party Movement represents American citizens that are fed up with the corruptness in our government. The Republicans want to use the movement for their advantage but the basic truth is they only side at the moment with the GOP because it is the lesser evil of the two parties. Both parties are filled with people that have lost the whole concept of doing right. Greed rules in the hearts of most every instutitional business and academic, from the hen house to the White House. We, are a dying Nation if there isn’t a huge turn around in the
    way we are doing politics, running our businesses, teaching our children and being responsible for the decisions made in our lives.

    • Joe A. Everson

      Right on. When our election process offers us two corporate-sponsored candidates who are unqualified by birth, or we are forced to vote for the lessor of two evils, or the election process is minipulated by computer fraud, the people will eventually seek another option. Lets go back to the Constitution! Go Ron Paul

  • Victor L Barney

    The good news is that it only takes about 2 1/2 % change in opinion to “statistically” change and/or win an election! That is why I say that obama (biggest egoist that I’ve ever seen in my life)must STOP the 2010 election somehow or another, or he’ll really get uncovered (exposed) as a two-bit jerk and he knows it!

  • Linc Warner

    I agree with Diana who sounds like a very knowledgable person when it comes to understanding that the game played in Washington does not represent middle America. To awaken,the public must get involved “40% have not heard of the Tea party?”only then can we avoid becoming a dying nation.We must stop looking for Hollywood type personalties which got us Obama and focus on a person resume.Vote out those who want to stay in power and vote in those that have conservative views regardless of Part affiliation.

    • perry

      But you loved Hollywood Ron.

      • Tom Johnson

        Perry Perry Perry. Hollywood Ron? You are so typical of the useful idiots of which Lenin spoke. Ronald the Evil wrote articles,position papers and yes,even books many years before he entered politics. Being from Chicago and an ex-Dem to boot,we know Obama for the articulate simpleton he truly is.

  • Letha

    Had our second meeting last night to organize for upcoming event on the 28th. We are expecting 2,000 to 3,000 people. I agree with Diana above. Our trust must be earned from both parties. Our leaders have lost their way and the concept of doing right. Now is the time for us to stand up and be heard. Thank you

    • JeffH

      Letha, and that trust must be earned with action and not words. The Tea Party movement is in it’s infancy and growing everyday. I have found it very interesting to watch the various MSM’s label the Tea Party movement and even more interesting to listen to Democrats and liberals blow it off as passing wind. This is only the beginning.

  • Jack

    Regardless of what the polls say, the Tea Party Movement is a force to be reckoned with. I support the Tea Party wholeheartedly and I urge every patriotic Ameican to do the same. Only the people can rid us of the current crop of corrupt politicians.

    • Fred

      Yes, I have found myself getting upset at my own party, and people that are propped up as a good runner only to find out he’s just another loser who jumps ship when he or she is elected. We must return to the basics of government and its original roll. Under the constitution the power needs to return to the people. By self-examination or force. Those that have smothered the people and silenced the voice of freedom. We are slaves and don’t even know it. We must brake the bonds of our government over us and fight to regain our pride and dignity for ourselves and our children.

    • Nomad

      Only God can. We need to seek Him and pray if we are to ever see America as we once knew her. If it isn’t too late.

  • Robin from Indiana

    The Tea Party movement has virtually been ignored or downgraded by the MSM. They are not a newsworthy subject. As more and more people are turning to FOX news to get news that the mainstream media won’t cover, more and more of them will know about the Tea Parties and what they stand for. It’s growing, and it will continue to grow with all the bone-head ideas this administration continues with!

    • cr747

      GO GO UP TO SEARCH:: TYPE IN: Is Obama a Muslim::


      • Jana

        Wow, I went to this and there are actually several sites, No, he has never talked about his Christian faith, but he sure talks abut the Islamic faith with glowing terms.

        • cr747

          Jana, thanks for going and checking the site out. I have been called liar, racist, and many more names that are not in my vocabulary.. I appreciate the time you spent checking it out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Patty Harris

    Tea Party is the way to go…
    We got to stop Obama’s agenda or America will be no more.

  • Peri McMillan

    Of course most Americans haven’t heard of the Tea Parties since the MSM refuses to cover anything that goes against their agenda. Anyone who’s not sleepwalking today knows that the MSM is in bed with the One World Order people. Although our 912 March On DC had over a million Americans attending, the MSM virtually ignored it like it never even happened. We patriotic Americans are sick and tired of being portrayed as Terrorists as well as other untrue labels simply because we love our country and are willing to fight for it. Most of our SO-CALLED leaders are corrupt and are drunk with money and power and that needs to change now for the sake of all of us and our country.

    • Jana

      The MSM has also described those in the Tea Party as a mob or a group of thugs. They are trying their best to discredit them. But the truth will come out. there are those who would just stick their head in the sand and hide from any unpleasantness, not realizing that our country is in trouble and is full of corruption and Progressives and they have got to be stopped. They have done their best to distort and rewrite history, so it is up to us to shout out the truth, and we are!

      • Joe H.

        If anyone says that to you ask them who left the biggest mess behind. I know it sounds petty at first, but it comes down to a matter of respect. Thuggs are the ones that disrespect property and throw trash around wherever they congregate! The police in D.C. have said that the TEA Party members left the grounds a whole lot cleaner than the lib convention did. now who are the thugs???

    • Fred

      Thank you!!

  • Flora Pulfrey

    The Tea Party is good for the country. FOX news, especially Glenn Beck, has exposed the corruption in our government and helped get some of the persons out of our government. I think that FOX news gives us the news like it is while other news channels are serving the administration instead of the people.
    Hopefully, We the People, will bring our government back to what it was originally suppose to be under our Constitution. Also, that we will keep our 2nd Amendment and not let the UN control our country.
    Thanks, FOX news.

    • DaveH

      For a real eye-opener catch the John Stossel show on the Fox Business Channel Thursdays at 8PM Eastern.
      He is making an extraordinary effort to wake people up to the benefits of Limited Government and Free Markets.
      Go John!

