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Poll Shows Americans Unimpressed With Obama's BP Speech

June 23, 2010 by  

Poll shows Americans unimpressed with Obama's BP speech President Obama addressed the nation last week, nearly two months after the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico began, but a new survey shows Americans gave him a low mark for his effort.

The president has been heavily criticized for what some see as his aloofness and reluctance in his dealings with the company and for insufficient efforts to stop the leak, so when he took to the airwaves to vow to "make BP pay" for the damage, the administration hoped to reverse that impression.

However, a new poll conducted by HCD Research revealed that compared to Obama’s previous major speeches, the BP address was poorly received across America. The company looked at eight major speeches the president has given since he took office 18 months ago—including the State of the Union, healthcare and Wall Street reform—and found that the respondents gave it the average mark of just 4.4 on a 1-7 scale.

By contrast, his first State of the Union in January 2009 scored 5.5.

Despite this poor result, however, the administration subsequently struck a deal with BP to set up a $20 billion escrow account to be managed by a third party in order to help individuals and businesses affected by the disaster.

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  • Matt

    Well, I personally heard that Obama is making money off of this whole BP incident. And now he has stopped all new offshore drilling wells.
    Who voted him into office anyway?

    • J.M.R.

      i didn’t know we that many dummies that could vote for the liar. i hope their proud of the scum some of the polls they haven’t learned their lesson, they still think he’s going to save them. but he’s destroying our great country. we don’t owe any country a damn thing.

      • WarriorH

        Sadly, the wrong person resigned today.

  • s c

    It’s going on TWO MONTHS, and that fake ‘leader’ still doesn’t know there’s a major problem in the gulf. What is in the water at Haavid? So how many people travel with him when he can ‘find the time’ to go to Lousiana? Does he still take hundreds of people with him?
    People, if this is the “BEST” that treasonous progressives can give us, I don’t want to be around when we’re given their WORST. This puppet stooge acts like he couldn’t replace a light bulb unless he was surrounded by engineers and environmental ‘specialists.’
    Thanks for NOTHING, Haavid. You know how to sell your souls, and you know how to LIE and SUBVERT, but when it comes to leaders, you pathetic scum don’t have a clue.

  • Rick

    The speech was overburdened with platitudes and rhetoric, which is not unexpected from a man/child who has no real life experience other than from a liberal textbook. You cannot solve a disaster like this with laws, pretty words, or ideologies, which is the fundamental agenda of this ineffective administration.

  • Darell

    Unimpressed With Obama’s action. When he demands help to a few (by no new drilling) he has hurt millions more. “Why waist a good desaster to gain votes”. By opening the border, and giving amnesty he is gaining many millions votes. With Obama he only acts on the things that best benifits him. He don’t care about the people that make the world go around, Just about the ones that don’t get their free share. It’s not robing from the rich and giving to the pour, It’s robbing from the working class and giving to the (I don’t need to work because I get it free from the goverment class), or sell drugs and robber class.

  • Kate

    I don’t think there is much the president or any politican can do – especially in these polarized times. Bush and the big oil guys took away all regulations. During his campaign in 1998 Bush said “business can regulate itself”. We are seeing the result of that. Anything Obama tries to do will be shot down by the republicans anyway.

    • Ben

      I think you meant “Anything Obama tries to do” that is’nt good for the country “will be shot down by the republicans”. By the way, the best thing a politician can do is to get out of the way; quit throwing artificial impediments in the pathways of those who are working in the line of fire.

      Get the job done first then regulate if needed.

    • Robin, Arcadia, IN

      Kate… Business should be able to regulate themselves. What exactly has Barry done so far except lip service? He doesn’t let a little thing like an oil well gushing out of control get in the way of his many jaunts here and there, or his golf game. He’s on TV and telling the press what they can write and it’s always all about him. He is a poor excuse for our leader. A lame duck president to be sure.

    • s c

      K, whether you realize it or not, your words make you sound like a programmed parrot. How are you obligated to defend Herr Obummer at all costs – regardless of what he says or does (or doesn’t do)? Enjoy your impossible task.
      I’m wasting my time, BUT since this topic has NOTHING to do with GB, you should seriously consider going back to school to repeat every English and Reading course you ever managed to “pass.” PLEASE tell me you didn’t graduate with ‘honors.’

    • JSmith

      There was plenty that could have been done initially. Why was the Administration not in contact with BP way before 56 days had passed. The country needs a partnership between government and industry to solve this problem. That was possible initially but not now. Instead the Administration develops their full blown disaster by inaction, or possibly calculated inaction and then comes out with a big stick and gets a concession out of BP that they had already agreed to. Why did “o” not at the outset put a moratorium on enforcement of government regulations as they hindered the response to this disaster not a moratorium on what business and industry we have down on the gulf to make things worse. Remember the motto of this administration, don’t let a disaster go to waste. Think about it.

    • momof4

      Hear we go again more blaming Bush and the republicans. Can’t you do better then that? It is getting old.

