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Poll Shows Most Americans Want Military, Not Congress, To Decide On ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

May 31, 2010 by  

Poll shows most Americans want military, not Congress, to decide on 'don't ask, don't tell'As Congress prepares for a series of votes that could potentially lead to the repeal of the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy, a newly released poll has found that most Americans do not trust Washington politicians with the decision.

The survey conducted by Zogby International for the Family Research Council (FRC) revealed that nearly 60 percent of Americans believe that military leaders are the most capable to make a decision on the issue. By contrast, only 23 percent would entrust it to politicians in Congress.

"This administration and liberals in Congress are attempting to use the military to advance a radical agenda as payoff to their homosexual base of political support," commented FRC Action president Tony Perkins.

He pointed out once again that any decisions regarding a potential overhaul of the ban on openly gay individuals serving in the military should be taken after the study being conducted by the Department of Defense has been concluded later this year. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19804366-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Perkins is right. Der Obummer is appealing to his hardcore voters. Isn’t it early to be stumping for votes between elections? Whatever they smoke in Washington should be re-distributed among the 50 states (and sold around the world). It must be powerful stuff, as this administration is stoned on it 24/7.

  • Don Ror

    This is just another move by Muslim Obama in his quest to destroy America. A homo army will not be able to fight and defend America. It will spend all its time fighting in the barracks.

    • Wanda

      Not to mention that it will be bringing an abomination to God within our troops. You see, in Exodus God told Moses that no unclean thing should be inside the camp the night before they were to go into battle. So–need I say more>>?

      • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

        You got that right!!
        They should not repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell.
        It would give them the go ahead to hit on a straight person in the barracks or shower.
        This is another reason this country is going straight to hell, giving all these gay’s and lesbans so much power.

    • Bill

      Yes, and that fits his agenda “destroy America”. This is EVERY Muslim’s dream. Obama is their new Mohammad.
      Why America? Why you chose self-destruction by voting a Muslim in the highest office in the land?

  • Colo43

    i certainly would not want to keep watching over my shoulder to find some queer lusting after me.

    This is a very unsafe situation that compremises all of their lives in the battle field.
    And in the stressful positions they are placed in, could put the “Q” in a field of range for being so.

  • Retired AF

    I agree with Don Ror. The dem/liberal/socialist/marxists/anti-God/anti-American coalition would love nothing more than to get rid of the 2 remaining obstacles to the complete destruction of America as we know it: (1) demoralization of the military (2) and ending our friendship with Israel.

  • John O’Connor

    Keep the politians out of it. The majority of these sorry azz politicians have never served served a day in the military and think they know every thing about unit cohesiveness and disruption in the ranks. They are only pandering to the gay and lesbo base. They are trying to make this a political issue before the November 2010 elections. These politicans, with Pelosi and Reid at the helm,think they know better than the American public and fail to vote what the majority of America wants. Sergeant Major, U.S. Amry (Retired).

    • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

      First of all let me thank you for your service to our country. I also served in the U.S.Army although I didn’t retire. I agree with you 100%. This Fraud and Traitor needs to go. We can only hope his battleship mouth over loads his row boat #$!

  • Colorado Marine

    It keeps getting more ridiculous. Obama seems unaware that he is pushing America to the limit, where he will lose all of his power and influence (that’s a good thing of course). Now, to support a radical minority, he will endorse and support immoral perversion in the military. Our goal will become, (has already become for many of us), elevated to not settle for just “pulling his teeth” by taking both houses of congress away from him this fall, and charging them to repeal most of what his “useful idiots” have passed – but to add that we will require the new congress to impeach him. He is awakening a sleeping tiger.

    • Ted Crawford

      I agree, in spirit, with you Colorado! What concerns me is your use of the term “unaware”. I believe that he is fully aware of what he is doing! He claims to be satisfied with one term. I don’t believe that for even a fraction of a second!!
      Many of us use terms like ignorant,stupid,foolish,etc. I believe he is none of the above! History has proven from Cornwallis to Custer, to the Japenese,to the French and Americans in Nam, that to underestimate ones enemy is to insure defeat!!
      obama has no intentions of going gently into any political good night!! Our challenge is to determine what method he intends to use to remain in power!! Will it be Martial Law,will it be Amnisty, some combination of these,or some other method?? We must make no mistake he has a plan!!!

  • dbrennan

    We certainly don’t need the queers in congress (interntionally not capitolized) and the white house demoralizing the Military MEN and WOMEN to a greater extent than they have in the past. Another step towards destroying America!