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I’m looking forward to watching the show, although I’ll have to catck it as a rerun because I won’t be home. Shuld be very eyeopening for some and informative for everyone.
        Everyone remember, it will be on the FOX business channel, not FOX news.

    • Rod

      I cannot begin to tell you what is wrong with your statement. it is clear you have no concept of history — let alone reality!!!

      • Time

        Rod, Perhaps you can explain whats so wrong, as well bring histroy to life for all of us so we can see what your talking about.
        Thanks in advance for your insight.

        • Stephaan

          I don’t think Rod has any concept of history or reality, other than the fact that he “thinks” he remembers that he scratched his backside yesterday.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    As for Sarah Palin’s speech, now the lame stream MSM is mocking her as a palm reader merely because she wrote a few words on her hand. I heard parts of her speech – a good speech!! Especially when we hear that BHO can’t even speak to school children without a teleprompter!! The liberals must be desperate!! One MSM outlet mocks Palin for referring to Biden as O’Biden, but fails to mention Biden saying “Stand up Chuck…” to a man in a wheelchair, or Obama talking about the “57″ states. The MSM fails to say that Obama once said “Wreck Havoc” instead of “Wreak Havoc”, or more recently, Obama said “Navy Corpse Men” instead of “Navy Corps Men”. As for writing on her hand, SO WHAT?? When giving speeches, don’t we all have notes in front of us? To all the liberals and drones, I ask: Can your beloved president give a speech without notes or a teleprompter….without hesitating or stuttering?????

    • DaveH

      I think Sarah is a wonderful lady, but I’m not convinced she will be the answer to our problems. The fact that she is stumping for RINO John McCain tells me a lot about her. Some say she is helping him for the favor he gave her as his vice-presidential nominee. But isn’t that the kind of political wheeling and dealing behavior that got us here in the first place?
      We need Leaders who will promise to cut the size of Government dramatically and stick to that promise.
      The Libertarians are the only Party I would count on to achieve that:

      • Jana

        Dave, You are right in that it is hurting her a great deal to stump for McCain. However, there might be more of the fact that she genuinely likes McCain as a person. He seems like a very likable guy, and she may not be aware of all of what we have been learning about Progressives. She is and has been learning so much about the political fiasco, but until recently I would have called myself a Progressive thinking it meant “Sure I agree with progress.” Not realizing the evil of this movement people get caught up in innocent sounding terms.

        She may not ever be elected anything again, but she is bringing attention to the need for things to change and the need for people to gather together and vote in a knowledgeable and informed way. This is also what the Tea Party is doing.

      • JeffH

        I think Sarah Palin could be a very good president if she holds true to her values and doesn’t allow herself to get tainted by “good ole boy” politics. She is supposed to be a quick study and might be better suited for a run in 2016(?).

    • Fred

      He has no leadership in hes bones he must read it off the teleprompter.

    • Joe H.

      She is a palm reader!!!! I’ll bet you a dollar to a donut hole she can read Obummers palm and tell him he’s down and out in 2012!!!

  • lethrneck

    Try another poll besides CNN the lapdog of liberals. They are part of the Mainstream Media, so blind and disconnected with the grassroots of America that they aren’t even sure anymore of what country they are still in. They think it is the country of Obama-phoria, where there are no rich people, just poor people that must be nannyed every step of the way. (The USSR was that way once; look at what happened to them.)
    The tea party movement is a breakthrough to reach the common man and woman on the streets, not the ones in the gutters, but the sensible thinking citizens.
    CNN poll people not knowing about the tea party is not surprising at all; they are still on the dark side of the learning curve and may never make it to the sunshine.

  • bargal

    CNN is bought and paid for by the White House so why would any conservative listen to anything they have to say about anything? To quote CNN in saying that 40% of the populace doesn’t know about the Tea Party or haven’t heard of it is ludicrous. With the twenty four hour news coverage and print in this country, it is virtually impossible not to have heard about the Tea Party through one media or the other.
    The only thing I can come up with is the Liberals done’t give a damn about their children having to live in a socialist country and being enslaved by this government and that is especially disturbing when it comes to the African American as they can’t stop after all these years talking about slavery and continue to back a government that wants to take away all the freedoms this country has enjoyed for two hundred thirty four years. Wake up America and help take this country back out of the hands of the enslavers

  • Sherry

    There has to be a big change in our government. They no longer work for the American people or what is best for this country. They have
    forgotten who they service. I hope the Tea Party movement will open
    citizens’ eyes to see the need for changing the system. Perhaps the
    congressmen should serve(for the people) an 8 year term then go back to the private sector. No retirement package, they are their to balance the budjet & make the country better. Not to line their pockets & listen to special interest groups. When are we going to take care of the people in this country?

    • Jana

      You are so right. The government no longer feels that they have to represent the people, they only do what furthers their own careers, and what their own agenda. We the people are just too stupid to know what is best for us.

      They are fastly learning that we do have a mind of our own and we will be heard. If they haven’t paid attention then hopefully they will be voted out of office.

    • Bob

      The Tea Party can be a polital force by voting out all incumbents thereby imposing term limits and turning legislators away from lobbyists corrupting influence and back to legislating in the best intersts of their constituents. Power of the VOTE to the Tea Party!
      One, two, three elections…however long it takes.

