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Polls: Romney Leading In Florida As Primary Begins

January 31, 2012 by  

Polls: Romney Leading In Florida As Primary Begins

Polls released Saturday and Sunday show Mitt Romney holding a strong first in the Republican race leading into the Florida primary.

In The Miami Herald/El Nuevo Herald/Tampa Bay Times poll released Saturday night, Romney led Gingrich 42 percent to 31 percent, while an NBC News/Marist poll released Sunday showed Romney leading 42 percent to 27 percent.

Romney has had strong organization in Florida and has been helped by the attack conservative media led on Newt Gingrich following his South Carolina win. Most pundits say that the Florida primary will be Gingrich’s last chance to strengthen his campaign.

Ron Paul has largely focused his attention outside of the Sunshine State in a strategic effort to pick up delegates in other States where his poll numbers look better.

“It’s just so expensive, and we figure, spending $9-$12 million in ads might not be worth it,” Paul campaign manager John Tate told Business Insider. “We’re spending our money more wisely….Spending half a million dollars to win all of North Dakota’s delegates is a lot more efficient than spending $12 million to maybe win some of Florida’s delegates.”

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • John Acord

    After Florida, it is unlikely that either Newt or Santorem will have the money to continue their campaigns. It will clearly become a contest between Ron Paul and the liberal neo-con Republirats. Every effort must now be made to get these two losers to step aside and allow a clear battle for the soul of the Republican Party. Reminds me of Barry Goldwater and Rockefeller battle in 1964. It went all the way to the Cow Palace in San Francisco. The only real difference is that whichever way it goers the party is likely to split.

    • steve in AZ

      And high damn time! The good Dr. has nothing in common with the neocons who have infiltrated the conservative party.

      DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

      • Patriot Diva

        Amen Steve!

        • Tom W.

          I Don’t think the other guys should be afraid to play the faith card!!! If Mitt wins the GOP nomination, I’ ll promise you this, the network airwaves will be filled with expose’s on the Mormons and their beliefs, probably tying Mitt’s family tree to Warren Jeffs somehow!

          The Theological Reason I Can’t Support Mitt Romney for President

          The first time I ever remember hearing Mitt’s name was I believe somewhere around 2006 when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made his first visit to the UN in NYC. For some reason he wanted to visit Boston, and Mitt, who was then governor of Massachusetts refused to give him the special treatment usually afforded such heads of state. (State Police escorts, body guards, etc.) An action I applauded very loudly! I also agree with him somewhat politically, but let us get back to the topic at hand. When I became a Born-again Christian in 1993, I was 35 yrs. old and never having anything to do with religion before; I was curious and very hungry, for lack of a better term. I began to read everything I could get my hands on. I found especially fascinating and confusing how many different kinds of Christians there were. I got the Book of Mormon thru one of their TV offerings. I didn’t get thru much of it, although I did get thru Joseph Smith’s testimony. Amazing story to say the least! How he found the Urim and Thummim (The oracles used by Aaron the High Priest to consult God on for answers on judgmental disputes concerning the children of Israel. First mentioned way back in Exodus 28:30 and last mentioned as already being a long time missing in Nehemiah 7:65) while digging post holes on the family farm in upstate New York. His being visited by the Angel of the Lord, etc… Now I’m not saying that it didn’t happen, because I truly believe that with God nothing is impossible, and that He surely does work in strange and mysterious ways, I’m living proof!!! But the Good Lord knows that I’ve always been a doubting Thomas. (A shortcoming that I’m constantly having to beg forgiveness for!) But shortly after getting into the meat of the book, I felt that something wasn’t right. So I put it down and never picked it up again. That’s unusual for me, I hate to start something and not finish it. I also started to read the Quran one time, but that’s another story. If you’ve never read Joseph Smith’s testimony and you like a good story, you owe yourself this one! It’s part of the preface of the Book of Mormon. Now, back to Mitt, the Mormons hold to a belief that is so vastly different from mainstream Christianity, that I don’t see how a fundamental Christian could vote for a Mormon. Mormonism is a heretical cult! And Mitt, (Please pardon the pun.) doesn’t stand a snowballs chance without the support of the Evangelical Conservatives! Now I fully understand that you non-believers could give a rat’s derriere, but that can be a topic of conversation at that great meeting in the abyss.