    • Chuck

      Right ON,dbrennan–We in the Korean war had enough problems with queers,and it was a dis-honorable discharge to be found out then!NOW our dis-honorable”presidunce”OVOMIT wants to force HIS stupid HOMO rules on all military.He must be one,is all I can say.We KNOW he is a marxist/socialist/communist idiot anyway!!

  • Maxine Albritton

    I loved the Der Obummer part. People are finally catching on. Politicians make laws concerning things they either don’t have to deal with or don’t know anything about. I would think the military would know how they feel about dealing about such issues.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      It should be Der Odumber!!

  • Bill Fabrizio

    This is politics at its worst. Obama has already lost the conservatives and moderates. All he has left is the godless left. But they are also turning on him for not pushing radicalism fast enough. As a result he once again goes back on a promise, this time to allow the military to determine if repeal of DADT will harm military morale. Of course it will seriously harm morale, but since liberals don’t join the military Obama has no problem trashing our finest.

    I couldn’t agree more with “Colorado Marine”; we must take back both houses in November and move immediately to remove this cancer through impeachment.

    • Jim Adams

      Since today’s Democrat liberals are mostly queer and virtually all communists with zero morals, the best thing that could happen to the USA, besides all queers getting AIDS, would be a 100% Republican federal government in 2012: the Presidency, the Cabinet, the House, the Senate, not a single useless Demo-commie liberal to be found. Meanwhile, let’s impeach Obama for being a non-US-born impostor and a useless Muslim.

  • 3rd worlder

    I used to dread the thought of martial law in America, but lately I’ve reconcidered. The only hope now for the future of this country is martial law. At least then, it would be run by Americans.

    • jeffrey raymond

      If America has martial law, Obama will have COMPLETE control. There will be no rights: you have not right to an attorney, you have no right to bear arms. The constitution will be null and void. Do you REALLY believe Martial law will be run by us? No sir, there is a reason why the blue hats are on nearly every military base. Nato forces have been here and is against the will of the people. No armed force other than the United States military should be on our soil. Nato is nothing more than an occuping foreign invader. Now, sir, do you still believe martial law is the answer?? Careful what you wish for…

  • Holton

    well.. it seems there is a bit of policy that allows the civilian guv-mint to tell the military what to do … and that’s the Constitution …
    as for demoralization .. if we want truley “moral” military .. u nclean thoughts ..sexual fantacies .. etc .. let’s make the military celibite know .. no sex by non-married personnel ..(this for colorado marine)
    and .. how do you homo-phobic types feel about the westboro baptist church???
    finally .. I think it’s depicable to say that homosexuals are bad fighters and non-patriots …..

    • deb

      dont ask dont tell is for your own good….not that u cant fight…do u know how many would be killed in war zone ….no one would ever know…..friendly fire??????who us,,,keep-dont ask,dont tell. !!!!!

      • Ricky


      • Kurt

        i like the way you think girl.

    • Joe K

      The term ‘homophobic’ means to have an unnatural fear (phobia) of someone of ones own gender (homo). The term is a complete misnomer to begin with. It does not apply. The use of it is about as valid as the claim of the early feminist that any man who believed in the right to posses a gun only wanted it as an extension of his penis.

      It is a phrase used as a paint brush to paint any one who fails to jump on the gay/lesbian political bandwagon. It’s use is about as intellectually valid as using the so called “N Word” to describe an entire group of people because one does not like the fact that they are not like himself. It is a phrase that does not identify anything at all about the individual it is used against, but does in fact point directly to the bigotry of the person who uses it. Disagreement with the left does not make bigots of people, whatever the issue. Since the left wing nut cases can’t call a person “RACIST” for opposing the homosexual agenda, the have adopted the term “homophobic” to do exactly the same thing.

      Intelligent people know it’s BS and people not intelligent to know that are also not intelligent enough to waste much time in conversation with.

      As for the Westboro (so-called) Baptist church, They are most definitely not in alignment with mainstream Baptist teaching, theology or practice. They call them selves Baptist. They also teach children to hate in the name of God. That is not a “Baptist” kind of thing to do.

      The Bible explicitly defines homosexuality as a moral issue, a sin before God. That same Bible also reveals that Jesus Christ died on the cross for the homosexual, same as any sinner, and it declares us all to be sinners.

      “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” There is not and has not ever been a human being alive for whom these words were not spoken.

      To hate homosexuality and the political agenda of the homosexual community is not the same thing as hating individuals. To recognize that open homosexuality in the United States military will be detrimental to that military, and therefore to the country that military serves does not make one a “homophobic bigot”. It just makes them smarter than a box of rocks.

      • independant thinker

        Well said.

    • crystal

      Holton, you have serious problems.

