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Poll Reveals That Obama’s Endorsement Can Hurt Political Candidacy

October 1, 2010 by  

Poll reveals that Obama's endorsement can hurt political candidacyEndorsements from well-known politicians are designed to bolster a candidate's electoral fortunes, but a recent poll reveals that public support from several high-profile figures can have the opposite effect.

According to a Harris Poll, approximately 45 percent of American voters would be less likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by President Barack Obama, while 42 percent would be more likely to vote for that candidate.

House Representative Paul Kanjorski (D-Penn.) has been endorsed by Obama, but his campaign team isn't advertising the President's support, according to Kanjorski campaign spokesman Ed Mitchell told the news source that he had no intention of publicizing Obama's backing.

"We were aware of the endorsement," Mitchell told the Times Leader. "The congressman welcomes the endorsement of anyone who shares the same values and principles."

Support from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would also cause more harm than good, the poll revealed. About 56 percent of those surveyed said Palin's support would dissuade them from backing a certain candidate. Slightly more than 40 percent said they'd be less likely to vote for a politician endorsed by the Tea Party. 

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  • s c

    This is good. Maybe Herr Obummer has more in common with America’s first black prez (Bubba Clinton) than I thought. Bubba has had a remarkably negative effect when he sludged around America to “help” other progressives.
    If the same thing happens with Herr Obummer, I can live with it. The thought that any progressive would distance himself or herself or itself from a prez is outrageously funny. Could it be that getting re-elected is more important than sucking up to a self-serving sociopath? Whatever it is, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

    • Bob Wire

      Just goes to show how fickle minded the average American can be with their “flavor of the day attitude” ~ Couch Potatoes, TV watchers/Junkies are mostly numb nuts and have to be beaten over the head to ever get any “upbeat” message across, choosing rather to dwell on the dark and sinister side that offers “any” validation of conviction of pending doom.

      43 was considered the “curse of death”, asked not to attend the GOP National Convention, while only a few months later his groupies wish to sing his praise as they failed to find appreciation in the General Election outcome.

      I feel this threads title post mostly an embellishment of factual “truth”~ simply grains of truth in buckets of manure.

      “Throw me at bone here! I want to believe it’s all true and I’m justified with my beliefs!”

      Funny stuff!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      I’ll back sc on this forum any day of the week. He’s a good conservative and reads HERR Nobummer a whole lot better than you do, which is so abundantly displayed here!!

      • http://gunner689 gunner689

        back to the name calling are we? Did I catch a wiff of class envy there?
        Yes, BO. We’re not supposed to use his middle name “Hussein”, might remind people who he really is. So that leaves his initials as BO; like George Bush was refered to as GW. Do you have a problem with BO ?

        • Bob Wire

          hmm? BO or BHO or 44 or C&C or President or current administration works fine for me.

  • dan az

    Every person he tried to help LOST he is the black Plague!The kiss of Death I hope he keeps up the good work!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      dan az,
      I hope he stumps for every PROGRESSIVE up for reelection!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        I guess that Obama bin Laden is his and his party’s worst enemy. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          spoken like a true progressive!!!

  • Claire

    I have a problem with some of the candidates that ARE being endorsed by ANYONE. I am wondering if some of these candidates have any common sense and logic to run a government. Some of the diatribe that comes out of their mouths leaves a lot of unanswered quations as far as I am concerned.

    • Claire

      Plus the fact that when I find out that a “certain” person has endorsed a “certain” candidate, the red flag goes up. It is not always what it seems. I will be careful when voting.

      • Bob

        Alot of people are relying on Tea Party candidates to change things. I think some of them aligned with the TP just to pick up votes. What will they do when they reach DC.

        • Bob Wire

          You think?

        • Bob Wire

          If the make it to Capital Hill, they will pander to special interest like no other prior and become a door mat for seasoned politicians to wipe their feet on and be Yes men. Then when things get crazier then they already are ~ they will become the GOP’s whipping post and butt boy for everything that went wrong.

          Ms M. Bochmann is already showing us the way. Revolutions consume their young.

          • Claire

            Bachmann??? Egads, a lot of the women on this thread have more common sense than she does.

          • Kate8

            Claire, You don’t thing Michelle Bachmann has common sense?

            Wow. To me, she is one of very few who DO.

            You’re worrying me, Claire.