          Things Taught by the Mormons Contrary to Holy Scripture

          Mormons teach that God was once a man. Brigham Young said, “If our Father and God should be disposed to walk through these aisles, we should not know Him from one of the congregation. You would see a man and that is all you would know about Him.” (Journal of Discourses, Vol. II pg. 40) Now I agree that that might be taken a little out of context, but please let me continue. Although most Mormons no longer practice polygamy, they do teach that God the Father has many wives, and that He now lives on a planet near the star Kolob, with His many wives having spiritual children. (Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:9, 16) They also teach that Jesus and Satan are spirit brothers. (Ensign Magazine, Dec. 1980, pg. 5) According to Mormon teaching, war in Heaven erupted when Jesus and Lucifer both approached God with their plans of salvation at the “Council of Gods.” (Abraham 3:23-28 & Talmage, Jesus the Christ, pp. 15&16) Lucifer’s plan was to make the people worship God, but Jesus’ plan was to show the people how to worship God. Lucifer’s plan was rejected and Jesus’ plan was accepted, and that Jesus became the Savior only because His plan was accepted. (Pearl of Great Price, Book of Moses 4:1-3) And that Lucifer became Satan when he rebelled and was thrown out of Heaven with a third of the spirits. They were sent to this planet. This is where demons come from. And of the other two thirds, one third stayed with Jesus in the battle, the other third didn’t fight as valiantly. These were the spirit children born to God and His wives. The ones who were faithful to Jesus were born as babies with white skin; the ones who didn’t fight as valiantly are born as babies with black skin. ( Doctrines of Salvation, vol. I, J.F. Smith, pg. 61. Mormon Doctrine by Bruce R. McConkie, pp. 526 & 527, 1966 edition) Now how in the world does that explain Barack?! And if you live your life obedient to their laws and ordinances, according to Mormon teaching, you’ll become a god with your own planet. “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.” (Articles of Faith, by James Talmage, pg. 430) Mormons believe in large families because of their belief that where God is, there are many spirits waiting for human tabernacles, and each child they have will become a home for one of those spirits. (Mormon Doctrine, by B.R. McConkie, pg. 698. Pearl of Great Price, Abraham 3:22-28) Mormons once taught that Jesus had many wives, including the two sisters of Lazarus and Mary Magdalene. And that Jesus couldn’t become a god, unless He was married. (Journal of Discourses, vol. I, pg. 345 and vol. II, pg.210, Mormon Doctrine by B.R. McConkie, pp. 117&118)
          Joseph Smith’s family was deeply involved in the occult. Mr. Smith was arrested in 1826 for the occult practice of “glass looking”. He claimed that for a price he could find buried treasure by looking through his magic “peepstone”. (A Comprehensive History of the Church, by B.H. Roberts, vol. I, pp. 26&27) I’ll bet that if the authorities confiscated said “peepstone” That they never realized that they were quite possibly in possession of the missing Urim and/or Thummim of biblical antiquity!!! When Joseph Smith was killed, he was carrying an occult talisman of Jupiter in his pocket. (Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, by Quinn, pp. 66-73)
          Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrym were both Freemasons. In fact, Joe jumped from 1st degree to a sublime degree Mason in only one day! He must have hopped right on in the ole’ barrel!!! (History of the Church, by Joseph Smith, vol. IV, pp. 551&552) This helps explain the Masonic symbols on the walls of Mormon temples. (Whited Sepulchers, by Schnoebelen and Spencer) As a matter of fact, Mormons also share the rituals of wearing special undergarments, having secret handshakes, the taking of blood oaths, and having secret names which they need to get into Heaven. “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. For it is a shame even to speak of those things which are done of them in secret.” – Eph. 5:11&12, see also Deut. 13:1-10. In fact, as rumor has it, Joseph Smith was murdered by the Freemasons for being a defector and breaking his sacred blood oath!
          Joe was a self proclaimed prophet of God. Duet. 18:20-22 says, “But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. And if thou say in thine heart, How shall we know the word which the Lord hath not spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing that the Lord hath not spoken, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptuously: thou shalt not be afraid of him.” In 1832 Joseph Smith prophesied that the Mormon Temple would be built in the state of Missouri in that generation. Within ten years, the Mormons were run out of the “Show Me State”, and the chosen temple site sits as an empty vacant lot in Independence to this very day, with only a tourist landmark sign designating it as such!
          Mormonism is nothing more than modern day Baal worship! It is a mixture of Babylonian and Jewish religions, Masonic and Catholic tradition, along with, I would say, a little American Indian folklore to boot. They claim Apostolic Authority just like the Vatican! They even have twelve so called apostles in Salt Lake City, Utah. (See Rev. 17:5) Although the Mormons teach that God was once a man who progressed to become one of many gods, the Book of Mormon clearly states, “There is only one God, and that He is unchanging.” (Times and Seasons, vol. V, pg. 490, Mormon 9:9-11, and Alma 11:26-31) Lord forgive me for being judgmental, but it sounds kind of hypocritical to me. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; (I Tim. 4:1&2) “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables.” (II Tim. 4:3&4) “But there were false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord who bought them, and bringing upon themselves swift destruction.” (II Pet. 2:1, see also II Cor. 11:13&14, and Eph. 6:10-18)
          I believe that a person has the right to privately practice ant religion that they so choose. But if that person chooses to run for the President of the United States of America and they’re going to stand behind that religious conviction, then they owe the American people an explanation of why they stand behind or even knew of, (God forbid!!!) certain teachings of that religion, and also be given the chance to renounce the same.
          Now I started this letter touting some of the things that I like about Mitt, but what he calls one of his biggest economic victories, I call a defeat. What he did at Staples, he did by going in and replacing merchandise made in the USA and by her allies, with cheaper made in China products! Some victory!!! They should have to give away free Mandarin Chinese Rosetta-stone CDs! He’s a known flip-flopper on just about every issue, and I don’t think the Massachusetts Health Care package has worked out that well either.