    • Bud

      And no MARRIED people either, either, as we can’t have them distracted by worries about the wife/husband/kiddies who are left behind at home. Also, think about how this would lower the military budget–no more family housing, allowances, child care centers, etc., etc.!

  • Christopher Baker

    Seems to be a lot of homophobic bigotry in the responses to the idea of repealing the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. It was a stupid policy to begin with. Any enlightened heterosexual person, be it a guy or a gal, when asked for a date from a person of the same sex should be the same as the response to a person asking for a date who is of the opposite sex that they don’t want to go out with, i.e. “No thank you”. It wouldn’t hurt to add to the reply, “Sorry, I don’t swing that way.” or similar polite response. Any other attitude just causes unneeded hate and discontent. Treat EVERYONE with respect and you will most likely receive respect in return. Bigotry of any kind is just not acceptable behavior. Anyone who can’t act with respect towards others in all ways has no business being in our military.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

      Maybe the younger generation will fall for your nonsense but a lot of us from the older generation feel a guy sticking his d_ _k up anothers guys a_ _ is degenerate behavior. It should not be legitimized by repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell”.

      • http://CoxCommunications Wayne

        The Supreme court of the United States made it legal when they over ruled a law in Texas by USING international law as a basis for their ruling.

        • Joe K

          Our Forefathers granted a supreme court justice a seat ‘for life during good conduct’ in our constitution. They left it to ‘we the people’ to determine what is good conduct in a justice and what is not. The example you give is one of many good examples of what is NOT good conduct in a United States supreme court justice. Congress (the opposite of progress) is not the only place where we need to do some serious house cleaning.

      • Christopher Baker

        Maybe you “older” folks need to get with the times and understand that just because someone has different views on sex doesn’t make them bad. I am kind of curious about your term “older” though. Perhaps I’m not old enough at 59 to understand why I should be a bigot???

        • JLC

          Christopher Baker — Perhaps, at 84, I am old enough to tell you that you are not dry behind the ears yet!

        • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

          I am 59 also. It is not a question of being a biggot. You are just accepting of degenerate behavior while many of us are not. It is said that degenerate behavior brought down the Roman empire. Rome crumbled from within. While being accepting of such behavior may be politiclly correct and you sound proud of yourself it is not healthy for society as a whole. I think homosexuality is compulsive like alcoholism and leads to a decline in society if it is embraced.

    • Joe K

      Not only are you ignorant about battlefields, you don’t know much about public showers either, huh?

    • Allan

      Why is it you think it is good to force a majority into a system structured by a minority? Do you have military experience? If so, you would know this will create an extremely awkward situation in a life and death profession. I think it will affect recruiting and reenlistment. There will likely be demand for non-homosexual accommodations. Legislating behavior is not the way to go.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      the only phobia I see is the PHOBIA the gays have that they won’t get their way! They want to do it their way. That’s what has the normal people like myself so disgusted about!!!

  • Bill Fabrizio

    Holton says that “…I think it’s despicable to say that homosexuals are bad fighters and non-patriots.” Holton, I don’t think that’s what’s being said here. Today there are homosexuals in the military who are good fighters and are patriots. And the cohesion of the military has been very good through the current wars we are fighting.
    The reason is that DADT is working!

    What we are seeing in the drive to repeal DADT is radicalism and identity politics, i.e., “why can’t a homosexual in the military openly say he/she is a homosexual”? The reason is pretty clear. The vast majority of military personnel are conservative, God-loving, church attending individuals. And, whether you like it or not, most churches and their members are deeply offended by and do not accept homosexuality as being morally equivalent to heterosexuality. And, even though most in the military do not accept homosexuality as a good thing, since they are the defenders of freedom and liberty they do accept the rights of an individual to privately act as he/she pleases as long as they are not forced throught “political correctness” to accept those homosexual actions as morally equivalent to heterosexual acts.

    Sorry Holton, the repeal of DADT without the prior sign off of the military is a bad thing. The mission of the military is to break things and kill the enemy. It’s mission is not to act as a social incubator for political correctness. Anything that stands in the way of the military successfully fulfilling its mission must be avoided. Obama knows this but doesn’t care! After all, he needs the votes of the extreme left or he will be left with no votes at all!

    • Kurt

      GOD says that it’s an abmoniation and that s all needs to be said.
      jesus also says that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess,so if i was you better think before inserting foot.

  • Bob

    If gays only purpose of this action were to serve their country, they could already be doing that and are. It tells me that their motives are something else.

