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Poll Shows Democrats’ Popularity Slipping

November 18, 2009 by  

Poll shows Democrats' popularity slippingDespite their strong push on climate and healthcare reform, Democrats appear to be losing ground in recently published public opinion polls.

According to a new Pew Research Center survey, only 52 percent of registered voters would like to see their representatives re-elected next year, while just over 33 percent say that most members of Congress should be returned to office. These figures are among the lowest in the last 20 years, the organization says.

In addition, voters who plan to support Republicans in 2010 are more enthusiastic than those who plan to vote for a Democrat. The survey found that 58 percent of Republican voters are very enthusiastic about next year’s elections, as opposed to 42 percent of those who plan to vote Democratic.

CNN polling director Keating Holland commented that the results are not surprising as "the party that is out of power usually gets to play on offense, while the party in power is essentially playing defense."

The poll also found that the vast majority of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction the country is heading as nine out of 10 consider the national economic conditions to be fair or poor. Nearly two-thirds describe their own finances that way, the highest number since the summer of 1992.

Ever more Americans are also convinced the war in Afghanistan is not going well, and a plurality continues to oppose the healthcare reform proposals, the Pew Center has found.

Finally, recent opinion polls have found that increasingly many people disagree with President Obama’s policies, although they continue to like him personally.

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  • Paul

    This is nothing new. Even during the Bush years, the democratic congress lagged behind the president’s approval rating. From 2006-2008, the democratic congress had a 9 percent approval rating while George Bush had a 30 percent approval rating. This just shows how people react to a democratic congress that “talks the talk”, but doesn’t “walk the walk”, or they’re all talk, but no action.

  • Victor L Barney

    We have a veto-proof United States Government in control of the House, Senate, and Judicial with Marxist leaders in the white house giving the orders with a Charles Manson mentality (remember the Weathermen out of Chicago in the 60′s (there now advisers in the white-house)! There has been a take-over of the American way of government by self-seeking politicians! Studying history, it is probable that we soon will become a totalitarian government (The Modern Romans)! All the press and politicians will be mercilessly killed and, being the actual house of Israel, “Jacob’s trouble” has begun! Note: “The New world order” was a system begun by Adam Weishaupt establishing the New World Order under “Lucifer” in May of 1776 by the Mazzini (Mafia boss)-Pike Plan in the Illuminati! By 7/16/1782 the Freemasons became members, including G Washington, John Adams, T. Jefferson, Ben Franklin (Also an Illuminati member). Adam Weishaupt (closet friend and disciple was Karl Marx) also invented the seeing-eye, which was placed on our dollar bill by another high Mason, FDR! Read “Fossilized Customs” by Lew White for much more information about our coming doom of New Israel planned long ago!

    • Joe H.

      Yeah, but did you notice, even with a stacked deck they still can’t pass anything!!!!!

  • Carol

    All I can say:


  • Bruce

    Saddly there is little differance between the two, there are some very Fine Democrats, as well some very Fine Republicans.
    What the press post for you to see are the ones that in most case’s are the “CRIMINALS.”
    Makes you think why the alledged free press plays that card time after time. Think NAZI’S thats what the press is full of.
    A clean up needs to be done, where these people again WORK for you, not YOUR working for them.