          • Claire

            Kate8—No need to worry about me. I just do not care for Bachmann, that’s all. I just like Sarah better.

        • Claire

          Bob–The Tea party is supported by the Koch brothers, Dick Armey, to name a couple. Tea Party people are not endorsing Democrats, they are “for” the Republicans. Therefore I am glad I did not waste my time on more than 2 tea parties. The first one I went to was okay and then the second promoted the Republicans, RINOs and all. I am not interested in what the tea party organizers have to say or do. I will make up my own mind.

          • Bob Wire

            Thanks Claire, I understand that ~ I do get lost here sometimes and forget. I’m not much for standing on pretense, ceremony, pageantry or position or affiliation, I stand alone, finding notions of defense unnecessary and only in the more extreme of cases.

            Just an 800 lb, Gorilla enjoying all the fun, happy people and brisk banter, sometimes forgetting I’m the Gorilla in the crowd.

            I post on so many forums, it’s easy to forget where I’m at anymore.

            GOOD NEWS! It’s time to fade back into the forest. work to do!


        • Claire

          Bob–Again, very true words.

        • Claire

          Bob–They will do what all the others before them have done. I see no respite They all love their lobbyists and pork.

      • Kate8

        I agree, Claire. I always pay attention to who is endorsing candidates I’m considering. We need to know what gangs they hang with, so we know who they owe the most.

        • Claire

          Kate8—HI!!! Endorsements have a way of backfiring, and they “scare” me sometimes. I can’t help it, but some of the candidates that have been endorsed appear to have a few screws loose. When I hear them speak on TV some of them it seems like they don’t have much “upstairs.” That is what is scary.

          • Kate8

            Claire, You may well be right. Many of them may be nothing more than the picks of TPTB, funded and stuck in front of a camera to lie like the rest of the soul-less pack we get to pick from.

            You can’t take money from the devil and expect not to serve him.

            I’m hoping there are some who aren’t in this category. We need some real statesmen like we had in days gone by.

          • Claire

            Kate8–The days of yore. You are correct, we need statesmen like we had in the olden days. They don’t make them like that anymore, haven’t for decades. Your sentence “you can’t take money from the devil and expect not to serve him” –great words– and the sad part of it is–you speak the truth.

    • Craig

      He, and all other presidents, should not be endorsing anybody or campaigning for anybody. He works for ALL of us and should never play favorites, regardless of party affiliation.

      • JKO

        That is an EXCELLENT point Craig – well said!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I didn’t know we paid him to stump for every progressive out there. I also didn’t know he was up for re-election, isn’t that when he is supposed to start campaigning?? He never stopped!!

          • Bob

            All past presidents stumped for their party. It’s nothing new.

      • TIME

        Craig, Very good point indeed.

      • marvin

        Craig i agree no president need fly around the country for one of his cronies,trouble with obama beside the fact he is a out and out racist 1st he is not the president of all the people,2nd he has been in the election mode from back in 2006 and is still running ,this idiot sued arizonia then when to the un and told them that arizonia had violated the human right of the illegals [criminal undocumented]by enforcing are immigration laws,now you tell me who,s side odumbo is on ,it damm shure an,t the american people, but i forgot obama is a citizen of the world,like james cagney said look ma i,m on top of the world,hell i though this country was a soverign nation with a congress elected to pass laws on immigration and enforced by federal the goverment, not run by the president and the ass holes at the un we don,t need a dumb ass from africa of all places head of un tell the american people how to run our country

        • Disgusted

          Amen. This guy is such a horses a$$. Run to the UN and cry about what the state of Arizona is doing. Unbelievable. In an egg shell he is telling the world that we are not a united set of states and that we need external help to resolve our political issues. That is the worst way we want to be perceived by any foreign nation! He has just placed our country in more danger from those that already despised us, if they see a glimpse of weakness they will not hesitate to pounce. Obummer is in my opinion the worse president we have ever had leading this country, he is weak minded and therefore is a puppet for the pupper master. Only problem is we don’t know who that puppet master is or what their real intentions are, however from what we have seen of this presidency so far I can only conclude that the end of our United States is the goal in play. SAD.

      • Bob Wire

        valid point Craig, ~ I think it’s always been done so ~ sparingly, by both past and recent Presidents.

        The conflict of interest is there.