      • Stephaan

        Voting out ALL incumbents is not such a great idea.
        ex: We have a Democratic Rep. in my state that is NOT anywhere close to being your typical liberal Democrat! He is a Constitutionalist, and has been all of his political life. He has championed citizens gun rights, lower taxes, and smaller government ever since he’s been in congress.
        How could we EVER replace him, and WHY would we EVER want to try? Who would we replace him with? Replace him with some “UNKNOWN & UNPROVEN” lying politician who claims to be for the people blah blah, and then find out he was lying during his campaign as soon as he casts his first anti-American vote in congress? I DON’T THINK SO!
        I would rather keep voting for a conservative that has proven his political beliefs with his votes, because I have SEEN HIS VOTING RECORD, AND I KNOW HE SUPPORTS A FREE AMERICA!
        A politicians voting record is PROOF of what, and who he is! Just look at obamas voting record, and then look at the lies he told during his campaign. If EVERYBODY had done their homework on obama, HE WOULD NOT BE P.O.T.U.S. The information was out there about obama, it’s just too bad that not enough Conservative Americans did their homework. The same thing happened in 2006 when the liberal socialists got control of congress.
        I SAY KEEP ALL THE GOOD ONES, AND JUST WORK TO GET RID OF THE BAD ONES, AND EVERYBODY SHOULD ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN FOR THE ONES YOU LIKE, AND AGAINST THE ONES THAT YOU DON’T WANT, AND START RIGHT NOW! Contact your questionable Reps. and Senators now, and tell them that if they cast one liberal vote before November, they will be looking for work the day after the election. Concentrate on the worst ones first.
        There are good and bad ones in all three parties. Getting rid of the bad ones is a big enough job in itself. Ousting all incumbents is counter productive, and a waste of valuable time and resources.

        • GregS

          Well said Stephaan!

  • Harry

    One must study our history from another perspective and recognize that we have been subverted by a corrupt bunch constantly working behind the scenes. Although people may see Fox News and other main stream media as saviors, they are actually part of the problem. A fact in point, if you want to understand why we are where we are today I strongly suggest a good starting point is to read an essay entitled “The Chasm”. It can be found at the website Freedom Force International. Until people look into this information, they will continue to be strung along and played like a fiddle.

  • Raggs

    I’m not surprised… The dem’s and the obama media will never be able to figure out the people are sick of socialism!

  • Meteorlady

    The Tea Party movement is good for the country but it will get subverted eventually because that’s what the elite of the world do. I attend Tea Parties when they come through Texas and it’s normal everyday concerned citizens. I watched the new media at these events. They pick out the weirdest person they can find, one with all the pins stuck to a strange hat and a t-shirt with some inflammatory saying or picture and the person is unshaven and looks crazy. That’s the way the want to portray us – not as actual real people who have legitimate gripes about their government. The GOP is also courting the Tea Party people because they are afraid we will start voting for more and more independents and Libertarians. The Democrats are afraid of us – look at the negativity surround Palin and the Tea Party convention. Ultimately though, people will just stop reading printed articles and watching television news by bias news sources and these outlets will go bankrupt. Maybe then we will get some truth in news reporting. I don’t know about you, but I depend on getting the actual news, not some slanted opinionated version by a “reporter” that is reading what someone else wrote for him. As for journalism – there are very few fair and equal journalist left in this country.

    • Jana

      Even McCain’s daughter is going to speak at a Tea Party, and she calls herself a Progressive Republican.
      The Tea Party needs to be careful who they choose to speak or represent them as this will also subvert them.

      • Claire

        Tea Parties will be and do just fine as long as the RINOs stay out of them. It appears they are trying to get a toehold and claim the tea parties as their own idea. This is not good, and the true reason for having tea parties will become nothing more than a political arena for the RINOs. I have already heard grumblings.

        • Bob

          We are not a political party nor should we be aligned with any political party. We are a political force for change (9/12 “can you hear us now?”) Vote em out, vote em all out, all incumbents till they hear us loud and clear!!!!

        • jim

          Hi Claire, I agree, there are people from Dem,Rep, and independents and it wouldn’t be good for one party to take over and alienate the others. We should all work for the same goal.

        • Claire

          Regarding Tea Parties–the way I look at it, organizers should not invite speakers that have an affiliation with any party. When this happens, the tea party is automatically considered to have Republican/Rino ties. The majority of the speakers they are having now are mostly from the Republican party. If tea parties want to remain NEUTRAL and not have any party affiliation, they should do their OWN speaking. To me, this makes better sense and comes across as being “for the people.” The tea parties here in my town are put on by the Republicans. They are taking so-called “credit” for them. If the people that organize tea parties want to hire a speaker, then they should take a good look at who they want to hire, especially if they want to support party neutrality like they are claiming.

          • Claire

            Dare I bring up the name of Dick Armey?


    The Tea Party has inspired me to become vocal about our rights and liberties that have been slowly taken away in this Christian nation. This idea that the government must do everything for us is a direct path to bondage. I attended my first Tea Party in Sacramento in April 2009. I was blown away buy the huge event, the peaceful expression of the distaste of political corruption and the general disconnect of our elected officials to the real desires of the citizens of this great nation. The TEA PARTY is huge, and I strongly urge all of us to contribute to the political process by talking to our neighbors, being vocal when discussions come up that are wrong, and work for smaller government at all levels. We can’t afford to let a government replace our common sense. The Tea Party represents a vast majority of the population. What used to be called the silent majority, has now had enough and is now speaking through the Tea Party. When the Democrats and the Republicans call for donations tell them you donate to the TEA PARTY. THEY WILL THEN LISTEN.

  • Vinnie

    There was a time, just before 2000 when our national budget was in balance and the future seemed bright. BUT! Along came George (W)armonger Bush, who “dragged us by our noses” into a most unnecessary war with Iraq, by lies, and by the fabrication of fictitious “WMD’s”. The burden of the expense of not only the Iraq debacle, but by the entire mismanagement of the economy will continue being paid for by your children and their children’s children.
    The legacy of the Bush Administration is this, is that from 2000 thru 2008 the nation’s financial hole soared to several trillions of dollars! This is the way it was before the official declaration of “The Great Recession”, and before the significant market declines of October!
    It is important that we remember that before the advent of the destructive economic polices of the Bush Administration the national deficit was about 1.2% of GDP. When they were in control, the Republicans rubber stamped every ounce of Bush’s irresponsible and disastrous economic policies! It never ceases to amaze me how, today, these very same spendthrift Republicans have suddenly become the champions of fiscal responsibility!
    There is an irony to all of this, especially if we were to consider that there is a group of emerging market nations, among which are the Ukraine and Romania. All of which are managing their books in a much better fashion than we are; and all with debts at less than 15% of GDP.
    They are out there in force criticizing Obama for not cutting taxes and paying down the debt. What an easy argument this is to make especially when your party is not in control. The debt, which is in desperate need of being brought down, was not created by Obama but by none other than George W. Bush.
    Conservatives are always in the forefront of criticism of Barack Obama. The hypocrisy of these same conservatives is that there is no criticism of Bush’s dismal economic performance which is responsible for bringing us to the brink of disaster. They will never concede that it was they, themselves, who brought this nation’s economy to this point of degradation!
    As for Sarah Palin, the heir apparant to the badly brewed tea bags I do believe that Sarah should begin ingesting fish oil, as there are reports from some of the medical professionals to the effect that fish oil may help prevent psychotic disorders. And psychotic she most definitely is!