          “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

          Most information concerning Mormon beliefs contained in this op/ed letter were gleaned from the tract, “The Visitors” c. 1984 by Jack T. Chick LLC. For further information concerning Mormonism, please contact: Saints Alive in Jesus, PO Box 878, Kirkland , WA98083

          Mormonism is a cult and Mitt Romney is a heretic! I’m talking to you Christian, I believe that the Bible is very clear on this subject!!!

          “Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that abideth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath both the Father and the Son. If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.” – II John 9-11

          If you agree with this what I’ve exposed in this letter, please sent to everyone you know whether they’re Christians or not!!!

          • Linda T

            OMG Who cares if someone is Mormon, Jewish, Catholic, Protestant or whatever-your thesis on the MOrmons was too long to read. This is politics I just want Obama out of the White House and the polls show Mitt is the one who can do that! Paul could never beat Obama even if he did get to be the Republican nominee. We need someone with a terrific business background to get us out of this economic mess. Especially someone who has been a governor of a state and not a Washington insider like Newtie with his truckload of baggage. GO MITT ROMNEY!!!

          • Tom W.

            Maybe it don’t matter to you Linda T, I believe i addressed people like you in the first paragraph darlin’! Did you happen to make it that far?! I would rather have Barack in the White House than a heretic who’s been known to tell voters whatever it is that he thinks they want to hear! Did you get to the part about what he did at Staples?! Yeah he turned things around at Staples at the price of the American workers who worked at the places that supplied Staples with American made goods! But you’re probably one of those people who are only worried about what effects YOUR bottom line!!!

          • Grandpa Frosty

            Thank you Tom for such a well researched statement about Mormonism. I too am an evangelical spirit filled Christian, or as I prefer to say A follower of the Lord Jesus Christ! I have spent much time studying the Old Testament this past few months. What has become abundently clear to me is just how much our nation has become much like ancient Israel, perhaps only with a few contemporary differences, which really amount to the same thing (for example, we most certainly worship idols in our “modern” culture). Above all, sin is still sin, that has not changed throughout the history of mankind. Throughout the books of Kings and Chronicles, there is a recurring theme amongst many of the kings during that time in history. God’s word makes the following statement “and he (king) did evil in the sight of the Lord”, and this history goes on for quite some period of time.
            This history really makes me stop and think. You know, we are not any different or better than these ancient men. Certainly evil kings still seem to thrive today. The good news is that I am not accountable before God for the actions of evil kings. However, I am accountable for giving support to good, godly men for our nation’s leadership. I believe Ron Paul to be a man of good character who will not do evil in the sight of God.
            Incidentally, I have some extended family whom I love very much, and are devout Mormon. These are good, honest, moral, and loving American people. You couldn’t ask for better neighbors! I just pray for their salvation, and they would put awat religion and truly come to know Him!

          • AJ

            Mitt’s a NWO lacky VOTE RON PAUL!!

        • Alex Frazier

          Linda, people are voting for Mitt Romney because they are just like you. They aren’t voting for the qualities of the candidate. They are voting because they think he can win. And the more he wins, the further that manner of thought progresses. Now that he’s won Florida, more people who were thinking about voting for someone else will not want to “waste” their vote. And so the stupid flock will follow the rest of the sheep.

          I voted for a shepherd. Ron Paul is the only quality candidate in the race. Anyone who votes otherwise has a screw loose.

          • Tom W.

            Alex, this man is as plastic as they get!!! You think we’ve got it bad under Barack?!! If this heretic gets in, God help us!!! All he’s about is the bottom line! You talk about a Wall St. puppet, this man is the worse!!! And all you so called Christians who voted for this heretic, may God have mercy on your souls!!!

      • Larry

        Ron Paul IS THE ONE, the ONLY ONE.