    • Charles

      So well said with so little word, and thats the truth

  • John

    This WAS his promise to the Liberal Left I will DESTROY AMERICA.. 1st. the American People, whom (HE) will not Listen To. 2nd. The Americam Military Fighting Force.. Just Goes to SHOW BACK WHEN HE WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT, HE SAID: I want a Civilian Type military Force STRONGER than the Existing Military Force in Place. So I guess he is on his way.. Hope we are not to Late To Stop Him../ THEM..

  • Holton

    to bill.. you know, they sed the same thing when truman integrated the services ..”Oh, those southern whiteboys will never take order from those coloreds”….and bill .. are you also saying that only christians can serve ??
    as for those who fear the spector of “unnatural sex” .. does that include hetrosexual rear mount.. and oral sex and sex outside of marriage??
    also and finally.. for the poster who sed he fears homosexual rape .. you might consider that hetrosexual rape in theatre is a big problem in the sandbox .. and that there are far more service members doing time in detentional facilities for hetrosexual rape than homosexual rape …

    • Joe K

      To compare homosexuals to blacks is both improper and inaccurate. It is a thing done only by people whose thinking processes are about as deep as a bottle cap. One does not choose what skin color to be born with, but, in spite of all that has been said, one (any one) does in fact choose the manner in which they achieve orgasm. People can be drawn into just about anything, but ultimately, we all do determine for ourselves how we will conduct ourselves.

    • crystal

      How dare you compare us to homosexuals. We are sick and tired of homosexuals and people like you making our skin the same as their sin. If you look back on history, Black men were being drafted and forced to serve as segregated troops. My father was drafted into WWII. My grandfather was drafted into WWI. All of the men in my family from WWII and back had been drafted and treated abominably while in there. If you talk to my father he spoke of being in the Army in WWII. During chow time they fed the white soldiers or regular Army first (and this included Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans — only the Black soldiers were segregated), then they fed the German POWs, then whatever was left they fed the Black soldiers. Can you imagine being forced to serve and then being treated like sh_t? So homosexuals don’t know the meaning of discrimination in the military. Homosexuals don’t have a clue as to what Black soldiers, sailors, Marines, etc. went through. So the comparison is MUTE.

      In addition, I served in the Navy honorably. There were lesbians in our barracks and it was a nightmare. They were bullies, they harassed any woman in the barracks if she had a date with a man, if you turned them down you were threatened with a “blanket party.” IT DOESN’T WORK. All of this happened in the Navy barracks on Andrews Air Force Base.

      I could go on and on, but most people don’t get it. The military is not a game. We have the strongest fighting force because of our moral belief system and practices. I believe we have the greatest nation because of our moral beliefs, Constitution, and so forth. For a person like Obama and his administration along with the present day sick-minded congress, everything we believe in and have fought for is under attack.

      • Joe K


        I said “To compare homosexuals to blacks is both improper and inaccurate.”

        I also knew it was an insult. But to be honest, you are the first or your race that I have ever heard to take offense at it.

        You elaborated on it much better than I could have begun to do. Well said.

        I am also from a family with a large military history. I know the things you said are true. Thank you, and your family for all you and they have done.

        When my own father came home, people were spitting on soldiers at airports, black and white. Military people share a common bond that politicians and people who have never served cannot understand. Sadly, even some who have served lack that understanding. Any way, again, thank you for your service and your words here.

        • crystal


          I was responding to Holton, who doesn’t seem to get it. Also, thank you for your service and all of your family members who served.

      • Bud

        At least it has never been outright illegal to be a Negro.

        • crystal

          Bud, what is a negro?

    • crystal

      In addition Holton, since you are so determined to speak on rape. Ask yourself why is it that homosexuals who make up less than 1% of this nation’s population, make up 18% of the rapes in the military?

      • Bud

        And you got your figures…where?

        • crystal

          New report out from Pentagon study. Also on PDF file. LOOK IT UP!

          • Ted Crawford

            Crystal, please stop trying to confuse progressives with facts! It causes them great distress and increases their use of chemicals, thus benifiting the drug trade! It’s far better to leave them in their ignorance, bumping into things in the dark!! That is,of course, bushes fault as well!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          hows it feel to get your behind kicked by a real lady??? I enjoyed her comments to you very much, dud!!!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            god Bless you for your service and your family as well!

  • http://gmail i41

    Christopher Baker, if it is Ok for your wufe or girlfriend to shower with the guys, I guess you wouldn’t have a problem sleeping close to a rump ranger. I don’t want them around me, since they special privilages with all the other freeks and minorities, creat a special unit for all the non confornists, end of the problem. We know Omoron has such an open “mind”, when he had to check out alturnative life styles. Then he married Michelle “the belle” and really got in to community organizing and Chicago “politics”. Maybe Chris you go for that life style?