  • Pat Garrett

    Is it because I am a Former Marine and a police Officer that I see our Government in a new light? We have brave men and women serving over-seas trying to make it safer for these fat cat liberals to sleep at night. We have a so called Commander like all the rest of these cowards who appoint a brave man who has risen to rank of General to do a job and then don’t listen to his advise. Hell their is several thousands of dollars we can save we don’t need a General we just need Obama to go talk to them and our worries are all over. His too of coarse. Go apologize for yourself Commander, I have served honestly and faithfully and I owe no culture or religion or party government any type of apology!!!! I am a pissed off AMERICAN, You make some sicking decisions Mr. Obama and I wouldn’t drink a beer with your unpatriotic ass. You talk and talk and talk some more. Carry your ass over to Afghanistan, hell I will go with you take a squad of Marines with you and raise your white flag and go talk… When and if you get back to the line then you can tell me that your talking did something. I would bet you could find 40,000 more troops right quick. Our God gave you a smart brain to use and your so busy filling your pockets with our money and your buddy’s pockets that you cant see the truth. Americans aren’t much into apologizing, seems we are owed some. These COMBATANTS at Gitmo are just that cowardly killers and have no country or army as such to fight us only a crazy belief. Don’t embarrass my Country sir by bringing that bunch of crazy bastards here. I have been to Gitmo and their are being treated BETTER than the Marines who Guard your wall. So don’t go loosing sleep over their conditions, water boarding dose not hurt. It is however a bit painful when you get your ass beat.(See their is always another way to extract info) Great Job CIA guys for doing it the easy less painful way. You have kept us safe and I for one appreciate it. War crimes are war crimes and as a Marine and a American Citizen,and small business owner, I say this. They are a para-military origination, their for they should be tried by that General we don’t seem to need. PLEASE pull your head out of your ass and look around. This Great Nation isn’t in most part happy with the way your going. We have no money because nobody has a job and your flying around all over kissing somebody’s ass. Get home; if your not going to fight all out to win then get our boys home. Protect our Country and its boarders. Maybe you can figure that mission out seeing that it has lines your collage education can figure out. You want to be here in American? Welcome, do right and I have no problem. You cant do right you cant follow simple instructions…. Get the hell out. How simple is that? When you Mr. Obama and Czars, start cleaning up in our back yard AMERICANS will have work and your money problems will go away and if you would please stop giving my country away, stop worrying about my health. We have a old and very proud nation and its doing okay without any of your leftist help.
    DO NOT SIGN any thing that has any part of or possibility their of trying to over-ride my / our Constitution! It will be more horrifying than what President Lincoln saw. Lets try to keep that from happening. Surly your a smarter man than Beck gives you credit for… I hope you are.

    • Robin from Indiana

      to Mr. Garrett…
      Thank you sir for your service to our country. And thank you for saying what you said. You are loud and proud and I couldn’t agree more! I have never been afraid of our government until this administration took office. Now I feel I cannot trust their judgment and what is worse is I am not sure who can be trusted from any party let alone the Democrats who seem to the the worst for them all! Too many people are apathetic to what is happening in Washington. It will be Americas downfall…

      • USPatriot

        To Mr. Garrett, Ditto
        I will be working through our tea party so you will have a country and constitution to come home to. Thank you for your service to our country.

    • JLC

      SEMPER FI! And that’s coming from an ex-Infantryman!

    • Tom Teacher

      At this point Pat, it looks very similar to Viet Nam…(I was there)…the major point in this war is that it’s being fought just like Viet Nam…you can do this but not that…bomb only here, not there…use only these weapons…we have an alleged commander in chief (capitalization removed for lack of respect for the individual) who has no experience, can’t even answer a simple question without a script and really is wishing to be dictator! As long as this type of “leadership” is in place, there is very little hope of resolution to our country’s problems. You are right…it is our Constitution but I really doubt that is is Mr. Obama’s. When we have a congress and president who believes in the basic freedoms provided by our Constitution then and only then will we see a return to a real “American Way of Life”.

  • Victor L Barney

    Sorry, but give credit to Beck! You do realize that organized crime groups are Democrats; don’t you? And none have done it better than Chicago! Plus, you get more done by breaking legs in the background!
    PS: Although I was in the Air Force, we were with the Marines at Da Nang in 1969-70; and I do know what you guys gave America. You gave all, unlike any of our politicians, most giving nothing and taking all from us!