      • momof4

        My comment was for Kate.

    • DamnYankee32

      RIGHT !!! Blame Bush. Isn’t it nice, though, you haven’t heard him shoot off his mouth? Blame Bush for all Obama’s shortcomings. RAH !!!

  • http://yahoo Daisysue

    Obama has his own slogan and it reflects his agenda ” I SWEAR TO DO MY BEST TO Help MY BEST, TO HELP MYSELF AND CHEAT THE REST, ” Obama is a out and out DICTATOR and he intends to take over this country.
    He is working for a Homeland Army, he has said as much. ” Homeland Securty Force” who do you think that will be for. They will answer only to him. He doesn’t have GUN Control yet but as someone said earlier ” try buying ammo” He is not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing and he is accomplishing step by step. The problem with his nationality was known when even before he ran. But it was all about THE PARTY not what was good for the country. Do you see anyone in congress, Dem / Rep trying to do anything. The government should be up in arms. Why is it only We The People talking about it?? WE NEED TO LIGHT A FIRE under our SENITORS AND CONGRESSMEN very simple PUT UP OR STEP DOWN NOW!!! I think they are afraid of another Civil War as it is anytime he is critizited it is the same old song YOU”RE A RACIST people cannot get passed that and see the MAN and what he is doing to our country. If anyone other than congress / Senate tries to protest I truly believe it will bring great Civil Unrest. Please answer me on this and tell me what you think

    • Jana

      I heard recently that when he won the election he stated he would be ready to “rule” on the first day. HUH??? Rule? Excuse me he is supposed to lead not rule. Ruling is for dictators. That tells us a lot about him right there. He thinks he is a dictator.
      Obama is so very unqualified for the job as President it’s unreal. It makes me wonder how good of a community organizer he even was. Probably not a very good one.

    • DamnYankee32

      We, the people, don’t have the agenda to RULE or be RULED. We expect those we sent to D.C. to make laws for the benefit of WE, the people, instead they are a “rubber stamp” for what ever the liberals want.

  • http://yahoo Daisysue

    OOOOOOPS sorry should have read Iswear to do my BEST to help meself and cheat the rest



    Were I Barry and his gang I would be packing up and getting ready to make a run for it…..”the end” is really near.

    • WarriorH

      Maybe Ariz could use McChrystal?

      • DamnYankee32

        RIGHT ON. I agree. I still haven’t heard what McCrystal said that was so terrible that he was recalled to D.C.

  • guy

    How can this be. Our president gets to fib and fib badly on just about everything,transparent,jobs,crossing the isle,cspan,no new taxes but he does not do what he sayshe is going to do.Why does he get a pass?Also, Every president has shown a birth cert. Where’s his? He cancels christian day of prayer and has the muslims come and pray. We are tired of liars.Lets vote all of them out!!!!

  • chuck b


    he gets a pass because the the house and senate are controlled by liberal democrats and the media is almost all liberal.
    you should ask: “who are these people that would vote these kind of people into office” this is the problem.
    just heard on the radio, jon voight, said there is a video of barry at a meeting in egypt “declaring his religion to be muslim” this was reported by the egyptian foreign minister.
    wonder why the politicians and the press want to conceal these truths from the public??

    • Jana

      chuck b,
      I have always thought he was an Islamist. He talks too fondly of it. That’s why he bowed down to the Saudi Prince and why he made the statement we are no longer a Christian nation.

  • JSmith

    You have heard correctly about the Egyptian Foreign Minister. I had a post on it last week. It is a must read. Go to GOOGLE and type in Egyptian Foreign Minister Gheit, Obama. Should get you there.

    • Jana

      J Smith,
      Thanks for that site. I did google it and it was an eye opener. He also has mocked the Bible stating that there is no way people could live by the radical beliefs of the Sermon on the Mount by Jesus.
      This man is very troubling and also very bad for our country.

  • http://gmail i41

    kate ,, you don’t even make a good parrot for Onumnut, Clinton is the demoocrat smuck who stopped taxes from being imposed on deep well drilling, since you don’t have a nat’s rear of knowlege, of business workings or business 101 sence. The ones that should have their necks streched with a tight rope are, first is Omoron and all of his radical enviorment professors, for sitting on the rears or playing pasture pool and partying while there was an emergancy. Next group of bastards to get the long walk off a short plank, is the EPA., inspectors and groups of paper pushing legal jackasses that approved the permits, next line for a long sleep for hot lead treatment is the Congressal bought off politionss and their approval wonks, that don’t have a clue in real life workings. Blaming BP is a joke, the regulatory wonks and their supervisory idoits are at fault. If BP legal beagles read the contracts and the government failed to see their screw ups in their crafty thought out enviormental crap, I was in a union years ago, that created a contract drawn up by union lawyers, that really screwed the workers, the company pushed the screw up for 4 years, needless to saw the union was gone in a couple years and worker got a $1.50 raise. The blaming of BP is an upside down pyrmid, first at the top is Onumnut, with following levels of idoit wonks working down the layers. Democrats are all for Big business,Big banking, and Big energy, so you simple jackasses explain where I am wrong. Oh I forgot, you guys all were sure OJ Simpson was framed and innocent, and the muslim ideology is a bunch of loving caring pedophile worshippers. Omoron is a muslim as he said in Eygpt and is totally to blame for the oil damage. A overeducate, degreed, no minded, stupid, possibly a bastard, no birth certificate and no blood verifactions for linage.