  • jim

    I think most of Congress is gay
    That is why they want to have the say

    • Joe K

      Most of congress is not gay. They are just after the money and the power. There is after all a great deal of money to be made with homosexuality. Ask Barney Frank.

      • http://?? Millie

        I do not think most are gay but most are bio. greedy. and ungodly.
        I’m not sure with all our efforts , whether we can stop the down slide we are in but maybe we can vote in candidates who has the same views as we do and prolong our destiny for a few years then a new generation with politicially correctinness in their vocabalary will let the downslide start over. They need History books with truths not politically correstiness in them I’m so tired of politically sorrectiness I could scream. Everyone should be Americians and proud of this fact or go back to your homeland if you perfer things runthat way. I for one like my freedom and my country. May God bless the USA always.

  • mavis e howard

    Maybe the gays have not thought about how the muslims feel about them.
    Since they want everyone to know who they are, the enemy will also know
    If caught on the battle field by the enemy it an automatic execution. There may be some that won’t push the fact but most will get in the face of everyone with there preverted ways. No one in his right mind could ever think that what they are doing is normal. Let the Military take care of this problem not the demented congress. meh pensacola,fl.

    • Bud

      And how do the Muslims feel about women soldiers?

  • Victor L Barney

    Just wait until all the illegals become legal! Israel, Joseph’s Hebrew seed given the name “Israel” by Ya’aqob(Jacob), but lost it because of losing the “identifying sign” of Sabbath-keeping; You have now appointed a foreigner(non-Israelite) over you for the very first time in your history, which you were commanded not to do(Deuteronomy 17:15), and a Marxist, nonetheless, which is anti-messiah, according to Karl Marx himself, which also wanted to kill all the Jews which Hitler soon tried! Believe me, the tools by Lucifer, the first messiah, and still in power over earth, are being set-in-gear to totally destroy Israel from belonging to their “Hebrew” creator(not Greek, Latin, or whatever you THINK), “Yahweh” and his only begotten son, “Yahshua,” who came in his name! Did you know that in 1522, I think was the exact year, that the Roman Catholic(Universal) Church’s(RCC)Pope Leo the 10th I believe was his name(Look up Petrus Galatinus on search and deductively prove it) had Petrus Galatinus come up with a name for the Jewish Messiah that honored the highest Greek Deity, “Zeus” and he came up with “Jesus”? Now, the RCC acknowledges that Galatinus made a translation error with his “Jehovah,” and it should have been “Yahweh,” but do not even mention “Jesus” in this discussion? Probably, because Petrus was asked directly to come up with a name to honor the Greek’s highest deity, “Zeus”; because that was the way “Rome” always did things! Forget about the 3rd Commandment? Wake-up America! This is the Real Israel from Joseph’s seed, not Judah, given grace, not race and; the two-witnesses are soon coming to punish Israel for 3 1/2 years right before his return! This is not here say; it’s history. So, Watch!

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

      I don’t know why the name Jesus is so powerfully used in exorcisms and for the answer to so many prayers if not accepted by GOD. I agree with you about the name Yahweh. I also beleive that the founding fathers of our country were the descendants of the ten lost tribes of the kingdom of Israel, for only two tribes can be accounted for in todays Israel. What is also ironic is that this country was settled in the exact way the people of the Exodus, or their descendants, settled the land that GOD gave them. Could the founding fathers of this country be the descendants of the lost ten tribes of the kingdom of Israel that were carried away when conquered by the Assyrians, that could never conquer Judah. Judah, only when they did wrong in the site of GOD, like Israel did before being conquered by the Assyrians, were conquered by the Babylonians after the Babylonians conquered Assyria, which the Babylonians then carried away to be slaves like the Assyrians did to Israel. The Israeli slaves were released by the Assyrians when they were being attacked by the Babylonians from the south and escaped to the north away from the kingdoms of Israel and Judah which the Babylonian armies were between Assyria (what is now Turkey) and the two kingdoms of GOD’s people. After defeating Assyria, the Babylonians turned south and then defeated Judah and made them all slaves, but the ten tribes of Israel had escaped to the north, across the Bosphorus and into Europe
      (for proof look in a Catholic Bible, in 1st Macabees chapter 12, verse 21, both books of the Macabees were found with the Dead Sea Scrolls and are proven to be authenic, despite what Martin Luther proclaimed). Our country was good in the site of GOD until the last fifty years when we’ve been disowning him by our deeds. GOD has blessed this country, until then, more than any other country on earth, except for Israel and Judah when they were good in His site.
      GOD will bless us again if we just return to him and ask for foregivness. Beleive in GOD’s word in the Bible and we won’t have these stupid problems.