    • DaveH

      To learn the truth about the Clinton Balanced Budget:

      • Sheila

        Vinnie doesn’t want to know the truth, so he’ll never go to your link. Vinnies problem is the same as ALL the other liberals suffer from in this country. He would rather live in his own little utopian world, where he can remain safe from all his fears, and just blame Bush, because that is what his liberal socialist leaders told him to do.

    • jim

      Hi Vinnie, It’s a good thing you post here, so we can find out what the DNC is telling its lockstep drones what to think. Vinnie the parrot here, this is a recording.

    • http://personalliberty teabaggerandproudofit

      You are the biggest treat to the United States…your friends in congress caused the financial problem NOT George Bush. (He did spend to much but not as much as obama is spending)Maybe you should talk to barney frank and Chris dodd..They are the ones that caused the housing problem. We will take the country back from the liberals whom are only 20% of the nation but for now control 100% of govenment and still couldnt get anything done but run us deeper in dept. Thank GOD for Scott Brown. Once the democrats stop listening to the small percent of liberals and take back the party they then can succeed. Letting Nancy and Harry lead will only bring on defeat.

    • warrior

      Don’t forget every incoming President inherits debt from the previous President, George Bush Left Obama 800 Million Dollars in the Red thats 800 Million! Now we are 12 Trillion Dollars in Debt in just one year after Obama was in the White House, So Bush had nothing to do with that, this was Obama,Reid,Pelsoi and other Socialist that caused this with thier behind the doors dealings(more lies- no transparency ). And Obama will not accept any responsibility for it he only tries to do the blame game, in fact his whole damn Administration uses the blame game always blaming someone else for thier own mistakes. I don’t think the president is even making the calls its other people behind the scenes doing it. Puppets don’t make dicisions!! only puppet masters. I say that because Obama does not know anything about our country,fair trade, our culture, all he knows is being a good orator and he even gets his speech information wrong a lot. A Community organizor is no where near knowing how to be a President. Hes our puppet. Well he’s someones puppet. NOT MINE. Republicans,Democrats and Independts needs to step up ( if they truly like this country ) and stop all this nonsence coming out of our Government. Get rid of the people who are trying to dismantle this Country, be it Socialism or OTHER. Big Government does not work it only takes away everyone.

    • Conservative Carl

      Vinnie does not understand that conservatives did not approve of the spending of George W. Bush and hated the spending bills he and Teddy Kennedy pushed hard for that are now costing us Billions of $$ annually- the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill and the No Child Left Behind miseducation bill. George W was not a fiscal conservative and we criticized his massive spending,Vinnie, but remember that Democrats pushed for a lot of it also.
      We don’t like big, intrusive government that controls education and we don’t want them passing a national healthcare plan that will bankrupt America.
      When Bill Clinton and both George Bushes asked for relaxing credit restrictions for low-income home buyers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac urged banks to cooperate and now look at the huge number of foreclosures. Chris Dodd and Barnie Frank had their hands in this debacle also, so do not point fingers only at the Bushes for the financial mess.
      Bush was wrong to bail out the banks and auto companies but the debt was a lot smaller when he left and Obama had the chance to say NO to the banks and GMC and Chrysler, but he also handed out even more money. So please stop the blame game of the Republicans being at fault for it all since you surely know that the Democrats had enough seats in both house and senate to stop ANY spending.

      We cannot pay our way out of debt by borrowing and spending more money! Our nation is on the verge of collapse, just as did some homeowners who lost homes and possessions by being too deeply in debt beyond their means to pay.

    • Southside Tommy

      Hey Vinnie,saw ya on Jersy Shore.Typical left wing progressive lemming. Inspite of Fannie Freddie Aig,[one and the same],because of the Bush tax cuts[which Dems gladly took,at least the ones who have ever worked]the deficit was shrinking. And then along came Nancy and Harry. Huge spending and government waste-for which true concervatives excoriated Bush. Why? He acted like a Democrat. He also spoke repeatadly against Acorn loans-oops-I mean loans for the poor that they could never and never would pay back. Psst-Obama was one of the most radical Acorn organizers,who routinely accused bank of being rascist and used the treat of Federal lawsuits unless loan officers approved them.

  • eddie47d

    Sarah Palin is remarkable in many ways,but she also plays with the facts. (Like most politicians). She rails against Federal dollars ,yet “her” state received 2.4 billion dollars in 2008. That is the second highest behind Wyoming another conservative state. Mostly for education,housing and welfare programs,which she also rails against when other states need money. Alaska is not self sufficient because it DOES NOT tax it’s citizens in the way other states have to. They rely on Federal money,which is unfair to many states which has to fight for those dollars.Conservatives in my state rail against oil and gas taxes,yet in Alaska that is their main source of income. So many conservatives conviently support both sides of the issue.(Sarah Palin). Even the oil industry in Alaska is subsidised by that mean federal government.

    • DaveH
    • DaveH

      Here is an excellent analyis of the Federal Aid to States:

      • American Citizen

        This shows how the federal government is usurping states’ rights.