        It’s a double edged blade in a sense ~ an presidential endorsement should demand the respect as “Big Guns” and if it fails too ~ the word disappointment is an understatement.

        Whats to gain & whats to loose?

      • Kate8

        Craig, It’s a good point but, sadly, this president has been very straightforward about who he favors and who he doesn’t.

        He’s done more to deride and persecute conservatives than any liberal yet, and has pushed his own progressive agenda with a vengeance. (Pun intended.)

        He cares nothing about those who comprise more than half of this nation.

        • http://NA Madoc

          Kate 8, that’s too straight! Kudos for your logic. It’s a shame the progressives would rather spend their time spinning lies than learning logic and promoting Utopia (an imaginary non-land) instead of this Eutopia (a good land) – the American Dream.

      • Claire

        Craig–Yes, a good point. But it has been like this for decades. It will never change.

        • http://NA Madoc

          Claire, while I could find much on which we agree, I must differ with your skepticism. True, “it” will never change. But “we” can positively change “it” … if “we” simply will. Continuing to whine and complain – that’s the victim mentality of which progressives promote and take full advantage. It’s time to agree completely with “right” – to do something about it – and “make” things right.

          • Claire

            Madoc–Skepticism? God knows I hope and pray I am wrong. However, I don’t think we have much to work with, do you? The people I think I can trust cannot run for an office, they don’t have the money. Like I have said before, it is a money game. The corporations, banks, and companies all donate to the candidate of their choice–and there is plenty of reasons why they do—to get the “favors” when the person is elected. This is exactly why I think the government will not “change.” I am not whining, I am stating a fact. A fact that I believe in.

      • frank

        craig obozo only works for HIMSELF and his subversive agenda!!!!.

    • Claire


  • Jim H.

    Is it the endorsement that hurt, or is it the candidate isn’t that good to begin with. Maybe some of each. I know if Obama thinks they are what he wants, I’m not likely to be for them.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Jim H… My sentiments, too. If he is for someone, red flags should fly off like bottle rockets!

      • marvin

        Robin from Arcadia, IN you are right if odumbo is for it you can bet it will hurt the american people but you get what you pay for,like most liberals take from the have,s [who worked]and give to the have not,s [not worked]anytime obama,s on tv i change channels to a cartoon may as well get the facts from mickey or donald or fred or al bundy you know they are just cartoon or actor,s playing the part

        • Bob Wire

          yada yada yada, ~ wealth transfer ! ~ Like you are the only one that pays.

          The nature of commerce is to reciprocate and only them does it work as intended. ~ But it does need to earned and backed by negotiable tender. ~ A days pay for a days work. A truck of watermelons for a penny weight of gold.

          You must view it from all sides and focus on the players and not those sitting on the sidelines with their hand out.

          • s c

            BW, that’s an interesting (and sneaky) way to refer to people who take from those who produce. People who ‘sit on the sidelines’ are parasites who feed off the American people.
            It sounds like you want us to focus on the obvious and not think twice about those who don’t take an active part in society (and yet get salaries, exemptions, retirement, Soc Sec, benefits, etc.).
            As long as this administration insists on the redistribution of wealth that in no way belongs to Uncle Scam, your point about not thinking about societal couch potatoes is about as valid as redistributing wealth to convicted felons (Soc Sec, long lists of lawyers, endless appeals, transexual surgery, more ‘legal’ rights than victims, condoms, constant access to media, a source of easy votes
            for certain politicians, etc.).
            This process has much in common with the way a magician wants a child to watch this hand while the other hand does the deed. Sorry, but people who sit on the sidelines with their hands out do need to be watched – just like the wealth distribution scammers who cater to them.

          • Bob Wire

            We’ve always had beggars in the streets, people looking for hand -outs, every society has it’s parasitic community that they must contend with.

            To ignore it doesn’t make it go away, while pandering to it only increase it’s size. ~ These truths are an accepted known, a nature of the animal world.

            But I thought we were discussing national politics?

            If we are to stop and focus on this narrow band of parasites, why not discuss them all! I think we could find plenty of deadwood in places that might surprises all of us.

            Wealth is “to be” transferred. Money is refereed to as negotiable tender. It’s worth is to be negotiated and bartered. That’s it’s nature and it’s primary purpose. It was not intended to be “given away” as it diminishes it’s worth if done so.