      • Kim McGough

        Victor and Randy–About the House of Israel, look at Gen: 35.11—Gen 48 and 49, then go to 2nd Samuel.7;10—and remember as you are reading that at that time Israel was in their on country, and also Mat:10-5&6, these are just a few places that refer to the House of Israel. God has not forgotten Juda and Benjamin though, for they still will accept Jesus. And all Israel shall be saved. But this is the church age and the House of Israel was mixed with all nations so that through this adoption everyone would have the opportunity to be saved, actual 13 tribes and 13 apostles with the 13th representing adoption. There is plenty more about this adoption in the Bible.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

      The proof of the carrying away of the ten tribes of Israel by the Assyrians can also be found in the Catholic Bible in the book of Tobit, another book proven to be true by also being found with the Dead Sea Scrolls, despite what Martin Luther also proclaimed about it.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

    To this day we have the greatest fighting force ever in the history of the world. This entails discipline, intelligence, training, morale, dedication, loyalty, beleif of purpose, and equipment superiority by an all voluntary membership. Israel is probably a close second by the results it obtains in spite of the odds it goes up against. If Cogress repeals this law and allows gays to serve openly it also may want to pass another law reinstating the draft. For the macho men we depend upon to volunteer for our military will probably make the decision to decline joining the new ‘Fairy Forces’,
    not meant to be a joke, and we will not be able to enlist enough men to fill the ranks needed by our military without a draft. The type of men we need will also be in short supply, thereby weaking the efficency of our fighting force. The Families left behind will then have another thing to worry about. The old adage of why fix it if its not broken comes to mind here. There are other ways to serve this country besides in the military that won’t disrupt what we are fortunate to have up till now. If someone wanted to destroy this country, the first thing they would have to do is destroy our powerful military. Is this Mr. Obama’s goal? Return to GOD and his words in the Bible before its to late, if it isn’t already!

    • Kara

      Repeal of this policy, although perhaps tough at first, would ultimately lead to a stronger, more loyal military. Units are supposed to work together as though family, family is not biased. Just because someone is gay does not mean that they look and think about everyone in their own sex a certain way, most already have significant others at home. The difference is that they aren’t allowed to talk about them as others can which could very well lead to bottling up all of the emotion until it all escapes at once which ends up being the few incidents in the military which is heard. Men and women work together in the military more and more often now, but no sexual influence is tolerated. That will stay the same whether it be woman-woman, man-man, or woman-man. Also, more than 13,000 troops accused of homosexual acts have been discharged including doctors, gunmen, translators, ect. How’s that for loosing potential troops? Also, don’t try to be almighty, you know yourself that there are many ways to interpret the bible. Don’t use the one who loves all’s words for hate.

      • Allan

        What on earth makes you think this would create a stronger military? Have you been in the military? It is not a sociology experiment. Lately, no one seems to listen to the majority, especially the Presidnet. It doesn’t seem to be making America stronger or more united, does it?

      • crystal

        The military is not a civilian job. You’re talking about people who will not be able to get away from certain elements they find detestable. You’re asking people to live with what they find is in violation of their rights. Giving rights to one in this situation, violates the rights of others. You’ve never been in the military so what you believe will make a stronger more loyal force, will be what weakens our military. Our military is the strongest in history due to the collective beliefs of it’s forces. Liberals in the military are far and few between.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Please don’t talk of a draft. I served with a few draftees and a couple of them resented the fact they were drafted that they were a couple of the worst soldiers I ever saw. could have gotten people killed and might have. the voulenteer service was the best thing the military ever did. We have the highest trained forces in the world, it’s just the government that is causing the shortages of troops!

  • Millie

    I agree with Victor about the illegals . If they are made legals they , will have no respect or love for this country. This was proven in California where kids in school was allowed to fly their flag on top of ours . The US flag was hung under the Mexican flag and upside down .
    Then three youths were expelled because of their refusal to turn their shirts inside out which had the American flag on it . Are we in Mexico or the United states. Shows where their hart is doesn’t it? Maybe some of them need to be deported along with Obama and his aunt who has been here illegal for a few years and deported several times and has not been made to go as yet.Our laws mean nothing to this government.Just try to go to Mexico illegal and see how strict their laws are. We can’t come close to comparing to theirs or any other countrys and they tell us we are treading on their rights where is our rights? Don’t you think it’s the other way around they are on ours?

  • bobinpa.