    • cr747


      GO TO:::: GO UP TO SEARCH::::::::

      TYPE IN::: Is Obama a Muslim





    Is this not enough to understand? We are the UNITED STATES! These people in the white house are such progressives that they are destroying who we are and what America is . They are causing class fighting – rich/poor — taking over large businesses / banks and now want to take over our health care – the most personal thing in our life.Is there any question why the tea parties started?? We are standing up for ourselves — for what America is ! Yes WE MUST STOP THEM — and ”WE THE PEOPLE” will do that.

  • jim

    The members of the tea party movemnt are from all party lines and I hope one party doesn’t try to claim it for their own and alienate the other members.

    • Bob

      Let the Dems and Repubs do their thing. We should keep cleaning house until it smells better. Vote out all incumbents this eliction and as many more as it takes!

  • John

    I agree with most of the replies here and we as Proud AMERICANS need to go to the polls this year and vote all of these incombants out and start fresh with a new group of REPS that we can control with our votes . let them know we are fed up with this BULL.

    • Jana

      RIGHT ON.

    • GregS

      John, I disagree about voting out all incumbents, just because they are incumbents. I think that it’s a very dangerous thing to do. What if their opponents are worse than they are? Not all of the ncumbents are bad. Each candidate (incumbent or not) should be examined very closely with regard to what he/she stands for, before voting. That is the only way to clean up the mess that we currently have in Washington.

      • American Citizen

        You’re right, there are some good people up there. You need to know your own Representatives and Senators and how they think and vote. We need to support those who are fighting for us up there. It takes a couple of terms before they can have any clout as a rule in order to get on a committee or be the head of a committee. It’s a shame that that’s how it works, but it’s the same in any organization.

        • Stephaan

          You are correct sir. Voting out all incumbents is counter productive and a waste of our time, and as someone pointed out to me “Term Limits” also falls into the same category. ALWAYS vote for the man/woman and what he/she represents. Check their voting record throughout their political service. There are good and bad in BOTH PARTIES, just more conservatives in the repubs and more libs in the dems.

    • Conservatively speaking

      Read this before you consider voting out ALL incumbents! The same goes for wanting “term limits” on congress.

      PLEASE, EVERYBODY SHOULD READ THIS, and repost it to everybody who keeps wanting to vote out all incumbents, or wants term limits.
      - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
      Stephaan says:
      February 13, 2010 at 1:49 pm
      Voting out ALL incumbents is not such a great idea.
      ex: We have a Democratic Rep. in my state that is NOT anywhere close to being your typical liberal Democrat! He is a Constitutionalist, and has been all of his political life. He has championed citizens gun rights, lower taxes, and smaller government ever since he’s been in congress.
      How could we EVER replace him, and WHY would we EVER want to try? Who would we replace him with? Replace him with some “UNKNOWN & UNPROVEN” lying politician who claims to be for the people blah blah, and then find out he was lying during his campaign as soon as he casts his first anti-American vote in congress? I DON’T THINK SO!
      I would rather keep voting for a conservative that has proven his political beliefs with his votes, because I have SEEN HIS VOTING RECORD, AND I KNOW HE SUPPORTS A FREE AMERICA!
      A politicians voting record is PROOF of what, and who he is! Just look at obamas voting record, and then look at the lies he told during his campaign. If EVERYBODY had done their homework on obama, HE WOULD NOT BE P.O.T.U.S. The information was out there about obama, it’s just too bad that not enough Conservative Americans did their homework. The same thing happened in 2006 when the liberal socialists got control of congress.
      I SAY KEEP ALL THE GOOD ONES, AND JUST WORK TO GET RID OF THE BAD ONES, AND EVERYBODY SHOULD ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN FOR THE ONES YOU LIKE, AND AGAINST THE ONES THAT YOU DON’T WANT, AND START RIGHT NOW! Contact your questionable Reps. and Senators now, and tell them that if they cast one liberal vote before November, they will be looking for work the day after the election. Concentrate on the worst ones first.
      There are good and bad ones in all three parties. Getting rid of the bad ones is a big enough job in itself. Ousting all incumbents is counter productive, and a waste of valuable time and resources.

      • GregS

        Well said, Conservatively_speaking!

        • Conservatively speaking

          That’s Stephaans post, not mine. I just copied and pasted it.

          • GregS

            Sorry for the oversight. Thanks to Stephann for posting it the first time, and thanks to you for re-posting it. Well said to both of you.

  • eddie47d

    It’s a shame that Earl has to attack people who stutter,most of his comments were petty. I’m okay with the Teaparty movement but don’t encourage the extremests (those with Nazi signs,ect.)Just stick to the facts and don’t get crippled with frivolous garbage. You seem to praise Fox News and that’s okay too. They are not always fair and balanced anymore than MSNBC. Large corporations are bleeding America dry. A few get rich while the majority of folks slide backwards.Just look at the huge salaries they pay themselves;and then they want bigger bonuses. What’s American about that? I don’t see anywhere that these pirates deserve their booty. Look at drug prices,look at private healthcare costs,look at mortgage closing costs. Then look at these great Americans who are stuffing their pockets like they just robbed a bank. These companies pay 40% less than they did in 1982 which means more burden falls on us. If you really want fair and balanced:why aren’t you screaming from the roof tops about all this uncontrolled greed. We’re all paying dearly for their behavior. It’s fine to go after a bloated govt.,but don’t be so one sided.

    • Conservative Carl

      Eddie, nobody in the Tea Party meetings had Nazi signs. Those were the signs from some American group that has some resemblance to the Nazi signs. Sorry I don’t remember the name of that group but someone remembers it and may be able to link to that sign or emblem. Please do not think that we in any way want to identify with Nazis since they were the German progressives.

      • Stephaan

        There were 3 younger kids (late teens or early 20′s) dressed in tan uniforms complete with swastikas, and the moderator told them that “that” is NOT what the Tea Party Movement was about, and politely asked them to leave, which they did.
        For all we know they could have been “plants” sent by the liberals to try and sway, or influence those who haven’t made up their mind yet, that the Tea Movement was Nazi oriented.