            To overpay, is little different, insider trading? ~ offers us the same results. Misappropriation of funds, misdirected funds, embellishing, graft, coercion, collusion and all methods to outright taking what is not earned and over time, destroys any system of civil government man’s mind might conceive or devise.

            From the anarchist of early England/France to the Toltec and Inca’s of the Central America’s, civil imbalance and disparity will end in final conflict. Only after years of fighting and dieing,when they tired of the fight and have little left to fight with peace be restored.

            Let’s not kid ourselves with where we are headed, or deny a beggar a penitence of what’s at stake here. The beggar may well be a scourge, a rash on the body but he’s not the one sucking your lives blood.

            Today, we have “affiliations” that are put in charge of placing a value on personal property and even on the loans themselves. What a wonder place for a thief to hide!

            We have CEO’s and golden parachutes, we have middle men between middle men looking for unearned position at the feed trough. We have speculators that speculate on inside info and even if they are wrong, our government back their bets and then gives them a “get out of jail free card” if they promise to be good.

            For myself, I haven’t heard enough complaining about that wealth transfer yet!

            Why is that you suppose?

          • Bob Wire

            ” It sounds like you want us to focus on the obvious and not think twice about those who don’t take an active part in society (and yet get salaries, exemptions, retirement, Soc Sec, benefits, etc.).”

            But I do want us to focus on the obvious ! but this swallowing a camel while gagging on a Nat is totally absurd.

            Why chose to attack the defenseless, because they don’t and can’t fight back, They have nothing to fight with and their only argument is rooted only in degrees of compassion. They are easy targets to kick around! They don’t kick back!

            And tell us this ~ how are you to ever validate their guilt? This determination can’t be made in a few minutes with your eyes. How many of these people have been successful and contributed for years while finding misfortune and fallen? You/ I can’t know such things at a glance. ~~ All a woman has to do is marry the wrong man, for the grace of God, there go I. ~ Good health, you can’t buy! You’ve got it until you don’t!

            You are placing a your magnifying over the fallen and under-achievers of society and counting pennies.

            I just happen to think we can find nickels and dimes with the same amount of effort where larceny is the motive and they are stealing with two hands, their pockets bulging.

            I’m not picking on the wealthy, the wealthy don’t like a crook or thief either! The wealthy are under constant attack and required to go to great lengths to protect themselves from larcenist.

            So sc, let’s understand each other. We are on the same page of sheet music, but I’m on the treble staff and I’m not trying to be sneaky but widen the range, widen the view.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            You know, I take offense at the social security remarks. I have a handicapped son whom I could have had on SSI for the last 20 years, but we paid his way all the way. Insurance and the works! And when we are gone, he will be taken care of as well. Now after my wife and I paying into it all of our working life, twenty- five years just for my wife alone, you think we shouldn’t collect!! That’s bull$hit!! If we could have taken what we paid in and invested it we could have had a good chunk of money ready now that we are just a few years away from retirement age. We won’t suffer without it, but we should have a right to our money as much as your parents did and mine!! You want to go to something new with all new hires, fine, have uncle scam pay all IOUs back and there will be enough to pay the social security for all people before today! Start the new people hired from today foreward on something different, I don’t care!

      • Bob Wire

        Like your vote was up for grabs! ha! I don’t think so ~ I think you offer false notions of possibilities. Lie to me one more time and tell me it not so.

  • Marc

    Asset or liability,harm or good are embarrassing questions for the man of
    change.Change so sharp.

  • J.M.R.


    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      J.M.R. Are you referring to Lisa what-her-name?

      • marvin

        the dems have allready spoke for lisa madcowicky an elected dem was on tv a week ago with her

  • http://aol don

    something tells me that in november alot of people will be affraid to vote because of the black panther thing the last time.

    • RoBoTech

      Don, don’t you believe that. Maybe the Black Communities will be afraid, so they just won’t show up.
      But there won’t be any of that in White Communities, I guarantee you.

      Personally, I have several State and Local elections that need my vote as they are close. BUT, my US Representative and my one Senator that is in the elections are safe. NO competition at all!. But I am still eager to vote for them. I want to see 10,000 votes more than needed to win. I want to see 20-30% more GOP votes than any election in 5 decades. It’s time to make a statement.


      Luckily, MOST Conservative feel the same way, but still, stay focused and angry, it’s only 31 days!

      • Bob Wire

        what the black and white thing all about?