    DADT is the current Law in the Military. Any person joining the Military knows this and therefore knows when they are in the military, they WILL NOT be subject to open Homosexual behavior. If DADT is repealed, this will not be the case. Homosexuals will be able to be openly Gay. Repealing DADT is a Breach of Contract. I don’t care who thinks What, Every person on active dity should have the Option of IMMEDIATE RELEASE {Actually 30-45 days} from active duty. I am Retired USMC. If gays had been able to serve openly in the military I never would have joined, and if DADT was repealed when I was in I never would have made it a career. These Clown Politicians are not QUALIFIED to make a decision of this magnitude. The Majority of them have never had a uniform on their back. And OBAMA is definitly NOT Qualified. Look how these Incompetent Jokers have screwed up the whole country in a year and a half.

    • crystal

      My sentiments exactly.

  • bobinpa.

    If they are going to let Open Homosexuality in, then let those against it OUT. Period. No BS, No excuses. There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO REPEAL “DADT”.

  • marvin

    this is just a nother case of putting the cart in front of the horse, ever thing the liberal say and do is, the hell with what you the majority think or want,obama said i won so set down and shut up from the beer gate to rev wright the misguided arizona law to the oil spill,i would say that not five people, if that in the whole fed goverment has been or ever work in the oil fields and know there ass from a hole in the ground [i have over 20 years]and if some stuped ass wipe said i will put my foot on your neck i would have let him show me he was man enuf to, or knew what he was talking about an,t no oil wells in chy town my point being no one has the right reguardless of your statis to tell or order another human he/she has to condone and serve with gays it is immoral, some thing are best left unknown the laws saz you don,t ask and you don,t tell but obama pelosie reid rangel shumer and the one that acts like he is on drugs or just stuped rep gutierrez that wants to change america to mexiamer all liberals have the same flaw they can not read the law or obay it they want to make law and enforce laws they want

  • marvin

    Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) was arrested outside the White House on Saturday during a May Day protest for immigration reform.

    Guiterrez had been speaking to a crowd of hundreds at Lafayette Square when he announced that he was going to go to the White House fence with other protesters, sit down, and not move until he was arrested or until comprehensive immigration reform was signed.

    •Immigration protesters call on Obama to act quickly
    Gutierrez, who chanted “Si se puede” (“Yes, it is possible”) along with other demonstrators, linked arms with other protesters and took a seat along the White House fence. He was warned to move by police, and when he did not comply he was arrested with a few dozen other protesters.

    • Claire

      It figures. The creep is from Illinois. Another wacko.

  • Dean

    With these never ending wars, they will try to draft people soon. This will give a whole new meaning to “conscientious objector”.

  • marvin

    rep luis gutierrez is an elected offical of the united states goverment knowingly breaking the law and incorageging other [ legal and illegals]to do so this imbicile needs to be impeached yes he voted to repeal dadt, this man has got to be on or needs to be on medication, if you watch him he is ether one arrogant ass wipe or on drugs this man been drinking more then koolade

  • Brandy40

    Obama and the congress should stay out of this “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” issue. The military leaders know what is best for the military. I believe this is just another effort by liberal sickos to destroy America. One way to do that is to destroy our military!

    • Kara

      Liberals are not sickos, although your comment is sickening. The media covers nearly nothing of what actually goes on in the military and even if it did, you don’t sound like the kind of person who is intelligent or caught up in the world enough to even know how to turn a television on, perhaps a radio. There is no reason that any liberal would want to destroy the military, the president himself is a liberal and is therefor the leader of the military. If your comeback to that would be “it’s all part of his conspiracy” or something, than don’t even bother. Don’t comment on subjects like this if you don’t actually bother to learn the facts or if you’re just another closed minded propagandist.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Bruce D.

        Many including me feel liberals are trying to destroy America. Look what they tried to do to the Boy Scouts as evidence. Calling people stupid and/or a biggot is not going to work any more. People are waking up to the destructive vision Obama and the left have for America. I think it is time you shut off the TV and the radio and start reading a little history so you can understand what your political philosophy has in store for you.

        • 45caliber

          Good answer to a mind-frozen liberal.

    • Allan

      Liberals do hate the military in concept. It is only expedient for them in certain sitations. They say they support it to gain positions of authority. They actively lobby high schools and colleges to DENY RECRUITING. “I support the troops but not the mission” is disingenuous. “The troops” need to BELIEVE in their mission to stay alive and protect their buddies? Liberals, the liberal press, Reid, and Murtha, et al, have hurt the morale of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and this undoubedly had an effect on the battlefield. Shame on all of them.

    • 45caliber

      The liberals are afraid of the military. They look upon anyone who would volunteer to defend the country as a prospective murderer. After all, they must want to kill someone if they join. That is why they fear the ex-military people so much.