  • Conservative Carl

    Here is a link to the MAHALO website where there is a comparison of the Nazi Swastica symbol and the Obama Healthcare emblem or symbol that was displayed at a Tea Party with an X across it.

    BTW, it was a congress person, Pelosi maybe, who had claimed the Obama healthcare sign at a Tea Party was the swastica. Rush commented on that woman’s statement and people who don’t listen to Rush accepted the Main Stream Media claims that Rush himself had made the claim. Obama and liberal/progressive movement have all the networks on their side and conservatives have only FOX NEWS at least partially on their side. There is NO balance on the major networks. Please stop complaining about FOX NEWS, especially if you don’t listen yourself but have to have Katie Couric tell you her version of what was said on FOX.

  • Julie Gorelik

    TEA PARTY FOR ME!!I was a “Tea Party” American as soon as I was married,and had children back in 1981.I realized first hand what I saw in my face-married couples having to take out loans to pay Property Taxes-while the Unwed Mothers-got it ALL-Free-on you an’me.No body brings up the HUGE impact being Taxed out of the HOUSE,really is yet,untill your job is gone(business/jobs)taxed out,you can’t pay your mortgage payment anymore(even though you basically paid it off)and everything left is interest on the bank loan.The big obama lie to keep families in their homes-just give us&the BANKS(who created this mess intentionally)in the First place.Give us your money so we can have it ALL-including your homes-no one owns a home-if you can’t pay your property tax-baby it’s gone.Just what their Communist agenda was&is.If anything is “Unconstitutional”what about COMMUNISM????

  • RC

    The Tea Party does not have leader nor does it need one. It’s a grassroots movement organized by ordinary people. It spreads by word of mouth and by contacting your local talk show radio host. It’s not centralized either. They’re all free and independent without big money involved.

  • Jerry Begay

    The problem is simple:”Turn back to God Almighty!” This can easily be done, “Repent(II Chro.7:14)!” History does repeat itself (Eccl.1:9)Read your King James and quit watching the sports events.

    Antichrist will come! You cannot change it! The only thing you can really do, is get right with God, and get your children and relatives saved.

    As a Native American, the Bible is the best thing that the “Whiteman” has brought! Sad to say the The “Whiteman” does NOT believe in the Holy Scriptures any more.

    A lot of “White folks” believe in evolution, and this belief is the
    major reason why the politicans do not care one way or another about
    our cpountry! We are not animals!

    We are “CREATED” in the image of God Almighty! “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, after this the judgment (Heb.4:12).”

    Just because he can clone a sheep, he thinks he is God! For all you folks out there, get in a Bible Believing Baptist Church and allow a
    “real” Bible Believing Preacher to teach you a thing or two.

    There are too many false prophets out there! If you would pray God would lead you to the right church. This is the answer to the country’s problem.

  • Will

    Shouldn’t the Tea Party be TEA Party. After all it’s an acronym that says it all: Taxed Enough Already!!

  • Bill

    The main reason that the Tea Parties aren’t heard of is because the media refuses to cover it . . . .accurately. I was not only at the event in Ft. Worth, Texas Sept. 12, 2009, but a volunteer, as well. One local media source stated that there were only a few hundred people in attendance. Another stated a couple thousand. I was at the very front of the march and as we crossed the side streets, I could see people thick on the street where we started. The march was four blocks long, one across and four back to the start and full of people on a four-lane street the entire march. The event managers were expecting maybe 15,000, but I heard later that the total was closer to 25,000.

    That same day, the Tea Prty event in Washington, D. C., the media reported just tens of thousands, whereas Fox, I believe reported 1.5-1.7 million. The videos and pictures I saw had people thick all over the monuments where the event was held. The million man march a few yrs ago didn’t have nearly that many in attendance and that one was quoted to be 700,000, at most.

    So, if people don’t hear about the Tea Parties, blame the biased media. I do!

  • http://naver Brady

    Rod, I don’t know why you wish to attack someone like that. If you want to know about history, maybe I can help you. The Tea Party Movement go by the beliefs of our Christian Founding Fathers, our founding documents, Constitution, and a book called “Common Sense.” I, being a historian, say that not only are they wanting our government to go back to the ways our founding fathers had envisioned this country, but to also try to keep it from being more socialistic than it is now. If you really want to know about this, remember our founding fathers didn’t believe in the welfare state we have today. Hand up and not hand outs.

    Take Social Security for example. It was passed during FDR’s tenure in office. It was passed by the Senate and House of Representatives in 1934, 1935, and 1936, but was rejected when the Supreme Court said it was “Unconstitutional”. Why would they say this? They said this because of what I said above. Also, they didn’t believe in giving aid to any group less than 50% of the population. Aslo, this program wasn’t FDR’s idea, it belong to Hitler. He started his program in 1933 and FDR wanted to see if it would work. It was a big success, so FDR thought he could do the same thing. Though FDR started many social programs, we still had 20% unemployment and we didn’t really recover from the Great Depression till 1945.

    What’s wrong with believing in self reliance, personal responsibility, and the vigilance to ensure the government remain our servants and not our masters? If we need lawyers, judges, and the ACLU (Athiest, Communist, Looney Liberals Union) to tell us what those principles are, then we have lost our common sense and we have lost our country!
    Forbid it Almighty God!!!!!

  • cr747

    GO TO:::
    GO UP TO SEARCH:: TYPE IN:: Is Obama a Muslim

  • Ken A

    The hope from this “blue dog” democrat is that the Tea Party folks will have an impact on both political parties. It’s distressing to see people defending whatever their own particular party has done in the name of “party loyalty”. i.e., It makes me sick to hear the Republicans attacking (justly) the fiscal craziness of the Obama dems, while excusing the fiscal behavior of George W. and the GOP congress. A pox on both houses! However, I shall withhold judgment on the Tea Party movement until I see whether they make room for people who are fiscal conservatives and social liberals. Hopefully, they will not turn into yet another group of “true believers”. I can still hope that Sen. Brown represents the potential outcome of this movement, though the adoration of Sarah Palin at the conference gives me room for concern.