        • skippy

          Hey Larry…..welcome aboard!!!!
          RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!! :)

          • http://yahoo ted

            please guys if newt doesnt win today. romney will win the from tx and ron paul is just a amusement here. u know as will as anyone that ron paul has his followers but 80% of the people would never vote for him. newt really wants to change things up. he was speaker of the house when clinton was forced to balance the budget. he is a big ron reagen fan. he loves his country and knows its history like the back of his hand. we really need someone who can stand toe to toe with obama. anyone can vote. just dont waste yours.

          • TML

            “im from tx and ron paul is just a amusement here.”

            I’m from Texas, and I think you’re full of it.

    • Mark in LA

      The real problem is the the Republican establishment has spent so much energy and time mischaracterizing Paul’s message and position that they can’t possibly repair it to win the election if Paul get the election. That still doesn’t change my support – it is Paul or I vore third party.

  • Brenda

    It’s a shame that we allow a few states to dominate the election process. As with Florida, Romney has the funds to run attack ads in all the large electorial states. I am not so nieve as to believe that money does not count strongly in the process, but is campares to buying a car. We no longer attract good candidates because of the financial cost.
    I think we need to outlaw PAC’s and go strictly to contributions by the public. Everyone has an even playing field. Also, having one day set aside for ALL states to hold their primaries/caucuses would give everyone a chance to have a voice, not just a few states.

    • Laurie

      I totally agree with Brenda!

    • http://personalliberty Stella

      It is a shame, our government no longer operates the way our fore fathers intended! The rich have such a hold on the Washington elite they won’t stop until they completely take down the middle class and we will be like most South American countries with the very poor and the very rich. And the very rich will again own slaves to do their biding!

    • http://personallibertydigest Gottaplenty

      You Bettcha Brenda. Money does it every time..How many of that hord ever looked to the Constitution to make any decisions on their choice of candidates..Obummer is being brought into supreme court over his elgibility because of his fathers not being natural born ..Now Romny is up and running with the same problem. His father is a Mexican citizen.. Also Geo Soros (endorsed Romny) because he is so near like Obomma, ..Why do people continue to sleep in the face destruction…

  • Aurelio

    The ads served the purpose of educating the young about the candidates.
    Nobody could placed a negative attack against Ron Paul, because Ron has been a model congressman, a decent and truthful human being. The ads, the superpacs used Newt’s own record to show who he was; and certainly, who he is; and surely, who he will continue to be. But, yes I agree that the superpacs should be suspended. On the other hand, it is inaccurate to assume that just “a few states decided the election”, no, every state will have a say, and the result doesn’t have necessarily to be a copycat. Look at the primaries bet. Hillary and the community organizer, the results were varied. I see nothing wrong with the system if the superpac were outlawed, because as it is, a few billionaires can keep on funding campaigns that the people don’t want.
    Let them shove their money and put it to work in something more productive.

  • Judy

    You say Romney has lots of $ but Gingrich has Fox News, especially Hannity and that is a lot of free air time and advertising In which to get your opinions and points of view across. Many people across the nation see it, not just the state the primary is in. Romneys attack ads are only in the state of the primary. Super pacs should be eliminated. Let’s be honest both Romney and Gingrich have them. I think the news coverage is much more negative against Romney than Gingrich or maybe I’m watching too much Fox. So in the end it’s just a matter perception.

    • NC

      Judy, is Faux Noise now part of the MSM? For years the Conservatives railed at the MSM for pointing out positions of the Republicans who are now the Republican candidates. Saying they were being unfair for telling lies or half-truths. Have you been watching the debates? The candidates are saying the same things and WORSE about the these same people and the Republicans in the audience and groups covered by TV ARE APPLAUDING THEM FOR MAKING THE SAME STATEMENTS MADE BY THE MSM.
      The old conservative Republican double standard!!!!

      What if Romney gets elected and his church decides to declare him a latter day saint.Well hello POPE MITT!!! Is that the “Religion” you want in our governement and schools?? We can control the government but we CAN”T control the Mormon Church! Would a man donate 7 million to HIS church and refuse its’ highest honor and ticket to heaven!

    • Linda T

      Yes I admit I’ve been a Fox News junkie for many years but when Hannity comes on now especially if he has crazy Sarah Palin on spouting off about wanting the process to go on so people should vote for Newt, I just switch channels for an hour until Greta comes back on. She really sounds weird when she talks anymore-just not natural somehow. McCain never should have picked her maybe we wouldn’t be stuck with Obama now if he hadn’t-there were so many other great more qualified choices.

  • JACK

    I say no too Mitt Romney! He will not get my vote! He way too much a leftist liberal! He is a white Obama!