        Bias ? Nooo way!

      • http://NA Madoc

        There you go! Thanks for maintaining the mindset to keep things positively “stirred up”. If there is anything else to add, it is that even if we re-take both houses, the work won’t be done. We each should have a long lists of “wrongs” that need to be turned “right side up” and keep checking those lists until the new ones we elect “git ‘er done” … and not settle for anything less. The item at the top of my list is “impeachment” – guess who is first on that sub-list. Next is “recall” – for a number of wayward federal (even SC) judges who lied when they took the oath to uphold The Constitution. Next, “repeal” – over 2000 pages in a single act. Most of the demwits think we aren’t serious. On November 3, after the election, the “party” will just be getting started.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          november third is when we start worrying the ones that AREN’T up for re-election!!!! And fine tuning the ones that are elected in November!!

        • Bob Wire

          Well at least you are a man with a plan.

          Your first item is a “no go” but don’t let failure stop you.

          Plan B is nice to have. Like defeat him in the General Election.

          That’s what the system calls for and the way it’s been done in the past.

          It can be done! It is possible and you still have the time to invest!

          In fact, time is on your side! You are not standing front & center everyday with a target on your back. But he is.

    • JKO

      Here in Arizona we are now a “right to carry” state – so I don’t expect too much trouble from anyone. If you don’t know what that means you can now see people in stores etc wearing handguns. I saw it in Walmart last weekend.

      • Bob Wire

        WoW! I feel better already!

      • http://NA Madoc

        Wow, JKO! Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry are looking on, weeping with pride and joy.

      • http://NA Madoc

        But, let me hasten to add, we all need to pray no one on the right will do anything stupid. That’s all a-bummer needs to declare martial law and take over as “chimp”-in-chief. Of course, we must admit, it already appears as if a chimpanzee is in control of this rocket ship.

        • Bob Wire

          hells bells ! on the right or left or in between ~ abused privileges makes everyone pay!

          That’s the way it’s been and the way it will be.

          We fight so hard for our freedom and liberties and one incident, one fruitcake can compromise them, be the last straw that broke the camels back.

          As for guns, ~ I don’t own one nor do I need a law that says I can. It’s a non-negotiable issue.

          Police yourselves, police your friends, police your communities, be willing and up to making the hard call or leave it be.

    • marvin

      don, mabe but ever heard of going to a gun fight packing a knife or in the case of the bp, clubs here in my state most ever one has a concelled gun permit,you pull a knife or club,like cher,s song bang bang

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      I’d love to see those black (offensive word removed) show up at my polling place.
      IF they made it home again it would be by Life Flight.

  • john

    Most politicians are wealthy,silver spoon fed from infancy,upper crust folk who have nothing in common with your average person and therefore cannot relate.How many of them actually worked a real job in their lives?They’re all soft manicured hand pampered pompous spoiled brats.They get put into cushy job positions through nepotism and favors that run deep amongst each other.It’s all about the power,prestige,and returning the favors through re-distribution of wealth(taxes and kickbacks)to keep their soft hands well greased.None of these people in govt. represent us..we are the United Suckers of America.Both parties are happy to keep the country at odds.We need to change the political top heavy machine starting from the bottom(local govt.)in order to pull the rug out from the fat cats at the top.We need to start producing familiar local faces that work their way up throught the rank and file.Anyone endorsed by someone else is just another hand in the barrel whose already been bought.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      John.. There is much truth in your post. We need to set term limits. That would change things a lot!

      • john

        Yes definately need term limits on both Senate and Congress..tops two 4 yr terms then back to the real world..also make them pay into social security like the rest of us or do away with social security..I for one would rather have control over my retirement money.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          john n Robin,
          We already have term limits! All we have to do is excercise them and we don’t need a constitutional ammendment to use them. It’s called a VOTE!!! If we try to get term limits, what the hell are they gonna try to get passed with them??? You are gonna have a bag of poison snakes on hand when that happens!!!

      • Bob

        Robin Term limits won’t work because a lame duck congress can inflict alot of damage to this country. We’ll wait and see after the elections.

    • JKO

      Well said John. This is probably why senators were originally to be appointed by the STATE legislature. That way if he / she wasn’t representing his / her state they were recalled right away and someone else was sent. This also took care of a senator being out sick or suddenly dying. They were also limited in how long they could serve. They were paid for their time there and that was all. That wonderfully enlightened (yeah right) president, Woodrow Wilson, managed to change this one. Maybe this is one amendment we should repeal.