      Yet they believe the military MUST obey the President’s commands – even if he gives them an illegal order.

  • Hill 651

    Congress want’s to do it just for votes,just like immigration. If they get that passed, every illegal that use to be will be talked into voting for Obama.I”m a first generation American,and is this a slap in the face to the Millions who did it right and didn’t get everything these clowns are getting.Food stamps,free school,health care,SSI,work under the table and send all the money south and don’t pay dime in taxes.

  • Bill

    I agree 100% with Colorado Marine.
    This fake president is the most dangeroous person. He is destroying America faster than I thought he could. The Congress is either cowards or bought. Anyway they are not acting FOR the people.
    It is a mess, which should be solved by arresting this Muslim (enemy) president for fraud. This way ALL what he signed and employ will be void and nilled.

  • 45caliber

    The gay people look upon the military as a sex club – and they don’t want to get into trouble for propositioning some buff soldier. With DADT they can’t do anything but without it they can claim sexual harrassement if the soldier says anything.

    One of four soldiers does not want to serve with a gay member. The gays use this to point out that the majority agrees with them. However … This means that one of four soldiers will tend to quit the service or get into trouble when propositioned. In any case there aren’t enough gays to take the place of the soldiers who leave – and we need them.

    I served with gays who kept their mouths shut and did a good job. The problem with the modern gays is that they don’t want to keep their mouths shut. As I said, they see the military as a sex club rather than as national defense.

  • JerryH

    As a Vietnam vet I can tell you that allowing an openly gay man in the barracks to shower with other men who are straight is no different than allowing a straight man to shower with a barracks full of women. It may be a joy for him, but not for the other men. To them it is despicable and they will not trust him. Trust is essential on the battlefield. Homosexuality is also an abomination to God and indeed will be punished by Him. God is currently judging this nation for our ungodly leadership and it is only going to get worse. When Iran or any other Islamic terrorist group gets the nuke, they are coming after Israel to seek to wipe them from off the map, and then they are coming after us Americans, perhaps maybe even simultaneously. Experts say it is not a matter of “if”, but “when.” When you see a major city of civilians completely annihilated in the not-so-distant future, just stop and think about why that might be, and then remember the conversations spoken here in this blog. God is a loving and forgiving God, but not when there is no acknowledgment of the sin and no repentance.

  • Bob

    Hey Gang,

    I love God,morals,and my country America,but sorry if I’m out of the LOOP here.I see a “Medical Safety” issue here.While being trained in the Army we were shown to dig a deep hole to cut a turd into and bury it because of the BACTERIA from WASTE.In NAM bamboo spears dipped into HUMAN WASTE then placed into trenches or FOX HOLES were used very effectively,to penetrate and rip through your boot and stab you in the foot,leg or how ever you landed into the hole.Point being once in the blood stream you were dead! Question: Where has the activity of a HOMOSEXUAl BEEN ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Rich

    Just another example of Obama’s hate-America agenda. He’s doing all in his power to tear down and denigrate America, and succeeding all too well. We must stop his agenda at the ballot box this fall if America is to be saved. DADT is needed for unit cohesiveness. I’m a volunteer veteran of the Korean War, and I believe in LIMITED, CONSTITUTIONAL government, served by patriotic legislators.

  • Billyb

    God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the same thing that the Queers in the military want to do. Genesis 19:24. He destroyed these cities because all the men wanted to be with men. Now, a lot of women want to be with women. God did it once and He said He would do it again. So, it seems that Obama wants to help bring about destruction of our armed forces by allowing the queers to go in and do their thing, which could hasten the day when God once again will destroy the queers. But, I just don’t like the idea of good military personnel have to put up with looking over their shoulder to see if one of these queers is lusting after him.

  • unise mendez

    I can understand MEN like Home Land Security Nepolitano requesting “dont ask dont tell” so she can easily find a girlfriend. Other than a few of those, I garentee you, there are no gays in the military. The two just don’t happen. It’s an abomination and our Military is God’s Army now. The estrogen president and the estrogen Holder and testosorone-lacking Rahm, they could never hold a day on our battle fields, so they think its an ok idea. Put a gun in Obama’s hands, put him on the streets of Afganistan and he’ll find out real quick if he wants a gay guy having his back.

  • Jill, Ca.

    “Gosh Wally do you think congress will vote to repeal the don’t ask, don’t tell law?”
    “Wow Beev, if they do it will be very baaaaaad.”

  • RICH

    Fags belong In the Closet…….Not On a Ship,Foxhole,B-52,Sub’s etc. They Will need to carry More Perfume,Silk Underwear,etc.This Will Weigh Them Down In Combat.


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