    • Laurie

      Romney is no better than OBama! In MA Romney has already insisted in everyone having health care, regardless if you can afford it or not and then being fined, if you can’t! OBama is shoving Obamacare down everyones throat! Romney has millions and is using this to campaign and play dirty and has all the news media, except for Fox, on his side! Don’t forget the tying of his older dog on top of his car in an airtight container! He is not an animal lover and wants to give all the benefits to the illegals, just like Obama! Neither Obama or Romney will get my vote! I am a hard working American Citizen and have no problem showing my license to anyone to prove my identity! The President is supposed to be a legal Citizen of the U.S., with parents who are Citizens! I want a President who is a hard working American Citizen who has earned his way and has the knowledge and ability to help this Country become stable and get back up on it’s feet and continue to use the Constitution of our founding fathers! Not someone who is taking away all of our rights, and giving all benefits to others, who aren’t even trying to make a living on their own! Stop with the handouts and start helping our Country stand tall!

    • Mary

      Jack there is a lot of people who will not vote for Mitt. It will be an Obama continuation. Ron Paul may win if he goes independent because Demo, rep. and independents will vote for him. Imagine a vote for Obama, Mitt or Ron Paul. Both Mitt and Newt are world-class Liers.

  • JACK

    Mitt Romney will lose in Florida! His liberal money can,t buy my vote and others either! Florida will dump Mitt Romney!

  • Kris

    Mitt Romney for President. I hope he’s the nominee and can defeat Barack Obama! Then Obama can pack his suitcase, and go back to Chicago!

  • Noink

    I would have a very hard time voting for Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney for president of my United States of America. I will NEVER vote for Barrack Obama as some of you did in 2008.

  • Steven Swetman

    I will Not Vote For A Mormon. I simply will not vote if it comes down to Mitt Romney and Obama Nation… The GOP should take note that thousands of Christians that actually read the Bible will not vote either. Mormonism is a cult and Jesus is not Satan’s brother for one. The USA is on a downward spiral as we have all been brain washed over time to lower or standards for this very moment in time… Once again I will Not Vote for a Mormon as President. Last election at least I voted for the American.

    • STEVE

      Sound like you are a religious bigot.

      • Steven Swetman

        No Just a follower of Jesus Christ. But you can call me what ever you want..

        • skippy

          Hey Steve….calm down dude!!!
          Hell, good ol’ Harry Reid is a Mormon TOO….and gee, look what he has done for (OR is that to) NEVADA!!! :)

    • http://personalliberty Stella

      You do need to vote Republican, their worst is far better than more of Obama! Never stop voting!

    • Linda

      I’m not a Mormon but am an Episcopalian. I find it bizarre that anyone would not vote for someone because they are a Mormon-until about 10 days ago 1/3rd of the 6 candidates running were Mormons. It never enters my head to consider that a qualification to lead our country! I’ll take someone who was the governor of a state, an extremely successful businessman for many years and someone who ran the Olympics very successfully at a time when they had been in financial trouble. We need someone who can lead our country out of the financial mess we are in!!! GO ROMNEY !!!

    • Mary

      Steven are the Masons related with the Mormons?

  • Eric Bischoff

    Freedom of religion is the problem.

    It should have been freedom from religion!

  • Linda

    Newt isn’t going to lose because of only the ads…Newt will lose because of who HE is-A man with a truckload of baggage both personal and political.If he is the Republican nominee we will definitely have some Oct. surprise come out-he could never beat Obama. It truly amazes me that he thinks voters are naive enough to believe him when he says he is an outsider and Mitt is the insider. Newtie has lived in DC since the 70′s, was the speaker of the house until he was forced to step down on ethics charges and has worked on K street ever since he was fired, representing the likes of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I’ve been a realtor for 34 years and believe me I know the havoc those 2 agencies have played in peoples lives. GO MITT ROMNEY!!!

    • Billt

      Newt was a Rockerfeller state chairman when Goldwater was running so dont tell me he is a conservative, he is a politician who tells people what they want to hear, same as Obama. He better stick to rewriting his history, it needs a lot of revision.

  • azwayne

    Where does the money come from, where does the money go, Americans ought to be ashamed and embarrassed that this much waste goes on in America,!!!

  • Jonathan

    All the more reason to support Ron Paul! Our country needs someone not beholden to the rich or who is rich. We need someone who will attack the problems of national debt, war mongering and big federal government. That someone is Ron Paul. Support him!

    • British Witch

      Ron Paul is the only one of the 3 with morals. That’s not paying the media for coverage and as you can see he doesn’t get much because they are afraid to let the people hear what he has to say. Go RON PAUL

  • http://pld cowtrax

    i havnt heard mitt or newt say they would cut anything or shrink govmnt or have aplan for any way to improve our situation. ron paul does and is mocked,and the media keeps telling us he cant win.he is the only one that is for america not just himself.the others are the same old b.s. that has wrecked our nation.we need a president that cant be bought and will defend the constitution,much less governmemt. there is a very clear difference, and we desparatly need something different!! RON PAUL FOR AMERICA’S SAKE

    • Linda T

      Thats interesting that you don’t consider a vote for Ron Paul a wasted vote. Not many people will waste time disputing Paul voters because every time he runs most people realize its not worth their time arguing about him.The other candidates don’t target him in ads because he has absolutely no chance of winning but he’s a nice man with a good sense of humor and he knows he’s never going to live in the White House.His views are a little too “way out there” for most people today but maybe he likes the publicity of it and doesn’t mind spending his money.