    • Dylan

      Ken A says:
      February 12, 2010 at 8:41 am

      However, I shall withhold judgment on the Tea Party movement until I see whether they make room for people who are fiscal conservatives and social liberals.
      Can you explain the last part of your statement.
      Fiscal conservatives, YES that’s what the TEA party movement is all about, but I doubt you will find any “social liberals” in the movement because they are not fiscally conservative. Why would the “social liberals” want to belong to the TEA Party movement when we are against bigger government and out of control spending? BIGGER GOVERNMENT and MORE SPENDING is EXACTLY what the social liberals are for! Please explain what you are saying.

  • Tim

    As long as this administration is at war with the private sector, the Tea Party Movement will be relevant. We’ve become a nation of whiners and bedwhetters that has lost its way thanks to the big nanny state the progressive cause has inflicted upon us. Time to kick out the PC crowd and begin rebuilding America.

  • Stephaan

    The “ignorant group” aka the 40% of Americans that “the polls” state haven’t heard of the tea party movement, is made up of people who don’t follow politics AT ALL, and those who don’t ever vote. Also, there are probably some lying liberals in that group that were polled, who pretended to not know about the movement just to skew the results!

    It’s also important to remember that WHERE the poll was taken has a dramatic effect on the outcome. Take the poll in the heart of any big city and those are the results you’ll get. If you took the poll anywhere in the south half of my state, the results would have been that 90% know about it, and 80% approve of the Tea Party Movement.

    Tea party organizers need to start selecting bigger forums to hold Tea Parties. Ours was filled up 2 hours before it began, and the supporters that couldn’t find a square foot of space to stand, drove past on the 4 lane main street honking their horns, and shouting support for the next 3 1/2 hours. Several thousand attending, and 4 lanes, bumper to bumper, filled with agitated Patriotic Americans, Conservative Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, all together, and all pis*ed off at a liberal socialist ignorant government! NOW THAT’S MY KIND OF PARTY!

  • Charley

    I just read MUSLUM MAFIA and if we don’t get a handle on who we put in as our senators and congress people, we will surely lose our country. As the book states 2050 is their goal to have full control.
    Obama and his marxist czars may beat them to it at his present rate.
    I’m a conservative dem that did not vote for him.. wake up AMERICA!!!

  • Charley

    List of compromised politicians who still support CAIR in spite of its proven ties to terrorism is long.. Heres a few..
    REP Keith Ellison (D-MN)
    REP Gerry Connolly (D-VA)
    REP Chares B Rangle (D-NY)

    • Sheila

      Gee Charley, How did I know that Rep. Charles B. Wrangle was going to be on that list. Of course he doesn’t support C.A.I.R. with his OWN tax money, only OUR tax money. He doesn’t pay taxes remember? He CHEATS on his taxes. His PATHETIC EXCUSE when he got caught? He didn’t know that he was suppose to pay taxes on his house. Yeah right!! ha ha ha

  • joan Brooks

    thank goodness some people in america are waking up … our government has never been as blatant and anti American as this current administration…. how this happened ..we were not watching
    and listening.. when did we ever have a President that did not respect the American way of Life the People the Constitution…
    look hard at who put him there ..where is the money coming from …
    a man who had come from nowhere to this place .. We need the Tea party get involved before it is too late…. did you read 1984!!!!
    Guess what we are living it!!!!

  • Tim

    I am a TEA Party supporter. I have read the previous replys and am further convinced that the established government is so arrogant they are laughing at our conversations, thinking that we are so fragmented they will continue to do as they please with this Nation that our Fathers and forefathers fought hard and gave their lives for. They belive (and I’m concerned they may be right) we will keep balleyhooing and whining and be so divided we vote for a 3rd or 4th Party and guarantee their success at the poles. I was a democrat as a youth in the 50s-60s and then a Republican when I had to be responsible for something and now I don’t like what I am seeing in both parties which makes me exited about the TEA Party. How many people (in the TEA Party or not)are so discusted they will vote for one of the other Parties and therefore guarantee the election of the Obama,Pelosi regeme? Someone in a previous reply mentioned ARMEY.I undersstand He is trying to construct a platform that any Politician must sign onto to be considered a serious Conservative by the TEA Party group. This may be the vehicle that does unite us for success in 2010 and 2012. I know Armey was in the past a influential Republican but I think He has proven His objectivity and His dedication to the basic priciples of government as our forefathers had the wisdom from God to construct and to forsee the problems we would have to deal with in the future.
    Whatever, we need to get moving or we’ll be wondering where our liberties went and as far as I know there is not a free Country on this planet we could jump to. It looks like Reid is done for but we could put Obama and Pelosi on a raft in the Pacific and let them start their own country where they could reap the benefits of their deranged thinking.

  • Rev. Anthony Kiem

    I believe in the common sense of grassroots American citizens, who form the Tea Party which the Pundits try hard to ignore.. The so called leftist or conservative politicians imbued with their self- righteousness and self-importance have had enough time already to prove their worthiness.It is now the time for real changes that save America from socialism and bankruptcy. All these billions thrown out the window have brought no improvement, but only debts that burden future generations.Enough is enough.

  • s c

    What’s so hard to understand? The government sucks, the people finally understand it, and some politicians will soon learn the hard way that being tossed out of office is much easier to deal with than being strung up like a bloated hog.
    While any poll can be manipulated, America’s outrage has been kindled, and I am looking forward to seeing many career politicians being told that they can be replaced by a chimpanzee.
    Anybody out there have any objection to career politicians being paid in bananas?

    • American Citizen

      Tee, hee, so you want to turn us into a banana republic!

      • Myron J. Poltroonian

        Am. Cit., no, I believe he wants them to be paid in kind – as Chump Chimps.

  • Myron J. Poltroonian

    You know – With A Peel.

    • American Citizen

      At least we can find a little humor in this, not much, but a little.