      • marvin

        JKO what i think is we need to stop redistricting all it does is put one race over the other just look at the way the lines are drawn

    • marvin

      john, i agree with most of your post but we the people sometimes vote skin tone just look as rangel and waters and hasting
      ,hasting was a federal judge with a life time appointment was impeached then the voter in his dis in fla elected him to congress not to smart, and i would bet rangels and waters get re elected,conserative kick bad actor to the curb liberals send them to congress

    • http://NA Madoc

      You are “RIGHT ON” in your assessment, except for one important detail. There ARE a few in DC (District of Corruption) who haven’t sold their souls. One of them, of whom many in Texas are extremely proud, is a representative from the district which adjoins ours, one “real Representative”, Louis Gohmert. Check him out.

  • RoBoTech

    One thing to add to this.
    Monday, Sep 27th, Sen Feingold had a -7 in a National Poll.
    Tuesday, Sep 28th, Obama went to Wisconsin and held a rally for Feingold.
    Remember that Feingold was ducking Obama (and had been for weeks) and wasn’t expected to be at his own rally/fundraiser with Obama. At the last minute, he got his marching orders and was present.
    Wednesday night, Sep 29th, the same National polling agency did a 1000 person sample. Feingold was at -12!
    So, because Obama showed up, Feingold DROPPED 5 points?
    The Conrressional GOP has made an out and out invite for the Prez to show up for ALL the weaklings!
    Too funny.

    • http://NA Madoc

      TEA hee!

  • Ken F.

    Thus far into his term Obama has shown me absolutely nothing that I am able to agree with. Anyone he endorses stands little chance of being re-elected to a seat.

    Another thing that really torques me is the fact that he is spending thousands of OUR dollars flying Air Force One around the country to raise money for the democratic party. In my opinion every dollar he raises should be split between BOTH parties. The cost of flying this aircraft has to run into thousands per flight hour and this cost is paid by OUR tax dollars. OUR meaning both democrat and republican tax payers. Therefore, dollars raised on these little junkets should shared between both parties.

    • Bob

      No problem Ken We’ll turn up the speed on the printing presses.

    • marvin

      Ken F. thats billions with a B not thousand with a t of tax payers dollars,the jet fuel cost more then that

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Even JP4 doesn’t cost in the billions to power a jet on any trip!!! Millions per year maybe but not billions!!

    • Bob Wire

      No doubt since he’s shown you “nothing”, he has little chance !

      but wait a minute ! Who are you? What is it that you’ve not seen?

    • http://NA Madoc

      Yes, … something to bring up at the impeachment hearings!

  • FreedomFighter

    Communism: Servants of Demons

    The communist ideals book is dedicated to Satan, yet they claim no god. The history of communism is a horror story of senseless death, power struggles and corruption. Communism is propagated thru a great lie, a veneer of righteousness over a rotting, malignant pool of the power mad, suicidal mad and madder hatter’s elite. The commi-cancer is injected into the healthy political system, where it festers and spreads; not for its ideals or goals, but for power and wealth given for betrayal of one’s own ideals, social values, morals and god.

    Thus so, becoming a servant of demons in all senses of the meaning and thru action communism is directly linked to the goals of the evil one and is dedicated from its inception to the evil one. Communist follower’s and practitioner’s servants of demons. The communist servants of evil want to create the Utopian world, only in that utopia 4 or 5 billion people are no longer around.

    If they don’t worship demons, I’m sure those demons are worshiping communism. Maybe this has something to do with voters veiw of demonrats and obamma

    Laus Deo
    Semper fi

    • marvin

      FreedomFighter in the beginning god gave man dominion [control]of the earth satan tempted woman she tempted man,man was weak and fell so saten was next in line for control of earth he was then and is now still in control of the earth not a fairy tail but bible fact