  • Dee Light

    I think you are living in a can of cow mess if you think that the U.S.A is better off under the (2) BRUSH Administration. Wake up and get out of that old way of thinking! Brushes are beautiful to look at but who in Gods world would want to live under one!!! Life was a mess for years! Why didn’t you speak up when we were put in this turnoil! The brush family is set for life off of the AMERICAN people!I’m glad 70% of American People agree A TIME FOR A CHANCE!!! Fear will no longer control people!!! So! if it makes you happy to continue protesting this Administrate go ahead!!! But again WHY DIDN”T YOU GET OFF OF YOUR SOAP BOX SELF RIGHTOUS BEHIND AND PROTEST THE POLICIES UNDER THE BRUSH!!! NOW ALL YOU GO FIGURE!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM TO SPEAK MY MIND TOO!!!!!!!

    • Joe H.

      you couldn’t have spoken your mind!!! You kinda’ have to have….. I’m just sayin’….

    • JeffH

      So you kept score about who did and didn’t complain about Bush? Shame on all of us that didn’t send you our reports. You wouldn’t work for ACORN by any chance would you? The name seems familiar.

      • Joe H.

        Maybe he was one of those “ghost” voters?!?!?!?

    • JeffH

      Gee whiz! I wonder why the Dems are losing support? Hmmm lets see there is Karl Marx Obama , Nazi “You’re un-American” Pelosi, Joe “I should bite my tongue”Biden, Eric “pardon Bill Ayers” Holder, Harry “I’ll no longer work in Nevada” Reid, and a few hundred more that voted for the HC legislation. I know I have left a few out, but you get the picture.

  • Joe H.

    Hey!!! Where is denniso? I’d be surprised if he shows here!!!! His hero’s popularity is nosediving!!!! If he shows I’ll get a “later” as he knows I’m right!!!

    • JeffH

      Joe H., duh!nniso or Gabriela has a curfew I think! Or maby daddy put her computer on restriction. Who cares, kinda quiet and peaceful without it.

  • Rod

    Thank you Dee Light! It’s good that you speak you’re mind. I am
    very proud it’s NOT MINE! I am a Vet. too and yes there were some
    things Bush did that I did not agree with and some things he neglected to do that I also did not agree with. Obama and his select
    criminals are trying to destroy this country and if your not bright
    enough to see it, thats your problem. We, however, will hear your
    screams above all the rest of us. You guys just can’t get off of Bush.
    In case you hadn’t noticed It’s Obama and Palosi and their criminal
    ways that are screwing up our Govt.You are going to be very happy with
    the health care plan Obama and Palosi have planned for you. You are
    going to DIE laughing!

    • cr747

      Rod, I agree with you 100%. What we have in Washington, is disrespecting to,” We The People.” It is time for change. Some of the ones there need to be sent back to their state, and if they won’t to run for office, try dog catcher, that might fit them just fine. Some of them couldn’t win the dog catcher election.

      • Joe H.

        Heck, some of these guys couldn’t make crossing guard!!!

        • Stephaan

          I would like to see Piglosi, Reid, Osama, & Eric “GOD” Holder cleaning septic tanks for the rest of their lives. I think that would be a “just” reward. Can’t you just see the 4 amigos in coveralls walking around up to their armpits in our crap for a change? :-)

  • Linda L Hill

    I do not like Obama personally, I do not know who he is, do you? A Communist, no, maybe a Socialist, no, maybe from the Mafia, no maybe a Progressive, no, we do not know who he really is, do we!

    • cr747

      Know enough that it is time he was out of office before he puts us all speaking Chinese and eating rice. WWAAYY past time. He has to get all past Presidents to do all the work for him. What a JOKE!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe H.

    I told you he wouldn’t show up!!! His hero’s halo has slipped to his waist!!!

  • WeMadeAmistake

    You wonder why Obama supporters would follow a man who refuses to even disclose who and how his Harvard education was paid for. Or with poor to average grades from Occident, how he got into Columbia. Now we read he has been having an affair with Vera Baker, a former campaign aid. Bet Michele is biting her tongue every night on this


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