  • Hank

    My comments below cover a number of subjects addressed in many of the comments above plus some additional subjects.
    Here are my suggested solutions to the raiding of the Social Security Trust Fund, Medicare, and the Federal Budget deficit due to total lack of financial incentive for fiscal responsibility by our President, Congress and Senate. I realize it’s very unlikely any of this will ever be done because they will be directly impacted so there is no way they will ever let any of it pass, but we need to try anyway.
    First: We must move them off their private retirement program and onto Social Security with the rest of us and roll their retirement fund into the Social Security Trust Fund providing them a very strong incentive to properly protect and care for the Trust Fund as well as start replacing the money they have already stolen from it. Any increase in pay they vote for themselves should be limited to no more than the percentage of increase in the COLA, no increase whenever there is a deficit and if there is a negative COLA then there should be an equal decrease in their pay.
    Second: A program is needed that deducts the same percentage as the Federal Deficit of the previous year from their pay, which was approximately 15% for 2008, and apply these deductions toward helping to pay for that deficit thus providing a strong incentive for them to keep the budget within the income received from taxes to avoid any reduction in their pay.
    Third: 0.001% of the present national debt should be deducted from their total combined pay with the deduction divided proportionally among them from their pay. I would have suggested 0.01% but then they would get almost no pay because the amount deducted would be so big. To help provide even more incentive to get this debit paid off, the amount deducted should increase by 0.0001% each year or 0.0011% for the second year, and so on, until it reaches 0.01% then continue at this level until the total debt is paid off. This will also provide a very strong incentive not to create this stimulus and bailout nonsense because it’s just adding to the national debt for our children and grandchildren to have to pay off.
    There should be no earmarks or if there are, then the cost of that earmark should be divided by the number of registered voters in the area affected by that earmark. One half the result should then be deducted from the pay of the person that authored that earmark providing a strong incentive to limit the size of that earmark and insure that it really is needed and help balance the under the table amount being received from the lobbyists promoting that earmark.
    Fourth: As a result of recent information regarding the rapidly increasing pay of government employees being a part of the increased cost of government, they should also be included in the plan to control government costs by deducting from their pay as described in the second item above except the deduction should only be one half the amount. Since the deficit for last year was 15% then their deduction would be 7 1/2% thus providing them with a strong incentive to make sure their representatives in Washington are very careful about controlling the budget.
    I realize this is unlikely to ever happen but families must adjust their spending based on their income, why shouldn’t there be a strong incentive for our government to do the same thing?
    As long as we’re talking about taxes, we should also switch from the present very complex tax system approaching 100,000 pages of complex code, with many deductions buried there for the politicians in Washington and their buddies to use that the rest of us don’t know about, to a very simple system called the Fair Tax which is simply a Federal Retail Sales Tax. This would insure everyone pays their fair share including the over 30 million illegal invaders in this country, presently not paying any tax, and the politicians that aren’t paying their taxes either. I was delighted by the photo at the top of your page showing the sign about dumping the IRS and implementing the FAIR tax. The IRS could then be dumped as we would no longer need them. This would save the country over the $200 billion the IRS now costs us each year plus the cost in time and money spent preparing our tax returns each year, make our manufacturers more competitive on the world market due to reduced wholesale prices, plus a number of other benefits as well. A method to encourage citizens to continue their donations to charities when this new tax system is adopted is also needed as charities do a much more efficient and better job of using our money for their activities than the government does. Charities must already report annually the names and amount of money donated to them by each person. This could just be continued and each year the amount given by each citizen to the numerous charities could then be totaled and the Fair tax equivalent to their donations would then be refunded to that citizen. Implementing the Fair tax system would also eliminate the terribly unfair 55% Death Tax that Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cohorts are diligently working on to get re-instated along with the many other taxes presently in place.
    We should also seriously consider switching to the IRV (Instant Runoff Voting) system of voting as this would eliminate the need for runoff elections and the related additional costs incurred by the government and candidates involved. It could even possibly eliminate the need for separate primary and general elections reducing costs even more and saving the government and candidates millions of dollars. Another advantage of this system of voting is that it would correctly rank all the candidates in the true order of preference by the voters regardless of how many candidates there are and eliminates the effect of a spoiler candidate insuring that the winning candidate really is the one most desired by the voters and also alerts the government to the true order of importance of the items promoted by the candidates in their campaigns.
    Lastly, Congress and the Senate should be on the same medical program the rest of us are on instead of their separate private program, thus providing a much stronger incentive for them to properly take care of and protect Medicare and insure fair medical treatment of U.S. citizens only. This Obamacare program is going to do nothing but destroy our present well functioning medical system.
    Although this is primarily aimed at Washington, there is no reason why much of this, with a few modifications, couldn’t be applied to state legislatures as well.

  • Roger

    T think the tea party is the greatest thing to wake America up. We are losing her unless something get done very soon.
    Our Founders came up with the Constitution and Bill of Rights that has giving all Americans Liberty and Justice. That’s right, FREEDOM.
    How many people are leaving America to go else where?

    Americans, get involved, the Tea Parties are a start. Let’s get our America back.

    If anyone wants to become an American Citizen, there are legal ways to go about it.

    The way we vote needs to go back to the Constitution. Paper Ballots would be good until a more honest,accurate system comes along.

    God Bless America.

  • the air will never change

    Until this country is equal for all people regardless of social status, race, creed, gender etc it is imperative to have a voice (i.e. Barack Obama), for the people and not just for the heirs of the elitist or descendents of four fathers who’ve committed the greatest atrocities against human beings of any nation, making sure all of you are able to enjoy life as you know it today. Where the rich get rich and the poor get poorer. It’s because of the arrogance bequeathed to you from your ancestors that you can sit on the computer typing the words you do, with the attitudes and dispositions all of you have. Due to several discriminations and obstacles placed in the path of life for minorities,(Black Men especially)which have been in existence for centuries, it’s not always as easy for them to be subjected to all the privileges so many of you are handed, some even at birth. So if it takes Socialism to make our nation free balanced and fair (like FOX NEWS YOU GUYS LOVE SO MUCH) in the eyes of GOD, then So BE IT… GOD BLESSES BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!


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