    • AutumnGal

      Well said,JKO & FreedomFighter. The “progressives” are anti our Constition and the Bible. Both are “to restrictive” for them. Do you think?? Without a standard, people lose their way and the progressives have a standard that is in total opposition to our Constitution and the Bible. Unless and untill we as a majority get to the point again where we are capable AND willing to call wrong wrong and right right, we are still in big trouble. How much cancer left in a body is okay? The cancer in the body of America must be eradicated. Surgery of any kind is no fun but this isn’t about fun it’s all about the survival of our country and not a compromise of our identity lest “some” be offend. Of course those who’s intent it is to “fundamentally change our country will be offend”…. that’s a no brainer. Can’t remember where I heard this; “Wrong is wrong and all the angels in Heaven can’t make it right”. (neither can all the demons it hell :-) I AM one of those “still clinging to” all the things that made this country a wonderful place in which to grow up and I’m determined to do all I can to leave it a wonderful place for those who come after me. It is not about acceptance, popularity or power for me. It IS all about right and wrong; with no apologies.

    • http://NA Madoc

      Now, that is an intonation that, sympathetically, sets my heartstrings to singing – lifting praise to Our Great Light. In truth, FreedomFighter, you have selected your pen/screen name wisely.

  • StevieP

    Oh Dear God -

    Please let Barack Insane Obama endorse every single Democratic candidate in this country. Especially Barbara “I worked so hard for the title of Senator” Boxer and Nancy “We don’t know what is in the bill, but let’s sign it and America WILL like it” Pelosi. These two idiots need to go away.

    • http://NA Madoc

      With such keen wit you stand and pray. Very, very “punny”! Reminds me of Elijah when he confronted the prophets of Baal.

    • http://NA Madoc

      Oh, yes, and the “fiery” Elijah pointed out to “the puny prophets” their god had probably already taken a trip … to his “outhouse”, perhaps to find some quiet and cogitate on the mess he was most assuredly in. Can’t you just hear that prophetic laughter rumbling in consonance with God’s. Perhaps the prez will come to his sanity – if he ever had such – and resign himself to such a trip prior to an impending impeachment.

    • guyb

      Nice to see someone is right…

  • Bob Wire

    I think your wish granted. You should start feeling better immediately!

    I’ve learned to be very careful with what I wish for.

    As I seem to get it.

    I would “hope” these whines enjoy the run up to election time and accept the final results, whatever the outcome and quit this relentless taking on like a mortally wounded beast gasping it’s last and final breath.

    But I won’t wish for it.

    • http://NA Madoc

      Hmmm, Bob Wire, you really know how to snag ‘em. I can envision after November 2 a number of barb-snagged white boxers and bloomers whipping violently in the winds of freedom. Or are those hankies for the river of tears?

      • Bob Wire

        We’ll find out sweetheart, want we?

        I’d joy seeing people accept the position they gotten themselves into. It warms my heart to see people take personal responsibility.

        What we seem to have today ~ Is nobody willing to accepting their own part in this little play. Like everyone is an innocent bystander. That’s horse $hit

        This old notion that if you can’t believe in something you’ll fall for anything is pure horse $hit. ~ It’s just sounds good to hear.

        It’s much more difficult to not believe then it is too believe in anything.

        People want to believe! in something , even if it’s wrong.

        So they did! AND SO THEY WERE WRONG! but they refuse to accept it.

        I assure you, the next President of the United State of America will be “my president” and enjoy my support until which time I can’t.

  • Palin12

    Obummer is planning to visit us in Nevada again this month to campaign for Harry “you can smell the stench of tourists in Washington” Reid. Hope it’s the kiss of death.

    • http://naver samurai

      I really would like to see him ousted from his place also. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Nice talk; you must be one of those tolerant liberals. by the way it’s BO.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Nobama, Nobummer, Obamma binladin, Nodummer, odumber, The Mad Muslim! I’ll bet you sure didn’t mind the names they called Bush did you, sonny??

  • alpha-lemming

    Looks like most (all???) endorsements are backfiring. Any chance this is not really party related (although “establishment” Repubs took a beating in the primaries) but more of a blanket “anti-incumbent” fervor? That’s a good thing too!!

  • guyb

    When you stand against freedom and are against the people then of course it only hurts.



    • http://NA Madoc

      Ah, from a TEA house sings a wise Sino-American heart.

  • Bob Wire

    I think your Tea Party has been effective on the local level ~

    I think the Nation General Election might be a horse of a different color and offer you a much greater challenge.

    I question the abilities of some of your candidate as some are greatly lacking.

    Some couldn’t pour pee out of a boot if the instruction was written on the heel.