  • chuck b

    Finally, during the week of 14-18th of January 2010, just on the eve of my winter tour to the US, Rachel picked up a Nile TV broadcast in which Egyptian Foreign Minister Abul Gheit said on the “Round Table Show” that he had had a one on one meeting with Obama who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father, that his half-brothers in Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda. He asked that the Moslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (Healthcare), that he would show the Moslem world what he would do with Israel. (

  • mehoward

    He doesn’t want to stop the spill it is working to his advantage, he wants to stop drilling here and start drilling in Brazil so that his mentor George Soros can make billions more dollars to add to his already billions of dollars. Let me see George Soros is 89 years old
    Doesn’t he know that you can’t spend this money in hell. mehpensacola.fl.

    • Allan

      At this point, I don’t think Obama can ever recapture the “thrill” some felt in his speeches, with two possible exceptions: 1) a sincere apology for repeatedly ignoring the majority of American, and bashing the U.S. abroad, and 2) his resignation.

  • Louisa

    How is the oil spill Obama’s fault????? He didn’t cause it… BP is responsible. They should clean it up and pay for damages… I can not believe that everyone expects the government to fix their financial problems… banks can and should fail. Car companies should fail too, if they can’t live within their incomes… there are so many examples of public taxes supporting outside interests. How is it that we here in Pa have to pay the retired teachers???? My mother was a nurse all her life, she has no pension, government didn’t think it should pay for her retirement. When will corporate people stop thinking they are owed by the government. They already make enormous incomes…can’t they figure out how to put some money away for retirement on their huge salaries. Their problems simple do not compute to the average person making under 100,000. or even 75,000.00. And when you “retire” and social security is the only thing you have you don’t even reach 25,000. I simply can’t have any feelings for BP or any corporate entity that has a board of directors making huge amounts of money.. from what little I know about Obama, he’s the poorest president we’ve ever had…. as far as his birth give it up… it’s been shown that he was born in Hi. I sure would hate to see what Arnie would to to our federal government after seeing what he’s done to Ca!!!

    • Debra

      It’s not Obamas fault it happened but he should have put his vacation
      off and excepted the offers from other countrys to help , in stad of getting his fethers ruffaled , He is the leader of our COUNTRY he should be acting like he is . no he is kiss the feet of Other COUNTRYS Ther is just something not right about this guy.

      • Norm

        Intellegence and honesty are very foreign to neocons.

  • Debra

    There is a lote of us out here that think the same way . we sould all come together and find a way to get Obama out befor we all The COUNTRY we know and love get distroyed be him and his lies .
    if we can I’m IN

  • Tommie Walker

    MAY GOD HELP US AND ISRAEL!!! I really hope that the losers who voted these asses into office are feeling the pain that real americans are. I can no longer listen to this prez. Unemployment, foreclosures, sueing Arizona??? Stopping the construction of a wall for our borders, amnesty for illegals, His claim to have inherited this mess, AND the list goes on….He is going to cause a revolt against his policies. He is slowly dividing this Great Nation and speeding up it’s downfall to boot. When the revolution starts, Please don’t kill me because i’m a Black man. He doesn’t represent me. I’m an american first and have served 24yrs. in the military. I wouldn’t serve under this clown if he put ME in charge of Nato and afghan. I did not vote for him because his campaign was started by Oprah. Just who the hell is Oprah??? Something was fishy from the start. My wife caught on to that too. This man was a puppet from day one. O-ne B-ad A-ss M-istake A-merica!!! We are doomed.

  • http://Yahoo Larry Gentry

    Obama is doing what Obama has done sense day one now that he is pretending to be President he is ignoring everything anyone says sense he is now the ruler of the United States he does not have to listen to anyone because what he says goes and that is it. He is awaiting instruction from Bin Ladan now so they can secure his spot as Dictator of the USA

  • Dennis

    Matt says:
    June 23, 2010 at 6:26 am
    Well, I personally heard that Obama is making money off of this whole BP incident. And now he has stopped all new offshore drilling wells.
    Who voted him into office anyway?
    “Who voted him into office??” That’s easy to see, and easily verifiable, 95 percent of Blacks, 78 percent of Jews, and probably 90 percent of “other Liberals,” plus a few very frustrated, disenchanted, Moderates, to Conservatives.
    Don’t blame me. I’d have voted for Barney Fife, or Tiny Tim, before voting for O’bama. At least those two are Patriotic.


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