      • http://yahoo joan

        Ron Paul will work just as hard for you as he will, for those who vote for him, and that is just what I will do so he can help you too.

    • British Witch

      Amen to that

  • s c

    Romney is Obummer’s alter ego. Romney gave Obummer answers so he could GIVE us his healthcare SCAM. Romney’s posterior is OWNED by the ‘Republican’ Party. People, do you not yet understand that RINOs, neocons and ‘Republicans’ are dangerous?
    It seems safe to say that Florida is overpopulated by way too many Democrats AND way too many RINOs and neocons who want us to think they’re conservatives. People, if you’re a Dem, you’re no conservative.
    If you’re a neocon, a RINO or a Republican,’ you are NOT a conservative. Conservatives have answers. Dems, RINOs, neocons and ‘Republicans’ do NOT have answers.
    Is it any coincidence that Florida is routinely in the news with the latest events perpetrated by space cadets? Has Florida aleady sold its soul and gone the way of political prostitutes? It sure does SEEM that way.

  • Average Joe

    I voted today in Florida…for Ron Paul. A vote for anyone else would have been a vote for more of the same….and a wasted vote.

    Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano 2012!

    • skippy


  • Fedup

    I will hate it, but hold my nose and vote for the Mormon rather than the Muslim Communist!

    • r.p.

      Don’t hold your nose! Vote for Ron Paul!

  • r.p.

    After watching the Jan 26th. debate, I have to say that Santorum’s passionate speech in defense of the Constitution and American rights was impressive to say the least. But as Ron Paul pointed out, he was taking the wrong direction, and I believe Dr. Paul was right. It may not be obvious to anyone else but it seems to me that Dr. Paul would be wise to select Santorum as his running mate. They are both ignored by the MSM for what seems to be the same reasons, “The Constitution”. Ron could be his “mentor”. And again, it would scare the hell out of the establishment. It might also give some protection for Dr. Paul as the establishment would not like to see Rick inherit the presidency. Yeppirs, it may just be a match made in heaven!

    • skippy

      Hmmmmm…rp….interesing post……..

      • r.p.

        Skippy; let me elaborate further as it seems you might agree with me. Both Ron an Rick are supported by grass roots movements, they both seem to have rejected cronyism as their support base has indicated. Both Ron and Rick’s supporters are passionate with their support for them, and they are staunch in their beliefs and values. It is said that when a country is in dire need of a true leader, one will stand out above them all. I think here we might have two who have met that critique. I just hope the rest of America can see it.

        PAUL/SANTORUM 2012

        Live Long & Perspire: r.p.

    • Mary

      I won’t trust Santorum with the Nukes. All but Ron Paul are warmongers.

      • r.p.

        Do you trust Barak? Did you trust Geedubbya? Santorum’s stands on the issues are admirable, but as Ron Paul stated; “His methods come into question”. ie: Using the Constitution to effect the change instead of by-passing it.

        Live Long & Perspire: r.p.

  • chuckb

    again the media is picking the candidate, a constant barrage of lies and twisting facts will have the sheep voting for romney. neither one of these guys is my choice and mitt roney is certainly not a conservative nor would i dream of voting for him. newt has the ability to unseat barry in november and the media knows it, so guess what. a vote for ron paul, romney or santorum is a vote for barry.
    until we clean out the republican party there is no hope for change, as we see the bolsheviks are going down hill towards communism each election. the media chased the best candidate for the republicans, sarah palin, with their constant barrage of lies and again the sheep fell for it.
    we might as well leave barry in office as vote for romney, the only
    advantage he would give us would be his lack of costly vacations otherwise his liberal policies are the same as we have now.

    the republican party has over the years turned into the do nothing party looking for some one to lead them and they are not certain aboot that just as long as they can get their hand in the till.

    • Jonathan

      @chuckb: From what you are saying, I think that you feel it important to vote for whom you perceive to be the winner. Might I suggest that that is not what elections are about. You should vote for the person who most reflects your beliefs. When we all do that, we end up with someone who will do the most good for our country. There is but one man running who fits that description and that is Ron Paul. If everyone who truly believes in what Dr. Paul stands for were to vote for him, he WILL win.