    What is candidates like that going to do for America? ~ You are wishing to send them to the “major leagues”, seriously? They will be eaten alive , taking 10 years to evern learn the ropes and be effective.

    unless, you find that one ~ diamond in the rough that makes it all worth the effort.

    It sounds like 3rd and long, and a Hail Mary pass to the end zone to me.

    Not conservative play but desperate play.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Jill

    Who the hell wrote that article? Sarah Palin has endorsed winning candidate after winning candidate.

  • http://gmail i41

    BW, the idea it will take 10 uearsto learn the ropes is pure b–l s–t. unless in your school you never learn Robert’s rules of Order. You don’t need to follow the thug rules of a union style of sit on you rear until the head idoit tells you how to vote. I take any person out of the unemployed work force abd drop them in a Congress seat because more common sense would be used. These overeducated bastards have no common sense!

    • Bob Wire

      Of course there are exceptions to all things and it’s not my intentions to “rain on your parade” but there no substitute for experience in the trenches or knowing where the bodies are buried. Who is compromised and by what or whom. How things are suppose to work and how they really work. For things are “not at all” as they seem on the Hill.

      To think your plans to send junior congress persons in to clean up Capital Hill is “noble” to say the least but not being completely realistic with the way Capital Hill operates.

      But it’s worth a try ~ I give you that. But by chance,it does work, it won’t happen quickly regardless. While I sense, this mood of desperation in the words of many, cannot wait that long and will become quickly disappointed with any outcome.

      Since the current administration was given less then 6 months to correct matters with a backdrop swelling of disenchantment, what chance might Juniors States-person’s have to quench the thirst of reactionaries of ill will and questionable intent?

      Much like “term-limits” ~ we might well all agree and admire the intent, but results and intent are two separate things. As this would be like attempting to smother a fire with gasoline. As term limits would make statesmen much more “affordable” to buy without introducing father limits and restrictions. One punch will not offer the results desired.

      It will require three punches, two to the head and one to the heart to put “influence peddling” on it’s knees. “Term limits” alone will only wake them up.

      This is not being spoke of here, much less any detail offered. My guess is, that few ponder the issue.

  • http://gmail i41

    It was years to lean the ropes, If you every were a member oft the FFA that one omething you learned all four years of HS. But the airy fairy dumbed down school system of union teachers it is way over their smarts. We all know the pistol gripped jug eared marxist muslim moron didn’t learn that in his madruses or in any socialist classes!

  • http://google mike b.

    Hussein Obama is a muslim THUG!!!!

  • jopa

    Noyes;Please don’t be offended by former military pilot Joe H and rear-gunner 689.I am not sure what branch of the military service they belonged to but in previous articles 689 claimed to be in the Rump Rangers.They apparantly had a bad landing and bumped their heads and cannot be held responsible for their comments.

    • JeffH

      Noyes is another spinless phony liberal who’s comments have been deleted from several treads this weekend. You can’t hide from the moderators can ya, phony.

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Jopa: as to gunner I was in the Marine Corps for 7 yrs (66 to 73) a served 2 tours in Nam. One as a grunt machinegunner, 0331, and the other as a helo crew chief-door gunner. 689 was a hill battle outside of Khe Sanh. I don’t expect your Obumma loving pea brain to understand that but most contributors to this site will. I suspect the only uniform you ever wore was your tutu for your dance recital.

  • Bob Wire

    gunner ~ you are wrong to assume such things ~

    Being a warrior and living to tell of it, we can all respect and honor you for your contribution.

    But being so ~ alone, fails to offer validation to anyone’s postings.

    I too rode the skids many a mile ~ This experience only make us both Lucky and comrades in arms.

    No one owes me/you anything other then the respect I humbly accept but I don’t ask for or demand it.

    Our views and statement should stand on their own merits and need no crutch.

  • http://gunner689 gunner689

    How about America’s expieriement with socialism leader?

  • guyb

    America will be best served by elected officals that love our great nation first. If we do not have a strong America,then we will not be able to help the rest of the world like we always have. We need to get our house in order so we can do the rest of the world a favor. Nov is coming……

  • http://personallibertyalerts john despard

    So what!! Clinton’s endorsement might hurt someone. If a person thought I was a fool my endorsement might cause them not to vote for a candidate. I respect Obama just like I try to respect any other human but that does not mean he will sway my vote on one political candidate or another. Can’t you find something better to write about?


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