    • http://yahoo joan

      Thank You Ron Paul will be the one, I have many people in my City who fell the same way. It is called real help for America.

  • http://n/a Old Corp.

    Believe me, as an old soldier, and a very well educated one, who has met Newt and lives in near by South Carolina, Newt would be the very worst thing to happen to our Republic. Simply you can not trust the man. He is impulsive in a dangerous way, has little if any moral character and will reverse his opinion on any subject in a heartbeat. He is touted as a great history teacher, and he does pepper such statements with facts, that are correct; but, his take on many, not all, history matters is revisionist.
    In South Carolina he took the primary mainly with big pac’s adds and the fact that the Piedmont of the state commonly called the “Bible Belt”, which would normally feed him to the dogs, voted for Newt becuase he was not a Mormon. Let us conservatives that may hold our nose and vote for Romney, be thankful for Florida. Newt would have us in a war that was not necessary and definitely lose able. Remember he did not wear a uniform when he was from a part of the South that disportionately sent its men to war due to many deferments. Although from a comfortably well off family I did not get such opportunity. Mainly due to my choice of schools and my family honer, in spite of the fact that I had a legitimate medical deferment.
    People that have not served this country or faced civilization on its border or raw terms have a tendency to send young Americans off to die for personal causes at best.

  • Debbie

    I agree about the Mormons being a cult and do not relish the idea of Mitt, a Mormon, as our pres. Still, what I find more disturbing is that Newt is the answer and has repented and changed in his personal life. In his public service, he was innocent and very good as Speaker. Also, Paul is a joke in Texas, sad but true. Florida is not the end for Newt, but it will be harder with a loss there. Now for the most important part–Staples is a classic example of Mitt’s damage to our economy in order to benefit himself, the one he cares about!! My brother-in-law worked for another co. that sold office supplies as does Staples; this other co. was purchased by Staples. His salary was extremely cut– and he was one of the leading men in his office in sales. Mitt has hurt their family significantly. Yes, my brother-in-law does have a job while many people do not, it does not pay anywhere near his previous salary, and there was no warning the pay cut was going to occur. So to take stock, Mitt is a ruthless businessman, a miner of a secretive cult, a flip-flopper on his political and moral views. He is a liar not worthy of the presidency. Paul is not evil but does not hold the views of enough voters to be elected. Newt is not perfect but is very capable, experienced, and willing to guide America back to the correct path for survival and renewed greatness as a true world leader. I fear what will happen if he is not our next president more than I can express. I hate to be sappy, but I love my country and fear for our way of life.

  • Debbie

    In my previous comments, I was not clear that I am concerned that Newt is being passed over when he is the best candidate out there. Also, Mitt is a “member”, not a “miner” of a cult–I don’t type very well on my tiny phone keyboard–sorry.

  • chuckb

    old corp, believe me as an old seaman and very well educated by the hard knocks of life disagree with your assessment of newt gingrich.
    i believe you have listened to too much propaganda by the republican establishment and the bolshevik media.

    “newt would have us in a war, he has no morals and a dangerous impulsive person”
    sounds to me like you are working for the romney camp. i would disagree with you on all points.

    romney could not win a debate with barry even though barry is not much smarter than the head of a pin, newt would take barry apart.
    romney would fold up in fear, you can see it when he debates with the nominees. ne breaks out in a cold sweat and starts stuttering, especially when he has to review his status as governor and his liberal agenda.
    you think for a minute romney wouldn’t go to war in the middle east to defend israel. think again.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone here:
    Whoever wins the Florida primary, unless Ron Paul can pull a hat trick, will lose. To put it bluntly, it’s going to be the equivalence
    of a professional wrestling match. I mean Obama debating Mitt Romney or
    Newt Gangrene will be the same as Hulk Hogan taking on Richie Rich or Boss Hogg from ” The Dukes of Hazard” in a cage match. Who do you think is going win!?! Food for thought or things that make you go umm!! Good bye for now.

  • Buck

    If Romney wins the republican nomination I will vote for Obamass , I don’t want to see the final destruction of my country under a republican , even if he is a rhino .

  • lennie

    I get the impression that more people are responding to your columns then anywhere else. Congratulations. A problem with Ron Paul is that the Constitution was thought of by the founding fathers as backed by a moral compass of religion at the time. No constitution can cover every issue. Solon’s Athenian constitution found a moral compass in Athena the goddess of justice. I would like to hear Ron Paul talk to the issue of a moral compass which could begin with the Hippocratic Oath. Separately, why aren’t we hearing Tea Party questions addressed to the Republican candidates?

  • Liberal Dog

    Newt…. is ready to self distruct….always has..always will…only a matter of time………

  • Neo-Libertarian for Liberty

    Most DemS and RepubS amount to the same thing: BIG GOVERNMENT – LESS LIBERTY! The liberals want to take away our economic freedoms, while the neo-cons want to take away our individual liberties! Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum are nothing more than establishment stooges who represent the big governement status quo of the Republican Party. If either one of them get the nomination, Obama will be re-elected for sure! Santorum and Gingrich are neo-con goons while Romney is a liberal in neo-con suit. Wake up America, RON PAUL is America’s only hope! Too bad the majority of the electorate is too ignorant to see that RON PAUL is the only true conservative on fiscal issues and the only candidate willing to fight for our individual liberties protected by the US Constitution. RON PAUL’s foreign policy is the only one that makes sense! Im sick of those idiots who say that Ron Paul is an isolationist as there is a BIG difference between isolationism and NON-INTERVENTION. Non-Interventionist Is Not the Same As Isolationist
    VOTE RON PAUL for 2012 ! ! !

  • Neo-Libertarian for Liberty

    To Sum It Up: Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Obama, etc. are complete douchebags and they would never get my vote!….I will vote for a 3rd party candidate if Ron Paul doesnt get on the Repub ticket for 2012! Most Ron Paul supporters will do this I’m sure. If Obama gets re-elected as a result, so be it….Maybe it will teach the Repubs a lesson to get behind a true politician like Ron Paul who actually cares about America and wants to see this country prosper again!

  • sniffer

    The political process has degenerated into a show of wealth & corruption! The republican elitist “machine” just turns on the money machine & megaphones… and down goes another. Nothing subtle about it – it’s in your face, like it or not, & the green is common to the Obama side and the Romney side.

    Almost everything that sustains our society is made by Communist China, by their people, within their sovereign domain, planted there by US vulture capitalists, and global monopolist corporations that have old American names.

    Smell something??? Progressives, elitists – liberals and cut throat capitalists alike sharing in the ultimate concentration of power & wealth. The czar of jobs, sole supplier of mercury light bulbs, and defense contractor of the ozone layer flits back and forth from the bulldozed America factory landscape to his shiny high tech factories, robotic obedient workforce, in a tax and regulation free wonderland of the Far East. All that “freedom”, and all one has to do is bring trinkets, more orders, and more IOU’s. Just plough it back in, into pyramids that make Egypt look like pikers.

    Newt called it vulture capitalism – something like that… and off with his head. Questioning & mocking godly powers is mighty risky business. Poor Newt… didn’t have a chance.

    There is a difference between Romney & Obama – good cop – bad cop, both serving their common masters. The backroom billionaires have it all on paper, secure & tidy as paper can be. China has it all in their back yard, complete with billions of warriors who are willing to fight to keep it that way. They also have a way of dealing with traitors. Unlike us, they have a thing about character & trust. Either way, we lose it all if we don’t change things NOW!

    Citizens have lost the opportunity to elect an “American” president. They can purge the legislature with “good old time” republicans, democrats, and libertarians who will enforce Constitution and simplistic moral laws of God and our founding fathers. We need pit bulls who will purge and prosecute the corruption that is devouring our country! Tea Party WAKE UP & START KICKING BUTT!!!!!!

  • chuckb

    sniffer. agree!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Let’s be alert!! There are many nasty attack ads in the GOP primaries. But instead of listening to such attacks, why not just look at the candidates’ records?? Although not my first choice for nominee, we know Newt Gingrich has a positive record from the mid 1990s – winning back GOP control of Congress for the first time in decades, the Contract with America, etc. On the other hand, what (conservative) record does the RINO Mitt-nitwit Romney have?? Romney-care, which is hardly different from Obamacare. Both are unconstitutional and should be repealed – yesterday or sooner!! It seems Nitwit Romney is nothing more than a Nelson Rockefeller, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Charlie Crist. Although a very weak challenger to BHO, John McCain actually seems like a conservative to me when compared to Nitwit!!

    As for running on records, perhaps the GOP should point out the foolishness of the American voters who believed in the tooth fairy – that putting democraps back in power would correct the mistakes of the republicans. In other words, what if the voters hadn’t made such foolish mistakes in 2006 and 2008?? Think about it. All Republicans voted against Obamacare. All Republicans (except for 3 nincompoops in the Senate) voted against the failed $800+ billion stimulus/porkulus bill. If I’m not mistaken, John McCain voted against both porkulus and Obamacare. The more I see and hear of this RINO Romney, the more I wish McCain had been elected POTUS in 2008. Again let me point out that I recently saw a caption on the Fox News Channel screen; reading something like – Why would you want to nominate the guy (Romney) who lost to the guy (McCain) who lost to Obama?? The GOP should learn from past mistakes instead of repeating them over and over again. Likewise to all of you who want to defeat BHO and his democraps this year ….. VOTE WISELY!!


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